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Mom Came Home Early

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Please stop…..

I can’t take that much at once!

Please! Stop!

Mom I’m begging!

Jake was sitting in his room alone after school.

The dogs are quiet and he’s lying on his bed zoned out.

He starts to look around his room, as he turns his head he sees the poster on his wall.

He slowly slips his hand into his pants, massaging his taint and rubbing his cock while it slowly becomes erect.

As he starts to get more and more into himself he closes his eyes and starts to hold his breath.

Downstairs, his mom pulls into the drive way as she is just getting home from work.

Jake is fully into his fantasy and doesn’t hear her open the door

She walks into the house thinking no one is home, so she lights up another cigarette as she puts down her purse.

After she takes off her shoes she heads up stairs to change out of her work clothes.

She steps into her room and takes off her top, then she hears something in the other room.

Jakes door is slightly ajar, leaving enough room for her too peer through at him.

She nudges the door open farther to see more of her son stroking his thick cock.

He hears the door creek open and decides to ignore it thinking its nothing, and then he smells the smoke from her cigarette.

His eyes open to find his mom standing in his door way in her bra and a skirt that she hasn’t changed out of yet.

He immediately grabs a pillow sitting next to him on the bed and covers himself.

“Mom! What are you doing home?”

“I didn’t see you there” “I’m sorry!”

She looks at him, but not in a disgusted way, all of a sudden she find herself overcome with arousal.

“Honey, don’t worry. Momma doesn’t care”

“You don’t have to cover yourself”

“But mom”

“No buts, its fine. Let mommy see what your doing”

Jake slowly removes the pillow to reveal his massive erection, hot and throbbing.

His mom walks over and sits down next to him on the bed and looks down then looks up to meet his gaze.

His eyes are glued to her chest, her huge tits being pushed together by her bra leaving him mesmerized.

Jake has always had a weird fantasy about his mom, nothing he would ever act on, but he often thought about her.

Once she realized what he was locked onto she slowly slid the straps off of her shoulders, then reached back and unhooked the clasps, letting her huge jugs fall down and bounce out of her bra.

She smiled at Jake and said “is that better?” with a hint of mockery in her voice.

He was silent, but with a smile on his face. He just closed his eyes and laid back resting his head on his pillows.

She scooted back on the bed, and grabbed a hold of his cock with the cigarette in her had she began to stroke slowly up and down.

Jake let out little moans as she kept moving her hand up and down, and cradling his balls with the hand.

She had only been jerking him off for about a minute when suddenly he tensed up and took a deep breath.

Then he came, cum gushing out of his cock and flowing over her hand.

Once he stopped blowing his load, he opened his eyes and smirked up at her, “Sorry I was so quick mom”

“Don’t worry, were not done yet” she said.

She lifted her hand up to her mouth and let some of the cum drip into her mouth then she swallowed it, “Mmmmm, I hope you’ve got more of that for me”

“I’ll be right back” she said, and then she got up and walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

Jake sat up in his bed trying to wrap his head around what had just happened, did his mom really just come on to him and then jerk him off.

He got up and looked for the nearest dirty shirt, he wiped himself clean then threw the shirt across the room into the corner.

He plopped back onto his bed, laid back up against the wall and let out the biggest sigh of satisfaction.

After sitting there for a minute, he heard his mom shout from her room for him to come in.

As he walked through the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

It felt like it was a moment straight from one of his fantasies about his mom.

She was lying out on her bed almost completely naked, wearing nothing but a frilly lace push up bra and an extremely small thong just barely big enough to cover her little patch of bush.

She took a hit from her cigarette and blew it out and said “What do you think baby?”

“Don’t be shy, come over here to momma”

She put the cigarette into the ash tray on her night stand and rolled onto her back to get ready for her son.

Jake walked over to her on the bed, he was already hard again. He crawled across the bed until he was on his hands and knees over his mother.

She reached down and started rubbing his cock through his shorts, she could feel him contracting his cock trying to keep control of himself and not cum too early again.

She looked into his eyes and asked “Do you want to fuck me Jakey, or do you want to do something else?

As much as he wanted to fuck his moms wet cunt, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to keep from blowing his load in his mother so he kind of shrugged at her, hoping she would get the hit.

She sighs and looks down at the bottom drawer of her dresser, then she looks back up at him and says “I’ve got an idea.”

She turns over and slides of the bed, walks over to her drawer and tells him to close his eyes.

Jake is sitting on the bed with his eyes closed and he hears her tell him to roll over.

As he is lying on his stomach, he feels his mom rubbing the back of his thighs and up to his ass.

She says “Is there anything that you don’t want me to do?”

He replies “What do you mean?”

“Is there anything that is off limits ?”

Confused and kind of anxious to see what she’ll do next he says no.

Then he feels her get back up on the bed and work her way up until she is on her knees right behind his ass.

He feels the oily liquid drip down onto his ass and down into his crack, then he feels her fingers slide in rubbing it around.

He jerks back, and she yanks her hand back “Is there something wrong?” She says with a tone of let down in her voice.

“Not at all, you surprised me.” “Keep going.” He demands

She pushes her hand back between his ass cheeks and starts to finger his eager little asshole. After some coaxing he starts to loosen up and she slides a finger in.

He moans a little, and she can feel his rear end push up into her hand a little as he is eager for more.

She keeps fingering him, first with 2 fingers, then slowly she manages 3.

By now his cock is almost dripping with cum, and he is rhythmically thrusting up into her fingers trying to get them deeper and deeper.

She decides to keep going and barely fits 4 fingers in, when he turns around to look at her smiling with pleasure from finally being able to finger her sons’ asshole.

He looks at her and says “Do you have anything bigger?”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

She gets up and walks back to the drawer, she pulls out what looks like a bunch of straps and buckles, but he quickly learns it’s a strap-on harness for a dildo.

Once she has it on, she asks how big he wants it, and all he could say was “Be gentle, I haven’t done this before”

So she pulls out a 6 inch dildo, its so veiny and thick. Jake gets even more aroused at the thought of how good it must feel inside of him and quickly gets up onto his hands and knees trying to position himself for her.

She connects the clasps on the rubber cock to the harness around her waist and thighs.

She reaches across the bed and grabs Jakes hips, she pulls him back to the edge of the bed so he is in line with her waist and slowly starts to press into his asshole.

As it she pushes little by little, further and further into her son, she can feel him start to push back gently into her, eager and trying to get the cock deeper into his ass.

After a minute or two of coxing she is now about 4 inches deep into him. Still pushing in deeper a little at a time, until she is finally all the way in, down to the rubber balls at he bottom of the lengthy cock.

She starts rocking her hips back and forth, thrusting in and pulling out in a rhythmic motion.

Jake starts thrusting himself back even harder, getting even deeper penetration from the plump dildo in his ass.

After almost 10 minute Jake finally stops moaning long enough to turn back and ask his mother for permission to cum.

“Mommy, may I please have permission?”

“For what?” She demands.

“Please mom, let me cum!”

At this point he can barely hold it in any longer, he’s almost begging her to pull out and let him jerk his cock until he comes.

“If you’re going to finish already, I’m going to have to punish you afterwards.”

He considers it for a moment and decides it probably just her being flirty, and egging him on to cum and let her keep fucking him.

She is almost aggravated the he is going to blow again, especially so soon.

So before she pulls out, she give a couple thrusts, each one harder than the last, until she pushes him away until she almost pulls out and then suddenly yanks his hips back as she smashed forward into him, enough to make him cry out.

Immediately after she pulls out, he spins around and looks up at her and asks her to get down to he can cum on her chest.

She says “Fine! But its going to cost you.”

She barely has time to get down before he lets go of his cock and within the blink of an eye a jet of silky white cum splatters onto her chest, some of it even got on her face.

After he stopped, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, swallowing every last bit of cum that came out.

The as Jake fell back onto the bed, exhausted from his intense orgasm, she stood up and wiped the cum of her chest with her fingers and walked around the bed until she was leaning over him.

“Lick your mess off of my hand.”

Jake looked up at her in almost disbelief.

“But mom, do I really have to?”

“I said it would cost you”

Jake lets out a huge sigh and looks up at her with a horrified look in his eyes.

“You’re really going to make me do this?”

“Yes. An this is only the beginning.”

“Here” she says, “I’ll make this easy on you”

She smears the still warm cum on her chest and around her nipples.

“Lick it off, now!”

Jake pushes himself up onto his knees, and leans forward into his mothers’ chest.

He closes his eyes and takes her soft nipple into her mouth, and sucks profusely trying to clean it off as quickly as possible.

After he takes a moment to realize what he is doing, he starts to get into it, licking up the goo that is all over his mothers’ tits.

Starting to like the taste and feeling of eating his own cum he looks up at her and smiles as he finishes the job of lapping up the jizzum all over her.

She reaches over to grab the burning cigarette left in the ash tray, and slowly draw it in as she glares down at her son eating his own cum off of her tits.

Once he finishes, he leans back onto the bed and says “So, what’s my ‘punishment’?”

She take one last hit off of the cigarette and puts it out in the ash tray.

“First, I need you to go down stairs and get my purse, and second, I need you to go clean your asshole up so we can start again.

He walks down stairs, almost strolling through the living room into the kitchen to get his moms purse.

Once he gets back up stairs, he hands the purse to his mom and then walks away into the bathroom to go clean himself up like she had told him to.

Once he walks back into her room, he sees her standing by her dresser again, this time digging something out of the back of the drawer.

She turns around holding two pairs of straps in one hand and 4 cuffs in the other.

Jake sits on the edge of the bed, eager to see what is next.

“What are the straps for?”

You’ll find out in a minute.” She says as she walks around the bed hooking the straps to the clips in each corner.

She tosses the cuff at Jake and says “Put those on your wrists and ankles and then lay face down on the bed.”

So Jake does what she says and he get flat on the bed.

She walks around and clips the other end of the straps to each of the cuffs.

Jake is hard as a rock again, and is trying to adjust himself so hes not lying on his cock awkwardly.

The he sees his mom walks over to the closet and grabs a piece of cloth from a shelf, then she walks over to her purse and pulls out another cigarette and lights it.

After standing there for a second enjoying her smoke and looking her son over, she sets it back in the ash tray and crawls back onto the bed. She takes the cloth and ties it behind Jakes head to make a sort of blind fold.

She leans down and whispers in his ear “Don’t talk. And the word is ‘enema’.”

The smile leaves Jakes face as he starts to think about what is going on.

He tries to move around a little, but it held firmly in place by the straps the are tightened to the bed.

He cant see anything, all he can smell is the smoke from the cigarette, and he can hear his mom shuffling through things.

He starts to focus on breathing, in and out, calmly waiting for his mom.

All of a sudden the rustling stops and he feels her climb up onto the bed.

He feels the lube drip down onto his back and into his ass again, and he feels relief, thinking his mom is just going to use the same dildo she was using but this time not let him cum right away.

The without warming, he feels an extreme burning pain on his ass, his mom had grabbed her smoke and decided to put it out on his ass.

He yells out in pain for a moment, then his mom swings her hand down on the burn and Jake yells out again.

“What did I tell you about not talking?” As she swings her hand down again for him having yelled out.

This time he just clenches his jaw and takes it.

He hears her flick the lighter to relight her freshly extinguished cigarette, and now he worries that she might do it again.

He feels her shuffling around on the bed and then he feels something pushing into his ass.

He thinks it’s just the same dildo as before, but as she pushes harder and harder to enter into his unwilling ass, he realizes it’s a lot thicker.

He winces, but tries to stay as silent as possible.

After what seemed like an eternity of coaxing the engorged dildo into his ass, he can feel her churning it in and out while her other hand massages his balls.

Jake started to try and pull away from her, but she just kept yanking him back which made her thrusts even more painful.

Jake is almost worried now, he doesn’t want to ask her to stop since he’s afraid of another ‘punishment’, but its also not unbearable to give her the safety word yet.

After a while, he finds he’s not even aroused any more, his dick is limp and his fists are clenched as tightly as possible trying to deal with how uncomfortable his stretching asshole feels.

After a while, he finally feels her pull out, leaving his asshole open and since they had been going for so long his asshole is burning from the friction since the lube had dissipated.

He un curls his hands and takes a deep breath of relief.

Behind him he can hear her going through her drawer again, looking for something else.

He hears the drawer close again and he can hear her walking around him.

Suddenly he feel something hot drop onto his back, then he realizes she set the cigarette down and it’s steadily burning getting hotter and hotter on his back.

He tries to shake it off but he’s held in place by the restraints.

“Stop trying to move or I’ll use you as an ash tray again!”

The first words he had heard in a while. He completely stops moving and hopes that she will pick it off of him before it burns him, then he feels her drip more lube onto his ass.

He can feel her fingers pressing into his ass again, rubbing the thick liquid around making sure he’s completely coated.

Almost without warning she shoves her whole hand into his ass.

Trying not to yell out in pain as his asshole spreads over so far it feels like it will tear in half, Jake tries to jerk away from her which only makes her grab a hold of his testicles and squeeze hard enough to hurt.

“Don’t you dare try to move again” she says as she loosens her grip on his balls.

He feels her reach up and lift her cigarette of his back, and he cant help him self but to shout out “Please mommy, don’t burn me again!”

Thinking saying mommy will help him some how, it only makes it worse.

“What did you call me?”

“I’m Mistress Debbie!” she retorts back.

“And what did I say about talking you piece of shit!”

“I wasn’t going to use it on you, but now I don’t think I have a choice.”

He feels her rip her hand out of his ass, which hurt almost as bad as the initial shock of her cramming it in.

She walks back over to the drawer and grabs the biggest dildo she has.

It’s 10 inches long and thicker than his wrist.

“You’re never going to forget today you little bitch”

Then she makes sure the dildo is on and climbs up on the bed behind her son.

Then without even trying to be gentle, she trusts the dick into his ass.

Jake cries out “Mom!” “Please, don’t do this to me!”

“Enema!” he shouts.

“Enema! Enema! Enema!”

He starts pulling as hard as he can to get free from the restraints but its not use, he can barely move.

She reaches up and takes the cigarette she left on his back and then squishes it into his ass crack.

Jake cries out again still begging his mom to stop.

She’s only about 2 inches deep into him, the massive dildo wont slide in since isn’t used to the stretching.

“Enema!” he shouts again.

“That word went out the window a long time ago, right about when you stopped obeying me”

Jake is still trying violently to get free, and Mistress Debbie wont have it.

“And what the fuck did I say about talking?”

“That goes the same for trying to get away from me!”

She brings her knee up and smashes his balls.

Jake is almost in tears from the pain of his asshole spreading farther than it can possibly go, the pain in his balls that makes him want to puke, and the fear that his mom wont stop.

She is now laying into him even harder forcing his asshole to split open little by little causing the trickle of blood to grow even more.

“Please stop…..

I can’t take that much at once!

Please! Stop!

Mom I’m begging!”

Not taking no for an answer, she gives the hardest thrust yet, almost throwing herself off balance and falling down onto her son.

Jake is crying now, he can feel every bit of excruciating pain as she keeps thrusting once she’s busted all the way in.

Jake is almost shuddering instead of trying to fight the hold she has on him, just sitting almost perfectly still now with tears rolling down his cheeks waiting for her to stop.

After a minutes she opens her mouth and says

“You just had to go and ruin this for me!”

“Begging me to stop, and then you start crying like the little pussy bitch you are!”

“I was going to let you fuck me, Ha! You wouldn’t even know what to do!”

“But don’t think your done yet, you still going to come for momma.”

Then she pulls out, leaving his asshole gaping open, a pulverized, bloody mess.

He feels the harness land on his back; he thinks at least she has stopped raping his asshole.

He feels her untie his feet first then his hands.

She tells him to roll over, and so he musters up everything he has left to do it before he finds out what will happen if he doesn’t.

He still has the blind fold on, but can feel her climb over top of him and start rubbing his body, working her way down to his cock.

Once he thinks the brutal torture is over, she grasps his balls, squeezing then into a ball and pulls her hand back and slaps it.

Jake tugs back but not enough to make her angry.

“Get hard for me!” she demands.

Jake tries to open his mouth to say something, but it stopped by another jolt of pain to his ball sack, this time the draws her fist back and connects with him.

“I wasn’t asking, get it up now!”

Jake manages to say “Maybe you could help me Mistress”

She sighs and says “What did you have in mind?”

“P-p-p-put it in you mouth, please Mistress”

“I guess if that will help you, but you’re going to have to return the favor” She says.

She spins around and sits on his chest with her cunt aimed at him face.

“Start eating faggot”

Jake lifts his head to find her pussy right in front of him, and he tries his best to please her.

Jake actually manages to get hard after everything that has happened, he still thinks about how hot it is to have his moms tits dangling on to his stomach while she sucks his cock.

Not to mention he gets to eat her out too.

He realizes he must be doing a good job because he can feel her pushing back into his face trying to get him deeper into her pussy.

Jake feels her hand reach down and massage his sore asshole as she’s bobbing up and down on his cock.

He starts to move his hips a little, pushing his cock deeper into his moms throat.

After a while of them eating each other both moaning with pleasure, Jake pulls his face out long enough to say “I’m ready.”

So his mom lifts up soaked pussy out of his face and lets him sit up.

“It’s almost over now, let mommy take care of you now”

Then she slides back down onto his cock forcing her head down to take it almost all the way into her mouth.

Jake starts to squirm as he builds up to cumming.

Then without warning, he reaches out and shoves his moms head all the way down on his cock, he can feel it pushing into the back of her throat as she gags.

Chocking on her own spit, Jake lets her lift her head for a second to swallow then forces it back down again.

Thrusting his hips up and her head down, he takes a deep breath and then lets out the biggest load of cum he had ever produced.

He feels her throat close up around his dick as the hot mess pours into her mouth and down her throat.

She jerks her head up and coughs on the thick jizz.

Then out of nowhere Jake feels her lips touching his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth.

Then a glob of cum slides into, and Jake feels his mom slide it around his mouth.

Before she pulls back, she snatches the blindfold off of his face so he can see, then she pulls back with cum strung between their mouths.

She wipes the little bit of spillage off of his lips and then licks her finger.

She leans back in to kiss him again, and this time her meets her half way, mixing the cum with what’s in her mouth, and then swallows.

After the whole ordeal, they are both laying next to each other in the bed, his mom smoking another cigarette and playing with his half mast cock. And just Jake sitting next to her being extremely quiet.

After some time passes, she finally says something.

“So how was it for you?”

“I’m never doing this again!”

Just as she is about to say something he opens his mouth again.

“Not unless I get to dominate you bitch.”

She chuckles and looks at him and says “I think we can work something out.”



Shit - my mother caught me and made me finish it in front of her - I was 13. After that she walked out of my room and she never mentioned it again - until I got caught in bed with our neighbour 5 years later, I was 18 and she was 23. She wasnt so quiet that time. She wouldnt let me finish it with her that day - unfortunately. I made up for it later though - many times. I never got to do what you did with your mother though - that would have been interesting.

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