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Today was a big day for me, the biggest of my life so far, I thought to myself as I opened one eye and looked at the morning sunshine filtering into the hut. Today I not only turned adult but was also getting married.

“Get up, Orion,” my mother said. “Go fetch water.”

“Okay,” I replied and stepped out of the hut.

“Take this,” she said, putting a clay pitcher near me as I peed in the bush.

When I reached the well — a five-minute walk from the hut — my sister, who’s a year older than me, was taking a bath with my aunt in the lake next to the well. A man, who lived two huts away from ours, was filing water from the well.

“Ready for the big day?” my sister Hera asked me.

“He’s been ready for a long time,” Aunt said.

“Hmm,” Hera concurred, looking at me with her deep-blue eyes.

“What’s your plan?”

“Nothing,” I replied to Aunt.

“Well, now you can do whatever you want,” she said. “Enjoy.”

She got out of the lake and began walking toward her hut as water droplets glistened on her naked body.

Filing the pitcher with water, I enquired about my one-year-old nephew. “How’s Erasmus?”

“He’s fine. Mom's making you work even today,” my sister said. “I’ll see you soon.”

She came out of the water and joined Aunt. I could see her pink nipples were erect, probably because the water was a bit chilly, and her blonde pubic hair was coiled together like sticky Chinese rice.

I was born in a tribe the world would consider unusual, exotic or even weird. The community, with a total population of around 200, lived deep in a valley surrounded by mountains on an island near Crete in Greece.

The houses, or huts to be precise, were built with only natural materials, such as wood, leaves and mud, had only one room and no bathroom, kitchen, doors or windows. We cooked our food outside the hut on wood and used water streaming down from the mountains to wash. The small lake is where we cleaned our clothes and took a bath.

We had been living in this area for generations and had never seen the world beyond the mountains. We had no idea what lay behind those mountains. That was because we considered the mountains holy so we never set foot on them. And nobody from the other side had ever crossed the mountain or seen us.

So for us the whole world started and ended with our tribe. There was no school, hospital, electricity or any other modern amenity. We ate whatever we grew or hunted and survived on subsistence farming and animal hunting.

In our tribe men and women covered only their lower part with a loincloth, leaving the top bare. Unlike the outside world, nudity for us was as normal as the sun rising in the east.

The second thing that set us apart from the world was that women ruled the whole community. They took decisions, gave orders and ran everything. While both men and women worked shoulder to shoulder on farms, hunted animals and did household chores, it was women who called the shots.

This had roots in the goddess we worshipped and whose teachings we followed. Goddess Hyacinth originally came to this land decades ago from the Netherlands with a small band of believers and decided to set up roots here.

Her beliefs were simple: protect the earth, treat trees, mountains and rivers as holy and share everything. If you want eternal happiness then don’t believe in mine or yours, but in us, in sharing whatever you have. This was the philosophy we followed.

Of course, there were few instances from time to time of people not respecting the beliefs, of people lying or stealing or cheating. But they were swiftly dealt with. Whether young or old, man or woman, girl or boy, the rule-breakers would be brought to the community square and told to bend over a wooden log and then their bare bottoms would be whipped with birch in front of others until their white skin was completely red.

How many times they were whipped depended on the nature of their crime and age. This was decided by the matriarch of the tribe. The punishment was always administered by a woman. So whether it was a tall, physically strong young man or an old woman, all were whipped by women.

The third factor that differentiated us was how we viewed sex. We treated it like any other activity, such as eating food or taking a bath, but there were certain rules around it. One was that sex with minors was forbidden. While small indiscretions like kissing were overlooked, anything major meant a march to the community square and getting such a whipping on the ass and back that the skin would come off.

The second rule was that it was the woman who decided who she wanted to marry and when. Once she attained adulthood, she became in charge of her life and in charge of her husband and children. From then on, she ran the show.

The last, and the most important factor, related to how an adult woman conducted her sex life. If a woman wanted to get married all she had to do was tell the man that she wanted to marry him and then inform the community. She was free to tie the knot with a single or married man. If a man was already married then he would have to devote equal time to all his wives. That was his duty and any complaint by any of the wives meant punishment.

On the wedding day, the bride was taken to the lake by female relatives who would apply a special mud that reportedly was good for skin all over her body and then give her a bath.

After the bath, her family members would paint different images on her body. On her back would be a picture of a tree as trees symbolized long life, on her stomach an image of a child and on her inner thigh a large phallus to symbolize fertility.

Then she would put on a new loincloth made with finest animal skin and simple jewelry like a necklace or bracelet.

Once ready, she would walk down with the women of the house to the square where the whole community would be already drinking, singing and dancing.

The groom was also prepared for the big day. He would lie down on a rug on the floor of the house and his mother, or grandmothers if the mother was not alive, would apply mud all over his naked body, including his private parts, and then the women of the house would massage his body, both front and back. Then he would be given a shower to get rid of the mud.

After that, his mother would bring a bowl of goats’ milk and dip her fingers in it and wash his penis with the milk. Then she would stand in front of him with the bowl and he would masturbate in it.

The reason behind this ritual was that washing the penis with goats’ milk and then mixing his semen in it was supposed to result in healthy and beautiful babies.

Another reason, which was never stated but made sense, was that if the groom masturbated just before consummating his marriage then he was likely to stay inside his wife for longer.

With the business taken care of, the mother would put on a shiny headgear on the groom’s head and tie a red loincloth around his groin. The red color was considered a symbol of virility. Then the women would lead him to the square. If the groom was already married then his wife would carry out all the functions with her mother and her mother-in-law helping her.

In the square, both the bride and the groom would bow in front of a stone that Goddess Hyacinth carried with her when she first made the journey from the Netherlands to Greece. Then they would sit down on a rug made of animal skin and put a necklace made of animal bones around each other’s necks.

They would stand up, toast the local liquor and the father would lead his daughter to a raised platform and the mother her son where she would give the bowl of his semen mixed with goats’ milk to her daughter-in-law and she would drink it for healthy and beautiful babies. Then she would lie down on the platform and her husband would make love to her with the whole community celebrating the wedding.

After the marriage was consummated, his mother and mother-in-law would come to the couple and shower them with flowers and wish them a happy life.

In our culture, a girl was forbidden to have a physical relationship before achieving adulthood, but once she was mature she could sleep with whoever she wanted and whenever she wanted.

Since we believed in sharing everything, a woman was completely free to share her body with whoever she wanted without any boundaries. But the decision to sleep or not was up to her. If she did not want to sleep with someone then the person could not force her.

While a woman was free to choose whoever she wanted, there were certain customs a new wife was supposed to follow on the first three nights. Her first partner would be her husband, then her own father, then her brothers if they were adult, then her father-in-law and then her brothers-in-law.

On the first night, only her husband and her father would sleep with her, then she would share herself with the others in the next two days. Since we didn’t believe in monogamy, the first husband was considered the father of the children even if he wasn’t biologically.

When my sister, who is five feet and five inches and full-figured like our mother, got married, my mother, my grandmother and other female relatives gave her a bath and then we all prepared her for the wedding. As she stood with her arms and legs spread wide, my aunt colored her blonde pubic hair bright red with her fingers with a concoction she herself had made using flowers and herbs.

I, on the other hand, drew lips around her pink nipples on her voluptuous breasts. Mom, meanwhile, created a long cock with its head reaching the pubic hair.

And this practice of doing everything without any shame or guilt wasn’t just confined to heterosexual couples. Men had sex with other men in front of their own wives and mothers, and women played with each other without any shame or guilt.

One of my uncles used to openly fuck his male friend right in front of us. So we used to share everything, from food to bed.

For instance, my mother, who is five feet and six inches tall with long blonde hair and big breasts and Amazon-like bush, told me how my grandfathers and father were always hungry for her milk.

“The moment I came of age, all three of them started chasing me. It was like they were waiting for me. But they weren’t satisfied with just having me, they wanted more. When I became pregnant with you, they wouldn’t leave my nipples alone. As soon as I would finish feeding you, they would start begging for milk. Whether I was working on the farm, taking a bath in the lake or walking in the square, they just wanted me to feed them.”

“What did you do,” I asked.

“What could I do? I would sit down and let them suckle my tits. Your grandmother and uncles used to get angry at them, but that didn’t deter them. One afternoon I was coming back after visiting your aunt when your grandfathers and father began begging for milk saying they were hungry, so I put you down on the ground and all three had their fill right in the square.”

“Did you get angry?”

“No, if somebody asks for it nicely, you give it to them. I shared it with many in the community.”

This closeness had its other benefits too. When a woman died while giving birth to her fifth child, my sister and another woman took the duty of feeding her two youngest children. So every day the father brought the two-year-old boy and the one-day-old girl to my sister’s house and she would sit cross-legged while both kids sucked her tits.

Sometimes Erasmus and the two children weren’t the only ones seeking her nipples. Our father and grandfathers and other men too enjoyed the pleasure of drinking the fresh and warm milk right from the source, her pink tits.

However, I didn’t have to stand in line like them and wait for my turn. Her big boobs were always there for me. Sometimes in the evening when all of us gathered near the lake, I would simply put my head on her lap, cup her boobs and start drinking her milk.

Just like every other community, we had our share of interesting characters. There was one man who enjoyed giving massage to women over everything else. It was said he became obsessed with massage after one day his mother asked him to massage her legs as her thighs were paining a lot. She lay down on her stomach and he knelt down near her leg.

He initially started by massaging her calf muscles but soon his hands were touching the back of her knees and then they were on her thighs. Watching her lying down in a loincloth that barely covered her private parts and the sensation of touching her bare thighs with his fingers, with the blue veins running down all the way from her crotch to her toes, was something he had never experienced before.

He found the experience so arousing that he came in his loincloth there and then. He knew he couldn’t continue the session and he didn’t want his mother to find out that he came just by touching her skin, so he quickly made some excuse and ran away. But from that day onwards massaging women was the only thing that got his juices flowing.

Since everyone in the community knew this, many times women would go to him and lie down on the ground naked and he would slowly start massaging their whole body, from neck to their toes. From grandmother to granddaughter, he was ready to serve all.

Another interesting character was one of my cousins. He was turned on only by men, never by females. I noticed it early on that he found men attractive, but his mother and sisters discovered it much later.

His sister was getting married and she wanted him to prepare her, but he instead went to her would-be husband’s house and told the groom’s mother that he wanted to apply a paste he had made on the groom’s body. Needless to say, he was thrown out of the house.

Then after marriage, his sister offered her body to him, but he ran away. The next day his siblings pinned him on the ground and his mother aroused him by taking his cock in her mouth but as soon as his sister took it inside her pussy, he went limp. Both his sister and mother took turns sucking his dick, but he simply refused to fuck either of them.

It was only later he got what he wanted. He was sitting outside the hut when his mother called him so he went inside. His brother-in-law was pounding his sister’s pussy and his mother was sitting nearby.

“It’s your turn now, Hypnos,” his mother said to him.

Before he could understand, his brother-in-law left his sister and came to him. In one sudden motion, he took off Hypnos’ loincloth and made him kneel down between his mother and sister. As soon as he was on his knees, his brother-in-law rammed his already erect cock in his mouth and pushed it as far as he could. He kept fucking his mouth until his cum was all over and inside his mouth.

Hypnos, who hungrily wrapped his arms around his brother-in-law’s thighs, discovered true happiness that day thanks to his mother, sister and brother-in-law.

Then there was a guy who found it impossible to keep it hard – he always came within seconds. Everybody in the community, even the women, called him Quickie. One day he came to meet us in our hut and Mom began talking to him.

“Why do you get so excited so fast? Why does it happen?” Mom asked him.

“I don’t know,” he replied. Although he was talking to her, he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at the floor, with his head bowed.

“Come here,” she said. She untied his loincloth and taking his hands, she placed them on her breasts. As soon as she did that, his cock went as hard as a rod.

“Play with them, but don’t think about them. Now I’m going to touch you, but don’t get excited. Think about something else.”

He gently began caressing her boobs as she wrapped her fingers around his dick and started slowly stroking him. I think she hadn’t even given it three strokes when he tilted his head back and came all over Mom’s neck and breasts. Without even looking at him, my mother squeezed his cock tightly and wiped the last drop of his cum with his loincloth and then wiped herself with it.

“Quickie, you’re useless. Get out, nobody can help you,” my sister said to him slapping his bare ass.

But this wasn’t the only time Mom tried to help someone.

There was a girl who found the first time she had sex with a guy so painful that she refused to let anyone enter her vagina. Her father, her brothers and other men had full access to her ass, but they were forbidden to even touch her vagina. Her mother and others repeatedly told her that her fear was just psychological, but failed to change her mind.

When Mom heard about it, she called her and her parents to our hut. Mom served the guests homemade liquor and after just two or three sips the girl was struggling to even sit straight.
I later found out that Mom, after taking permission of the girl’s mother, had mixed something in her drink. The girl began slurring her words and her body was so hunched over that her nipples were touching the floor.

Convinced that the girl was under control, Mom signaled the girl’s dad, who immediately took off his loincloth and without even attempting any foreplay pushed his raging cock into his daughter’s pussy. She let out a soft scream, but he kept pounding her until the last drop of his cum was inside her.

As soon as he was finished, my dad shoved his dick in her and while he was fucking her, her mother went and brought the girl’s brothers who took turns in ramming their cocks.

After they were done, her father went for the second round and while he was on top of her, she regained her senses, but instead of pushing him away, she clasped her legs around his back and dug her nails into his ass as he kept fucking her.

Another situation where she lent her hand concerned a man who had slapped one of his wives in a fit of anger. As punishment, all three of his wives and other women refused to have sex with him. Initially, the man didn’t react, but slowly he became frustrated and after four months of drought, he completely broke down.

One evening all of us were sitting near the lake when he came to my mother and began begging her to resolve his problem.

The man was standing stark naked right in front of Mom, with his cock fully erect. Mom, also completely nude, was sitting cross-legged, while the guy who loved giving massages was kneeling behind Mom’s back, his hands were massaging her bare shoulders and his dick was poking her back. To me, it looked like Mom was either oblivious to his cock or so used to it that she didn’t mind it.

“So how can I help you?” Mom asked.

“Please talk to them and tell them I’m really sorry.”

“What do you think?” Mom asked the masseur.

The masseur stood up and came next to Mom; his cock was inches away from her face.

“He should it cut it off and throw it away. He doesn’t need it now,” he said pointing to the man’s dick.

“Where do you want to put it?” Mom asked as she clasped his cock in her hand. “Do you want to put it here,” she said, shoving her middle finger in her pussy. “Or here?” She took out the finger and put it in her mouth.

“Tell me,” she said, teasing him with a smile.

“I’ll do anything, but you’ve to help me,” he pleaded.

“Okay, come with me,” she said as she dragged him holding him by his cock.

She took him where his wives, mother and in-laws were sitting.

“He’s ready to repent. Aren’t you?” Mom said, cupping his balls tightly.

“Yes, I’m…I’m really sorry.”

“We can’t let you go without punishing you,” one of his mothers-in-law said.

“I’ll do anything,” he replied.

“Of course, you’ll, otherwise it will grow rusty,” she said, referring to his cock, which my mom was still holding.

“Good. Now here’s your punishment. Every morning you'll fetch wood from the forest for your family for one whole month,” Mom said.

Turning to the kids playing nearby, she said: “And don't let me catch you all helping him. Okay?”

Releasing his cock from her fist, she said: “Now go unload your four-month-old reserve.”

Without hesitating for even a second, he rushed to his wives.

Then there were all kinds of dirty talks. Once we were plucking carrots from the field when I accidentally left one carrot on the ground.

“Don’t leave it there. Bring it here,” my mother said.

“Now, this is what I call good size,” she said taking the carrot from me.

“What do you think, sis?”

“Oh, this is big enough for me, but not for you,” Aunt replied.

“Don’t worry about me. For me, anything is good as long as it’s pounding me.”

One afternoon I was taking a break with a friend after working on the field whole morning when Mom and Aunt came and sat down near us after putting the wood they were carrying on the ground.

My aunt looked at my friend and said: “It has been a long time. Come here.”

With that, she got on all her fours and loosened her loincloth. Taking off his loincloth, he went behind her and tightly gripping her hips, he started pounding her bum hole.

“Good boy, you’re a good boy. Yes, that’s it, I need it,” Aunt said, as her voluptuous breasts began rocking faster and faster.

He soon filled her hole with his cum, with few drops trickling down her thighs. After he was finished, she took him to a nearby water channel and he washed her hole and legs.

Once he was gone, Mom said: “Remember when Zeus [Aunt’s husband] wanted to put it in there, but you didn’t let him, because you were scared. And you even refused Dad.”

“Yes, I remember,” Aunt said. “Your mother is smart. When she saw I was scared, she put one finger inside my behind and asked me whether it was paining. When I said no, she inserted two fingers and then she finally convinced me,” my aunt said to me.

“I had to because Mom and others were getting angry that you were breaking the rule of not sharing everything,” my mother replied, looking defensively at me.

“Yea, yea. You and mother are champions in sharing everything. Both of you are always ready, always.”

“What can I say…I just love doing it,” Mom said, caressing her thighs. Blowing a kiss to us, she got up and began walking toward the hut with a pile of wood on her head.

While we had many festivals, the biggest one was celebrated at the end of the harvest season. The whole community would come together and prepare food and drinks. In the evening, the square would wear a festive look, with adults dancing and drinking and children running around.

The highlight of the night was sort of a contest: Every year one family was chosen by the women of the community as the best family based on how much the family helped others, how much food it contributed to the communal pool and whether it followed all the rules.

The chosen family was not only given a bigger share from the food bank, but all the adult men were supposed to serve all the women members of the family the whole night.

One year our family was selected so, after lots of drinking and naked dancing, the female members were called onto the stage. My mother, my two step-mothers, my sister and three half-sisters all went and stood on the stage.

All of them were completely nude. Just for this one night, they could not refuse any man that wanted them. So one by one the men began going up on the stage and started fucking my mother, sister and others.

One of my step-mothers started with a friend of our grandfather and by the end of the evening, she had fucked eight men in total, including taking two of her brothers in her ass. My sister, on the other hand, stayed on her fours, with her face toward us, and offered both her pussy and ass to men of all shapes and sizes.

My mom, who’s known for never refusing a man, wasn’t satisfied with just one or two. I saw three men serving her together: one her ass, the other her pussy and the third her mouth. They all were fucking her together and she was loving every bit of it.

Later in the evening when I went onto the stage thinking it was the last group of men serving her, Mom took out the cock she was sucking from her mouth and told me to wait. After sucking the man dry and swallowing his cum, she motioned me.

When I went up to her, she asked me to wait for my sister, who was still busy fucking the men. After she was done, Mom took my hand in her hand and all of us sneaked into a nearby hut.

“That was tough, really tough. My whole body is aching,” my sister said, dropping to the floor.

“Your body? See how my legs are still shaking,” my mother said.

“Orion, bring me water, please. My whole mouth and throat are full of cum. I’ve never tasted so much cum in my whole life.”

“Oh come on, Mom, we all know that’s not true. How many did you have today?” My sister asked.

“Enough to last me the whole night,” Mom replied. She took the water from me and washed her face and mouth.

“Men can forget about coming near me for at least a year,” my sister said to me as she locked her legs in pain.

Playfully slapping my sister’s bare ass, my mother said: “Don’t listen to her. She’s already told the men that she’ll be back for a second round.”

All of this meant I wasn’t naïve when it came to sex. I grew up watching men doing men, women doing women and grandfathers doing granddaughters. Nothing was taboo. In my house itself, Mom and Grandmother were always horny. Both women loved not only men but didn’t mind women either.

Mom regularly had sex with one of my step-mothers, who was much younger than Mom. I saw Mom eat her pussy several times. Sometimes after fucking my Dad, my mother would simply roll over and start playing with my step-mother.

Since sex was considered healthy, both women also encouraged my sis when she came of age. I remember one day my paternal grandfather squeezed my sister's breasts, it was soon after she became an adult, but she flinched a little bit. My grandmother saw that. Later in the afternoon she called my sis and asked her why she had flinched.

“Do you think if someone touches them they will get dirty? Is that why you don’t want anyone to touch them?”

My sis didn’t reply and kept her head bowed.

“Or, do you think they will shrink in size? Answer me.”

My sis still didn’t say anything.

“Next time don’t flinch. Now go away.”

Two days later my sis herself called Dad and once he was on top of her, she proved to both Mother and Grandmother that she was as good as them when it came to sex. After that, it was the turn of both Grandfathers and then the floodgates opened to just about everyone.

The first time I touched breasts happened in the forest. I was coming back after collecting wood when I saw the neighbor’s wife sitting on the ground feeding her milk to her baby. On seeing me, she called me and asked me to pick the baby for a second as she wanted to get up. As I moved my hand under the baby to lift it, my fingers touched her ripe boobs.

“Oh, the boy the growing up,” she said. She looked at me and smiled.

“Give me the baby and take this,” she said, taking the baby from me and placing my left palm on her breasts.

“Go on, squeeze them.”

I did just that.

“You can also suck them if you want.”
Without even looking at her face, I fell on my knees and began sucking her nipples.

With one hand she squeezed her tits and I felt warm milk fill my mouth. I took the baby from her and laid it on the ground and was ready to pounce on her, but she said she couldn’t do it right now, not today. So I placed my hand on her head and tried to push it toward my cock, but she picked up her baby and began walking away after telling me that was enough for the day.

From that day onwards, I was constantly on the prowl. I was always looking for ways to touch a woman. A woman’s body was all I thought about all the time. Out of the many instances where I tried to get close to the other sex, two stand out.

I was playing in the forest with five friends – three girls and two boys – when the girls told us that whoever came first would get to touch their tits. Hearing that, we immediately took off our loincloths and began jerking off. But just as one of my friends started coming, the girls ran away, leaving us holding our dicks in our hands.

Since I was still in my teens, my hormones were always raging.

Most of the time I walked with a hard-on. One day after taking a bath in the lake, I walked completely naked to where Mom, my step-mothers, my younger siblings and others were resting.

My brother-in-law was sitting on my aunt’s bare ass and massaging her neck. His cock and balls were resting on her round ass while my sister was feeding milk from her breasts to her son Erasmus.

I lay down behind the step-mother who loved getting finger fucked by my mother. I put my hand on her waist and slowly placed my leg on her bare ass and pushed the tip of my cock between her thighs. She turned her head, looked at me and turned her head back. She lifted her leg just so much that my dick slid between her thighs. Once there, she closed her legs, squeezing my cock tightly.

I don’t know whether she signaled something to Mom or not, but my mother suddenly stood up and saw that my crotch was pressed against my step-mother’s ass.

She came behind me and lay down, pressing her whole naked body, including her voluptuous boobs, against my back, trapping me between her and Step-Mother. Without saying a word, she stayed like that for a few seconds and then got up.

She said something to my sister who came to me and asked me to get up. When I stood up, she looked at my erect dick and told me to go behind the bush and take care of it.

Soon after my sister’s marriage, I went with my mom and sister to my aunt’s house and Aunt’s husband began praising my sister, saying she was looking more beautiful after the wedding.

“Really?” Hera asked.

“He’s lying,” my mom said.

“No, I’m not, Rhea,” he replied, addressing my mother.

“He’s been dying to do her for many days,” my aunt said.

“For years,” Uncle corrected her as he kissed my sister’s neck.

Hearing that, Hera smiled and taking his hand in her hand made him lie down on the rug next to us and began riding him as his hands touched each and every part of her young body.

We, meanwhile, watched as his cock filled her pussy and his hands squeezed her big heaving boobs right in front of us.

But it wasn’t just my sister who was in demand. Even before I attained adulthood, females started showing interest in me.

A woman living near our house told me she would marry me once I turned adult, but since she was a mother of three children and wife of two husbands, I told my mother, who asked her to stay away from me.

My mom knew other girls and women were eyeing me, so she convinced her friend to make her daughter announce that she would marry me as soon as I was of age.

The girl, Iris, was three months older than me and physically opposite of my mother and sister. While both my mom and sister were full-figured and blonde, Iris was petite and red-haired. However, my like or dislike was irrelevant as I had to do whatever the girl decided.

On the wedding day, my mom, my sister, aunt and grandmothers got me ready. I was asked to lie down on my stomach on the straw mat completely naked as my aunt and both grandmothers applied mud from my neck to my legs. And then they turned me around and my mother began applying the mud from my face to my toes.

She started tenderly rubbing the mud on my penis and on my balls. I don’t know whether it was because she was holding my penis in one hand and rubbing mud with the other hand or because her voluptuous boobs were swinging with her every move inches away from my face or it was a combination of both, but my dick was completely erect.

On seeing that, my aunt smiled and said: “He’s impatient.”

“Don’t be,” my mom said, caressing its head. “Take it slow with her. She has been saving herself for you.”

“Yes,” my grandmother said. “Her poor father wanted to mount her the first day she turned adult, but she refused him.”

“Right. Her mother told me Iris was only allowing her father and brothers in her mouth. Her father was so desperate that he requested her to let him in her ass, but she said no. She told them that only her mouth and hands were available. And other men are not allowed even there,” Mom said turning me once again on my stomach and began massaging me.

“Your father went to her,” my maternal grandmother said to my mother, “but she didn’t let him touch her.”

“I know,” my sister said. “He came back with a dejected look and told me, so I let him do me in his favorite doggy position. Grandpa was happy.”

“Okay, get up now,” Aunt said to me.

She washed my whole body, including the cock, with water.

In the meantime, my mother brought a bowl of goats’ milk and after dipping her fingers in it she washed my dick with it.

“Come, get rid of it,” she said pointing at my erection with her deep-blue eyes.

Placing one hand on her bare waist, I started masturbating in the bowl. I tried to squirt all of it in the bowl, but a couple of drops landed on Mom’s stomach.

“Don’t worry about it, your mother is an expert in not wasting any of it,” said Grandmother.

“I learned from the best, you mother,” Mother said as she flicked the semen with her finger from her stomach and put it in her mouth.

“Not bad. Iris is a lucky girl,” my mom said tasting my cum.

Then came the elaborate headgear and the red loincloth, which mother tied around my groin.

At the wedding ceremony, Mom handed the bowl to Iris and she drank the whole thing in one gulp.

Iris’ mom made her lie down on the rug on the raised platform and kissed her on her cheeks while I took off the loincloth. But as I tried to enter Iris, she closed her legs tightly.

“Open your legs, it won’t hurt,” her mom said to her.

While she was instructing her daughter, the people standing around us were teasing us, with men telling her that my dick was a peanut and she should try their rod and women were saying that she shouldn’t open her legs so easily, that she should make me wait. Mom, aunts and others were countering them by claiming that my tool was the strongest, that they were just jealous and that I could fuck her whole night without a break. Amid all this, I again got back to business.

This time instead of just putting it inside her, I began by kissing her pink lips and playing with her tits with my hands. When my fingers started exploring her virgin pussy, she began moaning and biting my neck and shoulders, so I took her hand in my hand and she gently guided my cock in her wet pussy.

I started pushing it deeper and deeper and soon my cum began her filling her while she bit my neck and shoulders in pleasure. As soon as I was done, my mother and mother-in-law showered us with flowers and wished us a happy life.

When I stood up, my mom knelt down and washed my cock with water while my mother-in-law cleaned her daughter’s pussy. It was my father-in-law’s turn to enter his daughter’s pussy. I went and sat down with my friends who were already drinking.

When I got up in the morning, Iris was sleeping next to me in the hut. I got out of the hut and went to my parents’ hut where Mom was sleeping naked on her side, with her blonde pubic hair clearly visible, surrounded by one of my uncle’s sons, Solomon, on the one side and my dad’s friend, who like Solomon was completely nude, on the other side.

Dad, meanwhile, was on the other mat loudly snoring. I gently tapped Mom and signaled her to come out.

“How’s Iris?” she asked outside the hut.

“She’s sleeping.”

“How was the night?”

“It was fine,” I replied walking toward a tree.

“Wait for me,” she said as she sat down near me with her face toward me.

As I peed holding my cock in my hand, I could see water gushing out from her pussy.

On the way, she stopped at Aunt’s house and requested her to get breakfast for us.

“So did you enjoy the wedding?”

“It was fine,” I answered. “You apparently had a good time.”

“Oh, yes. First, it was your dad, then his friend and then Solomon. I wanted to come to you, but they didn’t leave me alone.”

Iris was tying her red hair when we entered the hut.

“How’re you?”

“Tired,” she said.

“You can forget sleep for some days,” Mom said as she placed her ass on the rag.

Just then Aunt and my mother-in-law arrived with breakfast.

“Hello, darling. Still resting,” my mother-in-law said to Iris.

“She had a rough time,” Mom said.
“Well, your dad seemed happy. He apparently enjoyed it.”

“Why?” Iris asked.

“All night he was boasting to everybody about you. That you were the second-best fuck he has ever had.”

“Who was the best?” Aunt asked.

“Me, obviously,” my mother-in-law replied smiling and sitting down beside her daughter.

“He told me I was the best,” Mom said laughing. “He’s incorrigible.”

“Come sit near me,” my mother-in-law said to me.

As I sat down, she placed her hand on my bare thigh and said, “Keep this for my daughter and me." As she said this, she placed her hand on my crotch.

“Your turn will come later,” Mom said. “I’m his mother so he’s mine first.”

“Yes, yes, I know you’ve been waiting for him for long. Okay, let’s eat.”

When I came back from the farm in the afternoon, the family was busy preparing the evening feast outside the hut. Sitting around the pots and pans were my brothers, sisters, cousins and some elderly folks who were already drinking.

Inside the hut, my dad, my father-law and other men were having their own drinking session. I sat down with them. My wife, who like everybody else was wearing just a loincloth, was pouring drinks. Just then my mother-in-law came in to get some ingredients and my dad’s friend placed his hand on her leg and said, “Come, give us some attention, too.”

“Why, aren’t you getting any attention these days?”

“No, I’m not. Come here,” he said, patting his thigh. She sat down in front of him.

“Your daughter is looking very happy.”

“Her dad looks happier,” one of the men added.

“Well, I am,” he said waving to Iris and then gently pulling her arm. She put the liquor on the floor and placing her bums on his bare thigh sat down.

“So, when will our chance come?” my dad’s friend asked.

“You’re in a hurry,” my mother-in-law said. “Is he hungry,” she said as her fingers circled his cock.

“We men always are,” my maternal grandpa said.

My mother-in-law got up and holding her daughter’s hand in her hand she walked toward him.

“You’ve tasted every fruit in the area, from most ripe to most inexperienced, and still you’re hungry. You’re a dirty old man. I’m sure she won’t mind if you fill her mouth, but you will have to wait if you want to fill her with your juices.”

“You’re a darling,” Grandpa said as a wide grin spread across his face.

“What do you say, Iris? Don’t worry, you won’t be handling all of them all alone, I’m here too.”

Iris lay down next to Grandpa and began stroking his cock while her mother started sucking the dick of Dad’s friend.

Just then I heard the voice of my own mom calling my name, so I stepped out of the hut.

“Where’s Iris,” she asked.


“Sorry if I disturbed you,” Mom said.

“No, she’s with Grandpa and others.”

“Oh, let’s have a look.”

We went back into the hut. Iris was giving a blowjob to Grandfather and her mother had neighbor’s cock in her mouth.

“Iris, I’m taking Orion away. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Okay,” she replied, taking the cock out of her mouth.

“And Dad, don’t choke her.”

“Leave,” her father said as he pushed his cock deep inside Iris’ mouth.

Taking my hand in her hand, she began walking.

“There’s nobody here, let’s go in,” she said pointing to a hut. “I want to spend some time alone with you because I know now you won’t have time for me.”

“That’s not true. I’ll always have time for you. Won’t Aunt Tyche be there?”

“No, she’s left the place to us. You don’t even look at me now, you don’t miss me,” she said as we entered the hut.

“Mom, of course, I do.”

“We will find out. Want to eat or drink something?”


“Come, lie down with me,” she said, as she made herself comfortable on the mat.

She was lying on her side, her head was resting on her raised palm and the front of her body was facing me.

After carefully ensuring that there was a gap between us, I went and lay down on my back, with my face toward the ceiling.

“I’ve always liked your hair,” she said, running her fingers through them. “I won’t ask what you have always liked because I know the answer.”


“Don’t act so innocent. Give me a kiss.”

Raising my head slightly, I gave a peck on her cheek. But that’s not what she wanted. Taking my face between her palms, she planted her lips on mine and slid her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues played with each other, I climbed on top of her and my hands tightly cupped her big boobs.

“Don’t you love them?”


“Wait, not so fast,” she said as I got my body into position. “I want you to taste me first,” she said putting her hands on my head and guiding my face between her legs.

Placing my hands on her toned thighs, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and began eating her. Within a minute or two, she started tightening her thighs around my face and lifting her ass. Soon she was moaning. Then she yanked my face away from her pussy and arched her whole body as a loud moan filled the whole hut. She began kissing each and every part of my face, including my chin and lips that were seconds ago dripping with her juices. Thrusting her tongue deep inside my mouth, she opened her heavenly gates. Placing my hands on her voluptuous breasts, I began fucking my own mom.

“I didn’t expect that,” I said, lying down next to her, but this time our bodies were facing each other and our arms were on each other’s bare hips.


“Your moaning.”

“Oh, I used to do it a lot,” she replied, laughing. “Once I had gone to your grandfather’s house to stay, and your uncle [her brother] gave me a round wooden thing, so was playing with it at night. I got so loud that your grandfather, grandmother and uncle all woke up and rushed to where I was lying. When they saw what I was doing they began laughing. Kratos [her brother] began calling me Ms. Loud. Listen, next time I want to taste all of you, Okay?”

“Sure,” I said as my fingers caressed her pink nipples.

Just then my sis Hera entered the hut.

“What’s this, Mom? You told me you will let me watch you. You knew I wanted to see you two.”

“Don’t be angry, Hera. You’ll understand why I wanted this to be between him and me when it’s Erasmus’ turn.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“You can watch us next time, which I hope will be soon, right Orion?”

“Come on, Sis,” I said.

“What’s Iris doing?” Mom asked.

“She’s with her dad.”

“They won’t leave her until she’s exhausted,” Mom said.

“Don’t forget, you’ll be spending the evening with me,” my sis said to me.

“Can I come too?” Mom asked as we stepped out of the hut.

Hera stared at her in anger.

When we reached our hut, Iris was lying on her stomach between her dad and my dad, with her legs tightly closed. Her mother, meanwhile, was lying on her side next to our neighbor whose arm was cupping her bare boobs and his leg was resting on her thigh and his cock was pressed against her bare ass.

“Okay, enough of lazing around. We’ve a busy day ahead so let’s get back to work,” Mom said, clapping her hands loudly.

“The sun’s already out so let’s eat quickly and get back to farm.”

In the evening, I was sitting with my parents, Iris, her parents and two other guests in my hut when my sister Hera came and after taking a look around the room said: “It’s now my turn to be with my brother, so please leave.”

“There’s enough space here,” Iris’ mother said.

“Yes, we won’t disturb you,” one of the men, a family friend, said.

“If you won’t leave, we will. Come on, let’s go,” Iris said looking at me.

“No, they all will leave. Scoot,” my mom told the others.

“You also, Mom,” Iris said.

“Let your mother stay,” said Dad.

“She’s had her fill in the morning.”

“In the afternoon, too, just before lunch,” Mom corrected her as she left with the others.

“So, you also had her in the afternoon,” Iris said as she lay down and spread her body across my legs. Her face was toward me and her head was resting on the palm of her raised head and her big breasts were on my legs.

“Was she good?” Iris asked, squeezing my balls.


“Finally your fantasy came true.”


“Did you play with her breasts?”

“I did.”

“What all did you do. Tell me the details,” Iris said, stroking my cock.

“I did everything. I cupped her, squeezed her, bit her, sucked her, everything,” I replied, running my fingers through her blonde hair.

“Now do the same to me,” she said, bringing her nipples near my mouth.

Grabbing her boobs tightly, I began sucking her nipples like a hungry child. Then taking her tits out of my mouth, she began exploring my mouth with her tongue as my hands explored her body and soon she was riding me like a wild horse.

When we stepped out of the hut after our lovemaking session, a party was going on in the open space in front of our house.

Dad was standing with his hands on his waist and his cock was in the mouth of a neighborhood woman.

Mom was on her fours and a guy known as Mr. Donkey as he had the biggest cock in the whole village was fucking her from behind. One of my aunts was hunched over my mother-in-law’s mouth and the mother-in-law was eating her pussy.

Iris, meanwhile, was lying on her back and her dad was shoving his cock as deep as he could in her pussy while another guy, his friend, was fucking her dad from behind.

Hera went and sat down with her husband who was teaching children how to spot the North Star. I picked a pitcher of alcohol and lay down next to Mom.



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