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My Girlfriend's Secret Desires

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My Girlfriend’s Secret Desires

For those of you that don’t know, incestuous feelings are pretty easy to spot. Perhaps when it’s your family, it’s something that can be a little more difficult, but as an outsider to my first girlfriend’s family, I saw the telltale signs almost immediately… and it didn’t take long to help my girlfriend, Amber, to let those feelings out.

I met Amber my junior year of high school. Suffice it to say that I didn’t really have a stable home at the time, and by our senior year I had moved into her family’s home. Sure, it was awkward initially with her mother and brother living under the same roof, but we were young and in love, and found every opportunity to take care of the everyday tasks together. We kept mostly to ourselves, and began to enjoy alone time watching movies each evening before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Amber was a beautiful girl. At eighteen, she was 5’4” tall and barely 100 pounds, she had a perfectly curvy body, hazelnut eyes, and breasts that were the perfect size to hold onto. Her long brown hair accented her face, and I’ll never forget the amazing shape of all the most intimate parts on her body. I saw her naked for the first time only a few nights after moving in, and ran my fingers slowly up and down her body before burying them deep within her sex. We explored each other like only first-time lovers can, and she had the most beautiful mound I had ever seen. She kept herself shaved, and she had just enough baby fat in her hips to make it appear to push out slightly. Amber was never one to believe in makeup or perfumes, but with all of her natural charms, I never once considered myself as missing them.

She was angelic and pure, or at least that’s what I thought. A few weeks, and some very exploratory sex sessions later, I found myself surprised how much Amber enjoyed being intimate. We’d end up heading to the store late at night for carrots, cucumbers, and various other objects that were the perfect shape. Amber’s favorite position was having my cock buried deeply in her throat as I lay on her bed, on her hands and knees in a sixty-nine position while I pushed the “object of the night” into her from behind. I also began to push my thumb deeply into her anus. She used to moan onto my member as she came, thrusting herself deeply back towards me. She continued to pleasure me until I would cum into her mouth, and she would clean me off with her tongue afterward. Amber wasn’t really pure at all, but I found this far from disappointing!

We did everything together short of anal sex, and I would be lying if these experiments in the night didn’t go unnoticed by her family. I’m not sure exactly when he noticed, but her fourteen year-old brother Andy began to enter her room without knocking, especially late at night. Had it not been for the sheets, he would have caught us in various situations, but Amber continued to request our exploits, even suggesting that we leave her door open so that we could hear him coming if Andy were to head toward her door. It made me curious to her intentions, especially because it seemed like Andy was really trying to catch us in the act. Most of the time, neither of us was facing the door, and I wondered if perhaps Amber wanted to put on a show.

I thought for a long time about the request, but obliged one night after a day of teasing that left me harder than I had ever been before. I was lying behind Amber under the sheets that night facing away from the door, one hand wrapped around her and fondling her breast, my cock only inches from her recently-fingered slit.

Amber rolled slightly over, and pushed her bottom toward me. I felt her soft inner lips slip over the head of my penis, and smiled as I plunged deeply and slowly into her, filling her completely. Amber moaned, and together we created a slow and sensuous rhythm. It was early, only nearly eight o’clock, and Amber reached for the television remote and turned the volume up to a louder level to hide the noises we were making. The movie that we were watching was something I can’t remember, a marathon of some sort; but I do remember that it was one that her younger brother loved. It was really something we had simply put on for background noise, but just as Amber began to push back even harder into my invasion, I heard the door swish open and Andy say “Hey Guys!”

Amber and I both froze, my cock buried only slightly in her, and we both collapsed against the bed to hide the fact that we had been so close together and moving. I had removed Amber’s pants, bra, and panties when we had first laid down, and leaving my shirt on as well, we had climbed into bed together. From Andy’s perspective, we hoped, it looked as though we were simply enjoying the movie, and were under the covers, perhaps even ready for bed.

“Hey Andy,” Amber said, and pulled the covers up close to our shoulders, my member still within her.

“What are you watching?” he asked, and sat on the floor at the foot of the bed. The room was rather small, but so was the bed, and not wanting to sit on us Andy elected to sit on the floor at the foot of the bed. He had his back to me invading his sister, and was watching the movie intently. Amber started to roll over, but I pulled her hips tightly to me and buried myself back into her. She grunted slightly, and pushed her hand against me, but I was much stronger than her, and I held her close.

“Stop!” she hissed at me, and I smiled as I pulled my full length out of her, and then drove myself back in again slowly. Amber was scared to death, or at least I thought she was, and I kissed her neck and reached my hand between her legs from the front, pulling her skin tight and resting my fingertips on both sides of her clitoris. I squeezed slightly, and felt a tremor shake her body.

“You like this,” I whispered in her ear, pushing so deeply I could feel myself bottoming out in her. Andy stayed oblivious, my feet sitting only inches from his head as Amber began to tremble. “You like it, don’t you… You like Andy sitting there.”

“Oh my God”, she whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, and she began again to match my rhythm. Amber let out a quiet sigh every time I plunged back inside her

“Tell me that you want it!” I demanded of her in an even quieter whisper, lifting the sheets with my elbow slightly. Had Andy turned his head, he would have looked straight under the covers to see Amber nearly naked, my penis sliding in and out of her with ease as she pushed back against me.

“Ooooh yes”, she moaned, a little louder this time, and her hand went from pushing my hip away from her to pulling me deeper within her. I kept the sheets lifted and Amber twitched over and over as her orgasm began to build.

“You like getting fucked right in front of your brother, don’t you?” I hissed, and fingered her clit harder as I rammed into her. The action played on the screen as I felt her orgasm hit her.

“God yes”, she whimpered and I felt myself cum within her, doing everything I could not to ram into her as hard as I could while I did so. Amber bucked heavily against me as she too came, and I let the sheets back down and pulled her close slowly, coming down from our collective high with my cock still buried deep within her. Both of our bodies were covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and I felt myself grow smaller and slowly slip out of her. We stayed close together, and finished the movie holding each other tightly after our rousing session. Whatever we were watching began the next movie in the marathon, and Amber sat up, her nudity still hidden beneath the sheets.

“Hey Andy…” Amber said softly, stretching and acting as if she had fallen asleep, “I think that we’re going to turn the television off and go to bed.”

Andy turned around and said “Oh… okay”, and got up to leave the room. He got up off the floor, and moved to Amber’s side of the bed to grab the remote off the bed. We were almost safe… until coming around the corner Andy saw that Amber’s undergarments and jeans were lying messily on the floor on her side of the bed.

“Wait…” Andy said, and looked at Amber before looking at me. “Are you guys naked in there?”

“No,” I said, and probably would have sold it if Amber had not turned beet red.

“Oh my God!” Andy yelled, and grabbed Amber’s panties off the floor, “you guys were having sex! I heard you!”

And just like that, we were caught. I reached for the covers and pulled them tightly up around us before turning to look at Andy again.

“Andy, it’s really none of your business,” Amber started, recovering her composure and switching from embarrassment to anger. “We want to go to bed.”

“Like hell it’s not!” he yelled again throwing her panties back on the floor, “I was right here! What the hell, Amber!”

I couldn’t help but notice that there was an obvious bulge forming in the front of Andy’s basketball shorts… and from the flick of Amber’s eyes between his face and his pants, neither could Amber.

I smiled and leaned over towards Amber, rubbing her back from top to bottom, and stopping at the bottom before sliding my hand up her bare back.

“Andy,” I said, “I think that there’s something you should know…”

Amber looked at me with anger in her eyes, and I smiled at her as I began to slide my fingers around her side, moving my other hand to the close side of her body. Andy’s eyes watched the outline of my hands under her shirt as I slowly rested my palms on his sister’s breasts, and began to kneed softly.

“I love your sister very much,” I said… Andy looked at me before returning his gaze to his sister, transfixed on the motion of my hands. “and when you came into the room tonight, we were in the middle of having sex.”

I moved my left hand down to the bottom of her shirt, my right hand onto her thigh, and lifted it slowly to expose to Andy’s eyes her bare stomach, and the notable lack of any clothing extending beyond her waist. He could not see her sex, but could definitely tell that she was not wearing anything more than a shirt.

“Amber wanted to stop,” I said, and slid my hands under the covers along her legs. Amber was white as a ghost, her skin clammy to the touch as I began to caress her inner thighs. “but I couldn’t just yet, and it made us both hot to think that we were doing something like that in front of you.” As I finished the sentence, my fingers caressed the skin between her legs, and my palm came to rest against the top of her mound, my fingers facing down towards her sex, still under the covers. Andy had followed my finger’s every move, and was now staring at his sister’s crotch through her covers.

I couldn’t help but notice that Andy hadn’t gone running from the room yet, and that he continued to shift slightly to help his shorts fit a little more comfortably against his erection as I talked to him.

“I know that Amber liked the idea of you watching us” I told him truthfully. “Would you like me to take your sister’s shirt off?”

Amber shivered again, and I took her shirt in my hands on both sides, and began to lift it upward. Amber complied by lifting up her arms, and I watched Andy’s face as his sister’s beautiful breasts fell free of her shirt. Andy’s eyes got wide, and I smiled as I tossed the shirt aside. I cupped her breasts in my hands, and presented her to him. Amber was so nervous she was shaking, and I hugged her with my forearms as I squeezed her breasts for her brother

“You can touch her, if you want, can’t he Amber?” I asked, and Amber just breathed heavily. “I know that she wants you to Andy.”

Perhaps it was my encouragement, maybe it was his erection, or perhaps Andy had always wanted exactly what I had with his sister, but he didn’t waste much time to consider before reaching out and tentatively stroking his sister’s nipples. He touched her right breast with his pointer finger, and then slipped her nipple slowly between his thumb and finger. Amber stayed frozen, glancing at her brother and pushing herself softly into his fingers. She let out a soft breath of air, and leaned back to give him better access to her chest.

I grinned and slid the covers away from her crotch, exposing all of my girlfriend to her younger brother. Amber turned to me, and our lips met passionately as she reached and pulled her brother’s hands fully onto her breast.

I smiled into her lips and slipped my hand between her legs. She spread herself willingly, and as Andy grasps his sister’s chest tightly, I began sliding my fingers up and down the exterior of her sex. To my surprise, I felt her slender fingers envelope my rock-hard cock, and she began to stroke me slowly as her brother continued to caress and squeeze her nipples and chest.

Amber broke our kiss, letting go of me and pulling herself away from my hand. She lifted herself and walked on her knees to the edge of the bed near Andy. It was the first time he had gotten a good look at her body, and he could not tear his eyes away from her mound as she shuffled towards him. Amber slipped her fingers in the waistband of his pants, and pulled them down to expose his penis. She took ahold of it, and began to slowly stroke him up and down.

Taking my normal position, I told Amber to lean over. She got onto her hands and knees, bending over and putting her head near her brother’s cock. I sat behind her, placing myself between her legs, and sliding my tongue along the length of her outer lips. Reaching underneath her as well, I began to plunge my tongue in and out of her sex and began to softly fondle her chest. I couldn’t see the exact moment when Amber inevitably slid her brother’s penis into her mouth, but I heard him.

“Wow Amber,” he moaned, and I looked up to see his hands on the back of her head, holding her steady as he pushed in and out of her mouth. I continued licking and sucking on her sex as I prepared her. First with one finger, then two. They slid in very easily, and I began to spread open her vaginal passage open again. It was the first time that Amber came so quickly, but the fact that she had her brother burying his cock in her throat made her more horny than I had ever seen her. She grunted, groaned, and bucked when I slid my fingers into her, and she was wetter than I had ever felt her before.

“Oh God,” Andy cried, “oh man… I’m coming!”

He had been leaning against the bed, and it moved as he spasmed, shooting load after load of incestuous cum down his sister’s throat. Amber coughed, but did not pull away, and sucked him dry before he fell onto the bed beside her, his penis still hard.

“Amber,” I said, “Why don’t you do the same to me?” I asked her, and moved around so that my back was touching the headboard. Amber, still needing release and with a fire in her eyes that made her look crazy, licked her lips as she stayed on all fours, and got between my legs. She deep throated me without me even asking, and just stood up and moved to the side of us. I put my hand on the back of her head, and began using her throat as Andy had.

“Andy,” I said, and looked at his still hard member… “Amber is open and ready, and I think you should help her cum.”

Andy looked at me with a surprised look on his face, and Amber just spread her legs more, readying herself to be taken by her brother. He moved behind her, almost in disbelief, and put his hand on the small of her back as he guided himself into her. Amber moaned on my cock, and the bed shook again as she began humping back against him. I’d noticed with rather some pride that Andy was not as large as I was, but Amber began convulsing almost immediately, and she lifted her mouth off of my cock to look me in the eyes before kissing me passionately.

“He’s fucking me!” She moaned at me, looking at me with saliva dripping down her chin from what had just been going on. “My brother… uuuuuhnnnn”

“I know he his,” I smiled as she convulsed again. “You like your brother’s cock, don’t you?” I asked her again.

“I love it, oooooooh!” she cried, and she laid down on my body, running her tongue up the length of my cock before moaning in a way that I had never heard her moan, and collapsing on top of me after her orgasm. Andy released at the same time, and as Amber fell onto the bed, he ejaculated all over her bottom and back, spraying her with his seed.

I massaged Amber’s shoulders and helped her to recover. She raised her head slowly, and then took the full length of my penis in her mouth again, sucking so strongly that I could do nothing but lay back and enjoy what she was doing. It didn’t last long, though, and then I felt her mount me.

Amber lifted herself off my body, and then mounted me. She faced her brother, her back towards me, and wrapped her fingers around my hard member. I felt her lean down close to my body, and then I felt a very unexpected sensation of extreme tightness. This time it was my turn to say “Oh God!”

Amber had aimed me directly into her anal ring, and she groaned as well as I felt her entrance push down to take the head of my cock, and snap tightly around it.

“I…” she groaned, and lifted herself up again, taking the weight off my member before pushing down again to take even more, “I need it right now.”

She lifted again, and plunged, and lifted, and plunged. I watched with disbelief as my cock sunk inch by inch into her ass, watching the skin pull tight against me as she pulled off, and then get forced inside of her as she pumped back down onto me. I couldn’t believe I would fit, but within only a few minutes, she had taken all of me inside of her. She leaned backwards against me and began to ride me into her ass. I could only imagine the view that her brother must have from in front of her, watching my penis slip deeply inside of this new and unexplored area.

“You’re so tight,” I whispered in her ear, and began pumping with her, “and Andy’s watching… He likes watching you fuck”

Amber bucked as another orgasm hit her, and she turned to Andy.

“Andy… “ she pleaded, “touch me… please… taste me”

Andy had been standing by the bed, hard again, and dove between our bodies as soon as she asked. He drove what felt like two fingers into her, and I could feel him wiggling them inside of her. Even though he was unsure what to do, the combined feeling of my cock buried deep within her, and her brother’s fingers putting pressure on the inside of her vagina, Amber began to spasm not in a normal orgasm, but crazily.

“Oh!” she cried loudly, and continued to convulse over and over again, bouncing so hard that I slipped out from behind her, and she turned around quickly, spreading her ass in the air to her brother and diving down again on my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, and as Andy took his turn in her anus, I came immediately into her mouth, forcing her down onto me and ramming against the back of her throat. I came so hard that I could not keep my arms off the bed, and fell limp against the headboard as Andy cried once again that he was cumming, and filled his sister’s rectum with his sperm. Amber came for a final time, and then laid down next to me, her hand wrapped around my cock. Andy climbed in next to Amber, and all three of us fell asleep drenched in sweat, Amber oozing from every hole, cum drying on her back and in her hair.

It was the first of many meetings, and Andy became a constant player in our nighttime games. We were very lucky that Amber did not get pregnant the first night, but she started birth control a few weeks later, and her brother and I took turns for months cumming into her before Andy left us for a girlfriend of his own. Needless to say, more adventures came after that, and I had a very interesting time learning that Andy’s girlfriend also had interest in incest, though her siblings were very, very young… but that’s another story altogether.


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