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My little sister Jess

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I woke up and rubbed my eyes, got up and went downstairs oblivious to the fact I was in boxers. I saw my sister sitting on the edge of the couch with her ‘boyfriend’ sitting on it. He sat there with a sour look on his face and a scarf wrapped around his neck and mop of black hair covering one eye. He was bitching about something and my poor sister sat there, looking upset. My sister was far too good for him; he spent most of his time bitching about people and admiring himself and speared little thought for my little sister. As I approached I realized what I was wearing and quickly left to get changed. I went and grabbed a shower and emerged downstairs shortly after, it was noticeably cold. I walked into the living room and saw my sister; it looked like she had been crying as she sat on the edge of the couch- no boy friend.

“Hey Jess, you okay?” I sat beside her and awkwardly pat her on the back. She looked at me and wiped her eyes. “It’s Jasper...” Jasper I thought to myself...what the fuck kind of name was that anyway? “Oh, is everything okay?” She just shook her head and looked down and stared crying again. I looked at her and admired her, long slender pale white legs with a short plat skirt just above the knee, a tight white top through which I could clearly see her hard nipples and long black hair that ran down her back. “You know, he’s a could do so much better than him...I know I’m mean sometimes but you’re a great girl and deserve a lot better” She smiled, hugged me and left. I felt guilty about the thoughts I was having about my vulnerable sister

Later that day it started raining I had planned to invite some friends over but since Jess seemed upset and it was just going to be us I told them not to come. “Hey, Jess you want anything for dinner” I said as I walked around looking for her “No, thanks I’m just going to grab a shower” I turned around to see her smiling as she headed towards the shower and started taking her top off. I felt a lump in my pants and knew I should stop staring. I decided to throw a movie in so I sat on the couch and tried to take my mind off my sister. About half an hour later my sister emerged and walked into the living room with a tight tank top and pair of panties on I turned to look at her as she shyly used to hands to cover herself up and she grabbed a blanket and sat beside me on the couch, wrapping it around her to cover my view. I hoped I had not made my staring too obvious. I tried to gather my thoughts and concentrate on the movie. A few minutes later it started raining heavily and Jess crawled over closer to me on the couch, asking if I wanted to share her blanket I nodded my head as she curled up close to me I could feel her long black hair run down my arm as she rested her head on my chest.

We stayed like this awhile, and then she came out and said to me “Jasper is gay....” I didn’t know what to say “Oh.....really...guess that explains the scarf” she let out a small laugh as she smiled at me and curled closer to me, hugging me tight. I tried to ignore her smooth legs rubbing against my leg, her sweet smell or hard nipples pressing into me, I moved awkwardly as I placed my hand on her inner thigh then I felt her legs gently part. Was this really happening I asked myself? She then placed her hand on mine and pushed it between her legs more I was starting to get too into it to think straight, I slipped my hand up between her legs as she spread them wide I ran my fingers across her panties as I felt her hot pussy under them. She let out a groan, as I started to move my hands faster, sliding my fingers up and down her pussy before sliding my free hand up her tank top and gently grasping her soft breast with my hand, running my finger over her hard nipple. She grabbed my back and groaned again I then slipped my finger into her panties as I started spreading her wet lips before slowing sliding a finger into her pussy she moaned loudly and grabbed for my belt buckle and undid it as I helped her lower my jeans and take my hard cock out.

She started pumping my cock as I slipped my fingers into her pussy as I sat back on the couch she moved onto me and straddled my lap, as she took her top off I sat up my lips to her chest, kissing her breasts and taking her nipple into my mouth as she grabbed my cock, rubbing it against her pussy lips. I looked directly at her as she sat up, and started to slide my hard cock into her pussy she let out a long sigh as her pussy engulfed me. She sat like this for a minute, gently squeezing her nipples as I grabbed her waist and started to push her up on my hard cock, gaining speed she started riding me moaning as she rose and fell on my hard cock I tried not to give in at the image before me. She pounded down hard on my cock as he breasts bounced and she let out and low loud moan. She then stood up as my cock slide out of her pussy, and she lay on her back, he legs spread wide with her fingers parting her pussy lips, I moved over to her and rammed my hard cock between my little sisters legs again I held myself up with my arms as she spread her legs and moved her legs in the air as I pounded her pussy she moaned and I could feel her pussy start to grip my hard cock, I knew I was close and groaned something about cumming she moaned to keep going, I needed no more encouragement and after a few more hard pumps was groaning as I filled my little sister with hot cum she let out a small squeal as I felt her pussy release my cock I slowly slid out of her dripping pussy she started rubbing her pussy slowly as she reached over, kissed me as placed her head on my lap as we fell asleep.

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