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My Little Sister's New Job Part 2

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Brother takes advantage of his young sister by using her as a prostitute.

A few months have gone by since I first took my sister Marissa’s virginity. We have sex almost everyday when our mom is not home. Her room, my room, anyplace in the house when I feel like bending her over and shoving my cock into her nice tight young pussy. Our single mother works a lot, barely has time for dating, and this has worked well for me since I’ve moved in back with my mom and sis a year ago. Although I try to be sensible and have tact with Marissa, she’s my unknowing sex toy. She has long red headed curls, young developing body, heart shaped faced with pouty pink lips and beautiful green eyes that look upon me while I ravage her delicious body.

I can’t believe this all started with just a paid blowjob with my naive sister. Since then, it escalated very slowly with a few blowjobs every now and then until I worked up the courage to ask her to undress for me because I wanted to show her something. She wasn’t sure at first but was very curious. When she took it all off, I had a sight of heaven. That sexy small body was making me crazy, I knew I had to fuck her that instant. I told her to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She hesitated but knew better, money was coming her way. I went close to her hairless pussy, the sweet smell that emanated from her was filling me with deep lust. Rubbing her thighs slowly, my mouth went for the prize. I started with a small kiss and that was enough to make her shudder. She asked me what was I doing, “Stay calm, you’ll like this”, I told her. I took my time kissing her up and down, listening to her sweet little moans of pleasure. Then I moved to licking and sucking and drove her to the edge. In three minutes I ate her out until she orgasmed. She clutched my hair and squeezed her legs around my head.

When I was done I looked at her, she was dewy eyed and flushed red. Catching her breath she said: “That felt great, is this how you feel when I do this to you?”. I lay down next to her and softly started rubbing her belly, “ Yeah, that’s how it feels, but you do it so much better than I”. She smiled, asked me if I could do it again to her. I gave her a kiss on the mouth and grabbed around her gently to put her on top of me. “I could do something much more better, makes us both feel good and we don’t even have to use our mouths”. I aligned her little vagina over my hard cock, her eyes went wide and she tried to squirm off it but I held her down by the ass. I started rubbing my cock up and down and she started to whimper, trying to calm her down I lay her next to me. “What are you doing?” she said. “Marissa, listen to me. This is how a man shows a woman he really loves her. Do you know about sex?” I asked her. She nodded, “A little, they told us in school about it, that’s how babies are made. I don’t want babies” she said. “You're too young to get pregnant and besides, It’s more than having babies Marissa, it’s how a man and a woman prove they love each other, do you really love me sis?”. She nodded eagerly. “Then prove it, I’m going to put it in you”. I lay her on the missionary position putting a pillow under her because she’s small. Spread her legs to get to her pussy, I checked to see if she still has a hymen. She does.

“Baby, I’m going to tell you something. This will hurt a little, but I want you to be strong after that it will stop hurting and will get better like before. Can you promise to be strong for me?”. Her eyes started to tear up, she sobbed a little but she said yes. So I positioned myself on top of her, gave her a kiss on the mouth and she responded back. We started kissing, unbeknownst to her I was aligning my cock to her pussy. The moment she felt the tip of my cock, I broke through her hymen and buried my cock in her in one quick motion. She screamed. I tried calming her: “ Just relax, it won’t hurt if you just relax and stop squirming”. I grabbed her by the hips and kept fucking her, slowly with half my cock going in. She was crying but soon enough calmed down. Missionary was getting boring, even though I loved to she her little titties bounce and her face all covered with tears. I pulled out to let her catch her breath, “Are we done?” she asked in a quavering voice. “No, turn over now, on your knees with your hands flat on the bed, yes just like that”. She did what I said but a little hesitant, “Oh baby, don’t be embarrassed you are beautiful and you have been great”. She liked that and it made her more willing. “What do we do now?” she asked. “Well sis, this will be more comfortable for you, it will make it feel better.”

Moving to the back of her, I was enjoying the view of her nice plump ass up in the air. I started kissing her ass cheeks and she giggled. “Stop that, it’s weird” she said giggling. After I kissed and squeezed her ass, I told her to stay in that position for a moment. “Put your face against the pillow for a moment” I said. She complied and while she wasn't looking I grabbed my phone and took several pictures of her ass, pussy and a side picture of her. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Just admiring you, baby”, I said while hiding away the phone.

Putting one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder, I told her to get ready. Her tight young pussy wrapped itself around my cock as I went deeper. Driven mad with lust I kept pounding her, I realized I was getting rough because of her whimpers and groans. I ignored her, it was sexy hearing her hurt a little bit. “Do you like this, Marissa?” I asked. “It...feels...uhh...ahh good.” She said. By this time I had both my hands grabbing her by the waist, a good hold just in case she starts to squirm. It felt like hours fucking her, the sweet ecstasy of fucking your cute little sister is better than any drug combined.

My balls started to tighten, I was going to cum. My sister has already reached orgasm and is now my turn. “Marissa, I’m going to cum, turn over”. I took my dick out and she turned over. I stuck it forcefully again inside. I started cumming inside of her. I could see it in her eyes that she felt the pressure of my cock cumming in her. I pulled out and two shots spurted out and one landed on her stomach and the other on her chest. We were both spent, I laid next to her and put my arm around her and waited a minute to catch our breath before asking. “Are you ok?, does it hurt?, did you like it?” I asked with a concerned tone. “ I’m ok, it hurts but not as much as before” Marissa said. I asked her again if she liked it. “ It was fun, I loved it!” she said enthusiastically. So I kissed her and said “I’m glad you loved it, now let’s clean up and take a bath together. Mom will be home soon”.

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