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The Seduction of Mommy

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CB-733 The Seduction Of Mommy by Foster Davis

Chapter 1

It was noon and, except for the continuous soft purr of the refrigeratorand an occasional drip from the bathroom faucet, the house was quiet.
Arlene was alone. Her son and daughter would be at Washington HighSchool until midafternoon. At six her husband would arrive home fromwork. These next precious hours she had to herself.
Her hips began to undulate in anticipation of what would now begin. Hertrembling fingers crawled across the taut flatness of her naked stomach.Beneath her the king-size mattress responded to her shifting weight.
Masturbation. Her own dirty little secret. Every time got wilder thanthe last, more wicked, more elaborate, more exhausting. At times shefelt disgusted with herself. She was too old to waste half herafternoons engaged in lonely self-indulgence. It wasn't normal for athirty-three-year-old housewife to have such overpowering sexual urges.Or was it? What about Madge down the block and Karen across the street.It was no secret that they were having extramarital affairs. And whatabout Barbara next door? Judging by the clothes she wore, you'd thinkshe was a hustler. And once at a party she had emerged from a bedroom somussed and disheveled that Arlene and everyone else watching knew whathad happened. The mere thought of adultery made Arlene cringe. It wassomething she could never do. Never. Even though her afternoons wereoften spent in bed, her fingers playing havoc with her throbbingclitoris while she imagined various men pumping their hot sperm into herthirsty vagina, the concept of having a real penis stuffed up inside herseemed repulsive. The only cock she had ever had between her legs washer husband Hal's, the man she loved. And she was determined that hiswould always be the only one.
It wasn't Hal, though, who filled her mind at the moment. It was Ralph,a friend of her son's, a muscularly overdeveloped sixteen-year-old. Ithad been he who had bagged her groceries yesterday, and when he hadhelped her take the bags to her car their thighs had accidentallybrushed against each other. The fleeting contact had meant nothing toRalph, but Arlene had been dismayed to find upon arriving home with thegroceries that her panties were soaked clear through. Though she hadstruggled to keep her arousal from surfacing, she had finally beenforced to excuse herself from the dinner table and had gone into thebathroom where she had quieted her lust with ten minutes of vigorousmasturbation.
Now she spread her legs wider and writhed, her bare body beginning toperspire slightly as her fingers neared her vagina. Scattered untidilyon the pillow, her blonde hair reflected the thin stream of sunshinethat leaked between the shutters.
In her fantasy, Ralph had come over for some undefined reason. She wasalone in the house, but she had invited him in anyway. Almostimmediately, she had smothered him with a wet, passionate kiss andwhispered, "Fuck me!" in his ear. They had rushed into the bedroom,stripped naked and now lay side by side on the bed.
Arlene's mouth opened and she expelled a hot gasp as her finger touchedlightly against the wet flesh along her clitoris. Her tongue lashed outand made several circles, dampening her lips. She closed her eyes, andwhispered sexily, "Oh, Ralph!"
She worked the middle finger of her right hand into the juicy puffed-outlips of her pussy. Using the digit as a tiny phallus, she made rhythmicin and out strokes. Her left hand wandered up across her tightly drawnstomach to touch the undersides of her ample breasts. She pushed onebreast up as far as she could, bowing her head down to it. Catching thehardened nipple between thumb and forefinger, she aimed the bud towardher face. Then, sticking her tongue out as far as she could, she managedto make contact with the tit. She felt a sexual tingle grow within heras she spread her saliva around the throbbing nipple.
Her thighs began to tremble, tightening and untightening as her steadilyprobing finger drove her to still higher states of arousal. Shestraightened her legs and spread them farther apart, curling her toesand feeling the silky bedspread tease her calves into sensual awareness.
Her finger ... Ralph's finger ... became more savage as it seesawed inand out of the now flooded vaginal passage. A very low, throaty moancame from deep within her, repeating itself every few seconds, growinglouder and more intense as she worked herself into a fever of sexualabandon.
She pretended it was young Ralph sucking her breast and pinching hernipple into glorious hardness. She opened her hazy eyes and gazed atherself, watching her belly heave, watching her thighs quiver andperspire as her finger was swallowed again and again by her graspingcunt. It gave her lewd fascination to see the finger gobbled up by thehidden cave within the forest of coarse blonde hair. She imagined thatRalph was hovering above her, his brown eyes peering down at her wantonnudity, his cock hard and swollen and throbbing.
The normal Arlene - the shy, inhibited, proper housewife - was nowherepresent. Afterward she would loathe herself for indulging in thisjuvenile hour of self-abuse. But right now she felt marvelously sexual,wonderfully whorish. Not too long from now she would be jerking all overthe bed climaxing, and later she would hate herself, and tomorrow shewould do it again because she couldn't help it.
"God!" she whispered. "God, it's so good!"
She stroked her cunt rapidly with her sex-lubricated finger. Each timeshe drove it in, her palm slapped against the upper part of her vagina,stimulating her swollen clitoris.
She knew it was time now, time to do those perverse things which excitedher so much but made her feel so dirty afterward. She released her gripfrom the breast she'd been feeding into her mouth, allowing the tit towhip back into its natural position. Rolling onto her side while stillfinger-fucking her vagina, she reached out and opened the drawer of thenightstand. She probed to the backmost part of the drawer, shoving asidethe various paperback books and cosmetics. Her fingers found the silkscarf. Wrapped inside were a phallic-shaped battery-powered massager anda candle two inches wide and ten inches long. After a short hesitation,she opted for the candle, leaving the massager hidden in the scarf wheresometime soon - perhaps tomorrow - she would remove it and use itagainst her wet and pouting cunt lips and around the sensitive edges ofher quivering clitoris.
While she extricated the candle from its hiding place, her finger playedfrantically within the sloppy wet recess of her vagina.
A lecherous smirk formed on her face as she gazed at the thick candlewith lust-blurred eyes. She brought the candle slowly toward her mouth,her tongue lashing out, unable to make contact with the wax phallusbecause she deliberately held it just out of reach.
Between her legs, her hand was making energetic plunges into the suckingwell of her vagina. Her legs were spaced so widely that the pressure onthe inner portions of her muscular thighs was almost unbearable. Butstill she kept them painfully stretched because the exertion reflectedthe intensity of her lust.
She continued to fix her gaze on the flesh-colored candle. Sheenvisioned that it was Ralph's penis, and the very nearness of it to herwide-spread lips sent her teetering on the edge of sexual insanity.
She began to breathe forcefully, heaving her belly outward whileinhaling, squeezing in so tightly upon exhaling that her ribs showedvividly.
Too hot to delay any longer, she brought the candle down to her anxiouslips. She pushed the instrument against her mouth. It was so thick thatshe had to stretch her lips to accommodate it, and once the waxy shaftentered her mouth she couldn't keep from scraping her teeth against it.She lavished great amounts of saliva on it and twirled her tongue aroundthe semi-blunt end where the wick hung-out. Her jaws were forced open,straining the muscles around her ears. But she licked and suckedfeverishly, gulping down the flood of saliva in an effort to keep fromchoking. The swampy folds of her cunt were likewise flooded, and sherelished the delicious feel of her juices gushing out to dribble alongher fingers, to saturate the hair around and below her pussy, to streamacross her constricting buttocks and blemish the spread beneath her.
Feeling the walls of her vagina clutching madly at her lone finger, sheknew that she could bring herself to orgasm without much more effort.She withdrew the candle from her mouth, giving it several circularsweeps with her agile tongue as it exited.
She removed her hand from between her legs, leaving her cunt to suckangrily at the sudden nothingness. But she didn't leave herself emptyfor long. Immediately she was on her knees facing the head of the bed.She waved one hand in the air rodeo-style for balance while clutchingthe massive candle in the other. She locked her ankles together as shepositioned the candle with its base on the bed between her thighs andits wick end pointed straight up at her hotly aroused vagina.
Slowly she lowered herself. The end of the candle, wet with saliva,brushed against her vulva. She rose up again on her haunches, came downthen until the wick tickled her clitoris, rose up, down, up. Moremoisture gathered at the entrance to her already saturated cunt. But wetas she was, she knew that it would be a delicate process getting theinstrument inside her vagina. She had had the candle inside her dozensof times, and each required tender determination because her pussy hadto stretch so much to accommodate the intruding wax object. But it wasworth it, every time had been worth it. Every time had resulted in oneor more heaving, draining climaxes, leaving her too weak to move.
She circled with her hips, the wick teasing her inflamed cunt lips.Lower. She felt the pressure of the wax surface against her flushedouter vagina. She sat down until the stress was too much to endure, thenretreated slightly.
She kept the candle in place with her left hand, her arm bent behind herback, her wrist up under her buttocks. Her right hand came to rest justabove her vagina, and with two fingers she tried to spread the openingenough to admit the candle.
As she squirmed against the wax vertex, the fingers of her right handpressed her erect clitoris and caused her to groan hotly.
"Oh, Ralph!" she murmured, gazing passionately at the spot where Ralph'shead would be had he actually been there. "Oh, Ralph, we shouldn't!"
She pretended that the youth was arching his hips toward her, that hewas determined to sink his cock into her depths no matter how muchdiscomfort it caused her.
In response to his imaginary lunges, Arlene lowered herself suddenly,feeling a storm of pain as the candle pressed her pussy lips inward,feeling a searing agony as her hot flesh was stretched and folded andseveral of her pubic hairs were violently uprooted.
She surrendered to the pain and backed off. Then she lowered herselfwith greater determination. The pain was less severe, and the entranceseemed to be more receptive, but still she had to retreat.
With a sudden mad frenzy of activity, she made sweeping circles with herhips, her firm breasts bouncing as she gyrated. While circling, shepressed downward. The end of the candle seemed to angle into hersquirming cunt, and she was surprised at the absence of pain.
"Oh, oh!" she groaned from deep within her. "Oh, my God, it's in me!"
She then emitted a series of harsh, breathy gasps as she becameaccustomed to the feel of the foreign object inside her lewdly stretchedcunt.
"Oh, Ralph, this is so wrong! I shouldn't let you ... but, but ... oh,God, let's fuck each other!" She whispered so lowly that she couldscarcely hear her own words. She was madly excited by her hotutterances. She had never said those dirty words to anyone, not even toher husband in the heat of passion. But she said them freely duringthese afternoon sessions. She said them even though she felt ashamedafterward.
She lowered herself until her buttocks rested on her locked ankles. Thecandle eased its way deep within her vagina. She deliberately squeezedher vaginal muscles, imprisoning the staff in her moist well. She beganto slowly ride up and down on the intruding shaft, gripping the candletightly with her left hand as she did so.
Mewling outbursts of passion streamed from her parted lips. She rubbedbriskly on her hard clitoris with her right hand, feeling the shivers ofecstasy pulse throughout her body. Trickling rivulets of perspirationmade their way across her forehead, stinging her eyes and running alongthe edges of her dainty nose to her lips. Sweat flowed from between herbreasts, from her buttocks and forearms, from her tense and strainingback. She felt as though she were in a steam bath, even though the roomtemperature was comfortable.
Her toes clenched so tightly that she felt pain along the top part ofher feet. Her heels dug into her buttocks as she sat down upon hercrossed ankles, one heel splitting her ass and keeping the cheeks lewdlyopen. The lower part of the arm which held the candle was imprisonedbetween her left thigh and calf. The candle filled all of her vagina,spreading the inner walls as far as she thought possible. Her juicesgathered more than ever within her throbbing cunt, oiling the waxsurface so that it slid easily as she ground her pelvis downward.
Orgasm was a certainty. She could feel it approaching, her whole bodyquivering, her mind dead to everything but erotic sensations and lewdimages, her clitoris tender and swollen.
"Ralph, Ralph, Ralph!" she chanted.
She churned, increasing her tempo.
Then she came, howling dementedly as she did.
Faster and faster she rocked on the candle and flicked at her clitoriswith her finger until a second and third spasm rocked her. A fourth andfifth in rapid succession. More, one spasm every second, each seemingmore powerful than the last.
"Oh, fuck it, Ralph! Fuck it really hard!" she screamed.
Sweat bathed her entire body now. Her eyes, glazed, fixed heatedly onthe imaginary boy lover. She threw herself forward, her hands abandoningtheir previous positions and stretching far above her head as she laystiffly on her stomach. Her fingernails dug brutally into a pillow, hertits throbbed against the bedspread. She kept her legs widely spaced asshe ground her cunt into the sweat-soaked bedspread, the candleremaining lodged inside her quaking channel. She drew her ass tightlyinward, forming dimples on the outer sides of the cheeks.
"Oouu, ohh! There, there!" she cried.
Then the contractions of her vagina began slowly to diminish inintensity, and a minute later she was gasping in the stunned aftermath,satiated and unmoving, whimpering softly.
Tears filled her eyes, and five minutes later she was sobbing.
*     *     *
She felt empty, alone, ashamed, disgusted. Fifteen minutes ago she hadmasturbated to orgasm, but that wasn't what troubled her most. A simple,swift fingering of her vagina to bring on the physical release her bodycraved - that wouldn't have been so terrible. But she hadn't beensatisfied with so simple an act. She had conjured up in her mind thefantasy that her son's friend was fucking her, fucking her better thanher husband ever had. And that seemed dirty and perverse, even though inactuality she would never let the boy, Ralph, so much as touch her. Ifhe ever made even the mildest of advances toward her she would slap hisimpudent face and banish him forever from her son's company. Of course,it wasn't a likely occurrence since Ralph was the politest of Bill'sfriends and had never indicated any sexual interest in either Arlene orher daughter.
Arlene showered.
Afterward she felt cleansed and absolved of wrongdoing. She was somehowable to drive all thoughts of her recent transgression from her mind. Ithad to be that way, because if she continued to dwell on the disquietingmatter of her daily self-abuse, she would be unable to functionnormally. She had to go on living. She was Arlene French, Hal's wife -Mrs. Harold W. French - and she had a designated role in life. Faithfulspouse. Respectable housewife. Dedicated mother. After dressing modestlyin slacks and blouse and pinning her blonde hair behind her neck, shebegan her housework. She washed the dishes, vacuumed the carpet, plannedthe dinner for that night.
It was just before her son and daughter arrived home from high schoolthat Arlene found the brown legal-size envelope. It had been tuckedbetween two seldom read volumes on the top shelf of the bookcase. If shehadn't accidentally jarred one of the books loose while dusting, theenvelope would not have been exposed. Now she examined it with tremblingfingers. Even before she opened the unsealed flap, she knew what wasinside. Money. And she knew it was stolen. Money stolen from herhusband's office. It wasn't the first such envelope she had happenedupon. There had been two others, one containing two-hundred dollars intwenties, another holding two fifty-dollar bills. Now she stared at thisthird envelope, fearful of what its contents might be, remembering howstrange Hal's voice had sounded when he tried to relate matter-of-factlythat money was missing from the office. Even then, Arlene had suspected.A dark, terrible hunch was followed two days later by the first envelope- the first evidence? She wanted to ask him why, but she couldn't. Shecould no more speak to her staunchly proper husband about his crime thanshe could tell him about her masturbation. She nervously squeezed theenvelope open and counted five-hundred dollars worth of tens andtwenties. She returned the cash to its secret place, arranging the booksso that the bulging envelope could not be noticed.
Ten minutes later, Arlene was still shaking. She was in the kitchenstaring out the window as she sat at the table. She gazed out into theyard, but she saw nothing, not even Barbara, the wife next door, who wasuprooting tiny spring weeds from her still brownish lawn while her assjutted up in the air, her skirt rising high to reveal her diaphanouspanties. At any other time Arlene would have felt irritation at thesight of the tasteless young neighbor, but now she thought only ofherself and her situation. She felt guilt - guilt because day after dayher lust was driving her to longer and longer episodes ofself-indulgence, guilt because the man she loved, the righteous,self-assured, moral man she had married, had for some unknown reasonstolen money from his employer. Her hands trembled and she had to gripthe edges of the table to still them.
The front door opened and slammed shut. Judy came prancing happily intothe kitchen followed by her brother Bill.
Judy's first words were, "What's wrong, Mom? You look nervous."
Fifteen-year-old Bill (who had never been as perceptive as hissixteen-year-old sister) seemed unaware of his mother's emotional state.He uttered a short "Hi," and went to the refrigerator to pour a glass oflemonade.
"Nothing," Arlene said in response to her daughter's question."Nothing's wrong, Judy. How was your day?" She forced herself to smileand to look directly at the girl.
Her eyes passed from daughter to son and back to daughter. The sight ofher children was just what she needed to calm her feeling of depression.She had a beautiful daughter with long blonde hair the same shade as herown. A daughter who was intelligent and out-going and eager to explorethe life that lay ahead, the way Arlene had been seventeen years ago.Arlene's eyes lingered momentarily on the hem of her daughter's skirt.She frowned, thinking that the skirt exposed too much, that it was fartoo sexy, but she decided to say nothing. She had been quarreling withher children too often, she reasoned. Watching her son gulp down theglass of lemonade, she felt pride in his physique. He was budding into astrong, impressive man, and even though she disliked the way he dressedand the length of his hair, she was momentarily proud of his good looks.No matter what else might happen to threaten her marriage, she still hadher children to believe in.
*     *     *
Arlene avoided Hal's eyes all through dinner. She found it impossible toaccept the fact that despite his tireless sermonizing about honestywinning out in the long run, he was himself a thief. What if Bill orJudy found out? It seemed to Arlene that his was the ultimate ofhypocrisy. If only she knew what had caused him to steal the money. Butshe would never know unless she asked him ... and she could never dothat.
At midnight, with Bill and Judy sleeping in their respective rooms, Halhad got up suddenly from the sofa beside Arlene. He had virtuallymarched to the TV set and flicked off the Tonight Show.
"I want to go to bed!" he announced in his deep, even voice, a voice inharmony with his husky, virile build.
"All right, darling. You go ahead. I'll be there in a little while," shesaid.
He stood glaring down at her, weaving slightly because he'd beendrinking vodka all evening, and she detected a savagery in his eyestotally unlike him.
"I want you to come with me, Arlene. I want us to make love like normalmarried people! Or are you going to put me off again?"
She didn't think she'd been putting him off. In fact, she felt he wasthe one who had been neglecting her. Several nights she'd been desperatefor a good fuck, and he'd been too tired to oblige her. It was true thatshe wasn't in the mood for it at the moment, but she could tell by hisfierce expression that argument would do no good.
In the bedroom they stood at opposite sides of the room and stripped. Hecame over to her then, and yanked her against him. Without even kissingher, he shoved her away from him so that she landed on the bed. He wasupon her instantly, staring into her fearful eyes as he forced her legsapart and drove the head of his large erection against the unpreparedfringes of her vagina.
"No!" she whispered.
But he pushed harder. She was hardly aroused at all, and the forcefuljabbing of Hal's throbbing cock burned against her vulva. He pulled herthighs more widely apart, gripping the fleshy back portions as he shovedhimself at her.
"Hal, no, not yet!" she whimpered, but already the head of his organ wasinside the pained lips of her cunt. Tears filled her eyes; under thesavage assault she felt defenseless; she tried not to sob, but shecouldn't help it. Hal had never treated her this way.
"Open up, bitch! Fuck up at me!" he shouted.
"Shh! Please don't shout, they'll hear us!" she wept. "Please stop, ithurts!"
He paid no attention to her. He shoved his erection all the way in.Arlene clenched her teeth to keep from screaming. The almost-dry wallsof her vagina rebelled against the rude intrusion, sending waves ofagony to her confused brain.
She knew that he was drunk, and she knew why he was acting so cruelly.The stolen money, the terrible psychological strain. He was tormentedand somehow this savage act ... this virtual rape ... was medicine forhis inner wounds.
Even after the pain subsided, she felt little pleasure. But she spreadher legs wide and lunged beneath him, bucking and churning like a madwhore. He was her husband and she loved him and this was what he needed.Three minutes after penetration he spewed his full load of searing sperminto her cunt. She was just beginning to feel the wild sexual urgesstart within her, but it was too late to reach an orgasm.
After another two minutes of gasping recuperation, he rolled over andimmediately slept. Arlene remained awake for another hour trying not tocry, trying to understand.

Chapter 2

The next night was Saturday. At seven Hal left for his bowling league. Ahalf hour later, Judy came into the living room and sprawled out on thecouch to wait for her boy friend. They were going to the movies.
Arlene was walking from the den to the kitchen when she spied herdaughter on the sofa and stopped short.
"You're not going to wear that?" she admonished, scanning Judy'sskin-tight stretch slacks and abbreviated blouse that left her exposedbetween her midriff and the top of her low-slung pants. Her blonde hairhung straight, cascading across her shoulders, not a hint of a curlanywhere.
"What's wrong with this?" Judy countered, not even bothering to look ather mother.
"It's god-awful!" was all Arlene could say.
There would have been a heated argument - the two often fought aboutwhat constituted proper dress for a sixteen-year-old girl - but thedoorbell rang before the shouting began. It was Judy's boy friend, atall, skinny kid with a babyish face, handsome in some atypical way. Theboy barely stood inside the doorway, impatient for Judy to get herjacket. He mumbled an embarrassed "Glad to meet you" at Arlene.
Now Arlene was alone in the house except for Bill who was getting readyto leave in about fifteen minutes. She listened to the shower as Billprepared himself. He and Ralph were going on a double-date, Ralph beinga year older and having a driver's license.
Arlene sat in an easy chair and worried about her daughter. She hopedJudy wasn't going all the way with any of the boys she dated. Did herdaughter have the common sense to say no? She was such a rebelliousgirl, but would she go so far as to let a boy have his way with her? Theway Judy had been dressing of late, it was certain that every boy shedated was trying to get between those lovely young legs of hers. WouldJudy let them do it? Arlene remembered how she had acted herself at herdaughter's age. Frequently she would park with a boy and kiss for hours,and a few times she had let a guy work his finger around the outside ofher panties (once she had even come that way!). But that was the extentof her sexual activity, and she hoped it was the extent of Judy's, too.Her mind drifted from Judy to Bill and she wondered whether her son hadever laid a girl. She hoped he hadn't because he might get serious abouta girl, and he was too young for that. Besides there was always thedanger of getting a girl pregnant. But mostly she was concerned abouther daughter's chastity. A willing girl could always find a partner; itwas far more difficult for a boy. She thought it was highly unlikelythat her son had ever experienced intercourse.
*     *     *
Bill turned off the faucet and stepped out of the shower. He had toldhis mother he was going on a double-date with Ralph, but that was a lie.He couldn't very well tell her the truth, that he was going next door tofuck Sam Carter's wife. Barbara Carter ... Jesus, what a piece of ass!Up until she'd seduced him a year ago, he had only laid one girl and thelone experience hadn't been very satisfying. But since Barbara and hehad been screwing - they met an average of twice a week - his sex lifehad reached explosive proportions. He'd fucked more girls recently thanhe could count, not just high school chicks, but a few college girls anda couple of married women as well. All thanks to Barbara and thetechnique she'd taught him. In spite of the incredible variety of femalesex partners he'd had of late, he never tired of fucking Barbara. He wassure glad that her husband Sam had to be away on business so often. Goodold Sam!
He smiled at himself in the mirror while combing his hair.
He admired himself. Barbara kept telling him how handsome he was and howmuch he turned her on. He sucked in his breath, forcing his chestoutward. He was well developed for his age. Muscular, five-ten, onehundred sixty-five pounds. There was almost no hair to be found on hischest, but for Barbara, he knew, this fact added to his youthful appeal.He brushed his teeth, and then added a few touches of his father'scologne to his neck and cheeks. He dressed.
He was ready.
In the living room his mother told him to have a good time. He noddedand left. After walking up the block, he circled and returned down thealley, passing his own back yard, leaping the Carter fence and going tothe back door. He went directly in. Many times Barbara had warned himnot to knock because the sound might rouse the neighbors.
There was no light inside, and he wondered whether she was home, butthen he heard her voice, calm and sexy, and felt his way toward thepoint of its origin.
"Over here, Billy. Don't turn any lights on, just come here!"
When he reached the edge of the couch, he could hear her breathingsoftly beneath him. She struck a match to light a cigarette (or perhapsthe cigarette was just an excuse for striking the match) and he saw her.All of her. Barbara's nude body was so exciting that it stirred hispenis into an instant erection. She was positioned lewdly, one ankledraped over the back of the couch, the other foot planted flat on thedeep pile carpet. Her pussy was wide open, the lips puffy, a glisteninghint of moisture there. Her nipples were already hard, standing out atopher firm white breasts. Her long black hair was scattered about on athrow pillow, and her face looked young, younger even than her actualtwenty-six years. She blew out the match, leaving the impression of herlovely nude figure to linger in Bill's mind.
She took only one puff from the cigarette, giggled and blotted it out inan ashtray.
"Come down here and kiss me!" she whispered.
He knelt on the carpet and leaned so that his torso was over the edge ofthe couch. His mouth met hers immediately, and he sucked on her moist,parted lips before allowing his tongue to venture into her. Theirtongues slid wetly against each other, toying, caressing. With the tipof his tongue, Bill wandered across her inner cheeks, along the roof ofher mouth, over her small straight teeth. Then he stuck his tongue downas deep as it would go, aggressively, the way she had taught him. Theysucked avidly at each other. He could feel her hot breath quickening asshe licked and swallowed, happy soft purrs of pleasure floating up fromher.
While the kiss continued, he reached for her and rubbed his hand acrossher trim belly, up until he touched her nearest breast. Tenderly hestroked the underside, then felt his way up to the swollen nipple.Between his thumb and forefinger he tweaked it, and she squirmed aroundrecklessly on her ass and moaned louder.
God, thought Bill, she's really hot for it tonight!
Suddenly she put a hand on each of his shoulders and shoved him back,breaking the kiss. Feverishly, she said, "Let's fuck now, Bill! I got sohot waiting for you to come over that I'll come right away if you put itin me. Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can and then we'll rest andtalk for a while and later we can do it slow and proper. How does thatsound?"
While she'd been talking, her hand had reached out to unzip his fly.With able fingers she had extracted his erect young cock and had workedher hand softly around the tip, making his juice gather there and smearher palm.
"Fine," he said in response to her question.
He was eager to drown his prick in her sopping channel, and a quick wildfuck sounded like just the right way to get the night started.
He began to loosen his belt, but she stopped him by sternly commanding,"No, leave your clothes on! Get down here and fuck me, hurry!"
She held onto his penis which jutted out through the slit in hisunderwear. She didn't let go even when he stepped back toward the otherend of the couch. The ooze from his pulsating prick was lubricating herentire hand now, and his lust was so intense that he felt the spermaching in his balls and wondered whether he would accidentally come inher hand. One thing he knew for certain - this fuck wasn't going to lastvery long. But that was apparently what both of them wanted. A quickfuck. No preliminaries. No holding back.
Bill positioned one knee between Barbara's legs. He then reached up andgrabbed the calf of the leg which was resting on the sofa-back. Herepositioned her so that both her feet were on the seat portion of thesofa. Then he brought his other knee up so that he was kneeling entirelybetween her open thighs. He could see the vaguest outline of her now,his eyes having become accustomed to the dark. Her mouth was open,emitting harsh gasps of anticipation. One arm was flung wantonly aboveher head, the other extended toward him as she still fondled his stiffpenis.
Suddenly she lifted her legs into the air, placing one heel behind eachof his buttocks and using her strong leg muscles to draw him toward hervagina. She arched her hips off the cushions, letting her full weightrest on her back and shoulders. The hand that had been above her headcame to rest just above her vulva, and she used her long, slenderfingers to spread her cunt lips. With the other hand she pulled hiserection toward her soaked entrance. Her heels dug more forcefully intohis ass, drawing him nearer, nearer.
The first hot contact of his penis against the sensitized flesh of hercunt caused her to cry out - a long wailing cry of lust and abandon.Bill fell forward on top of her, supporting himself with an elbow oneither side of her head. He could barely feel her taut nipples scrapinglightly against his chest, only the thin fabric of his shirt betweentheir flesh.
Her hand slid farther down his cock, leaving the tip alone whilegrasping the base and making slow stirring motions so that the rubberyhead teased its way into the suctioning gateway to her vagina.
"Oh, God! Shove it in all the way! Fuck me, Billy!" she raved. "Now,now, now! Jam it in all the way!"
Her heels now locked behind him, her feet scraping over the abrasivecloth of his trousers, caressing his ass, pulling him into her.
The youth's penis was an inch inside her when he decided to plunge intoher heated tunnel with one swift powerful stroke. He flung himself ather, a furious lunge of his hips that caused his testicles to slapagainst the bottom of his fly, only the cotton shield of his underwearpreventing injury to his delicate balls. His pelvis smacked againsthers, and she howled in pleasure, relishing the feel of the fullyclothed boy against her hot naked skin. She was even aroused by the coldfeel of his open zipper rubbing against her moist inner thighs.
Bill held the position for several seconds, savoring the feel of herclasping sheath which already made tiny convulsions around his hardenedorgan. Her hand was wedged between their groins, having had to releasehis penis when he'd jammed it into her. When Bill drew back so that hiscock was only an inch deep in her vagina, Barbara brought the hand up tojoin her other which had just begun to fondle and tease her breasts.
Bill drove into the sex-maddened housewife. She whimpered. He drew backand plunged again, then again. Soon he was fucking her crazily, her hipsjamming up and down on the sofa, his trousered thighs slapping againsther. His pace quickly built to the maximum possible and he was thrustinginto her once every second.
A continuous outflow of lewd words began to pour from her lips. "That'sit, Billy! Yes, yes, fuck, yes! Fuck me so hard, lover, make me gocrazy! Yes, lover, yes, fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me! Yes, fuck me! Fuckme, fuck me!"
Her words were an erotic spur to both of them. She wiggled morefervently beneath him, and he continued his lunging without losing histiming, without faltering on a single stroke. Beneath them the cushionsbounced like ocean waves, and several times their frantic movementsalmost sent them tumbling to the carpet.
Bill felt the sperm boiling within him, his climax only a minute or soaway. Slipping his hand beneath her perspiring buttocks, he searched forher anus. It was only then that he realized that Barbara had justreached beneath her with her own hand and that one slender forefingerwas already imbedded in her tight resilient asshole. His fingers grazedthe back of her hand, lingering there and feeling her tiny bones wiggleas she stirred her rectum with her deep-thrust digit.
His fucking continued ceaselessly. He delighted in the animal heat thatradiated from the delirious woman beneath him. He could feel the thinsheen of perspiration that painted her body. His own clothes were wet asa result of his own toiling. Beneath him he could make out the faintoutline of her mouth as it opened and closed like that of a gasping fishon the beach. Hot words continued to flow from her lips, less distinctnow because of her raging passion.
"Ffaaa ... yeah, oh, ooo, yeah, ffaaa-fuckkk! Fuck me, Billy! Oh, I'mgoing to make it! Don't stop! Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfaaaaa..." she wailed, her whole body beginning to tense and tighten.
She threw her legs into the air, bicycling with them, then pointing themstiff and toward the ceiling. Her stomach tightened. She gasped hotlyinto Bill's face. Her hand rubbed lightning-fast across her breastswhile one finger of her other hand dug deeply into her clenching anus.She gritted her teeth and unleashed a wild, demented scream so shrillthat it echoed in Bill's ears.
She twisted and strained, stretching her legs in the agony of pendingrelease.
Bill was on the verge, too. His testicles ached with the need forejaculation. His juices were about to boil over into the steaming recessof Barbara's cunt.
"Now, baby, now!" she cried. "Aaahhhfaaauucck! I'm coming nowww!Nownownow, give me your sperm, your jiz, yes, come inside me, flood me,yesyes! Oh, gaawwddd! Nnnowwwwwww! Ahhggaaaa!"
After that her words were indistinguishable. She came like a mad bitch,rocking and jerking and hissing hot inhuman sounds.
Bill's semen was suddenly shooting from him, one hot sticky blast afteranother scalding the deepest parts of Barbara's vagina. Her convulsionscontinued, her own juices seeping from her cuntal walls and mixing withthe boy's spouting sperm. The concoction of spewed lust liquidoverflowed from the throbbing ridges of Barbara's cunt, creaming herthighs, trickling warmly over the finger which she still held imbeddedin her ass, dripping to the cushions of the sofa to join several othersuch blotches which had been deposited by the same couple over the pastyear.
With the last, weakest blast of sperm having jetted from his penis, Billcollapsed upon the gasping woman. They lay limply for several minutesbefore Barbara got the strength to whisper, "It was beautiful, Billy,just beautiful! God, it was just what I needed, lover!"
*     *     *
A quarter of an hour later they both lay on the bed naked. Their headswere propped up on the same pillow, and they were talking. It was theusual subject. Barbara wanted to know whom he had screwed lately, howand where. Six months ago when she'd first pried the intimate details ofhis sex encounter with a cheerleader from his reluctant brain, he hadbeen shy and withdrawn. But when he discovered what an explosive eroticeffect his accounts had on her, he became more willing. And by now heenjoyed recounting his sexual exploits almost as much as Barbara enjoyedhearing about them.
She had just asked him if he had laid anyone during the past five days(it had been five days since they had been together, but now Barbara'shusband was scheduled out of town on business for the next week, and sheand Bill planned to take advantage of the situation). Bill confessedthat he had been intimate with Molly Littleton two days ago.
"Molly Littleton!" Barbara exclaimed. "How did you ever get thatstuck-up bitch to spread her legs for you?"
Bill recounted in detail how he had been driving along old Highway 8Thursday night. Even though he didn't have a driver's license, he hadasked to borrow Ralph's car for an hour and Ralph had consented. He wason his way to a girl friend's house when he had spotted Molly's carstranded on the side of the road. He'd pulled up behind the vehicle.Since there was so little traffic on the old road at night, Molly hadbeen pleased to see the car stop to assist her. She had been frightenedthough, because she was alone and defenseless and she had no idea whatsort of stranger had stopped to aid her. When she recognized Bill, hergood friend Arlene French's son, her anxiety subsided. Molly's problemwas that she had two flat tires simultaneously. She had evidently runacross a long board with nails which they found several yards down theroadway. Bill had offered to drive her home, but in the front seat ofRalph's car their eyes met and something came over him and he kissedher. He'd expected her to fight like a wildcat and he'd been astoundedwhen she actually returned the kiss.
"Didn't she fight you off at all?" Barbara wanted to know. She reachedinto his lap and began to gently fondle Bill's partially erect penis.
"Not really. Oh, when I got her panties down she started complainingabout how she was a married woman and how wrong it was, but she nevertried to stop me. I guess she needed it real bad."
While Bill related how Molly had turned into a wanton bitch andpractically raped him, Barbara continued to stroke his thickening cock.In the midst of his account, he reached across to her and placed a handbetween her thighs, toying with the sperm-drenched folds of her vagina.
She was panting audibly when his account ended with, "Old Molly wascrying awful bad when I got her home. She felt so guilty she didn't evensay good-bye."
"Good," Barbara said. "I'm glad the bitch got what was coming to her.Maybe she won't act so high and mighty after this."
There was a short silence while Barbara debated whether or not to saysomething that was on her mind.
"Billy?" she said in a whisper.
"I got screwed this afternoon." She said the words matter-of-factly,studying his face to see what his reaction might be.
Bill had often wondered whether Barbara got her extramarital thrillswith any other males besides himself. He had long wanted to ask, but hadnever mustered the nerve. Now, having unexpectedly heard the confessionfrom her, he felt an undeniable twinge of jealousy. The jealousy wasshort-lived, though, and in its place came a surge of arousal. His cockhardened fully in her delicate hand.
"You want me to tell you about it?" she coaxed.
"I don't care," he mumbled.
"Yes, you care. Your cock just got good and stiff, lover, because itexcites you to think about me doing it, just like it excites me to thinkabout you. Tell me you want to hear about it."
He almost spoke, then held silent.
"Tell me you want to hear it and I'll give you every juicy detail." Shefelt his fingers screwing more vigorously into her hot cunt.
"Do you want to hear all about it? Everything?" she asked.
"Yes!" he whispered.
"Then ask me. Ask me anything you want to know."
Bill hesitated, then formed the words he wanted.
"Who'd you do it with?"
"Some salesman. I don't know his name."
The thought of Barbara fucking some salesman whose name she didn't knowsent waves of lust through Bill's mind. He began to roll his hipsbeneath her expert caresses. His penis was oozing lubricant into herwarm hand. In a voice choked with emotion and much deeper than normal,he said, "Wh-where did he do it to you?"
"Right here on this bed," Barbara said, thrilling to the obvious passionwhich her confession was lighting in her young lover.
"Tell me!" he whispered, his voice almost pleading.
"He was good," she confided. "But not as good as you." This laststatement was a lie. The salesman had blown Barbara's mind in a way shehadn't experienced for years.
"Did he make you come?"
Barbara began to writhe as Bill's fingers sent shivers of desire up herspine. He was flicking at the flowered-out lips of her cunt and acrossher excited clitoris.
"Yes, he did. Oh, God, yes!" Barbara answered, remembering how she hadnearly fainted that afternoon when the salesman had first fucked her toorgasm. Then, so as not to sound too enthusiastic, she said in a morecontrolled voice, "Yes, he made me come."
"How many times did you fuck each other?" Bill's words were becomingmore breathy as Barbara continued to stroke his stiff penis. He ran hisfingers briskly through her cunt hairs, the sticky feel of her vaginaadding to his incredible lust.
"We fucked three times," she said simply. She was enjoying his questionsand didn't want to volunteer any more information than the queriescalled for.
"Did he ... did he fuck you in the ass?"
"Yesss!" she hissed, beginning to feel wild and whorish as the tremorsof excitement peppered her heaving belly.
This last admission of hers was almost too much for the lust-crazed Billto take. Her confessions, coupled with the agonizing way she was teasingand rubbing his prick, sent him near the verge of climax.
He was squirming frantically now. No one else had ever been able toduplicate for him the kind of hand-job Barbara was capable of.
"Do you want me to jack you off, Billy?" she whispered in his ear.
"Yeah ... no, I want something else?"
"What else?"
"I want to do what the salesman did to you this afternoon."
She knew immediately what he meant, but she wanted him to say it. "Whatdo you mean?" she asked, pretending naivete.
"I want to fuck your ass, Barbara, let me!" he breathed excitedly intoher face.
They had tried anal intercourse only rarely, less than a dozen times inthe year they'd been having the affair.
It was exactly what they both wanted at the moment, though, and Barbarawhimpered, "Yes, Billy, fuck me, fuck my ass! Let's do it now."
They shared a short french kiss, then she leaped from the bed, roundedthe mattress and fell to her knees on the carpet. She crawled forwarduntil the corner of the mattress was wedged between her thighs. Then,still kneeling on the floor, she leaned forward until her breasts restedon the bed. Her head lay sideways, the bedcover feeling soft against hercheek. Her raven hair was tossed above her head as she waited for Billto come around behind her. Suddenly he was there, kneeling in back ofher, his knees inside her own on the carpet. He leaned over her and shefelt his hot breath on her back. She squirmed, and her movement causedmore pressure as the corner of the mattress rubbed against her throbbingclitoris.
Behind her Bill eyed the target of his lust. The dark anus with itstightly closed entrance, wrinkles fanning out in all directions from itscenter.
"Do it, damn it, I can't wait any more!" Barbara pleaded.
Bill used one hand to guide his erection against the outer edge of herasshole. She mewled when she felt the contact. Then, brutally, he thrusthis hips forward. Because she had fingered the passage during theirearlier fuck, she felt only a mild amount of agony as the penis groundinto her.
She moaned, "Ahhh, oh, oohhh, easy, lover, go easy."
But a few seconds later she became accustomed to the feeling of theinvading phallus. "Now!" she screamed. "Shove it in deeper! Bury it inme! Fuck!"
Bill exerted more pressure, feeling his prick forge its way into herrectum. Her ass muscles involuntarily rebelled against the entry,convulsing and trying futilely to expel the intruding penis.
Finally Bill had it all the way in her, and Barbara immediately began tosquirm, bucking back against his cock and gasping hotly. Shedeliberately rubbed her juicy vagina against the corner of the bed andthe sensation caused by the firm mattress against her clitoris made hergo mad with sexual frenzy. She fucked insanely, screaming, swearing. Andfor Bill and Barbara this was just the beginning of a long week ofexcitement.
*     *     *
While Bill fucked Barbara with guiltless abandon, his mother was alonenext door hating herself as her fingers crept across her belly in searchof her vagina.

Chapter 3

It was Wednesday of the following week when the police came.
Hal had just got home from work and was in the bedroom changing. Arleneanswered the door. As soon as they identified themselves, she felt herhead begin to grow light and she knew that the color was draining fromher face. She knew why they had come. It was because of the money Halhad stolen from his office. The two men were polite to her as they stoodin the entrance hall, but their voices seemed remote, their wordssounding as if they were coming through a cold steel tunnel. When Halcame out of the bedroom, the police arrested him. As they escorted himfrom the house, his head was cast downward. His eyes failed to meetArlene's even once, and he didn't speak a single word. His usuallyproud, manly posture seemed somehow less imposing, his slow walk markedby dejection and defeat. Bill and Judy watched incredulously as theirfather left.
*     *     *
Judy stretched her legs out on the floorboard of the old Fordconvertible. She threw her head back happily. The top was down, and eventhough the April night air was a little chilly she felt warm. She sat inthe middle of the seat, her boy friend Jack by her side alternating hisattention between her and his driving. She felt carefree. The past twodays had been unbearable. Her father had been freed on bail almostimmediately, but his presence around the house had not been pleasant. Adeadly gloom seemed to pervade the household, making all but the mostessential of speech taboo. Her father had been fired, and the family'sfinancial situation was in doubt. At school, Judy's friends had beentactful enough not to mention Hal French's arrest - but they all knewabout it. There was a time when her world would have been shattered bythis unexpected nightmare - a time when she looked upon her father asthe only man in her life. But during the past years Judy had discovereda new side of herself, a carefree, guiltless, happy, hedonistic side ofher personality which conflicted with her parents' middle class values.It was for this reason that she found the trauma of her father's arresttolerable. She knew her brother shared her feelings - that he, too, knewbetter than to feel personally degraded by their father's predicament.It was her mother, though, that caused Judy the most worry. Arlene waswalking around the house like a zombie. Her eyes had been puffy fromcrying for two solid days. Judy wondered what could be done. If only hermother wasn't so wrapped up in her phony pretense of respectability.Didn't she realize that there were other things in life besides familypride?
Judy kissed Jack on the cheek and turned on the radio.
The stores and houses seemed to be spaced progressively farther apart asthey journeyed from the city. Soon they were on the highway which led toScotch Lake where Ralph's parents owned a cabin. His parents wereunaware that their son, a girl and three other couples were going to usethe cabin for an all-night party.
Judy smiled devilishly as she remembered the party she had attended lastmonth at the same cabin. There had been just three couples that time -Ralph and her brother Bill with their girl friends, Jack and herself.For six people they sure had done a lot of balling, she recalled. It hadbeen one of the wildest nights she'd ever known. She had come with Jackand ended up spending most of the hours locked in a small bedroom withRalph. She smiled now as she thought about how her mother was alwayshinting that Ralph would make such a nice boy friend for her because hewas such a fine shy kid. Mom sure was naive! Still thinking about lastmonth's party, she remembered staring in fascination while her brotherfucked Ralph's girl. It had been terribly exciting for her, and sheregretted that Bill wouldn't be there tonight. It promised to be a wildparty - even wilder than the last one, she speculated.
Her lustful memories were turning her on. She scooted closer to Jack soher shoulder was snug against his. Her pulse was racing and moisture wasgathering stickily in the crotch of her panties. She guided her hand toJack's thigh and began to slowly caress his trouser leg as he drovetoward Scotch Lake.
Jack's cock had been erect almost from the first minute Judy had gotinto the car next to him and its throbbing stiffness surged against therestraining fabric of his trousers. His driving became erratic and thecar drifted slightly. He was forced to slow down for reasons of safety.
Judy used her hand cleverly, creeping up his pants, circling his groin,walking her fingers across his lower stomach. She never once touched thebulge of his penis, but she still managed to start him squirming aroundon his buttocks, panting.
She loved to arouse a boy that way; it gave her a sense of power.
The drive to the cabin was only about five miles, but by the time theyarrived, both were excessively aroused. During the last two miles, Judyhad unsnapped her slacks so Jack had been able to slip his fingersinside to feel her mound through her rapidly moistening panties. Hercaresses had become more aggressive, too. When they pulled in front ofthe cabin, Judy's hand was inside his pants, her fingers warm againstthe taut pulsating flesh of his penis. Her hand had been workingvigorously, causing Jack to slump low in the seat and gasp loudly whilestruggling to keep the car on the road. Once parked, they quicklydisengaged their hands from each other's crotches. Judy zipped up herslacks and smoothed the rumpled material of her blouse which had becomebunched around her stomach. Jack's erection still pushed forcefullyagainst the front of his pants as he and Judy got out of the car.
They were walking the short distance between the car and the cabin whenJudy stopped short.
"Wow, look at that!" she exclaimed, giggling wantonly and nodding towarda car parked some twenty yards away. In the back seat, two silhouettedfigures were entwined, rocking back and forth vigorously. Judyrecognized the car - Ralph's. It was his girl friend Vita, she assumed,whose legs were stretched upward, heels locked on the ledge of the openrear window. The speed of Ralph's buttocks rising up and down indicatedthe couple was at the most heated stage of intercourse.
Judy felt Jack behind her. He placed a hand on each of her shoulders andhugged her back against him as he, too, stared at the erotic sight. Hiserection surged against her, pushing at the lower part of her back.
As her eyes focused more steadily on the fucking pair, Judy felt herwarm juices seep through her panties and creep along her inner thighs.She'd been thinking about the party all day, getting hornier and hornieras the hours went by. If someone didn't fuck her pretty soon, she wasgoing to go out of her little mind. Jack was welded to her from behind,and his presence there did nothing to still her rampaging lust. Suddenlyshe wheeled around, breaking his grip on her shoulders.
With sex-maddened eyes gleaming in the faint light of the moon, shegroaned, stood on her tiptoes, and threw her head back to present hersoft lips up to him. The tall youth bowed his head and their lipsjoined, tongues briskly licking into each other's mouth. She reached upand entwined her arms around his slim neck. She could feel the tip ofhis upthrust penis against her belly, and the contact sent an earthquakeof longing through her body. Their kiss continued for several minutes,growing wetter, more wanton, more active. Her own breath came in harshgasps, harmonizing with Jack's labored breathing - and the sound ofVita's passionate murmurs from the back seat of Ralph's car added toJudy's sense of total lustfulness.
She pulled her mouth from his and said, "I can't wait much longer! Idon't know what's wrong with me, I'm just so awful horny tonight!"
She could see the lust gleaming in Jack's eyes. The feel of his tall,thin, athletic body against hers was turning her on fast and she feltlike fucking him right there on the ground among the leaves and pineneedles. Instead, she took Jack's hand in hers and started toward theporch. They passed within a few feet of Ralph's car, and the sight ofthe copulating couple was much more graphic from this distance. Judystared right into the back seat of the car as she passed, and she sawJack was doing the same. Unconsciously her pace slowed so she could havemore time to take in the frantic action. Ralph's white ass was squirmingaround, his buttocks clenching as he drove again and again into thewildly gyrating Vita. His pants were down around his thighs, his shirtunbuttoned as Vita ran her hands hotly across his heaving chest. He'sonly sixteen and already he's got as much hair on his chest as Father!Judy thought excitedly, remembering how his hairy chest had tickled hererect nipples the last time they had fucked. Vita was squealing insanelynow, her bare feet sticking straight out the window, toes clenched andpointing at Judy. The sight was too much for Judy, and she headed forthe cabin, tugging Jack behind her.
The only light inside radiated from a fireplace in a far corner of themain room where several logs were burning brightly. Lying on theirstomachs side by side facing the fire, a blanket beneath them, wereConnie and Linc. They were dressed and unrumpled. Even though they hadbeen alone in the cabin, they were not in the midst of any sexualforeplay. Their voices were low and serious, and Judy realized they weretalking philosophy, as usual. They were an intellectual pair, and itoften seemed they didn't fit in with the rest of the gang - yet theywere two of the most likeable seniors at Washington High. Sometimes Judythought that Connie would rather discuss Plato than screw, but onceConnie got turned on, she really got turned on and it took a lot of sexto cool her off. Judy knew from experience that Linc was an able studonce he got sexually aroused.
The two on the blanket turned and uttered brief, friendly hellos. Thenthey returned to their conversation, ignoring the new arrivals who madetheir way into the only bedroom. Jack closed the door, and they werealone in the dark room. They stood kissing passionately. Then, as if bysecret signal, they made their way arm in arm toward the bed. They saton the edge and kissed again, this time holding the embrace for a longwhile, their tongues making frantic circles inside each other's mouth.
"Want to get undressed?" Jack asked when the kiss was broken.
"Yeah!" Judy responded in a throaty whisper. "Oh, yeah, baby, do I everwant to get undressed!" The thought of his nude flesh against hers sentwaves of insane lust through her. She reached into his lap, her palmcupping the bulge of his penis through his pants. Then her hand wentquickly up to his belt, undoing it. She considered undressing him,peeling away his clothing bit by bit in a slow, teasing manner like shehad so many times in the past. But she was too hot, her panties alreadylike tissue glued soggily against her quivering vagina. Her hand cameback to her own lap. Her fingers brushed briefly between her thighs, andshe smiled a little as she felt how her juices had leaked through herslacks to form a warm circle around her crotch.
She began to unbutton her blouse with one hand while freeing the snap ofher slacks with the other. She kicked off her sandals, then stood andworked her pants and undies down over her young hips. It was too dark tosee much, and Jack could barely make out her silhouette. But even thatwas exciting to him - the outline of her nude hips and thighs, herblouse hanging open, no bra beneath, her slacks and panties bunched ather feet. He stood and began stripping frantically. Judy watched him,finding his haste thrilling; the mad way he was stepping out of hispants excited her. He practically ripped his shirt off.
They were both naked.
They melted together, their mouths fusing. Judy stretched up on hertiptoes, her head tilted, Jack's tongue firm and aggressive inside herlips. Oozing from the head of his erection was an abundance of stickyliquid. His seminal fluids clung to her belly as his cock was sandwichedbetween their heated bodies. She squirmed against him as the kisscontinued. Her tits were crushed against his lower chest, nippleshardened and throbbing savagely. She groaned into his mouth like a womanready to come at any second. She felt it all gathering within her, agreat storm of excitement, a furious raging river of passion. Her toesclenched against the hardwood floor. She pressed her body still moreforcefully against his until the pressure was delightful and agonizingat the same time. Their kiss became combative - a miniwar fought withnibbling teeth and thrusting tongues. She tightened her lips and beganto suck hard, causing Jack's tongue to plunge deep into her mouth,almost to her throat. No gentleness left in him now, both his handspulled viciously at the back of her head. She couldn't stand it anymore. She was too hot. Somehow she managed to free her lips from his andturn her head to one side.
Hotly she whispered in his ear, "Let's get on the bed now, I've got to..."
"Got to what?" he teased.
Long ago she had learned how Jack liked to hear crude words and phrasesuttered from her trembling young lips. She didn't mind; it excited her,too. What could be more exciting while fucking than to speak honestlyand passionately from the soul of your sexual being?
She spread her legs a little wider and licked his earlobe, making himsquirm and rub his penis against her stomach. She whispered, "I've gotto get fucked! You've got to fuck me, Jack, or else I'll die! I'm so hotit's running down my legs! Fuck me, please! Fuck me!"
Her voice was gaspy and uneven. They crashed to the bed together, theold mattress acting like a trampoline beneath them, causing them tobounce nearly off its surface. Jack ended up flat on his back sidewaysacross the bed, his feet hanging over one side, while Judy straddledhim, her legs doubled under and her knees at the sides of his hips. Hiserection was grazing her wet cunt, and she wasted no time reaching forthe hard cock. She guided the long, slender erection into the opening ofher vagina and immediately began to circle her hips, until the staff wasimbedded all the way into her tight young channel. She sat stillmomentarily, savoring the feel of his penis. She squeezed it with hermuscular cunt. Then she hissed loudly, her lips parted, and started afeverish up and down tempo.
"Jack!" she cried. "Oh, Jack, it's so fucking good!"
She could see the outline of his face, his lips widely parted, greatgusts of breath heaving out of him from his straining chest. Now andthen his eyes reflected what little light there was in the room, andJudy knew his hot gaze was fixed on her wildly pumping hips. Her owneyes were wet with lust, glazed over and pleading, and she wonderedwhether Jack could see the same aroused sparkle in her stare that shesaw in his.
Her fluids filled her cunt, causing less and less friction as his cockplummeted into the depths of her pulsating vagina.
"Jack, I'm going to come right away - right away, baby, I'm so hot!" Hervoice was an outpouring of alternate high and low tones, garbled soundsand sobbed syllables. She felt a powerful orgasm welling up within her.
She sat down heavily on his hips and the feel of his throbbing cock,shoved up her cunt as far as it would go, sent her mind spinning inerotic delirium.
"Aaaa!" Jack groaned as Judy began to move her hips in an increasedcircular tempo. "Judy, don't stop!"
She had him crazy for it now, and that knowledge - the knowledge thatshe was driving him insane with her wild whorelike motions - made herincomprehensibly hot. She had such power. She could slow her pace andmake him plead. She could jerk her groin around furiously for thirtyseconds and make him shoot his load of scorching sperm right into herdripping cunt. Beneath her was well over six feet of muscular maleanimal, and she could control it. Sex seemed so glorious to her. Twopeople dependent on each other to achieve the single most rewardingexperience in life. Sex was beautiful - and right.
Her hands moved to her breasts, her palms rubbing briskly across herhard young nipples. The buds were alive with sensual ticklish delight,sending waves of arousal all across her body. Her whole being seemedsexually ignited. Every part of her seemed to tingle with sexualawareness. She felt like she had never been so hot - and yet she knewbetter. Every time she fucked, she felt hotter than she had ever beenbefore. That was the beauty of fucking.
Jack reached up and placed his hands atop Judy's. He rode the backs ofher hands, feeling her tease and fondle her pretty young breasts. Hetightened his thighs, arching his hips upward and lifting the twistinggirl with him. Her juices leaked from her cunt to the base of hiserection, puddling there, acting as a glue which united their wet andtangled pubic hair.
There was no up and down rhythm now. Jack kept his hips arched high, andJudy ground down against him as hard as she could. Each of them felt athundering climax approaching. All movement was stopped. Jack let out adeep, loud animal groan as he felt the sperm boiling in his testicles.Judy held her breath, then hissed violently. Jitterish jerks began inher thighs and belly and spread.
"Oh!" she gasped. "Oh ... oh ... oh, yes! It's happening! Oh, Jack, it'shappening right now! I'm coming! Aaahhhh!"
She tore her hands out from under his and pressed them against hissparsely haired chest. She leaned down, supporting her weight againsthim with her outstretched arms. Like an enraged mare, she threw her headback and bellowed her lust toward the ceiling. Jack's body was rigid.Only his feet and shoulders anchored him to the bed. Judy's knees wereno longer on the mattress; she was being lifted up, way up. Her cunt wascontracting, great clutching spasms one after another. Her buttockstightened and loosened in time with her orgasm.
"Shoot it into me!" she begged, and just then he did.
The first jet of hot sperm left his balls and shivered up the length ofhis staff. It hurled forcefully from the split in the tip of his cockand slammed against the quivering insides of her climaxing cunt.
"It's coming out!" he blustered. "Want me to pull it out of you? Want me... shit, it's too late! Fuck, oh, fuck, I've got to give it all toyou!"
Jack's cry sent new thrills to Judy's brain as her climax continued.Sometimes she and Jack had broken their connection at the moment of hisejaculation, and he had come all over her breasts and belly. They haddone that to avoid the chance of pregnancy. She realized now, though,that her boy friend couldn't withdraw even if he wanted to. And itdidn't matter. The time of the month was right for her - no chance ofconceiving. Not that she would have let him pull it out, anyway. Herorgasm was too intense.
"God, I'm still coming!" she shouted, not remembering the last time anorgasm had lasted so long.
There was a momentary pause between the first hot blast of Jack's semeninto her vagina and the next shot. He still kept his hips up high,straining in blissful agony as the next cannonball of jism fired fromhis tautly drawn balls. His feet pushed down on the side of themattress, his curled toes dangling over the edge. The second fiery blastof sperm jetted from his cock, joining the sticky pool of secretionsalready in her cunt. The third and following spasms came more rapidlyfrom his penis, flooding Judy until the sperm poured like a river fromher vagina, along the upper parts of her thighs, and dripped to theblanket.
As if by some mysterious mutual signal, they both abandoned their frozenpositions. They began to gyrate intensely, Jack falling back to themattress, Judy jerking and twisting madly like a spineless puppet. Shethrew herself flat on top of him, her breasts bulging and smashed intohis chest, her legs stiff above his, her toes scratching across hisshins. He lifted his head to her, turning it sideways to find her mouth.Her tongue was dancing wildly between his teeth as she twisted herpelvis frantically against him, sapping the last of his sperm andfeeling the final tremors of her own orgasm ripple in her belly.
He grabbed her ass tightly in both hands and pulled her down harderagainst him while spearing up at her with his still-spouting erection.They kissed and groaned and fucked until the terminal convulsions ebbed.Then they lay glued together with sweat and sex juices until theyfinally rolled apart.
"I'm so tired, Jack, so tired!" Judy whispered happily as she begandressing.
"Not too tired, I hope! The party's just starting!"
She smiled, a wickedly satisfied smile that went unseen by Jack becauseof the darkness. "You don't have to worry about me," she said. "I'll beready for more fun when the time comes!"
It wasn't just the sex that made her feel wonderful. There was somethingoverwhelmingly exciting about fucking - but, then, everyone knew that.It was more than the fucking, though, that turned her on. It was thewhole scene - everyone balling without anyone being exploited, nobodyuptight, no one feeling ashamed and dirty. It was so obviously beautifulthat she wondered why there were so many people in this world, peoplelike her own mother, who couldn't see how fabulous sex was.
*     *     *
As soon as Jack and Judy had left the bedroom, they discovered that asquabble of sorts was in progress. Ralph and Vita were in the cabin now,standing with Connie and Linc by the fireplace. The four of them were ina line with their backs toward the fire. Facing them, waving his handsirately as he spoke, was George Benson, a physically well-developed butmentally immature youth who had been invited to the party for one reasononly: to furnish the marijuana. Usually grass was easy to come by. Butseveral of the group's pot-supplying friends had left the city recently.For the time being, George was their only contact.
"A virgin!" Connie exclaimed, lifting her oversize thin-rimmed glassesto stare cutely at George. "This isn't the kind of scene to bring avirgin to - you know that!"
"Yeah, you were supposed to bring Bobbie," Ralph reminded him.
"Bobbie's old lady is sick, so she had to stay home," George saidflatly. He obviously felt ill-at-ease, and he shuffled his feetnervously. He scratched his head several times, messing his long,disorderly hair even more. He made a deliberate point of looking no onein the eye.
"You're a fucked-up kid, you know that!" Connie said, shaking her headin disapproval and bewilderment.
Line leaned over and elbowed her gently in the ribs as if to say: Easy,baby, this dude's got the grass!
George's mouth fell open. His expression became shocked, then defensive,them embarrassed. His eyes mirrored the hurt he felt at the unexpectedrejection coming from a girl he had considered a friend.
Judy clutched Jack's hand tighter. She felt sorry for George. George wasa fucked-up kid, but he was a human being with feelings, and Judydisliked the way Connie had addressed him. She clung to Jack's hand asthe scene before them unfolded. There was a long silence, George staringat the others and those four looking right back at him. Connie glareddefiantly, taking on the appearance of intellectual superiority. Lincwas expressionless. Ralph and Vita had their arms around each other'swaist. Their clothing and hair were disheveled. Both were flushed,evidencing the wild fuck they had just had in the car outside the cabin.
George was fighting back tears when he finally whined, "Well, do youwant me to bring her in or not? You don't have to act no different just'cause she's cherry! She ain't a prude!"
"You bring the grass?" Linc asked.
George nodded.
"Okay," Connie said more softly. She stepped forward and touched Georgeaffectionately on the cheek. It was a sincere gesture, because she wasobviously feeling a little ashamed of her earlier hostility. Hostilitydid not become her philosophy of love and, like all the others in thegroup, she considered herself a loving person. "Bring your virgininside, George. This might be interesting."
Jack and Judy looked at each other and smiled uneasily.
Susan was the virgin's name. She was a pretty blonde who didn't act atall timid. When Connie and Linc stripped in the center of the main room,everyone was watching Susan, expecting to see her show signs of shock.But she merely leaned against a wall, her eyes riveted to the couple asthey disrobed. Just as George had said, Susan was no prude. She was asophomore who simply hadn't had the opportunity to shed her virginityunder circumstances which she felt were appropriate. This gathering ofeight young people in a cabin, all of them frank and open about sex, wasjust the situation in which she had always dreamed of surrendering hervirginity. When Connie lowered her nude body to a blanket in front ofthe fireplace and the naked Linc descended upon her with a giganticerection in his hand, Susan realized that she was being watched by thosearound her. George was watching, and Jack and Judy and Vita and Ralph.What did they expect her to do? Go screaming from the cabin? Did theythink every virgin was a reluctant prig who had to be raped that firsttime? Susan was eager to experience her first act of intercourse. Thesight of Linc rubbing the head of his penis in the wet hairy slitbetween Connie's long legs made her own passion boil within her. It hadbeen fifteen minutes since she'd sat in the car outside with George,welcoming his crude but impassioned advances upon her almostfifteen-year-old body. He had kissed her savagely and rubbed her titsand worked his hand up under her miniskirt, and she still felt the heatof sexual longing throughout her body. She watched as the lean, handsomeLinc steered his erection into the opening of Connie's vagina.
"Aaahh!" Connie moaned as Linc's cock slid into her passion-drenchedorifice. She threw her hands against his shoulders to brace herself ashe lowered himself toward her. She spread her legs wide, feet flat onthe blanket, knees pointed upward. She made brisk, involuntary sweepswith her tongue around her lips as Line's cock worked deeper and deeperinto her saturated vagina. He hovered over her, supporting himself withhis arms above and to each side of her head. His hair, longer than hers,cascaded down to tickle her forehead, his blond hair tangling with herjet-black tresses. Line sunk his groin between the open thighs of themindless girl, his cock sinking into the churning warm depths of hervagina. Connie was so hot for it that she began to jibber, crazy insanesounds pouring from her mouth, exciting her young lover as well as theother six people in the room who were watching. Her belly began toflutter. Her hands slipped from his shoulders, gliding down along hisback to his ass where she grabbed his flexed buttocks and drew himcloser against her.
Without anyone giving a signal or saying a word, the six young voyeursgathered around the blanket where Connie and Line were fucking. FirstRalph and Vita fell to their knees at the blanket's edge. From adistance of about two feet, they glared with obvious erotic interest asthe couple began to twist and strain in an initial effort to establish afucking rhythm. Vita threw her arm around Ralph's waist and leanedagainst his strong young shoulder. She was perspiring, her thin blouseclinging to her skin, her clothing rumpled badly from her earlier act ofintercourse in the back seat of Ralph's car.
As if drawn toward the blanket by hypnotic command, Judy steppedtrancelike across the room, pulling Jack along behind her. They reachedthe blanket and slowly fell to their knees directly across from whereVita and Ralph knelt. Judy's eyes feasted on the writhing, perspiringforms of the copulating Line and Connie. The flaring, unsteady lightcast upon the couple by the fire made the sight seem even more eroticthan it would have been had the light been constant and brighter. Theshadows crawling across the fucking couple, the fingers of goldfirelight, seemed somehow to dance in time to their now leisurelystrokes. But the motions wouldn't remain cautious for long. Everyone inthe room sensed that Connie and Line were on the verge of losingcontrol, that any second they would give up their teasing, tentativemovements and start making wild, abandoned sexual lunges.
Judy noticed that George was now kneeling at the head of the blanket,and at the lower end, where Linc's and Connie's feet were planted, kneltthe virgin Susan. All six of the onlookers virtually held their breathas the two on the blanket continued to make slow circles with theirglued-together pelvises. Everyone knew it was going to happen any timenow. Explosive, animal, frenzied sex. At any second there would be athunderous surge of activity. The young voyeurs were eager andapprehensive.
Judy gurgled in spite of her efforts to kneel quietly as she watched.Her panties were flooded, not just with Jack's spent seed, but with arenewed flow of her own lubricants. It was so thrilling to watch. Hereyes focused on Connie's face. The girl's large-lensed funky-lookingglasses were falling across her forehead exposing her eyes which wereglazed over with mad lust. Her mouth was twisted, her firm pink tonguelicking frantically across her lips as if she were practicing fellatioon an imaginary cock.
Judy groaned again. She couldn't help herself. Her own tongue lickedacross her lips in a manner just as feverish as the girl on the blanket.
Jack was breathing heavily now. The couple kneeling on the opposite sideof the blanket was becoming restless, too. Ralph was working one handplayfully up and down Vita's thigh, and she was reciprocating by lettingher palm cup the bulge where his erection thrust against the front ofhis pants. At the head of the blanket, George was almost wheezing as hewatched Connie squirm more heatedly while working her cunt up aroundLinc's implanted erection. At the other end of the blanket, George'svirgin girl friend was going out of her head with lustful longing. Itwas the first time she'd ever seen two people fucking, and she couldn'trestrain her own hand from making soft contact with her inner thighs upabove the hem of her miniskirt.
Judy shifted her gaze from the slowly copulating pair on the blanket tothe virgin. Susan was really turned on, Judy knew. The girl's young,firm breasts bulged against her flimsy blouse, surging and retreating asshe breathed laboriously. She's so hot! Judy thought. Just the way I wasthe first time I watched two people making it! I'll bet her panties arereally hot! I'll bet she's dying to get fucked! Suddenly Judy realizedthat the girl was staring back at her. Their eyes met and they smiledwarmly, a silent affirmation that they were both women and they bothknew exactly what sexual feelings the sight of the couple on the blanketwas arousing in their respective young bodies.
Suddenly Connie cried, "Oh, God, fuck me hard!" Her voice was hoarse anddesperate. Her eyes were coated with a thin film of temporarylust-inspired insanity. She was bucking up at Linc, and suddenly hermovements were crazy and abandoned, and the force of her sexual feelingwas transmitted to everyone gathered around the blanket.
Everything exploded.
Linc frantically began to raise his hips and slam himself into Connie'ssopped hungry cunt. The brisk, rapid smacking sound as their bodiescollided was an erotic spur to the other six people. Judy began tostrip, unconsciously aware that everyone around her was doing the same.Clothes were flying in all directions - shirts and blouses and pants andskirts and shoes and panties and underwear. On the blanket, Connie andLinc were fucking like crazy.
"Watch me, everyone!" Connie screamed. "Watch me get fucked. Please!Please, watch me!"
Connie's hot words served to incite the others in the room. Naked now,they grouped around the blanket, male hands reaching for cunts andnipples, female fingers beginning to touch stiff penises.
Judy felt someone grab her breasts from behind. She wheeled to throwherself at whatever male was fondling her, only to find herself kneelinginto and french-kissing George. She didn't really like George. He wasalways making an ass out of himself at school, striving to getattention. Maybe in a few years he would mature socially and ... and ...Geez! she thought, feeling his cock spear against her belly button.Geez, he's got a beautiful body - so big and firm and I want him to fuckme! She thrust her tongue deeply into his mouth. She gasped, she groundagainst him, her hard nipples digging into his hairy chest.
The sound of Connie getting fucked thrilled Judy. Con was always so highand mighty with her Socrates and Plato. Hearing Con beg for it, groaningand screaming like a mindless female animal, Judy felt a certainsmugness sweep over her. When it gets right down to it, Connie baby,Judy said to herself as she dueled aggressively with George's probingtongue, you're just horny like the rest of us!
Connie was babbling incoherently. Her hips were arched off the blanket,her vagina frozen to Linc's well-oiled cock. They ground their groinstightly together, and Con threw her arms over her head and waved themfrantically. "Yesss!" she wailed. "I'm coming already!"
Judy glanced over George's shoulder as she continued to kiss him. Susanwas on the hardwood floor near the foot of the blanket. She lay on herback with her legs widely spread. Between her thighs was Ralph's head,his tongue teasing her pink pouting cunt lips. Susan raised her feet offthe floor and locked her heels behind Ralph's neck, drawing his wholemouth flush against her passion-soaked labia. Her head rolled from sideto side, sending her straight blonde hair flying about. Her mouth wastwisted in a lewd grin, her hands on her lower stomach, fingers straightout pulling her vagina open. God, Judy thought, for a virgin that girlsure doesn't waste any time!
Across the blanket from where she and George were kneeling and kissing,Judy saw her boy friend Jack being expertly mouthed by pretty,short-haired, athletic-looking Vita, whose tongue made swift circlesaround the crown of his penis, her lips sucking at the foreskin as sheknelt between his thighs. A series of hot murmurs crept from her throatas she sucked avidly on the groaning, squirming Jack's upthrust penis.
Still kissing George hotly, Judy fastened her eyes upon the strenuouslycopulating pair on the blanket. Connie was howling shrilly with eachthrust of her boy friend's huge cock into her cunt. She bucked up at himlike a wild whore, her belly tightening and untightening spastically asshe experienced the last crests of her orgasm. Her heels hammeredbrutally into the rough wool blanket, her arms stretched above her head,her hands made into tight fists of passion. Linc managed to maintaincontrol through Con's hot, straining climax, and as her convulsionsended, he increased the tempo of his fucking, secure in the knowledgethat he could bring her to many more orgasms before he pumped hisscalding sperm into her insatiable little cunt.
The sights, the smells, the sounds all around her made Judy crazy withlust. She sucked hungrily on George's tongue. Everyone was so hot.Everyone was so near to her, just a few feet away.
George mumbled into her mouth, "You're really hot to fuck, ain't you?"
Instead of answering, she returned his kiss more vehemently. She couldfeel his seminal fluid spreading from the tip of his cock against herstomach. His penis, sandwiched between his belly and hers, throbbedforcefully, making her eager to have the erection deep inside her juicyvagina.
She grabbed the bottom of his buttocks in both hands and yanked upward.He bellowed his displeasure as her fingernails raked his ass, but thenshe lessened the pressure. Using only the palms of her hands now, Judyyanked up on his ass. He got the idea. Slowly, in time with herinsistent tugging, he began to fuck his cock against her belly, up anddown, spreading his gooey emission around the area of her navel. Whilehe continued this rhythm, she withdrew her hands from his buttocks,placed one on each of his shoulders and pushed him backwards. Heyielded, throwing his arms behind him to catch his weight as he sprawledto the floor. His legs unfolded and shot out straight, his ass crashedloudly onto the floor. He was flat on his back with his shouldersjerking harshly from the contact with the cold wood. But within a fewseconds, he became accustomed to the feel of the floor, and he lay theresubmissively, gazing up at Judy who knelt between his legs.
She wasted no time. She leaned forward until her head was hovering overhis hard-on. Her lips opened. She lowered her head more, feeling theheat of his erect penis as it neared her lips. Then she opened her mouthas wide as she could and bowed down lower. She tried to take the end ofhis cock into her mouth without having any of his flesh touch her. Shesucceeded at first, surrounding the first two inches of his tight fleshand breathing hot, tickling gusts of air onto it. The feel of Judy'swarm breath against George's tingling penis caused him to jerk. Judy'stongue was forced against the burning skin at the crown of his cock, thesalty taste of his semen driving her mad. She closed her soft lipstightly around the quivering staff. Her tongue went round and round andshe began to slurp greedily.
"Yeah, oh, yeah! You sure know how to blow a guy!" George praised,swiveling on his hips while pulling her head down farther against hiscock with both hands.
She almost choked as the full length of his penis was jammed to herthroat, but she managed to continue the sucking, working her tonguestill faster.
"Oh, yeah, baby, I ain't never had my cock sucked so good!" Georgehollered.
What bothered Judy most about George's utterance was that it was more acry for attention than a cry of passion. He was plenty hot, and he wassquirming around so frantically that she expected him to shoot his loadinto her mouth any second. Still, she knew what kind of a person he was,and she knew he was getting a childish delight in yelling out soeveryone else would look to see that he was, indeed, getting his penissucked. If Judy hadn't been so damned turned on, she might have beenangry. As it was, the feel of his cock thrust deeply into her mouth wasmaking her crazy with desire. She wanted to fuck - fuck like she neverhad fucked before. All around her the sexual actions of horny couplesadded to her runaway stimulation. She gurgled against George's erectionand hoped that he wouldn't squirt his load into her mouth. She wanted tofuck him. Now. Maybe a good fuck would do this socially ill-adjustedmale a lot of good.
She gave the tip of his cock a final flick with her tongue. Then shewithdrew her mouth.
"Wh-whatsa matter?" George said in a complaining voice.
She crawled over him, her arms stretched down with one hand to each sideof his head, her knees resting at opposite sides of his hips. She gazedstraight down at his face, a bitchy smirk written across her lips. Heryoung breasts dangled enticingly above him.
"Whatsa matter, yourself, Georgie!" she mocked, loud so everyone wouldhear. "Don't you want to screw - or are you afraid I'm too much tohandle."
Ralph, whose mouth was busy lapping at the virgin Susan's steaming cunt,let out a happy snicker.
Feeling his young manhood had been unfairly questioned, George shotback, "I'm gonna fuck you, Judy! I'm gonna fuck you good for sayingthat! I'm gonna fuck you like you ain't never been fucked before!"
She bent down to kiss him, mumbling, "Promises, promises!"
She let her knees slide back so that her hips automatically loweredtoward George's straining penis. The tip of his cock brushed the top ofher fluffy pubic forest. She squirmed until the crown was touching thesloppy-wet slit of her vagina. She kissed him madly while working herhips circularly so that his cock excited her puffy flesh just below herclitoris.
She was aware of the action around her. On the blanket Connie was havinganother orgasm, her legs lifted up and pointing straight out away fromher body, her stomach tense, a loud scream of pleasure beginning totrill from her throat. Linc still kept his pace as he fucked the girl,still determined to make it a long, pleasurable ride during which heintended to bring Connie to as many climaxes as he could. Across theblanket from where Judy was straddled over George's cock, Jack and Vitawere still engaged in a sixty-nine. Jack was grunting heatedly from ontop as he thrust his cock rapidly into Vita's receptive lips. Below,Vita was swept up in sexual madness. Her hips jumped up again and againto meet Jack's tongue. She twisted and strained as his lips washed theplane of her vagina, bathing her hot cunt in saliva and making her erectclitoris throb with her every heartbeat.
The sounds all around Judy were purely sexual and increasing in volumewith each passing minute. What most caught her attention as she rubbedher cunt back and forth across the tip of George's swollen penis was thesight of Susan and Ralph. The couple was only a few feet away from whereJudy and George lay, and Judy realized that she could reach out andtouch the other twosome if she wanted to. No longer was Ralph kissingSusan's vagina. Now he had taken a pillow from a chair and wedged itbeneath Susan's buttocks. He was on hands and knees above her, ready tojam his abnormally large erection into the sopped confines of her virginpussy. Susan was willing and ready to receive his cock. She was eagerlyanticipating being fucked by the strong manly body of the experiencedRalph. Her legs were stretched out wide apart, making her vagina easilyaccessible. Ralph had one hand on top of his penis, pushing the stifforgan down slightly to line it up with the babbling girl's vaginalentrance. The hot, crazy sounds that were pouring now from Susan's lipswere louder than any others in the room. She was sex-crazed anddesperate. Her hands were locked behind Ralph's shoulders, pulling himtoward her. Her nipples pointed up erectly toward his chest. Shetwitched and quivered, ripples of anticipation making her stomach bulgeand retreat in time with her labored breathing. If ever Judy had seen agirl more ready to be fucked than Susan, she couldn't remember when.
The sight had Judy so hot she felt she was going to come any time. Thesoft, circling contact of George's thick cock against the outer area ofher cunt was more than she could endure. With a long, tortured hiss,Judy used one hand to guide the groaning youth's penis into her humidchannel. She fell down atop him, her whole body resting flat on his. Thepenis jammed all the way into her in one easy thrust.
"Give it to me!" she whispered urgently in his ear. "I've got to have itnow! Please, please fuck me good!"
She gripped his shoulders and began to slide back and forth, theirperspiring flesh supplying a slick surface for Judy to slither. Her cuntbegan to contract harshly, gripping his cock time after time as shestruggled to skewer herself more deeply than was possible. She felt hishands on her ass, then his fingers curling around the sides of herbuttocks. First his fingertips were playing with the flowered-out lipsof her pussy where his penis was jammed into her. Then he danced hisfingers the short distance to her anus. Without any show of tenderness,he jabbed a finger all the way up her rectum. She cried out, searingpain blinding her because of the unexpected entry.
She stopped all movement, but George picked up the rhythm when sheceased her fucking. He made short punches with his hips, screwing intoher until the pain diminished for her and she gleefully joined him instriving frantically toward a climax.
"God! God, it's good!" she cried, not caring that her voice waspiercingly loud. She wanted everyone to hear just how hot she was."Fuck, fuck! Move your finger around in my ass! Yes! Fuck yes, baby!"
She sucked on George's tongue while she twisted her pelvis around like ademented bitch. Her clit was pulsating like mad, rubbing around on hisgroin, becoming more and more sensitive to the excruciating contact withhis genital hairs.
"Fuck, fuck!" she continued to rant. Her mind grew dizzy with lust.
She broke the kiss and gazed madly at the nearest couple, Susan andRalph. Ralph had inserted his cock into the virgin's cunt and was slowlyfeeding the full length of it into her.
"Aaahhhh! No ... go slow!" Susan whined up at Ralph.
Sensing that he was hurting her, Ralph withdrew several inches, thenpressed into her again, more slowly.
Susan's pained cry alerted George. He twisted his head and saw that hisvirgin girl friend was getting fucked.
"Stop!" he shouted. It was tormenting for him to see Ralph easing hiscock into the virgin he himself had hoped to fuck first. "Let me haveher first!" he groaned.
Ralph ignored George. He slipped his cock deeper into the ultra-tightpassage of Susan's never-before-fucked vagina. When Susan heard George'sshout of protest she had looked over at him, seen that he had hiserection squarely inserted into Judy's hot vagina, and turned herattention back to Ralph.
Judy, sensing that George was considering withdrawal of his penis sothat he could pull Ralph away from Susan, began to fuck more vigorously.As obnoxious as she found George sometimes, she didn't want to quitfucking him now. She needed him. She was within minutes of a shatteringorgasm and she couldn't deny it to herself. She craved it, she had tohave it.
"Oh, don't stop!" she screamed. "I have to come! Please, please don'tstop!"
Her stomach was glued to his by perspiration. She remained stretched outon top of his bulkier form, bucking and squirming so wildly that he lostinterest in the sexual gymnastics of Susan and Ralph. He began to lungeback mightily at the groaning, gasping girl above him. His finger playedwildly in her ass.
"Keep fucking!" he shouted. "Oh, wild, wild! You're a wild little bitch,ain't you!"
She answered him by making several powerful clutching contractionsaround his cock with her saturated vagina. She hissed fervently, and sheknew her orgasm was getting near.
Across the blanket, Jack and Vita had broken their sixty-nine. Thetan-skinned Vita had rolled onto the blanket and was now kissing Conniewetly on the mouth as the latter went rigid and experienced anotherclimax beneath Linc who still seemed to be in control of the situation.Vita was wildly massaging her clitoris.
Even in her insane state of arousal, Judy noticed that Jack and Vita hadseparated. Since she hadn't heard Jack's familiar groan of orgasm, shewondered why they had dissolved their sixty-nine. Then suddenly sheknew.
Her hips were being tugged up. Jack had wedged his fingers between herbody and George's and was gripping her pelvic bone with his strongfingers.
She slowed her fucking momentarily, then found that she was too arousedto curtail her twisting actions. George's cock was driving into her,inciting her lust-maddened body to a state of absolute sexual bliss.Even as Jack lifted her hips until her stomach was separated fromGeorge's by a full foot, she kept churning around. Beneath her Georgearched off the floor, slamming his tightly stretched erection hard intothe quivering confines of her pussy.
"What are you doing?" she managed to gasp as she felt Jack's hand pryingGeorge's finger out of her rectum. The digit slipped from the elasticpassage, and she felt a cooling emptiness. She tightened her buttocks,wanting desperately to have something plugged into the hot, convulsingpassage of her ass. While still twisting about crazily, savoring thefeel of George's thick, fucking cock, she removed one hand from hisshoulder and reached behind her. Her fingers crept across her buttocksinto the deep separating valley. But when she touched near her analopening, Jack gently, but sternly, pushed her hand aside.
"What are you going to do?" she gasped loudly.
Beneath her a smug George supplied the answer.
"He's going to fuck your cherry ass, that's what! And you're going tolove it!"
It was true, her ass was virgin. Often it had been invaded by a boy'sdeep-thrust finger during copulation, and frequently she drove her ownfinger up her ass while masturbating. But it had never been fucked, andthe thought that her usually gentle Jack was about to jam his bigerection into her rectum was too much. Her mind spun out of control witha mixture of fear and eagerness.
"Yeah," she heard herself choke excitedly. "Yeah, Jack, I want it! Fuckme, fuck my ass!"
She twisted even more aggressively on George, and the boy gruntedheatedly as he surged up at her flooded cunt. So much juice was pouringfrom her vagina that Judy could feel a great sticky mass of it runningdown her open thighs. Suddenly she was aware of another wetness. Withoutslowing her pace, she turned her head to look back over her shoulder.Jack held a bottle of lotion in one hand and was spreading the gummycream around her anus with the other. The cool contact of the lotionwith her sensitive ass made her cry out harshly.
George fucked up at her furiously, his hands on her ass cheeks,spreading them wide while Jack applied the lubricant.
She was going to come, but she didn't want to. Not yet. Not until herboy friend's cock was imbedded in her anus.
Things began to happen so suddenly that her mind couldn't keep up withit all. Jack's fingers played around in the tight opening of her ass,stretching her entrance, rubbing the lotion around the orifice. Then,while she bucked down insanely upon George, Jack was up above her, hishands on her elbows to steady himself. She felt his stomach flushagainst the top of her buttocks, his penis brushing back and forth inher anal canyon. Then he removed one hand from her elbow and she felthim guiding his cock against her puckered, tight anus.
She cried out in fear.
For a short moment she ceased all movement, but then she felt unable torestrain herself, and she squirmed and twisted more wildly than ever.While George held her ass cheeks wide open, Jack made the penetration.The blunt end of his erect cock pushed her flesh inward. Even with theabundance of lotion, the entrance was difficult.
"Uunngghh!" Judy wailed as the first quarter-inch of her boy friend'spenis entered her tight ass.
Jack leaned over her and breathed hotly on her neck. Then he kissed hershoulder lightly, a kiss meant to assure her that everything was goingto be all right. And she felt less afraid. She trusted him.
George was nearly ready to ejaculate. She could tell by looking into hisglazed-over eyes and hearing the way he was wheezing and bellowing hisbreath up at her. He was no longer disciplined in his movements. Hislunges had become untimed and choppy as he struggled to climax. Itdidn't matter to Judy. She realized that her movements were just asfrantic and uncontrolled. That was what fucking was supposed to be, andit was beautiful.
"Ah, no!" she shouted as Jack's cock sank a full inch into her ravishedrectum. The pain was searing, her anus stretched out beyond its intendedlimits.
He stopped his intrusion, leaving his cock imbedded in her by scarcelymore than an inch. She stopped completely in her gyrations, but her cuntstill made voluntary contractions around George's penis.
Jack's lips were near her ear and she could hear his heavy, unsteadybreathing as he began to lose control of himself. All at once he gasped,"It's all right, Judy, it won't hurt for long!" And with a deep groan ofpure lust, he thrust his pelvis at her.
"Ahhh!" she cried as she felt the walls of her tunnel splitting apart.His cock was going deep, deeper, and tears of pain came instantly to hereyes as his staff forced its unwelcome way into her virgin asshole. "No,no, no!" she wailed, but it was too late.
His phallus was jammed all the way in, the pain shooting in hot-coldflashes up her spine.
"Don't move," she whimpered. "Don't move, please."
And he didn't, but beneath her George seemed to have less pity. Hecontinued his wild pumping, fucking her quaking, nearly climaxing cuntmore vigorously than ever.
"Oooo! Oh, no!" she sobbed as the intense pain still throbbed throughouther abused rectum.
At the same time, Susan groaned in pained ecstasy as Ralph rammedthrough her hymen. Susan's hot cry sent shivers of lust raging throughJudy. Judy remembered how it had been when she herself had surrenderedher virginity - that hot, angry pain, the diminishing agony replacedquickly by rampant desire. It had been so lovely. And there, not twofeet away from her, Susan was experiencing it at this very instant. Andover on the blanket Connie was still engaged in a long, hard fuck thathad already brought her four orgasms, and Vita was hotly sucking Con'sbreast while Linc panted above. Everything was so sexy.
Jack's aggressive thrust into Judy's virgin ass had sent her back downupon George. Jack had caught himself on both outstretched arms and nowrested half of his weight upon Judy. She felt utterly helpless andsurrounded as she was sandwiched between the two sweating young males.Crushed as she was, she found breathing difficult, but she didn't care.Nothing mattered except the absolute, undeniable fact that she was aboutto come.
Slowly, with measured caution, Jack began to make rhythmic strokes withhis penis. Her ass still ached, but the pain had lessened. Her anuscontracted again and again around his cock in an effort to expel theinvading staff, but gradually these contractions lessened, too. Soon thecock was sliding easily, the lotion having provided ample lubrication.Then a new, more intense feeling began to build within her. Judy couldonly whimper as the thrill of her dual fucking sent her mind reelingcrazily.
"Fuck me, both of you!" she shouted.
Jack increased his pace, drawing his cock out two inches, and thenslamming it back again. He repeated this over and over, his ballsslamming against her juicy outer cunt where George's cock was inserted.George and Jack were both grunting fitfully. Neither could hold out forlong, particularly Jack who had been sucked just short of ejaculation byVita and who now was being held tightly by his girl's never-fuckedrectum. Judy's whimpering became loud and feverish. She was going tocome - one more stroke, one more.
Her attention was drawn to Susan who suddenly cried, "Yes, come insideme!" and went completely rigid, her heels drumming into the hardwoodfloor, her buttocks squirming down into the pillow as Ralph unloaded.
Susan was wild. Her head was rolling around as if it weren't attached toher neck. Her thigh muscles were bulged out, the cords in her neck wereprominent.
Ralph jerked mightily as he groaned and pumped his seed into the nolonger virgin girl. His expert technique had been more than Susan hadexpected, and now she panted and strained without a trace of sanity.
Beneath Judy, George was coming. He let out a deep grunt and stiffenedas his cock swelled and shot his sperm up into the girl's vagina. Theslamming semen triggered Judy's climax, and she shouted, "Now, now,now!" and reached across to Susan. She grabbed Susan's hand and squeezedtightly, and the squeeze was returned. While the two girls cametogether, hands locked, a woman-to-woman bond was formed between them.
"Oh, God!" Susan cried. "It's still happening! I'm still... coming! Oh,oh, oh!"
Judy felt the novel sensation of Jack's sperm jetting into her rectum.George was still spouting the last of his semen into her cunt, her ownclimax making her entire body shudder. Jack's juices overflowed herrectum and poured along her thighs, joining with George's gushing out ofher vagina. She kept coming, and Susan kept coming, and Ralph and Georgeand Jack.
A boisterous male sigh told her that, on the blanket, Linc was finallyejaculating into Con's vagina, and Con was coming again. Vita, stillsucking Con's breast, had fingered herself to her own orgasm and wassquirming around all over the blanket. Everyone was coming at once.Everyone's lust had been ignited by everyone else's. And it wasbeautiful, Judy thought, beautiful.
She was actually sobbing out her joy as finally the spurting cocks inher cunt and rectum calmed and began to shrink slowly.
*     *     *
The whole night was wild and wonderful. It was beautiful for Judy to seehow hotly Susan responded to Linc and Jack and George after having beena virgin only hours before. It was beautiful for Judy to have fuckedRalph and Line. Connie had kissed her vagina until she had come, andthat had been beautiful. All the twosomes and threesome and foursomeswere beautiful. Sex was beautiful and natural, and Judy wondered whysome people thought it was dirty and perverted. While sitting with herfriends late that night, smoking pot and recuperating from the wildhours of steady sex, Judy thought of her mother. If only there were someway to make Mom less uptight. Her father's brush with the law was reallyturning Arlene French into a pathetic human being, and Judy wanted to dosomething about it. Why couldn't Arlene become turned on to life and tosex and to beauty the way her daughter was? Judy tried to picture herpuritanical mother in bed with a man other than her father. The conceptseemed shocking, yet ...
Judy passed the joint to Jack who sat naked beside her. She giggled outloud. A wicked, monstrous, devious, but beautiful plan was forming inher sweet little head!

Chapter 4

Hal French, his head hung down in silence, listened as the judge passedsentence upon him. The trial had taken only a few hours; the judge'sguilty verdict had come swiftly. Because Hal's employer was somewhatsympathetic toward the plight of the long-time servant, only a smallportion of the money stolen was reported. The charge had been pettytheft rather than grand theft. Hal heard the judge decree a term of onemonth in the county jail and an additional ten-month period ofprobation. It was a less severe sentence than he or Arlene had expected.
Arlene rose from her seat in the courtroom upon hearing the sentence.She went forward to where her husband stood and threw herself in hisarms. They kissed briefly, and she wondered how she was going to survivethese next thirty days without him. Moreover she wondered how she couldface her friends and neighbors, and she wondered whether Hal would everbe able to get another job. What would become of him? What would thefuture be like? Would they ever be a proud mother and father again -proud of their children and themselves? She said good-bye to Hal softly,trying not to show just how shattered and undignified she felt standingin the middle of the courtroom. She promised him she would take goodcare of their son and daughter, and, of course, she promised to befaithful.
It was shortly after midnight, less than a week after Hal had begunspending his month in jail. Arlene lay in bed, restless, trying tosleep. Judy was in her brother's room, sitting on the edge of his bed,talking while his hand rode delicately up and down her soft inner thigh.
This wasn't the first time Bill and Judy had been in bed together.Frequently they shared intimate caresses, stroking, kissing, huggingeach other. Never had they experienced intercourse, and neither of themhad ever expressed a desire to do so. But they both felt something warmand rewarding about their open, loving relationship. They talked oftenof their most personal problems and feelings. For Judy, Bill was theonly person in the world to really communicate with on a deep level.They had always been close to each other, squabbling less than theaverage brother and sister, showing compassion and empathy even yearsago. It seemed only natural to them both the first time they had fondledeach other - and it seemed natural now.
"Mmm!" Judy purred at her brother's touch.
He sat with his legs crossed Indian-style, the mattress creaking beneathhim whenever he shifted his weight. Judy had her feet on the carpet, herlegs stretched out leisurely in front of her as she thrilled to Bill'sgentle stroking of her thigh. They were facing the same direction, Judystaring across the room, glimpsing herself and her brother in a mirrorwhich was mounted atop a dresser. The very dim nightlight seemed to makeeverything sensuous and erotic.
Bill leaned forward to breathe down the back of Judy's neck, causing herto shiver happily.
Judy fixed her gaze into the mirror, admiring the way herfifteen-year-old brother's muscles bulged through the thin fabric of hispajamas. His long hair really turned her on. God, she thought, he'sgoing to make some girl one hell of a husband some day! He really has agorgeous body. And then she stared at herself, too, noting how sexy shelooked with her legs outstretched, and the transparent nightie clinginggently to her hips and breasts. She breathed hotly.
"She's a fantastic lay," Bill whispered in answer to an earlierquestion. He was referring to Barbara, the wife next door. For the pastfifteen minutes he and his sister had been freely discussing eachother's recent sex experiences. It was no secret that they both gotturned on hearing about those intimate things which the average uptightbrother and sister never talked about.
"I'll bet she is!" Judy said, squirming suddenly as Bill's finger wenthigher, nearly touching the bushy hair around her vagina. She wanted himto touch her cunt. His teasing caresses were making her crazy.
But he continued to tease while describing in detail his most recentfucking of their neighbor. During the account, his fingers dippedseveral times into the sopping-wet clutching lips of Judy's cunt. But henever left his hand there for more than two seconds. He was tormentingher deliberately, and she knew that sooner or later she would beg him torub her clitoris, just the way she had begged so many other times. Theywould probably end up like always, their hands busy on each other'sgenitals, bringing each other to orgasm.
There was something special on Judy's mind, though, and she wanted totalk to her brother about it before her lust made her too hot to think.
It was the reason she had slipped into Bill's room so late at night.
These past several days she had witnessed further deterioration of hermother's emotional state. The woman never smiled, she bitched more aboutthe way Judy dressed and the length of Bill's hair. Her whole world wasbroken into tiny bits, and she seemed to have nothing left to live for.She never talked about Hal's arrest, yet that seemed to be the onlything on her mind. But she's so pretty, Judy thought, and so young justthirty-three - and it's not too late for her to live a more rewardinglife! Despite the ideological differences between her and her mother,Judy truly loved the woman. Tonight Judy had thought again of theoutrageous scheme she had devised at the recent party by the lake. Theway to broaden her mother's mind was through sex. She had learned from apsychology book the importance sex plays in developing a well-balancedpersonality. And she knew from observing the girls in her class. Thosewho were leading open, honest sex lives were always happiest and moretolerant of other people and things. Those who were still virgins or whofelt guilty about their sex experiences were unhappy and insecure aboutother things. Her mother, Judy felt, fitted into this latter category.She was unhappy, bitchy, conservative and strict because she had neverhad a really satisfying sexual experience. And Judy intended to dosomething about this. She knew exactly the right male to seduce hermother - Ralph Young, handsome, experienced Ralph. Judy had takencareful note of the sex-hungry way Arlene had eyed Ralph whenever hevisited Bill. Judy would bet a month's allowance that her mother thoughtabout Ralph when she masturbated. And her mother did masturbate. Severaltimes at night when her father was away, Judy had heard Arlene alone inbed gasping in sexual heat. Yes, Ralph was just the person to fuckArlene right out of her uptight mind and into sensual awareness.
"Bill, I've got to talk about something serious!" Judy said, halfpanting as she brought her legs tightly together in an effort to stopher brother from petting her for the time being.
"What is it, Sis?" His hand was trapped between the overheated flesh ofher thighs. He stopped his movements and waited for her to answer.
"It's about Mom," she whispered.
"What about her?" Bill grumbled, somewhat irritated at this sudden andunexpected change of subject.
Judy shifted around, drawing her feet up off the floor and repositioningherself on the bed. She sat facing her brother, her knees drawn up toher breasts and her arms wrapped around her shins for support. Bill'shand had been forced to leave the area of her thighs, and he now satcross-legged, his hands limp and to his sides, looking at his sister inher see-through nightie.
"Don't you see how unhappy Mom's been lately?" Judy probed.
"Yeah, I guess so."
"Why do you think that is?"
Bill didn't like it when his sister took on a pretense of superiorityand peppered him with probing questions, but he knew she was trying toget at something, so he answered. "Because of Dad's being in jail andher being alone ..."
"No!" Judy interrupted. "That's only a small part of it. She isn'tgetting enough sex, that's her problem."
A small frown gathered on Bill's forehead as he considered this laststatement. He never thought about his mother's sex life. In fact, theconcept of his mother in bed fucking made him uneasy. And yet, here washis pretty sister bringing the subject right into the open as if it werethe most natural thing in the world. He thought about what Judy hadsaid. His mother wasn't getting enough sex. Yes, now that Judy hadblurted out the words, it seemed perfectly obvious to him. But where wasthis conversation leading? What would his sister say next?
She said nothing at all for a while. Bill's eyes timidly traveled upfrom her legs where he'd been staring. His glance crossed her juttingbreasts and lifted more until he was looking her straight in the eyes.There was a certain electricity passing between them. They had alwaysbeen able to talk guiltlessly about sexual matters. But this - thissexual matter about their own mother presented a new barrier. But thebarrier was crumbling. As they stared deeply into each other's eyes, anew understanding formed between them. Simultaneously, knowing smilesformed on their lips.
"What our mother needs is ..." Judy said at last, letting her voice fadeinto silence.
They giggled then, happily, suddenly, and together they finished Judy'ssentence: "A GOOD FUCK!"
They began to laugh hysterically, trying to stifle their gleefulgiggles, but barely succeeding. It was all so outrageous and wicked, butthey had said the words together, and now it was right out there in theopen. Their mother needed a good fuck. They had agreed on it. And now itwas easy for Judy to tell Bill about the plan she had, how she and herbrother would go somewhere tomorrow night, and how Ralph would come tothe house to seduce their mother.
Even as she was spilling out the plan to her somewhat uneasy butattentive brother, his hand had again gone between her legs and she hadopened her knees to let him play with her. His fingers did not teasearound her inner thighs this time. Instead he placed a finger directlyon her vagina. She gasped as she felt his touch against her wildlyexcited clitoris, and she spread her legs still wider. She reciprocatedinstantly, her hand going to the front of his pajamas and finding hiscock pushing up at the thin material.
She squeezed tightly.
"Ah, Sis!" he cried.
"You want to make me come, baby brother?" she teased.
He hated to be called baby brother except at times like this. Underthese circumstances, his sister's words meant something different. Shemeant baby brother in a loving, deeply sexual way, and he thrilled tothe hot tone of her voice.
"Take your pajamas off, baby brother!" she whispered, her eyes stillfixed heatedly on his. Her lips were open, her tongue making sexualcircuits of her mouth.
Bill withdrew his hand from Judy's warm cunt. He undid the buttons alongthe front of his pajama shirt. Then he discarded the garment and rolledback onto his shoulders, his legs in the air while he worked his pantsup across his knees, over his feet and off. As he stripped, Judy pulledher nightie over her head and flung it aside to join his pajamas on thefloor.
Again they stared at each other for a long moment, their eyes magnetizedby passion.
Judy's gaze dropped. She saw his hugely erect penis and couldn'trestrain a hot gurgle from forming in her throat. She reached for thecock, felt it ooze sticky liquid into her palm as she stroked it. Herbrother lay flat on his back, and she crawled up beside him whilecontinuing to hold his penis. She kissed him. It was a wet, savage kissthat conveyed to him exactly how horny she really felt. Judy couldn'tremember ever feeling so turned on. It always got her excited when shetouched her own brother's erection, but tonight she was especiallyhorny. The long discussion with Bill during which he had told her how hehad fucked Barbara next door and she had related the way in which sheacted at the cabin - that made her plenty hot. And his skillful pettingcoupled with the lewd talk about getting Ralph to fuck their mother - itwas too much. She was one solid hunk of seething, tingling female flesh.
While she kissed her brother, she leaned into him. She straightened herlegs to parallel his. Her pelvis pressed against his hip, her vaginaslid against the top of his nearest thigh. The sensation wasoverpowering. Like a feverish whore she began to rock up and downagainst him. The pressure she exerted caused her cunt lips to open andsuck onto his flesh as she squirmed.
She squeezed his cock harder and moved up and down against his leg withwilder determination. She wanted to fuck herself against her brother'sthigh, fuck fast and furious until she came. The bed made crazy noisesof protest which blended with her gasps and his.
"I'm so hot! Oh, Billy, you'd never believe how hot I am!" she murmuredinto his open mouth.
He responded by looping his hips madly off the mattress, fucking up ather clutching hand.
Her cunt lips grew more puffy as she rubbed them against his thigh, andit seemed like the syrupy liquid would never stop flooding out of hervagina. She thought, God, I've never been so wet! What's happening tome? She positioned herself more on top of him, mashing her breastswildly into his chest. She threw one leg up over his thigh so that oneknee was between his legs. She was now able to grind straight down uponhis thigh, applying more pressure. Sparks of erotic sensation danced inher brain. She french kissed Bill so hotly that they both found troublebreathing.
Then she wiggled up a little higher and worked her way more to thecenter of his body so that his cock touched the hot edge of her cunt.
Had it happened accidentally? Judy wondered. Or had she done it onpurpose? Was it possible that in her madly aroused condition she haddeliberately guided her brother's erection against her cunt? Had shesubconsciously wanted her brother's hot young penis pressed against herpassion-soaked vulva?
Did she want to get fucked by her own brother?
She didn't have any answers. She only knew she was going crazy with thefeel of his penis touching between her legs. She told herself silentlyto move away, to reposition herself so she could again work her cunt upand down against his thigh. But she felt physically unable to complywith her own wishes. She held her body perfectly still, only her handmoving. As she squeezed along the thick trunk of his cock, she felt thecrown bulging out against the swollen lips of her sensitized vulva.
Wrestling her tongue aside with his own, Bill managed to blurt, "Put itin, Sis!"
Her brother's direct plea only served to augment her already incrediblelust. A throbbing dizziness engulfed her brain. Still, she couldn't puthis penis inside her - she just couldn't. But why not? She'd doneeverything else with Bill besides fuck him. Why not that, too? Why not...
Incest! No, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Even though her bodycraved to be fucked, ached and lusted as it never had before, shecouldn't make the simple twist of her wrist that would have guided herbrother's rock-hard cock into her flooded and tingling vagina.
He lunged up at her, and her instant response was to push down on hiscock until it was mashed flat against his belly with no chance of makingthe penetration. She felt more of his semen escape onto her fingers asshe pressed hard.
"Please, Sis!" he whined.
She pulled her mouth back from his and stared into his desperate eyes.
"I can't," she gasped.
"Why? Fuck me, Sis, please, fuck me! Why not?"
That same question - why? Why did she feel so reluctant to initiate theact? Intellectually, she saw nothing wrong with it. Was she beingprudish? If it wasn't wrong, why was she denying herself something shewanted so badly?
"I can't wait, Sis! I gotta fuck you! Please!"
Beneath her he arched his body, struggling to free his imprisoned cockfrom her hand. His fingers went behind her thighs, then around, then upuntil they slid around the gooey rear area of her vagina.
She hissed hotly down on him. She whimpered, and her hips began tosquirm from side to side.
"Please, just this once!" Bill begged.
"I'll jack you off instead," she said, her words coming in brokenwheezes of passion.
"Yes, let me jack you off, baby brother, and you can come all over meand ..."
"Please!" His voice was becoming higher in pitch. "Put it in! I justgotta fuck you, Judy!"
She continued to shift her weight. The thick bottom end of his erectionrubbed back and forth against her cunt lips, making her gasp hotly. Thepressure was teasing her clitoris, making the knob ache for release.
"We can suck each other!" she whispered as a last resort, her voicealmost obliterated because of her harsh panting.
"Fuck!" he hissed. He had tried to utter a full sentence, but that wasthe only word that had come out. He said it once more, more forcefully.
"You're my brother!" she said.
"So what?" His response was immediate.
So what! The words cut like a hot sword into Judy's brain. Why was shebeing so irrational? She prided herself on her logic; her classmateslooked to her for leadership. And here she was acting like her mother -putting restrictions on herself without any logical reason. And here washer own brother, whom she considered less mature than herself mentally,making a mockery of her inhibitions. So what, he had said. So what if hewas her brother. She did want to fuck him. She was hot out of her skull.Her whole body was alive with desire, her breath coming in chaoticspurts, her vagina soaked with the evidence of her need.
She repositioned her body without really thinking about it. She slid upseveral inches and loosened the firm downward pressure of her handagainst Bill's penis. Once again, the head of his cock brushed thepuffed-out folds of her vulva, as an ultra-hot surge of lust swept upher spine.
"Yeah! Do it, Sis! Shove it in!"
She was almost beyond control now. Yet, from her quivering lips came thewords, "Just around the outside! I'll let you rub it around the outsideof my pussy!"
But Bill was too aroused to compromise. He twisted his hips in an effortto jam his penis into his sister's overheated channel. His wrists weretight against the backs of her thighs, his fingers holding the lips ofher pussy wide open.
Despite Judy's whimpering protests, she held her legs wide open andsecretly hoped that his cock would thrust into her cunt - maybe just aninch or so, and then she could expel it right away.
His erection battered against the opening of her vagina. The whole headof it sank in for a split second. The agonizing thrill was more thanJudy had expected, and she cried out hotly. But then, because they wereboth squirming so frantically, the crown slipped back out and restedagainst her vulva just below her clitoris.
She looked down at her brother's face and saw the raw, twisted lustwritten on him. His mouth gaped open once, but he said nothing.
Then he was pleading, "Judy! Please, oh, Sis, let me fuck you! I'll doanything! Please!"
The feel of his cock raking back and forth across her clitoris as heswiveled his hips was too much for Judy to endure. She knew the fightwas over, and she was glad. She splayed her legs still wider until hertoes were digging into the sheets on each side of his ankles.
"All right!" she hissed. "I'm going to fuck you, little brother! I'mgoing to fuck you like crazy! Just tonight, just this once and neveragain!"
Then she threw her whole weight down on him, covering his mouth with ajamming soul kiss while her hand helped his erection slip into theunbelievably wet pit between her thighs.
"Oh, yes!" she groaned as the staff glided into her slit.
He was all the way in. They froze for ten seconds, growing accustomed tothe feel of each other. Then Judy began to move. She lifted her ass andslammed her belly down against him. She screwed hard and briskly,panting both from arousal and exertion. She was powerless to oppose thestorm of sexual bliss that consumed her. All her energy, her everytwitch and quiver, was directed against her brother's hard young cock.She wanted it. She wanted his sperm to fill her, to overflow and minglewith her own juices. She wanted to give Billy one hell of a ride; shewanted him to know just how good a fuck she really was.
Their tongues stirred about in each other's mouth. They moaned withtheir lips sucking together. Judy's tits tickled deliciously as shebrushed them against Bill's soft, sweating chest.
"Give it to me, Billy!" she wailed. "Fuck your come right up into me!"
He was jerking spastically beneath her. It thrilled her to know how hotshe was making him. She clutched with her cunt, making him moan louderand squirm.
She spread her legs wider than she thought possible, the musclesscreaming silently in her thighs. Her toenails scratched viciouslyacross the sheets. Her arms flung up above their heads, her fingerscurling into the pillow.
"Keep fucking, Sis!" His cry was followed by a long, inhuman groan thatsent a thrill sailing up Judy's spine.
His fingers still spread her cunt open wide while he jammed himself intoher. His thumbs played with her anus, one wedging into the spongyopening and making her scream in tormented ecstasy.
"Ah, ahh, aahhh! Fuck me, baby brother! Fuck me, fuck me! I'm going tocome already! You, too! Yes, come too, Billy! Come, come, come, come!"The sound of her own heated words mingling with Bill's bellowing gaspsexcited Judy beyond belief. She had never known such sexual hunger. Herwhole self seemed aflame; every inch of her quaking, perspiring bodyseemed to crave release.
Then her orgasm was upon her - a thunderous, straining climax that senther bucking around like a demented whore on top of her horny brother.
She stretched out stiffly, her fingernails ripping through thepillowcase, her hair hanging down into Bill's contorted face,perspiration running wildly from her forehead. Her cunt clasped andcontracted, milking at the rapidly driving penis.
Bill cried piteously and arched his body rigidly at her. He came.
"Oh, Sis, now! I'm shooting it in you!" he grunted.
She bit lightly against his lips, feeling the blast of sperm crash withgreat force against the inner walls of her convulsing pussy. Shewhimpered, then screamed.
"Yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck!" she sobbed. And she kept coming.
His sperm spilled out of her pussy in a hot river, gushing down over herthighs and his testicles, dampening the sheets. And she continued toclimax right along with him, her mind oblivious to everything but sex asshe made stiff, jitterish movements with her hips and blurted out herpassion in throaty sobs. She clenched her buttocks around his probingthumbs and howled in pleasure as his fingers played around the edges ofher throbbing cunt where the juices spilled out.
"It's so good!" she finally managed to say when the heat of her climaxhad ebbed somewhat. The last waves of their orgasms faded, and they wereleft lying limply, gasping, their muscles lifeless.
They parted finally, but she didn't leave his bedroom. They talked aboutthe plan, scheming how Bill would approach Ralph with the request thatthe boy seduce their mother. It was so deliciously thrilling, lyingnaked in bed with her younger brother, talking about it.
Ten minutes after they had finished their first fuck, Judy spread herlegs so that Bill could climb above her. She hadn't really believed theywould never do it again.
*     *     *
Arlene had thought she'd heard strange noises coming from Bill's room,but she was too wound up in her own lust to investigate.
Her dirty little fantasy was recurring, causing her to drive her fingerspowerfully into her aroused vagina as she rolled between the sheets. Shecouldn't help herself. It was happening again and she couldn't stop it.
"Ralph!" she whispered hoarsely, tossing about beneath her own expertcaresses. "Fuck me, Ralph! Fuck me!"

Chapter 5

Arlene tried to pretend her husband was merely away on business, but hermind refused to be tricked. She felt empty and lonely.
Hal was in jail.
She couldn't imagine how he was coping with the situation. Such a proud,upstanding man. Did he exchange friendly talk with the other prisoners?Or did he simply keep his eyes cast low and never speak at all? Thesethoughts pained Arlene so much that she forced her mind to wander toimages less disquieting. She forced herself not to worry about hercommunity standing, forced herself not to think about how she and Halwould feel toward each other when he was released from jail in threeweeks. What she thought about was Judy. How warm and loving her daughterhad acted today. And it wasn't a special sort of day at all - noholiday, nobody's birthday or anniversary. Judy was such a wonderfuldaughter. Perhaps Arlene worried too much about the girl's manner ofdressing and her obvious flirtations around boys. She should put moretrust in Judy, Arlene decided. Her daughter was too bright and tooself-respecting to let those boys have their way with her. The more shethought about it, the more certain Arlene became that Judy wouldn't letany boys get into her pants.
Even though she was certain of this, the mere thought of some boybetween her daughter's legs sent strange shivers storming to Arlene'sbrain.
Were they shivers of revulsion? Or were they shivers of excitement?
Arlene was in bed. It was eight at night, and both Bill and Judy were ata party. The fact that her children were partying on Monday night withschool tomorrow struck Arlene as odd. But Judy had been especially sweetand thoughtful ever since she got home from school this afternoon. Itwould have been awkward for Arlene to have objected when her daughterhad mentioned the party tonight at dinner.
Arlene's hand had seemed to slip between her thighs of its own accord.Realizing she was beginning to masturbate, she yanked her hand away andflushed the image of Judy and an unknown lover from her brain. What'sthe matter with me? she scolded mentally. Thinking about her owndaughter like that. And... and enjoying it.
Aloud she grumbled, "And what the hell do you think you're doing in bed,anyway, Arlene French?" No sooner had Bill and Judy gone out the doorthan she'd stripped, got into her housecoat and flopped onto the bed.
She made what she thought was a legitimate effort to get out of bed. Butshe managed only to turn onto her side. She felt her clitoris hammeringone lustful throb after another. As her hand once more crept down towardher vagina, she ordered it to stop. She willed her hand to fall limplyto her side - but it didn't. It was as if two separate parts of herbrain were waging war, the decent, rational part against the forces oflust. And lust was winning.
Her fingers danced up under the hem of her housecoat, going directly tothe ultra-slick, distended lips of her cunt.
Quivering tremors of excitement shot through her. Her legs openedautomatically as she rolled onto her back again. The tip of one wigglingfinger stabbed the cunt's threshold, the hot flesh lubricating theinvading digit. Arlene groaned hotly. She rocked on her hips. Her otherhand went quickly to join the first. Several fingers now teased aroundthe edges of her orifice. She fucked up at her fingers, babblingthroatily, squirming.
She knew she had no control. She was going to make herself come again,just like that night. Just like the night before last. Just like always.She was going to fingerfuck herself again because she couldn't help it.
Expelling a harsh, lustful sigh, she spoke aloud. "Damn you, Arlene! Allright, all right! You want to make yourself come, so let's get it overwith! For God sakes, don't spend all night playing with yourself!"
She kept one hand busy against her crotch as she rolled on one side andreached for the nightstand drawer. She quickly fumbled to the rear ofthe drawer, finding the scarf which held her cherished tools ofmasturbation. She unwrapped the candle, set it aside and grabbed thebattery-powered vibrator.
She wasted no time. Flicking the switch at the base of the five-inchlong, one-and-a-half inch wide, phallic-shaped vibrator, she slipped itbeneath her housecoat. She didn't linger around the edges of her cunt.She jammed it right in - all the way. It buzzed, a low-pitched buzzingthat accompanied the lightning-quick tremors. God, what a thrillingsensation. No hands could ever duplicate the fantastic effect. And itwould go on and on as long as she could endure the exquisite pleasure.
Sometimes she could come within a minute of inserting the smooth plasticshaft into her vagina. She felt now that she was going to be able toclimax almost instantly.
While one hand clutched the base of the vibrator, holding the objectfirmly, her other hand played around one side of her clitoris, makingthe mini-erection throb wildly though she never touched it.
The intense vibrations seemed to draw the juices from the inner walls ofher vagina in a never-ceasing flood. The glue-like substance poured outof her cunt, sticking to her fingers and thighs, matting her pubichairs. She danced around helplessly on the mattress, striving, striving,striving ...
The doorbell rang.
"Damn it!" Arlene moaned, and for several seconds she made no move toget off the bed. She merely continued to fondle her lust-aching cunt,shoving the vibrator up her passage as deep as it would go.
Her muscles twitched and fluttered, her thighs rippling tautly as shestretched and relaxed, stretched, relaxed. The sensations were:unbelievably intense, and she had to come. She had to.
Again the doorbell.
"Oh, damn!" she almost shouted. She rolled to the edge of the bed andsat up, her brain dizzy and confused. Reluctantly, she switched off thevibrator and, pulling the slick object out of her vagina and placing itbeneath her pillow, she stood up.
Her legs were shaky. She adjusted her housecoat and staggered out of thebedroom, down the hall, through the living room.
She cracked the front door open slightly, and said, "Who is it?" Hervoice was hollow and annoyed.
"Ralph," came the reply.
She opened the door fully. She tried to smile. She really liked Ralph.He was so well-mannered, so polite. She wished that all of Bill'sfriends were like Ralph, that way she wouldn't have to worry about herson. Sometimes she had hinted to Judy that Ralph would make a good boyfriend. Then there was the disquieting thing about Ralph. Ralph, Ralph,Ralph. His name seemed to sing through Arlene's mind all day long. Butit wasn't his fault. He was just a bright, personable boy, and he hadnever done anything to encourage Arlene's perversion. Perversion? Yes,what else was it? A grown woman constantly masturbating and oftenthinking about the handsome sixteen-year-old Ralph as she fingeredherself.
She could hardly look him in the eye as he stood in the doorway. Shefelt guilty. She had used the mental image of this boy while she madeherself come. That was ugly, dirty, unnatural. How could she ever lookRalph in the eyes with this terrible deep secret burdening her?
"Hello, Mrs. French. I came by to borrow Bill's science textbook. I lostmine, and he said I could borrow his."
"Bill's out at a party right now," she told the boy. Then she added,gazing down at her bare feet, "But I'm sure it would be all right if youjust went into his room and got it."
She stepped aside and let the smiling Ralph enter. He closed the doorbehind him, and Arlene felt a hot shiver in her groin. God, I'm alone inthe house with Ralph!
For some reason, unclear even to herself, she followed Ralph to herson's bedroom. She trusted Ralph, and it would have been perfectlynatural for her to let him go into the room unescorted. But still shestood in the doorway while the boy rummaged through Bill's drawers andcloset.
Arlene realized with amazement that she was getting more aroused.Watching Ralph was turning her on, and she tried to fight it. But themere nearness of the boy sent undeniable waves of lust through her.Several times Ralph turned to look at Arlene.
Could he tell she was aroused? she wondered. Did he know she wascompletely naked beneath her housecoat? Could he sense that her nippleswere firm and aching? That her thighs were smeared with her own seepingpassion juice? That she was deliberately contracting her vagina againand again while she watched him?
Despite her revulsion, her mind conjured up the lewd, lewd image of herand Ralph tangling naked on her son's bed. She pictured herself fuckingthe surprised Ralph, bucking around like some cheap gutter whore.
"No!" she gasped aloud.
"What?" Ralph asked, turning to face her.
"Nothing, oh, nothing!" she said. "I was just talking to myself." Shetried to breathe normally, but she knew that Ralph had detected theshrill excitement in her voice.
She couldn't stand there any longer.
Fighting to control herself, she said, "You'll have to excuse me, Ralph.I was taking a nap when you rang the doorbell, and I'm still prettytired. You just look until you find the book, and lock the door behindyou when you leave the house."
"Okay, thanks, Mrs. French." His voice sent ripples of pleasure throughher whole body.
My God! she thought. He's such a nice kid, how can I think such dirtythoughts about him? What's wrong with you, Mrs. Harold French?
Her legs trembled beneath her as she turned and walked hurriedly to herbedroom. Once safely within her room, she closed the door tightly,leaned against it and heaved a long, hot sigh.
A minute later she was on her back, centered on the king-size mattress,her housecoat open down the front, her hands slipping down across herbelly. There was no reasoning left in her. She had to finish herselfnow. Right now, and it didn't matter that Ralph was still in the house.
She rubbed hotly around the edges of her cunt, her fingers dancing andfluttering as both hands worked in tandem to excite every nerve cell.
She tried to quiet her breathing, but the task was impossible. Her hotbreath was coming in swift, forceful gasps, tiny moans of passionescaping from between her tightly clenched teeth. The index finger ofher right hand went into her vagina, first as deep as the middleknuckle, then all the way. She made a sweeping, stirring motion with thefinger, round and round until she couldn't stand it any longer. Then shebegan to stroke briskly in and out while her thumb applied off-and-onpressure just below her engorged clitoris.
"Mmmm!" she purred. "Oh, mmmm, oh, oh!"
Her left hand was fanned out on her groin, two fingers spreading the topof her cunt lips wide. Then she removed that hand from her lower bellyand fumbled under the pillow above her head. She extracted the vibrator,flicked it on, and brought it without hesitation to the lips of her hot,creamy cunt. She touched the rounded end to her clitoris, leaping up offthe bed because of the excruciating pleasure.
She whimpered aloud. She hoped that Ralph wouldn't hear the humming ofthe vibrator or her hot, ceaseless moaning. She passed the vibrator fromher left hand to her right. With the latter, she worked the instrumentinto her madly pulsating cunt. She spread her legs wide and arched offthe bed again and again, laboring toward the climax which seemed sovital to her.
She lunged, hissing great sobs, perspiration beginning to shine on herbody, wetting the housecoat which was open and hanging to her sides. Onehand busied itself by brushing across her hot nipples, kneading therubbery hills of her breasts, violently pushing at the sexually tinglingflesh.
The vibrator droned on. And then, as she squirmed and jerked her hips inecstatic abandon, she heard the front door open and slam, and she knewRalph had left.
*     *     *
Ralph was no fool. The minute Mrs. French had answered the doorbell, hehad a pretty good idea what she'd just been up to. She was disheveled,and panting like crazy. Her eyes were hazed over. She was flushed andperspiring. And the real clincher was her hands. Her fingers wereglistening and coated over with a clear, sticky substance.
Yes, Ralph guessed right away that Arlene French had been masturbatingwhen he'd rung the bell. He decided it was going to make his seductionof the inhibited housewife a whole lot easier.
He had hardly believed it today when Bill had approached him with theplan. Bill, his best friend, wanted his services. Bill wanted his ownmother seduced. Of course, Ralph knew right away that it wasn't Bill'sidea. Such a wild, incredible scheme could only have been conceived byBill's sister Judy. That beautiful young nymph. When Bill had shylyapproached him with the idea, Ralph had pretended to be reluctant. Butit required some pretty tough acting, because he was more than eager tofuck the beautiful, blonde, prudish mother of his best friend. He likedfucking older women, especially uptight, horny older women who cravedhis young cock but were ashamed to admit it. Twice he had made it withmothers of girls he had dated. Once he screwed his father's secretary.But those times were different. The fucking had been secretive. What hewould try to do tonight was fuck Arlene French with her children'sblessing. Of course, his intended copulation with Mrs. French wouldn'thave Hal French's blessing. But he was in jail, and couldn't do a thing.
Ralph hadn't acted any differently than usual when Mrs. French hadopened the door. He had noted the tell-tale signs of masturbationwithout giving himself away. He was polite, too polite - the way healways was around adults. He was a young prince, an angel. Maybe it washis well-bred aura that turned older women on. Or maybe it was just hisbody - his manly, muscular, overdeveloped physical form.
Anyway, he had long ago discovered that the adults in his middle-classcommunity responded to him a lot better when he was overbearinglypolite. So that's the way he always acted in their presence.
While he scouted Bill's room for the textbook (which he had no interestin finding and which Bill had securely hidden), he couldn't helpnoticing the way Arlene's breasts pushed against her housecoat. Everytime he cast a glance in her direction, she was looking directly at him.But each time, she quickly, timidly shifted her glance just as soon astheir eyes met. She must have been even hotter than he'd guessed shewas, because she suddenly had excused herself, saying she had beeninterrupted in her nap and was returning to bed. No sooner had she gotinto her bedroom than Ralph had tiptoed down the hall to her door andlistened. Soon there came harsh gasps, murmurs, groans. Then the bedcreaked. Ralph supposed the humming sound was some kind of vibrator.
"Mmmm!" came a strangled sob from the bedroom.
Then Ralph walked briskly to the front door. He opened it noisily, thenslammed it hard. The sound of the door crashing closed echoedthunderously. He was sure that even though Arlene was concentrating onsatisfying her lust, she had heard the door open and slam. Now she wouldbe thinking she was alone in the house.
Ralph tiptoed back to the closed door to Arlene's bedroom. He crouchedand listened.
Through the door filtered the woman's hot sounds. "Mmmm! Mmmmfff! Oh,God! God, oh, oh, oh!"
The bed was creaking so loudly Ralph was mesmerized. It was almostmusical, the creaking bedsprings mingling with her hot gasps and thefaint buzz of what Ralph judged to be a vibrator.
His cock was surging up and out, pressing against his pants, nearlyerect now. He wanted to see the woman. He wanted to get a glimpse of herface and body as she struggled toward orgasm. Should he crack the dooropen? Did he dare? Would she notice? Probably not. She was too excited.Besides, if she did notice, it wouldn't matter. Ralph was going to makehis presence known to her soon anyway.
Slowly he reached for the door knob and turned it. Then he pushed in. Anarrow crack formed through which he could see into the bedroom. But hecouldn't see the bed. The door opened at the wrong angle. Then henoticed the mirror, and it was positioned perfectly. The reflected imageof the masturbating Mrs. French was clear, the bedside lamp supplyingjust the right amount of light to cast an erotic gleam over her body.
She was certainly a sight. Her housecoat was wide open, flared beneathher like a cape, only her arms covered by the material. Her legs weredrawn back against her breasts, her thighs spread apart so she had easyaccess to her vagina. One of her hands kneaded her breasts wildly whilethe other held the vibrator deep within her cunt. Her pussy juices weresmeared all over her inner thighs, and the sheet beneath her was stainedwith her passion flow. Her movements were frantic. She rocked back andforth, doing the first third of a backward somersault again and again.
Deep gurgling groans came from within her. Then she was spitting outwords, words that startled the boy who crouched in the doorway andpeeked at her reflection in the mirror.
"Oh, baby!" she blurted. "F-fff-fuck! Fuck me! Oh, Ralph, yes, it's sowrong! Fuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me, Ralph, I need it! I'm goingto come! Ralph, oh, Ralph! Fuck!"
Ralph's fully erect penis now thrust painfully within the confines ofhis trousers. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Mrs. French wasthinking of him while she diddled. She was pretending she was fuckinghim. Shit, this is going to be easy! he thought.
He watched as her leg muscles made tiny spastic ripples. She groaneddeeper, and he knew she was ready to get her relief. This was theperfect time for action.
He stood, shoved the door wide open and strode into the bedroom. Hisgait was that of a young, self-assured conqueror.
*     *     *
Now that she had heard the front door slam and was convinced that Ralphwas out of the house, Arlene began to fuck herself with wilder abandon.She no longer tried to muffle her outcries or to control her movements.The visit of her imagined young lover had really set the fires blazingwithin her body. She was building toward a climax more shattering thanany she had ever experienced.
She was irrational, and she made no effort now to control herself. Shedidn't try to expunge the image of Ralph from her delirious mind. Shewelcomed it. She pretended that he hadn't left the house, that insteadhe had come into her bedroom and was fucking her silly.
The vibrator was tremoring relentlessly inside her incredibly drenchedcunt. She became wilder and wilder, one hand playing havoc with hertingling breasts while the other anchored the massager. She brought herlegs up, doubled, and pressed her knees almost against her tits. Shenearly somersaulted backward. Then she began an insane, rhythmicrocking.
Words and garbled moans escaped her lips. Finally she was almost coming,and she ranted, "Oh, baby! F-fffk! Fuck me! Oh, Ralph, yes, it's sowrong! Fuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me Ralph, I need it! I'm going tocome! Ralph, oh, Ralph! Fuck!"
Her legs quivered. Her stomach trembled. She was sliding toward herclimax, her brain numb. And then ...
God, she thought, there's someone in the room!
Even as this ominous truth blanketed her brain, Arlene continued towrithe. Instead of immediately halting all movement, her fingering ofher breasts and vagina began to taper off slowly until finally she wasable to remain relatively still - the vibrator still humming deep in hervagina - and turn toward the unknown intruder.
It was Ralph. The boy she had just pretended was fucking her now stoodtwo feet from her bed, a smoky lust in his eyes.
She should have felt rage, but she felt nothing of the sort. The bloodswirled like a tornado inside her head. She wanted to faint.
She'd been caught. Caught. Caught.
A grown woman. Playing with herself. And this teen-age boy gaping downat her, staring at the vibrator that still buzzed within her vagina.God! she thought. Don't let this be real! But it was real, terribly,unchangeably real - and she felt like dying.
She had been on the verge of coming, and now her lust seemed to befrozen right on the edge of orgasm. She was neither cooling off norgetting hotter. Her clitoris went right on throbbing. But her brainwould have no part of her sexual excitement. All she could think aboutwas the ugly trauma that confronted her.
Her legs lowered and came to rest on the mattress. The vibrator slippedhalfway out of her cunt, still buzzing.
She drew her thighs together, and somehow had the presence of mind toreach down and flick off the vibrator. She tore the instrument from hervagina and threw it asides if this ridiculous gesture could help makethings right again. She began buttoning her housecoat, hardly realizingwhat she was doing, putting the top button in the wrong hole.
He stood over her, a partial smile on his lips.
Arlene's thoughts had no consistency, they merely floated around in herbrain. She felt only shock and guilt and distress. A horrible, creepingshame swept over her. It was worse than a nightmare.
She finally managed to fit the last button into a buttonhole. Herhousecoat was uneven, but at least it was on - at least Ralph couldn'tstare at her depraved nudity any more.
She looked away from the boy, her eyes open and fixed on the ceiling. Ifshe remained perfectly still, if she said nothing, perhaps he would slipout of the room and go away. Perhaps he would leave her alone to suffer.
This hope was quickly shattered.
"Were you having a good time, Mrs. French?" His voice was cocky,assured, so unlike the normally polite tones he used.
Tears of shame and humiliation formed in her eyes. She threw the topsheet over her to give her still another shield against his stare.
When she failed to answer, he said, "Must be real lonely with yourhusband in jail, huh, Mrs. French?"
"Ralph, don't! Please, don't!" His words were cruel, terribly cruel.Surely this wasn't the same mannerly boy she thought so highly of.
"Want me to get in bed with you?" he asked coyly.
"No!" she sobbed. "No! No! No! Please get out!"
"If I get out, you'll just finish what you started. Would you rathermake love to that vibrator or to me?"
His words stung her. "I ... I could never make love to you," shewhispered. "You must leave!"
He sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off his shoes.
"No!" she screamed, suddenly aware of what his intentions were.
He wanted to fuck her.
Before she realized what was happening he had wormed his hand beneaththe sheet and between two buttons of her housecoat. Without hesitation,he shoved a finger up into her cunt.
"Oh, oh, no!" she cried. Her hand gripped his wrist firmly, trying topull him away. Her thighs remained locked together, and this only servedto imprison the finger she was struggling to expel.
She sobbed in frustration. He was so strong. And now he was wiggling hisfinger around in her vagina. And it felt good. Oh, damn, don't let itfeel good! she thought.
"Get away! Get out, damn you!" she screeched.
"It feels good, doesn't it?" he breathed, leaning over her and pressinghis lips to hers.
She kept her mouth tightly closed, refusing to have anything to do withthe kiss. Waves of shock continued to engulf her, but she couldn't denythat his probing finger was reawakening the explosive lust she had feltwhen he entered the room. She had to stop him. He was going to make hercome. She had to make him leave.
His mouth still pressed to hers. Involuntarily she uttered a hot gasp,and her lips parted slightly. He took the opportunity to lick his tongueacross her straight white teeth.
Then his thumb was up against her clitoris, and she couldn't preventherself from lunging with her hips. Her thighs opened slightly.
"Please don't!" she begged. "Please, please, please, please, pleasedon't!"
When she was finished with her plea, her mouth remained open. Shecouldn't help herself. He wedged his tongue into her mouth, and hertongue tasted his.
"No!" she mumbled. "Nnnooooo!"
Her legs shot wide apart, acting without any instructions from herbrain. She realized he was unbuttoning her housecoat, and she didn'tstop him. Then his hand left her cunt and he quickly stripped hisclothes away, heaving the garments carelessly onto the floor.
She was horrified. This was going too far.
"Oh, no! No you mustn't!" But she watched him disrobe, and when his hugeyoung cock was unveiled, she gasped. It was bigger than her husband's.Much bigger. It was even bigger than she had imagined in her hotfantasies.
Then he was naked and he pulled the sheet off her body. Her housecoatwas open now, showing her flawless breasts, her vagina wet and slippery,the cunt hairs gathered into unnatural sticky curls.
Her mind froze. Suddenly he was over her, his cock held in one hand,aimed at her vagina.
A dizziness clutched her mind. She couldn't let him. She'd never letanyone except her husband. It was wrong, dirty, perverted, and herclitoris was throbbing like crazy.
What's wrong with me? Those same haunting words jolted her mind againand again. She couldn't let herself be fucked by a teen-age boy.
"I'm going to fuck you now, Mrs. French!" His calm words sent theultimate shock through Arlene's already tormented head.
Then his hand was no longer guiding his cock, but was teasing her cuntand clitoris. She squirmed despite herself. She groaned.
He kissed her more feverishly than ever, and she returned his kiss witha savage tongue.
But then the true horror of what she was doing dawned on her, and shebroke the kiss, crying, "Oh, we must stop! Oh, don't do it! Please,don't!"
But his hand was working her into a frenzy of lust she couldn't control.She spread her legs wider. She bucked beneath him.
Ralph smiled to himself. He had her now. Only her mind was fighting, herbody was his to fuck.
She said, "Go away, Ralph!"
He almost laughed out loud at her silly plea. She no more wanted him toleave than she wanted to die. She wanted to live and fuck. He'd neverseen a body more desperate for it. Just to prove his point, he rolledaway from her. He even got up off the edge of the bed and began slippinginto his underwear.
"Wh-what ..." She left her thought unsaid.
"You told me to go away, Mrs. French!"
My God, has it come to this? Arlene thought. Does he want me to beg forit?
Suddenly she knew she must speak to save her sanity. She couldn't lethim leave, not now.
In a whispering voice, choked with passion, she said, "Come back!"
"What for?" he asked coolly.
She knew what he was hinting at. He wanted to hear her say that awfuldebasing word. He wanted to hear her beg crudely like some street whore.
"Say what you want!" he demanded.
She couldn't possibly. She sobbed in agony as his cock was buried withinthe fabric of his shorts. He began to step into his trousers.
"I can't ..." Arlene whined. "I can't say it!"
"Yes you can," he retorted. "You can and you did! I heard you. And youused my name, too! So why can't you say it now, Mrs. French?" He spatthe words at her as if he were enjoying her torment.
He continued to dress.
Arlene's legs arched, her thighs quivered. Her whole body pulsated inexcruciating arousal. Her hands danced down to her belly, but she didn'ttouch her vagina. She didn't dare.
And then nothing seemed to matter except her hot, rampant desire and shegroaned, "All right! God, I can't help it! I want it! I want you to.Come back! Come back and fuck me! Hurry, Ralph! Hurry and fuck me!"

Chapter 6

Her crude, urgent cry was exactly what Ralph had wanted to hear. Hestepped out of his partially donned trousers and peeled his undershortsdown over his hips. He discarded both garments. Ten seconds after Arlenehad begged him to fuck her, he was back on the bed, his hand workingvigorously between her hotly open thighs.
She was sobbing, a mixture of guilt and ecstasy. It seemed incredible toher that she had actually spoken the words. But she had, and theycouldn't be unsaid now.
It wasn't a nightmare, not any more. Maybe later the full horror of thesituation would return to her. But now she was simply numb - numbmentally - uninterested in all the social taboos that declared herbehavior wrong and indecent. She only knew what she needed. Sex.
It was happening. Her dark, dirty fantasy was about to come true, andshe wasn't even fighting it. She hunched up slightly off the mattressand, without any help from him, slipped completely out of her housecoat.She heaved the garment aside, letting it sail to the carpet on top ofthe vibrator which she had hurled there minutes ago. Minutes ago? Itseemed like an eternity to her.
She spread her legs indecently wide and waited for him to fuck her.
His lips neared hers, his tongue poking out to touch her mouth.
"Yes, yes, yes!" she murmured.
She kissed back at him wildly, feeling his penis pressing into herthigh. His hand was driving her mad as he spread the slippery lips ofher vagina with his young able fingers.
"Mmmfff!" she groaned into his mouth. "Oh, Ralph! I need it, do whateveryou want to me! Use me, fuck me, make me come."
Her words seemed unreal to her, yet she couldn't stifle them. It was asif a dam had burst and all the waters were crashing uncontrolled throughthe broken barrier. She still had her inhibitions, but they had no powerover her. Her lust was master, ruling her body, causing more and moreliquid to flow out of her vagina onto Ralph's skillful fingers.
"Fuck, fuck!" she moaned hysterically.
"Roll over," he demanded, and she was surprised to hear how controlledhis voice sounded despite his obvious arousal.
He's experienced! she realized. He's been fucking a lot of women! Hisauthoritative tone made her all the more eager to obey. She turned allthe way over, her hot, hard nipples now pressing into the sheets below.At first she held her thighs locked together. Ralph's hand had beenforced from her pussy when she'd turned, and now there was no physicalcontact between them - only his hot breath crashing against the back ofher neck as he hovered above her. Then she felt compelled to spread herlegs, and she did so. She felt wicked and excited, the knowledge thathis lecherous young eyes were feasting on her buttocks making her wildwith desire.
"Oh, God!" she groaned. "Oh, God, oh!"
"Kneel up," he ordered.
Again she obeyed instantly, thrusting her ass up and folding her kneesbeneath her. Her shoulders remained on the mattress.
He positioned himself behind her, his knees inside hers. He gripped herwaist, pulling her hips higher. His stiff, throbbing cock rubbed betweenher thighs. He leaned over and kissed her shoulder. She squirmed andmoaned hotly. He made several jabbing lunges with his pelvis, stabbingat her cunt but not entering.
"Don't tease!" she pleaded. "I'll do anything, but don't tease!"
She felt him move back away from her, and she loosed a hollow groan ofdisappointment.
Then she felt something hot against her vaginal lips - his breath. Hehad his mouth near her exposed cunt and he was breathing harshly.
"No!" she whimpered. She hardly ever let her husband kiss her there. Itwas wrong, sordid, unnatural.
But Ralph's lips were almost touching her vagina. He was gazing hotly atthe elongated, glistening slit - and his mouth was getting nearer,nearer.
"Oh, no, don't!" she hissed. But his breath felt so good.
And his lips were suddenly against her. The contact sent her lurchingforward, gasping insanely. He kept his mouth glued to the soft pink cuntlips, his tongue poking out timidly and touching her excited flesh.
"No, not that! Fuck me, Ralph!"
He ignored her cries. He licked more forcefully.
"Your pussy tastes really good, Mrs. French," the young boy praised,continuing to kiss up and down her tortured slit as he spoke.
His words seemed obscene to her. What could be more depraved? shewondered. She was on her husband's bed letting a mere boy slurp and suckat her vagina while making lewd comments - and she wasn't even fightinghim. Worse than that, she was beginning to saw back and forth, pressingher cunt right up against his open mouth. It all seemed so evil toArlene.
"You want me to stop sucking your cunt, Mrs. French?" he teased,confident of what the now crazy woman's answer would be.
The words poured out of her; she couldn't stop them. "No, don't stop! Iwant you to suck my cunt! I-I love it!"
Now she was rocking madly back and forth. Her head was turned sidewaysagainst the mattress, her blonde hair falling across her face and nearlyobliterating her contorted features.
He opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could, nearly engulfing theentire length of her slit. He blew his hot breath onto her, excited bythe feeling of power it gave him to note the way she bucked and shiftedin response to his every action. Shit, I never expected Bill's mother tobe this hot in bed! he mused.
His tongue swept up and down her cunt, circling around her urethra andup to tease her erect clitoris. He held onto her waist tightly, his headgoing right with her as she lunged back and forth. His cheeks brushedagainst her sticky thighs, his nose buried itself between her claspingbuttocks.
What fun it was tormenting this uptight bitch, Ralph thought. But hiscock was aching for release and he could hardly contain himself anylonger.
"Want me to make you come?" he mumbled, his voice now uneven with lust,less masterful than before.
"Yes!" she wailed, and just at that very instant she felt her musclesripping apart. She threw her arms fitfully out to her sides, shetightened her leg muscles, she sucked her stomach in painfully thenthrust it far out, she groaned laboriously, and she came. And came, andcame.
While the incomprehensibly delicious spasms continued to rock her body,Ralph came up flush behind her and slipped his cock into her contractingvagina.
Arlene was so delirious that it took her several seconds to realize hehad made the penetration. When it dawned on her that he had slipped thewhole massive bulk of his penis into her and that she had felt no pain,she became still wilder. Her dream lover was fucking her. All thoseafternoons and nights of masturbating and thinking of Ralph. And now itwas true. She ground her hips back at him while her climax consumed her.The lubricants oozed from the spasming walls of her cunt, surroundinghis erection in a juicy ocean of female come.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she ranted. "Ralph! Fuck!"
He had known he was hot when he'd inserted his cock. But he hadn'trealized how close to coming he was. Mrs. French was jerking aroundtumultuously, her cunt clutching desperately at his erection, making hisballs tighten and sending him to the very verge of ejaculation.
He tried to warn her. "Not so hard! You'll make me shoot!"
Her only response was to stare back between her legs through the hairthat had fallen across her eyes. She saw his cock slicing in and out ofher, the staff gleaming with her own wetness. It was such a lewd,wonderful sight. She cried, "Yes! Come inside me! I want all of it!Fuck!"
She kept coming.
She could actually see him begin to squirt the sperm into her. His cockhad been drawn back for an instant, teetering at the top of his strokeas he readied himself to slam into her one final time. She saw his skinwork back tautly toward his testicles, then the whole shaft trembled andshe could almost see the path his sperm took as it shot from his ballsup the length of his erection.
He jammed it in all the way, burying himself into her humid passage, hisballs slamming against her clitoris as the first searing jet of spermsplashed from his cock.
Her climax had begun to ebb, but the first spurt of semen crashingagainst her cervix gave renewed life to her orgasm.
She screamed out again and again, her wails broken by gasps and sobs.Her eyes remained opened. She continued to stare between her legs asRalph fucked his load into her. He pressed his belly harshly into hertensed buttocks and rocked furiously with her, the bed groaning beneaththem.
A second shot of sperm collided with her womb, a third, a fourth. Onejet after another sent her to the farthest limits of lust. She watchedthe sperm seep slowly out of her vagina, at first milky white, thenclearer and more glittery as it trickled down her thighs, mingling withthe juice and perspiration already coating her flesh.
"You're a great fuck, Mrs. French!" he praised with an exhausted sighafter the last of his semen had been emptied into her.
She collapsed to her stomach, stretching out flat on the sweat-soakedsheets, his cock shrinking but still inside her. It was over.
Over. And the first threads of rationality were returning to her brain.Pangs of guilt, shame, revulsion.
She lay perfectly still, not wanting to speak or be spoken to - not evenwanting to cry. He rolled off her finally, leaving her cunt suddenlyempty. She hoped he would go away and never come back. She wished shecould sleep and wake to find it had all been a dream - like all thoseothers.
But then, she wasn't sure how many minutes later, his hands weretouching her again. He was tugging at her shoulder, trying to coax heronto her back.
She fought him, twisting her shoulder back down against the sheet. Shedidn't want to face him. She couldn't possibly face him, not now withhis sperm still swirling hotly around in her just-fucked cunt. She couldnever face him again.
In a whisper savage with conviction, she said, "Get out of my bedroom!"
"You sure change your mind in a hurry," Ralph observed. "Five minutesago you were begging for it! Now you got what you needed, so you thinkyou can act snooty again!"
His words stung her.
"Please leave," she gasped.
But he ignored her and said, "You'll never be the same again, Mrs.French. You've done it now, and you can't take it back, so you might aswell have some more fun. I know you want some more!"
She couldn't believe these were the words of a sixteen-year-old boy. Shefelt oddly as if he were the mature one and she were just a naive younggirl. But she must fight against him - she must!
Unexpectedly he rolled away from her, and she felt the mattress bounceas he got off the bed. Could he be leaving? Had her ordeal ended? Thenshe heard the drone of the vibrator. He had picked it off the carpet andswitched it on. He had the tool of her masturbation in his hand. Herbrain swam through a sea of humiliation.
Then the mattress sank beneath his weight as he knelt onto it. A secondlater she felt the head of the phallic-shaped massager wedging betweenher buttocks.
"No! Don't, Ralph, stop!"
"Why stop? You did it to yourself, so what's wrong with me doing it toyou? This vibrator's still gooey from your cunt," he said.
His terrible lewd words tortured her mind, but she couldn't deny thatshe felt a surge of excitement as the vibrator pressed against her anus.Then Ralph worked lower, working the buzzing staff between her tightlylocked thighs, slipping it against her spermy vagina.
Another spasm of pleasure shot through her. It was happening all overagain and she couldn't control it. It was true what Ralph had said - shehad done it once and now it didn't really matter if she did it again.She had fucked another male. She had cheated on her husband. Her legsspread slowly as Ralph rubbed the vibrator against her soiled vagina.
She whimpered, then bit her lip to silence herself as the object wasforced into the lips of her pussy. He jammed it all the way up, and itslipped in easily.
"Please ... don't," she begged, but her plea was a dying whisper lostbeneath the harsh sound of her own breathing.
Protest was futile. She wanted to be ravished by her boy-lover. Sheneeded it, more of it, more sex, more fucking.
He was tugging at her shoulder once again, and this time she allowed himto roll her over. She closed her eyes, not wanting to face him. He heldthe vibrator tightly, pushing it all the way into her vagina. She threwher legs farther apart, moaning, twitching.
Suddenly he was straddling her chest, sitting on her breasts. She didn'tunderstand what he was contemplating until she felt the hot crown of hiserection brushing against her mouth. She groaned in revulsion.
She couldn't ... she would never ...
But even as she cringed in disgust, her lips opened and sucked thestiff, pungent rod into her mouth. Her tongue circled the tip hungrily.She closed her lips tightly around the shaft, lifting her head off themattress to align her mouth with the erection.
"That's good, Mrs. French! Suck! Oh, you give a good blow job!" hepraised.
Her voice sounded foreign to herself as she choked, "Yes, I love to suckit!"
She held his hips in her hands, pulling him nearer and mashing herbreasts up against his loins. He began to shift his weight, crushing herto the bed while he still reached behind him, keeping the vibratorstuffed up Arlene's vagina.
Just when she hungered for him to shoot his jism into her avidly suckingmouth, he twisted off her body, pulling his cock from her mouth with aswift sideways motion. A drooling string of saliva now trailed from thecorner of her empty mouth.
Suddenly he was rolling her onto her stomach. He scooted downward,placed his hands on her waist and lifted her hips. He was going to fuckher the same way he had the first time, she thought. But what about thevibrator still implanted in her cunt? Wasn't he going to remove it?
Then she knew the answer. She felt his cock pressing against the tighthard entrance to her anus. He was going to try to fuck her there!
"Oh, no!" she screamed. "Anything, anything else!"
"Too damn dry," was all he said.
He touched her ass with the tip of a finger, then let the digit traildown to her vagina, playing circularly in the swampy curls around theedges. He then traced his way back to her rectum, inserting his nowlubricated finger. He repeated this process often, each time driving hisfinger farther up her anus, feeling the hot tight elastic ring becomeless and less resistant to his touch.
Then he was pressing his cock against her buttocks, wedging his oversizemember into the orifice of her ass.
"Nnnoooo!" she shrieked as she felt the searing pain of her virginrectum being abused.
The puckered opening was forced in, her own flesh being stretched andpushed up into her ass. And then the ring gave little by little. She wasbeing split open, she felt.
"Oh, no! Please, no!" she whined. And she jerked furiously, trying todislodge him.
But he was strong, so very strong, and he kept his cock pressed againsther ass, pushing until her rectum had no option but to open and admitmore of his huge cruel cudgel.
Her physical agony encompassed her while she buried her face in themattress, biting desperately into the sheets while tears of shamestreaked from her eyes.
"You love it, don't you, Mrs. French!" she heard him groaning excitedly."You love being fucked in the ass, don't you? Tell me, tell me!"
"Nnooo!" she shouted. "No, stop! I can't stand it! Please, I'll doanything else!"
But her sobbed plea only caused him to surge more cruelly against herass. The pain was like fire, hotter. She was being torn apart, and shewas sure that further agony was impossible, that she had reached theknown limits of torture.
But then, because her ass was growing accustomed to the continuing pain,she was reawakened to the feel of the vibrator which was working herpussy into a seething cavern of excited nerve endings. The conflictbetween her cruelly ravished ass and her hotly excited cunt wasludicrous. How could a woman possibly be aware of both these sensationsat once? Arlene wondered dizzily.
And then the white hot pain in her rectum diminished rapidly. She wasbewildered. He was jammed all the way up her ass, fucking madly, and thepain was fading. How could the change happen so suddenly? A minute agoshe'd been dying from pain and now ... and now ... God, she was actuallyworking her hips back against him.
"Ah! Mmmm! Mmmmfff!" she moaned.
Her anal passage was gripping at his cock, great muscular spasms makingher feel sensations unknown to her until now.
She bucked up at him willingly, loving it now, longing for him to fuckher more harshly, wanting him to send his sperm sailing into herexpanded rectum. The vibrator was driving her crazy. She was going tocome - any second.
Her orgasm rocked her suddenly - her stomach tensed, her back strained,she ripped through the sheets with her fingernails. Spasmodically herbuttocks clenched. Never before had she been so excited. Her anal tunnelcontracted with such force around his hot penis that she feared shemight crush it. He continued to fuck into her, continued to hold thevibrator within her cunt.
She reared up madly with her buttocks, bucking crazily as she rocked onher knees. The bed creaked harshly, the sound melting and blending withher crazed groans and Ralph's excited male grunts.
"Oh, darling! It's wonderful!" she wailed in her delirium. "Wonderful!Keep fucking! Fuck me forever, Ralph!"
Nothing mattered now except her enduring orgasm. Her toes curled sotightly that she sent a flashing pain up the soles of her feet - adelicious deliberately induced pain that enhanced the electric sensationof climax.
"Fuck, fuck!" Her words were more than mere groans now - they wereshouts, unashamed screams of joy.
Her climax diminished, but Ralph was still fucking her ass savagely. Heleaned up over her back, his belly impaled on her upthrust grindinghips. Her buttocks dug into his groin. He was nearly out of his headwith lust, and his breath exploded in bursts as he kissed the back ofher neck. His long hair tickled across her perspiring back as he twistedhis head from side to side.
"You're a great piece of ass!" he whispered.
Strangely, his words didn't shock her. She was beyond shock. New wavesof arousal were teasing through her loins. The vibrator kept onrelentlessly. Ralph never faltered in his rhythmic pace.
"Yes!" she cried. "Fuck me more! Make me come again!"
He shoved his cock up as far as it would go and held it there. She wasdoing all the fucking now, and it felt delicious. Her hips were churningand rotating so wildly that he wondered how long he could contain hisorgasm.
"I love it! I love it! I love to fuck!" Arlene choked as her son's bestfriend teased the sloppy wet edges of her engorged clitoris with ablefingers.
Everything was blurry. She thought the room was spinning. White hotflashes of passion sliced into her brain as she felt another climaxapproaching. She could feel the vibrator and his penis pushing againsteach other through the thin partition between her ass and cunt. Shecried out, a garbled insane wail. She screamed mindlessly and came.
"Oooohhhh! Aaaaggghhh! Oh!" she yelled as her clitoris throbbed harshlyand began to drum out another orgasm. She raked her fingernails acrossthe sheets, her hands trekking to her spasming cunt, pressing herfingers around the sides of her quaking clitoris. She felt Ralph'sfingers beside hers holding the vibrator. Their fingertips met anddanced juicily against each other. She screamed louder.
Then Ralph groaned in deep passion. His words were high-pitched andexcited when he said, "I can't hold back! I'm coming, too!"
Her wildly contracting anus sucked the first jet of sperm from hisquivering penis. She could feel the hot spurt collide with her innerrectum, oiling her channel and smearing around his tight-fitting cock.
"Give it to meeee!" she screamed as the subsequent shots of semenescaped his balls and leaped up his staff and out the tip of hiserection. The milky substance filled her ass quickly, overflowed andtrailed warmly along the short distance from her rectum to her vagina.
Ralph bit lightly at her neck, bruising her sensitive skin as his spermkept billowing out of him. His groans spurred her lust, and she cameharder than she ever had before. It was wicked and wild, and shecouldn't stop.
She thrust her legs out stiffly, collapsing flat onto the mattress. Theejaculating young Ralph fell outstretched on top of her, burrowing hiscock into the farthest possible depths of her ravished rectum.
When her climax ended, Arlene felt drained.
She was in a stupor, a satiated trance, and she hardly realized thatRalph had pulled his penis out of her rectum. She vaguely heard himdressing, and she was aware that he was saying good-bye. Hardly above awhisper, she said, "Good night." She said nothing else to the boy whohad just fucked her silly - the boy who had slipped into her room andfound her at her perverted little game of masturbation and taken her topeaks of sexual ecstasy higher than she thought possible.
He was gone.
She lay unmoving on the sperm-stained, ripped sheets, hardly believingthat it had really happened.
And she didn't know whether to die of shame or feel happy.

Chapter 7

When the alarm woke her the next morning, Arlene was dazed. Had lastnight been merely a dream? Then she became aware of the dried spermmatting her thighs. It was true. She had been fucked by young Ralph.
She shook her head rapidly, chasing away the lingering sleep. She wantedto shower, but she didn't have time. First she had to fix breakfast forBill and Judy. Her children - how could she face them now? How could sheever face her husband Hal again? She felt overcome by guilt. She hadbeen unfaithful - she was no better than a whore. She struggled out ofbed and slipped into her housecoat.
She was amazed to find that her feelings of revulsion were not nearly asstrong as she felt they should be. Nevertheless, she resolved that shewould never repeat last night's experience. Hal would never know - andshe would make it up to him somehow.
Later, after Bill and Judy had left for school and Arlene had finished alengthy shower, the doorbell rang. She wondered who it could be so earlyin the morning.
She was surprised to see her neighbor, Barbara, standing in the doorway.She hardly ever spoke to her next-door neighbor. Arlene resented theflashy, cheap way the woman dressed, and the flirtatious way she carriedon in the presence of men. Then she mentally chastised herself. Howcould she possibly be so critical of Barbara after what had happenedlast night?
Barbara stayed only long enough to drink a cup of coffee and inviteArlene over to a party that evening. The last thing in the world Arlenefelt like was attending a party - especially one of the typicallyraucous kind the Carters gave - but she politely accepted, figuring thatshe could put in a quick appearance and slip quietly home.
*     *     *
She arrived at the party a little before nine. She wondered if she haddressed too sexily. Her dark green, one-piece dress had a hemlinehalfway up her thighs. The neckline dove all the way down to her navel,exposing the white cleavage between her lovely breasts. She wore blacknylons held in place by a frilly garter belt, the snaps becoming exposedwhenever she sat or bent low. She had applied more make-up than usualand dabbed herself with an excessive amount of perfume. She told herselfshe had dressed this way because she knew all the other women at theparty would be similarly attired. She wondered if that was really thereason. Had last night's carnal experience with Ralph incited somethingdark and relentless within her? She refused to give any credence to thisidea. The terrible thing that had happened between her and Ralph washistory. She would be haunted with guilt for the rest of her life. Itwas a despicable thing, and she wished she could erase it from her mind.
Yet when she felt Sam Carter's arm slip around her waist an hour aftershe'd arrived at the party, she was stunned to feel an unwanted wetnessgather in her panties. He was just being friendly and she was gettingturned on. What was wrong with her?
She drank more Scotch than she should have. Despite feeling giddy, shewas able to turn aside Sam's increasingly forceful flirtations withflippant comments. Still, her arousal kept mounting until she wasfighting herself more than him. She found his straightforward butlight-hearted manner appealing, that and his undeniable manly goodlooks. He was no more than thirty years old, younger than Arlene. Tall,muscular, rugged features, always casting a virile but somewhatcondescending smile.
All around her couples were casting knowing glances, not at theirspouses, but at the man or woman they were paired off with at themoment. Arlene wondered how the husbands and wives could let their matescarry on so blatantly. She would never let Hal. Hal would never let her.Once she caught herself leaning hard against Sam, thrilling to the feelof his hip against her waist. It was a definitely sexual sensation, andshe quickly pulled away.
Then came two shocks within five minutes of each other. The first wasthe sight of her friend Madge copulating in the bathroom with someoneelse's husband. Arlene had been surprised to see them in the semi-darkroom - the door hadn't been locked. She stood frozen for severalseconds, leaning against the door while watching the fully clothed,perspiring twosome batter each other on the bathroom floor. What kind ofa party was this getting to be? Minutes after tearing her excited eyesoff the lascivious sight, she encountered her second shock - this farmore appalling to her than the first. She had gone alone into thebackyard for fresh air, and there she had spied the incredible embraceof her own son and Barbara Carter. They were standing in the shadow ofthe garage, their mouths open and locked to each other, their tonguesdueling. And Barbara was grinding her body against Billy like a commonprostitute. It can't be true! Arlene thought. This evil woman with myown son! She almost cried out in rage and disbelief, but somehow shemanaged to retreat into her neighbor's house unnoticed.
For the next ten minutes she felt numb. She defended herself againstSam's pawing advances again and again. She noted with dismay how othermen at the party were fondling friends' wives. It was ugly, depraved.Arlene felt sexually aroused, and she couldn't understand why. Thehorrible image of her son in Barbara's arms kept flashing through herbrain.
"The filthy pig!" she whispered aloud.
"What?" quizzed Sam.
"Nothing, nothing at all!" she replied bitterly to the man who satbeside her on the couch, tapping his fingers on her thigh in time to thestereo. She felt like telling him where his wife was - or had been. Whatkind of man would let his wife wander off and seduce a teen-age boy?Maybe he didn't care. Maybe he enjoyed having his wife make love withboys. She knew nothing about the way any of these guests thought oracted. She felt so alone, so very, very out of place.
Later she managed to feign a headache and excused herself. Bewildered,dizzy with resentment, she walked across the front lawn to her own home.A dark part of her was comparing the rather harmless embrace betweenBill and Barbara with her own bout with Ralph only twenty-four hoursearlier. How was she any better than Barbara? She entered her house,unprepared for what awaited her.

Chapter 8

Arlene stood in the shadows beyond the wide beam of light that came fromthe open door of her son's bedroom. Never had she felt so lost andalone.
Fucking side by side on the bed were Bill and Barbara, and Judy andJack! Her own son! Her own daughter!
None of the four was naked. Obviously they didn't intend to spend muchtime on the bed. They were fucking fast and hard-fucking for releaseonly.
A choking sob of self-pity flared from deep within Arlene. Only a fewmonths ago her life had been in perfect order - and now it had come tothis. How quickly her house of security had crumbled. First herinability to refrain from increasingly hot hours of self-abuse, then thestartling discovery that her moralistic husband was stealing from hiscompany, then Ralph's seduction of her own body, the sight minutes agoof her son embracing the neighbor slut, and now ... it was just tooawful to comprehend.
The bedspread and blankets were tossed back over the foot of the bed.Bill was stretched out beneath Barbara, his cock sticking up through hisopen fly as she squirmed crouchingly down on him. Bill's impressiveyoung erection glistened as the housewife, her miniskirt bunched uparound her hips, fucked madly. Judy's worn blue jeans - the ones shecontinued to salvage from the throw-away box whenever Arlene tried todiscard them - were lowered to her hips. Jack's jeans, too, were pusheddown. His trousers bunched at his knees while his undershorts clung bytheir elastic waistband to his legs just below his jutting penis. Judy'sbare feet were raised, shaking lustfully in the air as her boy frienddrove his cock into her faster and faster.
Arlene wanted to burst into her son's bedroom and put a halt to thesexual madness. Three teen-agers and that tramp Barbara. How Arlenehated the woman. She had caused it to happen. Arlene's children wouldnot have discovered such perversion on their own accord.
The hot gasping passion stung Arlene's ears. The four on the bed werebellowing out a storm of lust, and Arlene hated the sound more than shehad ever hated anything. She hated Barbara Carter more than she had everhated anyone. She watched as, beneath the grunting bulk of Jack, herdaughter Judy moved her hips in a way only experience could haveperfected. Experience? Her daughter?
Arlene fell heavily to her knees in the hallway. For some reason shecould never understand, her hand slipped under her skirt to touch hersoaked panties while her eyes remained hypnotically fixed on theactivity on the bed.
*     *     *
Unaware that they were being watched, Barbara, Bill, Jack and Judylurched and twisted in a frantic race for climax.
Barbara circled her head excitedly, sending her black hair twirlingabout as she jerked her hips and dug her knees into the mattress.
"Oh, Billy!" she wailed. "Fuck me! Oh, look! Look how your sister'sgetting fucked!"
Bill gazed with hazed eyes at his sister, two feet away, who was liftingher buttocks far off the mattress and mashing her pelvis into Jack's.
"I'm going to come!" Judy cried. "I feel so crazy - it's going to start!Oh! Oohhh! Keep fucking!"
The bed sang in agonized rhythm as the two couples slammed theirsex-maddened bodies into the mattress.
Judy threw her legs out wide and teased her short-clipped fingernailsacross Jack's biceps. His arms were straight pillars supporting himselfso his weight didn't crush the writhing girl beneath.
"Oh, oh wow!" Judy cried. "Jack! It's so good!" Had she known her motherwas watching her at that very moment, she couldn't have stopped.
Nothing could thwart her orgasm which was almost upon her. She raised upfiercely off the bed, grinding her gooey pubic mound against Jack's. Shewhimpered mindlessly. His hot erection throbbed within her pussy, andshe could feel each involuntary spasm of the rod as he drove it intoher. His face was twisted in pleasant agony, and Judy knew from pastexperience that her boy friend was going to come any minute. She wantedhis hot sperm to splash into her seeping crevice. Her thighs ached, herbelly screamed for release. Her own wheezing breath mixed with his, andwith her brother's and Barbara's. It was all so fantastically exciting.
Now oblivious to the teen-age couple next to her on the bed, Barbaraconcentrated on her own blazing lust. She gazed down at the sex-crazedface of Bill. This was an especially exciting fuck for him, too. Hiseyes opened and closed alternately. His mouth gaped hotly open. Sweatwashed across his cheeks and forehead in an endless flow. His breath wasblasting out of him in chaotic bellows, the scent heavy with sex becausehe had sucked her vagina only a few minutes earlier. Barbara noted withintense pleasure that she was driving her neighbor's son crazy. Neverhad she seen him so hot - not in the fifty or so times they had fuckedtogether. His hips were working up at her with such youthfuldetermination that her clitoris was blazing under the hammering of hispelvis. Her knees remained folded beneath her, and she clamped hernylon-covered thighs vise-like against his sides as she ground around inhot furious circles. The sweat flowed from her pores, staining herminidress as she struggled for her inevitable climax.
"Billy, Billy!" she cried in breathless elation.
Judy heard the older woman's cry, and the quavering sound triggeredcannonballs of desire in her young straining body. She was experiencingthe tentative muscular spasms that foretold her orgasm. It was the firsttime she had ever shared a bed with a woman as old as Barbara, and thelewd thrill of being fucked alongside a married woman made her own lustall the more savage.
Judy dug her bare heels into Jack's buttocks, sliding her feet around inthe slick perspiration that rained from beneath his shirttail.
She heaved her teen-age body up off the sheets one final time. She heldherself suspended, her groin crushing against her boy friend's, herthighs bulging as she strained to keep all but her head and shouldersthrust upward at his deep-thrust erection.
"Jack, now!" she screeched. "Now, now, now! Oohheehhhaaaa! Aaaahhhhh!"
Everything seemed to be pulling apart within her, muscles strainingagainst muscles, tendons stretched tight, jerking tidal waves of tensionripping through her stomach.
"Give it to me!" she hissed, her teeth mashing together as her climaxdrove her to the farthest heights of insanity.
Jack jammed his cock into her harder, grunting and perspiring because ofthe exertion. He watched Judy's eyes fog over with the intensity of herclimax. Around her lovely, flawless face her hair was strewn in chaoticblonde sunbursts against the white sheets. His groin tightened. Hisballs constricted. His stomach felt inside out, his thighs quiveredmadly like the flanks of a stallion being bothered by a fly. Then he wasfrozen and rigid and growling out the beautiful agony of climax. He shothis load into her convulsing cunt, shot a series of hot jets into heralready drenched pussy.
He battered her back down to the mattress and collapsed atop her, histall body blanketing her smaller form as the sperm gushed from his tauttesticles.
"Oh, baby, oh, oh, oh, oh!" Judy chanted as the shots of sperm splashedagainst her womb.
While a white, creamy geyser of mingled male and female juices gushedfrom Judy's pussy to coat her inner thighs and stain the sheets, herbrother was blasting his sperm into Barbara's convulsing vagina.
Barbara sat down heavily on the boy beneath her. She fell forward acrosshim, snapping her legs out from beneath her. She fitted her lovelytwenty-six-year-old body flat atop the perspiring teen-ager. She kissedhim fiercely as the spasms within her vagina milked every drop of semenfrom his ejaculating cock. She wore no bra, and the fabric along the toppart of her one-piece minidress sent electric tingles through her as sheground her thinly shielded tits into his sweat-soaked shirt.
"Billy, I'm coming so hard for you!" she gasped. A particularlyshattering spasm shook her entire body and made her black out for asecond.
Bill said nothing, nothing intelligible. He garbled hotly, groaned,gasped. The sperm kept ripping from the sensitive tip of his rock-hardpenis. His eyes were fastened to the couple next to him. His sister wasgrinding and straining just as hard as she had the night he had fuckedher.
Their fourfold simultaneous orgasm took more than a minute to die.Barbara finally heaved a long sigh of fulfillment and collapsed. Judy'swhimpering ceased. Jack and Bill struggled to get their breathing backto normal. Muscles relaxed, movement stopped, the creaking bed fellsilent. There was nothing left now except the smell of animal sex in theair, the sticky thighs and sheets, and the unspoken desire to engage inone more quick repetition of what had just occurred.
*     *     *
Arlene's eyes were fixed on Judy while her daughter climaxed. It was toohorrible, but she couldn't tear her eyes away. Her own hands busiedthemselves beneath her minidress, clawing harshly - sometimes teasinggently - at the slick gooey flesh around her clitoris. Her fingers priedaround the edges of her frilly panties, tormenting her cunt lips as sheknelt watching the depraved scene on her son's bed.
She knew she should be physically ill; she knew she should be horrifiedbeyond reason by the vulgar, debasing sight. And, indeed, a part of herwas horrified, a part of her did feel sick. But there was another partof her character, and that second part had complete control over her atthe moment.
When she saw the hot grinding climaxes of the four on the bed, shesuddenly found that she was stretched out on the hall carpet goingcompletely rigid, quaking. There were five of them coming.
*     *     *
Ten minutes later Arlene witnessed something far more hideous than themere copulation between her son and Barbara, her daughter and Jack. Shecrouched in the shadows, spying. She wanted to vomit, but she watched.And once again her disgusting fingers wandered up under her skirt andbegan to play. Jack was getting ready to insert his penis into Barbara'sspermy cunt. And ... and ... God, no! Bill was about to penetrate hissister's vagina with his fully erect penis. Brother and sister! Her son,her daughter! A groan, deep and quivering, escaped from within Arlene.She watched. She didn't want to, but she watched, and her hands weremaking her pussy hot all over again.
*     *     *
"Do it to her!" Barbara said in a lewd and excited voice. She waswatching Bill position himself above Judy. The girl was lying on herstomach, her buttocks tight in anticipation, her thighs wide open.Bill's pink-purple erection was held in his hand, aimed at Judy's tinyanus. Then he lowered the angle, guiding the fanned-out crown of hiscock against the foamy lips of her stretched cunt. "Yes, fuck her!"Barbara continued to rant, feeling Jack's massive cock sliding up anddown against her inner thighs. "Fuck your sister, Billy! I want to seeit!"
Barbara had been lying on her stomach in a position similar to Judy's.Now she jacked herself up onto her hands and knees and reached behindher thighs to guide Jack's cock. His staff slipped quickly into her hotwet passage, slicing all the way up until his pelvis ground against herbuttocks. They were both filmy with perspiration, and their bodies madea wet sound as their flesh rubbed. Her head turned to the side, her eyesfixed hotly on the adjoining couple, Barbara began to saw back and forthon her knees. She gasped madly as she felt Jack's strong hands grippingher shoulders for support. He began to lean over her, breathing down onher neck and matching her thrusts as he fucked her from behind. Bill'spenis was squishing around in the sucking lips of Judy's pussy, and thesight was driving Barbara to a pitch of desire never before experienced."Oh, fuck me, Jack!" she whimpered at the boy who was mashing his pelvisagainst her own ass while his penis worked in and out of her clutchingvagina.
Right beside the frantically rocking housewife, Judy was howlinginhumanly, hissing pleas of gibberish as her brother continued to teaseand torment her. His erection was only touching the outermost part ofher cunt - and she wanted all of the long shaft stuffed within her. Shemade rippling motions with her buttocks, fighting to get the whole ofhis staff inside her. But her position - flat on her stomach beneath him- didn't allow for much maneuvering.
"Please!" she shouted.
And then she felt Bill pull his cock entirely out of her. She moaned inmixed anger and disappointment. Then she felt him tugging at her hips,and she knew what he wanted. His cock was being repositioned, the tip ofit now pressing against the resisting ring of her anus.
"Oh, yes!" she cried. "Yes, I want it!"
Ever since her first experience with anal intercourse, at the party atthe cabin, Judy had been eager to partake again of this newly foundthrill. Jack and she had done it a lot recently, and she had learned tocome as quickly as the regular way. Now it wasn't Jack who was about toram his penis up her ass. It was Bill. Her own brother.
"Oh, oohhh!" she groaned.
She reached behind her, stretching her arms down behind her back andseparating the cheeks of her ass with her fingers. Her anus was nowcompletely available to her brother.
"Wet it!" she hissed. "Reach down into my pussy and spread it around myass! Make it good and wet and then fuck me, fuck me, Billy!"
Judy's hot cries were turning Barbara into a seething animal. Thehousewife kept her eyes attached to the brother and sister, grinding herown buttocks back madly at the youth who was fucking harshly into hervagina. She bucked back and forth with such force that the action sentwaves across the mattress, bouncing Judy's head about.
When Bill worked the head of his cock into his sister's pliant rectum,the girl wailed a long, agonized, "Aaaggghhh!" Nearby, Barbara began tofuck back against Jack more furiously. Jack grunted, trying to hold backhis orgasm, but the woman was jerking so crazily he was losing control.
Bill slipped his penis deeper into his sobbing sister. The pain wasengulfing her, but now it was easing. She was whimpering hotly as hegently slid his stiff cock up her ass. He moaned deeply, bellowing,groaning. He began to fuck in smooth strokes, becoming more savage asJudy became accustomed to his presence. She began to buck up at him,impaling herself eagerly on his deep-thrust cock.
"Oh, Sis!" he whined.
"Fuck it!" was all she could say. Her breath wheezed from within her,giant forceful gasps and exploding gusts.
"Fuck your sister good and hard! Make the little bitch come!" Barbararanted, dazed with her own blazing need as Jack pumped into her grindinghips, putting her near the edge of orgasm.
A thick aroma of sperm and perspiration saturated the room. The fuckingcontinued wildly, the bed being battered beneath the crashing forms ofthe foursome.
*     *     *
In the hallway, Arlene was coming. Never before had her own fingersbrought her to such a devastating climax. Her legs were thrust out infront of her, her buttocks bouncing all over the carpet as the juicesflooded out of her convulsing vagina to smear her fingers and furtherdrench her sheer panties.
She supported herself by leaning against the wall. To have stretched outflat on the floor while this orgasm swept her would have denied her theopportunity to watch the fucking in the bedroom.
Her big, wide-open eyes feasted on the depraved sight of her son anddaughter engaged in anal copulation. Both had their jeans pushed downaround their knees, their exposed groin areas slick with sperm andperspiration, their young bodies mashing hotly together.
Arlene kept her fingers dancing across the sensitive lips of herpulsating pussy.
From the bed, the wicked Barbara cried, "Make her come, make your sistercome, Billy! Make her come all over the bed! She's such a hot littlebitch!"
The evil woman's ranting caused the climaxing Arlene to shift her gazemomentarily away from her son and daughter. She looked at the perspiringhousewife on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth acrobatically,her miniskirt soiled and bunched up over her ass, her dark nylonsrubbing against Jack's trousers.
Slut! Arlene thought. Dirty, slimy whore! In her confused state ofarousal, her orgasm tearing through her mightily, she didn't knowwhether her contempt was aimed at Barbara or herself. Her own appearancewas equally lewd as the woman's on the bed - legs spread, fingers up hercunt, minidress rumpled and disarranged.
Again the obscene sound of Barbara's impassioned voice stung her. "Oh,look at those two fuck!" the woman on the bed exclaimed. "Oh, look atBilly feed her his cock! She's going to come! She's going to come likecrazy and ... and ... so am Iiieeee!"
Judy reached over to touch the older woman's dangling breasts. WhileBarbara began to tremor in climax, Judy rubbed her palm briskly acrossthe housewife's nipples, causing the woman to groan even more heatedly.Judy's other hand left her own ass and went beneath her, sliding uptoward her cunt. She crossed the bottom hem of her blouse and found thegolden-lined mound of her vulva. She fingered her clitoris franticallyas her brother continued to fuck her squirming young ass.
Arlene kept coming. Her fingers dug into her panties, squeezing insidethe fabric, through the fabric, around the fabric, driving her own bodywild with sexual fulfillment.
She leaned heavily against the wall while sitting on the carpet. Herlegs stretched painfully in front of her, toes curled within her shoes.She began to drum her heels against the floor as the final spasms shookher. Horrified by her own words, she found herself whispering, "Yes,Judy! Come! Come like a bitch! Make your brother come! Yeah, make himsquirt it ... up your ass!"
Her sideline comments ended abruptly as her orgasm died. She felt numbfor several seconds, then horrified as she watched her darling daughterstiffen and scream out in orgasm. Her son's white hot sperm gushed outof Judy's asshole in a sparkling river, rolling down her thighs onto herpanties and blue jeans.
Arlene picked herself off the floor, tearing her eyes away from theperverted spectacle. She heard the harsh sexual sounds, tried to ignorethem, tried but failed. Now that she had satisfied herself, the hotsounds of lust seemed hideous and unwelcome.
Even after she entered the sanctity of her own bedroom and closed thedoor, the creaking of Bill's bed and the mingled male and female groanscontinued to haunt her.

Chapter 9

She had taken pills to make her sleep, and now it was morning.
Bill and Judy had fixed their own breakfast and left for school withoutwaking her. The emptiness of the house seemed only to compound thetangled state of her emotions. Last night she had seen her teen-age sonand daughter fucking each other. Yet it didn't seem to shock her as muchas she felt it should. Perhaps so many things had happened lately thatshe was becoming stupefied. But she wouldn't, she couldn't let lastnight's incident slip from her mind as if nothing had happened. She hadto do something. She had to at least say something.
She drank a cup of instant coffee, then dressed herself conservativelyin slacks and a boyish blouse.
It was clear to her now what she must do. She would go next door andgive that fucking whore Barbara a piece of her mind.
Arlene applied only a bare amount of make-up. She looked disapprovinglyin the mirror, studying the disarranged, slept-on hair that surroundedher pretty face. She pulled the blonde strands straight behind her neckand slipped a rubber band around the knot. She looked pretty, she knew,but not as pretty as she was capable of looking. It didn't matter. Shewas going next door to tell Barbara exactly what kind of a sluttish pigshe was. Why should she make herself beautiful to do that?
*     *     *
Arlene stammered when Sam Carter, not Barbara, opened the door. Wasn'the supposed to be at work? Wordlessly, he left the door open for her,and she followed him through the entrance hall and into the living room.
He looked like he had a hell of a hangover. He was wearing a wrinkledrobe, tied loosely around his waist. His hair was in shambles. His eyeswere red and not fully open.
"I came to see Barbara," Arlene announced coolly, remembering howvulgarly Sam had pawed and fondled her at last night's party.
"Out shopping," he said.
His terse response left her with nothing to say, and she felt suddenlydeflated. She feared she would have second thoughts about telling offBarbara, and she never would get the courage again to denounce the evilneighbor to her face.
"I'll ... I'll come back later," Arlene said.
Then she felt Sam nudge her. He stood beside her, wrapping his long armaround her shoulders.
"Stay. I'll fix you a drink."
Just the touch of his arm started curious tingles of desire racing toher brain. She stepped away from him, saying, "No, I better leave."
"For God sakes, Arlene, stay and have a drink. No reason for you to berude." Despite his unkempt appearance, Sam's tone was authoritative andcharming.
"Just one," she responded, the strange passion still raging in herbelly. "I really shouldn't, but ..."
He went to the bar to prepare her drink. Damn! What's wrong with me,anyway? she mentally scolded. I'm hot! I'm sexually aroused! But why?Get a hold on yourself, Arlene French! Don't you dare let him seduceyou! He's going to try, so don't let him! That one dirty little episodewith Ralph the other night ought to be enough to last you a lifetime!Now don't get horny, Mrs. Harold French! Don't you dare get horny!
What astounded Arlene most about her mental state was the weakness ofher convictions. A week ago the mere thought of getting seduced by SamCarter would have sent her reeling in genuine horror. Now the seductionseemed naughty, something to be avoided. Naughty. But not sickening. Wasit true what they said - that after the first time every infidelity goteasier and easier? She hoped not. She still had her sense of morality.What Barbara and Bill had done last night was wrong. And what Bill andJudy - brother and sister - had done was horribly wrong. But why, whileshe observed it happening, had Arlene felt only lust? And why now wasshe less outraged than she wanted to be?
She knew a basic change was occurring in her character, and she felt shemust fight the change with all her might. But did she have the resolveto fight it? Was the new Arlene which now struggled for power anydifferent than the old Arlene? Had she always been potentiallypromiscuous? Had her supposed prudishness been a disguise by which evenshe had been fooled? She had to stop thinking these thoughts.
Sam brought her a drink and guided her to the sofa. He sat beside her.
She realized she had an excuse for leaving soon. It was eleven, and atone she had to go to the jail to visit Hal. It would take her at leastan hour to get ready.
Five minutes after she'd positioned herself modestly on the sofa, shewas wrapped in Sam's arms, kissing him hungrily. She couldn't rememberexactly how it had happened, and she didn't care. She knew only that shewas good and horny, and she wasn't fighting.
He placed his palm on her slacks just above her knee. The contactelectrified her. Her breath was already irregular, her tits ached to betouched, her pussy was wet and impatient.
"You're a pretty damn hot bitch today, Arlene. Hotter than you were atthe party." He mumbled the words around her tongue.
His kiss was more intoxicating to her than the drink she had only halffinished. She ran her hand across his rugged, handsome face, unshavensince yesterday. His muscles felt good against her. He was so damngood-looking it was driving her crazy. If he only knew just how awfullyhot she was, he wouldn't be wasting all this time on preliminaries.
A last pang of guilt stabbed her mind. She wrestled it aside by thinkingthat she was getting revenge. Barbara had seduced her son and ... No,no. What a bunch of crap. It had nothing to do with revenge; it hadeverything to do with her natural physical need for sex. When finallyshe admitted this last fact to herself, she was stunned - and she brokethe kiss.
She felt suddenly that she had been imprisoned all her life, and now shecould be liberated. All she had to do was break the last barrier. Sheformed the words mentally, the words she wanted to say. But she wouldn'tdare. Women aren't that blunt. But she had to say them. She felt soclose to freedom, all she had to do was speak out and decree heremancipation.
Sam had no idea that a mental war was raging in Arlene's mind. Heplanted his lips back on hers, thrusting his tongue far into her open,eager mouth. After ten seconds, she again pulled away.
The words seemed to flow from her now, and they came far easier thanshe'd expected. "Sam, this is silly. I only have a few minutes, so let'snot waste them sitting here on the couch. Take me into the bedroom andlet's fuck each other! That's what we both want, isn't it?" Her tone wasfree of guilt.
She felt suddenly relieved. It was as if she were floating. Finally ...finally she had spoken aloud and admitted to herself who she really was.A sexual being. And it felt just beautiful.
The happily stunned Sam took her hand and led her promptly to thebedroom. She giggled joyously.
She wondered how it was that she was thirty-three years old and just nowdiscovering herself.

Chapter 10

It wasn't until she was stripped nude and centered on the bed thatArlene thought to ask, "Will Barbara be home soon?"
Sam discarded his T-shirt, the last item of clothing separating him fromnudity. Then, his erection pointing out stiffly from his black-hairedgroin, he stepped toward the bed, knelt on the edge of the mattress,then crawled between her open thighs.
"I don't know," he said in answer to her question.
"You certainly don't sound too concerned about it," she said.
He placed one hand beneath each of her thighs, raising her legsslightly. Then he pushed down on his cock, aligning it with herwet-and-ready pussy.
"If we get caught, we get caught," he said in his most charming manner."What's to worry about?"
Just then the tip of his penis touched the puffed-out lips of hervagina, and she sighed in hot excitement. She no longer worried aboutwhether or not Barbara might come home. She cared only about gettingfucked. And, for once in her life, she wasn't trying to con herself intobelieving something different.
To assist him, she reached for her cunt with both hands and spread herdampened vulva. His cock slid about an inch inside.
"God, do it, fuck me!" she whispered.
"You're very beautiful," he praised, keeping his penis in a fixedposition, not driving it in any deeper.
His inaction was tormenting her. She didn't want to be slowly aroused,she simply wanted to get the hell fucked out of her. She started makingwhorish rotations with her pelvis, arching up and skewering herself onhis penis.
If he wouldn't take the initiative, she would.
"Oh, Jesus, Sam!" she groaned, feeling his cock enter the deepest partsof her pussy.
He knew what she wanted now, and he began to fuck her wildly. Hecollapsed upon her, letting his full weight mash her against themattress. Her aroused nipples rubbed against his perspiring chest as hetook up her rhythm. Back and forth they rocked. She drew her knees up,then lifted her feet completely off the bed. She waved her feet in theair while their bodies grew accustomed to each other's hot strokes. Thenshe bowed her legs outward and dug her heels into his muscular buttocks.Her hands still rested on each side of her vagina, mashed between hergrinding pelvis and his, her palms pressed against her hot inner thighs,her knuckles digging into his groin. She could feel his tight ballsrubbing against her fingers, and the slickly coated staff of hiserection brushed her fingernails each time he withdrew.
His lips covered hers, and she opened her mouth wide to receive histongue. They groaned loudly, their lips sucking.
It was too good. She was going insane.
"God, I think ... I think ... Oh, God, yes, I'm going to come!" shescreamed. "I'm coming!"
"So you are," said a calm feminine voice.
Arlene pitched wildly beneath Sam's heaving body. She pounded hisbuttocks with her heels. She slipped her hands to the top of her vaginaand touched her triggering clitoris. She was dimly aware of theintruder, and she knew it was Barbara standing beside the bed, but shedidn't stop fucking.
Obviously embarrassed, but too aroused to stop, Sam kept pumping intothe gasping, quivering, climaxing woman beneath him. "Jesus Christ!" hegrunted. "Don't stand there watching!" he told his bemused wife.
Barbara had always suspected her husband played around, and it had neverbothered her. She hardly had a legitimate gripe since she had beenscrewing around for years. But this was the first time she'd ever caughthim in the act, and despite Sam's insistence that she not watch, shestood there frozen, excitement building up between her legs.
Arlene couldn't contain her lust. She knew her legs were jerking aboutobscenely and that Barbara was watching, but her climax continued.
Neither could she prevent the words that seemed to seep from her lips oftheir own volition. "Fuck it, Sam! I'm still coming! Fuckfuckfuckfuck!"
Sam suddenly pumped his load of sperm into the quaking woman. It escapedfrom the tip of his cock in jetting spurts, washing her womb.
While this twisting activity continued, Barbara could not resist bendingover and cupping her husband's balls in her hand. She let her thumbtouch his anus and felt his convulsions registered there.
Sam and Arlene finally finished their orgasms. Their muscles relaxed,and they lay limply entwined in each other's arms, panting andperspiring in the exhausted aftermath of a perfect fuck. Only when theirsenses began returning did they realize that Barbara was now naked andon the bed beside them.
*     *     *
When, a few minutes later, Barbara started touching Arlene's breasts,Arlene made no move to defend herself. Strangely, this new sensationseemed to her like a natural extension of her sexuality. Although shefelt somewhat apprehensive, she was not disgusted. Yesterday she mighthave been repulsed. But not today. Everything seemed so different now;she had resolved something within herself, and she was happy.
"Just relax," Barbara said. Her mouth fastened itself to Arlene'snearest breast, her tongue making swift circles around the aureole andwashing the tight nipple.
Arlene began to squirm. She was flat on her back, Barbara lying besideher but a little lower on the bed. A foot away Sam watched intently ashis wife sucked his neighbor's tit.
"Feel good?" Barbara asked.
Still licking Arlene's excited nipple, Barbara mumbled, "Did you enjoyfucking my husband?"
"Oh, Barbara, I'm sorry! I couldn't help ..."
"Don't apologize. I understand, and I'm not mad."
"Mmmm, oh, Barbara! How can you be so understanding?" Arlene whimpered.She had never had her breast sucked so expertly.
"I've known Sam's been playing around all along," Barbara mumbled.
"You knew all along!" Sam said incredulously.
"That's right, darling. But there's something you should know." Barbarareleased Arlene's nipple from between her teeth. She faced her husband,keeping her eyes on him while she repositioned herself. She straddledArlene's face backward, leaned forward, mashing her tits into thewoman's belly and planted her lips squarely on the pink vaginal mound.
Arlene groaned protestingly, but Barbara ignored the woman. She flickedher tongue out and lapped hungrily at Arlene's sensitive cunt.
Arlene squirmed madly. "Oh, don't," she protested weakly. Barbara'stongue was getting her so excited she could hardly stand it. Andhovering only two inches above Arlene's mouth was her neighbor's vagina.Suddenly she tickled Barbara's pouting cunt folds with her tongue. Shejust grazed it timidly, but then the lewd contact of the soft femininegenital flesh against her own tongue made Arlene tingle with fierceexcitement. She began to lick savagely, the taste new and arousing.
"You said there was something I should know," Sam reminded his slurping,churning wife. The two women were moaning and twitching around like acouple of true Lesbians. His wife's vaginal juices were mixing withArlene's saliva and running down the latter's cheeks.
"There is something you should know," she mumbled. Then, to Arlene, shesaid, "Jesus, you taste good, baby! Of course, it's mostly Sam's come,but it really turns me on!" She gripped the genital flesh tightlybetween her lips, pulling it up, sucking mightily while teasing theclitoris with her tongue every now and then. Again addressing herhusband, Barbara said, "While you've been fucking all those skirts,darling, I've been fooling around with more men than you could begin tocount!"
While this revelation didn't actually shock Sam, it did send a surge ofanger through him. How could she confess so blatantly? She was throwingit right in his face. But suddenly it didn't seem to matter. Suddenly itwas funny, and he began to chuckle. Then the chuckle grew to a laugh,and soon he was bellowing outrageously, muttering, "Jesus, Jesus, bothof us fucking around all along, Jesus!"
At another time Barbara and Arlene might have shared in his laughter.But right now they were too aroused. Barbara's tongue was slopping allover Arlene's clitoris, and Arlene was trying to mimic every move of themore experienced woman.
Their bodies teetered from side to side, spastic twitters playing acrosstheir thigh muscles.
In lewd delight, Barbara continued to speak. "Not just men, Sam. I'vebeen fucking boys, too! Teen-age boys like Arlene's son!"
Arlene stopped licking. Her body continued to rock from side to sidedespite her efforts to calm herself. "Don't talk!" she begged. "Don'tsay anything now - don't spoil it for me! I'm too hot! Please, please... suck me!"
Barbara's voice was coy but not peevish. "Why should my fucking Billyupset you? You fucked Ralph!"
Arlene wondered how Barbara knew about her and Ralph.
Arlene struggled to make herself be still. But the woman's tongue wasworking hard as ever at her sopped vagina, and Arlene's muscles seemedto throw her body about without her permission.
"H-how do you know about Ralph?" she managed to gasp out.
"Bill told me. Your darling son and daughter asked Ralph to seduce you.They thought... for God sakes, use your tongue, Arlene! Don't give up onme now! There, yes! They thought you needed a good fuck! Oh, oh!"
Arlene's legs lifted stiffly in the air, and she knew she was about toclimax. Nothing could prevent this orgasm, nothing. She curled her toes,aimed her feet outward. She groaned hotly again and again as herneighbor's cunt was jammed tightly against her working mouth.
"You really owe your children a lot!" Barbara gasped.
"Yes!" Arlene screamed. She knew she was a new and beautiful person -and she owed it all to her children.
She came, crying, "Now, now, nownownow!" She heaved her buttocks off thebed, carrying Barbara's face with her.
Barbara moaned louder and louder, then screamed and came. The bedcreaked hysterically under the bouncing weight of the sucking women.
Sam didn't understand all of what had just transpired. He only knew thathe had an erection and that some new meaning had crept into therelationship between him and his wife. He positioned himself behind hisclimaxing spouse and rammed his cock suddenly up her ass. She was socrazy with coming that she didn't feel the pain.
*     *     *
A half-hour later, Arlene staggered from the bed, leaving the couplepeacefully asleep. She didn't want to leave, but she had to visit herhusband. Hal was in jail, and he needed her. And although Arlene was notthe same person she had been, she needed him, too.

Chapter 11

The long month was nearly over. Tomorrow Hal would be released fromprison. Arlene wondered if he would notice the change in her. Sheawaited the next day with growing excitement. She loved her husband, andshe could make him understand that life didn't need to be a phonymasquerade of social propriety. If their love was strong, they didn'tneed to be continually jealous and possessive. She'd had longconversations with her daughter these last few days, conversations whichhad made her feel closer to her children than she ever dreamed possible.She no longer felt ashamed of her sexuality - that was probably thebiggest change. She was a sexual creature. Not a slut or a tramp, but awoman with normal sexual drives who needed to express them. She wasalike in this respect with her daughter and with Barbara next door andwith her friends Madge and Karen. She was more tolerant, more loving -and she liked herself better. Arlene felt she had more to offer Hal nowthan she had before his arrest. She had so much to give.
She would help him. He'd get another job, and maybe she'd work, too.They'd move somewhere - to the country, maybe. Judy and Bill would beoff to college in two years and ... the prospects seemed wonderful toher.
*     *     *
It was late afternoon. Arlene was on the bed naked and four teen-ageboys were nearby, two standing on each side of the mattress. They, too,were nude.
Ralph was one of the boys. The other three were members of the samebaseball team. Earlier that afternoon, Bill had invited a dozen membersof the team to the house for hamburgers and Cokes. Judy and Arlene haddone the serving. Ralph had asked if he could see her afterward, andshe'd told him yes. Yes! She'd been dying to get into bed with him againever since that first time. The boy had asked if he could bring somefriends along. Arlene had balked at that idea. But then, after Ralph hadsworn that the others would all be discreet, she'd relented. The idea ofhaving several boys in the same bed with her was fantastically arousing,and since this was the last day before Hal's release from jail, shethought she should allow herself this one wild fling. Bill and Judy hadleft to visit a friend.
"What do you want to do first, Mrs. French?" Ralph asked, his erectionheld in his hand. His was clearly the biggest of the four cocks.
She fitted her hands behind her head and bowed her legs outward in agesture of submission. She began to roll rhythmically from side to side,her eyes dancing around the bed to watch them fondling their penises.She noted with mild disappointment that one of the cocks was onlypartially erect. It belonged to a small boy named Alan who seemed veryshy and ill-at-ease. It was because of this that Arlene had taken aspecial liking to him.
"Come here, Alan," she whispered.
The young boy froze while the other three and Arlene looked at him. Hewas at least a year younger than the other boys - fifteen, she guessed.He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes that turned Arlene on.
"Get on the bed, Al!" a stocky youth named Tex urged. "She wants youfirst. You're real lucky!"
Alan made a jerking movement as if trying to lean onto the bed. Then hechanged his mind and stood rigidly, his hand hooked around his limpcock. His face became flushed.
"I can't," he sobbed, trying to fight back real tears.
Arlene felt filled with compassion. "All right, later then," she said."Just watch. Ralph, get on the bed with me, I'm so hot!"
About thirty seconds later, Ralph's man-size cock was stuffed intoArlene's hotly aroused vagina. She was bucking wildly, almost throwinghim off her. Every few seconds, her eyes fixed on Alan standing besidethe bed. She wanted to see if her hot movements were exciting him.Sadly, his cock still was only half erect.
Arlene threw her arms around Ralph's shoulders. She locked her heelsinto the backs of his thighs. She fucked. She fucked more strenuouslythan ever before, and the perspiration poured off her like rain.
"Jesus, Mrs. French!" Ralph grunted. "You're going too wild. I can't ...keep up ... with you!"
Despite his cry, she kept her constant, chaotic pace. He gripped herwaist cruelly in an effort to hold on. He flexed his buttocks in anattempt to prevent an ejaculation.
Tex and a tall youth named Bob were masturbating unabashedly. Theirexcited comments of, "Look at her fuck!" and, "Shit, she's going out ofher head! Shit, she's a fucking tornado!" were almost unheard by thegasping, wheezing woman.
She noticed that Alan's hand was no longer on his penis. His arms hunglimply at his side; his cock hung limply, also. Poor baby! Arlenethought. She'd tend to him later. Right now, her lust was blazing. Herclitoris was being excited by her pelvis mashing against Ralph. Her cuntlips were sucking hard at the bulky staff of Ralph's erection. Shewanted to come ... she would come any second.
She no longer felt concern for Alan. She felt only the fiery need withinherself. The sweat flowed from Ralph onto her. He struggled to match herpace but failed. She was just too fucking wild.
"Fuck!" she cried, this single word uttered over and over with greaterand greater intensity as her passion began to peak.
The slippery sounds from the two masturbating boys thrilled her.Suddenly Tex knelt onto the mattress, and said, "Touch it! Jack me off,I'm going to come!"
Arlene knew the lad was on the verge of ejaculation, and she removed ahand from Ralph's shoulder and fumbled for the prick beside her. Sherubbed back and forth briskly, taking up the same rhythm Tex had used onhimself. The foreskin slid in her palm, the gooey lubricant wetting herhand.
Then Bob was on her other side, and she gripped his cock with herremaining hand.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Arlene continued to rant as she jacked off the twoboys while rotating her hips frantically up at Ralph in an effort toinitiate her own climax.
Tex and Bob were grunting madly while she played with their slipperycocks. "Man, Mrs. French, where'd you learn to give that kind of ahand-job?" Tex praised. Bob merely hissed his agreement.
She was ready to scream out her climax when Ralph emitted a long,shattering groan and pumped his load into her.
"Not yet!" she moaned hysterically. "A little more, just a little more,please!" But it was hopeless.
"Somebody fuck me!" she screamed, feeling Ralph extract his shrinkingcock with a sloshing smack. The sperm spilled slowly out of her cunt,smearing her thighs and dripping to the already soggy sheets.
Tex pulled his swollen cock from Arlene's hand and positioned himselfbetween her open thighs. Ralph rolled to one side of the bed, pantingexhaustedly.
"I can't last very long," Tex said almost apologetically as he jammedhis organ up the soggy channel between Arlene's legs.
"Aahhh! I don't care! That's it, fuck, it will just take a minute! I'malmost there! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
His cock was smaller than Ralph's but adequate. She ground at him,bucking, lurching, almost dislodging him. She continued to stroke Bob'spenis.
Suddenly Bob cried out, his muscles tensing. "I'm going to shoot it!Shit, you better let go of me, Mrs. French! Let go, it's going to splashall over you! Oh, shit! Oh, shit!"
She gripped the boy's cock hard with her hand. The first jet of hotsperm caught her on the chin, the second grazed her lips leaving a saltytaste on her tongue, a third and fourth smacked against her arm andbelly, a fifth glued itself to her disorderly blonde hair.
She loved it! She was taking a bath in sperm and it made her feellovely. Just then Tex's cock began to expand and then throb. His semenshot deep into her already spermy cunt, blasting against her cervix andmaking her scream. Her legs were thrust up in the air waving as she toobegan to climax.
"Oh, now!" she cried. "Fuck hard now! I feel you coming - both of you!Smear it all over me, Bob, with your hands! Oh, yes! Smear it on myface! Yeah! God, Tex, it feels so good in my cunt! Now, now! There! I'mcoming so hard! I'm commmiiinnnggg! Aaahhhhh! Aaahhhh!"
She squeezed viciously on the still-spurting cock of Bob, feeling a shotof sperm splash against her eyelid, momentarily blinding her.
She writhed and sighed and bucked until finally Bob fell backward to lienext to Ralph. Tex's cock grew limp within her, and finally he withdrewit.
When she regained her composure, grabbing some Kleenex from thenightstand and dabbing away the sperm on her face, chest and between herthighs while lying on her back, she gazed once more at Alan who wasstill standing timidly beside the bed. His penis was not quite erect.
With a sigh of empathy, Arlene said, "Everyone leave except Alan. He andI want to be alone for a little while."
During the next hour, Arlene managed to crack Alan's shell of shyness.She learned the thrill of being a seductress. And she fucked the boyuntil he screamed for mercy.

Chapter 12

Judy and Bill had gone to a friend's house so that their parents couldbe alone. On this first night together, Arlene was especially loving.
They had dined alone by candlelight. Afterward, they sat holding handsin the living room and she had assured him that she still respected himjust as much as always.
Now they were in bed together. The same bed where Arlene had discoveredso much about herself. The same bed where she hoped to teach Hal whatshe'd learned. Hal was nude, his cock sticking up in the air as he layon his back watching Arlene strip.
She peeled off her nylons while sitting on the edge of the mattress.Then she unsnapped her bra and twisted slightly so Hal could get a goodlook at her lovely breasts. Playfully, she tweaked the nipples into firmarousal. Then she slid her pale pink panties down her legs and kickedthem aside. Now completely naked, she threw herself out flat on the bedalongside her husband.
He grabbed for her, trying to pull her immediately atop him.
"No," she sighed. "I want to do something else to you first."
Without further explanation, she crawled between his legs, making himspread his thighs out. She lowered her head and kissed his navel. Shekissed lower, touching the top part of his hairy groin with the tip ofher tongue.
"God, Arlene, what are you ..."
"Shhh!" she told him. "Just be quiet."
She pulled several strands of his hair between her teeth to show him shemeant business. Then she cupped his balls in one hand and began tonibble at the base of his cock. Slowly she worked up the erection,dragging her tongue along the underside.
"Oh!" he exclaimed.
She retraced her path, down the cock, up again, down.
Suddenly she went up all the way to the crown and engulfed the tip withher soft lips. Her tongue circled briskly, tasting the seeping fluidthat had escaped the tiny slit.
She sucked harder, more expertly, and Hal began to squirm beneath her.His grunts pleased her.
"It's so good!" he gasped.
"And it's going to get better," she promised.

The End