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There Can Be Only One Ch 19

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There Can Be Only One Ch 19

The girls appeared to be quite taken aback, half expecting Ross to let them go now he has had a little fun with them…wishing rather than expecting...because they knew he held all the trump cards. They looked at each other hoping that the other had a solution to their dilemma but once again they knew that there was no alternative but to do as he asked. Their hands once again reluctantly edged towards their pussies.

Ross was grinning…he had them exactly where he wanted. He turned and hit a few keys… Susie looked at the computer fearful of what he was going to do and let out a big silent sigh of relief when all Ross did was unplug his camera and held it in his hand.

All…she thought to herself…god, here she was thinking that it was a relief that the little pervert of a brother was filming her with her finger in her pussy, and right next to her was some tart from his school openly masturbating…and what’s more the fucking French scrubber was enjoying herself from the noise her fingers were making in her sopping cunt.

Susie tried to block out what her brother was doing…where he was pointing that fucking camera of his…she looked at the French slut. Adèle was a very attractive girl. Susie thought that Adèle had her eyes shut so she could block out what her horrid brother was making them do…but her body was making small jerks as her fingers hit a particularly sensitive spot…the slut was turned on. Susie wished her tits weren’t as big as they were…but was pleased they were not as small as Adèle’s…maybe a b cup…if that…although Adèle’s tits were in perfect proportion to her body.

She watched Adèle’s technique of masturbating… one hand Adèle played with her tits…teasing the hard nipples…god they were big…as big as her own… and yet the slut’s tit were half…no quarter the size of hers. Adèle’s other hand was busy with the neatly trimmed pussy.

Susie didn’t realise how turned on she was getting. She glanced at Ross who was quite happy looking at the digital screen of the movie he was taking. She guessed it was pointing at Adèle’s pussy at that moment. She once again returned her attention to the girl next to her…her own cunt becoming quite excited and wet with the fingering she was now giving herself.

Susie leaned slightly forward to see if she could get a better view of Adèle’s pussy. She shifted her head this way and that way to get the best possible peek at Adèle’s fingers at work.

Her eyes shot up at Ross on hearing Adèle let out a small gasp, expecting her brother to be doing something crude. All he was doing was grinning at the screen. She turned her eyes to Adèle’s and then followed to where her eyes were focussed.

Unconsciously, as she was trying to get a better look at Adèle’s pussy she had placed her free hand on the inner thigh that was draped over her own.

Susie let out a shriek before jerking her hand away turning bright scarlet. Ross was just about to comment when…they all jumped slightly, startled by Adèle’s phone ringing. They all looked at the bag that was sitting just inside the room by the door.

Adèle looked at Ross as if requesting permission to get the phone.

“Stay there…let it ring” Ross did not want this session to stop…just as it was getting interesting. “Keep masturbating”

The girls started to do as he asked but you could see that the spell had been broken by the ringing phone…it would not stop.

“For fuck sake…” Ross rose from the chair and went to grab the bag.

“Non…non…I will get it …” Adèle screamed in French as she tried to get up to beat Ross to the phone.

Her leg hooked over Susie’s gave Ross the advantage and he had the bag in his hand before Adèle had hardly moved. There was look of panic scrawled across Adèle’s face.

Ross opened up the bag. The phone was nested in its own wee pouch inside the bag. He removed the ringing phone from its pouch…


“My sister…she is visiting me for two weeks”

Ross tossed the phone to Adèle whose eyes did not leaving Ross as he sat back down in the chair. Adèle began to speak in French to her sister, her eyes still on Ross and the bag.

The red warning light started to flash on his camera warning him that memory was getting low.

Dropping Adèle’s bag he turned to connect the camera back to the computer. He started to transfer what was on the camera’s memory to his computer so that he could record more on the camera memory later. Once it was all set up he turned back to face the girls. Adèle was having a rather heated discussion with her sister.

Susie’s cunt craved attention…she knew that she shouldn’t but her fingers started to tease her over sensitive clit, hoping that Ross being distracted by the phone call would not notice the minute movement of her middle finger. She just wished she could go back to her room and give her cunt the satisfaction it has been screaming for, for the past 12 hours.

Adèle was still arguing with her sister…her head now faced away from Ross, who could only understand the odd word…so he gave up trying to figure out what the argument was about.

He stooped and picked up Adèle’s bag…an action that Adèle caught in the corner of her eye…she quickly shouted something down the phone and closed the flap…the look of panic returned to her face. Ross was curious.

Adèle jumped up trying to grab the bag but Ross pushed her back down causing her to slip and land sitting sprawled on the floor at Susie's feet. Ross noted that Susie's had not stopped masturbating although he had expected her to stop once Adèle did.

Ross opened the bag and looked in…curious as to what may be in there that Adèle was so keen for him not to see.

Adèle kept shaking her head…panic turned to embarrassment with her face turning crimson.

Ross pulled out a big black rubber cock attached to some leather harness. He recognised what it was straight away…well he had seen enough porn in his young life.

“Oh my fucking god” Susie screamed. Adèle just looked down on the floor where she sat.

The phone rang again.

Adèle flipped the phone open and spoke with a voice of a shamed woman. This time she seemed to speak with a lot less authority. She hung up.

“I ...I have to go…my sister is stranded and does not know how to go home.”

“How old is she?”


Ross was thinking what to do…he didn’t want to break the party up but he knew that a fifteen year old in a big unfamiliar city is not an ideal situation.”

“You have to let her go get her sister” Susie piped

Ross nodded “Be back here at 8 o’clock”

Adèle was about to object but meekly agreed that she would try.

“Ohh better than try my French whore…you know very well what I will do if you are late. One picture a minute I think might make you keen not to be late…”


There had been a few harshly spoken words and threats from both sides but she left her bra and the strap-on on Ross’s desk. As soon as she was around the corner she stopped her car and removed the cum soaked panties that Ross insisted she wear.

They kind of excited her…slipping them up her legs and clinging tightly to her ass and pussy lips. And she would have kept them on if she wasn’t going to pick up her sister and thought she might notice the smell of sex. She was going to toss them out of the window but for some inexplicable reason she popped them in the glove compartment.


Susie returned back upstairs as instructed, after showing Adèle out. She was hoping to be able to reason with Ross…maybe trade herself for one of her friends…she knew she could talk one of them into fucking her brother…he wasn’t that bad looking.

Confused he was not in his own room and did not notice him in the bathroom as she passed …she saw the door to her room open. Taking small steps, she crept her way to her room and stood there staring in disbelief. Ross was standing by her dresser.

On the floor were a pile of her panties…and on the bed just three or four pairs.

“Throw them out” Ross pointed to the pile on the floor “you can keep those ones”

“Like fuck I will…get the fuck out…”

Ross did not argue…he just gently pushed Susie aside from the doorway and returned to his room shutting his door behind him.

Susie for a moment thought that she had won then quickly realising what the bastard was doing…she darted back to his room and burst in, Ross was lying on his bed head on hands and legs wide apart his cock hanging limp. Susie just looked surprised…she was convinced that he would be uploading more pictures.

They just stared at each other…Ross with a smile to his face.

“I...I…I thought…” Susie stammered.

“You thought what…that I would be uploading more pictures.”


“Ohh no big sister…the next one I am going to upload is a video of you masturbating with Adèle sitting with a leg draped across yours…unless”

“Unless?” Susie could not bear the long pause

“You suck me off” the smile turned to a grin.

Susie’s immediate reaction was to hurl abuse at him, turn and slam the door shut and return to her room…slamming her own door even louder.

She threw herself on her bed still cussing and swearing at the top of her voice.

It took a while for Susie to calm herself to start to think rationally. She worked through all of her alternatives and could come up with none. She knew she was beaten.

She tried to convince herself that it was just one blow job, but she knew that it wouldn’t be. She also knew Adèle was coming back tonight and that Ross had insisted she left the dildo behind…fuck…Ross had even told Adèle why she was to leave it. Not too sure why her own pussy convulsed on hearing what was he intending to do…fuck that big black cock looked massive as Ross held it in his hand.

A little calmer, she rose from her bed and slowly made her way back to Ross’s room, easing the door open gradually. She was relieved that he was still lying on his bed.

She entered his room and was the first to speak.

“Why? Why Ross”

“Because I want to and because I can” Ross spoke with a more serious tone to his voice.

“But I am your sister for fuck sake…you can’t want to fuck me?”

“Ahh but I do…anyway…look at my cock…has to be better than the one you are currently entertaining up your cunt”. A smile started to appear on Ross’s face.

“How…how the fuck do you know about Jason’s cock?” Susie was totally confused…she knew that she was not seen by Nasty…Ross… in the car which was the thing that started all this mess…she cursed under her breath for being so stupid in the first place.

Ross raised his hand and held up her diary and waved it about. Susie had not noticed his hand before…she had noticed that his cock was fully erect however…her face went ashen recognising the book immediately

“Bastard…BASTARD…that’s fucking private” Susie wrote all her ‘secret’ thoughts in that book. She cursed herself again for being so stupid to hide it in her panty drawer.

“It’s ok…I haven’t read it all… yet…but leave it with me.” Ross smirked. “my you really do have a dirty little mind.”

“Bastard…if I blow you will you give me back my book”…Susie started to walk forward to the bed.

“No…you will blow me anyway”

Susie realised that she had to offer more to get the book back. She knew it would be more embarrassing for Ross to read her diary and possibly…no probably…pass it around locally than to have pictures and videos of her uploaded where at least she stood a better chance of none of the people she knew seeing them.

“How…” Susie swallowed hard … “How about I let you fuck me...will…will you give me my diary back then?”

“Susie…Susie…Susie…don’t you fucking realise…I own you…I can do anything I might not like it but that’s the fucking way it is.”

Susie was starting to realise that she was trapped…she could feel herself holding back the tears.

“You are going to suck me and open your legs whenever I say…do you understand?”

“Ye…ye…ye…” She could not say the words as the tears started to flow.

Ross almost gave in…as he watched Susie fight back the tears and wipe her cheeks. He knew he had to be strong or risk losing everything.

“Suck my cock...” He paused for a second “……slut”

Susie swallowed hard again…twice…having managed to stem the tears…she climbed on the bed and crawled between his legs. One pair of eyes, glassy with hate…the other filled with lust, stared at each other.

Ross let out a very audible groan as Susie’s mouth engulfed the pre-cum coated cock head.


Ross lay on his bed…his body coated in sweat, an enormous smile plastered across his face. He was still feeling the shivers running through his body as Susie tongue was gently sliding over his genitals as she cleaned the residue of their love making. It had been exhausting to say the least. He could still feel Susie’s cunt grip his cock as he pumped his seed deep into her womb.

Susie felt used…and yet her orgasm just before Ross’s final cum had been one of the biggest she had experienced…even at her own hand, which to date were best she has had. She had never been able to cum with penetrative sex alone before…the only time her previous boyfriends had given satisfaction was if she fingered her own clit while they were fucking her…hence her preference for doing it doggy.

Her first climax…one of two that afternoon came very quickly on Ross’s tongue when he went down on her just a couple of minutes after he had shot his load into her mouth. The amount of spunk amazed her as load after load of thick creamy sperm pumped into her mouth, which she swallowed having been told to do so by her little brother. She usually swallows anyway…lot easier and less messy when you give boyfriends a blow job in risky places. She had got to accept the taste but not one of her top ten flavours in life.

She gently suckled Ross’s balls as her hand gently slid up and down the semi rigid shaft…she was amazed at how quickly her brother could recover…she had sucked him off…and shortly after had her jumping around on the bed fucking her every way he could.

The index finger of her free hand teased his perineum whist she recalled how Ross had made her shift position time after time as he fucked her. All thoughts of him being her brother were lost in the way he managed to keep her on the peak of excitement.

He was rough…pinching…pulling…mauling her breasts when ever he had access to them. She was sure they were going to be marked with his sucking…god she daren’t look for bite marks…although there must be some. At the time she did not try and stop him, in fact, encouraged him to treat her even more roughly. She could also remember the sharp sting on her ass as he slapped it from time to time. Another first for her…and not too unpleasant either.

Ross reached down and hooked his hands under the backs of his knees drawing them up. Susie’s mouth allowed Ross’s balls to pop free…she did not want to hurt them…although not one hour ago she would have gladly bitten them off.

She looked at him between his knees…her hand still gently stroking his once more erect prick. She saw his balls full hang down and below them his puckered anus. She did not need to be told what to do…and although she did not relish doing it she lowered her mouth with her tongue poking out.

She knew at that exact moment she had submitted to him…she was his to do as he pleased.

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