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Fat cum drinking sister

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My sister was an absolute fat fuck,she was way overweight and as a result,she had grown massive tits,a huge jiggly ass,to be honest,

her underpants looked like a poarachute.

Anyway,we had just gotten a new spa installed at home and my sister felt self concious to get undressed in a public pool or spa,

so our parents thought that this might make her feel a little bit better.

So we got the spa installed and filled it with water and tested it a few times and i didnt think anything of it.

Now,I knew that my sister was always horny as she was 19 and had not had sex yet as far as i had known,and to relieve this she

had bought many a dildo to make herself feel good.

I had always thought it disgusting that they were being shoved into the fat pussy that lurked between her tree trunks.

So i didnt think anything of it when she went downstairs in a very small one peice bathing suit and turned the spa on and got in.

I had forgotten after a few hours that she was in there,and assumed that not seeing her,she had gone out to town or something and i knew that

my parents wern't at home so i stripped down and decided to go for a spa naked.

I went down stairs and hadnt even looked at the spa and threw my towel down on the chair next to it,and put one leg in the spa and

when i went to put the other one in,i saw my sister sitting in the corner with her jaw dropped and her eyes bulging staring at my cock.

"Uhh shit,sorry!" i said and i covered up my cock

"thats ok"cherry said,"you can swim naked,just stay under the water"

"you sure?" i asked

"no worries,not as though were going to fuck right?"

"haha yeah"i said,thinking that maybe she had a plan for me and her

so i slid under the water and released my hands from my dick

"want a drink?"she asked

"sure" i replied

and she leant over behind her and as she did,i swear she was sticking her fat ass out of the water so that i could get a good view,even though

its hard not to see the two hot air ballons shes got hidden there.

she then handed the glass of something to me,but i didnt care what it was,as i was wondering why my cock had started to tingle,maybe it was just the warm water.

She was looking at me with a smile on her face while drinking her drink.

"Do you mind if i get naked,il keep my boobs under the water so you cant see them,its just this suit is a little tight?" she asked

"oh i dont know" i said

but she musnt have been listening,as she started to take her suit off,underwater of course,and when she took it off,she threw it to the side and over the edge.

She kept to her word and stayed under the water,but as her boobs were so big,they were floating to the top and were bobbing there in front of her body.

By this time i had a raging hard on,and the tip was showing itself ever so slightley on the top of the water,and my sister knew it,but she didnt say anything

"Can you wash my back please,i cant reach certain spots?" she asked

"ooookk" i said,and i knew that i was introuble,as while she was sitting there,m cock would poke her in the back.

i grabbed the louffle and went behind her and she turned around and stuck her ass out a little bit,as i could see the arch in her back

I started rubbing her back up and down,side to side and every now and then,my cock puched into her ass cheeks and sometimes went inside

a little bit,but she said nothing.

"ohh yeahhh" she moaned

and i was having my own little orgasm even though nothing was touching my cock.

I then felt a firm grasp on my cock,and it was very firm,she squeezed very hard and turned around looking at me.

"right,were going to fuck ok,and if you refuse,i will rip of your cock,ok?" she told me

i did not argue,i went in and gave her the most passionate kiss i have ever given anyone,and she returned the favour.

she then started stroking my cock,up and down the shaft she went and then she let go,grabbed my head and pushed it into her chest.

I could hear giggling as i started licking at her tits and then moved to her right nipple and gave it some work

I bit it,sucked it and made it redder than it already was,and i did the same with the left.

I did this for a few minutes untill..

"i want to taste your meat,can i please?" she begged

so i grabbed her by the head and pushed her underwater and felt some lips wrap around my cock and go up and down the 8 inches

this was so hot,my fat sister was underwater,sucking my cock,deepthroat.

every now and then she came up for air and then went back down.

so after a while,we got bored with that,so we sat on the edge,and she climbed ontop of my cock and bounced up and down screaming,

her massive knockers smacking me in the face,while i held onto her ass and squeezed it,assisting her in fucking me.

"fuck me from behind" she said

and i did as i was told,we got back in the spa and i pushed her up against the edge,and she spread her legs,and stuck her ass up

in the air and i plunged my cock back in the fat cunt.

"ohhh yeahh,morreeeeeeeee!!!"she screamed

"pump my pussy,harder deeper" she screamed again

i kept it up,then i looked down and saw that her asshole was opening and closing,and she had a big hole

i pulled outa her cunt,and plunged it deep in her ass

"ARRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"she cried,but didnt want me to stop

i pumped and pumped and pumed,meeting her ass going back and fourth,timing it perfectly,every time i went forward,she went back,

forcing it as deep as possible.

"im gunacum soon,cuuuummmmmmm" i said,and she turned around and sucked her ass juice off of my cock and looked up at me and stuck her tounge out and opened her mouth wide,

indicating what i had to do.

i finally came,hard,and all over her face and in her mouth,she didnt spit out what came in,but swallowed it,what was left of the rest,she rubbed into her face and on her tits,

playing with it.

"you know,im still not done" she said

so i thought what the hell,and i plunged my cock,still with cum dripping out,back into her pussy and fucked her hard

"pull out baby,and il show you something" she said

so i pulled out and she grabbed my cock and led me over to the edge where one of the jets were and shoved my cock in the jet

The pain was extrodinary,but it was a pleasent pain,because as i fucked the spa,cherry went behind me and played with my asshole

She started inserting fingers then started licking it,in and out she went,this doubled the pleasure i was getting and was almost ready to blow again,

I pulled out of the jet and pushed her tits together and titty fucked her till i came again all over her face and chin,this time she scooped up the remaining cum

and licked it off of her fingers.

"Wow,hope no one was watching"i said with a laugh

and it turns out someone was,over the fence nextdoor was our parents friends and they had horrified looks on their faces,i was in shock

but cherry kept licking the cum and waved to them smiling

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