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My Three Bastard Sons

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My Three Bastard Sons

All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual

activity, or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

Eighteen years ago my son Michael started making sexual advances

towards me and one thing led to another.

We started fucking whenever we got the chance. As soon as my husband

left for work each morning, my son would run down the hallway to my

bedroom and give me a good fucking.

I even started giving him blowjobs in the kitchen while his father is

watching television in the next room.

Anyway, a few months later I became pregnant with his baby boy and lied

to him when I said "Don't worry Michael, you are not the Daddy. Your

father and I have been planning this."

Michael went off to college, got married and now has two children of

his own.

Don't think that we stopped having sex though! He has been coming over

to my house once or twice a month for the past eighteen years to play

with his brother Robert, then we run upstairs and fuck.

Before I go any further, I bet you think my age of fifty four is too

old for a woman to be attractive.

Well, you are wrong! I still weigh the same, and look almost as

beautiful as I did when I was a professional swimsuit model in my

twenties and thirties. In fact, I still model for several national

clothing catalogs targeted towards professional business women.

If you opened their catalog right now and saw me in a women's business

suit with my beautiful silky gray hair and long toned legs, you would

want to pick up the phone dial their toll free number!

I hate to rant about me being beautiful for my age, but let me tell

you one more thing. My eighteen year old son Robert took me to the

ocean last weekend, and they were having a "bikini" competition on the

beach. I entered and won the forty year old and above category!

Anyway, my husband died a few years back and Robert has been a great

companion for me. He was just been accepted to a University and will

be leaving me alone in the fall of this year.

I can't bear the thought of being alone, so today I am going to ask

him to fuck me so I will get pregnant. I want another baby to take care

of before I get too old!

Suddenly, Robert walks into the kitchen and asks me to go swimming with

him in our pool. We have a lot of fun playing around in the pool

splashing each other while he constantly tries to untie my bikini top.

I have been slapping his hands away from me for years, but today he is

in for a surprise!

He takes my hand, opens the sliding door to the pool area and we walk

over to the patio table so I can set my cigarettes down on it.

With the sun shining down on me, I untie my bikini top and let it drop

to the tile floor.

Robert is in a state of shock for a few moments while he stares at me,

then smiles and says "Oh Mom! I have been wanting to see your tits for

years! The are beautiful! Thank you! Thank you!"

He continues to stare at me while I slide my bikini bottoms down to my

ankles and kick them away from me.

Suddenly, he runs towards the patio door while he is pushing his right

hand down on his swimming trunks to cover his erection.

I yell at him "Where are you going?"

He replies "I have to go up to my room for a couple of minutes! I will

be back later!"

I yell at him "Don't be ashamed about getting an erection! It is a

natural thing that happens to young men when they see naked women!

Besides, I want to see what your little pecker looks like now that you

are all grown up! Go inside the kitchen, take off your swimming trunks

and bring us a couple glasses of lemonade with lots of ice! That is an

order young man!"

I take a couple of steps over to the patio table, light a cigarette

and sit down in one of the chairs.

I wait for a few moments that seem like forever, then Robert finally

opens the patio door. He has stripped naked like I instructed, and

starts walking towards me with the two glasses of lemonade.

My God his cock is big and hard! I don't know if I can get that huge

fucking thing inside me! It must be eight or ten inches long and as big

around as my wrist!

He hands me one of the drinks, then sits down in the other chair at the

patio table.

As he sips on his lemonade I tell him "Robert, I want you to fuck me so

I can have a baby."

He suddenly chokes on the swallow of lemonade he just took, then coughs

a couple of times and says "What did you say Mom?"

I take a drag off my cigarette and continue "I will let you fuck me

whenever you want for the entire summer. You can fuck me in the morning

if you want, fuck me in the evening, or just fuck me anytime! I only

have a few more years left before I wont be able to have children

anymore, so I want to try and get pregnant before you go off to


I snuff out my cigarette, then stand up and walk over in front of him.

He does not take his eyes off my smooth shaved pussy, as I say "Well,

what are you waiting for? Let's get started!"

Robert immediately jumps out of his chair and puts his muscular arms

around me. We start tongue kissing while he squeezes my firm white ass


I gently push him away from me after a minute or so, then toss the

padded cushion from the reclining lounge chair on the patio floor and

kneel down on it.

I ask Robert "Do you want me to suck your cock for a while before we


He just stands there with his mouth open for a few seconds, then

blurts out "Jesus Christ yes! Fuck yes!"

I grab his cock and stroke it back and forth a few times, then open my

mouth and move my head forward. I feel the purple head of his cock

slide past my front teeth and start filling the inside of my mouth. My

God his cock is big!

I put my hands down to my sides and look up at him while I start

rocking back and forth.

Suddenly, Robert grabs the back of my head with both of his hands and

starts frantically fucking my face. I run out of air after about a

seconds and have to push him away from me. We do this over and over

again for the next few minutes, then I lay down on the cushion with my

legs spread apart. Robert immediately gets down on his knees, grabs his

hard cock and positions it at my pussy entrance.

The head of his cock slowly pushes my pussy lips apart, then pops

inside me. He leans forward over the top of me and supports himself on

his elbows while we tongue kiss each other.

I plead with him to be gentle with me, so he slowly lets his cock slide

inside me until it won't go in any further. I raise up from the cushion

a little bit, and see that he still has a couple of more inches left!

Jesus Christ is cock is big!

He starts slowly fucking me and tries to get his cock further and

further inside me with each thrust.

I scream at him "Stop trying to get your whole cock inside me Robert!

My pussy is too small and you are stretching it out!"

I start struggling to get out from underneath him, so he grabs my

wrists and continues ramming his cock inside me over and over again!

He is using every muscle in his body in an effort to get his cock

buried inside me as deep as he can! After a couple of minutes, I am

tired of fighting with him and let him have his way with me.

He fucks me for another five or six minutes, then leans back and

reaches over to get his glass of lemonade from the patio table.

I raise up on my elbows and look between my legs. Well, my son got what

he wanted! His cock is all the way in me!

I tell him that I am also thirsty and want a cigarette, so I suggest we

take a break. Robert reluctantly pulls his cock out of me and rolls

over on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up.

I get to my feet, then light a cigarette and take a big drink of cold

lemonade. Robert starts stroking his cock up and down while he watches

me standing around naked smoking my cigarette for a couple of minutes.

I decide to tease him a little bit, so I snuff out my cigarette and say

to him "Well, I have had enough for one day. I think I will get dressed

and go down to the store."

Robert immediately gets up on his knees, grabs my wrist and pulls me

down on top of him. We laugh and tongue kiss for a while, then I say

to him "Do you want to put your big monster cock back in your Mommy's

little pussy again?"

Robert immediately replies "Please Mom! Please let me fuck you again! I

want my cock back inside you!"

I straddle his hips, grab his cock and guide it into my pussy as I

lower myself. It slides in more easily this time, and after just a few

attempts, I am seated all the way down.

I reach over to the patio table, get my glass of lemonade and take

another swallow of it, then place it back on the table.

I just sit on him for a couple of minutes while he plays with my tits,

then after a while, I start to slowly bounce up and down.

After about five or six minutes, Robert grabs my ass cheeks and starts

violently thrusting his cock up inside me. My God, he is fucking the

hell out of me!

My tits are flopping around on my chest and I am screaming "Oh Jesus

Christ! Fucking Christ! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me Robert! Fuck me!"

Suddenly, he stops and I can feel his cock jerk inside me and begin

pumping warm sperm! Five seconds go by, then ten seconds! Oh my God,

his cock just keeps pumping over and over again!

When he is done, I reach over to the patio table and get a cigarette

and light it. I tell Robert that I just want to sit here for a couple

of minutes until his cock deflates to make sure his sperm has time to

swim around inside me.

After four or five minutes, I snuff out my cigarette, then ask Robert

"How long does it take for your cock to go down?"

He just looks up at me and smiles, then grabs my ass cheeks and begins

fucking me again!

This is exactly what Michael did to me eighteen years ago!

Robert is just like his father!

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