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Used and Abused 2

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Midnight Adventures

Melissa was now left outside for the night wearing nothing but fishnet stockings and covered in her brother's and friends' cum. At least it was summer so it wasn't cold out, and she did have a blanket, so she wasn't too worried about being cold. She found a place on the lawn and layed down, pulling the blanket over herself to get comfortable, all the while crying. She wasn't hurt at all besides her self esteem and emotions which were all in a jumble. Melissa was torn, she knew that she should be disgusted by having sex with her brother and his friends, let alone losing her virginity to them, but she had actually enjoyed what they were doing to her most of the time. She felt like the little slut that her brother Matt had proclaimed her. 

As she lay there, Melissa realized just how stuffed full her ass was. She wasn't sure if it would ever return to normal size, although her actual asshole had begun to tighten up again and had locked around the butt plug which was lodged in her ass along with six large anal beads which had been put in backwards so that she couldn't pull them out, she would have to push them out with her ass. 

Thinking about this she began to finger her sore pussy, causing herself to moan in pleasure. Melissa didn't notice the large mutt slip through a hole in the fence because she was too caught up in her dirty thoughts and her own pleasure. Melissa got out from under the blanket and layed down on it and began fingering herself more with her legs spread wide while she rubbed her tits and twisted her nipples. Moaning in exstacy with her eyes closed, Melissa didn't notice the large mutt slowly creep up to her, smelling the scent that her pussy was giving off as she lay there fingering it. The mutt smelled what he recognized as a bitch in heat. 

Melissa was rapidly approaching another orgasm and began fingering herself faster. She was suddenly sent over the edge as something smooth and warm and wet swept across her pussy. Melissa convulsed as this object continued to lick her, delving deep between her lips, hightening her pleasure until it was almost unbearable. As Melissa came down from her intense orgasm, she opened her eyes to see a large dog standing between her legs licking her pussy to clean up the last juices that she had been squirting. 

Melissa knew that she should be disgusted, but she just felt horny and turned on by this next degrading act that was happening to her. The dog continued to lick her tender pussy for a while longer, causing her to orgasm a second time. The dog quit his licking after lapping up the last of her juices but Melissa tried to encourage him to continue since she was still horny and loving the dog's tongue. The mutt then moved up to her chest and began licking her tits since they were covered in crusty cum, which Melissa really enjoyed. He licked her beautiful 36C breasts until they were totally clean of cum, but were now slimy with dog saliva. 

The large mutt then strarted circling her, whining in what sounded like frustration. Hoping that he might start licking her again, Melissa rolled over onto her stomach then got up on her hands and knees presenting her pussy in the dog's direction. The dog did as she had hoped, licking her pussy again, but only briefly. All of a sudden, Melissa felt the large dog land on her back and his front legs wrap around her waist. Melissa was shocked and a little frightened, so she stayed absolutely still. Then she felt something wet and warm poking at her ass, trying to find her tight teen love tunnel. She realized that this mutt was trying to fuck her. 

Melissa felt scared and tried to crawl forward away from the dog, but he just growled and bit her neck almost hard enough to draw blood. That convinced her to stay still for him while he continued to search for her tight pussy. Melissa could feel his doggy cock getting closer to it's mark and began crying quietly. Suddenly the dog found her tight hole and began pounding into her with a ferocity that knocked the breathe out of her. The dog's cock felt larger than any of the boys' cocks and it felt like it was still growing inside her. Melissa grunted, groaned and moaned as the mutt jackhammered his large cock in and out of her, which would have hurt if his cock hadn't been squirting precum the whole time. 

Melissa had overcome her fear now and was thoroughly enjoying the really warm and huge cock in her cunt, as well as the feeling of the large anal beads jostling around in her as the dog rammed into the butt plug in her ass at every thrust. Melissa could feel the dog's cock growing bigger in her, as it plunged deeper and deeper into uncharted territory. She also felt something growing at the base of his cock, which kept growing even once his cock seemed to reach maximum size and was bottoming out and pounding into her cervix. She had heard of the ball at the base of a dog's penis before, and she thought it was called a knot. 

Melissa felt the knot grow bigger and bigger, stretching her pussy wider and wider. Finally, she didn't think the knot would continue to go into her anymore it had gotten so big. Melissa was wrong though. The dog's knot had reached the size of a tennis ball, and with one final thrust, and a scream from Melissa, he lodged it in her cunt. 

In the same motion, his cock smashed against Melissa's cervix which gave way and opened up to allow his cock entrance into her womb. Melissa started crying in pain as she felt something give inside her and the dog's cock go even deeper than it had before. Melissa felt the dog change his rythm as he started doing shorter, but somehow more powerful, thrusts into her sore pussy which was stretched by the knot lodged inside her. 

The anal beads were really moving around inside her along with the butt plug being pounded into her with every thrust, which both felt great and hurt her abused ass. Melissa felt the dog suddenly tense up and thrust as deeply into her womb as he could. She orgasmed instantly when she felt the dog's hot cum spray into her womb, and he kept squirting what felt like litres of hot cum into her for several minutes. 

When the dog had finished spraying his puppy seed into her, Melissa felt him climb off her back and turn ass to ass with her, his knot still locked in her cunt. Melissa fell down onto her elbows, totally spent and unable to hold herself up any longer. She must have passed out from exhaustion because she woke up as the sun was rising with her ass still in the air, her face on the ground and the dog nowhere in sight.  

She could feel that her whole ass and thighes were covered in cold or dryed up juices from her sexual adventures the night before. Running her hands over her sticky, filthy body, Melissa found red scratches covering her waist from the dog's claws and was surprised to find her stomach distended so much that she looked several months pregnant. She realized that when the dog had filled her womb with cum, it must have been unable to find a way out with his cock plugging her cervix.  Then her cervix must have tightened up right behind his cock when it was removed, causing all that cum to be stuck in her womb. Melissa rubbed her distended stomach, realizing she kinda enjoyed the feel of it.

"That was a pretty great show you put on for us last night," Matt exclaimed. Melissa jumped in fright as she heard his voice, having not noticed him beforehand. "Since you're so filthy I think it's time for you to clean up," Matt stated, turning on the garden hose that he was holding in his hand. Melissa gasped as the cold water hit her, but used the opportunity to try and scrub off most of the dried cum off of herself. 

"Down on your hands and knees," Matt ordered, and Melissa quickly complied. Matt took hold of the butt plug and yanked it out of her ass, causing Melissa to squeal in pain. "Now push out all of those anal beads without using your hands" Matt commanded. Melissa pushed as hard as she could, and slowly but surely the first anal bead peaked out of her asshole and slowly stretched it until it popped out, causing Melissa to gasp. 

Melissa repeated this process 5 more times, but as the last bead popped out, a pile of cum filled shit fell out after and ran down her thighes. Matt turned the hose on her again and sprayed her off, then started spraying some of the ice cold water into her gaping asshole, which was almost painful since it felt so cold inside her. Matt turned off the water and said, "I got the whole thing on video last night by the way, so if you try to tell someone what has happened to you or not do as I say I will reveal this to the whole school." Melissa just nodded in acceptance for now. She was still in shock at what had happened in such a short time and didn't know what else to do. 

Matt grabbed her hair and began pulling her to the house, saying, "Tim and Jake have gone out shopping but will be back later for more fun." Matt dragged her inside to her room and took off her fishnet stockings with the crotch ripped open. Melissa stood there and tried not to moan ass Matt started sucking and licking both of her breasts and nipples. Matt then left and came back shortly with a small egg-shaped object and something else in his hand. Melissa bent over for Matt on command and Matt pushed the egg shaped object between her pussy lips then all the way in. Holding up the other object, Matt pressed something on it and immediately Melissa felt the egg in her pussy start vibrating at a low frequency. She then put on a pair of panties and some short shorts along with a bikini top. "Looking good! We'll have more fun with you later!" Matt exclaimed with a grin.  



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