Three men broke into our house while my mother was watching tv and i was watching some porn and jacking off on the computer.

"Get on the ground,NOW!!" they screamed

as i was in my room,i only heard this and not seen it,so i thought it was the tv,but when i heard my mother scream,i knew something was wrong.

I ran out,with my cock hard,and ran iton the lounge room and there standing were three tall black men,and my mother with a ball gag in her mouth.

"Another one,"one of the guys said

"good,now we can have a show while we rob the place"

"what do you mean?"one of the guys said

"i mean,we can watch them fuck,while we rob the place!"

"AWSOME PLAN DUDE!!"said one of the men

so they grabbed me and threw me to the ground with my mother,grabbed another ball gag from there bag and put it on me

"ok,well,we like experimenting with sex,so we we also fuck you,and we will fuck the both of you,you(one of them pointed to me)will pretend to be a girl,ok??"

i nodded only out of fear

"good,sean,take them out to her room and dress them in sexy lingerie"

sean did as he was told and picked us up,took us both to mums room and started going through her draws.

mum at this point was crying and trying to escape,but soon stopped as sean said that is she didnt stop,he would kill me,then her.

He finally found some sexy underwear that i never knew mum had owned,and told us to quickley take of our clothes and put on the underwear.

So we got undressed and picked up the lingerie we were going to wear.

Mum had a dark purple thong that also went up her pussy cheeks,spreading them,and had a very tight corset top that made her 32 dd tits nearly fall out of,they were that high,that her chin touched them.

and i had what it looked like to be a bathing suit,but turned out to be a one peice lingerie thing,that spread my ass cheeks with a thong and was see through in the stomach and had a hole where the pussy went,seeing as how i still had an erection,my cock went through the hole

I looked at my mum,and found her staring at my shaft,with her eyes bulging

Sean then took us out to the lounge room where the couch had been moved back facing the wall and the two other guys sat on it naked,with there MASSIVE cocks sitting out,stroking them

Sean then got undressed and sat down also

"now dance for us"they said

and knowing that if we didnt,we would be killed,we did as the said

we started to move our bodys slowley and try to move them as sexy as possible,this was no problem for mom,as by the looks of things,she had done this before,but as for me,i had no idea.

So mom tried to help me by rubbing her body up againgst mine,she started rubbing and slapping my ass and playing with my nipples,then she moved for my cock,which she grasped and started pulling back the sheath,revealing my cum hole

They quickley got bored with this

"Stop dancing,get naked and get on all fours" they said

again,we did as we were told

we got undressed,got on all fours and they moved over to my mum and filled her ass and her cunt with there dicks,but one still remained,he moved behind me and rubbed my asshole,not being able to talk with the ball gag,all i could do was watch

"yo dean,take the sluts gag out and have her lick this guys hole"

so,once again,i moved myself,this time infront of my mom,bent down,spreading my hole and showing it to my mom

by this time,i couldnt care less that we were being raped,i was so horney,i would do anything to be fucked,i liked playing a girl

then i felt something small and wet enter my asshole and start to lick up and down my crack aswell

i couldnt believe it,i was getting a rimjob from my own mom and it seemed like she enjoyed it as much as i did,then she got her hands involved,and entered fingers,licking the juices from my ass off of her fingers,and nibbled at the entrance to my ass hole aswell

but then she stopped and i was picked up and moved over to the couch,where there sat one of the men,rubbing his black cock and my head was in front of it,its obvious they stopped fucking mom and were going to try me

they removed the gag and before they could tell me i put the cock in my mouth and started sucking,they took this as a good thing,so they rammed my ass with another cock,this forced me to shove the entire 9 inches down my throat,causing me to gag and spit went everywhere

this was so hot,pumping me from behind,sucking a hard rock,and the gentle moans from the men meant that i was doing a good job

suddenly,the man behind me moaned really loud and i knew what this meant,but i didnt care,and from not paying attention,i copped a huge load of hot warm sticky cum in my ass so deep,that i thought it was going to come out my mouth

he pulled out and ordered my mom to suck the cum from my ass,and again i felt the wet tounge enter my ass,digging the cum from deep inside me,this sent the blowjob victem over the edge,as he moaned loud and wave after wave of hot cum sprayed into my mouth

i expected a foul taste,but it was great,i felt like a slut and i liked it,after the spraying stopped i had a mouth full of cum and moved over to my mom who by this time had retrived the gold from my ass and looked at her,smiled and gargled what i had

she did the same,we swallowed what we had and looked back at the last guy who hadnt cum yet

"i want him"i said

"fuck off" said mum

so mum and i wresled over to him and i eventually won by craming my cock into her mouth,which she bit down on hard,but i liked the pain

so i took him into my mouth again,and sucked him like the last guy,the other guys must have gotten horney again because i felt another cock in my ass,and the other must have been in moms cunt

we fucked like this for ten minutes untill finally,i had two more loads in my body and mum had one in hers,by this time,i had also deposited my load in moms mouth and she was lying on the floor with her mouth loaded

they all pulled out and i sat my ass on moms face and farted out all the cum and gave her a beautiful facial.

I decided that i wanted a memory of all of this,so i went and got the camcorder,and a glass and came back to the room,i gave the guys the camera and spat the load in my mouth in the glass,sucked the load from mums cunt and spat it in the glass,then scraped the farted load froms moms face,put that in the glass,and she spat my load in there aswell

We had a full glass of warm semen,and as the camera rolled,i poured half in my mouth,than swapped it with mom,then the other half in my mouth and we smiled at the camera,gargled and swallowed and waved goodbye.

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