My first Bi encounter

(Sorry about my grammar and punctuation)

I was 18 at this time.

I was working as a cleaning and it was about 1 am when my mate rang me to see what I was doing, I told him that I was about to finish and I wanted to try and fuck this chick Amanda he really hated her , He told me she was a slut and not good news I should come around and stay at his place. So I was like fuck it and when I finished I went to his place he came out the front and said lets go for a drive, so we drove to this look out that was about 30 mins away. When we got there he pulled out a joint and we sat in the car smoking it. Leading up to this point he was acting a little strange but I thought nothing of it. He asked me why I was trying to fuck this chick Amanda I told him she was a slut and was very easy to fuck so it was worth it. He came up with a million reasons why I should not and I just sat there stoned listening I did not think to much of it. I was horning as fuck thinking about fucking this chick. I started talking about sex in general. He was moving around in his seat not sitting still and was rubbing his dick through his, I don’t think he thought I saw him but I did, I asked if he was ok and he said there is some thing he needed to tell me.

He told me that he was gay !

I was a little shocked because I had no idea.

Then he goes on to say that he has liked me more then a friend for a long time now and wanted to know what I thought about this.

I told him that I was not gay sorry.

Then he goes on to say that he is not gay he is bi

I said that is the same thing.

He goes onto say that he wanted to suck my dick he would never tell any one and no one would know.

I thought about it for a while………. I said ok

He leaned over and rubbed my dick threw my jeans, this was very strange but it felt good.

I told him would could not do any thing here just in case any one came.

So we drove for bout an hour and a half so that we were miles away from every where just so there was no chance of any one seeing us pull into a motel together, I was stoned and a little paranoid.

We find this dodgy motel and we walk in to see if there were any rooms available the lady said is the room for the 2 of you guys and I said yes but we need to separate beds did not want to look like some thing was going on. I paid and got the keys then we walked over to the room. We walked in and luckly there was a double bed and a single. I asked him what do we do now. He told me to lay on the bed and he would do the rest. I layed down and he came over and undid my jeans and pulled my dick out.
I said to him that this is fucking crazy and should not be happening.
He put my cock in his mouth and sucked on it.
To tell you the truth it felt great.
I had so much energy and was rock hard and no longer sleepy I told my mate this and he told me that he put some speed in my drink about an hour ago. He then told me to lay back and enjoy. He was sucking like a mad man it was feeling great he was also rubbing his cock threw his jeans. He asked me if I minded if he took his pants off and pulled him self while he was sucking me.
I was really enjoying getting sucked off and was off my head that I did not give a fuck what happened.
He took of his pants and out sprung this fucking huge cock I could not believe how big it was.
I told him that was the biggest dick I have ever seen and he like that I liked it.
He kept blowing me for about 10 mins more when he told me his lips were getting saw and asked me if I could return the favour.
I said sure why the fuck not I have gone this far may as well see what it is like.
He laid back and I grabbed his cock it was big I got my hand around the base and put my mouth on the head and started sucking it. I was thinking to my self I cant belive I am sucking a cock and I am liking it.I could not belive how hard and warm it was. I really started to get the hang of it and was going deeper and deeper and he was fucking my mouth. He said to me that he did not believe that I have never sucked cock before because of how good I did it. I was not sure if that was a good thing for me being a straight guy.
He asked if I wanted to be sucked any more and I was like fuck yes and we got in a 69 position. We were going like this for a while. The speed turned me into a porn star and I could not cum but I was fully hard.
He got me and told me to lay back. He laid in between my legs and started sucking me again. He stoped and got some lube out of his bag and put some on his fingers and told me to relax I would like this. He slowly slipped a finger into my arse as he continued to suck me he then slipped and other finger in then 3 fingers and it felt so fucking good I could not believe it I was moaning like a slut it was feeling so good . He told me if you think this feels good you should feel his cock in me. I was very worried because of how big it was he assured me that if I relaxed and he was gentle there would not be a problem. So I said ok but if it hurts to much we have to stop. He rolled me onto my stomach and pushed my arse in the air. He lubed up his cock and it looked rock hard from the side view. He got the head and stuck it on my arse hole. He slowly started to push it in at first it felt like a semi-trailer getting pushed into my arse and was hurting he told me once it was in I would love it . he got his head in and I farted I was so embarrised he did not care said it as all good. He slid his big cock into my arse and once it was most of the way in I felt like I was going to cum it was a strange feeling. He slowly started moving back and forward and was getting into a rhythem and it was feeling great it was not hurting. I think this was because of the speed and the weed. I was laying there getting fucked by one of my best mates I could not belive it. He grabbed my waist and started really working my arse my hole started to burn and I told him so he put more lube on then it was ok again. While his cock was in me he made me get on my hands and knees and started to fuck me doggie. I could not believe his big cock was inside me. He picked up the speed a bit and spanked my arse asking me how it felt to be fucked by your best mate ?
I did not reply so he started fucking me harder and yelled how does it feel to get fucked by your best mate. I was like it is good
He then says tell me how good my big dick feels and spanked my arse.
I yelled your big dick feels great I feel like such a slut !!!!!
He tells me that I am his slut and that I had such a nice tight arse hole.
He pulled his cock out and licked my arse hole a little bit it felt really nice and the he asked me if he could come in my arse. I told him I did not want him to and he told me if he could not cum in my arse then it has to be my mouth so I said ok. I got back in the doggie position and he stuck his big cock in me and it slipped in nicely. He told me to start pulling my self as he fucked my arse. I could not get hard but I was stroking my self and as he was fucking me I got this powerful feeling over my body and I started cumming and my cock was not even hard. I exploded I could not belive it, he started really fucking me hard and it felt better and better. When the cum stopped cumin out I got rock hard straight away . He warned me that he was about to cum and jumped of me on to the ground next to the bed I jumped off and got on my knees he shoved his cock in my mouth I sucked it a few time then he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth that hurt more then when he fucked my arse. He started to cum and he kept my head on his cock and cummed in my mouth I sucked it all in my mouth and he told me to swallow it and I did it did not taste bad at all and he said I did a great job.
He then told me to stand up and said it was his turn to get fucked.
He got on his knees and started to suck my semi erect cock and god it felt good. I was standing there watching my best mate suck me off it was an un real feeling. I told him that I was close to cumming and he stopped and said not yet I want your cum inside me. He told me to lay on the bed and he put his leg over the top of me so his back was facing me reverse cow girl. He lowered onto my cock and I pushed it in it felt so tight and nice when it slipped in he started bouncing fast on my cock and was pulling him self at the same time he was moaning and telling me how good my cock felt. He told me if I was going to cum just cum in his arse he loved that feeling. I was a little grossed out about that but did not really care. I told him to hope off and get on his hands and knees I slide my cock in and start fucking the shit out of him he starts moaning again and he is pulling him self silly and starts to cum he came all over the bed. He told me to keep fucking his arse till I came and he told me that he was my whore and I could fuck his arse any time I wanted after he said that it pushed me over the edge and I could feel that I was about to cum I told him and he started bucking back harder and I started to cum in side him it felt so good his arse wrapped about my cumming cock. He leaned forward and demanded I lay on my back and he sucked every last bit of cum out of me. He laid down next to me and started talking how random this was I freaked out and said we had to go.

The car trip home not much was said.

Me and him did not speak again till I ran into him and his bf 4 years later but that is another story .

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