The bar was a special place where you had to be invited.  I had become friends with one of the new guys at work and he brought me to it.  The girls seemed very young, but since no alcohol was served young girls in their early and mid teens could wait on people.  Mostly men, but some women who you could tell liked young girls as much as the guys there did.  The girls dress in different outfits, some as school girls, some as French maids and others as sexy Lolita’s in miniskirts and halter tops.  

The first time there my friend introduced me to a young girl named Terry, with red hair who was dressed in the very short miniskirt and the halter top showed just enough cleavage to make me stare more than I should.  She flirted with my friend and brushed up against me several times including letting her firm young breast press against my shoulder as I sat at the table.

My friend said that I had to come back several times before the girls got real friendly.  They had to get to trust you.  So I came in at least twice a week and made sure I tipped well.  Terry and another girl named Vicky who liked dressing in the short plaid skirt and tight white blouse of a school girl with no bra as you could see her nipples poking thru the blouse were my favorite and one or the other always waited on me.

One day Terry asked me if I liked young girls.  “Oh course I do.  I like you very much.  Maybe a little more than a grown man should, but you can’t blame me if I get turned on by you.”

Terry giggled and then said; “I mean do you like girsl even younger than me?”

“Ah, yes.  Why do you ask?”

“Well, you are a good customer and I thought I would show you the rest of the place.”

“You mean there is more?  I thought this was all of it.”

“No silly, this is just the main business.  The men come here to see and touch us, which you haven’t done by the way, but there is more.”

“Believe me I have wanted to run my hand up your dress since the first day.  But tell me more.”

“There is a special place that I can take you.  There we can be…. Well closer to each other.  I can sit with you and you can run your hand up my dress, but I will also have some of my little ones for you to play with.”

“Little ones?”  My cock was starting to throb with just the thought of touching her and maybe more, but now she really had me.  It might cost me an arm and a leg, but I was going to pay it.

“They are sweet little sisters that enjoy older men like I do, but are too young to work up front.  Pay your bill and I will take you down below.  But you must promise not to say anything.  Your friend had to make the same promise which is why he never told you about it and why you don’t see him in this part much anymore.  He is down below.  Here is your check.”

I follow her swaying ass thru a passage way to the kitchen and then she opens a walk in storage cabinet and pushes a handle and the back opens up.  There a stair case takes us downward.  When we reach the lower area I see several booths with curtains on a rod at the opening of each.  And there is another hall way that I can see several doors like a hotel hallway.  She takes my hand and brings it to her lips and kisses it and then to her young firm tit.  I press my hand against her breast and my cock throbs.  She then leads me to one of the booths. 

“I will get you a special drink.  You have to drink it first.  It will help you stay hard even after you cum. “

I sit and look around.  A couple of the booth curtains are closed, but you can hear young giggles and moans coming from behind them.  One is not closed and I see a man with Vicky sitting close to him, her blouse undone and her young breast bare.  On the other side sat a little Asian girl no more than 14 in bikini panties and a blue blouse that was completely undone.   Vicky saw me and waved as the man leaned over and gave the Asian girl a kiss on the lips and his hand went between her legs.  Vicky than stood up and pulled the screen closed.

Terry came back with my drink and sat close to me.  “Drink this Scott.”   As I took the cup she put her hand on the bulge that was snaking down my leg.  She squeezed it and smiles as I finish the drink.

“It will take a little bit to take effect.  In the mean time if you would like to kiss me and let your fingers play with me I would enjoy that.  I have wanted you to do that since the first night also.”

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me.  My lips met hers and her tongue pushed into my mouth.  Her hand rubbed my cock as it got longer and harder.  I slid my hand over her thigh and she spread her young sexy legs and I moved my fingers to her bare pussy.  I let my fingers slide along her slit and cunt lips and then pushed the middle one into her.  It was then that I started to feel the drink.  My cock got harder and throbbed.  It felt like a steel rod.  She could also feel it.

“Umm, the drink has taken care of this meat of yours.  I can’t wait to feel it inside me Scott.  You will fuck me won’t you?”

“Of course, but here in the booth?”

“No silly, we will have lots of fun here first.  I think I better go get your little surprise.  You see we waitresses have our likes too which are just the same as you.  We like little girls also.  So this way we get to have the best of both.  A hard prick and a sweet young pussy.  I’ll go get her.  You will like her.  She is sooooooo cute.”

I heard Vicky cry out ‘Eat me little one.’ I wished they hadn’t closed the curtain.  Terry came back with a little young girl who looked a little like her. 

“This is my kid sis Pam.  We have been playing games with each other for a very long time and I brought her here to have fun with.  She still has her cherry and I told her I would find someone to break it.  Would you like a little virgin tonight?  It will cost you.”

“Hi Pam.  I would love to fuck your virgin pussy.  Terry I still get to fuck you too?”

“Of course silly.  We are a pair.  Every table has two girls.  One like Pam and one my age for the gentleman to play with.  You have the money?”

I pull out my wallet as Terry had told me to be sure and bring a lot with me tonight and she took what was required.  I told her the rest would be a tip for the two of them at the end of the session.  Terry got up and went thru one of the doors down the hall way leaving me with her cute little sister.

“How old  are you Pam?”


I was sure she was lying.  But I pulled her towards me and she came without any fuss.  I lean down and bring my lips to hers and kiss her young sweet face.  She surprises me by pushing her tongue in my mouth.  I put my hand behind her head and hold the kiss and feel her hand on my cock.  Her delicate fingers squeeze the bulge and I moan into her mouth.  When the kiss breaks and I lick her neck she whispers, “Ohh, it is big.  I hope I can get it all in me.  Terry has used her fingers and a toy cock to get me use to the feel, but it does scare me a little..”

“I’ll be good to you.  Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“From Terry.  She started coming to my bed two years ago kissing and touching me.  Teaching me to finger and eat her.  She likes me to suck on her tits so be sure and suck on them tonight.  It makes her nipples big and she gets so horny.”

Terry returns and pulls Pam’s face to hers and kisses her.  Then moves to my other side and sits down.  Her blouse is open completely and her bare tits are lovely.  I pull her to me and lower my head and take one of those mounds of flesh in my mouth.  I savor it and she starts to moan just as her sister said as I can feel the nipple getting stiff.  I suck on it, pull it with my teeth and then go to work on the other.  Pam has laid her head in my lap and her mouth is about the middle of my cock and has it between her lips.  Even thru my pants I can feel her warm mouth. 

“Ohhhh Scott.  I love having my tits kissed and licked.  Open your pants and let Pam suck you off while you work on my boobs.  I promise she is a good little cock sucker.  Won’t be able to take all in her mouth, but she will jack you and suck you while you use my tits.”

I sit up and unzip my pants.  Terry gets up and removes her blouse and then shuts the curtain.  My cock is pulled out with some effort by Pam’s hand.  She lowers her mouth to the head and I feel her little tongue press into the slit then take the head in her mouth.  Soon she is bobbing her head taking more in and out of her mouth as her hands squeeze and jack me.  I return to Terry, kissing her lips and then cupping her tits with my hands.  I squeeze and play with them, rolling them in my hand, pulling on the nipples as our lips French kiss. 

It isn’t long before I feel my cum building up in my balls.  I don’t want to cum so early and break the kiss with Terry.  “Baby, I’m going to cum if Pam keeps that up.  And you keep kissing me like that.”

“That’s OK Scott.  We want you to cum.  Fill the little cunts mouth with your cum.  I want to kiss her and drink from her lips your hot seed.  We both enjoy that.  And you will stay hard.  That drink will keep you that way for over an hour.  You are going to cum and cum with us.  Even Vicky whispered to me she would like to fuck you tonight after her guy leaves.  She is with a little Asian cunt named Tia.  Hot little pussy girl.  Loves cum.  Pussy and cock cum.  Her mother was a Hong Kong whore and sent her here to get an education.  She is getting a good one.  Now fuck Pam’s face and suck on my tits.  Finger my pussy.  I want to cum too.”

Pam little mouth sucks hard on my prick.  I push a finger into Terry, but I want to grab Pam’s cute head and ram my cock down her throat.  If I get her to the bed room I am going to fuck her face and her pussy.  Terry is dripping wet and my fingers are soaked when I pull away and my cock throbs.  I put my hand on the back of Pam’s head and push her down hard on my cock and raise my ass.  I shoot my load and Terry sucks on my neck and plays with my nipple twisting it.  I can hear Pam making wet gagging sounds as her mouth and throat receive my load.  My pants and the seat as well as her face get a shower of cum.

 I keep ramming  my ass up off the seat driving my cock down her little throat.  It is like heaven, if heaven is a hot blow job and I cum and cum.  I slump back against the padded cushions and Terry grabs Pam by the hair and leans across from me.  They kiss and I can see cum dripping from both their mouths.

The kiss seems to last forever between the two little incest girls.  Then they break the kiss and I am surprised to still find myself hard.  Terry leans down and sucks my cock as Pam sits up and leans against my shoulder.  I put my arm around her and give her a gentle hug.  Terry sits up and wipes her mouth.

“Boy Scott, you had a lot of cum.  This booth is a mess.  But don’t worry.  We’ll go to the room now and I’ll help you fuck Pam.  I promised her she would get a nice cock from a nice man up her and you will help me keep that promise.”

As we stand up, Pam and Terry both now topless and Pam only in her panties and Terry in her short skirt they each grab a head.  As we walk by the booth with Vicky and Tia the curtain opens up and the man is zipping up his pants having left a big tip on the table.  The girls wave good bye to him and Vicky turns and stops us.

“Do you think he will have some cum for Mia and me after you two slut sisters get finish with him?”

“I think he will.  Come to the room in half an hour.  Bring Mia.  I know he likes Asian pussy.”

All I can do is stand there as they talk about me with a silly grin on my face.  The girls lead me down the hall to a room with the number 8 on it and we enter to find a very large bed, drinks of soda with ice and a large screen TV with a video of two young girls sucking off an older guy.  I look at the screen for a few seconds and Terry hits my arm and says.  “We’ll get your pervert mind off that video real quick.  Pam let him slide your panties off.  I know he want to taste you.”

Pam jumps up on the bed and lays back.  Her young body lays there for my lust filled eyes.  I pass my hand down her body touching her little breast and stiff little nipples and then over her stomach and down each leg.  I then move my hands to her hips and slowly pull her panties down.  I look at Terry and smile, “Can I keep these panties as a reminder of tonight?”

“Sure, get them nice and wet with her cum after you fuck her.  You will want to use them to jack off with when you think about us.  Now Pam just relaxes.  He is going to eat your cunt just as I always do till you are good and wet and then he will slide his cock in you.  You are going to be tight, but he’ll get it all in you.  Just be a good cunt and make your sister proud.”

“Ohhh eat me Scott.  Please.  I want to feel your tongue in me.  Eat me like Terry does.  I’m her cunt. “

I put my lips on her calf and slowly lick my way up to my gift.  I spread her legs and put them over my shoulders.  I inhale her little girl scent.  I want to be gentle and make this good for her.  I kiss her pussy and then French kiss it pushing my tongue into her.  I lap at her like a little puppy and she is soon squirming under me.  Her heels pounding on my shoulders as I taste her sweet juices.  I run my tongue up and down her pussy spreading her cunt lips.  I then wrap my lips around her stiff little clit and give her a girl blow job.  She is twisting and crying and moaning at the same time.

I lap up her juices as pussy flows like a faucet .  Pam cries out and her words don’t come from a little girl, but a lust filled young woman; “Ohhh fuck.  Eat me.  Ohhhh god eat my cunt.  Fuck it with your mouth.  Make me cum.  Ohhhhh,  ahhhhh, yes, ohh yes. Ahhh.”

I feel her push up off the bed as her climax shakes her young body.  Wave after wave of little girl juice flows all over my face.  I keep eating that hot wet fuck hole till she cums again.  This time she goes limp from the organism.  I pull my face, dripping wet girl cum, from her mound.  I move up and kiss her lips.

Terry pulls me from her and presses her lips to mine.  She licks my face and mouth.  I push her back on the bed on her back and lie on top of her and spread her legs.  My cock is still throbbing and I reach down and guide the head to her fuck hole.  I push it into her pussy and her mussels seem to drag my shaft into her body.  She sucks on my shoulder, her legs spread wide and her hands go to my back.  I can feel her nails digging into me.  She rolls her head aside and cries out; “Fuck me you bastard.  Fuck my cunt.  Fill me with your fuck seed.  Ohhh shit fuck me.”

I start faming my cock in and out of her body, driving it deep and hard.  I am filled with lust as she is.  We are animals rutting.  I want to cum in her.  I am not worried about pleasing her.  I want the enjoyment the excitement of cumming in a hot pussy.  A young sweet incest loving cunt.  I fuck her like the whore she is.  Driving it to her womb.  She moans and grunts and cries and I am sure we will bounce Pam right off the bed. 

I feel lips on my ass and know it is cute little Pam kissing and licking my ass cheek as I fuck her sister.  I push my cock hard into the tight little fuck hole.  In the back of my mind I wonder how many pricks have sent their load into her.  I feel her organism before I hear her cry out.  A scream of a woman in heat as her climax takes complete control of her body.  Pam is pushing her hand between my legs and touching where Terry and my body become one.  I feel my load ready to explode for the second time.  I push hard into her and hold it there as I explode.  I fill her pussy with cum.  I can feel our juices leaking out of her but she still grinds her cunt against me.  I collapse on top of her pressing my weight on her young body.  I feel her hitting me trying to push me off.  I slowly slide off her and my cock pops out of her cunt with a sucking wet sound.

I lay on my back, my wet cock still hard and dripping cum.  Pam lays on me and her sweet mouth starts sucking her sisters and my juices from my body.  I put my hand on her head and pet her like a puppy.  My little fuck doll.

I glance over to the door and there stand Vicky naked with the little Asian girl on her knees between her legs sucking on Vicky’s pussy.

“Wow that was cool Scott. You really fucked that bitch.  Are you going to fuck Pam now?”

I look down at the pretty head licking my balls.  “In a bit.  I have to catch my breath.  Why don’t you and Tia come here and let me watch you two eat each other.”

The girl pulls the little girl off her knees and drags her to the bed.  Their height is different, but it seems that they have done this before as their bodies quickly weld themselves into a pussy lapping position on their sides.  Terry lays there with her arm over her face breathing hard, her young breasts heaving. 

I pull Pam up and tell her; “Straddle me baby.  Daddy is going to make you a woman.  I want to fuck that virgin cunt.  Sit on my cock and hold it to your pussy hole.  Yes like that.  Now rub it up and down your slit.  Ummmm, oh that feels good.  Yes just like that.  Ohh.  Rub the head harder against your slit baby.  Yes.  Yesssss.  Oh fuck.  Now push it into your hole.  Rub and push and press down.  Ohhhh, fuck yes Pam.”

Terry rolls on her side and Vicky pulls her face from Tia’s cunt.  “Go Sis.  Slide down on his meat.  Ohhh damn little cunt.  Yes like that.  Ohhh, I can see the head going in.  Yes.  Look Vicky.  Her first cock.”

“Ummm, yes Pam slide down now. “

Mia pulls herself over so she can see and the three girls watch as Pam with her eyes closed and a look of fear and lust on her face forces her body to slide down my cock.  I watch it disappear into the virgin hole.  It takes a while, but I let her work at her own speed, although the other cunts want her to shove herself down on it hard.  “Take your time baby.  Let your body get use to it.  I can feel how tight you are.  I can feel your cherry.  Are you ready?”

Terry doesn’t wait.  She crawls over on her knees and puts her hands on her sisters shoulders and pushes her down.  I let out a loud moan and Pam cries out in pain as her wall of flesh is ripped.  Terry kisses her sisters neck as Vicky cups one of her tits.  Pam slides down more now, he eyes open, tears in them, but now her fear is turning into something else.  The look of a woman being fucked.

The girls hold her as she pushes hard till my whole cock is inside her.  Mia is fingers her pussy, her eyes big as Pam starts to move up and down leaning forward with her hands on my chest.  After a few minutes of getting use to it she starts to fuck me.  Terry smiles at me and then kisses Vicky.  I reach up and cup Pam’s little tits.  I squeeze them as she fucks me.

Soon she is moving faster throwing her head back.  Her cunt use to being filled with prick meat she rides her cock.  I take one hand and pull Mia over and down and bring her lips to mine.  I kiss the little Asian pussy girl as Pam moans and makes little squeaking sounds with each downward thrust.

Terry and Vicky are in a lovers embrace kissing and fingering each other as I let Mia lay her head on my should and I reach down and caress her shinny ass.

Pam is lost in lust, fucking me, using me and not really knowing why but she is giving her body to her lover.  I hear her cry out with her organism and I pull her down on me and put my hands on her ass.  I roll her onto her back and being careful to keep as much of my weight off her as I can I start to drive my cock in and out of her.  Now it is my turn to fuck her.

I push it into the tight little fuck tunnel.  It feels like a vise.  I want her to remember her first fuck.  I want her to finger her cunt every time she does.  I fuck her hard calling her my darling, my pussy girl, my lover, my fuck toy, my slut.  I push and drive my prick deep into her wanting to feel her with my seed.

She cries out again as she cums and this sets me off.  I push deep into her and my prick is like a fire hose shooting my cum into her womb.  Her pussy over flows and the white cream slides out and down the crack of her ass.  Tia is kissing my back and I hear Terry cry out as she cums from the licking that Vicky is giving her.  My cum splashes into the body of my lover.  I roll her over again on top of me and with my hands on her ass hold her tight with my cock buried deep inside her.  We are both covered in sweat and cum.

Poor Mia had to quickly get out of the way of my rolling body but she is down sitting beside us and looks me in the eye and says; “Will you fuck me next week like that?”

“Of course sweet one.  I love little Asian cunts.  Is it ok if the girls join us?”

“Oh yes.  This was so hot.  I came to.  Like them.  Ohhh I want to feel you inside me like with Pam.  Did you enjoy her?”

“Very much.  Pam you are one hot little fuck toy.  I love cumming in you.”

A knock at the door and a young girls voice cries out, “Time Mr. Scott.  Finish up with those sluts please.”

Vicky cries back “Fuck you Tammy.”  But I know not to ruin a good thing. 

“Too late, I’ve been fucked twice tonight.”

“OK girls let’s get cleaned up.”  I find that the room has a large shower and the five of us wash each other and Tammy comes in and watches and when one of the little slut girls starts to get too horny tells her I have to leave, but they can have me next time I come back.

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[#1176] TheLusty1 ( 359 days ago )
TheLusty1 avatar Great story
[#2033] looneyb1n ( 548 days ago )
looneyb1n avatar I know this is supposed to be fiction, but if it were real, in what city would it be located?
[#59] kcid25 ( 892 days ago )
kcid25 avatar NIce story, but you you have to watch your spelling. I lost count of how many ORGANISMS there were, but there were more of them then there were ORGASMS. Spell check won't catch that. YOU have to.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go jack off.

[#114] Trefor229 ( 907 days ago )
Trefor229 avatar Really good girls in this story - unbelievable but there are young girls like this.
[#10] nmsteve ( 908 days ago )
nmsteve avatar I wish this young pussy bar was close to me
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