My Daughter and I Flash the Shopping Mall, but She Decides to
Strip Naked and Walk Around in the Mall Fountain!
Short story by Carolyn Matthews.

One day, my daughter Amber and I decided to drive over to the
Shopping Mall and flash our naked bodies in public while we take
pictures of each other. When we get there, I want Amber to take
video of me getting out of the car in the Mall parking lot
wearing nothing but my sunglasses and high heels. Amber comes
downstairs and tells me that she is ready to go, so we walk out
to the garage. I quickly take my dress off and stuff it in my
purse, then turn the car on and back down the driveway. A short
time later, we are traveling on the highway towards the Mall and

I notice Amber keeps looking at me. I ask her what is on her
mind, then she replies "Oh gosh Mom, you look so sexy driving
the car without any clothes on!"

A half hour later, we are at the Shopping Mall looking for a
place to park. Amber says "Mom, there is one right over there!"
I pull into the spot and turn the engine off. Then, I tell Amber
to get out of the car with her camera and stand about twenty
feet away from me and start taking video. Amber jumps out of
the car, slams the door shut, then gets ready. When I see her
positioned, I open my car door and get out.

Amber starts taking video while I open the car door and step
into the bright sunlight. I look towards her and smile for a few
seconds while I run my hands up and down my beautiful naked
body, then push my fingers through my long blonde hair a couple
of times. I want her to get a good shot of my tight little ass,
so I turn around and lean into the car. I look over my shoulder
at the camera and smile for a few seconds, then get my dress out
my purse and casually put it back on.

Amber turns off the camera, then says "Mom, I got some really
good footage of you! You looked fantastic wearing nothing but
sunglasses while people were driving by looking at you!" I grab
my purse and shut the car door, then start walking to the mall
entrance. Amber follows behind me and starts taking pictures of
me flicking my long blonde hair around while I lift the back of
my dress up and caress my bare ass cheeks.

As the automatic Mall entrance doors open up, Amber turns off
the camera and runs up to me. We walk through the Mall for a
while, then I decide to stop at the main water fountain so we
can take a few pictures of us flashing in public. The fountain
is in the middle of a large pool that looks to be about a foot
deep, and about a dozen people are sitting on the circular
concrete bench surrounding it.

I say to Amber "Stand over there about twenty feet away while I
sit on the bench next to the fountain. Take pictures every few
seconds while I try to look sexy for the camera."

Amber runs over and takes a couple photos of me. The flash from
the camera startles most of the people sitting near me, so they
look over to see where it is coming from. She takes a couple
more photos and I notice now that nobody is looking in my
direction now, so I unbutton the front of my dress and hold it
open. I wait two or three seconds for Amber to take a few
pictures of my naked breasts, then quickly pull the dress back
around me and button it back up.

Amber walks over to me, hands me the camera and says "Mom, it's
my turn now!" I hold the camera up and start taking one picture
after another. Amber stands next to the fountain and looks
towards me, then unbuttons her dress and lets it slide off her
arms to the tile floor! Jesus Christ, I thought she was going to
quickly flash her naked body, but instead, she just casually
stands there naked while shoppers walk along and look at her!
I keep taking pictures while Amber bends over, picks up her
dress, then sits down on the cement bench surrounding the
fountain and takes her high heel shoes off. She motions for me
to come over to her, so I walk over and she stuffs her dress and
shoes in my purse. I ask her "Amber, what are you going to do
now?" She replies "You will find out in a couple of seconds, now
start taking more pictures!"

Amber turns around, then hops up on the concrete bench and steps
down into the water surrounding water fountain! She wades
through the water until she is about ten feet away, then stops
and looks over her shoulder at me. I take a few more pictures,
then she begins walking through the water again! Where is she

Jesus Christ, I don't believe what I am seeing! Amber continues
to casually walk naked around the pool while people gather
around to watch her! After a couple of minutes, she wades back
to where I am, then climbs out of the pool and sits down on the
bench. She takes her shoes from my purse to put them on, then
says "Mom, my feet are all wet! I need a towel to dry them off!"

By this time, there is a large group of people crowded around
and a handsome young guy about her age takes off his T-shirt and
hands it to her. Amber dries off her feet, then stands up and
walks over to him. He is really tall, so she looks up into his
eyes and says "You are a true gentleman! If you would like to
kiss me, then go ahead!" The guy immediately puts his arms her
and they start kissing while he runs his hands all over her
naked body! I don't believe what I am seeing!

Amber starts moaning while they continue kissing, then she
pushes her hand down inside the front of his shorts! More people
gather around us, then Amber suddenly gets down on her knees,
pulls the guys shorts down to his ankles and starts sucking his
cock! I immediate say to her "Amber, stop what you are doing
right now young lady! Stop right now and put your clothes back

Suddenly, I hear over the Shopping Mall's public address system
"Security, Security, respond immediately to the main water

Amber does not seem to hear the warning, so I have to slap her
on the back of her head a couple of times to get her attention!
She leans back and the guy's cock pops out of her mouth. I tell
her that we have worn out our welcome here, and we have to leave
this minute! She starts complaining, but I grab her wrist and we
run out of the Mall.

When we get to the car, Amber puts her dress back on, then says
"Mom, let's to that other Shopping Mall just down the street!"

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[#109] SilkyBitch ( 808 days ago )
SilkyBitch avatar are you ever going to write another part to this one?
[#109] SilkyBitch ( 863 days ago )
SilkyBitch avatar Awsome, I hope you write a continuation!
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