"Tim! How are you today?" James asked as Timothy sat down next to him on the bus.

    "I'm great, how about you?"

    "I'm good. Uh, Tim, could I ask you a favor?"

    "Sure, what do you need?"

    The day before, when Mrs. Jacobs asked James to bring someone with him to help him with the extra stallions, the only person that came to mind was Tim. So far, he was James's only friend at his new school, and he had a genuine love for animals. Hopefully, by the end of the day, James thought he could broaden his love.

    "You remember yesterday when you said whenever I needed help and Mrs. Jacobs’s house, you would be happy to help?" James asked.

    "Of course, why?"

    "Well, you see, she told me yesterday that she's going to get three new stallions from some neighbors who are moving away, and she thought that it might be a little much for me to handle on my own. She told me that I could bring anyone I wanted to help me. So what do you say? She'll pay you."

    Tim's eyes widened and he smiled. "Sure, James, I'd love to help. It's right after school, right? I'll just get off at your house and follow you; my parents won't mind."

    "Okay, cool."

    "I've always wanted to ride a horse; do you think she'll let us?"

    "Of course she will," James said. Just not the way you think, he thought to himself.

    School went by just as slow as always, and, finally, the bell rang. James walked to the bus and found his seat next to Tim. Tim was ecstatic; he could wait to care for the horses, mules, and dogs. He kept telling James that he loved animals so much, but his parents didn't want any, so he couldn't wait to go to the ranch. Oh, Tim, you have no idea what you’re in for, James thought.

    The bus stopped and James's house and they both got off. They walked down the driveway to James's house. "So, do you want to leave your stuff at my house of bring it with you to Mrs. Jacobs'?" asked James.

    "It doesn't matter; I guess we'll leave everything at your place?"

    "Okay." James had almost forgotten that he had to bring Cody with him. He hoped that as soon as he walked into Helen's yard, the dogs would behave and wouldn't sniff his crotch so much; it would be really hard to explain it to Tim.

    They kept walking until they reached James's house. James's parents were still working, so they dropped their stuff off on the table and Tim waited in the kitchen for James to get Cody. James ran up to his room, yelled, "Here, Cody," and the excited lab followed him back downstairs. Then he and Cody walked down to Mrs. Jacob's house. Even though they were neighbors, her house was far away from theirs. They were separated by a wooded area and then small field that now contained her new stallions during the day. The walk wasn't long, but her house and barn were far enough away that no one could hear him having a good time with the animals. It took them few minutes, and when they opened the back gate and walked into Helen's yard, she was sitting on the back porch waiting.

    "Oh, how wonderful, dear, you brought a friend. What's your name, hun?"

    "I'm Tim," he said shyly.

    "Well nice to meet you, Tim. Why don't you head on out to the barn and meet the dogs while me and James have a talk?"

    "Yes ma'am," he said. He walked off to the barn, and, when he was halfway there, Buzz and Goldie ran out to greet him. They sniffed at his crotch and butt, but he didn't seem to notice and started petting them. James felt relieved when he remember his first time here; the dogs had done the same thing and he didn't think much of it.

    "I'm glad you found someone to help you, dear. Now, I assume he has no idea what his real job is?" Mrs. Helen asked.

    "Not a clue," James replied.

    "That's okay, now listen up. If you remember when I started you out, I went through feeding the animals first. I would like you to do the same. After that is the tricky part. Now, if you remember correctly, I had to sedate you. You will probably end up having to do the same with Tim. Are you okay with that?"

    James thought about it and took a deep breath. "Yes, I can do that."

    "Wonderful. Then you will need this." She handed him a small dart with a tiny amount of fluid inside of it. "Use it whenever you feel you need to. It will work well if you stick it on his bottom, but his arm will work too, if you get the opportunity. When he's out, take him to the stall next to the water hose. I've set up everything you need. Unclothe him, and if you want to strip down yourself, you go right ahead. There's a bench to position him on and some restraints on the ground. You know how to work them. When he's positioned, there is a syringe on the table along with some other tools. Give him the shot; it's a painkiller, the same thing I gave you. Just stick it right in his bare bottom. There will be lube on the table and an assortment of tools to help stretch him out. Make sure he's nice and wide before you try anything. When he wakes up, you should probably start with the dogs; they're easiest and he'll like them. Then, when he likes it, move on to my horses. Don't use the new stallions or my mules; it will be too rough for him. If he wants to afterwards, then you can, but don't start out with them. When he's come back up to the house so I can talk to him and you both can get cleaned up. Do you understand, dear?"

    "Yes," James replied.

    "Good. Well, good luck and have fun!" Helen said. She went into the house. James took a deep breath and turned towards the barn. He started walking. As he walked, he noticed he was shaking like crazy. This is it, he thought. Well, Tim, I hope you’re ready.

    He walked up to the barn and walked through the door. Tim was already waiting inside the barn with the dogs. They were sniffing his crotch but he didn't seem to notice. "Everything okay?" he asked.

    "Yeah, everything's fine. She just wanted to make sure I know what to teach you. Okay, let's start with the mules..." James led the way and Tim followed him closely. James showed him how to feed and care for the mules. After the mules, they moved on to Helen's stallions and then the new stallions. The whole time, Tim was paying very close attention. When they finished, he asked if there was anything else.

    "Um, yes. There is one more thing..." James said nervously. Do I tell him, or should I just knock him out now? James asked himself. He decided it would just be easier to knock him out then. "If you could just look behind you..." Tim turned around and James took the dart out of his pocket. He quickly took the cap off of the tip and moved towards Tim. He held his breath and quickly sunk the dart into Tim's butt check.

    "Ouch!" Tim screamed. "Why did you pinch my ass?" He grabbed his butt in pain and found the dart. He pulled it out and looked at James. "What the hell is..." his eyes rolled back and he started swaying. James grabbed him and caught him before he fell. "Sorry, buddy," he whispered.

    Getting Tim to the stall turned out to be James's hardest task. For a freshman in high school, Tim was pretty small, but he was still a burden to move. James started out trying to carry him, but he ended up dragging him into the stall that Helen had prepared. Inside, there was a bench with four restraints around it in the middle and a table with numerous items on it off to the side. He drug Tim up the bench and leaned him against it. He started by removing Tim's shirt. Even though he worked in an orchard, he had a solid tan. For someone his size, he was very muscular; James thought that he could even be sexy. He through Tim's shirt in the corner and struggled with his pants and underwear. When he pulled them off, his little dick popped out. James stared for a minute. This was the first time he had ever seen another guy's penis. Before it got hard, it was about the same size as James's. He started rubbing it and it slowly started to stiffen. When it was fully erect, James measured it with his eyes and estimated that it was about the same size as his own; if anything, his own was bigger. "Well, that's enough of that," he mumbled to himself. When he pulled his pants all the way off, he through them in the corner. Then he positioned Tim on the bench. He put him across the bench, belly down, and strapped his hands and legs to the floor. He noticed a lever on the edge of the bench and pulled it. The bench tilted a little bit, making Tim's butt stick out high in the air. James studied his friend's little white ass. It looked relatively hairless, a contrast to his own. He rubbed his hand against it and it was silky smooth. He ran his hand down his thighs and they were just as smooth. Other then on his head and around his penis, Tim didn't have a single hair on his body. His skin was smooth and soft, and James stood there feeling him for a minute.

    After a while, he snapped out of it and went over to the table. He took all of his own clothes off and set them on top of Tim's. He then looked over the items on the table. On the right side of the table, a syringe full of pain killer, alcohol, and a cotton ball were set next to each other. Moving left, a bottle of lube and an assortment of dildos sat on the table. They were lined up in order from smallest to biggest. James vaguely remembered the biggest one from when Helen was preparing him. At the end of the table was a butt plug, identical to the one that James was using. Well, first things first, James thought. He walked over and picked up the syringe, the cotton, and the alcohol. Then he walked over to Tim's butt. He poured alcohol on the cotton ball and rubbed it in a little circle on Tim's ass. Then he took a breath and pushed the syringe in. He pushed down on the plunger until all of the medicine was inside of Tim. Then he pulled it out and put it back on the table. He grabbed the lube and all of the dildos. The bottle of lube had a nozzle on it, and he stuck it into Tim's hole. He squeezed half of the bottle into his rectum. Then he pushed one of his fingers in. The syringe must have had muscle relaxers in it as well, since Tim's sphincter didn't clench around James finger. He was able to push it all the way in and quickly inserted another. When he forced in a third, he decided to bring out the dildo. He determined that the smallest one was too small, so he pushed the second smallest one in as far as he could. He pushed it in and out a few times and then pulled it out. He did the same with the next two dildos and then he got to the monster dildo.

    It was about ten inches long and two inches wide. James squeezed the remaining lube on the fake penis and around Tim's stretched-out hole. Then he pushed it inside as slow as he could. Even with the muscle relaxers and lube, it was very hard to push in. He pushed it in slowly until he finally got almost the whole thing in. Then he started pushing it in and out, very slowly. As Tim's butt hole adjusted and stretched to the right size, the dildo slid easier and James went faster. Pretty soon, he heard low moans, and Tim's body started to rustle. He was waking up from the sedatives. When he broke free from his daze, he started to tug at the restraints and fought to get free. "What the hell is going on?!" he screamed.

    "Don't worry, Tim, everything's going to be fine," James said. "I'm just preparing you for next job. Don't fight back, just relax. It kind of feels good, doesn't it?" He could feel no pain and he was panting and moaning, but wouldn't give in to James.

    "Let me go you creep!" Tim screamed.

    "Calm down, buddy," James said as he rubbed Tim's thighs. "Everything's alright. Here, let me get you something to drink." James walked over to the table and saw a bottle, a can, and a big glass. The can was Pepsi and the bottle was beer. Underneath the beer, a note read: "Just in case he needs some persuading. Use sparingly." James took a breath and opened the Pepsi, poured it into the glass, then opened the beer and poured half of it into the glass. It's not enough to make him drunk, James thought. Just enough to calm him down a little and make him more willing. "Here, drink this," James said. Since his arms were in the restraints, James held the glass up to Tim's lips and tilted it. Tim made a face, and James knew he could taste the alcohol, but he kept drinking it thirstily, anyways. When he finished, James set the glass back on the table. He was about to turn around, but he stood there, frozen. Aw, what the heck, he thought and drank the rest of the beer. He turned around and looked at Tim, who was positioned on the bench, trembling. He could tell he was scared. James sat down by Tim's head and started rubbing his back.

    "Don't worry, everything's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. Deep down, you actually like the dildo, don't you?"

    He didn't answer.

    "Do you?" James asked.

    "Yes," Tim growled.

    "Good, then it's time for the dogs." James got up and pulled the dildo out of Tim's ass. He whistled and all three dogs came in running. "Hey!" James yelled at them. He pointed at Tim's butt. They trotted over and started sniffing. Then Buzz started licking Tim's over-stretched hole. The other dogs were used to him going first, so they backed off and layed in the corner, waiting their turn. Tim started moaning loudly. It was obvious that he liked it. Within no time, Buzz had mounted him and Tim switched from moaning to screaming.

    "Shush Tim," James yelled. "It's okay, he won't hurt you. It actually feels good, doesn't it?" As Buzz fucked him, Tim's screams got quieter and he started moaning again. Pretty soon, Buzz's knot entered Tim and he pumped him full of doggy-cum. When Buzz was finished, his cock popped right out and he went to lie in the corner. Goldie was up next.

    James could tell the alcohol was starting to affect Tim, and he was starting to get a bit foggy himself. "Oh come on Goldie, lick my ass clean, lick up Buzz's warm, sticky, salty mess!" Tim screamed. Goldie started licking his hole, getting most of Buzz's cum.

    Tim was becoming impatient. "Oh, Goldie, just fuck me already!" Tim begged. So Goldie mounted him and started humping his ass viciously. His doggy-cock slid easily into Tim's hole, and he started moaning again. The sight was too much for James. He was horny and slightly drunk, so he got on all fours and layed his belly on the bench, right next to Tim. He said "here, Cody," and slapped his ass. Cody was used to that command and trotted over. He started Licking James' hole, getting ready to fuck it, and James started moaning along with Tim. "Come on Cody, just fuck me!" James screamed. Cody then poked his prick in James's ass. He missed the first two times, but with James's guidance, he shoved his prick in the third time. Now both dogs were viciously fucking the boys and they were right next to each other. They were both buzzed, and when they looked at each other, they both slowly leaned in for a kiss. Their tongues explored each other mouth and they continued making out until the dogs had filled them with their cum. Then they both trotted back to the corner.

    James slowly stood up. Hot doggy-cum leaked out of his ass and ran down his legs. He loved the feeling. "How'd you like that?" he asked.

    "It felt good," Tim said, exhausted. "I wish there were more."

    James grinned. "Oh, there are. Are you ready for the horses?" In twos, James brought in the horse; one fucked Tim, and the other James. They went through horse after horse until they were finally covered in sweat and cum. They both layed there in the pool of cum, which was still warm and sticky. "How was it?" James asked.

    "Amazing," Tim answered. They both layed their for a few minutes until James got up. "Come on," he said. "We'll take a shower together." Tim got up and they walked up to Helen's house. She smiled at them. "How was it, Tim?" she asked.

    "Amazing," he said again. I'll take the job. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow."

    "I'm glad you liked it, dear," Helen said. Now go get cleaned up. They both went inside and took a shower. When they left the house, James and Tim walked along the road. When they got to James's house. They stopped. "Same time tomorrow?" Tim asked.

    "Yup. See you later," James said.

    "See you!" Tim called back. He walked off down the road. Then James turned and walked towards the house, with Cody close behind him. "Come on, boy," he said. "Let's go have some more fun..."
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