After school, I told my baseball coach that I wasn’t feeling well. He told me to go home and rest up for the game we had the next day. I went to my house and saw my mom’s car in the driveway. She was a stay-at-home mom so that wasn’t a surprise. I went in through the front door and found the house was completely silent. I decided to just go up to bed and try and sleep it off my sickness.
I began walking up the stairs, when I heard loud moaning. My cock instantly became hard at the thought of my mom masturbating. My mom was my biggest fantasy. She was a little plump but she had an incredible ass and 34DD’s that drove me and all of my friends crazy.
I tip-toed quietly up the rest of the stairs and my mom’s moaning got louder. The door to my parent’s room was wide open and I poked my head around the door frame. To my amazement my mom wasn’t masturbating, she was being fucked by some guy!
The guy was on top of her and she was digging her nails into the guy’s back. I didn’t have a good angle, but I could see the guy’s cock going in and out of my mom’s cunt.
“Mhmmmmm, fuck me, yeahhhhh, come on, ahhh” Mom screamed and her pussy exploded with juices. At the same time, the guy was groaning and grunting as he continued to pummel my mother’s pussy.
Mom went limp after her orgasm and the suddenly the guy tensed up, “here it comes you slut” he announced. I thought I recognized the voice but I quickly snapped back to the action, “fill me with cum” Mom wailed. The guy pumped his cum into my mom’s unprotected cunt.
I pulled my rock hard cock out as the sight the guy cumming. The guy rested on top of my mom and his cock stayed inside of her pink pussy. They rested for a little while as I stroked my cock. “What time is it” I heard my mom ask. “We still have enough time for another fuck before Nick gets home” he said.
That’s when I realized I knew the guy; it was Todd, a guy from my football team. “Good, let’s fuck again” Mom replied to his comment. “I thought you would say that you old whore” Todd spat at her, “now suck my cock.”
Todd got up on his feet and Mom got on her knees. For the first time I got a look at my mother’s bare tits. They were huge and had tiny pink nipples that I wished I could suck on for days. I was jacking off furiously as Todd grabbed the back of Mom’s head and made her suck his 7 inch cock.
Todd was not gentle to say the least. He put both hands behind her head and slammed his cock in her mouth. Mom began to gag and choke loudly. I started jerking my cock quickly as I watched my mom get treated like a common whore.
After about a minute of face fucking a strand of saliva leaked out of her mouth and landed on her fat tits. Todd let go of her head and Mom took a huge breath of air. Todd shoved her, on her back against the mattress. Mom instantly rolled over and got on all fours. Todd got behind her and pushed his cock into my mother’s pussy.
My balls tensed up and I blew my load in my hand and onto the carpet. I never took my eyes off Todd and Mom. Todd grabbed her tits and pounded her cunt rapidly. “Ohhhgg, fuck, yeah” Mom grunted in delight. “Yeah you like that you fucking slut” Todd asked before giving Mom a hard slap on her big ass. Mom shrieked and said “yes, come on, fill me up again.”
Todd twisted her nipples and Mom began to shudder. “Oh shit, harder” Mom begged. Todd speed up even faster and my Mom came. “holy shitttt, ohhhh fuck” she screamed as she came. She grabbed the covers and fell under the power of her own orgasm. This didn’t stop Todd from hammering away. Mom kept on moaning as Todd thrust his cock in and out of her cunt.
This lasted another minute until Todd threw his head back and filled my mother with his hot seed. Mom gave another moan of pleasure. Todd collapsed on top of her and the two breathed heavily for a moment. Todd rolled off of my Mom and his limp cock flipped out of her hole. Mom was still grasping the bed sheets and slightly moaning. I starred at Mom’s ass and I came a second time.
Mom sat up and I hid around the corner. “Well, Chad will be home from baseball soon” I heard Mom say. “Yeah, you wouldn’t want your son to find out his mother’s a slut” Todd laughed. Mom gave a slight chuckle and rolled off the bed. I quickly and silently rushed down the stairs and out the door.
I drove my car around the corner just enough so that I could see the house. I jerked off again thinking of my mom taking Todd’s cock. Soon after I finished I saw Todd come out of the house and get in his car parker across the street and drive off. I drove around town until I was expected to be home.
When I entered the house Mom was in the kitchen. She greeted me with a smile. I couldn’t even tell that she had taken a cock in her 20 minutes ago. “How was practice” Mom asked. “Same as usual” I said looking at her jean covered ass, “how about your day?” “Oh just the same as usual” Mom replied.

End of Chapter 1…more to come soon
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