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Daughter's sexy sight, part 4

Morgen on Taboo Stories

     I was riding my daughter hard, plunging into the tightness of her buttery slick depths over and over, my balls cinched up tight, ready to explode. Below me, the writhing body of my sexy daughter was urging me on.
     "Yes, yes, do it, pump your full balls deep inside your little girl's horny cunt, fuck, yes, I'm cumming, oh fuck, shoot it, squirt it, OH MY GOD!!"
     Her voice rose to shriek as she came hard, her legs locked around my waist, her body shuddering wildly. The hug of her stretched wide around my 7 inches, the look of her angelic face in the throes of ecstasy, her cries of orgasmic release, and the tight, milking spams of her inner depths around my shaft all combined, and I let out a howl as my cock exploded, gushing thick spurts of cum deep inside my daughter, the tight milking spasms greedily milking my shaft, sucking every drop out of my pulsing prick. I slid down next to her, after making long, sweet love with my daughter, she snuggled in against me in the afterglow of our orgasmic explosions.
     "Daddy, guess what?", my daughter purred. "I just heard from Katie Wilson. You remember her, she was my best friend from when I was 10, until her family moved, just before she was 17. She wants to come and visit me, and I was hoping that she could stay here."

     I smiled as she looked hopefully at me, and she smiled back. I was more than happy to have her stay here, and told my daughter so.
     "You're the best Daddy in the whole world, and I love you so much." my daughter whispered.
     Pulling her to me, I sought out her lips, and gave her a long, slow, deep goodnight kiss.
     I broke the kiss, and whispered, "And you are Daddy's little girl, the best daughter in the whole world, and I love you so much too."
     The next morning, we drove out to the airport to pick up Katie. When she arrived, my daughter hugged her tightly, and I gave her a hug too. We got her luggage, and soon, we were back home.
     They were best friends, but physically, they were almost complete opposites. My daughter has a lush, voluptuous body, Katie is the same height, but is more slender and willowy. My daughter has full, bulbous breasts, whereas Katie's tits are small and perky. My daughter's hair is light blonde, Katie's was a deep coppery red color. The differences were very enjoyable to look at and compare, and I must admit Katie at 18 had become a very attractive young lady.

     They had arranged to go out, and my daughter told me that they would be taking a cab, so they could go out and have some drinks, and not get worried about getting home safely.

     "One more thing Daddy, when the cab pulls up, head up to my room, and take your place in the closet. You'll see a wonderful view!"
     With that, she gave me a quick kiss, and joining Katie at the door, they went out to the taxi that had just pulled up, leaving me with a rapidly stiffening cock.
     I heard the cab pull up a little after 11, and I quickly raced upstairs. I took my place in the closet, my cock hard, ready for the next hot views.
     Katie and my daughter entered the room, my daughter switched on the strategically placed lamp, and flashed me a wicked smile. She hugged Katie, and pulled her down to the bed.
     "Remember what it was like, that hot August night when we were 16? Down on the beach, our nude bodies pressed together? What it felt like to kiss each other, to make sweet, hot love? What it felt like when we tried our first 69? How it felt to lick each other at the same time?" my daughter purred.
     Katie whispered "I'll never forget it. How it felt to feel your hot breath around my pussy, as you started to lick my steaming pussy. And how it felt to dip my tongue deep into your pussy, and lick you lovingly."
     My cock was rock hard and throbbing, knowing that at 16, my sexy little girl had been having a very torrid love affair with her 16 year old girlfriend.
     "It's been way too long" Katie said, "That's the main reason I'm here. Ever since our last night together, before we moved, I have not been able to let one day pass without wanting you, every day."
     My daughter whispered, "In that case, let's not waste any time."
     She had Katie stand just so, I had an excellent view as my daughter slowly stripped her lover down, until Katie's nude body was revealed. Oh my god, she was incredible. Slender and willowy, not scrawny, those small perky tits I had so admired under her T shirt made my cock bulge. I could see that she had shaved her pubic hair, leaving a small 1 inch strip of her coppery red pubic hair rising up from her pubic region. The rest of her pubic region was shaved smooth and bare, and I could see my daughter's eyes widen, as she stroked her hand softly through the tuft of coppery red curls. A true redhead, and my cock ached with the idea of being able to plunge deep into her.
     "OK, your turn", Katie whispered, "get me naked!"
     In a few moments, my daughter was stripped down, ready for action, and the sight of the two teen bodies, so different yet both so incredibly sexy, made my mind whirl. My daughter glanced my way, smiled, shook her head slightly, and silently whispered No. Knowing that she meant no masturbating, I sat back to enjoy the view, my cock rock hard.
     On the bed, they stoked and fondled each other, their moans of pleasure filling the room.
     "Sixty nine?" Katie asked coyly.
     "You bet!" my daughter giggled.
     They quickly arranged themselves to perform that most intimate of kisses. My daughter was on the bottom, as Katie arranged herself over top of her. The position gave me a perfect view as she raised up and swung her leg over my daughter. It was wildly erotic seeing her best friend's beautiful sex that close to my daughter's face. I could see everything was dewy wet, as Katie's hot crimson love flesh hovered above my daughter. I heard my daughter let out a sigh of pleasure, as Katie lowered her head between her thighs, as Katie's tongue started stroking gently at the folds of her pussy.
     "Yes, oh yes, always so good, so good" my daughter whispered.
     It had been too long, my daughter couldn't wait to taste her lover any longer. She ran her finger along Katie's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as her finger slid inside her hot tunnel. Her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Katie's luscious pink inner lips. Once my daughter got a taste of Katie's musky sap, she couldn't stop. My daughter pulled Katie's pussy against her face, and she ate her best friend ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Katie's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my daughter's mouth. She started flicking her tongue against Katie's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.
      Katie felt my daughter's hot mouth at her steaming core, driving her wild, and she buried her face in my daughter's molten hot pussy, licking her, tasting her hot musky juices, their shared arousal feeding off each other, making them hotter and hotter. Katie wrapped her tongue around my daughter's bulging clit, pulling at the engorged stem over and over again.
      Their hot, panting breaths filled the room as they each licked the other towards climax. They were sweating, and their scents mingled, creating a unique perfume. They held on tight, eating each other ravenously until they both exploded, their cries of release bouncing off the walls, as their bodies shuddered and writhed together in orgasmic ecstasy.
     Katie flopped down, her body totally spent, shaking from the sensory rush.
     "God, it was even more perfect than I had remembered." she cooed.
     My daughter pulled her into an embrace, and they lay there, recovering.
     I heard Katie whisper to my daughter, "Do you want to hear something really wild? This is wildly taboo, but I trust you as I would my own soul, can I trust you to never reveal what I am about to tell you?"
     My daughter whispered back, "You still have that trust, I will never reveal it. If anyone else hears it, it will not be from my mouth."
     In the closet, I thought, nice touch, saying that SHE would not tell, while I was hearing it from Katie's lips.
     "This goes back to a few months before I was 16. You remember my parents divorced when I was 14. Fortunately, the divorce was civilized, and my parents had joint custody. I was glad that I was able to see my Dad far more often then some every second weekend and some weeknight visitation. So, my Mom, mindful of my upcoming 16th birthday, got me started on the pill. She did not need a daughter at 16, pregnant. So, a few days after my 16th birthday, I was at my Dad's place. He has a nice, two bedroom townhouse, only about 15 minutes away from my Mom. I was at my Dad's, and he asked me if I was still a virgin. I blushed, but told him I was. He asked me if I would like to change that condition. As I listened, he told me that it seemed right that his daughter should learn sexual pleasure from her Dad, an older, more experienced, more considerate lover. I thought about it, and it started to seem right to me. I mean, my Dad loves me so much, he was older, more experienced, and I did not want some immature horny school boy, busting my cherry between the sweaty sheets of some cheap motel, or the back of his car, lasting just long enough to blow his load, then brag about it to all his horny buddies, making my just another notch on his gun belt. My Dad was 38, and I was 16, and I was eager to learn the right way to make love, and enjoy sexual pleasure. I told him I was ready, and he led me to his bedroom. By the mellow glow of candle light, he undressed me slowly, and laid me down on the bed, I was trembling with excitement and desire. I saw the first penis I had ever seen as he stripped, and WOW! It looked so big and so hard! The idea that he was going to penetrate me with that hard rod of flesh sent a surge of heat through my cunt. He started stroking me everywhere, his hands were alive, stroking and fondling me all over. The feel of his hands, all over my body, felt so amazing, and he stroked and fondled me until I was whimpering with desire. He rolled me onto my back, and kissed his way down my body. I could feel my Dad's hot mouth at my pussy. His fingers spread my lips apart, and his tongue went to work on me. I was in orbit, I'd never felt anything so pleasurable. It took only a minute, and I exploded in a gut wrencher of an orgasm. It made me howl with pleasure, I'd never felt anything like it, masturbation didn't even come close. He rose up, and asked me if I'd like to do the same to him. Did I ever. This was going to be the first cock I ever sucked. Knowing that I was losing my mouth virginity made me hot and horny, and I started out by licking his cock all over. He's uncircumcised, and I loved seeing his thick cock head pop out, when I pulled down on the foreskin. I slid my mouth over the head, and drew my Dad's hard cock into my mouth. He sighed with pleasure as I slid down his shaft, I managed to swallow every bit of his eight inches, I swallowed his cock right to the balls. My dad's cock was throbbing as I slid my mouth up his shaft, and then took him in again. I loved the feeling of my mouth filled with my Dad's cock, I wanted my mouth filled with his load. My Dad had to stop me, because he wanted to fuck me so much. I could feel and see his rock hard cock, virtually throbbing with the need to fuck me, and I groaned with desire at the thought of that rock hard cock pushing into me. Lying back, I instinctively spread my legs wide for him, as I did so, he got between them, and placed his cock at my entrance. He started to push, and my hips arced up to meet him as he entered me, my hands firm on his ass cheeks as he thrust into me, pushing down on him as I pushed my hips up to him, so that he wouldn't pull back when he met the resistance of my virgin membrane. I could feel myself being opened, then he broke my maidenhead. I flinched and gasped, but as he paused, I groaned, and said, "Don't stop!" His cock surged into me, I squealed with pleasure as the cherry of my virgin cunt was plucked, my cunt walls opening as my Dad's hard cock stretched the tight walls apart, giving me my very first fuck, I stifled the grunt of pain, as I felt the pain of being opened as he drove balls deep in me. He started to fuck me, slowly and gently, making sure I enjoyed my first fuck. And did I ever. The pain faded away very quickly, being replaced by incredible pleasure, the feel of that hard shaft, surging into me, then pulling out to plunge deep again, made me pant with desire. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could ram every last inch into me. The feeling of his hard cock, stretching me, opening me, filling my virgin pussy to capacity, made me virtually see stars. I could feel it building up, and I howled as I reached climax. As I came, I could feel my pussy clamp tightly around his cock, spasming wildly around his stiff shaft. He grunted and growled, 'Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!' His cock pulsed and throbbed as he shot his hot load, filling up my no longer virgin tight cunt with a huge load of hot cum."
     As Katie paused, both myself and my daughter were suddenly weighing the possibilities.
     Katie continued, "I have been fucking my Dad ever since that first time. Some people think it may be wrong, but he's hot, he really knows how to turn me on and bring me off, he is the perfect kind and considerate lover, he's GREAT in bed. With it being the weekend, and my parents having joint custody, my Dad and I had the whole weekend, and we made love as many times as we could. The next time, I insisted on sucking his cock until he filled my mouth with his load, and it was fantastic. His rock hard cock throbbing and pulsing in my mouth, spewing thick ropes of his hot cum all over my tongue. I swallowed every drop of his hot spunk, and it was delicious."
     My daughter said, "Funny you should mention that, I have a deep dark secret for you. I'm fucking my Dad also."
     As I listened, my heart racing, my daughter told Katie a slightly changed story, about how she fucked her boyfriends, then after seeing them out, she would wake me up, and give me exactly the same that her boyfriends had got.
     Katie said, "Your Dad's a hot looking man, how about we wake him up, and rock his world together?"
     Damn, I'm in the closet. How the hell do we work this out? Fortunately, my daughter had the perfect solution.
     "How about we take a quick shower first? I love the bare pussy with a small landing strip look, how'd you like to help me shave down to that, then Daddy can have fun not only with Daddy's little girl, but also with his little girl's girlfriend?"
     "Sounds great, let's do it."
     With a quick smile in my direction, they went into my daughter's adjoining private bathroom. I waited until I heard the water start up, and the shower stall door opening and closing before I made my move. Out of the closet, slip out quietly through the bedroom door, and head down the hallway to my bedroom. I could hear them giggling in the shower as they passed the soap around.
      In my bedroom, I quickly hopped into bed, mussing my hair to make it look like I had been asleep. The idea that I was going to have my sexy daughter and her sexy friend at the same time, kept me rock hard.

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