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Since I was a young girl, I remember spending summers with my family and friends at the only nudist camp in the state. It was great. There were 3 pools for everyone, and one for just the adults. There were 2 hot tubs, a huge sauna, 6 tennis courts, Volley Ball, everything you could want. It was like a regular campground, people came with campers of all types, tents, everything. During the week, they had crafts and other planned events for the kids, in fact, if memory serves, there was always something planned for just about all age groups. My favorites were the swimming lessons and archery. As far as swimming was concerned, when I turned 16, I was hired on as a life guard.

This story is about my training to become a state certified life guard.

As I said, my thing was swimming. For one hour every day, Monday through Friday, I had crafts, and then in the afternoon, I had an hour of swimming lessons, followed by one on one training for becoming a lifeguard. For that we got to use the adult pool, inside the adult rec center. Now, other then being inside the building, this pool was nothing special. It was Olympic sized, and had lots of places to sit. It also had full access to all the storage areas for the pools, where they kept all the training aids needed to train life guards. This included the resusci-annie, and rususci-baby units. They also had what I can only describe as mannequins that had been somehow, fused together so they wouldn't come apart in the water. These things weighed a ton, I swear.

My instructor for 2 years was Becky. She was, at the time, in her early 20's. She was a state certified, and a nudist, so it made perfect sense for her to teach the course.

Let me tell you about Becky. Becky is about 5'4", and weighs maybe 130. She's not skinny, but with her muscle tone, make no mistake, she is not fat. She too spent most of her day in the pools, if not teaching swimming or lifeguard training, she also worked as a life guard and event coordinator. She headed up the pool games. She had curly brown hair and her eyes were almost black. When she looked at you, there was now way to take your eyes off hers. Her skin looked like it was permanently tanned, a perfect all over tan. Her legs were, as was the rest of her body, quite muscular, but shapely as well. She did not look 'mannish' by any stretch. Basically, Becky was pretty, and very athletically built.

It was the first summer of my lifeguard training, and Becky and I were in the adult rec building. She had a small room set aside for the text book training. Basically, it had a book shelf, with some trophies, a bunch of books, some photos on the wall, a couple of benches, 4 chairs, and a table. Because it was just me and Becky, we took the chairs and with them facing each other, we sat close, so we could go over the text together. Becky was patient, and really made sure I understood every aspect of what she was teaching me. The subject this day was CPR. We were using the adult doll, and I was having a hard time getting my breaths into it. It seemed I just couldn't get a good seal. Becky showed me and showed me, but I guess my mouth was too small. After a little while, Becky got the baby doll out and I had no problem getting a seal there, but I guess I would have been crushing the poor child with my compressions. So much to learn. After getting the seal good on the baby, we went back to the adult doll, but still, no luck. I was getting really frustrated, when Becky suggested that I try on her. As she has performed CPR before, she knew what the seal should feel like, and should be able to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Becky lay on the floor, and I was to go through the procedure. "Becky Becky, are you all right?" ... no response, nudge nudge, "Becky are you all right?"... no reply, etc etc etc. I took my finger to check to make sure her airway wasn't blocked, by sweeping it in her mouth. As I ran my finger across her tongue, it felt like she licked my finger, but that couldn't be, so I just went on with my check, then proceeded to prepare her for my breaths. I tilted her head back at the neck, took a deep breath and put my lips to hers.

I don't remember if I breathed into her or not, because I think my body went numb, and my brain went dumb, and all I could imagine is that I was kissing her. Her lips were soft yet firm, and before I know what to think, my tongue was probing hers.

Scared beyond words, I backed off, and just cried. Becky sat up, and covered herself with a towel. "It's OK" she said "it's sort of a natural reaction". She went on to explain that we were in a very intimate situation, we were in each others space, and this is not the first time it has ever happened to her. I just couldn't stop crying, I had kissed a boy or two, but never another girl, and well, I really liked Becky, she was smart and she was teaching me something I really wanted to know about,

Becky reached out to me and just hugged me till I stopped crying. "We are in a unique situation here. We are very close to each other, we are nude, and it's all OK." she said. "When I was going through my training, we were in small groups. We were encouraged to practice in our off time, so one of my best friends and I paired up and we would practice every night after dinner. One night we were really tired. It had been a long day, and we were in my room, and we got all kinds of giggly, and one thing led to another, and she did the exact same thing, ended up kissing me. Well, at first I wasn't sure what to do or say, so I just lay there taking it, when all of a sudden, I decided to kiss her back. Well, to make a long story short, we have been together ever since." "You mean, you are a les?" I asked. Without trying to correct me, she said "yes, and so, this little kiss we had did not offend me, or bother me... OK?" She held me comforting me, making me feel OK.

After putting all the equipment away, I went back to our camp site, showered, and called it an early night. I didn't sleep well though, I couldn't get my mind of that kiss, or what Becky told me. Now all night all I could do is envision kissing her some more, and of course, my mind went to her body. I had to have fallen asleep sometime, but when I woke up in the morning, I was soaked in sweat. I was exhausted, and really didn't want to get up, but I really wanted to see Becky again.

We ran into each other a few times throughout the day, but all I could do is look at every young woman there and try to figure out which one was with Becky. But everything looked like every other day, no hints of any sort.

I went to the adult rec center and met Becky in the room, and right back to CPR training. As was the case the day before I was having problems with the adult. Becky came over and talked me through it. "Remember yesterday, you were gentle, you even seemed relaxed, try that" and for the first time, I was able to get a good seal on the adult doll.

I was so excited I hugged Becky hard, and I felt her breasts against mine, and I liked it, and I didn't want to let go, but I also knew she was with someone else. This made me feel sad, and with that, I let go of her and thanked her for being so understanding. She looked at me, almost to question understanding about what, but she didn't. She just let it go with a smile and a nod.

Next year, I hope to teach the course, now that I am a certified life guard, all I have to do is get my instructors certificate in CPR and swimming and the rest. I've already started practicing, with Amy. Amy and her parents have the site just down the road from ours.

Amy is 13, and really cute, and I'll tell you this, she can swim like it's no-body's business. She is fast, she is strong, and she has stamina, I mean, I saw her one day swim laps for an hour and a half, without taking a break. When they came to the camp, she and I quickly became close friends, and now it's like we do everything together. I may not be able to spend time in the pool with her because I'm working, but I have practiced 'saving her' on a few occasions. The first time I practiced my CPR on her, she really seemed to like it, and she has helped me to be more gentle, not only with my breath sharing, but with my chest compressions as well. She is such a willing subject.


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