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Acidfuck Part 1

3rdEye on Erotic Novels

Let me tell you that we don't get to the sexy part right away. Rest assured I will be fucking and sucking and all that good shit in a short while, but first we have to cover the drugs. Come on, you know you love that shit. This is a long one, so settle in.

Now on with the story. LSD doesn't feel like it looks in the movies. It's a psychedelic, not a hallucinogenic, and that is absolutely crucial to understand. There are no snakes crawling down the walls, the people around you don't turn into fish and their words don't become the lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix song. Or at least, not on any trip I've had. Maybe on a really fucked up trip where you combined it with another drug you might see that shit, but not on the beautiful ride of psychedelic euphoria that I'm familiar with.

I wa