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f4st4ndh4rd on Sex Stories

It’s late and I just finished my shower after along day. I go into my room and get my lotion then I start putting it all over my body. Starting with my arms and hands, then my neck line, collar bones, chest… I rub the lotion on my breasts and down my stomach; making my whole body soft to touch. I get thirsty and nobody’s home but me so I decide to just go downstair naked to get some water but the door bell rings. I am startled and at first I don’t answer to door, but I grab a blanket and peek out. I open it and it’s you; I hadn’t seen you in a week and I missed you so I instantly become very aware that I have nothing on but I blanket. You look me up and down and smile and kiss me and tell me how much you’ve missed me. I guess you don’t realize I am naked under the blanket because you ask