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My Secret Life: Chapter 1 Uncle Bill

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My Secret Life: Chapter 1 Uncle Bill

Hi, my name is Kay and most just calls me K. I am a married 50-year-old mom from the Midwestern United States. I live a secret life as most have no idea of my kinky past nor of the present fun, I am having. I would like to share some of that kinky past as well as what I am up to now. I might even share some pictures of myself along the very as well.

I was born to a normal family with a loving mother as well as a loving father. I was their only child, as my mother could not have any more after I was born. I had a normal loving and caring childhood. I learned about sex while in grade school thru the 8th grade. It was not until I was fifteen that I had my first experience with sex.

During my early teen years I was a curly

The classroom blowjobs for huge dicked guy

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I was sitting in my classroom. I was 16 years old and now was math lesson. The girl in front of me was Sarah, 15 years old. She was turning around to me and said: "Can i suck your cock now, i'm so horny."
"Ok" i said. So she stood up and came to my place. Slowly she put down my trousers and pants and took my penis in
her mouth. Now the teacher got angry. "What are you doing back there?!" Then Cindy stood up and slapped the teacher
in the face. "Sarah wants to suck Stephens cock cause she's horny. So shut up with your stupid math lesson. We want sex!" The teacher was dumbfounded and sat down looking at Sarah sucking my cock. Now another girl stood up. "Oh Stephen i'm so horny too, let me suck your cock too. You got the biggest cock in class, so you deserve. So other small dicked losers