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Babysitter's discovery part 7

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     The drive back to Anna's house was only 10 minutes, but to Emma, every minute just seemed to drag by. When they finally parked in the garage, Emma and Anna walked hand in hand straight to the bedroom. No reason to put off the release of that heated lust, oh yeah, Emma was practically gushing.

     They took to the bed, rolling around, kissing wildly. Anna stopped, and told Emma to get up on her knees. Anna did the same, their bodies almost touching.

     Anna whispered, "First, let me strip you down, my sexy little snooper."

     Emma nodded, her eyes glazed with lust as she watch Anna's fingers slide under her T shirt, and slid it up her body. She lifted it away, and with Anna's experienced fingers, her bra was quickly unfastened. She slipped it down her shoulders, and tossed it away. Emma's breasts, so inviting, luscious firm mounds with hard, erect light pink nipples, sticking out stiffly, pointed straight at Anna. 

     Anna could feel her pulse pounding, as she worked on laying that sexy body bare. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of Emma's jeans, sliding them down. Emma lay back so that she could pull them all the rest of the way off. Anna reached down, slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties, and slipped them down,  pulling the material away from Emma's sodden labia. Emma brought her legs up so Anna could slip her panties over her feet. Emma could feel her pussy spread open, fully exposed to Anna's gaze. Emma could feel how wet she was, her soaking seam laid bare for Anna's viewing pleasure. She saw Anna, face flushed, lick her lips as she stared down at Emma's coral pink opening, god, so smooth, so bare, so perfect. 

     "Yes, oh yes, you have such a pretty pussy Emma, my god, it may be the prettiest pussy ever" Anna cooed huskily. "Okay, your turn, get me naked!"

     Returning to her knees, Emma reached out and slid her fingers through the buttons of Anna blouse, slipping the blouse apart, then sliding it off her shoulders. Emma saw the black lace bra that Anna was wearing, and with a deft touch, Anna's bra quickly ended up tossed on the bedroom floor. Emma's mouth was dry as she looked at Anna's breasts, just slightly larger than hers, her nipples a darker rose color, standing out stiffly. Emma slipped her hands down, Anna was wearing a short skirt, and it was a simple matter to just unfasten the buttons, and let it slide off. Anna's black panties pulled Emma's eyes to them like a magnet. Emma couldn't resist sliding her hand in, lightly cupping Anna's sex. Anna's eyes fluttered, and she let out a low moan of desire. Anna's skin was so soft and Emma could feel heat radiating from between that sexy triangle. Her hand was covered with Anna's juices as she slowly pulled her panties down. Anna lay back, breathing in sharp little gasps, as Emma slipped her panties off over her feet. Emma couldn't stop staring at Anna's pussy, shaven clean, and Emma could see her pussy lips, swollen with desire and glistening with her juices. Anna's eyes were wide with desire as she looked at Emma looking at her.

     In the most erotic thing Emma had ever done, she brought Anna's panties to her nose and breathed in. Her nose was right were Anna's pussy lips had been nestled, and her whole body trembled with desire as she smelled the scent of Anna's juices, her arousal, peppery, musky and hot, permeated the panty crotch. It made Emma ache with desire, she felt like she needed to cum, right now, or go crazy.

     "Fuck, fuck, my god, I feel like I'm gonna explode!" Emma panted.

     Anna felt the same way, it was obvious they just had to get off first. What Anna had planned for her and Emma could wait until the fever of lust was burned away.

     "Lay back Emma, I'll do you first!"

     Emma cooed, "Before you start, could you put me in the velcro restraints again?"

     Having experienced two types of restraints, and gotten over her fear of being restrained, Emma wanted the velcro ones. Emma was letting out continuous moans of pleasure as she felt the cuffs encircle her wrists, the velcro closures being tightened, and her arms pulled up above her head, tied to the head board. She looked down, almost delirious with lust, and saw Anna's head looming just above her smooth shaven mound. Emma was beyond lust driven heat, the wetness of her naked desire had dripped down her legs, and her clitoris was throbbing to the point of pain.

    Anna moved up slightly, and Emma felt her breath on her stomach. She watched, Anna was lightly kissing her way from her navel down to her folds, spread open and swollen with sexual excitement. Then Anna licked the smooth skin all around Emma's pussy. Anna reached out and cupped Emma's pussy. Very gently, her fingers lightly glided up and down Emma's slick, swollen vaginal lips, tracing the folds. With a feather's touch, she eased in between them, as her finger went inside, Emma felt her sweet moisture flowing out, gushing over Anna's hand as she moaned with pleasure.

     Anna wanted to tease Emma a bit more, she enjoyed having Emma restrained and under her control.

     "Umm, you are so wet Emma, so very wet. Your pretty pussy is just gushing, you must be so turned on. Tell me Emma, my little snooper, are you turned on?"

     "Fuck, oh my fucking god, yes, I feel like I'm about to go insane!"

     "Would you like me to do something about that, my little snooper?" Anna questioned, with just a slightly sharper edge to her voice.

     Emma recognized that, and she said, "Do with me as you wish Anna, I am under your control, and I am here for your pleasure."

     "Excellent, well done Emma."

     Anna pulled out her finger, and the tip of her tongue softly slid inside. Emma growled with need, and Anna ended her waiting by burying her face between Emma's legs, her tongue licking at the pink walls, getting her face covered with Emma's juices. She quickly surrounded her throbbing clit, her tongue swiping wildly at it.

     Emma felt her arms pulling at the restraints as her body was drawn to a keen edge. The lack of give made her crazy, and it took all of 10 seconds before she felt the wave racing at her. She felt her body locking up, that squeezing urge.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCCCCKKKK!"

     Emma's voice rose to a scream as her pussy blew, she could feel the sudden release, and her girl cum started to squirt, her body felt like she had no control over it, long, slow, wrenching waves of pleasure tore through her, over and over, her pussy was squirting like a geyser, oh fuck, it felt like it would never end. Anna's tongue continued to tease at her throbbing clit, and Emma felt another orgasm grab her, and another, oh fuck, it was too much, she was cumming helplessly, unable to stop, and she felt like she was going to pass out.

     Anna lifted her face away as Emma, delirious with pleasure, rode out her fifth orgasm, she slumped down, gasping like a race horse, getting her bearings back. As she did, she saw Anna dripping wet face grinning at her, and Anna raised up and swung her leg over Emma's head. Emma felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her as Anna's hot crimson love flesh hovered above her.

     Anna cooed, "Do you think I have a pretty pussy too, Emma?"

     Emma growled huskily, "Yes, oh my god yes, your pussy is beautiful, let me lick your beautiful pussy!"

     Emma could feel the heat from between Anna's legs warming her face. She smelled the scent of her arousal, hot and musky, her pussy lips fat and swollen with sexual excitement, everything was dewy wet. Anna lowered herself, she cradled Emma's head in her hands, lifted her head gently, and pulled Emma's mouth against her dripping opening. She felt Emma's tongue digging in, she let out a loud moan of pleasure, Emma's tongue knew what to do, licking at her juices, eager to taste Anna's arousal. She moved to position her clit, rock hard and throbbing, and urged Emma on.

     "Lick my clit, baby, lick me, I'm so hot, make me cum, make me cum all over your sexy face!"

     Emma clamped her lips around her, using her tongue to make lightning fast passes over Anna's most personal organ. Anna had been on the brink, just like Emma, and she let out a high pitched shriek of pleasure as her pussy blew apart. Anna started to squirt, Emma got the first 3 sprays in her mouth, she closed her lips and felt her face getting squirted down wildly, eagerly swallowing Anna's cum, then opening her mouth for more. Anna's squeals and howls of pleasure filled the bedroom as her orgasm vented its full force inside her, her body shaking crazily, waves of pleasure hitting her, over and over. Emma got the wettest facial she had ever had, Anna's girl cum soaked her like she'd just had a bucket of water thrown in her face. Anna felt dizzy from the sensory rush that had hit her, as she slid off Emma's face. She slipped the cuffs open, freeing Emma's wrists, and Emma's arms came around her, pulling her close.

     Anna opened her eyes, saw Emma's soaking wet face smiling at her, and they plastered their lips to each other, exchanging tongue filled swirls of passion. They lay together, bodies entwined, caressing each other, enjoying the after glow, letting the fiery heat of their orgasms dissipate. Anna had something in mind, and she wanted them to be able to enjoy some time with it, not be cumming crazily like some horny 17 year old boy.

     Their bodies entwined, they drifted on the wave of post orgasmic pleasure. Anna could feel the need starting back up, and she started a loving session of foreplay, Emma could feel Anna's lips, tongue and fingers working her over. Fingers touching, caressing, setting fires of pleasure going all over her body, tongue and lips adding to the fire. Anna smiled, skilfully bringing her back up, her breathing speeding up, little moans of pleasure escaping her lips. Anna took a peek, ah yes, Emma's clit was stiff, hard and eager, free of its hooded canopy.

     Anna lay back, pulling Emma on top of her, and whispered to her to do the same. Emma was eager to reciprocate, and Anna's body felt the lighting up as Emma languished sizzling foreplay on her, she could feel her clit rising up, just as stiff, hard and eager as Emma's. Now they could enjoy what Anna had in mind.

     "Lie back Emma, I have something in mind for my sexy little snooper."

     Emma lay back, and Anna gazed down at her, all spread out and so ready. Emma watched as Anna slid a knee over her thigh, straddled it, and moved higher. Anna adjusted her position, moving closer and closer, and she felt her fat, swollen lips making contact with Emma's. Emma's eyes opened wide, and she let out a gasp of pleasure as Anna started to rock, their lower lips kissing, Anna's hand reached down to spread open their lips to each other. Oh yes, perfect, their soft, bare pussies were pressing heatedly against each other, and Emma could feel her clit being kissed by soft, wet pussy lips stroking against her, the rocking motion of Anna's hips driving them together. Emma could feel her pleasure blazing, and she slid her hands down to Anna's ass cheeks, and held her tightly against her crotch as she humped her hips up towards Anna's, eager to give Anna's pleasure bud the same zings of pleasure. 

     "Oh my god, so good, so good, yes, yes, mmmmm" Anna cooed.

     They picked up speed, feeling the pleasure racing as they moved their hips together, crying out with pleasure as they ground their throbbing clits together. Anna was consumed by the sensations of Emma's soft body under her, the heat of their arousal, the twitching of clits ready to explode, the intoxicating scent coming from between their legs, and Emma's delicious cries of passion.

     Emma could feel it, like a gathering storm, Anna grinding against her, their pussies molten centers of heat, sliding wetly and heatedly against each other. The room was filled with cries and moans of passion as they clung to each other, their hips humping and grinding, rubbing their throbbing clits together. Their bodies were covered with a fine glaze of sweat as their straining bodies rubbed and slid against each other. Emma could feel her pussy aching, her clit throbbing and burning with desire, as Anna's straining clit rubbed against hers. They increased their rhythm, and Emma could feel it racing at her.

     Anna lifted her head crying out, "Yes, yes, oh fuck, fuck fuck, YEEESSS!"

     That set Emma off, and she shrieked with pleasure as she felt her pussy wrench wildly, starting the familiar spasms, she was cumming, oh my god, was she cumming, like a fucking train, she was cumming in colors.

     Anna's howl of pleasure joined hers, and Anna felt herself tumble into orgasm. Their cries of orgasmic delight filled the bedroom, their bodies shuddering and writhing together, their pussies gushing and squirting, soaking the sheets with a flood of their love juices, Anna's orgasm felt like liquid fire was consuming her body. After the first massive explosion of passion, their hips jerked in spastic little aftershocks as they continued to rub their throbbing clits together, sending sizzling bolts of pleasure racing through their bodies. Emma had never climaxed so intensely in her life.

     After holding on to each other for what seemed like an eternity, Anna rolled off Emma and lay on her back, her eyes closed, her heart still racing. Their bodies were covered with sweat, Anna's crotch and the inside of her thighs were soaked with their love juices. The air was heavy with the scent of their lovemaking and it filled their nostrils and made them light-headed. 

     Emma was hooked. She now knew that she was totally bi-sexual, no way could she confine herself to guys only. She looked at Anna and wished the moment would last forever.

     Emma closed her eyes as she drifted on soft, wispy clouds, recalling every touch, taste, and smell of what had just happened.  The wetness between her legs made her pussy tingle in the cool air. After a while, Emma felt hot breath on her stomach, and she opened her eyes to the exciting sight of Anna lightly kissing her way from her navel down through the smooth shaven pubic area, licking her, then she gently pushed her legs apart and kissed her folds, spread open and swollen from desire. Anna smiled, then licked her inner thighs and all around Emma's pussy, her taste buds buzzing from the spicy, erotic taste of their mixed juices. When Anna had finished cleaning Emma, Emma moaned softly as she felt the tip of Anna's tongue softly probe her vagina.

     Then Anna raised up and swung her leg over Emma. Emma felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her as Anna's beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing Anna's beautiful pussy that close. She could feel the heat from between her legs warming her face. That sexy, so delicious expanse of clean, hairless mound just pumped her arousal higher, knowing that she was similarly bare and smooth to Anna. The scent of Anna's arousal, hot and musky, made her dizzy with desire.

     She could feel Anna's tongue stroking and probing gently at the folds of her pussy. A lesbian 69, that thought in her mind fired her up. She ran her fingertips along Anna's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as her finger slid inside Anna's hot tunnel. Her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Anna's lucious pink inner lips. Emma filled her mouth with the taste of Anna's musky sap, needing more, wanting more. Emma pulled Anna's pussy against her face, and she licked Anna ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Anna's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Emma's mouth. She started flicking her tongue against Anna's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

     Anna growled, and she was giving to Emma as good as she got. Anna had her hot mouth at Emma's steaming core, her face buried between Emma's thighs, tongue buried deep in Emma's molten hot pussy, licking her, tasting her hot musky juices, their shared arousal feeding off each other, making them hotter and hotter. Anna wrapped her tongue around Emma's bulging clit, pulling at the engorged stem over and over again.

     Their hot, panting breaths filled the room as Anna and Emma licked each other hungrily, intent on driving their lover to another shaking climax. The hot, primal scent of their gushing centers, and the heated scent from their sweat drenched bodies mingled, creating a musky hot scent of pure lust. The scent filled their nostrils and inflamed their senses, they became two hot and horny cunts, nothing in the world mattered except the orgasm both were straining towards.

     Emma could feel it, like a giant wave, ready to engulf her.

     Anna could feel her orgasm center right in the middle of her burning core, ready to explode.

     They held on tight, eating each other ravenously until they both exploded. Emma felt the giant slam, her pussy starting to spasm crazily, just as Anna tumbled over the edge, bodies rocking together with incredible orgasms, both pussies squirting like wide open faucets, girl cum splattering against eager faces, spraying everywhere,  their shrieks of release bouncing off the walls, as their bodies shuddered and writhed together in orgasmic ecstacy.

     Anna flopped down, flinging her arm across Emma's belly, her body totally spent, shaking from the sensory rush. God, it had been incredible. Anna pulled Emma close, loving the close contact after such incredible sex. They looked at each other's shiny wet faces, smiling, and with tongue filled swirls, shared soft, loving kisses.

     Lying quietly in the after glow, Anna said, "I will so have to change the bed sheets!"

     Anna and Emma giggled wildly, seeing the huge wet spots on the other side of the sheets.

     Emma's mind started to wander, and she got an idea, oh my, she got a real good idea. Her wide smile attracted Anna's attention.

     "My little snooper, what's on your mind, that smile looks very naughty!"

     Grinning, Emma told Anna what she had in mind, and Anna started grinning too.

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