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Kelly's Boy Toy

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Any resemblance to actual persons -- living or dead -- is purely coincidental. Also, this story is fiction and never happened, therefore it will be written and read in the third person.  Also, unless stated, none of my characters in my different stories have any relation. I just tend to reuse names in my stories. Also if you have any story requests, about ANY topic, I will be happy to write. Contact me at

Logan sighed, looking up at the clock, then back to his sister. One of his sisters new friend was coming over to stay the night. Her name was Kelly from what his sister had told him. Logan himself was 13, rather short, only 5’3. Despite that he was good looking, but too shy to use it to his advantage. He was straight as well.

His sister on the other hand, was everything he wasn’t. Tall, beautiful, confident. She was 16, and 5’8. she had a rather large group of friends, but out of that group, only a few was what she considered true friends. Her friend Kelly being on of them.

A sound of a car door shutting emitted from outside. Logan lifted his head up, intent on seeing his sisters new friend. If it was any like the others, he would have fun tonight. All of his sisters friends were hot, and he often fantasized about them. He also liked to spy on his sister and her friends. The door swung open to reveal Kelly, and his mouth dropped open in amazement. Kelly was... amazing. She was tall, taller than his sister, long blonde hair flowing down over her shoulders. She was slender, almost muscular. Long legs.. but the best part of all, was her breasts. They were covered by a tight white sweater, to protect her from the chilling December air. Her breasts were firmly defined against the sweater, bouncing as she stepped in. Introductions were made and he blushed and looked away as he shook hands with her. The rest of the night passed without incident.

After dinner Logan excused himself for bed, or thats what he told everyone. He did go to his room and change into loose fitting pants and no shirt. After setting up his bed to where there was body shaped outline against the covers he snuck across the hall into the only upstairs bathroom. There was a built in linen closet with slide out doors. The doors were slitted to where he could have a clear view of the bathroom, but he would be hidden. He slipped in and shut the doors. Here he waited. Shortly, he heard voices outside the door.

“Kelly, you can go ahead and take a shower, I don’t mind. Everything you need should be set out for you, I’ll be in my room.” The door swung open and in walked the blond goddess. His breath was caught in his throat as she walked in and began to strip, unknowingly, right in front of him. She had her ass facing him as she started to slide down her pants, bending over as to take them off. All she had on was a thong that could just barely hide her parts. She then slid these down her long slender legs, revealing to him that ass and her pussy. He could help himself, he leaned in to peer at, and gasped as it was revealed to him. The door slid in and he fell, naked down onto the floor, his face just inches from her legs.

Kelly gasped and spun around, looking at him. She did make any noise, just looked at him through narrowed eyes. Than she smiled and began to giggle as Logan stood up. “Hehehe, why aren’t you a little peeper.” Her hand snatched out to grasp his hard on. He gasped and made a whimpering noise as she squeezed it. From what she could tell, with her fingers, it wasn’t very big, four and a half inches at the most. It was also uncut the foreskin pulled back because of his erection. She giggled again and leaned down to him, whispering softly in his ear. “Now, you’re my bitch unless you want anyone to find out you have been spying on me.”

Logan whimpered and nodded. “Y-yes ma’am, anything, please don’t tell on me!” Kelly roughly tugged him into the walk in shower with her grip on his penis. Logan’s cheeks were a deep red by now, his small cock throbbing with pleasure as she manhandled him. Kelly reached over to the shower head and switched it on. She released her hold on Logan’s cock. “Now clean me bitch.”

Logan grabbed the loofah that hung down on the shower head and poured soap on it and pressed it to Kelly’s breasts and began to rub and rotate it against her body. Kelly leaned against the shower wall and opened her legs for Logan, which he obliged and began to wash between her legs, rubbing the females pussy. This was his first up close look. She was shaved. This was, infact the first time he had ever touched or seen a girls pussy. He took the shower head and sprayed the soap off of her pussy and then he dropped the loofah and the shower head and shoved his face in her pussy.

Kelly gasped, her hands clutching Logan's head and forcing him further in her pussy. It didn’t take long for Logan’s tongue to find her hole and push into her pussy. He began to repeatedly insert his tongue and pull it out, wiggling his tongue in her. Kelly was no virgin but it had certainly been awhile since she had any sexual contact and this felt good. She let out a little sigh as her body shuddered and she orgasmed into Logan’s mouth.


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