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Like Father, Like Son Part 3

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Like father, Like Son Part 3

The weekend came two days after my encounter with Kimmy and I was looking forward to my blind date with Helen, the friend of my secretary Jane. I’d thought in that time about fucking Kimmy and had to admit that I’d had a bloody good time. In quieter moments I coul

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d almost still feel her tight little twat around my cock and hear those cute little squeaks she made when she came. At the same time she was kind of young and if I had to feel bad about something, she was my son’s girlfriend. At the end of the day I had little in common with a 16-year-old, even a supremely horny one like Kimmy and I was looking forward to some more suitable company.

I hadn’t seen much of Joe lately – at 17 he waned to do his own thing and there certainly had been no sign of Kimmy. I asked him on the Friday what his plans were for the weekend and he mumbled something about seeing friends. I told him I had a date, which he said was "wicked", but that was all I got. There was no sign of him knowing anything about his old man screwing his girlfriend.

On the Saturday night I arrived at a smart wine bar in town at 8.00, 15 minutes before Helen was due to meet me. I was in a Armani suit with open-neck shirt and was frankly a little nervous. The place was not too full and I checked-out the new arrivals as they came in, looking for signs of my date.

She wasn’t tat hard to spot when she did enter, looking around at the faces, trying to find a guy sitting by himself. Our eyes met and I was not at all displeased. She was slightly taller than average, maybe 5 feet 8 inches, with what would have been long chestnut hair tied up, with a well made-up and largely unlined face. She had an expensively tailored trouser suit on, which hid her figure almost completely. She was obviously far from being skinny, from the way her suit fitted her, but on first inspection she looked attractive enough. Her eyes looked warm, if a little apprehensive and we exchanged pleasantries whilst a glass of wine was ordered for he and another beer for me. Looking at her, I had the, sense of her being familiar from somewhere, but I couldn’t place where from.

Fortunately, Helen turned out to be a lively conversationalist and we hit it off quickly, talking about work, being single and family life. She turned out to be a widow, husband killed in a car accident two years ago leaving her with two kids.

"I’m sorry", I said. "It must have been rough for you all."

"It was at the time, but we’re pretty close and we pulled through. They’re old enough to be able to move-on."

"How old?"

"Both girls, one is 18, just gone to university, and the other 16, at home and I try not to worry about either of them! Well, they’re both sensible and I’ve done the best I could. It’s up to them to make their own mistakes. What about you?"

I told her about Joe. My story is a lot more mundane since his mother walked out five years ago. I told her truthfully that I dated more than a little, but had never found the right woman. Another round of drinks came, and as the wine-bar filled up the alcohol loosened us up. I found I could talk to Helen easily and found myself more than a little attracted to her. She was forceful in her opinions and had a ready humour.

As the bar became more crowded the temperature rose and Helen put her face closer to me and said:

"Is it me, or has it become really hot in here?"

"No you’re right, it’s sweltering!"

I slipped my jacket off, placing the jacket behind my chair, noticing from the corner of my eye that Helen did likewise. As she straightened-up I had to struggle not to stare at her blouse as she clearly had the most impressive breasts I had seen for some time, pushing out the fabric of her top in a supremely womanly way. The top three buttons were undone, giving a hint of deep cleavage, but in a very elegant and not at all showy way.

"Eye contact" I shouted internally to myself and we continued to talk about nothing in particular until I checked my watch and realised that our restaurant booking was close. We agreed to leave the stuffy wine-bar and waked out into the cool evening air. Helen, to my surprise and pleasure took my arm and we strolled the minute’s walk to the Italian restaurant I had picked. She left the buttons of her jacket undone and I caught sight of the entrancing swell of her bosom. In the reflection of the shop windows we looked like a old established, and attractive couple.

In the restaurant we ordered some expensive Chianti and the conversation became more curious, personal and flirtatious. I still had that odd sensation of knowing her.

"Helen, have we met somewhere before? It’s just that you seem familiar but I can’t think where from".

"What, you mean that I didn’t stand-out?

Now if that wasn’t flirtation, then I was out of practice. She carried on in the same way:

"So if you’re a builder you must keep pretty fit then?"

"Well, I think I’m in pretty good shape. How about you, do you work-out?"

"I can’t let my girls get all the attention, can I?, so yes, I do cardio at the gym three times a week. "

"Helen, I can’t believe that you go without admirers. You are very beautiful."

"Trouble is, I seem to attract a certain type. You must have noticed." She gazed down at her cleavage briefly, before looking at me with a quizzical smile.

"Oh God, Helen. What can I say, it’s impossible to ignore your, erm, figure, but you are attractive in pretty much every way. Besides, we builders have women make assumptions that we are all muscle and no brain so I seem to attract women who are very superficial."

"Well, that’s not me and you are a very attractive man."

With that she leant over he table and kissed me briefly, but firmly on the lips. I was stunned, surely this didn’t happen on a first date? We finished our meal quickly and ordered a taxi, both of us knowing what would happen next. Before getting in the car we kissed again and she looked intensely at me:

"Look, this isn’t what I usually do, but you seem like a good man and I really want you."

We agreed my place and the taxi had us back in ten minutes, time spent with me fondling her thigh in the back of the cab.

Letting us into my apartment, I closed the door and we kissed passionately. It was too early for Joe to be home from clubbing and I felt no inhibition about what was about to happen. The feel of Helen’s straining bra through her blouse was making me very aroused and I wanted to make love to this classy woman very badly.

In my bedroom Helen kissed me and undid the buttons on my shirt one-by-one finally stripping my shirt off, while I kicked my trousers off. She ran her hands hungrily over my chest before holding me tight and saying:

"Oh God, a real man. Please, it’s been so long and I want to do this badly."

She quickly took off her outer clothes, before lying back on my bed, looking mouth-watering in matching La Perla bra and thong, well-fitting in a deep red with black trim. The cups of her bra held her breasts in securely, but couldn’t hide their impressive dimensions. I reached behind her for the hooks, before gently letting her bra go and revealing her glorious globes. Her skin was tanned lightly, which contrasted wonderfully with the underwear. Her breasts were certainly not those of a 16-year-old and because of sheer size hung a little low. They were capped by huge areolae and firm chunky nipples that I had to get closer to.

I gently leant over her and kissed them. "They are magnificent Helen. Can I ask how big? It’s silly, but just a question on my mind"

"That’s okay. I’m a 38DD if you must know. Now, I think it’s time to show me yours, and I’ll show you mine."

I slipped off my boxers to reveal a semi-aroused cock, whilst Helen slipped off her thong. It was hard to know who was the more astonished as I checked-out a completely shaven pussy and she caught sight of my length, saying "oh my God, it’s true then!"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, Jane told me you had a reputation for being hung and I really wanted to believe it was true. My late husband was blessed and I’ve never found a guy who came anywhere near him."

"How big was he?"

"Eight and a half inches. It’s odd because he was quite a small guy really, but he had this ridiculous prick. I still miss it. Anyway, what about you? What am I about to be treated to?"

"Well, I’m tempted to say why don’t you find out, but since you have asked I’m nine and a quarter inches when fully erect. It’s good to know you aren’t scared of my size".

With that, Helen pushed me onto my back and confidently moved her mouth onto my rapidly expanding shaft. She was extraordinary in her technique, and an experienced cocksucker from the way she took my length in her throat. Her teeth gave the gentlest little grazes on my shaft, before her tongue would swirl around my bell-end, sending me into heaven. She lifted my heavy balls and gently took them in her mouth before releasing them with an expert touch.

What I wanted to do though was get more familiar with her shaven haven. Had she done this just for our date, I wondered or was her twat always in such a state of perfection? I didn’t always like a shaven cunt because unlike the Playboy models, most women did it badly with stubble growing through. Helen’s mound however was smooth as a new-born and clearly freshly done for my benefit.

I gently pushed her body back and swivelled myself around so that Helen got the general idea. She willingly swung a rounded womanly thigh over my head and presented he beautiful pussy for my inspection. Her mound glistened in the low light of the bedside lamp and I took in widespread labia and a deep womanly scent. I couldn’t help but compare the situation to two nights earlier when I fucked Kimmy, with her blonde pubic curls and tight little twat.

I tried some exploratory tonguing of Helen’s slit, releasing her womanly juices and causing her hips to wiggle and her attentions to my cock to increase. If I wanted her to cum with me, I was going to have to work quickly. I held her rounded arse and pushed my tongue into her, licking from her clit to her anus and back again, before plunging into her hot pussy.

She began to buck her hips, indicating that orgasm was close and I felt my balls tightening to jettison their load. In an inspired moment and with my last clear thought before I emptied my first spurt into her mouth, I wet a finger with her juices and gently corkscrewed it into her arse. My hunch that she might be up for this was right, and I was rewarded with a deep "yeee-eesss, oh God, yee-eess", before she plunged down on my cock for one last time and I sent three or four wads of my sperm into the back of her throat. Her arse bucked one last time and she dropped to my side moaning in ecstasy.

We fell apart, panting heavily and looked in awe at each other. This was my kind of woman, with her magnificent breasts heaving on her chest as she recovered her breath. She had a pronounced womanly belly, flaring out to broad hips and strong thighs and I had to fuck her as soon as I had recovered myself.

"That was incredible," she said finally, half sitting up with her big breasts swaying on her chest. "I love your cock".

"Well I love what you were doing to it. You know how to make a man feel good."

"And you know your way around a clitoris. Talking of which…" -and she ran a manicured hand over her neat vagina, "this clitoris needs to get closer to you cock".

With me still lying on my back, she sat up and started gently wanking my cock, with a lascivious look on her face. She straddled me so that I could look at those splendid norks, with her long hair now untied cascading down over her shoulders and over her boobs.

"It’s been a while for me since I did this, I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it. What about you?"

Shit! Should I act all innocent or tell the truth? For some mad reason I decided to come clean.

"To be honest Helen, if you had asked me that a week ago, the answer would have been that it was many months. But the weirdest thing happened though, because out of the blue Joe’s girlfriend came on to me."

"What! You mean you fucked your son’s girlfriend?"

"Well she was pretty keen and I’m only a guy after all."

She smiled from up above me.

"You are a rogue aren’t you? Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, of course I didn’t hate it. But she was pretty clueless and made me feel a bit old, to be honest."

"Did she enjoy it?"

"I’d like to think that I gave her a good time, yes".

"Well, let’s see what a proper woman can do for you."

With that she took hold of my prick and raising herself up on her thighs, rubbed the head up and down her sopping cunt. It was exquisite and she clearly wanted to be in charge.

"Do you like that, you big cocked bastard?" she grunted.

"God woman, I’m in heaven, for pity’s sake fuck me!"

With a sudden swivel of he hips, she let go of my cock and her warm, wet cunt descended down my shaft and she emitted a soft "aa-aahh" as her pubic bone met mine. Her boobs hung over my face and I lifted each to my mouth in turn, kissing the nipples gently, before taking them into my mouth and sucking them to little points. Her movements were simple but effective as all she did was swivel her hips gently down and over my cock from the base to the tip, so that we could kiss and I had access to her breasts.

"Helen, you’re incredible" I murmured as I ran my hands around her boobs, circling the deep saucers of her areolae and teasing the nipples. I tried to push with my hips in time to her thrusts, but she playfully slapped my chest and said, "I’m in charge mister and that big cock of yours cum’s when I’m ready".

I was about to give some smart reply when there was a commotion from outside the bedroom and I guessed that Joe had returned from clubbing, and judging from the girlish whispering he had Kimmy with him. Helen had stopped for a moment with my cock rammed tight into her cunt, and looked at me quizzically.

"It’s just my son and his girlfriend. Don’t stop or I’ll go crazy."

Her fucking me resumed and she began to make throaty "ooh – yes - uhh" noises and I sensed her drifting off as she concentrated on her impending orgasm. Helen’s pace began to increase and she was bouncing on my cock now, her mighty breasts mimicking the same motion as they swung up and down on her chest unless I held them.

Helen was loosing herself but I became distracted as from Joe’s room I heard the familiar sound to me Of Kimmy’s high-pitched squeaks as Joe fucked her little brains out. Hopefully she had learned something from me and would be getting more out of it than before from my eager puppy son and his big dick.

Helen was breathing heavily as she came on top of me with a full-bodied "Yee-esss, uhhuh- oh God, yessss."

I was more than happy, but wanted to save myself to fuck her the conventional way and my cock stayed rigid in her by now very wet cunt as she slowly came to her senses. Eventually she too heard the sound of the happy teens fucking in the room next to ours and after listening for a minute she asked:

"So do you think he’s as big as his old man is?"

I lied: "I’ve no idea, I haven’t seen his cock since I was bathing him as a little kid."

"Well he’s an energetic young man, isn’t he? Some lucky young lady is having fun tonight with your insatiable offspring."

"Well there’s one guy in here who won’t be happy if he doesn’t cum again."

With that I scooped her up from behind the waist and rolled her over into the missionary position so that I could begin giving her a much-needed seeing-to. I dispensed with any finesse as I filled her slick cunt with deep thrusts from all of my nine and a quarter inches. Helen’s hands roamed over my muscular torso as I fucked her with increasing vigour, feeling my own orgasm building from my balls. Her breasts bounced up to her neck and back down again as I treated her to a fast and furious pounding. Looking down her body I saw the awesome sight of my nine plus inches easily entering her shaved love-hole and re-emerging, shining with her womanly juices. Kimmy had been fun, but by God there was nothing like fucking a horny mature woman.

"Come on you big cock, fuck me hard. Oh it’s been so long" she howled as she built up for another orgasm herself. She squeezed my muscular builders’ butt so hard as we both hit the point of no return, which I thought she would leave bruises.

From outside the room I heard Kimmy’s little voice squeak something incomprehensible as Joe took her to orgasm, his own voice sounding "shit, yes" as I guessed he came. In turn I spurted my cum deep into Helen as she clung to my back one last time and we came in perfect unison:

"Helennn – ah fuck yessss, oh you lovely fuck!"

Helen looked extraordinarily sexy with her fabulous breasts, slightly low admittedly but deeply desirable, now panting on my bed, the results of our copulation dribbling out of her shaven pussy and on to the sheets. I felt like I could have made love to her all night, but for the moment my cock was subsiding as I relished the temporary quiet.

"That was yummy, but I’ve got to pee" she said.

"Okay, it’s down the hall, second door on the left"

She stood up from the bed, her breasts wobbling delightfully down her chest.

"I’ll make a run for it. Your little friends sound asleep now."

With that she left the room with our bedroom door half-open and disappeared into the hall. Almost a split second later, Joe’s bedroom door opened. A second later I heard:

"Oh sorry, -KIMMY!!"


"What the hell are you doing here?"

Oh shit! I thought and leapt naked out of bed to join them.


This was crazy. In the hall was the naked curvy brunette with the rounded butt and glorious tits, shaking in fury while opposite her was the little blonde, one hand at her mouth and the other oddly covering her groin as if she were embarrassed.

"I didn’t know you were here" wailed Kimmy, on the point of tears.

At this point Joe walked out of his bedroom, also naked. His cock was soft but still looked ridiculous on his skinny-kid body.

"I thought you were with your girlfriends!" said an angry Helen, not fucking….."

She tailed off as she cast an eye up-and-down Joe, taking in his shy, baffled face and huge cock, hanging a good third of the way down his thigh.

"Oh my God!" said Helen, turning to me. "You’ve fucked her too. Unless your son’s got any more girlfriends around!"

"What!" exclaimed Joe. "Is that true dad?"

At this point Kimmy burst into tears and retreated back into Joe’s bedroom.

"Young lady", Helen shouted after her retreating daughter. "Get your clothes on. I’m calling a cab in ten minutes!"

"How can she be your daughter?" I said in a confused way. She looks nothing like you?""

"Because she takes after her father you idiot. There’s more to us than just breasts, for heavens sake!". At least I understood where that sense of familiarity with Helen came from.

"But she’s a blonde and you’re a brunette" I said desperately.

"She dyes her hair blonde you idiot, and I’m going grey and dye mine. Now go and put some clothes on, you both look ridiculous."

Joe, I noticed was gazing at Helen’s breasts as they quivered in anger. Even in this state she was quite a sight.

"Oh stop staring both of you" she said. They’re just tits for heavens sake". With that she disappeared into the toilet leaving me with Joe.

"Son, I’m really sorry about this. She came round when you were out a couple of nights ago and jumped on me. I think I’ve blown it for both of us now."

"I don’t know what to say. It’s not like we’re getting married, but I don’t know what to think. At least I know where I got my dick from."

"Yeah, sorry about Kimmy. Maybe it’ll work out, and if it doesn’t then with what you have between your legs it won’t take long to find someone else."

Ten minutes later both Helen and Kimmy were gone, leaving Joe and I in the kitchen drinking tea and feeling sorry for ourselves. At least Joe seemed okay with me, but I thought I’d blown it with the first woman I’d seriously fancied in years because I couldn’t keep my cock under control.


Well, that’s it for part 3. I’ve posted this under "teen" for the sake of continuity, but in part 4 you’ll be hearing a lot more of Joe, and what I have to do to get back into Helen’s good-books.

Student/Teacher Conference Part 1

2hornyTeens on Teen Stories

       First of all let me start off by describing myself. My name is Caroline and I am 16 years old. I have long, silky black hair that reaches just a little above my ass. I am 5'7", bright green eyes and a tanned skin. My breasts are a good enough size which is 34C. Now, I guess I have a nice body and my weight is around 135lbs...

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.which is normal. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment because most of these High School guys are so immature! But I do have a thing for my chem I know what your thinking! UGH How can this girl have a crush on her chem teacher? And stuff like that, right? Well, this chem teacher isn't like all the other teachers. He is just so damn sexy! His name is Alex (he let us call him by his first name) and he's 25 years old. He's around my height, if not 1 or 2 inches taller. He has dark brown hair, light brown eyes, the sexiest lips ever and of course, the cutest smile too!

       After about the second semester, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to try to seduce him since I KNEW he wasn't going to even think about making a move on me. So one day I went to school wearing the tightest lowrider jeans you can imagine. Also, with a tight black tank top that had cuts that showed a lot cleavage. So there I go walking in class and sitting down in front for some reason. After a couple of minutes the bell rang and Alex started to take attendance. He looked up every time he said a name to see where they were. When he said my name he looked up and noticed that I was in the front and looked kind of confused since I always sit in the back. When he looked at me I bit my lower lip and smiled. He looked away quickly and moved to the next name looking kind of red.

       After class was over and everybody had left I stood up and walked over to Alex's desk.

   "You need anything Caroline?" He asked.

   "Well yes actually. Well my grade was kind of low last semester---" I started saying.

   "It was a B...." he said as he cut me off in the middle of my sentence.
   "Well I'd prefer an A....But I was just wondering if there was anyway you could...uh...could give me help?" I said.

   "Caroline, your grades aren't bad you can just work harder on it. I'm sure it won't be that hard."

   "Ummm, I think it will." I said smiling sweetly. "I think it's going to be harder this semester you know, it's going to get more stressful and stuff so I was just wondering if you could help me more?" I said giving him a small smile and looking kind of desperate.

   "Well if I agree to do it are you going to be showing up on time unlike being tardy like you sometimes are in my class?" He asked.

       I smiled a big smile and said, "Oh don't worry I won't be late. Plus me being tardy in your class only happens sometimes and I have PERFECTLY good reasons for them."
   "Yeah? Let me hear it." He said with a happy look on his face knowing that I didn't have an excuse at all.

   "Now come on Alex! I think that we should discuss when and where you can help me out." I said looking at him kind of nervous but somehow still maintaining to keep a smile on my face.

   "Doesn't matter with me," he said, "I'm here every day after school so just tell me when you can come."

   "Well, I can come anytime you want, " I said while giving him a big smile again, "But how about 3 times a week starting tomorrow? So it'll be Mondays, Wednesdays, and that ok? We'll only have 2 days this week but I guess it's ok. What do you think?"

   "Yeah I think that'll be fine. So how about in my office? You know where it is right?"
   " I'll see you tomorrow." I said as I smiled again and turned to leave towards the door while shaking my ass a little.

       The next day I went to school totally revealing everything. I wore a tiny black schoolgirl-like skirt with a tight white blouse that had most of the buttons opened so that it showed my breasts and a little of my white bra. I walked into class and quickly noticed Alex sitting on his chair in front of his desk looking through some papers. I sat down in the front again when a guy caught my attention.
   "Damn girl....what's the occasion?" He asked while looking at me up and down.

   "It's hot." Was my simple reply.

   "Well it just got hotter in here ." He said and walked off to the back. I smiled to myself as the bell rang. Alex started to take attendance and when he said my name he looked at me and looked as though he had stopped breathing. He was looking at me from head to toes and back again with his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide open. I just looked straight at the wall without any expression on my face. But deep inside I was jumping up and down with excitement. Class went by as usual. As soon as the bell rang and class was over people quickly left the room. But not me, I stayed there. I got up and moved towards Alex's desk. He was looking through some papers but had noticed me moving up to his desk.

   "Yes Caroline?" He asked while raising his head slowly. I knew he was looking at my legs. Finally he looked into my eyes.

   "I was just making sure if we're still on after school?" I asked while smiling. He looked away from my eyes and looked at my breasts for a second then looked away.
   "Yep, I'll see you soon." He said while still looking somewhere besides me.

   "K." I said while he finally looked at me again. I turned towards the door and dropped my book by 'accident'. I bent over and I was 100% sure he caught sight of my ass. I stood up straight again and left the class smiling to myself.

       After the final bell rang I went to my locker and then headed to his office. I walked in and he was sitting there on this big comfortable chair. I guess he didn't notice me so I slammed the door. He looked up.

   "Sorry!" I said sweetly. He nodded towards a chair in front of his desk and I sat down.

   "So, are you going to need any help on today's worksheet that I assigned?" He asked but not looking at me.

   "Umm...I actually already started on it," I said while standing up and moving to his desk. I pushed some papers aside from the corner of his desk and sat on it so that I was on his side of the desk and almost right next to him. I crossed my legs which made my skirt go up so my white silk G-string was clearly visible. "But I do need some help with 2 problems on it." I continued to say while looking at him. He quickly looked up my skirt but then looked away as quickly as he had looked.

   "Ok, then...uh...take out the worksheet so that I can help you with the problems that you have." He said while still looking away from me. I lifted up my legs which made my skirt raise up even more, if it was even possible, and I leaned over to get my bookbag from the floor, giving him a perfect view of my breasts. When I sat back straight I noticed him moving his head and looking somewhere else so I was sure he was looking down my blouse. Smiling, I took off the paper from my bookbag and put it in front of him as he took a water bottle and took 2 gulps from it.

   "Umm ok, these problems aren't that hard, they're actually pretty simple. You have to do this part first." He said while pointing to a part of the paper. I leaned over and accidently knocked over his water bottle so that it spilled all over his crotch.

       I gasped and said, "Damn! I am SO sorry Alex....I didn't mean to!" I picked up the water bottle that was on the floor and put it back up on the desk and then picked up a couple of tissues and started rubbing the water from his crotch. I kept on rubbing his crotch and actually rubbing his dick through his pants. He was starting to get kind of hard as I continued to rub.

   "No, Caroline it's ok. Here, I'll do it." He said while taking my hand away from his crotch.

   "No Alex, I should do it since it's my fault." I said politely as I pulled my hand away from his and continued to rub his crotch. He was harder than before and you could see a bulge in his pants. Finally I stopped rubbing, he had his hand on my wrist wanting to take my hand away but obviously not doing it. "Good thing your pants are black right?" I said as I gave him a sweet but sexy smile.

       He smiled nervously and looked at me and gave me a small nod as he then looked at the bulge on his pants and I noticed his cheeks getting a little red. He looked up at me and I couldn't stop smiling and biting my lower lip at the same time. He turned to look at the worksheet.

   "It's getting late Alex so I better be going. Since I know I'm supposed to do that part first I'll figure it out at home and if I have any trouble and don't really pass in my homework....don't yell at me 'k?" I said and then smiled.

   "All right." He said, and it was pretty much ALL he could say since I was staring at his crotch again. I got off the desk and turned around so that my back was to him and then I bent over and picked up my bookbag, which made my skirt go up and making him stare at my ass with a REALLY good view since my ass was right there...inches away from his face. I turned to stare at him again and saw that he had his mouth slightly open. He realized this so he closed it right away. I looked at his crotch again and noticed the bulge was bigger than the last time I looked at it.

       I smiled again and leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Well I'll see you soon," and then I kissed him on the cheek making it kind of long as I ran my fingers over his crotch making him moan really softly and quietly. I got up again and left the room happily with my sucess.

       The next day after class I walked up to Alex's desk as he looked up. I said "Alex do you think that we could do this tutoring thing today instead of tomorrow? It's just that I found out I'm gonna have to do something after school tomorrow." I was saying that with extreme calmness like nothing happened the day before.

   "Yeah, sure it's ok." He said while not looking at me.

   "Ok then,I'll see you later." I said and then walked away.

Part 2 cumming soon.....

Good Girl At Heart: Lexi's Adventures...part 1

goodgirlatheart on Teen Stories

My eyes had been watching her all evening.  She had the been the object of my admiration this whole weekend, and tonight I was sure that I would make her mine.

Usually getting girls had never been a problem for me.  I was five foot eleven with an athletic built from the sports I did year round.  I had dark hair that complimented my deep brown eyes.  Hopefully, these featuresÂ

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 would play a role in helping me get Lexi.

Lexi was only fourteen, making me two years her senior.  She danced across the room with a group of friends.  Her developing figure, with her 32B breasts and gorgeous ass was well shown in her tight pink tank top and short jean skirt.  Her dark hair flowed over her sholders to the middle of her back.  Her hazel eyes sparkled with a gleam of innocence.  Her body moved with the music in such a sexy way, only adding to my fantasies of how the night would go.

One of my friends elbowed me in the side, obviously noticing where my attention was.  The mood of the music changed to that of a slow dance, and he told that this was my chance.  I made my over to her, and like in old time movies, extended my hand and asked "If she would like to share this dance"  She giggled and put her arms around my shoulders as we swayed with the music.

"Hi, I'm Lexi." she said, in an adorable voice.

"Mike," I said, as though I didn't know of her.

We continued talk, and she explained that she was a cheerleader and a gymnast, and lived not too far from where I did.  The slow song came to an end and a faster, night-club-style one began.  She went back to dancing in a circle with her friends. But this time, I had no intentions of being left out of the fun. 

I came up behind her and brought my pelvis up to meet her grinding hips.  A little smile flashed across her face.  She picked up pace and worked her tight ass in small circles around my bulging cock.  It could easily be seen this was not her first time engaging in freak dancing.  We continued for a couple other songs.  Her moves became creative, and she would occasionally bend over, giving me a clear glimpse of her small, pink, thong.  My seven inch cock grew and grew with each motion to a point where I could barely take it.   

"Want to step outside?" I whispered to her.  She nodded and took my hand as we made it to the door.  The crisp evening sky brought beauty and serenity from the dark, tacky, swirling lights, setting of the dance.

"I love this place," She said, gazing up at the skies.  'Ive gone to this camp for six years, and this past summer was my last."  Our hands still joined, we walked away from there, exploring the beauties that this place had to hold.  Only I had other intentions.  We made it to the beach.  I had never remembered it to be this beatiful, but the serenity of the night had brought along all new feelings.  She layed down in the sand, once again gazing up at the stars.  I layed beside her and put my arm around her.

"What are you looking at?" I whispered.

"Just the sky again.  It's just so beautiful," she explained.

"Not as beautiful as you," I lustuflly whispered.  Our eyes met in a piercing gaze.  It was at that moment   I knew I had to make my move or watch Lexi leave on the bus, knowing I had missed my chance.  I moved my lips in to hers, as hers met mine.  I parted her lips with my tongue.  Our tongues met and swirled in a beautiful dance of lust.  The kiss that began slow picked up with more passion.  I rolled her on top of me.  My hands roamed over her fine body, finding their way to her small but pert breasts.  I rubbed them up and down, and my hands worked their way up her shirt.  i rolled the nipple between my fingers, and small moan released from her.  Her response led me to take the others in my hand, gently pinching the nipple while I caressed the other one.  I broke our kiss, even though her mouth still begged for more.  Seeing nobody was around, I pulled her pink tank top over her head, giving me the view of her perfect breasts in just a lacy bra.  She assisted me in unbuckling it, and in a voice that was no longer cute and innocent, but sexy and naughty whispered "I'm all yours."

My mouth took in her right tit as her hand carressed the left.  I rolled my tongue over it, and took the nipple in my mouth, sucking it like a breast feeding baby.  She squirmed and released a gasp of pleasure.  My tongue flicked rapdily over its erect meal.  I pinched ever so slightly in my teeth, and she moaned even louder.  I could tell she too was not ready to leave it just at second base.

 I kissed down her flat stomach to right above where her skirt began.  "Are you ready?" I whispered.  She nodded.  I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down, along with her small pink thong over her small hips.  What I saw was the most beautiful pussy.  It had sparse, fine pubic hair, and glistening pink lips.  I traced my hands over her toned upper thies.  I reached the treasure chest, and inserted my index finger into her hot, tight, love hole.  She let out a quick moan, and then moved her hips to further meet my finger.  This was by the the tightest pussy I had ever come to know.  I moved my finger in and out, picking up pace more and more.  Her hips continued to move in to meet finger.  She moaned louder and louder with each motion.  I removed my finger, but I was by no means finished.  My lips followed at first the same route my hands did along her thys.  My gentle kisses made their way to her hungry pussy.  I kissed along its inner lips, separating it ever so much.  My tongue became more greedy for her juices, tracing its outlines, swirling around her hole, and eventually reaching that oh so sensitive clit.  I traced my tongue over it and felt her small body twitch.  Her breathing increased and gasps and moans escaped her lips.

"Yes, right there" she screamed.  I sucked at it and nibbled it until she couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm cumming" she yelled.  A massive orgasm overtook her.  As it subsided, she lay down, panting.  "I guess its your turn," she whispered.  

Her small hands worked at my belt buckle.  She slowly pulled down my boxers.  The slow rate tortured me, but filled me with anticipation.  As I was exposed, my fully erect cock sprang to life.  She wrapped her small hands around its width and lightly kissed the tip.

At that moment, a booming voice over a megaphone shouted "lights out!".  Lexi quickly gathered her clothes, dressing in a hurry, avoiding eye contact.  She ran off without even saying goodbye, as though we were merely aquaintances.  Something told me that as we boarded the buses the next morning, Lexi would act as though nothing happened.  But only her and I would know what truly happened and of the pleasure shared at the beach that night. 

Like Father, Like Son part 2

Arthursmith on Teen Stories

I woke up the following morning with a raging thirst and a raging hard-on that only a glass of water and a long piss would satisfy. Yawning, I remembered that there were others in the house, slipped on some boxer shorts over my straining cock with my erection poking over the top. Laughing slightly at the sight,

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I went to the toilet and gratefully relieved my bladder with a minute’s worth of piss. My cock felt good in my hand, and thinking of last night’s episode I was tempted to wank again, but my thirst got the better of me. I washed my hands and in my boxers walked down to the kitchen to get some water, my phallus slowly subsiding and settling down nicely into my shorts.

Now with it usually being an all-guy household this would not be out of the ordinary in any way, but with the presence of a woman in the house, albeit a young one I was more than just a little aware of my own body. As a builder I was used to some heavy labour and all those years of hauling bricks and mortar around had given me a pretty good physique. My stomach was flat, chest broad and the open-air work had given me a good tan. I’d tried telling Joe he should work out a little but he wasn’t interested. Anyway, after last night’s performance I had a new respect for the boy but knew he couldn’t compete with the old man for sheer physicality.

I poured myself a glass of water and sat back on a kitchen chair with last evening’s newspaper to re-read the sports section. However I was unexpectedly interrupted when a sweet voice said "morning Mr Jones" and in walked the girl, seemingly just wearing a tee-shirt of Joe’s. My eyes feasted on perky nipples making points in the cloth, then slim but shapely legs starting tantalisingly short of her groin before I checked myself and attempted eye-contact. What I saw when I looked at her face was this gorgeous teen looking me straight-up and down from my muscular chest down to my groin, where something was definitely stirring in my cock. She saw me too and looked away, blushing beautifully.

"Oh, hi, erm…" – shit! I had still forgotten her name. "Kimmy" she said.

"Of course! Sorry, I’m not with it this morning Kimmy"

"That’s okay Mr Jones, me neither. Can I get a glass of milk please?"

"Sure" I said. "In the fridge, help yourself". Of course she wasn’t with it after the thorough pounding that Joe had given her the night before, I thought to myself. She must be sore as hell in her sweet little sex after the attentions of his monster dick.

With that she turned and I watched her slim legs walk to the fridge. Oh dear God, I thought to myself, she’s going to have to bend down, I wonder if she as any knickers on? For a split second I tried to choose my own preference between looking at her sweet little pussy, or maybe a little thong disappearing between her pert buttocks. What I got was almost in slow-motion Kimmy bending over into the fridge door, the tee-shirt riding up to reveal fashionable little brief-style panties in pink lace that sat high on her sexy little butt. Jesus, this was getting too much and I could feel the blood starting to engorge my cock as I checked-out the sweet curves of Kimmy’s arse. Her skin was the purest white and clearly she’d been too busy for sunbathing lately.

Hmmm…was it me, or was she spending an unnecessarily long time with her arse in the air, I wondered to myself. Anyhow, I didn’t have time to dwell on this point as she took what she wanted, straightened up and smiled sweetly at me again. "Thanks Mr Jones" she said, and before turning back towards the bedrooms I noticed her eyes again look me over, ending on my boxer’s.

The sight of that wiggling little arse had me in a very horny state and my hand automatically went to my cock. To my alarm I discovered that Kimmy’s little butt had given me such a hard-on that the plum head was close to poking out of the leg of my shorts. Could that have been what she saw, maybe? I would have liked to have seen more, but work was calling and I needed to move so somewhat reluctantly I headed for the shower.

As the day went by, work wasn’t all that bad as my secretary in the office had, after weeks of promising finally fixed me up with a blind date with a pal of hers for tomorrow night.

"She’s great, you’ll really like her". Said Jane who organised my life for me at work. "Her name is Helen, she’s thirty-six, definitely single and looking for a man. Hell of a body, even I can see that, she just hasn’t met the right guy".

"Mmm! Tell me more" I said. "What makes a hell of a body?"

"Oh, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. So, I’ll tell her it’s the new Italian restaurant then?"

"Fine, tell her I’ll look forward to seeing her then".

A woman, after all these months, the company of a woman! Frankly I was so horny after six moths without sex that she could have a bag over her head and I would find her attractive. But Jane’s sales-pitch had me intrigued and my hopes of some action at long last were high!

The day went by quickly enough and at 8.00 I was home and in the shower washing the day’s grime off myself. Joe was out somewhere, I found a note by the fridge saying he was out with Kimmy and would be back late. Great, I thought to myself, peace and quiet and no noisy teenagers fucking to distract me. I settled down wearing a tee shirt and loose trousers, going "commando" as I enjoyed that unrestricted feel around my groin when at peace. I was watching some football on the television when there was a knock on the door.

Answering it, I found Kimmy on the doorstep dressed in a denim jacket, obscenely short skirt and boots just up to her knees. She looked divinely fuckable. "Hi, Mr Jones, is Joe in?" she asked.

"No, I’m sorry but he left me a note to say he was seeing you."

"Oh, he left a text message with me to say he was staying-in. I just came around to give him some CD’s we were talking about". With that, her lip trembled and she started to sob. Jesus, what was wrong with her?

"You’d better come in, I guess Kimmy, you can’t go home like that" I said, and she followed me into the hall.

"I’m sorry" she said between sobs. "It’s just that I think he’s seeing another girl at his college. I think he mislead me about where he was tonight. Why would he do that? What’s wrong with me?"

With that she started sobbing again and I tentatively reached out to comfort her. To my surprise she accepted my touch and fell into my arms, now crying bitterly. "I, I think he’s having s-sex with this other girl" she howled.

"Hey, listen to me Kimmy. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. You’re a gorgeous girl and he’s a mug if he’s making you unhappy".

"Oh, thank-you Mr Jones." And with that she kissed me gently on the cheek and we held each other for maybe a minute while I made reassuring noises to her.

Now, I’m just an ordinary horny guy and holding on to Kimmy after a minute began to have an effect. She was only about 5 feet three inches and he head lay on my chest, with her little breasts pressed against me and her breath warming my skin. I felt my cock starting to expand in my soft cotton trousers to the point where the girl would have to be mentally deficient not to realise that I was sporting the most enormous erection.

Kimmy detached from me and looked down at the tent in my trousers. "Ooh, Mr Jones" she said in a kittenish way. "I’m sorry Kimmy, it’s just natural when a gorgeous girl like you is close to me that I get hard".

"Oh, thank-you" She sniffed. "It looks big like…..".

She didn’t finish her sentence but I knew what she was going to say, "big like Joe’s". Only she didn’t know that I had seen how well-hung my boy was, unless she had caught me peeping last night.

I lifted her face and kissed her gently on the lips. She responded forcefully, kissing me passionately back and running her hands around my back. Feeling sure of my ground now I put my hands under her shirt and massaged little circles on her flat teeny belly, finding a pierced navel with a dangling piece of jewellery. Then my hands went to her bra and massaged her little breasts gently.

"Oh, oh Mr Jones" she breathed with passion and one of her little hands dropped to feel my dick though my trousers. Christ that felt so good I couldn’t take it any longer.

"Look Kimmy, do you want to do something about this. Do you want to make love?"

"Oh yes please. Only I’m not very good, I’ve not had much experience. Joe is my first"

"Well, everyone has to start somewhere Kimmy". What I didn’t say was that she looked pretty good with her legs around Joe’s back and lying back with his cum dribbling out of her the night before. On the other hand it would explain the amateurish, if enthusiastic exhibition from last night.

I knew I was showing-off a little, but I scooped her into my arms and carried her into my bedroom, placing her carefully on the bed. "You’re sure about this?" I asked her, to which she responded by kicking-off her boots and throwing her jacket into the corner. I leant over her and kissed from her face down her neck and the small hill of her breasts, before gently licking her belly. Her breathing grew more heavily and I unzipped her little miniskirt to reveal little flowery brief-style knickers.

"Dear God you are a beautiful girl Kimmy. Any guy would want to make love to you".

"Thank-you Mr Jones. You’re pretty hot too. I like your muscles".

I took that as an invitation and pulled my shirt off to reveal my muscular torso. She responded by pulling off her top to show a slightly padded bra in the same fabric as her knickers.

We kissed and I paid plenty of attention to her to make sure she was relaxed before finally I reached behind her to unclasp her pretty bra and expose her breasts. Small, up-tilted and with perfect rosebud nipples, surrounded by barely-there areolae.

"They’re a bit small" she said.

"No, they’re perfect, you’d look silly if they were any bigger".

"My mum’s got huge one’s, so I guess I haven’t inherited them from her".

"Well, they say that small ones are more sensitive, shall we find out?.

"Ooh yes, I really want you".

With that invitation I pushed her gently on her back and licked small circles around her breasts before concentrating on her nipples, drawing them up to smell peaks. Kimmy started going wild, her breath coming rapidly and her hips wiggling like crazy. I continued my licking for a good few minutes on each

"Oh Mr Jones, that’s so good. Ooh-aahh, oh God". Then there came the most incredible high-pitched squeaking that I’d heard from Joe’s room previously. Kimmy thrashed her hips and bucked under me before a long "eeaahhoooohh" and she subsided with the warm glow of orgasm.

"That was incredible", she said finally. "I didn’t know I could cum that way."

"Well there’s plenty more ways, are you ready t o get naked".

"Mmm, yes I am. I want to see you too". Her hand was on my dick through my trousers and she had a horny smile on her face. I pulled off my trousers and she removed the little briefs and we lay on my bed and looked at and touched each other.

"Oh my God Mr Jones, your cock is huge. I don’t think I’ll get all of it in me."

"Of course you can Kimmy. It’s just a matter of you being wet enough and relaxed enough and we’ll have a great time." I couldn’t say that I’d seen her with Joe but struggling to fit all of his young cock and it was hard to tell if he was bigger than me or not.

"How big is it?"

"Well if you must know, it’s nine and a quarter inches when a hot girl like you is around."
"Oh wow. You must have had a lot of women?"

"Well, I’m a lot older than you so yes, but all I care about right now is making love to you."

I kissed her breasts and belly again before working my way down to her groin where I found neat little dark-blonde pubes over the sweetest-smelling little cunt I’d come across for years. She was utterly delectable and I was going to enjoy this very much.

I planted small kisses on her labia before gently tonguing her sweet slit from her clit down to her vagina and back again, gradually increasing attention on her little happy button. This had the desired effect of sending her bananas and surprisingly quickly she started her high-pitched squeaking and jerking her hips. Her juices were flowing nicely and I introduced a finer into her cunt, which despite accommodating Joe’s huge dick was surprisingly snug around my finger. This girl was going to need some attention to comfortably accommodate my nine inches plus of cock.

"Oh, ah-ah, Mr Jones that’s so, ah- good-ooh, huugh, ooh." She was incredible how highly responsive she was, - and so loud! Just as I introduced a second finger into her cunt to open her up more the squeaks turned to high-pitched wails and she began to orgasm into my face.

"Mr Jones that’s……aaaaawwooooohhhhhwwww, shhhiiittttttt!" And with that she collapsed back onto the bed panting, her perky little breasts rising up and down on her chest, gleaming with a light sheen of perspiration. Man, it was so erotic being called Mr Jones by a teenager just cumming into your face!

"That was the best ever! Joe never made me cum like that."

"Well, to be fair to Joe Kimmy, it comes with age and practice" The little flatterer.!

"I still don’t think I can get your, um, you know, thingy into me. I can’t get Joe’s all the way in,"

"Well Kimmy, if you’re referring to my cock, then you are partly ready because you are nice and wet and open. To be really ready you have to make sure that I’m ready for you".

"Oh goody Mr Jones, I really want to be good at this. Can I suck you now?

"Kimmy, a gorgeous little blonde doesn’t need permission to make me happy. By the way, exactly how old are you?"

"Old enough".

"Meaning what exactly?"

"Sixteen and two months"

Well, thank heaven for that. I didn’t want to feel I was getting into dangerous waters here. The little minx sat up, took a firm hold of my shaft and sank her pretty little mouth over my beel end.

As a sight it was exquisite, with her pretty face framed by blonde hair, her strawberry lips wrapped around nine inches of prime cock. She moved her mouth over my glans with enthusiasm and looked up at me as if seeking approval. Gently I lifter her lips off my shaft with care and said in as kindly a way I could:

"Kimmy that was great but there’s no way you are going to make a guy with anything other than a pencil dick cum like that.. Lick up and down my shaft and over my balls"

"Like this?" and she slurped and licked her way from my great purple head over the heavily veined shaft and around my egg-sized balls.

"That’s better, get my cock nice and wet baby"

After a few minutes of this tratment I was beginning to feel some stirring in my balls. I would have been dead not to, with this treatment.

"Now Kimmy I want you to use your hand on my shaft and take the head of my cock into your mouth at the same time". She was getting it now and I could feel the sperm rising from my balls and I took hold of the back of her head, urging those sweet lips faster over my cock. I would have given anything for an experienced cocksucker who could take the whole of my length, but Kimmy was doing just fine now.

"Aaagh, that’s it Kimmy, keep going, I’m going to cum now,.agh, here it cums". With that I hit the back of her throat which caught her by surprise, causing her to pull her mouth off my dick, but fortunately still wanking me so I hit her in the face with my second and third blasts.

"Sweet Jesus you are beautiful" I said to the girl who now looked more like a little whore with my sperm dripping from her cheek onto her breasts.

"What does it taste like?"

"Mm, not sure, hab you gob a tissue pleeb?"

Pity, she looked like a swallower. Ah well, and with that I sank back on to the bed and after she had cleaned herself of my cum she rested her head on my muscular chest and recovered, gently rubbing her hands all over my body. As time passed and we both recovered her hands were back on to my cock and she had a horny gleam in her eye.

"I have a little confession Mr Jones. I saw you looking at me. You’re very naughty".

Oh shit, I thought, she caught me at Joe’s bedroom door.

"All I wanted was some milk, it was a good job I had my knickers on, wasn’t it".

Ah, she meant this morning, whew!

"Well Kimmy, I wasn’t the only one looking, was I?"

"You’ve got a great body Mr Jones and when I saw your cock in your trousers I really wanted to fuck you, because I’m not doing it right with Joe and he is as big as you."

"What, exactly the same size?"

"Well, I think so, only he hasn’t made me cum like you. Will you fuck me now Mr Jones?"

"Okay Kimmy, it would be an honour and I think we are both ready>"

And with that clear invite she rolled onto her back, opened her thighs and pulled me towards her. My cock was priapic again and I didn’t need to use a hand to find the entrance to her sweet little cunt. After my oral attention she was fairly open, her lips spread and her inner labia glistening and protruding. As my cock-head made contact Kimmy began to pant and looked at me with urgency.

"Oh fuck me Mr Jones, please fuck me. I want you in me so much."

Despite our mutual oral attentions she was still pretty tight and I had to gently ease my shaft into her. It was a true test of patience for me, because I wanted to bang the arse off her, but she looked so young and desperate and I could not hurt her and so I eased my cock-head and shaft soo-oo slowly to be sure she was okay. With gentle thrusts I eased more and more of my length into her until she had maybe six inches.

"How’s that then?"

"Feels good, you can go harder"

"Yes, but faster isn’t necessarily going to make you cum. We have to find what makes you happy".

With that I put my hand under her little arse to shift the angle of her pelvis. Bingo! Works every time, my shaft was now pressing her g-spot and she began to lose it.

"Oh God, Mr Jones that’s so…….oh, yes, oh, ..that’s incredible".

She was right, she was relaxing around my cock and I could fuck her with less worries. My shaft was bottoming out in her little pussy and she was enjoying every second of it. Her tits were so small that they barely moved on her chest as I ploughed into her sweet horny little slit.

"Kimmy, put your hand down over your cunt and see what you can feel."

She did and I felt her little hand loosely enclose my shaft as it pistoned in and out of her.

"Oh my God, it really is all in, now please I’m so horny I want to cum. Fuck me hard and make me cum!!"

I needed no further invitation and I pushed my torso up on my one hand higher and began to fill her with deep steady strokes. Her eyes grew misty and one hand roved over my chest as the other stayed around the point where we joined between her thighs.

She gazed fixedly at me and her noises became more frantic with those sexy little squeaks came from her. I was feeling good too and my balls were doing their thing, getting read for a good emptying. My lack of sex over recent times had made my shaft super-sensitive and I was getting so close to m own orgasm that I could barely hang on.

Fortunately Kimmy started to orgasm, with an extraordinary "ayeeheee, ye-eess, eeeeyyesss", accompanied by her arching her little butt off the bed so strongly that she took my weight with her. In a moment of pure ecstasy I pumped a satisfying load of sperm into her and gave a mighty roar of satisfaction as the weeks without sexual pleasure ended in a mighty rush of blood, sweat and sperm:

"Oooahhh, ye-ess, fuck oh fuck" I roared as I bathed Kimmy’s little cervix in sperm, ramming my shaft deep inside her sexy little body, before I collapsed back on the bed with a sense of job well done. My cock was still dribbling as it began it’s inevitable drooping from it’s magisterial state. Kimmy on the other hand was lying back with a "cat that’s got the cream" look on her face, watching my sperm and her juices dribble out of her pussy and on to the sheets. Her blonde pubes were matted and her whole body covered in a veneer of sweat.

After a minute she turned to me with vibrant eyes. "That was amazing Mr Jones. That’s just what I thought it would be like. I was in heaven when you lifted my bum up, I’ll have to get Joe to do that".

"Oh, so you’re still going to see Joe then?"

"Course I do. I really like him." I was confused now.

"Kimmy, did you really expect to see him when you came around tonight? Or were you really looking for me?"

"We-ell, I saw your cock this morning, and your muscles and everything and I just wanted to know what it was like having sex with you."

"So that whole seen scene you made about him with another girl was made up?"

"Do you think I’m a tart now Mr Jones?"

"No Kimmy!" (Mostly true) "You could have been a bit more direct though. I would have fucked you without the story"

Well, as far as set-ups go this wasn’t something I could complain about and Joe would get the benefit of anything she had learned tonight. She was now stroking my cock again with a lascivious look in her eye, but after two superb orgasms I was spent. As much as I would have loved to have taught her a few more tricks, I needed my sleep.

"Erm Kimmy, it’s nearly midnight. What time is your mother expecting you home?"

"Oh shit, I’d better go. I haven’t got permission to stay overnight tonight."

With that she rapidly pulled on her clothes and looked vaguely presentable, if smelling strongly of sex.

"Bye Mr Jones, that was fun".

"Bye Kimmy. You’d better hurry before Joe gets back." Too true, it would be difficult explaining me fucking his girlfriend to the lad. I was drained but very pleased with myself and after a quick shower went to bed with a satisfied smile on my face.


In the third episode you get to read about my date, my next encounter with Kimmy and the further adventures of Kimmy and Joe. But only if I get some positive feedback!!

Saturday Night Slut — Conclusion

beck on Teen Stories

Had he heard them; or seen them? It occurred to Zoe that when she left for the kitchen, she didn’t open Shawn’s door, which meant they left it open. What if Matt had watched them, and they retired back to his room to jerk himself off thinking about it. Zoe reached down and found her clit was no longer sensitive, but begging to be rubbed again. She peered around the door, holding her
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breath, but rubbing her pussy. Her eyes now confirming what her ears had suggested. Matt was lying back on the bed with one leg hanging off, his foot flat on the floor. Both hands were in his crotch; his left, holding his cock straight up, his right, sliding up and down over the head and shaft. As her eyes adjusted from the dim light of the hallway to the near darkness of Matt’s room, she saw that Matt’s cock was enormous; not in length, perhaps only six inches, but very thick. She noticed his strokes were getting faster and she could hear his breaths getting shorter, as were hers. "I see you there," said a voice from the bed, "Are you coming in?" Zoe was quite startled at the sudden break in the silence. Her mind raced quickly over numerous thoughts and situations: she had no commitment to Shawn, and he had no commitment to her either—they only met a couple of hours ago. And here was a very thick cock she desperately wanted between her lips or at least aimed at her face before cum started erupting from it. "I want to, but your roommate is going to wonder where I am." Just as Zoe finished her sentence, she felt something pressed into the crack of her ass, and two strong hands on her hips. "Actually, I know exactly where you are now. I wondered what was taking so long, now I know." Shawn started to turn the tables on her and was teasing her with naughty words and suggestions now. Keeping his hands on her hips, and his hard dick firmly nudged against her ass, he whispered to her, "You desperately want that, don't you?" Zoe was now becoming overwhelmed with stimulation from all sides; Matt had slowed his strokes down dramatically, and was now just putting on a voyeuristic display for her, moaning here and there; Shawn was pressing against her from behind, and whispering dirty suggestions through her disheveled hair and into her ear; and she was still madly fingering her clit, but with her left hand now, as her right was now needed to prop herself up against the door frame, Shawn's pressure and an overall weakness enveloping her. "Oh, I think I'm going to cum soon," Matt groaned. "It's going to splash all over my stomach and chest." He quickened his pace, pumping his hand up and down his thick cock. "Mmmm," had escaped Zoe's lips with almost a whimper instead of with a more lustful connotation, and her body, still restrained by Shawn's grip, lightly lunged towards Matt and the bed. "Shawn, let me go. Please?" "Why, what do you want? Tell me, or I'll hold you here," Shawn insisted. "I want Matt's cum in my mouth. I want that big dick stretching my mouth while yours fucks my pussy. Please Shawn, before he cums, let me go!" Shawn released his grip on her hips, and Zoe sprung forward with the prowess of a jungle cat targeting its prey. His cock was rock hard and threads of pre-cum that were starting to soak her ass stretched and fell away to the floor. Just in time too, he was ready to explode himself. Matt let his right hand go from pumping his shaft to holding Zoe's face down on his thick cock. His left hand was still holding the base, forcing his length straight up. But Zoe needed no one to force her tiny mouth down on his dick at this point—she was furiously jerking Matt off, the head of his dick slipping in and out from between her lips. She was insane with lust now, and the only thing that she could focus on was tasting that huge, salty load of cum that was now only seconds away. In her haste, Zoe had simply knelt beside the bed and pulled Matt into her mouth, which left her pussy and ass exposed from behind, which is exactly where Shawn had positioned himself, the head of his seven inches pressed against her opening. With one hand on her shoulder and the other guiding his cock inside her, he plunged into her dripping hole with one thrust. She was beside herself with lust now, and her oral skills were now about to pay off. "I'm going to cum in about three seconds," Matt panted. This was just enough time for Zoe to pull her mouth off, her lips covered in saliva and Matt's juices, "I'm going to pump your semen into my little mouth and all over my tongue and lips. Get some on my face too, so I feel like a slut." She had been using her other hand on her clit for some time now, and it looked like she had timed her orgasm perfectly with Matt's. Shawn, after listening to her dirty instructions to Matt, was ready to erupt, but was trying with all his might to prolong fucking this nympho's incredible pussy. Despite being soaked with her own lubricating juices, her cum and his saliva from the licking she received earlier, she was incredibly tight. More to do with her small frame than inexperience, Shawn thought, as he continued to slam against her ass. With a grunt and a violent thrust towards Zoe's face, Matt started shooting. Stream after stream of thick, white cum was jetting into her mouth, and Zoe pumped his cock desperately, as if begging it to deposit as much semen as possible into her throat. After about four streams had hit her tongue, she pulled him out, and he was still cumming. Gobs now started hitting her lips and cheeks and chin, just like Shawn had done. Letting go of Matt's dick to grip the sheets, Zoe was fingering herself to a mind-blowing orgasm. She could feel Shawn's meat hammering into her belly and occasionally her fingers touched his cock as it pumped in and out. She gasped and panted as she came, her face and neck covered in sweat and cum. It had just occurred to her that Shawn was fucking her without a condom; it made her feel dirty. "Shawn, you're a bad boy, fucking my tight, little hole with no protection." She was no longer completely horny, but still feeling naughty enough to tease Shawn before he came. She forced him to stop and pull out momentarily while she climbed up off her knees and into an armchair in the corner of Matt's room. She slouched into the chair so that her pussy rested just on the edge of the cushion, where she invited Shawn back inside her. "Come back over here and get that cock back inside me," she cooed. Shawn spun around on his knees and maneuvered back between her spread thighs. As he sunk his shaft back inside her, she reached for the back of his neck, pulling him closer. "Are you going to cum soon, Shawn?" "Yeah, pretty soon," he groaned. Zoe smiled and suggested, "Well, I know it would feel really naughty if you came inside me, because I'm not on the pill or anything, and knowing your sperm could get me pregnant is such a turn-on." Zoe knew she was playing with fire here, that her dirty talk could make him cum at any time, but she continued anyways. "I would feel so slutty going home knowing a stranger had just filled my pussy with semen." The look on Shawn's face was tortured, and she knew she had about ten seconds left of control over this situation, before he started shooting inside her. "But," she purred, "I can't come over and let you and Matt fuck my ass, pussy and mouth if I get pregnant. Maybe you could just stand up when you're ready to cum and jerk off on my face? I still have Matt's cum on my chin, and feeling your warm, salty semen splash across my face while he stares at me is getting me really excited." Shawn pulled out and stood up; her plan had worked well. He stood over her jerking his swollen meat about a foot from her face. "I want you to stare back at Matt, not at me this time," he said. "Mmmm, that's naughty!" Zoe gasped, "I'll watch Matt stroking his hard cock while you shoot your cum on my lips. Do it, Shawn. Cum on me." "Open your mouth," he moaned. Zoe parted her lips slightly, never taking her eyes off Matt, as Shawn rested the head of his dick on her bottom lip. "Open a bit wider, and push your tongue out," he commanded. She obeyed, the head of his cock now rested on her tongue, pointing into her mouth, slightly to the side. She continued to watch Matt and moan. Shawn erupted with a pronounced grunt, squirting cum into her mouth. Fighting the urge to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation of the warm liquid now filling her mouth in powerful streams, she stayed focused on Matt. Realizing that some of the enormous pool of semen on her tongue was beginning to trickle out onto her chin, she pulled her tongue back inside and swallowed eagerly. She smiled and sighed. Perhaps next time she could convince her girlfriend Dawn to stay out with her.

Parking Lot Sex

MarineXXX on Teen Stories

As John made his way toward 6 th period, he found Natasha and gave her a kiss. They had the same 6 th period so they walked together. They walked fast and always arrived at the building a few minutes before the bell rang. This gave them time to make out. As John pulled his love closer to him, he beg

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an whispering in her ear while she kissed his neck. He said “are we all set for later?” She whispered back and said “Yes”.


After class, the two began to walk toward their lockers. John had his hand on Natasha ass and was rubbing it a little. Natasha had her arm around John and was leaning her head on his shoulder.


The couple walked into the hall where their lockers were. John then spun Natasha around and put his hand around her waist. The two looked eyes and began to kiss. John gave his lover a nice, passionate kiss on the lips and let his tongue slid into her mouth. Natasha responded and wrapped her arms around John. She then pulled him closer.


The two finished their little make-out session and began to get on with their business. The kissing had made Natasha really horny and she asked John if he had the package. John said yes and opened his locker and pulled out a box of condoms. Natasha grinned and the two went out into the parking lot. By now even one had left, and the parking lot was dark.  


As they reached John’s truck, the two began to go into foreplay. Natasha and John embraced each other in a long, passionate kiss. Natasha rubbed herself against Johnny cock. This made her nipples erect. Her hands wondered down to his ass and she gripped it. John’s right hand worked its way toward the fine ass of his girlfriend. Through her jeans, he could feel she was wearing a thong. The two continued this for about 10 minutes.


Natasha began moaning in-between the kisses from John. She was saying “Oh Yeah Johnny, Oh yeah, mmmmmm” By now Natasha’s pussy was extremely wet. She was ready to get on with it. “Come on Johnny Baby, lets do this right here, right now.


John responded, “Mmm, you sure you don’t wana go back to the house?”

Natasha was like, “No I’m going to explode if we wait that long. Just finger me here and we can get to the good stuff back at the room.”


The door opened and the two moved inside John’s Chevy avalanche. John’s backseat was wide and the two had plenty of room to do it. John lifted Natasha into the truck and continued to kiss her. He moved down to her neck. Natasha head dropped back and she let out a little moan.


John pushed her more into the truck so he could get in, then he shut the door behind him. He rubbed Natasha’s erect tits and this drove her crazy. He could feel the wetness of her pussy through her pants. As Johnny kissed Natasha’s neck, his left hand rubbed her left tit and his right hand was on her pussy.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOO YEAHH!!!!! FASTER FASTER. GO INSIDE PLZZZZ!!!! MMMMMMMMMM Natasha screamed as her boyfriend rubbed faster. John then undid Natasha’s buttons on her jeans and slowly removed them. This revealed her pink thong and her showed her sexy legs which were now wet with pussy juices.


John licked her inner thighs to savory the taste. Natasha wrapped her legs around Johns head and used her right hand to pull his head closer to her wet pussy. She used her left to rub her erect nipples which were quite hard and showed very nicely through the fabric of her white tank top.


John began attacking his woman’s pussy. He licked the outside of her clit with his tongue. Natasha’s head went back and forth, up and down. She was feeling great. Her breathing had increased dramatically. She was panting really hard and moaning extremely loud.




John knew she was reaching orgasm and that now was the time to finish her off. Her plunged his tongue deep inside Natasha’s pussy. He began to lick and suck her off.




Natasha screwed as she threw her head back and her pussy forward into John’s face and exploded into a violent orgasm.


Johnny knew he would have to clean up the seat afterward but it didn’t matter. He had pleased his woman who now laid their unconscious due to the fierce orgasm she had just had. John stroked her head and gave her a kiss. He then put her jeans back on. He put her over his shoulder and gently placed her in the front seat. They then drove off to his house where they would finish the night.




Deep Dark Secrets

mofo on Teen Stories

For my last year of high school, there was this kid named Kevin who just lived to make me suffer. He was one of those kids with a "fuck the world" attitude, you know? It was sad, because I knew the sensitive side of him; the side of him that liked cats, drank tea every morning, watched anime cartoons and had a passion for music. I had hoped that we could be a team in the music field sinc
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e we're always together, but he just wanted to use me to sharpen his claws on. But as time went on, he wanted to use me to sharpen something else... People kept questioning if he liked me, but little did anyone know it was much more than that. He was secretly obsessed with me and dreamed about screwing me like every night. He would stare at me in band and math class when he thought I wasn't looking, and would try to keep his breathing from growing heavy. I just ignored it. He always had a cold, dark expression on his face, so I assumed that he was fantasizing about assassinating me. I couldn't stand his attitude and the fact that he always forgot to take his anti-F-U medication, but still, I couldn't help but be attracted to him. He is 6 ft at least with dark red hair and deep, piercing, mysterious eyes. Something about him just fascinated me. But he continued to verbally abuse me. I'm in no way someone that falls for guys thinking, "Oh, I can change him," but I couldn't help myself. And unknown to me, either could he. One typical day after school, we were alone in the drum room together. Kevin was usually there to practice drum set, and I was there to work on the Marimba. This time, he was on the marimba too. So we went into our typical daily fighting routine. But instead of continuing ridicule when I said, "Fuck you," he replied, "that's not a bad idea." The lights went out and I freaked. He grabbed me from behind and locked his left arm around my shoulders and the other around my waist. "Actually, I've been dreaming about it for a long time," he hissed, while taking a whiff of my long blonde hair. I was expecting him to just rip me apart to get what he wanted, but he just started to gently kiss my neck, and while loosening his grip, he moved down to my partially bear shoulders. "I can't believe this," I thought, "he's trying to seduce me." I loosened up as my horniness got the better of me. He turned me around and kissed me, and to my own surprise, I gave in. He pushed the straps of my tank top down off my shoulders and past my chest. He turned me towards the faint stream of light coming in through the 3"x1.5' window in the door, undid my bra and stared as my tits bounced free. My nipples hardened instantly as the cold are bit at my skin and I shivered. He wrapped his arms around me for a moment and then got back to business. He put my nipple in his mouth and I began to moan. He took the other one in his mouth and did the same. Kevin stood back upright and placed my hands on his pants. As if not under my own control, I watched as my hands slowly undid his jeans and pull his erect tool free. He jumped at the touch of my cold hands. He put me up against the drum cubbies and followed suit with my jeans; pulling them down to my feet. He placed his thumb on my erect clit and slowly rubbed. A wave of pleasure shot through me and I trembled at his touch. "Oh, I'm so wet," I moaned. That was all he needed to hear. He wasted no time dropping his pants and approaching my entranceway. He invaded my pussy at an incredibly slow rate. "Jezs' you're tight," he said through gritted teeth. I cried out partially in pleasure and partially in pain. Tears involuntarily flowed from the corners of my eyes and he penetrated me deeper. When he finally reached my cherry, he kissed me and I gripped his shoulders just before he gave a huge push. His facial embrace was the only thing that muffled my loud scream, which echoed throughout my body. I fell into him with the side of my head resting on his shoulder. He started his motions slowly and then sped up. My moaning grew louder and he repositioned me. I couldn't take it any more. I yelled, "I'm coming!!!" As I let loose, I felt a returned wave of come enter me. My shoulders were glistening golden-brown in the faint light from the sweat. Panting, Kevin leaned on me for support. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. He returned it, and then let go of me. A couple minutes later, I heard the back door open and then close. I was alone in the dark. Since then, he has basically ignored me, and teased me like usual, but not to the same cruel extent. But everyone once in a while, when he thinks no one is looking, he'll rub his hand over my lower back and kiss me on the neck. Then he walks away like nothing ever happened...

Playground Fuck

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I was setting my alarm clock when my cell phone rang, loudly. It was .



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‚¬Å“Hello?”   I whispered.


“Hey…I just had an argument with my dad….do you think you could come over?” she said in a sad voice.


“Yeah, I’ll be there, meet me at the playground,” I answered.


I got up from my bed, put some clothes on and put on some cologne. My mind raced, getting caught would mean no comp, no television, and no porn for a whole month. I still had to go…for her. I sneaked out of my house and ran for the playground she lived so close to.


I saw her sitting on the bench, so I sat next to her.


“Hi.” She said quietly.


“Hey, you ok?” I questioned.


“Yeah, my dad was just giving me the ‘oh your such a slut, fucking every guy you see’ speech,” she answered.


“Yeah, he doesn’t know you very well does he? You haven’t even kissed a guy yet,” I said.


“I know, I have to go…my dad will be wondering where I’ve been….” She trailed off.


“What? It’s and you called me here to talk? ” I asked.


“Well, no…” she said quietly.


“Then why am I here, then? Do you want me to fuck you?”


“No…I don’t…” she said shyly.


“Don’t fuck with me, I know you’re lying,” I said in a commanding voice, “I’m going to ask you again, do you want me to fuck you?”


“Yyyesss…I do…”


“What? I can’t hear you? What did you say?”


“ Yes I want you to fuck me .”


I suddenly kissed her. She took off my shirt and loosened up my pants, but didn’t pull them down. I started kissing and licking her neck, knowing that her neck her second most sensitive place next to her pussy. I knew what she wanted from me, and so I led her to the slide. She laid down on it and her nipples became so hard because of the cold steel on her back.   I took off her shirt, revealing her black bra she had on. I was about to take her bra off, but she slapped my face and said she wanted it on. I didn’t care much about it. I went back to work, licking and kissing her chest, down the middle of her chest, then her stomach, then around her pussy. I was making her go crazy. I loved to tease her. My tongue explored her inner thighs making her go insane. Finally I took off her thong and start eating her right then and there on the slide.


She came. But I wasn’t done yet. I put my head at the bottom of the slide and stuck out my tongue. She started going up and down the slide, my tongue disappearing in her pussy went her hips went down. She went harder and faster, until she came hard once more.


I got up. She had her fun, now it was my turn. She took off my shirt, revealing my toned, six packed body. That made her wet again. She loosened up my pants and was surprised, but loved the surprised. She licked my head back and I moan, softly, letting her know that what she was doing to me felt good. Her tongue swirled the head of my cock. I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her head with my hands and started fucking her mouth. I came in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Licking her lips she got up. She wanted more and I had no problem with that.


Noticing my cock has gone hard again, she led me to the swings. I was confused, because the bench was the perfect place to fuck, but I was wrong. She told me to sit on the swing and I did. Then she sat on me the opposite of me.. My dick broke her virginity right there on the swing.


“OoOooOo that feels good….” she gasped.


She used her hips to swing and my dick went in and out of her, hard. Several minutes later, I came inside of her. She freaked.


“OMG! You’re going to get me pregnant! I know a way to get your boys out of me” she said confidently.


She led me to the bridge, told me to lie down and I did what I was told. She suffocated me with her pussy.


“Suck it ALL out! Now!” She demanded.


So I sucked and wiggled my tongue inside her pussy, and she moaned quietly. Her pussy tightened and she came all over my face, almost drowning me.


“Okay, since you have done something for me, I’m going to show you something. Sit back and watch.” She said naughtily.


She went to the pole and started working it. Her pussy was so wet and the cold steel made her even hornier. It was easy for her to go up and down. My cock just went straight up. I could see her juices running down the pole and that turned me on even more. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She came again, but this time on the pole.


“That was great…let’s do that again some other time” she said then kissed the pole.


“Where are you going?” I asked.


“Home,” she replied.


“What?! After all that you’re going to leave me here?!” I exclaimed.


“Yeah? So what?”


“Fuck you,” I   cried.


I went up to her and shoved her on the grass. She broke the fall with her hands. Her pussy glistened in the moonlight. I shoved my cock into her pussy then went back out and shoved it back into her ass.


“OOOOOOO FUCK!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she yelled.


I was pounding her like a jack hammer, I was an animal, and I wanted to teach her a lesson to never tease me like that again. All that cock inside of her got her hot and wet again so she shoved 3 fingers in her pussy. Every time I shoved my cock into her, she shoved her fingers into herself. After five minutes, she came hard once more and when her ass tightened, I pulled it out and came all over her hair and back.


That night, we set off three car alarms and 2 neighbors opened their living room lights to see what was happening.


I grabbed my clothes and ran home where I slept with ease.

Camping with the boys; a big sister's point of view.

Venus2on1 on Teen Stories

Living in a mountainous region, camping has always been a favorite of mine, so when my younger brother, cousin, and a few of their guy friends were planning a weekend trip I asked to tag along.  They had all just graduated from high school and so they had no problem letting their

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21 year old sister come - I mean what if they needed more alcohol, right? Besides I knew some of these boys for a few years and could tell that now that they were getting older and actually knew how to use their dicks, I was the object of their lust when I came around.  I'm 5'6" and slim, with long dirty blond hair to my waist with big green eyes and a bright white smile.  My breasts set up nicely at a 34C, but my nipples are what the boys seem to like, standing 1 1/2" erect. In other words I've never had a problem with looks.

My brother, a few of his friends, and I arrived to a secluded camping spot that was about 2 miles into the woods, thick with pine trees and a river that swished past our camp fire only 5 feet away.  Some of the boys were already there, including Justin, one of my bro's long time friends who was really growing into a fine piece of man.  As soon as I got out of the SUV, his eyes made contact with mine and I knew something naughty was bound to happen this weekend.  We set up camp, and the drinking began. Hours flew by and next thing I knew, Justin and I were the last ones standing.  I needed to get up and move around so I grabbed his hand and pulled him behind me.  He followed me up to the top of a hill where we could see the beautiful August sky with millions of stars.  He stood over me by about 1 foot, and had this crazy blond mess of hair that I wanted so badly to run my hands through.  His muscular arms and shoulders swallowed me as he pulled me in for a taste of his sweet pouty lips. Our lips met first, followed by our curious tongues as we explored each other softly at first, and our tongues started to dance, and I could feel my pussy heat up, and just a drip of juice moistened my panties. He pressed his body into mine and I could feel the pressure of his pulsating cock against my belly. I pulled away and could see in his eyes that he was just as excited as me about doing something that has been held back as long as possible, until now.  I mean, my brother and I are real close, and I know it would hurt him to find out about this, but maybe I couldn't hold myself back now. 

I grabbed Justin's hand and led him down to the a small river beach where the sand was almost as wet and as soft as my pussy. I was leading the way until Justin grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, and I was ready. Ready for the aggressive way that he kissed my mouth, my neck at the same time he was rubbing his thick hard man meat against my still clothed cunt.  We were each pulling, pushing, feeling, racing to get down to what we both really wanted...a good fuck. He pulled my pants down just below my knees, and before I could take off my shoes and pants, he picked me up and dropped my body right onto all 10 inches of his wonderfully thick cock. I could feel his mushroom tip slide past my bare, shaven lips, and slam into my body over and over.  Every thrust sent his balls slapping into the crack of my soft supple ass. Meanwhile, the river rushes noisily past us, covering up the moans and slaps that our bodies can't help but make.

Justin then laid me down on the soft sand while looking deep into my eyes, and both of us smiling as though we had waited almost too long for this to happen. I was now almost naked except for my lacey red VS thongs, which were positioned off to the side of my pussy for easier access.  He started kissing my mouth and worked his way down tracing his tongue ever so sensually down my neck to my breasts, where his mood changed and he sucked my large tits hard and rough, paying extra attention to my rock hard nipples with nibbles that turned into bites. He continued down my body, until he reached the top of my panties. He grabbed them and ripped them right off of me and dove his tongue into my slick cunt, which was aching for his cock but the boy new how to work more that one of his sex muscles. He thrust his tongue in and out and in and out and...I could feel him move up onto my clit, circling it and then flicking it with the tip of his tongue. Oh, I was almost over the top when he quickly pushed his self on top of me and sank his wonderful hard fuck stick, ball-deep into my pulsating twat. "Oh...fuck, fuck me, fuck me like I'm not even here!”, I screamed to him. And he did. He rammed me over and over as I came, my juices coating his shaft as I could feel it deeper than I have ever felt a cock. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his massive meat stock and proceeded to take over pushing and pulling his dick in and out of me however I pleased.

I started to slow things down a bit.  I knew he was about ready to blow his load but I wanted him to wait.  The night sky was beginning to turn to morning, as we continued fucking right there in the middle of a forest, on a beach next to a river. We looked into each other’s eyes, both realizing how crazy things had just become. "Are you OK with this?” he asked.

"More than you know." I smiled a half mischievous smile. "Are you OK with it?” I asked as well, already knowing the answer. He almost became shy, as he looked at me in the early dawn.

"Wow, I can't believe it. Ryan's sister...” was all Justin could say.

Well, just hearing that was enough to let him fuck me anyway he could request.  I pushed him off of me, rolled him onto his back and now it was my turn to take over.  I laid on top of him with his dick pressing between my pussy lips and pulsing against my love button.  I kissed him hard on the mouth and reached down to his balls, which I started rubbing ever so gently.  I started rubbing my pussy up and down the length of his huge shaft, which was leaking his fuck juice onto my belly.   I wanted to taste him. I moved down to his nether region, and slowly beginning at the base of his cock where his balls meet, dragged the tip of my tongue up the back of his veiny rod until I reached the tip.  I licked the thickness of it and slowly moved my tongue around his head while his precum strung from my mouth to his penis.  I was taking my time, enjoying the fact that I was responsible for the moans he was making.  I grabbed his dick with my hand and held it straight up, licking the tip, and watching him watch me and then I did it.  I took all of his thick, wonderful cock into my mouth right down to his balls.  I really had to try hard not to gag on his dick because it was so big, but I didn't, it was too tasty.  I ran my mouth up and down him with each thrust sending his dick to the back of my throat. "Ohhh, god, Ryan's sister!" he yelled out.  I could feel my pussy dripping juices just from him referring to me as his best friends sister, as if he had been fantasizing about this forever.  I had to feel his dick in me again.  I turned myself around and straddled him with my back facing him.  I positioned his cock and slowly slid down it, hesitating for a moment once all of his manhood was in me, and then I started fucking his brains out. I leaned forward a little so he could watch his own cock slide in and out of my pretty pink pussy.  "Megan, your cunt is so tight around my fuckin' dick, your fuckin' me good, baby. I want to cum in you and feel you cum on me." He flipped me over and got behind me.  Once again he gave my cunt no mercy as he shoved his loaded sex pistol into me, doggy style.  He reached one hand down and grabbed my tit, squeezing my nipple.  I could feel his balls banging against my clit with every thrust.  I reached my hand below me and rubbed my clit feeling myself getting closer and closer to ecstasy. Justin grabbed my long hair with his other hand as he pulled my head up and back.

"Are you ready for this? I'm gonna fuck you good you naughty slut!", Justin yelled.

"Do it...I've been so bad... Fuck my little snatch, spray your hot young cum into my cunt..I'm gonna let mine explode on your cock...NOW, NOW, NOW!!!"

"Fuck, ohh...god...fuck yeah, your pussy's eatin' up all my love juice."  A few more thrusts and we both collapsed onto the sand, him on top of me with his long dong still hard as glass and leaking so much cum, I couldn't keep it all in me. 

The sound of rushing river struck my ears again, along with the chirp of birds, and the sun began to his the very tips of the giant pines.  We snuck back to camp, and into the tent with all the other guys still fast asleep.  The best night of sex in my life, but it could never happen again...or could it?

Mrs Hansen Part 2

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Mrs. Hansen Part 2 My First Time

Thanks to all for your comments and criticisms.

When I heard the car door slam I grabbed my towel and raced up the stairs. Just as I was closing my bedroom door I heard my mom shout, “Lois, how good to see you. Did Jason let you in?”

“Yes, Connie he had just got out of the shower and as soon as he let me in he dashe

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d off to his room.” Oh good I thought Mrs., Hansen was not going to let on what had just happened so I relaxed a little and got dressed.

Descending the stairs I entered the living room where my Mom and Mrs. Hansen were seated on the couch drinking a cup of tea. Mom had yet to change out of her work clothes and I bent down to kiss her cheek. “Hi, Mom how was your day?”

I tried to act nonchalant, and spoke to Mrs. Hansen, “Sorry to have run out on you, Mrs. Hansen I should have offered you a cup of tea.” I looked to Mrs. Hansen and I could see a little glimmer in her eye kind of like the cat that ate the canary.

“Oh goodness, Jason, no fret I interrupted you and was kind enough to let me in.” As I leaned in to kiss her cheek I could almost swear I could smell the cum on her breath but I knew it was my imagination. I looked back to Mom and asked if the needed a refill and her affirmative answer directed me to the kitchen were the kettle was still hot. I poured anther pot and headed back to the living room.

The conversation the two ladies were having ran a shiver down my spine. “I know we were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, Connie but I didn’t know the sink would stop up and I beg to reschedule our plans. And that was why I asked if Jason could come over and see if he could help.”

My Mom quickly responded, “Why not call a plumber, Lois they are professional and I’m not sure Jason is capable of unstopping your sink.”

“I hate to call a plumber this late in the day; it would cost me a fortune. If he can’t help I call on Monday and suffer through the weekend.”

Mom relented and as I walked in the room Mom looked over and explained Mrs. Hansen’s problem and asked if I would mind going over and helping. Goosebumps rose on my arms as I mused that maybe this would be an opportunity to lose my virginity but I tried to remain calm as I spoke. “I’d be glad to help.” After what you did a while ago I thought looking straight at Mrs. Hansen it’s the least I can do.

Mom smiled at me and said, “Well, I guess its dinner alone for this lonely widow.” I hoped and prayed that Mom would not invite herself and was relieved when she continued, “There is a movie on tonight and since our plans have changed I will grab a quick bite and curl up on the couch.”

“Jason, go change out of those shorts and put on something more respectable of you are going to Mrs. Hansen’s.”

Mrs. Hansen was quick to the rescue and immediately spoke, “Nonsense, Connie he will probably get dirty anyway, no use ruining good clothes.” I was still standing a few feet from the ladies seated and when I looked to Mrs. Hansen she was staring at my crotch and I noticed the same glimmer as before and I had to set the pot down and turn away as I felt myself getting turned on by the way Mrs. Hansen eyed the bulge tucked inside my tight jean shorts.

I started to run up the stairs and yelled back over my shoulder, “Give me a minute to grab my wallet and house key and I’ll be ready when you are, Mrs. Hansen.” After grabbing the essentials I took down the stairs two at a time and reentered were the ladies were just as Mom and Mrs. Hansen were hugging.

“You take good care of Mrs. Hansen, Jason and call me if you are going to be late.” “Don’t you worry, Connie I’m sure Jason will be good to me.” She said this with a smirk on her face that only I could see.

Mom waved good bye as I held the car door open for Mrs., Hansen. “My, what a gentleman.” Uh Huh I had ulterior motives because I was trying to get a glimpse of her legs, but I didn’t let on and boy did I get a surprise. She not only showed some leg, she hiked up the dress a little and very un-lady like sat on the seat and swung her legs in one at a time. I saw a small glimpse of panty as her leg was swinging in to get settled with the other.

I quickly closed her door and ran to the passenger side and got in before my fledgling erection became noticeable. We drove off towards Mrs. Hansen’s house and as she drove I couldn’t help staring at her bare legs. She hadn’t bothered to pull her dress back down and she caught me staring. “You like my legs, Jason?”

 The sexy tone in her voice kept me from embarrassment and I replied huskily,” Yes, Mrs. Hansen I think your legs are beautiful.”  “Would you like to tough my leg, Jason?” I couldn’t answer, my throat was dry and I was so excited at the thought of touching this mature woman that all I could do was tentatively reach out and rest my hand just above her knee.

“That feels nice, Jason.” She put her hand on top of mine and drew my hand to her thigh and whispered, “Have you felt a woman’s pussy before, Jason?” With that my hand was drawn up to the top of her panties where I could feel they were hot and moist. Oh God, I though I’m going to blow a wad before I get a feel. I squeezed my ass cheeks together to keep from cumming in my pants. I let my middle finger explore lower down the cleft of her crack and I could feel a great deal of moisture.

“You make me so wet, Jason. Pull the leg of my panties aside and touch me.” I did as she asked and when my finger delved into the slit I was amazed at the wetness. I felt proud that I was making her this horny but I was also encouraged by this so I snaked my finger in until I felt the entrance to her canal and shoved my middle finger all the way into her until my palm was flat against her mound. I felt the car swerve some and I looked at Mrs. Hansen’s face and her eyelids were almost closed.

“Should we pull over Mrs. Hansen?”

“Yesss,” she mumbled, and quickly turned into an alley behind a shopping mall and pulled the car to a stop behind a row of dumpsters. She killed the lights and shut off the car. Her legs spread and gave me access to her womanly charms. I tool full advantage and started to pull my middle finger out until just the tip was embedded in her and forcefully rammed my finger back in to the hilt. “Take my panties down, Jason, hurry your finger feels so good in me, I need to cum so bad.”

She lifted her butt off the car seat and I pulled until her panties were around her ankles and she kicked off her shoes and used her foot to remove them completely. That was when I noticed her smell and it was intoxicating. I had never smelled anything like it and my tool was straining to rip my zipper apart. I continued with renewed energy and added another finger to the fuck I was giving her.

Her hips were straining up to meet my fingers and she literally fucked my hand, her juices were abundant and dripping down my wrist. “Oh God your fingers feel good, Jason I am about to cum.” I wanted to experiment a little so I massaged the top of her mound with my thumb and when I encountered the bump at the top center her hips flailed and she cried out. “Yes Jason there. My clit Jason massage my clit.” Taking one dripping finger out her hole I brought it up and flicked her button and the other finger felt the walls of the pussy contract. Another small jolt of juice surrounded my finger.

“Mrs. Hansen can I lick you? I want to make you feel as good as you did me earlier.”

“Oh yes, Jason please lick my pussy.” I removed my fingers from her hole and got out of the car and ran to her side. She brought her legs around the outside of the car door and spread wide. I dropped to my knees and felt the initial grounding of the asphalt skinning me and my first thought was I should have listened to Mom and changed. But even though the knees were suffering nothing was going to stop me from licking my first pussy.

I brought my nose closer to her cunt and sniffed deeply. My dick jumped in my pants in response and I lightly touched her slit with the tip of my tongue and blew warm air into her wetness. Oh what a sweet taste, I love this taste I thought, and I explored further. I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her juicy canal and started tongue fucking Mrs. Hansen feverishly. I reached up with both hands and spread the lips apart and ran my thumb up against her clit.

“Ohhh my God, Jason that feels so good lick me, honey, lick me harder.” I removed my tongue from her hole and flicked up against her clit as she reached down and grabbed my head in both hands and ground her pussy hard against my face. My nose bumped against her pubic bone and although it hurt a little I did not draw back. I increased the tempo against the little button and she was undulating so much I strained to keep my tongue against her and licked harder.

“Ohh yessss, I’m cummimg, lick me, lick me.” I felt the first onslaught of her juices flow against my chin and drip down the crack of her ass. I did not slow licking her and I tried to drink the copious nectar down. She must have become sensitive because she cried, “Stop, Jason I can’t take anymore.” I set back on my haunches and I noticed her eyes were closed and she had a contented look on her face. “That was good; I haven’t felt that good in a long time, Jason.” I smiled sheepishly and when she reached her arms out I fell against her and she hugged me tightly.

She looked into my eyes and bent down and kissed me lightly on my lips and proceeded to lick her cum from my face. My cock started to spew sperm and I was quickly drenched down my leg. It was worth it I thought I got to eat a pussy for the first time and I got a blow job earlier, what could be better? Then I heard, “Let’s hurry home Jason, I want you.”

Alive and Kicking

atomis14 on Teen Stories

Alive and kicking


Hi, I am Bonny Lake, my parents Pam & Chris always called me Bon Bon. Yuck!.

I am sweet sixteen and I have screwed more fella’s than I can remember. It all

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started when I was fifteen almost a year and a half ago. I had the body of a 17-year-old, although I did not understand the looks I was getting from the lads around and about.

I was certainly going to find out, it all began for me in the summer.


I had a small job delivering papers for a weekly free magazine. I did all of the outer area of my village, which were the larger houses. Each week I delivered two-dozen (24) copies to houses over a two-mile area.

Most of the deliveries were on my bike, Chris my Dad had made a satchel that fitted on the side of my bike, it was easy to pick out the magazines and hand them over at each of the house’s I came to.


On one of my calls, I had to drop at Thatches Manor, a rather large house set back a fair distance from the road.

It was a very sultry hot day, with very little air movement. I was wearing a tight T-shirt, a rather gungee green colour, with a pair of shorts to match. As I approached the house down the long drive, I saw ahead of me a man riding a lawn mower type tractor.

Hey, he shouted what are you doing here. I have a free newspaper for you, I said sounding really fed up, the expression in my face was rather similar.

Oh you sound fed up he smiled, with a beaming set of teeth and a friendly sun-tanned face.

Well I am so hot, I retorted.

Come up to the kitchen and I will get you a cold drink to quench your thirst, he said with that bright smile. I could do with one myself he replied.   In the kitchen he poured out a long glass of fresh orange, I am Major Carter or Bob to you he said.

It was difficult to put an age to him. He was older than my father was, by how much I could not tell.

He stood about six-foot quite slim hips and waist and his chest flared in a sort of V shape. My name is Bonny Lake, you may call me Bon, I said cheekily.

What were you a Major in? I asked him. Well certainly not the Sally Army he said with that mischievous voice. I instantly liked him.

Well young woman, sorry Bon he corrected himself. I have to get on with that dratted lawn I hate driving that machine, it is such a pain driving up and down my mind goes blank after a while on that thing. Walking briskly back to the lawn, I had to almost run to keep up with his large strides.

I used to drive my Uncle John’s tractor I think they are great, I Said.

Would you like to drive mine, Bob asked her.

Yes please, I said jumping into the driving seat straight away. I had better show you, which is which.

Its OK Bob, Uncle John’s was a Lawnflite same as yours. I said to him rather chirpy. Before he could say anymore, I was across the large front drive and onto the main lawn. I drove for almost twenty minutes, putting nice straight lines across the grass. Uncle John was fastidious about his lawn’s they had to look like Wimbledon, I shouted to Bob.

I pulled up by the large double garage. Bob whistled his appreciation, that looks great he said with admiration in his voice, where on earth did you learn to cut the grass like that he said.

My Uncle John, I told him with a big smile on my face, he always remarked if a job is worth doing, then do it well.

Would you like a summer job doing this for me each week? He asked. I enjoyed seeing that tight bum of yours bouncing on the tractor seat he said, smiling at me. Sure, I said. I would love to.

Well I have to get the rear lawn done as well, could you come over tomorrow? Bob asked.

What else do you expect me to do for you I asked him with a cheeky smile?

We will have to see when you get her wont we.

OK but I will have to clear it with my Mom and Dad, I said to him. My Dad keeps a tight reign on me these days.

I wonder why? Bob asked. His hand was smoothing the side of my bum, his other hand had moved up to my breast and he was gently caressing the nipple and tweaking it, I felt really happy and turned on. My own hand had wandered down to the bulge appearing in his shorts. It will be nice to see more of this I said looking at him coyly.

See you tomorrow, I shouted as I began the ride home.


I was in such a good mood when I arrived home. I told Mom and Dad about the job Bob had asked me to do and if they would say it was OK to do it.

Dad said he would telephone the Major and clear it with him. When Dad came back into the kitchen, he was beaming all over his face. Major Bob thinks you are the best lawnmower driver this side of London. He as never seen his lawn look so pristine.

He is going to pay you £7.00 for your time.

Great I shouted punching the air that is more than I am paid for those stupid magazines. I will chuck that in as soon as I get paid I said.


The next day I arrived at Thatches and set about the back lawns. I finished them in just over an hour. The sweat was pouring off me, from the heat off the mower and it was very humid.

Bob brought cold drinks out, you look very hot, and you have earned this he said passing me a cold orange juice. If you want to swim, help your self he said nodding to the pool, at the corner of the house. Pity I said but I have no swimming gear. Oh you may find something in the little changing bay near the shed. He said going back towards the house; I will probably come for a dip in a while he said. I raced over to the pool, it was not very big, but it looked inviting.

I looked at the swimwear in the changing room, I found a two piece bikini dark yellow with a white slash. It was a size to big, but it was the only one to cover me and not fall off. I dived into the pool and swam up and down for a few minutes; I felt so much coolers.

The sun was high in the sky and I saw a shadow go across my sight, not to cold is it Bob asked from the side. No its fantastic I shouted to him, he sat on the chair near the poolside. I got out of the pool, grabbed the towel off the side, and began to dry my hair. That costume you got on does you proud he said.

It is a little big but it does the job I retorted. Are you coming in? I asked him. Well the problem is I only ever swim in the nude so I have no trunks. No problem I laughed, I prefer to swim in the nude as well. With that, I yanked my swimming suit off and dived into the pool.

Bob followed almost at once, I could see, he was extremely well blessed, in the prick department. He arrived at my shoulder, did you have a good look he asked with a smirk in is voice.

Of course I said, no more than you looked me over I bet. Well you are very young a child in fact, to be eyeing up men he said.

Yes, well I can feel you do not think of me as a young child I said to him, holding his prick in my hand feeling it getting bigger.

With that, I got out of the pool and lay down on the towel. He got out and came over wrapping a towel around his waist. You should be more careful I said someone from the house might see you.

Oh, they are all out today, gone to market. You should be careful he said to me, you could get a powerful burn in this heat.

Well do you have any sun lotion?

There should be some here he mumbled, here it is he said in triumph. He came over and offered it to me.

Will you rub it in for me, I asked him?

You are a little vixen he laughed at me, he began to rub the lotion into my shoulders and my back, and I could feel the strength of his fingers kneading my back. His fingers slipped to my firm buttocks, I sighed at the feelings it was sending through my body. His fingers slipped into the crack of my buttocks, my legs spread open and I could feel his fingers sliding over the lips of my sex, then his finger burrowed inside the folds of my wet cunt lips, just for an instant my body melted and I felt my juices pour out of me. I turned over quickly onto my back, he towered over me I put my arms around his neck and brought him down onto my lips. His mighty hands moulded around my breasts and my nipples burned with his touch, his tongue filled my mouth. I twisted back and forth.


I had never felt such emotions and feelings in my life before now. He was on his knees in front of me the towel had gone, I twisted myself around laying in front of him with my face near to his massive erection, my little hands took his hold of his prick.

It was pulsating and quivering, he pushed forwards and the skin over his prick moved back, and a massive bulbous head emerged. As he pulled back, it disappeared. I got the message, I began to pull and push back with both hands. His prick grew ever larger in my hands. I was now sat astride his body pulling his prick for all I was worth; He gently took his prick from me and laid me back wards. He opened my legs and he pushed his massive prick into my small cunt, I could feel it just inside me he moved it around and around and I felt the world was spinning out of control. Then he pushed in further and I spread my legs wider, I wanted this in me now. I pushed down on him and got another couple of inches. He pulled back and then pushed in again, my juices were pouring out around his prick, my body was racked with lust, He finally pushed right into me, I screamed a little and wrapped my legs around him keeping him there.


I had never had a prick as big as this I inside me before, neither had I ever felt such a large prick in my hands. Now I had done both, I expect that Bob must think I am a right old slapper. You do realise that you are the first one I have ever had sex with. I blurted out. Bob looked surprised, I had not thought about it he said. You certainly know how to use your body, he said. His face was a ruddy red and his breath was coming in great gasps. I am coming, he said thrusting harder into my cunt. With that, he pulled his prick out of my pulsating cunt and he shot his juice all over my belly. Ooh god he yelled as he thrust his prick in and out through his fingers. His white creamy juice still pumped out all over me. I got up and dived into the water, feeling the kick of the cold against my body. Christ this sex is the best thing in the whole world I was thinking to myself.

I got out of the pool and walked over to where Bob was laying back on his elbows, his prick was lying sort of limp and awkward, come here he called to me. I went over to him; kneel down here between my legs he said. I did as he asked. Now take my prick in your hands, massage it, rub it a little, and now take it in your mouth he commanded. I instantly obeyed. I could feel the blood in his organ begin to pulsate and thicken, as I sucked him into my mouth. His hand rested on my head and pushed me down further onto his prick as it was getting bigger. I could feel it at the back of my throat, the size of his prick in my mouth, was awesome, and I felt the power with in me as I sucked him.

He was at my mercy; I licked his shaft and then sucked him almost down into my belly. Bob’s breathing came in very long grasps; he seemed to be on the point of explosion. I sucked him so hard, my teeth biting him as I sucked. Then suddenly, he blasted his juice right into my mouth.

The sensation was euphoric , I gulped his come down my throat, almost as if it was orange juice, I continued to suck his prick until I could get no more nectar from him.


His whole body was drained, his skin seemed a little like a prune.

  Bob spoke for the first time; I have never in my life had such an orgasm.   He chortled.

The next few days were uninhibited sex, Bob took me at any time, and once in his kitchen he tried to stick his prick up my arse. It would not go in and the pain was unbearable.

One day, he told me that is wife and daughter were going to be here alone for a few weeks, because he had to go away on business, so they would have to look after the place, whilst he was away.


I have never met your wife and daughter I said tartly, well now is as good a time as ever, he said.

We went into the house, the sounds of a piano wafted over the house that is Lucy my wife, she spends hours playing and practising.

Next week she will be playing at Bournemouth. Oh, here is Alex; she arrived last night, home for her summer break.


Hello, Alex smiled at me, she had the most amazing Almond eyes; she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

I met Alex’s mother in Singapore, Lucy is Eurasian, and Alex as inherited her mother’s beauty. Lucy came into the room, as if to confirm this. She to was like her daughter an absolute beauty. We talked for a while and I had to go, my parents were taking me to Reading to see a show this evening. See you tomorrow, Bob called as I pedalled up the drive.


Over the next few days I talked and got to know Alex quite well, she was two years older than I was, but we hit it off. Her mother was still reserved, I had been coming here for three weeks and I had only seen her once, she seemed to play her piano the whole daylong. Either that or she was away at a concert.

Lucy called me in from the garden one day, I have to be in London tonight for a fill in role, for one of the Orchestra members has gone sick. I have been asked to fill it is such short notice. Would you like to stay here with Alex and keep her company whilst I am away?

You will have to call my Mother and ask, I said to her. A while later, she came out and said that Mom had said it was fine, but I should go home and fetch some clean clothes.

If you like I will run you there in the car, Lucy offered. I was stunned and pleased. In the car, Lucy talked endlessly about her music and the fact that she had her big break tonight. We picked up my clothes, my parents were very impressed to meet Lucy, and my father’s eyes were like organ stops, when he saw how beautiful she was.

On the way back to Lucys, she asked me if I would watch Alex. Because Alex had a tendency to sleepwalk which was unnerving at times? Lucy left for London almost as soon as we got back.

It was very hot; I asked Alex if she was going for a swim, no I am going to use the power shower she said. What is a power shower? I asked her.

Oh, it is one of Dads precious toys; he had fitted in the bathroom. Come on I will show you.

We went up stairs to the bathroom, it was fitted out in marble. The bath was gigantic; the shower was as big as our bathroom at home. There were nozzles everywhere.

Alex pressed a series of buttons and turned a knob and a cascade of water came from all sides.

Alex stepped past me; she had undressed behind me. She was a raving beauty. Her breasts were taught and pouting, like two large pears. Her body was a pale almond colour; her sex mound had a slight covering of downy hair. Her jet-black hair cut short like a man gave her a majestic look.

Why don’t you come in she called from the cascade of water. I pulled my clothes off in a daze I stepped into the shower; I was instantly enveloped by cascade of water. Its great isn't it, Alex said in my ear, yes I felt my breath catch in my mouth.

Her hands lay gently on my shoulders, would you like me to soap you, her breath was hot in my ear. I could not speak I nodded.

She began to soap my back and shoulders; she gently lathered the soap over my breasts. These are so nice and juicy for a girl so young she purred her fingers were now sliding down into the crack of my cunt. I was very wet as she soon found.

Oh, someone likes to play, she whispered sexily in my ear, her lips moved to the corner of my lips.

Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, entwining itself around mine. Her fingers were seeking out my clitoris, when she found it; she twanged it like a guitar. I was gyrating my cunt onto her fingers.

My hands were at her gorgeous tits, pulling and tweaking her big nipples. My hand fell to her cunt; I sank my fingers deep inside her. Was she wet, she cried out with pleasure?


Let us go to my room, she pleaded; I want you on my bed. I am going to lick your sexy cunt.

When we dived on to her bed she proceeded to do just that. Her lips and tongue licked all over my wet throbbing cunt, her tongue was inside me like a snake.

She sucked me hard and long. I came all over her face, and she loved it. Alex jumped off the bed and ran over to her wardrobe; she came back with a cigar like thing all white and shiny. What is that? I asked. A dildo she replied, with that she pushed a switch on the end and it began to vibrate and buzz. She placed on it my right nipple the sensation was electric.

Very quickly, she moved it down my body and was teasing my clit, she began pushing it inside me, and the thrill was sensational.

My body began to shake and vibrate in tune with the dildo. I found that I had a big orgasm within minutes. I took the dildo off Alex and began to do to her what she did to me. After a while, we fell a sleep, totally exhausted.


The doorbell awoke me and I shook Alex awake, oh that will be Doug and his mate Phil, Alex said getting dressed very quickly. She put on a wonderful sheer black cat suit made from a silk like material. It certainly showed her curves off to good effect. I put my cut off jeans and red blouse on; it was all that I had.

As we got down stairs, Alex opened the door to two boys who were of a similar age to her.

This is Phil, and this one with the blonde locks is Doug, Alex said laughing at their embarrassment.

  Oh and this is the fair Bon, Alex said to the boys. Both of the boys looked extremely uncomfortable, with girls in their company. What is the matter, are we frightening you boys? Alex said with a laugh in her voice. Both Doug and Phil were decidedly unhappy, well we thought it was going to be just us three; Phil said awkwardly. What is wrong with me? I asked them both. Well you are a bit young; you are in the same form as my sister Brenda Hall.

Your Brenda’s brother Phil, somehow, I thought you were bigger. Brenda is always telling us about you.

Oh she always talks about me its really embarrassing, he said.

You looking sexy Alex, said Doug looking eager.

She is sexy, I said to him. Shall we show them what sexy really is? I said to Alex stepping behind her. I placed my hands on her hips and gyrated her hips outwards and around.

Doug had put the Bee Gees new record on, we began to sway to it. My hands moving up the front of Alex's jump suit. I passed over her tits; the nipples were protruding through the flimsy material. One of my hands reached the zipper near her neck and began to pull it down ever so slowly. My hips were gyrating into Alex's and hers were moving the same way with mine. Her breasts came into view, the nipples were like ripe cherries fully extended. My hand stopped at her navel, it was as far as the zipper would go. My hand disappeared down into her narrow panties. I pulled my hands back up to her shoulders, pulling her silky cat suit down over her shoulders slowly.


However, before I could do any more Alex had turned me around and now I was in front of her. I could feel her nipples thrusting into my shoulder blades.

She began to undo the buttons on my red blouse, I could see that Phil had developed a rather large bulge in his trousers; Doug was hiding himself, so that his bulge was not on show. Alex began to pull my cut off shorts down she beckoned Doug over.

He came forwards covering his bulge, when he was near to me his hands went to my breasts.

My hands were inside his trousers feeling his massive throbbing cock, it was so long and thick. I pushed his chinos to the ground and this massive snake came into view. As I lay against Alex, he forced my legs wide and proceeded to push this monster prick up into my wet cunt. Doug manoeuvred me backward towards the big chair, away from Alex. She was now naked and Phil was taking her doggy style.

He was ramming his dick in and out of her cunt lips almost as if he was a dog on heat; his fingers were pulling her nipples outwards like organ stops. Doug’s prick was reaming me out big time; each thrust of his rampant prick sent electric shocks through my whole body. I felt the rush of blood through out my body as my orgasm exploded,


Phil was howling at the same time as he ejaculated across Alex’s bouncing arse.

Doug continued to thrust into me and I seemed to be in a never-ending orgasm that almost drove me insane. Doug suddenly began to pitch and sway, I felt his prick thrust into me and then he blasted his spunk deep inside me, it felt like a hot tingling mass of liquid that filled me almost up to my tonsils. I realised he had no protection and I cursed him and turned on him with such a force. How could you do that to me, you knew we had no condoms? What will happen if I land up with your bastard I cried? Doug just looked perplexed, he did not seem to comprehend what he had just allowed to happen. Alex told them to piss off and they did. I was still livid with them; I knew that I was in the clear for my time of month. However, the bastard did not even care.


Lucy returned the next morning; I cadged a lift home, I was glad to be back in my own home. Hi, Mom I called as I got in, knowing Dad was in work.

There was no answer so I went to my room, after about an hour I heard Mom returning and I called out to her. Oh Bon come on down I have a surprise for you, as I came into the room I noticed a tall well-built fella standing at the door.

Bon I want you to meet Davlan, my half brother. We have just been re-introduced after 20 years.

When my Dad left home, he met and married Davlan’s Mom. Not long, after Davlan was born my Dad and Davlan’s Mom were killed in a car crash. Davlan.

Oh, call me Dav every one does.

Oh, I am sorry Dav; it is just getting used to having you so close.

Bon, Dav is staying with us for a few weeks so you will have to watch out when you use the bathroom. We have our own Bathroom on suite. The main bathroom is one side of the bedroom you will be using. Bon’s bedroom is the other. Oh, I am sure we will manage Pam, said Dav.


After supper I went to my room and was playing C.D’S on my C.D. player, my door was ajar and I could see from my mirror the door to Dav’s room. As if on Que., he came out with just a small towel around his waist. He looked scrumptious.

Over the next few days, I tried to get closer to Dav, but somehow it never worked out. Friday night came, it was Dad and Moms club night, they were going to a friend’s 25 th Silver wedding party, so it was possible they would stay.

Mom did not want Dad to drink and drive they had invited Dav. However, he decided he wanted to watch soccer on the box at eight o'clock. Anyway, he had to catch up on some studying.

After they had gone I was in my room I had changed into a loose top and skirt, Dav put his head around the door and said he was going to use the bathroom if it was ok.

Sure, I said, after about twenty minutes I decided to nip to the kitchen, as I was peckish. As I passed the bathroom door, it was slightly open. I glanced through and Dav was standing in front of the mirror with the largest prick I had ever seen in his hand. He was pulling the foreskin up and down with his hands; he looked as if he was ready to cum. I raced down stairs, as I came out of the kitchen with a tea and sandwich. Dav was standing in the lounge in a green towelling robe. He spun around oh I thought you were in your room, if you want, I will go and change he said. No your ok I replied.

I sat on the sofa, and Dav sat on the pouf. A few minutes into the game England scored, Dave jumped up from his seat arms aloft jumping up and down; I saw his prick bouncing around in and out of his robe.

He stopped and apologised for the noise, I looked at him and said that watching his prick snaking about was worth all the noise.

His face reddened; oh, I will go and put some clothes on immediately he stammered. No problems I am going to my room anyway I said to him as I jumped up from the sofa.

I went to my bedroom; I put on a top and left my skimpy nickers on. Quite soon, I felt tired and fell fast a sleep, where I had the strangest of dreams.


I hated English, but loved the teacher Cherry Morton. Everyone in school melted over Cherry, the entire school, the boy’s, the master’s everyone including the girls.

Well they did and still do. We had broken up for the summer holidays. I was getting a few of my paintings from the art study class, she as the key holder and I was the last one to pick up my gear. She asked me if I would like a lift home, I jumped at the chance, because she had a Porsche 911 soft-top roadster.

As we left the school, she said she needed me to help her take some gear in to her house. As it was on our way, I said it was fine. Trouble is Ms Morton I have my best jumper on and I do not want to get it dirty. Oh, please cal me Cher we are not in school, and I have another top you can wear.

The boxes are a bit dusty she said with little chuckle in her voice. We arrived at her place it was a smallholding just off the main road from school.

I was gob smacked, this place is wicked I said, with my mouth open. It was my grandfathers, until he passed away four years ago. I have done a few improvements since, and I am very happy here.

We stopped at the front door and we went inside, come up here she said to me. You can wear one of these tops if you want; she passed over two thin cotton tops that had little buttons down the front, which covered a zip.

I chose the dark grey one as it would not show the dust to much, I slipped my white knitted top off and pulled the grey one on and was just zipping it up.

Cher walked in, ready? she asked smiling at my half dressed body, suits you well she said brushing her hand over my shoulder. She had a tartan check skirt on and a plaid type blouse, which accentuated her large firm breasts.


We brought the boxes in from the car; they were very dusty and chalky. We put them at the side of the building, after we had finished I felt dusty and glad I had not worn my own top.

Like a drink she asked me, yes, please I answered, and Cher took me to the kitchen. On the way she pointed out the veranda I have just finished having this put in she said with pride in her voice, What's that round thing over there? I asked. Oh, that is the hot tub it is my favourite place, she said.

Why I asked, well it bubbles and blows air into the water, which is heated. I really love it.

Especially, after a hard days work. Do you fancy a dip in it Cher said with a little devilment?

Yes it would be fun I said, she poured us both two big glasses of lemonade and we trouped out to the hot tub. I put my hand in the water it was very warm and soft. I have nothing to wear I said to Cher, that is no problem then because I wont wear anything either. I quickly undressed and got into the water,

Cher asked me why was I rushing no one can see anything around here. With that she dropped her tartan skirt and paraded around in her skimpy panties, laughing she unbuttoned her plaid blouse and let her breasts cascade out. She walked over to the tub and said to me with a big smile, you can take my panties off Bon. I stood up, reached out with both of my hands, and pulled her flimsy silky panties down her lovely long legs very slowly. She tottered and put her arms on my shoulders to steady herself.

Next thing she was in the tub with me. Her hands were clasped around my breasts, her mouth ground against mine. Cher what are you doing I cried. I awoke with a start and realised it was a dream.


Dav put his head around the door, are you all right he asked. Concern sounded in his voice, I just had a weird dream. Well you certainly were making a lot of noise he said.

Dav came into the bedroom; he still had the bath towel wrapped around him. You still have not dressed yet? I asked. No, he said a little awkwardly, I was still watching telly.

My Mom rang earlier, she said they were staying at Pam’s, she sounded quite merry, my father sounded worse he shouted goodnight also, lucky them I said grumpily.

Why Dav asked?

OH, being stuck in, while they are having a right old rave up. What about you Dav, have you had a girl friend, or boy friend? I asked him.

His cheeks coloured up bright red. I certainly have no interest in boys, I would love to have a girl but I am to shy. He answered back.

I reached over and flipped his towel up, showing his rather large but at the moment flaccid cock, you should not be so shy with that monster cock, I said smiling at him.

His hand went straight to his groin, to cover up.

Please don’t make fun, please he begged, it is wrong you are my niece now after all.

Why not, you have a nice big cock Dav, I mean you may be my Uncle, but only in the last day or so, when I saw it earlier as you were washing in the bathroom, I thought it would be nice to have some of it?

He started to get up from the bed, before he could get anywhere, I put my hand under the towel and I grabbed his cock in my hand.


Hold on I said to him, you don’t need to run away at the first little jibe about your cock I said. I want you and you want me, don’t you?

He stopped and turned towards me, lets have a little fun together shall we I asked?

I pulled the towel off him and I took his growing cock in my hand and started to wank him off. I undid the buttons of my top and placed his hand on my tit, he stood like a statue.

His cock was becoming a monster and was growing larger by the second.

I told him to take it in his own hands and wank it off.

He looked very mortified;

I pulled off my top and my nickers. I lay back and started to rub my tits, I moved down to my wet pussy, kneading and pulling my clit. I opened my legs wide and pulled my labia apart. Dav ram that fucking monster in here, pointing at my gaping sex hole.

He did as he was told and I thought he was going to split me in two. He picked up the pace and he seemed to come alive and took the lead. His monster cock pummelled my pussy. I came and came again, he just kept on pumping into me, I started to smack his arse, to get him to come, he just kept banging me. I then grabbed and squeezed his nipples, really hard twisting them. That was it he exploded and belched his come into my wet cunt, filling me up. I could feel the his wet gism trickling down my leg, as my body rocked with convulsions as I came, I hit is bare arse harder, and he rammed into me as if he had been burned. I passed out with the ecstasy, and tremors bursting through my body.


Dav was quite for the next day or two; he kept giving me a wide birth. Mom asked me to pop into town for her, and she asked Dav if he could drive me in her car he did so reluctantly.

As we drove along the lane, I asked him why he was not talking to me.

Dav stopped the car; I can hardly look at you without wanting you he said. I feel so bad, that I am letting everyone down, because I have been with you and it is wrong.


Dav I wanted you, I pressured you, I let you fuck me, and you did what was expected of you. I will not be telling anyone, so long as you keep sticking that monster cock into my pussy, I will be your willing slave, ok.


Dav looked shocked, then his face turned towards me smiling. He had finally relaxed, and let himself be himself.

My hand sneaked across his muscular thigh, rubbing his growing bulge, he looked into my eyes and said, that if we were going to fuck, we had better find somewhere less public than the lane.

Lets get go to town and do what we have to, then get back to the house and we will have it all to ourselves, as the oldies will be in work.

My pussy was wet and hot, in need of a very large throbbing cock, but what else should a sixteen year olds pussy be expecting?