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Teasing Gone Too Far...

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This will be possibly the last part of the stories of sophie and my teen years. It will also be  the last story we write for a while as I am off surfing for a few days. When i get back if there are enought positive comments i will sit down with sophie and write out more of our fun adventures. Yet again, it is true. I st

The Morning After... (The End Of Term, The Beginning Of Something Great Pt2)

RAAFlyboy on Teen Stories


This is my first ever story that i've written on here and its about what happened the morning after i lost my virginity. Hope you like it and comments are welcome :)


The Turning Point of My Life

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It was a rainy day on March 31. I was on my way home from my classes at university. More than halfway to my house, I saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. Picking it up, I found another just several miles in front me. Looking up I saw that the papers made a trail. Let

Sarah Fayes First 3some

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Sarah Fayes First Bisexual 3 Some.


Ok, just so you know how this all turned about. Sarah was my ex girlfriends roommate. I met Sarah while my ex and I were dating. Now Sarah has never offered, asked, or came over with my ex. Well 2 weeks after my ex and I had a second 3some with my husband. Sarah called me out of the

Ken and Christine part 8

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We slept for a while, and then I was awoken to the feeling of my dick being tugged. I looked over at Chris and she was stroking me gently. “You are still hard. It seems a shame to waste it. Want to do it again?” she said while kissing my dick.


Chris looked shocked.

“I want to do it ‘always’.” Was m

Ken and Christine part 7

reader17 on Teen Stories

The morning of Chris’s 16th birthday was a beautiful summer morning. Everything was bright and full, the birds were singing happily, and the few clouds in the sky only added to its beauty. I drove to Chris’s house and she practically leapt into my arms as she greeted me at the door. She kissed me deeply and passionately. When our kiss finally ended I leaned back and said, &ld

Ken and Christine part 6

reader17 on Teen Stories

Work went by quickly, mostly because I was still on a high from being with my little nymph earlier in the day. We hadn’t said it yet, but there were certainly some deep feelings to be explored between us.

I got home from work and saw that mom had left me a note. She was going out with her friends to see a movie and then dinner. She also said that Chris had called and lef

Ken and Christine part 5

reader17 on Teen Stories

The week went by pretty fast and we only got a chance to talk a couple of times. We were both busy with work and other things but we were planning on spending the day together the following Tuesday and then going to dinner with her family for Chris’s birthday. On Friday I got a call from Chris and she sounded upset. She asked if I could come over so I did. She greeted me at the doo

Ken and Christine part 4

reader17 on Teen Stories

As soon as I walked through the door at home, my mom asked me when I was going to invite Chris over so they could meet. I reminded her that they’d met at the baseball game the week before, but mom that wasn’t the same. They didn’t really get a chance to talk because they were watching the game. I called up Chris to invite her over some time, but between my schedule, her

Ken and Christine part 3

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She pulled them down and inhaled a, “Ohhhh” as she saw my hard-on flat against my belly. Without saying anything else, she pulled my dick up and slid her mouth over it. I was in heaven. Chris pulled it out of her mouth and licked up and down the shaft. She twirled her tongue around the head while looking me in the eyes. She went back to sucking my dick for a minute, then

College mixture

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This is how I meat the girlfriend with which I fuck every week in the last 3 years. When I was doing my last year of college I wanted desperately to fuck someone cause I my girlfriend broke up with me 2 years before(she moved to another city) and I didn't want to get into relationships cause it's just bunch a bullshit talk anyway. Besides I was going to gym for 4 ye

Ken and Christine Part 2

reader17 on Teen Stories

I had to work the next day and she the following; I at a small family style steak place, and she in the office of her dad’s construction company. (She’d do filing and other office stuff whenever they got behind.) We made a date to go on a picnic at a park when we were both off work. I got over to her house about 11 am, and she greeted me at the door.

Her hair

Ken and Christine - A sex novel

reader17 on Teen Stories

I’m happily married to a wonderful woman, but every once in a while I think back to some of my ex girlfriends. The one I’ve been thinking of most was a girl from high school – Christine.

She went by Chris, and we met a few weeks before she turned 16. I was a few months away from turning 17.

She was a tiny thing, about 5’2”. Maybe 95

Casey and Danni

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   At near the end of the softball game, Kale was ready to get home. After taking the team pictures, he’d decided to stay and watch Casey’s game. She was the main reason he was able to take the pictures that day, after all. Something like this would look good on paper in his résumé , since he would have to work for someone until he could get into his own business. He needed to build up a really good portfolio.

   Kale had always wanted to be a photographer. Ever since a General Ed class he’d taken in college, he’d come to truly appreciate just how much you could bring out in a picture; the emotion, beauty, a story, or just simply something that made you think. He loved it all. As a kid, he'd hated having to draw pictures, and in high s

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chool he would constantly see photo opportunities around him. He learned about developing film as soon as he had saved up enough to buy his first camera. He tried bringing it to school a few times to take advantage of all the teenage drama, but he quickly found out that it was a bad idea. His buddies had all given him hell, of course. They thought it was all pretty sappy, especially for a guy like him. It had taken him a while to recover from that one. College was only a little different. You could get away with more in college.

   Maybe if Kale had been a different person back in high school, it would have been a little easier for him to pursue his passion. Apparently, though, something as sissy as photography (or so his friends had called it) had no place in the life of one of the most popular guys in school, especially with his “bad boy” reputation. Most of the guys on the soccer team had a rep like that. The girls thought it was cute, of course. And there were always enough girls to keep his confidence up, at least in secrecy from his friends.

   Oh, but the girls. He’d found out early on that they were his favorite things to photograph, especially after sex. He had even been lucky enough to get two of them to pose together once. He couldn’t remember their names. That never mattered to him back then. He definitely remembered the invigorating feeling he got from taking their pictures after they wound each other down after the night he'd given them. Not only did Kale finally get to capture the pure rawness of sex on film, he’d gotten to enjoy it in person as well, in a whole new way. That had been his first threesome. Since then he’d begun to seek them out, for the obvious reasons.

   At 24, having carried his reputation and physique through college, Kale found it easy to take advantage of any photo op he came across. Guys liked him well enough, and none of the girls could resist him. His jet-black hair and almost matching eyes went well with the thin goatee he kept on his somewhat narrow face. His thin body, kept so by all the years of soccer, had filled out with that oh-so-noticeable manliness that girls find so sexy. It was all helped of course by the fact that he had begun working out as soon as he could afford a membership to the gym, granting him with those nice, pretty muscles that unfortunately aren’t very useful. And, of course, Kale was never without his trusty camera at his side, now that he was in a bigger world than high school.

   After graduating, Kale had gotten an internship with a popular teen magazine. It paid a little, but he was lucky to get it. He met their main photographer in a coffee shop one day while showing some of his pictures to Casey. Kale had taken her to get some ice cream and do other things that day while her dad, Brandon had done some repainting in the house.

   It wasn’t something he minded doing after all. Casey was actually quite beautiful for fifteen. Blonde, and brown eyed, she had a certain earthy look about her. Not too cutesy. Being on the softball team at school, she was more muscular than thin. Kale, not wanting to get thrown out of the only place he had to live other than his parent’s, had a hard time keeping his eyes off her, but he always looked when he had the chance. Stolen glances at the right times had afforded him a few good peeks and gave him a pretty good idea of how Casey was proportioned, especially with how familiar he was with a teenage girl’s body. Kale often found himself wishing he could run his hands over her smallish B sized breasts, down around her thin waist, over those luscious hips and shapely thighs…. He would do it, too, if he knew his ground was covered…

   Kale stopped himself before he became too heated up. If he thought too much about Casey’s curves, he might start getting some odd looks from the people around him. If only she wasn’t so developed for her age! He sighed. He had grown out of his teenage body, but not out of his lust for teenage girls. Anyway, he needed to focus on his work. His internship year was over in a few months so he needed to be impressive if he hoped to stay with the magazine. Brandon was a great guy, but he wouldn’t let him live there for free. He didn’t have too much trouble schooling his thoughts, though. After almost a year living with Brandon and Casey, they’d all become good friends and Kale almost started to think of Casey as a sister. Almost. At least when her father was around. When he wasn’t, Kale had other, more appetizing things in mind. Still, he was careful.

   Kale realized that the game was over and Casey’s team had won. He looked for her on the field and saw her looking towards the stands. He stood up and gave her a loud whistle and waved his arms at her. She grinned when she saw him and put a fist in the air for victory before turning back to hug her teammates. He knew she was glad to have a fan in the crowd, as Brandon was usually called in for work on Saturdays. Kale went down to the gate to wait for Casey. Brandon always did something special for her on game days, win or lose, so he knew she’d want to get home. He soon saw her walking towards him with a brown haired girl he’d seen at the house many times before.

   “Hey, Kale. Danni’s coming over tonight,” Casey said as they neared him.

   “Yeah, I remember. Hi, Danni. Good game out there,” Kale said to Casey’s friend. He couldn’t help noticing again how cute she was. And how small compared to Casey. Not shorter, but her chest was smaller and she was much thinner than Casey. She also wasn’t as curvy. He tried not to look too long at the pair of them.

   “Thanks. So, what do you think about the pictures? Do you think they came out good?” She asked as they started towards the car.

   “Yeah, I think the way we posed everyone will make a great team picture. And I know I got a good shot with the goofy one!” Kale said with a wink. The girls had really gone wild for that one. Casey and Danni laughed and said they could wait to see them. Walking behind them, Kale couldn’t help staring at Danni’s ass as she walked. It was nicely rounded. Kale wanted his hands on it and wondered why he hadn’t noticed it before.

   When they arrived at the house, they found Brandon already at the barbeque. The smell of chicken was almost painful after the long game without the snack bar. Evidently, they hadn’t had anyone to run it that day.

   “Hey guys! Hi, Danni. I got home a few minutes early, so I thought I’d have dinner ready for you when you got home. How was the game?” Brandon asked when he saw them.

   “Big fat win, oh yeah!” Casey shouted as she and Danni put their arms around each other’s shoulders. “You should have seen us, Dad. We were so on our game today. And Kale says the team pics are going to look good.”

   “Well, congratulations, Casey Jr.” Brandon had given her that nickname when she started softball. He gave her a squeeze around the shoulders. “You guys go ahead on in and shower or whatever. Dinner will be ready as soon as this chicken is done.”

   “Okay, we’ll be fast.” Casey replied as she and Danni ran into the house.

   Ten minutes later, they were all sitting at the table enjoying what had to be the best barbequed chicken Brandon had managed in a while. And he was no novice to the grill, either.  “Man, this is so awesome! I sure missed eating like this in college.” Kale said to no one in particular.

   Brandon laughed. “Glad you like it. That’s a new marinade. Pretty good, eh?”

   “Mmmm, yeah, Dad. You’re the master of the grill.” Casey said around a mouthful of food.

   “Well, don’t get too carried away. We still have the grand finale after this!”

   “And what would that be?” Casey asked with wide eyes.

   “Just wait and see,” was all she got in reply. Casey didn’t mind, though. She was an easygoing person. She just looked at Danni and grinned.

   After they were finished and had cleared away dinner, no one was let down by the monster turtle cheesecake Brandon had picked up from the expensive bakery in the middle of town.

   “God, after this we wouldn’t be able to run to first base!” Casey said leaning back in her chair rubbing her full stomach. “ I don’t know how I’m going to move for a while.” She looked over at Danni and they exchanged small smiles that Kale only barely noticed.

   “Well, it just so happens that I have a late date tonight.” Brandon announced rising from the table. “Kelly and I are going to the midnight showing of Episode III tonight. We better get there at least a little early. They say it’s been a full house both nights so far.” He looked at his watch. It was almost 9:30. “You guys don’t mind if I head over there now do you?” He asked Casey and Danni.

   “Nah, we’ve got movie plans here, too.” Casey said glancing at Danni. “Danni brought a new one over.”

   “Oh? What’s that?” Brandon asked getting his jacket from by the door. Kale watched Casey blink a few times. She did that when she was thinking.

   It was Danni who answered. “Oh, it’s not really new, just Casey hasn’t seen it before. Steel Magnolias. You know, chick flicks.” Casey bit her bottom lip.

   “Well, I wouldn’t know. More of an action guy myself. How about you, Kale? Any plans tonight?”

   “I thought I might start in on the team photos from today. Might as well get them started.” Kale said glancing at Casey. She was sure acting a little strange. Brandon didn’t seem to notice though. Not that he was inattentive. Kale thought Brandon was really starting to like Kelly. They had been going out more often lately, and Brandon just seemed more preoccupied than usual. As for the pictures, when Kale had moved in, Brandon had given him the master bedroom for more privacy. It had a huge walk-in closet that Kale turned into a tiny dark room. He’d do the team’s copies at a better facility, but he could do one of each photo tonight to show Casey and to see if they were good enough. It’s not like he had anything else to do.

   Brandon nodded. “Okay, see you all tomorrow then. The movie’s about three hours long, so I won’t be back ‘till late.”

   “Thanks for the wonderful dinner and letting me stay over!” Danni called as he walked out the door. He waved in reply.

   “I think Dad really likes Kelly,” Casey said laughing.

   “You think?” Said Kale. “He’s only a little preoccupied! Well, I’ll see you two later. I’ll be in my room.”

   “Okay.” They said together. They watched him walk out of the dining room. In his room, he wondered about Casey and Danni and wondered what movie they were really going to watch. It was obvious to him that it wasn’t Steel Magnolias. He grinned thinking about how he and his friends used to watch porn and jack off at his house when they were in high school. They’d get caught sometimes, but his mother never really cared about that. She always said boys would be boys and just shook her head. As long as they weren’t getting into trouble somewhere or getting some girl pregnant, she was happy. He learned that his mother believed in creating a strong, manly-man kinda guy ever since she found out her brother was gay. If her son wanted to look at girls, it was fine by her. She instilled him with as much responsibility as she could and trusted him. Kale smiled at the thought. She never really had anything to worry about, but then again, she never really knew his antics with girls in high school, either.

   “Speaking of which…” He said aloud going to his door to peek out down the hall to see what the girls of this house were doing. But Casey’s door was open and he could hear them talking about some of the other girls on the team. He shut his door and went to work on the photos. It only took him about half an hour to get them hung up to dry and develop, so he shut them in the closet and went out in just his shorts to get a glass of milk, which he badly wanted after that rich cheesecake.

   As he was walking by Casey’s door on his way back from the kitchen, he heard a distinctive moan from inside. He instantly heated up in his lower regions at the thought of what could be causing that moan. He went to put his ear on the door and almost yelped when it moved at his touch. He realized that it wasn’t closed all the way! He remembered Casey telling her dad that her door wouldn’t close right sometimes. She must not have noticed it tonight. How convenient, thought Kale with a smile. He very slowly cracked the door enough to peek inside. He could clearly see on the television across the room that their movie was exactly as he thought. Not Steel Magnolias at all, although it could definitely be called a “chick flick.” Two very naked women were really getting in on onscreen. And two very naked teenage girls were really getting it on off screen.

   His cock almost jumped out of his jeans at the sight of the two of them licking and sucking each other’s nipples on Casey’s bed. It was totally hot. Since the TV was on the other side of the room, they were angled to see that and not the door. Kale was surprised at what they were doing. He knew Casey had a boyfriend. But then Kale suddenly had a wicked idea that made him forget about that and he slowly backed away towards his room. He went to get his camera. He hesitated. He needed a plan. This could easily get him not only kicked out, but also put in jail. He had to make sure he was in control. He gathered his thoughts and walked back down the hall.

   When he looked into Casey’s room again, he saw that the girls had moved lower down each other’s bodies and were quickly moving towards each other’s pussies. They didn’t quite make it, though. Kale half slid into the room and brought his camera up. They didn’t notice the first flash, but the second one brought them both bolt upright. They stared at him for a second, then at his raging erection before thinking to pull pillows in front of their nakedness. Casey stopped the movie.

   “Oh my god.” Casey said with wide eyes.

   “I thought I locked it…” Danni said looking from Casey to the door. Casey realized what happened before Kale could speak.

   “It was open when I walked by, so I took it as an invitation.” Kale said slyly. “You guys looked so sexy, I couldn’t help taking a few pictures. You don’t mind, do you?”

   “Don’t mind?! Of course we do! Dad will think I let you. He’ll kill me for getting involved with a 24 year old guy!” Casey cried. Then with a moan of sorrow, “Stupid, stupid door!” Danni just buried her face in her hands.

   “Hey, now, what makes you think I’d show your dad?” Kale asked with a smile. This was going a little easier than he thought.

   “Y-you won’t tell him?” Casey asked warily.

   “Not if I have a reason not to. I’m sure you could give me a reason not to.” Kale raised his eyebrows and Danni looked up at him, then at Casey, who looked back at her. “Come on, let’s just have a little fun.”

   “No way! I won’t mess around with you! How embarrassing!”

   “I can just show him the pictures, then…” Kale said with a shrug and half turned towards the door.

   “Wait! Just… What exactly do you want?” Danni asked quickly.  She looked a little scared at what Kale had just said.

   “Like I said. I just want to have a little fun with two sexy girls. I‘m sure you can be creative.”

   “And… You promise you won’t tell Dad?” Casey asked, biting her lower lip. “Or Danni’s mom?”

   “Promise. See? I’ll give you the film before I leave the room so you’ll know.” Kale told her, walking over and setting his camera down on her bedside table.

   Casey looked at Danni and shrugged. “Should we do this?”

   “I can’t let him tell my mom. You know her.” Danni said. “I’d be off to some Catholic boarding school in less than a day. I’d never see you or the others again!”

   “Don’t worry, Danni. We can do this. It’s only just this once, right, Kale?”

   “We’ll see if that’s how you feel when I’m done with you,” he murmured sitting on Casey’s bed next to her and leaning forward to gently bite her neck. She shivered. He couldn’t wait to get at them. He stood and pulled their covering pillows to the floor and crooked his two index fingers at them to come to him. “If you have be naked, then so do I,” he said as they stood. He put his arms behind his head and waited for them. The girls looked at each other before reaching out to undo his button and zipper and slowly pull his shorts and underwear off. As his rock hard cock sprang free, the girls both gasped. He wasn’t huge, but his six inches of length, yet two in width had always been enough to pleasure the females of his past. “Why don’t you show me what you were watching?”

   As Danni turned the movie back on and Kale lounged onto Casey’s bed, Kale noticed that Casey looked a little unsure. “Don’t worry babe. You’re both going to like tonight. Just be yourself and do what comes to you. How about you two come over here and let me relax you a little, hmm?”

   Casey looked a little more relieved, as did Danni, as they came over to the bed and laid down next to each other. There was nothing Kale liked more than two beautiful bodies to play with. He got between and over them to give them each a long kiss on the mouth before slowly rubbing their smooth skin with his hands. Casey, on his left, looked at Danni with a small smile while he caressed her shoulders and upper chest. On his right, Danni momentarily brought her left hand up to rub his arm as he moved lower to brush over her left breast. Soon he had both hands full of delicious flesh. He rolled their nipples in his fingers causing them both to sigh in pleasure. Each girl brought up a hand to rub his stomach and chest at the same time. They giggled and began to brush across his nipples and pinch them like he was theirs. He closed his eyes and sighed, then said, “Danni, come over here and help me with Casey.”

   “Aw, why her?” Danni whined teasingly.

   “Mmmm, you’ll get your chance,” Casey said in a sultry voice.

   “Indeed,” Kale said leaning down to take Casey’s right nipple into his mouth while Danni took her left. They licked and sucked slowly at first making Casey squirm and moan under them.

   “Ooh! That feels so good!” She cried. She moaned again when Kale started moving down her body planting kisses all over her stomach and sides as he went. Danni moved so that she was able to get to both of Casey’s nipples. Casey brought her hands up to caress Danni’s back and neck. When Kale got to Casey’s navel, he spread out, kissing her hips and down her thighs, letting his tongue flick over her cool skin. He let his right hand begin to rub over just the outside of her pussy until he brought his kisses there.

   Spreading her legs, he took his first real look at her and smiled before using his tongue to lick up the length of her pussy, catching her clit with the tip of his tongue. Casey was kissing Danni and moaned into her mouth. Kale licked around the outside of Casey’s pussy a few more times before latching on gently to her clit to suck lightly on it. He slowly slid a finger inside her, just moving it around in a circle before sliding in and out. Casey began moving her hips with his finger, so Kale added another alongside it. Kale treasured every suck on her nipples, cherished every lick on her pussy. This was something he’d desired for almost year and here it finally was. Bringing Casey to orgasm might have been almost as fulfilling to him as it was to her. He just couldn’t believe he finally had the chance to make love to her, which would be coming later, for sure. Not only that, he acquired cute Danni as a bonus.

   As soon as Danni went back to work on Casey’s nipples, Casey announced that she was going to cum. “Ooh, don’t stop, I’m going to cum, ooh!” Kale sucked harder on her clit just as her body began to quiver in orgasm causing her to cry out. She let out a big sigh as she came down from her high. “God, that was wonderful,” she breathed. Danni came down to lick up Casey’s juices and Kale sat back to wait for Casey to help him with Danni.

   When Danni sat up, so did Casey. She practically jumped on Kale, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck and kissing him deeply. “You’re so amazing!” She said a bit breathlessly in his ear. He laughed and kissed her neck.

   “Hey now, it’s my turn,” Danni said coming between them.

   “Yeah, then we’re going to repay Kale for what he’s done!” Casey exclaimed.

   “Yes, yes.“ Danni said impatiently. First she kissed Casey, then Kale. He laid her back down onto the bed kissing her neck and ear lobes, then down her chest to her nipples. Casey came over and they proceeded to give to Danni what Casey had just gotten. Danni was a little more rambunctious than Casey. She moaned a lot more and liked to clutch onto Casey and Kale as they pleasured her. Kale couldn’t help chuckling a little into her pussy just before she had her orgasm. She squealed from the small amount of vibration as she quivered under their tongues. “Wow,” was all she said afterwards.

   The movie had ended by then, so Kale turned off the TV. When he turned around, both girls were staring at him hungrily. ”Alright, now you’re going to get it. Get over here and lie down.” Danni said as they made room for him between them. Kale definitely wasn’t going to argue, so he did as he was told.

   As soon as he was on his back, he had two teenage mouths biting his neck and shoulders, with a few licks and kisses in between. He reached one arm around each of them as they moved to lick his nipples. He ran his hands through their hair and down their backs as they moved steadily lower down his body. He was amazed at their own proficiency in getting him completely and utterly turned on. Kale seemed to feel hands and mouths everywhere. The first lick on his cock took him by surprise; he was so into what they were doing. He let out a little gasp and heard throaty laughs from down below. And suddenly he was in Casey’s mouth. She slid his cock in and out, slowly at first. He could feel Danni’s tongue licking around underneath where Casey’s mouth had enveloped him. Then there were two tongues licking him up and down, everywhere, and he couldn’t hold in his moans.

   Then the two teens started taking turns sucking him into their mouths while the other used her hand at the same time. Kale knew he wouldn’t last long with this kind of delight. “Mmmm, you two are incredible. You’re going to make me cum already. Ooh, yeah, suck that cock, baby.” Danni moaned around his cock sending little vibrations through him that seemed to go through his whole body and he could feel his orgasm coming on strongly. “Yeah, here it comes girls.” He stiffened just as he said it, and his orgasm was exhilarating.

   “Danni, share!” Kale heard Casey say as he felt a new mouth on his throbbing cock. He wished it would never end. He shuddered as the last of his orgasm left his body and the last few drops of cum were quickly whisked away by two teenage tongues. Kale put his hands in their hair and gently pulled them up to him and kissed them each in turn.

   “For some reason I don’t think you guys are new at this,” Kale said knowingly.

   “Did you really think two teenage girls having sex to porn were new at anything?” Danni asked with a cunning smile.

   “Nah you girls are too good. What’s the secret?”

   “Well, we do have boyfriends, you know,” Casey said. “And a few of the girls on the softball team don’t mind sharing theirs every once in a while.”

   “It’s kinda like boyfriend swapping. You learn a lot that way,” Danni put in.

   “I see. And I thought I was bad in high school,” Kale muttered with a tiny smile. “And I’m sure the softball team has fun sleepovers, too.”

   “But of course.” Casey said with a wink. “Hey, Kale, why don’t you keep your camera and take more pics of me and Danni?”

   “Casey! You’re naughty!” Danni shrieked. “No wonder you’re my best friend.” Casey grinned and they looked expectantly at Kale.

   “Hey, I’ve got no problem with that! It’s not like the night was about to be over, anyway.” Kale said.

   “Ooh, far from it.” Casey said with a gleam in her eye.

Valerie Chapter 1

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Valerie.   Chapter 1


My story begins, when I was just sixteen years old.

My name is Valerie everyone calls me Val I had left school; I did not get any good grades from my GCSE exams.

I looked for work, and could only get a job as a server part time at the local pub.

I went to see my former headmaster, he suggested that I go into the local college and try my exams again.

I needed to earn some money to get through college, I found a newspaper round which paid me over nineteen pounds a week, with the money from the part time pub job I could save for my clothes and other stuff.


The paper round took me all through the village; I enjoyed the early mornings.

I did not have regular boy friend, although I h

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ad, had sex once or twice.

Everyone commented on my figure, even my stepfather Mike. He was always groping me, and tickling me.

When I was younger, it was fun, but now it was making me feel somewhat funny inside, I found I like the pressing of his hands in certain places.

One of the extra earners I could make on the paper round was collecting the money, we lived in a village it was better for the shop to have the money collected.


During the Saturday mornings, I would first deliver the papers. Where quite a few customers left the money at the door for me to pick up, and when I had finished the round, I would go backwards around the same delivery route and pick up the money from the ones who had not left their money out.

One Saturday, I had finished collecting the money, I took it to Mrs brooks shop, and paid it in.

You still, have not got Hollybush Cottages money yet Val? Mrs Brooks remarked.

Mr Price is always out walking his dog, so I don’t see him every collecting day. I replied.

Well he is four weeks late, if he does not pay next week, I will stop his papers, Mrs Brooks said a little angry.

I left the shop with my pay and was walking back home, Hollybush was at the top of the cul-de-sac, and it was beginning to rain.

I thought, perhaps I would call at Hollybush, to see if Mr Price was back, and collect the money.

I ran up the lane of the cul-de-sac, the rain got a lot heavier.

I ran up the path and rang the bell; I heard the dog bark, after a little while I was going to leave as there was no answer.

I turned to go, and the door opened, a very wet blonde-headed man peered around the door.

Can I help you he asked a little out of breath? I have come for the paper money, I replied.

Gosh, you are getting wet, he said back to me.

Please come in and wait, while I go and get it for you.

He opened the door wider for me to enter, and I could see he had a towel wrapped around his waist.

Sorry, he pointed to his towel I was in the shower, wait a moment, until I put something more decent on.

With that, he scampered up the stairs; his body was not at all bad. I thought, he looked much tanned and he had muscles in all the right places.

What am I thinking I said to myself, he came down the stairs this time he had put on a long white towelling robe.

As he walked passed me, he smelled of fresh soap an eu-de-colgne. He came back with a ten pound note, he handed it to me, as he did it flittered to the floor.

We both bent down together, his robe opened and I could see his manhood, right before my eyes.

He sort of, grabbed his robe and tried to pull it together, as he did he fell backwards, and the robe flew wide open.

I tried to grab him to stop him falling over, and I toppled on top of him.

We both said sorry, at the same time.

Then together, we both burst out laughing, his manhood was semi erect, and he was pointing at my chest.

As I looked down, I saw that my blouse had burst open and my right boob was visible.

I never wear a bra, and now I was wishing I did.

He stood over me, his member swinging in front of my face, he offered me his hand to pull me up from the floor, but my hand reached out to fondle his erect throbbing cock.

He stood stock still, as I wrapped my fingers around the massive girth of his now bursting erection.

He gulped in air; I could feel the blood spurting inside his massive cock.

I began to jerk my hand up and down the turgidly thick shaft, he shrugged his robe off standing before me stark naked.

His lips curled over his teeth suck my cock, he growled.

I could not believe, that I was going to put this monster in my mouth.

I nibbled the tip of his cock, and then licked the bulging purple top. It tasted salty, but it was nice.

My body reacted, I could feel my sex was beginning to get wet, my nipples ached and grew like stalks.

He placed his hands on my head, pushing my head down onto his shaft. His monster cock was inside my mouth, its head at the back of my throat.

I gagged, and then I automatically clamped my mouth around his cock and sucked it.

The solid muscle in my mouth rippled, and grew as I sucked it. He groaned aloud, I felt his hand under my arms, as he lifted me up in front of him.

He closed his mouth over mine, and our tongues joined in a tangle of juices.

I felt his hands pull my blouse away; he held my breasts tweaking the nipples.

My legs buckled a little, as his hands tugged my skirt down, along with my panties.

We fell to the floor; in a tangle, he opened my legs wide. I saw his massive cock, as he took it in his hand and guided it into my wet inviting sex.

My body began to buck and gyrate immediately, as he sank his cock inside me. His balls slapped my thighs, as he pulled out, then he rammed back into my wet and throbbing pouch.

We seemed to go on forever; my mind was alive with flashes of light and sensations I had never had before.

Suddenly, like a bolt of lighting, my juices poured out of my pouch, and my body was racked with the most sensational convulsions, that I had ever experienced.

Through the mists of this feast of sheer enjoyment, I heard him groaning and shaking, then I felt his seed burst deep into my body.

This seemed like a catalyst, as the first orgasm ever to explode inside my body.

It went on forever, and I did not want it to stop.

Coming out of a surprisingly long relaxed sleep, which felt like days, in fact was only a few minutes.

I knew that I had experienced my first orgasm, more importantly; I had given a man an orgasm at the same time.

We were both a little awkward at first, and then we could not stop talking about how we came to be fucking on the floor.



Authors Note:

You can be assured; that there will be another episode soon, let me know your feedback and comments, on how you view the story so far?      

Roswell: The Unaired Pilot

hillarysmuff on Teen Stories

Hi, I'm Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls. Five days ago, Max Evans finger fucked me, or so I thought. Since then, things have been, well....strange. SCENE ONE-A Crowded Crashdown "Liz, He's looking at you" Maria cooed. "Maria, you're imagining things. Are you trippin on acid again?" Liz asked her totally flat chested, never in need of a bra, bleach bottle blonde, drama queen, best friend. "Liz, I swear he's looking" Maria said, scanning the goods on her totally hottie brunette best friend, wishing she could match liz's B cup tits and perfectly bubble butt. Liz looked across the diner. It was crowded.

The annual alien show was going on at the UFO museum and every freak on the planet had come to Roswell to tell their tale of appearing in an

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alien porno film. "Those little green guys must be as horny as hell" liz thought to herself. Suddenly, two men rose out of their booth. They were fighting over a gun. The gun went off. Several women screamed. Everyone froze in fear.

Max Evans was standing in the center of the diner. He had caught the bullet, in mid flight, in his hand. Then, to everyone's amazement, he turned it to dust. Everyone made a break for the door. "FREEZE" Max yelled. Everyone froze in place, except liz. Max turned to face her. Max lifted his left hand. Her dress parted down the middle like the Red Sea just before flying off of her. Dressed only in unmatching white bra with little red roses and maroon panties, liz suddenly found herself naked as max snapped his fingers and her underwear flew off.

Liz looked down at her firm, barely B cup tits, topped with quarter sized dark brown nipples. She sighed with relief, remembering that she had shaved her 16 year old pussy the night before. Max walked up to her. The index finger on his right hand was glowing. It was green in color. Liz gasped as his finger entered her tight teen pussy. Suddenly, images of happiness from her childhood flew through her head as her well lubricated pussy, made wet by her excitement,.made sopping noises as max's finger fucked her. She gasped as she felt a viscous fluid slam into her cervix. Just as suddenly, it was over. Max was pulling her dress back on, telling her not to breathe a word of this, to anyone. Max, and his sidekick micheal ran out of the crashdown. Everyone suddenly came back to life.

Maria turned to face Liz. Liz, what happened?" "It was fucking amazing Maria" was all liz would say, over and over again, for hours. SCENE TWO- WEST ROSWELL HIGH, The Next Day Chemistry class was well under way, but Liz could give a shit. Since last night, her belly had glowed green, and she'd experienced multiple orgasms, by just touching her clit. It was the most amazing thing. Suddenly, max came in the room and took his seat next to her. "Nice of you to join us" the chemistry teacher taunted. Liz looked at max in a drunk way. Max thought "Oh shit" and spit out the pencil he had been chewing on. "I need to go to the bathroom" max said as he jumped up and ran out of the room. "Must've been burrito night at the local taqueria" the chemistry tacher thought. Liz looked at the pencil.

A tiny bit of the pencil was glowing green. Liz marveled at the pencil, then placed it by her belly. She lifted her shirt and the pencil sparkeled like the eyes of a stripper upon noticing a rich oilman walk into her strip joint. "Bingo", liz thought to herself. Max didn't come back into class, but liz caught him in the hallway. "Max, we need to talk, NOW", she warned. Max and liz found a conveniently empty room off of the crowded hallway (the script said so). "Max, we need to talk" Liz opened "What did you do to me?" "I made you pregnant baby" he answered. "Pregnant, but how?With your finger?" "You betcha babe" Max spit out. "Max, umm, my belly is glowing in a greenish weird color. Where exactly are you from?"

"I'm not from here?" " Where are you from then?" He looked down and was quiet for a second. "I'm from a place called the Death Disco where I hang out with a drag queen who calls himself Darth Vader, but that's not important now. What's important is that you carry my child". Liz placed her hand on her stomach. "In nine months..." she muttered. "No, five years" Max interrupted.

"Five years, why five years?" Liz inquired. "Because that's how long it takes to get a good syndication deal on TV". "OH" was all liz could say. SCENE THREE-Date night Kyle Valenti was in a good, no, make that a great mood as he pulled up in front of liz's place. He was going to get second and third base, a blowjob, and if he was lucky, fuck liz up the ass again. Liz jumped right into his car. "Where we going?" liz asked as they pulled away from the curb.

"You'll see" Kyle said with a smirk. Ten minutes later, they parked in a spot overloooking the lights of Roswell. "Why are we here?" Liz asked as she heard Led Zeppelin's "Kashmere" on the radio. Kyle smiled as he reached over and squeeezed one of her tits. Liz smiled too, as she gently placed one, then the other hand on his throat. In a sudden violent motion she banged his head on the steering wheel, then five more whacks for good measure. A loopy Kyle was thrown from the car as liz opened the door screaming "YOU ASSHOLE!". With a sudden superhuman strength, she jumped out of the car and threw kyle over a log.

She pulled his pants down, leaving his ass up in the air. She reached in her purse, taking out a snub nosed .38 revolver and a twelve inch long, three inch thick dildo with balls attached. With her left arm, she reached over, placing the .38 at the base of Kyle's skull as she cocked the gun. "Liz, what the fuck?" Kyle protested. "Shut up kyle, you're really going to like this". She rammed the dildo in, all the way up to the balls. "OWWW" kyle screamed.

"HOW DO YOU LIKE IT KYLE? DO YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED UP THE ASS?" "OWWW" he screamed as liz plunged the dildo in and out. "Liz" Kyle pleaded. "Wait Kyle, here comes the best part". She pulled the dildo out, turned him over. She plunged the dildo in his mouth. "TASTE YOUR SHIT KYLE, HOW DOES IT TASTE?" MM-mmm-mm" was all he could reply. "THIS IS FOR EVERY GIRL YOU EVER FUCKED UP THE ASS KYLE! Liz screamed. "Hold that pose" she directed, stepping back, taking a camera from her purse. She snapped a picture.

"That ones for the school website" she said. She snapped another "and this one is for the yearbook". Laughing maniacally, liz took his car, leaving a bottomless and bruised kyle outside of town. SCENE FOUR-The Sheriff's office. Maria nervously sat in sheriff valenti's office. He had suddenly pulled her out of class. She prayed he wouldn't find the ten hits of acid, twenty crack rocks, and dime bag in her purse. "Miss DeLuca" he began, "tell me about Liz Parker" . "Oh, she's totally hot" Maria answered, "I wish I had her tits and ass. Sometimes I lay in bed, fantasize about her, and I cum over and over. One time, liz let me take a shower with her.

I pretended to drop the soap and while I was on my knees, I licked her pussy. She jumped, and I tried to pretend it was my nose, and an accident.I think she believed me because we've slept in the same bed everytime we had a sleepover,. But trust me sheriff, she's one hot piece of ass.

Why do you ask?" The sheriff shook his head. He hadn't expected such an answer. An image of his son, with liz, popped in his head. He made it disappear. "Maria" he asked, "has liz been acting strange lately?" "Strange, how sheriff?" "Just answer the question" he pleaded, "has she acted differently lately?" "Hard to say sheriff. I take one look at her tits, and I just start to drool". The sheriff stepped closer to her. Maria pulled the purse close to her stomach and tried to cover it with one arm. Sheriff Valenti smelled her scent and lost control.

He pulled her up from the seat and bent her over his desk. He pulled her dress up and her panties down. "Sheriff, what are you doing?" Maria pleaded. Maria heard his zipper coming down, and a burning feeling in her ass as his dick violated her. He layed on top of her. With his face close to her ear, he whispered, "Do Liz and Kyle do this?" "It would break my heart if they did" she grunted. He pinned her arms to the desk and continued pumping the sophmore in the ass. He came with a grunt. He stepped back and put his dick back in his pants.

Maria was sobbing as she pulled up her panties. "You let me know if Liz and Kyle ever did anything like that", "Ssssure sheriff" Maria sobbed as she left the office. SCENE FIVE-Liz's Bedroom. Liz's door opened and slammed as the two teens entered the room arguing. "Liz, you have to tell me everything". "I don't have to tell you anything Maria". "Come on liz, we've been friends for like, forever" Liz only knew one way to shut her up. She planted a huge kiss on maria's lips. Maria was stunned, then wrapped her arms around liz. The two girls fell on the bed in an embrace. Liz undid the front of Maria's dress. She looked at the two nipples and no breast flesh. "Maria, you're completely flat!" "I know" maria sobbed.

Liz planted her abundant lips on the right nipple, slowly circling the nipple with her tongue, then shifted to the right nipple. Maria started to orgasm. Liz found maria's clit through the cloth of her panties. Maria screamed and spasmed in an amazing orgasm. Liz smiled and pulled off maria's panties. She looked at the hairless slit. "Maria, do you shave?" "No" came the answer. "I never grew any hair down there". It was then that liz noticed maria's ass.

It was inflammed, puffy, and dark red. "what's wrong with your ass Maria?" "Sheriff Valenti raped me?" "Why?" Liz sobbed. "He wanted information about you and kyle". "We have to make him pay for this maria". "We will liz, we will". SCENE SIX-The highway leading out of Roswell Max, Micheal, and his totally hot sister Isabelle were riding in Max's jeep. They heard a siren and turned to see Sheriff Valenti lighting them up. "Shit" Isabelle hissed, "do you think he knows?" "I don't know" max answered as he pulled over. Sheriff Valenti walked up to the right side of the jeep, where Isabelle sat. "What are you kids doing?" the sheriff asked. Smart ass micheal spat out, "We're doing acid sheriff". With amazing speed, Sheriff Valenti drew his gun and whipped micheal across the back of the head. "Ow" micheal yelled, "What was that for?" "That's for starters, you punk, don't sass me anymore".

Turning his attention to Isabelle he asked, "My, my, what have we here?" He opened her blouse to reveal bra clad double D monsters. "Take the bra off" he ordered. "NO!" Max yelled. The sheriff cocked the gun and pointed it at him. "Take it off" he repeated. A fearful Isabelle complied, releasing two of the most perfect, non silicone monsters ever seen on TV. The sheriff smiled, "I could get lost in those twin peaks all day". He unzipped, taking out his dick, "Blow old willie, make him happy". Isabelle bent over, tasting Maria';s shit still on his dick.

Max looked over, trying not get aroused aroused at the sight of his beautiful topless sister blowing the sheriff. "Oh, Oh, pull back" the sheriff ordered. Isabelle pulled back. The sheriff took his free hand and jacked off in her face, supplying her with three "Valenti Blasts". "Look at her face guys" Valenti ordered, "that could be in your ass max, or yours micheal. Don't ever fuck with me again". The sheriff zipped up, and walked, a little wobbly back to his car. "God, I love teenagers, they're so stupid" he laughed. FINAL SCENE- The crash festival There was a scream from the parking lot. Everyone ran to see what it was.

Maria was floating a foot above the ground. There was a contented smile on her face as she spun like a barber's pole. "What the fuck?" the sheriff asked as he looked at Max with a scowl. "God Sheriff" Liz laughed "Haven't you ever seen Maria drop acid before?" The sheriff turned on Max, grabbing him and throwing him into a fence. "You had something to do with this, didn't you" the sheriff hissed. "I didn't do nothing" Max answered. THe sheriff suddenly felt himself thrown into the fence.

He heard and felt the seat of his pants rip. He suddenly regretted going commando as a foot long dildo violated his asshole. "YOU LIKE THAT SHERIFF, KYLE DID!" Liz screamed as she jammed her gun into his left ear. With another thrust, she screamed, "THIS IS FOR ISABELLE" another thrust "THIS IS FOR ALL OF US TIRED OF YOU", another thrust "THIS IS FOR THE MPAA BOARD, WHO CAN"T FIND THEIR ASSES".

She pulled the dildo out, tuurned the sheriff, and knocked him on his ass. She jammed the dildo in his mouth and kicked him in the nuts. "THIS IS FOR EVERY ANGRY TEEN IN AMERICA". She kicked him in the nuts three more times. As he crawled into a fetal position and began to cry, liz turned to max and winked. Zoom out-roll credits

More Kitty Tales ( and Tails)

Rodger-the-Dodger on Teen Stories

More Kitty Tales (and Tails)

Doreen was my school friend and while I was good in school, mostly, she wasn't. She didn't like school, didn't like gym class--neither did I--but I liked my other classes. I got good grades but wasn't athletic and neither Doreen nor I liked our gym clothes. They were not pretty and we HAD to wear them. I guess the boys liked them because they smiled a lot when they saw us in them but they were, well, OK but not feminine. Not at all.

Doreen and I were always trying to figure an excuse to get out of gym class, and our gym teacher was always trying to find a way to deny our excuses and not let us out of gym so we mostly went and

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mostly endured it and would get red in our faces when the boys looked at us in our stupid uniforms with the stupid cotton knickers. Doreen and I didn't wear knickers to school, except for gym class! It was our way of rebelling at it all.

But while I was good in class, Doreen was good in other things and knew more about It then I did. You know what I mean--IT!--IT!! So she mostly talked and I mostly listened and tried to learn all the secrets I hadn't learned yet--boys and things. She had a boy friend and I didn't. I knew I would but didn't know how to do that so I listened to what she said. Intently.

I knew about part of It already and did it every chance I got. To myself. You know. With my hand. It was like petting my kitty, in a way, but very different. I started out petting myself when I grew hairs there and then...some exploring and one day it was not just petting and exploring but felt really different and especially good. Great! It snuck up on me and then, well, you can probably guess the rest so why mention it. I never told anyone else but it happened every day almost and mostly at night when I went to bed and it was quiet and sometimes on the weekends in the mornings when I got to sleep late. It felt really good and I tried to make it last as long as possible. It helped put me to sleep and took my mind off things. Other things at least. I'd feel along my thighs and check my hair and pet it and part my lips and feel, get in a rhythm...and...then I'd pull up the covers and rest.

I never told Doreen and pretended to be knowledgeable but she knew better. She knew I did It. She did too but she spoke about it to me so I listened. She even put things in her. Not just her fingers but things like carrots or a cucumber. She said to let them sit in the sun and get warm and it was best that way. I was embarrassed to tell her and didn't but the next morning I tried it just like she said and ended up using both hands to work on myself. But now I knew she was smart. My expert. "And if that feels good," she said one time, "wait for the real thing.!"

"I don't even have a boyfriend or even a boy who is a friend," I said. That got us started on the subject. I needed her expert help. She said she was meeting her boyfriend at his house Saturday afternoon. "Why don't you come over and join us?" she said. "His brother will be there, too, and we can sit around and watch the telly and stuff." I wondered what kind of stuff and it was just his brother but he was a boy and maybe we could be friends and that was, at least, a start in the right direction so I agreed. I could hardly wait for Saturday. Exciting. And I got excited that night. Late at night. You know, and didn't need cucumbers or carrots. It happened so fast that night.

Then time stopped on me, or seemed to stop. Two more days to go and it was slow going. Minutes tick, ticking and the hours were very long but then it was Saturday morning and I put on one of my lightweight dresses. It had been hot weather. This time, I wore knickers. I wanted to be safe around the boy who might be a friend. I was not that sort of girl. I was very shy about this and decided I should think up an excuse for not going--like with gym class--but I couldn't' think of a good excuse except I was scared. Very scared. But how could I tell Doreen I was afraid. Afraid of what? Watching the telly? She would disown me for all time and not be my expert because she would be laughing so hard.

So I went. My legs seemed thick and I had trouble getting started. My shoes were heavy but I kept at it and soon was at her front door. Knocked, door opened and then she and I were on our way to her boyfriend's parents house. Knocked, door opened and inside went we two girls. It was a nice house, semi-detached. Not a row house. Doreen and I sat on the couch in the lounge. Her boyfriend said he would bring drinks. The house was quiet. I wondered where his parents were. "Where are his parents, Doreen?" I asked. "Spain for the week!" My face flushed. We were alone in the house with the boyfriend and his brother! That was bad. And exciting. But we wouldn't have to be nice to adults, which is always awkward. "Hi. Nice to meet you." And all that. I wondered about the boyfriend's brother and what he looked like. It was exciting. "You're wearing knickers!" Doreen said! "Why are you doing that?" My face went hot. "Why...I don't believe it. You're scared. There's nothing to be scared of. We're just watching the telly and having a drink. We can leave if you're scared." I shook my head. I was scared and did want to leave but I was scared to say it so I sat there and waited.Doreen turned on the telly.

Her boyfriend came in the lounge with drinks and some cheese and crackers. "My brother is late. He had a game. I told him all about your friend and he said he'd be here as soon as possible."

There was a cat sitting in the corner of the room. "Here kitty," I said and it walked to me and jumped on my lap. I pet it behind the ears and it began to purr. Loudly. "That's our family cat. Its name is Fluffy. Fluffy the Cat." She sure was fluffy and friendly and pushed his head into my hand again and again. "She likes you. She's that way with people she likes, girls especially. A good old friendly cat." I felt better now. Stroking the cat relaxed me...then the front door opened. It was his brother. In short pants. His legs were muscular! He had a nice smile too and I was introduced. I just sat there, stroking Fluffy..."well obviously Fluffy and you are friends," he said. "I'll be right back!" and with that my potential friend bounded up the stairs and I could hear doors opening, closing, the drawer of a dresser, opening and closing, and then he was back again with us. Still wearing shorts, a different pair and a loose fitting shirt. If this was to be my first boy friend I liked it. I mean...Him.

And thank goodness Doreen had turned on the telly. I was so nervous I didn't know if my mouth could make words. Then we all four sat on the couch, shoulder to shoulder, arm against arm and I relaxed a little and thought I was really chicken to wear knickers and kind of wished I hadn't. Nothing was going to happen. We were just going to watch some shows and then go home. I felt ashamed of myself. First chance I would take them off and be like my best friend Doreen but didn't know how I could ever do that until much later. Oh well! Who's to know anyway. Right? Right.

There were some good shows. Any show would do as long as I didn't have to talk. I don't know how long we sat there but I stared straight ahead at the screen. That's when Doreen did it. She kissed her boyfriend. Not just a peck but a long kiss. I didn't see her do it, mind. I could feel the couch moving and hear the clothing moving and hear them kissing and squeezing. In fact, I could see their shadows in the TV screen. It was like they were on the telly, in moving shadows. Then his brother put his arm on the back of the couch, right behind my neck. I could feel the warmth of his arm.

Fluffy jumped on my lap and settled in. I started petting her again and so did her brother! We were almost holding hands--touching hands-- and petting the kitty. I looked at him and he kissed me. And put his hand on my arm which was very busy with the kitty just then. "You're pretty," he said and kept kissing me. Then his arm was around my shoulder and I was under my covers "petting my kitty" and dreaming of pretty soft things making my face hot. There were three hands all over me. My own hand and his two and my other hand petting the kitty on my lap, petting under the covers, purring loudly and pushing into my hand, adjusting itself on my lap but there was too much movement and the kitty jumped down on the floor.

I took a breath and looked over on the couch. Doreen wasn't kissing any more and wasn't on the couch. She had his Thing in her mouth. His head was back and she was licking him. Holding it up to her mouth and licking! And I had both his arms around me, feeling along my shoulders and the outside of my dress, down my legs to the hem and further down. His hand was hot on my bare legs. I was glad for my knickers. A little protection from his hand. I thought I needed an excuse to leave and started thinking up a good one. I had to be home for dinner. I had to meet my sister. His hand was under my dress and warm between my legs. I looked over again and Doreen was on her boyfriend's lap. Sitting on him and straddling his legs. I knew she was naked underneath and seeing her was exciting. I felt a hand petting me, making me hot. I pushed his hand away but the hand pushed back and his fingers felt the edges of my knickers. I pushed again and...again and squeezed on the hand. The fingers were under my knickers and moving against my skin. Pushing them aside. It was cool.

I felt trapped and pushed at the hand and looked for help from Doreen but she was busy hugging her boyfriend. I wasn't sure I wanted to do this. Her dress covered both of them at their waists but I could imagine carrots and cucumbers and John Thomas and Rogering and she was lifting up and down at his waist. She opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. I knew I couldn't leave. She was out of breath and eager and intent and her eyes were glazed. Her tongue came out a little between her lips and then went back into her mouth. Her boyfriend's hands were under the dress, around her waist, holding her into him. I couldn't push away the hand under my dress. It felt good there. It was just like my own hand after all so what difference did it make. I did it to myself. He was doing the...s..same thing. It was okay...I calmed down and pushed a little against him but somehow it wasn't a push now, I was feeling him feeling me. Making me really dreamy and I took a deep breath and left my hands on top of his and was under my covers, opening my legs a little.

The scene held me as I was being held and his fingers were slippery on me. And slipping into me. He had pushed aside my knickers and I was naked for him. I liked it and was ashamed of how good it felt and that I shouldn't let him know it. I was resting, under the covers, petting my fanny, stroking, breathing hard. I wondered if the front door was locked. Whether his parents were really in Spain and what they were doing there just now. Maybe the same as us. I looked over at the telly and Fluffy looked back. Wondering at all of us and all the movement and why we weren't just still. She licked herself and I felt my legs spread and I pushed at his hand but he was at work on me, working me up. I didn't push real hard. I wanted the feeling. Not the one I often gave myself, or the cucumber feeling. I wanted the feeling He would give me; what His fingers were bringing to my body and I had to open my legs more and I felt it was coming. I was scared and not scared. Frightened by all these things but not frightened. Wanting these feelings...not what my hand brought...the feelings from a boy's hand, fingering me and I pushed at his hand, or grabbed rather, I didn't want his hand to leave me or stop its movements and lifted my body to his touching. I needed his beautiful hand to know it belonged in me. That my body loved the stroking. It was in a wild rhythm and now I was holding the rhythm on me. I didn't care what he thought. I wanted the great feeling. I was reaching for it. Desparate. Stroking his wrist as it was stroking and stroking and stroking me. Looking at Doreen. She was staring at me and smiling, still straddling her boyfriend, just staring at me. I couldn't smile or stare. My eyes glazed and I lost control and held my breath and moved on the delicious rhythms at my waist and exhaled and squeezed my legs on his fingers to make him stop. Please stop now. He had to stop and let me rest. Let me pull up my covers and rest.

I think back on that afternoon. About the boyfriend and the feelings. I remember the feelings but I don't remember his name. A hand and fingers and feelings. How could I forget but no name. Just Fluffy, licking herself, looking at all of us. I didn't wear kickers the next time I went to see him. Why bother?

Lucky Stone pt 8

bakerman on Teen Stories

My cock finally slipped from Moms recently ravaged rectum and standing up I could see a trail of cum leaking from her arse and sliding down her leg. Leaning over to pick up my shorts I slapped her hard on the arse again and told her to pick up what was left of her dress and go into her bedroom.

“You wouldn’t want Dad or Sue

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anguage: en-us">to see you lying there like that.”

Mom got on all fours and grabbed the ripped remains of her sun dress and thong and crawled off to her room. As her naked arse disappeared into her bedroom I reminded her that from now on it’s what I want, when I want it.

Waiting till her door closed I grabbed the camera and rewound the tape. I got the cable from the camera bag and connected the camera to the TV in my bedroom and checked out the quality of the recording. I watched it for several minutes, and then satisfied that the sound and vision were OK I again rewound the tape and lay back on the bed thinking of what I should do with it.

I noticed a folder on the table. The type you find in every hotel room, filled with flyers and brochures, for all the local tourist traps. Flicking through I discovered the hotel had a film processing shop and that they could transfer your pictures or films onto disk so I grabbed the tape and headed out to the store.

I arrived just as Mr Muscles from the gym was leaving and he pushed past me as if was a bug to be swatted. I talked the guy behind the counter, who was about my age, about copying the tape and what problem he was having with gym guy.

“He wants some posters of himself done for the gym but he never paid for the last lot so I’m not doing them. I wish I had some way of cutting him down a notch or two.”

I told him I might have what he was after if he could do me a few copies of the tape. He agreed and told me to come back in the morning.

Wandering around the resort I spotted Dad in a café having coffee with a rather attractive, big breasted blonde. To most people in the café this looked like a casual meeting but with the camera’s zoom function I could see Dad’s other hand under the table massaging her mound through her bikini briefs.

The rest of the day I did all the tourist things and that night everyone just hung out in our hotel room. The next day was our trip to the reef but once we arrived at the reef Mom announced she didn’t feel well from the boat ride and was going to lay down while the rest of us hopped in the inflatable boat and headed for the dive area. I knew that what she really had was the hot's for the ships black captain and with us out of the way could get herself a good fucking. Following a day of sun and sea we all arrived back at our room and everyone just crashed.

Sue had been annoying me more than usual yesterday and this morning headed off early to the beach. Dad left to play some golf but I had an idea as to what holes he was hoping to play. I went to the camera store but the young guy wasn’t there and the lady behind the counter told me he should be in about . I went back to my room to get my swimmers and towel and thought I’d head on to the beach and catch up with Sue .

Back at the room I gathered my stuff and as I left through the main room I saw Mom on the balcony. She was wearing a very small bikini and was rubbing sun block on her breasts. I stood and watched her as her greasy hand snaked its way to her upper thighs massaging in the cream. My cock gave a twitch and started to rise and dropping my gear I thought “what I want, when I want it”.

I pulled my hardening cock from my shorts and walking quietly up to her announced “how about taking care of this?” She nearly jumped off the deck chair with surprise and turning to me said that her pussy was still sore from the fucking the other day.

“Sure it’s not from fucking that black guy yesterday while we were off diving?” I said

“How did you know” she replied.

“Because you’re cock happy and from the moment we got on the boat I could tell you wanted him.” I told her.

I moved towards her holding my stiff cock in one hand and as she opened her mouth to object I grabbed her hair and pushed her head onto my cock. Once in her mouth her tongue took over swirling around my cock as she sucked more in. With my hand behind her head I began to fuck her face.

While setting up a rocking motion with my hips that drove my cock down her throat I reached for her breast and began massaging the tit through the bikini top, pulling the material aside then pinching her stiffing nipple.

Mom’s hand gripped my cock, her head bobbed to meet every push from my hips. Faster she jerked my cock taking it from her mouth and licking the head as the pressure built in my balls. Finally she relaxed her hold and I painted a line of cum across her face. Her tongue lapped at my cock as it pulsed with cum Mom worked her hand up and down the length of my cock milking every last drop and greedily swallowing it before falling back to lay on the lounge.

As I placed my cock back in my shorts I leant over and grabbed Mom’s cunt through her bikini bottoms squeezing it firmly as I reminded her that it is mine when I want it. She nodded her head as she wiped cum from her face and licked her hand. She reached out and gripped my wrist pushing my hand more firmly into her crotch and smiling at me as she closed her eyes.

I walked past the photo shop but the guy wasn’t there so I went to the games room to shoot some pool. After a while I glanced at the clock and it was now so I went once more to the photo shop, my mind filled with thoughts of what to do once I had the disks.

The assistant, Phil, was there waiting for me and apologized for being late but then told me he had some pictures I may like. He handed me the original tape as well as three copies burnt to disk. Giving me another disk he told me it contained some candid pictures of a couple of guests he spotted at the secluded cove on the other side of the island.

Finally he said that he had watched the start of the tape and burnt himself a copy and hoped I didn’t mind but working here limited his chances for any action. I thanked him and paid for the copies, tucking them in the pocket of my bag before heading to the marina for some lunch.

Looking at the café’s on the waterfront I spotted Maurice having coffee and cake while reading the paper. I approached him and once again I thanked him for flying us here and looking after us at the resort. He asked me to join him and while we talked I could feel the stone warming my chest. I was trying to think what it meant when I moved my foot and hit my bag and I heard the disks click. Thinking should I give him one the stone warmed further so I knew it was the right thing to do.

“Maurice, I know you collect movies starring a particular performer and I also know she hasn’t made a professional movie for awhile but I have this disk of her most recent performance and I’d like you to have it as my way of saying thanks.”

Maurice was a little surprised and took the disk slipping into his jacket.

“I’ll take this in the spirit in which it was given and I won’t ask any questions about how you got it.”

I left him to his coffee and headed for the beach. I met Dad and from the quick look I had it appeared he had been slapped on the face recently and the redness was only just fading. Maybe he needed the stone for some luck. We walked along the beach looking for Sue but there were too many people about to see her.

“She may be down the far end” I said “She likes to sunbathe topless to get an even tan.”

“That’s good thinking lets take a stroll and see what we find.” replied Dad.

The path took us away from the resort area and the crowds and then Dad spotted some people lying on the sand and began to walk towards them. I followed but quickly saw that neither of the two people were Sue , but they were women who appeared to be topless.

Dads up front salesman manner came out and he just walked up and introduced both of us to the women and began asking about the surf conditions. Then he asked had they seen anyone else around who may be Sue . I just stood to one side trying not to stare at these nearly naked ladies

The older of the women, whose name was Kath, rolled to one side to look at Dad and in the process exposed her left breast. Dad continued talking as if it was nothing out of the ordinary and even sat down next to Kath to talk about their holidays so far. Kath then introduced her companion as her daughter Kim. Kim looked to be about Sue ’s age and smiled at me as she shielded her eyes from the sun. Taking Dad’s lead I sat next to her and talked about teenage things like bands and movies.

Kim then reached into her beach bag and pulling a tube of sun tan cream told me to make myself useful. I applied the cream to my hands and began to massage it into her back working from her neck and shoulders to the top of her bikini briefs. Reaching around Kim pulled the briefs into her arse crack and then told me to make sure to put some on her cheeks so she wouldn’t be too burned to sit down. I obliged by kneading the two halves of her arse like two balls of bread dough. Kath looked across and seeing what I was doing told Dad that was a good idea if he wanted to rub her up.

Dad didn’t need a second invitation and was soon applying lotion to Kath’s back and arse. He knelt over her arse and rubbed with long strokes from her arse to her neck leaning forward till his crotch was spooned in her crack. Kim then flipped over onto her back revealing a nice set of smallish boobs. She had obviously been tanning for a while as there were no tan lines and her nipples blended into the golden brown of her breasts. I put more cream on my hands and was just about to get a hold of her tits when Kath told Dad to swap as she wanted a young stud putting the squeeze on her hooters.

Dad was eager to swap places for a chance to grab some young firm breasts. Kath had also flipped onto her back so I went to work and her boobs. They were largish without being droopy and had big brown nipples that were even now standing to attention as I worked the lotion into the skin. Kath’s eyes were closed and she was moaning softly to herself, then I felt her hand snake its way up the leg of my board shorts and rub against my stiffening cock.

“How about we take this indoors before we get sand where it might itch later” said Kim.

I stopped rubbing and looked at Dad, but he just had a grin on his face, and when Kath agreed we all stood and picked up our gear and headed to a cabin set in the palm trees just beyond the sand. Kim took my hand and ran ahead leaving Dad with Kath. As soon as we entered the cabin Kim just dropped everything, she then flipped the switches that started the ceiling fan and turned on the CD player. The music had a synth pop beat and Kim wrapped her arms around my neck and swayed to the music.

“These guys are called Neuropa and they’ve been playing at the bar at this end of the island all week. You should come and check them out with me.”

Kim forced her leg between mine and was humping my thigh to the beat. I ran my hands from her back to her behind pulling her harder against my leg. She pushed her breasts into my chest and rocked from side to side. I glanced across at Dad and saw Kath already on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Kim reached between us and ran her hand along my stiff cock.

“Is it like father, like son?” Kim asked.

She slid down my body pulling my shorts off in the same motion. My cock sprang to attention and Kim was on it like a seagull on a chip. Her tongue licked at the tip then her mouth opened to take it in, her hands squeezing the shaft and massaging the balls. Kim hummed along to the tunes from the CD as her head bobbed up and down the each time taking more of my cock into her throat until her nose was in my pubic hair and my cock had disappeared. Kim pulled completely off my cock and gave it several jerks sliding her hand from the base to the tip. She rolled her thumb over the head spreading saliva and making it good and slick.

Off from the other side of the room I could hear Kath grunting and groaning as she sat astride Dads cock and bounced with a steady rhythm. She called to Kim for us to come over.

“Before you drain that boy I want to try a fantasy of mine, honey”

Dad was laying flat on the floor and Kath had straddled his cock and was leaning full forward with her arse sticking out.

“Come on sonny I want two men at once and I ‘m giving you the chance to be the first to fuck my butt so come on and enjoy it.”

I positioned myself behind her, making sure not to step on anyone, spread her cheeks revealing a brown butt hole. It was then that Kim reached over and gripped my cock placing her thumb over the head. Moving forward she pressed my cock against her mothers arse and applying slight pressure to my cock head popped it into her mother’s back door. As I inched forward Dad began to withdraw from her cunt. I could feel the movement of his cock. By now I was nearly fully in and Kath began oohing and ahhing with every move. When I started to pull back for the next stroke Dad pushed his cock back in. After several strokes we had a steady rocking motion and Kath was gasping for breath between each scream of ecstasy.

Not wanting to finish too quickly I finally pulled out of her arse and she rolled off Dads cock. Kim moved in kneeling on the floor and began licking her mother’s juices from Dads cock. I moved behind her and my cock slipped straight into her already slippery cunt. She grunted as I plowed her pussy from behind and continued to deep throat Dad. Kath, having regained her breath, squatted over Dads face and lowered her cunt for a good licking.

From my position behind Kim I had an amazing view of four people getting their sexual fulfillment. I was pounding Kim with deep strokes as her head bobbed up and down on Dads cock, Dad had his hands under Kath holding her cunt in position as his tongue drove deep into her slit.

Kath then called for a change of partners and lay back on the lounge. I moved from Kim and lay on top of Kath my cock sliding fully in on the first stroke. Kath wrapped her legs around me forcing me deeper into her. Dad sat on the lounge opposite and Kim sat over him facing towards us so I was able to see his cock slip into her pussy. I banged away at Kath changing the speed and direction of each stroke to make maximum contact and the look on her face told me I was doing the right thing. Her eyes had closed and her top lip had curled back to reveal her clenched teeth. As I completed each stroke she grunted louder, her ands were all over my back, her ragged breathing and the arching of her back made me realize she was close to an orgasm.

Redoubling my efforts I felt her body spasm as her screams came quicker and not being able to hold on I emptied my balls into her steaming cunt. I felt two or three long squirts and each time she bit into my shoulder to suppress the screams of passion. Kath was nearly crushing me so tightly were her arms and legs wrapped around me. Finally her hold released and I sank face down into her bosom as she patted my head.

Kim, meanwhile, was bouncing on Dad and he thrust his hips from the lounge to make sure each stroke went deep. Her hands had reached down and were squeezing and pulling at his balls as he continued to slam away. His hands were wrapped around her chest and he had a good grip on each little tittie as they bounced with the motion.

Kim was shouting as loud as her mother and she must have felt Dad tense because she raised herself up enough for Dads cock to pop out and his cum to squirt across her belly and down into her trimmed pubic hair. Kim rang her fingers through the dripping cum and took them to her mouth so suck them dry. She rolled to the floor totally spent and it was several minutes before anyone spoke and then it was Kath who wanted to know what we wanted to try for the rest of the afternoon. The three of us just laughed barely able to move ourselves to do anything.       


























































The Young Virgin

ActiveCock on Teen Stories


Before starting the story, I had better tell you something about myself.   I am a white male, 58 years young, 5”11” tall and weigh 205 lbs.   I have dark brown hair with hardly any grey hairs, green eyes and nicely tanned brown all over.   I have an exceptional figure for my age, nice chest flat stomach and nice strong legs.   My biggest attribute to fame however is my 11-inch cock This incident happened about six months ago.   Many people will not believe it because I could not believe it either.    Things like this happened only in stories or fantasies.   Nevertheless, believe me it did happen and the result was the best

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weekend of sex, sex, and more sex I have ever had.   That says a lot seeing that I am 58 years old, married for 33 years and have three children.   Sex is not something strange to me.   I had miles and miles of cunt through my 11-inch cock.

The whole thing started when my wife visited my daughter for the weekend and my other two sons was away for the weekend playing football for their school.   All of them left the Friday about noon and would only be back on the Sunday af-ternoon.

I have foreseen a drab weekend ahead of me where I had only my hand as a partner for some pleasure.   What a substitute for pussy.   For the rest I suppose I could go and play golf.   In end however I did not do any of the before mentioned activities.   Why?   You will find out if you read on.

I have taken out my porno magazines, Hustler Knave etc. and put them down on the table next to the sofa.   I have just taken off all of my cloths, lay down on the sofa and started playing with my cock when the phone started ringing.

Oh fuck, whom wants to speak to me know.   It will definitely not be a girl who wants to fuck.   I just do not hope it is somebody who wants to play golf.   I am not in the mood for golf as I have already started getting randy and have a huge hard-on.   I want to play with my cock and wank myself to a nice orgasm

It was Jokie, one of my youngest son’s girlfriends.   She wanted to invite me to a party.   The end of the story was that the party would take place at my home with only the two of us.   I have to supply all the drinks.

I just knew that I was going to fuck her tonight.   Oh boy, she wants only one thing and that is cock.   Why else would a young girl visit an old man of 58 who could be her father?    If not my son’s, then his fathers cock would just be as good .   Seeing that I know my son is one of the boys that have fucked many girls in his school, even in his room in our house.   That was the reason she wants to party with him alone.   However, let her come, I am ready for her and so is my cock.

I decided to leave the magazines just where they are, go, take a bottle of brandy, vodka and some mix, and put it on the table next to the magazines.   I had no choice but to wait for four thirty and you can believe me it was a long wait.   All I had to do was reading the magazines and you can believe me they make me as randy as hell.   I had to use all my willpower not to wank myself to a standstill.

At about 3:15 I decided I had better put on some clothes.   Surely, I could not receive a girl I hardly know in the nude. She might get frightened and ran away when she see my 11” cock.   Not that putting on clothes made any difference.   My cock was still very hard and it was clearly visible, as I was not wearing under-pants.   You could clearly see that I had a tremendous hard-on.

The front door bell rings at exactly half past three .   As I opened the door, I almost swallow my tongue.   In front of me was the most beautiful girl, fifteen years old, about 5’7’’, about 135 lbs and dressed in the smallest of tops and the smallest and tightest of hot pants.   The small top barely covers her 36C tits and I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra.   Her nipples were standing erect and were clearly visible through the material of her top.   Her hot pants were so short and tight that her cunt lips were almost visible.

Believe me, it was a sight that would even give a marble statue a hard-on.   The girl with the perfect athletic figure, long blond hair that reaches to her middle, the bluest of blue eyes and the long tanned legs that are just going and going without end until it reaches up to her pussy.

If my cock had any thoughts of going to rest, it was drastically changed and it became even harder than before.   She must have seen it because she gave the nicest of smiles and ask me if I am not going to invite her in.   I invited her in and ask her to go through to the living room.

I almost came in my pants as I was walking behind her to the living room.   I could not wait any longer and when we entered the living room, I placed my hands around her middle from behind and pull her closer to me.   She stopped immediately and presses her back tight against me while I pushed my raging hard-on against her butt and found that it was nicely lodge between her buttocks.

“Oh, fuck Jokie, I cannot wait any longer,” I said as I place both my hands on her breasts.

She pressed her head against my chest, turn her face towards me and said,” Kiss me Hendrik.”

I lower my head and slowly press my lips softly against hers; I press my tongue against her lips and slowly move it across her lips.   After a while, she opened her mouth and presses her tongue inside my mouth.   Oh my God, I have never been kissed like this before.   I am not aware of anything except the warm, young body pressing against my body and cock and the tongue invading my mouth.   I pressed my cock even harder against her butt and could feel that she was pressing back while moving het butt slowly up and down against my cock.

I move my hands slowly under her top and take both her bare breasts in my hands.   I move my hands slowly over them, eventually took both her nipples between my fingers, and slowly and softly roll them between my fingers.   She moaned and I could feel her pressing her breasts harder against my hands.   I took het top and slowly pulled it off over her head that leaves the top part of her body completely bare.   After I removed her top, she turned around facing me and I got my first view of her magnificent bare breasts.   Oh, my God I have not seen anything nicer in my life.   The perfectly rounded stiff breasts with the nipples standing to attention and beg me to please come and play with them 

She took her breasts between her hands and while slowly moving her hands over them ask me, “Do you like them Hendrik.   They are my pride and joy and not bad for a girl of fifteen hey.”

“They are the most beautiful I have ever seen and I am so glad that they are mine tonight,” I said, “but lets not waste any more time I want to see the rest of you as well.”

“No I first want to take off your shirt and rub my hot breasts against your hairy chest.” She said and pull my T-shirt completely off over my head.   She then putts her arms around me and starts to kiss me again whilst rubbing her bare breasts from side to side against my hairy chest causing the nipples to became even harder.   I could feel them rubbing against my chest causing my cock to become even harder.

I move my lips slowly down her face over her neck until I reach her magnificent tits.   I first take the one nipple in my mouth and suck it softly and then I move to the other one and after a while back to the first one again.   Continuously sucking her nipples.   While kissing her breasts I moved my hands slowly down her body to her pants and when reaching it I began to slowly pull it down.

As I was pulling her pants down, I also move my lips down her body.   Slowly across her stomach, licking it with my tongue, down to her belly button where I spent a few moments moving my tongue in and around.   I could hear her breathing faster and she starts to moan softly.   As her pants reach her feet, my lips reach her pubic area and could I see her short blond pubic hairs and feel it with my lips.   Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed into an arrow pointing straight down to her treasure chest.   It was still very sparse and there was no way it could cover her full red cuntlips, wet with her juices, that was begging me to put my lips to them and kiss her to an orgasm.   By this time, she was really breathing heavy and I could feel her pushing her hips forward trying to push her cunt against my lips.

When reaching the junction between het legs, she opens them wide allowing my mouth and lips full access to her cunt.   When I place my lips over het cunt taken her whole cunt in my mouth she takes a deep breath and said, “Yesssss. Oh Yessss, eat my cunt.   No man has ever eaten my cunt.   Ohhh pleaseeeeee eat her.   Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, please do not stop!”

With that, she places her hands on the back of my head and while pressing my face against her cunt she presses her hips forward forcing my lips and mouth against her wet cunt.   Oh my God! It feels so good.   The young teen cunt under my lips all wet and ready.   I start to lick her cunt from her ass right to her clit.   She presses my head even harder against het cunt moaning, “Oh Fuck I am dying.   I did not know anything could be so good.”

I could feel her whole body begins to tense up in anticipation of the approaching orgasm.   I take her whole pussy into my mouth again and press my tongue as deep as possible in her love hole.   I start to fuck her with my tongue.   Pushing him in as deep as possible and pulling him out softly licking over her clit.   In out in …………….    Her whole body starts to move in sinchronisation with my tongue and she starts to moan louder and louder.   I move my mouth from her cunt, take her pronounced clit softly between my lips, and move my tongue slowly over her clit while softly biting it with my teeth.   That was all she needs to push her over the edge and her whole body started shaking while she shouts: "I’m commiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggggggg! Oh, fuck, it is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   Eat my cunt. Oh yes eat her!   Oooooooooo!   Oooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Her orgasm was so intense that her legs collapsed and she lowered her body to the floor.   She then took my face, pulls it towards her lips, and started to kiss my lips that were wet from her love juices that also covered my whole face.   She then proceeds to lick all her juices from my face.   Shit, she really knows how to please her lover. 

After recovering her breath she said, “Stand up so that I can take off your pants.   I want to see your monster.   It must be really something judging from what I was ably to make out through your pants and feel against my body.”


I stood up and while kneeling down she started to pull my pants down.   Because of the agitated condition of my cock, my pants did not want to come off and she had to pull the elastic over my cock head.   As the pants clear my cock head she gasps, “My God what the hell is this?”   After pulling my pants off my cock she said,” Shit do you really fuck people with this?   How big is it?”

She did not wait for an answer but took it immediately in both her hands and slowly rub him up and down from the head down to my balls.   She then opened her mouth, bent forward and took my cock head into her mouth.

“You have to be careful, “I said.   “I am now so hot that I wouldn’t need much for to come in your mouth and then we will have to wait a long time before I will be able to fuck you properly.”

She took my cock out of her mouth and said,” It does not matter.   I want you to come in my mouth.   I want to feel your cock spurting in my mouth and taste your come."

She then took my cock again in her mouth and began to suck him in earnest.   She had initially some problems in getting my cock in her mouth.   She managed however, to work him deeper and deeper into her mouth until I eventually feel the head pushes against her throat and she started to gag.   She pulled her head back again, until only my cock head was in her mouth and play with her tongue around my head.   Then back into her throat again and out…..Every time she pushed it in her mouth it goes in deeper until I eventually feel my cockhead inside her throat and was she deepthroating me.   When she pulled it out again and plays with her tongue around his head, it was all I needed.   I could feel the pressure built up in my balls and I start to shoot deep in her throat. 

“Oh, my God it is soooooo nice!   Suck my cock you bitch! Suck it and eat my come! Aaaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaa!” I shouted as I was beginning to empty my balls while pressing all of my 11 inches in her mouth.   

After the second spurt, she moves her head back until my head was at her lips.   She opened her mouth so that I could see my cock spurting in her mouth.   When I stopped shooting, she closes her lips around my cock and sucks all my come out of my cock.   Believe me, she did not waste or spilled a drop.

My orgasm was so intense that my legs started to buckle and I had to sit down in front of her.   She bent forward and as we started kissing, she pushes my come that was still in her mouth into my mouth.   I have to say that was the first time I tasted my come like this and it tasted fucking good.

“Oh my God Hendrik this was fucking marvelous.   I want to keep on sucking your cock and drinking your come.   By thy way, I can now tell you that I was planning this weekend.   I know that Flip and your wife would be away for the weekend and that you will be all by yourself.   My friend, Annette, and I tried now for a long, long time to arrange something to get you for ourselves. She first noticed your huge cock at one of our athletics meetings last year.   You had a semi hard-on and it was clearly visible through your pants.   I planned this weekend with the sole purpose of you fucking me.”

“Such an old man as I?” 

“You might be old in years but you still have the body of a much younger man, no pot-belly and no pleats.   You still look like a man of 30 years.” 

“I am an old man yes.   I have just come and will have to wait for another hour or more before I will be ready again to fuck you,” I said, “If I was still a young man of 20 I would be able fuck you again in 5 minutes.” 

“I do not mind to wait a couple of hours.   You have such a nice plaything that will keep me busy.   I have not had enough time to really appreciate and inspect such a nice cock and this my first one ever.   We have enough time ahead of us to fuck as I will keep you company for the whole weekend.   No need to be in a hurry.   We also have to take it slow as Annette wants to join us on Saturday.   Do you mind?”

Who am I to object to the company of two young randy girls who want cock?

“Yes it is OK, provided I have enough energy left on Saturday.   Is my cock really the first one you were able to touch and feel and taste?   I did not think that you are still a virgin.”

“Yes I am still a virgin.   The only experience of sex I had was with Annette.   We always play with each others pussies and fingerfuck each other to multiple orgasms.”

“Oh my this is going to be the best weekend of my life.    To take a girl’s cherry is something I always wanted to do.   Even my wife was not a virgin when got married.   Can I tell you a secret as well?   This is the first time I am cheating on my wife.   The only sex I ever had with other woman was before my marriage and none of them was virgins.   But lets not waste anymore time.   Come here and let me eat your pussy.   I have 33 years to make up in one weekend.   I am going to make you come so many times that you will beg me to stop.   Come, take my cock, play with him, suck him, and see how soon you can give me a hard-on again so that I can fuck your cunt for real.    I cannot wait any longer to fuck you and make you a real woman with my cock.” 

  I made her lie down on the carpet and lie myself down next to her with my face at her pussy and my cock next to her face.   Although I have eaten her pussy before I was in such frenzy that I hardly had a good look at it.   I only noticed now how nice looking it was.   Clean shaven except the small arrow of blond hair pointing towards her centre.   The lips swollen, red, and wet.   I used my hands to pull her lips apart and then only did I see how small her fuckhole was.   This was going to be a real tight fuck for my 2,5” diameter cock.   I pushed my finger into her fuckhole and lower my mouth down to her clit and started to move him slowly over her clit while moving my finger in an out of her cunt.   

It was not very long before I feel her whole body starting to shake.   I could I hear her moaning, “Ohhhh Yesssssssss Fuck my cunt with your finger and tongue.   Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Yesssssssssssssss, Yesssssssssssssss I am cominngggggggg!”

I have eaten her pussy and she must have orgasm four or five times, who counts anyway.   In the meantime she has suck my cock and play with my balls whilst saying, “Oh you nice fucking thing, you are going to fuck me lots of times this weekend.”

With treatment like this there was no way that, I could not get into the mood again.   After an hour, or maybe two, who counts anyway, I could feel my cock rising to the occasion again and was she saying, “Ahh. Life again in your tool hey.   Looks to me as if he is the mood again to fuck me.”

She then took my cock in her mouth and I could feel him growing in her mouth until he was completely stiff again.

“I am going to fuck you now for real my girl and I am going to fuck you on the table in my bedroom in front of the mirror so that I can watch my cock entering your lovely cunt.   Do not think that it will be a quick fuck because I am going to take a long, long time to reach another orgasm.”

With this, I pick her up and carry her to the table in my bedroom.   The table was standing in front of a wall-to-wall mirror where I can watch us in detail fucking.   I put her down on my bed and first throw a blanket over the table.   I picked her up and put her down on the table in such a position so that her cunt was clearly visible from the mirror.

“Oh my god that is going to be nice,” she said, “My first fuck from a real cock and being able to watch it.   Oh, yes I cannot wait any longer. Please put your big cock into my wet cunt, pleasseee!”

The other reason why I have chosen the table is that when a woman lies on it het cunt is properly lined up with my cock when standing next to the table.   My wife and I had many fucking sessions on this same table.   As she was lying down on the table she lifts her legs, opens them and say,” Bring your hard cock and put him into my wet and ready cunt.”

“Stop talking your bitch and let us fuck.” I said while taking my aching cock in my hand and moving him slowly towards her waiting cunt.   As my cock was moving towards her cunt, I noticed her watching it in the mirror.   I pushed the head of my cock against her cunt and slowly move the head up and down on her slit, from her ass up to het clit whilst saying, “Here she is my cock, taste and feel her before entering.”

Her cunt was so wet that her juices were virtually dripping out of it.   I begin to slowly move my cock into her tight teen pussy. Oh shit her cunt is so tight that I wondered if my big cock will gain entrance.   She feels like a real young virgin, which never had a cock in her pussy.   Which I suppose was the case.   A finger after all is not a cock.

“Your cunt is so fucking nice and tight,” I said as I slowly pushed my cockhead against the entrance to her wet and ready cunt.   There was an initial resistance until I fell my cockhead slip slowly into her cunt.

“Ohhhh myyyyyyyyyyy” she moaned as my cock forced her cunt open.   It was a tremendous feeling. The tight wet cunt around my cockhead.   I have never experienced anything like this.   It was fantastic.

“Does it hurt,” I asked while waiting for her answer.

“Yes but not too much,” she said while moving her belly slightly down so that my cockhead pulls back a little bit.   “It feels as it if is going to tear my pussy.   However, it is also so fucking nice. I want to feel of him in my pussy.” She said while trying to move my cock deeper into her pussy.

I started to slowly pushed my cock deeper into her cunt.   I watch my cock slowly going deeper and deeper into her cunt and she even opened her legs wider to give us a better sight.   Oh my God, it is a fantastic feeling to watch my cock force open her tight cunt while slowly disappearing into her depths.   I did not penetrate very deep before I feel her hymen block any progress.

She was moaning softly and keep on saying, “Deeper, oh fuck yesss deeper.   Please fuck me good with the massive pole of yours.   I want to feel your balls against my ass.   Please fuck me so that I know I was been fuck.   Oh myyyyyyyyyyy. It is so fucking nice.”

When feeling her blockage I said to her, “I have to take your cherry now.   It is going to hurt, are you ready for it?”

“Yessssss oh Yesssssssss make me a woman.   Make me yours I want to be a woman.   Please take my cherry.   It is all yours.”

I put my hands on her ankles and opened her legs as wide as possible while simultaneously forced my cock into her cunt.   For a while I thought I was not going to break her cherry but after about two to three seconds I feel it tear and force I another three inches into her cunt.

“Owwwwwwwwwww, it hurts,” She shouts.   “Please stop!”

I stopped immediately and ask her, “Are you OK.   Do you want me to stop?”   I was also unsure what to do as it was my first cherry I have taken.

“No, do not stop.   Just give me a few seconds to recover.    I still want your cock deep in my pussy. I am now your woman you know.”

I could see that she was nearing another orgasm and told her, “Place your hands down at your cunt and play with your clit and my cock.”

As she moves her hands down, I really started to fuck her in earnest.   I push my cock in until my balls slapped against her ass and then pull out until only my head was in her cunt.   I watch her one hand playing with her clit and the fingers of the other hand softly rubbing my cock as it piston in and out of her cunt.

She only played about one minute with her clip before I feel her cunt clasping around my cock and her whole body start to shake.

Oeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck, can it be so nice.   Fuck me aster and deeper, I am cominnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg.   Yesssssssssssssss, Oh my God your cock is so magnificent, I want him in my cunt forever, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I had difficulty preventing her from falling of the table or shaking my cock out of her cunt.   I was however not giving her any rest and really started to fuck her like a maniac.   I carry on pistoning my cock in and out with little circular movements and the occasional extra deep penetration that I keep deep in her cunt for about 5 to 10 seconds with little circular movements.   I could feel my cock pressing against her cervix.   Oh, my it was so fucking hot and awesome.   It was the best fuck I have ever had.   The sweat is pouring of me from exertion but I keep up my pace.   You can believe me she knows she is being fukced.

I did not count how many times she orgasm, but it was not less than 4 times before I feel the telltale built up in my cock and know that my own orgasm is fast approaching and that I am going to cum deep, deep in her cunt.   Thinking about it increase my pleasure even more and say I, “I am going to come now deep in your cunt.   I want to spray my come deep in your lovely, hot cunt.”

“Oh fuck Hendrik fuck me with your big cock.   I cannot take it anymore; I am feeling as if I am going to die.   Yesssssss, I want to feel your hot seed deep in my cunt.   Fuck me harder. Fuck me, oh God fuck meeeeeeeee!”

When shouting she once again clamped her cunt tight around my cock ant this increase in pressure as well as her hand stroking my cock was enough to push me over the edge and orgasm I with a tremendous feeling and couldn’t I help to shout my joy, “Here is my seed your nice cunt, feel it inside you and feel it deep inside you.   Feel my cock spurting my live giving seed in you.   Feel it spurt in your cunt.   Oooooooooo, fuck, it is sooooooooooooooooo nice, Oooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooooooo!"

At the same time she also shouted; "I feel you cummming! Sooooooooooooooooo,    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I am cumminnnnnnnnngggggggg, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

My legs had no more power to hold me and I bent forward until I lay on top of her.   She put her arms around me; kiss me and moving her hands over my back.

“Thank you darling this was tremendous.   Much, much better than what I expected,” she said.   “I do not know what I am going to do now because you have introduced me to the pleasures of the flesh and I want your cock in me all the time.”

She pushed me off her, turned around and starts to suck my cock and balls clean while I lick all my come out of her cunt.

I have no more energy left and told her that we must now go and find something to eat and go to bed and sleep so that I can recuperate before Saturday morning.   Let me tell you it was quite arousing watching a beautiful young naked girl of 15 years preparing something to eat.   If I were any younger, I would have fucked her right there in the Kitchen.   I was however standing behind her and playing the whole time with her beautiful breasts.

Saturday?   Well that is another story I will tell you later all about.   Two girls of 15!!!!!!!!! 

Linda's Cherry is Popped!

MichieMS on Teen Stories

I'm writing this story as "Linda" ... hope you enjoy it !

"When I was 15 years old I started to realize changes in my body ... pubic hair and my titties beginning to develop.  I knew my dad must have dirty magazines and I started sneaking around to find out.  I was right!  He had a book about sex that showed the "art of lovemaking" complete with pencil drawings."

I'd lay on my floor of my room naked, the door locked, rubbing my pussy lips and watching how I looked in the mirror as my hips went up and down.  I always wondered what it would be like to have a boy touch me. 

I was 5'3" and weighed about 117 lbs.  I had dark hair and eyes with fair skin.  I never did more than kiss a boy not even using tongues.  Th

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en came John.  John made me want to be touched and want to feel a boy.  John was 17 and I loved the way he made me feel.  Fully clothed as he sat on me while I lay on his bed.  Pretending to hump me and telling me "it won't hurt much".  He was the first boy to feel my titties under my bra and to rub me between my legs. 

I would go home after spending time with him dying to rub myself until I couldnt take it anymore. 

I guess all this foreplay with no "after" play had me more nuts than I thought.

Being out with a friend one night we met two "men".  They were at least 25 maybe older.  They wanted some teen fun I guess and I was ready.  I thought.

Me and my friend were invited to their apartment that night.  We went which was surprisingly enough.  We paired up and me and Joe went into his bedroom.  He started to kiss me and layed me on the bed.  It didnt take long to realize I was not ready for a real man.

I told him I had to go but he had other ideas.  It was then I knew I was in trouble.  He let me leave the bedroom and I went to get my girlfriend.  But the guy she was with told me she had to go.  I was alone in their apartment and feeling very vulnerable.

Joe told me to relax and gave me a drink to settle me.  He made me drink it and I did thinking ok if I listen to him he'll just let me go.  What a mistake. 

"Get undressed", his friend Tom said.  "No!", I cried.  Joe told me if I did what they wanted it would be easier.  After being told to undress again and me not doing so Tom held my arms as Joe unzipped my jeans.  "Please don't", "please don't do this, just let me go". 

They smirked and laughed and stripped me naked.  I was told to climb on top of a table and I did.  I stood completely naked for them to view.  "Turn around and bend over so we can see your sweet pussy".

Still believing that they would never hurt me I did as they requested.  I heard zippers being unzipped and breathing getting heavier.  I was layed on a table with my legs in stirrups.  My wrists tied and me laying totally exposed.

It didn't take long for one of them to want a blowjob.  Joe forced his cock into my mouth and demanded I suck.  I sucked as best I could but he kept pushing in furhter.  "Take my cock, bitch", Joe yelled at me.  "If you bite or hurt me in any way you are screwed".  Not very reassuring.

The next two to three hours both Joe and Tom took turns in my mouth pushing their cocks one at a time into my mouth and forcing me to take it.  Allof it.

The doorbell rang and I thought I was saved.  It was my girlfriend.  Thank God I thought.  I screamed and she came to me.  It wasn't right though.  She asked if they fucked me yet.

They said no and she said that that was good because she wanted to see "Little Miss Perfect" get her pussy fucked.  I couldn't  believe it.

She was my closest friend and she didnt do anything to stop them.  Instead she had her own agenda.

Gina got undressed and the guys helped her.  She had obviously been with them before.  She stripped down and squatted over my mouth and scremed at me "suck my pussy miss goody two shoes".  I cried for her to please stop.  Please don't do this.

Her pussy began to grind against my mouth.  My tears were running down my face and I was sobbing.  "Please Gina stop, don't do this ..."  She sat down harder and demanded I suck or else ...

Or else didn't matter much.  My life was over as I knew it and it would never be the same.  While sucking her pussy she played with my clit.  I hated myself beause I was getting excited by all of this and I couldn't be. 

My nipples stiffened and Tom and Joe each took one in their mouth and began to suck and bite.  The more pain that was inflicted on me the more pleasure I felt.

Gina spread my pussy lips and told Tom I was ready.  Joe said he was first because I came there to be with him but ultimately it was Tom that took my virginity.

He thrust his cock all 9 inches into my pussy making me scream.  I hated what was happening but I also knew that I was getting turned on and I was close to cumming.

Gina climbed off my mouth and kissed me deeply.  I didnt know if I should or shouldn't respond.  I wanted more I wanted a cock or a pussy or both.

The next while they all took their turns on me.  Sucking my titties, my pussy and making me suck on Gina's pussy and lick her titties. 

That summer I spent my days as their sex slave.  The naive teen I no longer was.  I was a slut and I knew it and loved it.  The more they humiliated me the more I wanted.

let me know ... should I continue?

A Great Vacation

Dyechamp on Teen Stories

This all started out as another boring family trip, I'm Joe a 17 year old senior from immaculate high school in Bethel Connecticut . My family and me took a one-week trip down to Williamsburg Virginia over spring break. As usual my mother decides to go down to the pool and drags the rest of us with her. I decided to hit the hot tub for about an hour. There were so many people there. I was looking around for someone to talk to because by this time I was bored out of my mind. Most of the people there were old or below 10, so I just kept soaking up the hot water.

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lass="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; line-height: 200%">            About 30 minutes later I saw her, she sat down a table across the pool. All I could think was OMG. She was gorgeous, she had long red hair that flowed over her shoulders, she was about 5'6'' and what looked like rather large breasts, and dam what an ass. I was checking her out for at least 15 minutes when I noticed that she was wearing a shirt from Bethel Food Mart, which is a store from my town. I was wondering if she was also from Bethel . I couldn't take my eyes off her, she must have noticed because she started to look right at me. I decided to go walk over, and ask her if she actually was from Bethel .

            So I got up out of the hot tube, grabbed a towel and walked over.


"Hi" she said

"I'm Joe"


I sat down in the chair next to her.

"This might sound strange" I said

Jen gave me a strange look, so I continued

  "I saw the logo on your shirt and was wondering if you were from Bethel Connecticut ?" she had a small smirk.

"Nope, sorry. Why do you ask?"

"That's were I'm from" I said

"I'm from Brookfield ". She said as she put her book down

Brookfield is literally 3 minutes away from me.

We exchanged phone numbers, and room numbers in the hotel

"So what are you, I'm a senior?" I asked

"Junior" she said and she and handed me a soda.

"Thanks" I said

That's when my phone rang, it was my dad.

He said that they were going out to dinner

I told him that I was going to pass, and I would catch up with them later.

Now the blob in my head started to tick.

Parents gone, I'm with a gorgeous girl.

"You like scary movies?" I asked

"Yea I love them" she answered

"Want to head back to my room, I brought a bunch of them with me?" I asked her

"Umm.. Ok" she said

"ok cool, lets go" I gave her my hand and we walked back to the room.

I was a little hungry so I decided to order a pizza.

"Jen, you want some pizza?"

"Are you kidding I love pizza!"

I called village pizza and ordered a large and a bottle of soda.

"Joe, what movies you got?"

"They are over in that bag" I said as I pointed to my bag.

"How about House of the Dead?" she said

"Sure that's one of my favorites, just give me a minute"

I ran to the bathroom, took a quick piss, and sprayed some axe on.

"Ready to start?" I asked

"Yea put it in already"

            I popped in the DVD in and took a seat next to Jen.

I started the movie, I could tell Jen was one of the people that liked to get scared bye the movies, because after 5 minutes she was already leaning on my shoulder and squeezing my hand. I put my arm around her and held her tight for what must have been half of the movie, when there was a knock at the door. It was the pizza guy. He said it was $13.00, so I handed him a 20 and told him to keep the change. Making sure to show off the wad of 20's that I had in pocket to Jen.

I Put the Pizza and soda on the table, and sat back down with Jen.

            She looked at me with a gaze that looked like se was staring in to my soul, I was tingling all over at this point I leaned in, she leaned toward me, and we shared our first kiss. We must have been kissing for over an hour, when she broke the kiss, told me she would be right back, and ran to the bathroom. She came back out a few minutes later asked me what she missed, I pulled her down to the couch, laid down next to her, continued to kiss her, while I massaged the rest of her body. Every once in a while rubbing one of her nipples. I could tell the see was getting horny, as our tongs twirled around each other. We were both filled with lust. I slowly slid my hand down her back and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. She must have taken it off when she was in the bathroom. we continued to make out as we lay back down and I massaged her breasts through her shirt. I could tell she loved it because she was moaning every so often as we were kissing.

            I slid my hand up Jen's shorts, rubbing her thighs. I had to break the kiss one last time, to ask her something, "Jen do you want to go out with me?" I asked, she quickly kissed me and said "Yes, Hell yes" by now it was around 10:00, and I could tell that she was getting hungry, I started to get up, she got up with me still kissing me, as we walked over to the table. Jen sat on my lap as we were starting to eat the pizza. Her ass rubbing against my semi-hard cock. I picked up a piece of pizza, and put it near our mouths as we kissed we were taking small bites and sharing it between both of us. She was such a great kisser, I had never been with someone who was as in to it as she was, and I loved it. The phone rang again, and it was my dad they said that they were on the way home. I told Jen, and said that we better get back together tomorrow. She agreed, she didn't want them to walk in on us. I told her to meet me by the pool at the next morning. Kissed her one last time