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This girl was different.

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Let me set the scene- I was in a bar lonely and away from home. This girl was there and she seemed friendly – I bought her a drink and we moved to a booth where we were inconspicuous and could have a conversation without being overheard.

We had a few more drinks and she became very friendly and I thought I was onto a interesting proposition and thought I may be able to talk he into coming back to my hotel room with me.

The barman gave me a wink the last lot of drinks I bought and I thought well a wink is a good as a nod and I was onto a certainty.

I made the offer and she agreed – I was home and hosed I believed.

We got back to my hotel and we had another couple of drinks from the mini-bar and the bed was getting closer.

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inally we kissed and the passion scale went sky high and I knew I was onto a good thing – sex was a certainty. She never hesitated when I began to fondle her breasts and she willingly exposed them for me. They were firm and I suspected a breast enhancement but said nothing – they still felt good and I was enjoying them and gradually working my way further south. She was a step ahead of me and before I could completely undress her she moved on me and I was suddenly having my pants pulled down and I was enjoying one of he best cock sucking experiences I had ever had. She was an expert and knew how to get me almost to the point of climax, then kill the sensation or reduce it and then resume bringing me back to my climax again – and again. I never really came until about the fourth time she brought me up to it. She was an expert and knew how to handle my balls and fondle my cock and masturbate me as she sucked semen from down deep within my prostate. She even knew how to finger my ass and stimulate my prostate as a doctor does when he gives you a prostate examination. I even asked as she was doing it and the semen was streaming out of my cock and into her mouth without me cumming, if she was a nurse.

She answered how did you know – and it was obvious she realised I had been given a prostate examination before.  I didn’t complain – it was the only time I had enjoyed a finger up my ass, as well as being sucked off by one of the most competent cock suckers I had ever enjoyed.

After I had cum at least four times I decided it was time for me to give her some of the
pleasure I had enjoyed in the way a girl enjoys it.

Then it happened. She was extremely reluctant to remove the bottom of her attire – was she playing hard to get or was she trying to avoid intercourse and me fucking her. I was getting a bit frustrated at not being able to get to her cunt.
Then something I wasn’t expecting – she hugged me and began to cry. I couldn’t work it out – why when she was enjoying everything she was doing to me but resisting me giving her similar pleasure. I had performed a lot of vaginal and oral sex and I believed most of the women I had slept with had enjoyed the experience.
Then it happened – she relaxed and I slipped the dress down and her pants in the same motion and I was completely shocked – she wasn’t a woman at all but had male sex organs – I had been seducing a she-male. She had a beautiful hard circumcised cock standing out from her manicured pubic patch.

I admit I was stunned – she was now naked and she hugged me and pleaded with me not to hit her ( I will continue to refer to her as a female). It was only then I realised she had an Adams Apple. She would do anything I asked but please don’t hit her or throw her out. She would talk to me and if I wanted to I could use her sexually for anything I wanted. 
Well I took a few minutes to recover – after all I had been kissing her and her body and nipples – she had given me the best orals ex I have ever had. I had been treating her as a woman, but she obviously had been born a man.
Then I said well what normally happens now. She lay back on the bed and said I am yours to do whatever you wish or I will do anything you ask. Her cock was still hard and sticking up.

I don’t know why I did it but I leant down and took her cock into my mouth  - I had never sucked another cock in my life but I didn’t hesitate – I started to do what she had done for  me. I wasn’t disgusted and it felt quite pleasant – different to giving a woman oral sex but all the same I wasn’t revolted by what I was doing. I asked her for directions and she willingly told me how she enjoys having oral sex. I followed her every instruction and actually began to enjoy it myself. My cock was soft now - - I was stimulated sexually but my cock wasn’t. We spent a good 15 or 20 minutes beginning and practicing and engaging in oral sex on her, and followed her every instruction and desire. Even to mssaging her prostate as well with my finger up her bum. There was no odour and it came out as clean as it went in – I was surprised and she told me she always prepared herself for this eventuality – often with another she-male partner.
Any how she continued to enjoy what I was doing and to be truthful so was I. Then she said she was almost ready to cum and what did I want to do. I could take her cock out and masturbate her, I could take her semen and spit or the ultimate was accepting her cum and swallow it. I chose the latter – I had never done anything like this so why not do the ultimate – she had sucked my cock and swallowed every drop of semen I produced and never gave me any indication it was unpleasant. I thought to myself – there has to a first for everything – I was 28 years of age and had never tasted cum – now I was going to.

She told me exactly when it would happen and gave me the opportunity to change my mind – no way – I was going all the way - and she came with the most amazing oral exclamations – she was really enjoying it which made me feel good and I had a mouth full of her cum. I swallowed the lot and had this strange taste in my mouth – I was quite surprised – it wasn’t the tastiest thing I had ever tasted but it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. Salty, sour and had the texture of phlegm.  I had done it and hadn’t gagged as I had heard many do when they do it the first time.
I got off her and she kissed me – and I enjoyed it. We were now both naked and our naked bodies were rubbing against each other and really it was no different to her being a girl other than I could feel her penis. She described her breast enhancement and I enjoyed suckling on them as much as I had any other girl.

We got into bed and she stayed with me till the early morning and we had sex frequently in the way she-males enjoy sex. I had my first anal experience and actually fucked her anally – It wasn’t as bad as I imagined and apart from having to use a lubricant (she provided) to gain entry to her ass – it was not a lot different to fucking her vaginally. We tried it both doggy and missionary style an I enjoyed it both ways and came into her as I would have vaginally – she used the bathroom after each episode and removed a lot of air etc afterwards. I initially accepted an offer to try anal sex but stopped her when the top of her cock began to penetrate me and it began to hurt like hell when she was entering me – She never got more than the head of her cock into me before I had to stop. I have never had anything bigger than finger go up me there and she had a nicely proportioned 7 inch cock. I had gone beyond my wildest dreams in sucking a cock and swallowing cum. Having anal sex was not for me, even by a very attractive she-male.

She left me just before dawn and I called a cab for her. We kissed as she left and when I closed the door ---- I asked myself why did I do it – if anybody had asked me if I had ever had an experience with a she-male or told me of their experience I would have been isgusted I thought – but I had just done it and enjoyed it. I could still taste her cum – as I had sucked her off two or three times – she asked for it and I obliged her, without hesitation. I could not believe that I could say her cock looked beautiful – but under the circumstances it was. I have never been close to or held another guys cock but with hers I was enjoying the sensations I would had it been a vagina. Both in my hand and in my mouth it felt awesome. She never hesitated and initiated oral sex on me without being asked and performed it like I had never experienced before – obviously she had lots of practice.

One thing I was happy about – I had not completely achieved anal sex with her – that was just too painful for me and had it not been - I guess I would have allowed her to cum in my ass – and that is the only thing I was happy we didn’t achieve. She appreciated the times I achieved it with her and showed me how appreciative she was when I completed that with her.

When I think back on what I did – I can only say it was her beauty that I did what I did with her. Sex does some funny things to you and I could not imagine myself doing that with another guy – under any circumstances – but I did it with her.

Would I do it again – with her – yes - but not with anybody else probably, and I certainly would not suck another guys cock willingly. The chance of our paths crossing again would be almost impossible but I cannot honestly say I didn’t enjoy it – but I wont  be looking at males to recreate the situation again – it was only going to be a one off.

A very special lady part 2

Morgen on Transgender Stories

      Knocking on the door, I was almost trembling with anticipation. This was going to be my second date with Chantel, I was wearing my best suit, I wanted to take her out, have a nice dinner, squire her around and show her off, she was unlike any woman I had ever dated, and I wasn't referring to her anatomical differences.


Caught in my friends High Heels and Hose

Nylon Mistress on Transgender Stories

I couldnt believe the feeling as I slipped the pantyhose on over my legs. This was an absolute dream come true and I was living it right now.
My friend Julie had gone out for the night with her 15yo daughter and she'd given me the spare keys to her house. She'd had a tradesman doing some work and needed to leave before he'd finished, so she'd asked me to go around and lock up for her after he was done.

But as I went to turn the key in the lock something stopped me. Julie had always excited me and I'd lusted after her quite a bit. But even though she was 'available' since her husband was no longer around, I'd always got the feeling that sex wasn't something that she was all that interested in, with anyone. I dont think she realised just what a sexy woman she was and often I'
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d sit uncomfortably while talking to her as my erection grew. And she pandered to my favourite fetish without realising it too, and often wore pantyhose with her high heels. Just one glance was usually enough to keep me hard for ages and ages.

Well, I didnt turn the key, and I went inside. I crept inside feleing like a naughty boy, and trembling with anticipation I opened her bedside drawer. Inside were a number of pairs of her hose, and I couldnt resist. I had my pants off within a second and held the pantyhose up in front of me. I grabbed some black panties from the next drawer and struggled to pull them on. They were too small but they seemed to stretch a mile and  finally I had them on. My erection stuck way out of the top, there was no way the flimsy panties could contain it. Then I sat on her bed and pulled on the pantyhose. This was magic...feeling the hose slide over my leg, knowing that they'd also been on hers... Feeling the silkiness of them, and stretching them tight as I pulled them up and over my now dripping cock.

I opened the closet to search for some heels. There were a lot to choose from but I grabbed a set of shiny black patent strappy sandals that I'd always liked. I tried to put them on but they were way too small for me. Not to worry, I knew where they'd fit nicely. I picked one shoe up and then slipped my cock out of its nylon prison. The head was dripping with pre-cum and I slid the head through the straps of the shoes. It was almost a perfect fit and I felt my cock grow even harder. I slowly slid my cock back and forth inside the shoe and lie back on the bed imagining that I was jerking myself off over Julies nylon clad feet while she wearing the sexy heels. I'd intended to stop at the appropriate time but I got so carried away that I couldnt and I exploded all over the place. Huge jets of cum spurted out of my cock all over the shoe and dripped off onto the other one lying next to it. I dont think I'd ever come so much in my life and it almost soaked the shoe inner and slid slowly down the stilettos heels.

Oh it was wasnt so much the thought of her, but the combination of the hose and heels had really got me going. I'd always been someone that enjoyed a little dressing up, but the thrill of doing it in secret with someone elses stuff just took me over the top.
After the orgasm I couldnt resist lying back for a few minutes and enjoying the feeling. So..I got the shock of my life as I heard the key turn in the door and realised that I'd fallen asleep on the bed and was still 'dressed up' and the remnants of my pleasure were still dripping off Julie's heels.

'Oh God, what am I going to do?'

Too late, no time to do anything, and Julie turned right straight into her bedroom and stared open-mouthed at the sight that greeted her.

'My god, you're...but you're...What are you doing?'

'Oh I'm so sorry...Oh I dont know what to say....I just felt a little horny..and ..I... Oh god I'm sorry..'

To my amazement she recovered quite quickly and said 'OK, I dont understand this but just tell me what you were doing?'

I confessed my whole story, how I had a pantyhose and high heel fetish and I was just having a bif of fun and didnt mean for her to find out. It was just a bad set of circumstances and I was happy to do anything to make it up to her.

She laughed at me 'Allright, I cant say I understand that sort of fetish but it hasnt hurt anyone, just shocked me a bit. Maybe you best clean yourself up and...well I'm not sure I want those heels any more, you can take them too!' She laughed out loud this time as she lifted one of the shoes up and strings of sticky cum dripped off the heel.

'Hmm its been a long while since I've seen a sight like that...actually I'm not sure I ever have? Woah there, what's going on there?' and she pointed down at my cock which despite my embarassment was beginning to stir again and was now pointed directly at her.

'Oh no, I'm sorry..I'm so sorry, it's just that like most men I only have limited control over that part of me. I'll, I'll just cover up and get dressed and...'

Her hand went to my mouth and muffled the final words.

'Look it's ok. To be honest I've had a couple of drinks at the party and was feeling somewhat horny anyway and was about to give myself a bit of action. Maybe we can both end up happy from this?'

I couldnt believe what I was hearing and she leaned over and stroked my now rock hard cock and then pulled her dress off over her head. Now she stood there before me just in her bra and pantyhose and some cute red pumps.
'I couldnt be bothered wearing panties tonight'
She lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked it gently. The feeling was divine as she slid the entire length in and out of her soft mouth.

'Oh god I havent done this for about 6 years, I'd forgotten how good it was' she said as her tongue flicked away at the drips on the head of my cock.
'Listen, get out of that stuff, if you're going to dress up I want you to look like a bit more of a slut'

'Umm, ok...' although I wasnt sure what she meant.

She grabbed some black fishnets and a pair of red lace panties out of another drawer and asked me to put them on. The fishnets were crotchless so my cock and ass were bare to the world.

'Umm exactly what do you mean by slut?'

'Look if you like to wear girly stuff, I think I'd like to treat you like one' and she pulled a big vibrator out of the bottom drawer and dripped some lube onto it
'Get on all fours on the bed. Tonight you get to fuck me, but I get to fuck you too...'

I did as she asked and assumed the position. I felt her tongue slipping into my ass crack and was amazed at how good it felt. She ran her tongue up and down and every now and then slid it into my ass. It was a feeling like I had never had before and I was loving it.
'This should be fun' she said. And I felt the tip of the vibrator in my entrance. Then a slow steady pressure as she gradually slid it into my hole. I thought it would hurt but the feeling was great as she worked it in and out. I couldnt resist and kep pushing back toward her in time with her strokes. I was being ass-fucked and loving it.

'Ha ha..I didnt think you'd be into it so much my dear. Seems you're more of a sissy than you thought' and plunged the full length deep inside me. I shuddered as all 7 inches slipped in and shouted out

'Oh god fuck me, fuck me Julie' I yelled as she plunged it in and out of my asshole. Yes I was a sissy slut and enjoying it. She kept it up until I yelled that I was coming and then with a final plunge thrust it in a far as it could go, every inch of it straining my previously virgin hole.
As it bottomed out I screamed and jerked and my cock spasmed wave after wave of cum. I looked down between my legs and saw her lying there underneath me, her face directly underneath my twitching cock and my cum splashing off her cheeks and dripping down all over her. Her arm was twisted around still holding the vibrator inside my ass.
She smiled as she saw me looking at her, and licked some of the cum off her ace with her own tongue.

'Mmm that's the first load I've had in I dont know how long and I dont think I can ever get enough again'

'Now its my turn' she said. I need a bit of fun! And she lay on her back and pulled my face into her crotch. Even through the pantyhose the smell was overwhelming, she was really, really ready to go. I licked her all up and down and she squirmed and screamed in delight and pushed my face harder and harder into her, almost crushing me against her pubic bone.

'Oh god baby, that's it, keep going, eat me, eat me good'

I didnt need any encouragement and I was enjoying it as much as she was and I was happy to lick every ince of that wet pussy all night. I bit away at the pantyhose and finally created a hole and plunged my tongue deep inside of her. She arched her back and let out a little whimper of delight.

'Oh yes..thats it...more..more'

By now my dick had gotten hard again so I thought I'd give her what she really wanted. I turned her over and lifted her ass in the air. I slipped in between her legs and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I could hear her hold her breath as she waited for me to enter her. I looked down and I could feel her pantyhose rubbing against my own fishnets, it was an ultimate fantasy for me, fucking in hose and heels.

With a single thrust I was inside her and she let out a muffled cry of pleasure. I began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Using the entire length of my cock each time as I pleasured her. She cried with delight and pushed back against me with each thrust

'Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me...Oh god I want it'

Hearing her talk like that made me even hornier and I upped my pace even more, banging my balls against her ass with each stroke as I entered her.

'Ohh I'm commminng......' and she made a final rearward thrust onto my cock and then collpased forward onto the bed.

I was close again too and pulled my cock out and stood at the foot of the bed. I gave my cock a final few strokes and then watched yet another stream of cum spurt forth all over Julies shoes and legs. Long streams of the sticky white goo ran up and down all over and dripped onto the carpet. She must have know what I was doing and flipped over onto her back, slid off her cum-soaked heels,  and took my cock between her feet to milk the last few drops of cum out. I almost buckled at the knees as I watched it drip out all over her toes. I just loved it.... And when there was none left she surprised me by lifting her feet to her mouth and licking the stickiness off them.

'Told you I hadnt had enough didnt I?' and smiled at me..

'Maybe we best keep this little effort our secret?'

I smiled in agreement and lie down beside her on the bed. I was about to drift off to sleep again when the key turned in the door again

'Oh my god, my daughters home, I forgot.....'

to be continued.....

A Gift I Never Wanted (The Beginning)

PowPow216 on Transgender Stories

Time: 1548 B.C.

Place: Ancient Egypt

It was Early morning. Nefertiti had only been queen for almost 2 years now. Akhenaten, her husband, had gone off to do his duties for his people for a couple weeks. He had left his beautiful wife in charge. Nefertiti was the most beautiful of all queens who have ever ruled over Egypt. Neferetiti had long black hair, a pair of beautiful hazel eyes, slim and

The Clinic

uosdwisrdewoh on Transgender Stories

I got out of my cab and looked up at the Clinic. It was a small, nondescript hospital. I was still pretty nervous about this treatment since I wasn’t even sure of the details. But it was either this or go under the knife. This problem had to be dealt with. I picked up my bag and went into the lobby.

The beautiful asian receptionist smiled at me as I walked up to the desk. “Hi, can I help you?”

Jeez, I really didn’t need a beautiful woman knowing why I was here. Oh well, I guessed it wouldn’t matter soon.

“Yeah, I’m checking in. My name’s Jeff Albertson.”

“Oh yes. I have your reservation right here, Mr. Albertson. You can leave your bag here and go right into room 17. Undress an

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d Dr. Hanson will be with you shortly.”

“Uh, okay, thanks.”

I went into the room and took off my clothes. It was a typical doctor’s examining room and I expected to sit there waiting for half an hour as is usually the case. But I was surprised that the door opened almost right away.

I fought the urge to cover up as another gorgeous woman walked into the room. She had on an extremely short skirt covered by a white lab coat. A stethoscope hung against her incredible breasts.

“Hi Jeff. I’m Dr. Hanson.”


She gave me a quick, efficient examination and finally took my dick in her hand. Her rubber gloved finger started stroking it and I gasped.

“It’s alright, Jeff. This is part of my job.”

My dick quickly expanded to it’s full four inches in her hands. She measured it to confirm that number.

“Our treatment can definitely help you, Jeff. Your length and breadth will definitely double, perhaps more.”

“That‘s incredible. Thank you.” My face was very red.

“We can administer the first treatment immediately. Nurse Nancy will be in to do it shortly. Have a good day.”

Once she had gone and I could think again I realized I hadn’t thought to ask a single question about what this treatment was. I tried to relax. It was supposed to be completely painless and all natural. Everything would be fine.

A few minutes later the nurse entered. She was the best looking woman yet. Was this for real?? Her uniform looked more like some kind of fetish nurse costume. Her blond hair was pulled up under her little nurse’s hat, the white dress clung to every curve and exposed several inches of cleavage. The skirt was so short I caught a glimpse of her panties and garter belts held up white stockings. And finally she wore red high heels. Definitely not standard nurse’s shoes.

“Hi Jeff! Are you ready for your treatment?”

“Um, actually, I had a few-”

She was unbuttoning her dress. What in the hell was going on??

“It’s easier this way. And I find the patient is much more relaxed if we’re both naked.”

She let her dress drop, exposing her large, firm breasts and flat stomach. She was wearing only her stockings and a white thong with a red cross that matched the one on her hat. The thong contained a large bulge.

My mouth dropped open as she pulled it down, exposing testicles and the biggest dick I’d ever seen.


“Okay, it’s time to explain, Jeff. The treatment consists of you swallowing my semen. It contains hormones that will make your own penis grow rapidly.

I know it’s a shock but the treatment is completely effective and there are no side effects.”

I couldn’t form words. I couldn’t even close my mouth.

‘I know it’s a little intimidating.” She said in a gentle voice. “But I can do most of the work. All you have to do is swallow. I promise this does not mean you’re a homosexual and I’m tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.

Now can we get started?”

She indicated a padded platform a couple of inches off the ground. Hadn’t noticed that before.

Well, this was it. If this is the price of having a good-sized dick I guess I could bare it. I knelt down in front of her and the enormous organ was inches from my face.

“Um, wha-what do I do?”

“All you have to do is open your mouth when I tell you and swallow when I ejaculate.”

“Uh, okay.”

She started sliding the magnificent cock up and down and it slowly swelled. She also reached between her legs and started probing behind her balls. Fingering herself? I couldn’t see.

Despite the enormous male equipment in my face I couldn’t help but be turned on by this display. Her hands moved all over her amazing body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her large nipples. She obviously enjoyed her job.

She gasped and moaned. Her eyes closed and her tongue flicked over her luscious red lips.

“O-okay…open up. Get ready. It’s gonna be a…big one!”

Her rock-hard cock now stood out at least a foot and she jerked it rapidly with both hands.

I opened my mouth and she jammed it roughly in. The huge head filled my mouth and then rammed into the back of my throat.

“Yeah! Oh god, here it comes!” She gasped.

She moaned and gasped as her cock erupted in my mouth. I gulped down the cum as fast as I could, trying not to think about what it was. The taste wasn’t bad. I could do this.

It overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin.

“Suck.” Nancy gasped. “Get it all.”

I did as she instructed.

Finally she pulled her cock out of my mouth. More cum dripped down it’s length and down her shaved balls. I wasn’t surprised when she told me to get the rest of it and I leaned forward to lick her dick and balls clean then cleaned up what had dripped onto my chin and chest.

“Okay, you did very well. It will take a little while for it to take effect. Have a seat and I’ll be back to check on you in a few minutes.”

She pulled her clothes back on and left.

I sat on the examination table running over this unbelievable experience in my mind.

I had a hard-on. Once Nancy was gone I stood up and walked around the small room, trying to make it go down but it refused. I listened at the door. It didn’t sound like anybody was in the hall. I quickly sat down again and started jerking off.

A minute later Nurse Nancy entered the room again. Of course I was mortified but I just couldn’t make myself stop. I shifted to block her view with my arm but she could obviously tell what I was doing.

“You have to refrain from masturbating, Jeff.” She said “I know it’s hard.”

“S-sorry.” I said, trying to stop, but my hand had a mind of it’s own.

She walked across the room and pried my hand off my dick.

“Here. Lay down.”

She raised the rails on the table and before I realized what she was doing she strapped my wrist into a leather cuff.

“Hey! What the-?”

“If you masturbate too soon after the treatment it won’t take effect.”

“Okay, I won’t! You don’t have to do this!”

“You won’t be able to control yourself in a few minutes. Trust me. This is the way it has to be.”

I let her strap my other wrist in and strap my legs down.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon. It won’t be much longer now, I promise.”

By the time she came back I was a mess, writhing around on the table trying to rub my dick against my legs, the rail, anything to get some friction!

“Alright! Alright, Jeff! You’re doing fine. You can come now.”

She took a hold of my painfully hard dick. She didn’t even get a chance to stroke it before it blew and I was rocked with the orgasmic equivalent of being hit by a truck. My cum hit the ceiling as I blacked out.


I woke up in a hospital bed. I realized I was naked under the sheet. A nurse walked in. Do I have to tell you she was gorgeous? She was a redhead and wore the same kinky candy striper uniform as Nancy.

She set down a tray of food. It smelled delicious and looked far better than normal hospital food. I realized I was starving.

“Hi there Jeff. I’m Samantha. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good. A little like I just ran a marathon.”

“Yes, the first treatment is always the most intense. It’ll get easier as time goes on.”

The treatment. I was confused and disoriented. It couldn’t really have happened the way I remembered it, could it?

“Um, the treatment…could you-”

“You’re wondering if it was all a dream?” She giggled “That’s not uncommon.”

She hiked up her skirt and pulled a big, thick dick out of her cute little nurse’s thong.

“Nope. As I’m sure Nancy told you the treatment involves you swallowing a hermaphrodite’s semen. I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant for you.” She stroked her dick idly as she spoke, making it semi-hard.

“No, not at all.”

I couldn’t believe how much watching her stroke her huge cock was turning me on. I was pitching a little tent under the sheet.

She moved toward the tray of food.

“Well then, would you like some special sauce for your dinner?” She grinned mischievously.

“Y-yes! Please!”

She giggled again as she started pumping her dick faster and faster, aiming it toward my plate. I watched, totally turned on, as her cock erupted, spewing thick cum all over the steak, vegetables, and bread as well as all over the tray and floor and wall. It made a huge mess but my mouth was watering.

Samantha pulled the tray table over to the bed. She wiped the final drop of cum oozing out of the big head of her cock and sucked it off the tip of her finger.

She flashed me her pretty smile. “Enjoy.”


Over the next few days my treatments continued. The orgasms did get less intense. I was usually only knocked out til noon. The nurses got more friendly and flirty and I took a more active role in the treatments, licking and sucking their big beautiful cocks. And my own was growing noticeably. I was already up to six inches. This was too good to be true.

The Clinic was a really nice place, halfway between hospital and high end hotel. There were a few other patients but they seemed as uninterested in interacting with me as I was with them. Most guys don’t want to admit to needing penis enhancement and I didn’t think most of them were as comfortable with the treatment as I was.

That day after recovering from my treatment I went out for a swim in the pool.

I dove in and swam a few laps. When I came up I saw Nancy and a nurse named Danielle in tiny bikinis laying out towels next to the pool.

Nancy waved to me. “Hi Jeff! Want to come help us with our lotion?”

I eagerly swam to the side of the pool and climbed out. They were taking each other’s bikinis off. Why did they even bother to wear them? Danielle had the biggest, most gravity defying breasts I’ve ever seen.

I looked over at their bags and discarded clothes.

“Where’s the lotion.”

Nancy laughed. “Oh come on, Jeff! You know the answer to that!”

Yeah, I guess I did. I knelt between them and started fondling both of their big, thick cocks. I stroked the massive rods until they both sprayed cum all over their tits. I had to resist the urge to lick it up but I dutifully rubbed the thick, hot “lotion” all over their fantastic bodies and had to be satisfied with licking my fingers clean.

I dove back into the pool and swam some more. I was swimming to the shallow end to get out when I saw a pair of sexy female legs underwater. I stood up and a pretty blond I’d never met before smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Marcia.”

“Hi, Jeff.”

“How long have you been here, Jeff?”

“Four days now.”

She grinned and pointed to my crotch. “Can I…see?”

I pulled down my trunks. She was a medical professional after all. Wasn't she?

She reached out and squeezed my now average sized dick.

“Nice. I‘ve been here two weeks.”

She pulled down the bottom of her swimsuit to reveal a dick about the size of mine with much smaller balls. I was surprised. I hadn’t seen a woman under a foot here.

“Of course, it takes a lot longer for a woman. I should be done in about a month.”

This place has female patients?? I had no idea! The thought of hundreds or thousands of women walking around with huge cocks really turned me on.

“Looks great.” I said.

“Well, see you around, Jeff.” She turned and dove into the water.


That night I was fast asleep when I felt someone crawl on top of me. I opened my eyes to look up at Marcia’s smiling face.


We were both naked and I felt her hard cock against my stomach.

She giggled. “Hi, Jeff. I’m so fucking horny if I don’t get laid I’m gonna rape somebody!” She kissed me. “So which is it gonna be?”

She pulled my wrist over to the leather cuff hanging from the railing.

I grinned up at her. “What if I call for a nurse?”

“I’ve got the perfect thing to shove in your mouth to shut you up. Besides, the nurses around here, they’d probably want to watch.”

“Okay, of course I want to. But lets pretend I don’t.” I slipped my wrist through the cuff.

Marcia laughed. “Okay. Just don‘t say I didn‘t warn you!”

She tied me securely to the bed then climbed back on top of me.

She thrust her breasts in my face.

“Suck!” She ordered.

Like I had to be told! I eagerly started licking and sucking her big, beautiful breasts.

“Mmm, I love this treatment!” She sighed. “Even my breasts are getting bigger and more sensitive!”

She crawled farther up my body and her dick was in my face. Her thick six inches looked just as tasty as any of the huge nurses’. I stretched my neck and licked it.

“Not yet!” She lifted up her balls and I just barely saw her swollen labia in the dim light. “Lick your Mistress’s pussy!”

I eagerly buried my face in her steaming pussy. With all that had happened at the Clinic I almost forgot how much I loved eating pussy. She got off at least twice before she pulled away from me a little.

“Now suck my balls.” She giggled. “Never imagined I’d be saying that to a guy!”

Her balls were getting bigger but still smaller than average. They fit very comfortably in my mouth and she murmured happily as I rolled them around on my tongue.

Then she pulled her balls out of my mouth and turned over so we were in a sixty-nine position. She leaned down and gave my dick a few licks.

“You’re coming along nicely. What are you now? Seven inches? Very nice. Time to break in mine!”

She jammed her dick all the way down my throat. I gagged. She pulled it out and immediately thrust it back in. Tied up like this I had no control over how much she stuck in. She was more fucking my throat than allowing me to suck her. It hurt and I felt a little like I was going to puke whenever she jammed it all the way in but I was loving it. And she was doing incredible things to my dick with her own mouth.

I came first and she continued to pound my throat.

“Oh yeah! Oh god yeah! Your throat is so fucking tight! We’ll have to do this again when I’ve grown a few more inches.”

She slammed it all the way in and my throat spasmed, fighting the urge to vomit. She screamed out in orgasm and I felt her dick emptying it’s load straight down my throat.

“Oops, guess the nurses probably heard that one.” She giggled as she pulled her dick out of my throat. I coughed and gagged. That hurt like hell but I loved it!

She turned around and straddled my hips. “Now let’s take yours for a test drive. But I’m warning you, if you come before Mistress tells you to this time I’ll gag you and leave you here for the nurses to find in the morning.”

The nurses. Where were they? I was really hoping somebody would come join us. We were making enough noise here.

She slapped me. “Understand, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” I gasped through my ravaged throat.

She slid back and pulled my dick inside her.

“Oh yeah! That’s so big!!”

That was gratifying.

I wanted to come the second I got inside her, being in this hospital made me insanely horny, but I held on as long as I could.

She rode my dick hard, rapidly pounding her own beautiful new endowment.

With another lusty scream she sprayed hot cum all over my face and her cunt clamped down hard on my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thrust up into her and shot my load.

“Bad boy! I wasn’t anywhere near finished with you yet.”

“Sorry. I’ll be ready again in a second.”

“Too late, bitch.”

“Oh come on, you’re not really-”

She slipped off the bed and held up a crumpled piece of cloth.

“These panties don’t fit very well anymore but I’ll put them to good use.” She crammed the panties into my mouth and smiled down at me. “See you around the pool.”

Grinning evilly, she turned and walked out.

A few moments later Nurse Amy walked in.

“Have a good time, Jeff? I was watching. Sure looked like you were.”

I nodded and tried to ask her to remove the panties.

She looked down at me tied and gagged. “Good. See you tomorrow.”

I yelled through the gag as she turned and walked away.

“Sleep tight.”


It was my last morning at the Clinic. I was really going to miss the place. Dr. Hanson was giving me my final exam.

“Looks fantastic, Jeff. Nancy will be here in a second to give you your final treatment.”

“Thanks Doc. Thanks for everything.”

Nancy walked in.

She came over and hugged me tight. “I’m gonna miss you, Jeff! You were my favorite patient ever!”

“I’ll miss you too, Nancy.”

“Come on over here.” She indicated the kneeling bench.

I knelt and she leaned down and pulled my hands behind me. Before I knew it she had snapped handcuffs onto me and secured them to a bolt in the wall.

“We’re all gonna miss you. So we decided to give you a going away treatment you’ll never forget.”

The door opened and all of the beautiful nurses crowded into the small examining room. They all held their huge dicks in their hands. Nancy and Doc Hanson reached under their skirts and pulled out their own monsters.


I left the Clinic with a ten inch dick, severely bruised vocal chords, and a major fetish for nurses and women with dicks. I started seeing Marcia a few months later. She keeps a nurse‘s costume in her closet and nothing turns me on more than when she puts it on and ties me up.

was my doctor?? Was a steady stream of incredibly hot women part of this treatment? Ha! I wish!

Ms Erikson's cock

bizkit on Transgender Stories

 Late for school again. I threw the door to my classroom open.
"Sorry I'm late mis Erikson." I said to my teacher.
"Sit down." she said sternly. I didn't care much for school, my teacher mis Erikson was the only good thing about it. She was in her mid thirties and she inspired awe in all the boys at school. Her rather big but oh so perfect ass looked very beautiful in those tight skirts she used wear. Her breasts couldn't possibly be as nice as her cleavage suggested I used to think to comfort myself.

Finally this waste of time they call class had come to an end. Before I could get up from my chair I could hear mis Erikson's stern voice telling me "Don't bother getting up young man." She looked at me from over her glasses. "I wou
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ld like to have a word with you."
I sighed and looked down at my bench. Through the corner of my I eye I watched her boobs swing and bounce when she walked over to me. She pulled up a chair in front of my bench and sat down. She took of her glasses.
"You have been late for every history class this last two weeks." She said trying to look me in the eye. I avoided her look as best I could. "Do you not like history?" Her voice sounded a bit nicer.
"Well I like the regular stuff." I said "You know, world war two and stuff."
"I see." she said "Do you have a problem with me then?"
"No, not at all." I said stroking my neck "In fact you're the best part of school." I looked her in those beautiful blue eyes. She smiled.
"Is that so?"
I was starting to get nervous. I didn't know what do do with my hands. I stroked my neck, my legs and nose. She took hold of my hands. She licked her full lips.
"I see allot of you boys watching me. You do to don't you?"
"Well... eh..." My heart was pounding like crazy. "Yes."
"Isn't that cute. For being so brave to admit it I'll give something."
She let go of my hands and grabbed my head. Her lips pressed against mine. Her tongue found its way into  my mouth.  After a few seconds she let go.
"Wow mis Erikson" I said a bit shocked.
"Do you want more?" She didn't wait for my answer. She stood up and started to undo the buttons to her white shirt. She dropped the shirt to the floor. Her nipples was visible through her pink bra. She walked over to my side of the bench and sat herself in my lap. My face was just a few inches from her breasts. She started kissing me again. I grabbed one of her boobs. Having little experience with big breasts I was unable to determine if they were real or fake. But I didn't care. They were there and that was enough to get me rock hard. She stopped kissing me.
"Let's get rid of this" she said as she undid her bra. She threw it away. "There we go. Suck them." She commanded. She didn't have to tell me twice. I took a firm hold of her right boob and put the nipple in my mouth. I made load sucking noises. She moaned and stroked my hair. Suddenly the door opened. Mis Erikson turned her head around. There stood mister Parker, my english teacher. He stood there with his mouth open in obvious shock.
"Do you mind." ms Erikson said. Without saying a word he closed the door. "That got me even more exited." She said and stood up. Ms Erikson started to undo my pants.
"Is this right?" I asked. "I'm only sixteen." She undid the last button on my pants and grabbed my dick. She started to stroke it.
"Does this feel right?" she said and looked into my eyes. It did, in fact it felt so right that I was about to cum right then and there.
"Stop, I'm going to come." I said in groaning manner.
"We wouldn't want that do we?" She said and let go of my dick. "Not yet anyway." She turned her back to my.Her hands took holds of her tight black skirt and pulled it down. The ass that was exposed was beyond anything I could ever imagine. She then took of her thong. When she turned around I got the shock of a lifetime. Staring at me was that one eyed dragon. It mocked me. It was probably the biggest dick I've ever seen, and it was hard as hard as it could ever be.
"I haven't had a man in long time." ms Erikson said. To my surprise her huge cock made me even harder.
"Can I touch it?" I said curiously.
"Of course you can." As she walked over to me her dick swayed from side to side. I took a soft hold of it.
"Wow it's really hard." I said while rubbing the hard rod. I started tugging it faster. Ms Erikson moaned. I started to jerk my dick as well.
"You're really liking this aren't you?" She asked.
"I didn't when I first saw it. But now, yeah it's great."
"Do you want to suck it?" I nodded and put it carefully in my mouth. My first blowjob, I thought, and I'm the one giving it. I started taking her cock further into my mouth. On the way out again I played with the head of the cock with my tongue. She really seemed to enjoy this. I bobbed my head on her dick faster and faster. She grabbed my head and pushed it down on her cock. Her cock was deep down my throat. She almost screamed. As I started to gasp for air she let go. I coughed and wiped some saliva from my chin. I looked up at my teacher and her massive cock. She was stroking it. It was beautifully lubed by my saliva and glistened in the light of the lamps.
"Stand up." She said while stroking her wet cock. I stood up. Our dicks met and she grabbed hold of my head again. She kissed me hard and long, her boobs pressed against my chest. She let go of me with a slight grunt.
"Turn around." I knew what was coming. A bit reluctantly I did as she said. She pushed me over one of the benches. Shed pulled down my pants all the way to the ground. My ass was now fully exposed and opened to her. I was afraid. I had never before had anything put up my ass hole. She took her stance right behind me. I could feel the tip of her cock touching the edge of my hole. With her left hand she grabbed my hip, with her other she started to gently insert her dick in my ass. I could feel the head of the dick pressing into my anus.
"Just relax." She said and pushed her whole dick in. It hurt for a short while, but then it just felt great. I groaned loudly and so did she. She took a firm grip of my hip started to move in and out of me slowly.
"My god, you're so tight." She said while humping me. "Have you never been fucked before?"
"Not like this." I said between my moans.
"How does it feel to be fucked by you teacher:?"
"It feels great." It really did. Hearing this she started to fuck me harder and faster. My ass hitting her made loud noises. Her grip around my waist tightened. Harder and harder she fucked me. My ass was getting soar, but it felt so great. My cock was harder than it had ever been before. Suddenly she thrusted her cock even deeper inside of me.
"O my god!" she screamed. She came, and she came big. Her cum filled my insides. She Made some final hard thrusts and then she took her cock out from me. She sat down on the chair behind her. My ass hole was soar and cum was dripping from it. We both breathed heavily. Finally I turned around, my dick was still very hard.
"We'll have to take care of that won't we?" She said looking hungrily at my dick. She stood up.
"Here, sit down." She offered me her chair. I did as asked of me. She positioned herself over my dick. With one hand she grabbed my throbbing dick and guided it into her asshole. When the tip of it was in she let her whole weight do the rest. I was now balls deep into my teachers ass. She started to move up and down. Her boobs were hitting me in the face. Her dick was rubbing against my stomach. We both moaned loudly.
"I love you." I said in all the passion. She didn't say anything, she just smiled. I could feel my orgasm coming closer. I put one of her tits in my mouth and sucked it hard. Her ass was felt so great. I couldn't hold on any longer, I had to release my load.
"I'm cuming." I told her while moaning. I shot my load deep inside of her ass. Seconds later she came all over my stomach. We just sat there for a while, breathing. When both our dicks were flacid again she kissed me. She the stood up and got dressed.
"If you ever want more, you know where to find me." She said with a smile.

The End

My Pet

uosdwisrdewoh on Transgender Stories

I went into the pet store very excited. I was really going to do this!

I walked up to the girl behind the counter. She was pretty and looked very young to be working in a place like this.

Hi. I’m interested in the pets in the back.”

“Oh? What kind of pet were you looking for?”

“The kind that walks on two legs.” I repeated the password.

My life as a girl

caseygoescd on Transgender Stories

He stood up and unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the ground. Pushing me down to my knees in front of him, his cock hitting me in the face. God it was at least eight or nine inches and his balls hung heavily down.


“ There you go you little tease.” He jokingly said. “ Its all yours to enjoy my beautiful bitch.”


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span style="font-family: courier">His bitch! That’s what he called me. I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only thing I could do, I opened my mouth and started to lick.


But I am getting ahead of myself. To really understand my situation, you have to know me and what lead up to me on my knees in a moon lit park. Let me explain.


My sister Julie and I are identical twins in body mind and spirit. We both stand 5’ 6” and weigh 105 lbs. We both have the same figure, with the measurements of 30-inch chest with size b cup breasts with nipples that even make themselves known under a bra and blouse. A 21 inch waist and around our ass we come in at 27 inches with long slender legs.


Our faces entertain the same voice, eyes, ears, button nose and a mouth circled by soft narrow lips. We have the same hair texture that is dirty blonde in color. At one time I kept my hair shorter than hers, but for reasons that will become known, I now have it the same length.


People say that twins will experience the same feelings at times. I don’t know if it is true with other identical twins but in our case it is true.


At times I will suddenly become sad or upset or even depressed and burst into tears for no apparent reason and later find out that Julie went through some emotional experience during the day.


Not to sound conceded but I know by the way guys look and stare at my sister that we have beautiful bodies.


As with all twins, no matter how identical they may appear, there is always something different about them. This is even true in our case.


The difference between my sister Julie and I involves gender! She is all girl with a beautiful bald pussy. I on the other hand am all girl except that I have a bald crotch with a four-inch cock when hard and two balls to go with it. I think that when we were being given our genes inside Moms womb, Dads contribution fell very short.


To top it off, my own body doesn’t know what to do with my out of place male organs. When soft, they disappear inside my groin as if to say, “ I am not really here.” 


They will pull up in me to the point where my hairless crotch will look like my sisters pussy lips. Talk about being really fucked up. My mind tells me that I am a girl at times and then will later remind me that I am a guy.


When I started growing breast it began to pose a problem for me at school so I began to wear a workout bra or tights to keep them hidden under baggy shirts.


My mom took me to the doctor one time when I was sick with the flue and while she was out of the room I asked him about my growing breasts. He told me that some young boys do experience it but that they go away eventually.


I asked him not to tell my mom and he complied with my request. Every morning I would get up and wrap myself and wear baggy clothes and I kept it a secret even with my family.


When it came to attending gym class in school I would have my gym clothes on under my other clothes and would just pull them off and then redress after class.


When the gym teacher began to dock my grade for not taking a shower so I found reasons to talk my parents in letting me home school.


So in the seventh grade I left school and was able to avoid problems I would have encountered. Thus my breasts remained my secret.


Mom and Dad both worked and so during the day I was the only one home and given certain chores to do such as laundry, mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathrooms in the house and other household chores. I would also help get my two younger sisters off to school. 


One day I was cleaning Julie’s bathroom and picking up her laundry to wash it, I began to wonder how I would look in her clothes; after all I knew we had the same body.


I undressed and started putting on her clothes. As soon as I slid on her silk panties I changed. The feel of them sliding up my legs and thighs and then over my butt was like nothing I felt before.


Next I put her bra, skirt and blouse on. I stood and looked I the mirror turning to see every angle. I even lifted my skirt and turned so see what others would if the short skirt failed to conceal me. I was a girl in every way and no one would be able to tell.


I felt alive, sexy, and so complete as if my body and all my senses were in harmony. Released from the male bonds, not forced to feel a different way then I was meant to feel. God I was as sexy as my sister!


I thought about putting on make up but decided to avoid it thinking that if anyone came home I would be harder to change back into myself.


Everyday when everyone left the house I would go upstairs and change clothes and become Julie. I would dress in her sexy mini skirts or shorts. Putting on different outfit each day. All day long I was this sexy girl going about my chores.


That’s all I could think about! Getting everyone out of the house and running upstairs to change clothes.


I even grew my hair long like hers. During the day I would wear it down and the illusion became more complete.


When I had to be myself I would pull it into a ponytail, which was more masculine, and the guys in the neighborhood thought I was kewl. Dad did not like my long hair but he tolerated it but not without his comments.


I started feeling confined in the house so I started taking walks around the block.


I even became bold enough to walk down to the shopping mall during the day dressed like her to pick up a few items. No one noticed, just accepting me as a woman. The guys would give me the same looks I knew they would give my sister and would even flirt with me.


At times I would go into clothing stores and try on girl clothes being helped by saleswomen with out being suspected.


Weekends and evenings I would dress like myself and hang out with my friends in the neighborhood.


My sister’s life was in full swing, popular with the boys and envied by the girls because of her beauty.


When Julie became a cheerleader I was so excited for her.


When she went to the school dances I could almost see myself there.


I started living my life through hers. Each day I would listen intently to the details about her day.


Julie and I would talk for hours each night and no doubt about it we were not just identical in looks but also in mind and spirit. We shared the same feelings on everything.


The only thing I didn’t tell her was that I was dressing up in her clothes and becoming her during the day.


When Julie started high school, she began struggling with her grades and was about to be removed from cheerleading till she brought them up.


I on the other hand was very good at school, probably due to not having the distractions of a social life at school.


I began to formulate a plan on how to bring her grades up and allow me to have some kind of interchange with the people in her life.


The plan I came up with was for me to tutor Julie on her homework at night. Then on days when she had tests I would attend her classes dressed like her and take her tests. Then meet somewhere and make the switch back.


When I told her of my plan she at first was shocked and then laughed hysterically. I then realized she had never really known how identical we were.


After she recovered she began to look at me, at every detail of my face and features.


Suddenly she got up and went to her room and she began to pull out some clothes that she had doubles of. As I walked into her room she said to me as she turned and looked at me with a perplexed look on her face.


“ Ok, Kacy show me how this will work.” Julie said handing me the clothes mockingly.


“ Alright, I will be back I a couple minutes.” I said.


God this was so exciting, I was finally letting her in on my secret. A secret I wanted to tell her so many times. My stomach was in knots hoping this wasn’t the end of our really close friendship.


“ Try on the red mini with the white blouse first. But if they don’t fit don’t force them on.” Julie said with a tone of amusement in her voice.


I went to my room and began to get changed. I pulled on a pair of her panties, which fit perfectly and then pulled off the workout bra that hid my breasts. It felt good to release my tits from the under the workout bra and into her bra that formed around my breasts.


After fastening it I pulled the top on and then stepped into the red skirt she had given me and slid it up over my hips and fastened it. I brushed out the wrinkles in my skirt and then took my hair out of the ponytail and brushed it. It was the same length as hers. I made the final adjustments and went to Julie’s room.


As I opened the door and walked in she turned to look and froze!


She just stood there speechless staring. I stopped breathing not sure what she was thinking.


I think that’s the first time I have ever seen her unable to say a word and the first time I was not able to read her thoughts.


Out of my baggy jeans and loose fitting shirt with my breasts sticking out, her tight fitting clothes showed every curve of my body, a body that I had kept hidden from her as well as the rest of the world.


When she did move she walked slowly over to me with her mouth stuck open and not taking her eyes off of me, not even blinking.


Julie circled me tugging here and tucking something in there. Then she grabbed my breasts and drew back realizing they were real!


“ No Way! Kacy those are real!” she finally stammered. 


“ Yes they are.” I said in a shy voice.


I walked over to the mirror with her following in disbelief as if she had been duplicated in some mold. She stood in silence not believing her eyes.


Finally I couldn’t take the silence anymore so I asked,


“ Well what do you think?” my nerves on edge.


“ Well, we will have to do something with your hair, hum, also some make up and your finger and toe nails.”


I could tell Julie had recovered from her shock because the look of shock had taken on a look of amusement.


Julie ushered me to the bathroom and went to work washing my hair, styling it.


Then she went to work on my make up applying some eye shadow, mascara and lipstick.


I sat there and watched as my features came to life in the reflection staring back at me. I began feel as if I was really Julie.


She told me every detail about her day and reviewed the details about everyone we had talked about so many times, the other kids, her boyfriend, others that flirted with her, teachers at her school and even the seat she sat in her classes and at lunch every day.


After doing my nails and toes she had me stand in front of her as she looked critically at every detail.


Finally stood there just looking. She shook her head in disbelief.


“ Kacy, My god I can’t believe my eyes! I never knew you looked like me and those breasts! That’s why you wear those baggy clothes isn’t it?” Julie whispered under her breath reaching out squeezing my breasts in silence for a long minute to check again to make sure they were real.


“ Yes they are real, Julie. That’s why I made excuses to be home schooled. Hell Mom and Dad don’t even know! You are the first one to know.” I said breaking the silence again.


Suddenly she began to laugh and laugh so hard she started to cry and backed up to sat on the bed, just staring pointing at me. After she recovered, wiping the tears from her eyes she smiled and looked at me and with amusement in her voice said,


“ There is more to being a girl than just looking like one. So lets put it to the test. Tonight when Mom and Dad call us for dinner you will go in my place and I will go dressed like you. If we pass this test then there is no question that you can fool them at school.”


“ Oh no way Julie! Lets not start with our family.” I said in shock.


“ We have too Kacy! If we can’t face them then we won’t be able to face anyone else!”


I wanted to tell her about my dressing like her and going to the store but then I stopped myself. I didn’t want to tell her because I was still afraid that if this didn’t work out she would really think me a freak or something. And she was right, so I reluctantly agreed.


“Julie! Can you come here I need help with dinner!” Mom’s voice came from downstairs.


I began to freak out. Could I pull it off? Its one thing to fool strangers and dress like this when no one was home.


What would they say if they found me out, I mean look at me dressed like a girl! I decided that if they did find me out that I would tell them that we were just messing around.


“ Be right down Mom!” Julie yelled back with a mischievous smile that infused confidence in me.


“ Ok Kacy girl, lets do it!” slapping me on the ass as I walked through the door. I could hear her laughing as I walked down the stairs.


At first I was quiet, keeping my answers short and to the point not wanting to give myself away.


“ You’re a bit preoccupied tonight Julie. Is everything ok?” Mom asked as I pulled the roast out of the oven.


“ Oh be careful! Don’t burn yourself! Here, let me do that you go set the table.” Grabbing the potholders out of my hand.


With every word my confidence grew. I went to the cabinet and pulled out the plates and grabbed the silverware and went to the dinning room table where Dad was sitting and reading some report.


Ok I said to myself, now what about Dad?


I walked behind him and bent down and kissed him on the top of his head.


“ Hi Daddy!” I whispered in his ear. He reached his arm around me and pulled me in for a quick hug pressing my chest against his head.


“ Hey sugar! How was your day?” he asked.


“ Good, we practiced a new cheer and it’s going to be a fun one to do.”


“ I hope you’re doing something about your grades Julie or you won’t be doing any cheers.” Dad said not even looking up from his report.


“ I am working on it Daddy more than anyone knows!” I said.


“ Oh remember me telling you about Brian?” changing the subject, “ well he asked me to go with him to the homecoming dance next week. I told him yes. You don’t mind do you Daddy?” GOD! I couldn’t believe I was caring on a conversation with him and he didn’t even suspect that I was Tom his son!


“ Did you talk to your Mom about it?” he said just as Mom walked in the room with the roast.


“ No she didn’t!” Mom said in a pouting voice.


Then looking at me she grinned and said, “ Go get the vegetables Julie. You have been dating him for a while now, haven’t you! When are we going to meet him dear?”


“ Soon Mom I promise! Daddy you’ll like him!” I responded, and that lead to a lot of girl talk between us. I was so glad I had remembered all the conversations I had had with Julie.


Dad just sat there shaking his head.


“ I don’t think I will like any guy you date Julie.” Dad said half to himself.


Then Julie came walking in to the dinning room and plopped herself into the chair.


“ Hey Dad, could you look at the lawn mower. It wouldn’t start for me today. That’s why the lawn wasn’t mowed.” She said matter of factly.


She looked just like me. She sat just like I usually did.


She was wearing one of my shirts and had wrapped her chest so as to hide her breast like I do.


She was wearing my favorite blue jeans with holes all over them.


Dad looked Julie and said “ Didn’t I tell you Kasy to throw those jeans away? Look at them, they are full of holes! You look like you’re dressed in rags. What is it with the kids today? You should pay more attention to your appearance like your sister Julie. And you need a haircut! By the way young lady” looking at me, “ your skirts are getting to short! You better watch that. You might think about letting your Mom help you lower the hem on them.”


Mom piped in from the other room, “ Oh honey there is nothing wrong with her skirts. She looks beautiful and you know it. And I like Toms hair.”


“ Oh she looks beautiful alright and the problem is that she is showing too much. Pretty soon she won’t be able to hide her under pants. In fact I would be surprised if they don’t show when you sit down or bend over.” Dad said eyeing me up and down.


The doorbell rang and dad got up. “ I’ll get it but don’t think this subject is closed young lady.”


Dad came walking back in the room with Brian strolling behind him.


“ Julie, Brian’s here to see you.” Dad announced


Julie was right! He was good looking and about 6’3” and well built. Oh god now what! I started to freeze up.


“ Has he had anything to eat?” Mom asked then turned to me saying, “ He can set where Tom normally sits next to you and Kasy can pull up another chair next to him. Julie go grab another table setting quickly, come on girl move it! Come! Come! Dinner is getting cold!”


I ran and grabbed another plate and set of silverware and glass and placed it on the table.


Brian came over and produced a rose from behind his back and handed it to me.


“ Wow, Brian I think your trying to get in good with my mom and dad.” I said recovering.


His arms went around my waist I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.


“ UMMMM- UMMMM” dad cleared his throat. I walked over to my chair and Brian followed and held the chair while I sat down. Then he went and sat down next to me.


Julie sat down next to Brian and just looked at me and grinned. It was as if she wanted to start laughing at my predicament.


We ate dinner and all talked and laughed Mom and Dad enjoying conversing with Brian. Throughout the meal everyone seemed to enjoy teasing me.


Julie also got into the act “ So Brian, what do you think about Julies blouse and skirt? Dad thinks she shows to much of her breasts and legs.”


 My head was spinning. What was she trying to do to me?


“ Oh I think your hot Julie and I love the way you dress.” Brian announced as he eyed me up and down.


“ See, I told you our daughter is attracting too much attention to herself!” Dad told Mom as he pointed his finger at me.


Mom quickly changed the subject detecting my uneasiness.


Karen, one of my little sisters spoke up “ Look at her nipples daddy!” then pointed to my breasts from across the table.


God I just wanted to die as Dad then focused on my breasts and my nipples and then turned to Karen and told them to eat their vegetables.


Dad looked back and looked at me “ I think you and your Mother need to have a talk about your dress and what is modest.”


Julie’s smile grew even bigger and bigger as she enjoyed the focus being on me.


Under the table I felt his hand on my leg moving around the hem of my skirt inching up. I waited a couple minutes and then gave him a look that told him to “ Stop it!” he had a grin on his face as he then turned his attention to my dad.


I reached over and grabbed the platter with the pot roast on it and handed it to him. He had to take his hand off to grab the platter


I then put my hand on his leg by his crotch. Wow! What a reaction I got.


I felt his cock start to grow. We continued with the foreplay back and forth throughout dinner with Julie looking on and smiling and at times laughing. Everyone would look at her as if wanting her to explain the sudden laugh.


“Oh sorry I just remembered something from a show I watched the other day.” And changed the subject but I knew why she was laughing.


I got up and helped Mom clear the table because that’s what Julie always did after dinner. While my little sisters left the room to turn on the TV and the guys went to the family room to rub their bellies and moan about how they had eaten too much and how good it was. Thanking Mom as they left the room.


From the kitchen we could hear the guys laughing and then silence and then laughter again. Mom noticed me trying to listen in.


Mom looked at me and smiled “ Oh go sit with Brian. I will take care of the dishes. He came to see you, not talk to your father and brother. Besides we don’t want to leave them alone to long now do we? Who knows what nonsense they will put in his mind!” 


And with that she grabbed me by the waist spun me around and pushed me through the door to the family room smacking my butt.


I walked in the family room and Brian was sitting on the love seat facing the fireplace. Dad and Julie were sitting in the chairs on either side of the love seat.


The only seat not taken close by was next to Brian. He grabbed my hand and guided me next to him.


I sat there aware of how short my skirt was and how I had to really watch how I sat, legs closed and off to the side.


Brian put his hand on my lap holding my hand as we chit chatted about school, friends and what was going on at his house. Dad asked him if he was ready for the big home coming game?


Julie quizzed him about things pertaining us dating. Damn her she was really enjoying putting me on the spot!


My little sisters, Karen and Holly were in and out of the room making kissing expressions in my direction and then running off laughing only to come back and pull their shirts teasing me about my nipples.


God I felt so put on the spot because all eyes were on me.


Finally Brian asked dad, “ Lets go for a walk Julie. It’s such a nice evening out.”


I started to make some lame excuse but he stood up and pulled me up.


“Your right Brian,” Julie piped in with a smirk on her face. “ It is a beautiful night and I think it’s a full moon out. Besides all Julie was going to do was play a video game with me.” Then turning to me she said, “ Oh go, you will enjoy the stroll in the moon light Julie!”


“ You want to come along Kacy?” I said hoping she would bail me out of this predicament.


“No thanks. I think you guys should have some time alone. You don’t need your brother tagging along.” Julie said with a smile directed at me.


God I wanted to smack her. She was enjoying this too much!


As we walked out the door Dad yelled, “Don’t be gone to long. It is a school night you know!”


“Oh I won’t keep her out to long sir. Were just going down to the park and back. I really like your brother Kacy. He’s a funny guy.” Brian said as we closed the door. The moons light was bright.


“ Yeah real funny. Sometimes I would like to punch him!” I said under my breath.


We walked down the sidewalk to the driveway. His hand went around my back to my ass and giving me a quick squeeze.


“Umm Umm, what a sweet ass you have.” Brian whispered in my ear.


“Stop it! My Dad will see you.” I said pushing his hand off my ass.


He put his arm around my waist and we walked slowly down the street in silence.


When we reached the park he guided me to a bench then swung me around to face him and then against him with his lips finding mine. His tongue shot into my mouth, probing, teasingly moving it around. I wasn’t sure what to do so I kissed allowing him to explore my mouth.


Then ending the kiss he said. “ I was so excited when you called me this afternoon promising you would give me a blow job Julie.”


“ I’m not sure why you wouldn’t suck my dick before but I’m sure you will enjoy it. All the girls do it.” He added.


His hands then moved between us as he started unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it apart exposing my bra.


I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there trying to think. What did he mean I called him telling him I wanted to suck his cock? I was speechless.


Brian sat down pulling my blouse totally off and then unfastening my bra and pulling it off. I was completely topless now. God I have never had anyone see my tits before and here I was with Julie’s Boyfriend under the light of the full moon completely exposed with my nipples sticking straight out for his viewing.


His fingers cupped my tits squeezing them ever so softly.


Brian’s mouth found my right nipple first and with his tongue swirled around it and then his teeth nibbled at it pulling on it and then letting it slip through his teeth.


“UMMMM “ I moaned with pleasure not even realizing I had made the sound.


“OH you like that don’t you babe!” Brian said taking my Left nipple in his mouth and repeating what he had done to the other one.


“ UMMMM “ I repeated my moan instinctively.


He stood up and unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the ground. Pushing me down to my knees in front of him, his cock hitting me in the face. God it was at least eight or nine inches and his balls hung heavily down.


“ There you go you little tease.” He jokingly said. “ Its all yours to enjoy my beautiful bitch.”


His bitch! That’s what he called me. I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only thing I could do, I opened my mouth and started to lick.


“ UMMMMM” he moaned as I licked the tip of his huge cock. The tip was smooth like silk against my tongue. I circled around the rim and then sucked the head in my mouth playing with the underneath side of it with my tongue.


“ UMMMMM. All through dinner I could think of nothing else but your red lips around my cock.”


I lifted his cock up and with my tongue I traced the under side of his cock down to his balls. I licked each ball and then sucked them in my mouth one at a time as I massaged them with my tongue.


Brian’s words kept spinning around my mind. Julie must have called him after I went downstairs. Telling him that she would give him a blowjob knowing quit well that it would be me on my knees in her place. I was set up!


“ OH GOD JULIE, your mouth is so hot on my balls. OH yeah, UMMMM” he moaned.


I licked my way back up to the tip and then started sucking him in and pulling him out slowly using my tongue to probe around his cock stopping only when my teeth reached the back rim of the head. Then I sucked him in till he reached the back of my throat. As I pulled my head back I wrapped my hands around his wet shaft and started pumping up and down.


“UMMMM OOOOOOO YEAH YOU SUCK IT BABE!” Brian moaned as he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock in my mouth till it hit resistance at the back of my throat.


Then with one sudden shove he went all the way down my throat. I fought the urge to gag as he held my face in his pubic hair. Then he slowly began to fuck my throat pulling my head with my hair.


In and out he fucked my face as I licked the under side of his cock and sucked.


I massaged his balls with one hand and reached around and used my nails to scratch his butt cheeks.


It was as if he was growing bigger and bigger and his moans became louder and breathing heavier. Each time he shoved his cock down my throat I felt more like his bitch and enjoying it.


“ UMMMMMMMMMM    OH    GOD I AM GOING TO CUM. UMMMMMMM OH YEAH OH YEAH YOU ARE A SWEET COCKSUCKING BITCH! UMMMM” he moaned and all of the sudden I felt his cock swell and he pulled out of my mouth.


Suddenly he was shooting his wad all over my face and into my hair. Dripping down my chin and onto my breast. Brian shot load after load out of his swollen cock as I continued to pump it with my hands. I began to rub it all my tits as if I was putting lotion on them.


“ Oh god Julie that is like the best blow job I have ever had.” Brian panted as he helped me to my feet.


“ See, I told you, you would love it and I did pull out before I came like I said I would.” He said as he reached down and pulled his pants up stuffing his wet limp cock in.


I put my blouse on leaving my bra off. He reached over and buttoned each button slowly for me and when reaching my breasts he abandoned the buttons and took each nipple between his thumb and finger lightly pulling them.


“ UMMMMM” I moaned and after releasing them he reached over and handed me my bra.


“You forgot this.” He said with a smirk on his face.


I took it and wiped his cum off my face with it and then tucked my blouse in my skirt.


As we walked back to the house we talked about his teasing during dinner and how he was sure my brother had seen him teasing me under the table.


“ Julie, I think you should know how fantastic you were and how hot it was seeing you in the moon light on your knees sucking my cock. You’re the only girl that has been able to suck it all in.” Brian whispered in my ear. “ And you have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.”


“God I must be a mess!” I said when we reached the door. He kissed me goodnight and whispered in my ear, “You look hot with my cum all over your face.” With that he turned and walked into the night.


I went in and went straight upstairs hoping Dad or Mom would not see me. Julie met me at the top of the stairs with a big grin on her face. I just glared at her.


“ Well we pulled it off! No one knew we switched.” She said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into her room and took a better look at me.


Laughing she said, “I can tell you enjoyed your walk to the park. Look at the cum in your hair! I think he certainly enjoyed himself. Come on, lets go wash you hair and you have to tell me all about it! Every detail!”


I was speechless! I wasn’t sure if I should be pissed or be happy! My thoughts and feelings all mixed up.



Hazel's desire

Poss on Transgender Stories

Chapter One

Today was the day Hazel had been looking forward to for a long time. It was the swimming sports day at Lighton Girls’ High School and that meant one thing for the cute little 14 year old: swimsuits. All day she could watch the girls parade around, their tight black swimsuits hugging their bodies, exhibiting many pairs of beautiful breasts, hundreds of pert asses and more luscious legs than Hazel could handle. However, the best thing about today was before and after the parading: the changing rooms. She couldn’t wait to slyly watch all the girls change into their black lycra leotards and hit the showers at the end of the day. Oh yes, today Hazel would be in some sort of lesbian pervy heaven.

This year Hazel had a little surprise planned for o

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ne girl that she particularly desired, a plan that would delight this young brunette’s eyes. Her target was Kate, the gorgeous blonde sporting voluptuous curves and one of the prettiest faces in the school. Hazel had had her eye on her for quite some time.

Knowing that Kate would go for a run before the swimming events leaving her gear alone in the locker rooms, Hazel made sure to arrive at school early as to execute her devious, yet delightful, plan. Nobody else was there when she arrived, just her and Kate’s schoolbag lying on the bench. Hazel smiled to herself and nervously sat down next to it. Looking around nervously, she unzipped the schoolbag. Inside lay a predictable assortment of essential teen girl relics including; eyeliner, lip gloss, a Cosmo and a packet of cigarettes. A bonus prize for the young girl, a tiny white g string lay tucked away to the side of the bag. Hazel proceeded to stuff it in her pocket hastily, ‘I’ll enjoy that later,’ she muttered to herself. One last check to see that no one could see what she was doing (if she got caught it would be the end of her) and Hazel executed her master plan. Not wanting to be seen by Kate when she returned from her run (though she yearned to stay, just to watch her shower) Hazel quickly chucked her bag over her shoulder and hurried off to have a cigarette before everyone else would arrive and the visual pleasure would commence.


Hazel was in heaven as so many beautiful girls took their clothes off around her. Glimpses of breasts, ass and pussies made her tingle in her pussy, though she knew the best was yet to come. She had deliberately set up camp near enough to the blonde goddess to watch her get changed without being noticed (a good thing I’m so quiet, she thought).

“Have I gotten fatter lately?” Kate turned to a half naked, brunette friend (also gorgeous), “This swimsuit seems so much tighter on me than last time I wore it.”

Hazel smiled as she watched Kate put on the swimsuit she had placed in Kate’s bag, an extra small in size; it was guaranteed to make Hazel cream herself just from looking at her. The black lycra showed every small detail of Kate’s damn near perfect ass, driving itself right into the crack and leaving a fair amount of cheek exposed on the sides. Hazel had fantasized about that hot ass many times; running her tongue along the cheeks, licking her asshole, she wanted to do so many things to that ass and the sight before her eyes now did nothing but intensify that passion.

Kate’s friend swatted away the mere thought of Kate not having a divine body, “Your body’s perfect, you know it. It probably just shrunk in the wash.”

Kate agreed, knowing that there was nothing wrong with her at all, and Hazel chuckled to herself, deliberately dawdling with getting changed so she could watch the girl she idolized.

Hazel felt her pussy getting wet which frustrated her as there was no way she could satisfy herself right now. Instead she kept watching, now looking at Kate’s pussy, barely contained by the tiny swimsuit. The memory of her masturbating in that swimsuit, cumming all over the fabric, the night before, delighted her as she thought of her pussy juiced mixing with Kate’s own. She felt another jolt run through her own pussy as she tried hard not to just go for it and get herself off right then and there.

To top off the amazing display of the perfect female body, Kate’s more than ample breasts were almost spilling out of her new swimsuit, fleshy delight amusing and exciting the cute brunette.

Hazel watched Kate walk away, mesmerized by the incredibly hot ass as it wiggled slightly with her walk. By this stage, Hazel stood in her panties, pink and cotton, as the last few girls left the locker room and proceeded to the school pool. Looking down, she was slightly embarrassed by the obvious wet patch covering the front of her panties, ‘Well at least no one saw that,’ she thought to herself.

In a moment of epiphany, Hazel suddenly realized that she was the only girl left in the changing rooms. Her heart was racing. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but if she got caught she wouldn’t know what to do. After a few moments, Hazel decided that if she didn’t sort it out now, it would only get worse as the day went on, beautiful bodies surrounding her and all. Quietly, she slipped off her own panties and replaced them with the white g string she had stolen from Kate’s bag. Incredibly turned on by the voyeur activity, Hazel could think of nothing else but the fact that what had, just hours ago, been nuzzling in Kate’s ass and rubbing against her pussy was now doing the same to her. The thong was instantly wet with her juices.

She slid a hand down the front of the wet g string and started rubbing her pussy. The tension that had been building up over the last hour or so finally felt a thousand times lighter as she caressed her clitoris, tasting every inch of Kate’s body in her dry mouth, feeling every curve, kissing her passionately, then fucking her wildly. Finally, the great wave of an orgasm overcame her. She slowed her caress, gradually drawing to a halt, as she caught her breath. ‘Holy fuck I needed that,’ she spoke to herself.

Hazel looked up sharply. She thought she had heard a noise. Had someone been watching her? She started to tremble. If someone had seen her do that, word would get around and she would be the laughing stock of the whole school.

Outside, she could hear the sound of a crowd cheering on the athletes. The races had begun. Quickly, Hazel slipped out of the soaking wet thong, chucked it in her bag and jumped into her swimsuit. Normally she would take a moment to feel sexy in such an alluring piece of clothing, however, if she was not checked off the roll she would be in trouble.

Zipping up her bag, Hazel hurried out of the changing room towards the pool where she could spend the day admiring the view, keeping an eye out for her favorite form of visual entertainment, Kate.


After a long and glorious day of girl watching, Hazel walked home the usual way; through the town centre then through the park until she reached her house. The young brunette felt a little guilty about taking Kate’s thong (it was a very nice one), but her guilt was cancelled out by the fact that she was wearing it and feeling very sexual as she once again imagined Kate’s pussy rubbing against her own.

Hazel turned and walked down the park trail leading to her house. A voice startled her.

“I saw you today, in the changing room, after everyone left,”

Hazel jumped around and saw the girl she adored so much looking straight at her. She took a moment to admire her, still a bit wet, short skirt, hair glistening in the sun, but Hazel could not think of anything to retort with,

“And I bet you had something to do with my swimsuit being significantly smaller than usual, you little lesbo,”

Again, Hazel could think of nothing to say. She felt her whole face flush bright red.

“So in that case, why don’t you come back to my house now?” Kate smiled, almost evilly.

Hazel was stunned. What did she just get invited to? Was she in trouble? All she could manage was, “Uh… okay, I guess.”

“Good,” Kate flicked her hair over her shoulder and started walking, “This way. It’s not far.”

A startled Hazel collected herself and jumpstarted to catch up with Kate both excited and nervous about what lay ahead for her.


“You wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” Kate had left Hazel in her room still somewhat startled by the last ten minutes. On the short walk Kate had said almost nothing to Hazel, simply leading her through her house and upstairs to her bedroom. Kate’s bedroom was surprisingly boring. No posters or anything, just a large, double bed, a mirror, lots of make up and a cupboard. Hazel sat on the end of Kate’s bed as the blonde retreated to the en-suite.

“Now, if you want, you can take off that stupid school uniform,” Kate called out from the bathroom. Hazel still couldn’t really believe what was going on, but she was not going to pass on this opportunity. Hastily, she ripped off her tie, shirt and skirt, kicked off her sandals and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing Kate’s white g-string (still a little damp) and a white bra. She was slim and tanned. B-cup tits and a hot little ass making up the most important parts of her body at this present point in time. Hazel lay back on Kate’s bed and waited for the return of her dream come true.

Hazel was astounded by what she saw. Kate had donned the ‘gift’ Hazel had given her this morning, only this time she had made sure it was extra revealing, pulling it up so it almost completely revealed her ass, pussy and tits. To top it all off, she had covered her body in oil, making her skin shine in the light. Hazel felt herself get instantly wet at the vision of beauty standing before her. If she thought Kate had looked hot this morning, this was the epitome of all her lust. Kate twirled around for her, long, blonde hair flicking up, to show off her insatiably hot ass.

“I thought you might like it,” Kate explained to Hazel’s reaction, “I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time. I had my suspicions about you.”

Hazel couldn’t believe what was happening. She was about to indulge in everything she had wanted for the last few months, and she couldn’t feel better about it.

Kate kneeled over Hazel, one leg on either side of the stunned, young brunette, her pussy visibly enflamed through the leotard, and guided Hazel’s hands to her ass. Hazel squeezed gently, reveling in the perfect shape and texture. Kate leaned down and kissed her younger lover immediately and passionately. Hazel moaned, slipping her hands under the swimsuit to caress Kate’s ass. The ass she had dreamed about for too long. Gently, she ran one finger down the length of her crack to the blonde girl’s asshole.

“I’m going to let you do what you want to me first, then I’m going to give you a very nice surprise,” Kate told the girl who merely nodded in reply.

Hazel, slightly unwilling to stop kissing Kate, climbed out from underneath the stunning blonde and knelt behind Kate who was on all fours waiting for Hazel to enjoy her amazing body. Hazel pulled aside the swimsuit covering her ass and pulled her perfect ass cheeks aside. Without hesitation, Hazel plunged her face forward into her new lover’s ass and ran her tongue along the inside of her crack. She could taste the oil and flesh, though she really didn’t care what it tasted like. She wanted to be a dirty little bitch.

Kate moaned as Hazel tongued her asshole with gusto, lapping up any sweet juices her tongue could reach. As she licked away at her asshole, Kate slid her hand under the leotard and started to softly rub her wet pussy bringing slight satisfaction to keep her going for now the time being while Hazel enjoyed living out her fantasy.

When Hazel was finished licking out Kate’s ass, the blonde turned to her. “Now I’ve let you do that to me, and I cannot thank you enough, it’s my turn to do a favour for you. Seeing as you seem to like the ass so much, I think you should take that thong off pronto.”

“Whatever you say,” Hazel smiled and removed Kate’s thong along with her bra letting her cute little tits flop out. Now that she was fully naked, she lay on her back, the blonde towering over her, once again, a vision of beauty. Kate handed her a tube of lube then lay on her back, opposite Hazel. Hazel proceeded to rub the lube on her asshole, dipping a naughty finger inside for a glimpse of pleasure. When she thought she had applied enough, she looked up at Kate, gasping at the sight before her eyes.

Straining against the tight, lycra swimsuit was something seeming to grow from Kate’s pussy. It was long, reaching past her bellybutton, and quite thick. “What the fuck?” Hazel exclaimed, “That can’t be…”

Kate simply smiled at her and pulled away the leotard letting her large cock, which had extended from her clitoris, flop out in front of Hazel. “Impressive, huh?” she asked the brunette girl, “It quite often comes in handy.”

“But…. How the fuck did it just grow out of you?” Hazel was stunned once again.

“It’s a very long story, one that I’ll tell you afterwards, but for now I think you should just enjoy it.”

And with that, and not a word out of the astonished Hazel, Kate got on her knees. “Turn around and get on your knees.”

Hazel was now quite excited. She had always wanted to take it in the ass, and such a large cock would certainly prove to be quite exciting.

Hazel felt the head of Kate’s cock sitting against the rim of her ass. She felt the warm phallus slowly and gently push its way inside her, stretching the muscles apart to the point where it started to hurt. Hazel let out a grunt of surprise and Kate stopped for a moment.

“Don’t worry sugar, it’ll hurt a bit but I’ll make sure it’s worth it”

Hazel found her reassurance somewhat questionable but nonetheless tried to relax her body to accommodate Kate in what had previously been her virgin asshole. As the cock slowly dove deeper inside her, Hazel began to realize the appeal of anal sex. Although it still hurt, she found herself seeing past that as she gradually became filled. When Kate had gone a few inches into Hazel’s tight little ass, she stopped and pulled back a little bit. Every single little movement that Kate made inside there, Hazel could feel with infinite depth, so when Kate pulled almost her entire cock out of the young brunette’s ass she groaned in delight. The sudden switch from being filled with juicy cock meat to being emptied like a vacuum was too much for cute little Hazel and she shot a hand down to her wet pussy, rubbing her begging clitoris to satisfy at least some of the energy that had been building up down there all day.

Kate didn’t want to completely destroy her new lovers’ ass (she had much more planned for this one), so the voluptuous blonde had pulled out temporarily, allowing the younger girl some mercy for now. After a few seconds, when she felt Hazel’s asshole would be more able to accommodate the full length of her cock, whether she liked it or not, Kate put her hands on Hazel’s hips, once again placed her cock on the edge of her asshole and pushed her way inside the eager ass.

This time, Kate’s cock ventured even further inside Hazel, conjuring a wealth of moans and groans from the girl on the receiving end as the blonde concentrated on the delicate art of fucking a virgin ass. This time, Kate managed almost completely engulf her cock inside Hazel before it became too much for the young fox with the tight ass.

“Oh, god! You’re too fucking big, Kate!” Hazel moaned at her.

For a moment, Kate stopped pushing. There was a moment where the girl considered letting Hazel off with this much, but that moment passed fairly quickly. “Not much more to go now,” she said and thrust the last of her cock meat down into Hazel’s ass.

Hazel groaned in both ecstasy and pain with the last thrust from Kate. She could now feel every little throb and movement of Kate’s cock which her ass had completely engulfed. She felt like such a dirty bitch and she loved it. After a few moments, the pain had settled and Hazel was left to enjoy the cock in her ass as Kate started slowly sliding in and out.

Hazel was soon moaning loud as Kate got faster, pumping her ass with her big cock. She was still lightly rubbing her clit, but deliberately held back so she could build up for a biggie later on.

Soon enough, Kate could feel a mighty orgasm building up at the base of her cock. She started pumping Hazel’s still tight ass faster and faster as she came closer and closer to a climax. After what seemed like forever to the buxom blonde, she pushed down one last time, her clit rubbing against Hazel’s pussy. Her cock had completely disappeared, but its presence was anything but invisible to Hazel as she was not only filled more than ever before, but she could feel Kate’s warm cum gushing out of the head of her throbbing cock.

Kate was panting as she released her grip on Hazel’s hips. The girl was clearly drained, but her cock stayed hard inside Hazel. After she felt that all of the cum had exploded out the end of her cock, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Hazel.

The two girls lay on the bed panting, wrapped in each other’s arms, bodies moist with sex-sweat, Kate’s cock still mostly in Hazel’s impressively resilient ass. Turning her head around in a slightly awkward position, Hazel kissed Kate once again.

Hazel liked the feeling of Kate’s large tits pressing into her back. If her pussy wasn’t aching to be fucked as much as it was, she though, she could lie like this forever, and besides, she also liked the feeling of her ass being filled with a big cock.

The beautiful lovers lay like that for a few minutes, Kate still, amazingly, remaining hard inside Hazel, until Kate rolled over on top of Hazel and pulled her cock out, slowly. Hazel moaned sleepily as the large object left her rear passage, leaving quite a void. When it was all the way out, Kate leaned down and licked the brunette’s asshole slowly, drawing out yet another moan from the young girl.

Now Kate lay back on the bed in front of Hazel. Her cock stood straight up, inviting Hazel to mount it. Hazel got on her knees and straddled Kate, her cock rubbing against her clit. Gently, Hazel started rubbing the cock with her right hand while she caressed her own pussy with her left hand. Both girls were moaning as Hazel got them both off slowly. After a while of this light action, Hazel raised her pussy over Kate’s cock and rested the head against her pussy lips.

Hazel had had a few cocks inside her before, but her young pussy still put up a bit of resistance against Kate’s monster. With a few grunts and groans, Hazel twisted herself down onto Kate’s cock until it was all the way inside her. It felt different to the cocks she had had before, possibly because it was all phallus and no skin, but for some reason it just felt more satisfying. She gyrated her hips a few times to get a feel for the cock she was about to fuck all the juice out of. She could feel it rubbing against the walls of her pussy, each time it moved a little creating a slightly different sensation. Hazel could tell this as no ordinary cock, and Kate was definitely no ordinary girl.

The younger girl looked down at Kate. The girl Hazel had constantly been lusting over for months was in ecstasy, her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Hazel would have thought this odd, seeing as she had only just engulfed the girl, but after all that had happened to her today, Hazel was prepared to accept anything as just another twist in this otherworldly day.

Hazel started to ride Kate’s cock, gradually building up in tempo, sliding up and down, slightly gyrating her hips so every corner of her hot little pussy could feel the mighty cock inside her, slowly building up speed until she was riding Kate like a demon. Every time she thrust down on Kate’s cock, Hazel could feel it getting gradually deeper and deeper inside her as her pussy lips caressed more and more of the base of the phallus until all she was doing was thrusting her hips back and forward with the entirety of Kate’s dick consumed by her hot, dripping wet pussy.

Hazel had now broken into a full on sweat, her whole body moist and slightly dripping. She could feel the moisture of Kate, who was now so engulfed by the pleasure she could make no sound, yet could not close her mouth, between her thighs. The pair had become so slippery Hazel could feel her whole body moving slightly along the length of Kate’s. Her long, brown hair was wet and she was almost out of breath, yet she could not stop, no matter how hard she might try.

The cock was now throbbing manically inside her, each pulsation shooting shockwaves or orgasmic pleasure through her whole body. She felt a sudden craving for her ass to be filled once again, and was unable to contain herself as she thrust three fingers up there, hoping to satisfy her emptiness, but she found she could not. Almost crying in desperation, Hazel put her other hand up against her asshole and slipped in three more of her dainty little fingers, making a total of six fingers trying to fill her empty ass. Although this was not the satisfaction she needed, she had no other option. Simply unable to stop fucking Kate, Hazel fucked the cock desperately as it became more and more violent inside her aching pussy.

As Hazel got to point of almost passing out, she felt the cock tense up like it never had before, and then loosening up so quickly it made Hazel moan a little. Before she knew it, Kate was shooting a load of hot cum into her pussy, covering every possible place inside Hazel. She could feel the warmth caressing her pussy as it gradually seeped out.

Hazel was in for yet another surprise when the cum seeped out onto her clitoris. As soon as it touched her clit, it went crazy on Hazel. She couldn’t count how many times she came at once, or if it was just one amazingly huge orgasm. She felt blackness cover both her eyes and her mind, mixing with the pleasure throughout her body, and in a little time, she was passed out completely, slumber on the bed, lying opposite Kate, who was herself in no conscious state, her cock still throbbing slightly inside Hazel.

To Be Continued....



Ladyboy on Transgender Stories

My name is Brian, i am 15 years old and i live with my parents. They all day long on work, so i have house for my own and i can play with mom's stuff. It has all started when i entered the puberty and started jacking off and watching porn, most of  boys my age wanted be a man who fuck women in that porn, but not me i always wanted to suck dick and be fucked, i wanted to be a girl.


I started fantasing about being a girl, and often visiting pages about crossdressing, learning about make up and all other things. Every day i came from school at 3 p.m. so i had three wonderfull hours only for my

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self until my parents come from work. My daily routine became to dress my mother underwear, nylons, bra, and all sort of dresses. Then i would go to bathroom, apply makeup and enjoy my as sweet little girl. One thing that bothered me was that i had too short hair, so i let my hair grow and by my fourteenth birthday i had shoulder lenght blonde hair which i loved to tie in pigtails.


Somewhere about then i started to go to chats as a tranny girl, there i met guy named Luke from London, he told me how he liked young crossdressers and how would he love to watch me on web cam while i play with my self. We chatted often until one day he asked me if i wanted to give him my adress, so he could send me gift. I gave him my adress and one week later one big box arrived at my home, fortunatly my parents wasn't at home. I ran with box to my room and opened it. I was amazed whan i saw what he send me. On top was a envelope in which was a Luke's message: ' Gussy up for me with things that i sent to you and then turn on your new web camera, hurry i'll be waiting'. I opened all the small boxes and found, latex breastforms and latex vagina stirng, which when i put on looked just like real, with little in middle. He also sent me schoolgirl uniform, vaseline and a nice dildo. It was al that i dreamed for.


I have dressed my self quickliest as i could, applyed some makeup and put my new breastforms and vagina, i was so exited and horny beacaus i felt like i a girl and i was to be watched finally. I put my web cam on and went to the chat, he was there. He was so suprised when he saw me, he told that he could never imagine how beautiful was I. He than aked me if i could make i little show for him, i said that i would be very glad to do so. I then began sucking dildo he sent me, like i saw in porn. He told me that i am very good and that he would love that to be his cock in my mouth. Sucking on dildo turned me so on that my cock was hard as rock. I than took some vaseline and started rubbing my asshole with it and putting my finger inside. The best thing was that little hole in my vagina string was exactly at my rear hole. So i looked like a girl who is fingering herself. I then decided to slowly put dildo inside me. First it was hurting so much but then turned into great pleasure, i started pumping into my ass while luke was writing to my how he want fuck his little girl. In meantime i was in seventh heaven, i pulled my cock and started jacking and with other hand dildoing my self. I was so good and suddely a i came like never before, my whole body was shaking while i shoot huge load on my screen and cam.


We countinued doing this for couple of moths, until my parents told me that they are going on skiing for two weeks in Switzerland. I invited Luke to my house on Friday night just after my parent left the city.


It was  8 p.m. when my bell ranged....

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Steven and Arnold's Swim Party

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Steven Bonner is a 5 foot 6, gay female to male, pre-op transman. He is in his early 20s, who possesses blonde and dark brown hair, wears a binder to hide C-cup breasts, and soft, puffy nips, has pinkish-redddish lips, has long, wavy eyelashes, and recently garnered a slight tanned skin.

Arnold Reynolds is a 5 foot 8, pre-op ftm,transman who has brownish red hair. He also is in h

Wedding Night

NycNessyness on Transgender Stories

It is the night of our wedding. Maya
and I had never had sex until this day. Many times I’ve tried to go for it, but
she always said I need to wait. And when I kept attempting to persuade her, she
would say I didn’t love her. Maya is a very sexy Brazilian female that I met
during my vacation in Miami. She has a slim, supermodel body, in full package
with a nice round ass, blue eyes and a set of Angelina Jolie resembled lips,
that many guys would kill for. We’ve known each other for 8 good and strong
months and kissed as our only way of being intimate. Ever since I’ve known her,
she was always a mystery to me because I only knew her friends, but never met
her family. She explained to me that her family

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told her that they didn’t want
anything to do with her. I never knew why until this day. We had a private
wedding because Maya felt the time was right for us to have sex and she was
ready to give up her virginity. Â I loved
her and she loved me. We both trusted each other, and had to go through testing
of all sorts to make sure we were clean of all diseases. I was always looking
forward for this day. We got a nice exotic, palace looking hotel room that
contained a red, rose-shaped flower bed that was so soft, that I almost fell
asleep. It was only excitement that saved me from doing so. The fragrance in
the room was like that of sweet oranges and was very relaxing. I grabbed Maya
threw her on the bed. But as I was just about to pounce unto her, she jumped up
and said she needed the lights off. So I got up and approached the lights to
turn them off, but before I could do so she grabbed me and sat me down with a
sad face. I asked her what was wrong. It got real quiet and then she busted
into tears. Then she opened up her mouth and spoke in her sexy but emotional
Brazilian accent, “I have a really big secret that I haven’t told you. I always
planned on telling you, but the time never seemed right. It just took so long
for me to approach you with it, along with the fear of losing you, that I never
had the courage to tell you. But I want to tell you it now, since we’re married
and it will be figured out any minute now. I want you to know that…”

“Wait,” I shouted, “do you love me?

“Yes,” she replied.

“Your secret can’t be diseases and
especially aids, since we’ve had tests done and everything came back negative.
Could it be that you cheated on me or that you’re not a virgin?” I asked.

“NO!” she shouted, “it’s something

“Then I don’t care. Let it be
revealed to me. I’m too much in the mood. The only thing I want to hear from
you now, is your moans and screams from what I’m bout to do to you,” I smiled.

“Ok then. Just be nice and gentle
with me, since this is my first time,” she said.

With all that said I turned off the
lights and tossed her back on the bed. I took off the sexy red lingerie top
that she was wearing for me, that matched the bed we were on, and threw them on
the floor. Maya then reached down and took off my belt and pants, also throwing
it to the floor. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it like a beginner. I
grabbed her head and guided her in the motion and pace I wanted. She gagged a
few times, but soon got use to it. I was so happy this day had come; I just sat
back and relaxed while she did her best. Ten minutes had passed, of her sucking
my dick and balls. I was growing impatient and reached for her pants. She gave
a sharp jerk that scared the shit out of me. It was like she was bout to hit
me, then she said, “wait, let me turn around first, I want you to give me anal

I was surprised that she wanted
anal so fast. Most women don’t do anal or are scared to even try it. But for
her to be willing to do so, I couldn’t deny It. I just needed to put my dick
inside her. She took her panties off herself and guided my dick into her warm
moist ass. She wouldn’t let me touch her still, so I kept my hands hanging
uncomfortably while smashing her ass doggy style. After about five minutes,
Maya grabbed both my hands and slowly pulled them around her big ass hips to
the front of her body. I heard her gasp, and then she shakily placed both my
hands on the surprise she had been speaking about before we began. She had a dick
that was about 3 inches longer than mine and fully erect. I couldn’t believe it
and at the same time I couldn’t stop. I took out my anger about finding this
out by fucking her even harder. Many things started rushing in my head. It all
connected now why I never saw her family members and why they disowned her. It
was because she changed her sex. And if she invited them to the wedding I would
have been looked at disgustedly and even probably be told her secret before she
told me. As I was thinking these things while fucking her and holding her penis
tightly, she whispered, “I love you for understanding me and making this a very
special moment.”

I got over it and decided we would
talk in the morning. I even experimented with her and sucked her dick out of
curiosity, just to feel her reaction. We went into 69 mode and sucked each
other off till we both exploded in each others mouth. I didn’t feel like the
time was right for me to get fucked by her yet; that would have to be saved for
another day. But this night, a lot was revealed to me and I was pleased.