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     She left on the first flight yesterday with very few words passing between us and those weren't very pleasant. Not much caring for being alone in the house I decided last night to hit one of the local bars, have a beer, play some darts. Nothing exciting , but something to occupy the evening.

     When I got out of my truck there were only two other cars in the lot. I recognized the bartender's but the other was  unknown to me. A Mercedes,long, sleek, black it didn't really fit with this watering hole, just a local icehouse where the guys get together and the wives pretty much stay out of.I entered the dimly lit bar and looked around. Nobody there , just me and Jim, the bartender.

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     'A beer, Jim'

    'A buck, G.'

     Same old stuff, some easy but bored chat, another beer on the way when the door to the ladies room opened and who I assumed the owner of the Mercedes. She was incredible. Nearly 6' tall, long legs,  big tits,  wild blonde hair and dressed to the nines. She came over to us and introduced herself to me. 'Paige'she said offering me her hand. 'Just call me G.,everybody does.'

    'What's a girl have to do to get offered a drink here, G.?' So I offered. Jim said she had been drinking white wine and so another glass was soon in front of her with the introductions behind .One glass led to another and another . I stopped drinking beer and suggested we head back to my house as I have made wine for years and had a lot of white on hand for a whole lot less than Jim charged. 'I'll follow you, G.' and witht hat we  were winding our way back into the subdivision.

   When we entered the front door Paige just stopped me witha touch on my shoulder and kissed me. Not a little peck on the lips, but a deep and electric kiss, our tongues mingling and jousting. I could taste the wine on her tongue and was very surprised ( like a could be much more surprised!) when she placed my hand on her left breast.Perfect! Her mouth was warm and now her tit was in my hand and Oh My God she had her rubbing my cock and I was hard as a steel rod. After this introduction she broke the kiss and asked for some of my wine.

    Who was I to turn down such a request and soon enough some Chardonnay was open and two glasses poured.We talked, or at least Paige did. I was busy wondering where this all would lead.And hoping I knew.

     'I'm new to the area, just moved here from New York (how's that for perfect?)and don't know anybody. Just you and Jim. I decided when I turned 25 I'd get out of there and try something new. And so here I am. 25 three days ago and looking for the something new. Any ideas?' I stammered I had one or two, thinking of blowjobs, fucking and everything in between.'I know what you're thinking , G. You are a naughty boy!'

    This was taking a desired , but impossible turn. I was married. Sure we had parted poorly, but we hadn't taken any drastic measures or said anything we couldn't smooth over.Looking around the living room I started to say as much whne Paige shhhshed me , saying 'I know, you're married. You couldn't help yourself, you were surprised when I kissed you......I know all that.How about another glass of this Cahrdonnay and we'll see if there's any thing we can do about all this.'I poured us each another,then opened another bottle and so on.And on.And on some more.After three more glasses we weren't talking much, just holding hands and taking the occasional kiss and she was rubbing my now hard -again cock and I was staring at her tits and her mouth and.......She leaned in toward me and lowered her mouth to my crotch. ZZZIIPP....

    Her lips, like the rest of her were perfect. Full, pouting, and the shade of red lipstick that drove me wild when my wife wore it and then they were around my cock.Now I truly couldn't help myself. I drove my cock in and out of here mouth, knowing I wasn't far away from a mindshattering gush of cum. I felt my balls tighten and let go. Paige kept sucking and pistoning her mouth up and down and swallowing.When I finally stopped pumping cum into her she raised her head and gave me another dep kiss. Now the taste of wine and cum enthralled me. I reached toward her tits and she obligingly opened her blouse to the most luscious pair I had ever seen Fully 38D's and free to breeze of the ceiling fan her nipples were erct and waiting for my mouth.I sucked in one and played with the other until I couldn't wait any longer and reached for her pussy.

   'Stop' Just that and no more.. I looked at her.'I have something to tell you that you need to know first. I'm not who you think I am.'

    I didn't care and continued 'til the real surprise of the evening was soon evident to me.An 8" cock was there instead of the tight wet hole I anticipated. 'Oh no.....a blowjob from a guy and kissing him and me with a raging hard-on most of the evening ......over a man!'These were the thought that first hit me, then 'Get the fuck out and never say anything to anybody' then more of the first.My cock instantly wilted and my face was numb from shock disgust and anger. And embarrassment.

     'I think you'd better go now'It was noncommital, neutral.'PLease,go now.'

      Paige looked at me.'I wanted to tell you, I just needed to feel some warmth, some human contact. I've been getting ready formy operation , all the counseling, all the hormone therapy, all teh deception. I just needed ............' I realized she was still the same person who had led me to very brink of ecstasyand took me over. She was still the same person with those magnificent tits, those alluring eyes and full soft lips.But she had a cock. How ? and why? andwhile I was wondering and thinking about it I continued reaching until her(his?) cock was in my hand. And Iwas stroking it in a rhythm I knew so well.She (yes! she) was soon moaning my name, her eyes half closed.She started grinding her hips in time with my hand and moved her hands over my shoulders and stroked my hair.She gently pushed my face toward her cock and with no resistance I soon had it in mouth. I never did this before but was loving the experience and the pictures it was making in my mind. I looked up to her heaving breasts , her lips slightly parted. She started thrusting into my mouth. Not he ramming thrusts I expected but strong, still feminine , yet insisting  uintil my mouth was full of cum.

     More wine. and another makeout session, her tits never leaving my mouth or hands. Her hands never leaving my cock.'I want you in me' Paige's voice was soft but nearly pleading. I wanted it too, and wasted no motion or time postioning myself behind her. She was on her knees with her ass(oh my god, waht an ass. Tight,yet soft and curved in just the right way. 'Now' she said, rubbing her ass against me.

Threeway Heaven.

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   Times were tough and I took a job as a bouncer in clubs on weekends. It was a pretty boring job most nights, and frustrating having to deal with drunks all the time, so my boss sent me out to a gay club for a change of pace. Also, I was one of his few workers who wasn't homophobic, and therefore less likely to be freaked out working there.

   When I arrived at the club, I was amazed how calm the place was; everyone was having a good time talking and dancing and there was no way a fight would erupt here. At 9pm a drag show began in the back area and I was sent to make sure noone tried to jump up on the stage or cause any trouble during the performance. I had never seen a

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drag show before but I was entranced as three figures emerged backlit onto the stage and the music began. Suddenly the front lights came on and the three showgirls on stage began to move very sexually as they mimed to the song. They were all wearing revealing lingerie and high heels. The one on the left was a tall leggy-blonde, the middle a latin brunette and on the end was a beautiful petite long-haired asian. As the song progressed, the three danced around each other, touching, moving close to each other seductively, flirting with each other and the audience, grinding against each other playfully and giving the onlookers a hell of a show. If I was in any other place, I would have found it impossible to believe the three stunning creatures before me were men. Now, I've always been happily straight, and had never been interested in transvestites before, but as the show progressed I could feel my penis stiffening inside my pants, to the point where I had to subtly adjust myself so it wasn't too obvious.

   The show finally finished to rapturous applause, and even with the showgirls dissapeared from the stage I had to wait a few minutes as my erection slowly went down. Outside, the girls were at the bar, crowded by fans and guys buying them drinks and trying too pick them up. The blonde was greeted by the club manager and gave him a long and passionate kiss, and I felt my cock stirring again and I felt a little jealous that she wasn't kissing me. They left, but the brunette and the asian stuck around for the rest of the night loving all the attention they had garnered. I watched them when I could, and they each caught me many times and gave me a sly smile, which only made my cock harder with more longing.Â

   After the club closed, I stuck around to have a drink with the other bouncers and the staff and we were joined by the two remaining showgirls. They came up one on each side of me.

   "Who is this handsome new man?" asked the brunette to my co-worker.

   He told her my name and she put her hand onto my shoulder and let it slide down, giving a slight squeeze to feel my arm muscles. Her Asian friend did the same to my other arm.

   "He is very big and strong," she said.

   The other bouncers told me they were Gina and Angela, and gave me a wink. I asked where their other member was, and Gina, the latin brunette, replied with a sigh that she was in the back office sucking her boyfriend Matt's cock. "Some girls get all the luck," she said.

   "I think," said Angela, "that we may need some security help in the back room."

   "Ooooh," cried Gina. "Can we borrow him?" Meaning me.Â

   Gina and Angela both took a hand and almost pulled me off my seat and dragged me towards the back room. Before I even knew what was happening they had me through the doorway and into the darkened room. I felt hands rubbing over my hard cock and a mouth found mine and I felt a soft tongue slide in and over mine. The mouth was replaced by another and it kissed me hard and desperately. My fly was quickly unzipped and hands entered my pants and fought for my cock. My cock was out of my pants and I felt two sets of fingers grip the shaft and rub it in unison. "We need some lights so we can see his beautiful cock,"said a voice, I didn't know whose.

   One of them left me and went back stage. I felt a different sensation now as I was enveloped by a hot wet mouth. The lights and some music came on and I looked down to see Gina kneeling before me with my stiff cock in her mouth. She smiled up at me as her lips slid slowly up my shaft then back down.

   "You dirty bitch!" cried Angela as she came back into the room, carrying a tube of lube.

   Gina took my cock out of her mouth and stoked it. "Come and join me," she said to her friend.

   Angela bent down and put a hand above Gina's and they slowly stroked me in unison. They smiled up at me. "Have you ever been with a tranny before?" asked Angela.

   "No," I answered.

   Angela licked the shaft of my cock all the way up to the head. "You like?"

   "Oh yeah," I gasped.

   Angela took my cock into her mouth and let it slide all the way down to the base. She looked at Gina as she sucked it up to the head, then passed it to Gina who sucked it down again. I couldn't believe it as I watched these two beauties taking turns on my cock. They giggled as their tongues met at the head of my cock and they both licked it together.

   They got up and pushed me back onto the stage and yanked my pants down to my ankles. Gina and Angela stood above me, looking beautiful and sexy in their corsets and fishnet stockings and high heels. "Which of us do you want to fuck first?" asked Gina. My mouth was open but I couldn't even try to answer. They looked at each other and giggled again. "You first," Gina said to her friend.

   Angela reached down and slid her panties off, a hard little cock springing up as she did so. Gina picked up the lube and squirted some onto my cock. It felt cold but warmed up quickly as she rubbed it over me. Angela stepped over me and slowly let herself down as Gina guided me inside her tight ass. I slipped in easily and disappeared inside her as she let herself all the way down. She was hot wonderful and hot inside. She gasped quickly as I entered her, then she braced her hands on my chest and slowly lifted herself up slightly, before I watched my shaft plunge back inside. Gina was on her knees next to us. She kissed me and rubbed her hands over my tensed stomach. Angela rose up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her ass. This felt better than any girl I had ever fucked. I looked up at Angela and pushed up and into her, entering her deeper, making her groan.

   "How is his cock up in your little ass?" asked Gina. Angela smiled, unable to speak as she let herself down again.

   Gina stood up and took off her panties, letting loose a large hard penis. I reached up and took it in my hand, felling it hot and hard yet soft and silky. "Oh yeah, baby," she cried as I rubbed it. "I'm gonna fuck you so good."

   Angela bounced up and down on top of me with increasing pace. I could feel my cock ready to burst inside of her. She stopped and lifted herself off of me and I slid out of her. "It's not time to cum yet," she informed me with a wicked smile.

   Gina stepped over me and let herself down onto my cock. She was tighter than Angela and I could feel her gripping the shaft of my cock each time she rose up and down on it. She kissed me hard as she rode me faster, her tongue swirling into my mouth. I could feel Angella rubbing my balls and felt a finger working into my ass. I looked up at Gina's beautiful face above me. Our tongues met again and flicked against each other. Angela's finger entered me and I felt it slide inside and wiggle about. I thrust up inside of Gina making her cry out. Angela fingered my ass and squeezed my balls. I looked to Gina's hard cock bouncing on my belly and began to stroke it, making her fuck me faster. I started to groan, getting ready to cum. "Don't cum yet," Gina told me. I tried to hold on, but Angela's finger probing my asshole as Gina's ass slid up and down my hard cock was almost too much to bear. Gina suddenly raised herself off me and my cock slipped out of her ass just before I came.

   She joined Angela down between my legs and slowly started to stroke me as she caught her breath. Angela pushed her finger inside me up to the nuckle. I looked down to the two transvestites on either side of my bursting cock. They were two of the classiest and sexiest looking creatures I had ever seen and I wanted so badly to cum all over them. "We're gonna make you cum so hard," Gina teased. Her tongue traced to the ridge of my cock head as she stroked me. She offered my cock to Angela who took it all inside her hot mouth. Gina began licking my balls as Angela sucked me back into her mouth. They swapped and Gina wrapped her lips around the shaft of my cock, her deep brown eyes looking into mine, her sensual face framed by her dark hair. Angela took me back into her mouth and then Gina. I couldn't take the pleasure any more and began to force my hips up into every rise and fall of their succulent cock-sucking mouths. They both looked into my eyes, knowing I was about to shoot. Gina's mouth gathered pace and she sucked me hungrily in and out of her moth. Angela finger-fucked my ass faster now. They looked up at me, wanting my cum. Gina's hot wet lips canoned up and down the shaft of my cock.

   "Oh shit!" I cried. Gina unmouthed me in time to receive the first shot of cum on her pretty face. Angela opened her mouth beside Gina's and caught the next ribbon of cum on the roof of her mouth. Gina stroked me frantically as my cock spurted again and again, harder than it ever had before. A shot gysered out and landed in a stream along Gina's face and up into her hair. I pumped my cum over their waiting faces. I finally stopped and almost collapsed in pleasure. Gina and Angela both laughed, licking the cum off my cock. I looked down at them both. They were so unbelievably sexy on their knees in their fine lingerie, their cocks hanging down between their legs, with streams of my cum on their adorable faces alongside my hard cock. Angela wiggled her finger in my ass as she opened her mouth and took my cock back inside , sucking a few times before giving it to Gina. Gina licked her soft tongue along it a few times before taking it into her mouth again, sucking it hard for the last drops of my cum. It felt so intense that I could have died fullfilled at that moment.

   When they had finally finished with my cock, they both giggled. I fell back in pleasure. They got up and turned to leave.

   "We'll see you next week, baby," Gina said as they walked out of the room, holding each other around the waist.

   I let my head down on the stage and tried to catch my breath, to go through what had just happened. I felt my cock begin to tingle again. Next week, I thought. I can't wait.

Whores And Pimps - Part III

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Whores and Pimps - Part III




Michele Nylons

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New Roman" size="2"> 


Michele pulled at her bonds, struggling and wriggling on the bed trying to break free for a few minutes until she realised that she was securely tied and had no way of escaping.  Ellie sauntered over to the bed and looked down at Michele,


“Well honey, looks like we have you just where we want you; I think we are going to start to really have some fun now,” she sneered.


Michele opened her mouth to scream and Ellie slapped her face hard.  Michele’s face was jerked to one side with the force of the blow and her eyes watered with the pain.


“Look bitch, you can try to scream all you like, but if you do I’m going to invite my friends here to smack you around a bit as a prelude to whatever else they’re going to do to you.  And once they’ve done that we can gag you if you still insist on making a fracas, although I’m sure they have better ways of stuffing your mouth, so shut the fuck up or wear the consequences,” Ellie threatened.


Realising that resistance was useless, Michele lay still and contemplated the circumstances in which she now found herself.  She had already seen Ellie and the fat cop who she had encountered earlier in the evening; she wondered who else comprised “we” Ellie had spoken of; she looked around to see who else was in the room.  There were three other men sitting at a table drinking.  Their chairs were turned towards the bed and they had obviously been entertained by the performance provided by Ellie fellating the cop while they waited for Michele to come around.


They were rough looking types, dressed in jeans and T-shirts; solidly built and appeared to be in their middle forties.  The men were talking amongst themselves in gruff voices; their language vile and littered with swearwords.  Their eyes glistened as they looked hungrily at Michele tied to the bed.


“I won’t worry too much about formal introductions Michele if you don’t mind.  You met my friend here from the local constabulary on your way to the party earlier in the evening, and I suppose it’s fair to say you’ve known him only briefly but certainly intimately,” Ellie smiled cruelly.


“These other three gentlemen are also aficionados of special ladies like ourselves; that is to say they have a penchant for attractive transvestites; and they particularly like a little bit of, shall we say, extremism when it comes to sexual encounters.”


“They are very close friends of mine, and over the years I’ve been able to sacrifice quiet a few ‘virgins’ to the altar of their desires; if I might wax poetic,” Ellie went on.


“Most of the girls I have lured into their clutches have left having eventually enjoyed the encounters; a few have not; but none have ever been a position to complain.  So I suggest you just relax and enjoy what I am about to allow you to experience; if nothing else you will at least leave this room enlightened as to what two transvestites and four hungry mature men can accomplish in the way of sating their appetites.” Ellie finished.


Ellie turned to the three men who had been eagerly watching and listening to her explain the situation to Michele, like a pride of lions watching their wounded prey.  Their eyes glittered in the darkened room as they feasted with wanton lust on the bound transvestite.  Michele’s miniskirt had ridden up when she had struggled at her bonds and her luscious nylon sheathed legs were exposed right up to the tops of her thighs and her red satin panties peeked from under the hem of her skirt.


“Gentlemen, meet Michele.  Michele, meet the gentlemen,” Ellie introduced them sarcastically.


“As for you, my law enforcing accomplice; you can sit over there on the lounge and I will keep you suitably amused whilst Michele and our three comrades entertain us.”  Ellie sauntered over to an overstuffed lounge which had been positioned beside the bed.


The three men rose as one and sauntered over to the bed and they looked down and surveyed Michele tied to the bed.  They stared at the middle aged whore; her black leather miniskirt rucked up around her waist from her struggles, her red lace garters clipped to her black stocking tops; legs spread wide and her ankles tied to the bed just above her black high-heeled sandals; her red painted toenails visible through the diaphanous nylon.  Michele’s leopard-skin print nylon blouse was opened at the top displaying her red satin brassiere.


Michele’s face was framed by her brunette wig the lighter tints highlighted in the lamplight, her heavily mascared eyes peeked from under her fringe, emphasised by her blue and pink eyeshadow. Her rouged cheeks and ruby red lipsticked lips were accentuated by her pale foundation and face powder.  Michele’s earrings and necklace glittered in the dim light.


One of the men noticed her anklet glittering and reached out and caressed her ankle and then slowly ran his hand up her leg to her stocking top, stopping briefly to play with her garter strap and then continued up her thigh until his hand rested on the front of her panties.


“She’s wearing pantyhose under her panties and stockings guys; looks like this whore will need to buy a new pair tomorrow,” he chuckled to the others.


Michele wriggled as she felt the man’s hands on her leg and panties.


“Hold still now honey; Michele is it?  My friend is going to untie your legs and if you give us any trouble; well Ellie has already explained what we will do,” he threatened.


Michele felt the bonds on her ankles loosen and then her ankles were free; she tried to close her legs but the man who had untied her legs now held them wide apart and pushed her ankles down on the bed. 


“Keep her like that Joe; if she moves or makes a sound belt her one,” said the man who had his hand on her thigh to the man holding her legs down.


Then he and the other man started to undress; they dropped their clothes where they stood and kicked them away into the centre of the room.  One of the naked men then relieved Joe of his task and Joe shucked out of his clothes so that all three of them were now naked.  Michele strained her neck up off the bed and saw the three men standing around the bed with their erections standing proud under their round bellies.  She started to cry and the man named Joe slapped her once across the face.


“Keep quiet bitch; last warning!  Next time you will get a proper belting,” he growled.


“Fuck she looks good,” said the man who had stroked her legs, “can I fuck her first?”


“I think that’s only fair Steve,” Joe replied, “I fucked the last trannie that Ellie got for us first.  You ok with that Bill?”


“Sure,” Bill answered, “I’d prefer a blow job before I fuck her anyway.”


Michele’s head was spinning; she knew that resistance was futile, maybe she could reason with them?


“Look, Bill, Joe, Steve; what about if you untie my wrists and just let me go?  I won’t tell anyone about this honest.  You’ve had your fun now so the joke’s over; come on guys let me go,” Michele Begged.


All three of the men standing over Michele, the fat cop, and Ellie laughed in unison.


“You silly cunt; we ain’t joking; and we ain’t letting you go; and I’ll let you into a little secret Michele; you won’t be telling anyone about what happens here tonight.”


“Are you really going to admit to being a transvestite?  And anyway who you going to tell; the police?  Our friend Bob over there is the police you dumb cunt!”


“And I gotta let you into a little secret; our real names aren’t Bill, Joe, Steve and Bob.  Sure you know Ellie is Eddie but Ellie saved you when you got drunk and passed out at the party.  She was your saviour and friend tonight in front of all those witnesses; do you really think anyone is going to believe that she took you up to her hotel room and gave you to four men to have their way with?  It’s just ludicrous!” Joe lectured Michele.


“Now shut the fuck up and you take what we give you and you won’t get hurt; like Ellie said you might even enjoy it,” he finished.


“I know how to shut her up,” Bill said and bent down and began to kiss Michele on her painted red lips.


Michele felt Bill’s tongue invade her mouth and attempted to move her head out of the way but it was useless, he continued to kiss her, the taste of whisky and cigarettes on his breath.  She felt one of the men; Joe she figured as Steve had hold of her legs, untie her wrist and grip it firmly.  He moved her hand down and then she felt her hand come into contact with his erect member and she tried to flinch it away.


“Don’t you fucking well make me hurt you bitch; you take what I give you and don’t even think of hurting me down there,” Joe growled.


Michele wrapped her fingers lightly around the rubbery fat cock and placidly held it there.  Joe held her wrist and began to slide his cock in and out of her loosely clenched fingers.  He looked down at his thickening member wrapped in Michele’s hand, her red painted fingernails accentuating her delicate fingers, and groaned. He swayed back and forth on his heels and fucked her hand.


“Oh yeah; wank that cock baby! Wank that cock!” he moaned.


Michele felt her other wrist being untied and when her right arm was freed it was placed over Bill’s shoulder and she left it there, limp, so that she held him in a faux embrace.  Bill sat on the bed as he continued to kiss Michele and he felt her start to respond.  Gently at first, she tentatively slipped her tongue into his mouth and then when he pressed his lips harder against her lipstick painted mouth, she kissed him back passionately.


Michele was becoming aroused despite the fact that she was being forced to participate in their debased game.  Bill’s kisses were deep and exciting; she responded despite her feeling of abhorrence and used her free arm to embrace him.  Instinctively her right hand clasped onto Joe’s cock and started to slowly masturbate him.  She felt her fingers slide along the sleek hard shaft and then over the spongy bulbous head; she manipulated the sensitive area at the bottom of glans and heard him sigh.


Bill lifted his face from hers and Michele reluctantly allowed him to escape her embrace.  He bent down and kissed her lightly on her lips and then both eyelids.


“God you are one pretty whore,” he whispered into her ear.


Michele became more excited and felt her own cock hardening inside her satin panties.  Bill shifted position so that he was kneeling on the bed, his groin next to Michele’s head.  She offered scant resistance when he turned her head towards his erect member and rubbed it on her lips.  Michele opened her lips and skimmed her tongue across the head of Bill’s penis.  Bill pushed forward and his glans slid over her lips and into her warm wet mouth; he rocked back and forward and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth; fucking Michele’s oral cavity as her lipsticked lips clamped on his shaft and her tongue lashed at his cock-head.


Michele couldn’t help herself; she was enjoying playing the role of a whore; sucking Bill’s cock whilst she stroked Joe’s cock with long slow strokes.  She enjoyed the feeling and taste of the hard member in her mouth, unlike the fat stubby cock of the cop, this cock was long, sleek and the secretions that leaked from the eye of the penis were sweet.  The cock in her hand was also long, but thick and veiny; she loved the silky feel of the skin of the shaft contrasting with the spongy feel of the head.


Then she felt Steve’s hand under her skirt start to stroke her own cock through the layers of her satin panties and pantyhose.  As the satin of her panties rubbed against her nylon encased cock it sent small shocks of pleasure shooting through her.  Then she felt Steve move onto the bed between her legs as he continued to stimulate her through her underwear.  She was startled when she felt Steve’s other hand push aside the crotch of her panties and a finger probe at her anus through the nylon gusset of her pantyhose.  She wriggled a little but she found the finger stimulating.


Michele could not believe that she was becoming an active participant in her own rape; she was enjoying it, she couldn’t stop the raging desire that coursed through her.  She sucked on Bill’s cock and used her free hand to stroke the shaft as she slobbered over the head of his cock, alternately kissing, licking and sucking at the fat cock-head.  Her other hand slid up and down Joe’s member, varying between squeezing it and then running her red painted fingernails gently up and down the shaft and under his balls.


Steve was mesmerised by Michele’s nylon sheathed legs; he manipulated and caressed Michele’s hardening cock through her knickers and with his other hand he stroked her stockinged calves and thighs. Steve straddled Michele’s right leg and began to hump her thigh.  Then he lifted her leg and worked his cock into the silky furrow behind her knee; he groaned revelling in the soft sensations in his cock as he slowly worked his penis in the gossamer nyloned crevasse behind her knee and thigh.


Steve slid his cock further up Michele’s thigh until he could force it under her stocking top so that it was trapped in the silken diaphanous tunnel between her stocking and her pantyhose encased thigh.  He fucked the gauzy chasm leaving a silver trail of pre-seminal fluid soaking into her nylons as his cock throbbed and released sticky beads of pre-come.

Michele could feel Steve’s hard penis sliding up and down her leg and was surprised to find that the sensation was highly arousing.  When he slid his cock into the silken trap behind her bent knee she clenched her knee so that his penis was clamped between the sensitive nylon sheathed skin of her calf and thigh; she moved her leg from side to side and felt Steve’s hot cock secrete warm moist droplets of sticky pre-come which was absorbed into her stockings and pantyhose.


When Steve moved his cock up her leg and started to fuck her thigh with his cock between her stocking and pantyhose she pushed her leg up into his groin so that her pantyhosed thigh rubbed against his scrotum, sending delightful stabs of pleasure through his balls.


Michele wanked at Joe’s cock; squeezing the shaft as she worked her fingers up and down his manhood; when she came to the end of his shaft she worked her fingers in circular motion around the glans and then grasped at the shaft and slid her hand back down the length of the engorged member.  She sucked and slavered at Bill’s cock, occasionally allowing his member to come right out of her mouth and then she licked the entire length of his phallus and gently nibbled at the head whilst flicking her tongue under the sensitive skin where the glans joined the shaft.


Joe was rocking back and forth on his heels, fucking Michele’s hand as she wanked him.  He looked into her pretty made up face and her rouged cheeks and mascared eyes, fringed by her silky hair aroused him; but what stimulated him the most was the way she worked her ruby red lipsticked lips up, down and over Bill’s cock.  For a girl who was terrified of what was about to happen to her twenty minutes ago, she had certainly changed her tune; she really was a whore.


Joe cast his eyes down Michele’s body, he reached out and caressed her belly through her nylon blouse and scanned down to her groin where her miniskirt had been pulled up and was rucked up around her waist exposing her garter belt and red satin panties.  Steve was slowly massaging Michele’s cock through her panties and his other hand was pressing down on her magnificent black stocked leg; his cock jammed between her stocking top and her pantyhosed thigh as he rocked back and forth and fucked the gossamer tunnel.


Steve was in ecstasy, but he forced himself to remove his cock from the silken trap of Michele’s thigh and moved back down the bed so that he was between her spread legs.  He moved up between them and pushed his cock down onto her panties to replace his hand which had been stroking Michele’s cock through her satin knickers.  He pressed down and began to slide back and forth, fucking Michele’s silken encased cock with his own.  The feeling was electrifying as his shaft felt hers start to throb through her tight pantyhose gusset and the satin panel in front of her panties.


Michele felt Steve’s manhood rub against her own as he dry fucked her through her knickers and hose; the taut nylon on her cock sending sensations all through her member.  She bucked and lifted her crotch to meet Steve’s thrusts and gyrated her hips to enhance the sensations shooting through her groin.  Then she was a little disappointed when she felt Steve move on top of her and his cock slid down her shiny satin panties and eased under the gusset; she felt the head of his cock nestle in the crack of her arse and begin to push against her arse bud, forcing the nylon of her pantyhose into the puckered hole.


Steve was gasping with pleasure as his cock rubbed against Michele’s nylon sheathed, engorged member.  He could easily come this way and enjoy every second; but he wanted to fuck the lovely transvestite who lay beneath him sucking the cock of his friend and masturbating the other.  He pulled back and shuddered as the glans of his penis rubbed feather lightly along Michele’s panties; he pushed forward as the knob of his cock nestled against the elasticised crotch of her panties and then forced his hard cock under her panty crotch and against her pantyhosed arse. He manipulated his crotch and wriggled his cock in the silken pantyhosed valley of Michele’s arse crack until he felt the head of his penis nestle in the bud of her back passage.


Steve pushed forward and felt the nylon pantyhose gusset begin to give; he pushed harder and his cock broke through the gossamer prison and wedged into Michele’s anal bud.  His cock was wet and lubricated from his pre-seminal secretions and he continued to push forward and felt his cock stretch Michele’s sphincter and finally the head of his penis penetrated Michele’s virgin passage.


Michele felt Steve’s cock begin to slide inside her; at first it was uncomfortable but she forced herself to relax and then the sensation of being slowly filled with hard cock began to excite her.  To Michele’s own amazement she actually started to push her groin against Steve to force his cock further and deeper inside her.  She felt her passage open as his manhood filled her and then she felt Steve’s groin hard against hers; he was all the way in.  Michele heard Steve groan and she lifted her stockinged legs up and wrapped her high heels around his waist and began to buck underneath him.  Steve held on and Michele began to fuck him, raising her buttocks off the bed in time with his thrusts in a slow steady rhythm.


Michele had now actually become the whore that she had only pretended to be at the start of the evening.  She was not only dressed as a whore; she was behaving like a whore.  She had already sucked her first cock before she got to the party, she had had lesbian sex with Jill on the balcony; now she was having forced sex with three middle aged men; and she was loving it!  ‘Yes’, Michele thought to herself, ‘I am a whore and I adore being a whore; what have I missed out on all these years?’


The three men and Michele began to concentrate on inducing their orgasms.  Steve was now slamming his cock in and out of Michele’s back passage and she was bucking under him; raising her buttocks off the bed to meet his thrusts.  She could feel his pulsating cock stretching her back passage and pushing against her prostate, sending waves of sexual sensations through her body; she wiggled her arse and clenched and unclenched her sphincter to increase Steve’s pleasure and enhance her own gratification.


Bill’s cock was pulsing in her mouth and she felt his orgasm approach as he pushed his cock in and out of her lipsticked mouth, holding her head as he fucked her face.  He groaned as Michele slavered at his erect manhood, running her tongue over the head and shaft as she felt the vibrating piece of flesh begin to convulse.


Joe was rocking on his heels fucking her hand in time to Michele’s hard strokes as she masturbated him.  He looked at her ruby red fingernails and the glittering jewellery on her fingers and wrists and felt his own climax build.  Michele could feel Joe’s cock start to shudder in her fingers and she gripped it hard and wanked at the erect piece of manhood; increasing the pace as she felt the cock quiver and shake in her hand.


Steve’s cock erupted deep inside her and Michele felt the splash of his seed flood  her passage; Steve’s cock was buried deep inside her, in her right up to the hilt, and she pushed up to meet Steve’s groin and felt his erection quiver against her prostate gland as she filled her panties with her own hot wet emission.


Bob’s cock exploded in her mouth at the same time and her mouth was inundated with salty hot come; she gulped it down as fast as she could but still some of the viscous white fluid escaped her mouth and ran down her chin.  Joe saw this and groaned as own penis spewed forth jet after jet of hot semen all over Michele’s hand, and arm.  Jets of his spend shot through the air and splashed on her blouse; the gobs of white ejaculate contrasting against the leopard-skin nylon.


Michele was writhing in ecstasy as the three cocks filled her and covered her with hot come.  Her arse was convulsing as Steve plunged his last few thrusts deep inside her, draining the last of his issue.  Her mouth was filled with Bob’s semen and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and let the last few jets of his release splash over her pretty, heavily made up face; a string of semen flew out of his cock and glistened in her hair.


Joe’s penis had shot stream after stream of semen over Michele and the globs of glistening semen on her blouse was joined by a thick viscous stream of come which had splashed over her rucked up skirt.


Michele lay there quivering in orgasmic bliss as her own climax subsided; her hot fluid filled her panties as she tasted Bob’s come in her mouth and felt his hot seed on her face.  She was covered in semen inside and out; she felt sated; satisfied like she had never been before.  Michele had become a Transvestite whore and she loved it!


……………………………………..To be continued.

A trip to the Beach

Darkphyre on Transgender Stories

I had known Stacy for about three years, but I had never known about her little secret. That day, when it was revealed changed everything for me, and for Stacy too. We were the greatest of friends; spending almost all our time together. We had come as close to each other as lovers, but as two women we, neither one of us, ever made a move.

My tale begins during the heart of beach season. It was a beautifully sunny day. I had suggested to Stacy that we take a trip to the beach and enjoy some sun and sea. But Stacy told me she didn’t own a bathing suit. The perfect excuse for shopping. I could have kissed her.

‘I think, with your shape, a really skimpy bikini would look great!’ I told her, my cheeks flushing a bright crimson.

‘I do

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n’t know about me,’ Stacy replied. ‘But I know one would look great on you!’

I flushed again.

Stacy had always been shy about her body. In all the years I had known her she had never been as adventurous with her style as I was. But that was going ot change. I was sure of that as I pictured my friend in a nice string bikini. My mind filled with the images of getting her home and pulling her out of it too.

I could feel myself blushing again.

‘So…’ Stacy said in a coy manner. ‘Where’s the best place to grab a cool costume.’

‘I know a place,’ I smiled my most devilish smile, knowing she was picking up the not so subtle hints I was throwing her way.

I scooped up my keys off the table, subconsciously counting each one as I did. Already I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I felt alive, exhilarated. Hoping my scent wasn’t evading my moistening panties. Just the thought of seeing my long time friend’s beautiful body excited me.

Right then I wondered if Stacy felt the same. Sadly, she just looked nervous, chewing on her bottom lip.

‘Come along then Stace. Let’s get going,’ I said, trying to keep thins light.

‘Right behind you Kelly, Stacy called back as she fetched her cute pink jacket from the coat rack. The one that hugged her breasts perfectly, showing them off for the world to see.

She quickly repositioned her skirt, nervously glancing at me, hoping I hadn’t noticed.

That was it! I thought she had just given me a sign of her mutual attraction. She was moistening too!

* * * *

Arm in glorious arm we made our way to my car. It wasn’t a flashy automobile, but it was reliable. And what more did a gal need than something reliable.

Stacy took her place in the passenger seat, while I slipped in behind the steering wheel. Clicking my seatbelt into its clip, I started the engine and we were off.

* * * *

I drove us to the store. From the outside it looked like a normal store. The promotional posters, while meant to look flashy had been bleached by the excessive sun, but they were still slightly attractive, as were the cute little outfits worn by the store dummies. But those were the outfits us normal girls could never wear.

From the outside Stacy seemed unimpressed. I took her arm again, and led her through the electronic doors. Her mouth fell open at the inner size. It looked like an elegant palace filled with the gowns of a million princesses. Stacy was dumbstruck with awe.

Lightly taking her hand, I led her down the steps into the main store. There were dresses, skirts, tops of all varieties, blouses, lingerie, daily wear. Stacy clearly had never seen so many choices grouped into one place. Or at least had never seen so many clothes that she wanted all at once.

I ignored the general clothes and led her to the back of the store, where the bathing suits were kept. And there were so many choices; bikini’s, cami sets, tankinis. So many options. So little time. I grabbed at a very skimpy black bikini set, almost no skin covered. Stacy was a little more conservative, going for a more common bra and brief set. I picked out a nice summer dress to wear over the bathing suit. A small flowing red number with all the tight curves. Stacy’s eyes lit up in admiration of my tastes for her. She pulled me out a short white dress. Very innocent looking. I held the dress against myself with the costume I chose underneath it. The thin white material gave away my choice perfectly. What a combo!

Now Stacy was taking the lead, guiding me roughly over to the dressing rooms. Obviously anxious to get me into my new outfit. I rushed ahead myself, just as anxious to see Stacy in hers, and maybe see her get into it too.

‘Want to share?’ I asked when our path ended by the dressing rooms.

The confirmation of Stacy’s attraction came when after a nervous moment she said yes and we clambered into the largest of the cubicles. Once the plastic door was shut, I felt Stacy’s lips lock themselves onto mine, her kiss reaching into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around Stacy’s back, pulling her beautiful body closer. Stacy’s subtle hands pulled at my top, lifting it carefully over my head, revealing my pink bra.

Stacy lowered her mouth to kiss my now erect nipples through the soft fabric. My inner moisture increased again, soaking my panties. I pushed myself closer, softly moaning my satisfaction.

I let my hand go to Stacy’s sexy mound, rubbing at her skirt. She pushed down onto my hand., her mouth kissing back up my breasts.

Everything I had wanted from Stacy lay beneath this skirt. No matter what I had to get it off, I wanted to se the hidden beauty of the girl I had waited three years to get. My hands went to her hips, slowly pushing at the elastic waistband, forcing the skirt down. She wriggled her hips, trying to stop me, she went for my hands. I kissed her harder, she let the skirt drop past her hips, revealing to me her secret. Stacy was a guy!

I jumped back. Completely surprised. I didn’t know how to react, my heartbeat was racing. And then I noticed what my body was doing. My moisture had jumped up a few notches, my pulse was racing, my breaths shallow and short. Oh my god, I was leaning back in to kiss her again. As I placed my lips back onto Stacy’s I pushed my skirt down over my hips and stepped out of it as it cascaded to the floor. I held my new lover in my arms.

My hands were soon cupping Stacy’s buttocks. My fingers tracing her crack, reaching for her perfectly puckered hole as her cock grew against me. She reached around and deftly unclipped my bra, slipping it down my arms and letting my petite breasts fall free. This was most unfair I thought. She had my breasts and I didn’t have hers. This was a situation that had to be sorted out.

While I focused her attention on kissing me, I worked my hands down her blouse, undoing each button, pulling the cotton garment open to reveal her sexy blue bra and its beautiful contents.

Stacy could stand no more. She was really rubbing her length against me, allowing the friction to pleasure her. Deciding I had to help I started to kiss my way down her super sexy body. I left her bra on, placing my kisses around the blue material, and carried on down past her stomach towards her bulging blue panties. I pulled them to the side, allowing her erect cock to fall into my ready hand. I placed another sensitive kiss to Stacy’s body before I slipped her twitching little friend into my anxiously waiting mouth.

The moment I wrapped my lips around Stacy’s warm cock I knew this was a first for her. The way she held herself was nervous, yet attentive, trying to memorise every action. I allowed more of her cock to slip into my mouth, taking all of it that I could, my tongue running around its outside. Stacy, driven at this point by sheer pleasure curled her fingers into my hair, gently tugging it as she pulled me further onto her. I had opened the cork on feelings she had never before expressed. Holding her balls in my hand, I feel Stacy suddenly tighten up, I knew what was coming and I sucked harder while I pulled her panties all the way to the ground.

Just I got the juicy goodness I wanted Stacy pulled her cock away from me. Gently, yet with great command, she pulled me to my feet.

‘Not yet, she whispered, kissing me again, pressing me back up against the dressing room wall. She ran her tongue over my nipples, taking one into her mouth, and kissing it with the same passion she had shown my lips.

Her hands led my panties down my legs while her kisses worked their way lower, across my abdomen, lower, past my waist, lower, over my trimmed blonde pubes to my glistening hole beneath. Nervously her tongue ran over my pussy lips. My thighs trembled at her careful touch, but I longed for so much more.

‘Don’t think so much,’ I told her. ‘Just go with the flow.’ I was going to wish I hadn’t said that.

Almost at once, Stacy’s nervous technique vanished. She had become a woman possessed. If I hadn’t have known otherwise, I’d have said she been licking pussy since the cradle. I had been waiting to get my friend here for three years, the only person to get my come in that time was me. I was saving it for Stacy exclusively.

Stacy switched between tonguing and fingering my pussy. God her technique was mind blowing. I couldn’t even find words to warn her what was coming. All my efforts were on keeping quiet, or just not getting to loud. Stacy got ferocious at my clit. She had obviously been wanting to get at my pussy as much I wanted her to. I moaned again softly, muffled by my fist crammed into my mouth, only just in time.

Before I had chance to let my hand down and pull Stacy further into me, she climbed back up to kiss me. I could taste my own salty juices on her lips, she offered it to me off her tongue. How could I refuse?

She leant in and kissed my neck. Her cock brushed against my pubes as she did. Her touch was electric. I wanted so badly to slip her into my pussy. But I held back.

Luckily for me, Stacy had the same idea. She bowed slightly, her hand pushed her cock forward, and lifted it into my pussy. She lifted my arms above my head, holding them in place, restricting my movement on my part. Once inside Stacy stopped. This I could tell was another first for her. I gave her a moment to enjoy the sensation, then, staring into her eyes, I clamped my pussy around her cock, and forced myself further onto her.

Driven by my desire, Stacy gave me a full thrust of her manly weapon. I gasped as her length filled my pussy, and pushed down to meet her. She gave me another thrust, and kept them coming. I couldn’t hold it anymore, my pleasure started to sound between my bated breaths, Stacy was the same. Neither of us were doing a very good job at staying discreet.

Someone knocked on the door. It was the store’s young clerk.

‘Are you ladies okay in there?’ she asked.

‘We’re fine, thanks!’ Stacy and I called out in unison, hoping the clerk hadn’t heard too much.

We didn’t move again until we heard her footsteps leading her away from us.

‘That was close,’ Stacy giggled.

‘I know,’ I giggled back as I felt my arousal spike suddenly. Almost getting caught was the ultimate turn on.

Stacy began to pick up speed again. Her energy doubled, and focused on bringing me to ecstasy. She got faster and faster until she reached a speed she could maintain comfortably. My cum was still flowing freely, running down Stacy’s cock and over her balls. She pushes harder and faster, using my cum as a lubricant to push in deeper.

With a slight groan muffled by my breast Stacy shot a hot load of sperm into my soaking pussy. Our juices merge inside me mixed by Stacy’s pumping and dripping back past my slippery entrance and running down our legs.

Continuing to push until the last of her own come was expelled, Stacy and I collapsed onto the floor of the dressing room. We had engorged ourselves on each others love and gotten quite messy in the process. All of a sudden I was glad I had packed a set of towels for our trip to the beach.

‘Here you go,’ I said as I offered one to her. She took it graciously, giving me a quick kiss in return.

A couple of minutes later, dried off and regaining our composure, Stacy and I got redressed. We gave each other another few gentle kisses. Her hands brushed my ass, squeezing gently while I cupped her lovely balls.

The attendant was coming back again, we heard her stilettos clacking against the floor, coming closer.

We hurried ourselves out of the dressing room, completely forgetting about the swimwear we had picked up. Left the store with a knowing smile on our lips and made straight for home.

We never did go back for that swim wear, but we had a lot of fun once we got home again.

Plastic Surgury Nightmare 2

Lucy23 on Transgender Stories

        I sat naked on the floor dripping in my own cum looking down on my huge throbbing cock knowing that my wonderful and sexy female body will no be forever stuck with this massive beast. I stood up and wiped myself clean, i grabbed my blouse suddenly noticing that my new breasts where too big for my tiny top so they where bursting out making me look like a cheap hooker. i picked up my skirt and rapped it around my waist only for my errect penis to loft the skirt exposing me. I'm just going to have to wait here until it goes down i thought, the door opened and Claire walked in.

" What are you still doing here?"

" I can't go anywhere while this dick is so hard, it won't go down."

" Get out now, you ju

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st gonna have to be very careful not to be seen" Her hand grabbed my boob squeezing hard, excitement raced through my body making my cock stiff again. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the door throwing me out on to the street. Almost right away i heard voices coming towards me. I reconised the first voice it was Kerry she was the lead cheerleader for our rival school, i ran toward my car getting behind the door just in case she saw me as i fumbling around for my keys. Of course she saw me and came over.

" Oh my god why don't you try to wear a top that fits you look like a cheap slut." She laughed and her friends joined in a half seconded behind her. She walked around the side of the car, luckily for me she didn't take her eyes of my tits. She grabbed my top and ripped it open the cold air hitting my boobs making my nipples errect. I stood there shocked not knowing what to do.

" Do you want me to kiss you?" she mocked as they all laughed

" Yes " the words fell from my mouth with out me knowing it.

"On my god you really are a little whore, all those rumours where true."

"Yes they are" she lent fowards and kissed me it was wonderful her lips where so soft. She stopped and looked at me shocked she looked down , my cock was rubbing against her leg. She stepped back stunned 

" She has a cock!!" she yelled as her three friends joined her " Hold her on the bonnett i want her."the girls held me there ripping my skirt from me, they prised my legs open as Kerry climbed up on top of me and lowered herself down onto my cock.

" what the fuck are you doing get off me" i yelled and tried to move but i was held down by the three other girls "get off, this is rape stop it please" she kept riding my huge cock her pussy was so wet and warm i couldn't help but moan with pleasure.

" She loves it listen to her, my god she is so big, ive never had one this big before it feels so good." Her thrusting got faster and faster before her orgasmic screams echoed around the alleyway as i sparayed my hot cum inside her. She dressed herself picked up my clothes and started to walk off before turning back to me. " Everybody is gonna know about you bitch, everyone is gonna know about your huge cock, you will be treated like the freak you are."

I ran back into Claire's clinic and burst into her office

" Please please im begging you please turn me back, take it away give me my pussy back."

" ok i will but seeing as you are my greatest work i wanna show you off to any of my pretential clients."

"yes ok i'll do it, i want to be me again, i so sorry for what ive did to you im so sorry."

" Well i hope you've learnt that you are a bitch and that you need to be nice" she held the door open for me "Go home and wait for me to call you, i'll orgainise some people who want to see my work and you can show off those lovly boobs."

I left the surgery praying that i would get my body back before Kerry told of my penis, i was just glad i was near the end of this weridness, but i knew there was another twist yet to come.

Lady In The House - Reprise

PantyhosePrincess on Transgender Stories

Lady in the House – Reprise


Michele Nylons


For those of you reading this story who have not read the previous ten instalments of ‘Lady In The House’, I suggest you find the stories and read them first before you continue. For those of you who have read the previous instalments, I have decided that the story conception is too good not to explore it further. I know that some of you were not satisfied with the ending; and to tell the truth, after ref

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lection, neither was I. So I have reprised the story and I hope this effort is as good as my previous attempts at physically forced transvestite sex. There you have been warned, or hopefully titillated into proceeding.


The Reprise

My name is Mike and I am standing outside my cell in G Block of the Chelmsford Correction Facility for Men. I am in my late forties and have had a very successful career as a highly paid accountant and money manager. This Facility is not new to me. I have served time here as an inmate previously. I was convicted of aggravated manslaughter for killing a young girl whilst drunk behind the wheel of an expensive car. I served my time and was released on bail after five years. What is unusual is that for most of my time in Chelmsford I lived a dual life. I was Mike the accountant and confidant of Eddie McManus who had me transformed into Michele, a transvestite prostitute who was forced to service other inmates and prison officials in the notorious E Block, kicking up my earnings to Eddie.

I was rescued, if you can call it that, by an inmate called Davey who kept me as his willing concubine for the remainder of my prison term. This might seem like a strange arrangement, but when the price of your life is servitude as the transvestite ‘wife’ of a prison inmate or constant violation by prison thugs, then you make take the path of least resistance and pain.

For the last ten years I have been seeing a psychiatrist who convinced me this was the case. After being released from prison I sought physiological counselling to deal with what had happened to me in Chelmsford. My psychiatrist and I worked together trying to mend the abuse, both physical and mental, that I had undergone during my prison term. We agreed that I had succumbed to the world of transvestism as a means of survival whilst I was in prison. That I was in fact a heterosexual male forced to do what I did only because I had no choice.

I have not dressed as a woman for over ten years. I did have urges to transform into Michele on occasion during my first few years of release, but I overcame them. I rebuilt my life, moved to a new city, and started my career over. I became successful and made lots of money. I reinvented myself and reacquired all the trappings of success. Big house, big car, big bank account and lots of beautiful women. I got too greedy. A year ago it became obvious to me that I was in too deep in some shady real estate deals involving the misappropriation of government funds.

I cut a deal with the investigative body that was breathing down my neck. I gave up everyone else involved in my shady scheme for a one year sentence in a low security prison. I would do easy time with white-collar crims. Colour TV, gymnasium, single cell, conjugal visits; it would be a walk in park. It all went to shit when they found out about my previous conviction; "sorry Mike but the deal’s off; the best we can do is two years hard time," they said. I took it. Then I found out that my hard time would be done in Chelmsford and the nightmares returned.

When I was driven into Chelmsford Prison eight months ago I was fifteen kilos overweight with a scruffy grey flecked beard and long greasy hair. I had deliberately let myself go so that I would not attract the attention of the predators that I knew lurked within the walls of this shit-hole; particularly the predators of cell block E; particularly Eddie McManus and his crew.

I kept a low profile but made extensive inquiries as to what was going on inside Chelmsford. I was relieved to be assigned to G block; there was no one on G block who had been there long enough to remember me. I was even more relieved to hear that Eddie had died over two years ago and that his empire no longer existed. E Block was now condemned and was boarded up, awaiting demolition. The corrupt and perverted Warden had been replaced and the whole prison had undergone radical reform. I tentatively inquired about transvestite prostitution in the prison and was greeted by bellows of laughter and disbelief. Sure, there were rumours that such things had happened in the dim deep past, but no one really believed them. How could an inmate, even an inmate as infamous as Eddie McManus, operate a string of transvestite prostitutes inside a maximum security prison!

I eventually relaxed and decided to do easy time. I volunteered to assist in the prison education scheme, training inmates in the basics of bookkeeping and accountancy. I went to the gym every day and slimmed myself down, I shaved my beard and started looking after myself. I kept myself to myself outside of the classrooms and cafeteria meal times. I was a model prisoner, quiet, well behaved and compliant. I was stupid! I became complacent. I paid the penalty. And so eight months later I returned to my cell to find my few belongings packed up in a cardboard box and a surly prison officer standing at the door thrusting a piece of paper at me. I took the document and read it. It was an order transferring me to F Block. F Block was where the worst criminals were housed, murderers, rapists and perverts.

"Why," I asked, my voice trembling.

"Well it would appear the Governor’s brother has just been indicted for fraudulently using government funds," the guard answered.

"And it would appear that your testimony was crucial to the inditement. Suck’s to be you hey Mikey; no more easy time. F Block ain’t what it used to be in the old days they say; but it ain’t a walk in the park either," he sniggered.

"And it’s right next door to E Block; you know all about E Block don’t you?" the guard went on.

"What are you talking about; E Block’s condemned," I stammered.

"Never mind, I’m just fucking with your mind; pick up your shit and let’s go," he ordered.

I settled into my cramped and mouldy cell in F Block. The single cells here were old brick and tile with full-length solid steel doors with a peep hole at eye level and a trap at the bottom to pass food trays and reading matter through during locked downs. I again settled down into the routine of head counts, meals, showers, sleep, more head counts and boredom. No extra curricular activities here; just hard time. Three times a week we were allowed out into the exercise yard. I kept to myself and watched the passing parade of quiet withdrawn men doing hard time. Often there was violence; fights over who knew what, but I stayed away and made no friends.

After another three months in F Block I was nearly a year into my stretch and dreaming of release or maybe even probation. Then one day my door was thrown open and a guard yelled at me.

"Come on out lazy bones; work detail!"

"Work detail. I thought we didn’t get the privilege of work on F Block?" I asked.

"You ain’t workin’ on F Block smart-arse; you’re workin’ on E Block!" he replied sarcastically.

"New Guv’ner that’s taken over; want’s that shit-hole knocked down. But first he want’s anything of value stripped out of it. You and a few other short timers will be spending your time removing all the plumbing, pipe-work and electrical wiring. Anything that’s worth a bob is coming out. So get fucking moving," he scowled.

As I walked over to E Block I felt a sense of foreboding; all of my fears returned. I concentrated on what I had learned in therapy and rationalised the situation. Eddie McManus was dead, E Block was deserted; I will be there with a work detail supervised by prison guards. There are only the ghosts of the past in E Block of Chelmsford Prison. I remembered the ghosts as the work detail clambered through the iron gate set into the fence surrounding the dark hulking building. A sign in large red lettering hung above the gate: ‘No Entry – Condemned,’ it read.

The ghosts marched across my mind: ‘Iron Bar’ Steve who was Eddie’s enforcer; Carmel the make-over artist who had turned me into Michele; and her chubby friend Charlotte who had worked alongside me in the transvestite brothel. I actually had a fleeting fond remembrance of Mabel; the old transvestite ‘house keeper’ who kept our ‘work rooms’ clean, our makeup topped up, and who took our feminine apparel to be clean and pressed. Then I remembered the string of brutal men who had used me and any fond remembrances disappeared in a cloud of bitterness. Those bastards had degraded me; forced me into a life of transvestite prostitution. I had endured it and survived. Anyway they were only memories; E Block was dead and empty; fuck the ghosts!

Inside E Block was dark, cold, damp and deadly quiet. The guard led us into the old cafeteria where an assortment of rusty tools lay in a pile. The other inmates didn’t even bother picking up any of the old tools, they moved off in groups to already assigned workplaces. I stood there pale and shivering until the guard turned to me.

"You get to start ripping the fittings out of the bathroom," the surly guard grunted and pointed at me.

I was still shivering when I forced myself to respond.

"Can I work somewhere else; what about the guards offices, I can rip out the wiring. Copper wiring is worth a lot of money." I asked.

"Fuck off! What do you think this is; a fucking holiday? Get those fucking tools and get your arse down to the communal bathroom. I’ve been told you know the way," he sniggered.

What did that mean? I was starting to panic. The fear returning, knowing I was going back to the place where my nightmare on E Block had begun.

"What do you mean you’ve been told I know the way?" I snapped at the guard.

"Get fucking going or you’ll feel my fucking boot in yer arse," he growled

I picked up a wrench and crow bar and skulked off to the bathroom.

The bathroom was a large white tiled communal shower and bath area. I looked at the big old bath where Carmel had shaved and scrubbed me before she transformed me into a transvestite for the first time. The ten sinks, over which Eddie had illegally replaced the stainless steel with glass mirrors, were still there. The sinks were rusty and most of the mirrors broken, the shards of glass removed so that inmates couldn’t use them as weapons I supposed. I shivered again and went and stood in front of one of the two remaining mirrors. It was covered in grime and years of dust. I rubbed at the mirror and created a swath of clear glass that reflected my own face back at me.

I was ten years older than the last time I had looked in this mirror. My face was now thinner if anything, and there were flecks of grey in my hair but despite letting myself go before I came back to Chelmsford, the months of gymnasium training and ten years of professional health treatments prior to my incarceration kept me looking pretty good. For a guy in his forties I looked pretty good, I grinned to myself.

The grin froze on my face and then turned into a silent scream. Another face was reflected in the mirror. It was Iron-Bar Steve; grinning his hateful smirk which I had hoped never to see again.

"Hello Mike; or should I say Michele?" he sneered.

I turned around shocked. Steve was ten years older but just as menacing. He was tall and rangy and his grey hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He wore prison issue jeans but he was also wearing none-issue polished black ‘biker boots’ and an Hawaiian shirt, open to the throat where a gold chain and locket was visible.

"What the fuck……who……….what the fuck are you doing here?" I stammered.

I just stared into his face dumbfounded.

"Eddies dead; long gone, and I took his place," he said

"I run Chelmsford now. Every fucking thing that makes a buck in this shit-hole is run by me; and I’m always looking for a way to make more," he went on.

I looked at him perplexed, not knowing what to do or say. And then I nearly fainted; from behind the mirrored wall I heard the distinct sound of high-heels clicking on floor tiles. From around the corner of the sink units walked Carmel.

"Well hi honey," she cooed, "Welcome back. You ready to go to work?"

Carmel was wearing a grey suit, the skirt just above her knees, she wore her jacket over a white silk blouse; the outfit complete with tan hosiery and black high-heeled court shoes. Her makeup was heavy but professional and she wore a jet-black wig of shoulder length hair. Gold jewellery glittered in her ears, at her throat and on her fingers. She looked like a gaudy, over-madeup, secretary or hostess.

I turned and tried to run but Steve grabbed me and pulled me back. He slammed me against the sink bench and I collapsed winded. He picked me up and slammed me against the bench again and this time I passed out.

When I woke up I was tied to a chair, still inside the E Block bathroom. Steve was standing in front of me; Carmel stood off to one side smoking a cigarette.

"So as I was saying," Steve went on as if nothing had happened, "I’m back into the girl for hire business."

"The new warden had a change of heart. We’re running Chelmsford like it used to be run in the good old days; like, you know, about ten tears ago?"

"It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years," he sighed, "so many changes."

"So anyway; I decided to reopen the E Block brothel. I’ve got Eddie’s old suppliers back on line and along with the other swag we smuggle in, they provide all the necessary items my girls need. Clothes, makeup, shoes, lingerie; the fucking lot."

"But, I don’t understand; E Block is closed, derelict, about to be demolished," I stammered.

"That’s just a front you dopey cunt," Steve went on.

"The work details aren’t demolishing the joint; they’ve actually refitted the cells back into ‘workrooms’. You remember the workrooms right?"

"I’ve already got enough girls working for me to get started. Noncers and homos that were blowing and fucking inmates for fun or chump change. A couple of them have gladly made the switch to becoming transvestite whores. And the others; well I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse," he chuckled.

"And when one of them that still refused. Well……………..he don’t walk so good any more; nor does his wife on the outside either!"

"Carmel here was recruited to take on Mabel’s old job; you know the Madame and organiser. She’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but she still looks a stunner when she’s dressed," he smirked and patted Carmel’s pert behind and then slid his hand up her sleek thigh.

He took his hand from under Carmel’s skirt and went on.

"But, I can always another mature strumpet. Which brings me to why you are here," he said.

"You looked like shit when you first arrived back at Chelmsford; I had a few of my guys check you out and they said you looked like a fat hairy bear; no way you could be transformed into a transvestite."

"But we kept our eye on you, and now, well…….a good all over shave, some makeup, the right wig and clothes, you will be back to your old stunning self. A little older sure, but some of my punters like the more mature and experienced type," he finished and smiled an evil smile at me.

"You’re fucking crazy Steve," I snapped back, "I hated being a transvestite and doing those disgusting things. I only did them because Eddie forced me to. What the fuck makes you think I would ever consider doing that again," I spat at him.

"Fuck you! I’d rather die!" I screamed.

"Well you see, you aren’t going to get that luxury; you work for me, just like you did for Eddie, or you spend your remaining time in Chelmsford in purgatory," Steve relied evilly.

"You will be beaten every week. Not enough to put you in hospital and away from my grasp but enough to keep you in constant agony."

"Also, my contacts on the outside are going to get to your sister Angie. They won’t kill here straight away; they will have a few hours of fun with her first. And they really know how to have fun," he smirked.

"And of course if your niece happens to be with Angie when they take her? Well, boys will be boys," he laughed and held up a picture. It was a picture of my sister Angie with her fourteen-year-old daughter taken outside of their house.

I paled and nearly passed out again.

"You wouldn’t; you couldn’t!" I screamed.

Steve slapped me across the face and pushed the photograph into my face.

"I bet they will both scream a lot more than you just did before they are finally disposed of," Steve said flatly, and sat down on the edge of the bench and lit a cigarette.

"You get one chance to say yes or no; I will have your answer now."

Steve pulled a slim cellular phone from his pocket, it is of course highly illegal for inmates to have cell-phones of course, and punched a button.

"Danny, yeah it’s me. You ready to go on the thing. Yeah that’s it. The daughter’s with her? Good. Well stand by and I’ll call you in two," he talked into the phone.

"Well that’s it Mike, you got two minutes to give me an answer!" he sneered at me.

I was horrified. I either agreed to undergo at least a year of being a transvestite prostitute, or this heathen would have my sister and niece raped and murdered. What choice did I have? I sat there tied to the chair and cried; tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything other than sob. The horror of the choice I had to make was almost beyond comprehension.

Steve flicked open his phone again and hit a button.

"Hey Danny; enjoy. I want pictures; you know before and after shots," the sick bastard said.

"No! No! No!……I’ll do it!…… I’ll do it!" I cried

"Hold on Danny; the job’s off. Well I’m sure you can find someone else to meet your needs; just not those two. I still want you to keep an eye on them though, I might change my mind." Steve snapped the phone shut.

"You get the picture Mike?" he barked.

"And don’t bother trying to call and tell your sister to pack up and fuck off to wherever because my main man Danny will have her under surveillance. Not all of the time of course; but you will never know when."

"So. Now; where were we? That’s right you had just consented to working for me."

"Carmel here will assist you to make your transformation back into Michele."

"And look on the bright side; it’s not like I’m asking you to do something that you have never done before is it? From what I remember of that day on the stairwell outside the Guvnor’s office you were quite good at what I want you to did!" I slumped in the chair defeated and watched as Steve turned his back to me sauntered off.

"Ok Carmel; get that sorted! I want the place open for business after supper" he yelled back over his shoulder and left me alone with Carmel, the transvestite Madame.

"Ok hun; let’s get you prepared. You remember how?" Carmel asked in friendly tone.

My head was still spinning and I could barely compose myself.

"Not really. I haven’t dressed for ten years," I whispered.

"Really! You never; you know? Got the urge after you left here?" she asked.

"No," I lied, "I have never had the urge to dress like a woman ever since I left this scum-bucket of a place. I’m a man, and I’ve only had manly thoughts," I snapped back at her.

"Sure hun, whatever. Anyway let’s start; I’m sure it’s just like riding a bike, you never really forget," Carmel finished with smile.

Carmel untied me and led me into the small room where the big old white bath still sat after all there years. It was full of steaming soapy water. She helped me to strip and get into the warm water. Carmel lifted my leg and started shaving it, and then she put the razor in my hand.

"It will go quicker if we work together here hun," she said, and took another razor and began to shave my back.

After forty-five minutes of fiddling with half a dozen disposable razors my body was completely shaven. Carmel shaved my face and neck with a fresh razor and helped me out of the bath and dried me. She applied hair remover around my anus, genitals, and crotch and in the crack of my buttocks and a few minutes later she washed it off and dried me again.

"There we are Michele, all that horrible hair is gone," she said sweetly.

I looked up at her, dejected and resigned to my fate. Then I realised I had responded to being called Michele.

Carmel wrapped me in silk kimono and led me upstairs to the next level. We walked down a corridor with three cells on each side. The cells were all deserted but for the oversize cots which were made up with satin sheets and comforters. In each cell there were full size wardrobes, lighted makeup mirrors hung over vanity dressing tables littered with makeup, perfume and different shaped and coloured wigs sitting on wig-stands. I knew that the inside the wardrobes would be filled with sexy feminine attire and pairs of high-heels, the drawers crammed with lingerie. I remembered this place from all those years ago. The ‘workrooms’ Eddie and his cohorts called them. I couldn’t believe I was back here in this nightmare again.

"This is your old workroom honey, hope you like it," Carmel said as she led me inside the cell.

"Like it! Like it! Are you fucking crazy Carmel! How the fuck can I like the fact that I am about to dress me up like a woman so that strangers can abuse me sexually!" I screamed.

"Well hun, you didn’t like it at first the last time you were in Chelmsford if I remember rightly; but after a while; well I remember that time with me and Charlotte, and you spent all that time married to Davey before you got parole," she said matter of factly.

"You dumb cunt I had no choice! I had to do what I had to do to survive!" I screamed again.

"You just keep singing that song hun. Whatever gets you through the night and all that. But it ain’t the way I remember it. Anyway, Steve said as soon as you show any signs of reluctance to just show you this. But I think I’ll just stick it here on the mirror where you can see it all the time," she said, and stuck the picture of my sister Angie and my niece to the top right-hand corner of the mirror.

"Now I had to estimate your size but I figure a mixture of twelves and fourteens will do. You ain’t fat but you’re a big girl and I got you tens and elevens for your shoes. I know they’re right because we’re the same size as I remember," she went on.

She went over to wardrobe and opened the doors. She rummaged around and picked out various items of clothing and laid them out on the bed. She placed a pair of black stappy high-heels on the floor near the bed and then selected various items of jewellery and put them on the dresser. She pointed to a brunette wig which had lighter highlights streaked through it.

"Wear this wig with those clothes and shoes I have laid out for you. You should be ok with your makeup; like I said it’s like riding a bike – you never forget how. But I’ll drop in on you in about forty-five minutes." She said.

"Now look Michele. You better wake the fuck up and get with the program! One of Steve’s other prospects refused to cooperate and now he walks with a cane and so does his wife."

"I’m hoping this is going to be easy for you because you’ve done it before, but if you make it hard it won’t end well." Carmel finished.

"See ya soon hun; were open for business in about an hour so get cracking!" Carmel strutted out of the cell, her high-heels clicking on the tiled floor of the corridor.

I pulled the chair up in front of the dressing table and put my head in my hands and started to cry. I heard a voice through the bars of the cell.

"You don’t have time for that Michele; if you can’t get it together, look at the picture on the mirror and get the fuck on with what you know you have to do!" It was Carmel shouting down the corridor.

I heard muffled snippets of conversation and other noises coming from some of the other cells; girls turning up to get transformed and ready for work. I stood up and closed the full-length curtains across the front of my cell; the sheer material covering the bars from top to bottom. I went back and sat at the dresser, sighed and looked down at the makeup. Carmel was right; even after all this time I knew what to do. I looked down at all of the packages, brand new, still in their cellophane wrappings. I selected what I needed and opened the packages and laid them out in the order I would use them.

I applied generous amounts of foundation to my face and then a similar coloured face powder to set the makeup foundation. I remembered that if I didn’t get my eyeliner right the first time it was always a pain to clean off all the makeup around my eyes to start again so I did my eyeliner next; black kohl all along the edges of my upper and lower lids. I brushed on liberal amounts of eyeshadow, aqua on my eyelids and pink around the rest of my upper eyes right up to my brows and out to the edge of my eye socket. I brushed on three coats of black mascara and rouged my cheeks, accenting my high distinct cheekbones.

I picked out a ruby red two-part, long-lasting lipstick and painted my lips with the base coat. While that set I painted my fingernails and toenails with nail polish to match my lipstick; I applied the two coats very carefully as I was out of practice. I then dusted my face all over with glossy finishing powder. I picked up the wig and adjusted the brunette bob so that the fringe came to just above my eyebrows and then brushed it out over my ears and around the back and nape of my neck. To set my lipstick I applied the final clear coat carefully over my ruby red lips. I smacked them together and looked at my face in the mirror.

I couldn’t believe it; Michele was back! A lot older sure; but just as sexy. The familiar routine of carefully applying makeup, and the taste, texture and feel of the makeup all came flooding back. I wanted to cry again but I knew I couldn’t. It would only fuck up my makeup and I didn’t have time to do it again, it had already taken me twice as long to do as it used to.

I walked over and sat on the bed and pulled on the white satin brassiere that Carmel had been laid out for me. I positioned two life-like silicon breastforms inside the cups and adjusted the fit. Next I slipped into a black satin garter-belt, the six long suspenders hanging from it. I clipped it at my waist and spun it around so it sat nicely in position with the clasps at my back. I opened the package of stockings, black nylon, fully fashioned with the reinforced heel and toe, back-seams and gauzy stocking-tops. I slid each of the gossamer stockings up my newly shaved legs, clipped them to the suspenders and adjusted the seams. A shiver of pleasure tried to emerge from my memory but I forced it down.

I stepped into the white full-cut silky nylon panties that matched my bra; familiar little shocks of pleasure ran through me as the panties rustled against my nylon stockings and again I suppressed them. I reached for the mauve silk blouse, put my arms into the sleeves and buttoned it up, struggling with the buttons because they are on the opposite side to a man’s shirt and I hadn’t worn a blouse for so long. I stepped into the navy blue rayon pencil skirt and pulled it up and closed up the zip on the side. I adjusted the waist and smoothed out the skirt, it clung to my thighs and the hem came to about mid-thigh. It showed a lot of leg, and the form fitting pencil shape showed off my buttocks. I sat down and put on my high heel sandals, the gold buckles glittering against my dark nylon stockings; my painted toenails visible through the reinforced toes.

I stood and walked over to the dresser and clipped on the silver drop earrings and fastened a matching pendant necklace around my neck. I pushed a couple of silver bangles on each wrist, and two rings on the first and third fingers of each hand; the rings emphasised my red painted fingernails. I sprayed a liberal amount of ‘Poison’ (my favourite perfume) on my neck, my decolletage, and a couple of squirts under my skirt.

There I was finished. I stood up and looked in the mirror. God it was uncanny! I looked just like the old Michele used to look. Sure I was eleven years older but I still looked quite attractive. Then I heard my cell door clatter open and the privacy curtain was wisped back. Carmel entered my workroom.

"Michele, you look stunning!" she said.

She walked over and stood beside me looking into the full-length mirror.

"I tell you what honey; the guys in this hole don’t deserve two good looking sheilas like us. We make quite an attractive pair of strumpets" she giggled

"Are you fucking crazy!" I yelled in her face.

"Good looking pair of sheilas??? Attractive strumpets??? We’re fucking men you moron. We are two middle-aged guys dressed up as women! And soon some repulsive criminal is going to come in here and expect me satisfy him sexually while he pretends that I’m a woman!" I screamed.

"Well Michele you can fight this all you like but you know how it works; you’ve been here before. I you don’t like what’s happening; you just have to pretend you do."

"You know some of the punters like it when you get off; and, well some of them really like it if they have to force you a bit; but you know how it works. So I’ll send in your first customer shall I?" she finished.

"You fucking dozy cunt Carmel. You’re talking to me like I have just returned to an old job from the past that I used to like!" I replied.

"I fucking hated being a transvestite and the thought of having to go through all that filth and depravity again disgusts me!"

"Oh no Michele; you don’t get away with that. I know you enjoyed most of your time in here as a transvestite so don’t deny it. You can quote all of the psychiatric self justification you want but I was here and I remember what happened," she went on.

"Yeah you were forced to do what you did, same as you are being forced now. But don’t hand me that ‘I didn’t like any of it bullshit!’"

"Anyway I don’t have time to justify either of our pasts or present circumstances; we just have to live with them."

"First punter; five minutes, be ready!" she finished and closed the curtain and walked out.

I sat down on my bed and was about to cry when I caught a glimpse of my sister’s photo stuck in the corner of my mirror. I swallowed by pride, set my resolve and lifted my head to the curtain to await whoever walked through it.

A couple of minutes later my workroom door opened and the curtain was pulled back. In walked Carmel with a young man in his early twenties dressed in regulation prison fatigues. He looked around sheepishly and then Carmel took his hand and led him over in front of me.

"Michele this is Brendan; it’s his first time doing this sort of thing so I thought I would give him to one of my more experienced girls ok?" she smiled sweetly at both us and then winked at me.

"Brendan, Michele is the best I have. She’s just come out of retirement and that makes you both special; she will be your first Tranny and you will be her first man for some time. Enjoy kids. Don’t forget Brendan, you only paid for short time; I’ll be back to get you in half an hour." Carmel finished and exited closing the curtains and door behind her.

"I, I, I, err, I’m really nervous," Brendan stammered.

"But you look lovely. You look like one of those older women who used to come around to see me mum. They were like you; heavy makeup, tight skirts, nylon stockings and fuck me high-heels. I used to wank meself crazy thinking about them," he blushed.

"Well if you are nervous and this is your first time, maybe you just want to sit on the bed and talk," I cooed, hoping I could get Brendan to waste his half hour talking.

He was having none of it.

"Fuck that! I want to get me money’s worth! You’re a whore and I want right now sex, I don’t care if you have a cock as long as I don’t have to touch it. I haven’t had any sex for six months so I’m going to enjoy this; it’s cost me all me savings," he said and reached out and pulled me to him.

Brendan locked me in his arms and his lips came down hard on mine. He pushed his body against mine, dry humping and moaning and groaning. As his tongue pushed into my mouth the old familiar taste of lipstick and makeup rekindled memories long repressed. His tongue started to explore my mouth and he hugged me harder and I could feel his erection growing in his denim jeans.

"Oh fuck yeah; this is so good. Let me take it out before I come in me pants," he grunted and eased himself away a little from me.

Brendan fumbled around with his flies and I heard the sound of his zipper being yanked down. He took my hand and nervously placed it inside his trousers; my painted fingernails scraped against smooth hard skin. It was the first penis besides my own that I had touched in over ten years. My fingers automatically took the swollen phallus in a loose grip and eased it out of Brendan’s jeans.

He was shivering and shaking so hard that I knew I could make him come in seconds and that’s what I decided I would do. If I could get away with making this guy climax without using my mouth or even worse by bottom, then I was going to do it.

"So you liked that mommies friends wore short skirts, nylons and high heels did you?" I teased, as I slowly stoked Brendan’s hard cock.

"Oh yeah, I love the way you are dressed even if you are a guy," he whispered.

"Well you certainly know how to make a girl feel good," I chuckled.

"Oh fuck this talking; come here you sexy bitch," he groaned and pulled me against him again.

Brendan’s hands went straight to my buttocks and I felt him lift my skirt up completely so that it rode up around my waist. He kissed me hard and his tongue explored my mouth, panting muffled moans of pleasure. He was playing into my hands and I responded to his kisses and twined my tongue around his and started to squeeze and stroke his rock hard cock.

Brendan pushed me back and lowered me onto the bed without breaking our embrace, his hands running up and down my nyloned thighs and across my smooth nylon panties. I guided his erection against my leg so that his glans rasped against my stocking-top whilst my hand stroked his shaft. He was shivering and whimpering and I knew he was close to orgasm; I wanted him to come soon before he figured out what I was up to.

His hands moved back under me and he caressed my buttocks squeezing and massaging them through my silky panties and he pushed his body against me and I felt his penis begin to pulse and throb. He was now panting uncontrollably, his hands squeezing and kneading my buttocks, his crotch pushing hard with the rhythm of my strokes as I masturbated him. He forced the tip of his penis harder against my thigh so that my gossamer stocking excited him further. I knew this young man was living out the fantasy of getting his rocks off with one of his mommy’s middle-aged girlfriends.

I squeezed and massaged Brendan’s penis and then released my grip on his member and pushed my body up to meet his thrusts so that his cock was humping my thigh. He quickly moved his hands under my back and gripped my shoulders and began to dry fuck me. I clamped my legs together so that his manhood was trapped between my sheer stockinged thighs and wrapped my arms around him and humped him back. I wanted this young man to climax and then get off me so this could all be over with as soon as possible.

Brendan quivered and shook and hot streams of semen suddenly drenched my thighs; I felt the hot seed against my skin as it seeped through my hose. Jet after jet of Brendan’s spend soaked into my stockings as he ejaculated against my thighs. I gagged but forced myself to keep control and tense my thighs around his erupting penis and push up against him; kissing him deeply as he gasped into my mouth in the throes of orgasm.

He slowly came down from his climax and then relaxed and lay still on top of me; his passion spent. After a minute he pushed himself off me and stood with his back to me as he put away his deflating penis and zipped up his jeans. He seemed almost embarrassed about what had just happened.

I held up my skirt as I stood up so that none of his semen would stain it. Keeping my skirt rucked up around my waist, I clattered across the cell to my dressing table and took a handful of tissues and wiped away the long ropes of Brendan’s cooling semen from my thighs. The silence was awkward and I wanted him to go.

"I know what you did," Brendan whispered.

"What?" I replied.

"I know what did. You asked me about my fetish for older women in stockings and makeup and that, and then you got me off so that you didn’t have to suck me or anything," he said petulantly.

"Well next time I’m getting a suck at least; maybe more," he whined.

"Yep next time I’m getting my full money’s worth," Brendan grumbled as he flung back the curtain and clattered out of my workroom cell.

I was relieved. I had seen off my first punter having only to live with the indignity of having to masturbate him and make him come over my legs. But I was still ashamed of myself. I felt distressed and alarmed that the seductive skills that I had learned here in Chelmsford so long ago had returned so quickly and easily. I had quickly regressed back into a transvestite hooker. I looked at the photo of my sister and niece attached to mirror and rationalised that I had only done what I had to do to ensure their well being.

But as I stood there in my come stained stockings holding my skirt up around my waist with the pungent aroma of perfume and hot semen in the air, I wondered how I was going to justify to myself the stiff erection bulging out the front of my panties.


To be continued………………………………..

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Nylon and Lace II

jjoaquin on Transgender Stories

Next thing I know is I’m having this fantastic dream, an erotic dream. I can’t see faces or bodies or who is there, but a hundred thousand hands are softly caressing my body. They are specially interested in my legs, then my belly, then my butt. The number of hands are diminishing, but the intensity of their caresses are increasing, although none are going to my crotch. Yet. I can feel them caressing my stockinged legs, my laced body, whispering in my ear. I can’t make out what they are saying, but the breathing in my ear is turning the heat up between my legs, front and back!. That warm breath in my ear along with the murmur is making me crazy, the soft touching on my body worse, I feel like I want to come, but somehow, something is making me hold back. I try

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to roll over, get face down in the bed so I can rub my dick against the mattress, but the hands won’t let me.

Those hands get back to my legs, caressing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my crotch. Then, a little snap sound, the undoing of the crotch in the bodysuit brings me alive. I open my eyes and I am in shock. It takes me some time to realize what is going on, the hundred hands caressing my body are only two now. I open my eyes wide, I can’t believe what is happening, I am really in shock. But, dam I am so horny, so hot, my mind is fogged by the feelings, by the rum, by the suddenly broken dream.

I try to focus, and try and can’t believe what I see. So I try to focus, I try to wake up. But I am awake, and the hands caressing my body are real, and the feeling is real, and it feels, oh, so, so very nice!. So very good!. The body suit crotch is up to my navel now, and the hands are softly caressing my belly, going down, down, stopping a millimeter short of my dick, and doing it all over again, then going to my thighs, caressing them over the soft cloth of the pantyhose, coming up, up, stopping a millimeter short of my balls, and going all over the same route. I really do not know what to do. I want it to stop, it is so embarrassing, it is so wrong, and at the same time it feels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        so good, oh Lord, it feels so good I don’t want it ever to stop.

At this point I am about to shout to stop, quit, hold on the torture, but one of the hands, softly, deftly, kindly, erotically gets to my belly and slides under the edge of the pantyhose, sliding down, down, down, all the way to my crotch. Gets a good, magnificent, erotic, fantastic grip of my cock and begins to stroke it, slowly, deliberately. The other hand is not far behind, but, instead of grabbing my dick, keeps going down, down, past my balls, to my ass. Now it comes back, to my dick, to the very tip of my dick, rubs the tip, gathering pre-cum, a lot of it is coming out  now, so this fingers grab a lot of it, and run down again, down to my ass, and with the soft natural lubricant begins to rub the rim of my boy pussy. I hear myself moan, I feel myself pulling my legs apart, spreading them as wide as I can, and searching with my body, with my ass the firm touch of those fingers.

Now I feel the warm breath of a mouth in my belly, the warm touch of a tongue around my belly button, it is licking me all over, going down on me, towards my crotch, but not getting there, coming back up to my belly, pushing the body suit up, licking my stomach, trying to get further up, while the hands, the fingers are still down there, down my navel, on my crotch. I do not know what to do, my mind is not responding, I push my body up, and grab the bodysuit to pull it up, past my stomach, up to my neck, leaving the rest of my body naked, free to my assailant to do what HE wants to do. I can’t deny it anymore, my eyes are wide open, uncle Sandy is fondling me, kissing my body, sucking on my boy tits, gently, slowly, deliciously jerking my dick and, better of all, yes, better, finger fucking my ass to OUR hearts content. I grab his head, and pull him up, I want to kiss him, and he obliges. We deep kissed, out tongues looking and searching and finding each other’s. His hands are still down there, stroking gently my cock, his fingers in and out my ass. His mouth in mine, his naked body against mine. His hard cock, I realize for the first time, rubbing against the soft cloth of the hose in my left thigh. Hard, long, thick, hot. I reach for and grab it, it feels so nice in my hand, so hot, so hard, so fleshy. I try to lean to look at it, but Sandy stops me with his own body, he has taken the lead, and now, bent over, he is reaching for my dick

The warm feeling of his lips around the head of my aching cock is almost too much, and the finger fucking of my ass is really getting my head to where I suppose it should never get. I begin to feel anxious, guilty, ashamed, hot, horny, full, complete, gay, dirty, queer, fulfilled, free. I hear myself moaning, begging, asking for mercy, for delivery, for an end to my exquisite torture, for him not to stop, not to let me come, never to stop, to keep doing what he is doing forever, to fuck my ass, to eat my dick, to let me have his dick, to kiss my mouth. The response I get, is really the last one I was expecting, as my aunt Sally interrupts my train of thinking, if you can call it thinking, by gently whispering in my ear

-‘hey honey, are you having fun?’

My heart almost stopped, there and then. I thought, I’m busted, this is it. I’m dead.

But Sandy, instead of stopping, panicking or anything of the sort, got my dick completely inside his mouth, and two fingers in my ass, just kept going in and out, while his other hand just got hold of my balls, gently squeezed them, bringing me real close to an orgasm, but at the same time grabbing firmly around the base of my dick, preventing me from cumming.

 -“Can I join ? – Sally asked rhetorically, while at the same time straddling over my face, depositing her clean shaved pussy on my face, all over my mouth. – come one Jackie, let me teach you how to please a girl. Use your tongue, get it as far inside my cunt as you can, good, now in and out, in and out”.

I did as told and was rewarded by a fantastic taste of womanly juices, kind of salty, kind of sweet, but all in all delicious.

 -“Now, try to get your tongue further, to the front of my pussy, look, feel, find the little button, find my clit, good, for a first timer you have no problem, now, suck it like it was a tit, like it was a lollipop”.
I was enjoying this greatly, her juices were delicious and plentiful, when I got hold of her clitoris with mi lips, I immediately felt how it grew in my grip, and after a few minutes of sucking like she asked me to, I was rewarded with a continuous flow of juices, and moaning and crying. My face was all wet with her, I was so enthused I had almost forgotten Sandy, who was sucking on my dick like there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly Sally got off my face, leaving me with the delicious feeling of Sandy eating my dick, I was so close to orgasm again, and of course he knew it, he got hold of the base of my penis again, tight, very tight, until somehow he felt my orgasm was subsiding, then he let go. I was really going crazy now, I wanted the relief of ejaculation, but dare not say a word may they stop playing with me. But what followed really left me dumbfounded, they actually stopped cold. Sandy pulled my pantyhose up again, leaving it as it was, Sally helped with the bodysuit, pulling it down my body, closing the snap on the crotch again, I really was confused, I didn’t know what to do, both kissed me in the mouth, and finally Sally said:

 - “Honey, this was fun, we must do this again, but today it should be enough, just a taste of what is in store for you in the future, and besides, you can’t be wasting more time in idle games, you need to dress up for your party tonight. You need to have all the energy possible, you may get laid. You know, I lost my virginity on a prom like you are having tonight”.

With that and a last kiss from Sandy they left. I lay there on my bed, my mind a mess, my dick and balls aching from the unrewarded effort. My ass was so hot too, I still could feel the fingers going in and out of me and I ached for the real thing. Finally I got up and looked at myself in the mirror again. To my ultimate surprise I could see my crotch, a puddle of white semen, running down my thighs. I could not believe it, I had come, and in a big way and had not felt it. Oh my.

Salacious Sarah

LustyLee77 on Transgender Stories


Salacious Sarah

By LustyLee77

Joe Dodge walked down bustling Market Street in Philadelphia in awe. Joe and his wife Tammy moved here 4 months ago from a small town in Alabama. The 24 year old man missed his hometown but at the same time he marveled at the sights in the big city. It was Friday evening, he always went straight home to his wife but she left early that morning to visit her sick mother in Alab

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ama and would be gone for a week so he decided to take in the sights of the city.

After walking for awhile he decided to stop in a tavern and quench his thirst with a cold beer. The jukebox was playing that old-time rock&roll music, the atmosphere seemed friendly, so he made his way to the bar and ordered a beer. The girl behind the bar was cute and sociable; he relaxed, ordered his third beer, looked around the bar and was confused when he spotted women dancing with women and men with men as well as men with women.

He was spellbound watching the interracial, mixed gender, and varied age group couplings on the dance floor. The spell was broken when a tall, beautiful black woman dressed in a low cut red dress asked, “Excuse my but is this seat taken?”

The startled man replied, “No, not at all, have a seat.” Joe bought them both a drink and learned that her name was Sarah. Joe was captivated by the 22 year old ebony temptress and readily accepted when asked to dance. As their bodies pressed together Joe could feel his arousal growing when she whispered in his ear, “You are so handsome and nice, I just might take you home with me tonight.” Sarah was fondling his buttocks and remarked that she could feel his cock stiffen.

They went back to the bar and Sarah noticed his wedding ring and asked, “Does your wife know that you are out on the prowl darling?” Joe explained that Tammy was out of town and at her request he showed Sarah a picture of Tammy. “”My, my, Joe she is beautiful, long blond hair, big blue eyes, she looks delicious, are you sure you want to fool around and risk losing your beautiful wife?”

“Well, I have never cheated on her but you are so beautiful and I have always fantasized about being with a black woman.”

Sara gave Joe a wicked smile and told him, “Baby, after tonight you still will never have been with a black woman because I was born a man, a rather large one at that.” The bewildered man could not believe his ears as he gazed at the 6' well stacked, sexy creature beside him. Confused and tipsy from the beer, Joe agreed to go to Sarah's apartment for a nightcap.

Once inside Sarah got them both a drink, went into the bedroom, took off the tape that held her cock in place, and slipped into a satin robe. Soft music was playing, the lights were dim, and Sarah snuggled next to the dumbfounded husband and lowered her thick red lips to his. They kissed passionately, her long tongue probed his mouth, and her hand went down to his already erect cock. He thought to himself that this was so wrong. He was married and the she was really a he. Just as he was about to object Sarah took Joe's cock out and sank to her knees. He let out a groan as her hot mouth engulfed his 6”hard cock. All thoughts of telling this sexy creature no were gone. After about ten minutes of pure pleasure Joe shook and quaked to a sublime climax. He was astonished as he watched the he/she swallow every drop of his sticky cum.

Sarah stood and kissed him on the lips again, he could taste his own cum on her sexy lips. Then she dropped the black robe to the floor and stood naked before him. His eyes traveled from her beautiful face to her 34C pert tits down to the swinging black snake that was longer and fatter than his own and it wasn't even hard yet! Joe looked back up to her face and she temptingly said, “Come on baby, take it in your hands and play with it. I know that you want to so don't be so shy. It won't bite you darling, my big dick needs your attention so just enjoy yourself.”

Joe had never even thought of being with another man before but this was different. Overcome with a strong desire and curiosity Joe reached out and stroked with one hand and cupped the large ball sack with the other. He could feel the monster growing in his hand and was captivated by the 10”cock and could barely wrap his hand around the pulsating prick. Sarah gently pulled his face to the throbbing black joy stick and urged, “Put it in your mouth and suck on it baby. First kiss it all over then suck my big black cock deep into your hungry little mouth. I want to fuck your face and teach you how good it is to suck a big old dick and taste a hot load of cum. Come on baby, do it and do it good.”

Joe's head was spinning, he thought of stopping but was compelled to put his lips to the irresistible hunk of meat and kiss up and down the long shaft. As he kissed and licked the bulky head of the ebony cock he opened his mouth and sucked with passion. He couldn't believe how arousing it was to surrender to his own deviant desires. He lovingly ran his tongue over the throbbing veins as he sucked as much of the passion pole into his mouth as he could. The thickness of the plowing cock stretched his mouth to the limit. He gagged and chocked when Sarah held his head tight and forced her big cock down his throat. He couldn't say or do anything as he felt the hard cock stiffen even more and then eject what seemed like a river of hot cum down his throat. With a plopping sound she withdrew her cock from his mouth and rubbed it all over his face and demanded, “Now lick it clean baby and then tell me how much you like it.”

Joe obediently obeyed and licked all the cum off the semi-hard cock and submissively uttered, “I never would have thought it but yes,I love your sexy body, you are so awesome and I love your big black cock and delicious cum.” Sarah led him to the bedroom and helped Joe disrobe. They got in bed and with Sarah on top, they shared a wild sixty-nine. Joe was hard once more and felt Sara's cock growing again in his mouth. As she gobbled up Joe's cock Sarah inserted a finger in his ass hole. Sarah lifted herself off her white lover and rolled him over and instructed him to get on his hands and knees. She vigorously stroked his cock as she put her mouth to his puckered brown hole. He felt a strange but pleasant sensation as her tongue probed his butt-hole. Then she kissed his buttocks as she placed one then two fingers up his hole.

Joe screamed out in shock and pain as the fat cock entered his puckered hole. Sarah grabbed a fist full of his light brown hair, pulled his head back and told him, “Now, now, don't worry baby, I will be gentle. It will hurt for a little while then it will feel marvelous, trust me. There is plenty of lube on my cock and up your butt to make it nice and smooth so just enjoy the ride.”

Slowly but steadily Sarah increased the speed and depth of her strokes until Joe implored, “No don't! It hurts, please stop pleaseeeeeeesss ... Nnoooooooo!” Sarah smiled as she thrust deeper into the stretching bum-hole and felt it expand. She knew that as her big cock rubbed his prostrate gland he would cum and learn to love a big cock up his boy-pussy. She plowed away with vigor and soon felt him push back as the pain subsided and gave way to intense pleasure. She shoved it all the way in until she felt her balls slap his ass-cheeks. His groans of pleasure increased her own arousal and she could no longer hold back as she shot a stream of cum up his bowels.

Joe spent the night and before leaving he invited Sarah to his home in Cherry Hill New Jersey. They exchanged numbers and Sarah promised to call him the next day. When he got home there was a message from Tammy on the answering machine. He called his wife and told her that he went out drinking by himself. After he hung up he felt horrible for keeping a secret from his loving wife. He thought about calling Sarah and telling her that they should never see each other again but felt pain and a deep sense of loss at the prospect of not seeing her again. He wondered if he was gay now and he laughed at calling Sarah a she all the time when she had such a big dick but everything else about her was seductively feminine. He pondered their move to New Jersey and his job with a law firm in Philadelphia. The money was good and they had a nice house but back home he would never have had a gay experience. He had mixed emotions as he thought about everything.

The next day was Sunday and Sarah called and agreed to come over. After hours of wild sex Joe asked. “Does this mean that I am gay now? I not only enjoy taking your big cock up my ass but fucking your shapely rear-end was fantastic. There have been a lot of first times with you; first time sucking a cock, first time letting a man give me a blow-job, first time taking it up the ass and first time fucking a butt-hole. I don't know what to think.”

“No that does not make you gay. You will see when the little wife gets home. You are more then likely bisexual just like me. I simply adore sex with men and women but as you know a tight ass hole is my favorite; it's hard to believe that you never fucked your wife's sweet ass! Say, I have a female roommate, she is a stripper, she prefers chicks but is bisexual as well; come over to my place after work tomorrow and we will see if you still like pussy! By the way, always refer to me as a woman even if I do have a huge cock.” The lovers kissed goodbye and looked forward to seeing each other the next night.

After a long day at the office Joe hurriedly walked to Sarah's apartment. He rang the bell and was pulled in by Sarah and Busty Bertha. Joe was in shock as he stared at the two ebony beauties. As his eyes fixed on her awesome 44DD breasts he didn't have to ask how the stripper got her name. They pulled off his clothes and led him into Sarah's bedroom. Joe was pushed on his back and took turns orally satisfying the big black cock and hairy black pussy while they played with and sucked his hard white cock. Busty Bertha laid back and spread her legs invitingly. Joe did not hesitate to get between her legs and slip his stiff cock up her sopping cunt.

Joe fucked furiously, it felt so good and he was delighted to learn that he still loved pussy. Bertha's long legs wrapped around his waist and she fucked back vigorously. Then Joe felt the now familiar probing of his butt by Sarah's anus spoiler. Joe never felt so completely lost in lust in his whole life. When Sarah filled his ass hole with cum he shot his seed into the squishy cunt and felt like he was floating away. It was by far the most intense climax of his life, he almost passed out but after a few minutes was able to regain his composure. Joe thought that it was over but they teamed up and both sucked and kissed his cock hard again. After a three way oral orgy Bertha got on her hands and knees and accepted Joe's cock up her ass crack. While he pounded away in her ass Sarah did the same to his.

Exhausted they went into the living room for a drink, they didn't bother to dress. Bertha praised Joe telling him that he was the best man that she has had in a long time. Sarah gave the stripper a questioning look and Joe said, “Thanks but after Sarah fucked you how can you say that?”

Busty replied, “Listen here honey, I know that some dumb bitches think a huge cock is all that but I don't see it that way! I don't care if Sarah likes it or not but I will take your perfect sized cock any day. I guess some cunts enjoyed being strangled to death but I prefer to be tickled to death. Sarah tells me you are married; let me see a picture of your wife.”

Joe walked back to the bedroom, got dressed, went back to them and showed Busty a picture of his loving wife. Busty Bertha licked her lips and declared, “Joe honey, she is one fine looking white girl; I want to ravish the bitch and make her my own cunt lapping little slut. Admit it Joe, you would love to watch me and her getting it on, wouldn't you baby?”

“Well I...uh...I guess so but she is straight laced and would never do such a thing. Tammy is beautiful and a great person but is not very adventures in bed; she is rather conservative, I have been her only lover and am sure that her making love to another woman is out of the question.”

Busty laughed and told him, “You are just afraid that she will love my black cunt just like you do. Bring her over for drinks some night soon and we will see what happens.” Joe kissed them goodbye and nervously walked to his car. During the ride home visions of his wife and Busty Bertha filled his head. What frightened him most of all was the picture in his mind of his sweet wife eating out the ebony empress was making his tired dick hard again. He thought about how much he had changed in less than a week and how perverted he had become.

On Wednesday night Sarah came over to his house. While enjoying a drink together on the sofa Sarah reminded him that his wife would be home Friday and that he better get on his knees and suck her big cock. Joe happily complied and was bobbing for apples when Tammy entered the house and screamed out, “You son of a bitch! How could you do this to me? I come back early to be with you and find your face buried between a black girl's legs. You are disgusting, I want a divorce, just go to hell, you bastard.” With tears flowing down her cheeks Tammy stormed up the steps and slammed the bedroom door shut.

Sarah whispered, “You better go upstairs and make up with her. I will go and you can comfort your wife; she is hurt and it is all our fault.”

“No don't go now. I don't want to face her after what she just saw. I simply can't. She is out of her mind and who knows what she might do? Just give her time to cool off and then we will talk to her together.” Sarah did not agree and went upstairs to console the distraught wife.

The ebony he/she slowly opened the door and entered. Tammy was sprawled across the bed sobbing her eyes out. Filled with compassion, Sarah sat beside the heart broken young woman and ran her long black fingers through the wife's blond hair and said, “I'm so sorry darling I didn't mean to hurt you but I know we did. Let me make it up to you baby.”Sarah ran her fingers down Tammy's back and gently caressed her buttocks.

Tammy turned her head up and blurted out, “What the hell do you think you are doing? You are one sick woman; you have sex with my husband and then come up here and tease me!” Please stop it right now, I am not into women, that is disgusting.”

Sarah stood and dropped her skirt revealing the monster dick. She saw the look of disbelief, shock, and desire in Tammy's blue eyes and said, “You don't have to be into women to want me baby. Now is the perfect time to get even with your husband so come and get it, I know you want to.” Tammy was frozen and didn't move so Sarah got behind her, lifted her skirt, tugged down her white panties, and kissed her sweet ass. Sarah kissed her way down to the sopping pussy and smiled when she heard moans of pleasure as she licked the wet canal and nuzzled her nose into the tight ass hole. Tammy squirmed and humped back at the face of her husband's black lover.

With her nose still up the brown hole and her tongue lapping the drenched pussy Sarah inserted two long fingers into the steamy cunt. The young wife had never been eaten out so well before, nor had she ever felt anything up her rectum, the sensations she was experiencing were driving her crazy with lust and she felt an orgasm building in her smoldering slit. As the pure pleasure of the earth shattering climax rocked her body Tammy moaned, “Oh god, Oh god, feels soooo good! Yes, yessssss!”

Sarah continued licking the juicy treat before standing beside the bed. Tammy looked up to see the he/she stroking her ebony joy stick. Sarah took the girl's hand and helped her to sit on the edge of the bed. Sarah stood close to the impassioned blond and moved her cock slowly all over Tammy's pretty face. The throbbing cock was leaking sticky juice all over her face. The sweet wife was overcome with desire and carnal lust. There was no denying that the big black cock was turning her into a cock craving slut. She lifted her small hands to hold the object of her desire. She was mesmerized, she slowly stroked it with both hands, she shivered when she felt the large veins, and she felt a wicked thrill as she observed her wedding ring and white hands stroking the massive man meat.

Without being told she parted her pink lips and wrapped them around the plum head of the big dick. As she accepted more of the man meat into her mouth she licked lovingly and with her hands she continued stroking and cupped the ball sack. Tammy felt so naughty and slutty. She was really in-to sucking the big cock and was overcome with carnal cravings. She reached up to fondle Sarah's breast as she worshiped the ebony cock with her mouth. She was so enamored with the mammoth hunk of flesh that she was having another orgasm as she slurped with fervor.

Sarah removed her cock from Tammy's sucking mouth, noticed how wet her cock was, and thought how sexy Tammy looked with her mouth fluids dripping from her sweet lips. Tammy looked so disappointed that her mouth was empty and wanted to fill it again but was thrilled when Sarah asked, “Do you want me to put this big thing up your sweet little pussy? Would you like to feel it deep inside you? Baby, just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Oh yes, I want to feel you deep inside me, please do it, please!” Sarah made the girl strip naked, get on the bed on her hands and knees and then slowly slipped her cock into the wet opening. Sarah fucked her hard and long. Tammy lost track of how many orgasms she had while being stuffed and pounded by Sarah. Tammy never before had her pussy so full and the big dick hit spots that had never been touched before. Sarah roughly squeezed the blond's 36C tits as she unmercifully fucked the stretched cunt to yet another sublime orgasm. Tammy wondered how Sarah could fuck so long but was not complaining. She was aware of the fingers going in and out of her ass hole as Sarah fucked her dripping honey-pot but was too far gone in lust to think anything about it.

Tammy was puzzled when the big cock withdrew from her hungry pussy and moved slowly over her buttocks while two fingers were fucking her little brown hole. When she felt the huge cock head probe her butt she screamed out, “No, no please don't. It is too big and will tear me apart. Please stop, pleaseeee!”

Joe heard the screams and rushed upstairs. When he opened the door he was shocked to see the unlikely scene on his bed. Just as he was about to speak he saw Sarah raise her finger to her lips that signaled for him to be quiet. Sarah resumed rubbing the creamy buttocks with her cock and said, “So you won't take my joy stick up your tight little bum-hole then what do you want me to do with it?”

“Please put it back in my pussy and keep fucking me until you cum up my horny twat. My pussy is so hot and wet for your big cock; please fuck me some more. Please!” Sarah was turned-on by the white wife's begging and slipped her big black cock back in to the slushy cunt and rammed it in to the hilt. The erotic scene before him swiftly caused his white cock to become erect as Joe stroked his dick while watching his loving wife submit totally to his black lover. Watching and listening to his wife hump back at the black cock and squeal with delight as Sarah shot a load of cum deep inside his wife brought him to a tingling climax. Joe couldn't believe that watching his sweet wife become a black cock craving submissive slut would be such a turn on. He should be angry but instead he was overcome with decadent lust and deviant desire.

Before Sarah left they discussed the situation and Tammy even invited Sarah to move in with them but the cross-dresser wanted to maintain her independence, much to Tammy's dismay. Sarah noticed her disappointment and assured her that they would have many good-times together. The transsexual kissed them both goodbye and promised to call.

After Sarah left Joe stated, “I can't believe that you gave yourself so easily to Sarah. I thought you loved me and didn't want anyone else. You acted like a total fucking slut!”

Tammy quipped, “Listen to you going on about me being a slut. It is all your fault for bringing Sarah into our home. I thought that I came home and saw my husband eating a black pussy when he was really sucking a big black cock. That makes you a fucking cocksucker and you have the nerve to condemn me? I never would have known another if it wasn't for you; it is your own damn fault and yes, I loved her big cock and want more. Don't give me any more of your bullshit; we are either in this together or we will go our separate ways, it is as simple as that. I will leave it up to you, what do you want to do cocksucker? By the way , I saw you jerking-off while watching me getting fucked!”

“I.. uh, hmmm, you are right. Please forgive me; it is all my fault but I still love you so much and will do whatever you want me to do. It hurt me to see you enjoy making love to Sarah but it excited me as well. Don't leave me honey, I love you.”

“I love you too but I have been introduced to sexual pleasures that I never knew existed and want more. From what I can ascertain you are as hooked as I am. Hopefully we can separate love from lust and stay together. The road will be slippery and paved with deep holes that could drop us into the abyss but it is the rocky road that we have chosen to travel and I think that on our journey we will experience sexual highs that are beyond our imagination. I eagerly anticipate a passion filled trip into sublime ecstasy that will rock our entire world. I only hope that the we will experience more highs than lows. We have entered a strange new world and there is no turning back now so let's just enjoy the trip.” The loving couple went to bed and made love like never before and went to sleep wondering where this new road would lead them.

A couple of days later the phone rang and Tammy was thrilled to hear Sarah on the other end of the line. Unable to contain her excitement Tammy exclaimed, “It is so good to hear your sensuous voice again; when can we see you, I miss you so much.”

“Take it easy white girl, don't drool all over the phone. I want you to have to wait until you are ready and willing do anything to be with me again. That includes taking my cock up your sweet white ass; think it over and let me know.”

“OK, alright, I will do it! I need you Sarah, just hearing your voice is making my pussy flood and tingle. Your thing is so big and it scares me but if that is what you want then my ass is all yours.”

“Put your fingers in your cunt and make yourself cum for me. Tell me that you are my fuck-slut and that you love my black cock. I want to hear you say that you will do anything and everything that I tell you to do. Get yourself off and beg for me to ravish your sweet, virgin. white ass.”

“Three fingers are now in my wet pussy, I am so hot for your cock, I'm ready to cum while talking to you and I want to suck your cock, feel it in my pussy, and then let you ram it up my virgin ass but please don't hurt me too much. Oh Sarah, the dam is bursting, cum is oozing out of my pussy, I am all yours baby and I want to worship your delectable dark hunk of meat. Take me, fuck me, make me your white bitch, and use me anyway you want to. I need your divine cock, oh, oh. Yessssssss!”

“Good girl, now lick your fingers and taste that nasty cunt of yours. Alright bitch, have Joe bring you to my place Saturday at 9 pm. Dress sexy and be ready to cum all night long. Let me warn you that I am a fucking tramp and never commit myself to any relationship but I really want your white ass and we can have a lot of good-times together.”

“Thank you Sarah, we will be there, you can count on it I can't wait to see you again; you don't have to make any promises; I just want to be with you again.”

“Did you enjoy your pussy juice? I'm getting hard thinking of you sucking the girl-cum off your fingers.”

“It made me feel cheap and degraded but much to my surprises, I loved it!”

“Good, every time you have sex with your husband I want you to lick his cock clean afterwards. It is important that you learn to love the taste of pussy because I have plans for you. Goodbye love, see you Saturday.” Tammy hung up and wondered what plans Sarah meant but was resigned to comply with any demands the stunning he/she made of her.

Saturday the young couple knocked on the apartment door nervously anticipating what Sarah had planned for them. The ebony knockout ushered the white couple into the living room and handed them each a glass of red-wine. Tammy was surprised to see two other black women and sat between them on the sofa at Sarah's bidding. The blond wife was introduced to Busty Bertha and her friend Naomi. The three blacks all wore blue satin robes. Sarah told Tammy. “I thought that I told you to wear something sexy bitch, is that the best you can do?”

Busty evaluated the blond's attire and offered, “I don't know Sarah, I kinda like the goody-goody little housewife look. She looks so sweet and innocent in her pink sun dress. If you ask me; she looks good enough to eat and that is just what I intend to do” They all laughed when Tammy's eyes opened wide and she turned bright red with embarrassment.

Sarah shot back, “Well nobody asked you did they? Take the bitch to your room and dress the slut for me. You know what I like, so do it.” Bertha led the trembling woman to her room and demanded that she strip naked. Tanny got down to her panties, bra, stocking and heels when she was ordered to lose the underwear as well and keep on the stockings and shoes. Tammy was fighting her feelings of fear and shyness when Bertha slipped off her robe and put on light-blue stockings and hi-heels. Tammy could feel her face redden when she gazed at the black woman's huge tits and hairy cunt.

The blond was then led to the bathroom, her lips were covered with bright red lipstick, a heavy layer or rouge was applied to her cheeks, her eye-lids and brows were painted with thick purple markings, and dark mascara was applied to her eyelashes. She was told to look in the mirror and see what Sarah likes. When she looked she saw a cheap whore staring back at her but somehow it made her feel wild and daring.

Bertha led the blond back to their spot on the sofa and they were greeted with applause. The other three were now completely naked and Tammy was handed a weed and her glass of wine. It all seemed so surreal to the white woman as her eyes took in the erotic sights of the naked blacks but her gaze kept returning to the massive black meat between Sarah's legs that brought her so much pleasure. She had no idea before Sarah that a cock could be so big or feel so good. Trying to conceal her cravings she turned to Naomi and asked, “How old are you dear? You look like a teenager.”

Bertha spoke for the girl saying, “She is 21 but with her slim build and flat chest she looks much younger. She is a big hit at the club we both work at. The perverts that want a schoolgirl just adore her angel face and slim body. While on the other hand, the ones that want a big bad black momma go wild over me.” Tammy's eyes were glassy, her head was spinning, and her pussy was twitching.

Sarah was feeling no pain herself and commanded, “I want to see a show everybody! Joe get over there and eat Busty Bertha's black cunt and Naomi taste some white pussy.” Tammy looked through her foggy eyes down at her husband lapping the hairy black cunt and jumped when she felt Naomi's tongue invade her hot hole. The white woman offered no resistance when her blond head was drawn to Bertha's mammoth mounds. The more her pussy was licked and sucked the harder she nursed on Bertha's big black tits. Her blond head went back and forth, she sucked with fervor and was astonished to discover how much she reveled sucking and fondling the big black tits. She bit down on the rubbery nipples as she reached a shaking orgasm and squealed in ecstasy when Naomi kept licking and sucking her smoldering slit.

Bertha pushed Joe away and laid back on the sofa. She spread her long black legs invitingly and instructed Tammy to bend down for a closer look at her hairy fuck hole. The buzzed blond moved closer and just stared at the swollen pussy lips, the protruding clit, the dripping nectar, and the pink insides of the Black Dehlia opening before her eyes. The perfume from the opening flower was intoxicating and enticing as Tammy inhaled the alluring scent that flowed from the burning black hole. Naomi got up and positioned herself behind the entranced young wife and lifted her legs up and on the cushion. As Naomi worked Tammy from behind; the blond lowered her face to the tantalizing clam and licked it slowly.

Tammy found the savory sauce tasty and lapped with zeal. Bertha grabbed a fistful of blond hair, pulled the white girl's face tight to her sloppy cunt and screamed. “Oh yeah, oh hell yeah. Eat my black pussy baby, lap it all up; that's it, suck my clit and nibble on my pussy lips. I've been longing for this moment ever since I first saw your picture. You are a natural born cunt lapper; look up at me, I want to see your big blue eyes while you eat my nasty cunt and I wash your white face with my girl-cum. Oh shit yes, suck, suck baby, yesssss.” Tammy sucked the sopping slit like a woman possessed and lovingly licked up every drop of pussy juice and cum.

Tammy finally lifted her face from the juicy clam and Bertha told her that she looked so cute with her face glistening from girl-cum. The black bombshell then rolled over and ordered the submissive white girl to eat out her black ass-hole. Naomi took the lead, lifted her mouth from Tammy's dripping pussy, and wormed her tongue up her tight ass hole. Tammy kissed all over the big black buttocks, mustered her courage, licked the brown opening, and then squirmed her pink tongue into the smelly cavern. Tammy felt humiliated, disgusted, and debased but also found it extremely arousing. As Naomi finger fucked her pussy and tongued her butt Tammy stuffed three fingers up Bertha's cunt while pushing her tongue as far up the black ass as she could. The three sated women collapsed in a heap of exhausted bodies.

Sarah and Joe were both stroking their cocks while watching the lust crazed women feast on each other's smoldering holes. After regaining her composure Bertha rolled over again and said, “You kids sure are a lot of fun. Tammy from now on you are my white cunt lapper and Naomi you are my black pussy licker. You did a fabulous job on my pussy white girl but now it is time for the main event. Get your white ass over there and give Sarah what she wants.”

Tammy looked over at the two stiff dicks and strutted over to give it up to her transsexual stud. Naomi asked Bertha, “What do you mean kids? We aren't that young and what about my pussy? I feel so neglected, I need a hot tongue up there bad.”

“Well little girl, you are all in your early twenties and I an 36 so to me you are all kids.” Bertha waived her finger beckoning the younger woman over. Naomi displayed her white teeth in a big grin and waisted no time straddling Bertha's face and lowering her bald pussy to Bertha's mouth. Sarah told Joe to join the black woman while she satisfied Tammy. Joe got between Busty Bertha's lewdly spread legs and lapped with fervor.

The white wife laid down on the carped and swooned when the big cock invaded her overheated pussy and cried out lewdly with each thrust of Sarah's mighty weapon. Tammy wrapped her creamy legs around the transsexual and declared, “Oh yes, you are the best. It feels sooooooo good, fuck me baby, pound me with that big thing, yessssssssss!” Tammy's vocal exclamations were muffled when Naomi lowered her bald black pussy to the white girl's mouth. Tammy reached several orgasms while being drilled into the rug and sucking the black girl's juicy pie.

Naomi remained glued to her mouth as Sarah lifted her ivory legs up and let them rest on her shoulders. Fear and pain filled her entire being as the probing pole entered her tight ass-hole. It hurt so bad that tears ran down her face and mixed with Naomi's pussy juice. Just when she thought that she couldn't bear the pain any longer; the hurt subsided and gave way to a relaxed state of submission. The fullness in her rectum began to feel good and she yielded her ass to Sarah in sweet surrender. Muffled sounds of lust escaped her mouth as Tammy fucked back hard. When she felt a load of hot cum shoot up her butt Tammy orgasmed hard and sucked the black girl's cunt in a wild feeding frenzy. Sarah pumped a few more times and then pulled out with a loud plop. Sarah stared down at the stretched wide hole leaking cum and exclaimed, “Tammy baby, you have the best ass that I have ever fucked and there have been many. No need to worry about me wanting to see you again; I will always have time for you and your sweet ass.”

Naomi dismounted Tammy's face and went to examine the stretched wide ass-hole and sighed in disbelief at the sight of blood and cum leaking out of the wide cave. Tammy looked to see if her husband had witnessed her debasement but he was busy fucking Bertha. Before the young couple went home Sarah told them that they could go out together and pick up men and/or women, it didn't matter. This time when they got home they showered and went to sleep; they were much too exhausted to have any more sex that night. They both pondered what was next.

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