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All in the Family

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     I was invited to a party at my boss' house after a grueling contract we had worked on had been successful. Roger is 15 years older than my 25 years, and I was happy to accept.

     At the party, I was introduced to his wife Margie. She was really quite a knockout. I had learned earlier that she was 38 years old, with sky blue, twinkling eyes, a great smile, long blonde hair, very generous, nicely formed breasts, a great hourglass shape, and when she turned around, I could see she had a gorgeous, heart shaped ass. I was also introduced to their daughter Jeanine, who was almost a carbon copy of her Mom.

     As the party wore on, and became somewhat boring, Jeanine, being 18, started hanging out a lot more with me. I could see disapproving looks from her Mom, but Jeanine didn't seem to care, and truth be told, neither did I.

     About 11, Jeanine suggested that we dump the boring scene, and find something more interesting. We quickly split, and in my car, she grabbed my head and mashed her lips against mine, giving me a tongue swirling kiss that sent my cock straight up.

     Looking right at the bulge in my trousers, she purred, "Mmmm, I hope I'm the cause of that! How about if we go back to your place, I've been fucking college boys and I want a real MAN'S prick to show me how it should be done!"

     She stroked the outline of my cock all the way to my place. Fifteen minutes later, we were in my bedroom. She practically tore off her clothes, and she was on the bed, her thighs spread wide, urging me on.

     "Go for it, lover! Get your mouth down there, and eat my pussy! Lick my cunt until I cum all over your face!"

     I was quick to do as she asked, and soon my tongue was sweeping all over her smooth shaven pubic triangle, licking up all the hot excitement her pussy was churning with.

     "Yes, oh fuck, yeah, go for it lover! Right there, yes, unnh, right there, lick my cunt, lick me, make me cum!"

     Shoving two fingers up her cleft, I surrounded her straining clit with my mouth, and she came with a force, pushing her gushing entrance tight against my mouth as I licked her to a shuddering climax. I rose up, my cock hard and eager.

     Jeanine gasped, "I want you to slide your stiff prick up my burning cunt, and fuck me hard over and over! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me, as you flood my cunt with a huge load of spunk, I want your load up my burning cunt! I know your balls have a big load, and I want every drop!"

     Getting into position, I notched my cock against her, and slammed the entire 8 inches deep up her. She squealed with pleasure as her tight cunt walls were split open, matching my grunt of pleasure from the feel of her tight cunt stretched wide and tight around my erection.

     "Oh yes, that feels so good! Now put my legs over your shoulders, and fuck my cunt hard, fuck me now! Ram that big beauty up my horny little cunt, and fuck me until I can't see straight! Fuck me, and shoot your hot spunk up my burning fuckhole, fuck my ass off!" Jayne gasped.

     I quickly complied, hoisting her legs over my shoulders. I slid a pillow under Jeanine's ass and thrust deep into her. The slick heat of her tight teen pussy squeezed and milked my throbbing cock. I clamped my hands tightly around the beautiful cheeks of her ass, lifting her hips in rhythm to the plunges of my steel hard cock into her churning cunt as I power fucked her, it was making my cock throb wildly.

     "Oh yeah, give it to me", Jeanine gasped, "Let me have it! I want you to fuck me as long as you can! Give me all you got, babe! Fuck my cunt, fuck me! I'm an overheated little slut who needs to be fucked hard. Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy! Fuck me, fuck my fiery fuckhole! Fuck my overheated cunt!! Fuck my brains out!!"

     Her sexy voice, and what she was saying, was driving me crazy, I slammed my steel hard cock in and out, in and out of her fiery fuckhole. Each in thrust she took my hard cock right up to the balls. She had a look of rapture on her face, she looked delirious with pleasure, as I power fucked her fiery tightness, plunging balls deep into her again and again. I could feel my nut sac tighten up, as my balls moved into firing position, and the spunk started to sizzle. Jeanine brought her legs around my waist, and pulled me in as deep as possible. She was panting and gasping, tossing her head from side to side as she writhed beneath me. I stretched out a finger, and ran it up and down the tight pucker of her ass. I could feel the tight rose shaped pucker of her ass hole twitching wildly, making her squeal.

     "Yes, keep fucking me! I'm so close, I need to cum, and I'm so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go, I want you to flood my pussy! Keep fucking me hard, your cock is driving me crazy! I wanna feel you squirt! I want every drop you got! I'm soo, I'm soo, Oh God, I'm almost there! Don't stop, don't stop, don't, don’t, don't, yes, yes, yes, OH YES!!!"

     Just as she went over the edge, I shoved my finger up her tight asshole as far as I could. Her voice rose to a scream as she exploded, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, spasming wildy. My nut sac cinched up tight, my balls locked in firing position, my cock swelled tight with a massive urgency. The tight hug of her inner sheath, wrapped around my shaft and spasming wildly, took me over the edge. I could feel the spunk surging up my shaft, and I groaned with pure pleasure as my cock exploded, my sperm blasting out, squirting wildly, splattering her insides. We gasped and moaned as our bodies shook from the force of our climaxes, her pussy spasming wildy, milking greedily at my cock, as my throbbing cock squirted every drop of spunk into her, as I emptied my balls deep inside her burning cunt. I flopped down, wonderfully spent, and she rolled against me.

     With her hot body against mine, and her hands helping, it didn't take long to bring me back. This time, I took her up the tight, rose shaped pucker of her asshole, reaming out the tight clamp, her squeals and grunts of pleasure urging me on, until I blew a load right up between the tight cheeks. We sucked, fucked and ate each other most of the night. With a start, I looked at the alarm clock to see it was 4:30 AM. She didn't seem too concerned, though I was. I drove her home, and could see the party had long since ended. She crept to the front door, I watched until she was inside. I felt bad for her as I could hear her Mom yelling at her before I drove away.

     Back at home, I flopped into bed, and slept until Noon, when a loud knocking at the front door awakened me. I quickly put on my bathrobe, I had a feeling that Roger was on the other side, and prepared myself for what would surely be an unpleasant scene.

     Opening the door, I was relieved to see it was Margie, but my relief vanished when she stormed in the door. She glared at me as I lowered my gaze, her sky blue eyes were blazing with fury. Despite the gravity of the situation, I couldn't help but notice that she was still a knockout. She was wearing a silk blouse, her chest heaving, and a wrap-around skirt, and white stockings. 

     "So how could you drag my daughter off and knows what you did!" she blazed at me. " I'm going to ask you once, and only once, did you rape my daughter? You did, didn't you? Even though you're 7 years older than her, you took my daughter and fucked her!"

     Looking up, I could see that 2 buttons of her blouse had somehow come undone, giving me a splendid view of her deep cleavage.

     "Deny it!" she yelled, "Go ahead, deny that you fucked Jeanine's sweet pussy!"

     She took a step closer, and her hand flashed out and smacked my cheek hard. Even though I winced from the force of the blow, I saw almost all of her left tit as it swayed wildly inside her blouse, it was obvious she had no bra on. That started my cock going, and it grew until it was poking through my robe, pointing right at her.

     She glared at it, and spat, "Look, look at that horny little fucker! The same hard cock that fucked Jeanine's sweet pussy! You probably think you can fuck anyone with such a nice cock! You probably think you can fuck me with such a nice cock!"

     In one motion, she whipped off her wrap-around skirt. She wearing white stockings, a white garter belt, and no panties. I didn't need an engraved invitation, I yanked her blouse off and fell on her.

     She grunted, "And I suppose you are going to force me to suck your big cock before you rape me! Isn't that right, you little fucker?"

     I was catching on, as I hissed, "Suck my cock, you little bitch!"

     In a few moments, she was deep throating my cock, taking in my entire length, slurping all over my cock. She quickly raised herself up, threw herself down on the bed, spreading her legs wide for me. I jumped on her, and thrust my steely 8 inches in, right to the balls.

     She howled, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me, rape me, just like Jeanine, just like you fucked my daughter's horny cunt! Rape my pussy, fuck me until you shoot all your hot burning seed deep inside my hard fucked cunt! Rape my burning cunt!"

     Never had I had such a frenzied fuck, she squirmed around wildly, urging me on again and again to either fuck or rape her cunt. I happily did so, and I hammered her fiery cunt, which was almost as tight as her hot boxed daughter. Like mother like daughter I thought to myself with a smile. I grabbed her ass cheeks, and ran a finger around and around the tight rim of her asshole.

     She looked at me, and growled, "No one but my husband is allowed to finger my ass, but a fucker like you wouldn't care about that! You think a horny bitch like myself needs to get a finger shoved up her ass, that I need my asshole finger fucked! Isn't that right, you little fucker?"

     I did indeed, and I quickly rammed two fingers up her tight asshole, and started to roughly finger fuck her tight asshole.

     "Oh fuck, yeah, rape me, and finger fuck my ass,  give me everthing. Rape me, rape me, just like Jeanine, fuck, oh fuck YEAH!!"

     Her cunt clamped down tightly, milking my shaft eagerly, her nails digging into my back as she came. I quickly reached my peak, and exploded, shooting a thick volley of hot semen deep inside her tight cunt, man, what a tightness, she was as tight as her daughter. I blew every drop of my scalding load into her.

     After a few minutes, she growled out, "Now, you're going to force me to suck your cock back up to full glory again, aren't you, you little fucker?"

     "Get you mouth down there, and suck my cock you cum hungry bitch! Suck it good!" I barked at her.

     She brought me back up, and growled, "Now, you're going to rape my asshole, aren't you? No one but my husband fucks my ass, but being a horny little rapist, you don't care about that, you want to rape the tight clamp of my ass, don't you?"

     My cock was stone hard, I pushed her down, I shoved two pillows under her hips, lifting up her ass for perfect position. I applied a dab of KY jelly to her asshole and my cock head. Pushing her legs apart, I notched my cock head against her ass hole.

     "Looks like your string of only allowing your husband in your back door is about to end!"

     I pushed, hard, and rammed my 8 inches right up her tight ass. She howled, and shrieked as I drove it in, and started to drive my throbbing cock in and out.


     She gripped the bedsheets tightly, howling and yelling, urging me on to rape her ass, until my balls cinched up, and I blew a load of scalding jism right up beyween those cheeks.

     She spent the afternoon, and she had me "rape" her asshole, cunt, and mouth, over and over, until she was satisfied.

     Just before she left, she buried a finger deep inside her well fucked cunt, and brought it my lips.

     "Suck my finger" she ordered, and as I did so, she growled, "Let that be a lesson to you, cunt fucker cock!"

     That was one hell of a lesson. Man, what a wild fuck, she's an absolute tigress in bed. If she wants to teach me any more lessons, I'll be one very eager learner.

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