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Jag Chapter 5

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Just a little note from me.  I am not the original writer of this story.  I found it a few years ago on a now gone website, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  If the original author finds it here, please just know how good I thought your work was

Chapter Five

Mac had gone undercover in the Wiccan to discover if their prime suspect in a rape charge was indeed the sexual predator that the complainant had claimed he was. CPO Merker was also the High Priest of a Wiccan, practitioners of the art of witchcraft. That term no longer held the same image of evil that it used to. Wiccans were becoming more and

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more a recognized religion in the United States.

While her partner, Commander Harmon Rabb, conducted an overt investigation of the charges. Mac assumed the identity of a Navy Petty Officer and infiltrate the Wiccan.

She had gone through a number of initiation ceremonies in which she had been exposed to a drugged ash that defied detection. During those ceremonies, she had stripped along with the other members of the Wiccan and danced joyfully around blazing bonfires.

But on this, her final night of her initiation, she was offered to the Wiccan's Lord's shell. The shell was in the body of a large snow white Ram. The large, virile animal had a huge ebony phallus that Mac soon learned was meant for her.

Because of the mind controlling effect of the ash, Mac subjugated herself to inter- species sexual contact with the beast. She had sucked the Ram dry to start off with. Then she was offered to it for intercourse. A marriage Merker called it.

During this whole ceremony, CPO Merker was finding it nearly impossible to resist his own sexual urges. Mac had him mesmerized at her sexual prowess. But he knew that he had to maintain his vow of celibacy so that he could keep his hold over the members of the Wiccan congregation.

When we last left her, Mac had accomplished the apparently impossible feat of taking in all fourteen inches of Ram cock into her womb. But still she wanted more from it. She wanted to feel the animal fuck her. Fuck her like only an animal could.

She bucked her ass against the Ram's groin to urge him to keep humping her. It didn't take much urging to convince to do just that.

"Oh yessss," Mac moaned. "Fuck me. Lord, fuck me good."

The congregation cheered on each time she used the word 'Lord' in her vocal outburst, mistakenly believing that she was in fact praising their religious Lord.

Mac could feel the Ram's cock pull almost completely out of her pussy, then just ram it back into her with such force that her knees bounced off the ground with each thrust. In and out the mighty cock pistoned into her pussy, driving her mad with excitement.

Merker just stared dumbfounded as he watched Mac fuck his virile Ram into submission. No woman had ever done that before. Sure, many of the female initiates had gone through this ceremony. But none with such rapture that this dark- haired beauty was demonstrating.

With the others, he could see their reluctance in their eyes. He knew that their initiation with the Ram would be their last with any beast. But not with Mac. With her he felt that he had found himself a soul-mate. That as soon as she found the opportunity, she would be seeking a beast to satisfy her own sexual urges.

Mac had lost count on how many times she had had an orgasm under the beast's sexual attack. But by now she didn't care any more. Time and time again the Ram would fuck his full fourteen inches into the dark tunnel of her cunt. And each time Mac would grunt from the strain it placed on her innards.

Merker was hypnotized at the sight of her actually mastering his Ram. It had taken him almost a full year to find the virile beast, convinced that no woman could ever conquer him. But here, before him, he was witnessing the impossible and it was driving him nuts.

Mac's tits would be jostled with each fuck thrust of the powerful beast. They were bouncing fore and aft like balloons full of Jell-O.

"Oh Lord, yessss!" Mac yelled in orgasm once again. "I... I don't know how... how much longer I... I can take this."

"The Lord is our Master," the congregation droned on. "The Lord is good."

Mac could feel the hot breath of the large Ram against her bare neck. She could tell that it was getting shallower with each passing second.

'He... he must be getting near,' Mac guessed.

As if willed by her own thought, the Ram's cock exploded with a powerful ejaculation that nearly blew Mac's clenching pussy off of its cockhead.

Merker lost all self control at that point. Seeing his Ram's jet black cock blow its load deep into this initiate's cunt was too much for him to bear. He stripped off his cloak and knelt before the gasping Mac.

When she looked up she was met with his raging hard cock. Mac knew what the man wanted, and at this point she was too horny to deny herself his cock either. So, she leaned forward slightly and slipped Merker's eight inch cock in her mouth and began sucking him off as the Ram continued emptying his balls in her cunt.

Mac had never felt so filled in her life. The Ram's fourteen inch cock was at the deepest recesses of her vagina and Merker was filling her mouth with his own thick cock.

Merker kept up his humping Mac's face for a good three minutes before one of the congregation members noticed what was going on in their midst.

"DEFAMATION!" The man cried out, alarming all of the others to Merker's actions.

caught by his 'followers' triggered a panic response from Merker, as he felt his jism shoot into Mac's sucking mouth.

Mac had no trouble accommodating the man's cum. Compared to what she had swallowed from the Ram, Merker's was a feeble second.

"DEFAMATION!" A chorus rang out from them all.

"You attempt to steal our Lord's bride," the first man cried out.

"DEFAMER!" The congregation shouted.

Suddenly five of the men of the Wiccan grabbed hold of Merker and pulled him away from Mac's head, causing his cock to slip from her sucking lips.

Mac was dismayed at the turn of events. She had always assumed that they must of all been under Merker's control during all of this time. But it was now obvious to her that they did take this Wiccan religion very seriously, and that the Ram fucking her was indeed the shell of their 'Lord'. So Mac decided then and there not to cause any damage to their congregation in the courts.

The Ram remained oblivious to the trouble surrounding he and his mate. All that he cared about was to fulfill his duty in fucking the pussy under him. So, he began to hump anew into Mac's still clenching cunt. Though he had already emptied a huge load of cum into her, he was a very virile beast used to multiple couplings per session.

Mac immediately felt the renewed vigor of the Ram's thrusting. It didn't take her long to realize that she was about to get another master fucking from the beast. And truth be known, she was in no hurry to have him stop at this point.

"Go for it you brute," Mac cried out to the Ram. "Fuck me again. I want your seed in me. All of it. Don't stop until your balls are empty and drained."

Mac was getting enamored by the beast's virile fourteen inch cock. So much so, that she couldn't get enough of him. Regardless of the outcome of this JAG investigation, she felt sure that she would be spoiled, sexually, by this fucking.

As the congregation members kept holding Merker down in their anger, Mac was humping her ass back at the animal's thrusting shaft. She wanted to feel every inch of him inside of her when he unloaded.

Most of the congregation members resumed their worshipping position around the bestial coupling and resumed their chanting, ignoring the rutting twosome on the ground before them.

"The Lord is our Master," they chanted. "The Lord is good."

Mac found it unbelievable that they could do anything at all while she was trapped performing such an obscene and exciting sexual performance. She had to accept the fact that this act was indeed very seriously thought of by this congregation.

The Ram kept thrusting his rock hard shaft deep into Mac's willing pussy, raising her knees off the ground with each powerful forward thrust.

Never in her life had Mac ever had such a powerful lover. Most men that she had slept with in the past would be contented with a nice slow fuck, thinking that this is what she wanted. But after experiencing the brutal animal fuck of the Ram, Mac was considering looking for more bestial guys to sleep with in the future.

"Oh Lord!" She cried out as she came yet again, and still the Ram wasn't ready to unload. "I... I've never been... been loved this... this good before. You... you're fantastic," she moaned to the Ram.

Merker was trapped on his back, struggling to at least see the brunette get fucked by the Ram. But the two powerful men holding him down wouldn't allow him to desecrate their religion any further than he already had. So the CPO had to remain helplessly on his back with his raging hardon pointing in the air in frustration.

For the next ten, long minutes, Mac was subjugated to the fiercest fucking she had ever received. The Ram was fucking her as only a lustful beast could, savagely. With each thrust Mac felt her womb being shoved inside out by the powerful animal.

Already in the throws of orgasm, Mac kept averaging an orgasm every fifteen seconds or so. Which meant that during this beast's fucking her, she would have experienced no less than forty orgasm of her own. And despite her fitness, physically, she would have passed out from the sheer exhaustion of it all well before the halfway mark.


Jag Chapter 1

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Just a little note from me.  I am not the original writer of this story.  I found it a few years ago on a now gone website, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  If the original author finds it here, please just know how good I thought your work was.

J.A.G.: Mac's Witching Hour

Witchcraft had been growing in popularity as an alternative religion in the past few years. By nature, witches Covens worship nature, and this one operating in Gulfport was no except

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ion to that rule. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie had gone undercover on one such religious group to investigate charges of sexual misconduct against Chief Petty Officer Merker, also the High Priest of the Wiccan conglomeration that was active in Gulfport. The Wiccan also had a large number of military members as practitioners.

To conduct her internal investigation in this matter, Mac would try to infiltrate the Wiccan membership and try to determine if the charges against its high-priest, Chief Petty Officer Merker, could be substantiated.

A female member of the Wiccan accused him of rape and the Judge Advocate General's Office was responsible to investigate the charges and prosecute if the charges could be found to have foundation.

Mac had assumed the identity of a Navy Petty Officer to infiltrate this Witches Coven and investigate the charges undercover. Meanwhile her partner, Commander Harmon Rabb, would conduct a separate investigation openly. During this undercover operation, Lieutenant Bud Roberts and his wife, Harriet, had agreed to take care of her dog Jingo and her apartment.

She had adopted a retired drug search dog some months ago, when she had proven in a court case recently that the dog could no longer function as a drug-sniffing dog. When she heard that the dog would have to be destroyed because a new owner couldn't be found, she took him into her care.

Actually, during the court case in question, its trainer had pointed out that the dog had taken an instant liking to her.

"Not too many people could have done that," he had told her. "He's real picky about people."

So it seemed that the dog had actually picked her as a new master, rather than the other way around.

She had been on the post in Gulfport for over a month now, slowly building relationships with the other witches of the Wiccan. Succinctly letting them know of her interest to learn more about it and how much she would like to be initiated into this unusual religious group.

As most people might have expected, the majority of the Wiccan members were female. But the High-Priest for the gathering was a man by the name of Jonathan Merker. He was a fairly good looking man, which made proving the charges of rape against him that much harder to prove. For despite how well educated people were in this day and age, the belief still persisted that if a man looked good, why would he ever need to rape a woman.

So Mac's mission was to get closer to the man and see if he does anything criminal to get his jollies. It took weeks before she was invited to attend one of their nightly ceremonies. The group consisted of about 20 people, mostly women, and was being conducted outside as with all witchcraft ceremonies. On this night, they were along the shore line of a river.

The group formed a circle around a raging bonfire as the High-Priest, CPO Merker, read off their incantation.

Mac was handed a robe, similar to the ones worn by the other members, and was told to strip before putting it on. Seeing that all of the others were doing just that around her, she began removing her clothing to follow suit.

Her shirt came off first, followed immediately by her bra. Her voluptuous tits bouncing freely now that they were freed from the confining undergarment.

CPO Merker took immediate notice of Mac's endowments. His eyes twinkled as he just gazed at her while she continued stripping out of her clothes. His mouth watered when she bent over to slip off her tight jeans. He couldn't believe how well developed her calves were. He could see her muscles rippling along those slender legs of hers.

'Now that's a woman,' he thought to himself. 'This one must be into fitness big time.'

Mac tried not to pay attention to the others nudity around her, and hoped that they were conducting themselves in a similar fashion.

But within a Coven of witches, nudity was a regular occurrence. Though this nudity was not to be construed as a sexual motive, they couldn't help but admire Mac's firm body as she stripped near them. Everyone there was busily checking out the new arrival to their group.

Some of the regular members were attractive though, she had to admit to herself. Despite her control, the cool night air and all the naked bodies around her got her juices worked up a bit. She could feel her nipples stiffening in her state of arousal.

Peering over to one of the girls next to her, she was gratified to notice that she wasn't the only one feeling this way. In fact, most of the participants to this Pagan ritual were showing definite signs of arousal.

Mac was fascinated by the diversity of the people around her for this Wiccan celebration. She noticed that many young people were there, this didn't surprise her in the least. They younger generation is generally the most likely to try anything new. But many of the members around her were in their late forties, there was even one couple in their late fifties.

Once everyone had donned the ceremonial gown, they reassembled in a circle around the bonfire. CPO Merker resumed his chanting, thanking Mother Earth, the water, the fire and the air around them.

All of these proceedings seemed perfectly innocent as near as Mac could tell. There was no indication of sexuality in what the High-Priest was doing.

"Have the initiates approach," he called out.

This meant herself and two others that were joining this religious following on this night. Keeping up her role as an interested party she stepped forward, standing before the High-Priest.

"On this occasion," he instructed them. "We welcome you into the fold of Mother Earth. And to show that you welcome her embrace, you must now disrobe before us."

Mac wasn't sure if she should follow through with this directive. She considered her situation for a few moments, then came to the conclusion that nothing as yet inappropriate was being asked of her. It wouldn't be like her first time baring herself publicly.

Her fiancé, Commander Brumby of the Australian Navy, had taken her bikini top off at an Australian public beach only a few months ago. That was an experience that shocked her at first, but only a few moments later she was exhilarated by it.

So, she reached up to the shoulder straps holding the ceremonial gown, and pulled them loose. The gown flowed down her naked body, showing off her athletic curves in the shimmering light of the blazing fire.

The High-Priest moved from one initiate to the other. Mac noticed that he would blow some kind of ashen dust in each of the others face. It seemed innocent enough, somewhat like a baptism.

"With this ash, I anoint you," CPO Merker would say aloud. "It is born of the Earth beneath us. The Air around us. And the fire that warms us."

When it came to Mac's turn he repeated the same sermon as with the others. When the ashen dust hit her face she found herself breathing some of it in, which was also intended. She didn't feel any different, so she assumed it to be just as it appeared to be, ash.

"You have just taken your first steps into the fold," he told Mac and the other initiates. "Over the next thirteen nights you will undergo further initiation into the Wiccan. You will find this a rebirth from the old life you thought you had. You will be reborn with the love of Mother Earth."

For the next thirty minutes she found herself dancing and prancing around the bonfire, naked. She found the whole experience liberating. There didn't seem to be any sexual misconduct from the part of the Chief, or any other of the congregation. The ceremony went well into the night. Mac and the other's didn't get back to their quarters until well past 2 AM.

When the ceremony was finally concluded, Mac and the others got dressed and returned to the Naval Base as if nothing unusual had happened.

The Robsons Chapter 4

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The Robsons



Merv cradled his testicles as he and Joe entered the house. They ached quite a bit following his efforts in the kennels but his mind was still full of the antics of the bitch slut Lisa now recovering in her cage. Joe closed the door quietly and followed Merv into t

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he living room. They both glanced at Mandy in an exhausted sleep on the sofa, her tiny naked body all askew and open to the world. Her hairless pussy pushed forward by her right leg trailing on the floor, and her perky nipples slightly erect from the cool draught of the air conditioning. Merv’s cock was at attention again, “Jeeze Joe these sluts just beg to be fucked, even in their sleep” he giggled. “I gotta have me a piece of this ass, even though my balls are breaking”. He went to pick Mandy up, but Joe’s hand rested on his shoulder and stopped him.


“You had a hard day already buddy, your eyes are like brake lights, why don’t you wait until later, you need the rest and the little fuck bunny will be a lot more lively by then too”. Merv turned and gave him a quizzical look.


“No skin off my nose pal” continued the old man, “I just thought you would hate to miss the main fun later, when Bob and Dave get up”. Merv considered this for a minute looking straight at the smiling old codger. “You wanna get me outa the way so you can have some early action, you horny old pervert” he said laughing.


“You got me son” Joe replied grinning back, “wont be much room for an ol’ feller like me later when you young ‘uns get going”. Merv slapped him on the shoulder, “Go on old man have your fun, I am wrecked anyway and need some quality shut eye, usual room?” Joe nodded and Merv turned and made his way upstairs.


Joe looked at the sleeping Mandy thoughtfully, “wonder why I did that?” he said to himself. The little girl stirred in her sleep closing her legs and trapping her hands in between, cradling up in the fetal position. She looked so much like a baby that he found it hard to believe she was taking his cock to her depths only hours before. He smiled benignly and refrained from touching her. “Sleep well little slut,” he whispered to her, “ you will need all your energy later”. Then moving towards the kitchen “I better get some food on, those boys will be pretty hungry when they wake up”. Mandy relaxed and grateful of the respite, settled back to sleep. The smile on her face was just barely noticeable.


A few hours later Bob woke with a snort, sat up and looked around. It took a few minutes but he finally recognized the familiar surroundings of the room in his dad’s house. He glanced to the side and lingered over the familiar figure of his sexy neighbor Louise. She was asleep and facing away from him, the bedspread pulled tightly up to her neck her blonde hair a halo on the pillow under her head. He could feel the softness of her naked body beside him and as the memories of the previous twenty-four hours came flooding back, his piss horn suddenly transformed into a raging cunt seeking missile. He tore back the cover, clipped Louise around the head and shouted, “Come on slut! You got a whole lot of throbbing cock to please here, you ain’t got time for sleeping”.


Louise who had been awake for the last hour jumped up quickly and turned to face him. She took Bob’s cock in her hand and began to slowly message up and down the long smooth shaft, periodically squeezing his testicles with her other hand. “What are you going to do with us Bob?” she asked in as polite a voice as she could manage. “I m going to fuck you lots babe” he replied laughing. Then whacking her hard around the head, growled “next time you want to speak you raise your hand and wait until you get permission”. He caught her right nipple and twisted it cruelly between his thumb and forefinger making her squeal in pain.


“Come on cowgirl, get up and ride your pony.”


Louise did not know what to do. This whole thing was way beyond her sphere of experience even in fantasy. She was terrified for herself and her girls because from what she knew people who were abducted usually ended up dead. Up to now cooperation had kept them alive and in the absence of a better plan she reckoned it prudent to go along until some alternative came up. She hoped she could find a way to escape before her captors tired of them. Never far from her mind, she prayed silently for her children’s safety and hoped they would be able to endure these horrible trials mentally if not physically intact.


A different cause for concern was the way her body responded to the foul way these men treated her. She had never experienced the intensity of orgasm with Darren that fucking Bob and the dogs gave her. Even now Bob’s crude unfeeling manner turned her on so much that she found she looked forward to impaling herself on his long thick cock one more time.


She knelt over Bobs boner and pushed herself slowly onto it, waiting for her love juices to flow before allowing her weight to slide her down taking it all the way inside. With a steadily increasing rhythm she milked the rock hard rod with her body, clenching her pussy with each upward stroke for maximum effect. “Oh baby you are getting so good at this” groaned Bob as the long luscious strokes of the beautiful woman made him want to blow his load deep in her belly. Louise moaned as her own orgasm began to build and she quickened her strokes as her body craved release. Suddenly she clutched her muscles around Bob’s cock and sighed heavily as her body spasmed in wild pleasure. Bob caught the vibe and filled her, crushing her breasts in his fists as his balls contracted to pump his vibrant seed to its destination deep in Mrs. Robson’s womb. He pushed her off and got out of the bed. “Go clean yourself up whore, you got a lot of entertaining to do tonight”.


Bob followed her into the en suite and gave his cock and groin a quick wash before donning a shorts and T-shirt. “Come on slut, lets go downstairs”, he told Louise cupping her pussy in his hand from behind. “Mustn’t keep your lovers waiting”. Louise followed him out feeling awkward in her nakedness and hunching slightly as she walked.


They came down to the mouth-watering aroma of fried bacon as Joe dished up a full breakfast menu. Louise heard her stomach growl as she realized how long it was since she had eaten. Bob sat down to the plateful of food on the table as Louise looked on eagerly waiting for hers. “Get the fuck over to your baby bitch, this food is way too good for the likes of you,” growled Bob, pushing her roughly towards the sleeping Mandy. “Make yourself useful and get the little slut ready for later, I just know how much she enjoys your tongue”.


Louise hesitated wondering if he was serious. “What the fuck you waiting for whore, directions? Get on with it” shouted Bob, making her jump. With tears in her eyes she went over to defile her precious daughter once more. She knew Bob made her do this because it hurt her the most. He was making her a party to her daughter’s rape.


She reached the sofa and gently roused the little girl. “Hi sweetheart how are you?” Mandy turned round and smiled warmly at her mum. “I’m ok Mum, are you?” The tears welled in Louise’s eyes. “I am so sorry my darling, so sorry”.


Mandy’s heart pained her to see her Mum in this state, “Mum you can’t blame yourself for this”, she whispered, “They are bad men and we are not strong enough to stop them”. “Oh baby you are so brave, I so wish things were different” cried Louise, “I am so sorry honey but you know what I have to do now?”


Mandy nodded gravely and lay back opening her legs. Louise began gently opening her labia with her tongue, then finding the little girls clit, messaged it between her teeth alternately licking and nipping as her daughters cum juice flowed into her mouth. Mandy writhed with the intense pleasure flowing in waves through her young body. Her little moans caught the attention of the two men.


“That little slut is gagging for it, I can’t wait to get my cock in her later” said Bob to his father around a mouthful of food. “How did the little dog bitch settle in, she introduce herself to the boys?”


“And how!” replied Joe “Merv wanked his cock skinless. You gotta see the video son, you got a helluva treat in store”.


“Play the one from the main camera Dad, I could do with some entertainment”.


To the sound of her elder daughters agonized screams on the video, and Bobs appreciative comments interspersed with exclamations, Louise continued to attend to Mandy’s cunt afraid to turn around because she could not bear to witness Lisa’s ordeal at the hands of the great hounds. Mandy who had a great view of the TV watched with open-eyed wonder at the size of the cocks ramming and knotting her older sister. The show and the constant stimulation on her clit made her cum with loud gasps. Bob Laughed, “the little sluts getting off on all this, I bet she can’t wait for her turn with the dogs. Think we will save that for when the rest of the gang get round Dad, should be quite a show”. Joe smiled back at his son, saying nothing. “Holy shit!” exclaimed Bob as Lisa got to the final three dogs. “Get over here Louise, look what a wanton dog slut you reared”.


Louise lifted her head and her eyes froze wide in horror as she watched her daughter take all three dogs. Her concern for Lisa’s safety grew as she watched the kennel drama unfold, and she almost fainted in relief as she realized how close the young bitch had come to her death. She longed to find out how and where Lisa was now, she knew she would be injured and very frightened. She wanted to go to her and comfort her as best she could. She raised her hand for permission to speak, but both men deliberately ignored her, adding to her agony.


“Is the dog bitch still alive” Bob asked the old man with no trace of concern in his voice. “She was lucky,” replied Joe, “no permanent damage, I gave her some penicillin and holed her up in one of the cages, a few days and she will be right as rain”.


“She better recover quicker than that’, said Bob, “I decided we are bringing the gang over tomorrow. They would kill us if they thought we kept this fresh meat from them for too long.  I need to check the slut farm anyway, and I promised Merv and Dave a visit, so you will have the fuck bunnies all to yourself tomorrow Dad. Make the most of it, cos you know they will be worth nothing except for breeding on he farm when the guys are done with ‘em. That’s if any of ‘em are still alive”.


“I could eat a horse Joe, I hope you cooked plenty”, said Dave rubbing his stomach as he entered. “Jeeze I was tired, slept like a baby. Did I miss any fun?”


Bob finished munching and pushing his plate away grinned up at Dave. “The dog bitch has given us the film of the decade, poor Merv almost wanked his cock off at the live version. You should catch it over dinner get you right in the mood. I just got Momma prepping the little slut for later”.


“Good thinking pal, I like em hot and ready”, leered Dave feeling his cock as he pulled a chair to the table.


“Play camera four Dad that should give a good angle” suggested Bob as Joe put a heaped plate before Dave.


Bob moved over to the armchair and sat facing Louise and Mandy. “Back to work Momma slut, your dog bitch daughter’s got me all horny again and I feel like having me some young meat real soon”.


Louise obeyed and Mandy responded with a loud moan as her young clit was expertly stimulated again. Bob pulled out his monster stiffy and rubbed it slowly enjoying the show.  He watched the young girl clench her thighs tightly around her mum’s head as she came, her eyes closed and her hands squeezing her tiny breasts as her head turned quickly left and right.


“Great job Momma”, laughed Bob “I guess momma knows what’s best for her litter, keep going I’m gonna be ready for her real, real soon”.


“Hey Bob don’t wear her out too much, I got a stalk in my shorts that’s tickling my chin, this dog fuck movie’s fucking A, I need to fuck something soon or I’ll burst” laughed Dave wiping the grease from his plate with some bread and stuffing it in his mouth. “Never mind buddy” Bob replied with a grin, “this young slut’s not going to refuse ya”. Dave laughed harder.


“Come here baby,” drooled Bob looking at Mandy, “Time to show everyone how much you love your uncle Bob”. Louise moved back and let her daughter rise and go over to him. Mandy’s eyes were glazed with desire as she went to see to the cock that she really needed now. She took the throbbing rod in her hands, so small they could barely encircle the full girth of it. Playing gently up and down it she bent over and pushed her mouth over the bulbous head, being careful not to scrape it with her teeth. She worked her tongue slowly around the head giving Bob rushes of pleasure that made him squirm and moan. He gasped as she let it slide down her throat like the preteen professional she had become, and moved up and down the full length of it, never once letting it lose contact with the velvet softness of her cock suckers lips.


“Enough “, groaned Bob barely refraining from shooting his load, he did not want to cum this way. “Gimme some cunt, slut”.


Mandy lifted her head and climbed onto the chair with Bob. In one easy motion she took him in her tiny pussy and felt him open her like before as his cock reached her sacred depths. When she felt him all the way in, she stopped and looked him in the eye, then slowly at first moved herself up and down, all the time maintaining eye contact. “Bob was amazed at her willingness to please. “Tell me how much you love me and my cock, bitch,” he groaned, meeting her gaze with a look of his own that said, ‘don’t overstep the line Hon, I am the boss here, you are the slave’.


“Oh Uncle Bob, I just love your big fat cock filling my little pussy. It makes me want to cum so hard!” Mandy responded. She was trying her best to please him. Witnessing poor Lisa’s ordeal on the video had really frightened her, and she did not want to go near those big raping dogs. She hoped she could win the same reaction from him as she had from the old man earlier. Mandy knew that her only weapon here was her sexual performance and she aimed to give the show of her young life here tonight.


Bob blasted his load deep in her womb and held her tight when he had finished preventing her from slipping off his softening rod. “Stay there slut” he ordered, keep moving slowly around on my dick. You got 3 minutes to get me hard again or I throw you in the kennels”.


Mandy looked at him in shock, what was she to do now? She hadn’t a clue how to make him hard again and she had no time to think. Trusting to instinct, she put her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers kissing him hard on the lips. Then opening she used her tongue to tickle the inside of his cheeks. She squirmed her lower body squeezing her stomach and thigh muscles to get as much friction on Bobs still large but soft piston. Leaving his mouth she trailed her tongue tip over his chin and along his neck, gently blowing through her nostrils sending cool tremors back along the dampened saliva trail. Then reaching his right nipple she twirled her tongue around the sensitive areole moistening it before blowing gently, making it jump erect.


“Ninety seconds”, observed Dave. Bob was too interested in the game to give a shit. He groaned as her little fingers found his testicles and grabbed them forcefully as she simultaneously bit down on his erect nipple. Then gently massaged his nuts as she kissed it better. She moved up and down his limp shaft more forcefully now and returned quickly to his lips, tonguing him deep and rubbing her little breasts against his hairy chest. Suddenly she pulled away and smiled wide eyed as she felt her pussy fill once again with Bob’s fully engorged prick. She continued riding him not saying anything but looking him playfully in the eyes. Bob blinked and looked over to his friend. “She make it?”


“With ten seconds to spare old buddy” laughed Dave. “You just been primed by the sexiest preteen slut I ever did see”. Lay back buddy, you are about to get a cool view of my nuts”.


Bob pulled the recliner lever and the back of the chair moved to a near horizontal position. This had the effect of moving Mandy’s face forward over his head as her hands rested on his shoulders.


“Keep that position slut”, said Dave, dropping his shorts to release his big black dong and making his way over to the copulating pair. “Open up”, he drawled as he caught the little girls hair and shoved his boner right down her throat in one swift motion. It caught Mandy as she was taking an inward breath and she almost fainted from lack of air before he pulled it out again. She gasped drawing as much life giving oxygen as she could through her nose, before Dave plunged into her once more.  Bob could feel her distress through her cunt as she tightened every sinew around him in her panic. It turned him on even more, he longed to tell Dave to keep his cock in there until she suffocated, but it was too soon for that, there was a lot of fun left in this slut yet.


Mandy’s body now moved to the timing of the two cocks alternately entering and leaving her opposite openings. She was used to the tempo now and could catch her breath more easily. Relaxing she let the opposing rhythms stimulate her pleasure centers and build her to the climax she knew was not far away. When it came, it took her on a long, long ride to ecstasy. She gurgled and gasped as Dave’s mouth fucking cock, strangled the screams of pleasure before they left her vocal cords.


Louise felt her own pussy cream as she watched her baby daughter squirming on the cocks of the two men like a pig on a spit. She felt a small pang of jealousy as she realized her daughters youth was much more attractive to these men than her mature body. She also felt a great sadness as she watched her baby turn from innocent child to wanton slut before her very eyes. These were no things for a young thirteen year old to know about, never mind participate in. She hated these men with a passion in spite of the way they could make her body respond. She racked her brains for a way to escape but could think of nothing. She felt so helpless and cursed herself for allowing the men in her life to make all the decisions for her. She swore that if they ever made it out of here alive she would take more control of things. Perhaps if she had been a stronger more assertive person they would not be in this predicament now.


Joe watched his little slut with pride. “You go girl!” he said to himself. He wondered if he should take a pill and join in, but he didn’t fancy mature women anymore and Mandy was well engaged now. Hearing Merv coming down the stairs made him decide there was not much point. Merv always slagged off his wrinkly old todger and this surprisingly embarrassed Joe very much. Drawing his eyes from the threesome he went to dish up some food for him.


“What have we got here?” said Merv aloud as he came into the living room. “You guys getting a head start on me?”


“By all accounts you pumped yourself dry this afternoon”, goaded Dave, “We thought you would be asleep until morning”.


“Don’t you believe it pal” replied Merv pulling his very hard pole from his shorts. “My cunt filler is ready for action once again, and I am not letting it wait any longer. Bend over Mamma, I need something hot to get inside”.


Louise rose from the sofa and turned around putting her ass in the air and opening herself to take Merv’s long stiffy inside her. He mounted her quickly and roughly, hurting her as he thrust deep in her pussy with one quick motion. He caught her long blonde locks and shouted “Yeeehaaaa!” as he used them for reins to control her. Then his eyes fell on the young teen as her body rocked back and forth between his two accomplices. His mind drifted back to the performance of her dog bitch sister earlier and a really sexy idea came to him. He slid Louise off the end of his cock and went over to the threesome. “Make way for Dr Assbasher” he laughed as he knelt between Bob’s legs on the edge of the chair. He positioned his cock, already greased with Mums love juice, and waited for the youngster to rock back toward him.


Mandy was frightened, she knew he was there but couldn’t turn around to see what he was up to as Dave’s cock kept her head facing forward. She soon found out what Dave had in mind. As she pushed her pussy back down Bob’s cockslide, Merv forced his way into her ass driving all the way to the hilt. Mandy went rigid and stopped rocking as she screamed as loud as her lungs would let her.  Her raw, bruised shit hole felt like it was on fire and the size of both cocks stretched her membranes to their limits. Dave shoved his cock down her throat and stifled her anguished cries. Merv found a comfortable position and tipped Bob on the knee signaling he was ready.


Dave took his cue, “what you waiting for slut, start moving, the only way to get these cocks outa you is to suck em dry of cum, so get on with it”. Mandy was in severe pain now and very frightened. But she was a brave little slut, and mentally steeling herself, commenced rocking back and forth on the triumvirate of hard flesh invading her every hole.


Merv grunted, “I always love it this way Bob”. Bob had to agree, the extra stimulation of Merv’s hard member pushing against his through Mandy’s ass wall was an extremely cum inducing feeling. All three men held off as long as they could and were soon rewarded as the little cum receptacle began the first of a series of ever increasing orgasms that left her gasping and exhausted. Bob was the first to break. “Get on up there!” he bellowed as his seed hosed from him.


Mandy felt the warmness of it as it as it filled her crevasse, she sucked harder on Dave hoping to get him off too so she could breathe normally again. Her exertions had left her out of breath.


“Open wide Baby” said Dave suddenly and pulled out of her mouth to squirt on her face and beautiful red hair before emptying the last of his ejaculation over her pert little tits. Merv caught the Vibe and followed suit, the creamy texture of his cum a balm to the little girls burning asshole. The men pulled out and lay back panting. Mandy feeling totally exhausted collapsed where she lay on the chair, breathing deeply, grateful for the chance to swallow the large chunks of air her body craved.


Bob opened his eyes and looked directly at Louise, “you must be really proud of the talented slut you reared Mummy. Be a good bitch now and clean your puppy off with your tongue, be a shame to waste all that baby juice and you so hungry an awl” The others joined in his laughter. Then stopping abruptly he turned to Merv. “I bet poor Mummy bitch is feeling left out, did you Kennel Brutus and Hades?”


“No Merv replied, “ I let them run free outside, I reckoned they would appreciate it after being cooped up in the van with the bitches all last night.”


“Do us a favour mate?” asked Bob, “can you call them in? I hate to see mummy so frustrated like that. I bet she would love a big dog cock filling her pussy just about now.” 


“You got it Bob,” replied Merv heading for the front door.

Jag Chapter 8

rreeves on Animal Stories

Just a little note from me.  I am not the original writer of this story.  I found it a few years ago on a now gone website, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  If the original author finds it here, please just know how good I thought your work was

Chapter Eight

Jingo never relented on his humping of his mistress, despite her passive and slumbering position. All that he was concerned about was that he had knotted with her. Now all that remained was for him to fill her with his seed as mother nature had intended. His bulgy knot would ensure that she would hold his jism, increasing the chances of impregn

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Being a dog, he of course had no way of knowing that impregnating his mistress is an impossibility. He was being guided strictly by instinct in this.

For at least ten minutes he kept humping his cock into the still slumbering woman under him. He could beel his balls tighten, a sure sign that he was about to spurt out his cum.

"Ooooh! Wha...what's going on?" Mac finally groaned as she fluttered her eyes open.

The next bang of her head on the cabinet refreshed her memory as to what was happening to her. When her eyes focused and saw Jingo still standing over her, she realized that his cock, and something else, was still stuffed in her pussy. She looked over to the clock and saw that over ten minutes had passed since she had passed out. She reached her arms up weakly to her dog's neck and hugged him tightly.

"Oh god Jingo," she chuckled at him, as he kept up his humping. "Tha... that was the best fuck ever." Mac had falsely assumed that he had finished while she was slumbering and that he had slowed his humping considerably. How wrong she was, and she was about to find that out soon enough.

Then, for no apparent reason, Jingo stood still over her. His cock still imbedded in her cunt. Mac was sure that he must have cum while she had passed out earlier. Then she suddenly felt the scalding heat of his cum shooting to the very depths of her pussy.

"Oh damn!" She exploded into yet another orgasm. "Is this it Jingo? Are you cumming... filling me... with your jism."

Jingo stayed motionless above her as his balls squeezed his seed into his willing bitch. His ballsack tightening with each surge of jism. The dog knew that his knot would keep his fluids trapped within Mac's womb for a good while to maximize his chances of impregnating her.

The dog had been shooting inside of Mac's cunt for over a minute already and still she could feel him shooting as hard as ever into her. She couldn't get over how virile her dog was.

'Are all dogs this horny?' She wondered.

She tried wiggling her ass around to get a full measure of his cock inside of her, but she was still trapped by his body and the cabinet at her head. She would have to settle with just the sensation of his cum filling her belly.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever, Jingo's stream of cum seemed to be slowing its flow. Mac's internal clock told her that the dog had been cumming continuously for over four minutes nonstop. A wide grin spread over her lips as she realized that she would never have to go hunting for dick in night clubs from now on. She might even have to reconsider her relationship with Commander Brumby of the Australian Navy.

They were getting close lately, and he was pushing her towards a greater commitment in their relationship, wanting it to move into the personal rather than professional classification. Now that she's discovered what Jingo could offer, she will have to re-evaluate Brumby's aggressiveness.

When she felt sure that Jingo had finally finished unloading his cum, Mac tried lowering her ass to the floor to rest. Imagine her shocked expression when she found that she couldn't get his still stiff cock out of her pussy.

His knot was keeping her tied to him. And his being a strong dog, was able to keep her suspended in the air despite her effort to lower herself to the floor.

She found the tension on her cunt too painful to bear when she let her body hang under him. She had to get her feet back under her for support and relief. She quickly analyzed her situation and knew that they were locked together for who knows how long. She still hadn't come to the realization that this was quite normal for dogs. Or that his bloated knot would shrink eventually and release her.

"Oh shit Jingo," Mac groaned in relief from the painful experience. "We'... we're stuck. It... it must be that ugly bulge in your cock. Someh... somehow it must have got in, and now... now its too big to get back out. Wha... what am I gonna do boy?"

Mac began weighing her options on how best to resolve her predicament. The only thing that came to mind was to try and reach her cell-phone and call someone to come help her with Jingo's stuck cock. But who could she call without sacrificing her military career. Harm? Bud? Brumby? The Admiral? The Gunny?

No none of these men would be of any help to her in this instance. They were all honorable men and she knew in her heart that they would have no choice but to report what they would see. So Mac started running names of some of the women that she knew. She was discouraged to realize that she knew very few of them. And those that she did know were ex- girlfriends of her colleague Commander Harmon Rabb, except for Lieutenant Harriet Simms and she was married to Bud Roberts.

'What about 911?' She wondered. 'Should I call the civic authorities?'

All this time, Jingo remained motionless like a statue over her impaled body. His cock as hard as when he first got aroused by her sexual scent.

'No, can't risk that either,' Mac conceded.

She decided to wait a bit longer in the hopes that she could work her cunt off of his raging hardon.

Fifteen minutes had passed since she was confronted by her being tied to her dog's cock. This little respite was what Jingo needed for the second round. He began humping his hips to and fro, dragging the helplessly tied woman along for the ride.

Mac couldn't believe that he was ready to fuck her cunt again so soon. All she could do was lift her hands up over her head to protect it from the hard cabinet that she was pounded against previously.

Sure enough, Jingo's ass was humping into her at a rapid pace. If she could have been watching instead of being fucked, she would have thought his as was a blur. He again lowered his large head to her tits and began suckling on them alternately like an overgrown puppy.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Oh Jingo! Ungh!" Mac grunted with each thrust.

This time Mac managed to remain conscious through it all. She had three more orgasm before the dog's balls tightened in their scrotum.

She exploded in a fourth and more powerful climax when she again experienced the surge of cum being shot into her. Mac couldn't figure out how her cunt could hold so much cum that had been emptied in it in such a short time.

Once done Mac collapsed in climactic exhaustion, having worked harder for her breath than any workout she had ever done in her life. She couldn't remember being so satisfied by any man, or beast. The memory of the Wiccan's Ram flooded her mind and she decided that Jingo was even better than that.


The Robsons Chapter 2

Narrator123 on Animal Stories

The Robsons




Bob Lay back on the armchair, his cock was throbbing from all the action he had got tonight. Everything had gon

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e beyond his wildest dreams. All those years of searching and now quite by accident he stumbled upon the perfect family.


“What do we do now?” asked Merv, my cock is aching so much that I don’t think I could fuck another pussy if it was stuffed in my face”.


“The farm, said Bob decisively, only place for em”.


“Well we gotta act fast,” said Merv, “it will be light soon”.


“Get the van Dave” said Bob “and bring it round the back”. “These sluts will be ready to roll right away”.


Bob made Louise write a note to Darren telling him she was leaving him and taking the girls. She was going where no one could find them and not to bother to come looking. She was tired of his gambling and drinking and was making a new life for her and the girls somewhere far away from him. She signed it and Bob left it on the kitchen table.


They were herded, naked into the back of the van.


As they made their way to the van, Lisa suddenly noticed that Brutus was sniffing excitedly at her pussy. She jumped into the back of the van and tried to get away from him, but Brutus quickly followed and licked ever deeper, obviously wanting his 15-year-old bitch. Merv hit her viciously around the head. “What did I tell you bitch? When your husband wants you, you just fuck him straight away! Now get down and do your job.” “Lisa’s ears rung with the blow, but she knew better than to argue with Merv and immediately got on all fours and opened her legs for Brutus.


The brute found her opening almost immediately and began to hump her again, even though the van was now hurtling to God knows where. Lisa realizing that she had no other choice, let her body respond, and came twice before the big dog had shot his load. As she wedged on the knot yet again, Lisa tried not to concentrate on the extreme pain in her sore over stretched pussy. She found it hard to keep her balance as the van swayed and bumped its way along. With the weight of the dog still on her back her arms and legs started to cramp. She dropped to her elbows and Brutus’ head came down over her neck. She turned to look at him and new tears welled in her eyes as she realized that she would become very familiar with him in this position when they got where they were going. As if to reinforce the point Brutus licked her face and shifted his position renewing her attention to his cock as it moved inside her.



She looked over at her Mum and sister, asleep from exhaustion in the corner.

Realizing she was very tired also she hoped Brutus would hurry up and get off.

She raised her head and saw Dave leering at her with a big grin on his face, obviously getting off on seeing her covered by the big dog again. “Tell me again how much you love being a bitch Lisa”, he crooned. She forced a smile to her lips and replied “Oh Dave it is so wonderful having Brutus’ cock in me, I cant get enough of it”. “Don’t worry slut you will get plenty where you’re going” he laughed turning away from her. Lisa decided then that although her body may like what she was doing, she hated these men and their dogs with a passion. Brutus pulled out and she sighed as she slid out from under him. Every muscle in her body ached, and her pussy and thighs were raw from the abrasive effects of the dog and his cum. Although her nose had gotten used to it, she knew she must stink to high heaven of it.


Now her doggy husband was sated Lisa went back to her mum and sister and despite her fear, she was so exhausted she joined them all in a deep sleep.


The van hurtled through what remained of the night and eventually as the sun was creeping over the horizon, Dave slowed down and made a left turn into a dirt road. They traveled about twenty miles getting further into the wilderness when they took an even smaller track to the right and after about five miles they came to the farm. There was a big old ranch house with a couple of livestock barns to the side and back of it surrounded by a corral. There was no sign of any other buildings although one could see for miles all around. As the Van grinded to a halt the front door of the house opened and an old man came out smiling.


“You guys hiding out again?” he asked rubbing his hands on his soiled trousers before offering his right to Dave to shake it vigorously. “Dad, we are about to make your day, no year in fact”, said Bob jumping out of the driver’s seat and going to the old man to hug him fondly. “Look what we got here, Joe,” said Merv joining the party then turning to open the side door of the van. Inside the three Robsons slept soundly. The two dogs jumped out and let the men have a clear view of the naked beauties sprawled on the floor of the vehicle.


“These gonna be trouble Bob?” asked Joe, a concerned look on his face. “You know they almost had you for the last lot”. “Dad these are cleaner than driven snow, no loose ends, no trail, no one looking for them. What is even better they are already broken in, so it should be fun all the way. I am thinking of selling them or even breeding them when we get fed up fucking them”.


“You introduced ‘em to the dogs yet?”


“The Mother and older girl, in fact the older girl has only ever known dogs and Brutus has taken a real shine to her. The boys and me broke in the preteen. She is a real goer with the right motivation. The mother is a fully paid up sub but she denies it to herself. Think the daughters have inherited her genes”.


The old man sniggered, “So the sky’s the limit. Do we call the rest of the guys in to enjoy the party?”


“Let’s leave it a day or three so we can enjoy them ourselves first, you know the guys, once they get finished with them there won’t be much left to enjoy”. “Good thinking Bob, said Dave from behind, lets get em good and obedient before we share ‘em round. In fact why give ‘em out as freebies, I see a way for us to make some serious money here”. “Too right”’ added Merv, “Its alright for you Bob, you got money to burn, but me and Dave could always do with a few extra green backs”. “Lets put them to action and see how it goes”, decided Bob.


The Sun had risen high enough to shine full in the Van while this conversation was occurring and had wakened Louise who had caught the tail end. “Where are we Bob?” she asked nervously, “what are we doing here? You are not going to make prostitutes out of me and the girls”. This last in an assertive tone. The old man raised his fist and smashed it across Louise’s face, throwing her on her back, but not hard enough to damage the merchandise. “You ain’t thought them to keep their mouth shut until spoken too yet son?” Then looking at Louise who was picking herself up, “They better learn fast or I see a lot of pain in their future”.


The two girls woke up frightened, and put their arms comfortingly round their mum, Lisa started shouting at the men to leave her alone. Bob acted quickly. He caught Lisa by the hair and dragged her from the van. Then using his bare hand he slapped her ass cheeks with as much strength as he could muster. Lisa howled like a baby, and tried to break away from him. Finally she gave up and sank to the ground Bob still lashing at her. “Stay there bitch and don’t move ‘til I get back”, he growled and turned to walk towards the house. In no time at all he was back and lifting Lisa’s head put a dog collar round her neck.


“You still haven’t learned respect have you slut? Well you soon will. Merv take her round back to the kennels I am sure after servicing the hounds for a while she will be a lot more appreciative of human cock.” “NO Bob Please!” wailed Lisa, “No more dogs please, it is so disgusting, and hurts so much. Please Bob I will be good, I will do whatever you say, please Bob oh PLEASE!!!”


“You always wise up to late Lisa, you silly cow,” said Bob fixing a lead to the collar and handing it to Merv. “You go around on all fours from now on dog bitch until we tell you otherwise, you be a good bitch for the hounds and we might let you out eventually, but you refuse one of them, even once and you will spend the rest of your life with them, you hear me? You may answer”. “Yes Bob, I will be good”, sobbed Lisa crestfallen. “Tell me how much you are going to love fucking my dogs Lisa” leered Bob, loving her reactions. “I will really love to fuck your dogs Bob, feeling their big cocks in my pussy, it will be so good”. Bob bent over and fingered her clit, “good doggie” he said and Lisa’s head hung in desperation and shame. Merv pulled the lead and she followed him on all fours across the yard to her fate.


The other men pulled Louise and Mandy from the Van and dragged them roughly to the house. Joe, who loved little girls, lustily watched Mandy’s ass, which swayed from side to side as she tiptoed across the dirt trying to avoid the sharp stones. Smiling to himself he pulled a blue pill from his pocket and popped it in his mouth. It had been years since he felt young flesh this fresh; Joe usually got what was left when the gang was finished with them. The girls were usually past caring by then and next to useless. This he was going to enjoy. Dave, dragging Mandy, pushed ahead and went in the door. Louise followed right behind with Bob. Joe bringing up he rear closed the door after them, he could not take his eyes off the little girl and his cock was beginning to come to life with a rush.


Louise blinked as her eyes got used to the dim light inside the house. The front door led directly into a living room furnished with modern furniture that was obviously expensive. This surprised her as the dishelved state of the exterior had let her to expect something a lot less. Bob threw her to the carpeted floor beside where Dave had left Mandy. “Keep ‘em busy Dad, I’m off for some shuteye I am wasted after the night and the drive here. Don’t call me I’ll get up when I am rested enough.” “Me too, usual rooms Joe?” said Dave following Bob to the stairs. “Yea boys, Blankets and things are in the cupboard,” returned Joe. “I’ll send Merv up when he comes in”. Bob turned to Louise, “Come with me slut, I need a belly warmer”. “What about Mandy?” asked Louise, she will be frightened here in a strange house on her own”. “Don’t worry about the little fuck bunny, by the look of old Pop she wont get too lonely’, chuckled Bob, looking at Joe’s crotch and the winking at him. “I’ll make sure she is well looked after Son,” replied the old man, with a wide grin on his face. “Ooh no you can’t, please Joe she is only a baby, I will look after you later and make you happy, I promise”, pleaded Louise.


Bob smacked her hard around the head, “Speak only when allowed slut!” he shouted. “You got no say in what we can or can’t do, you just do what you are told and make sure you do it good and look like you are enjoying it, or else we can think of things that will make you feel a lot worse, got it?” Louise nodded sadly and followed Bob upstairs as he turned and clicked his fingers. “Well I’m off too old man, have fun winked Dave as he followed the others.


Mandy looked warily at Joe, somehow she did not trust the old man, and his friendly smile just made her go cold all over. “You hungry babe?” he asked. Mandy realized that it was hours since she had eaten and she nodded her head. She was a smart girl and waited until allowed before she ventured to speak. She saw what had happened to her Mum and Lisa. “You want some toast and coffee, or maybe some milk? You may answer”. “Toast and Milk please”, she asked in a small voice. “Okay Honey, coming right up”, said the old man and signaled her to follow him to the kitchen.  In no time at all, the little girl was stuffing her face with toast covered in maple syrup, and washing it down with cold milk, direct from the fridge.


Joe watched as the young girl ate, he marveled at how unconscious she seemed of her nakedness. She must have gotten used to it he thought, or at least come to terms with it. He could hardly contain himself as he allowed his mind to imagine the delights that were soon to be his. But he figured that patience would bring it’s own reward. It would be a lot more fun if the kid were at least relaxed, when he used and abused her tight young pussy. His stomach turned in excitement and his old cock throbbed as she finished the last of her milk.


“You feel better now Honey?” he asked smiling. Mandy, wondering what this act of kindness was going to cost her, nodded silently. “Good girl”, purred the old man, “now what are you going to do for old uncle Joe to thank him?” Mandy shrugged. She realized what was coming and her insides were still sore from last nights action, so she was determined to put the inevitable off as long as possible. Her heart sank as she saw the old man reach inside his trousers and pull out his erect cock. It was not as big as the ones that she had been forced to take last night but it was still big enough to cause her lots of pain.


“Did uncle Bob teach you how to give a good blow job? Asked Joe, motioning her to follow him back to the living room. “Yes, I think so” she replied tentatively, “I have only done it three times.”


“Well let’s give you a bit more practice,” said Joe, sitting in an armchair and holding his cock up for her. “Come on Honey get your mouth on here, and show me what you can do”. Mandy swallowed, and reluctantly took the old mans cock in her hand. She really didn’t want to do this, the sight of the wrinkly old cock, made her stomach turn. She hoped he wouldn’t cum in her mouth, she hated the taste of it and she was sure that Joe’s would have a much sourer taste than the younger men. Still she closed her eyes and allowed Joe’s cock to slide between her young sweet lips. She sucked on it slowly wetting it with her saliva and moving her head up and down. Joe gasped as his drug swelled cock responded to the girls attention. Mandy knew he would expect the whole treatment and braced herself to prepare her throat for the foreign invasion. She felt Joe’s hand apply pressure to her head and realized the time had come. Trying to ignore the gag reflex she dropped her head quickly and felt the hard head of the old mans cock brush her throat as it slipped down her gullet. She quickened the pace to the tempo Joe’s hands dictated as he roughly pulled and pushed her head up and down on his member. Suddenly he gasped and to her relief he shot his load down her belly. She was grateful that she would not have it in her mouth.


Joe removed his cock, and Mandy thought it weird that it did not get soft like the other cocks she had taken. Joe was in heaven, that was one of the best blowjobs he’d had in years. He could not wait to get his cock in her tight little pussy. She was obviously a quick learner. “Did Bob show you how to fuck?” he asked in anticipation. Mandy had no choice but to reply in the affirmative. “Well get on with it” croaked Joe his excitement reaching a crescendo. Mandy hesitated, unsure. “What’s the matter Hun?” asked Joe thinking he would have to start getting rough. Mandy did not quite know which way to ask the question on her lips, wh – wh- which hole do you want me to use?”


Joe gasped; this kid was beyond his wildest dreams. He hoped she would always perform like this; she would make them a fortune, at least for a few years until she got too old. “Lets start with your cunt babe, you know what to do? Mandy nodded. She was glad, even though her pussy was sore, her ass was raw from Merv’s raping of last night and she knew it would be agony. She placed herself over Joe’s cock and guided it into her tight preteen opening. Slowly at first like her mum had shown her and gradually moving further down as her insides got used to the size of it. She realized with surprise that although she had seen many cocks in the last twenty-four hours, this was only the second one she ever had in her pussy. She noticed pleasantly that the sharp pain she had felt when she burst her cherry on Bob’s cock did not recur this time. It was still very painful, as she knew her vagina was not fully developed yet, but she felt it was bearable. She increased the pace as she was thought and was now bouncing on Joe’s belly sliding up and down his hard pole. The old man just lay there eyes fixed on her face as she performed her duties. From somewhere she suddenly began to feel pleasure at the regular stimulation she was receiving, and she could feel it building quite strongly as her body took over and her movements became instinctive.


She started to moan and sweat as the orgasm built, Joe noticing her condition and climbing to his own high, could only wonder at his sons luck. If the other two were anything like this one, life would become very interesting around here for a while. He couldn’t hold back any longer he caught her face and stuck his tongue down her throat as he shot his load deep in her womb. Mandy was disgusted at this but soon forgot her discomfort as her own orgasm hit and returned his kiss with interest. The old man and young girl clung tightly to each other in the throws of their ecstasy. This totally unnatural coupling for those few moments felt very right to the two participants.


Joe came to his senses and with the effect of the drug wearing off lifted the little girl gently from his lap. There were tears in his eyes as this young sex slave had given him the semblance of something he had not experienced since his wife died. Returned love. Mandy was worried, she thought she had somehow disappointed him. “I’m sorry”, she started, “I will try harder the next time, please don’t be angry”. She winced as Joe lifted his hand and closed her eyes waiting for the blow that was sure to come. But she opened them in surprise as the old man gently moved her hair from her eyes and caressed her face. “You were brilliant darling” he said softly, “Why don’t you go clean yourself in the bathroom over there then come out and get some rest. You will have a hard time when the others return.” Mandy could not understand this change of attitude but did what she was told. It was wierd, she felt a strange affection for this old man she had just fucked even though his old wrinkly body still disgusted her.


As she cleaned her young pussy, she decided that she didn’t really mind fucking, in fact she found she quite enjoyed it and if she could avoid beatings then life here may not be too miserable. She thought about poor Lisa out in the dog kennel, and made her mind up not to give Bob any cause to send her out there. She had seen her sister struggling to take their enormous knots in her and could see the genuine agony she was experiencing. No she was going to be a good slut, until such time as she could get out of here.

Sunday Mornings

Joffa44 on Animal Stories

It was a wet and gloomy Sunday morning in KL when my sweet gal started to stir beside me. We always enjoy our morning romps and my hard throbbing dick was awake with expectations so this morning was not going to be very different, at least that was what I thought.

Connie was a pure Asian beauty, not the usual skinny type but with a well-proportioned shape, her lumps and bumps in all the right places just the way I liked them and a set of boobs that were firm and tight and made to be eaten, she

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loves her nipples to be sucked and licked until she begs for me stop and wants me to start working on other important parts of her body, and best of all we were engaged and ready to spend the rest of our lives together doing what we do best on a Sunday morning.

As I lick her soft nipples to errection, she stirs with a smile on her face, which slowly spreads and with the sweet smell of her body, she has me hard and waiting, and with the start of a small glistening drip appearing at the head of my throbbing member. (7” for those that are interested in size) I stop and she drifts off back to sleep and I then proceed again with my soft touches and licks which starts her dreams off, if only I could read her mind while she is in that state it would be so exciting to make her cum in her sleep pretending to be her secret lover…connie has always had a secret desire for another gal to lick her nipples and pussy…I struggle to hold back my animal urges to jump her bones and make powerful love to her, but this is our Sunday morning ritual to be soft and caring and hold and cuddle each other for extended periods of time and finish with sensual gentle lovemaking….we have other times to growl and grunt with each other….as I continue to tease and excite her but trying not to wake up, she starts to slowly move and gyrate with my touches and as the moisture between her legs start to glisten in the gloomy morning light my taste buds start to scream for me to eat her lovely pink pussy, gently lapping at her lips they start to fill with a pulsing surge and her hole slowly opens up to the new day and my active tongue, her hood slides back and as I increase my pressure the small bud of all her pleasures awakes, so does she, with that shit eating grin upon her face…”oh hunny I love you so much please make me cum”…what’s a man meant to do? As she slowly relaxes and her breathing returns to normal we lie in each other’s arms smiling with confidence that our trust of each other’s love is so strong that we will have every Sunday morning together for the rest of our lives.

Her mom calls out from downstairs to say they are going out shopping and the dog is inside to keep him out of the rain, connie calls out to say ok and we will meet up with them for lunch latter, much latter, as l slowly roll over to position myself to enter the soft folds between her legs she relaxes and accepts me with ease…but with a full bladder she is feeling a little uncomfortable so I excuse her to release the pressure, knowing that I to need to release my pressure from deep within my balls…as she is standing there with the morning light behind her my love for  her grows again…how lucky can this old man be…47 years old with a 32 year old gal that just adores me…money just can’t buy this feeling…slowly sliding back into bed beside me she lowers her lips to the wet head of my dick and enjoys the taste of her own juices as well as the steady flow of my precum…oh my this cannot go on for too long before I explode so I gently lie her down and as I enter her we become one and melt into each others body, not moving just letting our internal muscles feel the sensations and reacting accordingly…how I wish every day was Sunday…

As we lay joined together lost in our own worlds of erotic heaven I have the sensation we are not alone and then the feeling of a wet tongue at my arse hole…wow what an electric shock and my sudden movement jolts connie back into grinding her pussy up and down my dick unaware of our guest who is driving me wild, suddenly my arse is empty and the foreign tongue glides down my shaft to the wet folds of my lovers pussy eager to lap up the succulent tastes of my gal’s juices mixed with mine…it is her turn now to suddenly jolt causing her muscles to tighten around my shaft causing me to explode without any warning deep within her…wow what a sensation…never felt anything like that before but sure want to feel it again…

Tiger our black labrador was licking up my hot gushes of cum leaking out the sides of my gal’s pussy with every pump I made, being pinned down by me, connie couldn’t move to stop tiger licking her and as she relaxed and started to react to these new sensations l slowly slid my still rock hard member out of her wide open pussy just in time for tiger to fully extend his tongue deep inside her pulsating pussy walls which made her scream and twist and buck with the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen her have…I couldn’t believe my eyes, here was the sweetest most innocent gal writhing around on the bed having multiple cum explosions with her dog.

I was sure that she would react very differently once she realised it was her dog making her cum so I quickly lay down beside her to hold her close, I wanted to comfort her and tell her that it was ok and it really turned me on but to my surprise she was holding tigers head and moaning and calling out for more so I rose up and placed my cock head at the entrance to her mouth which she greedily sucked in causing me to release almost immediately, all the time while she continued with her one continuous orgasm.

Looking down at tiger I could see his lipstick poking out and thought that if she loved sucking my cock so much what would happen if tiger got involved…. picking tiger up and placing him further up the bed so his dripping red hot poker was only inches away from her mouth I could see the look in her eye, that getting licked out was one thing but sucking a dog off…hmmm…so I used my initiative and started the ball rolling by giving him the first lick…yum, that was different and I then sucked him deep into my mouth tasting this new flavor while the whole time connie was just staring at me with a look on her face that I have never seen before, and then her movement forward to have a closer look, she was going to join me in the licking, and then as I let tiger pop out of my mouth she took up the position to let tiger’s dick slide between her lips and then we were both taking turns to suck tiger together…wow…could this Sunday get any better…I then placed her hand around his shaft letting her feel the growth with every suck and lick until to my amazement his cock had grown to over 9” in length, very fat, and his pulsing knot turning a deep purple in color, tiger was now humping and filling connie’s mouth with more of his doggie cock, soon to explode I thought but connie slowed it down ad started exploring more of this strange shaped penis, feeling the huge ball of muscle halfway down the shaft and the way it was pulsating, squirting precum at a great rate of knots deep down her throat.

Where was this day going to lead, so far it was down a path that was not in my wildest dreams or fantasies but it sure was starting a whole new world for us to explore and to create new dreams and fantasies on this fantastic Sunday morning. Reaching down and feeling the very wet gap between her legs I drew my finger up to taste the nectar that was spilling from her and I gave tiger a sniff too which he readily lapped up giving me an idea to coat my cock in connie’s juices and let tiger suck me off while connie sucked him off…unfortunately tiger has teeth and he started nipping at the tip of my very sensitive head so we had to stop as the day was going too well to be spoiled by the head of my cock being bitten off…LOL…

We shooed tiger away and fell into each other’s arms embracing tightly, feeling so relaxed and comfortable with what we just experienced, the urge to finish our Sunday, gently making love seemed perfect as we moved our bodies in harmony reaching new heights…but…tiger had other ideas, his need to release was much greater, and before we new what he was up too, I was feeling his weight on my back, pushing my cock deep inside connie and then it struck me that tiger was forcing his burning hot poker around my arse…and before I could react he found his mark and slipped deep inside me…ooh ooh ooh, he was inside me and reaching deeper with every thrust, and with every thrust pushing me down and further into connie, crushing and grinding her pussy…(what happened to our nice soft cozy sexy Sunday morning, it was now being turned upside down with the kinkiest twist)….which was having  its affect, her moans and grunts picking up in tempo in tune with my mine, when I told her where her dogs cock was I think she exploded almost immediately around my throbbing member…oh what a feeling to make your gal cum with such intense power, this old boy still had a few good years left him yet…connie managed to wriggle out from under me to come and see the real action which was now hotting up deep within my bowels and with the pressure on my prostate I had to tell connie I could actually feel his cock massaging my cum out of my cock without the feeling of cumming…I was cumming but I wasn’t, such a strange feeling…she couldn’t believe it, hot strings of cum were stretching from the tip of my cock to a pool of the creamy liquid on the bed, and as I pushed back to allow her access to my cock I started to feel the pressure of tigers cock pumping harder at my rear, the feeling of his hot prick expanding me and pushing me to a new limit of pleasure, then as connie wrapped her hand and lips around my throbbing member it happened, his knot slipped in and the rest of his 9” filled me to what I thought was my limit, stars started swimming before my eyes and the feeling of an all over body orgasm spread through out me exploding with a climax to end all climaxes deep inside connie’s throat making her gag with surprise at the power of each spurt.

Tiger was now in his doggie heaven having fully entrenched himself within me, pumping hard and fast, my arse now so full and my cock still pulsing with every thrust of this powerful dog, in the mean time connie was sitting there with an amazed look upon her face watching my hole being stretched, slipping her hand around to feel her dogs cock and balls pumping away, I couldn’t imagine what was going through her mind but I was sure that we would be talking about this for a long time to come…and then I felt tiger start to tense and new he was about to make me his bitch.

 Connie’s hand was moving all over my balls and cock with the mixture of juices that was escaping from all of our holes was so like having an oil massage but in the most sexual style, and then tiger let go filling my inner bowels with the most intense thrust of doggie jetsam, expanding my tummy with burning hot liquid…now I was full and needed to release the pressure but tiger was having none of that holding onto me tight, his huge knot expanded to tennis ball proportions firmly holding his juices within me trying to impregnate me with his seed. Connie watched his cum as it started to leek down the inside of my thighs, rubbing and spreading the juices with her hands all around my balls and cock…the feeling was sensational and I didn’t want this to stop but as tiger decided that his job was done he started to pull out only to start new sensations within my tender arse, stretching my ring to the extreme, how was he going to get out of me without ripping my arse in two. I was about to find out and to my surprise the feeling was starting to intensify with a thrilling experience that of course was so new to me.

Connie was closely observing and with fascination studying every angle, manipulating her hands all around my arse and groin area, massaging my arse cheeks as tiger was attempting to disengage, seeing my ring expanding with each pull of tigers cock, oh what a feeling, was this ever going to stop and then as I slowly relaxed my ring muscles it started to happen, the feeling of intense fullness released and he slowly slid his knot past my gaping hole, with over 8” of hot doggie cock following…. how good was that and then as he fully left me, my gaping arse let the river of torrid dog cum, and surprisingly my own arse juices, flow freely.

I couldn’t believe what connie did next, placing her slippery fingers inside my wide open arse and stirring the juices that had reduced to trickle by now, she then added more and more until I felt my muscle tighten around her wrist, fucking hell, how much closer could we be together when she rolled me over to my back, still with her tight fist implanted deep within me, she wrapped her lips around my very wet and sticky cock, sucking me deep while all the time opening and closing her fist within me. Tiger had done a good job of stretching me but connie was sending me over the top with yet another new sensation and when I thought I could take no more she opened her hand and started to explore deep inside me reaching my inner sanctum, which then released another gush of tigers juices from within me…. the stars were starting to swim in my eyes again and she new she was going to be rewarded with another load of my own juices, although small in quantity but high in sensitivity, a cum to finish off the last of my energy levels and as my body slowly melted into the bed she reached one more time to fill my arse with her whole arm up to her elbow, and then slowly twisting as she withdrew to again leave me with a gaping hole that was feeling the cool air deep within my very red and sore, a nice sore mind you, arse. I was glad that my ring was returning to normal after 30 odd seconds, and as connie crawled up beside me and wrapped me in her arms we both melted into one hot sweaty and sticky mess.

Tiger licking us clean in all the sensitive places brought us back from our sleep and as we hugged and patted him we new that Sundays were never going to be the same again…


Part 2 is cumming ……

Farm Animal Fun Chapter 3

joe25116 on Animal Stories

Kayla and Mica both walked me into Barn 2 where horses grazed on fresh hay and looked pretty horny for the matter. Near the back of the barn, there were pens with snaller horses in them. They were about the size of a large Saint Bernard dog. "So, what\'ll it be? Fuck or be fucked?" Kayla asked me. "Ill fuck." i said, having my fill of a cock already by Petey and Clark. "Ok," Mica said, and opened the female pen and walked over to a small, tan horse with white markings around her eyes. "This is Carmela, and she will be your \'host\' today," Mica and Kayla laughed. I took off the towel around my waste and waited insturctions. "First, you need to ride her around the farm to relax her. Then, you have to go in the fenced-in designated area off to

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the right of barn 3. she really brings down the house once your start humping her, and so do other horses and bulls."

The other lady Dana had come in to the barn, and was being led by a tall blonde naked man. I could see her soaked swollen pussy craving for a cock in her. The man was now talking to Mica, which left Kayla to go greet another tour. Dana was a short skinny dirty blond with watery eyes and huge lips (on her face) which completely defyed her awesome body. She had at least 3C tits and a neat shaven pussy that matched my shaven balls. If I could cover her face with a picture of carmen electra during sex, I would be a satified man. Mica now came over to me and patted me on the shoulder. "You\'re gonna have your first animal/human orgy! Rob and Dana will be your humans and a hog named Flurry, and dog named Oakie, and of course Carmela." I was scared at first, then I heard what Mica had to say. It sounded fun. "For you, just try and fuck anything you see. You\'ll get fucked a lot too, but just get another fuck! You can also kiss, eat, suck, cum, fist, and finger. Any questions?" I shook my head and wanked a bit. my sperm were excited to get some ass and pussy.

Soon we were blinking outside in the sunlight, in a fenced in grassy area with three animals waiting in seperate pens within the area. Rob was a rather tall guy with a goatee beard and a shaven head. Needless to say, his balls were huge and hairy. I wanted his fur inside me as quick as possible. "Ok yall, have fun!" the blonde man guide said, and I hungrily lunged towards the nearest ass and sunk my cock in it. I

It was the male dog, Oakie. He tried to get me off of him, but I deepened my cock in his tight ass and soon his hips were pumping around my cock. I grabbed him harder, and pumped faster. Oakies cock was flapping and growing. I grabbed his penis while fucking him and wanked it for him. He was in total ecstacy now, drooling and growling and erecting fastly. I mounted him faster, my cock swelling with cum ready to be released. before I came, I felt two hooves tighten around my waist and a huge cock try to enter my asshole. I tried to get away but my cock was glued in Oakies ass. Flurrys penis found the hole and he dug his spear in me in one deep push. The cock was 1.5 fucking feet long, and pierced my insides like a dagger. I screamed and almost passed out, but I recovered and the cock pumping in my ass began to feel good. I looked down at the ass I was pumping and saw cum spurting out of it, and cum on the ground in front of Oakie\'s cock. We had done it. I pulled out of Oakie and he ran off to fuck Dana. Flurry pounded me harder, and I groaned as I felt his knot at my ass entrance. I tried to pull out and yelled rabbit but he wanted his kill. His knot sqeezed in and I screamed. Just then, a pussy was shoved in front of my face and it smelled heavanly. I pushed my sweating head between the legs of Dana and rolled my tongue around her pussy lips. She moaned and pushed my head to gain more access. Flurrys knot exploded and I was being filled up with his sperm that made my stomach feel like it was being cummed on too. I loved the sensation and stopped eating Dana to wank on my own cock. It was ready to fuck again.

 While we waited for Flurrys knot to come out, I took Dana\'s skinny hips and pushed my cock head through her pussy lips, getting my cock lubed. She groaned and I stuck my tongue in her mouth and sucked her ugly little face off. Her tongue played with mine and things got instense. Flurrys knot came out and he trotted away as I ate dana\'s face and lubed my cock in her soaking lips. No time for sucking I though and placed my cock head in her pussy entrance. I pushed in deep, and began pumping her like a fucking slut. her hips bucked and her pussy walls expanded to allow better access. I continued fucking her mouth with my tnogue as I actually fucked her pussy with my balls. She moaned "Uh- uh -uh -uh" with each pump and I slapped her ass and kissed her more fiercly. My balls were slapping against her ass as I banged her hard. I loveed it.



Jag Chapter 9

rreeves on Animal Stories

Just a little note from me.  I am not the original writer of this story.  I found it a few years ago on a now gone website, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  If the original author finds it here, please just know how good I thought your work was

Chapter Nine

It took another thirty minutes before Jingo's knot shrunk enough for him to slip out of her stretched pussy with a squishy loud popping sound. When that happened Mac's ass fell the few inches to the floor with a thump.

"Oh shit" Mac exclaimed.

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ormal">When she looked down at her groin she could see a steady flow of doggy cum pouring out of her cunt, puddling to the floor under her.

"Damn Jingo," she complained. "Now I'll have to wash the floor."

But before she could even move, Jingo lowered his head and began lapping up the rich sexual mixture of his cum and hers from the floor.

Mac just watched him excitedly as she knew that he was tasting her all over again. She reached over and scratched his head as he licked the floor. Then her gaze followed his body to his rear and smiled.

Though shrunken slightly, his cock was still impressive looking. At least eight inches hung low under his belly. Mac could clearly see the clear lubrication coating it that came from her own pussy only moments ago.

"You're really a good boy tonight Jingo," she cuddled next to him. "I should do something special for you as a reward. What do you think?"

The dog simply raised his head a moment and licked her across the lips, leaving a trail of doggy jism and her own cummy residue.

Mac didn't even give that a second thought. She ran her tongue across her lips to gather the stingy offering that Jingo had left for her and tasted her dog's seed for the first time.

She found the cum a bit saltier than the ram's but not much different. This made up her mind on what she was thinking just a moment before. She would give Jingo a blowjob as a reward.

Leaving Jingo to his cum treat on the floor, Mac slid over next to his hindlegs and lowered her face under his furry belly. Reaching up carefully, she delicately touched Jingo's cock and grasped it. It felt slimy and slick in her hands. The mixture of his cum and hers over it made his cock sticky, yet slick at the same time.

Jingo only paused for a moment from his licking the floor clean to gaze at his mistress. Once he was satisfied that she wasn't trying to hurt his penis he lowered his head and resumed his licking.

Mac made the bold move and ducked her head under his belly and guided his semi-hard cock to her lips. She parted them in an irresistible 'O' and slipped Jingo's cockhead into her mouth, sucking on it immediately.

The dog raised his head again approvingly before returning to the salty juices on the floor before him.

Mac sucked in the first six inches of his cock down her throat and busily worked on getting the remainder down there as quickly as possible. The easiest way she knew how to accomplish that was to give the dog a blowjob and work him down one inch at a time.

Once her plan was set in motion, she began bobbing her head to and fro on Jingo's cock, driving it a bit deeper into her gulping throat with each stroke.

She was quickly rewarded for her efforts when she could feel his cock surging back to life. She could feel it stiffening and elongating even as she sucked on him. Whit this sign of encouragement, she doubled her efforts to deepthroat Jingo.

Feeling his cock getting aroused once more, Jingo began humping his ass into Colonel MacKenzie's mouth. He seemed just as eager to fuck her throat as she was to drink down his jism.

As Mac continued working her mouth on his raging hardon, she stretched open her legs with the intention of playing with herself. But Jingo, being ever so resourceful, feat her to it. he buried his snout into her outstretched pussy and began licking her feverishly.

"Mmmmmmmmmh!" Mac could only moan through her cock stuffed mouth.

She recognized that they were doing a 69, but not in the normal position. Wishing to get more comfortable so that she could enjoy this all the more, Mac scooted under Jingo's body, sliding her pussy directly under his head. In this position she found that she had to stretch out her neck to keep sucking his dick, but she didn't mind that at all.

Realizing that what they were doing was quite unnatural for a dog, Mac began wondering how he had learned all of this so fast.

'It couldn't be natural for a dog, could it?' She asked herself.

Her keen lawyer mind began trying to figure out where Jingo could have learned to fuck a women so well. She knew that he was a stray when he was recruited into drug enforcement. Could it be that his previous owner had taught him.

'That must be it,' she concluded. 'How else could this happen.'

Now that her mind was satisfied with her conclusion, she returned to eagerly suck him. She wanted to taste his cum as it shot out of his piss slit. From what she felt in her pussy when he came before, she hoped that the shooting jism would be just as powerful a stream of cum as she had imagined it to be.

Jingo kept humping her face furiously, driving his now fully erect cock deep down Sarah's throat. She had to work hard to swallow it all.

All the while, the dog kept on licking and nibbling at her cunt and clit.

"Arrgggghhh!" Mac finally groaned as she came yet once again for her dog.

Just then Jingo began shooting his cum into her stomach. His cock was deeply imbedded down her throat and Mac had to push against his hindlegs to pull his cock far enough out so that she could get a taste of his cum on her tongue.

Jingo had shot two powerful spurts right in her throat before Mac finally managed to lodge his cock in her mouth. Now she could use her tongue on him. Her tastebuds got their first taste of what doggy jism really tasted like right from the source. Mac couldn't get enough of it. She kept on sucking even after the dog's cum was only a trickle.

Once they were both satisfied, Jingo walked over her prone body and went over to a corner and licked his cock clean.

Mac just watched him doing that for a moment, before getting the energy to get up herself. She wobbled her way to her bathroom and ran a bath for herself. She needed to clean off her body of the cum and sweat.

After that relaxing bath she went straight to bed, not bothering putting anything over herself. For the first time since she was a teenager she slept in the nude.



styxx on Animal Stories



Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought about getting intimate with a member of the same sex. Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I derive great pleasure from seeing a couple of girls suck and fuck each other; tongues and fingers going to work. Breast to breas

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t or sixty-nine, I don't mind. It's a male thing I guess, though I am not sure what the girls think. It's okay if they are inclined toward same sex, I suppose. I don't think seeing two men going for gold has the same effect on a woman, but again, I haven't asked. I digress.

So, the fact that I am not gay established, what would compel me to enter into a session with a dog? I have often wondered that to myself. The best I can come up with is that I love watching. There is a large part of many men that is voyeuristic. Visual stimulation is often all a man needs to get going. Be it two women together, a man and woman screwing the eyeballs out of each other or indeed, a woman with a dogs cock in any of her receptive holes.

It isn't quite the same for the female of the species. Stimulation for a woman is not usually visual, more a direct approach, like finding herself in a situation and going with the flow. I am voyeuristic. I freely admit it. Give me a good quality video or film and I will show you just how aroused a man can get from just visual images. Recently, I was given several videos involving a neighbour of mine with her dog. She would be mortified if she knew that her partner was peddling them. She is quite a nice looking girl with a trim figure; nothing really special, but just the type that, if she flirted, you would try and take her up on it.

Their dog is a mixed hound. Part Dalmatian and part Irish Wolf hound. The result is a shaggy looking white and black spotted dog, quite a bit taller in the shoulder than a Dalmatian, but not as hairy or big as an Irish setter. Needless to say, he was big enough in all departments. Judging from the video of him humping Sally's arse, I would have guessed his cock to be about nine or ten inches in length with a knot the size of a tennis ball.

Unlike many of the clips I have found on the net, this animal knew how to use his equipment. No searching around for the right hole, just straight onto her back and cock right into her cunt first time. It was also obvious from the scenes that he really enjoyed getting sucked off by her luscious lips. The film was a compilation of sessions. In some of the short clips, she would be on her knees getting rammed and reamed by the animal. In others, she was giving head to the hound as he stood, swallowing him to his knot and doing her best to gulp down his emissions. There were a few of the dog laying on its back while she mounted him, but I found these to be less satisfying in the visual sense as well as for the dog.

To meet Sally in the street, you would never think for one moment that she indulged in sexual games with her dog. Always, she would be immaculately dressed, her hair would always be just so and when she spoke to relative strangers; there would always be an aloofness about her manner of speech. But, now I know different, just like any other ordinary person, she has her little likes; getting fucked by her dog being one of them.

As I said, the tape is made up of several sessions and in no particular order. John, her partner, hadn't attempted to edit the tape, just faithfully recorded the episodes as they happened. You can imagine the quality of some of the scenes; camera shake features largely, possibly from knocking one off the wrist while filming. Several of the clips had them both in the frame, the dog and John, double-teaming on Sally. Scenes where either John was down her throat while the dog was shafting her from behind or vice versa. In every case though, the dog would produce copious amounts of seminal fluid, always more than she would handle. It either dribbled down her neck or sprayed from her beautiful cunt, often hitting the lens of the camera.

But one scene in particular, stood out. Jasper, I think that was the dog's name, had been humping her cunt, but hadn't tied with her. Cum was dripping from her, mingling with the clipped pubic hairs on her pouting pussy. Jasper had retired, leaving Sally and John to finish up. She was working on his cock, giving head like a professional, John obviously loved every smooth stroke of her tongue and lips, he would not be able to stand too much more. Suddenly, Jasper obscured the camera. The next thing I could see was Jasper mounted on Sally, she was still giving John a good old-fashioned blowjob. Nothing out of the ordinary until Sally screamed around John's cock. Jasper had entered her, but instead of his usually infallible aim, he had jabbed his dick straight into her arse and was going for broke.

All nine or so inches had penetrated her, but being positioned as she was, there was nothing she could really do about it. Jasper had clasped her waist and he had joined with her in a really unnatural way. The camera angle could not have been better positioned. I had a full view; Jasper fucked her arse while she descended into moans in time with the dog's thrusts. The knot banged against her tailbone a few times. I remember thinking that it had to hurt like hell, and then it slipped through her sphincter and disappeared into her body. Jasper yelped and thrust involuntarily, pumping his seed deep inside her. The extra buzz that John got from this frantic episode was too much and his own seed filled her at the other end.

For the first time on the tape, she and Jasper were well and truly locked. Her muscles had contracted around his knot, locking him into her. Jasper tried to get away, but only succeeded in turning around so they were arse to arse. Sally was gasping from the feel of this huge ball inside her and John's cum that had passed the point where she could spit it out. It didn't last long before she regurgitated his spend. Several times on the tape, she would swallow either of their emissions, but the added excitement or pain, was too much for her stomach to take.

Jasper managed to extract himself with an audible pop leaving her arse gapping open and what looked like gallons of cum rushing out of her. Sally was crying while John was trying to comfort her, saying sorry and patting her hand. She told him not to be so fucking stupid, and that that is how she wanted it from now on.

Anyway, that is pretty much how the tape went. I admit, I really enjoyed watching Jasper fuck Sally into the next week and was amazed at how accommodating a human body could be. It was then that I wondered what it would have felt like. I couldn't imagine having something like that shoved into me. I couldn't imagine how it must have felt when the dog's knot slipped into her and his cum flooding her intestines.

I admit that the idea intrigued me. So much so, that I experimented with one of my wife, Jenni's dildos that night. Firstly, making sure that I wouldn't get disturbed; It would have been just too embarrassing to try and explain why I had this fucking great big pink piece of rubber stuffed up my behind.

I ran a bath, liberally applied KY jelly to my anal passage, and then, carefully inserted the pink monstrosity up my arse. Apart from pressure on my bladder, the feeling was something of an anti climax. Even using my imagination, which I am very good at, and pulling the thing in and out of my shitter, I was unimpressed. I couldn't get a hard on with the thing in place and quickly became quite sore. I admit to having a first class wank after relieving myself of the rubber assault truncheon, but that was with the mental picture of Jasper fucking my arse as he had with Sally.

Over the next few weeks, I tried on several occasions, to derive some kind of pleasurable experience using several of my wife's toys. Some of them were better than others, but by and large, not much was to be gained from doing it.

I got to the point of being bored with attempting to get some extra sensation and gave up on the idea. Besides, screwing the wife into the bed felt really good and she could do for me what no other rubber toy could. Apart from watching the tape occasionally, I forgot about getting fucked in the arse for quite some time. Instead, I found other visual and actual stimulants. That is another story for another time.

Years went by. We moved once or twice, always my job dictating my location. We left London behind us and moved to the coast where I was now Director of a construction company. Life was good, plenty of money, nice house, cars and so on, all the stuff that goes with the position. We would have liked a few kids, but one of us it seemed, was unable. Just as well I suppose, kids have a tendency to stifle the romance of living and fucking. I digress again.

One of the perks of having no money worries was being able to buy a huge place, five bedrooms, a garage for three cars and several acres of land. My wife spent her energies, landscaping the front and really making the place just so beautiful. She had worked very hard, almost to the point of exhaustion, but it was finished and to celebrate her creation and the fact she was about to become forty. I threw a big party, inviting all of our friends as well as many local people we had grown to know and trust. The party was a brilliant success. So many kind gestures of gifts and well wishing, but one gift turned out to be better than all the rest.

Bernard came into our lives. At ten months old, he was already almost fully-grown into a very nice looking pointer. His manners were impeccable and my wife fell head over heels in love with his engaging, hang dog look... Over the next few months, Jenni lavished attention on the dog, forming a bond that would be unbreakable.

The inevitable happened. One day, returning from the golf course and a game that had been washed out. I found her and the dog, locked in an embrace that left nothing to the imagination. Jenni was horrified that I had found her in such a compromising position, but I soon allayed her fears, explaining that it didn't faze me in the slightest. Completely the opposite, we made movies. The star attraction of the films being Jenni and Bernard, in many scenarios.

One day was to be the start of something though, and this is why I say I am not in anyway gay. We were indulging in one of our regular activities with me at Jenni's head and Bernard doing what he did best, fucking her cunt and making her his bitch. Jenni, as usual, enjoyed the dog's attentions she shuddered her orgasms until she had had enough. Bernard licked himself clean and allowed her to retreat into her bedroom. Usually, I would open the back door so that he could run around for a while before we retired to bed. Tonight though, it was as if Bernard hadn't been satisfied. Instead of running full tilt through the door, he padded up to me and started to clean my cock.

If you ever get the chance, have a dog lick your dick, it is the most wonderful sensation ever, try it. A slick but rough tongue running over the delicate skin, is just mind blowing. Fuck it I thought; why not perform the same for him. I had never thought about taking Bernard's cock in my mouth, but when I did, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. For the first time, I was to taste the purple veined monster that Jenni had slurped on so many times.

The taste was like nothing I had experienced before. The fact is he didn't really taste at all. I guess he had removed all traces of himself and Jenni when he had cleaned himself. I managed to get about half of him in my mouth. The pointed end nudged my tonsils almost gagged me. But, it was okay, Bernard wanted to hump my face, but I think his training with Jenni helped. I marvelled at Jenni's ability to swallow all of this huge cock. I tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible, but it was nowhere near the amount Jenni swallowed on a regular basis. Having established that it was going to be about four or five inches that I would be able to handle, we soon got into a rhythm of me drawing him into my mouth and him gently pushing forward from his hip thrusts. Slowly, Bernard's knot began to grow in my hand that I was using to control his depth. His thrusts were beginning to become more urgent and I tasted at last, his pre-cum as it trickled down my throat. It was slightly salty with a musty undertone. I have tasted my own semen, licking it from Jenni's pussy on many an occasion. I find the taste a bit unpleasant, but Bernard was okay. I didn't get that burning sensation at the back of my throat.

I had a decision to make. Do I take this dog in my mouth to completion, or let him hump my hand until he had finished? I chose the latter, not wanting to go so far for a first time. We changed positions and he started to go for broke in my hands. It was then I remembered my thoughts from so long ago. Fuck it, why not? So that was it, choice made, I was going to let this animal jump my bones. Who knew, it might even be good for me as well as the dog.

I knelt on the fur rug that Jenni and I used for these sessions. Bernard seemed to recognize that anyone kneeling on this old sheepskin was up for it. Without further encouragement, he straddled my back and quested for any hole to park his cock. Several attempts almost resulted in me having a second hole torn in me. I hadn't realised just how sharp his cock could be. I gently grasped him and guided the slippery tool to the right place.

Bernard filled my arse. His cock slid into me like it actually belonged there. He began to frantically scabble his hind legs to get a better angle, so I spread my knees a bit and then he really zeroed in. Every inch of him slid straight in and brought forth from me, a gasp of inhuman proportions. It felt as if my guts were on fire and my ring split from one side to the other. He was relentless, holding my hips in a vice like grip as he thrust into me.

I had had a hard on, but it was rapidly going down. Pressure on my bladder was becoming uncomfortable and it felt like I wanted to pee. Bernard adjusted his position and thrust harder. Suddenly, I lost control of his knot, which I had been holding to prevent him getting too far. And in it went. Immediately, the pressure on my bladder was relieved and a new sensation overtook me. Inadvertently, he had hit the 'male G' spot and my cock erupted all over the floor, I wasn't even hard, but getting there all the time. Bernard kept up the assault on me with his knot still hitting and rubbing the spot. I came and just kept having an orgasm. Even when I had spent my seed on the floor, the intense pleasure would not recede, just wave after wave of incredible pleasure. He came suddenly, white-hot jism filled my anal cavity greasing his pole and allowing his knot to slip out with no problem. He pulled away and began to clean me of his seed. This was more than I could stand and I fell forward onto my face, flat on the floor.

"Gets you that way don't it?"

Jenni had been watching from the doorway. Her fingers had spread the lips of that beautiful cunt and worked her clit into a swollen frenzy. There was nothing I could do for her; I was still coming down from the assault of the dog. We regularly swap the dog these days. I have had many 'G' spot orgasms, but none quite like that first one.