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My Sister, A Comic Book Babe.

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My bedroom door was cracked open. That wasn't good that means My Lil Sis had been in there again. I went in to investigate what she had got into. Nothing seemed to be out of place, till I noticed my box of comics missing. This was bad, because I had some rare ones in there and she was a notorious slob. I'll kill her if she spilled anything on them. I rushed out of my room and headed down the h

My Sister, A Comic Book Babe: Part 2

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing My little girl was getting fucked by her brother. At first I couldn't help getting jealous of my own son for doing what I longed to do for so long. I shut the video off, and walked around trying to calm down. Finally my perverted mind got the best of me and I found my self back in front of the T.V. My jealousy turned back into lust and I pulled out my cock

Making Out With Mom

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I have to tell somebody about this, and I can’t tell anybody I know, so I guess it’s gonna be you. My name is Rick, I’m 16, and I’m a junior in high school. I live with my mom in a two bedroom apartment on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. Mom cuts hair and does facials and waxing for a living.

Every morning at 6:00 AM sharp she comes into my room with a cup of coffee and wakes me up for school. She always puts the coffee on my nightstand and then sits down on the side of the bed. "Hey Big Guy, up and at ‘em. Time to rise and shine!" Same time, same routine every morning.

"Hey Mom." I roll around under the covers while she shakes my shoulders, pats my butt and kisses my neck. "A few more minutes?"

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Same thing, every morning.

"Sure," she says. "You can get to school late. What college is going to care if you don’t get to class on time?"

"Crap." I yawn, roll out of bed in my boxer shorts, grab the coffee, and head for the bathroom. Same thing, every morning.

So one night a few weeks ago, Mom went to a PTA meeting. As soon as she left, I called up my girlfriend Cindy and asked her to come over. We smoked a little weed and drank a little beer in the backyard, and then made out for a while in my room. It got late, my girlfriend left, and I fell asleep.

Next thing I knew: "Hey Big Guy, up and at ‘em!"

"Arrgh." I was a little hung over.

"C’mon, Rick, get up." She put one hand on my shoulder and the other hand on my butt, and started rocking me back and forth.

"OK, I’m up, I’m up!" Mom stepped back as I pulled away the covers and stood up. I heard her gasp, and I looked at her. She was staring at my crotch. I looked down. Shit! After Cindy left I had fallen asleep in the nude. Now I was standing right in front of my mom with a serious morning hard-on: all 8 inches was pointing proudly right at her. As I stood frozen there for a
moment, her eyes never wavered from my dick.

"Shit, Mom, I’m sorry!" I said as I climbed back into bed and pulled the sheet over me.

"What?" Mom hadn’t moved. She seemed to be in some kind
of trance.

"I forgot I was naked."

"Oh. That." She finally came out of it, and sat down on the bed. She put her hand on my stomach – dangerously close to my still rock-hard cock, I thought. "Honey, I’ve seen everything there is to see on you... although, not for a while, I admit. You’ve... um, been developing nicely, I see. Nothing to be embarrassed

"Jeez, Mom, I’m embarrassed that I was standing in
front of you with a hard-on."

"Honey, that’s perfectly normal, especially in a young man your age. I’m your mom and I love you, and nothing you do can embarrass me, Sweetie." She gave me a little hug and stood up. "Now, get up and get into the shower." She stood back from the bed and waited.

Feeling sheepish, I pulled back the sheet and rolled out of bed. As I stood up, I saw Mom’s eyes move downwards towards my erection again. Before I could walk to the bathroom Mom stepped towards me, put her arms around me, and gave me a big hug. As I hugged her back, I felt my cock pressing through her nightgown and against her leg. "I love you, Rick," she said.

"Me too, Mom."

She let go of me, and I grabbed the coffee cup off the nightstand and walked out the door, feeling my mom’s eyes on my ass as I left. As usual I jacked off in the shower, but this time as I did it I was thinking about how my mom’s eyes had been glued to my erect cock. When I came, the force of it almost made me fall over. Hmm, I thought, I’m going to have to try this again.


The next morning when Mom came in, I was naked again. I got up and grabbed the coffee cup. "Sleeping in the nude now, are we?" she said.

"Yeah, I sort of like it," I said.

"Me, too," she said. I looked at her. She was staring at my hard-on again. Her eyes quickly moved up to mine, and her face reddened. "I mean... What I meant was, I sleep in the nude, too."

I looked at her nightgown.

"Of course, I throw something on before I make the coffee and wake you up."

"Why, Mom? Are you embarrassed to be naked around me? I  thought you said there was nothing to be embarrassed about." I sipped at my coffee.

"Umm... no Sweetie, of course not, but... well, I’m your mother." As she said this, her eyes couldn’t help straying down to my crotch again. I’ve never been the exhibitionist type, but I was starting to enjoy being naked around my mom. It gave me kind of a thrill that she liked looking at my dick.

"OK, Mom," I said. I gave her a hug, once again feeling my erection pressing into her. She hugged me back and gave my naked ass a little pat, which turned into sort of a caress. Then I walked off to take my shower, once again imagining that I could feel her eyes on my naked body as I moved.


The next morning when Mom came in to wake me up, she was naked, too. I got out of bed and stood up, and we looked at each other. My mouth hung open. My mom was a knockout! Long, toned legs. Slim waist. Beautiful full, firm breasts. Her nipples were erect. My first thought was, "She’s cold," but then I detected the faint scent of her sex in the air. My mom was aroused.

As we continued to stare at each other, my penis, which had been soft and hanging down against my legs, now began to harden. My mom watched as it slowly thickened and hardened to its full 8 inches and pointed directly up at her.

"Is this OK, Rick?" she said. Shyly, as if she were afraid that I’d be shocked, or that I wouldn’t approve of her body. "I enjoy being naked, and after our, umm, our talk yesterday morning, I decided that it was silly for me to hide my body from my own son."

"Sure, Mom, of course it’s OK. My god, you’re beautiful! I had no idea. You could be a model."

She blushed, then did a little pirouette that let me see her gorgeous, tight little ass. When she had turned all the way back around, I realized for the first time that her vulva was totally hairless – either shaved or waxed. Also, although she was tanned, there were no tan lines anywhere on her body. Her flawless tits and ass were uniformly browned like the rest of her.

"Thanks, Sweetie. I try to stay in shape."

"It’s working, Mom. You’re hot! Can I ask you a question? How do you get an all-over tan? Do you use a tanning bed?" I was hoping to keep the conversation going as long as possible, afraid that I’d never get another chance to see my beautiful mother’s naked body.

"No," she said. "Sometimes when you’re at school, I lie out in the backyard and get some sun."

I drooled at the thought of my sexy mom lying naked by the pool. "Really?" I said. "What about the neighbors?"

"They can’t see anything over the fence, Sweetie. You should try it sometime. It’s good for the soul."

"Maybe I will, Mom."

Although she was talking to me, she was staring at my dick. I looked down. I was so excited that my erection was actually pointing up at a 45 degree angle, rather than just jutting straight out in front of me. Every time my heart beat, my dick would bounce up and down a little. It felt harder than it had ever been before. As we watched, a little drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and slowly dripped towards the floor, trailing a long thin line behind. When I looked back up at my mom, she was licking her lips involuntarily.

"Can I ask you another question, Mom? I see that you don’t have any hair... down there. Do you shave it?"

She tore her gaze from my hard-on and looked up at me. "Oh, no, Sweetie. A friend of mine at work waxes me, and I wax her."

"Why do you do it?" I said.

"Oh, well, it just makes me feel really clean and sexy. And it makes... umm, well, some things, umm, more fun to do." As she said this, her hand moved down and unconsciously rubbed her mons. I thought I would cum right then, and a little gasp escaped my lips. She realized what she was doing, quickly removed her hand, and blushed again. The smell of her sex was stronger in
the air now.

"I get it, Mom." I looked down at my own hairy balls and dick. "Maybe I should get waxed, too. Could you or your friend do that for me?" Not that I wanted to get my ball hair pulled out, but I was excited by the thought of my mom actually touching me down there.

"Well... I’ll think about it. For now, you’d better hit the shower, Sweetie."

"OK, Mom," I said. I stepped over to her and hugged her. I’m just a little taller than she is, and when we came together my erection pressed up against her bare vulva. I felt my pre-cum against her skin. She gave a little shiver, then hugged me back. When her hand moved to pat my ass, I moved my own hand down and rubbed her ass, too. She shivered again, then gently pushed me

I grabbed the coffee cup and walked toward the bathroom, my hard-on leading the way.


The rest of that week, Mom was naked when she came in with my coffee, and I was naked when I rolled out of bed. Rather than getting comfortable with the situation, I was more excited every day, waking up early and anticipating her arrival. I always had a
rock-hard erection when I got up, and Mom always looked (and smelled) aroused as well. Our "naked hug" was always the high point of my day, and I was turning into quite the exhibitionist.

The next week I took it up another notch. On Monday I woke up early with a raging hard-on, and decided to jack off in bed rather than in the shower. I put on headphones, but didn’t turn on the MP3 player. I pulled the sheet down, uncovering my nude body, closed my eyes almost all the way, and slowly started rubbing the length of my erect shaft.

When Mom came through the door, I heard her gasp through my headphones. To her, it looked as though my eyes were closed and I was listening to music as I slowly jacked my erect cock. Her eyes were riveted to my prick as she slowly walked to my bedside and placed the coffee cup on the nightstand. I thought she would
leave, but she just stood there, only a couple of feet away from me as I continued to jack off.

Keeping my eyes almost closed, I moved my other hand down to the base of my cock, then began to caress my balls. I heard her moan a little, and watched as her left hand moved down and began to stroke her hairless pussy, while her right hand moved up and stroked across the tips of her erect nipples. I smelled the scent of her sex, stronger than ever before. I was turning on my
own mom!

I was incredibly excited. Here I was jacking off in front of my mother, and it was making her horny. I was hoping that she would keep watching until I came, but was disappointed to see her suddenly walk out of the room. I guessed that maybe I had embarrassed her, or that the taboo of watching her own son engaged in a sex act was too much for her. But only a minute later, she returned carrying a small bottle. She sat down on the
bed next to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise. "Mom! Oh, jeez, I’m sorry!" I took off my headphones, but kept one hand on my prick.

"That’s OK, Sweetie." She looked down at my erect cock, and licked her lips. "What you’re doing is natural and healthy for a man your age. I brought you something that will make it more... enjoyable."

She held up the little bottle, and I read the label. "Astroglide?"

"Yeah," she said, flipping the top open. "I use it when I... it makes everything slick." She squeezed a little drop out onto her finger and rubbed it around for me to see, then rubbed her wet fingers on my arm. "See? Would you like to try it?" She held out the bottle.

"Umm, sure," I said. "Go ahead."

She looked at me. "You mean you want me to put it on you?" she said.

"Sure, I guess," I said. I figured that she would just drip it onto my dick, or into my hand. But instead she squirted some into her hand, put the bottle down, and rubbed her hands together. I let go of my dick and watched in anticipation as her hands moved toward my pulsating cock.

When her hands touched me, I couldn’t help moaning. It felt so good! First, both of her hands caressed my erection, moving up and down and twisting lightly around, spreading the Astroglide over the entire shaft. Then she moved one hand down to caress my balls, spreading the liquid across my nut sack as her other
hand continued to work my cock.

I looked at her face: she was staring at her hands moving up and down my erection, and gently moving my balls. She was breathing in short little pants, and her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. Then she pulled her hands away from me and stood up.

"There," she said "That should make it a lot more comfortable for you."

"Don’t stop, Mom! Please, oh god, it feels so good!"

She stared at me without speaking, and I thought that maybe I’d gone too far. But then she sat back down on the bed and once again grabbed my big fat cock in her little hand. Again, I had to moan as she began working her hand up and down my shaft.

I moaned, "Oh, Mom, yeah" and she started jacking me off faster. The Astroglide made it feel great, much better and much more sensation than jacking off dry. And it also made things noisier: Mom’s hand made a rhythmic slap-slap-slap sound as she really began getting into it. After a while, I felt the familiar tingle. "Mom, I’m gonna cum!"

Her response was to moan a little, and to jack me faster than ever. The feeling started in my groin and spread up my stomach and down my legs. I watched as the first shot of my cum erupted from the tip of my cock and shot maybe three feet straight up into the air, then fell back down onto my legs and onto my mother’s arm.

"Ohh! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! God! Aaaaah!" I bucked and moaned as I continued to shoot my cream all over myself and my mother’s hand and arm. I placed my hand on her back and squeezed tight as my orgasm overtook me.

"Yes, Baby" she hissed.

The orgasm was so strong that I saw stars, and for a moment I was afraid that I might pass out. Slowly, my vision cleared and my cock stopped pumping its jism. Mom’s hand stopped its jacking motion, and her thumb moved over the tip of my cock, smearing my cum all around the head. It felt incredible. I was in heaven.

"There," she said. "Better?"

"Oh god, Mom, that felt amazing. The stuff is wonderful, and it feels so much better when someone else is doing it."

She looked at me, still rubbing the head of my dick with her thumb. "Do you do this every day, Sweetie?"

"Yeah, usually in the shower."

She looked away and was silent for a moment. "I could do this for you every morning, Rick... if you want.

"You’re kidding," I said. "You’d really do that for me? Why?"

She looked back at me. "Yes, Sweetie. Because you need it, and because I love you, and because... I enjoyed it, too."

"Sometimes I jack off two or three times a day," I said hopefully.

She laughed and stood back up. "Let’s just make this a morning wakeup thing for now." As she said this, she noticed my cum dripping down her arm. "I’m going to get something to clean us up," she said. I watched her naked ass move as she walked out, then watched her tits jiggle when she returned carrying a washcloth and a towel. She sat down and gently cleaned off my cock, balls, and legs, then wiped my cum off of her own arm
and hand.

"You’re still hard," she said.

"Yeah, well, this is pretty exciting for me."

"Me, too, Sweetie," she said. "Now, hit the shower."

I stood up and hugged her. This time, I let both of my hands grab onto her ass-cheeks, and pulled her body into mine. She moaned and ground her vulva into my erection, then put her hands on my shoulders, gave me a little kiss, and pushed me away. "Off with you," she said.

I grabbed the now lukewarm coffee and walked to the bathroom.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were the same: my beautiful naked mother entered my room at 6:00 AM, carrying a washcloth and the little bottle of Astroglide. She pulled sheet down to uncover my nude body, and applied the filmy liquid to my cock and balls. If I wasn’t already hard, she played with my penis until it was fully erect, then lovingly and expertly jacked me off until I erupted hard. I couldn’t believe my good luck!

I desperately wanted to caress her tits, play with her pussy, and more, but I was afraid that if I did, it would shock her and put an end to my fun.

On Friday morning she came in at the usual time, naked, but without the washcloth and Astroglide. Shit! Had she decided that jacking off her own boy was wrong? My hard-on was aching for her touch.

"Mom?" I said.

She smiled. "Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’m still going to take care of you. I just thought we’d do it a little differently today, if that’s OK."

She pulled the sheet and knelt between my legs, taking my raging erection into her hand.

"Are you going to jack me off dry?" I said.

"Not exactly." And with that, she bent down and took the head of my cock into her sweet mouth.

"Oh god, Mom!" I moaned. I watched as her head bobbed down, engulfing maybe half of my penis, then back up again, then down and up again several times. She tongued me all over, wetting my entire shaft, then took me back into her mouth and bobbed her head all the way down until my entire 8 inches were in her mouth, and her lips were against my pubic bone. My own mother was
deep-throating me. I can’t describe how good it felt.

"Mom, your mouth feels so good on my cock!"

Her answer was a moan. She began to suck me off in earnest: while her head bobbed quickly up and down, her lips created a strong vacuum that intensified the feeling. Then she encircled the base of my penis with one hand and used it to follow her lips up and down. She was working every part of my dick all of the time,
and it did the trick. I felt the tingle start.

"Mom, watch out, I’m gonna cum soon!" I expected her to pull her head away, but instead she moaned again and began sucking me harder and faster. I exploded into her mouth.

"Aaaaaaah! God, Mom!!" I began my usual bucking, and she put a hand on my abdomen to hold me down. Her mouth never left my cock, and I knew that she was swallowing my cum. No girl had ever done that for me, but my own sweet mother was doing it now. My orgasm finally subsided, and I stopped bucking.

"Ohhh," I said.

Mom pulled her mouth away from my dick and looked at me, and I could see a little trail of my cum dribbling down from her lower lip. As we looked at each other, her tongue flicked out and captured the cum droplet. She moved it around in her mouth for a moment, savoring it, then she swallowed. I shivered a little, and she smiled at me.

"Like it?" she said.

"Are you kidding, Mom? Can we do that every day?

She laughed. "Could be," she said. Then she bent down and licked up some of the cum that had continued dribbling out of my cock-head, and swallowed that, too. She frowned up at me. "You’re still hard."

I reached down and gently grabbed under her arms, and pulled her up to lay on top of me, face to face. "It’s because you’re so beautiful Mom," I said. My left hand moved down to caress her naked ass as my right hand moved behind her head, and I pulled her down to kiss me. Her eyes closed as our lips met, and her lips parted as my tongue found hers. She moaned deep in her throat, and ground her pussy into my hard-on as we passionately French kissed.

Then her eyes flew open and she pulled away, as though she’d just woken up.

"Well, umm... that was nice! I guess... I guess we should get you off to school now, heh heh." She stood up. "I sort of forgot to make coffee; I’ll do that while you shower."

I stood up too. "Mom, did I do something wrong?"

"No, Sweetie, I just... we have to be careful is all. Do you understand?"

"Sure, Mom, I guess," I said. What I understood was that although she was willing to get me off, she didn’t want it going any farther than that. She had drawn the line, but was maybe having a bit of a hard time staying on her side of it.

I moved to her and engulfed her in a hug, making sure that my erection pressed into her vulva again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her body into me, moving my hips a little so that my penis would rub against her pussy. "I love you, Mom," I said as I bent to kiss her. Once again, her eyes closed and her lips parted and we ground against each other as we frenched.

She moaned and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me against her as she moved her own hips to increase the rubbing contact against my rock hard dick. I knew then that she would let me bend her over the bed and fuck her, and I knew exactly how wonderful that would feel. But I didn’t want to be the one to cross her line. I pulled away, and she opened her eyes.

"Rick?" she said.

"I’ll go take that shower now, Mom," I said. "I love you."

"Oh, I love you too, Sweetie." She smiled at me.

I slowly walked through the door and down the hall, hoping she would call me back to her, but she didn’t.


On Saturday Mom let me sleep in, but I was awake by 6:00 anyway, my body in need of my mother’s touch. I got up and messed around until 9:00, then went into the kitchen for some coffee. Mom was already there, dressed in linen shorts and a white cotton halter top.

"Morning, Baby," she said. Then she grinned at me. "It’s going to be a beautiful sunny day, and I thought I’d work on my all-over tan. Wanna join me?"

"Umm... honestly, Mom, I’m not so sure," I said.

"C’mon, Sweetie, like I said, it’s good for the soul. You’ve got to try it at least once."

"Well... okay."

So I went to my room, got naked, wrapped myself in a big beach towel, and walked through the sliding glass door off the breakfast nook to join my mom out on the patio. Our house is on a cul-de-sac and has a good sized backyard with a patio, a small pool, and several large trees with bushes and flowers between them. Because of the curve of the cul-de-sac, the neighboring houses are offset and our fenced backyard is very private.

Mom arranged two chaise lounges next to each other, and then removed her towel, revealing her beautiful nude body. She put the towel on her lounge and laid face down on top of it. "Ahhh," she said. Then she looked up at me expectantly.

What the hell, I thought. I took off my towel and laid face down, too.

"There," Mom said. "Doesn’t the sun feel good on your naked bum?"

"Yeah, I have to admit that it does."

Mom reached under her lounge and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squirted some onto her hands and rubbed it onto my back, my legs, and my ass. "We can’t have you burning that fine little butt of yours," she said.

"You think my butt is nice?" I asked.

She stopped rubbing it and looked into my eyes. "Rick, you have the nicest body I’ve ever seen, and I’m not saying that just because I’m your mom. You have a gorgeous body, you big hunk!" She slapped my ass to make her point, then handed me the lotion.

"Now me," she said, laying back down.

"You want me to put this on you?" I asked. Stupidly.

"Yes, dummy, I don’t want to burn my fine little butt either."

I trembled a little as I squirted lotion onto my hands, then massaged it into her back. She sighed as I worked on her shoulders, then moved down to her middle back. My hands lingered over her breasts, which were smushed against the towel and sort of pushed out on either side of her. "We don’t want these to burn either, right?" I said.

"Nope, sure don’t!" she answered. I spent as much time fondling her breasts as I dared, then moved on to her lower back. I got more lotion and began to work it into her tight little ass cheeks, and she sighed again. As I moved further down she parted her legs a little and I had a beautiful view of her bare pussy mound. Was I supposed to put lotion there, too? I didn’t know, so to
stall for time I stroked lotion into one fine, toned leg, and then into the other. Down and back up, one hand on each side of the leg. As I slowly moved up each leg, my inner hand would brush up against her pussy, and she would give a little shiver, but she didn’t say anything.

Emboldened, I squirted a little more lotion onto my hand, then placed it gently onto her pussy mound and began to rub.

"Uhhn," she said, but nothing else. Her pussy was wet, so I knew that she was horny. I rubbed harder, up and down her pussy lips, and lingered over her clit.

"Mmmmm," she said, and propped her butt up a little higher to give me better access. I gave up all pretense of spreading lotion, and started rubbing her clit directly.

"Oh, Rick," she said. As I continued to stroke her clit, I wiped the lotion off of my other hand and slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

"God," she said, and began grinding her mound against my hands. "Faster and deeper," she said, and I complied.

By this time my cock was hard as granite and dripping pre-cum onto my mom’s butt. Again, I knew instinctively that I could mount her right there, and I wanted to do that in the worst way, but I was scared to go that far over the line.

"Rick! Ohhh... OH! God, aaaaahhh!!" Mom’s body tensed and her moan became almost a scream as she climaxed. "Ahhh, AHHH, Oh god, oh, oh, AHHHH!!" A little stream of cum shot out of her pussy and onto my hands. I hadn’t known that women could do that!

I slowed down, but continued to gently stroke her clit and pussy lips. First her body began to relax as she came down off her orgasm, but then it tensed again and I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers. My mom was having another orgasm! This time, she bucked like crazy and really did scream a little. My hands were dripping with her juices, and the towel beneath her was soaked.

As she came down from it, I removed my hands from her pussy and gently stroked her back. She looked around at me, and I was surprised to see tears streaming down her face.

"Mom? Are you OK?"

"Wonderful!" she said. "Oh, Rick, that was... certainly the best suntan lotion application I’ve ever had. I’m sorry about... all the noise and stuff."

"I enjoyed it a lot, Mom." I touched her pussy again, and she shivered. Then I brought my hand, covered in her juices, up to my nose. Mom watched as I inhaled her wonderful scent, then, one by one, put each finger in my mouth and sucked her delicious moisture off.

She shivered again as she watched me, then pushed me face-up onto my own lounge.

"Sweetie," she said with a smile, "I think it’s time to do your front."


I fell asleep shortly after Mom finished sucking me off. I awoke to the sound of a female gasp of surprise. Was somebody there with me? Afraid to move, I opened my eyes and looked through my dark sunglasses to see a young neighborhood girl staring at me through our sliding glass door, her mouth making a little ‘O’ of

"What is it, Jenny?" I heard my Mom say from the living room. Jenny didn’t answer; she just continued to stare at my naked backside. Mom joined her at the window and smiled.

"Oh, I’m so sorry, Jenny. I’d totally forgotten that Rick is out there getting some sun. Do you want me to wake him up and have him put something on?"

Little Jenny never looked away from my body. "Uh... no, that’s okay," she said.

Mom looked at her, then at me. "Are you sure, Honey? Can you still help me clean up here with a naked boy asleep in the backyard?"

"Uh... sure! I was just a little surprised, but really it’s okay, Mrs. Johnson."

"All right, Jenny. Why don’t you start on this big window while I run down to the ATM to get some money to pay you with? I’ll be back in a little while."

"You got it, Mrs. J!" Jenny was recovering her cool.

After Mom left, I watched as Jenny slowly washed the inside of the big sliding glass windows. She must have done a crappy job, because her eyes never left my ass. The whole thing had given me a hard-on, and I decided to give her a good show. While she watched, I pretended to move around a little bit in my sleep, then turned over to lie on my back, with my head angled enough so
that I could continue to watch Jenny surreptitiously from behind my shades.

Jenny gasped. My erection was standing proud and high, sticking up in the air over my stomach. With the sun directly overhead, and Jenny only ten feet away on the other side of the big window, I knew she had an excellent view. I wanted to grab myself and start jacking, but I didn’t think I could get away with going
that far.

While I watched, Jenny slowly slid the screen door open and crept onto the patio. She walked to the side of my lounge, then knelt down next to me. Her face was maybe six inches from my cock, which was bouncing up and down a little bit in time with my heartbeats. Jenny licked her lips nervously and looked around.

"Rick?" she whispered. "Rick, are you awake?" She put her hand on my thigh, so close to my cock and balls. "Rick?"

I moved a little and tried to make breathing sounds like I was asleep. Emboldened, Jenny slowly moved her other hand onto my rigid prick. I couldn’t help moaning a little, and Jenny started. I moved around some more and settled again, trying to convince her that I was still asleep.

After remaining motionless for a minute, Jenny began inspecting my body in earnest. First her tiny hands played with my rock hard penis, moving up and down and around the shaft, and moving the skin around. Then she became fascinated with my ball sack, playing with the loose skin and moving each testicle around a little. Then back to my penis. I wondered if I was the first
guy she had seen naked, or maybe just the first guy with a hard-on.

Finally, she encircled the shaft with both little hands and clumsily began to jack me off. I didn’t want her to stop, but I figured that she’d be suspicious if I didn’t wake up now. I moaned, "That feels good," and put my hand on her back. "Jenny? What are you doing?" I took off my sunglasses and looked at her.

Her little hands stopped moving, and she looked at me in sudden fright. "I’m sorry, Rick. I just... I wanted to see the stuff come out."

"The stuff? You mean, my cum?"

"Yeah, I wanted to see your cum, Rick."

It was so sexy hearing those words come out of a little girl’s mouth. "Have you ever seen it before?" I asked.

"No. I’ve seen my mom and dad naked and making out before, but not close up." Her hands started moving on me, and I moaned again. "Let me make you cum, okay, Rick?"

"Okay, Jenny," I said. I reached down and showed her how to hold me for the greatest effect, and what rhythm to use as she jacked me off. When she got going right, her hands started making a familiar slap-slap-slap sound.

"Is this right, Rick?" she asked.

"It’s perfect, Jenny. It feels great. You’re a natural. I’m going to cum in no time."

She smiled at the compliment, then looked down at my dick. What’s this stuff?"

I looked down to see that pre-cum was streaming from the tip of my cock onto my abs. "It’s called pre-cum, and a guy’s dick always makes some when he gets excited. Grab some of it onto your fingers, and use it to lube up my dick."

She grabbed a big wad of my pre-cum and rolled it onto my shaft. It felt so good that I moaned yet again. She continued jacking me off with one hand as she raised the other hand first to her nose to smell my juice, then to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and tasted my pre-cum. I thought I was gonna cum then and there!

"Salty," she said. "But good." She started jacking me hard again using both hands. I felt the tingle start.

"Jenny, you’re doing real good. I’m about to cum."

She quickly moved her head directly over the tip of my penis, so as not to miss the show. Part of me wanted to warn her about how far my cum would shoot, but a bigger part of me wanted to see this happen.

"I’m cumming, Jenny, I’m cumming! Right now!! Aaaagh!!" My body started bucking and I watched as the first ropy wad of my cream shot directly into Jenny’s face. She gasped in surprise and pulled her head back, but not far enough: the second spurt of my cum landed right in her open mouth!

She’s a trooper, though; she never stopped jacking me off. What a sight for a horny young teenager: a pretty little girl, both small hands working up and down my spurting prick, and a big wad of my cum slowly dripping down her forehead and cheek.

"Ith’s in my mouf, Rick!" My body was still bucking and I was straining to get the most pleasure out of my orgasm, but I fought to keep my eyes on her face and was rewarded by seeing her swallow a big mouthful of my jism!

Finally, my climax was over, and I had to grab Jenny’s hands to stop her from continuing to jack me off. "It’s too sensitive right after I cum," I said.

"Oh, sorry Rick," said Jenny. She sat back on her heels.

"Umm... you’ve got some on your face," I said.

"Oh." As I watched, Jenny used a finger to wipe my cum off of her cheek and forehead, then popped it into her mouth and sucked it down!

"How does it taste, Jenny?"

"I like it!" she said. "You’ve never tried it?"

"No," I said, taken aback. "That would be kinda gay, I think."

"Who’s gonna know?" she said. Then she scooped a little cum from my stomach and held her finger in front of my mouth. "Try it," she said.

So I did. I wrapped my lips around her finger, sucked, and pulled my head back. Her finger made a little popping sound when it left my lips, and I had some of my own cum in my mouth.

"How does it taste?" she asked.

I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed. "Salty, and kind of slimey, but okay, I guess."

"I like it," she said again, and then bent down and started licking the rest of my cum off my abs, my balls, and my cock. By the time she was done, I was rock hard again.

"Do you want to do it again?" she asked.

I looked at her, and over her shoulder I saw my mom watching us from the window. Shit, how long had she been there?

"Umm... not right away," I said. "You’d better do some cleaning before my mom comes home." Hearing that line, my mom hustled back into the living room and out the front door.

"Okay, Rick, but I want to do this again with you!" Jenny scampered back inside, just as my mom ‘came home.’

"I’m back!" said Mom. "How’s the cleaning going?"

"Fine, Mrs. J!"

"Oh, I see that Rick flipped over onto his back. Are you still okay with the nudity?"

"Sure, no problem," said Jenny.

Mom smiled at her, then pointed at her cheek. "You’ve got something there on your face, dear. Let me." Mom wiped the last trace of my cum from Jenny’s cheek as Jenny turned bright red from embarrassment. "Some kind of cleaning gook, I guess," said my mom, still smiling.

"Yeah, I guess," mumbled Jenny, looking at the floor.

My mom looked at me and, as I watched, she sensuously licked my cum from her finger. My mouth dropped open, and my hard-on raged.

Mom smiled. "Well," she said, "I’m going to go wake up my boy. I don’t want him getting too much sun out there." She came outside and pretended to shake me awake. "You’re insatiable," she whispered. "And that girl is only 12 years old!"

"It just kind of happened, Mom," I whispered, feeling guilty.

"I understand, really I do. I was young once, too," Mom said. Now get up and get inside; you really will get burned if you stay out here much longer." She pulled me up off the lounge and pushed me towards the house.

"Shouldn’t I cover up?" I said, pointing to the towel.

"Why?" said Mom. "Jenny’s pretty much ‘seen’ everything already, right?" Jenny looked up at the mention of her name, and stared at me standing there stark naked.

"Right, I guess so," I said, and walked into the house past Jenny, my hard-on bouncing in front of me. As I walked down the hall, I heard my Mom say, "So, Jenny, do you want to help me clean every weekend?"

"Sure, Mrs. J! And, umm, if it’s okay, I’ve got some friends who might like to play, er, clean here, too."

"We’ll see, Jenny," said my mom. "We’ll see."


Later that afternoon, I was lying on the bed reading when my mom came in, sat on the bed, and began unfastening my shorts. "Mom?" I said.

She smiled at me as she pulled my shorts down, exposing my cock. "Honey, after what I saw this morning, I realized that you need more than our usual once-a-day ‘treatment.’" She immediately bent down and took my entire soft cock into her mouth.

I quickly hardened as she worked on me, and in no time at all she had me moaning and bucking on bed and shooting my cum into her soft, warm mouth. She looked up at me and let her mouth open a little, and I could see that she was swirling a mouthful of my cum around with her tongue. She closed her eyes and swallowed, then licked her lips and looked at me and smiled.

"God, Mom, thanks!" I said. "But..."

"But what, Sweetie?"

"It’s just not as much fun when you’re dressed. I really like looking at your body."

"Oh. Well, I can fix that pretty fast." She stood up, shucked off her clothes, then laid back down next to me. I turned to spoon into her, and she pushed her butt back against me.

"Rick, I want you to know that any time you want me to get you off, I’ll be there for you. Hand job, blow job, or more. As many times a day as you need."

For the first time I reached around her and put my hands over her beautiful tits. My cock started to harden again.

"Mmmm, nice!" she said. She snuggled back even tighter against me, pressing my cock against her ass crack. I played with both of her tits, paying special attention to her hard nipples. One of my hands moved down and began gently stroking her pussy lips. She moaned and ground her ass against my hard cock.

"Mom, it’s okay for me to be touching you like this, right?"

She sighed, then turned in bed to face me. "No, Sweetie. None of what we’ve been doing lately is right."

"But I just meant..."

"I know, but let me explain. What we’ve been doing is called ‘incest.’ Do you know that word?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Our society believes that incest is wrong, mostly because bad things can happen when close family members have children together."

"I know," I said. "We learned that in school."

"Also, people are afraid that if parents and their kids have sex, it’ll mess up the kids’ heads."

"That won’t happen to me, Mom."

"I know, Rick. You’re a lot like me."

I waited.

"I haven’t always been an old fuddy-duddy, kid."

"Mom, you’re not!"

"Just hear me out. I first started having sex when I was Jenny’s age. I loved it, and I couldn’t get enough. Your old mom is a bit of a nympho, Sweetie. I had to have it all the time." Mom frowned. "After your father died, I pushed my sex drive down deep into a part of me that I’ve kept locked up for four years. But seeing your beautiful naked body and your big fat hard cock
unlocked that part of me, Rick."

I was a little shocked by all of this. Also, I’d never heard my mom say, "Cock" before, or anything stronger than the occasional, "Oh, shit!" when something really bad happened.

"I woke up a little at a time. First, you showed off that gorgeous body to me every morning, and I told myself that it was okay and healthy. Then you wanted to see me naked, and I convinced myself that that was okay, too. Then when I caught you masturbating, I really wanted to do it for you and you made that easy for me. Just a mother who loves her son and wants to
give him some relief and pleasure – nothing wrong with that, right?"

"You bet, Mom!"

"But I’ve always loved sucking cock, so I just had to have yours in my mouth. It was easy to rationalize moving from jerking you off to sucking down your jism: same result, only we were both getting what we wanted, you see?"

"Sure, Mom." Her dirty talk was really turning me on.

She rolled over onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. "Today when you made me cum out on the patio, though, it became clear to me that what I really want is for you to fuck me. I need your big thick cock deep down inside of me, and I need it now. Can you do that, Sweetie? Can you fuck your mother without screwing up
your psyche?"

"Oh Mom..." I rolled onto her and kissed her deeply and passionately. "I’ve been desperate to fuck you for so long, but I’ve been afraid to even touch you!"

She kissed me and held me to her. "Don’t be afraid, Rick. You can touch me anywhere, and do anything you want to me. But right now, I need you inside me." She reached between us and grabbed my hard-on, and positioned the head of it against her very wet pussy lips. "Have you made love before, Sweetie?"

I was trembling as I felt her lubing my rod with her pussy juices. "Sure, Mom, a few times, but... I’m afraid I’m not very good at it."

She chuckled. "Oh, trust me, you’ll be fine. And we’ll both get better with practice. And, we’ll be practicing quite a lot, I think. I have to warn you, though: I’m a bit of a screamer, and I might bite and I might scratch a little. I sort of go a little crazy when I fuck. Ready?" As she said this, she pushed up a little bit, and the head of my dick pushed between the soft, wet folds of her pussy lips. We both grunted at the same time.

"Oh, yeah!" I said. I think I might have yelled it. "God, Mom, you’re so tight... tighter than Cindy!"

"That’s nothing," she said. "Hang on..." She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me down onto her, and my full 8 inches plunged into her cunt.

The feeling was indescribable. She was so tight that my entire dick felt encased in a hot, slick vise. She started a low moan that quickly rose in volume and pitch. I could feel her vaginal muscles rippling around me. She started bucking and her head thrashed back and forth. It felt like my mom was cumming, and I hadn’t
even started moving yet!

"Mom, are you all right?" I said.

She looked up at me. Her eyes were beginning to tear up, and her breathing was ragged and shallow. "Yes," she panted, "I am." She grabbed my ass harder. "Now, fuck me! Fuck me hard, Sweetie!" I started moving my hips, slowly working up to a good rhythm. "No, goddammit! FUCK ME!!" She started bucking her hips up to meet mine, twice as fast as I was moving.

I got the idea. I started moving faster, really slamming into her, pistoning my cock in and out, grinding my pubic bone against hers as I bottomed out against her cervix. All the while I could feel her vagina contracting around my cock, and her juices spurting out, coating me. The vise-like feeling increased, and I didn’t know how long I could hold out, but I kept slamming into her. Sweat began to drip from my forehead onto her face.

"Yes, YES!!" she screamed. "GOD, OH GOD RICK!! FUCK ME BABY, FILL UP MY CUNT, MAKE ME YOUR WHORE!! OH GOD, OHGODOHGOD, AAAAAAGH!!!" Her vocalization was constant now, a mixture of moaning, screaming, and filthy talk, and her fingernails dug into my back. I couldn’t believe that this woman was my own, sweet mother! "SUCK MY TITS, BABY, OH PLEASE, BITE MY NIPPLES!!"

I sucked and nibbled both of her nipples as I continued pounding into her, and then finally felt the approach of my own orgasm.

"Mom, I’m going to cum." I started to pull out of her, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her.

"NO!! Don’t you dare pull out, DON’T YOU DARE! I need to feel you cum inside of me, Rick, I need it!!" She wrapped her legs tightly around me and began to buck up against me even faster, milking my dick, willing me to cum.

"OK, Mom, here it is... right now... Unngh. Ahhh! AHHH!! Oh god, Mom! OHHHH!! I’M CUMMING!!" I closed my eyes and rode the waves of my orgasm. I know that there’s really just a little fluid in an ejaculation, but it felt as though I were pumping quarts of jism into my Mom. The sensation was incredible; I almost
passed out from the pleasure of it.


Finally we were both spent. She stopped bucking against me, and I collapsed on top of her. We were both breathing raggedly, and with my chest pressed up against her sweaty tits, I could feel both of our hearts beating a mile a minute. Mom slowly regained her composure, and her eyes focused up onto mine.

"Oh, Rick, Sweetie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to let myself go crazy like that. Did I hurt you at all?"

"No Mom."

"I know I was screaming for a while. Did I say anything too shocking?"

"It was... different. But I liked it. I liked making you do it, Mom. Umm... did I make you cum?"

She burst into laughter. I thought she was laughing at the thought that I’d be good enough to bring her to orgasm. My face burned, and I started to pull out of her, but she grabbed me and forced me to stay deep inside of her.

"Sweetie, I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you. You were, in a word, magnificent! You’re a wonderful lover. I’m laughing because I started cumming the second you jammed your cock into me, and I didn’t stop until you came, too, and stopped moving. That’s just the way I’m built. When I make love, I can’t stop cumming until I
feel my lover’s cream spurt inside of me. Weird, huh?"

I kissed her. "Not weird, Mom. Great. It’s excellent that you can cum like that. I loved feeling it, and hearing it, and knowing that I was doing it to you."

"You don’t mind the screaming, Sweetie?"

"No, Mom, it’s a serious turn-on. Just thinking about it makes me want to do it again."

"Great, Baby!" Her hand moved between us and encircled the base of my cock, and she started moving her hips. "How about right now?"

"Wow, Mom. And you called ME insatiable!"

"Oh, that reminds me, Sweetie. Jenny and I had a little talk today. She understands that she can’t let any adults know what you did this morning. In return for that, I’m letting her bring two girlfriends over tomorrow to, uh, ‘sunbathe’ with you. OK?" She smiled sweetly up at me, but her smile was replaced with a
gasp and a moan as I started moving in and out of her again.

"Sure, Mom," I said as I pumped her hard. "Maybe I’ll let them put some lotion on my ass."

Mom started cumming and thrashing around again. "Yeah, oh, YEAH RICK, POUND ME!! POUND THAT FAT COCK INTO ME!!

Life is good, huh?

Visiting my cousins: part 1

jasonxxx91 on Incest Stories

-Jesse,14 Chapter 1: ArrivalWe were going to my cousins' house for three weeks. Just me and my mom. Jon stayed behind at home because of work. So it was just going to be me, my mom, my cousins Trina and Rebecca, and my aunt and uncle. We had barely pulled into the driveway before everyone had come out to greet us. Aunt Tanya trailed mom inside while Uncle Mark got her bags and Rebecca and Trina showed me up to the game room. While the parents talked downstairs, I was checking the game room out while talking with my cousins.

"This is a big game room." I said looking around the room. There were many ps2 video games and dvds stacked up in the corner.

"Yeah, it's alright,&qu

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ot; Rebecca said, "anyway, where's Jon?"

"He had to work." I said to her.

Rebecca and Trina were really cool. They both loved video games and talking a lot. Rebecca was the oldest by a year; she was fourteen and Trina was thirteen.

I had not been in the house long before noticing something (throughout this confession I will notice many things). I had been toured around the whole house by Rebecca until I noticed I hadn't even heard Trina's voice yet. When Rebecca finally escorted me back upstairs she said she was going to take a quick shower because it was hot. She quickly ran into her room down the hall and jumped into the shower (there was a shower in her room). That left just me and Trina. The couch to the game room was very large extending from the east wall to the west. In front of the couch lie their huge flat screen television. In front of the t.v. they had their ps2 with some games scattered around it. The room was quiet. The light flowed through the window beside the t.v. so the light was off, the t.v. was off, and the ps2 was off. Which just left the two of us on either ends of the couch purposely straining from looking at each other. She might not have been too social, but I was. I wanted to learn as much as I could during these three weeks with my cousins. So I tried to break the silence; not with a direct question but one that would get her to talk to me. I got up and walked over to the ps2.

"What games do you guys have?" I asked not looking at her but spreading the games out upon the carpet observing them carefully.

There was a silence behind me. The only sound visible was the rustling of the games I was spreading. Amazed by the fact that my own cousin couldn't even answer that question I slowly cocked my head to the side to see what she was doing, and to my surprise she was gone completely. I stood up and looked from side to side puzzled. I looked behind the couch, down the hall, downstairs, and back in the game room and concluded she went to her room; I didn't check though. This was a challenge from the get go, I already knew. But by the time I left my cousins' house I knew I would make Trina closer to me than I already was with Rebecca.

I was in a bad mood now. Knowing that Trina didn't really want to get to know me and was probably bored by me was a bad start. Although, it wasn't like she didn't know me. I had been to the house many times before. ((Don't think this is the first time I've been over to meet my cousin's, although this was a new home.)) I couldn't remember too much, but I was pretty sure Trina and I had always gotten along before but now I didn't know what was happening. As the talking downstairs deceased and the lights turned off I knew the parents were going to their rooms. This put me in an even cruddier mood. It was only ten o' clock at night and they were going to sleep?! There was no school or work for anyone and they were going to sleep?! Maybe I was the only all nighter person in the home. Not feeling an ounce of tiredness and fully charged for some video games, I turned on the t.v. and ps2 and put in some fighting game (I think it was Tekken). I was playing for about five minutes when I heard a door behind me open up. It was Rebecca. I turned and muted the t.v.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I whispered.

"I wasn't even asleep. I just got out the shower." she said. "We're gonna stay up late now since there's no school." she says smiling. "Now where is Trina?"

"I think she's in her room."

"She should be out here with us." she said marching, with a balled fist, towards Trina's room.

"At least I know where her room is now." I said to myself.

Rebecca spent no time knocking. She bursted right into Trina's room and started with soundless inaudible talking. There was a brief silence until I finally saw Rebecca's head poke out from inside the room. "Come here." she whispered over to me.

I complied not knowing why or what to expect. I crept down the hall to where Rebecca was at and looked inside the room. I saw Trina sleeping soundly under her covers. Rebecca came from behind and put her hands on my shoulders. I let out a souft yawn just at that moment.

"We're all pretty tired, and you had a long drive. Why don't we get some sleep and play tomorrow?" Rebecca said leaning on me.

I was blushing. This is when I first noticed the forbidden feelings. Every guy with a sister or cousin or close female relative probably knows that even if a girl is related to you in any type of way, when she's cute, the hormones flow. Rebecca was leaning on me from behind rubbing my stomach with her hands and touching her cheek to mine. She was a beautiful girl, especially in her pajamas, which were just a white tee and some shorts. Also at that moment I felt her nipples on my back and hadn't tried to notice in the game room but remebered that she hadn't been wearing a bra when she came out of her room. I could see her breasts right through it but hadn't bothered to observe them. Now that my mind was stained with the sexual desire to do naughty things, I was ready to learn.

I tried to shake myself out of the noticing hypnosis and answered Rebecca, "Yeah you're right, I'll just..." as I spoke I was turning around heading for the game room couch when Rebecca stepped in front of me.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To the couch."

"You're sleeping in here with Trina."

I heard Trina moved over under her covers.

"What?" I whispered. "I can sleep on the couch, it's okay."

"No! That couch is very comfortable sitting on it, but laying down; you'll wake up with a broken back. And we can't have that can we?" she whispered.

"It's oka---"

She pushed me backward making me fall on the bed.

"Go to sleep." she laughed and left the room.

"Bossy." I whispered.

She was becoming more wanted by my body and I couldn't help getting the erection I got. I couldn't understand where these feelings for my cousin came from except that she was a girl and I was a guy. I believe that if guys could fuck their sisters without getting caught or if it was just plain okay to do, incest would rule the world. But at this moment I was just tired. I hopped off the bed and went around so as not to disturb Trina. She was positioned on the left side of the bed facing the wall and I lay on the right side facing to opposite wall. My erection died down but I couldn't stop thinking about Rebecca's warm cheek on my face. It was crazy. We hadn't done almost anything the whole first day I was at the house but I already couldn't stop thinking about her. I didn't know if I was going to be able to last through three weeks.

I didn't like laying on my left side so I twisted my body around and was now facing the back of Trina's head. Trina and Rebecca looked a lot alike. Rebecca being older was a bit taller but that was a small difference. Trina's hair was cut down to her shoulders, lower than Rebecca's which flowed down her back a small bit. They both had light brown beautiful skin like no other girl's skin. Their' hair was dark black and Trina had light brown tip highlights. I liked her hair. I could smell her it at the moment. It smelled like good strawberry shampoo. Something I really liked in girls was their hair smell. This smell was very unique. So much that it attracted me to it and to keep sniffing it. I was gently moving closer and closer to my cousin under the covers when I felt something wet. It was the sheets. They were wet. I lifted the unfortunate hand to my face and smelled it.

"Thank goodness; not pee." I whispered to myself. "But what is it?"

I quickly forgot about the wetness and wiped it off on the covers and just leaned my head towards my cousin's hair; instead of moving my whole body. I was on my elbow when I lost my balance. I became wobbly and would have fallen right on my cousin if I hadn't put my hand on her hip. That's when I noticed something strange. My cousin had been wearing her a white tee and shorts just like her sister ever since I noticed her coming outside to greet us. Although she had stayed behind everyone else and didn't talk to anyone, even when my mom hugged and kissed her on the forehead. She just smiled, gently hugged her back, and followed Rebecca who led me to the game room. But now I felt bare skin. Bare leg. I gently led my hand up and down the so-thought pantless leg and confirmed it. When I went down I felt to her knee and when I went up I went to her shirt. Just then I couldn't do anything. My hand was frozen back at the spot where it first was and I was looking down at my cousin who was now looking up at me with huge eyes and a somewhat reddening face.

"I...uh....I..." I couldn't make a sentence. What could I say? 'I was feeling you out because I felt you had a lack of clothes on?' No. That would be stupid. So I said the only thing I could think of in this predicament. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "Do you always sleep like this?"

She stared up at me, who was still hovering above her looking down at her with my hand still on her leg. She pulled the cover up past her nose, just showing her eyes. Like thunder my hand shot back and I jumped back to my own side of the bed.

"I'm sorry. I won't tell anyone. I should go to the couch." I said getting up not knowing what else to do.

"No. It's okay." she quietly and shyly said. "I won't tell anyone either. You can sleep in here."

I slid back under the covers and we lay there staring at each other for the longest time.

"Why... why aren't you wearing anything?" I asked. (although I said this, in reality she was wearing a shirt, but she got what I was saying)

"I was..." she didn't finish the sentence but I knew what she was going to say. She had been masturbating. I laughed at this on the inside. She may have been thirteen but she was so young.

"I get it." I said comfortingly. "It's totally natural. So did Rebecca come in here and catch you?"

"No. I don't think she noticed it. I acted asleep."

"I wonder why she wanted me to sleep in here."

"I don't know."

"Were you really even tired?"

"No I stay up pretty late."

"Why haven't you talked to me at all today?"

"I was embarrassed. Even though you are my cousin, if I haven't seen someone I know for a while, I am usually shy."

"Well this experienced loosened you up." I said, not tending for it to be a joke in two ways.

We continued to stare at each other until I broke the silence.

"Are you tired?"

"Not really." she said. "Can...can you give me my panties?"

This definitely surprised me. "Where are they?"

"Over there by the bed." she pointed to my side of the bed.

I looked over the bed and saw christmas white panties stuffed under the bed. I picked them up and, before leaning back up to the bed, smelled them. They smelled good. I got back in the bed and gave her the panties.

"Thanks." she said rustling under the covers, putting them on.

I was definitely surprised that this situation didn't put her in crisis. Any other girl would have tried to avoid me at all possible moments if I had caught her masturbating,(which wouldn't be likely) but Trina seemed to be perfectly okay with it. As long as I didn't make her feel nasty I think we could be really cool.

There was another silence when Trina finally put her panties on. I don't know why, but I was too curious about this situation to stop with the questions. How many times in a fourteen year old boy's life does he get to catch any girl masturbating? I watched my fair share of porn but this was real. I had a chance and I could feel it. If she was cool with being caught, she might have already been somewhat aroused. At least that's what I thought. At the moment I was totally prepared, if given the chance, to fuck my cousin Trina. My erection came back as I continued the conversation.

"Why did you decide to do it now?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"You know... touch yourself. Why now?"

I could see she was getting embarrassed and confused. I was thinking I pushed the boundary. Maybe girls weren't like guys. If a guy was caught by his sister masturbating and she asked him questions to get him horny again he would be ecstatic. Maybe Trina knew that I was aroused. But when she answered I started to think that she thought I was just curious.

"I don't know." she finally answered. "I just felt like it."


The conversation went cold for another time, until she broke the silence.

"When do you usually do it?"

I loved it! We were going into a conversation about sex and masturbation. Any kid in puberty with hormones running knew how this would end; or at least wanted it to end.

"I..." I studdered. Now the spotlight was on me. She had turned the conversation around, but if my cousin was curious, I was glad to teach her. "I usually do it when no one is in the house, or in the restroom."

"Can you... cum yet?" she asked blushing.

I laughed a little. "Yeah I can." I answered knowing it was my turn. "Can you?" I asked.

She stared at me and then answered, "I don't know."

"What do you mean?"

"Well when I do it I can never get myself to cum. I can get wet, but I don't know if that's cumming for a girl." she said looking at the ceiling. Then she said something every guy reading this wishes his sister would ask him. "Would you ever help me?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, eyes widening.

"Like, if I would ever ask you to... touch me, would you? Just to help me... cum."

"Of course I would!" I said leaning up in the bed.

Doing this I made the covers pull up and expose my cousin touching herself while we spoke. She quickly tried to grab the covers and cover herself but it was out. This desroyed her confidence and she went back to her eyes-only-showing-over-the-cover position. This time I could tell that she really pulled up her panties. She became very red. That is until she saw me. I had been masturbating the...whole...time. My penis had been facing her so there was no indication that I had been hard but now it was in the open. It was still light in the room from the outside window from the street lights so that most things in the room were visible. I had forgotten that I was gently rubbing my penis through the conversation and when I threw back the covers was exposed. I now grabbed the covers and covered my own shame. The silence now was longer than the first ones.

"It's okay." she said turning over and facing the wall. "I won't tell."

I fell asleep then. I awoke with Trina's head on my chest...

End of ArrivalChapter 2: Observations








Sister and Niece

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When my sister asked if she and her daughter could stay with me for a few days, I reluctantly agreed.  She and her husband had been having problems, and every once in a while she would leave him.  She'd usually go back pretty quick, so I wasn't too worried.

This time was different, though.  He'd started having violent, psychotic episodes and was committed for his own good.  My sister never kept a steady job, so she couldn't afford to keep their place, and was practically on the street with her daughter.  Of course, my sister neglected to tell me this until after she'd already been there 4 or 5 days, when it was too late for me to tell her to leave.

So for the next two months, we all shared my small apartment.  They had the guest bedroom and used the
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second bathroom, and I had the main bedroom (hey, it's my place and I pay for it) and the master bath.  It worked okay for a while, but I was really starting to miss my privacy.

I wasn't dating at the time, so that wasn't the problem so much.  I wasn't going to make my sister and niece leave, but I was starting to get anxious.  I just wanted my apartment back.  I hadn't even had a chance to jack off more than a couple of times during their stay, and that was just hasty jerks while showering.

One Saturday, my sister took my niece to go see her dad in the hospital, and I thought I'd finally have a chance to really enjoy a good masturbation session.  All I needed was a quick shower and some internet porn to get in the mood.

I stepped out of the bathroom making a bee-line for my bed.  I had already setup my laptop with some of my favorite porn, a nice batch of mpgs of some very young teen sex.  I immediately noticed that my sister was standing at my bedroom door, and the angle she was looking into the room allowed her to glance between my laptop screen with it's illegal porn clips running and my semi-erect dick.  I didn't have a towel with me to cover up with, but at the moment that was the least of my problems.  My sister saw the porn I was getting ready to watch, and I knew I was in trouble.

Though I like that kind of stuff, the thought of doing anything with my niece never crossed my mind.  Sure I fantasized about some of the girls in the videos, but I knew I could never do anything with them, and I certainly wouldn't with my own niece.  The look on my sister's face made me think that she wasn't about to believe that.

So there I was, dick almost literally in hand, illegal and highly suspect porn on my laptop, and my sister seeing it all with no doubt what I was about to do.  As if that wasn't bad enough, just as I was getting over the shock (and all of this happened in about 1 second, maybe less) and starting to move, my niece looked around the door and got an eyeful as well.  My sister quickly covered my niece's eyes and pushed her from the doorway, which got me moving to the laptop to shut the screen.  I grabbed my robe hanging from the hook on my door, put it on, and went into the living room to face the music.

Deciding to go on the offensive, I said "What the hell? I thought you were going to see your husband."

My sister, momentarily caught off guard and blushing furiously, answered "We were... are, I just forgot the paperwork I need him to sign."

"Well, look, I'm sorry that I left my bedroom door open, but I thought you would be gone." Looking over to my niece, I asked her "Are you okay, honey?"

She nodded shyly, but I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her face.  I was beginning to think I was going to get away with this after all.  Maybe my sister didn't get a good look at the video still, which was of a very young girl sucking a man's dick.  Maybe she saw it, but thought the girl was older.

No such luck.

"Don't you talk to her, you pervert!" she said.  I was impressed by how in control her voice sounded, but it was low and full of menace.  "What you were looking at is disgusting, and I can't believe I ever left her alone with you.  You're 32!  What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Wait, now hold on" I sputtered.  "You've got the wrong idea." But let's face it, there was nothing I could say at this point that was going to make this any better.  "Alright," I sighed.  "What are you going to do?"

"I'd call the police and have your ass thrown in jail if I thought you'd actually touched her," she said, motioning to her daughter.  "But you haven't, and you've helped me out when I need it, so I'm not going to do that.  But we're leaving as soon as I find a place for us.  Tonight, if possible."

"Where are you going to go?" I asked.  "You haven't had steady work since you've been here, and I know you haven't saved any money.  Look, I'd never touch my own niece and you know it.  Don't just up and leave because of this.  It's really not as bad as you think."

"Really?" she asked, incredulously.  "It looked pretty damned bad to me.  How could anyone do things like that with a girl so young?" she said, glancing at her daughter.

"Look," I said, as reasonably as I could, "the girl in that clip is probably at least 17, maybe older.  They just pick thin, underdeveloped girls that look much younger at first glance.  It's just fantasy, nothing more."

My sister thought about it a bit, then said "Fine, show me."

"What?!  No way!"

"Show me and let me decide for myself if the girl just looks young, or if she really is that young.  Let's go," she said, heading to my room.  Her daughter got up to follow, but I shook my head no and pointed at the sofa.  She sat back down, pouting, and I followed my sister to my bedroom.

She had already opened the screen and was looking at the still from the clip.  I knew the girl couldn't be more than 13 or 14, but in that particular clip there was just no way to be sure.  She looked young, but all you could see was her face and hair (and the dick halfway in her mouth.)  My sister was trying to figure out how to start the mpg clip, but she isn't very computer savvy.

"Here," I said, getting ready to click on the play button.  She knocked my hand away and clicked on it herself, and blocked me from the computer so I couldn't stop her.  Actually, the more I thought about this clip, which I'd seen many times and absolutely loved, the more I remembered that there was no truly damning scene that really showed just how young this girl was.  I had other clips that left no doubt, but I wasn't really worried about this one.

As we watched, the girl was giving the man (who's face you never see) an excellent blow-job.  She worked that dick with gusto, taking it in almost to the base.  The guy getting serviced was holding the camera, and his hand was shaking (for good reason) enough that you never caught a really good look at the girl.  Sure, she had a flat chest, but many 18 and 19 year-old girls do.  What you could see of her pussy here and there showed it to be hair free, but you couldn't say for sure that she wasn't just shaved.

Meanwhile, the girl is still performing wonderfully, and I was starting to get hard.  My sister had started watching the clip with suspicion, but now I could see from the look on her face that she was starting to feel an altogether different effect.  It's not a long clip, but it's one of my favorites to start with when I want to enjoy a long wanking because after just a minute or two of sucking the guy off, he comes.  She takes the first load in her mouth, then pulls his cock out and let's him blow the rest of his load in her face.  She's swallowing and licking him clean for all she's worth, and it never fails to get me in the mood.

"Wow!" said a soft, quiet voice behind us.  Startled, I turned and saw my niece with a strange look on her face.  It was something not quite lust, but getting there.  My sister, much calmer than I would have expected, told her to go back to the living room.  My niece reluctantly returned to the living room.

I was just in the middle of saying "See, that wasn't as bad as you thought.  She's no kid." when the next clip in my queue started.  In this one, the camera pans over the body of an obviously prepubescent girl as she touches herself all over.  Then the camera swings around, and she quickly crawls over to a man standing at the end of the bed and bends down and starts sucking him off.  Now there was no denying I was busted.

"How did that get there?" I asked, lamely.

"Oh, just give it up," my sister said quietly.  She was still watching the clip, not letting me get to the computer to turn it off.  The girl sucked the guy's cock for a short time, then laid back in the bed and spread her legs.  The camera man got behind the guy as he mounts the young girl and, after a little playing around, suddenly fills the girls young cunt with his fat cock.  He fucks her slow, then fast, then slow again, changing his tempo and occassionaly the angle of penetration.  The camera man is a real trooper and stayed with the action the whole time.

My sister, to my surprise, just kept watching with a sort of dazed look on her face.  I remembered that she too had been without sex for at least the two months that she'd been staying with me, and I kind of doubted that she could have even had the chance to masturbate, since she and my niece were sharing a bed.

Back on the screen, the guy fucking the girl is looking like he's getting ready to come, and the camera guy has moved around so that he's near the girls head.  You can see her face well enough to know that she's enjoying it, and you can see the guy thrusting faster and faster.  Suddenly, the camera man's dick is at the girl's face, and she turns to take it in her mouth.  He must have been jerking himself off to the guy fucking the girl, because he comes in like three seconds, covering the girls face and mouth with his sperm.  The guy fucking her pulls out at about the same time and starts spraying her belly, flat chest and cute little face with his own load.  Then both men are smearing all this come all over the girl's body, while she writhes beneath their hands in obvious pleasure.

I looked at my sister to see what her reaction was.  She still looked kind of dazed, but there was no mistaken the lust I saw in her eyes as well.  I myself was as hard as Chinese math, and the head of my dick was sticking out of my robe.  I didn't even notice this until my sister's eyes flicked down from the laptop screen and looked directly at my crotch.  I looked down, saw my condition, and quickly tried to cover myself, but I was too big and the robe wasn't doing the job.

"So you really like that stuff?" she asked.  Then, looking down again, she answered her own question.  "Of course you do.  Look how big you are."  As if she were in a trance (and believe me, I was pretty stunned too), my sister reached out and took my hard dick in her hand and started fondling me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, though her hand felt very good, and I knew I could come very quickly if she didn't stop.  "Your daughter is in the living room."

"No I'm not," said my niece, looking around the door again.  "That girl in the last movie was my age, wasn't she?"

I couldn't answer, both in embarrassment and because my sister was still fondling me.  "I won't tell you to go into the living room again," she told my niece, "so if you want to stay and watch that's up to you."  With that she knealed down and, much to my surprise, started licking my cock.  My niece's eyes got wide, but she was enjoying the show from what I could see.  So was I, truth be told, because by this time my sister was working on my rod in earnest.

Meanwhile, the next clip in my queue had started, and it was another one where the girl in the film was obviously young.  This one could have been 10 or 11, and she was being fucked by a boy of about 13 or 14 while she sucked another boy who was probably the same age.  My sister was still taking me deep into her mouth, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"I'm going to come if you don't stop," I told her.  She looked up at me, and started bobbing her head a little faster.  My niece kept looking between the live action and what was happening on the screen (now the girl was getting fucked from behind while licking an older girl's pussy), and I noticed that she was rubbing her crotch through her shorts.

That was it; I blew my load in my sister's mouth, and she did everything she could to swallow it all.  Some dribbled down her chin, but she caught that in her hand and rubbed it on her neck and face with my cock still in her mouth.  My niece suddenly gasped and fell back against the wall.  Her hand was working furiously at her pussy over her shorts, and she was coming hard.

Finally my sister stopped working on my dick and said "I'm not going to be the only one who doesn't come here today.  You," to me, "get your clothes off and get in bed.  You," to her daughter, "can either go back into the living room and watch TV, or you can stay.  But if you stay, you're going to participate fully.  It's your choice, but I don't want to hear any complaining afterwards either way."

A lot more happened on this day, and I'll write more about this adventure if anyone wants me to.

Saving her from herself - Chapter 5

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The next day Nate did everything he could to avoid seeing his sister. He knew if he faced her there was a very real chance that he would betray himself and she would finally know his secret. He could only imagine how disgusted and upset she would be if she knew that he was one of those men who sat there hungrily watching her fuck herself with her favored

My First Time With Brother, Part 2 (True)

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This is a continuation of the first time I had an incestuous relationship with my brother.  I was 14, and he was 17.  In the first chapter, I explained how everything started, and it ended in a blowjob with him cumming all over my tits.  Where last we left off, I was being led inside the house&he

Sister and Niece, Part II

Great8 on Incest Stories

"What do you mean 'participate fully'?" asked my niece nervously. Her mother looked at her thoughtfully for a moment.

"Are you still a virgin?" she asked. My niece nodded shyly. "Really?"

"Yes. I mean, mostly, I guess. I've kissed a couple of boys."

"That's all?" my sister asked her, dubiously. "There's no need to hid

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e anything now. You've just watched me give your uncle a blow-job and swallow his cum. You can't tell me anything that's going to get me mad now."

"Well," my niece answered slowly, reluctantly, "I haven't gone all the way, but one boy did rub my boobs, and I had my hands on his... you know."

"His cock?"

"Yes, ma'am." My niece was blushing furiously at this point.

"Did he come?" I asked. Despite my misgivings, I found myself transfixed by this conversation. My sister looked at me in a way that made me think she was getting ready to say something, but instead she turned to her daughter.

"Well?" she asked. "Did he?"

"Uhm... no, I don't think so."

"Have you ever seen a boy, or a man, have an orgasm?"

"No, ma'am. I'm not really sure what that means."

"Well, you saw what came out of your uncle's dick while I was sucking him, didn't you?"

"Actually," I interjected, smiling,"she probably didn't. She was kind of busy with her own needs. But she saw some of the clips, right?" I asked, looking at my niece.

My sister looked between my niece and me. "Fine," she said, finally. "Do you want to stay or not? If you stay, you are going to learn all about sex, first hand. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but I will assume that your uncle or I can do anything unless you specifically say no. You can't watch from the sidelines, though. You'll have to get undressed and join us on the bed."

"Now hold on," I said. "Just because I like watching those videos doesn't mean I want to actually do that stuff, especially with my own niece."

"Bullshit," my sister said, laughing. "Look," she continued, "I was pissed at first, but the truth is watching those clips on your computer turned me on. I never could understand how some guys could like seeing young girls do those things, but seeing it for myself... Well, it's very erotic. Now are you going to tell me that you really don't want the opportunity to do something with a young girl? As long as she's willing, that is."

I looked to her daughter, raising an eyebrow. "Are you willing to join us? As your mother said, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, and if you start getting uncomfortable you can leave at any time." She nodded shyly, and I could already feel my dick stirring again, thoughts of what I'd do to this young girl if given the chance dancing through my head.

Let me take a moment to describe my sister and niece, since I haven't yet done that. My sister removed her blouse and jeans, revealing a body that was once athletic but had started to turn pudgy. She isn't fat by any means, but she was carrying an extra 20 pounds around, now that's she's 35, that she didn't have when we were growing up. That didn't bother me any, as I prefer women a little heavy instead of too thin. As she removed her bra, I reminded myself that this was the first time I'd seen her naked since we were little kids (I was 5, she was 8) taking a bath together.

Her tits were absolutely fantastic. Soft and round, nipples growing larger even as I watched. The areolas were almost perfectly round, and were just the right shade of tan to offset the milky whiteness of her skin. I couldn't help myself; I reached over and cupped one of them, then lowered my head to suck on the nipple, making her gasp. She ran her fingers through my hair for a moment before I straightened up and watched her peel her panties down over her ass, which was just starting to get a little flabby. Again, this did not bother me in the least; I could hardly wait to get my hands on it. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed, but not shaven or shaped in any way.

Meanwhile, my niece, having decided to stay, also started undressing. She pulled off her t-shirt to reveal two very nice, just-budding breasts. Not quite large enough for a real bra, I thought to myself that she should probably start wearing a training bra soon. I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed before, but now it was obvious. She took her shorts and panties off, revealing the sweetest looking pussy I think I'd ever seen. The small amount of hair growing there was light and whispy, with just a hint of a tuft at the top of the slit. She was also a little heavy, but her legs were long and firm and her stomache mostly flat. Again, thoughts of what I'd do to this sweet girl (if she'd let me) danced through my head. I longed to caress her tit like I'd just done to her mother, but I hesitated. I guess my sister recognized this, because she said to both of us "We are going to assume that everything is allowed, for all of us, unless someone says 'no', understand?"

I nodded, looking at my niece. She nodded too, still blushing. I was surprised at how readily she had undressed, but now she seemed a little uncomfortable. "Let's get into bed," I suggested, "and see what happens." My sister reached over to me and took my robe off, tossing it on the door hook.

We got in bed, and by some unspoken agreement all three of us faced to the center, cross-legged. Both my sister and my niece had their hands draped in front of their pussies in what was supposed to be a casual position. I was just chuckling to myself about it when I realized I was doing the same thing. Considering one of them had just sucked me off, and the other had watched, it was a little silly.

Finally, sighing, my sister said “Okay, why don’t we watch a couple more of your videos and see if that breaks the ice.” I thought that was an excellent idea, so I got my laptop off the nightstand and started going through my collection to queue up some of my favorites. I’d just come a few minutes earlier, and though I’m still a young man I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this. I wanted to make sure I would be able to get hard again. (As it happened, this did not become an issue at all.)

I started a clip, and we sat back to watch. I was now sitting up beside my sister, my arm draped over her shoulder and my hand playing with her right boob. The nipple was huge, and hard as an eraser, and I was loving it. My niece was sitting beside me, but a little apart from us. I reached over and put my left hand on her thigh, just above the knee, and chuckled when she jumped a little. But she smiled and scooted just a little closer to us, so I left my hand there.

On screen, a young girl was on her knees, looking up at the camera with a “fuck me” look in her eyes. She was giving the camera man a slow, sensuous hand-job and saying something, but as is often the case there was no audio. (And when there is audio, it’s usually Russian or some other language.)

The other two were watching closely, especially my niece. My sister, without looking away, asked “Where do you get these files from?”

“Usenet newsgroups, mostly,” I answered. “They aren’t easy to find, but if you know the right search terms you can run across them.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well, generally I do a Google Usenet search for a name of one of the better posters. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and run across his text posts in a particular group, then I’ll check it out with my reader program, which is called Agent. If it’s been a good week or month, I’ll find a bunch of clips like these.”

On screen, the girl was now blowing the guy, but was being kind of tentative. “That’s called a blow-job,” my sister told her daughter. “Most guys really like that. Just ask your uncle.”

“Do you really like that?” she asked me.

“If it’s as good as your mother just did, I love it,” I replied. “In fact, most of the clips I keep are of this type, because it’s what I like most to watch and to do.”

My sister looked at me. “Really? You like that better than fucking?” To her daughter, she said, “Fucking is intercourse.”

“Oh, Mom,” my niece laughed. “Even I know that!” We all laughed. Hey, we were still all a bit nervous.

On screen, the guy has put the camera down behind them so that you can watch him mounting the young girl. Her legs are around his hips as he slides his dick up and down her pussy, giving her clit a good working over. My sister was rubbing her own pussy absent-mindedly, then she turned to me with a look of lust and longing in her eyes. I told her to lay back, then I positioned myself between her legs so that I could start eating her.

She was so fucking wet! As soon as my tongue touched her clit she started shivering and she placed her hands on my head to guide my actions. I reached my hand under her as and started fingering her pussy and butt hole at the same time. I don’t know if she’d ever had anal sex before, but her ass hole was tight and hot, but my finger was slick from her pussy juices. I glanced up at my niece, who was again looking between what was on screen and the live action.

On screen, the guy had finally entered the girl and was slowly fucking her. The girls hands were clenched on the guys back in (what I hope was) pleasure. My niece saw me looking at her (while I was still eating her mom), smiled, and started rubbing her own pussy. I stopped eating to ask her “Is that how you masturbate at home?”

She blushed, but nodded. “Do you ever stick your fingers or anything else in?” I asked. She shook her head no, and her mother said “Enough talk, mister. Go back to work!” and she pushed my head down.

Just as the guy on screen pulled out to come on the girls pussy, my sister started quivering and moaning, pushing my head into her pussy even harder. I started licking furiously, concentrating on her clit, and her moaning got louder. I heard my niece panting as well, but was unable to look at her because my sister wasn’t letting me up for anything. Soon, she squeezed her legs together, clamping my head between her thighs, and started bucking wildly. I pushed my thumb in her pussy, and my finger in her ass hole, as far as they would go. She came hard and loud, then finally let my head go.

I came up, gasping for air but smiling broadly. My niece was transfixed, watching the screen as a girl of about 16 was eating the pussy of another girl, probably 13 or 14 (a different clip). The girl getting eaten didn’t seem to be getting much out of it, but the 16 year-old certainly looked to be enjoying herself.

My niece looked at me and said “Girls do that to each other?”

“Sometimes,” I answered.

“Have you ever done that, Mom?”

“Once or twice, when I was younger,” she replied, smiling. “Would you like to try it?” I nearly choked at that.

“Maybe, we’ll see,” answered my niece. “First, I’d like to do that to him.” Another blow-job clip was on, and she was pointing at my cock as she said it. I looked at my sister, who shrugged, and I turned so that I could put one leg on each side of my niece.

“Okay, but go easy. Make sure you don’t use your teeth, and when I say stop, I mean stop.” I didn’t think she would react well to getting a mouth full of cum on her first blow-job.

My niece watched the screen a bit more, getting an idea of what to do. She reached over and tentatively grabbed my dick, now throbbing, and squeezed it a bit. I was in heaven. When she leaned over and kissed the head of my dick, getting a bit of pre-cum on her lips, I thought I would pass out. Suddenly, she popped about two inches into her mouth, and I nearly blew my load right then and there. Until, as I knew was inevitable, her teeth scraped hard across my glans.

“Ow, shit!” I cried. My niece stopped immediately, looking scared. My dick was already starting to wilt, and my sister, the bitch, was laughing her ass off.

“No teeth!” both my sister, still laughing, and I, almost crying, said together. My sister laid down so that her head was at my crotch, and she put her hand over her daughter’s so that they were both stroking my cock. I was already getting big again, so no harm, no foul.

“Let me show you,” my sister told her. “First, be very gentle with a man’s cock. It’s very sensitive, especially right here,” she said, biting gently just under the head. I jumped a little, but it didn’t hurt as much as it looked like it would. My sister gave me an evil grin, then said to her daughter, “Don’t bite until you have a little better idea what your man wants. Just lick,” she said, demonstrating, “and suck,” again, demonstrating. She held my cock towards my niece, encouraging her to try again.

My niece slowly licked my cock, instinctively starting at the base and slowly working her way up to the head (she’d seen that on one of the clips, so maybe it wasn’t instinctively after all), and when she got to the top she again put the first two inches in her mouth and sucked a little.

“Oh, god!” I moaned. “That is so much better.” My sister pumped my cock gently as her daughter continued to suck, then took it from her and sucked it some more herself. “Go a little deeper if you can, but don’t go to deep or you’ll gag. No guy wants you to puke on him.” My sister was doing a great job of demonstrating exactly what she meant, and my niece was doing an excellent job of following her instructions. Before long, my niece was able to get about four inches in. (I'm not huge, but I do go a respectable eight inches.)

If it hadn’t been for the near bite my niece gave me at first, I surely would have come already. So I guess it was for the best, because now I was enjoying a first: two women (okay, a woman and a child) sucking my cock at the same time. I caught my sister’s eye and motioned for them to slow down, so she gently pulled my cock from my nieces mouth. She nudged her daughter’s chin up, and when she had turned her face to her, she kissed her. I watched, transfixed, as their kiss turned more passionate, and their tongues started playing together.

Although I’d seen similar clips from the internet, nothing could compare to the eroticism of watching my sister and niece engaging in such a kiss. My sister guided her daughter’s hand to her tit, then she reached down to my niece’s pussy and started rubbing her. I rolled over so that I was behind my niece and started playing with her nipples, which were every bit as hard as her mother’s, though of course not as big.

My sister rolled over onto her back and pulled her daughter up between her legs, still kissing her. She pushed her head down, and my niece started sucking on first one, then the other, nipple. I played with myself, but only a little as I didn’t want to come just yet, watching intently. My sister pushed her daughter’s head lower, and my niece kissed down her stomach until she got to the hair line of her mother’s pussy. She looked up, and my sister smiled and nodded, and raised her legs up. My niece bent her head down and started licking her mother’s pussy, trying to mimick what I’d done just moments earlier.

The way she was positioned, my niece's ass was stuck up in the air and I could not resist. I moved behind her (the computer was all but forgotten now, so I set it aside) and started rubbing her slit. She wasn’t as wet as her mother had gotten earlier, but she was buttery and her pussy lips, though not as full as they would be when she grew up (as I would learn from first hand experience), were still puffy and soft. She twitched every time my fingers brushed against her clit, just as her mother was twitching from her tongue work. I stuck the tip of my finger in her tight pussy hole, and she let out a long sigh and stopped licking her mother’s cunt.

I gently worked more of my finger into her tight hole and continued rubbing her little nub, enjoying the effect it was having on her. The whole time my mind was practically screaming “This is your niece! And your sister!” I stretched out beside her and pulled her leg over my head so that I could finally taste this young girl’s virgin pussy. At the same time I could feel first one mouth then the other take my cock into it, with short breaks in between while they, I guessed, kissed.

I didn’t know who was who, but when I stopped licking just long enough to say “I’m going to come” I assumed the mouth that engulfed me was my sister. I came for the second time in half and hour (that’s right, only 30 minutes had passed), and felt my niece tense up as her pussy started clenching and unclenching. Then she started coughing and I knew it was her mouth I’d just come in! It wasn’t what I’d intended, but her mother thought it would be okay since I’d already came once and the second time wouldn’t be as much.

That’s it for part two. I can write more if you like, unless you think it’s getting too over the top.

My first time with my sister, Monica (True)

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This is a true story, of my first sexual encounter with my younger sister, Monica.

Monica is my younger sister, 13 at the time, and I was 18. That was about 5 years ago. We don’t see on many things and we disagreed a lot back then, but I’ve always felt like I’ve felt sexual feelings towards her, since her body was starting to develo

A Daughter Steps In

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His life was more or less perfect. A good career, nice home, good wife and 3 wonderful kids. Well as wonderful as any could be getting into their teens. The mad dash in the morning to see who could get the bathroom first, the fights over the phone, friends over at all hours. Sleep overs where the girls would be telling there secrets and flirting with him, as well as driving his 12 year old son cr

My First Babysitting Job

hiddenpleasurz4u on Incest Stories

My parents and I live in a secluded house in the outskirts of town. As far back as I can remember, we've lived in this house. It's a big house with a fairly large pool, a hot tub out back and a build in game room in the basement. It's a beautiful place, a place I love calling "home". I'm 14 yrs old, 5'2 with long light brown hair, a athletic body, as I do love working out in dads gym. Dad has always mentioned that I inherited my mothers features. I have a perfectly heart shaped ass that I constantly get compliments on at school and my breast are a fairly developed set of 34 C cup. Although dad has never said I inherited my mothers nice and and tits, I'm sure thats what he's referring to. I've often caught him glimpse over at me while I'm in the pool, or while shooting pool

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in the game room down in the basement.

For quite sometime I had been asking mom to allow me to take on a babysitting job for the neighbors down that road. One day while out riding my bike, I ran into Mrs. Smith and after conversating for a little bit, she'd mentioned how she'd love to have me babysit on occasion so her husband and her could have some free time. They only lived about 4 miles down the road, but mother was always firm in saying NO! I was too young. I wanted to babysit, I wanted to know what it was like to actually "earn" my own spending money, afterall it wasn't like I'd be doing everyday, it was only on occasion, but still mom said no! She always told me that taking care of someone else kids was a big responsibility. She also mentioned how I didn't have to worry about spending money because that's why dad was a lawyer and she was a paralegal, so I could have anything I wanted without having to work. That was besides the point, I felt like I was ready to be a bit more responsible.

Finally, my chance to prove my babysitting abilities came when my moms brother, Uncle Gene phoned one day, stating that him, Aunt Kathy and thier 4 yr old son Cody were flying in from Colorado to spend a week in town to visit with us and a few friends they had here. Mom insisted on them staying here at our place for the week, so they could save on hotel cost. We had a guest house out back and periodically when family was down visiting mom would offer it to them so they could save on hotel costs.

A few days later, my uncle and aunt arrived. I always loved Uncle Gene. As a kid he would give me piggy back rides, or would carry me and pretend I was an airplane. Of course now I was too old to be carried, but I still loved him just as much. While having dinner mother mentioned that she realized that thier (Uncle Gene and Aunt Kathys) anniversary was this coming Saturday, and that she'd love to take them out for dinner and a few drinks. All parties agreed that would be a good idea. Mother turned to me and said that would be my chance to show my responsibilites as a babysitter, I'd get paid if I cared for Cody and made sure that he was well taken care of and safe. I was so happy that this opportunity arised.

When Saturday came around I was excited. All day I spent most my time in my room planning fun games Cody and I could play, printed out a few coloring pages of different cartoon characters from the internet and planned snacks and stuff. I wanted to prove to mother I was fully capable to be a good babysitter.

Before leaving mother cooked us some pizzas and as soon as it was ready everyone left. Mom, of course gave me a lecture and warned me not to open the door for anyone, gave me 4 different phone numbers where they could be reached and to make sure Cody was in bed by 9 o'clock, as that's what time Uncle Gene always made him go to bed. When they left,I gathered out dishes and put them in the kitchen and Cody and I went upstairs to color. We played games, listened to music, I even let him play a few games on Nick on the internet. At 9pm, without me telling him Cody got his "blanky" curled up on my bed and within minutes he was out cold. I musta nodded off right along with him, because the next thing I knew I woke up and it was 2am. I changed into my nightgown and went down stairs to see if everyone was home. When I got half way down, I heard dad and Uncle Gene talking. I walked into the family room and there sat dad and Uncle Gene, watching some porno movie on tv. My mom and aunt apparently were no wheres to be found. I made noise before "entering" the den so they'd know someone was there and dad shut off that tv. I asked dad where was mom and Aunt Kathy, and he told me that they'd both passed out in the guest house after having a few "too many drinks" and that Uncle Gene would be sleeping in the spare bedroom upstairs. With that I told him I was gonna go down to the basement to shoot a little pool to see if I'd get tired enough to go back to sleep. He said ok and with that I headed towards that basement door. I heard dad click the tv back on and again heard the familar moans coming from the tv. I stood there for a few minutes and heard Uncle Gene tell dad that his favorite little niece was growing up to be such a beautiful young girl, not to mention a VERY hot young girl. Dad answered by saying, "yes, I know! I catch myself looking at her from time to time, it's so hard not to." I smiled and headed down stairs.

As I played pool alone, I kept thinking of what I heard dad and Uncle Gene saying about me, and I started to feel a little tingle in my stomach. I'd always thought both dad and Uncle Gene were handsome. They both were tall, had hard muscles because they worked out, they both were in their late 30's. I got alot of compliments from my friends about my dad. They all thought he was hot.

I was lost in thought when I was startled by dad and Uncle Gene, they'd come down stairs to listen to some music on the jukebox we had down there and watch me shoot pool. I suggested I go change to something else, as my nightgown was a little short and when bending over to shoot the ball I knew it crepted up. Both dad and uncle Gene told me not to worry, I was just fine. Dad asked if I'd grab a couple beers from the fridge for them, and as I walked off to get them from the fridge that was in the corner, I could hear them both whispering "mmm mmm". There again, I felt that little tingle. I returned with two beers in hand and handed it to them. Dad popped open his and asked if I'd like to taste it. He didn't know, but I'd had a few beers while down in the basement alone. I didn't like the taste much, but I liked the feeling I got from it, seemed to relax me. I of course, pretended I'd never drank some and took up dads offer. Before long I had a beer in my hand dad had got for me and I was sitting on he pool table talking to them both about school stuff, and upcoming events with my friends. Dad asked to grab another beer for them and to get me another one if I'd like, so I went to get them one and of course I got myself another. When I jumped up on the pool table this time, my nightgown went up and revealed my silk panty I was wearing. I startled myself and said I'm sorry to both dad and my uncle, at which time dad said, "baby, there's nothing to be sorry about." We continued conversating for about another hour, I was feeling a little relaxed as I did when I'd come down and sneek beer while no one knew, and I think dad and my uncle could tell this. Finally, dad told me he had a question for me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, at which time I told him no. He asked if I'd ever kissed a boy and again I answered no. He then told me he was going to ask me a question, but that I could never tell anyone he asked. Then he proceeded to ask if I'd ever touched myself "down there". Of course, I couldn't lie to dad so I told him yes, usually at night or while in the shower. He asked how did I feel when I touched myself and I told him I actually felt really good. At this point he told me, that althought touching yourself feels good, it always feels better when you have someone else touching you instead. He then called me over to sit on his lap, and when I did I felt his cock hard in his pants. He let out a little moan, then whispered in my ear, that if I would show him and my uncle how I touched myself. At this point I was so relaxed and feeling kinda funny in my stomach I agreed to show them. He told me to go ahead and remove my nightgown and panties and lay on the pool table and show them, so I did. When I was completely naked, I could hear them both let out a quiet moan, I knew then that they were enjoying the moment. I looked over at them as I jumped up on the pool table and they both had thier cocks out and were stroking it. They were big, bigger than I'd imagined anyways. They seemed about the same size, only dads cock was seemed to be a bit thicker than my uncles. I'd say at least 8 inches is what they were. Anyways, I felt my pussy moist just looking at them and I laid on the pool table and spread my legs and started to rub my clit, letting out moans of pleasure. I had my eyes closed and was startled when I opened them to see my uncle on the pool table over me stroking his cock right next to my face. I looked to see where dad was and he was standing right in front of my pussy looking down as I rubbed my clit, he was stroking his cock too. He then asked me, "baby girl, can I show you what it's like to have someone rub that for you?" I didn't hesitate, and told him yes. With that dad started to rub my clit and pussy. I moaned out louder, it felt so good. My uncle asked if I'd lick his cock, and after looking at dad shake his head in agreement I start to lick the head of his cock. It tasted different, but good nontheless. I slowly slipped his cock in my mouth and started to suck on the head as I'd seen on the porno earlier. My uncle looked over at dad and said, " damn Denise, she's a wonderful cocksucker!" then looked down at me and said," ..thats it baby, suck my cock hunny." Dad then said he was going to try something new, and before I could respond, he had his mouth over my pussy and was sucking on my clit. It felt so damn good, I was moaning so loud, I was afraid I'd wake someone up, but the basement was far from anyone to hear me. My body then started to shake and tremble and my uncle said to my dad that I was about to cum. No sooner did he finish saying that, my pussy exploded and I felt my juices gushing out of my pussy, dad didn't waste one bit. He lapped up every drop of my sweet nectar. My body slowly started to calm down but dad didn't stop, he kept licking me and sucking on my clit. Then I felt him sliding a finger in my pussy. It stung a little, as I'd never stuck a finger in my pussy, just rubbed my clit. Dad continued to do this then said to me that if I'd let him put his cock in my pussy. I was scared at first, but after he sucked my clit a little more I was ready for it and told him yes. My uncle stepped back a little bit and allowed dad to lean over me. He kissed me and for the first time ever, I shared a real kiss. He then squeeze some KY from a tube he had on the pool table, on his cock and stroked it a little more then slowly started to slide it in my pussy. Tears filled my eyes, and the stinging sensation now felt like pressure with alot of pain. He leaned over and kissed me again and told me to just relax, and with that pushed all the way in, breaking my hymen. I felt like i was being ripped apart. I begged him to stop and he did, but didn't pull his cock out, just stopped. He told me that in a few minutes I'd enjoy it so much I'd be begging him to fuck me. I relaxed and told him to continue. Next thing I know I'm thrusting back towards him, begging him to "fuck me harder daddy, yes oh god yes!!! FUCK ME DADDY!!!" My uncle came a little closer and put his cock back in my mouth and I start sucking him harder and faster than I had before. Dad stopped and rolled over on the pool table, then he motioned me over to climb up on him, so I did. He slowly put his cock on my pussy again only this time he just shoved it in. I felt so full, but it felt good! I was bouncing up and down on his cock, lost in estasy when I felt something rubbing against my asshole. I turned around to see my uncle with the tub of KY, he squeezed some on my and and then started to rub it over my asshole. Before I could say anything he slide a finger in my ass. That just about drove me to another orgasm. He worked one finger, a few minutes later he put another in and then three. I was moaning so loud, "yes uncle Gene, fuck my ass, daddy u fuck my pussy hard", that's all it took. Uncle Gene, put his cock on my ass and pushed in, I screamed in pain and asked him to please use his fingers not his cock, but daddy pulled me down and kissed me and whispered in my ear, "baby girl, you have to let him fuck you too, or he will tell mother and if he does that, I'll never get to see you again." With that I closed my eyes tight and begged uncle Gene to fuck my ass...and hearing me say that he pushed his cock all the way in my ass. It hurt so bad, but after a few minutes I was enjoying having two cocks inside me. We fucked so hard for what seemed forever. Uncle Gene and dad kept switching places and positions. I sat on uncle Genes cock, as he fucked my ass dad fucked my pussy. Then dad fucked my ass and uncle Gene fucked my ass. We fucked for over 3 hours, each having orgasm after orgasm. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked if we could please stop fucking for tonight, but begged for them to fuck me again tomorrow. With that they both shot thier hot wads on my tits and face. Dad got a towel from the drawer and helped clean me up. Then kissed me passionately. I then turned to uncle Gene and kissed him passionately. As I was about to go upstairs, dad tells me, " baby girl?....your one hell of a babysitter!, I love you angel baby." and with that I went to my bedroom and showered and drifted off to sleep.

Then next day, aunt Kathy and mom went shopping and took Cody, I refused to go. I had some "unfinished" bussiness to attend, but that's another story.  If you'd like to know what happened the next day, please let me know. Again, it's my first time writing so any feed back, bad or good would be greatly appreciate......

Storm Child chapter 2, Clear Skies

Oedipusrex73 on Incest Stories

“What did I do?” my mind reeled with the thought of last night. I mean, certainly, I had no idea that I was making love to my daughter Jenna last night. It had to have been my wife, Amanda. There was no way my suspicions could be true, was there? Then I would flash back. She pulled her panties aside, not me. She pushed back against my

My First Time With My Brother (True)

JamieBores on Incest Stories


This is a true story.  It is the story of my first incest experience with my brother.  It happened when I was 14 years old, my brother was 17.  I hope everyone enjoys the story.  If you do, I will be sure to add more later on.  I just wanted to get this one off

A x-mas story

chaos_thanatos on Incest Stories

As you are all expecting this encounter to start on x-mass it does not. In fact this begins on Thanksgiving day of 2005. I used to dread Thanksgiving and x-mass family events but now I can not wait for the next one.

So on Thanksgiving my whole family comes to my house for dinner, which usually is awful, they normally start to arrive around 4 or 4:30 pm but this year was different. My cousin showed up at about 2:30, my mom was still finishing things up around the house so we left the house and took my dog down to the local park. While we were there we decided to take a walk to pass the time until we could go back to my house, as the walk progressed it began getting cooler and cooler so I gave her my jacket and gloves to stay a bit warmer since she was wearing a skirt and a sweater.

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This may have been the best thing that I could have done for her at the moment because right after I did we sat on a bench and started talking. She asked me "how everything was going in school, we both go to the same college, and just other random small talk but before I knew it we got on the topic of her last boyfriend and my last girlfriend." I was thinking "shit this could be good or this could be bad." It turned out to be neither and hey that’s fine with me because shortly after the topic she made the comment that "her ass had been freezing since we sat down" being as curious as I was I didn't want to say anything to make it obvious that I had wanted to fuck her for years so I just simply replied "yeah it has been getting cold." However, much to my surprise, she replied in a very normal tone and attitude "yeah and not wearing panties doesn't help much either." I kind of looked over at her and said "no panties why is that?" Which was quickly answered with "Well since my last boyfriend I haven't fucked anyone for over a year and about 3 months ago I stopped wearing panties cause I'm so horny and it just feels so good." This made the conversation much more interesting while we progressed on the sex topic for quite a while and both admitted to one another that we thought the other was extremely hot and had thought about them for years. By this time it was actually about 6 pm and decided that we had better get back for dinner.

Dinner was boring and uneventful as was expected but afterwards was a shocking experience. My cousin and I went back to my room to watch a movie but we didn't do much watching. When we got to my room she pushed the door closed behind her and said "damn if our whole family wasn't here I would fuck your brains out right now." Naturally this got my attention pretty quickly so I turned around and said "is that right, You wanna fuck me?" She replied "you wouldn't believe what I would love to do to you and with you, you're one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. I've thought about you so many times at home with my vibrator." She lifted up her skirt and said "don't you just want to eat this pussy?" and I mean how can you say no to that? I got an instant hard on and said "hell yeah I'll eat, fuck it, finger it, what ever you want me to do to it." Unfortunately this event didn't last as long as I would have liked for it too because one of our other cousins knocked on the door and asked if they could watch the movie with us. Even though our cousin put a damper on our thanksgiving day event we made plans for x-mass eve night.

X-mass eve was the perfect opportunity for us because this time we both knew we wanted to fuck each other and half of the family met at her moms house that night. About a week before x-mass she sent me an e-mail saying "Hey since Jason and Stephanie (her brother and his wife) are having their first x-mass together my mom is going to go over to their house around noon and she said she wouldn't be back until at least 3:30. If you wanna come early I'll let you do what ever you want." This intrigued me so I e-mailed her back asking "Are you 100% positive that she is not going to come back earlier than that? And what ever I want is a very broad statement, what exactly do you mean when you tell me I can do what ever I want?" A few days later I got her reply that said "Yes, I am 100% positive that she will not be home before then, it takes at least 45 minutes to get there and they're going to have lunch before she comes back. And when I say what ever you want I mean what ever you want. If you wanna fuck me in the ass you can, if you wanna eat my pussy you can, if you wanna tie me to the bed that's fine, what ever you want means just that WHAT EVER YOU WANT."

So x-mass eve came, extremely slowly I might add, and I called her around 10:45 to check and make sure her mom was still going to be leaving around noon, and she was. I showed up at her house around 12:20 and her mom was gone, she answered the door in x-mass lingerie, you know the kind a red lace teddy with matching panties and a Mrs. Clause hat. This really got me going, my girlfriend had been gone for just about a week and I was hornier than I have ever been. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me she pushed me up against the door and strarted making out with me before she even said anything. I’m not sure what turned me on more, her answering the door in just about nothing or waiting to see what happened next. As we made out I picked her up and laid her on top of the dining room table (where the whole family will eat dinner tonight) and started kissing all over her body, I started on her stomach and moved down to the top of her panties and then moved back up to her perfect tits. I took off her top and started licking one of her nipples and playing with the other one with my free hand. As I moved from one tit to the other she asked me what I wanted to do to her. So I asked her what do you normally do? And she just looked me in the eye and said forget what you or I normally do, I want you to do anything and everything you want to do to me. So I asked her if she had any toys and was I in for a surprise, she had dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, bondage whips, ropes to tie her up, hand-cuffs, and much much more. These got me thinking and I told her well first lay down on your back. So without hesitation she got on the bed and laid down with her legs spread so I could see her extremely smooth pussy. I reached down and grabbed the rope and tied her hands up with the ropes I had tied to the foot board and tied her feet with the ropes I had tied to the headboard. This gave me a stellar view of her pussy and asshole, which I probably ate for atleast 45 minutes with her tied up. And before I untied her I got one of her dildos and lubed her asshole and pussy and fingered both and then I put a dildo in her pussy and set it on high while I gave her another rim job and fingered her asshole. At this point I was so close to exploding I untied her and told her that it was her turn to do what she wanted. So she put me on the floor and tied my hands to a strap that she had connected to her closet door and my feet to straps on opposite ends of her bed. From here she sat on my face and told me to eat her pussy until she said stop, so I did, and she started sucking my cock. I felt her rubbing my asshole with some lube and I saw her reach up and grab the dildo that I had just taken out of her pussy and set it on the floor next to us. And then I felt her finger go inside my asshole. This was new for me but I didn’t say anything since I told her to do whatever she wanted to me so I continued to eat her pussy like she said. I felt her pull her fingers out of my ass and reach for the dildo, at this point she turned around and said “have you ever done what I’m about to do to you before?” So I simply replied “no, but I told you to do what ever you want” so she turned back around and started to insert the dildo into my ass. Once it was in and turned on she started sucking my cock again, this was to much for me to handle and I shot one of the biggest loads I ever have in her mouth. She waited until I was done cumming in her mouth and turned around and started kissing me with my cum in her mouth.

To be continued…if reviews are good or I get requests for the rest

Jillicious - The Beginning.

fullmetal2599 on Incest Stories

My brother and I had always been close. Being the only two children it was us against our parents. Being only 17 months apart we were very close. We stuck together through everything. We always talked to each other about our day and how we were doing. It didn't matter what the topic was, we just loved sharing our lives together.

My brother and I used to cuddle a lot. I loved it. It made me feel good like someone really needed me. It didn't take long before we figured out how good backrubs felt. We used to rub each other's back and then lie together and watch TV. One day my brother pushed the backrub a little farther. He had just finished rubbing my back and I was laying next to him. I felt his hand slide up the back of my shirt. This was pretty com
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mon, and I liked the way it felt. He rubbed his hand up to my shoulders like he always did. But this time he did something different. He started rubbing my side a little. He was pushing closer and closer to my breast. I could feel what he was doing, I knew what he was doing. I was young but that didn't mean I was completely gullible. He finally got his hand just under my recently developing breast and rubbed the skin just beneath it. After some time I grabbed his hand. He pulled back quickly.

"I'm sorry" he said apologetically.
"If you want to touch it you can. I'll let you. But just this once. And you can't tell anyone." I knew what I had said to him. But after I said it I knew I should have kept that thought to myself. I rolled over on my back and he slid his hand up the front of my shirt. I felt him slide his hand under my bra. I had quite a bit of space in there. My breasts were still new to me too. As he touched my breast I felt an electric shock that shot all the way through my body. It felt great but scared the shit out of me at the same time.

"OK," I said, "Thats enough."
My brother reluctantly pulled his hand out from under my shirt and looked at me. "Thanks. You know you didn't have to let me do that."
"I know, but I knew you wanted to and we share so much anyways. I am the first girl you have touched, aren't I?"
"Yes, you are." he assured me. And with that I felt my heart leap. I would have never admitted it then, but I was completely stricken with my brother. I just loved being with him but I knew that letting him feel me up was wrong. After all he was my brother and I wasn't supposed to have feelings like that for him.

A few weeks had passed and things had gone as they usually had between me and my brother. We talked a lot and cuddled. The back rubs went back to normal as well. He had not tried to reach around to my breasts again. I felt comfortable with what my brother and I were doing. There could have been nothing wrong with cuddling and back rubs. But I felt terrible for letting him touch me. I just didn't want him to know that. As we were cuddling a few weeks later my brother didn't give me a back rub. I looked at him as if I were being cheated out of our regular time together.

"I can't rub your back today." He said as I looked dissapointingly at me.
"Why not?" I asked.
"Because, I want to touch you again. I'll rub your back if you let me touch your boobs again."
This made me think. It felt great but it was my brother. If we started doing stuff like this then how far would he want to go? "I'm not sure I want to let you touch me again. You are my brother and we shouldn't do stuff like that."
"I know. You are right. But you are the only girl who ever pays attention to me. Most girls won't even look at me but you cuddle with me all the time. Besides that, you are really beautiful and are starting to get older. And the look you had on your face last time told me that you liked it."

Now here is where I should have stopped it. I should have gotten up and said no to him. It would have saved me a lot of tears and guilt about what we were doing.
But instead of saying no or leaving him there I rolled over on my back. I lay there waiting for him to do what he needed. He slid his hand under my shirt but this time he pulled it up and motioned for me to help him take it off. I sighed and looked at him as if I didn't want to. But I slid my shirt up to my neck and then he pushed my bra up. My breasts were just tiny little mounds and they had just recently been growing. He placed his hand on my left breast and rubbed it around. He caressed my breast and slowly moved to the other one. It felt great. The same electric shock that I had felt earlier was back. It was so relaxing to have him caress me. My breasts had been a little sore from the recent growth and the rubbing felt good. I was a bit shocked by what he did next. My brother moved his hand to my right breast and then embraced my left nipple with his mouth. This sent me over the top. And again it scared the shit out of me. I had never felt such great pleasure through my body.
"Ok," I said, "Stop."

My brother looked at me. "Whats wrong? Am I hurting you?"
"No," I said, "I just don't want to do this anymore."
I had a hard time knowing that it was my brother that was getting me exited. I knew what was happening to me. I wanted to go farther. I wanted to try more...but it was so wrong to do it with my brother. I pulled my bra back down and adjusted it. Then I pulled my shirt down and rolled over on my side. My brother cuddled back up to me and I could feel his cock against my back.
"I'm sorry," he said, "It looked like you were really enjoying it. And you did moan a little." I didn't say anything back. I just turned and looked at him and smiled.

That night I spent alone in my room. I ate my dinner quickly so I could go be alone. I cried that night. I cried because I knew what I let my brother do was wrong. I wasn't supposed to do these things with my brother. I pulled myself together enough to get up off my bed and pull my shirt off. I undid my bra clasp and let it fall to the ground. Then I turned and looked at myself in my mirror. I looked at my breasts and thought about how good it felt and about my brother. I cried again knowing that what I did was wrong. I struggled emotionally for quite some time. I took off my pants and layed back on my bed without putting on any pajamas. I cried myself to sleep that night and awoke the next day in my bed all covered up. I didn't remember getting into my covers, but somehow I was under them.

The next morning I jumped out of bed and put my pajamas on. I walked out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. My brother was at the table eating cereal and I yawned as I aknowleged his presence. I poured my bowl of cereal and sat across from him. I looked at him as I ate breakfast thinking about what we did. This time I was able to keep my emotions under control. He looked up at me and could tell I had been thinking pretty hard about something. He knew what I was thinking about. It took him a while to speak, we sat together in awkward silence. Finally, after he had finished his cereal, he cleared his throat and asked, "Hey Jill, are you mad at me?"
"No," I said, "I'm mad at myself."
"What do you mean?"
"I should not have let you do that. You are my brother and we aren't supposed to be messing around like that."
"Jill, I really love you. I heard you crying last night and I went into your room. You were laying there shivering. I put you under your blankets. I hope you didn't mind."
I looked at him as he confessed to being the one who put me into my bed. "I'm glad you did."
Then my brother continued on, "Jill, I just figured that we share everything together. We share everything that we did during the day. I tell you more than anyone else. Your my best friend. I hang out with you more than anyone else. I just thought that we are getting old enough that we could do this with each other first. So we know what we are doing when we do it with someone else."

I sat there thinking about what he said. It did make sense. I could only imagine how weird it would be to try kissing a guy if I had never done it before. I sat in silence as I finished my cereal. My brother sat there next to me waiting for a response. I wasn't sure I was ready to get into sexual stuff. But it felt great and my brother would be the most natural guy to do it with. I stood up and looked at him. "I'll think about it," I said to him as I put my bowl into the sink. I smiled at him as I passed by to get ready for school.

That afternoon I came home and sat on the couch. I didn't have any homework and the weekend was ahead of me. I turned on the television with full intent to sit there all weekend. My brother got home shortly after I did and joined me on the couch. He sat near me but did not touch me. After some time I layed my head on his lap and he started playing with my hair.
"Will you promise me something," I asked.
"Depends on what you want me to promise," he said.
"I thought about what you said this morning. I thought about us and about what we have done. I thought about what you want to do. Will you promise me that if we do stuff like that together that you will not tell anyone? You have to keep it between us. Nobody can find out, ever!"
My brother gazed into my eyes and as we shared the moment of eye contact he said, "I promise I will never tell anyone."
"Good," I said, "Will you promise me something else?"
"What else do you need?"
"Promise me that you won't make me have sex with you. I'm not ready to do it. I don't want to do it."
My brother looked into my eyes again. But this time he seemed a little more shocked. I guess he had not thought that far ahead. He looked into my eyes and reluctantly told me that he would not make me have sex with him. But he told me that he wanted to do everything else.

I smiled at him and told him that we could just take it one step at a time. Then I lifted my head off his lap and scooted closer to him. I kissed him on the lips. Not like a sister would kiss her brother, but like a girl would kiss a guy she loved. That kiss is what helped me let go of my inhibitions towards my brother. We made out for a long time. It seemed like ages. I sat on his lap while he kissed my ear and moved down to my neck. It felt so amazing. He started lifting my shirt and I took it out of his hands and looked at him. He had a look of dissapointment as I stared at him with the bottom of my shirt in my hands. Then I lifted my shirt for him and the look of dissapointment turned into a look of exitement. I unclasped my bra and let it slide down off my shoulders. He took it the rest of the way off. I was feeling very scared and nervous. He reached up and touched my breasts. It felt so good. He slipped my nipple into his mouth and gently sucked. It was amazing.

We were suddenly interrupted by the sound of the garage door. I jumped off my brother and put my bra on as fast as I could. My brother picked up my shirt and got it ready for me to put on. That was good because I had just gotten it on and we sat down when my dad walked in the door.

My brother and I sat there on the couch together until dinner time. We would take quick glances at each other and he would reach over and touch me every once in a while. After dinner I ended up in my room, with my shirt off again. This time I was not upset about what we did. This time I wanted it too. I stared at my little mounds in the mirror and lightly rubbed my little nipples. I slipped my pants off and slowly took off my panties. I stayed in front of my mirror and looked at my naked body. I had just begun to really develop. I had just a little bit of hair that I ran my fingers through. I knew how far my brother wanted to go. He wanted to do everything but sex. I knew I wasn't ready for everything. But I didn't want to stop.
I slept nude that night for the first time.

I awoke the next saturday morning feeling the soft sheets against my body. I lay there thinking about my brother. I had feelings for him. Kissing him had given me an attraction and, dare I say it, lust for my brother. My thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door. I covered up to my neck thinking that it may be my mom or dad and did not want them to know that I slept without any clothes on. I pretended to be sleeping as the door creeked slightly open. My brother poked his head in my room and I could see him through my slightly open eyelids. He opened the door farther and let himself in. I opened my eyes and looked at him.
"Good morning Jill," he said to me.
I smiled and responded back to him, "Hi."

He walked over to my bed and kissed me on the lips, "I really enjoyed what we did yesterday."
"So did I," I looked at my brother and continued. "But we can't get caught. Dad almost found out yesterday. He would kill us if he knew we were kissing each other."
"Sorry Jill, I lost track of time."
"Its not all your fault. I lost track of time too."
With that my brother kissed me again. "You should leave my room. What if mom and dad hear us in here."
"They can't," he said, "The left this morning to go out to breakfast together." That was pretty normal for them. However, it was usually a sunday morning thing for them to go to breakfast.
"So since they are gone do you want to kiss me again," I asked.
"Yeah," my brother said as he lay down on my bed next to me.

He began kissing me gently. My brother and I were making out again. I was completely addicted. He pulled my covers back and saw that I was laying there without a shirt on. He pulled my blanket back further and saw me laying there naked for the first time. He got a huge smile across his face as he climbed under my blanket with me. He cuddled up to me and I felt his body against mine. We kissed some more and I felt my brothers cock through his pajama bottoms. He pressed it into me and I loved the feeling. I spread my legs and he slid down in between them. We kissed as my brother moved his cock back and forth across my young pussy. He kept kissing me and grabbing my small mounds that I called boobs.

My brother abruptly stopped kissing me. He moaned loudly and I felt his body begin to shake. He squeezed me close to him and I felt a very wet spot on my pussy. At the time I had no idea what it was. Of course he did. I found out later that he had been masturbating for quite some time. He looked at me and said, "Thank you Jill. That was really fun and it felt really good."
"Why are you so wet," I asked.
"Thats my sperm," he replied.
Hearing that was enough to set me off. "Oh shit. Get the hell off of me," I said, "You cant shoot that stuff on me. It could get me pregnant." I had been through the sex ed course at school and understood all of that stuff. I was naive enough to think that I could get pregnant if it even got close to my pussy. I pushed my brother off of me.
"I'm sorry Jill, I'll make sure I don't let it get close to there again."
"You keep your sperm away from there. I'll keep doing this as long as you keep it away from there."

My brother reluctancly agreed again. He kissed me before he left my room. I heard the shower running and when I finally got enough courage to go join him I heard the garage door open. "Wow," I thought. "I'm glad I didn't go in there. We would have gotten caught." I quickly jumped out of bed and put on some panties. I jumped into my pajamas and went out to greet my parents. Boy did I feel like shit when my mom asked me how my morning was.

My brother and I continued on. We tried new things all the time. Sometimes I would be the one to push it just a little. Sometimes it was him. But the one thing that I could count on is that my brother would always stop when I asked him to. That was a good thing for him. I may have decided to stop if he did not respect what I wanted too. I loved feeling his mouth on my tits. I loved feeling his cock against me. It didn't take long before we started masturbating for each other. Then masturbating each other. Bringing each other to climax with our young hands. Oral sex soon followed. All of this took quite some time. It was nearly a year and a half before I would tell my brother I was ready to go all the way. But during that time my love and lust for my brother would grow every day. And don't worry, we used to set the alarm clock for 5pm so we could get dressed before they both got home from work.

A Reward for a Day at the Zoo

Stockhousefsc on Incest Stories

Reward for a Day at the Zoo

This story is true, if you like it then let me know and I will write about my previous ones

First off, I am 25 in good shape and have a history of incestual experiences (this is just the latest of them) and have a preference for little girls.

I currently take care of my grandmother, so I live in her house with her to make things easier, I live in the finished ba

My First Babysitting Job....Part 2

hiddenpleasurz4u on Incest Stories

The next day I woke up and Aunt Kathy and mom were going shopping. Luckly they were taking Cody with them. Mom asked me if I'd like to join them since they didn't plan on coming home early, in fact if it got late they were planning on staying  over night. They'd  be doing their shopping in a little town about 30 miles form here so they took an over night bag just in case. I told mom that I wanted to stay home because I'd already made plans for Becky to come over, which I did have plans, but what I failed to tell mom was that Becky had already called me and told me she wouldn't be able to come over after all because her mother was having family over and they hadn't seen eachother in a long time. Mom gave me a peck on the

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cheek and with a wink said  "make sure you keep your father and Uncle Gene in line while we're away" then she gave my father a kiss and walked out.

I was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a tank top and my hair was up in a ponytail. My legs felt somewhat sore from all the activity that took place the night before. My pussy and ass felt even more sore, not pain just sore. I told dad I'd be up in my room and turned to walk away. I thought dad would say something about the previous night but neither him or Uncle Gene said anything. I figured it was all forgotten and left it at that.

It was around 6pm that evening when dad called out for me to come downstairs, and I did. He just wanted to let me know that him and Uncle Gene were going out for a while and would be back later. If mom called I was to telL her to call his cell phone. Again, neither one of them said anything about the previous night, it almost seemed like I'd dreamed it all and nothing had REALLY happened, but going by the soreness I was feeling I knew it had happened. I told dad I'd give mom the message and as I turned to walk back to my room dad grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss, on the lips. He grinned and said," give your Uncle Gene a kiss goodbye too baby." and as I turned he gave me a  soft smack on my ass and smiled. I tried to kiss Uncle Gene on the cheek but he grabbed me by my face and planted a deep kiss on my lips...parting my lips with his tongue and drove his tongue deep inside my mouth. For some reason my body suddenly felt a funny sensation, kinda like how I felt the night before.

I headed upstairs and dad and Uncle Gene headed out the door. I laid in bed listening to the radio, thinking of last night. I knew it was wrong, but why did I feel the way I felt. I felt like I wante everything to happen again. I had enjoyed myself so much the night prior, and just thinking about it made me wet. I jumped off my bed and headed to the shower, I figured that would help. As I was walking to the bathroom the phone rang and it was mom. She said that they were staying over night and attending church in the morning then heading home sometime after lunch. I gave her dad's message and she said for me to call him and tell him that she forgot her charger for he cell phone and that she would call before heading home tomorrow as she wanted to save the battery for a emergency and hung up.

I called dad to tell him what mom had just said and dad said ok, said they'd be home soon and hung up. I headed to the bathroom and started the water, while I undressed I admired my body, after all for my age I did have a very nice shape.

At some point while I was in the shower I guess dad and Uncle Gene came home. When I got out of the shower I heard them in the den, which was on the back side of our house and the frence doors faced the pool. We had a big screen TV in there and from what I could gather dad and Uncle Gene were watching something that  had alot of moaning going on. I creeped up to the door way seeing how they wouldn't see me because they were facing the opposite direction. What I saw not only shocked me it got me wet all over. There sat dad and Uncle Gene watching a porno about a young girl being fucked by two grown men. I turned around and walked up to my bedroom.

When I got to my room I thought about what I'd just seen and I knew something exciting was going to happen so I made sure I was dressed for the occassion. I put on my silk night gown that reached my upper thigh and was low cut, it showed alot of cleavage. with a pair of white thongs. Just as I suspected about an hour later I heard dad call out for me. I went down stairs and they both immediately had their eyes glued on me. Dad finally broke the ice by asking if I wanted to order some pizza for dinner. I got their order and called it in. When the pizza arrived dad told me to come in the den and eat, and of course the movie was still on. They both had their eyes glued on the TV while they drank beer and ate pizza. Dad got up and brought another beer for them both and got me one too.

I sat there watching the porno with them, trying to stay calm as if it was nothing, but deep inside my pussy was crying out for attention, the same attention that girl on the movie was getting. Uncle Gene finally spoke out and said, " damn she seems to be having a good time, right baby girl?" I just nodded yes and continued to watch the movie and drink my beer. Dad then said , " come sit on daddy's lap baby and let me feel those beautiful tits of yours."

I got up and sat on dad's laps. He immediately wrapped his hands around me and while I watched the movie he twisted my nipples between his fingers. It took no time at all before they were hard and aching to be licked and sucked. Uncle Gene was on the other chair and unzipped his pants, immediately his huge cock sprung out. It was HUGE! The head was shinny and big. He looked over to where I sat on my dads laps and said, " come give Uncle Gene a few licks baby girl, I need to feel your mouth on my hard cock like last night."

I got up and walked over to him and kneeled down, but he got up and laid on the floor. I got between his legs, my legs spread open and starting licking his cock slowly. Licking up and down his shaft, then twirling my tongue around the head, he grabbed my head by my hair and started thrusting into my mouth and moaned loudly. A few minutes later I felt dad behind me. he laid on his back and positioned his head underneath my pussy, which was soaked by now and started lapping up my juices. He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands and squeezed them while darting his tongue in and out of my pussy. I felt my knees weaken. Between sucking my uncle and having my pussy eaten I had my first orgasm of the night. Dad just slurpped it all up....flicking his tongue over my clit, licking from the clit to my asshole and back to my clit. I felt like I was in heaven.

My uncle started face fucking me faster and faster and before I knew it I was swallowing his hot creamy cum. I didn't stop sucking him, I kept bopping my head up and down on his cock, going down sucking his balls then back to his cock just like they'd told me to do the night before. Uncle Gene told dad between grunts, " damn this little angel of yours is a cock sucker forsure! She does such a great job, Kathy doesn't even suck my cock like her, she's an angel!" He pulled me up on top of him and gave me a deep french kiss, then grabbed on of my tits and started sucking it into his mouth. He was sucking hard and fast, it felt so good.

Dad got up from the floor and came behind me, push me down on my uncle and slowly positioned his cock on my pussy. Then very slowly he started to slide his huge cock inside me. It was a little sore still from the night before but my god it felt good. I started moaning loud, begging him to please fuck me!! He kept asking me to tell him I was his little fuck slut, so I was. I kept yelling out, " oh yes daddy fuck me hard, deeper! Make me your little fuck slut! Fuck my pussy hard, make me cum all over your hard cock daddy PLEEEEASE!!!" This encouraged him to fuck me even harder. Before I could help it I was cumming all over my dads cock. Once I had some control again, dad pulled his cock out of me and turned me around and put it deep inside my mouth, almost gagging me. He was shooting his cum down my throat in no time.

By the time my dad had shot his hot cum, my uncles cock was hard again. He got up and sat on the chair he was on before and got me from my little waist and sat me down on his cock. It slid in easy but I felt it inside pretty deep. He started lifting me up and down by my waist and  he thrusted into me. He then got up on his feet with me still sitting on his cock. He held me up by my ass and bounced me up and down while he walked around the den. Then dad got up and came up from behind. While Uncle Gene held my ass cheeks open dad slid a finger inside me while pulling my upper body away from Uncle Gene's chest to suck my tits. I was moaning so loud I thought I'd wake the neighbors down the street.

Dad then took his finger out of my ass and squirted some KY  on his cock, and some on my ass. He then grabbed my hips and without holding back he slid the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole.  I screamed out loud and said, " Oh My God!!! Fuck yes ....fuck me hard you two! Please don't stop fucking me!" Dads cock was like a piston going in and out, in and out faster and deeper than the night before. My uncle had one hand on my ass and the other on my left tit sucking it and biting it like it was some piece of gum. I was crying from pure pleasure.

Dad took his cock out of my ass and uncle Gene got me off his cock. They laid me on the coffee table and while I sucked my cum off my uncle's cock dad put my legs over his shoulders and fucked my pussy then he would take