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Carrom Game With Sister Part One

genman69 on Incest Stories

I never thought I would have the set of experiences described here, but it did happen. It all started one evening with a game of Carrom, but I am getting ahead of myself here. So let me first tell you a bit about me. My name is Josh and I live with my mom and sister. I am 21 and I am a college student, 5 feet 10 and 150lb. I do workout at least twice a week to maintain my physique. I didn't have a girl friend at the time and you could say that my experience with girls were limited at the time this happened. If you could believe that! My sister Sara can be called “hot” in every sense of the word. She is quite tall at 5ft 7 with 32-26-34 figure with lovely C cups that she never flaunted whilst out of the house to the disappointment of most of my buddies. She would have made any guy happy wi

Visiting home from studies

tongueforcum on Incest Stories

The boys and girs at uni had been making me feel very at home for a country boy, and I'd been getting into the shameless swing of dorm life. When my parents invited me up home for my birthday weekend, I was happy to go, but I wasn't going to go without partying, especially in my first time up there now that I'm old enough to buy drinks.

On my first night there I went straight to the beach bar. I was drinking so much that I didn't care who knew I was down to fuck. Plenty of people got busy on the beach anyway, our small town could party as much as any city, and let the perverts watch.

I brought home a boy whose body was as smooth as his buldge was huge. The soft fabric of his pants had been cupping a great thick creature that I'd had my eyes on for hours. He'd been dancing with me l

Daddy on the phone

tongueforcum on Incest Stories

As my boyfriend came in I went running to him in my pigtails and little skirt, "did you get my message daddy?". "What message?" he took out his phone, and looked at it, shaking his head. I looked at my phone, "oh god" I laughed, "I sent it to the wrong daddy!". "Call him" Max said, looking straight in my eyes for a long time.

Daddy answered by the time Max and I sat on the couch "I'm so sorry daddy, I sent that message to the wrong daddy!" "Don't be sorry sweetie, just, next time, maybe give me ten minutes before you call back" dad laughed. Max started tickling and rubbing me through my panties, I knees up to my chest so that I could feel it. "You dirty pervert daddy!" I didn't decide which daddy I was saying it to.

"YOU sent it!" he complained. I decided to join in with Max's tric