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The Gang Raped Minister's Wife

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by Marq Satyr

Judith Peterson was a beautiful young woman of 28, and was the wife of a minister in the inner city. She was widely admired by the congregation and widely lusted after by all the men in the parish. She had a stunning figure and her 36D breasts stood out firmly even when she wore a choir robe. In spite of her large breasts her body was a slender 24 inches and her hips were a very well shaped 35 inches. She had beautiful long blond hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous complexion and a movie star's face. In short she seemed perfection. She and her husband had no children; in fact, their sex life was less than what she had hoped for. Her husband always complained about being tired even when she wanted to have intercourse.

Her parishioners were not the only ones with eyes for her. The local drug dealers had also taken note of her sexy body and beautiful legs and face. On this day her husband was out of town, and she had just finished taking a shower and was toweling her lovely body off when she felt herself jerked roughly out of the shower by two large black men. They threw her naked body across a bed and while one held her the second man unzipped his pants and forced her legs open and pushed into her blond haired cunt roughly. She felt the cock drive deeply into her dry cunt and tired to scream, but the other man forced her mouth open and told her he was going to use her mouth the same way her pussy was being used.

He forced his big cock into her mouth and began to fuck her face and throat vigorously as she was simultaneously rammed in her tight pussy by the other rapist. The one fucking her face grabbed her breasts and pulled her up by them roughly as he fucked her throat.

"God, she's got great tits and a great ass for a white bitch," said the man as he rammed his cock down her throat.

The men picked the 5' 8" inch beauty up and impaled her in both her ass and cunt and held her as they pumped into her gorgeous young body.

"We're going to ravish you white lady," one of them told her as she once more tried to scream for help.

Her screams were muffled by the man behind her choking her as he rammed his cock up into her tight anus. He was fucking her furiously ramming his cock up to his balls in her ass hole. He came first and continued to fuck her as he came deep in her bowels. She felt the second man coming in her cunt as he pushed his rod into her and enwombed her.

They put a robe around her naked body, took her to a van parked in the alley and bound her arms behind her back. They took her to a deserted building a few blocks away. They carried her in and tied her over a steel rail on a stairwell ass and mouth free for the rapes that would follow. Half a dozen other men joined in the gang rape. They double teamed her ass and mouth and cunt and mouth as she lay helplessly bound and naked over the stair well. They raped her all day and all night until she passed out from the constant fucking. They released her from her bonds and while one of them held her, another punched her in the stomach knocking her breath out. They stretched her over the van and fucked her with a long necked wine bottle while others used her mouth some more. They pushed the wine bottle deep in her anus as she whimpered in pain. They took turns fist fucking her cunt and masturbating on her lovely naked body. They raped her with a baseball bat forcing the bat into her vagina a full 12 inches. They tortured her tits, burning each one with a lighted cigarette. One of the men put a knife at her nipples and threatened to cut them off and laughed cruelly.

"It would be a real shame if you lost your nipples, wouldn't it white meat," he asked.

They continued to heap indignities on her naked body and then branded her belly with a cross.

When they had sated their lust on the young preacher's wife they took her back to her home. She managed to clean herself up and did not report the incident. When her husband came home the next day, he discovered her lying in bed naked. He immediately spotted the cross burned into her belly and demanded to know how it got there.

She never told him. The two separated and she moved to another part of the city and became a very well paid call girl. She especially liked to be fucked violently and tit tortured by her clients. Thus ended the lesson of the day.

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