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Fucked by her Mom and her Mom's Black Boyfriend. Part 1.

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Janie was giddy with excitment, it was her 18th birthday and her mother had left her and her friends alone to party in the family beach house. Janie had made sure to dress herself appropriately with her pink tube top holding in her otherwise unrestrained breasts, she was a late bloomer, but her tiny tits still formed an evocative shape through the thin material with her nipples pointing hard in the brisk beach air. Janie finished the outfit off with her hipster jeans, that at the right angle, showed off her cute pink g-string protuding from the top of her firm buttocks.

For hours Janie danced and chatted with her friends, her long curly auburn hair swaying as she moved. She drank sugary drinks filled with vodka and felt her body warming in the cold air. Her boyfriend Daniel had shown up late, by the time he arrived she was drunk enough to not care what her friends thought. She grabbed him by the ass and stuck her tongue down his throat on the beach. He pulled back for a second surprised, but succumbed quickly, she could feel his cock getting hard.

Daniel downed whiskey as Janie clasped on to him whispering dirty thoughts into his ear, her friends giggled at them and gossiped, but after half an hour Dan couldn't take it anymore. He got up hiding his obvious erection by lifting his girlfriend with him.

'Let's go inside.' he almost begged Janie. She spent little time making up her mind before pulling him towards the small beach house.

The two skinny teenagers rolled on the double bed inside the beach house, clumsily grasping at each other. They hadn't gone this far before and didn't know where to start. Janie's heart was beating fast as she felt for Dan's crotch. She could feel a lump through his cargo pants and found his zipper. She pulled his zipper down slowly, he seemed to be frozen in place and unable to look down at her. Reaching into his pants she found his boxer fly and underneath his cock hard as a rock which she released from captivity.

Dan wasn't that big, but Janie didn't know much better, she had given blow jobs to other guys before and they were all about the same, she hadn't fucked anyone yet though. She thought tonight might be her first. Janie's dream was shattered though as after barely having Daniels little cock in her mouth, it squirted a pathetic stream of cum onto her tongue. Dan's eyes rolled back and he looked content but Janie was far from pleasured as she spat his semen into a tissue and pushed his now soft penis back where it came from.

The two lovers rejoined the party and continued to drink, Janie especially. After a four hours it was getting near midnight and the party had died down. After most of the guests had departed Dan left with friends, feeling particularly pleased with his night out, leaving Janie with her best friend Emma. Emma helped the now very drunken Janie to her bed in the beach house before finding her own bed in the guest room. It was about then that Janie's mother came through the front door with her new boyfriend.

Amanda, Janie's mother was only 37 and still very attractive, her dark eyebrows gave away her bleached blonde hair for what it was but she didn't care. Her new male friend Trey was slightly younger than her, he grabbed at her curvaceous ass through her black skirt, his muscular black arms tensing as he squeezed her butt cheeks.

'Hey, don't be so fresh.' she teased before giggling, they were drunk and horny.

Trey continued to grope her as they moved through the beach house. Settling on the sofa they started to kiss and feel each other through their clothes.

Sleepless and frustrated Janie heard a noise coming from outside her room. She got up in a daze and wandered out through the hallway to find an amazing scene. Her mother's naked tits flashed in front of her, they defied gravity with silicon paid for by her father, now departed. Janie saw the tits first before looking down to see a black man's head between her mother's legs, attacking her mother's cunt like a starved cannibal.

Trey stopped licking Amanda's pussy as he heard a noise behind him, he turned and saw Janie standing in shock, wearing only the pink tube top and the impossibly small g-string pink and tight to her pussy that Emma had left her in. Trey smiled and looked up at Janie's mother who had just opened her eyes.

'It's good,' Amanda exclaimed to her daughter, 'Why don't you try it?'

Drunk and still burning with unfulfilled lust from earlier, Janie moved towards her mother and Trey.

Trey stood up and towered over Janie's 5'4" frame by a foot, he walked behind her and felt up her small tits through her pink top. He was only wearing a tank-top and boxers and Janie could feel his muscular body as he forced her down in front of her mother.

'First I want to see you do it.' He almost ordered.

Amanda closed her eyes as she felt her daughter's nervous tongue feel its way around her pussy.

'That's it!' she cried, as Janie hit her clitoris.

Janie started to lick faster and faster, speeding up with excitement as she heard her mother's moans. Trey began to rub his cock, still hidden in his boxers.

With Amanda's legs spread on the sofa, her pussy being filled by her daughter's tongue, Trey felt like it was time to unleash himself. Janie paused momentarily as she felt something pressing against her buttocks. She turned back to see Trey pressing his cock against her ass, she was stunned. Trey's cock looked like a brown mutant cucumber, it had a thick vein running down the shaft and was easily 9 inches long and twice the thickness of her boyfriend's.

'Don't worry,' Amanda said to her daughter, 'Just concentrate on this and it won't be so bad.' She said before pushing Janie's face back towards her cunt.

Trey pulled down on Janie's g-string, the now wet undergarment gave away to show a pink and completely shaved pussy and ass. Trey smiled at this sight, he could tell she hadn't been fucked before. Janie was about to lose her anal virginity first and she didn't know it yet. Janie shook as she felt something against her tight ass hole. She let out a cry as Trey pushed the head of his cock through her puckered anus.

'Hey, not there. She can't handle that!' Amanda proclaimed.

'No sweat.' Trey said, removing his penis from Janie's now gaping ass.

Still in pain Janie found herself lifted up by Trey and sat on the coffee table, her naked pussy presented like a prized ornament. Trey pushed his cock's head into her tight bald cunt and watched as she opened her mouth in pleasure. Trey pushed deeper with each thrust, Janie let out squeals at each movement. Trey pulled out of her dripping pussy, he wanted to see more before Janie could reach climax.

Janie's soft and pink nipples were exposed as Trey ripped her top off her. Janie's mother Amanda watched as her boyfriend sucked on her daughter's tender breasts.

'Kiss!' Trey ordered the two as he pulled away from Janie's tits.

The drunk mother and daughter slowly started to kiss each other on the lips. Hot with lust they began to feel each others breasts before Janie slipped her fingers into her mother's pussy. Trey smiled as the two rolled around on the sofa, his cock pulsed with excitement.

Trey grabbed Janie's legs as she lay on top of her mother, he saw her tight pussy dripping as her fingers felt her mother's bushy cunt. The head of Trey's cock filled with blood, engulfed the space between Janie's legs, it was obvious she would never forget this. He pushed forwards and watched her pink pussy lips roll apart.

'Fuck!' She screamed, before having her mother's tongue stuck down her throat again.

Trey was half-way into Janie's pussy before she stopped convulsing with each movement, by then she had succumb to the thick rod forcing its way inside her.

To Be Continued...if anyone likes it.


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