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Mother's Desperate Measures

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~ Chapter One ~
Carol Olson was by all accounts the perfect mom. She made a decent living as a dental
hygienist, maintained a clean and comfortable home for her son, and prided herself on always doing
the right thing. During the spring and summer of 2009 the “right thing” suddenly became more
“Mom, I have something from the school that you're going to want to read,” David said as he
returned from school one day. Carol looked up from her book at her eighteen year-old son and could
tell it was serious. He handed her the paper and she was genuinely shocked. It announced that six
students at David's school had tested positive for HIV and all kids were strongly encouraged to get
“Oh my god,” Carol said as the news sunk in. “David, please tell me that you have not been
having sex.” David looked down, confirming her worst fear. “Well at least tell me that you've used
protection.” No answer from David and Carol's heart sank. “David!”
“I'm sorry mom, I've tried using condoms but I must be allergic to latex or something. Every
time I put one of those things on, my skin becomes sore and irritated and I lose my erection. I just
can't use them.”
Carol reached for the phone and called her ex-husband. He was a good father who also
happened to be a doctor. She explained what happened and within an hour David was tested. When
the call came in the next day that everything was fine she breathed a huge sigh of relief but knew that
she had to do something to prevent her son from getting into trouble. She knew all too well the
power of teenage hormones and how hard it would be for him to make the right decision. She went
to the Internet in search of a solution. She would do whatever it took to ensure her son's safety.
One night she came across a website where other women were also searching for a way to keep
their son's from getting STD's, getting their girlfriends pregnant, or both. She was shocked with one
mother's extreme measures.
'Desperate times call for desperate measures,' the woman wrote. She stated that she would do
anything to protect her son from the deadly disease and made a private pact with him. She knew the
boy would have sex, abstinence wasn't a realistic solution, so she told him that whenever he was in
need of release, she would help him. He in turn promised to refrain from any sort of sexual contact
and allow her to inspect him upon returning from any parties or dates. She stated that although this
was very uncomfortable at first they had gotten used to it and the boy was so excited by it, she was
confident he wouldn't slip up and jeopardize losing his privileges. After awhile they were both
comfortable with it and she said she actually enjoyed it. To Carol's amazement other women
confided they did the same thing and all agreed that due to the extreme nature of the situation it was
the best decision available.
At first Carol found the idea preposterous. It was incest and wrong, surely there must be
another way. But over the course of the next few weeks the idea festered in her head. She imagined
what it would be like and how he would respond. David was a good looking boy, in great shape, and
always respectful. He had an endearing smile that always warmed her heart. He looked a lot like his
father when he was in high school and Carol could easily remember how excited she was when they
started fooling around. Finally she made the decision to approach him with the idea.
“David, there's something I'd like to talk to you about,” she said one evening as he was
watching TV. “It's about this HIV situation and your inability to have safe sex.” This got David's
full attention so he turned off the TV. “Honey I'm so worried that you're going to find yourself in a
situation where you will make the wrong decision. I know how it is for boy's your age and how
tempted you'll become.”
“I know mom, I'm actually concerned too. But what can I do?”
“Well, I read something online that sounds crazy, but might be worth considering.” Carol
explained the idea and was relieved that he didn't immediately storm out of the room.
“Wow Mom, you're right, that is crazy.” He looked at her for a long moment. “Are you
“Darling I love you, and as your mother I'd do anything to ensure your safety, even this. If I
were to help you would you promise me that you will never do anything with another woman?”
“Well, I guess so, but....”
“But what?”
“Well, you said that you'd help me whenever I have the need....”
“Yes, that would be only fair honey.”
“Um, but I have the need a lot Mom.”
“How much is a lot baby?”
“Well, I usually need to get off at least two or three times a day,” he said.
“Oh my, you're right, that is a lot. But it's not abnormal for a boy your age. When do you
usually do it?”
“I almost always get off in the shower in the morning. And sometimes when I get home from
practice. And always at bedtime.”
“Then if I were to help you at all of those times would you hold up your end of the bargain?
And you could not tell a soul either, I mean it. Not even your best friend. Could you promise me
David looked at her and gulped. The idea was actually starting to sink in. He suddenly looked
at his mother in a different light, not as his mom, but as a woman. She had shoulder-lenght blond
hair and always wore loose clothes. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually gotten a
good look at her body. He knew she carried a few extra pounds but also that she had very large
breasts. He realized that just the thought of it was beginning to excite him.
“Sure Mom, I promise,” he said.
Carol too realized that this crazy idea was becoming a reality and they were on the verge of
doing something unthinkable.
“OK, then we have a deal,” said Carol. “I guess you'll just have to let me know when you're
“Mom...” David paused, his voice hoarse.
“Yes dear?” asked Carol, knowing what was coming.
“I'm horny right now.”
“Well, I guess there's no time like the present.” Carol walked over to the couch and sat down.
“Come here baby, give me a hug.” David leaned in as Carol put her arms around him. She pulled
his head against her chest and felt his arms go around him. “I love you baby.”
“I love you too mom,” he said.
“Stand up honey,” said Carol. David stood up and turned to face her. Carol scooted up so she
was sitting on the edge of the couch, right in front of him, her face at crotch level. As David looked
down in disbelief, his mom reached out and unfastened his belt. David could feel his rod swelling in
his pants. Carol saw it, aware that his bulge was very large. She wondered if her son had inherited
her ex-husband's generous package and began to get somewhat excited to find out.
When his belt was open, Carol's trembling hands grabbed his jeans and fumbled briefly with his
button before finally releasing it. Her eyes were locked on the bulge, which was growing even
larger. She involuntarily licked her lips as David watched. Her pretty fingers found his zipper and
began to pull it down. David felt the vibration in his crotch and his cock stirred, sliding up his thigh.
Carol's hand brushed against it as she lowered the zipper.
Carol grabbed his waistband and began pulling his jeans down his thighs. His underwear was
pulled slightly down but caught on his growing member. Carol was somewhat surprised to discover
that no pubic hair was poking out of his lowered shorts. Did he shave it completely?, she wondered.
Now his cock was a huge lump reaching almost all the way to the side of his pelvis. Carol's
breath was deep as she stared it, then she brushed her fingers along it's length. It lurched in his
shorts as her fingers touched the soft cotton covering the head. She then wrapped her hand around it,
feeling it's heat and hardness.
David could not believe how excited he was. He had never been so turned on in his life. Her
denim shirt was unbuttoned enough for him to see her deep cleavage. He could even see her very
colorful bra.
Carol was also surprised to discover how her body was responding to this. She had intended it
to be just a physical act she did for him, not a sex act they would both enjoy. But she could neither
stop nor deny the heat that was growing between her legs.
With shaking hands she grabbed his waistband and pulled down. Peeking into his underwear,
she saw his perfectly smooth and hairless pubic mound, and the thick shaft of his cock. She could
not believe how large it was. It was actually larger than her ex-husband's. As she pulled the cotton
briefs fully away, his entire cock stuck straight out at her face. The large purple head was inches
from her eyes. She watched as it slowly grew longer and harder, arcing up toward his flat stomach.
As the briefs came down she saw his smooth scrotum and felt the heat his teenage balls
produced. She realized she had never seen such a magnificent cock before. Her plan was to jerk him
off but her mouth was watering. She would have loved to suck on her son's beautiful cock, but that
was too wrong. She knew she had to maintain some form of boundary.
Carol briefly took her eyes from his growing staff and met his gaze. His eyes were moist, his
lips slightly parted. Looking into his mother's eyes at this moment caused his cock to twitch and
reach higher into the air. It stuck out farther than it ever had.
As Carol watched, precum drooled out of his slit and hung down in a thick strand, reaching
toward the floor. Then, for the first time, she reached out with one finger and touched her son's cock.
He gasped as she rubbed the thick sauce over his glans, marveling at the soft sensitive skin on the
bottom of the head. Again his cock twitched, oozing more slimy juice over his head. Carol dearly
wanted to touch the tip with her tongue.
She reached up with her other hand and grasped the hot shaft. She heard her son inhale sharply
and felt a jolt shake her pussy. She, like he, had never been so turned on. Her panties were full of
her cream. She knew if he were to touch her pussy she would cum instantly.
She began to slowly stroke his engorged cock. Yes, it was larger than her ex's. She
remembered how deeply his had touched her, how wide it stretched her, how much it filled her
mouth when she sucked on it. It had been too long since she had been with a man she suddenly
Even though David had jacked off in the shower that morning he knew he could not take much
more of this. He stared down as his lovely mother stroked his aching cock. She pulled it down,
gazing at it lustfully, it pointed straight at her face and she began to pull on it faster.
David closed his eyes, trying to hold back, trying to savor the delicious feeling of her warm
hand on his raging cock. His knees bent and his hips began to move against her hand. He was
getting so close.
Carol could sense his pending climax, which turned her on even more. She knew that in a
moment she would see her son's hot sperm squirt out of his bloated cock head. There was nothing in
the world she wanted more than to see his cum shoot out. She wasn't even thinking of where it
would land, she just wanted to watch it spurt. She pulled on his cock faster.
David was so close that when her hand brushed his thigh, his balls constricted and he felt his
orgasm start. He held back, holding it in, feeling it build. Carol sensed it too, a quiet “yessss”
escaped from her full lips as her eyes studied his slit.
It seemed to Carol to happen in slow motion. She heard him groan just as his hips shot forward.
His cock was pointed straight at her as the first blast of cum shot out. It arced across the short gap
between them and landed on her neck. She gasped and another bolt hit the top of her chest. She
pumped his cock while he spewed his hot cum between her breasts.
David stared down as his cum dripped between his mom's round breasts and landed on her
pretty bra. He finally squeezed his scrotum muscles and forced the last load from his pulsing balls
and saw that his cum now coated his mom's hand.
They paused, staring at each other for a full twenty seconds. He was staring at his mom's
cummy tits, while she studied the white jizz that coated his cock and her hand. Finally, David came
to his senses and was overcome with embarrassment. He felt ashamed that he had just coated his
mother's tits with his cum, and rushed to his room.
Carol sat for a moment in disbelief, then calmly walked to her room. She went into her
bathroom and closed the door. She took off her shirt and stared at her son's cum on her tits. Her
whole body was tingling with arousal. She shoved her cum-covered hand down her pants and into
her soaking panties. She touched her clit and immediately came while rubbing her son's cum on her
breasts and over her nipples. She had never cum so hard or long in her life. Finally she pulled off
her slacks and panties and wiped his cum up with her drenched undies. She dropped them into the
hamper then turned on the shower. She realized she was neither shocked nor ashamed. She knew
that she had just done the right thing for her son and was excited for their new relationship.



Okay. Probably the best incest i have read yet. You have got dandalk, a good top writer, and janey1113, who is great at writing true taboo. One of the best. Incest and taboo. EVAR!! XD

So once again!

===|======> A cool sword to you! ( now shoots lazers, and can slice your sandwhich. O>O

The next installment should be REALLY hot. .... Just wait till he fucks her and pumps his cum into her. If he doesn't cum too fast, she'll have two massive orgasms.... one when she feels his cock going into her pussy to start fucking her and another when she knows that it's her son's cum shooting deep into her.

When I was sixteen, I started fucking my two sisters and that's how it was with them. One was fifteen and the oldest was eighteen. I always came in both of them. When they knew I was cumming, they'd tighten down on me, pull me in deep and cum, too.

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