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My niece-Michelle

rsh6420 on Incest Stories

This is a true story about my wife's niece Michelle. She was 14 the first time I met her and I was 32. She's about 5-9,170lbs,38D and has a fine ass to go with the rest of her body. We went to her Mom's house-My wife is the twin sister to her mom! When we got there she didn't seem interested in me at first but after awhile she started to hit me alot on my arms and in my stomach and I thought that she was just playing rough with me not thinking that she was flirting with me!

But after we got back home my wife which was just my g/f at that time told me that Michelle was flirting with me alot-hitting me and I told her that I didn't think so! About a month later we had Michelle over for a few day's and the first day went without a hitch. But the next day Michelle started posing around me in many different sexual positions when my wife was not in the room with us and she also was rubbing up against me with her huge tit's and even placing her leg's between my leg's a few times!

After dinner we all were relaxing in the living room and watching some TV when my wife said she was going to bed early and ask me to come into the bedroom with her. When we got in the bedroom she ask me if Michelle was showing any signs that she was flirting with me and I said no not at all and that she could go to sleep with no worries about her! When I finally got back into the living room I found that Michelle had changed out of her day clothes and into her night time clothes which left very little to the imagination-a very short and tight t-shirt and a tiny pair of panties that were at least two sizes smaller than she was!!! She sitting on the couch watching TV when I came in and notice that I too had changed into my PJ's-just the bottoms and that I was staring at her!!!

Michelle shifted herself so that when I sat down in my chair I could see up between her sexy leg's right up to her young camel toe,which was hairless!!!! I moved my right hand down inside my pj bottoms so that she could watch me stroke my 7" cook while watching her play with herself! Michelle moved her hands up to her tit's and started to squeeze then and as she did she dug her fingers deep into her tittie flesh which made her moan softly at first but she got louder as she squeezed them harder!!! My cock was rock hard now and Michelle could see it through the material of my pj's so I expose just the head of my cock to see her reaction to it! Michelle lick her lip's as she squeezed her tit's and then she moved her right hand down to her sweet covered pussyhole-which to this day she still calls it that,and slowly started to rub it through the thin material that covered it! As she was rubbing her pussyhole she ask me if I would eat her pussyhole and make her cum as I did it! I said yes and got up and moved down between her sexy leg's and raised her ass up off of the couch so I could take off her panties but she ask me to eat her through her panties!!!

I moved my tongue up and down her covered pussyhole making her panties as wet as I could and then she moved her panties to the side so that I could get inside her pussyhole with my tongue. She open up her pussyhole with her finger's as I found her hard little clit and started licking my tongue all over it and even biting on it which made her jump a little but she like it and ask me to bite harder on it,so I did! I then moved down to her hole and started to stick my tongue deep into her to taste her sweet nacture and she placed a hand on the back of my head and push me hard into her pussyhole as she was nearing her first orgasm of the night! She took a tit into her mouth to help muffle her scream as she came hard and flooded my mouth with her sweet tasting cum!!!!

As she was coming down from her orgasm we heard the bed move so I jump up and went to see if my wife was getting up or not! All she was doing was just rolling over,my wife is a BIG GIRL!!!! When I return to the living room I found Michelle butt naked and laying spread eagle on the floor-she was not afraid of getting caught as I was!!! I took off my pj's and moved over her standing over her chest looking down at her face and got down on my knees over her chest with my cock just inches away from her face!!! Michelle said that I had the biggest cock that she very seen and I told she that there are guy's much bigger then me but that I'll be easy on her! I took my cock and place it at her mouth and she open her mouth real wide and I place it inside! She could only take about 4" of my cock at a time so I held onto my cock at the base and fuck her hot,wet,young mouth with 4" of my cock as I reach back down between her leg's to find that she was playing with her own pussyhole too!

She did not move her hand so we both took turns sliding our finger's deep inside her wet,hot,tight young pussyhole getting her ready for a good fucking!!! As she was making wet sloppy noises while sucking on my cock I told her that she was going to be my favorite niece from now on and that I will all always be ready to please her!!! When I was able to stick 3 finger's inside her tight pussyhole it was time to fuck her!!! So I got up and told her to get on all 4's and bend over with her head against the floor and to get ready for the fucking of her young life!!! I place my cock at her pussyhole and very slowly push it inside her being very careful not to hurt her so that she would want me to fuck her again and again and again!!! Once I had about 2' my cock inside her hot,wet,tight young pussyhole she started to push back onto me so I grab her by with waist and by her hair and fuck her wet,hot,tight young pussyhole going deeper and deeper into her as she moan loudly into the carpet and just as I was about to cum I pulled out and rolled her over and put my cock back inside her wet,hot,young mouth until I came which I did and before I finish cumming I pulled out of her mouth and sprayed the rest of my cum on her lip's!!! I lean down to her and we kiss sharing my cum that was on her lip's and in her mouth-I love the taste of cum!!! We held each other for a while and then we went to bed!!! If you like this story please comment on it there are a lot more to our relationship to write about!!!!


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