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Teasing Daddy at Breakfast

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I woke up late Saturday morning. I could hear the family downstairs in the kitchen having breakfast and chatting. I was feeling a little naughty and wanted to have a little fun with daddy at breakfast.

I took a quick shower just too wet my hair, patted myself dry leaving my breasts to air dry. I threw on a very short terry cloth robe and tied it loosely before heading down stairs.

My pink terrycloth robe didn't cover much more than the essentials. The bottom of he robe came to rest 2 to 3 inches above the middle of my thigh. Bending over is a completely different story.

I pranced through the kitchen passing daddy and brother at the table. Hello daddy and big brother I said to draw their attention. Their eyes snapped to my exposed upper thigh as I walked past them to the cabinet. I open the cabinet doors and get up on my tippy toes and reach to grab a bowl from the top shelf. I felt the soft fabric of the robe slide up the back of my thigh. I peak over my shoulder to see both daddy and my brother focusing on my exposed skin. I knew they were both feeling me up in their minds.

I placed my bowl and box of cheerios on the table and say hi to mom as she sits down at the table to eat.

I walked to the fridge to grab the milk. After getting the carton from the shelf I see a bright yellow banana in the crisper drawer. I thought to myself what a phallic delicious addition to my breakfast as well as a great excuse to bend over and spice things up a bit.

I stood legs straight and bent over at the waist to retrieve that mouth filling banana. My robe slid all the way up my thighs and came to rest at the bottom crease of my butt.

I picked up the banana, stood and turned back to the table. Daddy had been watching my reflection on the sliding glass doors. The same glass door showed me a reflection of my own. I could see daddy’s erect cock through his pajama bottoms. He rubbed it slowly while he watched my every move.

My brother being much less discreet stared directly at my uncovered bottom in front of mom and daddy. I could see that he was just as excited as daddy. Lucky for him mom is oblivious to almost everything around her

I sat down at the table poured a bowl of cereal and ate with everyone leaving the banana out on the table. My left hand casually rubbed the banana sliding my fingers across the entire length of the fruit as I ate my cereal quietly. Neither daddy nor my brother could keep their eyes off of my hand fiddling with the banana. And of course not even a raised eyebrow from mom.

A few minutes later she finished up and excused herself from the table. “I’m off to the gym, be back in a few hours” she says before disappearing into the garage closing the door behind her.

As soon as mom is out of sight daddy moves to adjust the bulge in his pants. I pick up the banana and hold it gently in my left hand and rub the palm of my right hand over the tip. I caress it for a moment before peeling it to expose the sweet fleshy fruit. I bring the banana to my mouth and wrap my lips around the long slender shaft. I slide the banana a few inches into my mouth and back out before taking a playful nibble off the tip.

Daddy got so wrapped up in the moment he let out a suggestive moan. I giggled as a guilty smile flashed across my face. I took a large sip of milk from my spoon before sliding the banana back into my mouth. This time I pushed the banana more than three quarters of the way in until it hit the back of my throat. I held it for a moment before slowly sliding it back out. My lips formed a tight seal around the banana letting only small amount of milk drip from the corner of my mouth. A few drops of milk trickled down the length of the banana as my lips pinched down to break off another small piece to swallow.

At this point Daddy and my brother had finished eating, but stayed around for my little show.

“Steve, clean up your plate and get started on your chores.” Daddy said to my brother Steve.

“Wha?” Steve replied still under my sensual spell.

“Get outside and mow the lawn. Trim the bushes around the house too.” He commanded.

Steve put his plate in the sink and headed outside to get to work. He couldn’t have looked more disappointed.

I continued to entertain the lone viewer of my show as I ate my awfully erotic breakfast alternating between a mouthful of milk and banana. A couple drops of milk fell from the banana onto my breasts. The cold sensation on my warm skin made me tingle plus Daddy licked his lips at the sight showing his approval. I let it drip a few more times letting a little more milk splash onto my tits each time. It wasn’t long before Daddy was rubbing his dick as he watched drop after drop of white milk run between my tits.

“Enough!” he said before pushing himself back from the table showing me the massive erection he’d been nursing. He reached into his pajama pants, pulled out his dick and said “Suck it.”

I sat not more than 3 feet away admiring his thick full package. Luck is definitely on my side this morning. I had hoped for nothing more than to have a little fun teasing Daddy, in front of Steve and Mom, making him so horny knowing he couldn’t do anything about it. Coincidently mom started working out this morning leaving me alone with the two men of the house. With her out of the way I wasn’t concerned whether or not Steve was involved.

I inched out of my seat, got down on my knees, scooted between daddy’s legs, and closer to his cock. I licked my lips wetting them as I looked daddy in his eyes.

“Suck my cock.” He commanded sternly.

Without hesitation I leaned forward opened my lips wide and sunk his dick deep into my mouth. My lips wrapped tightly around his rigid shaft as I moved my head up and down on his dick. I spent a few minutes focusing on the head of his dick by sliding my tongue around the outline of his plump knob. I bounced my head up and down only keeping the head of his dick in my mouth and flicking my tongue on the underside of his cock.

“Yes! Grab that dick.” He commanded.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to slide it up and down his slick cock. My hand worked his dick up and down in one motion with my mouth. I felt as his dick grew harder and harder inside my mouth as I sucked his pole. He reached forward and pulled open the front of my robe to get a better look at my milky tits. It wasn’t long before my tits were glistening with saliva and pre cum from sucking daddy’s dick.

I heard the bushes outside the kitchen window brushing against the house. I can see Steve peering into the window from the corner of my eye while I bob my head up and down daddy’s hard cock. I started to suck his cock faster and harder as I get more turned on by my brother watching me give daddy head.

“Stand up” he said. I stood in front of him as he reached around and grabbed a handful of my ass. He stood up, grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled my body close to his pushing his rock hard dick against my stomach. He leaned over, nuzzled his head against mine and bit down on my neck while squeezing my ass hard. The sensation and twinge of pain shot through my body like electricity as I moaned for more.

“Turn around” he said.

I turned to face away from him. Daddy grabbed my by the hips, walked me to the kitchen counter and said “Bend over” as he pushed down on my back. I rested my elbows and forearms on the counter sticking my ass out for him. He lifted my robe and smacked my ass hard with an open palm before squeezing it in his strong rough hand. I looked back between my legs and saw his pajama pants fall down around his ankles. I shook my hips and pushed my ass back into his crotch as I grew impatient. My pussy was already dripping wet and needed to be filled by daddy’s hard dick.

Daddy places his hands on my shoulders slid them down my then rested them on my hips. He moved his hips forward pushing his dick against my ass and between my legs. His hips rock back and forth a few more times prodding my ass and the back of my thighs. He took his dick in his right hand, smacked the head of his cock against my firm round ass and left a trail of pre cum from the tip.

“Please fuck me daddy.” I begged. He guided his dick between my legs and rested it against my pussy. I was so wet my pussy lips pushed open and slid around the head of daddy’s thick knob coating him with my juices. He leaned forward pushing his solid cock a few inches into my pussy. I cried out in joy as I felt his massive tool stretch me open.

Daddy pumped his hips back and forth steadily until he could bury his nine inches of dick into my pussy.

“Oh yes daddy fuck me” I moaned while he repeatedly thrust his dick into me prodding my pussy walls as he bottomed out inside me. He continued to fuck me deeply with long steady strokes while holding me tightly by the hips.

“Who’s pussy is this?” Daddy asks as he smacks his hand across my ass. “It’s yours daddy, fuck that pussy” I cried in pleasure as he fucked me harder and deeper. I threw my head back as I moaned catching a glimpse of Steve in the window. Daddy smacks my ass hard again before ramming his dick into me with all his strength.

“Oh fuck!” I scream as his enormous cock fills my pussy to set of an orgasm. My upper body collapsed down into the counter as I began to cum. I stare into Steve’s yearning eyes as I cum on Daddy’s dick while he continues to fuck my pussy harder. I could see the passion in Steve’s eyes as he stroked his dick watching daddy fuck me.

“You like that cock?” he asked grasping a handful of hair pulling my head back. “Yes daddy you make me cum so hard!” I moaned. My pussy contracted squeezing his dick inside me as my body shook in pleasure. I felt pressure inside my pussy as his raging cock throbbed deep in my pussy.

“Oh yes fuck me daddy! I feel your dick throbbing inside my pussy” I cooed. My dirty talk was enough to push daddy over the edge.

“Yes cum inside me! Cum in my pussy!” I pleaded.

My body jolted as he pounded into me three more times before grabbing my hips and burying is dick all the way inside me. Daddy groaned as he began to cum. His dick throbbed and pulsed as he filled my pussy with his thick creamy load. I felt stream after stream of cum being pumped into my pussy as daddy convulsed inside me. The heat of his gigantic load penetrated my body as I lay across the counter shaking and cumming on my daddy’s dick.

He slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy. A flood of cum leaked from my pussy and ran down my inner thigh. I quickly brought my legs together to smearing the hot sticky cum between my thighs.

“Clean off my dick.” Daddy commanded. I dropped back down to my knees and took his still hard cock into my mouth. I milked every last drop of cum from his balls and licked his shaft clean while looking into his eyes.

“Good girl” he said as he pulled up his pants then walked upstairs to his bedroom.

Steve bursts through the door, runs into the kitchen and forces his dick in my face the moment daddy is out of sight. “Fuck sis I’m gonna cum!” he moans with his cock in hand. I open my mouth and swallow is dick deep down my throat sucking scrupulously.

“Oh fuck!” he screams before pushing his cock all the way down my throat almost making me gag. I sucked harder making his dick swell before spraying a load of cum that hits the back of my throat. His dick pumps and spurts wave after wave of cum filling my mouth faster than I can swallow. My brothers frenzied load overflowed from my mouth dripping from my lips, down my neck and all over my tits. I swallow a huge gulp of gooey cream as he continues to cum filling my mouth again.

I pull his dick from my mouth look into his eyes and let a stream of cum leak from my mouth and fall onto my tits. I scoop the load of cum from between my tits with 2 fingers and hold them above my head letting his cum drip back into my open mouth. My tongue swirled around in my mouthful of cream to savor the taste before swallowing it down saving just enough to swish across my tongue.

Steve collapsed into a kitchen chair and zoned out in the moment. I kissed the head of his cock before standing up and heading back up to my room to get dressed for the day.

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