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Janey's intoduction to Teri as told by Teri

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To you as my college student and me as your tutor...

Earlier in the week, I had suggested that Janey come over to my apartment to study. I told her it would be a bit more relaxed and we could get comfortable while we cracked the books. Just to be sure, I wore my sexiest clothes that day. I didn't put on a bra, and made certain that the buttons on my blouse remained open halfway down. In addition, I wore a really tight skirt with a slit up the side, and some absolutely stunning perfume.

All day long, the boys were whispering behind my back, and I could feel their eyes burning into me. They must have thought, I had a hot date that evening with a lucky guy. I don't think any of them suspected that in reality, I was really itching to make it with one of the girl students - the school's prize student.

When Janey arrived, it didn't take long for me to seduce her and she was a willing student. Together, we fondled and probed. For almost ten minutes I sucked on Janey's pink nipples. Her tits were big, and spongy, and fitted into my hands just perfectly. As I licked away at her breasts, I kept squeezing them, increasing the pressure as our excitement mounted. After bringing her to the point of near orgasm - and I hadn't even touched her cunt yet - I suggested we strip completely and go into the bedroom where we could be more comfortable.

As Janey stretched out on the sheets, I knew that I was about to have the feast of my life. The bush between her legs was so inviting, and through her dark colored pubic hairs, I could see that her pussy was already drenched and her clit hard in anticipation of what was to happen next.

"Don't move, let me make this real good for you" I told her. Without saying anything else, I licked up and down her thighs, hardly able to contain my excitement. When I finally touched her fiery furnace, she nearly jumped through the ceiling. Thrashing and throwing herself around on the bed, Janey held my head firmly with her hands and tried to push her cunt all the way into my mouth.

Her innocent face was now filled with sexual lust, and she was starting to talk filthy, something that really turns me on. "Lick me harder you cunt! Stick your tongue all the way up my twat. Eat my pussy until I cum all over your face, bitch!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Janey must have cum at least half a dozen times. All the while I was using my tongue on her, I was masturbating, pulling my clit and stroking it through my panties as hard as I could. While I tongued Janey, I must have reached four or five climaxes myself, soaking my panties.

She asked if my ass looked as good in the flesh as it did in my tight skirt? I pulled off my skirt and panties and said, "Why don't you check and see?" Flush with excitement she watched my bare ass in the mirror behind me. Her excited finger examined me down there. She pushed me down on the floor and she continued to finger me. She met my mouth with hot hungry kisses. She fondled with my breasts without asking, just took charge. When I whispered her name, she glanced up from my pussy, a delirious face full of sexual heat, she kissed me over and over till I climaxed.

This love affair continued for a long time. Sometimes I didn't know who was the student. Either way she is always in control of the game.

She loves to pull me close to her in the car, in a parking lot, wherever we are, and give me tongue kisses that excite me so much I can hardly cope with anything because I'm wondering when--how soon--we will be in a room alone where she will satisfy me. She always leaves our sessions making sure I am completely satisfied. And this is her power over me.

Her teasing kisses make sure I wont stray to anyone else,because I will focused on nothing else but having her work me over with her techniques till I climax, and I never know how many days this will be. Again, a good use of her power. One of her fetishes is to pull my jeans down to my knees and lay me over her big pillowy lap and spank my bare bottom with a ruler. When she is on a roll

she spanks hard.

One day at a hotel by the beach, we had just finished a walk on the beach when Janey decided we would play nurse back at our room. A fireplace warmed our cozy retreat; we opened the drapes enough to watch the ocean waves pound the shore. Wearing a nurses uniform, she removed my clothing slowly, methodically, putting things away, watching the whole time to see how it affected me, a wicked look in her eye and she finally tucked me under the blankets, but not before she rolled me over and paddled my ass with the sole of her leather shoe to wilt any defiance I might show.

"I'm the nurse, its time for your exam, Missy," she said smiling down at me as her hands molested me thoroughly, satisfying herself anyway she pleased while her mouth gave me hungry kisses. I was her candy store. She pinched my nipples hard while two of her fingers penetrated my pussy and fucked me till I nearly came. I moaned and signaled my approval. But before I could have my reward, she felt my forehead.

She touched a vibrator to the tip of the thermometer that was buried in my ass, and a pleasant thrill went through me.  I rested my head and wondered what all she had in store for me. I wasn't sure I could handle too many surprises in one day. She had striped down to her black lace teddy.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" I got a mouth full of titty and fingered what I could reach of her clit--- we were off to the races. Then she took off 2 lavender silk scarves and tied my wrists and ankles. She swatted my bottom with a ruler till the stinging began stimulating me and I was beginning to lubricate.

I wiggled around to escape the pain. She told me to be still or I would be a "VERY SORRY LITTLE GIRL!" and switched to spanking me with her open hand, diamond rings glistening. I asked her to stop but its to no avail once Janey makes her mind up to punish me. Laying me flat on my back, she pulled back her silk robe to reveal a strap on appliance, and got between my legs with it.

She eased it into my pussy and took some strokes inside me, but before I could come, she forced it carefully up my ass and

sodomized me till she was satisfied. The wicked lust filled her face with glee. I was dying to cum. I cried and asked her, "Please! Make me come soon Janey!"

As soon as she was convinced my tears were real she released my wrist restraint---pulled me up to her lips and dried my tears --- said sweet things. She positioned me for a 69 with her and we licked each others clits.

I sucked and kissed her breasts and nipples with abandon, first one then the other. (Our excitement was over the top.) I did my best to satisfy her. Then she sat on the edge of the bed with me straddling her lap facing her. She fondled my slick pussy and ass and kissed the top of my head, held me tight.

My arms circled her neck as I sucked her flawless tits. We both came hard as I rode her thigh to orgasm (her fingers tucked into me from the rear) and I fucked her pussy with the vibrator while sucking those Double D nips as I went. We lay on the bed and luxuriated in our release.

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