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That's Italian! part 1

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Julie Christie Morrison stood with her husband Thomas outside the Coliseum. The glory of ancient Rome was right there, it was a breathtaking sight, and Julie was in awe. Seeing the wonderful country of Italy, she was also in awe, not to mention an almost constant state of horniness, with all the dark haired, sexy Italian men that gave her more than a once look over, making her pussy throb.

Personal Services Pt. 4

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    Monday morning Mary was back in Beck's office. He rose from behind his desk as she was ushered in by the smirking Amber. Thankfully, he waved the smug little bitch back out the door as he motioned Mary to come stand before him. He grinned in satisfaction as he scanned her up and down, nodding in approval at her attire.
    Today she was dressed in a black sk

Cherry Hill riding club part 5

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Emily was snooping in Jenn's room every day, eager to see "Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn" added to her daughter's collection. Her pussy was hornier every day, fuck, she couldn't wait to see her daughter taking on the hard, stiff horse cock.

My Brother and I Share a Girl (Part 1)

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This story is about the first time I was ever with another woman.  I was 16 at the time, and my brother was 19.  We had been talking about trying a threesome with another girl for a while by this point.  I had always been fascinated

Personal Services Pt. 3

jjonah on Forced Stories

Chapter 3

    Mary did not get called into "work" the next day, nor the day after that. She dressed as Beck had commanded--short skirts, stockings and garter-belt, no panties--and  stayed home, jumping every time the phone rang, butterflies in her stomach until she learned it was not the dreaded Amber calling her into "service". And after each fa

Personal Services Pt. 2

jjonah on Forced Stories

    The next morning Mary found Walter, as she had expected, passed out in his chair. She rousted him out, coldly ordering him to get ready for work. He obeyed without protest, his guilt weighing on him as much as his hangover. Mary made breakfast for the kids then drove them to school in her nightgown and robe, as she often did. Back home, she was clearing the breakfast dishes whe

Personal Services Pt. 1

jjonah on Forced Stories

    Mary Conley checked her makeup in the tiny mirror of her compact. Her ruby-red lipstick was perfect, thick mascara and smoky eye shadow, light blush across her high cheekbones all checked out fine. After applying a light dusting of powder across her nose, she snapped the compact closed and slipped it back into her purse. She hoped she looked all right, dressed in a dark green p

Dancing With A Friend - Part 2

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The moment I was sure my husband wouldn’t wake up I slid out of bed and quietly snuck out of our bedroom closing the door behind me. I walked into the spare bedroom to find John lying on his back with his dick erect like a flagpole as he jerked himself off. I quickly pushed the door closed and climbed into bed next to him.

“I’ve been waiting for this dick!” I whispered into his ear a

Auntie Babs farm part 6

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After a few minutes of afterglow, Abby decided she's better get back downstairs, lest her Auntie Babs came upstairs, and caught her naked in bed, with her pillow still stuffed between her thighs. She felt a thrill race through her at the thought, and her mind pulled up what it would be like, if her Auntie Babs caught her humping her pillow.

Saving her from herself - Chapter 7

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The rest of the drive was pleasant enough. Kayla’s near constant chatter about trivial topics allowed his mind to focus on something other than how enticing she looked in those little black shorts and sapphire tank top. Each time there was a lull in the conversation his thoughts began to drift and he would find himself wondering what was beneath them. He immediately s

Saving her from herself - Chapter 6

TelltaleInsanity on Incest Stories

What had started out as an innocent mistake was quickly spiraling out of control. She was all he could think about and the more he thought about her, the harder it was to keep his hands off his cock. Just being around her was proving increasingly difficult for him and lately is seemed like she was just about everywhere he went. The real problem, however, came the night befo

Difficult Boy Pt. 2

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    Gretchen Chambers awoke to a pounding headache. She buried her face in the pillow against the painful brightness of the morning sunlight, cursing herself for the amount of booze she had put away last night. Last night...

    Slowly it came back to her. Her Birthday. Her divorce. The crowded nightclub. The pretty young guy on the dance floor. Making out in a

Cherry Hill riding club part 4

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As she felt her orgasm start to recede, Emily came to her senses. Naked, outside her daughter's door, spying on Jenn and Cherry fucking, and masturbating to what she was seeing. She raced back to her room, hastily pulled her clothes back on, and crept towards the stairs, intending to sneak downstairs, and quietly out the door. She didn't make it, when she heard Jenn and Cherry talking. She crept

Babysitter's discovery part 9

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It was 7:30 PM Friday night, and Emma was almost trembling as she rang Anna's doorbell. They had seen each other earlier in the day, to visit the salon to make sure that they had matching Brazilians, all nice and waxed smooth. Knowing what was going to happen this evening, the feel of her smooth, sensitive entrance again exposed, had kept Emma in a constant state of arousal all day.

Cherry Hill riding club part 3

Morgen on Animal Stories

Over the next few weeks, more volumes were added to Jenn's collection. The Cherry Hill riding club now was up to 6 volumes, as Hannah, a long legged redhead became part 3, Susan, a petite blonde with rich honey colored skin was part 4, Naomi, with black hair and rich, bulbous curves was part 5, and Tara, a 6 foot tall strawberry blonde became part 6.

Me and My Sweet Blonde Neigbour

anonymous on Teen Stories

This story is complete fiction, there is no truth behind it.

Little introduction, This story happened when I was a 17 year old single guy, with brown hair and green eyes. This is a story about how me and my 14 year old neighbour Amelia started e

Babysitter's discovery part 8

Morgen on Teen Stories

Anna looked over at Emma with a smile, and asked, "So, is everything set?"

Emma replied, "Yes, Rick is going to hit the ground running on Friday. I told him that I was going to babysit on Friday, and he thought that meant another no Friday date, but then I put on my sexiest voice, and told him if he wanted to come over to your house while I sat, I'd make it worth his while.

Auntie Babs farm part 5

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At breakfast the next morning, Abigail kept sneaking peeks at her Auntie Babs and her brother Richard. She kept remembering them locked in those steamy embraces, Richard's cock deep inside Auntie Babs, pumping his sperm into her. And then to hear what her own Mom and Dad were up to with the neighbors, oh my.

Cherry Hill riding club part 2

Morgen on Animal Stories

When Emily saw that the DVD of Cherry Hill riding club part 1 stayed in Jenn's room, she deduced that it was a copy for Jenn to keep, and Emily was overjoyed. When Jenn was out, and Emily knew that she'd be alone for a while, she have the DVD going, ramming her overheated pussy, watching Penny get splattered with a load of steaming horse cum,

Babysitter's discovery part 7

Morgen on Teen Stories

The drive back to Anna's house was only 10 minutes, but to Emma, every minute just seemed to drag by. When they finally parked in the garage, Emma and Anna walked hand in hand straight to the bedroom. No reason to put off the release of that heated lust, oh yeah, Emma was practically gushing.

The Clinic

uosdwisrdewoh on Transgender Stories

I got out of my cab and looked up at the Clinic. It was a small, nondescript hospital. I was still pretty nervous about this treatment since I wasn’t even sure of the details. But it was either this or go under the knife. This problem had to be dealt with. I picked up my bag and went into the lobby.

The beautiful asian receptionist smiled at me as I walked up

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to the desk. “Hi, can I help you?”

Jeez, I really didn’t need a beautiful woman knowing why I was here. Oh well, I guessed it wouldn’t matter soon.

“Yeah, I’m checking in. My name’s Jeff Albertson.”

“Oh yes. I have your reservation right here, Mr. Albertson. You can leave your bag here and go right into room 17. Undress and Dr. Hanson will be with you shortly.”

“Uh, okay, thanks.”

I went into the room and took off my clothes. It was a typical doctor’s examining room and I expected to sit there waiting for half an hour as is usually the case. But I was surprised that the door opened almost right away.

I fought the urge to cover up as another gorgeous woman walked into the room. She had on an extremely short skirt covered by a white lab coat. A stethoscope hung against her incredible breasts.

“Hi Jeff. I’m Dr. Hanson.”


She gave me a quick, efficient examination and finally took my dick in her hand. Her rubber gloved finger started stroking it and I gasped.

“It’s alright, Jeff. This is part of my job.”

My dick quickly expanded to it’s full four inches in her hands. She measured it to confirm that number.

“Our treatment can definitely help you, Jeff. Your length and breadth will definitely double, perhaps more.”

“That‘s incredible. Thank you.” My face was very red.

“We can administer the first treatment immediately. Nurse Nancy will be in to do it shortly. Have a good day.”

Once she had gone and I could think again I realized I hadn’t thought to ask a single question about what this treatment was. I tried to relax. It was supposed to be completely painless and all natural. Everything would be fine.

A few minutes later the nurse entered. She was the best looking woman yet. Was this for real?? Her uniform looked more like some kind of fetish nurse costume. Her blond hair was pulled up under her little nurse’s hat, the white dress clung to every curve and exposed several inches of cleavage. The skirt was so short I caught a glimpse of her panties and garter belts held up white stockings. And finally she wore red high heels. Definitely not standard nurse’s shoes.

“Hi Jeff! Are you ready for your treatment?”

“Um, actually, I had a few-”

She was unbuttoning her dress. What in the hell was going on??

“It’s easier this way. And I find the patient is much more relaxed if we’re both naked.”

She let her dress drop, exposing her large, firm breasts and flat stomach. She was wearing only her stockings and a white thong with a red cross that matched the one on her hat. The thong contained a large bulge.

My mouth dropped open as she pulled it down, exposing testicles and the biggest dick I’d ever seen.


“Okay, it’s time to explain, Jeff. The treatment consists of you swallowing my semen. It contains hormones that will make your own penis grow rapidly.

I know it’s a shock but the treatment is completely effective and there are no side effects.”

I couldn’t form words. I couldn’t even close my mouth.

‘I know it’s a little intimidating.” She said in a gentle voice. “But I can do most of the work. All you have to do is swallow. I promise this does not mean you’re a homosexual and I’m tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.

Now can we get started?”

She indicated a padded platform a couple of inches off the ground. Hadn’t noticed that before.

Well, this was it. If this is the price of having a good-sized dick I guess I could bare it. I knelt down in front of her and the enormous organ was inches from my face.

“Um, wha-what do I do?”

“All you have to do is open your mouth when I tell you and swallow when I ejaculate.”

“Uh, okay.”

She started sliding the magnificent cock up and down and it slowly swelled. She also reached between her legs and started probing behind her balls. Fingering herself? I couldn’t see.

Despite the enormous male equipment in my face I couldn’t help but be turned on by this display. Her hands moved all over her amazing body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her large nipples. She obviously enjoyed her job.

She gasped and moaned. Her eyes closed and her tongue flicked over her luscious red lips.

“O-okay…open up. Get ready. It’s gonna be a…big one!”

Her rock-hard cock now stood out at least a foot and she jerked it rapidly with both hands.

I opened my mouth and she jammed it roughly in. The huge head filled my mouth and then rammed into the back of my throat.

“Yeah! Oh god, here it comes!” She gasped.

She moaned and gasped as her cock erupted in my mouth. I gulped down the cum as fast as I could, trying not to think about what it was. The taste wasn’t bad. I could do this.

It overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin.

“Suck.” Nancy gasped. “Get it all.”

I did as she instructed.

Finally she pulled her cock out of my mouth. More cum dripped down it’s length and down her shaved balls. I wasn’t surprised when she told me to get the rest of it and I leaned forward to lick her dick and balls clean then cleaned up what had dripped onto my chin and chest.

“Okay, you did very well. It will take a little while for it to take effect. Have a seat and I’ll be back to check on you in a few minutes.”

She pulled her clothes back on and left.

I sat on the examination table running over this unbelievable experience in my mind.

I had a hard-on. Once Nancy was gone I stood up and walked around the small room, trying to make it go down but it refused. I listened at the door. It didn’t sound like anybody was in the hall. I quickly sat down again and started jerking off.

A minute later Nurse Nancy entered the room again. Of course I was mortified but I just couldn’t make myself stop. I shifted to block her view with my arm but she could obviously tell what I was doing.

“You have to refrain from masturbating, Jeff.” She said “I know it’s hard.”

“S-sorry.” I said, trying to stop, but my hand had a mind of it’s own.

She walked across the room and pried my hand off my dick.

“Here. Lay down.”

She raised the rails on the table and before I realized what she was doing she strapped my wrist into a leather cuff.

“Hey! What the-?”

“If you masturbate too soon after the treatment it won’t take effect.”

“Okay, I won’t! You don’t have to do this!”

“You won’t be able to control yourself in a few minutes. Trust me. This is the way it has to be.”

I let her strap my other wrist in and strap my legs down.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon. It won’t be much longer now, I promise.”

By the time she came back I was a mess, writhing around on the table trying to rub my dick against my legs, the rail, anything to get some friction!

“Alright! Alright, Jeff! You’re doing fine. You can come now.”

She took a hold of my painfully hard dick. She didn’t even get a chance to stroke it before it blew and I was rocked with the orgasmic equivalent of being hit by a truck. My cum hit the ceiling as I blacked out.


I woke up in a hospital bed. I realized I was naked under the sheet. A nurse walked in. Do I have to tell you she was gorgeous? She was a redhead and wore the same kinky candy striper uniform as Nancy.

She set down a tray of food. It smelled delicious and looked far better than normal hospital food. I realized I was starving.

“Hi there Jeff. I’m Samantha. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good. A little like I just ran a marathon.”

“Yes, the first treatment is always the most intense. It’ll get easier as time goes on.”

The treatment. I was confused and disoriented. It couldn’t really have happened the way I remembered it, could it?

“Um, the treatment…could you-”

“You’re wondering if it was all a dream?” She giggled “That’s not uncommon.”

She hiked up her skirt and pulled a big, thick dick out of her cute little nurse’s thong.

“Nope. As I’m sure Nancy told you the treatment involves you swallowing a hermaphrodite’s semen. I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant for you.” She stroked her dick idly as she spoke, making it semi-hard.

“No, not at all.”

I couldn’t believe how much watching her stroke her huge cock was turning me on. I was pitching a little tent under the sheet.

She moved toward the tray of food.

“Well then, would you like some special sauce for your dinner?” She grinned mischievously.

“Y-yes! Please!”

She giggled again as she started pumping her dick faster and faster, aiming it toward my plate. I watched, totally turned on, as her cock erupted, spewing thick cum all over the steak, vegetables, and bread as well as all over the tray and floor and wall. It made a huge mess but my mouth was watering.

Samantha pulled the tray table over to the bed. She wiped the final drop of cum oozing out of the big head of her cock and sucked it off the tip of her finger.

She flashed me her pretty smile. “Enjoy.”


Over the next few days my treatments continued. The orgasms did get less intense. I was usually only knocked out til noon. The nurses got more friendly and flirty and I took a more active role in the treatments, licking and sucking their big beautiful cocks. And my own was growing noticeably. I was already up to six inches. This was too good to be true.

The Clinic was a really nice place, halfway between hospital and high end hotel. There were a few other patients but they seemed as uninterested in interacting with me as I was with them. Most guys don’t want to admit to needing penis enhancement and I didn’t think most of them were as comfortable with the treatment as I was.

That day after recovering from my treatment I went out for a swim in the pool.

I dove in and swam a few laps. When I came up I saw Nancy and a nurse named Danielle in tiny bikinis laying out towels next to the pool.

Nancy waved to me. “Hi Jeff! Want to come help us with our lotion?”

I eagerly swam to the side of the pool and climbed out. They were taking each other’s bikinis off. Why did they even bother to wear them? Danielle had the biggest, most gravity defying breasts I’ve ever seen.

I looked over at their bags and discarded clothes.

“Where’s the lotion.”

Nancy laughed. “Oh come on, Jeff! You know the answer to that!”

Yeah, I guess I did. I knelt between them and started fondling both of their big, thick cocks. I stroked the massive rods until they both sprayed cum all over their tits. I had to resist the urge to lick it up but I dutifully rubbed the thick, hot “lotion” all over their fantastic bodies and had to be satisfied with licking my fingers clean.

I dove back into the pool and swam some more. I was swimming to the shallow end to get out when I saw a pair of sexy female legs underwater. I stood up and a pretty blond I’d never met before smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Marcia.”

“Hi, Jeff.”

“How long have you been here, Jeff?”

“Four days now.”

She grinned and pointed to my crotch. “Can I…see?”

I pulled down my trunks. She was a medical professional after all. Wasn't she?

She reached out and squeezed my now average sized dick.

“Nice. I‘ve been here two weeks.”

She pulled down the bottom of her swimsuit to reveal a dick about the size of mine with much smaller balls. I was surprised. I hadn’t seen a woman under a foot here.

“Of course, it takes a lot longer for a woman. I should be done in about a month.”

This place has female patients?? I had no idea! The thought of hundreds or thousands of women walking around with huge cocks really turned me on.

“Looks great.” I said.

“Well, see you around, Jeff.” She turned and dove into the water.


That night I was fast asleep when I felt someone crawl on top of me. I opened my eyes to look up at Marcia’s smiling face.


We were both naked and I felt her hard cock against my stomach.

She giggled. “Hi, Jeff. I’m so fucking horny if I don’t get laid I’m gonna rape somebody!” She kissed me. “So which is it gonna be?”

She pulled my wrist over to the leather cuff hanging from the railing.

I grinned up at her. “What if I call for a nurse?”

“I’ve got the perfect thing to shove in your mouth to shut you up. Besides, the nurses around here, they’d probably want to watch.”

“Okay, of course I want to. But lets pretend I don’t.” I slipped my wrist through the cuff.

Marcia laughed. “Okay. Just don‘t say I didn‘t warn you!”

She tied me securely to the bed then climbed back on top of me.

She thrust her breasts in my face.

“Suck!” She ordered.

Like I had to be told! I eagerly started licking and sucking her big, beautiful breasts.

“Mmm, I love this treatment!” She sighed. “Even my breasts are getting bigger and more sensitive!”

She crawled farther up my body and her dick was in my face. Her thick six inches looked just as tasty as any of the huge nurses’. I stretched my neck and licked it.

“Not yet!” She lifted up her balls and I just barely saw her swollen labia in the dim light. “Lick your Mistress’s pussy!”

I eagerly buried my face in her steaming pussy. With all that had happened at the Clinic I almost forgot how much I loved eating pussy. She got off at least twice before she pulled away from me a little.

“Now suck my balls.” She giggled. “Never imagined I’d be saying that to a guy!”

Her balls were getting bigger but still smaller than average. They fit very comfortably in my mouth and she murmured happily as I rolled them around on my tongue.

Then she pulled her balls out of my mouth and turned over so we were in a sixty-nine position. She leaned down and gave my dick a few licks.

“You’re coming along nicely. What are you now? Seven inches? Very nice. Time to break in mine!”

She jammed her dick all the way down my throat. I gagged. She pulled it out and immediately thrust it back in. Tied up like this I had no control over how much she stuck in. She was more fucking my throat than allowing me to suck her. It hurt and I felt a little like I was going to puke whenever she jammed it all the way in but I was loving it. And she was doing incredible things to my dick with her own mouth.

I came first and she continued to pound my throat.

“Oh yeah! Oh god yeah! Your throat is so fucking tight! We’ll have to do this again when I’ve grown a few more inches.”

She slammed it all the way in and my throat spasmed, fighting the urge to vomit. She screamed out in orgasm and I felt her dick emptying it’s load straight down my throat.

“Oops, guess the nurses probably heard that one.” She giggled as she pulled her dick out of my throat. I coughed and gagged. That hurt like hell but I loved it!

She turned around and straddled my hips. “Now let’s take yours for a test drive. But I’m warning you, if you come before Mistress tells you to this time I’ll gag you and leave you here for the nurses to find in the morning.”

The nurses. Where were they? I was really hoping somebody would come join us. We were making enough noise here.

She slapped me. “Understand, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” I gasped through my ravaged throat.

She slid back and pulled my dick inside her.

“Oh yeah! That’s so big!!”

That was gratifying.

I wanted to come the second I got inside her, being in this hospital made me insanely horny, but I held on as long as I could.

She rode my dick hard, rapidly pounding her own beautiful new endowment.

With another lusty scream she sprayed hot cum all over my face and her cunt clamped down hard on my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thrust up into her and shot my load.

“Bad boy! I wasn’t anywhere near finished with you yet.”

“Sorry. I’ll be ready again in a second.”

“Too late, bitch.”

“Oh come on, you’re not really-”

She slipped off the bed and held up a crumpled piece of cloth.

“These panties don’t fit very well anymore but I’ll put them to good use.” She crammed the panties into my mouth and smiled down at me. “See you around the pool.”

Grinning evilly, she turned and walked out.

A few moments later Nurse Amy walked in.

“Have a good time, Jeff? I was watching. Sure looked like you were.”

I nodded and tried to ask her to remove the panties.

She looked down at me tied and gagged. “Good. See you tomorrow.”

I yelled through the gag as she turned and walked away.

“Sleep tight.”


It was my last morning at the Clinic. I was really going to miss the place. Dr. Hanson was giving me my final exam.

“Looks fantastic, Jeff. Nancy will be here in a second to give you your final treatment.”

“Thanks Doc. Thanks for everything.”

Nancy walked in.

She came over and hugged me tight. “I’m gonna miss you, Jeff! You were my favorite patient ever!”

“I’ll miss you too, Nancy.”

“Come on over here.” She indicated the kneeling bench.

I knelt and she leaned down and pulled my hands behind me. Before I knew it she had snapped handcuffs onto me and secured them to a bolt in the wall.

“We’re all gonna miss you. So we decided to give you a going away treatment you’ll never forget.”

The door opened and all of the beautiful nurses crowded into the small examining room. They all held their huge dicks in their hands. Nancy and Doc Hanson reached under their skirts and pulled out their own monsters.


I left the Clinic with a ten inch dick, severely bruised vocal chords, and a major fetish for nurses and women with dicks. I started seeing Marcia a few months later. She keeps a nurse‘s costume in her closet and nothing turns me on more than when she puts it on and ties me up.

was my doctor?? Was a steady stream of incredibly hot women part of this treatment? Ha! I wish!