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My Sexy Sister Chap. 1

Joe3joe3joe3 on Incest Stories

My Sexy Sister
Before this year, my sister was just that, my sister. I never thought of her any other way, and certainly not the way I do now. She just turned 14, and is now one of the hottest girls in my high school as a freshman. With her fat, firm ass from doing track, and her huge 34 D tits, and a face beautiful enough to earn her multiple modeling offers, she had seniors ogling after her all the time. You would think that me being her twin brother would give me at least a decent bod and face, but no. She was a mere 5'3", whereas I was almost 6'. Even more tantalizing about Morgan was that she didn't realize how hot she was, she had never had a boyfriend, never been to a high school party, never even kiss someone! All this made me realize: she had to be mine.

I started my planning

Hallway Heaven Chap 2

Joe3joe3joe3 on Sex Stories

Hallway Heaven Chap. 2
After having the best morning of my life, my day continued as normal, I sort of forgot about my power, I was too focused on my classes. But it was nearing the end of the school day, and I was feeling that familiar urge. I decided to put my powers to the test. I was in the middle of math, and Bella was sitting right in front of me, again wearing these super tight leggings. Bella was a bit on the short side, but had a beautiful face, decent rack, and huge ass. She had a little darker complexion, she was Filipino or something, with brown eyes and thick brown hair. Not only that, but she was a little bit nerdy, just shy enough to make her even cuter. Definitely not a slut like that horny bitch Maya. But I was sitting behind Bella, imagining all of the things that I cou

Moms Little Sissy - Part 2

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Watching my mother lick my sperm of from her feet and toes was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. She took it nice and slow and stretched out here tongue to reach in between her toes and to lick the soles of her feet, my cum spilling over onto her face and lips. I sat up from the bed and moved in closer and started helping her lick her clean, our tongues touching as they moved over her wet, sticky feet.
Her mouth was filled with my load and her lips foamy as she grabbed my neck and pulled me towards her. She pressed her lips against mine then opened her mouth and started kissing me. Our tongues swirling around together, mixed with saliva and my warm cum. I closed my eyes as the kiss got more intense, our mouths fully opened and pressed hard against each other not spilling a

Mom's little Sissy - The Beginning

EmilyAdler on Incest Stories

I was only twelve when this all started and it was a very exciting time for me. A friend of mine had told me about masturbating and I spent all my free time trying it out.
I had found a few porno magazines in a garbage bin close to school and I would spend all my afternoons watching these wonderful naked women spreading their legs in stockings and high heels. Fingering themselves and grabbing their big luscious tits. Sucking big throbbing cocks or engaging in some lesbian games sticking their tongue and fingers inside another girl's pussy.

I really enjoyed these hours after school before the rest of the family got home and there was just one thing missing. I didn't have orgasms yet. I felt like my penis would explode any minute but nothing ever came out. At the time I thought it was j

Summer Sex Fantasy

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It was the beginning of June and everyone is out for summer break and people that worked were going on vacation. You had a house that had a swimming pool and I also lived down the road from you.
It was was a warm day on a Saturday. I felt like swimming and didn't want to go to the pool. And I know you wouldn't mind if I came over to cool off in the heat. So I asked and you told to come on over because you said you were going to tan.
I walked over and knocked on your door and you answered it. I came in and you were finishing up cleaning a few things in the house and doing some of your laundry. You said "Jacob you can go out and cool off in the pool, I'll be out there in a few after I throw my laundry in the washing machine and my other laundry in the dryer." And I said "Alrighty I'm go

meri bari behan ki chudai

myhotsissundus on Incest Stories

Hello Friends mujhe ummid hai ki aap sab thik hi honge.. Dosto mai aapko apni kahani sunane ja raha hun ki kaise maine Sundus

ki shadi ke baad unki suhagrat ke bare mai sab kuch jana or uske baad Sundus ki chudai ki.. to dosto jaisa ki aap sabhi jante

ho ki mai or sundus Sundus sex kiya karte hai or jin dosto ko nahi pata wo meri pahle ki story padh le taki unhe bhi pata

lage ki mera or Sundus ka kya rishta hai?

Dosto Sundus or maine karib do mahine tak sex kiya or kuch time ke liye Sundus ko apni padhai ke liye hostel mai jakar rahna

pada.. lekin jab Sundus ghar aati to mai sundus Sundus ki chut or gand dono marta hun or hum dono apni sex life se bahut

khush the. Phir Sundus ki padhai puri hone ke baad hamare ghar walo ne unki shadi karne ka fesla liya or jaldi hi

End of a Long Week Time for Fun

ellercom on Love Stories

The week slowly ground to a end on Friday afternoon. Chase had finished his day early at work and found his way home and jumped in the shower. His life had been very different after his surgery. Before his surgery he had worked hard with Brianna and managed to lose a good amount of weight and was really proud of the way he was turning out. After his surgery when he was cleared he started going back to the gym. He loved it very much and the new and interested looks that Brianna had been giving him and he was very excited to see himself in the steamy mirror as he exited the shower. He took his towel and wiped the steam away from the mirror and stared back at himself through his own brown eyes. Just then a thought entered his head, he smiled to himself as he picked up his razor and tr

Aunt fucked by her nephew

Sunilman on Indian Stories

माझे नाव सुनील आहे , मी खोटे काहीच सांगणार नाही हि एक खरी कथा आहे. माझे वय २५ वर्ष. लंड ७ इंच आणि चांगलाच जाडजूड आहे काकूंचे वय ३५-४० असेल. काकूंचे नाव मीनल आहे. दिसायला एकदम मदमस्त गोरीपान होती, २ मुलांची आई असूनसुद्धा तिचे फिगर तिने जपून ठेवले होते . तशी काकू थोडी जाड होती पण कुणीही बघून त्याचा उभा राहील एवढी सेक्सी ती नक्कीच होती. बॉल एकदम मोठे तिची फिगर ३४-३२-३६ अशी असेल. तिची गांड बघून कुणीही वेडा होऊन जाईल अशी, काकूने मलाही वेडे केले होते. काका पिऊन असायचे त्यामुळे ती त्रस्त होती.
एका कार्यक्रमानिमित्त आम्ही घरातले सगळे एकत्र जमलो होतो. काकू पण आलेल्या. मी काकूंना भेटलो होतो. काकूंनी साडी घातली होती, त्यातून तिचे गोरे पॉट न बेंबी दिसत होती. मी काकूंना नमस्कार करायला खाली वाकलो पण काकूने मला उठवून मिठी मारली. मीहि काकूला थोडे जोरात ओढले आणि तिचे बॉल माझ्या छातीवर दाब

Evil Blessing

johnarthurpayette on Erotic Horror




Within a mansion where George Hearn was recently hired, a girl not quite living drifted toward him in the form of a mist. Lovely was her voice as she spoke to him and soon he followed her wispy though shapely form to the upper floor of the great house, pausing at the door which she said was her room, the very room where the tough old lady who was his boss place slept.

Come to me, she said.

He didn’t realize her words registered in his mind, not in the fabric of the air. “Where did you go,” he asked, “why can’t I see you anymore?”

The real me is on the other side of the door, and I am oh so lonely.

“But this is Ruth’s bedroom. Do you want to get me fired?”

Oh no, not for anything in the world. Don’t worry. She sleeps with

reunion at the island retreat

UnonimousBotch on Incest Stories

"Jimmy...JIMmy!.. For FUCK Sakes Jimmy, wake the hell up". The voice was male, very deep, and familiar.
"Yea Jimmy. Come on. Git up. You don't wanna miss the reunion now do ya"? This voice, shrill yet somewhat sweet, brought me to semi-consciousness.
It was the voice I had heard whispering in my ear since I was a kid. It belonged to my cousin Paully.
I rolled towards it, onto my back and half-opened one eye.Yep. It was Paully alright.My sweet cousin Paully.My fist love...
...or rather... my fist lust, and not much had changed with Paully it appeared, for through the half opened eye,I noticed right off,
that she was staring with twinkling eyes, at the outline of my morning wood, beneath the satin sheet covering me.
I groaned, and covered my eyes with my forearm, not bothering to hid

Master Puppet Just Suck it!! RobinReplaysSex

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They all had a puppet inside, with red juicy silk strings Las Vegas Nevada, Like no other Porn place.She was in her prime devilish sex toys standings erect real men.Like her cock game slot. Donna so Dollie, she's playing with herself flaming hot he had a craving 4 the Follie so trendy but he was eating our her strawberry's vagina lips, that were Play Suck me Hustler magazine of Italian fuck me Fendi. Pulling her hair tieing her up she loves its. He is flooding all over her semen dripped honey went all over her sore lips.Sex new's.brutal walk she all fuckin bruised He jumped and she was his command she loved when he was deep inside hard and forceful until the pain killed her.She kept on sucking him.
Magnifying big lips. She was the Holly-doll plastic surgeonThat puppet took a mighty lon

My shirt cannot contain my tits

Dickbetweenmytits on Erotic Poems

My breasts have swelled in size
They're tugging in my shirt
The fabric reveals my nipples
Which are hard as rocks
Now where oh where can I find myself a big, throbbing cock?

That cock I would slide inbetween my two giant swells
the head coming ever closer to my eagerly waiting mouth
Pussy below throbbing
Hard cock bobbing,
bobbing to my mouth

As I suck and suck
I have some good luck
as cum starts pouring, pouring in my mouth

Working in a Red Room

yvantheterrible on Erotic Horror

My name is Dimitri , 23 years old and I lived in a poor East European shit-country where most of the people must work only to survive. So sorry that my English is not perfect. Because I also want to drive a nice car, to have a good smartphone, etc. , like many men, I always search for ways to earn extra money.

On a Saturday evening, in a bar in the centre of the city, some unknown guy came to me and said : 'Hi , my name is Adam , are you interested in a job where you can earn a lot of money ? ' . He was wearing a nice suit , dark glasses, but his voice was soft : the first impression was confidence.
'Of course' I said, and my name is Dimitri . We sat down , he paid me a cocktail and asked : 'if I would say 'no ' if the job is not completely legal. I joked and said , 'if I don't h

My cock and my dog.

Dowtie on Taboo Stories

This all happened just recently. I was outside smoking and my my dog stays in the back yard were i smoke. Well one day while i was out there she did something she never has done before. She came up between my legs and was smelling my crotch area as she did this i thought "wow i wonder what that toungue feels like" so. I unzipped my fly of my pants and pulled my dick out (rock hard) and she started to lick all over it it felt so good. After a few minutes of that i got completely naked and rock hard outside she licked and licked just the head which was so good. She made me cum really hard going all over her face and toungue. But after this i decided "if she made me feel good then i should do it to her" so i did we went inside i rubbed vaseline on my cock and all over her asshole and pussy.

Rocky Face Cocky

RobinReplaysSex on Erotic Poems

Grin and bare it smile Life's cruel
Hot and dripping he lit my fuel

69 fuckers necklace.He bites her neck.

Beatnik beaded Goth heart Rolling Stones

sounds. He shifted so close desirable
( tasty mounds) what a poke.
The stranger Billy don't B Joelly joke.
Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her.
Just fuck her!!

to blame rocky divorce sucked so many times

electrocuted noises seated.He begged

"Oh! FUCK ME" pleated.

The last time 2-B with her killer sex toys she sued.

She got jinxed He was Moonstruck

crazy and read so erotically blue

What nerve Rocky eye punched. What

a wicked smile nymphomanic got bitched.

She the Goth dark horse of course?

Look at her picture please no lecture.
Trembling Rocking horror Hannibal Chair

Converting My Proper Wife into A Whore Part 5

WildWest on Sex Stories

Jen has come a long way from being the prim and proper white conservative wife to a hot whore that loves to be used as a big black cock cum dump. Jen’s preference is to fuck black men so she goes to the city area that is where black people shop. Jen is such an easy lay for black men, she rarely wears a bra or panties when she is out shopping so men can have quick access to her pussy. She has gotten picked up at grocery stores, malls and even pharmacies. A black shoe store manager took her to the shoe storeroom to show her additional shoes and fucked her in the ass. Two black twenty-year old male store clerks caught them fucking so Jen let them fuck her also, the two young guys took turns fucking all Jen’s holes. All black men have to do is ask and Jen will spread her legs very willingly.

Jack and the Giant

UnonimousBotch on Sex Stories

The year, was 1972, the place, a small town in Northern Ontario Canada, which like many towns of the time, was tapped out.
Work was hard to find, for a high-school student, during the summer of that year.
The lead guitar, and drummer of the band I was in, were lucky enough to be laborers, on a crew, that the guitar players dad ran ,
and the bass player,well he found work as a carry-out , at a local grocer.
Me?...I managed to get a short stint, on an extra gang.$1.86 per hour, minus $4.00 a day for food and lodging,
to work 100 miles from the nearest highway,removing, and re-laying railway tracks.
It was hard work, but I liked hard work. I was healthy, and strong, and adventurous.
All went well, for the first two weeks, until one day, a hot sun-bleaching day, when I had t

Coffee Bean and Cock

RobinReplaysSex on Erotic Poems

Special Bean mystical Chosen.He's risen
Cock Sex wars Coffee vagina scars
Sipping he's sadistic I stare burned-hot electrical
Suga love me rawr shapes erotic moans
BOOB cups geometrical
We march to the same sexual science
Well fucked guidance
metaphorical sex graphical
miracle how we met
He get's my taste hot drips the sunset
I taste his mind flies away sunset
Deliciously he swept her and licked her
stirred us should we or not tie the cuffs
Despite her defiance coffee set dominance
Bold wet dripping balance
categorical spanking coffee resistance
What drips 14 Karat gold shower.
The erotically drops poem's an hour?
Sex-body Coffee--steamy he raided my book,
How it poured master take another look
open up my most fuck day my book.
Eyes whipped Coffee Masquerade

Sometimes Naughty Nipple

RobinReplaysSex on Oral Stories

His mouth covered hers again his mouth slid down such an instinct kicked in
"God, you taste so good he plunged beneath her naughty look of a sexy grin.Her nipple jutted through he couldn't taste enough so he wanted more He's been on the wagon for so many naughty minds of months.He loved snakes he was sex of criminal minds and he pressed her against the bathroom wall slithering her with his potent poisons of cravings, His fingers got inside the lush curve of her sexy bottoms how she wiggled like a snake.Her legs shifted how she cradled his hard on.As hot As wet as her nipples will ever get.

HAVING THE HEADMISTRESS - A tale of mind control and abuse

norty100 on Forced Stories

The story i'm about to tell, be it good or bad, is the story of my life over the last two years. I would tell you that it's true in every aspect, but i feel certain that no-one would believe me so i shall save myself ridicule and say no such thing. It's the story of my ability. . . my ability to control people to do whatever i want, whatever i desire.
I discovered this talent by accident a couple of years ago, and to this day i don't know how it works and i don't know why it works, but work it does, and with an effectiveness that means that with a simple gesture and the power of thought i can get anyone to do my bidding, no matter how disturbing my wish may be. They are simply powerless to refuse.

It all started on a crisp spring morning in 2006. I was pouring myself a second cu

Turning My Wife into a whore wife Part 2

WildWest on Sex Stories

There were many suggestions from men that had turned their wife into a hot-wife, A particular story that was intriguing to me was from a 28 year old guy that lived 30 miles away from me. He wrote a 10 part story on a hot-wife blog less than 6 months old, it was titled, “How I Converted My Conservative Wife Into a Whore For BBC”. His story was very convincing, I contacted him to see how real his story was.

I emailed him and he gave his name as Nick, and said his wife was Lisa. I was curious as to their age so asked him and he said he was 27 and Lisa 25. He told me his story was true and he was totally into the sharing his hot-wife lifestyle. He said the name hot-wife is really is a nicer name for a slut or whore. Usually when a hot-wife goes black, they love how their first black lover


UnonimousBotch on Erotic Novels

"Peter...PEter, wake up".
My eyes slowly began to focus, and the face attached to the voice that was hailing me from my deep slumber came into view.
The face, and the surroundings seemed unfamiliar in my foggy-headed state .
"You have to help me out".The pretty face speaking,rousing me, was saying franticly.
As consciousnss rose, the puzzle began to fit.This was Donna. The sexy, cock-hungry nymph, who I met at the bar last night, was waking me up, with urgency.
"What? What is the problem" I asked, as my eyes took in the luxurious surroundings I awakened in.Right... I was at her house, in her bed,
partially covered by deep crimson satin sheets.
"It's Trina,the nanny. She has something unexpected happen, and She won't get here until noon, and I am already late for work. Can you PLEe

real incest

shabnam69 on Punjabi Sex Stories

Hello all.
This is our first story there be many mistakes

We are brother and sister we r twin.
We like to tell our experience in our life.
My sister is very sexy. From the early life. We like each other.
As a sister brother do. Sister name is Preeti I am Sonu.
My mom is also very sexy woman. Her name is Soni.
Father name is Lakha.

We living in India. Life was going fine. Our Grand mom, she is older.
One day father talked with mom that he is going to Canada for work.
Mom said what about kids we have to take then with us.
Father said what about my mom? She will be left alone.

Father talked with his mother about going to Canada.
Grandmother , she did not like the idea. Gmom said you can go to where u want to go but leave kids here with me. But mom it be hard on

Turning my wife into a Hotwife Part 1

WildWest on Sex Stories

My names is George and I am 33 and my beautiful wife Jennifer is 32. I work at high stress law office and we sealed high contract deals worth millions. I had not sealed a million dollar deal in months and my bosses are beginning to wonder about me. Our standard of living very high and I would like to keep it that way.

Jennifer is a very beautiful woman and stay at home mom of two twin young boys. I call my wife Jen and she has long beautiful blond hair, all the way to her midback. Jen has the most beautiful green eyes and has a killer tight body with very long legs. When she wears high heels her long legs even look longer. I have gotten Jen to wears the most sheer bra and panties. Her bra and panties are so small they hardly cover her ass, her beautiful tight ass cheeks just hangout

My wife turns into a COCK LOVING WHORE!

WildWest on Sex Stories

My wife turns into a COCK LOVING WHORE!

My wife Laura and I were previously married to other people and had children from those marriages and we were not planning to have children of our own.

My wife is 37 years old and a beautiful blond with very long shapely legs and a very fine tight fuckable body. Most of my friends have made comments how they would like to give Laura a good fucking. Most of my buddies say she belongs in bed, getting fucked all the time.

Though my wife was not really a shy person she did not adventure out to any sexual desires that were not traditionally done with her husband. We talked about fantasies several times and she never wanted to tell me hers. One thing she did reveal to me was no guy have ever fucked her in the ass, I knew I hadn’t done, so it

My Wife Turned Into a Cock Loving Whore

WildWest on MILF Stories

My wife turns into a COCK LOVING WHORE!

My wife Laura and I were previously married to other people and had children from those marriages and we were not planning to have children of our own.

My wife is 37 years old and a beautiful blond with very long shapely legs and a very fine tight fuckable body. Most of my friends have made comments how they would like to give Laura a good fucking. Most of my buddies say she belongs in bed, getting fucked all the time.

Though my wife was not really a shy person she did not adventure out to any sexual desires that were not traditionally done with her husband. We talked about fantasies several times and she never wanted to tell me hers. One thing she did reveal to me was no guy have ever fucked her in the ass, I knew I hadn’t done, so it

Last Year's Bathing Suit

pen-n-ink on Teen Stories

“I told you I needed a new bathing suit!”

“My God, have you really grown that much since last summer?” Mom gasped, her eyes going wide.

“Yes,” I snorted, twisting and turning in front of the mirror. The top was a cup size too small and the bottoms barely covered my bottom. “I told you,” I growled at her.

“Well, it’s not like you look bad in it,” she said with half a grin, “I wish I still had the body to wear something like that.”

“Mom!” I cried.

“So, it’s a little skimpy,” she said, coming over and adjusting the straps on the top, “There aren’t going to be any boys there, are there?”

“No, but…”

“It’s bunch of thirteen-year-old girls running around in their bathing suits in Jenny’s backyard,” she reasoned, untying and retying the strings on my bottoms, “None of your f

Emily's Club

AckleyPrince on Sex Stories

I am married. Let me begin with that. Not just married. Happily married. Satisfied in all the major ways. Or so I thought before I started performing at the club, her club, Emily's club.

As you may have just deduced, I am a musician. A singer-songwriter-guitarist to be exact. Much of my career I have fronted bands but occasionally do the solo acoustic thing which is what led me to Emily. She managed the bar in Philly where I did a monthly acoustic gig - for fun and a little spare change.

It started with laughter, as these things often do. We shared a somewhat perverse sense of humor and were instantly easily sarcastic with one another. I'd linger after my shows and we'd joke and talk. The laughter connection was followed by simple visual observation on my part. I found her sexy. She

How i sucked my mom's fat nipples hard

momnipplesucker on Incest Stories

Once i was watching porn from my phone and suddenly i heard mom coming. I hid the phone under my pillow and hid my huge cock in my pajamas such that its huge head was peeping out.

Mom entered the room and thought that i was sleeping. She came towards me to cover me with blanket but her eyes went on my glans penis which was peeping out and wet badly with pre cum. She thought that i might be having a sexual dream but she could not resist having a visual treat at my cock. She waved her hand near my eyes to check if i was totally asleep. I pretended to be sleeping. The next thing she did made my cock super hard.

She lifted her chunni off her huge boobs and began squeezing her nipples...after only 2 squeezes her nipples grew so fucking fat on her huge bust that they began to peep out l