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blackmailed mom for sex

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Hii everyone my name is gaurav.Today i want to share my story with you all.My mom's name is shobha.I am 20 and she is 46.My mom has an amazing body,big boobs and fair skin.I had sexual feelings towards my mother from when i was 14.I wanted to fuck her but i couldnt.Once she caught me peeking in her room and she punished me very badly for that.This had made me angry.Now i wished to fuck her very hard.My dad lives in dubai and he comes in 3 months or so.My mom is a teacher and her colleagues used to come to my house some times.     One day i came home early from school.When i reached home i saw a car standing outside my house.I went inside my house,i didnt knock the door i had keys so i used my keys to open the door.I went towards my mom room and as i reached her room i was shocked.I saw one of my moms colleagues was putting his one hand inside her blouse and one inside her saree.And he was kissing her too.When they saw me my  mom freaked out and her colleague just ran away.I was shocked to see that my mom was having her affair.My mom adjusted her clothes and came towards me and started apologising to me and told me not to say anything to my father.  When the guy was passionately kissing my mom i got turned on.I thought that i had a chance to make my dream come true by blackmailing her.So i told my mom that either she allow me to fuck her or i would tell dad that she cheated on her.My mom was shocked to hear this.She slapped me and said how dare could i say this to her.She wasnt getting ready so i took up the phone and tried calling my dad.At last my mom agreed for it.She had no other choice.She said to me"do whatever you want to do with me".I was overjoyed listening to this.   I went towards her and first started kissing her hardly.I was pressing my moms boobs at the same time.I teared her clothes off and her blouse,sucked her big boobs.Pressed them really hard.Pressed her white ass.I threw her in the bed.I opened her saree and her peticoat too.I saw my mom naked for the first time and she was looking hot.Her big boobs,white plumpy thighs was awesome.I rubbed my hand in her pussy and started fingering it.I licked her pussy,it smelled awesome.I fingered her pussy wih two fingers and sucked her other boobs.I licked my moms sweet vagina for more than half an hour.I opened my clothes.My dick was solid hard.i put it in her mouth.She dint even say anything.She gave me a good blow job.And now it was the turn to fuck her hard and so i did.I put my dick inside her pussy and stroked it at once.She screamed,and i slowly started fucking her,it felt amazing and then i increased my pace and started fucking her hardly.I sucked her boobs too.After some time i decided to change the position.I spanked her in the ass too.Put my finger in her ass hole.  I carried her to the other room,i put her in top and started fucking her.It continued for 10 min or so.I was horny like hell at that time.I took out my dick and asked mom for a blowjob.She didnt wanted to do so but she had no other choice.I was watching her ass and suddenly i came with an idea.  I told my mom to bring oil and rub in my dick.She did that for me.After that i made her lie down,i went over her and said to  her"i want your ass mom" she freaked and said no dont do that,but i was too horny,i didnt listen and i try to put my dick inside her ass slowly and then i put it inside.It was very tight."aaahhhh" came out from her mouth.I started fucking her hardly in the ass.It was awesome too.After a while i was about to cum,so i took my dick out and put it in her pussy again and then cummed inside.  It was the best sex in my life.I made my dream come true.Even now i have sex with her whenever i want.  I thank my mom's colleague who i saw with my mom,without him i could have never enjoyed this..


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