For months now i had been on an anal fucking quest,the quest had started by me watching a porno where two girls ate each others asses out and i felt like i had to eat a girls ass out aswell
But it was so hard to find some one who was willing to let me do this to them
I had fucked my mother and sister countless times before but they had said no to the idea.
There was another in my family that i would fuck,another two actually.
I had known for a while that my two cousins(who were both female)had been fucking eachother for quite some time.
Shelly was 30 and Crystal was 25,and they had let me watch them occasionally fuck eachother but had never let me join in,just bat off from the side.
I knew that they both liked the taste of ass,so i put the idea forward to them,and they had just one condition.
I had to convince their mother,my aunt,carol to join in with us.
I knew that this would not be a problem,as they had not specified on how i was to convince her to fuck us.
I told the girls to go to the room and get naked and wait for me,and i would wait for carol to get home.
I waited in the living room until i heard the car door slam shut and i knew that she had returned home from work.
She was fumbling for her keys and finally the front door opened,she entered and went straight to her room,as she did not see me because the lights were turned off.
I went to her room and waited for her to turn around,when she did,i pulled the knife from my hand that i had grabbed from the kitchen earlier and ran up behind her and held it to her throat.
“ARGHHHHHHHHH” she screamed
“don’t worry its me” i said as i held my hand over her mouth.
“theres something we need to do,come with me” i ordered
And she did it without hesitating,most likely because the knife was forced into her throat
I took her back to the girls room and opened the door
There they were,lying there kissing as i threw carol inside and she turned and looked at me in fear
The two girls seemed turned on by this
“wow,i didn’t think that you would do that,it takes balls to do it” said crystal said
“yeah,now get the bitch up and strap her hands to her feet and bend her over,stick her ass in the air.” Demanded shelly
So we did as we were told,and we tied carol up and threw her on the bed in a crouching position,we also gagged her mouth as the tears cam pouring down her face
“well done chris” both the girls told me
As i stared at their naked bodies,i felt my cock start to stiffen and i quickly got undressed and the girls just watched and smiled
As soon as i was undressed,i grabbed shelly and we were locked in a passionate embrass as crystal just watched
We broke and i went for crystal doing the same.
We kissed for a few minutes until shelly got on the floor between my legs and started licking the head of my cock.
Then crystal dopped down and started doing the same
This went on for about 10 minutes,slurp slurp slurp they went,until they could taste the precum dripping from my cock.
I didn’t want to cum yet so i threw crystal on the bed and spread her ass and dove head first into her hole
It tasted so sweet,and apparently i was doing it right,because the moans and screams just kept coming from her beautiful little mouth
Then shelly got behind me and lay down on the floor
She started licking my balls and i quickly shoved my cock in her mouth
Eventually we swapped and i ate shellys ass while krystal sucked my cock and i felt i needed to fuck one of them in the ass
First,it would be crystals young chunky butt
I forced that cock in and pumped in and out as hard as i could
“more,more!!” she screamed while she ate out shellys pussy
Then we swapped and i did the same to shelly
Finally i couldn’t take it anymore and i blew into shellys ass
“ahhhhhhhhhhhh” i moaned
As i pumped my entire load into shellys ass,krystal layed on the bed and got a glass from the side cupboared and held it under shellys ass
“let it come out” she said
So shelly sat up and let the cum drip out of her gaping ass
It took a while for it all to come out but it eventually did,and krystal licked the remnents off of her ass,then put the cup to her lips and swallowed a huge load of ass cum
“why did you want your mother here to watch us?” i asked
“so that she can witness what will be coming in the future,and that if she speakes a word of it,well kill her” said shelly
“cool” i said
And we sat there kissing for the rest of the night

Give me comments please guys,id like to kow how you guys think,these stories are some of the best i have,but i can make more
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