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My Idea of a Perfect First Date

FatVicki on Exhibitionist Stories

Well, the first thing we would have to do is plan on where to meet. I would prefer a public place because I would leave my house naked and show up to meet you that way. All I would bring with me would be an assortment of sharpie permanent markers, bag of flour, a camera that took video and a lap top. I would put all that in a backpack or something similar.
I would arrive at our prearranged meeting place around 30 minutes before we were scheduled to meet. Hopefully it would still be during daylight time as well. When you were on your way you would call me and we would chat as you drove and once in the place (if other cars were around) I would let you know where I was parked. I would leave it up to you whether you wanted to park next to me or somewhere else and have me walk to where

Teenie Shares Early Exhibitionist Fantasy

TeenieFantasy on Teen Stories

We took a flashlight and walked through several campsites until we were near the river's edge sites. I figured our fishermen might be near there. We had tanned topless in the woods near the river bank where they were casting earlier in the day. Sheila and I shared similar exhibitionist fantasies and had become good friends and partners since our pubescent awakening.

We stopped and listened. We both heard a group of Spanish speaking men laughing and talking. We walked towards their sound and found them behind a fold up camper sitting around a campfire passing a Tequila bottle. I took my girlfriend's hand and led her near them saying 'Buenos Noches'. They all looked up and said 'Buenos Noches' back to us. I spoke to them in Spanish and said we had seen them fishing earlier and was wonde