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the bar fucks

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It was late in the evening at the bar.

I sat in the little dark nook at the back bar watching over the last few remaining customers.

The only employees left working the bar was the bar tender, a waitress and myself.

I watched as Aimee cleaned off the tables, she knew I was there in the darkness but she never let on.

A couple years older than me. Aimee was sort of a tall blond, what looked like nice B cup breast, slender waist and a nice round ass.

Over the few months I had been working there she and I had built up a nice friendship as I had with everyone there.

Though she was seeing someone and I was engaged, as did all the employees we flirted with each other, all in harmless fun.

Normally she wore jeans, but tonight she was in a short denim skirt, and a soft colored blouse.

After she had returned from the bar with the last call, she made her way to the back bar where I was sitting.

She sat her tray down on the corner of the bar and leaned into me, sitting on half of the bar stool I was on.

The feel of her body leaning against mine and the fact that her ass was pressed up against my semi hard cock from watching her ass as she moved around the bar. Even if she noticed, she didn’t move away.

My hands rested around her waist as I placed my head on her shoulder watching out over the floor.

She was talking to me, almost whispering in my ear.

As we talked I realized my hands had slipped down into her lap.

It was dark, and I knew no one could see that we were even there.

She made no attempt to move my hands, I grew boulder, moving my hands along her thighs. Running them in between her thighs and up under her skirt.

She turned to me looking into my eyes.

Slowly I slid my hands upwards inside her thighs.

Using both hands I pulled her panties back to one side and slid my finger inside her pussy, she was wet.

Slowly I slid my finger in and out of her pussy which was now getting wetter, sliding another finger inside her, I started sliding my fingers in and out of her faster and a little harder.

She drove her tongue inside my mouth and moaned into me.

I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as her body shook against me.

I held her there my finger still inside her, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I slowly eased my fingers out of her soaked pussy and brought them to my mouth.

I sucked her juices form one and was about to do the same to the other when she reached up and pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked my finger into her mouth, sucking her own juice from my finger.

She ran her tongue around my finger the whole time watching my reaction.

She pulled her mouth away.

Gave me a soft kiss, stood up and adjusted her skirt and grabbed her tray and began to clean off the tables.

It was closing time and it took me no time to get everyone out and locked the door.

Aimee was still cleaning up.

Our bar tender left not long after I had got everyone else out.

I helped Aimee clean up and clocked out.

I poured us a drink as she leaned up on the bar in front of me.

With out saying a word she knelt down in front of me and undone my pants, pulling my hard cock out, she slowly slid my cock into her mouth, sucking me like she did my finger.

Running her tongue around the head and slowly eased as much of my length as she could take into her mouth.

I leaned back into the chair and enjoyed her mouth.

Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse, unsnapped her bra and caressed her full breast.

I pulled her up to me and eased her panties down till they fell to the floor.

I turned her around so that she was facing the bar.

I stood up behind her and slid the entire length inside her hot wet pussy.

She cried out as I felt the head of my cock press against her inside.

She collapsed over the bar, and I slowly began to slid in and out of her.

Both hands on her hips I picked up the pace, thrusting harder and faster into her.

Sinking my entire length into her on every thrust.

Harder and faster I slammed into her. She cried out she was Cumming.

Her walls gripping my thickness, she moaned with orgasm.

The soft flesh of her ass bouncing with every hard thrust into her.

As my cock exploded. I heard her cry out,

“ oh fuck your going to cum inside me”

But she didn’t finish what ever she was going to say.

She cried out as I slammed back inside her, My cock throbbing, pumping my seed deep inside the wet confine of her pussy.

Our climax melting us as one.

Still holding her hips, I held her tightly against me, still leaning over the bar.

Her pussy full of my cock and seed.

Her ass looking so delicious, so inviting.

I pulled out sliding my wet cock between the soft flesh of her ass.

I reached down feeling our juices leaking from her open pussy.

I smeared some around the tight little opening of her ass.

She looked back over her shoulder at me.

A lustful look on her face.

My cock still amazingly rock hard.

I pulled her up to me, my cock smashed in between her ass flesh

“ damn you have a fuckable looking ass”

She moaned into my mouth as out tongues met.

My hands cupping her breast, caressing them.

She broke the kiss asking me, “ do you want to fuck me in my ass”

She was slowly working my cock with her soft ass flesh.

It was more than I could stand.

I bent my knees in between her legs, my cock slid down between her flesh, I rose up using my hand to guide the head of my cock against her tiny tight opening.

The head of my cock slid inside her tightness, she cried out as more and more of my cock disappeared up inside her ass.

Balls deep inside her ass, I pushed her back over the bar and started fucking her with long hard strokes.

She was crying out, grabbing the edge of the bar.

Her ass tightly wrapped around my thickness each thrust inside her felt better than the one before

As each thrust inside her was hard and fast. “oh fuck” was all she was managing to cry out.

The flesh of her ass bouncing, the slapping sound echoing through the empty bar accompanied by her cries.

I was about to cum, she clamped down around my cock.

Fuck I couldn’t believe how tight her ass now was.

The first pulse of my cock, was all I felt, she worked her ass milking my cock for all the cum my balls were pumping out.

Slowly she stood up, I eased us back into the chair.

My cock still inside her hard fucked ass.

My seed still seeping out of her pussy.

After cleaning up, I walked her to her car.

Driving home, I thought about what it would be like with some of

The other waitress’s.

To be continued…

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