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Nayin Pundai

djcdorai on Animal Stories

once i went to puthucherry.I was fully drunk with a half a bottle of
dy.I went to a park.Some dogs were playing.Some dogs were mating .One female dog came near me.She
Came near me waving her tailand showing her vulva.I gave her some bicuits.
After that I touched her pundai it did not resist.It was simply showing her wet pundai to me
I touched and inserted a finger into her koothi.It nicely enjoyed inserting as if mated by a male dog.
My finger was inside the pundai of that nice dog.I felt that the koothi simply pulled inside her vulva and keeping on pulling inside.She liked it very much.At that time a man and a girl came that Park for fucking.
I removed my finger out of pundai and  began to see the fucking of the couple inthat p
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ark. then the dog is disappointed. Then i went again to have a dring.

Rebel's Horny Bitch

geilguy on Animal Stories

This story is a fantasy of mind. It never happened except in the imagination of my horny mind…

My name is Mike I’ve been married for 12 years now. Amy is a sweet girl. She’s blonde with brown eyes, small A cup tits and a sweet bubble butt. She grew up in Alabama and still has that souther drawl, which I love. Our sex life is great. We don’t have any kids but treat Rebel, our brown lab, like one.

Saturday mornings are my time to be an airport bum and once in while, give some lessons. Then is happened. One Saturday, three months ago, I left the house at 9 a.m. I got to the airport and my student called and said he was sick and cancelled. With no other students on my schedule, I decided to go back home.

I arrived home an

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d went inside the house. It was quiet and I expected to hear the TV on as Amy loves watching movies when she’s home alone. I noticed the bi-fold doors to the den were closed and that raised my suspicions. As I got closer to the doors, I heard…

"Yes! Lick my cunt, Rebel!" Amy cried out.

Hearing that took away my breath and made my blood rush to my cock.

I slowly cracked open the bi-fold doors and peeked inside. To my surprise, there was Amy, bare ass naked on the floor, legs wide open with feet in the air. Rebel had his head between her legs licking her pussy.

"YES! YES! AHHHHHH!" Amy arched her back as she had an orgasm.

That did it. My cock was now rock hard as I saw Rebel licking Amy’s pussy. I couldn’t take it any longer. I quickly stripped naked and entered the den.

Amy had her eyes closed while Rebel continued to slurp up her pussy juices.

"LICK MY PUSSY!" Amy yelled then opened her eyes and looked at me standing by her. Her eyes widen in shock and she quickly jumped up and covered her naked body with her arms. I just smiled.

"Well well, Amy. You seem to be the slut" I told her as I stroked my cock.

"I…I don’t know what to say," Amy stammered.

"Shut the fuck up, Rebel’s bitch," I said with a horny smile.

I forced Amy down on her hands and knees. I slapped her ass cheeks.

"Come here, Rebel. Fuck this bitch," I instructed Rebel and smacked Amy’s ass again.

Rebel came over and sniffed Amy’s ass crack. I leaned down and stroked Rebel’s sheath. Within seconds, his red cock came poking out was nice and hard. I smacked Amy’s ass cheeks again.

"Fuck her, Rebel." I told him.

"Fuck mommy, Rebel. Come on boy. Fuck my cunt" Amy moaned as she wiggled her ass at Rebel.

Rebel knew what to do. He jumped on Amy, his front paws straddled her chest and immediately started humping her. Within seconds…

"AHHHH!" Amy cried out when Rebel’s cock entered her wet pussy.

Rebel humped Amy and I went around to her face. I got on my knees and grabbed Amy’s hair.

"Suck my cock, you fucking whore!" I told her as I forced her head to my cock.

Amy obeyed and started sucking on my cock while Rebel was fucking her.

"Yes!" I moaned as Amy put my cock deeper into her mouth.

"AHHHH…!" Amy moaned with a mouthful of cock as Rebel’s cock was making her cum.

I grabbed Amy’s head and started fucking her mouth.

Then I couldn’t stand it any longer. I shot my load of hot cum into Amy’s mouth. To my surprise, as she’s never let me do this before, she swallowed every drop. I pulled my cock out.

"You swallowed this time?" I questioned her.

"Practice with Rebel," she moaned while Rebel continued to fuck her.

Then Rebel got off her, went to the other side of the room and licked his cock.

Amy got on her back and spread her legs open.

"Come on honey. Lick my pussy. You’ll love the taste of his cum," she said in the sweetest voice.

I got down and ran my tongue up her wet slit. Wet from Rebel’s cum.

"Eat my cunt!" Amy yelled out as she put her feet up in the air and spread her legs.

I sucked on her clit.

I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and could taste Rebel’s cum.

I sucked on her clit.

Amy gragged my head and forced me harder into her pussy.

"EAT ME!" she screamed out. "EAT MY PUSSY!" she cried out again.

Amy arched her back.

"YES! FUCKING YES!" she screamed out with another orgasm.

"Fuck me, Mike! Fuck my dog cum filled pussy" Amy demanded.

Hearing that made my cock rock hard and I got up.

Amy got on her hands and knees and slapped her ass.

"Come on, fuck my pussy," she demanded.

I got behind Amy and slid my cock into her cum filled pussy. I grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy.

I fucked her doggystyle for five minutes when…

"I’M CUMMING!" I yelled out.

"AHHHHHH!" I cried out as I filled her pussy with my hot cum.

We collapsed on the floor and hugged. Rebel came over and lied down next to us. We all took a nap.

To be continued (if you want)…

If this turned you on, email me at…

One Day Of Paradise

Jander2020 on Animal Stories

(So im new to this site, hope my stories are good enough, note this is not a true story just something i wrote any feed back is greatly appreciated)

My name is Sara, Im a Hunior at NYU. I guess you could say im what men would call a rather attrective woman. Im 5'7, Golden skin, Always silky and rather smooth (I like to use lots of lotion ^^ Lolz) Anyways, I have long black hair that reaches down to my Lower back, Im a spanish woman My breasts are nic
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e and firm, So far all my boyfriends favorite quality ^.^ . MY ass is nice and round, No tan lines visible at on on my creamy skin. My pussy is completely shaved, Not even a stub of hair , Thank god for waxing ^^ Now onto the story.

It was a sunday morning to be exact. My Sister arrived in town on friday and had been staying with me and my family, Her and Her dog Jason. Her dog Jason was a nice dog, A Golden Retreiver who loved to play around, I always use to call him Jay rather then Jason beacuse i liked it better. Well, I woke up Sunday morning My family getting ready to leave for church my sister deciding to tag along with them. Dad:"Sara Your mother and sister are going with me today to church so you have to stay here and watch Jason" I looked at him since i was only just awake in my trance and nodded my head waving him out.

As They left, I walked up to the shower, Brushing my teeth and smiling in the mirror admiring my bright white grin. I remove my small Cheer shorts from my waist, As well as my tank top, Staring in the mirror, my hands rising up to cup my firm tits in my hand turning to the side of the mirror admiring my ass and pussy. "Hmm..Damn i look good! Need to work on a new tan though" I laughed slightly i didnt really need one but a new Tan sounded nice. I turned the shower on and slowly got into it, Applying soap along my body, My nipples instaly grew hard, i always thought the shower was so erotic, and without thinking my free hand slipped between my thighs and began feverishly Attenting the needs of my pussy. Boy were my juices flowing, I hadn't had a nice long thick cock in months!.

After Making myself cum in the shower, I got out whistling to myself, Wrapping my pink towel around my body and slowly prancing into the bedroom. Jason was already laying on my bed and it didnt bother me much, I mean he was only a dog, So i didnt feel embarassed one bit about getting dressed in front of him. I let the towel drop from my body Once again amdiring my fram, Turning around so my ass was facing the mirror I ben forward a bit so my ass was arched out. My pussy and the crack of my ass in the mirror. I turned my head to look and see How it looke din the mirror and giggled to myself, "I see why the guys like it from this angle" I walked forward And grabbed my Eye liner that was ontop of the dresser , walking back towards the mirror i dropped the eyeliner on accident and it rolled under the bed. I huffed and bend down On my hands and knees, My ass arched up into the air. Boy was i never expecting what was about to happen next!

As i reached forward to grab the eyeliner that i dropped, i suddenely felt something very wet, and very cold brush against my ass. I quickly turned my head, My long hair falling in front of my face, And to my suprise Jason was there! His Nose Sticking right into my asshole! Boy did that send a feeling down my body like no tommorow. I bite my lip rather hard, But instantly my pussy began to floor more juices then i ever remember it being able to. "Jay What are you doing thats...B....B..B-ad!" As i was talking to him his Tongue that was hanging out the side off his mouth instantly licked along my slit,I gripped the rug that was beneath me looking down at it, What was i doing!? letting this dog lick my Pussy?!. So many thoughts of hos bad this was poured through made and just when i was about to turn around and tell him enough, HIs tongue slid into the entrance of my pussy completely! "O-OH MY GOD!!!" I squeeled. My hips seeming to move one my own as the inched back against his snout, feeling his Cold nose push against my asshole, his tongue continuing its random lapping into my well unused pussy.

"K..Keep going Jay Lick My pussy Lick it good!" I had totally lost control now, His tongue So smooth and wet, Hitting depths no mans tongue could. I pushed back more trying to make my pussy ride his tongue like I was riding a big fat cock! Oh how i needed one right now, Wanting one to stretch my pussy unbearably wide, to the point where i wouldnt be able to do anything but scream to the top of my lungs. All of a sudden right when I felt the urge to Cum He pulled back as if he sensed it. I looked back snapping my head rather quickly at him Looking very dissapointed. "Jay What the fuck!?" He started to back away so i thought it was over, I looked down and started to walk back on my knees till all of a sudden I felt him mount me, His paws at the side of my waists and something very slippery poking at my leg, I looked down between my legs and noticed the largest cock i had ever seen in my life!! It had to be at least 9 inches long, and around 4 inches thick! I was wiggling my hips now, I didnt care if I was about to fuck a dog, If i was gonna be thought of as a freak if someone found out, All i thought and cared about right now was that fat monsterous cock deep inside my Bald pussy. I reach back as he started to pump his hips, His cock slipping all along my clit, My hand started shaking the feeling was stunning! I then Built up my composure grabbing ahold of his wet slimey cock and slipping it to the entrance of my pussy!

Oh my god wa sthis a feeling of pure fuckign exstacy! He started thrusting his hips at an incredible rate, The speed, the force The Leverage, The Feeling! "Fuck yes!!!!! Go Jay! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it you nasty mother fucker! UGH UGH UGH UGH!" I Kept Moaning, NO cock has ever stretched me out or sank this deep into my pussy ever before, Granted yes it did hurt, but not as much as it pleased my pussy!! "F-Fuck! Jay..Jay..JAY! JAY!" I kept bucking my hips thrusting my ass back onto that beautiful cock, Lookinf down between my legs i was getting pounded like his bitch, his wore, And i wass loving every second of it. "FOh My God! Jay Im cumming! C..C-C-CUMMING!!!" I came the hardest i have ever came before and at the moment I came, He came with me, His knot building up expanding in my pussy. We laid there, Locked inside, Breathless and exhausted I was fucked the best ever in my life by this dog..and i knew it wouldnt be the last time!

-Much feed back is greatly appreciated-


itsonlyfun on Animal Stories

 It shocked me.

 But I soon got over it. This happened very early in out marriage and has continued to this day.


 We had been married about two years,landed ourselves a moderate house and as most do,we had a dog. Just a dog,no breed or anything but a real friendly animal that thought he was cock of the roost. We both worked and played in similar mode. That is,play amounted to sex in rather public places,but much more in the privacy of our home.

 I seen myself as just the normal young hubby. My wife likewise,meaning she was in the process of turning me away from the lads and changing me

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into a man for home and family. You know the thing,they're attracted to you,you marry,then they train you to be what they see as the perfect husband.

 No problem with that,especially the way she tended to do it. That is with a sexual diversity many husbands may only dream of. This is one such happening,there were many more.

 Friday arrived,not a moment to soon,we sat supping a coffee with a snack. 'Where too tonight' I asked. "Later,lets just sit,friends are okay,but I like having you to myself sometimes" 'Oh! Oh! That usually meant a sexual magnet would be forthcoming to hold my attention until it was too late to go out' Crazily we chatted some until I said, 'Come on,you've got something in mind and I bet its sexually orientated'

 A naughty smile crossed her face, "You're right,but I'm a bit scared you'll not like it,that's why I'm holding back" 'Have I ever disapproved about any other time?' Silence,then, "What about,you know,you did that time" Oops,bugger,I walked into that one. 'Ah! That was different' "How was it" 'I didn't exactly disapprove,it was more a case of shock when I saw him fingering you. I didn't mind when he done it the next time,I'm a very understanding husband' That naughty smile again.

 "You've got to promise you wont say anything even if you don't like what I'm going to show you. Promise or I wont show you" Mystified,I made the promise and to be honest,I was off in the completely wrong direction. I thought it was to do with my mate that had fingered her,in fact I went as far as to think she planned to admit he'd now fucked her. WRONG!

 "Sit over there and shut up" I did. She settled nicely and started sorting her clothes as in any other session of our sex games. Skirt up around her ass,panty's to one side and her finger playing outside her pussy lips. All as always, - I admit,this always got me immediately hard. Her finger slowly tormented her clit,then away an adjustment of clothes and in no time she started to show juice inside her lips.

 Eyes now closed,the playing continued,more body lifting,the panty pulled clear from her quim,two then three fingers plunge into her quim's hole,an extra thrust deeper,then with eyes open,she pulls her fingers out and looks at her juicy fingers. Looking at me with a smile while opening her sticky fingers making cobwebs between them with her love juice.

 "Like it?" I go to speak. "Shhh! Remember,no talking" I think some sort of control freak. "When I get up in a minute,put your sun glasses on,the intensity in your eyes will bother me when you see what I'm going to show you" I look,conveniently they're on the table by me. She had obviously placed them there before hand,this was no casual happening,it was all planned.

 Her body was responding to her finger now. She stopped stood and stepped out of her panty's and skirt. As she went to the kitchen with her bum cheeks wobbling I adjusted my cock up my belly,it had been pointing down my thigh most uncomfortably. I also dropped my zip down just in case. She reappeared with a towel, "Come on,Bruce,good boy,come on in with mummy" My heart leapt,fucking hell,the dogs going to fuck her. My cock throbbed at the thought,already I could feel juice coming from it.

 Bruce's tail was a wagging,I concluded this wasn't the first time for him. Putting the towel on the floor slightly under the front of her chair,she sat back down,upright and on the edge. With her thighs closed she looked at me. "Glasses I said" I obeyed. These had just a minimum of tint and made virtually no different to my view. Bruce nudged at her legs,trying to push them open,all the time she watched my reaction. As Bruce tried a new approach from under the side of her thigh I took a chance and pulled at the open zip part of my trousers and manipulated my cock in my boxers to show her how hard I was.

 Smiling she pushed Bruce's nose away again and as he came back round to her front she slightly opened her thighs. Putting her fingers between his nose and her now naked cunt,he immediately started licking her fingers,the very ones she'd used earlier to masterbate with. "Get yours out,I want to see how wet I'm making it" In went my hand and out came my hardon with its foreskin rolled back and the head completely sticky with precum. Again a smile on her lips showed her approval.

 Relaxing now,she knew I liked what she was doing,she eased her legs apart, "Steady boy,go steady,not to madly,gently" My cock throbbed as she jerked at the touch of his cold wet nose. A gasp came from her, "Fuck! that first touch always makes me jump,its so cold,his nose that is,his tongues hot as hell" Her fingers clamped across her clitoris and hood. "Steady,go more steady,you'll make me cum to quick you silly dog" Steady licking now,over her thighs,across her quims fur as she kept her clit hidden from his probing hot tongue. Then I saw a trickle running down her quim slit to her ass crack and dripping on the towel.

 "Go steady Bruce,you're making me pee myself" He was and all,a tiny trickle of her piss was running down her crack then Bruce realised what she was doing,his tongue wrapped under her ass cheeks and started to sup her piss. Fuck! She moved again opening up even more, "Wait,BRUCE,wait let me open it for you" Letting go of her clit and hood,she reached round her thighs and under her ass. Pulling her ass cheeks apart and exposing her crinkly asshole.

 "Now,do it there" Her belly trembled as he drew his tongue across her asshole and realising he now had access to all he dribbled his lips up,up,up,getting to the vital clitoris. She jerked at his every nibble,hooking her legs over the chairs arms he now had everything exposed to his tongue. Leaving her ass,she pulled her labias inner lips apart. Bruce plunged his tongue deeper into her quims hole,the lapping sucking sound accompanied by her body jerks made my cock almost orgasm. I'm not going to last the course!

 I wanted to tell her his cock was out and ready,he wasn't a big dog,but like most canines he had in perspective more than a man had. I was drawn to its pink going on purple length and the knot about two inches diameter hidden by his sheath,but only just. What did it feel like for her when it was in? I wanted to ask but knew I may fuck up if I spoke. My wife was really going some now,with Bruce's nose buried deep inside her slit she was shaking and peeing while Bruce captured every dribble coming from her quim.

 Her orgasm overtook her,with belly trembling uncontrollably. "Fuck! Stop no more,Bruce,I said NO! Please,stop,STOP NOW" Bruce now well into his stride showed no signs of listening. Licking all over her ass cheeks then back to what was now pussy juice not piss. She grabbed at her clit again, "I said no,no more,please Bruce" Now with her complete cunt covered with her hand she held his tongue at bay, "Phew! I'm all hot,god he makes me cum so hard" 'Has he? with you,Has he?' "Bastard! No he hasn't and he's not going too either. I told you not to speak. Go on put him out,right now"

 I knew I'd fucked up,if there'd been any chance she would have,she certainly wouldn't now because of my big mouth' Having fucked up completely,I went for broke. 'Let him just touch it against your quim,look at the poor sod,fucking great hardon and no pussy to fuck' "If you're that bothered,wank him off,or better still kneel down with your trousers off,he'd like that" Tormentingly, I stood,dropped my gear and made to kneel. "Don't you fucking dare,I knew you'd get carried away with it if I showed you,I wont again"

 I back tracked,'I was only funning,don't say you wont let me see you do it' She softened,"Don't you dare tell anyone. Bruce up!" Laying prone she caught his paws as he rose over her and excitedly licked her mouth and neck. His hardon hovered oh so close to my wife's cunt hole. She pulled him up her chest a bit. She giggled as the tip touched her cunt. Bruce knew as well,his legs danced and he made a frantic lung with his cock. About two inches penetrated her quim. In an instant she pushed him down, "There you are you've seen it,now put him out the backyard"

 The doggy stuff was at an end for now. I knew there was no point in asking her to wank him even though his cock was spitting liquid out. 'I thought you were going too then' "Yeah,you thought wrong,what if he gave me pups?" At that moment I knew she was being sincere,she genuinely feared he could make her pregnant. 'Daft,he can't' "You'd say that,just to see me have him. You don't know that for a fact,anyway he's not having me,if you keep on about it,it'll be the last time. Now I'm past my hornyness I feel all guilty and dirty" 'Use a condom' "Shut up about it will you" I did but I had to let out my energy. I moved between her legs and finished what the dog started.

 As we came off together she now unsure of what she'd showed me had been such a good idea. "You do still love me,I'm such a dirty bitch,you do don't you?" Hugging and kissing I reasured her I did and always will adding, 'I've got it in a book somewhere,I'll find it and show you.He can't make you pregnant,but if you do do it,make sure I'm here in case he gets stuck up you with his knot' "What do you mean,his knot?" 'I'll show you next time' "Oh so you're sure there'll be a next time are you" Kissing her hard, 'Please say there will be,that's the most sexy thing I've ever watched' "Maybe! Now drop it,it makes me feel guilty after doing it,I told you that" Adding, "His is a lot hotter than yours" 'You could feel in that little time?' "Drop it I said"

 The night had vanished so quickly. We ate and went to bed.



My little Secret part 2

Joytoy on Animal Stories

Now my secret was about to be found out, and one that I found out was even wilder them my own but that's for another time. yes that's the end of my first story here but there is more and since a few asked here it comes. Buddy and I had a few more playtimes i tried to keep it discreet as possible if you can keep something like that discreet. it was getting to the point that buddy wanted me all the time now i could be sitting on the couch with my hubby and buddy would stick his nose in my crotch and start sniffing or even licking me. now i hated to discourage him but i could not let hubby know yet at least not till I broke it to him in my own way. Both of us are pretty open and like I said ewe have a wild sex life just not to sure if he was wild enough fro this to be sprung on him yet like t
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his. So it had been about two months now where I was using buddy about three times a week sometimes two and three sessions on those days buddy was full of stamina. Then suddenly I noticed buddy was not cumming and much or seemed like the poor old boy was tired. Man how in the world can that be? After a week maybe two tops of this I was concerned thinking something might be wrong with buddy but how in the world would I take him to the vet and say "hey Mr. veterinary man my dog don't want to fuck me as much it seems or his cum is no whereas much as he use to be," i would be throw in jail or the loony bind maybe both. But I did call to make an appointment saying he seems slower and well just to have him checked out. The appointment was made on Monday at 1 I work till 3 but took off early to take my dear old friend to the vets. now here is where my surprise takes place. I came home and into The house like always but no buddy ... not at the door to greet me not in his bed sleeping hmm where is he? Then i heard it. moaning upstairs not just moaning but my husbands voice. upstairs i went and peeked in the room and on the bed fully nude my hubby was laying the stroking himself every lightly with my buddy licking the head of his dick. hell buddy was devouring it licking ht head licking the balls and then i saw my hubbies other hand stroking buddy slowly. his red cock was out and hard as a rock. my pants where getting soaked watching this i stood behind the door looking on getting so excited then after a few minutes hubby turned and lowered under buddy licking the dogs dick and moaning deeply. i had never see my husband give a blow job but man was he good at it and buddy seemed to enjoy it to. i watched the dog start to hump his mouth while my husband sucked this long red doggie dick. his cock hard and leaking all over the place while the dogs was getting sucked and good it seemed. them i knew the signs buddy started to whine and hump fasted he was randy to cum well my hubby knew it to because he started to moaned and sucked her harder. them hubby lifted off Buddy's cock long enough to shout out: " Oh yea boy cum. in my mouth let me taste your hot doggie load gain boy now' Then back to sucking i could hear the suction as he sucked that cock and buddy panted and squirted deep in to my husbands mouth he pulled his dick out to squirt all over his face in his mouth on his tongue i was playing with my self i got off quietly watching this. and it hit him so hot that i watch his cock starting o com without anyone touching him the dogs cum had made my husband squirt. buddy took no time to waste cleaning him up at all. and i now knew why buddy was tired he was being well used by both of us. but how do i let hubby in on our little secret. I waits till Friday and set my plan in to action. i called buddy to me while i got nude. oh buddy knew what was in store his cock already hard and even wet. i knew hubby would be home from work and said he would be there to go straight to cutting the grass at 1 . then we where to go out for a drive today at 3. so her it is at 12:45 i am completely naked and on my back legs open wide the dog licking my pussy into a frenzy and i open the curtains on the sliding glass door where i know hubby will be working in the yard. i lost track of time with buddy eating my pussy i got off at least twice then hoped up on my hands and knees and buddy jumped up behind me his long doggie dick poking away leaking his precum down my thigh over my butt till i adjusted and he hit home. that long thick dog cock pounding into him his tail in the air his tongue hanging out while i moaned and fucked him back. as i said i lost track of time i was so into buddies fuck feast until i looked up seeing my hubby standing there at the door staring to me. i let loose as i cam again hard " Oh God yes Fuck me Buddy stick that doggie dick in mama harder oh God yes fuck me doggie FUCK ME I'm cumming" I came all right and when I open my eyes feeling buddy starting to cum inside me that long hot load pouring into my cunt to see my husbands face i saw more then that i saw our neighbor staring at me to standing beside my hubby .now that's another story

fucking my weekend Chapter one

Shard on Animal Stories

I have several dogs, but i have a favourite. She is called mushu, and the origins of her name is a long story. It started about a year ago, when i though that maybe i could fuck a dog. So, i started by trying out all the female dogs. Mushu was the only one that let me go near her. She was also a "virgin", so to speak. I tried putting my middle finger in her, but i couldnt. I tried with all my other fingers, but only my pinky fit, andit wouldnt go far in. My God she was hot and tight! slowly, i started making her vagina bigger by putting more fingers in. Finally, the day came when i could put my dick in her.


That m

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orning i woke up, thinking of the day ahead of me. It was the last weekend of the school year, and i already had plans to go out with some friends. i got dressed and ready and left my room. I foiund that there was no one around, and then i found a note from my parents. They had left someplace with my sisters, so i had the house to my self until i was picked up by my friend's mom. I am fourteen, so i still have a ways to go before  get my own car. 


Since there was no one home, i got undressed again, since i was feeling horny.  I went into the garden and thats when i remembered mushu. I went over to her, and rolled her onto her back. I starteed carresing her, and her juices started to drip. I didnt give oral, since i had tried before and she tasted gross. Finally, i got onto my back, and she got all exited and started to run around me. I grabbed her and made her stand over me, so that she was facing the same direction as i was. With one hand i started pushing her rump down, while with the other one i guided my cock towards her pussy. It took me awhile to get into her, and she started growling. I calmed her down and went on pushing. She was better than i expected. Better than my sister, god, she was so tight. I got as far as i could, and then started to pull out. That was enough for her, and she shot off. Oh well, that was a start, i said to my self. I went back inside and got dressed. All i had to do was wait. And while i waited, i played games and all that. But i also started thinking of my friend's mom. She was a hot one...




 Next chapter coming out in the teens sction. Tell me what you think!



Equus Desire Part 3

FreakieJeni on Animal Stories

I looked at Cowboy’s cock in amazement. Within the past hour he had gotten three hard-ons. I had no idea that he would be this horny today. Cowboy kept nuzzling at me, he couldn’t understand what his mate was doing. He had his harem now, Lady and me. I couldn’t disappoint Cowboy. I had already let him "mount" me once. He was used to breeding his mares twice in a session, and this time would be no different for him. Cowboy began to push against me, wanting to mount. He was again slapping his erection against his belly and snorting at me. I slipped my bra off again and slipped down to my hands and knees. I quivered in anticipation. As soon as I was down, I presented my cunt to Cowboy as if I were a real mare. So what if I didn’t have fur, or hooves, o

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r a tail? So what if my face was different? I was here and I was a receptacle for Cowboy’s sperm.

The stud mounted me and plunged his cock at my cunt. Unfortunately he missed and buried his cock into my virgin asshole. I squealed in pain and terror and tried to pull away, but Cowboy gripped me with his hooves. He tried to pull out to thrust again, and found himself stuck. Now Cowboy panicked. He began to pull away hard and I knew if I didn’t relax, Cowboy would tear me in two. I relaxed as much as I could, and Cowboy slipped out of my anus with a grunt and a pull. He plunged again, and this time sunk into my cunt. I was sopping wet, and already near orgasm from masturbating, and I moaned with pleasure as Cowboy filled me. He stroked in and out firmly, going at a middle pace. His thick cock rubbed against my clit as he thrust in, and his cock pressed all of my vaginal walls wider. He kept his thrusting up for nearly 10 minutes, and I came, screaming orgasms, three times. I had found myself thrusting back on Cowboy’s cock, taking as much of him into me as possible. It was almost like having sex with my husband, although his cock had never stayed hard this long, nor had he ever filled me like this. Suddenly I could feel Cowboy’s cock shudder in me, and I was filled with his seed. He came the longest this time, staying perfectly still on me for almost two minutes, filling me with cum. I came again as I felt his cum fill me, a warm liquid of life. I could feel a combination of his cum and my cum flow out around his shrinking cock and as soon as he dismounted me, I reached around to taste the liquid. As I caught some in my fingers, I felt something brush against my pussy, and I turned over in horror.

Standing directly behind me was the man who had dropped off the mare about two hours ago. His pants were tented with an erection and he had an amazed look on his face.

"Do you always fuck your stallions?"

I shook my head and tried to cover my body. The man had taken my clothes and moved them. I couldn’t see them anywhere.

"I came back, to tell you some things about Lady. I heard you in here. I couldn’t help but watch." The man smiled at me, and I could tell that his motives were innocent. He hadn’t even taken his cock out to masturbate. He had just been dumbstruck by the sight of a stallion mounted on a woman.

"Well, no harm done, I guess." I said huskily. I was ashamed of what I had been caught in the act of. Then I looked at the man. A look of pure admiration was on his face, and he unconsciously fingered the zipper on his pants. "Aren’t you going to take that out?"

"W..w..wh...what?" The man blushed and I reached over and undid the zipper.

"It must be bothering you." I gently stroked the rock-hard cock and the man breathed heavily. "My name is Beka . . . moan that if you have to moan anything."

"I’m Jeff," he grunted. Jeff began thrusting against my hand and I marvelled at how much he was like Cowboy. Cowboy stood in the corner of the stall, eating some hay that was there in case Lady hadn’t objected to a second breeding. I raised myself onto my knees and firmly wrapped Jeff’s cock in my breasts. He began thrusting like an animal, and I licked the top whenever I got the chance. Jeff reached down and slowly pressed me to the floor of the stall and kept fucking my boobs. I played with my nipples as he did it, and licked at his cock head whenever it got close, then suddenly I found his whole cock in my mouth. Jeff plunged it in and out, moaning my name and grunting. His cock swelled in my mouth and I thought he was going to blow, but Jeff kept plunging in and out. I sucked and licked at it, hoping he would blow before my husband got home. Then Jeff roughly thrust his hand into my cunt. I was still dripping horse cum, and I was aroused by the situation I was in now, and Jeff could tell. His thumb flicked across my clit and first two then three of his fingers plunged in and out of my cunt. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, and then suddenly was aware of Jeff’s cock leaving my mouth. I had less that five seconds to think about it before it was firmly thrust into my cunt. I gasped as it entered. It was bigger than my husband’s, and it throbbed more warmly. I screamed as I came, Jeff’s harsh thrusting sent me into yet another massive orgasm. Jeff’s fingers found my nipples and pulled and twisted at them. I couldn’t do anything but thrust back into Jeff’s hips and moan as orgasm after orgasm rolled over me. Then Jeff screamed. For the second time that day I could feel myself being filled with cum and I moaned Jeff’s name. Jeff left his cock in me until it was totally limp and we had both recovered our breaths. He pulled out of me and I could feel our combined juices flowing out of me like an exotic cocktail. Jeff lowered himself to the straw of the stall and drank all the juices which came out. I had hoped he would give me another orgasm, but he stood up and offered me his hand. He hugged me, roughly.

"I am sorry for my indiscretion. I shouldn’t have let myself in and I shouldn’t have watched and I definitely shouldn’t have taken pleasure with another man’s wife." Jeff dropped his eyes remorsefully, then pulled up his pants and stuck his already-rehardening cock back inside. He handed me my clothes, which he had put on a chair outside the stall. After helping me dress, Jeff and I led Cowboy back to his stall. As soon as Cowboy went back into his stall he started to doze, and I knew he would be ready for another round the next day.

I walked with Jeff out to his truck and hugged him. "Thank you for the wonderful sex." I whispered. Jeff looked at me in shock and I giggled. "My husband and I have an open marriage. I’ll tell him about this, and he won’t get mad, but I would appreciate you not saying anything about seeing me with the stallion. I’m going to tell him that we were both overcome by passion watching the horses breed that we let ourselves go." Jeff smiled and nodded. "And perhaps you can come back for another time, and I could introduce you to my husband in a whole different way." I winked at Jeff and he chuckled. I watched as he got in his truck and drove away, and I marvelled at the light flakes of spring snow that were falling. They were the last fall of the year and I hoped that I could have one more round of snow sex when my husband got home.


paul1254 on Animal Stories

        TRISH'S STORY 2

After Pip my Alsatian Collie cross had fucked me.  I was in a very difficult position, in my mind l knew what had happened was wrong.  But also I knew that I had never cum so much in my life as l had when Pip was fucking me.  I called my friend Jacky and asked her to come round.  She said that she was busy at the moment, but would come round later.  I asked her to come for tea.  She agreed, and as she wasn't doing anything could she stay the night.  Of course I agreed.

I got changed and drove into town, whilst shopping I kept thinking that every time anyone looked at me, that they new my secret.  Daft isn't it, the only one that new was Pip, and he wasn't going to tell anyone was he.

I also felt very

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guilty, I had finished with Paul because of some photo's he had of women having sex with dogs.  And then I went and did what I had called him a pervert for. And he was just looking at some photo's.

I knew I owed Paul an apology, but I wasn't ready to see him as I would have to explain why I had changed my mind. And at the moment that would have been to awkward.

So as normal when I have something on my mind I do some shopping, spending money always seems to give me a clear mind to think.

I arrived home at 4-30, went in the kitchen and prepared a meal for Jacky and me.  Pip came into the kitchen, but he just came up to me for me to stroke his head.  I don't know what l expected, I maybe thought he would put his nose to my pussy, after what happened last night.

Tea was all ready, so l got a quick shower before Jacky arrived.

I suppose I better tell you about Jacky. She is a stunning 5'6" red head with a lovely figure, she reckons her only fault is her small tits, I think there beautiful  We have grown up together going to the same schools, night clubs and bars.  At the age of fifteen Jacky stayed over at mine, whilst our parents went to a dance.  We didn't expect them back until the early hours of the morning so we decided to have a drink.  We raided my dads bar, and mixed ourselves a drink each.

We sat down on the sofa, and flicking through the sky channels found a porno movie.  It was a lesbian film, and we both sat there engrossed at what we where watching.

As we drunk more we got braver, I asked Jacky if she ever played with herself, she blushed and said she did, do you? Yes I said , show me she said, so I stood up turned round so my back was to her, and pulled my knickers off, making a big show of kicking them across the room to hide my embarrassment.  We had seen each other naked before in the showers but this felt different.

Sitting down facing Jacky I started to rub my pussy, keeping my eyes on the film.  OK I said, your turn, let me see you do it as well.  Jacky took her knickers off, and we sat facing each other playing with our pussies.

Watching Jacky playing with herself was really turning me on, and as we watched the two girls on the screen, I leant in and gently kissed her on the lips. 

It was like a gate had been lifted, Jacky flung her arms round me and kissed me back, probing my mouth with her tongue.  Jacky said l have wanted to kiss you for ages, but was scared you would object.

We switched the telly off and went to bed, where we explored each others bodies for the rest of the night.  Bringing each other to orgasm after orgasm.

And since that day, even though we date and fuck boys, we are still the best of friends and lovers when we get a chance.

So that's Jacky.  When I got out the shower, I slipped on a black silk thong, and matching bra, a red silk blouse and a short black skirt, that had a split up the side which showed off my legs, even though we wasn't going out I wanted to look my best for Jacky.

Jacky arrived just before 6, apologised for being late, but she had to have a shower before coming over.

Jacky was dressed to kill, she was wearing a long black dress and looked absolutely gorgeous, I wanted to have her then, but giving her a long slow kiss, I said sit down and we will have tea.

Over tea we just caught up on the local gossip ( you know as women do)  I must admit I was very nervous, I was trying to think how l was going to tell my best friend and lover, that l had let Pip my dog fuck me.

Jacky sensed that something wasn't right, and a couple of times during eating she asked me what was wrong, in the end she asked if it had anything to do with Paul. Yes in a way, I  will tell you later, so she let it drop for the moment.

After the meal I stood at the sink washing up, Jacky came up behind me, and started kissing my neck, I like this and put my head to the side, so she had more to kiss.

Her hand slid under my skirt and she gently rubbed my arse cheeks, her finger slid into my crack and moved its way forwards towards my pussy.  I was already getting moist, I moved my legs apart  and Jacky started caressing and rubbing my pussy, this felt very erotic, the senseual caress of her finger on the silk, as she caressed my pussy, her finger gently rubbing against my clit.

I leaned back  onto Jacky, she gave me another kiss on my neck, and said, lets sit down and you can tell me what's Paul's done to upset you.

Sitting down Jacky held my hands looked me in the eyes and asked me what Paul had done to upset me.  I explained to her about seeing the photo's of women having sex with dogs that l had seen at Paul's.  And how l had called him a pervert and walked out on him.  I then told Jacky what had happened later in the week, and how l ended up letting Pip fuck me.

Jacky didn't say anything to start with, then she asked me to tell her what happened exactly.  I told her how Pip had licked my pussy, and how good it felt, his long tongue pushing into my cunt, Jacky slid her hand up my leg onto my pussy, oh Trish your so wet she said, she pulled my knickers off and put her hand back onto my cunt, giving me kiss said carry on then what happened.

Talking about what happened, and Jacky's hand on my pussy was really turning me on.  I then told her how I had took his cock in my mouth and how it tasted, Jacky was fingering me by this time, pushing her finger as deep as it would go, and rubbing my clit with her thumb.

She said you must have liked it, I have never felt you as wet as this before ( and she has felt my pussy a lot of times) yes, I was an animal, I have never felt so dirty, and yet so alive, all I wanted was raw animal sex, I wanted that dog cock in my pussy so bad.

Jacky pulled me up, and pulled her dress up over her head, she was completely naked, she hadn't bothered with wearing a bra or knickers.

Right she said, fetch Pip I want to see you and him.  I went and let Pip in.  When I walked back in the room Jacky undid my blouse and bra, took off my skirt so we where both naked. 

She sat down, and I got on my knees between her legs, and she pulled me to her, giving me a passionate kiss, pushing her tongue between my lips.  I moaned with pleasure as our tongues intertwined  and her hands ran down my spine, sending shivers up my back.

I kissed down her neck slowly licking her as I went, I licked down to her tits taking one in my hand and the other in my mouth, playing with her tit with my tongue, running it round her nipple, but not touching it.  I then sucked her nipple into my mouth, pulling it with my teeth, Jacky's tits are small but she has big nipples, which are very sensitive.

Jacky was moaning with pleasure,  her hand was on my head running her fingers through my long hair, I kissed my way down her stomach and onto her beautiful shaved pussy.  The musky smell of her arousal, made my mouth water.  I licked each of her lips, not quite touching her clit with my tongue, teasing her.

Pip must have decided to investigate, I felt a cold nose on my pussy, and then his tongue slipped in between my cheeks, and he licked me from my cunt to my arse, I let out a low moan as my pussy convulsed with pleasure.

Jacky moaned and said Trish that's so hot, I was in sexual heaven, I was licking the gorgeous pussy of the woman I loved, and having my pussy licked by a long dog tongue.  I let my tongue touch Jacky's clit, she jumped as if getting a electric shock, moaning and pushing my head harder into her.  I opened my legs more, giving Pip better access to my cunt, his tongue was going in my cunt as he sought to get more of my love juice.

As well as my tongue I had put two fingers into Jacky's very wet pussy, she pushed her body down trying to get more. 

Oh Trish she moaned, I can see Pips cock, it looks lovely, I want to touch it.  She leaned over me, and turning my head I could see Jacky rubbing Pips cock, making it come out of its furry sheath.

My lips went back to her sopping wet pussy.  I felt Jacky tense up and her legs clamped my head.  IMMMM CUMMMMIIINNNG SHE SHOUTED, her body trembled, and my mouth was filled with her juices as she came.

Trish she said I want to see it, I want to see pip fuck you, I want to see his cock buried in your beautiful wet pussy

Pip didn't understand im sure, but he reared up, putting a leg either side of my waist, started humping, trying to find my cunt, he kept missing the mark, and hitting the cheeks of my arse.  Jacky leaned forwards and guided his cock in, as soon as it touched my pussy I became the animal. I wanted to be taken, my body was trembling in anticipation of the fucking I was going to get.

I felt Pips cock sink into my pussy.  Jacky kissed me deeply, saying  how hot it was, I put my head back onto her tits, and took a nipple in my mouth, Pip was fucking me furiously, his back legs scratching my legs as he scrabbled to get his cock deeper in me, the pain only heightened the pleasure I was getting. 

I pulled harder on Jacky's nipple as my body shook and I came, Jacky pulled my head into her breast harder, and shouted CUM BABE CUM ON THAT COCK, I felt Jacky quiver as she had her second orgasm.

My whole body was alive, the feelings I was getting from feeling Pips cock as he pounded into me and again made me his bitch, I cannot describe, his knot was butting up against my cunt as it tried to enter.  I was pushing back onto him, I wanted it all, every bit of cock he had, I wanted.  I didn't feel guilty about what I was doing, I was just enjoying it. 

With a big push from Pip his knot entered me, his strokes got shorter, but his knot was catching my Gspot, and I was having a continuous orgasm.  I could feel Jacky's hand on her pussy as she furiously fingered herself.  I couldn't  have helped, I was on a high of sexual lust and pleasure.

I felt Pip tense up and knew he was about to cum  oh Jacky he is going to cum.  Let him cum, let his cock fill you with dog cum she screamed.  Pip stopped moving, and I felt his cock twitch as his hot cum filled me.  My body shook and I screamed as I came again. 

Jacky moved back and pulled my mouth to her cunt, her pussy was so wet, I easily slid two fingers in.  I finger fucked her fast imitating the motion of Pip when he was fucking me, Jacky was moaning and groaning, pushing herself onto my fingers as hard as she could.  She was rubbing her tits and pulling her nipples as I fucked her.

Pip pulled his cock out of me, and I felt his cum run down my legs.  Jacky told me to change places, I want to eat your pussy and taste Pips cum, we changed places and Jacky got between my legs.

Her hot tongue lapped at my pussy as she attacked it.  She seemed like a woman possessed, she was moaning with lust, her hand between her leg furiously fingering herself as she licked and drank mine and Pip's cum out of my pussy.

The sight of Jacky behaving like this, was such a turn on.  I  pulled and tweaked my nipples, as I watched Jacky.  Pulling her head tight into my wet cunt.

Pip had finished licking his cock, and came across, he went up behind Jacky, and started to lick her cunt, Jacky let out a low moan, and opened her legs so Pip could get at her better.  She pushed two fingers into my fanny, and as Pip licked her she finger fucked me, pulling my clit with her teeth as she was doing it.

Jacky's back was covered with sweat, and her body was trembling with pleasure and lust, as she felt Pip's long tongue lick her wet cunt. 

She stiffened up, and with a load scream shouted  IIIIMMMMMCCCCCUUUUMMMIIING GG.

My knees tightened  up and clamped round Jacky's head as I had my own orgasm.

Pip moved nearer to Jacky, and reared up, putting a paw either side of her body, as he tried to mount her.  I wasn't sure if Jacky wanted him to fuck her.  So I lifted her head up, and looking into her eyes, said he wants to fuck you, YES she shouted, YES let him, help him, I want his cock.

Pip was thrusting his body at Jacky trying to bury his hot cock into her, I leant forewords and guided his wet cock towards her cunt.  I could see his pre cum dripping off the end of his cock.  As soon as Pip felt his cock enter Jacky's cunt he gave a massive lunge, and sank his whole cock into her. 

Her head came up and she screamed, not with pain, with pleasure.  Pip fucked her fast, hard and furiously, faster than any man could do.

I slid my hands down the sides of her sweat covered  body, grabbing a tit in each hand, and pinching her wet nipples.  Jacky was moaning and groaning, and I could hear her saying oh god, its so good, fuck me Pip, fuck me. 

I could see Pips knot trying to force its way into Jacky's cunt, I now knew what it looked like, and I knew what Jacky was feeling, her mind possessed with animal lust, just wanting to be fucked like the animal she had now become.

She was pushing her body back as Pip thrust his in, Jacky was trying to force that big knot into her cunt.  Pip gave a big lunge, and I watched as the knot sank into Jacky's pussy.

As this happened my body shook as I came, just thinking what Jacky was feeling was enough to make me cum.

When the knot entered , Jacky let out another scream, she was babbling, I couldn't understand a word she was saying, all I could make out was oh fuck oh fuck, Pip had stopped thrusting so hard and his body was only moving a little, Jacky's whole body was trembling, as the knot rubbed against her G spot, she seemed to be cumming continuously. She was licking and biting my inner thigh in her throes of passion.  Pip stopped moving and let out a loud yelp as he filled her cunt with his hot cum.

Jacky collapsed, she could take no more.  I watched as Pip licked Jackys back, he pulled back and with a squelch his cock came out.

Jacky got onto the couch, and I kissed and cuddled her until she had calmed down.  She said  what have I just done, I have just let a dog fuck me, and I enjoyed it.  I cradled her head in my hands and lovingly kissed her, and said now you know how I feel.  Was we wrong? She asked no I don't think do, we have hurt no one, and it felt good, so what can be wrong in that.

Jacky gave me a kiss, pulled me up, and said lets have a shower and go to bed, I am fucked she said laughing, as she pulled me towards the bathroom.

Some more as happened since this happened.  I still owe Paul an apology, and he also has a dog.

Please e-mail me with comment,








Susan's Morning Fuck

Daniel1985 on Animal Stories

Author's note: Hopefully the grammar mistakes I've made doesn't bother you too much. English isn't my first language. And, I also hope that the formatting of the story turns out the way I've intended. I'm sorry if it doesn't :P

Having been awake for almost half an hour but still under the comfy
covers in her bed, Susan Redford finally decided it was probably time
to try and get her lazy ass out of there, even if she had to crawl. But
it wasn’t an easy tas

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k to begin with, especially since the sun hadn’t
even arisen at that moment. Not really any reason for her to get up
before the sunrise, now was there? Besides, she doubted she’d even be
able to see as much as a glimpse of the sun this day, since through the
window she could clearly see the sky, filled with dark, heavy clouds,
pouring huge amounts of non stopping rain onto the ground. This made
her want to stay in bed even more, particularly with the relaxing sound
the thousands little raindrops frequently made on the window ledge. She
moved onto her back and put her hands under her head on the pillow,
staring at the ceiling.

Susan had been left in charge of the house during the week her mother
and father was in Greece on their second vacation this year. Of course,
she had been offered to come with them, but she’d declined, remembering
the food poisoning she’d been unlucky enough to get last time, making
the hours spent on the plane home almost unbearable and not something
she wanted to risk having to experience all over again anytime soon.

Thinking about food, she realized she was starting to get hungry. With
a determined throw she flung the covers over her side, almost down to
the floor, and sat up. Her naked feet touching the floor made her body
shiver, and she was glad she was wearing her pajamas. The thin material
it was made of was colored bright pink, as well as her fluffy slippers
she then put on her feet.

She examined her face a bit in the mirror that was positioned on her
nightstand. Even though she wasn’t quite as full of herself like some
of her so called friends, she liked what she saw. She wasn’t considered
extremely remarkable in any certain way, she knew that, but with her
angelic blonde hair, blue eyes and almost perfect whitish skin, she did
almost remind herself of an angel. Also having a smile on her face
practically all the time did nothing but to add to that impression.

Well, maybe she was just as full of herself as some of her friends; she just didn’t want to admit it to herself.

Either way, after a quick visit to the bathroom she headed downstairs
to the kitchen, but at the end of the stairs, immediately she was being
greeted by their sable and grey German shepherd.

“Good morning, Smoochy”, she gladly said to him, “what are you doing up this early?”

She petted him for a moment or two, but stopped as soon as she noticed
where her right hand was going, having a mind of its own, it was
getting a bit too close to the area between his hind legs. She did her
best to ignore him and her oncoming feelings as she stood up and walked
into the kitchen.

Just about to reach for the hold on the refrigerator, she suddenly felt the dog’s snout on her butt.

“Smoochy!” she complained, halfheartedly, “I haven’t said I’m in the mood for games, have I?”

She was fully aware that it was a lie as she’d started getting wet
between her legs as soon as she laid eyes on him and petted him just a
moment ago. His red, hard cock had sprung her to mind, and she’d
already imagined how wonderful it was going to feel inside of her later
that day when they were going to make love. But now, as Smoochy really
started to get eager, she started to have her doubts about being able
to wait that long. Apparently, he’d learnt how to get his will through.

Him pushing his head between her legs even made her knees feel pretty weak.

Still, for as long as she could, she at least tried to do all in her
might to continue to pretend that she wasn’t affected by him.

That didn’t last long as he then started to even lick between her legs.

“OK”, she grinned, finally, closing the door to the refrigerator,
“once again you’ll get your wish through.” She kneeled down on the
floor and peeked under him, where his cock was fully visible and
already shooting pre-cum. “Oh my… it looks like we better hurry!”

For once, as they had the whole house for themselves, she decided to do
it in the living room, partly because they’d never done it in there.
Mostly they did it in her room in the afternoons certain days after her
having worked part time in the nearby diner or sometimes evenings when
they were alone for some time, but it should be nice with some
variation, she thought.

She moved the big table out of the way to make some more room for them
both, which they would need for sure, especially since having sex with
Smoochy never was dull or boring, not to mention not peaceful or quiet.
Sometimes it was even wild!

When she was done moving the table out of place she turned around
and looked at Smoochy, who was wagging his tail like crazy, clearly
full of expectations. “So, I guess this it. I hope you are ready, my
love, because I sure am!”

With that she pulled of her slippers and tossed them onto the sofa,
after which she simply put her thumbs inside of the waistband of her
pajama bottoms and pulled them down to her knees, but no further.

“Come on here boy”, she encouraged him with a cheerful voice as
she immediately got down on all fours, and it didn’t take him more than
a split second to start trying to mount her, the weight of his furry
body over her back making it somewhat a struggle for her to keep them
both up, but she managed. Eager as he was, he missed his target a
couple of times, but with all the practice they’d had together, she
knew he’d soon find her tight hole.

She could feel his drool on the back of her neck, and it turned her on
even more. He seemed to never find his way, however, so she reached
after his cock and took a firm but gentle grasp around it and put it
where it belonged.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as he finally rammed almost all of his 7
inches of dog cock inside of her, except for the knot, with only one
go, hurting her somewhat, but she still loved every inch of it,
especially when he started to do his thing immediately after that.

He fucked her like his life depended on it, fast, hard and ruthless,
filling her up with his cock again and again as well as with his doggy
pre-cum, just the way she wanted it, and she rubbed her clitoris just
as furiously, giving herself a lot of tiny but pleasant orgasms. As her
cunt was so wet and because they’d done this activity at least a dozen
of times before, he easily pushed his big knot deep inside of her,
inevitable locking them together.

His thrusts now getting even more rapid, every second felt even more
amazing than before, and for some reason this mating lasted for more
than about five whole minutes, which was a lot longer than she usually
could expect. But then, his pre-cum suddenly turned into thicker cum,
she could hardly tell the difference, being so full of cum already, but
she knew... and he forcefully planted all of it inside of her excited

“Oh, Smoochy, I love you…” she gasped, her eyes being closed, her
mouth a bit open, finally being able to follow his now slowing rhythm
with her own body, all this since she was experiencing a big orgasm,
squeezing his cock really hard with her strong cunt muscles while she
did, milking out every remaining drop of his hot cum.

At last, her orgasm began to fade and she slowly pulled her hand away
from her cunt, her clitoris now being so overly sensitive she simply
couldn’t take any more touching. Smoochy still naturally had his cock
locked inside of her and she couldn’t do nothing but wait, but she
didn’t mind.

Enjoying the afterglows of her orgasm she at first looked around a bit
in the large room; pictures of herself, her mom, dad and some other of
her family members hanging on the walls, almost judgementally staring
back at her. She emotionally shrugged at the thought, couldn’t help but
to smile and turned her head to face one of the windows. As far as she
could see, it wasn’t raining anymore, and with a bit of luck, even the
sun would show itself later on.

She really didn’t think she’d get away from the dog anytime soon, but
to her surprise, Smoochy was suddenly able to withdraw from her
completely, and he did so with a loud, obscene popping sound, his cock
leaving her cunt looking like a huge gaping hole, leaking out some huge
amounts of his cum.

Susan gave a sigh of relief, even though she partly wished it would’ve
lasted just a little bit longer, but she stood up, her knees shaking a
bit, and pulled her pants up to her waist. She could clearly feel his
warm cum running down the sides of both of her legs, almost making it
feel as if she was peeing herself. She looked down at the floor and saw
the rich puddle of their joint bodily fluids. She gave Smoochy a
naughty grin as he was still sitting there close by, though not paying
her much attention anymore as he was carefully cleaning himself up.

“We sure made a mess, didn’t we boy?” she said and swiftly stepped
over the puddle and put her slippers on her feet again. “Now I’m just
going to clean this up, take a shower and grab something to eat, then
we’ll go out for a walk, how does that sound?" As if he was answering
her, the dog barked. “Good. See you in a moment then.”

::: ThE eNd :::

First Time On Kim's Farm

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Kim is a young sexy girl, she had brown long hair and brown eyes, has a large but firm ass, 38 C cup breasts, no she's not shaven, but neverthe less she's one beautifull girl. I myself wasnt the cutist guy but i had fans. I was 5'1'' blond hair and green eyes. My cock wasnt bog but it is now. It was about 6 inches then.

Nick stood on Kim's doorstep waiting for her to open up for him. He waited and pushed the doorbell a second time. He knew she was home alone but it didn't take this long to answer a door. So rudly he decided to walk in. He heard scratching of a bedpost against a wall and banging. He walked up her curved steps and peeped in staring at her. She had her ass up
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high in the air and she was rubbing her small pussy with two fingers. She was moaning so loud she couldnt hear him travel the creaky steps. He walked in and smiled he noticed the dripping wet dildos on the carpet. She had cum all over her bed. She was screaming now, "NICK I WANT YOUR COCK!!!" Nick lowered his head and started to finger her. She jumped then began to make out with him. He smiled and pushed her wet cunt against the steel ball ontop of the bedspread. I pulled my cock out that was wet from masturbating from before. I ploped it out and she sat in awe at my 6 inch cock. It was pretty big for a boy my age. I smiled and rubbed it against her small clitorus. She moaned and i began to push in. I slammed inside and out of her for about an hour before we both came. She had her leg on his shoulder they stopped for a moment and he pulled it out, she begged for more but he replied, "Lets do a little expirament.." She smiled and i grabbed her hand and pulled her downstairs. She sat in the grass as I called along her big cocked german shepard. She layed forward and parted the hanging hair from the exposed penis. She smiled and moaned at the sight of the dog's 4 inch cock. She put her head under it's thighs and sucked up and down the thick cock leaving slobber all over the ground. She pulled out and bent over reavealing her nice hairy pussy, Both me and the dog grinned and got even hornier at the sight. Almost instantly the dog grasped onto her ass and painfully poked around her before entering her small cave. He pumped back and forth faster. He laid between her nice large tits. It rammed harder and harder. Nick was watching wanting a fuck. He walked up behind the dog and lifted up it's tail. He entered his cock into the dog's ass. It yelped abit but after awhile excepted it. He pulled in and out of her more and i did the same to it. Finally all three of us cam into eachother. I pulled out and the dog ran off. Kim sat there moaning and continuing to rub herself. I smiled and lifted her up. We saw one of her horses and lead her towards it, ((Gotta wait for part two!! too horny to continue!!))

The dog humping female.

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She was always talking about when she was growing up how she had fucked the family dog from time to time. This made me wonder if she still wanted to do it. I asked her one day, would you like a dog so he can fuck you? She smiled and looked down. I asked her again that if that is what you want than say so and we will get one. Looking up still smiling and nodding her head yes.

We picked up

Puppy Love

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Lost my cherry at twelve to a man that was thirty-six. He was gentle and a family friend. Just got too close. But, that's another story. I really lost my virginity to a puppy at fifteen. I wanted a puppy. My parents just wanted a small one and he was not to get bigger than thirty pounds. Big ears, cute, you know the type. Always happy to see me. He always slept in my bed too.

I discovered mast

Taken by Suprise pt. 1

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   Karen tied her jogging shoes onto her feet and stretched awrming herself up. Usually she just ran around the block, but today she wanted to do more, and push herself. She was going to run out on the trails in the nearby park. She grabbed a thin jacket and stepped outside into the early morning mist. She walked for a ways, then jogged slowly until she got to the park.   
   Karen just turned 18, and had left her parents house and found a small apartment. Not in a big city, just a little secluded. That was what she liked. She was about 5' 3" and had shoulder length blonde hair. She was good looking, only weighed about 126 lbs. and worked out regularly. She had blue eyes, and had loved horses ever since she was a kid. She had always wanted on of her own, but was
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never able to because of the little amount of money her parents made.
    She had been jogging down the small path for about 10 minutes now, and stopped to walk for a breather and to check her pulse. She had passed a couple people so far, just other joggers, but nothing more than that. She had never been on most of these trails before, and definatley not this one. She took a left turn onto another trail that led further into the woods. The red leaves on the trees reminded her that it was autumn and winter was coming shortly.
    After jogging for some time, she stopped and realized that she had not seen anyone pass her since she took the turn. Thats odd, I usually see people wherever I go, it's a busy park. She thought to herself. She turned back the other way and then heard something rustling in the bushes next to her. She heard a small noise, like air rushing through a straw, and felt a sting in her neck. She fell onto the ground, and everything went black.

    Karen woke with a small headache, and looked around her. Her blurry vision made it hard to see. She could hear a rumbling noise, but it seemed so far away. All sounds sounded far away. Under her she could feel that familiar feeling of fresh shavings, like the kind they used at the stable where she used to work. Finally her senses were coming back to her. She got up onto her knees and slid over to the wall near her. She was in a horse trailer, but why? The last thing she ever remembers was getting up in the morning at 4:30.
    The rumbling had slowed down, and then came to a final stop. The whole trailer had stopped moving. She could hear shouting.
    "Hey get out here Mark, we got a good one!" A burly voice shouted.
    "OK, be right there!" Another shouted from farther away. Karen heard footsteps walking along side the trailer, and as the person got to the back of the trailer and started to open the door, Karen pushed on the door that she saw on the side of the trailer, where the horse would look out of, if there were a horse there. She heard the man chuckle.
     "Sweety, that doors been bolted shut long ago, just for safety reasons." He laughed again, and opened the swinging doors above the ramp.
    "Well, well, we're wide awake now aren't we?" Karen stood perfectly still, hoping he would go away and leave her, but something told her that that would never happen.
    Another man walked around the corner of the trailer holding ropes and handcuffs.
    "Where'd you get this one, Brad?" He asked as he lept over the ramp into the trailer. Karen froze as he walked towards her calmly.
    "Over in the park. Bitch was jogging all by herself on our trail. Never even saw the no tresspassing sign near the turnoff."
    "P-please, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, I was just not thinking about where I was going, I was just jogging. I didn't mean any harm! I swear!" Karen trembled, and looked up at the man standing above her.
    "Oh, don't worry honey, you didn't do us no harm, but believe me, you'll be hurtin' a lot more by the time this days over." The man said. Karen lunged next to him in a frantic attempt at an escape. With no where to go she turned and lay on her back trying to fend off the man.
    "What the fuck are you thinkin'?" The man yelled at her and raised a hand ready to bring it down on her face.
    "Mark! Thats enough. She'll get whats coming to her." The man standing outside said. Reluctantly, Mark got up and grabbed the rope that he had thrown on the floor. He quickly tied it around her neck, and hand-cuffed her hands behind her back. The other man lowered the ramp and Mark pushed the girl out. Karen looked around, and was amazed. She saw field and fields of horses and ponies of all sizes. A big barn was right in between two fences and a small house was next to the whole place, on the side.
    "Don't get to excited, missy. You'll get your fill of horses." Mark said, and the other man chuckled. Karen didn't know what was so funny about all this. They had kidnapped her!
    They led her into the barn. None of the stalls had horses in them, but the smell of horses was definatly there. She was led all the way to the other end of the barn and they turned right into another aisle-way. Then they unlocked and opened a door to the left, and led her inside. She walked in the door, and noticed that this was just like a house, but much smaller. There was a bed along the wall to the left, some sort of kitchen, with a stove, microwave, refridgerator, and a small counter, and along the back was was a couch, and a TV was in front of it. The whole floor was covered in shavings and there was all sorts of horse equiptment around. Near the couch was a door, probably the bathroom, she thought.
    "Get in there. You have all you need in here. Make yourself at home, and be ready for us when we come back in about 2 hours. We expect you to be naked, showered, and you must have your hair in a ponytail. Do you understand?" The man pushed her in and explained to her. Karen was nervous, and when he told her he wanted her naked, she felt tears streaming down her cheeks.
    "What are you going to do to me? I didn't deserve any of this!" She yelled. Brad walked over and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.
    "You never talk like that to me, or Mark, again! Ever!" He slapped her ass and strolled out. Karen fell to her knees and started to cry. Well, I better do what they say. I never will know what they're going to do until I get there and I might as well go easily and save myself the pain, she thought to herself.

    When she was done showering and getting ready she splashed cold water on her face. She was just drying off when she heard the door open. She sighed and walked out of the bathroom. Brad stood by the door. As he saw her he looked at her, and stared at her 34C breasts, and her freshly shaven pussy.
    "Get over here." He commanded, still glancing at her pussy that she tried to cover up along with her breasts. Cool air rushed in and brushed across her nipples. Brad grabbed her arm and pulled her out and walked her down the hall, and turned and walked her out of a door at that end of the barn leading to the outside. That was when she first saw the building that she would soon regret ever knowing. The big doors on the side where closed, and she could here horses hooves scraping and pounding on the cement floor inside. He led her into the building, and closed the door behind him.  
    "He's ready!" Yelled Mark over the noises of the horse he was leading next to him. Karen looked at the beautiful horse in front of her. It's wide eyes staring at her. It was then when she noticed his cock hanging between his hind legs. Brad had pusshed her further towards the horse, and as she saw the cock she started to squirm.
    "Let me go!" She yelled, but the man was too strong, and he brought her over to a contraption that looked like a thick log raised into the air on wooden poles. She was hoisted onto it, her stomach scraping the rough wood. Brad tied her hands around the log, as if she were hugging it, and the her legs the sam way. Leaving her pink pussy open, and vulnerable. Teasingly Brad stuck a small amount of his finger into her hole, and smiled.
    "She's a god damn virgin!" Karen started to sob, and gasped when Brad's finger flicked her clit a couple times.
    Karen heard the stallions hooves hit the floor as he was led over to her. Karen did not know what they were doing, but had an idea.
    "That thing will tear me open! You can't do this!" She yelled between sobs. She gasped as she felt a velvety horse muzzle brush against her bare pussy. She heard the stallion squeal and he dug his muzzle into her pussy, licking her while she cried.
    "This here is Cowboy," said Mark, "He'll do you some good, and some bad, but most of all, he can give you pleasure if you want it." He said teasingly while stroking the stallion's black coat. The horse was nearly 17 hands tall, (a hand is 4 inches, so multiply 17x4, and thats about 5' 7" at the tallest tip of a horse's shoulder) and his cock was at least a foot and a half long, and maybe 9 inches around.
    Karen started to moan slightly as the horse devoured her pussy. She winced as his tongue started to venture into her untouched hole and hit her hymen. The horse squealed again, and started to rear a little bit. Finally the men unclipped the stallions lead and let the horse go. He instantly shot up and onto Karen, his cock dangling between his legs. Brad walked up slowly and reached out, guiding the tip of his cock to her tight pussy. Precum oozed out of his head while he tried to burst into her. Finally, feeling that he was ready he tried to push in. Karen screamed and yelled as inch after inch of huge horse cock disappeared into her pussy. The stallion, having enough of not fucking until he cums, felt her barrier
and groaned and took his cock out of her. Karen sighed, hoping he was done. Without any sign, he plunged his cock deep into her pussy, breaking her hymen without any hesitation, and pushed deeper and deeper all the way until he could go no more. The stallion reached up and grabbed her pony tail between his teeth, pulling her head backwards. The men cheered and laughed, as Karen screamed. Blood ran like a river down her legs and onto the horses cock. The stallion pumped faster and faster into her pussy, hitting her back wall ever time. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, and she started to cry uncontrollably as the massive cock tore her open. This went on for what seemed like forever of pain and humiliation. Karen went in and out of consciousness, and the pain started to subside for now. Then she felt the stallion slow, and then felt a burst of hot liquid in her. The stallion waited for a while, and slowly dismounted. A river of horse cum poured out of her pussy, leaving a gaping hole where the stallion stretched and tore her open. She lay there breathing heavily, and waited for the worst. The stallion slowly moved back to her, and started to lick the cum off of her. He smelt her pussy juices and knew what to do. He slowly slid his tongue over her whole slit, making sure to pay attention to her clit. He was trained by Brad and Mark, and trained well. The men untied Karen and she collapsed to the floor. She lay in a puddle of blood and cum, and she wanted to cry, but she was all out of tears to cry, so she just lay there until she felt Mark pick her up. He carried her back to her room, and lay her naked on the couch. Karen curled up into a small bundle of pain, and fell asleep.

The Robsons CHAPTER 6

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The Robsons CHAPTER 6


Sipping on his whiskey Joe looked over at little Mandy who hadn’t moved for the last few hours. He was very concerned for her condition but had not wanted to interrupt the others who in their alcohol fuelled lust tried to outdo each other in the depravity of the acts they invented for their captives. He hoped that they would show some restraint as they sobered up otherwise the lives of these slave

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s would come to a premature and painful end.


The slight movement of her shoulders encouraged him as she breathed deeply, recovering after her exhausting ordeal. He took advantage of a momentary lull in the conversation to go over and check on her.


“I better start to tidy up” he said as he reached the girl and checked her vital signs. With relief he found her pulse quite strong though her heartbeat was very fast. As he turned her to him the look of absolute terror in her eyes surprised him.


“Stay calm little one” he whispered tenderly, “your ordeal is over for tonight. Close your eyes and try to get some rest”.


He looked over at Louise who stared back at him from the corner of the room where she lay, her anxiety for her daughter plain in her eyes. He gave her a quick nod and she visibly relaxed.


“I guess I’ll put the dogs in the kennels and check on the little dog slut while I am there” he said to Bob. “Want to make sure she is in good condition for the gang tomorrow”.


“Good idea Dad” Bob replied to the strains of Merv’s snoring and Dave’s whistle as they snoozed. “I’d help you myself but I am totally fucked” he chortled.


Bob relaxed in the chair and closed his eyes as Joe gathered Hades and Brutus and led them through the door. The dogs came quietly, calm after the evenings exertions. Reaching the barn he turned on the lights before entering. The evening was cool and temperature in the kennels caused his arm hairs to rise. Locking the dogs in their cages he made his way to Lisa.


Lisa lay curled in a ball her tiny naked body pushed as deep in the straw as possible trying to keep warm. Considering the slightness of the girl Joe was still totally amazed that she had earlier fucked three of their biggest hounds simultaneously. That was one sight he would carry to his grave. He entered the cage and checked her pulse. It was strong. The child was so exhausted that she never moved. Then he put his hand on her forehead and was pleased to note that she didn’t show a fever. “Good” he said aloud, “she is recovering nicely”. He moved his hand gently along her body, pausing at her beautiful little breasts to caress her nipples and then around her back to investigate the deep slashes from the dogs’ paws. The bleeding had stopped and he was delighted to note no stitches would be required.


He eased her legs apart and slowly inserted his forefinger in her vagina. He rubbed her clit to grease her for his internal inspection and was pleased at the tightness her love tunnel retained. ‘Ah the resilience of youth’ he commented to himself. While he knew she must be badly bruised there was no evidence of any tearing or other internal damage. Enjoying himself he prolonged the investigation more than necessary, the expression on the teens face as she unconsciously squirmed in pleasure was picturesque.


Lisa stirred and realizing she was not alone wearily dragged herself to her knees and presented her pussy for a fucking. She shivered from cold and fear. “Oh please fuck me,” she whimpered, “I love to feel your big cock raping my pussy. Fuck me hard and make me cum like the dog bitch I am.” She said it by rote like her times tables and Joe knew she didn’t mean a bit of it, but the sight of the tiny abused teen suddenly aroused him. His usual self-control, helped he reckoned by his age, deserted him.


“Would you like to fuck a man for a change little girl?” he whispered. “You tired of servicing dog cocks yet?”


Lisa recognized the voice as belonging to the old man and suddenly her hopes raised, perhaps this was a chance to earn her way out of this hell. She desperately sought the right words to please him, to prove her willingness to obey.


“Oh please uncle Joe”, she pleaded, “Please put your big fat cock in me. I want to be fucked like a woman just once. Let me show you how good I can be, oh please, please let me?”


“You sure you wouldn’t want to try out a few of the dogs first to get you in the mood?” he asked, prolonging the moment.


He delighted in the silence as her tired confused mind feverishly sought the answer that would give her the least pain.


Then finally, “I will fuck whatever you tell me to uncle Joe, and I will come like a good bitch to make you happy”.


Her words were light and cheerful, but Joe picked up the anguished hopeless tone that lay beneath and it drove him wild. He was not a natural to this, Bob had introduced him to the game after Lilly died and he had gone along with it, but had never felt a part of it until now. Her submissiveness and eagerness to do anything to please empowered him as never before. His cock was aching for action.


“Hmm,” he considered aloud, “perhaps you would be better off fucking something else at that. I know Bob wants you to be a cum receptacle for the animals and he might get mad if let you feel human cock. You wouldn’t want uncle Bob to get mad at me would you Lisa?”


“No Uncle Joe” she whimpered.


“I know”, he said as if he’d just had a great idea. “As you are all horny and mad for cock it would be a shame to disappoint you. You are mad for some cock in your pussy, aren’t you bitch?


Cock was the last thing Lisa wanted right now, her whole body ached, her vagina and anus were throbbing and cramped and her back was a fire from the wounds inflicted by the hind legs of her dog rapists as they raked her back. But she knew to displease him would make things worse. She tried to her best to sound aroused and horny.


“Oh, yes please” she begged, turning her face to him and trying to force a smile, as her eyes brimmed with tears. “I really do need a big cock in me now!”


“Good, then I think it would be a good idea to get in some quick practice for tomorrow when the rest of the gang come round. They have some really exciting things planned for you and it would be a shame if you were to spoil it all by crying and screaming and not cumming for them wouldn’t it?”


She whimpered as she realized the painful implications of his words.


“Answer me bitch!” the old man growled.


“I would hate to make them unhappy by not cumming for them, uncle Joe” she managed finally.


“I was sure you would see it that way,” replied Joe sounding pleased. He removed her lead from the cage door and attached it to the leather collar round her neck. “Heel bitch” he ordered as he jerked it and led her from her cage. She followed on all fours and wondered silently where he was taking her.


Lisa was terrified at the thoughts of what this evil old man was going to make her do. She knew that she had no choice but to obey his every whim, but she felt cheated as she thought he had come to reward her for being a good bitch earlier. She had given her all to convince them that she could be a good girl and would not cause anymore trouble, and she was sure that the old man was going to let her join her mother and sister inside the house. But no, she had more to do to earn her freedom.


She was taken through an adjoining door into another area of the barn. She noticed a number of stalls and recognized the sound and smell of horses. She wondered what he had in mind for her in here, 'What could a girl do with horses that would turn these men on?’


Joe brought her to her feet and gently pushed her matted hair from her face fixing it behind her ears. “You have been such a good girl today Lisa I think it is only right that you should be rewarded”. His smile and friendly voice so incongruous from his earlier demeanor, made her nervous and suspicious but she had no other choice but to go along with his game.


“Thank you uncle Joe, I have been trying hard to be good”, she answered tentatively, hoping he had expected her to reply.


“Have you ever been on a horse before?” he asked leading her to a stall where a beautiful pony stood placidly munching from an oats bucket.


“No uncle Joe, I haven’t she replied. “I thought it was every little girls dream to and ride a pony” he said kindly “would you like to have go on patch?”


Lisa though still very nervous would love to get a chance to ride a pony for the first time. It had been her dream ever since she was five years old, but for obvious reasons her parents couldn’t afford the luxury. “Could I really uncle Joe? She asked once more becoming the innocent little girl of last week.


“Sure Honey” he replied smiling and picked up a bridle and placed it on patch. Then he led the pony from the stall to the middle of the stables. “Come on then Lisa come here and I will give you a leg up”. Lisa eagerly obeyed and climbed on the pony’s back.


It felt strange to be naked astride the pony, the warm hairy feel of his skin felt good as it rubbed against her pussy and inner thighs. Once she got her balance Joe led the pony at a walk up and down the stable. She held onto the pony’s mane and the movement increased the pleasure she felt as his backbone rubbed back and forth between her labia. “You having a good time Lisa?” Joe asked laughing. “Oh yes uncle Joe”, the delighted little girl replied, thrilled just by the experience of fulfilling her childhood dream. “It is lovely up here, I have always wanted to ride a pony.”


“I bet you have” he agreed laughing, the anticipation of the upcoming action causing his cock to quiver in his fly. “You are very good at this Lisa I bet you are a natural horse rider, I bet you could handle any of the horses in here with a bit more training.” Do you really think so?” the little teen asked innocently.


“I bet by the end of this week you will be a professional horse rider, smiled Joe doing his best to keep a straight face. “Why you look so sexy up there I am certain the gang will want to see you ride all the horses here when they come round”. Lisa smiled, even riding naked in front of strange men, would not dampen her thrill of finally fulfilling her childhood dream. She couldn’t wait.


Joe led patch up and down the barn for about half an hour and then finally called a halt. “I don’t know about you two but my feet are killing me, I just couldn’t walk another step”, he said affecting a gasp. Lisa dismounted and then hugged patch tightly around the neck kissing his nose. “Oh thank you patch” she gushed “that was lovely”.


“I bet you have fallen in love with that mangy old horse by now” laughed Joe.


“Oh he is not mangy uncle Joe he is beautiful and he is so cute I cant help but love him” she replied, hugging the pony’s neck once more.


“I am so glad darling it will make the next bit so much easier”, said the old man in a sinister voice that sent a sudden shiver down her spine. Lisa looked at him questioningly. “Well he has let you ride him for the last half an hour, I think it is only fair that you return the favour don’t you? And as you love him there is only one way a girl can really prove it to the man in her life isn’t there?”


The realization of what he said shocked her to the core. “You don’t mean…?” she asked slowly praying she had misunderstood. “He has a lovely cock Lisa and he’s always gentle with his girls, he really appreciates their efforts to please him.”


With horror she recalled his earlier words, ‘OH MY GOD!’ she stood wild eyed with fear as she realized what the horse riding tomorrow would involve. The pain and suffering of today would only be an aperitif for the torture she would be forced to endure in her performance tomorrow. She had never seen a horse cock before but she imagined that it must be quite big, given the size of the animal. She wished with a passion that she did not have to find out this way.


He pulled on her lead and took her to a side stall in which there stood a wooden bench with straps bolted to it on one end. “Lie along the bench and place your wrists in the straps Lisa, come on hurry up its getting late”, ordered Joe impatiently. When she got in position, Lisa found her stomach fully supported with her legs and ass dangling over the edge her feet touching the floor. Joe bound her wrists tight preventing her from moving, then went out and led the pony into the stall. He wheeled him round in front so she could see the size of his cock as it grew in anticipation of the forthcoming covering.


“Uncle Joe this is going to kill me,” said Lisa quietly “Please let me up, I will do anything else you want, please don’t put me through this”. Joe looked sadly at her, it is good practice for tomorrow girl and you did say you loved him, believe it and welcome his demonstration of his love for you and it will see you through”.


He led the pony round the back out of sight and then Lisa stiffened as she felt the old mans fingers spread her lips and caress her clit. The invasion of her private hole, brought her back to the reality she had managed to put from her mind for the last hour and keening softly gave herself up to the arousal that her body now tingled to. With silent tears of self-loathing she pushed her pussy back onto the man's rough fingers, determined to be as wet as possible when taking the extremely large cock of her new lover. The pony neighed loudly as he came fully erect. He had done this many times before and knew what was coming. He pranced as Joe led him round in front of Lisa one last time so she could view the full dimensions of the tool that she would soon be pleasing.


The Little girl winced in fear as her eyes zoomed in on her lover’s pole. It was over a foot long and very thick with a slightly thicker head. “You like what you see Lisa?” asked Joe threateningly. She choked around the expected reply, “Oh uncle Joe it is so big and lovely, I just cant wait to have it pounding in my cunt so I can properly thank him for giving me a lovely ride”


“You will much prefer this ride babe” he replied sniggering at his own pun.


She shivered in fear as she lost sight of him, her stomach contracting in dread as she waited for the inevitable agony to begin. Then she felt the pony’s hairy underbelly as he mounted her and closed her eyes as she felt his member caressing her pussy lips and slowly pushing them apart to slide painfully into her depths. She gasped as she tried to accommodate the largest thing ever to get this far in her body. Her legs pushed out wide and she could not hold back the scream as she felt the engorged tip crash against her cervix. Then Joe let him free and patch pummeled in and out of her. The friction as it moved along the overstretched walls of her love tunnel sent her to heights of pain she had never known existed.


The old man went round the front and pulled her hair lifting her head up. “Tell me how much you are loving this Lisa,” he crooned. “Open your eyes so I can see the waves of pleasure in them” The poor agonized teen lifted her eyelids and tried to obey, but though she forced a smile to her lips her eyes betrayed the true torture she experienced. “This is so good uncle Joe”, she croaked, “He is so strong isn’t he?” Then the wail she held in check forced its way out as the pony shot his powerful load into her, extending her stomach to accommodate the increased volume.


The pony pulled out and stood back on the ground. Lisa sighed in relief as her cramped muscles shrank back to normal extension. “Now wasn’t that fun”, smiled Joe.


Lisa tried her best to pull herself together, she had never imagined she could have taken a cock that size and still be alive. “It was lovely Uncle Joe, thank you for letting me fuck him. Now he knows that I really love him”, said Lisa her voice clearer now the intense strain was removed.


“But he doesn’t Lisa does he?” said Joe sadly, “he fucked you but all you did was scream and huff and blow, if you really loved him you would have cum for him wouldn’t you?”


“But I tried, I really did”, cried Lisa, “but he was so big I couldn’t cum because of the pain.  “Well we will just have to try again, Lisa,” said Bob firmly, “we cannot let poor patch go to bed thinking you are just a cock whore, it might hurt his feelings and give him a complex. You wouldn’t want that would you girl? After he being so nice and giving you two great rides already tonight?”


‘Was there to be no end to this? I am going mad’ she thought as she prepared her answer. She knew there was no point pleading, no escape, no reprieve, she would have to take this monster cock inside her one more time and somehow manage to cum or this old man would keep her at it all night.


“No uncle Joe” the little teen replied sadly, “It would not be fair”.


“Good girl” smiled Joe, “I knew you would see it my way”.


Lisa knew this time it would be even more painful. Her stomach muscles were cramping hard and she knew any more stretching would be agony. She really wanted to puke now but she dare not make him angry, so she fought back the urge with all her might.


Joe led the pony round the stable again and the beast showed his virile powers of recovery as his enormous cock stood to attention once more. Then Joe brought him back behind Lisa and let him mount her again. This time forgoing the foreplay as her pussy was well greased with horse jism from the previous copulation.


Lisa grunted loudly as her tired cramped love canal was cruelly ripped apart and her cervix crushed once more by the horses baby maker. Joe stood round the front and lifted her head up once more. “I bet it is even better this time you lucky mare,” he said as he pulled out his cock and showed it to her. “Oh I love it Uncle Joe, I will definitely cum for him now, gasped Lisa, frantically searching for the sensations she knew her clit would be shooting at her brain. She found the thread and latched on, embracing the feeling as it built momentum from her very depths. She welcomed the pain now as an additional stimulus to the orgasm she knew was racing her way. When it hit it was amazing, the sheer power of it tingled through every nerve ending in her body, as her lover maintained his relentless rhythm.


As she descended from her incredible high she could feel the origin of another pulsing from distance, racing to take her even higher to the next plane of pleasure. It was then that Joe stuffed his cock in her mouth, pushing down her throat until he was buried to the hilt. Matching the motion of the rampant beast on the other side of the bench he fucked the little teens mouth with abandon. This was the first time he had ever lost control and he gloried in it.


The loud neigh as the pony seeded his mare once more sent him over the edge and he shot his load deep into the belly of his whore pulling out half way and spraying the remainder over her face and tits. Lisa was lost in her own incredible high and welcomed the excretions of her lovers of each species with relish.


After a brief rest the old man settled the pony in his stall and led the bitch mare back to her cage. “Now tell me how much you love patch Lisa,” he said quietly. “Oh uncle Bob, he is amazing, I love him to bits” she replied this time with conviction. “I bet all little girls get to ride their ponies both ways eventually” he told her, ”You were just lucky and got both first experiences on the same night”.


She nestled back in the straw, and he locked her cage, and then went to remove the tape from the camera, this video was for his eyes only. 

Bandits knot for me 2

knotter on Animal Stories

Hey, there, Alex here. My girlfriend Daisy prompted me to write this so here ya go. I’m 6’ 2”, late 20’s, 190-200#(depending on the scale). I keep myself in shape, but am not overly muscular. I have been told I am good looking by both men and women. I’m Bi. Found that out at an early age much to my pleasure. I am cut and measure 8” by 5 ½”. It’s enough to please girls and guys alike. Daisy and I have been seeing each other for a couple of years. She will tell you that she thinks I like the dick a little more than I should, but what the hell, I just like pushing my cock into a pussy as much as I like one sliding into my mouth and/or ass. I have a guy friend, Kelly, his cock is about the same size as mine. Dais

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y, him and I have hooked up on several occasions and don’t let Daisy fool you. She loves the double P, but that’s another story.

Daisy has been watching a dog, Bandit, for her friend, Susan. A horse is more like it. ½ Dane,½ Mastiff. We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of weeks so I thought I would drop on by. I should have called ahead, but then, what happened may not have.

I arrived at Daisy’s mid afternoon and let myself in the house. As I entered, I could hear Daisy moaning in the living room in obvious pleasure. ‘My lucky day’ I thought. If it was a girl or a guy didn’t matter as I was going to get in on the action. I walked into the room and couldn’t quite believe what I saw. Daisy was half sitting, half laying on the couch, naked, her legs spread wide, head back, eyes squeezed shut, pinching her nipples, with Bandit’s nose buried in her sweet pussy. Every few seconds her whole body would jerk, a sign I knew that meant she was close to coming.

One part of my mind was held in disbelief, but another found it a quite exciting sight. My cock was in complete agreement with the second part of my brain, getting hard, pushing against my shorts. I was taking in the whole picture. When I got to the back part of Bandit I saw his cock. There must have been 7-8 inches sticking out beyond his sheath. Bright red and dripping fluid. It continued to grow to almost 10 inches and must have been 6 ½ inches around. I have seen some big cocks in my life, but nothing like this. My mind switched gears. I wanted that cock. I wanted it in my mouth, pushing into my throat, but most of all I wanted that HUGE piece of meat shoved inside my ass, stretching me, fucking me, filling me with his come!

I stripped and walked toward the couch, my hand slowly stroking my hard 8 inches. Climbing onto the couch I straddled Daisy, my cock tip at her lips. Her eyes opened glancing up at me, then at my cock.

“Suck it!” Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, touching the head, her eyes telling me she wanted more.

“Have you been sucking Bandit’s cock?”

“Yessss! His cock is so…” Her tongue lolled around the tip.

I put my hands on the back of her head, pushing my cock into her mouth. I could hear Bandit’s tongue slurping at her pussy as he brought Daisy closer. I started fucking Daisy’s mouth, her hands moved from her tits to my ass, forcing me deeper inside.

“Have you let him fuck you?” Daisy’s head nodded slightly.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at her. “ His cock is so big. I couldn’t help it. He fucked me so hard, so long. I kept coming and coming. He came so much!! I was so full.”

I pushed my cock back into her mouth, my hips pushing into her face, the sound of Bandit licking her sweet cunt loud in my ears, her warm, wet mouth taking me into her throat, her tongue working the underside of my dick, her two middle fingers worked into my ass, pulling on my rectum.

“I know what I want! Tell me what you want.” I relaxed and let her stretch it open, her fore fingers joining opening me wider.

She pulled her face away from my cock, still pulling on my ass, looked up at me, her eyes just slits, and said, “I want to see you suck his big dick. I want to watch him fuck your ass. You want that cock in your mouth. You WANT that big hard cock inside you, fucking you, filling your tight ass. You want him to COMING INSIDE YOU!!!!”

Her fingers pulled harder. “He‘s making me come Alex, I‘m coooming” Her body tensed, jerking in orgasm, her fingers pulling hard at my ass, opening me wider. As she subsided her hands left my ass and pushed me away telling me to pull Bandit away from her pussy. (no easy chore) He was ready to screw something.

I got him on his back, his cock dripping pre-come. I was told to keep him occupied as she headed for the bedroom. His cock was huge. I placed my hand at the tip, getting it wet with his juice, sliding down the length, then back up to the tip allowing more pre-come to help make him slick. Once again at the bottom I moved my head closer, taking Bandit’s cock between my lips. Getting 4-5 inches into my mouth I started sucking, my hand jacking him, pre-come filling me, swallowing. My hand could not reach all the way around his huge dick.

Daisy’s hands were now at my ass, spreading Astro Glide. I looked back as she started to push a 10 inch dildo into me, my mouth back to Bandit’s cock, sucking, tasting, swallowing, jerking him off.

“Suck IT. SUCK HIS COCK” I took more, the tip at the back of my throat, his hips jerking into me, Daisy’s dildo fucking my ass. A ball started to form at the end of his dick. I heard Daisy say, “That’s the best part! He‘s ready, let‘s go.” I reluctantly moved away from his cock, Daisy pulling the dildo from my ass and stood, a little shaky.

“We need the height of the bed for him.” I got on all fours at the edge of the bed and Bandit, with a little coaxing from Daisy was up behind me, moving forward, his cock hitting my legs and ass, spraying me, searching for an opening.

I have got to tell you this. When a guys cock enters your ass, no matter how prepared you are, it is a reflex to have your ass close around it. Guys know this and will wait for you to relax, then push again. Daisy told me to get ready and guided Bandit’s cock to my rectum. I thought I was ready! The tip of his cock entered me. For just that moment it felt good to have him inside. He moved forward again, driving a good portion of his cock into my ass. His girth felt like it was tearing me in half, my head pulled back as I groaned, the pain bringing tears to my eyes. Bandit was already deeper inside me than anyone had ever been, his hips pushing a little more with each thrust. The pain was slowly going away as I got used to his size, his cock pumping into me, filling me as no one ever had, my ass pushing back onto his cock, wanting every inch he had to offer me, Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuck mee, his cock pounding into me, his balls swinging up, hitting mine with each stroke.

Daisy moved up underneath me, Bandit still pushing more cock into my ass, the pleasure now taking over from the pain as I got used to the fucking I was getting, my cock in Daisy’s mouth, my face buried between her legs. Bandit was intent on getting his whole cock inside of me, long stroking me, pulling his cock out only to shove it even harder into me, fucking my ass fast and hard, pure sex, FUUUCK MMMEEEE, his cock driving deeper with each thrust of his hips, fucking me, my ass stretched further than it had ever been. The feeling was unbelievable, his cock deeper inside of me than the biggest dick I had ever had, my cock in Daisy’s mouth spurting little jets of come, my elbows hooked around the back of her knees as I drove my tongue into her ass.

I felt his haunches touch my ass, his cock felt as if it were in my stomach. He had been fucking me for at least twenty minutes. I kept pushing back onto that huge member, Bandit‘s strokes had become short, I felt his huge knot at the entrance of my ass, forcing my ass cheeks further apart, stretching my rectum even wider. ’Oh, MY God’ I thought. ’He wants that thing inside me!’ My asshole went wider as he pushed into me. I concentrated on relaxing, knowing there was no turning back.

Daisy’s hands moved to my ass cheeks, pulling them further apart, Bandit’s knot pushing hard against me, my ass pushing back, waiting for that big ball to enter, wanting it inside me, my head away from Daisy’s ass, pushing back with each thrust of Bandit’s cock, my ass opening further with each push, Bandit moving forward, me pushing against his knot, wondering if it would fit inside, his big hard cock fucking me. Bandit pushed hard one more time, my head back in anticipation, Daisy pulling my ass cheeks apart and his knot slid inside me as I screamed at both the pain and pleasure, my ass closing around the back of his knot, locked. He was sooo far inside me, pounding my burning ass. I knew then I wanted this again. He was fucking my ass deep, his huge balls slapping into mine, I was pumping back onto that huge cock, Bandit’s mouth around the back of my neck, fucking my ass. Fuck me. FUUCK MEEE HARD.

I was begging him to fuck me as I forced back onto his cock. FUCK MEE!!! FUUUCK MEEE HAAAARRRD!!! I was in a constant state of some sort of orgasm I had never felt before, his cock so deep inside me, fucking me, his teeth on the back of my neck, not going to let me get away. His hot cock growing inside me, COME IN MY ASSSS, COOOOMMME INSIDE MEEEE, holding me with his front legs, thrusting into me one last time, then releasing inside my ass, stream after stream of hot come jetting into me. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, YEEEESSSS, FILLL ME WITH YOUR HOT COOOMEMME, spraying what seemed an endless amount into my bowels, filling me, his big knot preventing any from escaping. My cock responded, coming in Daisy’s mouth, my ass contracting around Bandit’s cock as his dog come spurted into me.

Finally, after what seemed minutes, Bandit's orgasm subsided. He moved around and away from me, his ass against mine, facing away from me. Every few minutes he would pull away, trying to release himself from me. I could not relax enough to let him loose. Daisy had taken her mouth away from my cock and was lying under me telling me to just relax and wait. We stayed locked for a good fifteen minutes. I could feel his ball getting smaller, then with a loud “POP” he was free and started to pull that long cock from me. As he pulled out I felt his jizz gushing from inside me, running down my sack into Daisy’s waiting mouth, her tongue lapping at the edge of my ass, my cock twitching in one last small orgasm.

It was one extreme to the next in a matter of seconds. Being so full of cock, then empty, my ass gaping, trying involuntarily to close. I rolled off Daisy and she moved up next to me, her face covered in come, my ass still leaking Bandit’s load. I used the sheet to clean her and held her describing how his cock felt in my ass. We have decided that the next time she gets it in the ass while I fuck her pussy.


The Agreement

Trap on Animal Stories

The Agreement


This story is one I have pretty much held to myself for a long time. Though it is one I have thought of often through the years. I am 58 years old now and for some reason I am at a sexual peak. I figured I would have calmed down by now in that department, but instead it is getting stronger. With new things such as the internet and pornography being so available, I am like a teenager again. My wife loves it too, thank God, or I might be in trouble. Anyway, I came across the sex stories post website and have enjoyed reading all the stories. I decided this would be a good place to share this story finally as it is anonymous. My wife doesn’t even know about this because I wanted to protect the person. The subject is my sister after all. It isn’t

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really about me, but rather something I saw that completely blew my mind. And an embarrassing moment at the end.

This story goes back a lot of years to when I was only twelve years old. My family and I lived in a small town then in Iowa. We were poor folk, but so was everyone else so we really didn’t know the difference. My father was a loving, hard working man that was never home when the sun was up. He left early in the mornings to go work on a dairy and corn farm and he wouldn’t get home until after dark. My mother was a homemaker up until I turned about ten years old. Then she got a job at a laundry store and was gone during the day as well. She took the job because us kids were getting older and she felt like we could take care of things around the house. It was only me, our dog Spotty and my sister there during the day. Spotty was our German Shepard that Debbie had asked for as a protective measure after mom got the job at the laundry store. Debbie was my sister’s name and she was five years older than me, seventeen when this story happened.

Now you must remember that I was young during this time and really didn’t know much about the facts of life, but I did notice changes in the two years that mom had been with a job. Debbie did a great job of taking care of the house and I did my part too. We lived in town, so there wasn’t a whole lot of outdoor chores to do other than keeping up the yard and things like that, but Debbie made me a deal that she would take care of everything inside if I agreed to take care of things outside. She did insist that I stay outside throughout the day however. And if I wanted to come inside for something, I had to knock on the door as she always had it locked. Again, I didn’t think too much about it. My sister and I were close and she was always sweet to me so I never argued or questioned her much. I viewed her as the one in charge so I pretty much did as I was told. Her and Spotty would stay inside and I stayed outside and that’s the way it went. I did notice a few things that I think led up to what happened.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, but looking back I can see that Debbie was a very beautiful girl. She was a girl who kept herself neat and groomed and now I know that she was very sexual. She was a brunette with the face of an angel. Big pouting lips and big blue eyes that are still the most beautiful I have ever seen. She was a small girl at only 5'1" tall and weighed less than 100 pounds. She had a great body with large breasts and a slim waist and buttock. Her complexion was pale and lovely. After mom and dad would leave, she would get out of bed and clean up the breakfast stuff that mom had made for her and dad. Then she would make more and call me up to eat if I was still asleep. I notice that she would always wear a thin satin robe in the mornings and she never had anything underneath. She would always be wearing only socks and her robe and nothing underneath, something she never did when mom was still at home. Sometimes she would even let the robe fall open as she worked in the kitchen and I would get glances of her large breasts and even the dark bush of her pussy sometimes. Now I have to admit that even though she was my sister, I did look when I got the chance and it made me feel tingly. I now think that she did it on purpose so that I could see. I won’t say that she was attracted in that way toward me, but that she did enjoy letting me see her. She was a voyeur. The strangest thing though was that sometimes one of the drapes of the window would be open, even though she kept them closed usually, and I would look in as I did my yard work. Most times she would be completely naked! I would stare at her perfect naked body as she worked until she turned around toward the window. I didn’t want to get caught after all. My young cock would always get hard too, which made me feel guilt and shame at the time. I never payed it much attention though and just went back to work. I have to admit that even though I was pretty ignorant about things at the time, I did think that was strange. I never questioned her about it though and I never got caught looking.

Then one summer day it happened. I saw something that I couldn’t believe and still have a hard time believing today. We were kids during a time when sex was pretty much taboo. It was 1962, but the emerging sexual revolution of the decade hadn’t really got going yet and certainly hadn’t in our small down, so sex was still a very conservative thing that no one talked about. And for teenagers it was strictly taboo. I can still remember a family one year before this had suddenly moved out of town during the night. No one said why, but everyone knew. Their teenage daughter had suddenly started putting on a lot of weight around the mid-section and it was found that she was pregnant. That was a real no-no back then. I guess that is one reason why Debbie did what she did.

It all started when I became bored with nothing to do. The heat was feeling unbearable that day and at about three o’clock, I decided to go inside and get a nice glass of ice water. I usually just took a drink from the water hose, but I was feeling extra hot and wanted to sit on the couch a minute. I went to the front door and started to knock. Before I did, I involuntarily tried to turn the doorknob and to my surprise it opened. I just figured that Debbie had forgotten to lock it and I walked in and forgot about it. Debbie was not in the room so I went to the kitchen. She wasn’t there either so I just got my glass of water and went back to the living room to relax a minute. I figured that if she were naked again, she would see me first and have time to go cover herself. After a while I started to almost drift off to sleep when I heard a giggling noise coming from down the hall. I figured it was Debbie so I thought I would go down and tell her I was inside so she could cover up like she usually did. As I got down the hall, I looked into her bedroom to see her sitting in the floor with Spotty. She was rubbing his head and playing with him as he playfully nipped at her hand. She was naked of course, and I have to admit I was admiring the view so I continued to watch. From where I was standing, I didn’t figure she would see me and if she did I would claim that I had just gotten there. As I continued to watch, I noticed that she began to rub his stomach and he rolled over onto his back. He became unusually still as she slowly rubbed him. Then she began talking to him a little and I was surprised and confused at what she was saying.

"Oh Spotty. If only you were a man. I still love you though. Are you ready to help me again like you always do? Let me see." She said.

I looked on as she began to rub lower and lower down on his stomach and was surprised to see that she began rubbing the sheath and then all the way down to his testicles. As she slowly rubbed him, I noticed that she was also rubbing herself down on her pubic region. This was really getting my cock hard but I wasn’t feeling too guilty, only curious. Then she took her hand away from her pubic region and moved her legs apart and began to take off her socks. That is when I got a look at her pussy for the first time. I had seen her pubic hair before, but now I could see the opening and it made me feel even better as my cock began to throb. Oddly enough, after she took her socks off, she put them on each of Spotty’s front paws. I must say that it was weird to see this and my curiosity only grew. Spotty seemed frozen from her touches and never objected to her putting the socks on him. Then she turned her attention to his sheath and balls with both hands. Even though it was a dog, seeing a girl touch it’s privates was exciting. Suddenly Spotty’s red prick began to inch out from it’s sheath and grow longer and fatter as it became more exposed. Debbie began talking again.

"That’s my boy Spotty. You are always ready and I love you for it. I’m going to try something that I hope you like. You have been so good to me." She said.

Then to my awe, she got up on her knees and straddled the dog so that her head was at his hind end and the dogs head was underneath her pussy. Then things really got interesting as I watched her take her tongue and run it up and down the shaft of the dogs red prick. It looked very wet and slimy and I did see Debbie grimace a little when she first tasted it, but she continued anyway. Then the dog must have gotten a scent of Debbie because he began to lap his tongue up at her crotch. Her body tensed and she moaned out a little as he lapped away at her pussy and anus. She then paused a minuted, closed her eyes for several seconds moaning, and then put the dog’s prick into her mouth! This continued for several more seconds until she finally sat up stiffly and gave out a low but powerful growl that I know now must have been her climax. The dog kept lapping away as I could hear more slurping sounds like he was licking up her cum. Then she put the dog’s prick back in her mouth and began to stroke it with her fingers. That’s when I saw some white gooey liquid come out the corners of her mouth as she pulled away and let a large amount of white liquid run from her mouth into her palm.

She moved quickly off of the dog and I backed away a little thinking she might be heading out the door. I hadn’t noticed before, but my hand was down the front of my pants and was wrapped around my cock. I had been watching so intently that I didn’t realize I had done it. After a minute, she hadn’t come out so I inched back up to get a view. I noticed her wiping her hands with a towel and then start rubbing Spotty’s sheath and balls again, much faster this time.

"Oh no you don’t Spotty. That was a free one. You still have to fuck me Spotty so get that damn prick back out." She said.

The way she was talking excited me so much that I pulled my pants down to my knees and began to stroke my cock. It was the first time I had ever masturbated and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. After much prodding, Spotty’s prick finally reappeared and Debbie quickly spun around and got on all fours with her ass in the air pointed toward Spotty. From this vantage point it was pointed my way as well and I could see her opening pussy and the pucker of her anus as she began to whistle and call for Spotty who was still lying down in the same position.

"Come on Spotty. Come here boy. You know what to do. Just mount me boy and fuck me." She was saying.

I could feel an something enormous mounting in my loins as she spoke which scared me a little. I stopped jerking off for a minute as the feeling subsided and then slowly began again. Spotty finally popped up and walked over to Debbie’s ass. He gave it a sniff and then mounted his paws on top of her, still covered with the socks. Debbie reached back between her legs and guided his prick toward her as he began to hump. I could see that she was guiding him to her pussy but was amazed when something went wrong. Spotty was humping more and more erratically as he tried to find a hole. Debbie’s grip slipped and she called out to him.

"No Spotty! Not there! Lower! NO! OUCH!" She said as I saw spotty’s prick begin to enter her asshole before his leg blocked my view.

Debbie pushed him away and sat down a minute breathing heavily. Then she looked at Spotty and laughed a little.

"Spotty, that’s not the right hole. At least not yet." She said.

Then she got back up on all fours and Spotty mounted her again. This time I guess he hit the right hole as Debbie said "that’s it" and put her hand back on the floor. Next thing I knew Spotty’s hips were humping as fast as you could imagine an Debbie began to moan and buck as her head and hair flayed all over. She became louder and louder as he fucked her until she finally grabbed a pillow from on top of the bed and buried her face into it. I could hear her muffled screams of pleasure even through the pillow. After a few minutes, she was giving that low growl again which I knew meant she was cumming. Afterwards, she raised up long enough to say "OH GOD!" loudly and then buried her face back in the pillow and screamed. Then Spotty suddenly stopped. I didn’t figure out until later, but that must have been when his knot stretched her pussy and stuck inside so he could cum. He had stopped for several seconds so he could finish and then began to try and pull away. Debbie was saying "ouch" a lot and showing a face of pain as he worked to get free. He had spun himself all the way around until his ass was turned toward Debbie’s. Then I heard a low pop and he quickly pulled away from Debbie. I watched as a stream of white dog cum flowed out of her now gaping pussy and onto the towel she was on. That’s when I felt the mounting intensity in my own balls again but this time didn’t stop as I began to spurt my own white cum out onto the hallway floor. My eyes were closed and my knees were weak as I leaned against the wall finishing up my own orgasm. That’s when I heard her voice.

"Johnny! What are you doing?" She said.

I opened my eyes wide to see my naked sister standing up at the doorway. She must have been on her way to the bathroom as she half-way tried to cover herself with the soiled towel. I hadn’t heard her get up.

"I . . . I . . .just came in for . . . some water." I stammered.

"Why on Earth are you jerking off in the hallway?" She asked as her face got more puzzled. I knew she was beginning to understand. I also saw that she hadn’t taken her eyes off of my cock. It was probably the first real cock she had ever seen.

"I just came to check on you and you were in here with Spotty and . . ." I was stopped.

"Ok, I understand now." She said with some concern. "Let’s just pretend this never happened. You get cleaned up and go back outside and no one will ever have to know about any of this, OK?"

I just nodded my head in agreement and pulled my pants back up. She seemed happy with my quick agreement and then did something I couldn’t believe. She lowered the towel with a grin and then walked up to me. She took my hands and placed my palms on her tits. I froze in embarrassment, but I have to admit my first touch of tits was fantastic. Her nipples were so hard and her skin was so soft and smooth. Then she grabbed my cock and milked out the remaining cum into her own hand and wiped it on the towel. It was fantastic.

"You know Johnny, all you need to do next time you jerk off is ask. I’ll let you look at me while you do it. I might even let you touch me, or even shoot your cum on me." She said.

Then she slowly walked away and into the bathroom as I lowered my hands from her breasts. After a few seconds guilt really set in and I ran outside. I’m ashamed to admit that I would like to be able to tell you that I took her up on her offer, or that I even had sex with her. But after that day, it really was like it never happened. Her demeanor never changed and she never propositioned me nor did I her. We were just same old brother and sister again. I did try to look in the windows more often and every once in a while I would get lucky and see her. I would especially be happy when I saw her from the back yard because I would usually jerk off even though I was outside. There was usually no one around anyway, and I would cum all over the side of the house. It would give me something to do though when I washed it off, never feeling the guilt I had before. Wish as I did, I never saw her with Spotty again, though when she moved out after graduation the next year, she did take Spotty with her. I knew she must have fucked that dog every day and I still masturbate thinking about it. But what really gets me going is thinking about our encounter in the hall afterwards and what she said to me. I guess it was best that it never happened, though sometimes I wonder how far I could have gotten if I had tried. I feel better finally being able to tell this story to someone and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.