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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 2

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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 2.

Paul and I slept in the same bed in our new home. We had the same kind of sex every night before going to sleep the first three weeks. Then I realized I had missed my period. Not long after that I began having morning sickness. I wo

My Life With Paul Part 1

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My Life With Paul Part 1.


Everything seemed perfect for me. I was eighteen a virgin and engaged to a great guy in his early twenties. He had a good career thanks to his dad plus he was very good looking. He was five eight, 155 pounds of muscle. On his spare time he worked out

My Life With Paul Part 2

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My Life With Paul.  Part 2.
Ryan came over and sat on my left side.  While Tom sat on my right side.  Jason sat in frontof me between my stretched legs as Anthony sat across from Ryan.  
“I never saw you in the park before.  What's your name?”  Ryan said his hand running up myleft thigh.
“Marrie”  I answered and smiled. &nb

Dirty Cop

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I was going to have a whole week to myself, nice and peaceful.

I was exhausted. Looking after a two-year-old and three infants was harder work than anything I'd ever done in the military, even with Lee and Ken there to help me out. So Lee, Ken, Simon and Noah planned a fishing trip with Jack, out to the cabin on the banks of t


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This story pics up where my previous two stories left off so read them if you want to see it from the beginning.

 I have to admit that I was worried that things would change in class.  I mean having an affair with the teacher and her aid was among one of the hi


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I just wanna share this true story.

I'm a 25 year old man now but I remember what happened to my Mom and my Professor.

My mom is hot and she got that big white breast so I know many of my friends admire her.


On my 3rd year of college I have a male professor who teaches art and he's really good at it and 3 years younger than my mom. Me and my professor are so clos

Watching friends, become much better ones..

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My wife and I went to our friends house, Judy and Bills, to play some cards and have some drinks.  We arrived kind of late because like usual my wife, jess, took forever to get ready.  But she did look amazing.  She had this tight little black dress on that really showed her curves.  She’s

the wifes best friend

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Wifes Best Friend

It started to happen. I had feelings for another woman other than my wife. Her best friend. Elizabeth was a hot looking blonde with at nice size C boobs. My wife and her would talk about boob comparisons all the time.
But I didnt start to notice how I felt about her until most recently. We went out of town to a beach and of course she went with us. Duh! But w

A late night venture

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My wife teaches a class twice a week and often she is there pretty late. It is not uncommon for her to be home around 10:30pm. Her class is taught at an office that most of the businesses close around 5pm. Sometimes there are other staff members around, but often it is just my wife to teach the class. The class

the bank robbery and deposit

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The Bank Robbery, This is a story about my unexpected day at the bank , it all started out a very hot Monday in sunny Newcastle Upon Tyne, i was luck enough to have the week off work and there was a heatwave forecast, but i never expected it to get as hot as it did. I

Party at the bosses

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My wife Kindra and I were set to go to a party at her boss’s house. His wife was also having some of her employees over for an exciting night. My wife loves to be the best looking girl in the party, so she went shopping to pick out a sexy dress for the occasion. I waited out in the car as she went in and picked out a cocktail dress for t

Slut Wife - First Black Cock

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My own cock grew instantly hard. I moved quietly into the adjacent stall and climbed up onto the toilet bowl so I could take a peek over the wall. What I saw nearly made me fall backwards into it with shock!! There was my beautiful wife Ellen, on her knees like a total slut, sucking the biggest black cock I had ever seen!!

Atlanta Surprise

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I went to Atlanta fully expecting to get laid by my old college girlfriend. I hadn't seen her in years , but a while back we exchanged some very hot and seriously suggestive emails and pictures. On the second day I called her and much to my was like talking to my second grade teacher. Nothing...nada.So it was back to the hotel for an evening of dick in hand pay-per-view.

Opening t

Great sexperience with sowmya aunty

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Hello am arun.. Age 28, 5'10 ht, i am the regular reader of this site. I read several stories, that lot of peoples shared ther own expirence, its really intrusing. And iam also share my own sexperience with SOWMYA AUNTY(name changed) lets come to the story. Madhi ananthapuram apudu naku 24 elu untondi ani oka dating community lo chating chesethunte SOWMYA ani o profile kanipinchindi ventane 'hai bagunara' ani msg pampinchanu, ame kuda 'bagunnanu' ani ventane reply ichindi. Apatninchi roju chating cheskune vallam.. Thadapu 6 months ma friendship sagindi.. O roju ame detiles antha naku cheppindi.. Ame age 32 pellai oka koduku oka kuthuru unaru. Tana husband vayasu 48 central govrment officer ga pani chestunadu. Pillalu kurnool kesavareddy resistence school lo chadhu kuntunaru . Hus

Dressing For The Office

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Black, tight leather no pocket pants, black satin top, red leather blazer and 5" heeled black stilettos. I was almost ready, a few adjustments to my hair, pulled on my black leather wrist length gloves, smoothed out each finger and I was done. I bid the family farewell and told them I'd be very late home as I had a business dinner to attend that night.

I walked into my office, greeting my boss and his approving eye.

"You look very nice today Susan, as usual..."

"I know, but I'm always happy to have people remind me" I retorted.

"Well, as you requested, here's a company credit card for you to use for your clothing needs or anything else you require, work related or otherwise."

I walk

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ed over and took it, put it in my purse and said "Thanks, you didn't require much convincing." I touched my gloved hand to his crotch and got an immediate reaction.

"Well I cant have my best secretary walking around in cheap, unattractive, unprofessional clothing, can I?" He smiled. "Besides, we both know you deserve it."

He was so easy to manipulate it was almost amusing, we both loved that.

"Let me show you why I'm the best..." I bent down, my leather pants squeaked and creaked as I got onto my knees and unzipped his pants, he was already erect and I wasted no time, I took his shaft in my leather gloved hand and held it as I swallowed him whole, taking his entire member in my mouth, relishing the warmth.

He began moaning and caressing my hair, I kept sucking harder and harder, placing my gloved hands around his thighs for support, cum started forming and I licked and swallowed every drop, enjoying the fact that I was in total control.

He grabbed my shoulders and massaged them while I continued, it felt wonderful having the leather jacket moving against my skin.

He began breathing harder...

I prepared myself, I swallow every drop now, especially after last time when I forgot to clean off the stain on my leather pants.

He began to ejaculate as I rolled my tongue around, warm cum flowed into my mouth and I began drinking it down, all the while hearing the boss say "Yeah, mmm that's it, keep going..."

I swallowed more as the tide began to ease, and slowly finished him off, licking the head and shaft perfectly clean.

Just as I was finishing, in walked Amanda from accounting, without knocking, the shocked look on her face was priceless.

"Oh my god, Susan, oh I'm so sorry, I didn't think... Oh god, what would your husband say Susan? What would your FAMILY say? How could you be so deceitful?... How..."

My boss cut her off quickly.

"Amanda, you know better than to walk in without knocking, take a seat outside, I'll deal with you in a minute."

"Yes sir, I'm so sorry, please forgive my intrusion." She shot me a very dirty look as she left.

I was absolutely livid, how dare she question me like that and try and tell me how to run my life. She was just an accountant!

"I want her fired for stealing work funds, I don't care how you prove it, but I want her gone by the end of the day, I want her word totally discredited and I want anything she says about us will look like bitterness on her part for getting caught, how dare she presume to tell me how I should live my life, she is just an accountant!"

"Susan, there's no need for that, you know how valuable you are to this company, she will be gone by this afternoon."

A smile returned to my face, I knew I'd get my way.

"Then you still have a partner for this evening's business dinner".

"Good, you go to your office while I finish up here then."

I walked into my office, fixed my hair in the mirror, smoothed out my leather jacket and smoothed out my leather pants, after I'd been kneeling down in them, they needed it.

I sat back in my deluxe leather chair, another perk I'd "earned" and listened intently as my boss fired Amanda. She tried to apologise, swearing she wouldn't tell anyone and finally, telling my boss she needed the job to pay her rent or she would be out on the street. He simply said

"We have no room in this company for thieves Amanda, you have until 10 a.m. to collect your things, after which, you will be escorted off the premises by security".

I relaxed into my chair, ensured my gloves were on tightly, laughed and pulled my lighter and cigarette case out of my handbag. I lit a cigarette and sat back.

Today was going to be a good day, I could tell.

A small victory to start with...

leathermom on Cheating Stories

I was applying for a job as a secretary and I really wanted the job, it would be nice to have some extra money all for myself. My husband was older and good for his wealth and little else, his sex drive was non existent and he was as submissive as a pussy cat, so I always get my way. Which suits me fine, as I always enjoyed spending my money on the most important person I know, myself!

I was wearing a black leather skirt, tight white satin shirt and a cropped black leather blazer with large shoulder pads (I guess there is nothing wrong with showing off my ass a little if it helps get me the job, and a little power dressing never goes astray).

I arrived at the building and the secretary sent me right in, the man behind the desk motioned for me to sit dow
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n. "Hello... Susan Smith is it? Let’s see your résumé." I handed him my references and résumé. He told me I was adequately qualified and that he would consider me for the position, he couldn’t take his eyes off my outfit, so I thought I'd see if I could get some extra points and told him I'd do anything for the job. He looked right into my eyes and said "Anything?"

I knew what he meant, I thought about it... looked at my wedding ring, knew what I was about to do and looked back at him and said "Anything." Well, why shouldn't I have some extra money to spend on myself? After all, I deserve it. Besides, this could even be fun...

He stood up and walked behind me, he started massaging my leather clad shoulders, I moaned that it felt wonderful and he slowly moved his hands lower to massage my leather covered breasts. It felt so good, he saw my wedding ring and said "Oh you’re married are you sweetheart?" I told him "Yes, but don’t let it worry you, it certainly doesn’t worry me." I moaned a little more, it felt so wonderful having him rub the leather against my breasts.

He told me to stand up, I did and he grabbed my ass and rubbed it, then he slapped it and told me to bend over, I knew what was coming, and I don’t know why but I didn’t even have a second thought, I looked him right in the eyes, kissed him and said "Sure baby."

I hiked up my leather skirt a little and bent over his desk, he unzipped his pants and rubbed my ass while he slowly entered his cock into me.

It felt incredible, circumstances probably playing a large part in that, as he thrusted into me from behind, the desk even started moving a little, I kept up the rhythm as best I could while he was pumping in and out. It was wonderful, and I was loving every minute of it, I couldn’t believe how I was acting, here was me, a not so faithful wife and mother acting like a "slut". I was moaning so much I barely heard him warn me he was going to cum, he exploded in me, it was incredible, I orgasmed right as he did surprisingly, there was just something about the situation that turned me on so much, I was aroused beyond belief, it was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. (Up until that point I should say!)

He withdrew slowly, zipped himself up and slapped my leathered ass again, and said "The job is yours, you start on Monday, of course, you know that its perfectly acceptable for you to wear leather to work." I knew just what he meant and what he wanted. I pulled my skirt back down to my knees, smoothed out the leather and picked up my handbag, winked at him and said "See you on Monday."

I drove home feeling wonderful! I was having trouble keeping under the speed limit, I was just enjoying the moment. I am thankful I didn't run into any Police on the way home, as I know I was doing at least 20 miles an hour above the speed limit!

I walked in the door and my husband greeted me with a tired look on his face and asked how I went. "Extremely well and I have the job, not that it is really any of your business frankly, do I bother you and enquire about your work?"

"No, sorry dear." He replied sullenly.

My Sweet Leticia

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Ever since I met Leticia, she had kicked around the idea of getting breast implants, much to the dismay of her husband.  Of course, he hated the idea because he was one of those insecure idiots who thought she wanted to get them just to attract the attention of men.

Knowing Leticia as I did though, I knew, and of course she told me that she had always wanted just a little more size up there.  Not to mention she knew the implants would add more firmness and lift to her breasts.  Now Leticia wasn't exactly flat-chested.  She was already a small C-cup but wanted to be at least a full C.  She felt that approaching her 34th birthday and having had a daughter several years before, her breasts weren't what they used to be.  Of course, having seen her bare breasts a few

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times, I always did my best to convince her that she had beautiful breasts which she did.  Leticia herself is a beautiful woman.  She is about 5'5" and at that time last June weighed about 130 lbs. having recently lost 10 lbs. on a low-carb diet.  She has long brown hair, big brown eyes, long legs, and the most gorgeous hands and fingers you could ever see on a woman.

Knowing what a selfless person Leticia is and how she always put other people's needs before her own rarely doing anything for herself, I convinced her over time that she should do something really wild and crazy, as I saw it, for herself.  In fact, she  already had the money saved but was debating as to how to use it.  I told her that I knew if she didn't do this procedure, she would end up using it for other people, especially her selfish jackass husband who was always asking her for money.

Finally, she asked me to do the research as to what the exact cost was and to find a good plastic surgeon.  I gladly accepted the request!  Once I gave her the information, she made an appointment with the doctor I found for her.  Leticia at last decided to go ahead with the operation once the doctor explained what it would do for her figure.  Of course, I had already been telling her how beautiful and sexy she would be with her new look! 

Needless to say, her husband hit the roof!  He reluctantly agreed to drive her to the hospital a few weeks later on the day of the operation saying he couldn't stop her from doing what she was gonna do anyway.

The morning after the operation, I got a call from Leticia who was practically in tears.  Although the doctor said the procedure went well, she was experiencing severe soreness and swelling.  She went on to tell me how she wished I could be there to take care of her because her bastard husband was being so insensitive telling her she shouldn't have had her breasts done and not really doing anything to comfort her.  In fact, it was like that for close to a week.

Finally, I was able to meet up with Leticia and her daughter for an early dinner three days before her birthday and exactly one week after the operation.  When I first laid eyes on Leticia outside the restaurant, they practically popped out of my head!  The difference was obvious!  Of course, there was still some swelling but she told me that she was now a D-cup!  Wow!  Talk about instant hard-on!

The three of us had a great time at dinner and I asked her daughter what was planned for her birthday.  "Nothing." she said.  Her jackass stepfather, Leticia's husband, was too damn cheap to do anything for her.  Anytime he had two nickels, he usually bought beer for himself.  It was at that time I suggested to Leticia that she let me throw a party for her daughter.  I could rent a nice motel room with a swimming pool where she could invite a few friends from school and have pizza delivered as well as cake and ice cream and, of course, birthday presents.  They both loved the idea and agreed to let me make all the arrangements.

The afternoon before the party, I met Leticia at the motel where we checked in so we could decorate the room.  The whole time we we were hanging up streamers and balloons, I could hardly take my eyes off of Leticia's new breasts which were covered by a top that really clung to them.  She would catch me staring and acting annoyed would say, "Stop looking at me! You're making me nervous!"  I would just laugh a little and say "I'm sorry! I can't help it!  But you look really good!"  That made her blush a little.

After we finished decorating, we sat on the king-sized bed and looked around the room admiring the job we did.  I checked my watch and realized we both had a lot of time before we would be expected at home by our spouses.  Sheepishly, I said to Leticia, "Well, we've still got some time.  Enough so I can take a peek at those" referring to her breasts "and enough to go pick up a bite to eat!"  Surprised, she said "A peek? You want a peek?"

"Well yeah.." I said.  "You did promise to give me a peek at those once you had them done!"

Hesistantly she said "I don't know.  They're still swollen and you might freak."

"No I wouldn't!" I assured her.  "It'll be alright."

Without a word she quickly lifted and lowered her shirt.  All I caught was a glimpse of the sports bra she was required to wear while she was healing but I could see how big she was.

So I reached over and patted her hand.  "Come on now.  Let me see them."

Finally, she took her time lifting her shirt and this time unzipped the sports bra so I could see her breasts.  Again, my eyes damn near popped out of my head and I had an instant hard-on.  I tried not to make it so obvious though as I knew she was pretty self-conscious about the size because of the swelling.  But I didn't care!  Those were the sexiest breasts I had ever seen even if they were still swollen and had stitches!  Slowly, I reached over and very lightly touched and pressed one of her breasts.  I just had to know how they felt!  They were the firmest babies I had ever known!

The whole peek lasted about 15 seconds but at least I got it!  As she zipped her bra back up and lowered her shirt she teasingly said "Hey, all I said was that you could peek!  I never said you could touch!"  I laughed and said "Now how can I look and not touch?  I just had to!" 

"You pervert!" she said.

With that, we went to a nearby restaurant to pick up something to eat and brought it back to the motel room.  After we finished, we laid side-by-side on the bed and talked about the party the next day.  As we talked, I slowly turned to my side and gradually draped my arm across her stomach while she laid on her back.  Then I began to caress the side of her body being careful not to touch her tender breasts.  She moaned lightly and I could feel that she was starting to relax.  She then turned and looked into my eyes for a few moments giving me a long and loving gaze.  After a couple of minutes, she turned to look at her breasts and with both hands lifted up her shirt and unzipped her bra.  She then began to tell me how she was experiencing tenderness in some spots yet numbness in others.  I then began to carefully caress and massage her breasts making it a point to stop on certain spots and ask if she had any feeling there.  I loved it!  It was heaven touching those huge sexy breasts and drinking it all in with my eyes!  We did that for several minutes but I had hoped that would last for an eternity. 

Although I felt like we both wanted to make love at that moment, we both realized that it was getting late and our spouses would be calling soon because we weren't home yet.  I didn't worry too much about losing an opportunity because I felt maybe another would arise the next day.  So we got up and walked out to our vehicles together and agreed to meet at 11 a.m. the next morning.

That whole night, I could hardly stop thinking about my sweet Leticia and the vision of the those sexy new breasts!  I'm sure my wife could see how distracted I was!  It was hard to sleep that night because there was so much anticipation about the next day.  At last, the morning came and I sprang out of bed to pick up a few more items we needed for the party before going to the motel room.

I got to the room a little before 10 a.m. and waited anxiously for nearly an hour before finally getting a call on my cell phone from Leticia telling me that she and her daughter were picking up one more of her friends and then they would be headed to the motel.

As Leticia, her daughter, and her daughter's two friends arrived at the door of the room, I took a look at what she was wearing.  She had on a long beige skirt that I bought her, sandals, and a top that clung to her a little but wasn't especially sexy.  That would change soon enough though!

Not long after Leticia and the girls got there, the pizza arrived and we all ate, laughed and sang "Happy Birthday" to her daughter.  After that, she opened the gifts I bought her. The girls were pretty anxious to get in the pool so everything went pretty quickly.  In fact, they changed into their swimsuits as soon as they got to the room.

Once the girls departed for the pool and I peeked out the window of the room from the second floor to see if they were safe, I pulled out a little gift for Leticia.  Surprised, she asked me what they were.  "Only one way to find out!" I answered.  She opened the gift bag and pulled out several sexy tank tops that would flatter her new figure.  She loved them and gave me a sweet little kiss on the lips and thanked me for them. 

"Try one on!" I said, handing her the red one that was my favorite.

"Okay" she said grabbing it from my hand and heading towards the bathroom.

I was a little irritated that she didn't change in front of me but that irritation soon turned to utter lust as she emerged from the bathroom wearing that red tank top!  She looked so good in red and the material clung to her breasts like a second skin!  As she looked at herself in the wall mirror, I got a look at her profile for the first time.  Oh how sexy she looked from that angle!  Those big firm breasts attached to that long lean body!  My God, she was beautiful!  And I kept telling her so.  She finally had to tell me to stop because I was embarassing her.

As the day wore on, Leticia and I stayed cooped up in that cozy little room talking and drinking wine while the girls spent hour after hour frolicking in the pool.  I did manage to get a few more little peeks at those breasts!

Finally, the girls tired and came back up to the room to rest.  By now, the wine really started to take effect on us.  As the girls laid on the bed watching TV and talking, Leticia sat on the bed with one leg up on it and one leg hanging off the side.  I sat in a chair right next to her.  I started to run my hand up and down her ankle and her knee out of sight of the girls. Leticia let out soft moans which told me she was enjoying it. 

After a while, Leticia suggested to her daughter and her friends that they take some of the helium balloons that were in the room outside to release them as a "birthday tradition".  She also suggested to them that they take one last swim as the afternoon was almost over and it would be time to leave soon.  With that, the girls headed out to do so.  As they ran outside, Leticia and I waited by the window and watched for them to emerge in the parking lot to release the balloons.  We laughed as the girls let go and watched the balloons float over the highway. 

As Leticia stood in front of me at the window with her back to me she said "Thank you for today.  You made my daughter very happy." 

"Well you only turn 13 once" I responded.  "I was glad to do it."

As I said that, Leticia inched her way back toward me as a way of hinting for me to put my arms around her.  I hugged her from behind placing my hands on her stomach and caressing her as we stood in the window.  She leaned her head back and rested it on my upper chest.  The scent of her hair was heavenly and I loved holding her like that while she stroked my arms.  After a couple of minutes, she turned around and asked me what time it was.

"It's 6:30" I said softly.

"You have 30 minutes then", she said knowing I had told my wife I would be home soon after 7:00.

With that, I took her by the hand back over to the bed and stood her in front of me while I sat on the edge.  I hugged her at the waist while gently placing my face between her breasts while she stroked my head.  We both moaned as we caressed each other gently and lovingly.

Knowing we didn't have much time and that the girls might come running back up to the room any minute, I pulled Leticia down on the bed next to me so I could make my move.  We began kissing each other deeply and passionately.  "You better check if the girls are in the pool" she said.

"Okay" I said hurriedly getting up and running over to the window.  Much to my delight, the girls had indeed gotten back in the pool and were busy talking amongst themselves.  Back I went to the bed next to Leticia and picked up where we left off.  As we continued kissing, I took off my socks and shoes.  Slowly, I began to work on removing Leticia's clothes.  The first thing I removed was that sexy tank top.  Then I unzipped her skirt.  Next, was her bra.  At this point, I worked on her breasts kneading them gently and kissing them.  I lightly sucked those delicious hard nipples all the while trying to keep in mind that this probably hurt her a little because of the soreness from the operation she had only 10 days before.

Still, she loved this and her moans of pleasure told me so.  Eventually, I kissed my way down her body until I reached the top of the white lacy panties she was wearing.  I pulled at the waistband while kissing her hips which drove her crazy.  Finally, I slipped her panties all the way off revealing her trim little pussy.  I spread her legs and lowered my face between and kissed the insides of her thighs.  I started eating that sweet little pussy while her trim pussy hairs bristled my nose.  She bucked her hips up gently as I licked her into ecstacy.

At last I removed the rest of my clothes and as I removed my underwear, out popped my rock-hard cock.  I pulled myself up to position myself between those long slender legs and touched the head of my cock against her wet pussy.  She then reached down and took hold of my dick and guided it into her as I pushed gently.  As she let go, I pushed in quickly and so easily!  As I fucked that tight little pussy I watched as her big breasts jiggled like crazy.  The sight of that made me even harder!  Again, I nuzzled those melons and squeezed and sucked on them but probably just a little harder than I should have. 

Eventually, I could feel myself getting ready to erupt like a volcano.  As I got closer, I could feel Leticia's breathing getting faster and she started to moan more intensely.  She was also getting close to orgasm.  Within a few seconds, we both exploded wildly until we both almost lost consciousness. 

As we were both coming down, a thought crossed my mind. "What an asshole her husband is!"  I was certain she had not been with him sexually since having the augmentation done because of his insensitivity while she was recovering.  I was the one who had those big fake breasts first!  Me!  And no one could ever take that away from me!

Moral of the story:  A little sensitivity goes a long way!   



Diary of an American Housewife

Rodger-the-Dodger on Cheating Stories

Diary of an American Housewife

'Puttin' on a little?" and the friendly pat on my butt from husband. Encouraging words as he was out the door to work?

He had no understanding at all of the life of an American Housewife. What would Housewives do without TV, vacuums, dishes, clothes washers and delivery boys ... and house pets? Boredom-boredom and more boredom!!!!

If it weren't for the little distractions of cleaning vacuum bags and cat litter trays and gathering dog droppings in the yard there would be little excitement in my life.


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decided to start a diary. Someone might read it someday. Then they would know about the one-quarter of the population that stays at home, works at home, gets bored at home and tries to find some escape from the home humdrum.

I mean, I have a good life. After husband and children were off to work and school, I had a whole day to myself-my duties, that is. Picking-up (the one things husbands and children were brain-dead about) and washing/ironing and cleaning and dishes and dinner-plans and that, without clever planning, took the whole day, day after day after day. But I needed the detached reflection a diary might give and it might be entertaining. Where to begin...

Day One: Dear Diary-

Again... Dear Diary- I'm Marvene; I'm 36 years old; I'm an ordinary hard-working and much bored housewife in the usual housewife rut and with your help, maybe I can get out of the humdrum and have a little excitement telling you of my days and my story to this date even though I'm not that old and from day to day when something happens.

This one was like the other days. About a pat on my butt and an observation as husband left the family nest for another day which he surely thought was dull; but he was out driving to the office and selecting a place for lunch. Even if he went to the same place he COULD go somewhere else anytime he wanted or take a bag lunch-yuck. But I mean he had lots of choices. I didn't.

(diaries usually begin that way, don't they? I've never written one but I knew that much from schoolbooks. It's like writing to a confidential friend.)

And he could go somewhere after work if he wanted and blame it on a traffic janL..I didn't know if he did but he COULD. And what could I do, in home, cleaning, washing and the rest. Those were the choices for me-An American Housewife!

I looked into our back yard. The dog was resting under the tree. Smart to stay in the shade and while I was sweating inside already so I took off my housecoat. There was no one around to see anyway. We American Housewives tend to relax a little in our domain and to get creative. After all-housewife-wife to the house-married to the house is more like it ... if we weren't innovative what were we.

Today, Diary-

I went to my room and got ready for my shower. The water was good and cooled me down but when I got out I was like radiating all over from the water. I put on my light dress and went back to my magazine and the end of the exercise video-bend down, touch your toes-I tried it and it made the backs of my legs sore but I touched my toes. The dog was watching and stopped licking as I went up and down, giving him a free show up naked my legs and bottom.

Funny, dog,s eyes. I don't know if they see things but they look like they do. He licked his lips as he watched and I felt funny and stopped and sat on the couch with my magazine. It was a story about a secretary that I was reading. She was a non-housewife-type of girl and thought she was a hot thing. I used to think of myself as hot and then got married.

I read the story and started fantasizing about the girl in the story, which is what we readers are supposed to do but the story was doing it to me and I finally put it down feeling funny reading it and getting hot about some fiction of a girl at the office crossing her legs and

making the guy look at her from across the room and checking her legs and the crack between and he came over and said something to her that made her blush. Then I started to blush but it was from my imagination and my hands feeling along my dress.

The guy in the story met the secretary after work and they had a drink across the street and she said she had a crush on him and he felt uneasy because he was married but wanted her-on him and she wanted him-in her and the drinks took away their resistance. They arranged to meet later and set up a fake doctor's appointment on the same days and went to a hotel ... and .. well... you know the rest, diary. That's where the story ended but it left me up in the air and feeling my dress.


I raised my dress and felt all over my naked legs. I went into my bedroom and found my vibrator, in the bottom drawer, at the back and under the sheets where no one but me would look and went back to the couch. The dog was watching me, licking himself with his long, long tongue.

I laid my head back and continued feeling over my legs and my crack and dipped a figure inside, just checking, diary, but I knew what I would find. It felt good there and I had all day if I wanted to wait that long which I didn't! It was quiet, except for the TV and I switched it to Mute and listened to some birds in the garden and felt myself all over and back and forth. I was being patient. I knew what I was doing and opened my eyes to watch the dog, with eager eyes, looking at me and he seemed curious as to my movements, which were getting faster and making me start to twitch. This is when I started to hope there would be no interruptions and no telephone ringing and that I could just feel and bring myself to the edge.

Day/Night 2 Diary!:Ilm

His name was Barry and he and his wife were our own age and had been to our house for barbecues several times and we had visited them also. We were friends but not close and I had fantasized about him because he seemed so strong. When he handed me the saw I noticed for the first time how big were his hands and started thinking about that old wife's tale-you know about the large size of a man's dick if he had large hands. It made me go wet all of a sudden and I had to sit down and say: @Help yourself."

I knew my face was even redder than it had been. @It's hot outside." I was making light conversation but I felt very vulnerable with him standing there at the refrigerator, his back turned, and I could watch him move without getting caught. But he caught me looking and smiled. @It's hotter in here than it is outside." It was a tone of voice he had that made me wonder if he guessed what I was feeling and then we walked into the living room.

Now I was mortified. There on our couch was my vibrator and it was plugged in, too! Maybe he wouldn't notice but of course, he did notice and smiled at me with a knowing look and sat on the couch. I sat so the vibrator was at least on the other side of me from where he sat.

@My wife thinks that's the greatest invention of all time-better than a hair dryer!" I didn't-couldn't-say anything. 'Is that why your cheeks are red? Now I know what housewives do in the morning while we men are at work." He wasn't being mean, and said it in a light tone.

'Well, now you know,' I said, wondering where this conversation was going.

"Can I watch you use it?" ..."I think I'd better get dressed and do my shopping as soon as you're finished with your drink.' He took me by the wrist, '6Can't shopping wait for a minute?" I just sat there. *Come on, I won't do anything, just watch. I've always wondered if you were as hot as you look. My wife and I even talked about how pretty you are. She thinks you have a great figure. But you know what they say-good on the looks and cool inside.' He reached across me and grabbed the vibrator. "My wife likes it when I watch her use it and she wouldn't mind at all. She would probably even be jealous if she knewwhich she won't." I felt strange with this good-looking man holding my wrist and holding my vibrator and then he turned it on and I thought, dear diary, '6Why not? But just for a minute and then he would have to leave."

I took hold of it. "Let me switch it on for you." It began to hum and I could feel the sound, if that's possible, all through me. I was still hot and getting

hotter, just with the thought of what was happening at that moment. I lifted my dress and put it underneath so he could hear it and see my movements but couldn't actually see me. That was as much as I was willing to do and just for a minute or two but then he kissed me and I put it right between my legs and spread them a little so it was on me and intense and I couldn't help myself and kissed him back and felt him lifting my dress to my waist and he could see I was naked and maybe even see I was really wet and I let myself go and enjoyed it. I was so embarrassed and that made me even more hot and then he put his hands on me and spread me open all the time he was kissing me and I was kissing back in earnest and then I couldn't even kiss him and was breathing air into my mouth. I was some other place, in outer space and climbing my mountain and my hips lifted to that vibrator and I felt his hand go under me and his skin was warm on mine and I was so hot, hot!

He played with me and whispered in my ear how wet I was and he liked that a lot and I was limp and resting and cool between my legs and just lying there. He didn't try anything else but I wanted to see and feel his cock in my hands and inside me and was afraid to say anything. I just couldn't. I was exhausted and how could I look at his wife at our next barbecue. I just laid there with my eyes closed, naked from the waist down and relaxed, very relaxed and noticed how quiet it was when he kissed me and quietly closed the door on his way out.

So now you know why I missed writing the rest of the story until just now and it made me hot just telling you what happened. So I'll close for now and will write again soon, about less exciting things probably, but you never know.

Diary 3:


I had gotten mine when my shoulders were very sore and at the same time I was in the appliance section of our department store. The pictures on the box showed a woman using it on her back and so I got it. It was cheap. One of the best buys in my life! When I got it home, I put it on my back and shoulders and it was relaxing but not any more than a hot shower. It laid in the drawer for more than a year when one of my magazine stories had a character who was laughing about vibrators when the other character in the story mentioned them as being as good as a man but you didn't have to wash and cook for it. It got me to thinking.

Of course, I'd heard giggles about '6sex toys" but that was girl giggles and nonsense. Then the story and the giggles I remembered and I said to myself-when I have a private moment I might just give it a try.

Then I got busy on a school project for my daughter-we were building a kind of toy box for the kindergarten kids at a day care center and we were driving to get wood and nails and cutting the pieces and making a real toy box, painting it and it took all my spare time. That project was finished and I had more time to myself during the day.

I wanted to be sure to have some time alone and planned ahead, doing all my washing and cleaning on Monday, Tuesday was My day. The children and husband all out of the house, a little coffee and the early morning news and then I was in for a shower and my lightest housecoat. Back to the kitchen and even a glass of white wine, some music and a quiet mood. I sat and watched outside as a bird flew into the tree and our dog rested in the shade. I had another swallow and began to relax. I wondered if I was being silly, having time alone but I needed this. Finally, I got up and went into the closet-which is where I had tossed the vibrator. It wasn't until later that I felt like hiding it in the drawer.

It had different little knobs and I put on the simplest one, shaped like a thumb, and returned to the living room couch. I had another swallow of wine and started to feel mellow, laying my head back and stretching my legs. My housecoat fell open and I touched my thighs with both hands. They were cool and smooth and my hands made me tingle at my crotch. Maybe I'd just forget my new toy and feel myself and make myself come on my fingers like I always had. I was already a little wet and my finger slipped along my lips easily. I loosened my housecoat some

more and started that nice motion along my lips, fingers spreading, finger dipping and slipping and feeling myself up and I almost lost myself and stopped to have more wine and sat up. I had my plan and I was going to do it.

It's strange, Diary, but I felt guilty or naughty or something like, "I shouldn't be doing this. Doing what? It's my body and I'm just dealing with boredom. Right?" But I was afraid of getting caught. All of it made it more exciting, I guess but I hesitated before switching it on.

It felt good in my hand but I went right to work on myself. That thumb made my skin tingle wherever I put it along my thighs. I closed my eyes and listened to the humming and moved it up and down and all over and just enjoyed the sensations. I moved it through my hairs and along each side and down and back up. My body started responding on its own and I didn't really think what I was doing after awhile as it moved along the lines of my flesh, down one side and the other and then, between and along my lips. I put one hand holding myself open and

with the other worked myself. My feelings told it where to stop but I took it away in a didn't want this to be over quickly, slowly, playing, in hand down to pull the vibrator over move and, eventually few seconds. I

week for this time and wanted it to last but then I put it back there where I wanted, needed, it, to...... beeee. And, Oh! Was it wonderful right there. It made my hips move and I could feel my lips embrace the thumb and quiver and respond. I knew I was really, really wet and it felt so good, like nothing I had ever felt. Then I had to rest and turned it off and lay there breathing hard, my head light with the wine and how intense I had felt.

Diary 4:

This was a day for my reawakening. I felt better about myself in some way because of my experience. I'd never do anything like that but it happened and opened my feelings about myself. Up to that time I was a homebody, a housewife doing house things-washing, cleaning, cooking, and things like that and I was definitely loyal to my family and my husband; had missionary style sex, in bed, at night, at the appointed hour, didn't give blow-jobs, didn't play golf, didn't watch sports. I was about as ordinary a bored housewife as there was. So by accident Barry had

opened me up-in a way taken away another layer of virginity and I felt a new sense of freedom or abandon; I felt empowered to act against boredom with my mind and body. I still went quickly back inside when I got a glimpse of Barry but determined to be out.

I was wearing my new dress, with a bright blue and yellow pattern; with my hair up and my gold neck chain. I looked cool, or so I thought. I walked to our market to do a little shopping and just get out for the first time since my 'visitor.' I felt self-conscious even days later and one or two men seemed to look at me at the market. Goodlooking men with good hands! I leaned over to pick some vegetables from the back and could see they were looking at my legs-one of best features. My dress was a length where inquiring eyes got a good idea of my shape when I leaned out. I didn't wear stockings-not for a trip to the market in mid-day and only thin cotton panties meant they could enjoy the body movement in each of my steps as I went further down the aisle.


I wasn't feeling housewife-ish just then and more the "wanton woman" but I felt a sense of release from boredom and I liked that. That was what it was all about at least for a few hours of the day before I returned to my usual duties. I wondered what would be the next bit of exploration for my liberation.

Dear Diary-

'I thought a lot about knocking but couldn't help it.'

















Well don't stand out there in the sun," I said. He came in. 'Would you like something ... to drink, I mean." We both laughed. I mean, I think I knew what he wanted but couldn't say and he felt exactly the same: ME, MY BODY AND ME! Or was it HIM, HIS BODY AND HIM? I got him a beer and poured myself some wine. No one would be home for hours, yet. I had the air-conditioning on and it was cool inside. The sound of the air-conditioner shut out the other noises from the street and made it private for us for whatever we wanted to make of privacy.

"You know I've been married over five years. We have a good marriage." I nodded. "But not exciting ... I mean...we love each other an all but it's a kiss at the door and

smile at dinner and a hug in bed and sleep and then we're off to work and another kiss, smile and hug. Not exciting but happy."

I nodded: "Me, too." We sipped our drinks and walked into the living room. (the vibrator was gone, of course, but its memory lingered in both our minds) 'Nothing happened, right?" I think that was true so why did his saying that make me hot? I guess I'd been hot, off and on, for no particular reason, almost all the time since that day.

" I love my husband, too," I said, "He's good to me but we do the same kiss, smile and hug, a lot."

'Have you had a nice day? It's been hot and business is slow so I took the afternoon off but I had something else in mind, obviously. I don't have to be home for


It wasn't long before I found out my next liberating step but it took me completely by surprise. Guess who came knocking at my door? Again! None other than, you guessed it: Barry. I should have known. The one guy I had been avoiding. He had the same thoughts and was afraid to see me or have me see him. I saw Barry yesterday morning but he didn't see me! I went right back inside and waited. When I went back out the coast was clear. I was still getting used to being out and about and was ready to be seen by everybody, including Barry, but not that early in the morning. Well, Diary@ another day, but it's been awhile since I wrote. Things settled down though I thought about Barry and our few moments together. I was red-faced every time I did. I even went to the market in a different way so I wouldn't drive by his house. It was silly but I didn't know what to say or do when I saw him next, as I knew I would. We even were planning another barbecue at the end of the month but that's a week off and so I can make whatever adjustment and steel myself to act natural as though nothing happened. Really, he did just kiss me and watch and it could have been a lot worse for my plan to pretend nothing happened. I was lucky in one way but I was curious about what could have been every time I thought about it. I hadn't used my vibrator since and kept it in its bottom drawer where it belonged, What did housewives do before they had vibrators? sorry. I missed finishing my diary entry yesterday. But I had a reason. Just as I was starting to build and get good and intense, wouldn't you know, the doorbell rang. It was one of our neighbors who works around the corner at the hardware store. He was returning a handsaw he had borrowed. He was friendly but I think he noticed my face was flushed from my 'excitement.' @You look like you've been working at something," he said. If he only knew how close I was when he had arrived. 'Would you like a drink or something...' is all I could think of saying at the moment. I don't know why I said that. I guess I was nervous but now you will know why I didn't finish my story to you yesterday. I'm skipping the vacuuming ... no one will notice ... and sitting down to read my magazine that came yesterday ... some good stories and lots of advertisements and, use the remote to listen to some TV with these people full of advice and stories. There was a woman today who had done one of these weight loss videos and showed parts of it ... women dancing around and jumping up and down in their leotards. Letting off their sexual energy, I thought. We housewives have to find some way to release it; I know I did. Innovation? No where more innovative then ways to release the primal urges. The dog came inside a moment ago-there must have been too much sun for him even in the shade-so he was sitting there watching me and licking himself.

"Can I fix you a sandwich?" I went into the kitchen to cool off. He followed me and I got out some bread and cheeses and handed Barry another beer. I shouldn't have. I should have asked him to leave. I should have not let him in the first place. I shouldn't but I did and he came up from behind and hugged me and I leaned against him and he pressed his hands around my front and I spread my legs as he cupped his fingers into me. I was wet and I knew he felt it. I held on to the counter as he pulled me back, lifting my dress and pulling off my panties. Maybe it was the wine, maybe I had thought about this and imagined it and didn't know how I would react and I just let him, let him make me naked, let him feel me all over and let him put his finger inside me and then two fingers and I leaned over as he pulled out and I heard his zipper and felt his flesh against me.

I reached under and felt his long cock and balls and stroked him to my lips, just parting them. Holding the kitchen counter, I waited, it seemed a long wait, I was very hot and my lips were around the tip of him. He slid into me easily and very deeply. Then I could feel his balls pressing against me and I lifted myself on him as he hit against me, again and then again and I was lost in my own kitchen with the air-conditioning fan and the quiet of his thrusting and bringing me against his long cock until my knees went weak and he held me up, my weak legs held around his thighs as he pressed me against the counter and I felt I was completely naked, open and filled with him and wet down my thighs and breathless as his movements slowed and I knew he had come, too, and was slowing and cooling and slipping out of me. He kissed my neck and smiled and hugged. This was different, this was exciting. Beautiful the way our bodies were in unison of movement and coming together with more hugs and

kisses and breathings and then, he was gone and I had to hurry and clean up and get rid of the beer cans and drink the wine I had left in the glass.

And I had to go sit on the couch and wonder what further liberations were in store for me. I felt ready for the next episode and turned on the TV to cool down, picked up that old magazine and looked at some of the other stories. If they only knew of my story! It was too hot to read the mag. My dog sat there, licking and looking at me. He seemed to know. I sat and just turned the pages and cooled off.

I must have fallen asleep because I awoke as the door

sprang open to the sound to my two children, delighted to

tell of the important events at school, how one friend was

sent to the vice-principal for being rude to the teacher

and another who caught her hand in the door and went to the

school nurse. Not to mention the "loads and loads of homework" which meant to their rooms and time for me to start dinner, which I did, still in a glow from my 'dull' day.

'Hi! Honey!" and a smile, kiss and hug and back to the salad makings. Then dinner and 'How was work?" 'Okay" and 'How was your day?" 'Okay..." and then television and bed and a smile/hug/kiss and I lay there thinking, dreaming, getting a little wet and turning over so I would not get an errant squeeze and questions ... How would I explain that? I blushed under the sheets and got more wet and a little scared from my exciting day. I decided to put a stop to it. It was wrong. I should be a 'good little housewife" but I felt very naughty and excited. You know, diary. Maybe there were more diaries before therapy was popular. A diary was an understanding friend; and would never tell the secrets but I got hot even just writing to my diary.

To be honest, Barry's cock was very hard and long and made me come extra good. Knowing it was wrong and a secret made me come even more intensely. And I wanted him again. So much for my promises but I had to wait. Maybe he wouldn't visit me when I was alone and I'd have to settle for having my dreams. I heard my husband, next to me, in his deep, 'I'm asleep" breathing and put my hands down to feel myself. I wanted to come again right there with him asleep beside me but I didn't dare!

Next morning when I awoke, my hands were still holding myself, and what dreams I had, of many things and boys and girls and ... I better not say what else. I had to get up and help everyone else off to their day and I couldn't put off vacuuming another day so they were off-smiling, kissing, hugging, and I was doing my obedient housewifery things.

There weren't that many clothes, ironing and dishes and I finished early and took a nap. I needed a rest what with all my nocturnal dreaming which had tired me out. The pillow felt soft and I was soon drifting off. I couldn't keep him out of mind, Barry, and couldn't keep my hands away from myself and then my fingers were at work again.

I saw us, in the kitchen, like it wasn't me. It was me as a third person and watching. And I watched as he put his arms at my waist, lifted my dress, felt all my wet flesh...

And then, I remembered, it was a long time ago when I didn't understand things as well. I had been on my way home from school and full of the usual stories, waiting to tell of the vice-principal and the school nurse and that sort of thing when one of the boys, Steve, came up and started walking along with me. He asked if was going to the school dance and asked me to go with him. It wasn't my first date, that was too scary to enjoy with all the fussing at home and the new dress and shoes and not knowing what to say on a date and whether he would try to kiss mehe did but I didn't kiss back.

This would be the first real dance where I felt comfortable except, until he asked, I had no one to go with. So now I was going, with him, and he was cute and I was looking forward to this one. He asked if we could walk down by the river bank near our home so I went with him. He said we should get to know each other a little before the dance and then we could enjoy it more-it seemed okay to me at the time.

We walked through some of the bushes and bent down to get under some of the brush to where the water came up close to where we were walking. 'Let's sit down for a little." I did. I was a warm day and we both wore lightweight clothing. Steve took hold of my hand when we sat down. 'I've been wanting to ask you to the dance for a long time but I was afraid you would say 'No.' I'm glad someone else didn't ask because you're the cutest girl in class." I wondered if I should believe him but it seemed okay. I was cute and had a pretty body that was filling

out as nice as some of the girls and better than most. He squeezed my hand and I squeezed back.

We sat on the grass by the bank and listened to the trees rustling in the wind. @How many dances have you been to?" he asked. "Last year I went to my first dance and this is the second. I was real nervous the first time. I didn't know what I should wear and what he would do. I mean I went with David." 'I know Dave. He's okay."

'I like him but not that way, I mean, well you know."

Steve nodded and leaned back on the grass, still holding my hand. I sort of felt like lying back with him but didn't. Then I did and looked up at the sky and the clouds. Steve said: 'Could you ever like me, that way?" said I didn't know. He said, *Would you try, at least until after we go to the dance." I looked at him and he smiled and gave me a hug. 'You're really nice." I blushed, I think, and he squeezed my hand and reached to kiss me. I pulled back. I wasn't ready for that and didn't know what would happen next but he held me to his face and kissed me. His lips were nice and I was wrong, I know, but I kissed him back and then he kissed me again and we kissed and kissed for a long time by the river bank and I couldn't hear any wind in the trees and could only feel his lips. He put his tongue in my mouth and I started to sit up but he pulled me back and then I opened my mouth to him. It felt crazy having his tongue slipping in my mouth and he licked my lips then and I felt my body start to tingle.

I put my tongue around his and he held me tight and I got scared and sat up and said 'I've got to go. I'll see you in school tomorrow." And straightened my hair and dress and bent over for my books and walked or almost ran home and went straight to my room when I got home. All my feelings were new to me and I felt uncomfortable and maybe wouldn't go to the dance with Steve. He might try something again. And, too, I felt cool between my legs and looked at myself and put my fingers there and was slippery wet. It felt good when I touched myself so I stopped and started doing my homework. I couldn't pay attention to my work but kept at it and finally got it done but the teacher said I must have been daydreaming and made me do it over!

But about the dance. I saw Steve at school the next day even I did try to avoid him a little and we came to face during lunch break. 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it," he said. 'You kiss good." I just looked down and felt that feeling again. 'You want to eat together?' So we walked to one of the benches and had our

lunch. "You're not mad, are you?" "Just eat your lunch, Steve!" I said it in a tone of voice that let him know how I felt-if confused is the word for how I felt or maybe a little scared but excited, you know Diary. I didn't know what it was then but he was the first boy that made me feel excited when I was near him, or even thinking about him.

I'm glad I saw Steve the very next day even if I didn't look him in the face. I felt nervous around him but it was a good nervous. My Mom and I went shopping after school and I got a nice dress for the dance and shoes. So I was going after all. We got home and it was dinner and homework but I couldn't concentrate. All I saw was Steve and his mouth and lips and could almost feel his hands holding me and the warmth of his body and it was hard to do homework when all that was happening.

Then I took a shower and got in bed and looked at the ceiling for a long time and saw Steve and his face and body and hands holding me and his mouth on mine and licked inside my mouth and kind of pretended it was him and promised I wouldn't let him do that because I knew it was dirty and wrong and I was being bad to let him or want him and I wouldn't anymore. I promised myself do any of that again. I was too young and he was being forward and assuming a lot about me and he was very much wrong about me. I didn't want to be "that kind" of girl whether it was exciting or not.

I kept looking at the ceiling. My nightie was very silky and I started touching it and watching Steve. He was cute and his lips were soft on mine and I outlined the shape of my body under the nightie. I had a nice shape and it relaxed me, feeling over my skin. I closed my eyes but he was till there and I imagined he was naked.

I'd never seen a boy naked but I'd seen statues and knew what they looked like except this particular naked boy was Steve! and he was kissing me and making my body feel good. It was okay to do this in my own room. The door was closed and the light out and it was just a dream.

I reached out to him and he took a step and held me. His skin was against me and his hands were all over and lifting my clothing, feeling me and licking my lips. I felt my fingers on my skin and I was slippery again and it was exciting to touch and feel myself. I looked to be sure my door was shut and lifted my leg and put my finger inside and stroked my body and was very wet and turned on my side, leaving my hand there and went to sleep feeling very warm.

Well, Diary, I'm telling you more about what happened years ago to this American Housewife. I hope you don't

mind. I had some good times in school before I started being bored and dull and I like telling you so...

Finally we got to the day of the dance. I lost my appetite. Steve seemed so relaxed at school but all the other girls and I could talk about was getting ready for the dance and what we were all wearing and we decided we wouldn't get there on time, we would be nonchalant and arrive a little later. At least that's what we said. What we did, what I did, was different than planned. In fact, I almost didn't get to the dance at all!

Steve picked me up on time and there was all the fussing to get ready and to meet my parents and to say 'Don't be home too late.' And all that and then we were off. I could see he had washed his car and waxed it. I sat next to the door. He looked at me when he closed the door and smiled and got in and we drove off. "You don't want to get there when it starts, do you?" He was reading my mind. 'Come on, sit over here, next to me." I slid over and was right next to him. I could feel his warmth through my dress. Then he put his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder. "I know a good place we can go and just sit in the car and talk and then we can go to the dance and be a little late." "Okay." I didn't know what was going to happen but it was a good idea to be a little late. It was like telling everyone we had been to lots and lots of dances and didn't need to be on time as there would be plenty of time at the dance even if we weren't the first ones there.

So Steve and I drove along and then we turned off and down a road and were beside the river again. Near where we had been before when he was putting his tongue in my mouth! Except this time we were in his car and kind of private.

Now was the time for me to remember my promise to myself. When I sat close to him it was hard to keep thinking my clean thoughts so I didn't sit as close as I might. But then he put his arm around me and it felt warm and I couldn't help but cuddle a little and feel good about being there and it was pretty, the river, the trees, the car, his arm and leg against me.

'I know we shouldn't but I like you and you're pretty." And I began to weaken. He kissed my neck and ear and breathed on me and turned my face to his. "I love you." I'd never heard anyone say that to me-not from a boy to me! Then he kissed me and I couldn't do anything about it and kissed him and then our tongues were touching and I felt I was getting slippery wet again and didn't know what to do and then sat up again and moved near my door. This was too much for me. The trouble was I liked it and liked him and liked the kissing and getting wet was wonderful and meant I was growing up with strong feelings. I bet the other girls didn't know anything

about feeling like that and I felt proud of myself even if I'd broken my promise so quickly and then he took my hand and I slid right back and we were kissing and kissing and he was breathing on me.

I realized I was breathing hard and my chest was heaving up and down and he kissed my neck and ears and tried to kiss outside my breasts and unbuttoned me and moved my breast to his mouth and all I could do was lean back and let him and enjoy it and worry about what he might do next and I let him feel both my breasts. His kissing was so good. He kissed my mouth and told me my nipples were hard. They were very sensitive and I didn't want him to stop but he had to stop and I pushed his face away and told him 'No." and said 'No' again and he kept kissing me just the same as I squirmed on the seat and then he pushed me down.

I really said 'No!" then but his hands were on me and were I was making them slippery and moving my bottom the more slippery I got. I lost track of where he was or his mouth or hands and pushed at his head with both his hands and felt his stiff cock on my hand and it was wet too and then ... he hurt ... bad but it was too late and it was my fault because I lifted myself up just as he plunged into me but it hurt and I grabbed him around the waist and pushed at him and held him and pushed him away and then just held and hoped he wouldn't leave me he was too deep inside to leave and it was hot and wet and good and I held him to me to try to get him to stop moving inside. It felt too good and I couldn't stand it anymore and had to rest a little.

I was sweating and hurting and feeling hot all at the same time and

We were late to the dance because we had to clean up and cool down and tell each other we were in love and all that. That was the dance I remember most. I don't remember dancing or much else except someone spiked the punch and that bowl was empty before anyone knew. I was sore for a few days and Steve and his family moved to Chicago the next month so we wrote and made promises we couldn't keep but I thought about him a lot for a long time until I met someone else. I had to pretend with him that I didn't know about things and all but we never got serious or into feelings and then were other boys, some who made me horny and some who had bad breath and some who were just fools. I never got to know Steve very well after that night and I wondered what might have happened to us if he hadn't moved.


For awhile, everyone I dated had to be compared to Steve and since he had been a surprise and beautiful the other guys weren't surprising even though a few were cute. It was the same old "You're beautiful" and then hands on your breasts and under your dress without any surprises at all and some were more exciting than others but there was Steve and whatever was in second or third place and then I went on a sexual fast. I was tired of all the boys wanting me for sex and I got serious in my studies and didn't go 'parking' anymore.

Maybe I needed a rest. I don't know. But I needed some perspective which I got but I sure felt horny in the meantime and would get wet just looking at some fine guy and when they looked back I had to keep my promises and get back to studying.

After I graduated it was different, looking for a job and meeting different people; listening to the girl talk and getting old enough to drink and go to bars where people hung around and told lies about each other. Mainly the guys told lies: About how pretty I was or I had a good figure when what they really meant was AI want to feel you and have sex"-not necessarily in that order.

It was the first time I really heard girls talk unendingly about themselves and their 'boyfriends" and even some about girlfriends. One or two of the girls admitting have sex with girls as well as with boys. It was amazing to me because I'd heard about it but not from soneone who had actually done it and I wondered if they were just lying to make themselves seem adventurous or important or to shock some of us.

I worked with one of the girls, Harriet, and she told some really wild stories one night so the next day I got brave. 'Harriet, some of things you told us last night were incredible. Were you just joking with us or what?' "I wasn't joking, Marvene, and I didn't believe what I had done either. Maybe I had too much to drink. But then the next day I realized how good it was so I saw her again and did it a second time. What do they say: Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

Harriet and I talked a lot after that and became friends. She did most of the talking and I listened a lot. I invited her to my apartment for dinner one night and we had a bottle of wine and an Irish coffee and another one after that and all the time Harriet we telling me her 'sex chronicles,' including about the time she was with another girl, at her apartment, having dinner and wine and getting sexy with her in an accidental way and Harriet reached and took my hand and put it on her breast. I laughed. I was nervous ... and felt her breast. She lifted her sweater, no bra, and put my hand on her skin. I was still nervous but her breast was soft and her nipple was suddenly hard. "Kiss my nipple, Marvene," as she took my head and put it on her and I couldn't believe myself but I was kissing her breast and licking her nipple just like Steve had kissed mine. I knew how good it felt when done a certain way and that's what I did to Harriet as she stroked my hair and cuddled my ears, now, with both her hands and said how good it felt and I started to relax and get into it with a girl for the first time!


I was so surprised at myself and how making her nipple hard with my tongue was exciting me too. Then I wanted to tell her to stop feeling my ears and neck and was going to and started thinking that was the way Steve had licked my breasts and he must have enjoyed it, too, because I was enjoying it and it was a role reversal then with me being like a guy, the other side of the coin. And then I kissed her other breast after she removed her sweater and leaned back and held me too her and told me it felt good and y mouth was soft and I heard my words to Steve before the dance and I had said things like that and it made him lick me more like I was licking Harriet's breasts and feeling and holding them to my mouth and I didn't want her encouragement any longer and then she put my hand under her dress and up her legs and I could feel how wet she was and the I really wanted this and to make her come and have her under my control and make her squirm.

She was already squirming as I licked and slid down further and spread her legs completely open. "Kiss me there!" Which is what I wanted to do anyway and to taste a woman and lick her spend and feel it on my face and I found her clit which was hard and felt her hands on my face, spreading her lips open to my tongue. It didn't take long for Harriet to start moving her hips and get desperate and out of breath and she started telling me how good I was and how hot she was and clutched me to her and held tight and almost smothered me. When I came up for air she said: "That was good; that was the best!" And it made me feel good inside and then I realized I was very wet and hot too. It wasn't just Harriet so I was embarrassed at breathing hard. 'your face is red Marvene. Are you as hot as you look. Sit up here and let's see."

Then it was her turn to take charge. I couldn't even get my clothes off before she was under my dress with her hands and mouth and I guess I was coming so quick I couldn't believe it and she knew just where to touch and I saw Steve again and wished Harriet had a long stiff cock but this was the next best things and I smothered her what with wrapping my legs around her delicious tongue and face.

After that we just lay there and held each other. Later I made some coffee without liquor. We had had enough excitement.


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Fine, that's how I felt. My husband and I finally on our long awaited vacation. Sitting at the bar in our very nice hotel I did miss the kids but I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Looking across the table at my husband enjoy the very good jazz playing and just having a very relaxed time! John was downing Long Island ice teas and I was keeping up with him. No worries about driving home or the kids! I wanted to get good and smashed! I haven't let myself so loose in years. This was a classy place which fit my mood perfectly! We were finishing up our 4th or was it 5th "tea" when the waitress came again. You guys ready? Sure, I nodded to John's smiling face. He was happy that I decided to get "high" with him. As he was flirting with the waitress I scanned the
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We had been here since about 7:30 and it was almost 10pm. The room had changed quite a bit since then. There were quite a few middle-aged couples like us, a few businessmen alone, an occasional bar floozy and a few younger people. I made an estimate of 50 customers in the large lounge with just a few stools left at the bar and hardly any tables or booth seats open. We were seated in a booth on the far wall from the bar with the excellent jazz band in the middle of the room so that almost every face in the room I could see was turned towards us.

After the waitress left I felt very pretty when John leaned over to tell me I looked very sexy. A mother of 4 kids past 40 always appreciates that kind of compliment. I was carrying way to many spare pounds but had just the right dress on to accentuate my good qualities. It was a blue flowered print buttoning up the front. John would find out later that I was wearing garters with my off white stockings and very sexy pink panties under my light blue satin half-slip. I glanced down at my chest and saw the top of my new see through pink bra.

No matter how drunk John got I knew he would at least want to perform at least once back in the room when I slowly unbuttoned my dress and he could see my nipples and then I would raise the slip to show him the garters and panties! I laughed to my self at the vivid picture I was getting of John standing at attention! (I hoped it was to be fully erected!) Definitely I was getting drunk! But I didn't care! Tonight I was going to let loose! Thinking these thoughts about what was to come later in the evening started getting me hot. The bands lead singer announced the next song and applause went though the crowd at wanting to here the old favorite.

I caught the eye of a gentleman sitting with his wife across the small dance floor in front of the band. He was applauding along with everyone else but was looking directly at my legs. Just as I involuntarily shifted my legs back under the table he caught my eyes and smiled as he subtly made it appear as though he was applauding me! I turned to John who looked at me and stated how great the band was. I heartily agreed as I lifted my glass. John's eyes left my gaze and I stole another quick glance at my supposed audience of one and there was no doubt he was raising his glass to mine, which was at my lips. He was toasting me! I turned away to John who was intent on the band again. Looking back quickly the man was not looking anymore. How silly a few drink can make your imagination work! There were several interesting people in this bar. I was keeping tabs on several situations. I purposely made myself study the bartender and a waitress having a discussion of what I supposed was there working environment.

Allowing my eyes to wander again I saw the couple whose male member had wandering eyes. He was turned to his wife talking to her. He looked to be taller then John but about the same age. As he laughed I admired his beautiful smile. He was quite handsome. Not the perfect build but quite enticing. He and his wife looked to be about our age. They seemed to be a pretty much copy of us but both of them a little taller. She had on a sleek white blouse with a black skirt. She had a very ample chest and looked to be in the same shape I was but a little more full figured as far as a few extra pounds. Her hair was in a cute and stylish perm. She wore sheer black hose.

I wondered if they were pantyhose or she was wearing the same lower under garb as I. They really made a handsome couple. I felt again the feeling of my breasts swelling and the warmth between my legs building. I was getting horny looking around at the people in the bar and loving it! John was in for a time! I wondered if they were on a getaway like we were. John was rocking to the band as I continued my study. As I tilted my glass back the woman noticed me looking at her legs. I felt my eyes being held by hers as she actually discretely toasted me glancing down at my legs and back to my eyes! I smiled and slightly tilted my glass in probably unnoticeable acknowledgement before lowering it and quickly shifting my eyes to her husband then mine who were both watching the band perform the oldie.

I felt the last tea sip do its work as I watched the band and went over in my mind what had just happened. Was she wondering what I was wearing? A sideways glance revealed it was safe to look again. Her blouse was definitely tight around her breasts, which even looked larger on this glance. She looked to be quickly downing some kind of fancy drink, looked like a margarita from here. In the next few songs of the set I quickly determined the couple were definitely "putting them away" not unlike us. I caught him glancing my way a few times but I ignored him, as I didn't want John to become suspicious. Suspicious of what! My mind raced and then became somewhat calm. So I am glancing at a guy. Big deal. John was to have me tonight! (Of course!)

The lady was now looking and caught my eye again and smiled and I easily returned the warm smile this time. She was pretty and probably looking innocently around as I was. John was certainly enjoying himself keeping to the fast beat with his fingertips on the table as he surveyed the room. Watching his gaze cross my couple's table they both were turned to each other talking again. As John looked over his shoulder at the people supporting the bar I looked once again and was startled but definitely looked like a cool customer as they both toasted my stare with smiles.

She seemed to just barely lick her lip as I involuntarily uncrossed my legs and slightly turned to the band and slowly crossed them again. I know they saw at least my garter in my brief display of immodesty. Once again the surge of animal lust seized me and I was quite surprise I did not feel the least bit embarrassed by it. Glancing back they had once again turned to the music and I was laughing to myself how silly the whole scene had been which I had obviously concocted in my stimulated imagination. But I was enjoying myself, kind of making myself horny as it were. John is to be one lucky man in a little while. Checking my watch it had got to be almost 11 and I marveled at how the time had flown. The whole last hour I spent just with a smile and a quick word to my hubby now and then and also had my "secret affair" with "my couple". How hilarious was the fantasy I was had concocted. Just the thought of this other couple flirting with me had definitely got my blood flowing and it certainly was making my tits swell!

I was even amazed at that description of my breasts in my mind as I raised my arms up from my lap and felt the hard nipples briefly against my forearms before I reached over to John's hands and asked if he was having a good time. We both agreed that it was a great time. I told John I would be back in a minute as I went to find the restroom.

As I crossed the hotel lobby and being quite proud of myself that I was sure that I showed no trace in my demeanor of the inebriation that I was suffering, the woman half of "my couple" (I was enjoying that nickname!) was striding in the same direction I was. She must have come from one of the other exits of the lounge. I reached the restroom door 5 feet ahead of her but turned and smiled and found myself holding the door for her.

She sweetly smiled as she went in ahead of me. I could see that she was about my height but with higher heels. After both of us had finished in the stalls we were both adjusting our makeup and clothing when she told me though the mirror how great I looked. I liked this woman! I returned the compliment and soon we were chatting like old friends. They were returning from visiting their son at the university and were going to catch a flight tomorrow night 1/2 way across the country to their home. We both laughingly admitted to drinking too much and started giggling like schoolgirls.

There was no mention in our five-minute conversation of our eye contact earlier. I remarked how pretty her jewelry was. She wore a large broach matching her earrings. I knew these would somehow look gaudy on me but they fitted her perfectly. Lightly touching the broach in admiration, I actually found myself wondering how her breasts looked unbounded by the close fitting blouse and the pretty lace peeking through. Casually turning away I began rearranging the contents of my purse on the vanity to put away my makeup kit when she saw my room key among the items I had out. She picked up the plastic credit card like thing and produced her own in her other hand.

We learned that our suites were just 4 numbers from one another. How does a person identify which is which if you mix them up she said as she made me burst out laughing again by shuffling them! Luckily I knew John had one so I wasn't that worried when she held them like a deck of cards and told me to try my luck. I tugged on one and it slipped out of our hands to the floor. She knelt down to pick it up and I could see down her ample cleavage and was surprised to immediately feel the moistness between my legs again. I had just a few minutes ago briefly inspected my new sexy pink panties in the stall and noticed their dampness.

Her bra was just barely covering half of her breasts and as she stayed knelt down as she rearranged her "deck " again with some difficulty in picking up the cards off the tile floor. I could just barely see part of her nipples. The brown half moon contrasted perfectly with the white skin and black lace.

Just as I was admonishing myself for being "turned on" at the sight of another woman's breasts she stood and drew my "card" for me. She then told me that if we ended up with the wrong keys then we could just return them to each other later. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye and told me that she usually didn't drink like she did tonight but then said that a few stiff ones put her in the mood for stiff ones! I cracked up laughing! I wondered if she was as drunk as I was. She was probably looking forward to fucking that handsome husband of hers like I was mine! "Probably more!" I thought and immediately scolded myself for both the dirty thought and the slam to my own husband!

Then she did the most astonishing thing. She suddenly but somehow gently, pulled me so close that I could feel her bosom pressed against mine and whispered in my ear that she was going to seduce her husband to screw her good tonight with his nine-inch long stiff one! She then kissed me lightly on the ear and slowly ground the crotch of her skirt against my hip as I felt my nipples feeling opposite hardness between layers of cloth simultaneously feeling her heat against my thigh. After holding me for just a moment this way, she then gently released me and started out the door turning to whisper that she would see me later with a giggle, wink and a smile.

I just stared at the closing door in shock and turned to the mirror. As stunned as I was my first thought was that I was quite sexy looking tonight! I actually saw myself taking a deep breath as I crossed my arms over my chest. The event of a minute ago left me amazingly calm. Still confused I walked back across the lobby looking to see her but she must have made it back to the lounge already. What would John say when I told him this! My last thoughts leaving the restroom were "There's no fucking way I'm going to tell him!". I smiled as I didn't bother admonishing my last thought for its wording or content! I am having fun!

John didn't seem to notice the extra time I was gone as I apologized for being so long. He had already gotten a couple of teas ahead of me. When I got the courage up to look for "my couple" they had gone. John was obviously in a state of "better leave now". I asked my honey if he was ready to leave and stopped his protest by whispering that I was very horny. That got him up and ready to leave. We paid the bill and I steadied him to the elevator. John immediately turned to me in the elevator and sloppily started kissing me. I found myself grinding into his growing manhood like I have never had it before. I reached down to unzip his pants when suddenly our short ride was over. The dinging of the elevator doors opening brought me back to reality as I led him to our room.

As I slipped in my key card I just knew it wouldn't work and it didn't. John fumbled his out mumbling how these high tech things were for men! We both laughed stumbling into the room onto the bed. I felt a little guilty for not sharing my personal reason for laughing but John had only his own satisfaction on his mind and immediately unzipped his pants to let out his familiar but only half hard manhood with a sleazy drunken slur of profanity. I obligingly went down on him and started sucking his penis hard. He lay back just moaning.

Somehow a legal pad John had left on the bedside table caught my eye as I not to enthusiastically sucked and licked my husband's slowly growing dick. The cloudiness of my mind somehow ascertained that it was 8 1/2 inches by 14 inches. That means the man of "my couples" cock was longer then that pad was wide! I felt my pussy getting soaked as I casually sucked on John's suddenly suspiciously inadequate manhood. Glancing up at John who had his eyes closed I reached to the pad and spread my pinky and thumb as far as possible and found I was still a little short of spanning the width of the paper. Readjusting my body to hide my investigation I then held John's dick by the base tightly, held my thumb there and was easily able to tap the top with my pinkie. Finding myself somewhat even more turned on by my discovery I began to suck in earnest. My husbands got cock hard to its apparent full short length until I could feel it begin to explode and jacked it off the side of the bed looking at him with his eyes still closed moaning.

I helped him off with his clothes and he immediately started snoring! In the bathroom I just stared in the mirror at myself! I was mad! But why? I knew why. John never even got to see the beautiful underwear I had on just for him. I started unbuttoning the front of my dress and could feel myself pushing my wet pussy into the edge of the sink top. I moved to the thick curved corner of the smooth marble.

My mind raced visions of "my couple". I imagined of how the lady's kiss felt on my ear as I opened my dress further and rubbed myself hands over my breasts through the bra. My nipples were visibly protruding now. I knew I was having evil thoughts but I needed immediate relief! As I moved rhythmically up and down against the counter I imagined my couple laying in bed with her sucking his giant cock with her naked breasts swaying. Hearing the snoring get even louder I didn't worry hearing the loud gasping I began to make going faster and faster against the hard smooth thick corner. I shuddered in the mirror as my climax fulfilled. I watched my body shake and gave myself a nasty smile of fulfillment. It felt wonderful but just left me feeling hornier! I convinced myself that I needed a bedtime snack to calm myself down! We had eaten the unending bar snacks all night but I felt suddenly hungry. Buttoning up one less button on my dress I saw that it revealed just a hint of my pretty bra.

After fixing my flustered up appearance, I checked on John and saw the drunken loud snoring synchronized perfectly with his slumbering body! I grabbed my purse and went out the door headed to the vending machines. As the door closed I thought of the key! John had left his (the right one) on the bedside table! How was I to get back in? I knocked on the door with no success in disturbing the rumble noise behind the door. It was stupid to allow that lady to screw with the keys earlier. It was funny and she was fun, though (and after all, she was part of my "sexy couple"!). I could go to the front desk I thought. I decided to at least see if the vending machines had anything edible. Strolling down the hall I felt in an extremely good mood which was strange in that usually in a situation like this I would worry my head off! Well, that's what good drink does for you, I thought to myself. The hotel was beautifully decorated with "knickknacks" at various intervals down the hallway.

The vending area on my floor was in a vestibule a few feet from the elevators and I heard the door ding as I turned the corner to survey the contents of the first vending machine. As in a play I immediately recognized the laugh of the lady of "my couple". Incredible! I thought Somehow I knew that it would be them as soon as I heard the elevator doors opening. I shrinked against the wall separating us and heard them move in the direction I had come from.

In seconds the play's script seemed to take on a life of its own as I found myself stepping into the hallway and saying Hi to the couple walking away from me. Somehow I didn't surprise my self at all at my boldness. She immediately turned and smiled recognition as she pulled her husband back to meet me. His name was Steve and was very good looking close up with boyish cuteness that I hadn't notice from across the distance earlier in the night. She went on to explain their disappearance earlier that they had gone on a walk they were just coming back from. I did notice John staring at my chest and was glad I decide to let the extra button undone.

I found myself completely at ease with these new acquaintances talking in the middle of the hall a few feet from our room where I could just barely still here John's snoring. Feeling energy for continued fun tonight I felt no guilt in accepting their offer to have a nightcap back in their room. Explaining my dilemma concerning the key to my room as we all went into their room, she said she knew I had picked the wrong key and her and her husband had laughed on their walk at the possible consequences.

Their suite was the same as ours and I sat on the couch in the main room. She was in the bedroom when Steve brought me a drink, which I immediately sipped, to the desired effect of calming my slight panic at being alone with this handsome man. Just as I was earlier, I was amazed at my own reaction to the situation I was in. I had read many a nasty story over the years about situations just like this and felt surprisingly delighted to be living one of the stories that John had made me read to get me horny. I don't think I had ever been as horny as I was right then.

As if on cue in my play, she walked out of the bedroom wearing a sheer black robe over her bra and panties reveling her full figured ness in a quite sexy manner. Steve came to her and they kissed passionately standing just a few feet away from me. Steve then headed to the bedroom and closed the door as she sat beside me with her drink. She sat close and told me again how nice my outfit was and stroked her index nail below my neck. We casually talked again of how good the band was and giggled at out mutual opinion of the sexiness of the young drummer.

She apologized if what she had told me earlier about her husband had offended me. I assured her that it hadn't as I found myself feeling the texture of the robe on her arm. I told her in fact that it had made me quite horny. We laughed as we found each others lips and for the first time in my life I found myself willingly and passionately kissing another grown woman. Her lips were sweet and warm. Releasing me from the kiss she sat up and slowly and expertly unbuttoned my dress and I sat up and let her remove it from my body completely. I watched as she slowly traced the outline of my bra, she then raised my slip and outlined the panties, then the garters with her finger. Tracing with her nail and alternating with the flesh of her finger sent me in ecstasy. I was thrilled that someone was at last appreciating my carefully chosen undergarments!
I found myself mimicking her finger caresses across her shoulders. I slipped my hands under her robe and pulled it back off her. No skin and bones here! She was no diet queen (like I wasn't) She let it slip to the floor as I let my finger slip down to her bra. I carefully outlined her nipples though the black lace. They felt as large as mine. She sensed my curiousness and unhooked her bra in front revealing her gorgeous tits! Her nipples were brown circles with large protrusions that my mouth slowly but hungrily went down to meet. I licked them slowly while cupping the melons in my hands. She reached and undid my bra and I stopped licking and obliged myself to a luscious gentle suck before I raised and we pressed against each other as we did earlier in the lounge restroom.

My cunt was on fire as we slowly massaged each other's breasts on breasts. As if on cue, I felt her hand guiding up my thigh to my secret place. Her hand easily bypassed my scanty pretty panties and began massage my clit with, I discovered; only the expertise a woman could manage. The men I have let feel me there, (John was the only one, at least as far as he was concerned, haha) had not even been close to making me feel what I was feeling now.

Thinking of John for a moment brought me back for an instant to analyze my situation. Fuck it! That was my brain's response to any concern that was trying to creep out. I was having way too much fun to stop now. I heard myself giggling as I found "my couple's" pussy and felt the wetness of her swollen lips. Fuck it! That's what I started to do with my fingers slowly stroking in and out of her pussy. We were both moaning in passion as I moved my breasts back in forth over hers and she started to fuck me with her fingers. I allowed my lips down to her now very erect nipples and began nibbling and licking them with true hunger. We traded the positions for a minute and then somehow got into a comfortable situation of sucking each others nipples at the same time while keeping our rhythm going with our fingers. It seemed like hours later both of us came to a climax at the same time! Her whole body shook with mine. I was amazed at her wetness and my own. She then turned to sit next to me as we both sat there side by side still touching each other's private part resting from our trip to Nirvana.

I removed my bra completely as did she and was sitting there with a naked top, hiked up slip, sexy stockings and garters with another woman's hand in my crotch. Looking at her beautiful silk stocking held by their own elastic garters and with her luscious tits and wet panties over my hand, I was no place near finished as I leaned to her and initiated another long kiss. Slowly pulling away form our long kiss she asked me with a sly smile if I had any questions. Like what, I asked truly surprised. Like if I was telling the truth about my husband's thing, she laughed. I laughed too and kissed her again. I guess your gonna have to prove it was my witty response. I know she felt my pussy quiver as she asked Steve to come into the room.

Turning to the bedroom door I saw Steve naked in the opening of the door which I immediately surmised had been partially open for the last 20 minutes or so we had been alone. Steve himself proved this theory by walking closer with a big smile on his face casually stroking the dick in his hand. He also proved his wife's claims of his size were easily true. He then stretched both arms out wide as he commented how horny watching us had made him. Staring at his cock standing full at attention and not dropping a bit it was easily the biggest dick I had ever seen! He walked his muscular body closer and she reached out to his rod and gently pulled him closer to the middle of us. It tastes good too she said as she licked up her side of the member. I immediately did the same for the other side with my eyes admiring the shaft and monster balls he has with a glance to her eyes inches apart from mine. Her free hand went back to my pussy and began to stimulate my clit again as I took the shaft greedily for my own and swallowed as much as I could. I was again astounded to my delight that even with the massive head tickling my throat, I could still look down at his remaining meat and could supervise my hands fondling his beautiful balls.

I felt my panties being slid down my legs and then the parting of my legs as she knelt between my knees. As her tongue began to assail my mound, I grabbed Steve's tight butt cheeks and slowly started his hips fucking my mouth in and out. After a minute to let my mouth relax, I held the shaft tightly and tilted my head back for another close look at this magnificent tool. I measured it openly with my pinkie thumb combination and wasn't even able to come within an inch from the ridge of the bulbous bright red head of the thing. As she was gaining momentum all three of us got into a rhythm that had us swaying in unison on the sofa. Just as I was coming I felt the shaft my lips were surrounding quiver and felt an eruption of thick cum against the back of my mouth. As she sucked gently my clit I found myself pumping his jism into my mouth. I never swallowed for John, but he never gave me such a prize either! At least for a minute we all came together. I must have swallowed a pint of the sweet tasting goo.

Pulling away from his now still massive but not quite as hard dick I saw the whitest and thickest come dribble left on the bright red head, which I promptly cleaned with my tongue. It was delightfully tasty and I giggled that to Steve as he sat down on the couch besides me. He and I relaxed as we watched his wife continue her work between my legs. She came up slowly between my legs with her boobs rubbing against my thighs and started to kiss my nipples and the suck them as she moved her tits against my pussy. Steve kissed me and reached over to his wife's ass and started to squeeze her buns as they gyrated to her movement. Her whole body swayed back and forth with her mouth between my tits sucking, licking and squeezing them and with her huge hard nipples almost scratching my thighs and pussy . I hungrily french kissed her husband and of course constantly checked on the status of his recovering cock by intermittently reaching it and stroking it a few times now and then.

The feeling of pure sex animalism rose even higher in me by her stopping when one of her nipples directly on my clit and kind of circle just right before continuing her chorus of movement. I could feel the extended nipple against my clit! In a few minutes I pushed her head down once again to my pussy and laid back against the couch. I watched her expertly eat me as I came with torrents of liquid passion to be licked up by her expert tongue as her husband slowly massaged my nipples with his expert fingers. When I came again and was just recovering I felt both my hands being taken by both of them helping off the couch.

Steve handed me my drink as they lead me into the bedroom. I downed the potion of alcohol my host gave me in three swallows. I lay on the bed besides "my couple" and watched her stroke her husband to full length again and she got on all fours and he slid his cock into her from behind with him kneeling behind in the classic doggie position. Within a minute she was moaning softly. He was in quite good shape and was fucking her at quite a rhythm for as I gently rubbed my pussy in fascination at this spectacle of lust inches from my hot body.

I snuggled under her warm moving body and positioned myself to feel her swaying tits gliding back and forth across my hungry tongue. Moving on to other conquests I snuggled even farther down as if to investigate the reasons for the passionate moaning of "my couple". Of course I was positioning myself to be able to lick that massive cock going in and out of her sweet pussy and just as I achieved this feat I felt her mouth once again on my muff. I came instantly and for what seemed like several minutes as I licked the wet moving shaft of his fucking tool gliding over my face. I was able to reach around his legs just enough to cup his massive balls in my hand and gently massaged them.

We were one machine working in unison! I managed to mouth his balls and he would stretch them out as he stroked again and again. His balls were massive in my mouth! As I released them I once again started licking his shaft but this time up further right at the point of entrance to her beautiful lips. My tongue alternated swiftly between her pussy and the shaft ramming it. The juice was so sweet! As she moaned loudly I could feel the stream of her warm come gushing from her. The sloshing sound of the fucking was even louder now!

Steve's cock exploded once again he pulled it back from her pussy. His thick sperm shot all over my face and her pussy for what seemed like ten or more equally powerful spasms! As if signaled, her pussy then pushed into my face as if to shine the polish she slid her pussy lips from on my nose down to my waiting tongue and repeated this cycle continually. I greedily licked the wetness as I felt her tongue do the same on my pussy.We were in the classic '69' position as we ate each other to come once again! I felt her warm body move against my own. We exploded together and rolled over in exhaustive ecstasy with me ending up in the center of the bed with these beautiful strangers on each side of me.

Many minutes later I felt that I had come back down and glanced at bedside table clock. It was 2:00am! What if John had woke up! I ran from the room to collect my clothing and already had my dress on buttoning it as they came out of the bedroom. As I reached for my panties I explained to them my concern and they understood completely. I did lighten the scene by telling them the odds of John waking up after our heavy drinking was slim to none!

She said that we better hurry then. I didn't understand until she guided me to the edge of the couch, raised my dress and ordered her husband to fuck me good! I looked over at Steve who was walking towards me and somehow this man was completely erect again and his massive cock seemed even larger! He wasn't even supporting it this time and it was at a perfect 45 degree angle. I leaned back holding my dress as I watched him thrust his long hot tool in my pussy as she stood playing with her tits by sucking each of them in turn. I reached her pussy and she widened her stance and finger fucked her in rhythm with her husband pounding my pussy. Every stroke he went in further but brought it out just to the edge of the massive ridge. Eventually he was stroking the whole 9" in and out of my hungry pussy. Sitting on the arm rest of the couch leaning back just watching this tremendous dick pounding my hungry cunt made me climax again and again!

He just held my hips with very strong hands as he watched me thank him with gyrations. Unbelievably I was coming each time with even greater force then before. I was in an unbelievable state of relaxation and excitement at the same time. She leaned over as I continued my rhythm with my figures between her wet lips. She sucked my nipple but was knew to be careful not to block my view of the wonderful screwing her husband was giving me. She was pulling my nipple with her teeth as she moaned! As his dick exploded we all three climaxed together! I knew that he had given me a "quickie" and he was probably capable of any sustained fuck a woman could want. I could feel his hot liquid deep in my pussy.

After a minutes rest I stood and straightened my self ,I lightly kissed both of my still naked hosts goodbye and quietly walked the short distance to our room. They were watching me from their doorway as I reached my door. To my double relief the card key worked fine as I heard the relief of Johns snoring. I waved goodbye as I silently crept into the room and closed the door behind me.