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Friends Little Sister

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One day i spent the night out at my friends house i was 16 at the time. My friend was in his room n my other friends were on the coach while i got the other room.  I woke up early that morrning to amanda right infront of me. i had taken my patns off before i went to sleep and i dick found its way out of my boxers(n i had a morning wood that day). I tried to pretend that i was a sleep but she knew i was awake then she said
"what is that?" and she pointed to my dick. i told her to get out of the room but she wouldnt leave until i told her. so i explained to her i was my dick and that is what is used to make babies, she was pretty cool with it and asked if i could show her. sincei  knew my friends wouldnt be up for awhile i said yes.

I told her she could
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never tell anyone about this and then i told her to get undressed. We both got naked and i told her she had 2 make it hard again she asked how and i told her to put it in her mouth and suck on it but not to bite it.  She stuck my dick in her mouth and started to suck on it , it felt so good i told her to get ready cause i was going to cum in her mouth ask me what that was i told her she wouldnt find out. she keep sucking until i blew my load in her mouth , it started to leak out the side of her mouth but i told her to swallow it. she said she didnt like that taste but wanted more.

I layed down on the bed and told her to get on top of me i told her to try to get my dick in her pussy she didnt exectly know but i helped with it. She was REALLY tight i had alot of trouble getting in but once i did it was get i told her to sit up and down a whole lot so she did. Having my dick in her tight pussy felt so great she started to moan and i told her to keep going finaly i busted another load but this time deep into her.

She that , that was fun but she was guna leave now but i wasnt done yet i told her no not yet and i pushed her against the bed and she fought a little but then i put my dick at her anus opening and pushed as hard as i could she screemed but i closed her mouth in time. once i was in she loved my fucking her anally. She came again i then i kept fucking her till i blew my load into her anus.  then i got down and cleaned her pussy and anus of my cum i blew i her she came again will i was cleaning her.  She told me she had 2 got up stiars before her mom came back so she left and i went back to sleep now everytime i go over there we sneak out during the night or in the morrning to fuck outside so no one will catch us fucking.


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My nefew is a young energetic boy. One night while babysitting him and his two brothers he kept touching my ass and making it look like an accident. I finally told him to sit down and watch a movie with me after putting his younger brother's to bed. He was still for a while but then he started to feel on my boobs. "You got big boobs" he said. "Can I see them?". <"You a

Lara settles in at school

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This is a story of a young girl called Lara, whilst in school during her lunch break she takes up the offer she can’t refuse.

I’m a storywriter but this is my first attempt at an erotic story so feed back would be great, enjoy



“Come on Lara, darling, help unpack. This is a fresh new start and I don’t want any sulking”

Lara had just moved in to the area of Jamesville, with her father. Her father had taken up a new job, working with an oil firm on the edge of town. It meant more money for the two of them but Lara didn’t see it like that. She had left behind her close friends, neighbours and her school. They were all a distant memory now, as she sat quietly in the back of the

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“Don’t you like the new house?” Her father said.

Lara didn’t reply. She just sat in the car staring out the window, whilst her dad was busy carrying out boxes from the trunk. Each time he dropped off a box he came back and tried to comfort Lara with empty words with each lift of the next one.

“Come on into the house Lara, you can start unpacking your stuff.”

Lara opened the car door and stepped out with her bag swinging. As she got out, she slammed the door shut and proceed to walk very quickly into the house.

As her dad was busy down stairs, directing the movers on were to put the sofa, Lara decided to view her room. It was very spacious, bigger than her old room, with a wooden board floor and large window over looking the back garden. Some of Lara’s processions had already been carried in, her bed was propped up on its side against the wall and her full length mirror had arrived intact with her boxes of clothes. Lara shut her bedroom door and locked it. She began to unpack some things. As she began unpacking she found the school uniform that her dad had bought her for her new school. Lara never wore a uniform to school before, but this a private school, for ‘rich pretty girls, who talk about make up and about how much richer their dad is than anyone else’s‘, so Lara thought. She thought what it would be like to be daddy’s little rich girl, prancing around school, looking for attention. Lara decided to try on her uniform in front of the mirror. It consisted of a white blouse, a small fitting black blazer, a green tartan skirt and white knee high socks. She stood there in front of the mirror looking at her self from head to toe. She liked the way the blouse made her breasts look bigger. She looked at her young delicate body and thought to her self, this is a quite sexy for a fifteen year old. Lara had brown, soft, shoulder length hair, that she tied up in a pony tail. She let it down and flicked it out. ‘Wow’ she thought as she continued to pose in the mirror, blowing kisses at herself and trying to flick her skirt up with her ass.

After admiring herself in the mirror she went down stairs, to grab her self a cola from the cooler. The cooler was brought in a left by the door of the kitchen. She bent over and lifted the lid off. She rummaged around the box for a can and then she heard a whistle from behind. One of the movers was carrying a chair into the kitchen and had caught sight of her underwear whilst she was bent over. She looked around at him to find him staring with a sly smile across his face.

“Perv!” she said with discuss.

She turned her attention back to the cooler and found the last can of cola. Lara retreated back to her room and locked the door behind her. She pinned her back to the door and slid down to the floor. Lara opened her can and took a sip. She felt good, she was aroused. The young fifteen year old thought about the mover looking at her from behind, thinking about what he would do to her if he had the chance. She started to gently rub her knee with the though, whilst she took another sip. She felt hot, raunchy. She never really paid much attention about men and what it would be like to have a man take her and fill her inside with his cock. She giggled at the thought. But she felt her hand sliding ever so much more up her skirt. Lara spread her legs and started to rub her self over her panties, she moaned. With each rub it was more intense, thinking about a man taking her there on the floor. She slipped her fingers under the fabric and began to rub her clit vigorously with her wet fingers. Lara began sliding them in and out like she was be fucked, faster and faster. She was trusting her hips back and forth with motion, pleasuring herself. She wanted to let out a moan, she was gasping. Letting out little moans, wriggling on the floor with her fingers inside her.

“Oh, oh, yes, fuck me.” she whispered to herself, “Fuck me hard.”

She heard a knocking at the door. Lara quickly sprang from leaning against the door.

“Lara, you in there?”

Her dad knocked again.

“Just a minute, Dad!” Lara shouted through the door.

Lara straighten herself out and unlocked the door. Dad popped his head in.

“Dinners ready, I ordered Chinese” he paused for a second looking at his daughter all flushed and sweating.

“What were you doing? He asked

“Oh nothing, just sitting in my room, thinking about home” She said tilting her head.

“In your school uniform?”

“I’m just trying to get a feel for it, you know.”

“R-i-g-h-t, well anyway come on, food will be getting cold.

A week passed by and Lara had settled into her new house more comfortably. It was time for her to take the next step in her new life and go to the new school she had been enrolled in. She woke up early in her bed with the light shining through the curtains, she had a nice warm shower and got dressed. Once she was back in her uniform, she felt the raunchiness she had felt before. She looked in the mirror at her self again, her slender body just waiting to be unwrapped and touched . She thought about the prospect of meeting a cute guy at school and grabbed her bag and headed down stairs. Her dad was waiting.

“You not having breakfast , Lara”

“Na, I’m not hungry ,Dad”

“ Ah don’t worry kid, just nerves I guess. So you ok with this, yer. New start?”

“Yer, I’m fine Dad. Come I don’t want to be late for my first day.”

They both jumped into the car and journeyed to the school.

When the car pulled in, the school was everything it looked like in the brochure. Trees lined the perimeter around the fields, the school looked old, like a medieval church, with a massive gateway. Lara could see the other students heading in through the entrance.

“This will be fine ,Dad”

“Ok, darling, be safe now, have a good first day”

“I will Dad don’t worry” she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She was given a guide of the school by the school president, some stuck up bitch who’s dad basically owned the school. Lara was shown various locations like the science labs and the cafeteria. She was kind of taken back about the size of the place, it was twice the size of her old school for about half students. The girl turned to Lara after a good hour tour.

“That’s it basically it, it’s nearly lunch so if you wanna make your way back down the hall turn left then turn right, go straight on down and take another left you’ll get to the lunch hall, got it, cool, see ya later”

She darted off and left Lara on her own in the bewildering halls. It was very quiet and most people were still in class. Lara walked down the hall and took a corner. She didn’t remember this bit of the tour

“Shit I’m lost” she said to herself

Lara walked on, she only found dead ends and more hallways. As she continued she heard water running like a shower. She ran on and without think burst in through the door that the noise was coming from. As she busted in someone had left a sports bag on the other side of the entrance and Lara fell over on to her knees. As she look up she saw a boy, older than she was, standing there with a towel round his shoulders and nothing else, he was completely naked. He was toned and quite tall, dark short hair. Lara continued to inspect the boys body and that when she saw his massive cock hanging between his legs. She was shocked for words.

“Errm can I help you” The boy said, slowly covering himself up.

“Oh, oh my god I’m so sorry” Lara said holding her head down and closing her eyes.

“Hey don’t worry, it’s cool, here let me help you” He said holding out his hand.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to burst in I got lost and I heard the shower running…and…”

“Hey, I said, don’t worry. Lucky there was no one else in here other wise, who knows what the guys would have done.” He said pulling up Lara from the ground

Lara took a look round and realised that she had actually busted into the guys locker room. As she was lifted up the boy noticed that Lara’s skirt had tucked into her underwear at the back

“Erm, I kinda new, my names Lara”

“Pleased to meet you Lara, my name is Tad. Nice ass by the way”

Lara looked round to see what Tad was talking about. She giggled. And pulled down her skirt. She then looked down at Tad to see that he was pitching his towel.

“Nice dick” Lara giggled seductively as she moved closer. “ You know it’s my first day and all and I was given a bit of a lame tour. Maybe you could show me how things are done round here?”

Tad didn’t need to be asked twice. He took Lara into the shower room and pressed her up against the wall, He started kissing her round her neck and Lara, groaned in pleasure. She raised her leg to the side of his waist and he began grinding against her. She could feel his cock through the towel and Lara couldn’t wait to be ravaged by this total stranger. Tad’s towel began to slide from his waist dropping between his feet and Lara saw what she was in for, the whole nine inches. She grabbed his member and started to stroke it as she warmed to his lips covering her neck. She worked up and down his shaft feeling the tension it was building up. Tad started work his hands down by Lara’s ass and was groping her vigorously and sliding his hand back and forth catching the lips of young wet pussy. Lara was moaning hard. She pushed Tad away and began to undress, ripping off her blouse. And taking off her panties under her skirt. She got onto her knees in the shower room and grabbed his cock. She rubbed it around her young mouth to get the feeling off the soft flesh. She then slipped into her mouth ever so slowly, taking it in, guiding it with the inside of her cheek to the back of her throat, she leaned back ever so slightly to suck on it. She started to move her head in motion. Tad followed with trusting his hips and grabbing her by the hair. He began to moan ever so loudly, with this young fifteen year old girl sucking on his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you” He moaned “ Im to fuck you so hard”

Lara, not willing to disappoint, laid herself back sprawling across the floor, opening her glistening legs. Urging him on she played with herself , rubbing her breasts and lifting up her skirt over her stomach .Tad could she Lara’s beautiful shaved pussy with the clit bulging out and throbbing ready to be tended to, Lara was ready to be entered.

Tad bent down holding his throbbing member in his hand slowly moving ever so closer ,he guided it in, sliding against Lara’s pussy. Lara let out a long gasp as she felt it inside her. Tad began to gently thrust himself further into her, faster and faster. He grabbed Lara by the ass and lifted her so her back has arched , He was pounding her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Lara was moaning louder and louder, the shower was echoing it around the locker room.

“Oh my god, fuck me” she screamed “ Make me cum” she gasped.

Tad was relentless, He lent over her a bit her shoulder ,he was fucking her so hard, he couldn’t take it she was so tight, with his cock sliding in and out. Lara was panting hard, she was going to cum, she gasped and panted louder and louder.

“Oh my god, im Cumming” She screamed clawing her nails into Tads back.

Lara’s body shook with pleasure as she came while Tad kept thrusting his shaft into her. She placed her hands to her face, she couldn’t take much more. Tad was moaning loudly too, echoing out.

“Im going to cum!” he said lifting his head back, he pulled it out and shot his hot cum all over Lara’s body , covering her skirt and her breasts. Tad looked down at Lara who was know gasping for air. She sat up and kissed Tad. Lara stood up and picked up Tad’s towel off the floor. She rubbed her self down and got changed.

“Was that a good tour of the school” Tad smiled

“Yer, we might have to tour again” Lara winked back.

As home time came, the bell rang and Lara ran out side and jumped into the car her dad was waiting in

“Hey kid, how was your first day, anything exciting?”

“Na not really, but I did get everything I needed to know filled in for me” She giggled
















What Was I Thinking?

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 "It happened 4th of July last week. I was visiting my nephew for a party at his house. There was about 40 people there, his family, and his wife's.                                                                                    "Hi uncle Bob, glad you could make it. Would'nt miss it, I replied. The were kids running around his pool. They were all wet, their bathing suits clinging to their wet, young, bodies. One in particular, was my little niece, Pamela, blond,  blue-eyed, 13 yr. old sex lolita. Her budding tits , her tiny nipples protrubing prominetly against her wet bikini, caused my cock to stir.                                                                                          
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                                                             "Hi Pam, got a kiss for your ol' Uncle Bob?  she stood on tip-toe, giving me a peek on the cheek, while i looked down her young cleavage.                                                                                                                                                          "I bet the boy's can't keep their hands off you, I teased."                                                                                                              "Oh Uncle Bob,Pam replied, I don't date yet!  "You don't?  a hot looking babe like you?, I said smiling. She playfully slapped my arm, walking away. The sight of that tight, firm ass, her wet suit clinging to those ass cheeks, I had to relieve myself, or I'd explode.                                                                                                I went inside the house, it was deserted. I went into the guest bathroom. I sat down on the toilet, dropped my pants, and began masturbating. I closed my eyes, picturing Pam's naked body, laying sprawled on my bed. My cock , poised  at the threshold of her virgin pussy, plunging it deep & hard, breaking her hymen, making her a woman. Soon, my cum was shooting from the tip of my cock. White, sticky strands, landed on the shower door, across from me. I took the guest towel from the rack, wiping the gooey mess off, when a slight knock sounded on the door.                                                                                                                                               "Is anybody in there?" I was Pam's voice.  Just me honey, I'll be right out.  "may I come in Uncle Bob, I have to ask you something in private?  I thought about it for a split-second, then opened the door. "Get in here, befor somebody see you."  I pulled her through the doorway, closing the door behind her, locking it. She was still in her bikini.                                                                                                                                                                                 "Uncle Bob, I was just wondering?, but she stopped, glancing down, her eyes wide in disbelief. My gaze followed hers, and I discovered I had'nt zipped up. My cock was dangling from the front of my pants. She pointed, stammering..." Is that your???.  "Yes Pam, thats my cock, wanna touch it?  Her hand reached out, tentively, grazing the tip. A large drop of pre-cum appeared.                                                                                                          "Whats that? she asked.  "Taste it, it's good. I replied. Naive, young girl, I thought, Your lesson begins now.   She leaned forward, her tongue licking the cock lube off. A string streached from her lip to my cock.                                                                                                                                                                              "Like It?, I asked.  "MMMMM, yes Uncle BOB, can I have more? I told her to sit on the toilet, putting the lid down. "now, open your mouth wide, and suck on it like a popcycle.  And pump the shaft, like so..demostrating the proper hand movement.  Soon, she was giving me the greatest head I've ever had. Her head bobbed, her tongue sliding across my shaft. Loud slurping noises emmitted from her voracious mouth. I grabbed the back f her head, her blond tresses snarled in my fingers. My balls tightened.                                                                                                                          "Here It comes baby, and my cock exploded, cum rushing down her throat.  She swallowed vallently, but she gagged and coughed.  Cum erupted from her mouth and nose. Coughing, she pulled away.                                                                                                "Sorry pam, I apologized, I did'nt realize It was soo much."  She wiped her chin and grinned... "All the cool girls do this for their boyfriends, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about." she replied.   "Did you lie The Taste? I asked?  "A bit salty, like raw clams, but good."  She smiled at me.                                                                                                                                          "Uncle Bob, what do you think of thease, and she removed her bikini bra.?  Twin firm tits, with pink, puffy areolas, and eraser hard nipples, stared at me. My knees shook. she stood up and removed the bottoms. Hairless, coral colored lips and vulva, like a Georgia peach , stood before me. My cock instantly got hard again. I sat dow on the toilet lid.                                                                                                                                                                "Are you sure you wanna do this? I asked her.  Yes Uncle Bob, I've dreamed of doing  this with you for a long time. Teach me to be a woman!...."This will hurt a bit, I told her.  "I don't care , Fuck Me!                                                                                                   I positioned her over my lap, my cock standing like a flagpole.  Without hesitation, I pushed her down hard ontop of my prick, her cherry popped. She gritted her teeth from screaming. Her hands pulled and pinched her tits, secumbing to the blinding pain.                                                                                                          Her ass pounded my lap as her pussy rode my cock like a lapdancer.  Her cunt was sticky from her blood , her ruptured hymen a sore, tender, place, filled with my cock. Ohh's and Ahh's filled the bathroom.                                                                                                                                                                                "Keep it down, ya want sombody to hear us?" But it was too late. The bathroom window was opened, and the noises of our lovemaking traveled outside. A pounding of angry fists, and the sound of cracking wood, The bathroom door flying open. There, my in-laws witnessed pam sitting naked on my lap, on the toilet, my cock up her underage pussy. They pulled her off me, my blood stained cock sliding from her womb.I did'nt even get a chance to cum again, It happened so fast.                                                                                                                                                  After being pummuled by her folks, and the rest, I woke up in a jail cell. My eye was closed shut, the taste of copper in  my mouth, my lip swollen. I painfully got up from the cot, making my way to the sink. I looked at my battered reflection in the mirror. The deputy on guard looked at me, smirking.                                                                                                                                                     "your lucky they did'nt kill your ass. Good thing we were in the neighborhood, checking for illegal fireworks , when we got the call. They would have Lynched ya, if we had'nt come along.                                                                                                                  That was last week. I was arraigned, and sentencing starts in a few days. My lawyer tells me I face staturory rape charges, assault, endangerment of a minor, etc. I will be forever known as a registered sex offender. Pams folks convinced her to testify, that I forced myself on her, the lying, little bitch. The newspapers and media had a field day. I lost my job, and im in disgrace. In all, My main thought is..."What the Fuck was I thinking?   The End.                                                      


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2 Families, 1 Vacation




Dan surprises me when he comes bursting through the front door at 4:30 on a Monday afternoon.  He generally doesn’t get home any earlier than 5:30, and usually it’s closer to 6:00.  He is very excited; and collapses onto the co

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uch with a weird grin on his face.

“Sarah, how was your day?” he opens, with the big grin still plastered to his face.

“Fine…and how was yours?” I reply, curious what was on his mind, as he obviously wasn’t interested in my day in the least.  I know that look.  Dan is getting ready to unload his latest big (and usually crazy) idea on me.

“So what’s on your mind, Dan?” I ask, cutting to the chase.  I give him my best quizzically doubtful look and braced for what might be coming.

“I had lunch with Bill today.  He asked me what our plans are for our family vacation.  I told him we were heading up to your parents’ cabin, as usual.  He asked if we would like to join them on their family vacation, since we’re both taking off this Friday for the same 2-weeks.  I asked him where he and Diane were taking the kids.  You aren’t gonna believe it!”

I sit there, not saying a word, waiting patiently.  It doesn’t pay to encourage Dan by playing into his buildup.  Besides, Bill and Diane’s kids aren’t kids; they’re teenagers, like ours.  Jessica is 15 and Nick is 17, so just the fact that they were able to get the kids to come along on one more family vacation was impressive enough.

Bill and Diane Larsen live next door to us.  Bill has worked with Dan for 10 years; and they are the best of friends.  Our families spend a lot of time together.  When the house next door went on the market six years ago, The Larsen’s made an offer the first day.  Their kids and ours have been close friends since.  Our daughter Dawn is also 15; and Jessica & she are best friends.  Our other daughter, June, is 18, and has been dating Nick for several months.  (Being friends for so long, the dating was weird at first for both families; but we’ve all adjusted.)

“Well, don’t you want to know what their plans are?” Dan asked, or more like implored.  He really wants me to play along.

“OK.  Where-oh-where are they going?  Where do you want to drag us off to?  I’m absolutely on pins and needles.” I reply, with an absolutely straight face.

“Now you’re mocking me,” he pouts, putting on his best emotionally injured look.  “OK.  I’ll tell you anyway.”

There is a long pause.  I suppose for effect.  Dan is so theatrical when he feels like it.

“Bill is planning on taking his family to a nudist camp!” he blurts out.

Well I didn’t see that one coming.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

Now I’m actually getting very interested in the conversation, and trying to envision myself at a nudist camp with my own kids.  Now, Dan & I are no prudes.  I get my pussy waxed once a month & am totally bald.  Dan keeps his bush neatly trimmed.  Being naked in front of my own girls would be no big deal.  IT happens all the time.  But I wasn’t sure how I would feel walking around nude in front of Bill & Nick.  For that matter, how would June feel about her sister & I nude around Nick?  June is a very attractive brunette at 5’ 4” & 120 lbs.  She has a very nice 34C chest & very perky ½” long nipples that are almost constantly hard.  Her pussy is also bald, as she comes with me every month to my waxing appointments.  It’s turned into a girls’ day out we do every month, along with lunch and a swim in our backyard pool afterwards. (Yes, Dawn comes along also.)  Dawn is also a brunette, 5’ 2”, 140 lbs., with a 36DD chest (with huge ؽ” nipples that grow to ¾” inch when she gets cold or aroused), 28” waist, and 34” hips.  She started developing rather early, at 11.  Due to her fully developed hourglass figure, she looks much older than she is.  I, on the other hand, am a 39 year old natural blonde, 5’ 5”, 130# with a very tight body and a 34D chest that doesn’t sag much, and ½” nipples with small, quarter size areolas.  We all work out at least 3 times a week.  I work out in a leotard, and when I’m working out, I sweat ALOT, so it gets soaked & my tits show through.  It’s a women only club, so it doesn’t bother me; but I’ve caught several of the other members staring at my body.  Some with envy, and some with lust.  I take both as a compliment.

My husband Dan also works out regularly.  He is a broad guy, with big shoulders and a tight midsection.  He’s 5’ 11” and 180 lbs.  He’s has very hairy legs and torso, which is why he only trims his bush.  We both think it would be silly for him to try to shave his entire body just to match a bald pubic area.  And he’d look stupid if he just waxed that area and left everything else natural.  Anyway, enough musings.

“Hell, yea.  I’m serious.  The camp is up on a private lake up by Bemidji.  Bill heard about it from his brother-in-law.”

“Wow.  That’s a new one, I must admit.  I never would have thought Diane would be OK with being naked around her kids.  Bill’s always been a bit of an exhibitionist; and Jessica and Nick are teenagers, so I’m sure their hormones agreed in a second.”

“Actually, you’re right about Diane.  While she agreed to go, Bill said she’s been uncomfortable about the whole idea ever since.  But it’s not her kids that concern her; it’s the people at the camp.  She doesn’t want to be on public display,” Dan explained.

“I’m not sure I do either,” I responded.

“That’s why Bill decided to ask if we would be interested in joining them.  He knows that we go up to your parent’s cabin, and that it’s the only one on the lake.  .He wants to turn it into our own private nudist camp.  That way we can all try out the natural thing & not have to deal with being around strangers!” Dan exclaimed, evidently enthused by the idea.  (The lake is surrounded by state forest land, with no public access, so we have it to ourselves.)

My mind was starting to drift.  I thought about seeing Bill & Nick naked.   I found myself wondering how well endowed they were.  I’d seen Nick in our pool in his wet swim trunks; and he looked….promising.  Diane had told me on several occasions that Bill had an incredibly thick cock.  My own Dan had a respectable 9” member; but wasn’t particularly thick, just average.

“We’ll have to ask the girls what they think about this. I’m game; but if either of them are uncomfortable with the idea, we can’t,” I say.

“Where are the girls?” Dan asks.

“They’re out back by the pool.  I’ll get them in for an early dinner; and we can talk about it then.”

“I’ll go say hi and send them in myself,” Dan replies.

“Bad idea,” I stop him.  “We weren’t expecting you for another hour or so.  It’s been a beautiful sunny day out, and I think they’re out there sunbathing nude.  Sit back and catch the local news while I get them in.  They were asking for a snack, so I threw a pizza in the oven.  It will be ready in a few minutes.  That can be dinner.”

I walk out the patio door to call the girls in for dinner.  They’re both laying out nude on lounge chairs, soaking up the late afternoon sun.  We have a privacy fence around the entire backyard, with no gate.  You have to go through the house to get into the yard.  As they got up off of their chairs, I wondered what Bill & Nick would think of my 2 gorgeous daughters in their birthday suits.  My daughters and I have a very open relationship, as you can imagine given that we get our pussies waxed together, and June has kept me informed on the progress of her relationship with Nick.  He has yet to see the goodies.  Still, I’ve got both girls on the pill, as you never know when a teenager is going decide to become sexually active.

“Girls, you’re father’s home early, so cover up,” I request.  “We’re having an early dinner today.”

“Mom, we’re sweaty from the heat.   Do we have time to shower before dinner?” Dawn asks.

I am about to tell them to go ahead and get in a quick shower, when I get an idea.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, I reply, “You do have time to shower if you want; but, given what your father and I would like to discuss with you over dinner, it may be appropriate that you don’t get dressed and just sit down for dinner as you are.”

They look at me like I’m speaking some foreign language.

“What!?” June cries out.  “What could we possibly talk about that would make being naked in front of Dad appropriate?”

“It’s up to you, and I’m sure it will catch your father by surprise also; but let’s just say we have a very interesting proposition for you.”  I reply.  “It has to do with the Larsen’s.  I’ll tell you what. If you come to dinner naked, I’ll join you,”

This peaks the girls’ interest, particularly June’s, who immediately links Nick and nudity in her mind, and wonders where this could lead.  Dawn also gets a mental flash of one of the Larsen males.  It isn’t of Nick, but Bill, who has always fascinated Dawn ever since she was 12.  One Saturday morning, Jessica and Dawn were up early, playing in the Larsen’s backyard, while Bill & Diane slept in. The girls heard pounding on the back wall of the house.  They peaked into Bill & Diane’s bedroom window and caught Bill fucking Diane for all he was worth.  The headboard was against the back wall of the house, which caused all of the noise.  Both girls were in awe of the size of Bill’s cock.  Not that they had anything to compare it to, but it was clearly huge.  Diane had her ankles up behind her head, and Bill’s dick looked to be the size of a soda can, ramming in & out of her.  It was a sight Dawn would never forget.

They hurry into the dining room to take their seats, leaving their clothes behind.  My girls aren’t shy, & their bodies, while kept hidden from their father as a matter of modesty, are on display within our house and to their girlfriends when they come over to swim, that nudity doesn’t really bother them…  Though I am curious how they will react the first time Dan lays eyes on them, and how he will react to them.  He hasn’t seen them naked since they were little girls.

“Dan, the girls are in for dinner.  I’m serving now.” I call into the living room.

Dan comes into the room and stops short.  His eyes get huge, and his dick starts to tent his pants.  There are his girls, sitting naked at our round dinner table, Dawn to the left of Dan’s seat, & June across from his seat.  He quickly sits down.  I don’t think the girls notice; but I notice that Dawn’s nipples are getting hard.  June’s, of course, already were.  I notice Dan staring at June’s large, erect nipples, and giggle to myself.

June reminds me that I said I would join them, so I quickly strip & toss my clothes into the laundry room down the hall.  I take my seat to Dan’s right, across from Dawn.  Dan looks at me, and swallows hard.  He’s not sure what to say.  After a few uncomfortably quite seconds, Dan works up his courage and begins the conversation.

“Hi, girls.  How was the pool?  You both look hot…overly warm, too.” He says with a grin, trying to break the tension.

The girls giggle at Dan’s bad joke.  The timer goes off; and everyone’s quiet again.  I get up to get the pizza, cut it up; and set it in the middle of the table.  Everyone grabs a slice.  Dan tries to hide his erection when he leans forward to get his slice; but it’s obvious to all of us that he must be incredibly uncomfortable as his meat strains against his pants.

As we eat, we make small talk for a few minutes, while Dan continues squirming, trying to get comfortable.

“So what’s going on?” June asks.

Dan begins “We have been asked to share our family vacation with the Larsen’s.  They are taking off the same time we are, and were planning on going to a nudist camp.  Diane is getting cold feet from the idea of having total strangers seeing her naked.  Bill thought that we could all do a nudist vacation together up at your grandparents’ cabin, so Diane could be more comfortable.  You’re all women, & Bill says she’s OK with me seeing her body.”

June & Dawn have their mouths hanging open in disbelief.  They look at me, and I nod my head.

“This is only going to happen if you both are OK with it.  I know it will be a little awkward at first; but we’ve always taught you girls that your bodies are nothing to be ashamed of or hide.” I say.

“I’m cool with it,” says June.

“Me too,” chimes in Dawn.  “Will I get to see Mr. Larsen’s thing?”

“Mr. Larsen’s name is Bill; and while we’ve raised you girls to use last names when addressing adults, if we decide to share this vacation, we will all most definitely be on a first name basis,” I reply.  “Now as to Bill’s ‘thing’.  Bill’s ‘thing’ is a penis, dick, cock, whatever.  Let’s not be coy about this.  You will be seeing not only Bill’s cock, but also your father’s and Nick’s.  Is that going to be problem?”

“Not for me!” they both say in unison.

“Hey, Dad,” Dawn interjects. “This doesn’t really seem fair.  We’re all naked and you’re still dressed for work.  It’s time to take it off and join the family!”

June & I nod our head in agreement.  Dan is a little hesitant, as his dick is rock hard & pushing into his pants uncomfortably.  He has been squirming through this entire conversion.

“OK girls.  Your father is sitting here, very uncomfortably, with a raging hard-on, and I’m sure he would like nothing better than to release it.  Just understand that even though he’s your dad, he’s still a male; and males get hard-ons when they see hot naked women,” I state matter-of-factly.  “Even not-so-hot naked women, for that matter.” I give Dan a wicked little smile.

Dan stands up, kicks off his shoes, and pulls off his socks.  He then removes his shirt & tie.  He pulls his pants off, and his cock springs out through the slit in his boxers.  My husband’s dick is cut, and the head of his cock was as purple as I’d ever seen it.  He was REALLY aroused.  He quickly slid his boxers off & sat back down.  Dawn & June were staring the whole time.  It is pretty impressive, when I think about it.  I start to catch the scent of pussy juice over the smell of the pizza.

“Well, your father isn’t the only one excited by this situation.  I smell wet pussy.  Who is it?  Dawn, I noticed your nipples standing strait out.  Is seeing your father’s dick making you wet?” I ask.

Dawn nods and murmurs “Yes.”

“It’s OK.  Again, it’s a natural reaction.  This whole thing has got my pussy juices flowing like crazy.  My juice is dripping off of my legs and onto the floor.  I’m going to have to clean up after dinner.” I comment.

This bit of information sends Dan over the edge; and his cock erupts, sending a stream of cum up & across the table, landing on June’s chest & face.  While caught off guard & slightly shocked, I start laughing hysterically at the looks on everyone’s faces.

I choke out, “That’s mine, I believe.”  I get up, step over to June, who’s sitting next to me, & lick Dan’s cum off of her face & chest.  Her nipples are hard & the left one is covered in cum.  I lick them off as well, swirling my tongue around June’s nipple as I clean it.  I again catch the strong smell of pussy juice; and put my left hand on June’s hot cunt.  Her legs are already spread slightly, and my middle finger inadvertently slides right into her steaming box.  I give her a quick kiss on the lips, then pull away and sit back down.

“Dawn, we’re not the only ones turned on by your father’s dick.  June is absolutely drenched.  My finger just slid right into her pussy like it was being sucked in.”

I hold up my middle finger for all to see.  It is shiny & wet with June’s juices.  I then pop it in my mouth a suck it clean.  Everyone is shocked.

“I haven’t tasted pussy this good since college.  Nick is going to be a very lucky guy,” I say while winking at June.  “Have you ever tasted your own juices, June?  What about you, Dawn?  I assume you both masturbate.  You father & I do quite often, usually together when it’s my fertile time & fucking is too risky.”

Dawn & June both nod their heads in the affirmative.

“Do you ever masturbate together?  I’ve always wanted to masturbate with you girls out on the patio by the pool on a nice sunny day.  I thought it would be a nice addition to one of our girls’ days out, especially after just having our pussies waxed.  I personally get really turned by the waxing, and fuck your father like a crazy person every evening afterwards.  But I never suggested it because I wasn’t sure how you two would react.”

At this point, the girls & Dan were just listening, and I couldn’t seem to shut up.  All of these thoughts just kept coming out of my mouth.  I guess after licking cum off of your daughter’s tits, unloading your kinkiest thoughts & fantasies was not much of a stretch.  Dan, whose dick had relaxed a bit after blowing his load, was now at full staff again, though without the purple helmet.  I get back out of my seat and start stroking my pussy.

“Wow, is this making my horny!” I’m very wet; and everyone’s staring right at my cunt.  I walk around the table to Dawn, who is sitting across from me.  I stand next to her chair & reach to massage her totally erect nipples.  I roll one & then the other between my fingers while she moans softly.  And I continue talking…

“So Dawn, have you ever tasted your sister’s juices?  They’re very sweet, kind of like peach juice & honey.  I wonder what you taste like?” I ponder aloud.

In response, Dawn pushes her chair back about a foot & spreads her legs as far as they’ll go.  Her pussy lips are inflamed & parted.

“Holy shit,” I exclaim.  “June, Dan, take a look at Dawn’s pussy.  It’s on fire!”

Both Dan & June literally spring out of their seats to take a look.  They both stare down into Dawn’s lap, seeing a pool of her juices on the chair, waiting to see what happens next.  I step behind Dawn’s chair to give them a better view, proceeding to roll & pull on both of Dawn’s nipples.  I then reach down with both hands; part Dawn’s engorged pussy lips & dip a finger into her drooling box.  I remove my finger from her pussy, hold it up for inspection by everyone, & then suck it clean.

“Dawn tastes different,” I state in an interested but unimportant tone of voice.  “Very smooth, like butterscotch.  Yummy!”

Dan & June just stand there silently; though I see that their hands have moved down to their sexes, and they are both stroking themselves slowly.  Dawn is massaging her own tits, and moaning softly again.  I reach back down to Dawn’s pussy, and stick two fingers from my left hand, & then my right, into her dripping box.  I then offer my pussy juice soaked fingers to June & Dan for a taste.  They both immediately suck my fingers into their mouths & suck them clean.

“What do think?” I ask.

They both just smile & increase the pace of their masturbating.

I turn to June.  “June, it’s your turn to share.  Please sit down.”

June takes her seat & spreads her legs, knowing what’s coming.  She rubs her pussy vigorously one more time & dips her own fingers into her box.  She pulls her fingers out & starts to suck on them.  I dip two fingers from each hand, alternately, into her pussy & get them soaked in her juices.  My dripping fingers are then offered to Dan & Dawn for sampling.  Dan greedily sucks the fingers on my right hand into his mouth, while Dawn pulls my left hand down to taste her sister’s juices for the first time.  They both have big smiles on their faces.  June is busily finger fucking herself while Dan & Dawn finish with my fingers.

“Well, I guess I’m the only one left.”

With that, I boost myself up onto the table & place my ass right in the center of the pizza.  As I spread my legs for my family to see my cunt in all of its excited glory, my juices continue to drip all over the pizza.

“That’s going to be an interesting pizza topping,” I laugh.  “Obviously, Dad has already tasted this pussy.  Would you like him to collect your sample, or would you like to collect your own…or maybe both?”

“Both!” they both yelled.

Dan comes forward & reaches for my pussy.

“Nu-uh,” I shake my head.  “Climb up here & dip your cock into my hole.  The girls can sample that.”  I look at the girls.  “It that OK with you?”

They both nod vigorously.

Dan climbs up between my legs & positions his dick at the entrance of my lovebox.  He slides it in slowly, as I purr like a cat.  After a few strokes, he pulls it out, his pole glistening with my juices.  Dan scoots off of the table & offers his dick to June first.  June, still seated & masturbating furiously, turns her head & sucks Dan’s cock into her mouth.  She doesn’t just taste my juice, she takes in a full 5 inches of Dan’s dick, sucking off most of what was there.  She then pulls Dan’s dick out of her mouth, playing with his balls while doing it.

“Dan, you’re going to have to take another dip.  What’s left on your shaft just wouldn’t be fair to Dawn.” I prompt.

Dan gets back on the table & shoves his dick back in me.  This time he keeps stroking until I’ve taken in all 9 inches, stroking slowly so he doesn’t cum.  After several strokes, Dan pulls out & gets off the table.  He offers his cock to Dawn, who is slouched down on her chair, and fucking herself with the neck of the salad dressing bottle.  She gets up off of her chair, and kneels down in front of Dan, trying to keep the bottle neck up in her pussy.  June sees her struggling with the bottle, jumps out of her own chair, sits on the floor next to Dawn; and takes over for Dawn, pumping the bottle in and out of Dawn’s pussy.  The sight of June masturbating her sister sends me over the edge; and I cum all over the pizza.  Seeing my orgasm sends Dawn into her own orgasmic release, & her juices gush out over June’s hand.  June switches hands & licks the soaked one clean.  Dan then places his dick in front of Dawn’s mouth, & she sucks it in.  She is a little weak from the orgasm she is still recovering from; but she manages to suck in 3 or 4 inches, and gets a good taste of my juice.

When Dawn is done, I ask “Well, what did you think?”

“Smooth,” says June.  “Except it was a bit salty.”

“Like butterscotch, like me!” says Dawn.  “But I agree that it was a bit salty.”

“Your father must have been leaking the remains of his jism into your mouths.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Of course, I was thinking you two would lick his shaft, not suck him off.  I’m surprised he didn’t unload on you.  Why don’t you try it directly from the source?”

Dawn & June both get off the floor & reach towards me with a hand each.  Dan sits down in June’s chair & goes back to stroking his meat.

“Whoa, there” I stop them (the girls).  You just both had your Dad’s cock in your mouths.  You can’t suck on Mommy’s pussy?  When I say go to the source, I mean just that.  Come on Dawn, stick your tongue in my honeyhole &, please, play with my clit.  I already feel the need to come again.”

Dawn leans over the table, parts my lips with her hands, & takes a tentative lick up my pussy. As she reaches the top of my slit, she catches my clit, and I go into orbit.   I start to come all over her face; and she immediately shoves her face right into my pussy & starts lapping up my juices.  June steps up next to Dawn, pushes my legs as far apart as they will go, & joins her sister, cheek-to-cheek, in lapping up my juices, their tongues dancing inside my pussy & across my clit at the same time.  I would come again right now; but I’m drained, & have already come hard twice, besides all of the general dripping of pussy juice from my cunt.

“I need you two to back off. I need a breather,” I gasp.

Dawn & June retreat from my snatch, but not each other.  They start kissing passionately, swirling their tongues in one another’s mouths, tasting my juice from each other.  Their hands wander to each other’s snatches & they finger each other slowly.  I get off of the table & go to sit in Dan’s lap.  Dan holds his cock out for me to impale myself on; and I lower my ass, still covered in pizza sauce, into his lap, my pussy enveloping his dick.  The girls stop what they’re doing to watch Dan fuck me.  I slowly raise & lower myself on Dan’s shaft, taking in another inch on each down stroke.  Finally, I have all 9 inches inside of me, and I start a quicker rhythm while I play with my clit.  Dawn pushes the table out of the way and sits down in front of me.  I remove my hand from my clit & bring Dawn’s head into my pussy.  She starts to slowly lick up Dan’s shaft, onto my pussy, & then my clit.  I rest there for a while, fully impaled on Dan’s dick, while Dawn licks up & down our combined sexes.  Dan & I both start moaning loudly.  June, feeling left out, pulls a chair up behind the chair Dan is sitting on; and steps up onto it.

“Mom, can you lean forward?” she asks.

I do as she requests.  She turns her back towards us, bends over, reaches between her legs to brace herself on Dan’s shoulders, & lowers her pussy in front of Dan’s face.

“Eat my pussy, Daddy!  Make me cum!” June demands.

Dan starts plunging his tongue into June, licking up & down her entire slit, and sucking on her clit.  I can tell that Dan is getting ready to cum again, & so is June.  So I start riding his dick slowly, as I shove my big toe into Dawn’s pussy.  She backs up for a second, spreads her legs out on either side of the chair legs, & scoots her butt back towards me.  I push my big toe back into her pussy; and her box seems to open up like a flower.  I turn my foot sideways & proceed to push more of my foot into her, until my entire foot is 4 inches into her snatch.  I start pumping in & out slowly, and Dawn starts moaning into my pussy.

“I’m cuming!” yells June.

“I’m cuming!” yells Dawn.

“I’m gonna blow!” grunts Dan.

“OH MY GOD!” I whisper, as we all reach orgasm together.

After a few minutes of just being still and basking in the warmth of one another, we disengage from one another & all go back to our seats.  Dan had been sitting in June’s seat, which was now covered in juices & jism; but she doesn’t seem to mind.  She just sits down, wiggles her ass into the puddle, and smiles.

“Anyone hungry?” I ask.  “The pizza is kind of cold; but it should have an interesting flavor.  Would anyone like a slice?”

Everyone takes a slice, and then another, finishing off the pizza.

“That was actually quite tasty,” I remark.  Did you all enjoy it?  You seemed to inhale it.”

They all nodded & smiled hugely.

“I think I’ll call that particular topping ‘Sarah Surprise’.  If you want it in the future, you’ll have to help me ‘collect’ it for the pizza,” I say with a grin.  “Maybe we’ll have to share this special pizza combo with the Larsen’s during our vacation.  I can assume that we’re going to accept their invitation with enthusiasm?”

Everyone shook their heads yes and grinned broadly.

Moving The in Laws

SLAPNUTS79 on Taboo Stories

I get home late from work (as always) and my wife askes me if I could help her brother move. I don't like him and his wife but I was tired so I agreed.

 I drive 50mi to there house. I arrive to find there isn't a damn thing packed. His wife, Casey( 5'5" 185 lbs 40DDs. Big girl but in the right places and solid) apologizes for him not doing anything and gets me a soda. Three hours go by and we almost got everything packed. We are all getting hungry. SO I say" Hey Jason I'm buying lunch what do ya want." Nothing he said. He said " Casey will take ya since you don't know the town."

  We get in her new car and decided on Chinese. As she was in there getting the food A piece of paper caught my eye. It was a letter to her friend. It stated

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that she was tired of being married to a loser. " Only reason I hang around is for security. Its not for his little dick thats for sure. Hell I have to think of his brother-in-law Billy when we have sex". My jaw hit the seat cause I was the Billy she talked about.She came out of the food joint. I huuried, put the note back and she got in. As we drove to her house I asked " So how long have you wanted me". "Ever since we got married she replied".

 Kinda sucks were're both married I said. She pulled in this alley right behind her house. She shut the car off and kissed me and I returned the favor with a deeper kiss. " Nobody needs to know" she said and put her hand on my now swollen cock. "DAMN" she gasped. Seven? Eight and as big as your wrist I replied.

  I had her shirt pulled up and her bra folded under her massive titties and sucked on them like a newborn. Her tits definitly overshodowed her belly which was a good thing. She shimmied out of her shorts and her pussy scent filled the air. I reclined the seat and she took my cock down her throat till she gagged. She brought her head up swirling her tounge around my shaft. My dick grew even bigger. Now at its full lenght and gurth she had a hard time deepthroating me.

 She sucked my dick for what seemed like an hour. All the while she had a tight squeeze on my balls whith her hand. She pulled her head off my dick with a saliva induced "SSSLuURP!" She gatherd all the spit she had left and and let it fly all over my prick. " I need that in my pussy NOW!" she said. "And don't hold back!" Her window was rolled down so she leaned out the window so her head and fat tits were hanging out. Her left leg was on her seat and her right leg was by the shifter. I had a perfect view of a big ass and a camel toe.

 I positioned myself and guided about 5" in her cunt. OOOOHHH! she cried out. I made about 10 slow strokes and then fed her all 8 1/2" in one  very hard thrust! OHHHH FUCCKKK! She gasped. Knowing we've been gone awhile I know what I had to do. I grabbed two hands full of her big ass and started to jackhammer the shit out of her. "FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH FUCK THAT BIG TIGHT PUSSY!" FUCK YOUR SISTER-IN -LAW GOOD YOU SONOFABITCCHHHH!!!" God damn i'm cumminnnggg she screamed. I stuck 2 fingers up her ass and she came 3 more times. I was now fucking her so hard her fat ass titties were beet red frome slappin the side of the car. I couldn't hold back much longer so I said" Do you swallow bitch?"  "for you billy!"  She yelled. I pulled out and her tight beat up cunt slurpped pretty loud. I pulled her the rest of the way back in the car a positioned her for a good throat fucking.

 I rested her head on the door and grabbed for the roof. She opened her mouth and I plunged in full force. I fucked the hell out of the face just as i did her fat pussy. I was so turned on by all the spit flying around and how sloppy it sounded. I couldn't take nomore and unleashed the beast. Seven huge fucking hot loads of man juice right down her throat. She could'nt handle it all and gagged about half back up and spit it in the floor. As we drove back her new car now smelled of sweet pussy juice and cum. Hope the brother-in law dosen't drive it much I thought to myself.

My wife's friend visits me in my sleep

matt_sub on Taboo Stories

“Honey, I’m home!” I laugh as I enter the house. After no reply to my joke, I sigh, take off my jacket and put my briefcase on the floor. I walk into the kitchen and see a note on the fridge door. I pull it off and look at it while pouring some pineapple juice.


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n: center" align="center">Gone for food, be back at around 6oclock



I look at my watch, and see that it’s 4oclock. Typical, the day I get back from a week of working my ass off in Greece and my family isn’t there to welcome me. I’ve been working for a friend of my wife who already owns holiday homes in Majorca, Tenerife, and Sicily, and now wants me to build one in Crete. Rich Bitch! I think to myself, the only reason she has so much money is because she’s a fucking gold digger.


While I sit in the living room watching the footy and stuffing my face with some vanilla dessert Sally had left for me I start to relax and my eyes begin to droop. My thoughts go back to my boss, Rebecca, and I imagine that bitch sat in a room rolling around in her husband’s gold. Suddenly repomen come out of nowhere and start taking away all of her money. Her strong face suddenly softens and she starts to cry as all her money is taken away from her; a smile passes over my sleepy face. That gold-digging hoe is finally getting what she deserved I think, as I dream about the form of her led on the floor crying. Her back shudders as she is taken by the sobs, her shoulders move up and down in a flowing sweeping movement. Just at that moment the form of her stops moving, and the sound of her crying disappears. The sudden silence scares me and I stop smiling, what’s she doing now? Just as the thought hits me, she looks up right into the face and I see her tear stained eyes burning into me. I’m extremely shocked and slightly scared as she looks at me. Her face has hardened again, her eyes pierce my body, and I can feel myself start to shrink underneath her gaze. I can’t help but admire her strong persona but I feel small. Her eyes look me up and down and I feel an uncomfortable feeling build in my stomach, but strangely the feeling starts to go down to my balls and I feel my dick start to harden.


The environment changes, and I look around with confusion. I’m in a bathroom and I can hear water running and a voice singing. As I try to figure out which bathroom I’m in, or why I’m here, something hits me (not literally of course). It isn’t singing that I can hear, but moaning. I snap my head around to see a sight that will stick in my head forever. Led on the bathroom floor, in writhes of passion, is the stunning figure of Rebecca. She is completely naked and lost in the throes of self-sex. I feel my dick start to harden a second time in my pants, while I take in her body. Her slender legs are spread out wide while her hands run over her bronzed naked body. Her gorgeous pert breasts are a perfectly formed C cup and her nipples are standing out hard from the touch of the cold and the feel of her fingers pulling on them. Her fingers run over her flat stomach to her naked hairless pussy. She slowly spreads her pussy wide by her fingers using her middle finger to slowly run up and down her wet slit. As her finger runs over her clitoris her body shakes slightly. She grabs her nipples hard beneath her fingers and moans out loud. She slowly begins to rub her clitoris with her middle finger while pulling hard on her nipple, deep in the spasms of passion. Her soaking wet pussy shines as if enticing my dick and teasing me, making me harder than ever, forcing me to release my cock. I slowly unzip my pants and pull out my solid cock. I look up and see her now fingering her pussy hard with three fingers. Sliding them inside her slick wet pussy while her other hand runs down her stomach and starts to join her other. She starts rubbing her clitoris and begins moaning out loud. I furiously begin stroking my hard cock, and a moan escapes me. She looks up at me. Shocked I try to force my cock back inside. I can’t. I look up at her face, worried about what she will do. Confused, I see that she is staring directly at my cock, biting her lip. I stop trying to push it into my boxers and stare at her, curiously. She looks up at me, with a look that would make a gay man turn straight. Her bright blue eyes staring into me, and the sexiest grin on her face.


“Make me cum and you can fuck me like a real gold digger” she whispers, lying back down on the floor tiles. I feel like I am about to cum there and then and quickly strip off. I slide up next to her and kiss her hard, stroking her tongue with mine, biting on her succulent lips, tasting her. I shudder as I feel her body underneath mine. I roll on top of her and look into her luscious eyes with passionate titillation.


“Do you want me to fuck you, bitch?” I say to her running the head of my dick up and down her soaking wet slit.


“Yes, the old man doesn’t give me what I want anymore, I need a tomboy” she replies, her eyes staring at my naked body while her fingernails scrape down my back grabbing my ass.


“What is that exactly?” I tease, grabbing her hands and pushing them onto the floor


“You’re cock, I’ve fantasized it about the day I met you” I can’t take it anymore and force my whole cock into her. Her pussy is dripping wet and swallows me into her straight away, filling her with my whole length. I feel her pussy around my cock and moan into her neck, biting her hard while I start to fuck her on the bathroom floor. Her hands grab my ass pulling me even deeper inside her with every thrust. I feel the head of my dick smack against her g-spot and she lets out a loud moan


            “Yes, there! Right there, oh fuck me. Fuck me harder with you’re married cock. Mmm fuck, you feel so good inside me, yes, fuck it again,” she moans louder and louder as I feel my hard dick hit her g-spot more and more often. Every time I fuck her sweet dripping pussy I feel it spasm around my dick. I can feel her pussy tighten while my dick gets deeper inside her. Faster and faster I fuck her, hitting her g-spot every time I enter her.


            “Fuck I’m going to cum baby, keep going don’t stop, don’t ever stop” she screams and moans. She pulls me onto her. I fuck her faster. I fuck her harder and deeper with every thrust, my cock filling up every inch inside her pussy. She moans and screams my name. Fucking her I feel her pussy tighten and grip my dick hard.


            “Oh my god I’m Cumming,” she manages before the pleasure takes control of her body. Swept up under the tide of the fuck, I feel her pussy grip my dick hard, sucking it into her, keeping it in place. As her head is thrown back, she lets out a moan, and her pussy vibrates against my hard sensitive head causing my balls to tighten. Suddenly my dick is gripped so hard, it is forced from her pussy and a jet of sweet cum squirts from her pussy all over my naked body.


I wake with a start. There is water everywhere; I look up into the face of my wife grinning down at my hard cock with an empty glass in her hand.


“Nice dream?” she asks hungrily

“You have no idea” I reply be continued, (maybe)


Amelia Chapter 5 - The Real Thing

Popye on Taboo Stories

It is early the next morning when I open my eyes and with a hell of a hard on that presses against my wife’s back.  When I am finally fully awake I remember that it is not my wife lying next to me but Amelia.  I immediately move my one hand to her breasts and the other to her cunt.  She gives a little sigh of contentment and automatically moves her legs to allow my hand access to her cunt.  I lift my head to look at her and find she is still asleep but with a big smile on her face.  I decide to wake her by playing with her cunt and see if she will wake up before she orgasms.  To make it more interesting I decide to put my cock between her legs and rub her cunt with my cock and hand.  She surely will enjoy it as it will be the first time my cock make
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s contact with her cunt.
I move my lower body slightly backwards and allow my cock to slide between Amelia’s legs.  I start to move back and forwards slowly and can feel my cock sliding against her cunt.  My hand has in the meantime also started to rub lightly over her cunt and clit in harmony with my cock.  It is not very long before I feel her cunt getting wet and her body starts to make little fucking motions. 
Suddenly she turns her head and says,” kiss me Hendrik and carry on fucking me.  It is a heavenly way to be wakened.  Just carry on doing what you are doing to me.  I must say your finger feels quite thick in the morning.  What have you done to it?”
“I haven’t done anything to my hand my darling; I have just changed it with my cock.”
“Your cock!  Is that your cock between my legs that rubs my cunt so nicely?  Are you going to fuck me now with your cock Hendrik?  Oh please fuck me with your cock,” she says as she presses her cunt tighter against my cock.
“Take it slow my darling.  Do not rush it otherwise you might hurt yourself.  We have to take it slowly as your cunt is still very small and my cock is very thick.” I say and pull her face closer and start kissing her.  My, oh, my, what a kiss it is.  How long we kissed I don’t know but when I eventually focused again Amelia is lying on her back with me on top of her trying to force my cock into her wet and ready cunt.
I suddenly realized that this is not the way to take her cherry.  I will have to be very much more careful otherwise she will be put of sex and never be able to enjoy it fully.  I stop what I am busy doing and tell Amelia to stop as well. We must take this more slowly and I want her to be on top to control the penetration to a pace that she can handle.  I also tell her that she must expect pain because breaking your virgin is always painful but if she controls is slowly the pain should be bearable.
I turn immediately onto my back taking Amelia with me.  I tell her to lift her ass from my body, lifts my cock so that it is standing upright and lowers her cunt slowly onto my cock.  She must control the penetration very carefully and when my cock encounters her maidenhead she must stop first and relax.
Amelia lifts her ass of my body while I reaches down between my legs and lifts my cock in the upright position.  She then lowers her body slowly until she encounters my cock when she stops and I slowly rub my cock over her cunt and clit.  Her breath is racing and I can see she is as randy as hell and requires all her concentration not to impale herself on my cock.  I also lift my other hand and start to play with her breasts.
“Am I doing it right Hendrik?” she asks while I continue to rub my cock against her cunt.
“Yes perfect my darling, now press slightly down to allow my cock to enter your cunt.  Be careful because it is not going to be easy because your cunt must stretch like never before to accommodate my cock.”
I immediately feel pressure being exerted against my cock as she presses down.  Nothing however happens and she gradually increases the down ward pressure.
“Oh fuck Hendrik your cock is too big.  It will never enter my cunt.  She already feels as if she is going to tear.”
“Don’ worry little one, your cunt will not tear that I will guarantee you.  Just take it very slow to give your cunt time to expand.  Now press down more and wait a little while and press down some more.  You are so wet once your cunt has expanded it will slide in easily, you’ll see.”
I can feel her forcing her cunt harder against my cock and suddenly with a plop sound my cock head enters her cunt.  Oh my but it feels tremendous, the tight, wet and warm cunt that fits around my cock head.  I have never felt anything so tight around my cock.  It is going to be one hell of a pleasure to fuck this tight little cunt.  Now is the challenge to get my cock completely inside this virgin cunt without giving Amelia such a fright that she will never enjoy sex again.
“Oh hell, it is in but it feels like a telephone pole in my cunt.  Oh my fuck this is incredible my cunt has never been stretched like this before.  But it feels marvelous to imagine your cock is inside my tight little cunt.  Do you think it will go deeper my big handsome stud?”
“Of course it will my little darling.  You will have to be very slow now because I can feel your hymen against my cock head.  It is going to be painful when my cock enters your cunt completely.  There is however no other way; you must suffer the initial pain to feel the real pleasure.  You must press down again until you feel it begins to hurt.  Then you must stop and when I say now you must press down with everything you have.  But I must warn you again it is going to hurt like hell but it will only be for a couple of seconds.  Thereafter we can start fucking like two mad dogs and it will never hurt again.”
I feel her applying some more pressure on my cock and then suddenly she stops and I now it now starts to hurt. 
I look her in the eyes and say, “Now.”
I simultaneously put both my hands on her shoulders and when I feel her pressing down I also applied downward pressure on her shoulders.  For a second or two nothing happens and I can see her eyes growing wide and her whole face reflects the pain she feels.  Just when I think that Amelia is going to stop I feel her hymen give and my cock enters her cunt to the hilt.
“Owww it hurts!!!!! You bastard you’re hurting me.  I do not want to have sex anymore if it hurts like this, “she cries whilst tears are running down her cheeks.
“Shhhh little one I told you it is going to be painful.  Everything is over now and you are now a woman with a cunt ready for any cock who wants to fuck her.  I promise you it will never hurt like this again.  When you fuck from now on it is just going to be one big pleasure from start to end.  Let’s just lay still for a while before we start some serious fucking.”
I pull her head down towards mine and start kissing her again.  She is uptight for a couple of minutes but eventually she start kissing me back and soon we were ready to carry on fucking.   I slowly start to move my cock out of her cunt until only the head is still inside and then move it slowly in again until I feel my balls against her ass.  When I start to move my cock Amelia pulls her breath in and I feel her tense up again but after the initial movement she relaxes against me and carries on kissing me.
She lifts her head up, looks me in the eyes and says, “Hi, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.  I can feel that thick pole of yours moving in and out of my cunt.  I suppose I will have to get used to his thickness inside me because my cunt still hurts a little bit from the excessive stretching.  But my gosh it feel marvelous to eventually have your cock in my cunt and you are fucking me.  I never thought this was going to happen.  But please fuck me like a whore.  Make me come on your pole and I want to feel you shooting your come deep inside my cunt.”
“Let’s turn around my darling.  I want you beneath me when we fuck the first time.”
I grab her around the waist and turn around without removing my cock from her cunt.  When she is beneath me I support my upper body on my lower arms and elbows, looks her in the eyes and say, “now I am going to fuck you my darling and I am not going to stop until you beg me to stop.  Lift your legs and lock them around my middle.”
I start by slowly moving my cock in an out of her cunt and also move my one hand down between our bodies and start rubbing her clit.  I watch the wonder in her eyes as the pleasure began to grow inside her.  I can see and also feels her body beginning to move beneath me and every time I go down I can feel her lifting her cunt up to get the maximum penetration.  The more she moves the faster my movements also become till my fucking motions become eventually like a piston moving at top speed in and out of her cunt and every time I can feel and hear my balls slam against her ass.
“Oh yessss fuck me with this big and thick cock of yours.  Make me yours and fuck me faster and harder.  Oh my shit this feels so fucking good.  Do not stop carry on fucking my cunt.  Yessssss oh yesssssss I feel like I am going to come.  Fuck me harder and deeper oh fuck yess here it comessss!!!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Oooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Give me your come I want to feel your cock spurting your come deep inside my cunt oh yessssssss!!!!!Nngggggggggg!!!!!!!!”
I still looks her in the eyes and can see them glazes all over and her face reflecting the intense pleasure she experiences.  Her mouth is wide open and her body bucks beneath me as if she is having a seizure.  I do not stop bust just carry on fucking her because I now she is going to have a couple more before I will be able to spill my seed inside her.  But let me tell you I have never experience a fuck like this.  Her cunt grips my cock as if it is a vice grip that do not want to let me go.  I can feel the silkiness of her passage as my cock pistons in and out of her cunt.  I don’t know how long I am going to last but hope it will be long enough to give her at least four orgasms.
She grips me behind my head and pulls it to her mouth and starts kissing me like a mad sex maniac.  I just go on fucking her and it isn’t long before she has her second orgasm and thereafter it is just one long orgasm.  You cannot determine whether it is a series of orgasms or just one long continuous one.  She is bucking beneath me like a wild horse and I had to do everything possible not to be thrown off her.
She is continuously moaning into my mouth and she appears to run out of breath.  I know this cannot carry on but it is too fucking nice to stop.  I eventually feels the telltale built-up of pressure in my cock and when Amelia once again go into a spasm I feel the come running up my cock and stars spurting deep in her cunt.
“Yessss oh yessss my darling I am cominngggg!!! I am shooting my come deep inside your cunt!!!  Oh my fuck this is the best fuck I ever had and the biggest orgasm I ever experienced.  Oh yesssss take my come you little cock lover get it all!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shout as I come inside her cunt and shoot my come deep inside her cervix.
Yessssss oh yessssss I can feel your cock spurting, oh my shit this is soooo gooooooood. Oh yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! I am dying but what a nice way to die.  Oh fuck I cannot take it anymore please stop Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!” she shouts and just suddenly go limp beneath me.
I roll off her but turn her around with me so that we are still connected at our groins.  My cock is still buried deep inside her now come filled cunt.  I lie like that for a couple of minutes and then starts kissing her face down to her neck and still lower to her breasts.  I spent a couple of minutes kissing and sucking her nipples before turning my body around and proceeds south to the delicious junction between her legs.  Amelia is lying still just breathing very fast.  I eventually reach her legs and turning her again on her back open her legs wide to make her cunt available to my mouth.
Looking at her cunt I can see my come dribbles in a small stream out of her still wide stretched cunt.  I immediately proceed to lick her cunt clean and suck all my come out of her cunt.  The moment my mouth closes around her cunt Amelia moves and lifts her body up to give me better access to her cunt.
“Yes kiss my cunt that you have ravaged so much.  She needs some tender love and care,’ Amelia says and reach simultaneously to my cock and proceed to suck it also clean.  When I have finished cleaning her cunt I turn around and lie facing her looking her straight in the eyes, “Did you enjoy your first experience of sex my darling?”
“Yes oh yes Hendrik it was fantastic.  It was much better than what I expected when we started.  I almost die.  I didn’t think a human being can experience so much pleasure from a single activity.  My cunt though feels as if it is torn to pieces.  But I am satisfied and I am so glad that you are the one to introduce me to this great experience.  You just have one problem and that is that you will never get rid of me again.  When are we going to fuck again?”
“Take it slow darling, I will take a while before I am ready again for another round like this and we must also give your cunt time to recuperate.  It looks to me as if I must get another couple of blokes to keep you satisfied.  You are a real nymphomaniac.  Let’s get up and get something to eat.  It is now your chance to proof that you can also make us something to eat.”
“Ha ha ha, you must be joking.  You can use your mouth and hands when your cock can not perform anymore or do you want to share me with other men and watch them fucking me?”
“No of course not my darling but a three or foursome or even more is also an interesting variation but that is only for the really broadminded people.  Don’t be shocked or chase me away or hit me about what I am going to say now but I will like to fuck you and your mother in a threesome.”
“My mother?  Do you want to fuck my mother? 
“I know I should never have mentioned it because now you are upset.  But yes I wanted to fuck your mother now for the past 30 years.  I think at one stage she also wants me to fuck her but I was too stupid to take the hints she was throwing at me.”
“I am not upset my darling it’s just that I never had an idea that you want to fuck my mother.  My gosh what is happening to me.  I am not shocked darling and the idea makes me want to fuck you again just to think about you fucking both me and my mother together.  Oh shit that will be tremendous.” She says and her hand again moves to my cock.  Oh shit look what you have done now.  I am so randy now that you must fuck me again.  Oh shit the three of us, oh hell.   Please satisfy me because you have made me so randy I just have to have sex now.”
“I’ll tell you what my darling, satisfy yourself while I watch you.  I have always wanted to watch a woman satisfy herself.  Please do it for me, pleasseee.”
“Ok I will do it if you also plays with your cock and I can watch you.”
“Deal,” I say and move my pillows to the bottom end of the bed and lie down facing Amelia, opens my legs and start to play with my cock.
Amelia turns on her back, opens her legs as wide as she can and moves her hand down to her still wet and still gaping cunt.  She keeps her eyes glued on me playing with my cock and starts moving her hand slowly up and down over her cunt.  She does that for a couple of minutes and then she moves her other hand down as well and use both her hands on her cunt.  With her one hand she opens the outer lips of her cunt whilst her other hand moves over her now exposed and enlarged clit and dip into her wide open passageway just to move back again and repeat the sequence.
Watching Amelia plays with herself I know I am going to also have an orgasm although I had one only a half an hour ago.  The sight of her is so arousing that my cockhead is wet and the pre-cum virtually runs down my cock to also covers my shaft.  I was never so randy in my life.  I also lowers my other hand to my cock and pulls the skin back to expose my whole cockhead and starts to rub with my other hand over my cockhead.  Oh shit, this is the best way to masturbate and always leads to a tremendous orgasm.
“Oh fuck Hendrik it makes me mad looking at you and imagine your cock sliding in and out of my mother’s cunt while you eat my cunt at the same time.  Oh shit I’m comminnggg!!!! Yessssss oh fuck yesssssss it feels so fucking good fucking myself watching you playing with your cock and watching me comminnnggggg oh fuuucccckkkk yeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!”
Her hand is no almost a blur as she moves her hand in and out of her cunt.  Her whole body shudders and she lifts her ass completely off the bed.  Her whole face is also transformed to reflects her intense pleasure and her mouth is also wide open.  Although she is still looking at me I can see her eyes aren’t focusing and I don’t think she is even aware of what I am doing.
After a while it is as if she calms down a bit but suddenly another orgasm hit her and then it is just one long orgasm.  The one virtually runs into the next and she is continuously in the throes of the biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman has.  This has however to end and eventually with a final scream and shudder she falls back on the bed and lies calmly watching me again.
The sight of her has made so hot that when she finishes I am also on the point of no return and as she lies watching me I can’t help myself but lifts my ass also off the bed and shouts,” Oh shit yesss I’m commmiinnngggg Yessss oh yessssss Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!  Oooooooo Amelia you makes me so hot watching you Yessssssss I’m coommmmmmmiiinnnggggg!!!!!!!” and shoot my sperm in the air and all over my stomach.
“Oh fuck Hendrik this was awesome.  I didn’t think playing with yourself can be so awesome.  But you made me so randy I just couldn’t help myself.  Imagine, fucking me and my mother together.  It is so gross I just love it.  I don’t think I ever think that my mother also fucks.  But she must otherwise I wouldn’t be here.  However I don’t think she and my father fucks now anymore.  Not since he had his back problems.  Now I also now why my mother is so short tempered and irritated.  If their sex were as good as ours she must be highly frustrated by now.  I would be.  We must really make a plan because I will love to watch you fuck my mother.  But how are we going to do it?  I think if you play your cards right you might be able to convince her but how to include me?  Oh hell it will be devine if we can get her to agree then we can really fuck a lot.”
“Don’t run away with the idea my darling; there is still my wife to consider.  I don’t think she will take very kindly to the idea of me fucking the two of you.  And what about your father?   Let’s not think about it now my darling.  We have enough time to give it some thought.  Let’s rather go and get something to eat.  I’m starving.”
Amelia prepares us some eggs bacon and sausages to eat which is really nice and after that we take another shower where we again wash each other giving special attention to the critical parts and when we leave the shower Amelia is once again charged up and I know I must satisfy her again soon.  I, on the other hand, am exhausted and I now I will not be able to get an erection, never mind have sex until at least late the afternoon.
I however take Amelia back to the bedroom where I fuck her really good with my mouth for about two hours until she is so exhausted that she begs me to stop and just turns around and fall asleep.  I decide to take this time and go to the Hustler shop and buy us some porn tapes and sex toys.  I buy us five porn tapes, 5 porn books, an 8” vibrator, a butt plug and a battery operated rubber cunt.  I didn’t forget to take my cloths and dress in the garage and when I return I take them off again in the garage and leave them in the car.
When I return Amelia is still asleep I take one of the books to read and lie down next to Amelia and start to read the book.  The book is really hot and not very far into it I start to play with my cock and very soon had a raging hard on.  Not that it means anything because it will still be a couple of hours before I will be able to have another orgasm.
As it is almost lunchtime I decide to go and make us something to eat.  After preparing our meal I go to the bedroom and found Amelia still asleep but lying on her back with her legs spread wide open.  I decide to wake her up by eating her lovely little cunt that is looking so delicious.  I have just start to eat her cunt when she opens her eyes and says,” Oh fuck not again.  Don’t you ever get enough of my cunt?  But carry on I am in the mood again.”  So I proceed to give her another series of orgasms.  Who am I to deny a lady her wish?  Let me tell you she enjoyed it again just as all her other orgasms.
After our lunch I show Amelia what I did when she was asleep.  She is dumbstruck at the stuff I show her.  She is not aware that you can buy sex aids like this and she is bit reserved at us trying the stuff out sooner or later.  She reckons my cock, mouth and hands are enough to satisfy her.  Why do I want to use a rubber cock?  As I didn’t tell her yet about double penetration of two cocks I decide to keep quite till we come to that part of her experience.
As the both of us are tired and need some time to recuperate we decide to watch TV for a while and if we become bored we cal always watch one of the videos that I bought.  We move the couch to the dining room and bring the mattress of one of the double beds in to the living to enable us to lie down and watch TV.  As we are all by ourselves we decide to also bring the bedding and make the living room our bedroom.
We switch the TV on and tune it to a film channel and lie down in each others arms to watch the suspense film that is showing. Amelia is lying with her back to me and my cock is nestling nicely between her legs and tight against her cunt.  I also put my one hand around her body and on her breast.  We both lying facing the TV.
Suddenly I feel Amelia shake my shoulders, “Hendrik wake up it is almost dark.  We have missed the film and I think a couple more.”
“Uhhh, what is the time?”
“It is almost seven o clock.  You have slept like a dead man.  I didn’t know that sex can make you so tired.”
“Don’t talk about me.  You have slept the whole morning remember.’
“Yea well then the both of us must be fully rest now and fit for action again don’t you think?”
“Come here you sex maniac,” I say and pull her down next to me on the mattress and starts kissing her.
She kisses me back and not very long before our hands are busy again.  My hands with her breasts and cunt and both her hands with my cock and balls and very soon my cock is as hard as rock again and her pussy is as wet as the Niagara Falls.  When I push my finger into her wet and ready cunt I ask her, “Do you still remember my cock inside your cunt?  Do you want to feel it again?”
“Yes oh please yes, fuck me again with your big and hard cock.”
“You still remember how we started the first time?  Well we are going to do the same except we are going to finish that way as well.  This time you are going to fuck me.  You will have to get on top of me, get my cock in your cunt and fuck till you had enough.  Oh my fuck yes, put my cock in your cunt please and fucks yourself to a standstill on my hot, hard and ready cock.”
Hovering above me, she reaches down and grasps my erection, guiding it to her cunt. She places the head inside of her, but teasingly, she didn't slide down on my pole. I can't stand the hesitation any longer. Reaching up, I grab her ass cheeks and push her down on my cock while thrusting upwards. My cock slams into her to the hilt. And oh my God how good that feels.  She is no longer a virgin, but is still really tight because it is only the second time she has a cock in her cunt. Her hot wet cunt juices cover my cock with such intense warmth that I thought I wouldn't be able to last more than two minutes.
When her ass come to rest on my abdomen she sit still for a while and says, “Oh my shit this feels sooo good.  I am really filled with your cock up to my cervix and it is so thick but oh so fuckinnnggggg goooood!  I am now really going to fuck you.”
She really starts fucking me in earnest and it isn’t long before I feel her whole body begins to shudder and her movements becomes faster and more frantic.
“Oh fuck me it is so fucking nice, I cannot help myself I am going to come.  Oh fuck yessssss here it comessssss!!!!! Oh yessssss Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”
She doesn’t however stop but just carries on fucking me until she has another orgasm.  I am so charged up now that I think I will not be able to last till her next orgasm.  Fortunately, Amelia is a quick learner and has already learnt to control both the rhythm and the grip from her cunt muscles. Sometimes she squeezes my cock really hard and then, when she senses that I was nearing an orgasm, she would slack off and slow down enough for me to keep it hard inside of her but I didn't cum.
She is close to having another orgasm herself, and grinds her hips around in a circular motion, moaning into my mouth as I kiss her hard.  I can feel her whole body begin convulsing as she pulls her mouth away from mine and screamed, "Oh! Oh, my God! Yes! Oh, fuck! Ungghh! Fuck! I feel it again! Shit, I'm ... Ohhhh! I’m commmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!" I could feel her juices flowing and her cunt muscles convulsing as she begins another intense orgasm.
That was all it takes to send me over the edge.  My muscles contracts and begin to spasm as I felt my cum spurting deep into her cunt.  She surely must feel my cock expanding and throbbing because I can feel my thick semen shooting against her cervix. That will only heighten her orgasm more.  I still am not thrusting, just pushing in hard and deep, holding steady with my spurting cockhead deep in her womb.
Amelia lies flat and still on me with only her cunt making small little movements as she still tries to milk my cock.  She looks at me and says, “Oh shit Hendrik this was just fabulous.  What an experience to fuck somebody else like you want to.  To have the freedom to do what you want.  We must do it again and again, it is soooo fucking nice.”
She keeps on lying on top of me with my cock still buried deep inside her cunt and carries on doing gripping motions with her cunt on my cock while I feel my come running out of her cunt down my cock.  Oh fuck but it feels fucking nice.
After a long time she eventually sits upright on my body and asks,”Tell me why did you buy all that sex stuff when we enjoy ourselves so much with what we have?”
“Did you ever hear of double penetrations Amelia?” I ask her.
“What is that?” She ask.
“It is when a woman is penetrated simultaneously by two cocks in her cunt and ass,” I say, “and that is why I bought the vibrator.  It will act as a second cock when you beg me to fuck you in your cunt and ass simultaneously.”
“You want to fuck my ass with your cock?” she asks.
“Yes why not, I have already fucked your ass with my finger.”
“Yes but your finger is much smaller than your cock.  I don’t think that thick rod of yours will fit into my ass.”
“You’ll be surprised my darling but we will see once we get to it.  But it is now time to clean ourselves and to eat something to get some more energy otherwise we won’t see tomorrow.”  With those words I get up and pulled Amelia also up.  We had a nice shower with lots of kissing groping and playing and eventually left the shower again randy as hell but we didn’t fuck. 
We put the food on the stove and I pour Amelia a big glass of wine and a double Brandy and Ginger Ale for myself.  I then sit down next to her on the couch, put my arm around her with my hand on her breast and start to play with her breast and nipple while she takes my cock in her hand and starts to play with him.  We leisurely drink our drinks and talks about what has happened to us the last two days.  We are in agreement that sex is the best thing that can happen to you and that the sex we had was unbeatable.  I definitely never had such sex like this with my wife.  Amelia also stressed that she is now a sex addict and want to have sex as often as possible with any man just as long as he has a cock similar to or bigger than mine.  She also cannot wait to have her first threesome or even more.
When the food is ready we have a nice dinner and after cleaning the table and washing the dishes we lie down on the mattress and Amelia just want to fuck again.  I tell her that I still need time to recover but that I will give her oral sex till she is so tired that she will just go to sleep.  Which I did and after about two hours and numerous orgasms she eventually just passes out and went immediately to sleep.  I also joined her and didn’t even watch TV.
To be continued …………..


Goodnight Kiss

thegreenscar3 on Taboo Stories

"I wanna fuck you, so bad", I told her. "I know and you want to suck on my nipples like a baby, eat my pussy till I drench your face, and I quote Pound my sweet tight ass", she repeated some off the dirty things I had told her I wanted to do to her. "Why don't you stop teasing me and start doing me", she smiled warmly at me. "You know I can't", I told her as I stroked her long blond hair. She

The Sexed-Up Niece by Ryan Paul Jurgens

thecumbackkid on Taboo Stories

It was a beautiful sunny day, just like any other day. Brian had just got out of the shower when he heard a knock at the door. It was his niece, Maya, who stopped by his apartment for an unexpected visit. Hey there, Maya! I wasn't expecting you here., said Brian. Well, I decided to come by for a visit to see my favorite uncle, said Maya. Well I'm glad you came, even if it was unexpected., said Br

Violent intimacy

Jeddy on Taboo Stories

Unusual relationship

Arisa enjoyed her son Darp cock since he was a newborn baby. Sucked his tiny dick when he was drinking milk from her breasts. She felt hot her when nipples were in his mouth. She loved ingesting his shit, piss and vomit, for him she was his toilet. As he grew older, wore no diapers he would shit and she would lick it off the floor or carpet, then lick his ass clean.


Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!

itsonlyfun on Taboo Stories

A short summary about this experience.
At eighteen I was on military service. Having no brothers or sisters,my sexual knowledge was mainly in the mind,but I did have strong sexual urges  [Only realised late] Masterbation was my pastime! - Now posted to a logistics unit and working in the officers mess, it was a cushy billet. Best of food and use [Unofficially of course] of their supe

KOODHI NAASAM - PART 1 (Final Update 3, Part 2 shall continue later)

koodhi55 on Taboo Stories

Part 1 - அவன் அவளது வழவழத்த இடுப்பை கைகளால் பிடித்து, தடவி தன பக்கம் இழு

Two in One

Bensid on Taboo Stories

Part 1

Two fights in one day. That is what Andy had to put up with. It wasn't his idea, but that's how things worked out, so who was he to complain? The first one was done with, and his next one wasn't until later in the night. Because he was had some time, Andy decided to stop at Aria's house for some pre-fight sex.

     Aria wasn't Andy's girlfriend or anything, but she would fuck almost anyone at her school for a favor. It just so happened that at the time Pentaco, another kid at their school, had been giving her some trouble so, in exchange for beating the crap out of him, she and her friend Kelly would gladly fuck Andy and his friend Eric.

     Andy and Eric s

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tood at the door to Aria's house. They rang the bell and Aria, in all her sexy glory, came to the door.

     Aria was slim, with a beautiful pair of firm round breasts. Her hair was long and flowing, and almost came all the way down to her small round ass. Kelly, who stood behind Aria, had a big butt, but and petite little boobs. Togerher they were a pair to die for.

     They all went inside and after exchanging a few words began to remove their clothes. Aria's parents wouldn't be home until the next morning, so they didn't even bother to go upstairs.

     Aria quickly took off the tight pink sweater she had been wearing. She wasn't wearing a bra and her dark brown nipples were sticking out. This got Andy excited and he started getting hard as he took off his shirt. Andy's chest was clearly outlined, and muscular. He had just come from his fight with Pentaco, so every inch of his body was covered in sweat. He quickly slipped off his jeans, revealing his ever stiffening cock. By this time everybody was naked, so they began.

     "Now Aria," said Andy in a buisnesslike tone "I've heard of what you do for beople like be who've just come from fights."

     Aria had been doing this for a long time. She soon discovered that you can get guys excited by licking sweat off their bodies so, if they were sweaty, that's what she did. Aria began to move her tongue up and down all over Andy's chest, licking up the salty sweat that covered him. Andy had never felt anything like this before, and he was savoring every minute of the warm, tickling sensation he felt as she slid her tongue over his chest and nipples. When she finnished she begal lapping up the sweat that lay inhis armpits. Andy liked this and slowly began to rub his cock which had now grown to it's full 8.5". Aria finnished both Andy's armpits, and she now moved on to the part she hated. She slowly moved her head toward his crotch and began to lick under his balls. Andy couldn't take it anymore and suddenly grabbed her by her hair, turned her around, bent her over and plunged his cock into her. Andy grabbed her ass and began thrusting himself into her. Aria started screaming, half out of surprise and half out of pleasure. Andy kept pounding her for a while when he finally had an idea.

     "Eric," Andy called to his friend, who he just remembered was in the room "You gonna cum soon?"

     "Yeah" called Eric.

     "Cum on Aria's boobs" He shouted

     Eric listened to his friend, who had never steered him wrong before and did as he was told. Andy layed Aria on the floor and Eric started pumping shot after shot of cum onto her large round breasts. Aria was not exactly pleased about this but, as she was in debt to the two of them, she kept her mouth shut. When Eric was done Andy got on top of Aria and started sliding his cock through her large, round, cum soaked breasts. The sensation was amazing, and Andy loved the feel of his friend's warm cum on Aria. Aria, however, was less that thrilled, as Andy's 8.5" penis sometimes went up her nose, and she smelled the awful combination of post-fight cock, and lots of cum. Andy soon started cumming all over Aria's mouth and face. Finally he got up, cleand off his cock and went off to his fight.

Part 2

Andy pounded his fists into Tyrone's chest and face. They both had their shirts off and were brawling away. Andy was bleeding slightly. He felt his balls get heavy as he was winning the violent contest of strength, sweat, and testosterone Suddenly they heard sirens. The two boys, alone at night in the empty lot, turned to see a police car. Two policemen flew out of the car and pulled them apart from eachother. After a bit of slamming them into the car to calm them down, one of the cops spoke.

     "You know," he said "Fighting like this is unnaceptable. If either of you have a record you could both look forward to prison. Isn't that right Murray?"

     The other cop nodded

     "But you know, seeing as we're in a good mood we can let you go if you let us have sex with you."

    "I'd rather go to prison." said Andy.

    "Well too bad," said the cop "'cause we're not giving you a choice."

    With that the cop threw Andy on the car and forcefully pulled off his jeans. Andy screamed as the cop rammed his big hairy cock into Andy's ass. He stopped soon though, and asked his partner if he wanted to see some "black on black" action. He  then pointed a gun at Andy and told him to lick under Tyrone's balls, and then suck his cock.

     Andy reluctantly got down on his kneesand put his face under Tyrone's balls. Tyrone, who was a strong guy, still excited from the fight, had exceptionally heavy balls. Andy was disgusted by the awful smell, but he licked away. The balls tasted salty, but Andy licked away anyway. When he was done he put Tyrone's smelly, sweaty cock in   his mouth. He was surprised to feel Tyrone quickly harden to 11".Tyrone moaned in pleasure. He was enjoying it! Still Andy sucked away, until the cops told him to bend over. He felt the head of Tyrone's throbbing, pulsating penis being pushed into his ass. Tyrone kept going in, stretching andy's tiny asshole. Andy screamed in pain and he thought it would never end. Turone finally began to pull out, only to ram his enormous cock back down Andy's ass. As Tyrone's sweaty throbbing cock went into Andy faster and faster Andy felt nothing short of agony. Suddenly Andy felt Tyrone cum as wave after wave of semen flooded andy's anal passages, until his entire ass was covered in it.

     The cops pulled the two apart after this because it was unfortunately not the end. one cop made Andy lay on the ground as he took a huge shit on his chest. he rubbed the shit all over Andy's chest and crotch, and then his own. He started humping Andy on his balls. The cops dick grew and hardened. He rubbed his cock with one hand, and plunged his other shit-covered hand into Andy's ass. After a while he came all over Andy's balls. Finally he made Andy lick all the cum and shit off of his penis and, when he was done, pissed in his mouth. The cops drove away and as Andy lay there, naked and violated, he realized something: he hated cops.

Amelia - Chapter 3- The first day and her second hole

Popye on Taboo Stories

This is the third chapter of a 61 year old man seducing a young girl of 13 years.  He watched her growing up from a little infant and through all her stages of development.  He never had any sexual inclinations towards her when she was younger because he considered her his granddaughter.  This all changed however when he visited his brother in law one weekend and whether it was by accident or on purpose he doesn’t know, but as he was watching TV, Amelia entered from the lounge and as she entered she put her hands underneath her T-shirt and lifts it up exposing her two beautifully developed breasts.  They were exceptionally developed for a 13 year old girl and must be almost a B-cup with prominent nipples. It was only for a second or two but was long enough to give
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him an instant hard-on.  He was dreaming from that day every night of making love to Amelia.
In the previous chapter she masturbates him to an orgasm which results in her getting some cum in her mouth.  To follow the story properly I suggest you start reading from chapter one.
After a couple of minutes she lifts her face, looks at me and says,” What have you done to me? I have your come all over my face and also in my mouth.  I had no choice but to swallow it and what is your finger doing in my ass?”
“Oh shit darling I couldn’t help myself.  I wasn’t even aware what I was doing.  All I know is that I wanted to give you also an orgasm.  I must have done it in the heat of the moment.  I am really sorry if I hurt you.  The come in your mouth and on your face is not my fault.  I didn’t tell you to put your face so close to my cock but tell me how does it taste?”
“No you didn’t hurt me.  As a matter of fact it increases the intensity of my orgasm.  Just as my orgasm started I could feel your finger penetrated my ass.  Oh fuck what a feeling.  I didn’t know you can also use your ass for sex.  As far as the come is concerned the taste is a little bit salty but I must say I rather enjoy the taste.”
“Yes little one, you can use all your holes cunt, mouth and ass for sex.  It all helps to create variety.  I am very glad that you like the taste of cum because oral sex is also an option, that is sex with your mouth where you stimulate and fuck your partner with your mouth and I can come in your mouth and you will have to swallow my come.”
“What, do you expect me to put your cock in my mouth?  You’ll have to wash it very clean before I am going to do it.  Why did we stop fucking?  I am in the mood again for another round of fucking.”
“You will have to wait your sex maniac.  A man differs from a woman in the sense that when he has come he has to wait a while before he can get his cock hard again.  The older he gets the longer it takes.  As far as the cock sucking is concerned you will have to wait and see little one.  You will love it so much that you will beg me to suck my cock, or as we name it, to give me a blow job.”
“We’ll have to see about that but I have to go and clean my face.  I can feel your come running down my face.  Yes, I can see a man needs time to recover.  Your cock is now flaccid and not big anymore.  As a matter of fact it almost looks pathetic.  Is this how he looks normally?”
“Yes, but before we go to shower I first want to kiss you again.  I enjoyed kissing you so much I just want to go on doing it. Bring your face closer to mine so that I can reach your lips.”
“But my face is still full of your come and it is even running over my lips.  You will smear your face with your come.”
“I don’t mind.  I’ll even clean your face with my tongue and afterwards we can go and have a shower.”
“You’ll eat your own come?  Do you like it?”
I don’t know I have never tasted my come.  Now is a good time as any to taste it.  Come on get closer so that I can kiss you.  Why don’t you get on top of me so that we are close together and enjoy our kissing more?
She doesn’t need a second invitation and in no time is she lies on top of me with her lips on mine.  I immediately taste my come as her lips are covered with it.  Mmmm it tastes not too bad.  It is a bit salty but otherwise quite acceptable.  I think I will love eating my own come.
I put my arms around her, push her against me and start kissing her.  Her mouth opens beneath mine and I feel her tongue enters my mouth and her lips moving beneath mine.  Fuck, but she has quickly caught on how to kiss.  She moves both her hands to the side of my face and moves her lips around mine while continuously moaning’ “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhh.”  She also keeps rubbing her cunt against my now flaccid cock as if she wants it to get up again.
I move my lips from hers and start to lick all my come off her face.  I move my hands down her body and slide my one hand between our bodies until I feel her cunt with my middle finger.  I move my other hand down her back and over her bum until I feel her asshole with my middle finger.  I slowly move the one finger between her cunt lips and into her wet hole while the other one, after I wet it in her cunt, simultaneously penetrates her ass. 
“Oh yessssss!!! Again.  Please fuck both my holes again!” she shouts and forces her cunt against my hand to get my finger in deeper.  My god but she as a sex maniac.  If she wants to get fucked who am I to refuse her the pleasure?
I tell her to turn slightly onto her side and to lift her top leg to expose her cunt so that I can have easier access.  She turns her lower body sideways and lifts her leg and suddenly her cunt is there for me to play with unhindered by anything.
I remove my middle finger from her ass and she just wants to moan when I replace it with the thumb of my other hand and pinch my two fingers together between her cunt and ass while slowly moving them in and out.  I slowly move my other hand up her body and when reaching her shoulder I move my hand between our bodies until I have her one breast in my hand.  I start to play with her breast and roll her nipple between my fingers.
“Yesssss!!!!!!! Oh yessss!!!!!!  That is so fucking nice.  Fuck me yesssssssss fuck me!!” she moans as I carry on fucking her cunt and ass with my fingers and playing with her breast with my other hand.  She moves her lips to mine and starts kissing me like I was never kissed before.
Suddenly she turns completely around so that she is lying on her back.  I tell her to move her hand down to her cunt and rub her clit which she does and she enjoys it so much that she suddenly splays her legs wide open and shouts,”Oh my fuck what are you doing to me Hendrik! Fuck my cunt and my ass!!! Make me come!!  Oh fuck I cannot take it anymore.  Oh my shit I am going to come!!!!  Fuck me faster and harder!!  Fuck my cunt and ass.  Oh my god I’m comminngggggg!! Yessssssss!!!!!!!!  Ohhh yessssssss!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I carry on fucking her because I know she is multi orgasmic and I want to see how many orgasms she can manage.  She also carries on stimulating her clit and it isn’t long before she has her second and just a short while later her third orgasm.  Each one more intense than the previous one.  Still I don’t stop but carry on fucking her cunt and ass with my two fingers.
“Oh fuck Hendrik what are you doing to me.  You are going to kill me.  I cannot take it any more.  Oh again!!!!! Yesss!!!!!!! Oh Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!! Ohhh Shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! I’m dyinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouts and falls back against me.
She just lies still and doesn’t show any reaction on my playing with her cunt.  She has also stopped playing with her clit and her hand is just lying on mine.  Four orgasms, that is not bad.  I lift my face and looks at her.  She lays dead still with her eyes closed and a smile of satisfaction on her face.  She remains like that for at least 5 minutes before she eventually gets of me, kneel next to the couch and says,” Oh Hendrik you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I didn’t know anything in life could be so fantastic. Oh thank you so very much.  I will do my best to make these two weeks just as good for you,” she says and put her hand on my cock which was half mast again, “Oh and I see he is not so calm anymore.  Your fucking me must have done something to him. Come let’s go and shower maybe it will kick him into action again.”
“Before we shower I just want to have a good look at you naked.  We have been so busy that I didn’t have time to look and admire your body.  Come on stand up.”
She slowly stands up with a blush on her cheeks, with her hands behind her back and her legs wide open.
“Like this?” she asks.
“Yes, oh my but you are beautiful you know.  You are really built to be fucked.  When you are a little older, say 16, the boys will kill each other to date you and get inside your pants.”
She is a sight to behold.  Lean without an ounce of fat with a body, although not fully developed yet, already ripe to be fucked, and those breasts!  They are definitely a B-cup with the nipples standing upright at least a ½” long and begging you to play with them.  The legs apart and the sparse pubic hair give me almost a bird’s eye view of her cunt.  You can just see the start of her slit with the beginning of her prominent outer lips.  Let me tell you this will be a cunt to fuck when she is fully developed.  Boy that cunt will swallow you completely.  Looking at her and remembering what I did to it just a couple of minutes ago and what I am still going to do it in the next couple of days gives me another hard on.  I quickly jump of the couch, take her hand and pull her towards the shower.
“If you think I am ready to fuck why you don’t then make use of your hard and ready cock,” she says as she grabs my cock and starts walking with me to the shower.  I put my arm around her shoulder and take her breast in my hand and plays with it while walking.
“Because you still have a lot to learn about sex before we do the ultimate act,” I say,” and we have enough time on our hands not to rush it.  You may get so fed up with me that you don’t want to fuck me anymore.”
“Never, no way will I get tired of you or your cock.”
On reaching the shower I adjusted the water and both of us enters and started washing each other from our heads down to our toes.  We give particular attention to our genitals as it is very enjoyable and also needs to be very clean for our next round of sex.
To be continued………