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Babysitting My Girlfriends Daughter

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Kathy and I had dated for almost 4 years, we each had our own place. I had a small apartment, Kathy had a nice house from her divorice. She has a daughter, Taylor, she was 11 now. Taylor and I got along great, her father wasn't around much, so she latched on to me right away. Anyway, I'm at my place and Kathy called to ask a favor, she needed to go out of town for 4 days, (fri.-mon.) and wanted

doing my girlfriends lil' sister

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Babysitting my girlfriends little sister

My name is Bill, I just turned 27 and I have a beautiful girlfriend named Melinda, she just turned 20. Some people may think she’s a little young for me, but I only get turned on by a girl if she’s younger than me so I’m fine with it.

Last week I asked her to move in with me, but she thought it was a little soon, after all we hav


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Katie and Frank had moved in across the street about 5 years ago. They had a daughter Zoe but no sons. I was probably 12 or so at the time and unfortunately, this neighborhood was lacking kids. Now, I am not the only kid in the neighborhood, nor am I the youngest. As with all new home owners, Frank and Katie made some nice changes to the house, including the craziest thing I can think of,


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Summer was coming to an end, and Katie was planning on closing up the pool. Zoe was begging to leave it open one more week, but Katie had made the arrangements and didn't really want to change them, until she came up with the idea of enclosing the pool, basically making it an indoor pool. I figured Frank must have really left her well off to even think about doing this. She called a few contracto


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It was mid-morning on Tuesday, and the construction was almost finished. Zoe and I had been going to the beach during the day, Katie kept working at home, and Beth, well, she was still working on the pool. To me, it looked like the project was all finished but I guess not. An electrician was there every day, wiring and stuff, when finally I could see what he was working on. He was puttin


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Since Dad left, Mom's not been herself. Actually, she has been more perky I guess. I didn't think things were bad between her and Dad, but to see her now, it's like she missed something over the years. I started spending more time at home, but she really didn't seem to need it, so I went back to hanging with Zoe and Katie, and when she was around, Beth too.

The situation with Beth was a

Stranded at sea with mom. part1

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Mom business did very good this year. She paid off our home loan and still money left over for
weeks vacation in Europe. However, She decided few days later that it would be wise if she invests
that in a boat, Since We will have plenty fun time with it for year to come, and We can sale it
later to get most our money back. She has a friend down in Mexico that got her family a

the neighbors daughter

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My name is Tim. I'm about 35 years old and live with my girlfriend in a small town, east of Amsterdam. We were a regular couple, moved in together two years earlier and have been having a great time since. Whilst we still werent expecting a child, we both had a job and were able to manage just fine. 

I remember sitting in the kitchen, having dinner with Liz (my girlfriend) when the


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Construction began today, so the pool is officially off limits. Katie locked the side door leading to the pool deck, just to make sure we remembered. Zoe and I walked down the street to the small beach we had resident rights to. It was considered private property, and was only supposed to be used by the residents of our small road. When we got there, there were only 2 or 3 other people the

Sexy Sarah part 2 (Follow up to A Great Day at work)

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This story is part two of another story that depicts, graphically, sex between an underage girl and an adult man. If this offends you please read elsewhere-

Two days after our first encounter, I started to wonder if I'd see Sarah again- I had been dreaming of her tight body and delicious pussy for the last two days, and just when I started to think that she had been scared away, I f

My niece and her BFF in the pool house

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex between an adult and teenaged girls. If this offends you, please read something else.

Otherwise... hrough several hot summers of family get togethers, I had watched my neice, Christy, and her cousin, Amanda, grow in such pleasing ways. I'll admit that I had looked at them for quite some time with a lusty eye, and knew it would only be a matter

My Niece and her BFF - Christy's turn!

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I'd finished with Amanda- God what a hot little piece of ass she was!!
I'd been wanting Christy for such a long time too, and looking at the look of surprise on her face when I said I would fuck her next made me want her even more!
"That's right, Christy- it's your turn next- " I said, winking at her. "You're going to take off your clothes now, and it's Amanda's turn to

Peeping Tom

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Peeping TomI'd always gotten along well with my next door neighbors. They weren't really exciting people, but I liked them. There didn't really seem to be anything really exciting or unusual about them, but they were always friendly and outgoing. The fact they had a sexy young teenaged daughter was icing on the cake, and admittedly, I sometimes felt a little twinge of about the fact that I would

Taboo, she's so young!

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Girls these days!!!!! At sixteen my eldest daughter and her other friends are all able to easily pass for twenty plus! What chance does anyone have! This story is about one particular one called Lauren, now Lauren is not that pretty, but she does look by far the oldest out of my daughter’s friends, she has short blond hair, a nice shaped bum, and I reckon that her breasts are about 3

Hot Little Neighbor Girls 2: Tiffany joins the action!

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Stephanie had gone home, and I spent the rest of the night replaying how I'd fucked her in the garage clubhouse earlier. As was my ritual, I jacked off to some of my collection of "special porn" before going to sleep, and as I had the next day off again, had planned on doing some more work outside. 

I woke the next morning, ate breakfast and went outside to see Stephanie and h

My Daughters Softball Team Chapter 1

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My Daughters Softball Team Chapter 1


   By jollyman


   This story is pure fiction. My first time with Alice Chapter 1





  Hi, my name is Alex Jones. I am average looking guy of 35 years of age, standing about 5’ 10” weighting about 190 with an average sized cock at 7 ½ inches and 1 ½ around. Which after 11 years of marriage, my wife decided that it was not big enough for her, so she left me for a coworker with a bigger cock. I was
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getting tired of her bitching and moaning anyway and so I was glad she left. The only bad thing about her leaving was how it affected our then 13-year-old daughter Tabitha.


  You see Tabitha was at that age when she needed her mother around as she comes into womanhood. But sadly, my wife did not care, and gave me full custody not wanting anything to remind her of our marriage.  That was two years ago and Tabitha is 15-years-old now and looking more like her mother every day as she blossoms into lovely young woman. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall with 30B cup breast, and the reason I know that I had just bought her some new bras. She also has a 26-inch waste with 32-inch hips, sandy blonde hair green eyes and weighs no more then 105 pounds. I know this might sound corny but she is the only good that to come out of my marriage to her mother.


  Now tabby likes to play softball and she is the star pitcher on the team that I coach for young girls between the ages 13-15, and over the past two years, Tabby has made many friends on the team, one of which is Alice Carr. Now Alice is a very beautiful 14-years-old girl. She stands about 5 feet 6 1/4 inches tall with nice and firm 34C breast. That goes nicely with her 28-inch waste an 32-inch hips, with red hair, freckles, emerald green eyes, and she weighs no more 115 pounds.


  She is the catcher on the team and a very good ball player; and I know the team will miss her, as this is the last year that she can play in the league.  But ever since I took over the team after Tabby had joined it, Alice has always tried to be next me. Wither we were at practiced or at the games, she just had be close to me. 


  I did not mind that so much, because she is a sweet girl but at times there seemed to be something more in her actions. She would hold my hand at times and give me long hugs when no one was looking and she even would kiss me on cheek. I did not know if was because she did not have a father, or if there was something else. But I would soon find out and so will you after reading this story.


  It all began after we had won the big game against our cross-town rivals that put us into the citywide playoffs in late July. Tabby had invited Alice to spend the night, because her Mom had to work the nightshift at a local nightclub. I think she is a dancer there, or something, which leaves this beautiful young girl home alone to care for herself most of time. That’s why I think she likes to come over here so much, or so I thought. It was about 12:30 and I was watching a movie on HBO when Alice walked into the family room.


  Mr. Jones can I set and watch TV with you?


  I looked up from couch that I was lying on in my boxers and t-shirt. Sure Alice I would enjoy the company, as I sat up giving her room to set down.


  Thank you I was having trouble sleeping, as she sat down next to me in her over sized t-shirt and pair of panties. What is this show she asks, when a sex scene was about to start on the screen.


  That’s when I realized that I was watching an R rated movie. Oh, I’m sorry Alice let me change the channel. So I turned it over to HBO family and found one of the Harry Potter movies on.


  Alice snuggled up to me, which caused her t-shirt to open up. I love this movie, she said then she looked up at me. Mr. Jones do you think I’m sexy?


  I looked down at her and coughed as I tried to think of what to say. Alice you are a very pretty girl I replied, as my cock started to grow when I got a peek down her top and could see her firm young breast.


  Thank you she replied but you still did not answer my question.


  I tried to look into her eyes but she turned to face me her bring her right leg up on to the couch causing her lace see-through bikini Panties to show.
  That’s when my throat went dry, and I coughed again, as I looked at her as she sat there. After clearing my throat, I finally replied yes Alice I do think you are sexy, than she smiled and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I pulled back from her, Alice we cannot do this.


  But Mr. Jones I love you, as she looked at me with her Emerald green eyes that burned a hole into my soul.


  I just looked at her knowing that, I had to maintain control here or things would get out of hand and I sure did not need that to happen. So I said, Alice I am old enough to be your father, and it is illegal for me to be doing anything with you.


  Yes, I know that she replied but I don’t care, because I love you Mr. Jones and I promise that I would never tell anyone about what we do. Then she moved to kiss me again. I move away from her to the end of the couch but this girl was not going to take no for answer and she finally made contact with my lips. Her kisses were soft and warm at first but grew in passion until, she pulled, back and looked down at the tent in my boxers.


  Mr. Jones I know that you want me she said, as she reached down and rubbed her hand over my extremely hard cock. Her touch was electrifying and I all could was moan.


  OH, My God Alice that feels good, knowing that I should stop her, I reached down grabbing her hand and pulled it away.


  She looked at me than said, Mr. Jones you said I was sexy as she grabbed my cock again and started rubbing it even harder.


  That is true Alice, but we should not be doing this.  As my mind fought with my groaning as I tried to regain control. But sadly, she was turning me on by what she was doing, and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not stop it from happening.


  You most like this she said with a smile on her face. As she moved in and started French, kissing me like no woman had ever done before. Her kisses were fantastic the way she moved her tongue into my mouth. It was so sensual I that could no longer fight it and I slowly moved my right hand down grabbing her tender young breast through her t-shirt.


 MMMMM that feels good Mr. Jones she said, after breaking our kiss. She smiled and pulled away from me, as she slowly pulled off, her t-shirt revealing her tender young breast.


  I could not believe how beautiful they were, standing out proud and firm on her chest with light pink half inch sized areolas and nipples the sized of pencil erasers. Then she pushed her chest out for me and said do you like my breast Mr. Turner?


 Yes Alice, your breasts are beautiful I replied as I leaned foreword taking her left nipple into my mouth, kissing her young tender flesh and licking over her nipple, sending waves of pleasure through her young body.


  She moaned and grabbed my head holding it against her chest. OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD Mr. Jones, as I suck first on breast then other, giving each one equal treatment, as she started panting. OH GOD YES DON”T STOP Mr. Jones, as the first orgasm of the night hits her. OH GOD YES MR. JONES PLEASE MAKE LOVE TO ME, she begged, as I continued sucking on her breast.
  I pulled away from chest, as I looked deep into eyes. Ok Alice I replied, knowing that it was wrong and if anyone found out, I could lose Tabby, plus go to jail for having sex with a minor. But my lust for this young girl had won out over my morals, as I picked her up in my arms, and I carried her upstairs to my bedroom. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked at her and asked Alice have you ever had sex before.


  She said yes, once when I was 13, but I did not enjoy it because it hurt too much.


  I stopped switched on light as we entered my bedroom, then I carried her over to the bed. Alice you know that it might hurt again if we have sex tonight?
  Yes, Mr. Jones I know that it might hurt when we do it, but I trust you and I know you will be gentle with me as she looked into my eyes.


  I smiled at her and thanked her for trusting me. As I laid her, down on bed and moved up beside her. Now Alice there is one thing we have to do.


  What that Mr. Jones she said with a smile on her face.


   We need to keep the noise down so we do not wake Tabby and Alice one other thing, you can call me Alex except when we are at team practice or games.


  Ok Alex she said with a giggle, than she kissed me again.


  As we kissed, I began to rub her breast again which caused her to moan into my mouth. That’s when I knew that this was not a dream but it was really happening, I was going to have sex with this beautiful 14-year-old girl. My pulse began to race as I broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes, as I ask her again. Alice, are you sure that you want me to have sex with you.


  Yes, she replied, with a smile on her face as she stroked my cheek with her small hand, while looking deep into my eyes. Alex I love you, and I want to show you just how I care.


  I smiled at her, saying to myself this girl does have crush me, as we started kissing again I felt more passion in her kisses a lot more than my ex wife ever showed me. But then I reminded my self that was just young girl and could not really understand what real love was all about.
  Side note Alice’s thoughts
  As I kissed the man of dreams, the man that I fell in love the first day I saw him almost two years ago when my best friend Tabby joined the team I was on. I know he thinks I am still a little girl and in many ways, I guess that I am. But that still does not stop how I feel about him and tonight I am going show him just how much I love him. I just hope that after tonight he will fell the same about me. 


  Now back to Alex


  As we continued kissing, I could tell that she had strong feelings for me and I told my self that I needed to go slow so I did hurt the young beauty that was lying beside me. After breaking the kiss I looked in to eyes and seen a longing that I had seen before and knew it was time to start. So I slowly moved my right hand down her body stopping at her young breast and tweaking her nipples, then I moved on down and started rubbing over her panty covered  mound.


  MMMM she moaned as her legs opened wide so I could get easier access to her burning pussy. That’s when I noticed a wet spot between her legs, as I rubbed over her slit. MMMM Alex that feels even better then, when I do it, she said, as I continued rubbing her.


  I looked at down at her half-naked body lying beside me in the soft light of the room and I smiled at her. Alice I can make it feel even better if you like.


  Do what ever you want to me Alex as she smiled up at me. Then she got a serious look on her face as she spoke. Alex I just want to know what it is like to have someone make love to me, as she looked into my eyes.


  Ok Alice I will do my best to show you what real lovemaking is all about, as I started kissing down her body.


  When I reached the waistband of her bikini panties, I could smell her juices, as the wet spot had grown to where her panties were soaked. I looked up at her with a smile and said, Alice let’s get your panties off, and she raised her butt off the bed.


  As I pulled, down her panties I saw one the most beautiful sites that I could have ever see. Her outer lips were red swollen and very wet, as her juices, were running down to her butt hole. As I watched this wondrous site, I thought to myself, how a girl her age could get this wet. As I sat there looking at her freshly shaved pussy and I smiled up at her as I reached out with my right hand rubbed over her pussy causing her clit, come out of hiding.


  OH, GOD Alex that feels good, as her hips started to push up at my hand as she moaned from the pleasure I was giving her.


  I smiled down at her and said Alice you are a very sexy girl, as I took her hard little clit in between my thumb and forefinger, and I started pinching it gently.


  MMMM Alex that feels good, as she continued to buck her hips up at my hand, do it some more please.


  I smiled down at her. Well Alice my dear sweet girl it will get even better as I slowly pushed my middle finger into her opening and started finger fucking her.


   MMMM I like that she said, than I moved up to start sucking on her breast. That’s when her breathing started to quicken even more, as she pushing down on my hand trying to get my finger even deeper.


  OH! OH! AHUM YES OH GOD YES THIS FEELS GOOD DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP she screamed, as her second orgasm hits her hard and she stiffens up, squirting her cum all over my hand.


  I stop sucking on her breast and start kissing down, her body until I reach her slit, and I started licking her over clit, she jumped and squealed. OH YES OH GOD YES as I sucked it into my mouth bighting on it gently, as I slowly continued to finger fucking her.


  OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS OH YES, I LOVE YOU ALEX DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP, she babbled as a third, fourth and even a fifth orgasm washed over her body, as her cum floods my mouth over and over again.


  I looked up at her with cum all over my face and smiled. When I saw that, her eyes were glassy and her mouth was in a round shape, as the only sound that she could make was a long OOOHH sound. So I stopped to let her calm down. Alice, did you like that I ask.


  After she had caught her breath, she smiled at up me and said yes in panting voice that was fantastic. Then she asked, Alex what just happened to me?


  You just had multiple orgasms Alice, I said with a smile of satisfaction on my face knowing that I had made her happy as I moved up beside her.


  Wow, I had never felt anything like it before, it was so intense, thanks Alex as she pulled me down into a kiss.


  As we lie there kissing, she began too giggle. Alex you know, I think someone wants to come out and play, as my extremely hard cock started poking her leg.


  I looked down at my raging hard cock, as the tip poked out of boxers, and I said. Well Alice what did you think would happen to little Alex Jr with a very sexy naked girl lying right here in front me, I replied with a grin.


  She giggles and reached down grabbing my cock, well then let’s free him up so he could come out and play she said. As I rolled over on to my back while raising my butt, so she could pull my boxers down. As my cock came into view, she moaned. MMMM I like it Alex, as she leaned down taking my cock, into her warm mouth.


  OH GOD Alice that feels good, as she took it down into her throat, which causes her to gag. Alice, take it slow until you get use to it, as she looked up at me with a smile, as she started sucking on it.


   I just lie on my back and watched in amazement, as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, as she continued sucking on it, as if she had been doing it for years.


  Than I felt my balls, starting to tighten, as my breathing quickened and I knew that I was going to cum soon so I warned her. OH, GOD ALICE I’M GOING TO CUM, and she sucked even harder as my cock explodes with about six streams of cum down her throat. She continued sucking until she had milked me dry, then she pulled off my cock and leaned her head back so she could swallow every drop. I could not believe the erotic scene going on before me and I just had to ask her where she learned to do that.


  She opened her mouth after she gulped one last time to show me that it was all gone. Then she replied from watching my Mom’s porn movies, as a big grin of satisfaction came across her face knowing that she had made me happy too, as she moved up to kiss me.


  You did very well Alice, I said with a smile as we started kissing like lost lovers, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I could taste my cum in her mouth, but I did care. I had found a new lover one that that liked me for who I was not what she wanted me to be. As we continued kissing, I could feel her slowly stroking my cock and I moaned.


  After we finally broke the kiss, she looked at me and said; I love you Alex as she gentle continued stroking my cock. Than she looked down between us, I think you’re cock is getting hard again.


  I can see that I replied as I looked down at my cock, which was now at full mask again, and ready for action as she held it in her tiny hand. Than I looked deep into her eyes and said, are you ready for the main event.
  Oh, yes Alex I am ready, as she smiled and rolled on to her back, while spread her legs wide for me. Make love to me Alex.


  Ok my lover I replied as I slowly moved over her, as I looked deep into her eyes again trying to see if there was any fear or doubt showing, as I lined my cock with her opening. I asked her again, Alice, are you sure that you want to do this?


  Yes, Alex I have wanted to make love to you ever since we met a year ago. So please, make love to me now because I need this, as she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes filled with love and passion.


  Ok sweetie I replied as slowly pushed forward parting he lips with the head of my cock as I tried to enter her. She was so tight I did not think that I was ever going to get into her very wet and tight pussy, but the head of my cock finally, popped into her.


  Oh, she said with a sound of surprise in her voice, causing me to look down at her.


  When I saw the look of surprise on her face, I stopped and rested with just the head of cock in her. Alice, are you ok I asks?


   She looked up at me and said yes, Alex I am fine, just make mad passionate love to me, as a look of pure love filled her eyes.


  Ok Alice and I pushed harder until I slipped all the way in. I had never felt anything that tight before in my life. Her pussy was like a velvet glove, all soft and warm from her juices, as her vaginal; muscles gripped me like a vice.


  Oh, God Alice you’re so tight I said, as I rested with my 7 ½- inch cock pushed as far into her as I could go, with our pelvic bones pressed tight together as if we were one body.


  I smiled down at her, while she flexed her vaginal muscles and pushed up at me. Alex fuck me please she said in desperation. So I started a slow thrusting motion. Oh, yes that feels good she said as a look of pleasure washed over face, then she started pushing up harder at me as I picked up my pace. OH FUCK YES she screamed as she threw her legs around me and pulled me deeper then I ever thought possible as we fucked even harder.


  That’s when a very familiar feeling started to hit me as I felt my balls tighten, and I knew that I was close to unloading my hot cum into her womb. OH GOD ALICE I CANNOT HOLD OUT MUCH LONGER I grunted.


  That’s when I felt her stiffened up, as she pushed up even harder on to my cock as her sixth orgasm of the night hits her hard. OH FUCK YES IM CCUUUMMMMMING ALEX KEEP FUCKING ME, OH HELL YES MAKE ME YOUR FUCKIN WHORE OH GOD I LOVE THIS ALEX OH GOD YES she screamed, and her vaginal muscles clamped down even harder on my cock causing me to shoot my hot potent cum deep into her womb.


  AAAAHHHH I groaned aloud as I finished filling her womb with my hot seed and I collapsed on top of her as we kissed deeply. After we broke our kiss, I smiled down at her. How was that I said, as my limp cock slipped out of her wet pussy causing her to moan from the loss of her new found toy. As I rolled off her and we lay, side-by-side. She smiled at me and started to answer me, just as my door opened. That’s when I herd my daughter’s voice.


  DADDY, what are you doing with Alice she said, after she seen us naked on bed with cum dripped from her friend’s pussy!


  To be continued.


  Read chapter 2 to see what happens next.


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Friday night and I have to Babysit

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So the jest of the basics here is that I'm pretty much ready to go out for the night when the neighbour comes over and needs me to babysit.  You know, it's been over ten years since I babysat someone's kids.  Not that I didn't mind too much, but it had been weeks since I'd had some good sex.  I wanted to go out with my friends and hopefully find some guy to take care of my needs.  But this seemed to be an emergency so I said yes.  "I don't think I'll be home till tomorrow, so that's okay right?"

"Send him over, tell him to just come in, I have to make some phone calls"  Ok Deb said, I'll send him right over.  Jim was a pretty quiet kid from what I knew.  A bit of a geek but still a pretty good looking kid, his mom j

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ust dressed him in all the geek apparel.  I think he's 13 or 14, I know he is heading into High School next year.  I on the other hand am 26, jet black straight hair, long toned legs, with what I think is a nice tight ass and tear drop titties with big nipples that point straight up.  I love to wear tight jeans and short skirts just to watch the guys stare at me.  One time, I watched a guy walk right into a newspaper stand while watching me.  It was so funny.  Sorry guys but you are so 'one minded' when you see a body like mine.

I was on the phone when he came in with his gym bag knap sac thingy.  "Just set it down anywhere, the TV is in the other room, go ahead and help yourself" I said.  Continuing to talk to my friend Cindy I told her how I was a bit upset that I had to stay in for the night.  'I need to get laid bad too'  As I reached down and brushed my pussy a bit through my dress.  'I even bought this smoking dress too Cindy, I am dressed to the hilt with that nice perfume you like, no panties and arrgghh my pussy is already wet.'  Oh, you poor thing, tell me, you want me to take care of that pussy of yours if I don't find a nice hard cock to take home tonight? Cindy purred.  Cindy was always after me, she liked it both ways but I've just never taken her up on it.  "Oh Cindy, you know how I stand on that, but if you find two of them, come on over" I giggled still brushing my pussy gently.  Cindy laughed in her sweet way and ended the conversation with 'you don't know what you're missin sweetie' and then she hung up.

Cindy had been my friend for many years and I knew I didn't have to worry about her so I just laughed it off and hopped up from the stool I was sitting on and headed to the kitchen.  I opened the refrigerator looking for a pop or something to offer my guest.  Not much in here I thought, a gingerale, a half a box of milk, and some tomato and orange juice.  Well, I thought, I should probably ask him if he's hungry or thirsty or what.  We may have to eat out tonight.  With that I laughed to myself at the thought ' eat out ' and trotted off to the living room in my siletto heels.

As I walked into the living room I realized that I had left the satelite channel clicker unsecured to the adult channels.  You know how you can password protect that, well, I had not reset it to protect the channels.  Here was Jim, standing in the living room staring at the bigscreen on an adult channel of some chick going down on some guy.  "Oh, damn" I said startled the boy.  "I'm sorry" he yelped, "I just turned it on and clicked the channel button up a few times and this was on."  Well, why didn't you keep changing channels I asked.  No answer, he was still watching.  "Jim !!" " Sorry" he stammered rapidly clicking on the clicker to change the channel.  Finally hitting the power button.  He turned away from me and again said "I'm sorry, it's just, well, I never seen it before"  It's ok Jim, I'm sorry for not telling you I had that on there.  I just ordered the full channel package so I get all that too.  Listen, why don't we go out and get a bite to eat so we can forget about this.  "oh, ok" he said, still facing the other direction.

 "Well, come on now, lets go" and I walked over to the entrance closet to grab my purse that I had just set there 15 minutes ago.  I stood at the door for a minute or so and Jim was still in the living room.  Come on Jim, lets go I yelled.  "Be right there" I heard.  Now what could he be doing I thought.  Then I had my answer as he walked out.  "hmmmp" I snickered and turned toward the door.  I did my best to keep a straight face but I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants.  I guess he seen a bit too much, maybe I should ask him if he needs to use the bathroom before we go.  Actually, maybe I should just check my hair and off I went to the bathroom.  "I'll be right out, I just want to check my hair"  I heard a faint 'ok' in the back ground as I entered the bathroom giggling.  With my hand over my mouth, shaking my head I realized that  he wasn't the only one with something erect.  My nipples were pushing right through my bra and dress like I had nothing on.  I tried to get the twisted thoughts out of my head and calm down.  Soon my nipples returned to more to normal and I left the bathroom.

As I approached Jim I noticed that the bulge was still there a bit but not nearly as big as before.  Jim kept his head down the whole time, must have been a bit ashamed but never the less we left the house and headed down the road.  I own one of those nice 'T' top camaro's  and I've had it for what seems like forever.  My dad taught me how to look after my vehicals so it should last me a long time.  But when you get into it in a short dress like mine it tends to help the dress to ride up.  Since I normally ride along to work and such, I didn't pay much attention to it until we had driven many blocks.  I tried asking Jim questions to help him feel more comfortable with me but he kept his head down.  Then I noticed he was glancing over at my legs.  Hmmmm, I thought, now this kid is gonna get another boner so maybe we should go through a drive through.  Sure enough, he adjusted himself in the seat a few times trying to get comfortable and cover the growing bulge in his pants.  I was beginning to think that even though it might be a bit cruel of my, I could tease him a bit more until we get back home then see if I can get him to take a 'bathroom' break if you know what I mean.  I remember all those early years hearing of the boys on dates that had to beat themselves off because of their woodie wouldn't go down.  Maybe Jim needed it.  Hey, why not, give the kid a little thrill now and then let him see just enough to deserve a good jerk off.  He'll tell all his little friends that he caught glimpes of his neighbour and for a little while, he'll be the 'cool kid'.

"Look over there, what are they building there I wonder" I said pointing out his window to get him to look.  As he looked, I hiked up my dress a bit more, well, almost too much. But I just kept talking like I hadn't done anything.  "I don't know" he said looking out the window.  "Well, looks like it's gonna be pretty neat huh" I exclaimed, keeping the conversation going.  "Ya, maybe... " as he turned toward me he noticed my skirt hiked up higher and more tanned leg and lost his train of thought.  " ah, ah, maybe ah big mall or something" he managed to get out.

Oh, I kept this boy talking, so I could hear his voice stammer along, and make it seem as though I didn't know my skirt was so high up.  We went through a fast food drive through and told him "when we get to the order mic, you have to tell them your order"  I just wanted to see him look past me.  We pull up to the place to order and I told him to go ahead.  He turned my way and I leaned right back for him, he looked right across my boobs with wide eyes and took a quick look down my dress top.  I then slid down in my seat a bit because I knew he would look down.  And sure enough, he did.  I watched him take a big breath, swallow and squeak out the words " I'll have a double burger, loaded, with fries and a large coke."  I just grinned as he slowly looked away.  I slid back up in my seat, leaned toward the window and this is what I said, " and I'll have a cheese burger, fries, and a large cock too." that's right, I couldn't believe I said it.  Jim turned to me with a huge surprized look on his face.  I just ignored it because I knew I couldn't correct myself, I just had to look as though I hadn't made a mistake.  The guy that took our order repeated it back to us with a bit of a laugh. "so, that's, a double burger, loaded, a cheese burger, two fries, and two large 'cokes' (he said slowly and clearly).  "Yes" I replied. "That'll be $12.54, come on around to the window.  As I drove around to the window, I could see Jim had a bit of a grin on his face, but my plan worked.  Even though I had made a bit of a blunder on words, I could see his pants had a big tent to them.

I paid for our order, received our change and we drove off.  We only drove a block or two when I pulled over in a small parking lot over looking the river.  We watched people walk along the river as we ate.  We both ate our fries first and almost at the same time we bit into our burgers.  My burger had a lot of ketchup on it and it began to drip onto my hands.  I held it out a bit and it dripped right onto my left leg.  "Get a kleenex, hurry" I exclaimed.  I don't want it running down my leg.  Oh, it was warm from being on the burger, my hands had all the ketchup all over them.  I was licking all the stuff off my hands still holding my burger when I felt Jim simply take a kleenex and reach between my legs and wipe up the ketchup.  A chill ran over me.  He folded the kleenex and kept wiping but now he was doing it ever so slowly.  It's as if he did in on impulse and now, his boyhood was taking over.  I quickly set my burger onto the wrapper I had set on the dashboard and reached down to his hand.  He looked up at me and snatched his hand away.  Grabbed his burger and filled his face.  I made a short 'huh' kind of laugh and said "sorry about that, I didn't mean for you to do that, just to get me a kleenex."  He didn't say a word.  "But, you did a good job so thank you".  Still nothing.  We ate our burgers in silence while sipping on our drinks.  Jim is one of those guys that has to move the straw in and out and make that "squeekie sound".  "Jim, stop that, it drives me a bit crazy.  Well, lets get going as I took the last bit of my burger and 'plop', right on my dress top.  Rolled down my breast to my skirt. "ah crap, get me another kleenex"  Jim handed me one this time.  I quickly wiped up the ketchup but it was too late.  "Now we have to go" I said.  Starting the car.

We arrived at my house and I told Jim to bring the pops and garbage into the house because I had to get the stains out of my dress before it sets in.  I quickly got into the house and into the backroom where I do the washing.  I closed the door (at least I thought I closed it) and stripped off my top.  I began by adding some water then spraying it with a stain killer.  I added water to my skirt and sprayed it too.  Then I turned toward the door to see it had come open and Jim was standing there watching me with a large pop in each hand and an obvious boner.  There I was, in one of my sexiest bras with a young teen boy watching me.  I reached out and closed the door.

Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my chest, I took off to my room.  As I passed Jim I said "Go to the living room and watch some TV" then I added, " NO PORN either".  As I skipped up the steps in my stilettos I found myself getting turned on.  This was just wrong.  All I wanted to go was give the kid a thrill.  Not turn myself on.  As I changed in my room, I decided to get into a more relaxed outfit.  I put on some ladies sports boxers, a sports bra and my long nighty shirt.  It goes to my knees.  I checked the mirror before I left and all looked well.  Downstairs I went to find no Jim in the living room.  The pops were there, the TV was on, but no Jim.  I looked to the bathroom door, then back to the back room.  The light was on.  I went to check and there was Jim, holding a pair of my thong underwear to his nose and one hand down his pants.

"So, you gonna take it out of your pants or cream in your undies?" I said softly.  Jim jumped, threw the thong and pulled his hand out of his pants so fast that I think he forgot to let go of his cock.  He bent over in what looked like pain.  "You okay Jim?" I asked.  "Listen, come to the living room, we need to talk right now."  'Give me a minute' Jim exclaimed. "NO, NOW" I demanded.  As Jim followed me into the living room my mind raced to figure out what to say to him.  I wasn't sure wha tto do.  All I know is that I had to fix this strange course of events.

I sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to me saying "sit here".  That's when I saw it.  I could tell that his cock must be huge in length.  I mean, I know he is young but it was no longer a bulge in his pants, it must have come out from under his undies and down his leg.  When he sat down, he couldn't even sit up straight.  He leaned back and placed his hands over himself to cover his obvious hard on.  "Oh, my" gasped.  "Sorry" Jim said, "I was, I.. I... was curious".

I didn't have any words for him.  In fact, I was so hot.  I mean, I was hot for this kid.  I gues it has been a long time.  What am I thinking, oh my goodness, this is stupid.  I want to see this kids cock and.... NO.  I have to stop.  I reached for the clicker and turned on the TV.  And of course, what channel do you think it was on.  Some chick is just riding some guy.  I was glued to that chick riding that cock.  She was moning and moning things like "ewww, yes, yes, fuck me, yes fuuuuck mmmeeee".  I just couldn't take it anymore, I looked at Jim.  He looked at me, dropped his eyes to my breasts.  My nipples were so hard and just itching for pleasure....  I was burning up.  For a kid, oh, man what was going on, I just can't do this.  I can't no, I just can't..................................................................................................................


Jim, do you want to touch them?  He was still staring at my nipples. Yes.  Then touch them. I reached down and picked up his hand and placed it on my left breast.  It was so hot, he was so gentle, he caressed my breast and rubbed over my nipple through my nightie and sports bra.  The sounds of the TV had taken me to another place.  

"Jim, this is your lucky night.  All you have to do is say no and I'll leave the room.  But if you want to find out what a woman wants, I'll show you" I breathed the words right into his eyes.  "Show me everything" he said quietly.

"Come with me" I got up from the couch, turned off the TV, led him all around the house shutting off the lights.  Then to the stairs where I told him to follow me up.  I know how to make my ass look good so after just a few steps, noticing he was looking down, I said "hey, my ass is up here, you may want to watch it work it's magic".  Jim looked up and a small grin appeared on his face.

I led him to my room, over to my bed and told him to stand in front of me and take off his shirt.  It only took a second for him to rip it off.  "slow down tiger, you don't need to go home till morning."  I heard a small hehe escape his lips.  "Now, the pants and remember to do it slowly" I figured that at his age he wouldn't last long so I didn't want him to disturb my enjoyment of watching his first come.  As his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them I realize that this was no ordinary kid.  "You have a monster in there don't you Jim?" I whispered to him.  "Now, kick your pants to the side and just watch me undress a bit for you.  And no touching the monster either."  I watched him take a big breath, then swallow as I removed my nightie.  I watched him almost tremble as I removed my bra.  "Now listen Jim, I don't want you to make a mess in your undies, and I don't want you to make a mess all over the carpet, so I need you to remove your undies carefully.  Do you think you can do it without exploding??"  I said in a very sexy tone.  "I don't know, I'll try."  "Okay" I said, "Now, if you think you can't hold back just make use the word 'yes' and I'll know you can't make it.  You see, I want your first come to be all over me.  Now are you ready to try?"  "Just a sec" as he took a number of deep breaths. 

Jim slid his undies down to his feet, kicked them to the side, looked at me and smiled knowing that he had done as I had asked.  His cock was very long, not very big around but very long.  In fact, it was over 11 inches.  I mean, it was almost as long in inches as he was in age.  This was going to be a very fun night.

"Sit on the the edge of the bed, lay back, and close your eyes" I ordered.  Jim did as I said, and quickly to boot.  I knew I didn't have much time and I wanted that come badly.  I bent over and inhaled his cock.  He jumped, it was so hot, so hard, so smooth.  I fell to my knees, his legs opened wider.  I used both hands, one caressing his balls, one stroking his cock and I sucked greedily.  I don't think he lasted 30 seconds.  His come was boiling in my mouth.  I swallowed once, twice, three times.  There was so much.  A fourth time I swallowed his come.  He was wailing with joy.  His body was so tense, then shaking, trembling, then tense again.  Then, just as he had jumped when I first inhaled his beautiful cock, he relaxed.  His cock began to soften.  I knew he needed a break but I needed that cock hard.  I needed to get off too.  I kept sucking, slurping, licking, and stroking.  And as if by magic, his cock came to life again.  Rock hard.  I looked at him, smiled and said: "I hope you don't mind but I need to fuck so bad and you have just what I need"

 Jim almost looked a bit scared but smiled and said: "I've jerked off so many times just watching you at night through your window that I can come 5 times."  So, I slowly crawled on top of him, I let him suck on my hard nipples and moved so that his hard cock was right on the entrance of my pussy.  "Jim, I want to watch your face, lay back"  As I slid down on his rock hard cock I watched exstacey roll through his eyes.  In one long push I impailed his entire cock.  Just as I hit bottom, he erupted again.  I could tell he was the longest cock I had ever had in me.  This young teen age boy with the big long dick has been the deepest.  Now he was shooting hot come all inside my pussy.  I didn't move.  I just watched him come in me.  He jerked and spasamed like I had never seen before.  All I could think about was could he keep it hard long enough for me.  I love to come but I need to get off 4 or 5 times.


.....  So, have you like my young adventure?  If so, vote it up.  I'd be happy to tell you the rest but right now I have to go take care of this pussy.  I'm soaked and I can't take any more.  I'll check back in a few weeks.  If I see enough interest, I'll finish the story.


Mother's Desperate Measures ~ Chapter One ~

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Chapter One ~
Carol Olson was by all accounts the perfect mom. She made a decent living as a dental
hygienist, maintained a clean and comfortable home for her son, and prided herself on always doing
the right thing. During the spring and summer of 2009 the “right thing” suddenly became more
“Mom, I have something from the school that you're


kcid25 on Taboo Stories

Saturday morning, I went over to see how the construction had been going. When I got there, Katie was up, and gave me the grand tour. The work was far from done, but the sliders were in place, and the framework was all done. The roof was up, and all that really needed to be done was the interior and electrical work. It was really looking great. As I turned to go back to the living room, Be


kcid25 on Taboo Stories

My mother seemed to like spending time at Katie's and to be honest, it was good to see her smiling once in a while. I don't know how comfortable she is with me being there nude and all, but I was there first. No matter now, it is what it is, and I'm not changing anything. Not for now anyway.

Beth has all but moved in with Katie and Zoe, although every once in a while, she goes back to her pa

A good day at work

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of sexual contact between a grown man and an underage girl. If this offends you, please keep browsing... If not, then read on-

There had been a rash of missing items from one of the stores- small things, but enough to become an issue they had asked us to keep an eye on. One quiet thursday night, I found the source of those th