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doing my girlfriends lil' sister

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Babysitting my girlfriends little sister

My name is Bill, I just turned 27 and I have a beautiful girlfriend named Melinda, she just turned 20. Some people may think she’s a little young for me, but I only get turned on by a girl if she’s younger than me so I’m fine with it.

Last week I asked her to move in with me, but she thought it was a little soon, after all we hav

My Girls Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

I had pretty much figured Katie might faint; that was why I was behind her, with my arms around her. Between Becky's sudden appearance, a perfect image of Katie except for the orange flecks in her eyes, and Katie's fainting, things were pretty chaotic for awhile. I laid Katie on the nearest bed and sat next to her, stroking her hair, waiting for her to recover. Everyone crowded into the bedroom to find out what was going on.

"Everyone, let me introduce Becky Thompson, Katie's sister. She also goes by the name of 'Little Orange Person'." Becky laughed, while everyone else looked puzzled. "Inside joke." I explained. I introduced her to everyone. With her sweet

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personality, lovely looks, and the fact that she was Katie's sister, she was instantly a big hit. I could see that my little teenage genius was just dying to start asking questions. I didn't think it fair, however, that we should hear the story before Katie. When I gave Amy my 'shut your mouth or I am going to paddle your pretty little butt' look, she pouted and stuck her tongue out at me.

As we were waiting for Katie to wake up, Becky sat next to me and gave me a shy little look, smiling nervously. I recognized that look from Katie. She wanted to ask me something. So I beat her to the punch.

"What is it, Becky? You know, I kind of like the name 'Little Orange Person'. I might just keep calling you that."

'I kind of like it too. That would be ok. Um... I don't know if you noticed or not, but when I released the block on the information in your mind I... kind of... left some of that orange stuff behind. I can remove it if you want," she went on hurriedly.

"I kind of like it there. It doesn't bother me. It makes me feel close to you."

She beamed like a million suns. "I like it there, too! Um... because I don't have anyone's mind to share right now... since Amy is in Katie's and I might be able to put two in one but I don't know yet... you could... um... be in mine too if you wanted," she whispered in a tiny little voice. She looked at me nervously.

I realized how much it cost her to say that. The fear of rejection to her for something so intense and personal must be great. I was stunned at the... enormity of what she was offering me.

"Becky, I would be so honored! I am not worthy of such an offer. Are you sure, honey? And what would Katie think? And could you do it?"

I could see her heave a sigh of great relief. "I think I could do it. You might have to learn to use it. I don't think Katie would mind. I don't think we could undo what she did with Amy anyway. And I might be able to be in yours and Katie's too. With nothing to do for a year but think, I have a lot of ideas. Oh, yeah, I would love to do it! I love you, you know," she proclaimed seriously.

"I love you too, sweetheart. I have always wanted to meet you. You can go ahead and try. But first, I think you need to spend some time with Katie."

Katie was beginning to stir. I sent everyone out of the room except Becky and me, and I had Becky sit over on the other side of the room, out of sight, until Katie had recovered. Katie opened her eyes, saw me, and threw her arms around me in a death grip, crying. I held her, rubbed her back, whispered sweet nothings in her ear. She finally looked at me with big, scared eyes.

"Daddy? Is Becky really back? How can that be? I felt her die. I saw them carry out her body. Did I have a dream? Am I going crazy, Daddy?" She sounded almost hysterical. Becky couldn't take it anymore. She ran over to her, kneeling down by her side, and threw herself into Katie's arms. They hugged and cried for quite awhile. Then Katie pulled away, a puzzled look on her face.

"I can't feel you. Why can't I feel you in my mind?" Katie looked worried and a little scared.

"I know. They blocked me from sending to you. That's partly how they were able to make you think I died. I need your help to reverse that. I can't do it, but I can tell you how." Becky hugged Katie again. I felt like an intruder.

"We are going to leave you two alone for awhile. Take all the time you need to get reacquainted. We will talk to you later, Becky." I don't think they even heard me. I left the room, closing the door softly, and told everyone to leave them alone until they came out. Then I went to my room to check on Victoria.

I talked to the doctor. He was ready to reverse the drug-induced unconsciousness she was in. I told him to wait a little bit, there were some things I needed to do first. Then I talked to Captain Jensen. I told him I wanted all signs gone immediately that I was anything but a medical professional. Victoria did not know about this part of my life and I didn't want another shock to greet her. Naturally, he protested, not wanting to leave us unguarded, but finally agreed that it would be done immediately. I had no doubts that he would figure out a way to satisfy both requirements. Besides, with Amy around, how much danger could we be in, anyway? I wondered how much of Amy's ability the others might possess in an emergency.

I went back to my room to find the doctor administering the antidote to the medicine he had her on. He said it would take only a few minutes. I asked him to leave so it was just Victoria and me. He didn't like that idea. I was making everyone unhappy today. Except Becky. My one success. But, being the boss, I got my way. RHIP. Sometimes. Not often with teenage girls! I saw Victoria's eyes start to flutter open. That's about when I began to realize that maybe I should have listened to the doctor. I was sitting on the bed, holding her hand, when I heard her scream.

"No! Leave me alone! No more!" I just started to react, to assure her she was ok, when she jerked her hand back, and the next thing I knew I had hit the wall and was sliding down to the floor. Wow, that hurt! I saw Victoria advancing towards me. I could tell by the look in her eyes she had no idea who I was. I remained very calm. I would not defend myself; I would not hurt her. If I was going to die, I could think of worse ways than at Victoria's hands. I watched in fascination as she started to hit me again. Then I saw a blur of movement, and her hand was held fast by a small hand. I hadn't seen that kind of strength since... Amy! She had grabbed Victoria's hand, and then she stepped between us.

"Let me go! I'll kill them!" Victoria screamed. She tried to pull her hand back, but it might as well have been set in concrete. Amy answered her calmly.

"No, Mom. I will not let you hit Dad again. Don't make me hurt you." Amy might have been discussing the weather, she was so quiet and calm. I found that even scarier than if she had yelled. I heard her call out to Katie in her mind to get the doctor in here, now, but to keep everyone else out.

About that time, I saw Victoria's eyes clear. She looked at Amy in amazement, and then she looked at me on the floor in horror.

"Oh Patrick, I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you! Oh God, what have I done?" She dissolved into a puddle of tears as Amy gently led her back over to the bed, sitting her down. I thought about helping her, but the pain I felt in my chest when I started to move convinced me that was not a good idea. When the doctor came in, he started towards Victoria, but Amy curtly told him to check me out first.

He determined there was not that much wrong with me, just a couple of bruised ribs and some aggravation of the gunshot wound that had not completely healed from before. I had always known that living with my girls was interesting, but lately, it was getting dangerous.

I went over and sat next to Victoria. Amy had been holding her as she cried. I reached out to put my arm around her, to comfort her. I was surprised when she flinched and drew away from me. Amy's eyes widened a little in surprise. Victoria had never done that before. We talked for a while, just the three of us. Victoria seemed her old self mostly, but she showed no interest in talking about what had happened to her. I figured she didn't want to talk in front of Amy.

Later that day, we all got together to hear Becky's story. We were all interested in knowing how a dead person was standing in front of us.

"Well, most of what Katie told you is what happened. After our father attacked me, I lost consciousness. When I awoke, the house was on fire. That's when I contacted Katie and she called the fire department. I lost consciousness again. Later, I woke up in the room where you found me. By overhearing conversations, I deduced that the fire was set deliberately and after I lost consciousness, another body was substituted for mine and I was removed from the scene. The interruption of contact between Katie and me was from a combination of loss of consciousness and something they did to interrupt the contact from my end. That is why I was out of contact for so long — I was unable to establish contact. That's all I know. I don't know why I was taken. I think it might have something to do with trying to get a particular someone to come and rescue me, by things I overheard. But they seemed to be waiting for something else to happen first. I don't know what.

Of course, we all had a million questions, most of which she could not answer. I noticed after a while that Amy had disappeared. I went looking for her. The door to her room was closed, so I knocked. When I didn't hear an answer, and I couldn't find her anywhere else, I opened the door, to find her lying on her bed, crying. I went in and sat beside her, asking her what was the matter.

"I'm glad Becky is back, I really am. But what's going to happen to me now? Katie doesn't need me anymore. She has her Becky back. I'm going to be all alone again. I don't think I can take it again, Daddy. I've gotten to love Katie so much, and I really do want what makes her happy, but I don't want to be all alone again!" Amy started crying again.

"Amy, there is no way Katie is going to just dump you. You know better than that. She loves you as much as you love her. I don't believe Becky would let her do it, either. Calm down, sweetheart. I will talk to them. But you know Katie better than that."

"I know, Daddy. I'm just being stupid. I guess just too much going on at the same time. I can't be superwoman all the time. I just get terrified when I think of being alone again, like I was before," she sighed. I kissed her, gave her a hug, and then tickled her until she begged me to stop, giggling hysterically.

I went back to Katie's room, to find Katie and Becky talking quietly, snuggling together.

"Hi girls. We have a small problem I need your help with," I greeted them. Becky was ecstatic. It made her feel like family to be asked to help. "It seems we have a hysterical young lady on our hands. Amy is convinced that with Becky back that she is going to be out of the picture with you, Katie, and is going to be all alone again." Katie looked at me in horror. Becky looked shocked.

"I would never do that!" Katie gasped. "I love Amy. Why would I ditch her? Besides, I don't think I even could remove her, but I wouldn't want to anyway. I know what it is like to be alone that way. I don't know how Becky has survived."

"I would never allow that to happen, Mr. Phillips," Becky stated flatly. "Even if Katie wanted to do that, which she never would, I would leave first. As for surviving, I am working on alternatives. Maybe three hooking in at once. Or another interesting alternative that I won't mention until I know it might work." She beamed at me.

"Would you two please talk to Amy? She gets frantic every time she thinks she might be alone again. Reassure her," I asked them. Later that night, Becky found me downstairs alone and explained what would be involved with hooking in with me. We decided to try it. After a few minutes of her concentrating, suddenly I felt my mind overflowing with warm, loving feelings. I was filled with orange tendrils everywhere.

"Oops!" Becky giggled. "Got a little carried away there! Let me take some back, and build a set spot for them in your mind so they're not just running around everywhere being a nuisance. There. How's that?" she asked. I didn't know what it was supposed to be like, but it was fine with me. She had a sweet, wonderful little mind that I just fell in love with right away. No wonder Katie was so distressed when Becky 'died'!

That night, when we went to bed, Victoria wore clothes to bed for the first time ever. She crawled into bed on the opposite side. When I tried to cuddle, she said she was sorry, but she just didn't feel like it tonight. I asked her what was the matter. She started crying, but wouldn't let me hold her.

"I guess there just isn't any way I can talk my way out of this one. You're not going to believe this was a car accident, are you?" She smiled faintly.

"Victoria, it's ok. You don't have to lie. I have known what you do for a living for over two years. I have known exactly whom you work for and exactly what your job is for over a year. You don't have to lie. I know you can't talk about it. I am concerned about what happened to you this time. I'm concerned about why you don't want me to touch you. Have I done something wrong?"

"Oh, no, Patrick, you have always been great to me! I love you so much. But they did an awful lot of bad things to me, and forced me to do a lot of awful things. I don't deserve you. I just need some time. I just can't tell you about it." She started crying again. She wouldn't let me hold her. She seemed so uncomfortable with me in the bed with her that I went into the basement and slept on the couch.

Over the next month, things really got bad between the two of us. Victoria used every excuse she could to go on trips, even when she didn't have to. I figured something was up the second time her boss called to send her on a trip and she wasn't home. She was supposedly already on one. When she was home, she moved into the spare bedroom and started sleeping in there. There was some underlying tension between Amy and her. No fights, just not as warm and friendly as they had always been. She refused to talk to me about anything important. She started picking fights with me on stupid little things. The similarities between the way she was acting and the way Cindi had acted after her rape was not lost on me. I refused to be sucked into the fights. I tried to be as sweet as I could, and told her every chance I could that I loved her. A few nights when she was home, I could swear she came home late at night drunk. To top it all off, I started having nightmares. They didn't have anything to do with her, but it was just another thing piled on top of me. I started dreaming about Julie, a six-year-old girl I had known when I was fourteen. She had been killed one night when I had failed to protect her as I told her I always would. I had not thought about her for years. Victoria had gotten me over that. But now, I was having very realistic nightmares where Julie was begging me to help her. Except she wasn't six years old, but she was twenty-nine years old, the age she currently would be. It was exhausting, as I was getting very little sleep. It all came to a head one night about six weeks after Victoria's rescue.

The girls were gone on a sleepover at Rebecca's house. I think it was a plan to give Victoria and me the house alone together to patch things up. Teenagers can be so naïve sometimes. They had all seen things were going downhill fast and were concerned. About ten o'clock that night, Victoria came up to me and said she wanted to talk. I was hoping she was finally going to open up to me. She did. Both barrels.

"Patrick, I think it's time I left," she said, without preamble. Stupid me, I didn't understand.

"Ok. When's your flight, and when do you think you'll be back?"

She sighed. "No, I mean I'm moving out. I have arranged to stay with a girl at work. She's picking me up in a little while." At least I can say she looked really upset about it. I was shocked. I felt cold all over, and a little dizzy. I closed my eyes. I felt like I was going to faint. I must have looked pretty bad, because Victoria looked concerned. "Are you ok?" She asked.

"Oh, sure, Vickie, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be? Just because the love of my life is shit canning our marriage and walking out on me? Shit, who wouldn't be fine with that?" I said bitterly. I could honestly say it was the first time I had ever really been mad at her. Plus, I was sacred to death. I knew I was reacting inappropriately, but I didn't know what to do. I felt like I had been kicked in the chest. I didn't know how to deal with this. The one constant I had always had was that Victoria loved me, that she would always be there in our marriage.

"What marriage?" She asked softly. "We haven't been married for 6 weeks now. I am no good to you. I can't let you touch me. All I do is hurt you. I hear you crying at night. Why do you think I moved into the spare bedroom? I couldn't stand lying next to you, knowing you were dying to touch me and I couldn't stand the thought. It's not you; it's me. I don't deserve you. I have destroyed our marriage with my lies and the awful things I have done, and I just can't stay around and watch you suffer. I'm sorry," she said softly.

"You would rather just walk out and end the whole thing than talk to me and work it out? What sense does that make? You know there is nothing you could have done that is so bad that I would stop loving you. Why can't you talk to me?" I asked desperately. I knew if she walked out, it would be over. I had to try to stop it. Separating to work it out never worked.

"I can't! Can't you understand that? I know you love me and you always will, no matter what. But I don't love me anymore. I want you to just remember me and what we had together as it was, not as it will be if I talk to you, if I stay around hurting you all the time. Things could never be the same again for us, no matter what you think. I am not the same person. I have let you down and betrayed you and I could never forget or forgive myself for that, even if you could. I deserve to be miserable and miss you for the rest of my life, and you deserve to be free to find someone better." How could she be so calm about this when I was dying?

"What about the girls?"

"They should stay with you. I can't give them the life they need. I will see them as often as I can."

"Victoria... is there someone else?" My heart was in my throat, waiting for her answer. I finally broke through to her, as she started crying.

"Oh, God, no, there could never be anyone else, Patrick! This is about me not being good enough for you, not finding someone better than you. There will never be anyone else. I am leaving here to spend the rest of my life alone. It's what I deserve."

I didn't know what to say. She walked out of the room, picked up the suitcase she had packed, and walked out the door. I went into the den, got out a bottle of some type of alcohol; I didn't even look to see what it was, and started drinking. The girls found me, passed out on the couch, at 2:00 AM when they came home. Becky had been concerned because she couldn't feel me in her mind anymore. No one knew that happened when you got drunk enough.

The next thing I knew, I was in the shower with Amy. Déjà vu. This was about as much fun as the last time, but in reverse. She was not in a very good mood. She woke me up with a cold shower, threw me out of the shower, and told me to be dried off and in the kitchen in five minutes, or she was coming to get me. She said I really didn't want her to come and get me. When I got into the kitchen, she gave me a big cup of coffee to drink. I told her I didn't like coffee. She told me to drink it or wear it. She wasn't kidding. I took the cup and went into the basement, where I poured it down the sink. Then I threw the cup against the wall. I was tired of pushy females running my life, and then walking out whenever they decided. Yeah, I know. Shows what type of mood I was in that I would even consider taking on Amy like that. I didn't even wonder if I would survive. I didn't really care. She looked so much like Victoria, I hated her right then just for that.

Amy came looking for me a few minutes later. I saw her look at the coffee cup in pieces on the floor, and then she came over and sat next to me.

"What happened? Did you drop the cup? I can get you some more," she said softly.

"Go ahead. And drink it yourself. I'm not drinking that shit. If you don't like it, then you can just fuck off. Get the hell out of here and leave me alone. When I want your help, I'll ask for it. And don't hold your breath. And don't send those other two down here to sweet talk me either. Go back to your sleepover. I'd like some peace and quiet for a change," I snarled.

Amy's eyes opened wide in shock for a minute. I don't think anyone had ever talked to her like that. Then she tilted her head to the side and looked at me, a look of understanding and sadness in her eyes.

"Where's Mom?" she asked softly.

"Who gives a fuck? I don't. You want her, go find her."

"Are you ok?" Amy asked, voice full of concern.

"Am I ok? Let's see. My oldest daughter is dead, murdered. My youngest daughter should be dead, twice over. But that's ok, she's alive. I have turned her into a killer, but she's alive. But for a miracle, I should be dead. My wife is almost killed, raped repeatedly, won't talk to me or even let me touch her, but what the hell, isn't that the way marriages are supposed to be, after 15 years? Especially after you risk your life and the life of your favorite daughter just to rescue her? I am having nightmares every night about a person who has been dead for years, and I can't sleep. Oh, but I forgot, about the marriage, it isn't a marriage anymore, because she left me tonight. Why the FUCK wouldn't I be ok, Amy?" I knew I was being a sniveling ass, but I just didn't care. I guess I knew Amy would love me, no matter what I said to her.

"Mom left you?" She asked quietly. She was suddenly very still and quiet. I had the fleeting thought that it was a good thing Victoria wasn't here. "I'm so sorry, Daddy."

Just then, Katie and Becky walked into the room. Probably calling for reinforcements with their freaky mind thing. I got even madder.

"Get the hell out of here, all of you! Get out! And stay out of my mind, too!" My warm and cuddly nature was showing through. They just stood there, looking at me, sad and hurt looks on their faces. I threw a couch pillow at them. I was really being mature. Then I just couldn't take it anymore. I was drunk, and too emotional. I started crying. They all ran over to me and started hugging me. I didn't care anymore. I just sobbed. They half carried me to bed, undressed me, and tucked me in. By the time I hit the bed, I was asleep. Either none of them slept with me that night, or they were already up when I woke up the next day. I know I wouldn't have wanted to sleep with me that night, if I were they.

As soon as I woke up, I knew something was seriously wrong. Then, it dawned on me. I felt it. I was such a fool. I had hurt somebody very sweet very seriously, just because I was so wrapped up in my own misery. I dressed as fast as I could, and ran downstairs. Amy was in the kitchen, making breakfast. I rushed into the room. She looked at me, concern and sadness in her eyes.

"Where is Becky?" I asked, devastated at what I had done to her. I could feel the orange tendrils were no longer in my mind. I had to fix this now.

"She's down in the basement. She seems really upset about something. Is that because of you? You are treading on thin ice with all of us if you hurt Becky, mister!" Amy said it half jokingly, but her eyes said she was concerned and she was only half joking.

I ran downstairs. Becky was sitting on the couch, knees up to her chin, arms wrapped around her legs, crying. I felt like crap. As if this sweet little girl had not gone through enough crap already, I had to heap some more on her. There was no excuse, even if I was upset. I knelt down in front of her, and lifted her head. I wiped her tears away, and held her close. She would have had every right to pull away from me, but she hugged me fiercely, as if I was going to disappear.

"Becky," I said softly, pain and embarrassment in my voice, "I am so sorry! I was upset and drunk. That is no excuse. Please forgive me. Please put your orange pieces back in my mind. I did not mean it that way. I would never be upset about you being there. Please."

She sobbed on my shoulder. "You said you wanted me there, and you wanted to be with me. You said! Why did you yell at me to stay out of your mind? That wasn't nice! I don't have to be there. It was just an idea. If you didn't want me to be there, all you had to do was tell me. I don't even have to live here. I can go away. I've been by myself for over a year; I can do it some more. You said you loved me. Why do you hate me now?" She sobbed uncontrollably. I saw Katie look in and give me a really dirty look for making her sister cry. She looked like she was going to come in, but Amy grabbed her and yanked her back out of the room. I felt awful. If I kept this up, I wasn't going to have any family left that wanted to talk to me.

"Becky, I don't know what to say. I did not mean it that way. I didn't know what I was saying. I love you. You are my 'Little Orange Person'. You saved my life. How could I hate you? Men are stupid that way; sometimes we say things that we have no idea how they are going to be taken. Please forgive me, sweetheart. Please come back into my mind." I kissed her, as passionately as I could. I had never really given her a real kiss before. Her eyes opened in surprise, and then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. She was inexperienced, but man, did she make up for it with desire!

"Do you really want me back in there?" She whispered haltingly. "You don't have to. I know it's difficult for someone who hasn't been used to it all his or her lives. I don't want to invade your privacy. Course, that's assuming I can do it. The little orange things are really mad at me for pulling them out. They haven't talked to me all morning!" She giggled. Was she serious?

"I really do, sweetheart. I miss you already." Since she had already done it once, it took only a short time to do it again. I felt the now familiar wash of love, as the tendrils scampered happily to their now appointed place. I felt at peace again. Well, almost. I sat down, and lifted Becky up on my lap. Then I kissed her. Really kissed her. Poor little virginal Becky (rape doesn't count). Never been kissed before, except by me a few minutes ago. By the time I was done kissing her, she could hardly breathe. She held me tight, trembling all over. Then she whispered in my ear.

"Are you going to make love to me?"

"Someday soon, Pretty Orange Person. Do you want me to?" I asked.

"Oh please! Don't tease me. Please!"

"Teasing is half the fun, silly." I started tickling her. Pretty soon, her shrieks had the other two peeking around the corner. When they saw that all was well and we were having fun, they all ran in and piled on. For a little while, all three of them made me forget my sadness.

That night, I went to bed by myself. Two nights in a row. I could understand last night, but I was starting to get lonely. It was odd. Victoria was seldom around. She hadn't even been gone as long as usual yet, but I missed her so much. I guess it was just knowing that she wasn't going to be around anymore that hurt. I was having a good cry when I felt the bed move. I wondered which one was coming to me. I turned around and got a surprise. All three had climbed into the bed!

"Are you girls planning on killing me tonight, or what?" I asked, teasing them. They were serious when they replied.

"Daddy," Amy whispered, "tonight is for you and Becky. We are here for moral support. And maybe a few crumbs afterwards," she giggled. I looked at Becky. She looked scared and excited. Her only other experience at this had not been good.

"Do you want to do this, Becky?" I asked. "This is your decision. Don't let anyone else decide for you. I love you, sweetie, I have you up here," I tapped my head, "and I don't need you anywhere else if you don't want to." I stroked her cheek softly as I spoke to her, and shivered as she softly rubbed her cheek against me.

"I want you, Da... Patrick. So much. I love you. The girls have told me how wonderful you are. I need that special feeling. I want to know what it feels like to be loved. Besides, no one here as made love to someone they are linked with. I want to see what it is like." Amy and Katie looked surprised. I don't think they knew we were linked. They grinned, and giggled, whispering to themselves. I couldn't hear all of it, but it sounded like bets on the odds of me surviving!

As I snuggled with Becky, I reflected on the last few months. As little as six months ago, the idea of being in bed with teenage girls for anything other than father-daughter snuggling was unknown to me. Now, I was snuggling with my daughters, but it was often so much more. The funny thing was, it was still father-daughter snuggling. Just with benefits. If they had decided tomorrow it would be nothing more, I don't think I would even protest. Sex with them was just a way to snuggle even closer. It was a result of love, not a reason for love.

The girls had all come in still dressed. Amy and Katie still remembered how much fun the undressing was. I kissed Becky, long and passionately, starting to slowly unbutton her blouse at the same time. Each time I unbuttoned a button, she gasped in my mouth and shivered all over. This was one excited little girl! When I finally undid the last button and pulled her blouse all the way opened, she shuddered all over and gave a little cry in my mouth. Had pretty, innocent little Becky just had her first little orgasm? I didn't doubt it. She was Katie's sister, after all, and I knew how hot Katie was. I started kissing her neck, her throat. She ran her fingers through my hair, and then held my head close to her. She gasped and cried out as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I licked it, sucked it, while playing and squeezing the other one. She was flushed all the way down to her chest.

I couldn't help teasing her a little. I stopped, and moved up, holding her close. I heard her whimper softly in frustration. I whispered in her ear.

"Do you want me to go on, sweetheart? I wouldn't want to do anything you didn't want me to."

She was suddenly kissing me everywhere. My lips, face, neck, everywhere she could reach.

"Please! Please take me! Help me forget what it was like. Please make it good for me. Please love me! Help me, and let me help you forget your pain."

The love and sympathy washed over me. I couldn't believe it. Little Becky was worried about me! Wanted to make it good for me! Everyone was right. She was so sweet. I decided right then that everything really would be all for her tonight. She had already given me everything I needed tonight.

Amy and Katie were lying on either side of Becky. They were holding her, kissing her cheeks softly, whispering in her ear. There was nothing sexual about their cuddling or kissing each other, just the signs of affection I had seen my little angels do everyday, but I had seldom seen anything so hot. Amy and Katie looked at me and smiled sweetly, their eyes filled with desire, and with thanks for what I was doing for their sister.

I ran my hands down her sides softly, tickling her in the process. She shivered as I softly touched her, caught between being tickled and being aroused. Being aroused won out. I ran my hands softly, gently, slowly over her flat little stomach, caressing it and feeling it tremble each time I touched it. She was whimpering and crying out almost constantly now.

When I slipped my hand inside her shorts, inside her panties, I could feel her, Amy and Katie all jerk at once. They remembered how hot that was. Becky couldn't take it anymore, and she reached down to undo her shorts. I took her cute little hand and moved it up to my mouth, kissing it. I smiled at Amy and Katie, and they both reached down and started unbuttoning her shorts. Becky's eyes opened real wide in surprise and confusion, as they lifted her little butt and slipped her shorts and panties off. She looked at me, confused and scared. I whispered in her ear, comforting her.

"It's ok, Becky, they won't hurt you. They don't get into girls. They just want to help a little, make it good for you, and relive their first time. They won't touch you down there." She relaxed visible, and kissed me, a hot, smoldering kiss.

I started kissing my way down her body. She was trembling all over now. When I spread her legs apart and moved my head between her legs, she put her hands on my head and held me.

"What are you doing?" She asked, her voice trembling. "That's dirty and gross. You can't like that!" Before I could answer, Amy and Katie jumped in.

"Let him do it. You will love it. We promise!" They both assured her. They gently removed her hands from my head and lovingly held them, caressing and kissing them. I tried something new. I let my green surround her orange, and caressed her. Her eyes flew open in surprise and amazement, and then she smiled softly at me, and spread her legs more for me. I could feel her nervousness still.

"If you don't like it, I promise I'll stop," I reassured her. She smiled trustingly at me. Knowing what would happen, Katie kissed her just as I licked her little pussy and clit for the first time. She screamed into Katie's mouth. As I sucked her clit into my mouth for the first time, she screamed again, and started thrashing all over, shaking violently. Then she stiffened her whole body, cried out again, and passed out.

I was stunned at her reaction. I felt her completely short circuit in her mind. She cried out my name in her mind just before she fainted. If this was her reaction this early, this was going to be a very interesting night! Amy and Katie held her, looking at me in shock, as I gently licked her thighs and pussy, slowly and softly, feeling her jerk each time I touched her.

It took her quite a while to revive. When she finally came to, she threw her arms around my neck and dissolved into tears, holding me close. I could feel these were happy tears, but I could also feel something else. She had sampled my mind, and felt how much I wished this was Victoria, how much I missed her. She was crying out of intense emotion, but also in sympathy for me. I had tried to hide that emotion, but I couldn't hide from my Little Orange Person. I knew she understood completely, and loved me for always keeping Victoria first. She kissed away tears, tears I didn't even know I had been crying, and whispered to me that it was all right. Then she guided my cock to her pussy, and guided me right in, raising her hips to help me penetrate when I tried to go slow for her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and then did something I didn't expect, something I would never forget. All the time I stroked slowly in and out of her, she played scenes of my most intimate, wonderful sex with Victoria in my mind. Oh, how I loved this girl! It was always for someone else, never for her. When I came inside her, as she came with me, I passed out this time.

When I finally revived, I had three of the prettiest girls in the world cuddling with me. Becky was lying on top of me, with Amy and Katie snuggled as close as they could get. All three were kissing me everywhere they could reach. Amy and Katie had stunned looks on their faces. Amy expressed it for all of us.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever seen, Dad." She looked at Becky, her eyes filled with love. "Thank you!" she said. Becky smiled sweetly, blushing all over. We all fell asleep, snuggled together. I slept the whole night through, the first good night of sleep I'd had in six weeks.

2 Weeks with my cum luving sister ( Part 2 )

XAshleyX on Taboo Stories

Part 2 Week With my Cum slut Sister!

I woke up the next morning and walked into the kitchen to find my sister bare naked Making some toast, She looked at me and Said " Good morning! You hungry? ", "Very" I said With my tiredness still clear through my voice. Well I made you breakfast, I looked down and saw a plate of toast waiting for me. I sat down and began to eat and Jessica Sat down and watched me enjoy my breakfast. " Not having anything? " I said looking at her bare plate in front of her, " My toast is cooking but we're outta butter and i had something elseIn mind " She said with a wink and i felt her foot moved to the open hole in my boxers as she fondled with my balls with her toes. I shivered and finished my toast as her's popp

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ed out of the toaster and onto the the counter, She got up grabbed the pieces of toast and put them on her plate, then she got on her knees and crawled under the table.

I felt her grab my now hard cock and pull it thorugh the whole in my boxers, I felt her lips wrap around the tip and work thier way down 4 inchs  of my cock and her hand jerked the remaining 3 inchs while her other hand fondled with my balls. She caught me by surprised when she started to hum a soft tune with my cock nearly half way down her throat.

It only lasted a few seconds as i my balls tighten and she realized i was goign to cum. She Quickly grabbed a cup and jerked me roughly as i shot 8 shots of cum into the cup.

Me being tottaly pleasured she got up and dribbled the cum out of the cup and onto her pieces of toast and spread it around with her finger. She Picked up the piece of toast and took a big sloppy bite.

Cum covered her top lip and she looked so happy with a big smile on her face and her body so relaxed as sshe enjoyed her cum covered toast.

My cock was hard again and she realized i had my hand pumping away on it, And gave me a wicked grin. She finished her toast and put her plate in the dishwasher.

She then Walked back over to the table And bent over it.I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give her what she wanted. I Quickly got up and got behind her,I pushed my first 2 inches in and She gasped with pleasure,

I pushed in my next 2 inches and found her hymen, and with one quick and hard movement i was all the way in. She Screamed With extreme pleasure and thrust her head back moaning very loudly.

I slid in and out slowly and she thrust her tiny hips back on my cock and found a good rythm. I continued to pound into her getting hard and faster by the second ,

"FUCK ME JOEY FUCK ME HARD, FUCK M-ME  FAST... CUMM IN MY PUSSY JOEY CUM BABY CUM!!!! " She screamed between  breaths as she came on my cock drenching it with her juices. Her Pussy muscles tightened on my cock and i was going to cum. I warned her and she said " CUM.. IN.... ME ... JOEY!! ", And with those words i shot my load deep in her womanhood.

I collapsed on her as i finished cumming in her. We lay thier for several hours catching our breaths and letting the cum settle in her pussy. She fell asleep on the table and i pulled out of her and went to shower. When I return in only a t shirt, She Was Still passed out on the table and i used this to my advantage.

I walked over the table and pulled her head to the end of the table and placed my flaccid cock at the entrance to her mouth. I slowly teased her lips and stuck the tip of my cock into her mouth and et her breath help my

cock rise to it's full length. And then i started to fuck her mouth with a VERY qucik pace, I was going to cum in less the 3 minutes of when i started, And i shot my cum all in

her mouth and left my not softening cock in her mouth.Her mouth was now full of cum and cock. As she continued to sleep I kept my cock her mouth and the cum soon hardened into a

thick liquid. I left her like that for the remainder of the night. The Next day i walked into her room as she put on her top to complete her outfit, " Thanks for the snack You

left for me last night " She Said With a grin, " You liked that eh? " I said with smile, " Hell yeah! ", My cock began to rise now and was now it's full length and was sticking

out with a tent in my pants. She looked down and got to her knees " Not to messy this time I got some places to go to " She Said, " Just a Hand Job " She Said.

I Nodded and let her get to work, She Pulled my pants down and my cock popped out and hit her in the cheek. She lightly tapped it and said " Silly little cock " As It bounced and Raised up to attention.

She Spit on her hands and wrapped both of them around my cock , And Jerked it slowly and hard, She looked at her watch while she jerked and said " OH SHIT! I'm late! "

She then started To jerk it extremely fast until it was a blur to watch. I Came so Hard and fast I didnt even know it. It sprayed directly onto her lips as she opened her mouth and accepted the rest of the load. 

She Got up straightened out her skirt, and kissed me on the cheek, she quickly grabbed her soiled panties on the floor and gave me them.

She handed them to me and told me this would tide me over. She left me in her room and went out the front door as i heard it slam behind her.

I quickly got naked aand jumped on her bed, and started sniffing her panties and jerked my cock fast and hard with them. i came and shot my load all over them. This gave me an idea. I got up went to her dresser and grabbed all of her panties and thongs and place them in a bunch. I pumped my new hard on with all i could and blew my HUGE load all over her soiled panties. I placed them back and walked out of the room. I sat on the couch and my sister walked in about 5 hours later, Drunk , and Missing her top. I grabbed her and placed her on the couch and she passed out.

I did the same thing i did to her on the kitichen table but left my cock at the back of her throat , She coughed and gagged as she breathed unconciously, But i left it in thier, slowly pumping my cock up and down her throat. i came in her throat with what i counted to be 8 shots of thick cum into her tight throat. and i let one last shot covered her lips , I pulled her head so that i could leave my cock in her mouth as we slept. When i woke up all I saw was her head bobbing up and down on my rigid cock.

All i did was enjoy the pleasure i was recieving as her spit covered my entire cock. SHe continued to bob her head up and down And sucked as hard as she could.

I placed my hand on her bobbing head and she stoped sucking as i forced her head down on my cock as she gagged, I held her down.

She continued to gag and tryed to pull free but i wouldnt have any of that. I felt my orgasm nearing as i felt her nose grind into my Pubic area and her bottom lip dripping spit onto my balls. I thrust more into her throat and fucked her mouth as i came and exploded into her throat. I left her go free as she coughed and gagged but swallowed as much as she could.  After she was finished

she got up and wiped her face with her forearm. " I'm Gunna go shower, Wanna Come with? " She asked with a grin, " Sure " i said  as she walked to the bathroom. I got and followed her in.

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my little friendship

perv4lilgrls on Taboo Stories

          This was the beginning of a friendship I shall always cherish and never forget. I am just your typical average white guy. At the beginning of this situation I was 27, married and two stepdaughters of my own. I am at this time a fit, but not a muscle head, man with good looks and toned body.
          I live next door to a divorced woman with three children. Two are just extreme little brats, the boy and older girl. The younger girl is a quiet, shy type of lass with the looks of a beauty queen. This girl has bright green eyes that mesmerize you. Her tiny little body has the curves of a mountain road. Her blonde hair i
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s dropping just past her shoulders with a stunning color of gold. The smile she puts on can stop traffic.
          So, I had just got back from taking my girls to school and working all night long. I went into the house to see what I could make to eat and turned on the tv. As I was cooking up some eggs and bacon, the doorbell rang. I put my food aside and went to see whom it was.
          As I looked through the peephole I saw my neighbor. Now she is a looker in her own right. She has to have at least a set of 44dds, red hair, dyed, crystal blue eyes, thin waist and tight ass. Somewhat shocked I opened the door to find her standing there with her younger daughter. She gave me some story and asked if I could watch Penelope for her until she returned. I readily agreed and brought Penelope in and asked if she would like some eggs and bacon. Penelope would sometimes baby-sit my girls for me, her being home schooled and 13 seemed perfect for the job.
          “ Why yes and thank you Mr. Huntowski. “
          “ Oh just call me Peter, Penelope. “
          “ And you can just call me Penny. “
          “ Okay, “ I said “ Penny. “
          As we sat and ate our breakfasts, she kept looking up at me and giving me the strangest smile. She would sometimes giggle and laugh.
          “ What seems to be so humorous ? Is there something wrong with the eggs ? “
          “ Oh no, the eggs are very good. I like them. You cook better than my mom. “
          “ Well thank you, but that still doesn’t explain why you look at me so and giggle ? “
          “ I was just thinking about the things my mommy says about you and tells me. “
          “ Oh I see, and what does your mommy have to say about me ? “
          “ She just talks about how you look and if we would like a daddy like you. “
          “ She says these things about me ? “ I inquired further.
          “ She says how she wishes she would have met you earlier and that maybe our lives would be so different than now. “
          “ Do you think she is right or wrong ? Do you think that you would want me as your daddy or not ? “
          “ Oh I would love you as a daddy. “
          We finished up our breakfasts and I cleared away the dishes.
          “ Can I help you with the dishes ? “
          “ Well sure if you would like. Do you want to wash, rinse or dry ? “
          “ I think I would like to wash, if that is okay ? “
          “ Why sure, I will be right here to help if you need. I will rinse and we will just let them dry in the rack. “
          I prepared the water and soap for her. Not making it too hot. I handed her the sponge for washing. She started with the plates and handed them to me one at a time, as I rinsed them off and placed them in the rack. She continued with the silverware and glasses. After I finished placing the last one in the rack she splashed me with the water. It got the bottom of my shirt and top of my shorts wet.
          “ Oh you wanna play games, huh? “
          I splashed her back with some water getting her top soaked. She splashed me again and again. I splashed her back. Before long we were both soaked and dripping all over the kitchen floor.
          “ Looks like we need to change and clean up the kitchen. “
          Suddenly Penny steps off the stool and starts to remove her top and shorts. Before I could utter any words, she was standing there naked as a jaybird with her clothes bunched up in her arms. It was a sight to behold. Her young, sexy body just standing there, that bald pussy with her lips tucked in ever so showing just a lovely tight slit. She had looked up at me and was smiling from ear to ear. As I watched her eyes they traveled from mine to my crotch, which had begun to grow at a super rate. The bulge of my wet shorts was a true give-away as to what was going through my mind. She moved back up to my face and my eyes.
“ Well aren’t you going to take off your clothes ? “
“ I don’t think that is quite appropriate for me to get naked in front of you Penny. I think you should put your clothes on also, until I can get you something to wear. “
“ No that’s okay Peter, I like being naked. “
“ Yes, but you shouldn’t be naked in front of boys/men, and especially me. What would people say if they saw us right now ? “
“ Well I don’t care what they may think or say. I just know that you like it and are enjoying it. “
With that she glanced back down to my crotch and back up to my eyes and smiled a grin wider than the Mississippi. She reached forward with her arms and handed me her clothes. I grabbed them and she scampered off. Too smart for a girl her age, as I watch that tiny, tight ass jiggle it’s way out of the kitchen. I just stood there for a few seconds trying to compose myself and somehow get my raging hard-on down to an unnoticeable bump. I knew it would be hard ‘cause the thought running through my mind were not going to allow it to do so.
“ Well come on !!!!! “
The words woke me from my little daydream trance. There was Penny standing at the opening between the rooms. Her hands on her lovely hips, just staring at me, then my crotch, then me, then my crotch.
“ Okay I’m coming. “
She turned and scurried away as I turned to head toward the laundryroom.  As I made my way to the laundryroom, I glanced back toward the livingroom. Penny was on the couch with the remote trying to find something to watch. My mind was racing now as I saw this sweet young thing just sitting there naked without a care in the world. I opened the door to the laundryroom and set her clothes on the dryer. I then turned and headed toward my room.
As I went passed the livingroom, I told Penny, “ I’ll be right back. “
“ Okay, don’t be too long. “
I went to my room and closed the door. I took off my shirt and shorts. I dropped everything there on the floor and moved toward my dresser. I was rummaging through the drawer gathering a pair of pajamas for me and was going to go and get a flannel shirt for Penny from the closet. As I finished getting my pajamas from the drawer and turned to go to the closet, I was surprised to see Penny standing there in the doorway.
“ What are you doing here ? I told you I would be right out. “ A slight tinge of anger could be heard in my voice. Penny just stood there with her mouth slightly open staring at my raging hard-on. As I tried to move my pajamas in front of my crotch my hand hit my engorged cock and the pajamas fell to the floor. With that Penny came running over and bent down to help me gather them up. As she stood up my cock hit the top of her head. She instinctively reached up and her hand grabbed hold of my cock.
I thought I was going to blow my load right there. The feel of her tiny hand trying to grab around my cock was just sensational. As quickly as she grabbed it she let go and stood up. She handed my pajamas to me as my cock was pointing at her chin. I looked down at her as she looked up at me.
“ Why is that so big and hard, Peter ? “
          Think,… think,… think. What do I tell her ?
“ My mommy’s is like that, but she has it in her drawer by the bed. “
Oh my god she has seen her mother’s dildo !
“ Why is yours attached to you ? “
Oh shit now I am in some serious trouble.
“ Please go sit on the bed and let me try and explain it to you. “
With that she ran to the bed and jumped up on it and sat there waiting for me. I had taken the pajamas and tossed them on the chair and walked toward the bed sitting down next to her. Now how was I going to explain this to her, I figured I would just come out and tell her about men and women and the different parts.
“ Well you see Penny, in the world there are men and women. Men have a penis and women have a vagina. Now there are other names for them, but those are the proper names for them. This thing you see here, as I point to my cock, is a penis. All men have them, some are bigger, and some are smaller. Now a woman she has a vagina, sometimes called a pussy. That is this little thing you have here, as I point to her pussy. What the reason for this is so that when a man and woman find each other and wish to have a child the man puts his penis into the woman’s vagina.
“ Why does my mommy always yell your name when she plays with her penis ? “ She blurts out.
A bit taken back by this statement, I say, “ Your mommy doesn’t have a penis, what she has is called a dildo. “
“ But it looks just like yours. “
“ I understand, but it is only a penis when it is attached to a man. It is a dildo when not attached to a man. They sometimes call it a cock also. “ As she looks down at my now throbbing cock. The head turning a purplish color.
“ How do you know what your mommy does ? “
“ She sometimes keeps her door open and I can hear her at night. She wakes me up and I go to see what is wrong and she is on her bed with her “ dildo “ pushing it between her legs and making funny noises and screaming sometimes. “
“ Does it bother you when you see her like this ? “
“ No I just wish she would be more quiet. “
“ Have you ever talked to her about any of what you have seen her doing ? “
“ When I start to bring it up, she just tells me to be quiet and she’ll talk with me later. Then we both forget and it never gets done. “
By now my cock is as stiff as it has ever been. The ache I feel is from it throbbing and wanting of relief. Just from instinct, my hand moves and grabs my cock and slowly and gently starts to stroke it. My mind racing of thoughts of what I want to do to Penny. She gazes at me slowly stroking my cock and smiles.
“ What are you doing to your cock Peter ? “
As I startle from my daze and thoughts of Penny and my cock, I realize she is just mesmerized by my hand stroking my cock. She is watching intently with a smile and then looks up at me as I am gazing down at her.
“ I am so sorry Penny. You shouldn’t see me doing this. “
“ I don’t mind it, it looks like fun. Can I try ? “
With those words she reaches out and puts her fingers as far around my cock as she can. Her soft, tiny hand doing it’s best to get around my thickness. She takes her other hand and lets it join the first. And she begins to slide them up and down my cock. My mind is racing, my hand leaves my cock, I have to have her stop, but I want this so bad. She moves her hands ever so slightly up and down in only about three inch movements. I can feel my veins pulsing as her tiny hands encircle me.
“ Oh my god Penny that feels so wonderful, but you need to stop. Some things may happen and I cannot allow them to, because I will get in very bad trouble. “
“ What trouble will you be in Peter ? “
“ You see Penny a man of my age cannot be doing these things with a girl your age. It is not only looked down upon by many people, but it is also against the law. “ She continues to stroke me staring at the precum as it bubbles from the top of my head.
“ I don’t see what is wrong with this and what is that coming out of your cock Peter ? “
My breathing starts to get heavy and sporadic. “ I’m glad you see nothing wrong with it Penny, but many other people do. If anyone was to ever find out that I let you feel my cock and also stroke it I would go to jail for a very long time. “ She keeps stroking, I have to have her stop, but I won’t. “ that is called precum “ as I point to the large pool of cum on my head and beginning to slide down the sides and onto my shaft.
“ Is that good or bad ? “
“ Oh it is very good Penny. It means you are making me very, very happy. “
As I move my hand up to her head and gently start to pet her skull and hair. I am gently petting her and she smiles up at me with those big, beautiful green eyes. I want to just take her head and ram it down onto my cock and choke her with my monster, but I restrain myself and just enjoy the pleasure of this sweet, innocent, little girl getting her first sexual experience.
“ Are you supposed to do something with the precum Peter ? It is starting to get all over my hands. “
“ Well you can lick it up and swallow it if you want ? It is a little salty, but it is very good for you. “
With the words spoken to her, she moves her head down and licks with little flicks of her tongue over the head of my cock and slurps up a little sample of my precum. Licking her lips she looks up at me and smiled widely, as she swallows the sample.
“ MMMMMMMM… it tastes very good Peter, may I have some more ? “
“ Penny if you want you can try and suck on my head like a popsicle and have all you want. “
Penny moves back down and opens her mouth. She pushes her wide-open lips over the head trying to fit it in her little mouth. I take my stroking hand and gently push her head down trying to assist her with her new found ability. She barely gets her lips around the crown of my head when she inhales with the force of a hoover and begins sucking up all my precum. She causes my cock to bounce with excitement as she swallows the precum on my bulbous head. I want to shove my cock deep into her mouth by pushing her head down my shaft, but I resist as she comes up from her first dip and smiles at me.
“ Is that how you do it Peter ? “
“ Well Penny it is going to take a long time and a lot of practice before you will be able to do it like you’re suppose to do it. “
“ But I like it Peter and I want to be able to do it right. “ Her eyes screaming please help me with those pouting lips, my conscious screaming NO…NO…NO.
I looked deep into her eyes and asked, “ If you really want to learn everything and become the best that there is you can never and I MEAN NEVER, tell anyone. Not your mother, brother, sister or friends. This must only happen here at my house and with only me. I will teach you everything and make you the best that has ever been. “
With those words spoken, she agreed to only do these things with me and to do as I instruct her. She was still stroking my cock when I told her to get ready for the big reward for doing such a good job.
“ Here comes the reward you will receive every time you do a good job and make me very happy. “
With that I moved her face closer to my cockhead and told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth, I told her to open it as wide as she could even if it hurts. Just as she was opening I blew my load like a double barrel shotgun. The blast of cum push her head back a good three inches and what didn’t get in her mouth was flowing all over her face, eyes, nose and chin. It was dripping from her hair and she was coughing and gagging slightly as my second load erupted in the same manner, but this time I pushed her head down and held it there as she choked and I watched the cum not swallowed pour from her mouth. She was gasping for air as the third and fourth shots fired in sequence. Cum was dripping from all over my little friend’s face and hair. The fifth, sixth and seventh blasts shot with equal force as the previous loads. I was cumming like I have never cum before. Penny was gagging and I let her head up and she inhaled deeply as she took some cum into her lungs and choked it back up. I immediately swooped down and gave her a very long passionate kiss, sliding my tongue deep into her throat and swirling it around. She still was trying to breath and I was in heaven with my new found toy.
As I looked down on to my new conquest, you could barely make out her green eyes through all the cum dripping and sliding down her face. She looked like she had taken three cocks worth of cum in an all out facial shot.
I started pushing the cum down from the top of her head and face into my waiting hand under her chin. As I filled up my hand I told her to swallow it and be ready for more. She did as I asked and waited patiently until I cleaned off her face with several licks of my own.
“ You know I need to take you into the shower and get you cleaned up before your mom gets back. “
“ She just looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes and asked, “ Did I do a good job Peter ? “
I placed my hands on either side of her face and lifted her up slightly and gave her another deep passionate kiss with my tongue driving to the back of her throat causing just the slightest of gags. This time she slid her tongue as best as she could around mine.
“ I will teach you more about kissing later, but now we need to get you cleaned up and in the shower……………………………………….
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The Trouble With Alana

hillarysmuff on Taboo Stories

I first met Larry and Amanda five years ago when I moved next door to them. Alana, their daughter, was eight then. I could tell Alana was going to be something special. Alana was one of those eight year olds with pronounced breasts. It was weird to see a girl, not yet four feet tall, with apricot sized breasts.

Alana took to me right away as Larry and Amanda adopted me as their special friend. I was invited over frequently for dinners and outdoor barbecues. Comfortable with me, Alana sometimes whizzed past me without her top on. It took effort not to stare at the fast developing little girl.

Two years after I met them, Larry and Amanda suddenly split when Amanda ran off with one of those self help gurus. Larry became an unhappy drunken mess and Alana grew closer to me, call

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ing me "Uncle Carl". I put up with the six months of crying and drinking before Larry cleaned up his act. During this time, Alana was a frequent overnight visitor at my house. On at least half a dozen occasions, she fell asleep in my arms, in my bed with me, or on top of me as I watched TV. Naturally, I resisted the temptation to do more than cop the occasional feel.

Alana also developed an exhibtionist streak. Once at the beach, the now B cup bearing preteen 11 year old spotted a couple of other 11 year olds at the beach with their tops off. Alana dropped her top, which enraged several mothers who grabbed Alana and dragged her to her father to complain to him about the blossoming girl. It took some doing to explain to Alana that because of her gift, she had to be more cautious than other little girls. Alana accepted the scolding, but never passed up an opportunity to show both me and her father how she was developing.

Alana kept right on developing, and booming. By the time she was thirteen, Alana had developed into a D cup. It was about then that Larry developed an idea to turn Alana's gift into some money. He maxed out a credit card to set up a website that featured his very busty daughter. Larry showed me the first three photosets he took of Alana. Larry is a better idea guy than photographer. I took over taking pictures of Alana.

About six weeks after the website launched, Larry made back his investment. It was about then that some federal agents visited Larry. Larry never admitted a lot of what the agents said, but it was enough that he pulled the website down. I had made sure that when Alana was posing that nothing popped out. I didn't want any of us to be arrested, but I think the agents told Larry they were going to drag his name through the mud.

Even after the website shut down, several customers persisted, asking for any new pics of Alana. Alana loved the attention, and a month after the website went down, we shot two photosets for Bob and Jason. Both men happily forked out the fifty bucks for the custom sets, in which Alana appeared fully clothed.

As the months went on, we shot three more photosets for the pair of fans who begged for a dinner date with Alana. Using caution, I had both men give me enough information so that I could run background checks on both of them. Bob turned out to be a DMV supervisor and Jason was a manager at a nude club.

Both men traveled to make the dinner date and both men were polite during the dinner. Alana was loving the attention. Their line of work came up the dinner date. Jason admitted that he admired Alana's bustline because most of his dancers were small in the chest area. Jason also suggested that Alana should see him at the club, but not until she turned eighteen.

A month later, during another dinner date, Bob suggested that he could easily make Alana a state I.D. card that said she was eighteen. I then saw a glint in the eyes of Larry and Alana that made me wonder. There must have been some discussion at home because two days later Larry and Alana announced that Alana would make a one time appearance at Jason's club. Apparently, Jason had admitted that the local vice cops didn't come around on Monday evenings. Alana could slip in, do a four hour shift, and slip out without much notice.

Three weeks later, with the illegal card in hand, the three of us made the trip down the road to Jason's place. Larry, knowing that strange men were about to see his daughter display her nude body for strangers, began drinking from a large bottle of Jack Daniel's. He had a buzz on seventy five minutes later when we arrived at Jason's.

Inside the club, Jason gave Alana a quick run down on the dos and don'ts. She was onstage fifteen minutes later. The club was running a three songs per dancer rotation, but Alana decided to get naked on the first song. For the first time since she was eleven, I saw her in the altogether. The five foot tall, soon to be fourteen year old, had hair that hung to her shoulders framing a cute face. Her now double DD rack had tiny brown nipples, and of course, she was hairless between her legs.

The customers flocked to Alana beseiging her with dollar bills and requests for private dances. She spent the next three and a half hours in the VIP room giving private dance after private dance. By the time she finished her shift though. her father was a drunken mess. Alana and I helped him to the van and loaded him into the backseat.

When we pulled away from the parking lot, Alana proudly showed the wad of twenties she had made during the private dances. "So, how did it go?" I asked.

"I wasn't supposed to let anyone touch me", she answered, but Bob was so nice to me that I let him put his finger in me. I was so turned on though. I loved having those men look at me. It made me so hot, wet"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes" she admitted as she pulled up her skirt. I could see she wasn't wearing any panties.

She placed her hand on her clit and began to make circular motions. She hissed as she tilted her head back and spread her legs, placing her knees on the dashboard. She moaned once, then looked over at me. "Would you like to touch me Uncle Carl?" she asked as she reached out and grabbed my right hand. She placed my hand on her bare pussy. She was sopping wet. She squealed as I ran a finger along her slit. I found her opening and slipped half my finger in.

"Yessssssss" she hissed as I worked my hand back and forth.

I could feel wetness in my own pants as my dick strained against my jeans. I also noticed that we had passed fromn the city into the less populated county. There was a dirt road on the right. I drastically slowed and pulled several hundred yards off the highway. Alana gave me a quizzical look, then noticed me open my zipper as I stopped. She swiveled to her left to give me better access.

I jumped between her legs and entered her. Alana was digging her heels into the back of my thighs and grabbing my waist with her hands. "Oh yes!" the teen blurted out, "fuck me Uncle Carl, fuck me".

I pounded her pussy, but I was so excited that it only took me five minutes to cum. Alana wrapped me in a bear hug and gave me a long passionate kiss. With blood returning to my brain, I told her we should wait until we got home to continue. I pulled my zipper up and returned behind the wheel. Just then I saw the unmistakeable silhouette of a Police car as it pulled off the highway to check on us. Thinking fast, I told Alana to tell the Police that we pulled off to see if her father was still breathing. The cop did buy the story, but not until after he ran a make on my license.

We giggled to each other after the cop left and we pulled back on the highway. Half an hour later we were home. We took Larry out and carried him to his bed. We then went to Alana's room. I stood her in front of her bed. "Have you ever fucked a girl in her room before?" Alana asked. I shook my head no, then told her I was going to make love to her as I lifted off her sweater, freeing her giant jugs. Slipping her skirt off, I lifted her then carefully placed her on the bed.

Starting slowly at her head, I started kissing her, spending time on her ears, lips, and chin before moving to her neck. I moved slowly down her body until I reached ger once again sopping wet pussy. She was squirming as I used my tongue to make love to her clit. She started moaning, tossing, and bucking as I used my fingers in her and worked her clit. She then stiffened and had her first intense orgasm. I gave her several seconds then worked her into multi orgasmic bliss. It was then that I finally entered her.

Our love making was intense, varying between slow strokes and fast making sure she had at least two more orgasms before I set her up for my orgasm. For the second time that night, I shot my load into her.

Laying next to her in the afterglow, Alana admitted she had wanted to do me for the past two years, then asked if a girl was supposed to do her uncle. I reminded her that I wasn't her uncle by blood. She smiled and gave me a smoldering kiss, then talked me into taking her back to the club next week. I don't know how I'm going to tell Larry.

(P.S.-there's a part two-let me know if you're interested)

Babysitting My Girlfriends Daughter

flip on Taboo Stories

Kathy and I had dated for almost 4 years, we each had our own place. I had a small apartment, Kathy had a nice house from her divorice. She has a daughter, Taylor, she was 11 now. Taylor and I got along great, her father wasn't around much, so she latched on to me right away. Anyway, I'm at my place and Kathy called to ask a favor, she needed to go out of town for 4 days, (fri.-mon.) and wanted

the neighbors daughter

sexer1 on Taboo Stories

My name is Tim. I'm about 35 years old and live with my girlfriend in a small town, east of Amsterdam. We were a regular couple, moved in together two years earlier and have been having a great time since. Whilst we still werent expecting a child, we both had a job and were able to manage just fine. 

I remember sitting in the kitchen, having dinner with Liz (my girlfriend) when the

A bad, bad man... (part 3)

Erianoc on Taboo Stories

The sun arose on a new day and the curtains being what they were, I was forced from my blissful slumber. I rolled out of bed, as I did every Saturday morning, jumped into a pair of joggers, threw my phone in my pocket and headed for the bathroom. Quick clean of the teeth and I made my way downstairs, my mind full of the previous night's escapades.

A good day at work

pervnxtdoor on Taboo Stories

This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of sexual contact between a grown man and an underage girl. If this offends you, please keep browsing... If not, then read on-

There had been a rash of missing items from one of the stores- small things, but enough to become an issue they had asked us to keep an eye on. One quiet thursday night, I found the source of those th

It shouldn't have happened but it did

klm0559 on Taboo Stories

I left for our mountain cabin Wednesday around 3 so I could open it up and get the hot tub going. All the stuff that needs to be done for the rest of the family to come up and have an end of summer retreat. The cabin is in a rugged part of the mountains that you need to take a 4 wheel drive to get to. It is situated on a small lake with no other homes or cabins in the area. Essentially, it is

Rescuing Rachel

hillarysmuff on Taboo Stories

I had waited a long time for vacation, so long, that when it came, I didn't have a plan. I thought I would just go wherever I felt. I had always wanted to see the big city, so, off I went.

My first day there I had a major surprise. I literally tripped over an old buddy. We had served in the military together. He had his wife with him. We did a fast catch up, then he invited me out to his place and gave me directions.

Mike's place was way out in the country. It was a large, old, house that had probably been a farmhouse at one time. He assigned me to a room off of the kitchen. We had dinner together. A very important thing happened during the dinner.

When she walked into the room, everything stopped as an icy stillness filled the room.

She was

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a preteen goddess. I've seen her like before, in the Pre-Raphaelite paintings that hang in major museums. Her long brown hair hung to mid back. The chiseled features of her angel like face were contrasted perfectly by her full ruby red lips and alabaster skin. A thin figure revealed someone who ran alot, or who had perfect genes. Tiny bumps protruded from her chest against her shirt. A perfectly round butt made me wonder what it looked like bare.

The goddess filled a plate with food and left the room. When she was gone, mike broke the stillness by anticipating my question. "That's rachel" he began, "product of my first marriage. Her mom is in jail for embezzlement. The law says I have to take her. Beats paying child support. I don't like her, and I can't wait until the day she leaves". That being said, I let the subject go.

After dinner, I surmised that the staircase that led off from near my room probably led to hers. I went up the stairs. I noticed the door was open ajar. I knocked, then entered. She was sitting at a desk doing homework. "Hi, I'm Chris, a friend of your dad's"

"Can I help you with something?" she shot back.

"We didn't meet, and I thought I'd say hello".

"You've said it, anything else?"

"No" I replied, sensing the hostility. "I'll leave you alone now".

I left the room. As I started down the stairs, the door slammed behind me.

The next day, I headed into the city. I did some touristy things, then headed back to mike's place. I arrived in time for dinner. Mike and lisa were heading out. They convinced me to join them. They were heading out to a place renowned for giant burgers.

The burgers were very tasty. As we finished up, I asked if mike was going to take anyhting back for rachel. "She knows where to find food" he spit out. I went up and ordered a combo-to go. Mike asked me what I was doing. I told him I was going to eat the combo later. He gave me a strange look. I made a show of eating some of the fries on the way back.

When we got back, I made a show of heading to my room, while mike set up some movies. Making sure no one was looking, I headed up to Rachel's room. The door was ajar. I knocked and entered again. She was lying on the bed reading a book. I set the combo down on her desk. "Your dad wanted you to have this" I said.

"That's a lie, but thank you, um..Chris..right?"

She walked over to the bag. She sniffed the food, then lifted out the burger. She unwrapped it and took out a bite as if she was starving. I felt bad and good at the same time. I left the room.

The next day, as I drove around the city, I couldn't get Rachel out of my mind. I did some window shopping. I had noticed that when I was in her room, she had very little. The closet was open, and only a few items were there. In a window, I saw it. It was a blue ensemble. I thought how perfect it would look on Rachel. I went in the store and described her to a saleslady.

When I got back to mike's, I made sure where everyone was before I went to get the dress out of the car. I took the dress up to her room. Her eyes bugged out when she saw it. She looked at the dress, then placed it against her body and looked in a mirror." Wait here" she said excitedly as she ran in her tiny bathroom. She came out a minute later in the dress. She looked ravishing. "There's shoes" I added placing them on the floor. They fit like a glove. The saleslady had earned her commission.

I left the room, then spent some time with lisa and mike before heading back to my room. I was only there a few minutes when she stormed in. "Why are you being nice to me?" Rachel demanded.

"Because I think you deserve to be treated better. Because it breaks my heart to see you isolated in that room, away from your mother, and friends. I just thought you deserved to be treated as a human being".

You could see the wind go out of her. She crumpled to the bed. Her lower lip began to tremble as she dissolved into a full cry. I sat beside her and took her in my arms as she wept tears of shame, rage, and frustration. She cried herself to sleep in my arms.

In the morning, we both stirred awake as we heard footsteps in the kitchen. Quietly, she slid out of bed and tiptoed to the door. She took a look, crept back, gave me a peck on the cheek and crept out. I heard her go upstairs, change clothes, then run out to catch the bus.

I saw mike in the kitchen a little later. "Got anything planned?" he asked. "I'll just do some driving around" I replied.

As I drove around that day, I did some deep thinking. Clearly, something had to be done, and I wasn't sure what. I even stayed away extra long, not arriving until late in the evening. I saw mike at the door. "Long day?" he asked. "Yeah", I said, "I'm turning in". I went to my room, but headed upstairs a minute later. Her room door was ajar again. I knocked, then entered.

She had her back to me, but she was naked and standing in a tub. "I'm sorry" I stammered as I started to leave. "It's ok" she said, "you're in time, would you wash my back?" She handed me a bar of soap. She still had her back to me, and I was trying not to invade her privacy. I rubbed the bar on her back and stopped right above her butt. I handed her back the bar. "Rinse me?" she asked pointing to a jug on the floor. I picked up the jug and started at her shoulders, watering her back. She turned to let me rinse her entire body.

As the soap washed away, strawberry like pink puffy nipples came into view atop tiny cones of white flesh. A few hairs were growing in around her slit. My trousers stood at half mast. "I better go" I stammered as I left. I went back to my room and had the urge to pull my pud. I knew if she heard me do that I would be so embarrassed. I undressed, climbed into bed, and tried to make sense of a thousand thoughts.

My thoughts were interrupted as she slipped into the room. She was wearing a long white nightgown. She leaned in and kissed me. She still smelled of the freshness of the soap. "Move over" she whispered. I moved over and she spooned against me. I was rock hard, but I don't think she minded as she ground her butt against my dick. I caressed her, letting my hand gently slide up her side. "That's nice" she cooed. I wanted to bone her right there, but I was afraid mike might hear the noise.

I ran my hand under her nightie, up her side to one of her small breasts. She lifted slightly to give me better access. I fondled it a moment, then moved my hand slowly down her stomach to her slit. She parted her legs, I played with her clit. I felt her breathing increase and she panted into a pillow as I brought her to an orgasm that caused her to stiffen, then relax. I slid my dick out of my jockies and placed it between her butt cheeks. I gently rubbed back and forth, lubricated by the sweat betwen our bodies. I was very aroused and it didn't take but a minute before I messed her behind with my spew. We fell into a quiet sleep.

The next day, as I drove around again, a plan came together. I made sure to arrive just as rachel got home. She gave me a curious look as I approached mike, who was working in his yard. I motioned her to go in.

I walked up to mike. "Hey mike, do you remember Laura?"
"Why are you bringing that up? I thought that was over with. I slept with your girlfriend. I apologized. I thought this was old news".

"I need to ask you a big favor, and I wanted to remind you that you owe me one"

"Uh oh, what the hell is it, and how much is it going to cost me?"

"I want to take rachel home with me".


"No, you yourself said you didn't like her".

"You're damn right on that".

"I live in the best school district in the state. There's room for her to do things, advance, grow. She wouldn't be so isolated".

"Why do you want her?"

"I just feel bad for her, her mom in prison, you don't like her. What about high school?"

He gave me a look, "all right".

"I'll need her papers, and a release of guardianship from you".

"I'll go tell the old lady. But we're square now. And I wouldn't stick around if I was you"

"I'll go pack now. And mike? Thanks"

He scowled and headed off to the house. I went upstairs and told rachel that we were leaving. I rushed downstairs, threw my things together, then checked on Rachel again. She was putting things in garbage bags. I went into the front portion of the house. I could hear screaming coming from mike's room. I put my things in the car and made a load of Rachel's things. I saw mike in the kitchen. He handed me a bundle of papers.

"Go, just go, and don't ever come back again".

I thanked him, but he turned and was dismissive of me. I finished getting Rachel's things. As we drove away, mike waved from a window. I waved back. Rachel shot him the bird. Then she cuddled next to me.

We needed to make a hotel stop on the way home. She went right into the bathroom and took a shower. I was watching TV when she came out a while later. She was wearing only a towel. She walked up to the bed and dropped the towel. Naked, she climbed under the covers and crawled up on me.

"I'm going to make you a wonderful wife. I'll do anything you want to" We kissed.
"I can't now. This is the wrong place. I don't want our first time to be in some hotel. Can you wait until we get home. It'll be right then".
"OK, but I'm not moving".

We kissed some more, but fell asleep. The next day we reached my place in mid afternoon. I made her wait in the car. I tidied up the place, then went back to her. I lifted her up in my arms and carried her in the house. I laid her on my bed. "Now?" she asked. Yes was my reply as I undressed her.

She looked into my eyes with a combination of trust and love as I took off her shirt and bra. She laid back and lifted her hips as slid her jeans and panties off at the same time.

She gently complied as I spread her legs and moved my head to that special place between her legs. She noisily inhaled as I licked, first her outer lips, then her inner lips. She moaned as my tongue penetrated her virginal pussy. Her breathing became more rapid as I worked her young pussy with my tongue. She arched her back. She ran a hand through my hair, then grasped my hair as she pushed my head down and pushed her hips up. She let out a squeal, shuddered, then relaxed.

I laid on the bed and had her mount me. I placed my dick at the entrance to her pussy. Placing my hands on her hips, I lowered her. I felt the resistance of her hymen, then pushed through. She gasped, but continued, taking all of me in her . She rocked slowly back and forth on me, clearly feeling some discomfort. I rolled her over and slowly pumped her tight little hole. She responded to my thrusts with her body, running her hands across my body, sometimes pulling into me, sometimes thrusting her hips while she moaned and panted the whole time. I felt the cum rising, then came in her for the first time. A moment later, my semi softened dick popped out of her as a combination of blood, semen and her fluids ran out of her coating my balls and her ass.

I rolled off of her. "So, that's what it feels like?" she asked. "It'll get better, I promise" I told her. "I know" she said, "you rescued me, and I will do whatever you want from this day forward".

"We have to get you in school"
"Can't I have a honeymoon?"
"I do have a week of vacation left"

She thought for a moment. "Take me somewhere where I can see the beach, and we won't leave the bed."
"Promise?" I asked.
"For you, anything".

Friday night and I have to Babysit

Kellyy on Taboo Stories

So the jest of the basics here is that I'm pretty much ready to go out for the night when the neighbour comes over and needs me to babysit.  You know, it's been over ten years since I babysat someone's kids.  Not that I didn't mind too much, but it had been weeks since I'd had some good sex.  I wanted to go out with my friends and hopefully find some guy to take care of my needs.  But this seemed to be an emergency so I said yes.  "I don't think I'll be home till tomorrow, so that's okay right?"

"Send him over, tell him to just come in, I have to make some phone calls"  Ok Deb said, I'll send him right over.  Jim was a pretty quiet kid from what I knew.  A bit of a geek but still a pretty good looking kid, his mom j

Read More
ust dressed him in all the geek apparel.  I think he's 13 or 14, I know he is heading into High School next year.  I on the other hand am 26, jet black straight hair, long toned legs, with what I think is a nice tight ass and tear drop titties with big nipples that point straight up.  I love to wear tight jeans and short skirts just to watch the guys stare at me.  One time, I watched a guy walk right into a newspaper stand while watching me.  It was so funny.  Sorry guys but you are so 'one minded' when you see a body like mine.

I was on the phone when he came in with his gym bag knap sac thingy.  "Just set it down anywhere, the TV is in the other room, go ahead and help yourself" I said.  Continuing to talk to my friend Cindy I told her how I was a bit upset that I had to stay in for the night.  'I need to get laid bad too'  As I reached down and brushed my pussy a bit through my dress.  'I even bought this smoking dress too Cindy, I am dressed to the hilt with that nice perfume you like, no panties and arrgghh my pussy is already wet.'  Oh, you poor thing, tell me, you want me to take care of that pussy of yours if I don't find a nice hard cock to take home tonight? Cindy purred.  Cindy was always after me, she liked it both ways but I've just never taken her up on it.  "Oh Cindy, you know how I stand on that, but if you find two of them, come on over" I giggled still brushing my pussy gently.  Cindy laughed in her sweet way and ended the conversation with 'you don't know what you're missin sweetie' and then she hung up.

Cindy had been my friend for many years and I knew I didn't have to worry about her so I just laughed it off and hopped up from the stool I was sitting on and headed to the kitchen.  I opened the refrigerator looking for a pop or something to offer my guest.  Not much in here I thought, a gingerale, a half a box of milk, and some tomato and orange juice.  Well, I thought, I should probably ask him if he's hungry or thirsty or what.  We may have to eat out tonight.  With that I laughed to myself at the thought ' eat out ' and trotted off to the living room in my siletto heels.

As I walked into the living room I realized that I had left the satelite channel clicker unsecured to the adult channels.  You know how you can password protect that, well, I had not reset it to protect the channels.  Here was Jim, standing in the living room staring at the bigscreen on an adult channel of some chick going down on some guy.  "Oh, damn" I said startled the boy.  "I'm sorry" he yelped, "I just turned it on and clicked the channel button up a few times and this was on."  Well, why didn't you keep changing channels I asked.  No answer, he was still watching.  "Jim !!" " Sorry" he stammered rapidly clicking on the clicker to change the channel.  Finally hitting the power button.  He turned away from me and again said "I'm sorry, it's just, well, I never seen it before"  It's ok Jim, I'm sorry for not telling you I had that on there.  I just ordered the full channel package so I get all that too.  Listen, why don't we go out and get a bite to eat so we can forget about this.  "oh, ok" he said, still facing the other direction.

 "Well, come on now, lets go" and I walked over to the entrance closet to grab my purse that I had just set there 15 minutes ago.  I stood at the door for a minute or so and Jim was still in the living room.  Come on Jim, lets go I yelled.  "Be right there" I heard.  Now what could he be doing I thought.  Then I had my answer as he walked out.  "hmmmp" I snickered and turned toward the door.  I did my best to keep a straight face but I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants.  I guess he seen a bit too much, maybe I should ask him if he needs to use the bathroom before we go.  Actually, maybe I should just check my hair and off I went to the bathroom.  "I'll be right out, I just want to check my hair"  I heard a faint 'ok' in the back ground as I entered the bathroom giggling.  With my hand over my mouth, shaking my head I realized that  he wasn't the only one with something erect.  My nipples were pushing right through my bra and dress like I had nothing on.  I tried to get the twisted thoughts out of my head and calm down.  Soon my nipples returned to more to normal and I left the bathroom.

As I approached Jim I noticed that the bulge was still there a bit but not nearly as big as before.  Jim kept his head down the whole time, must have been a bit ashamed but never the less we left the house and headed down the road.  I own one of those nice 'T' top camaro's  and I've had it for what seems like forever.  My dad taught me how to look after my vehicals so it should last me a long time.  But when you get into it in a short dress like mine it tends to help the dress to ride up.  Since I normally ride along to work and such, I didn't pay much attention to it until we had driven many blocks.  I tried asking Jim questions to help him feel more comfortable with me but he kept his head down.  Then I noticed he was glancing over at my legs.  Hmmmm, I thought, now this kid is gonna get another boner so maybe we should go through a drive through.  Sure enough, he adjusted himself in the seat a few times trying to get comfortable and cover the growing bulge in his pants.  I was beginning to think that even though it might be a bit cruel of my, I could tease him a bit more until we get back home then see if I can get him to take a 'bathroom' break if you know what I mean.  I remember all those early years hearing of the boys on dates that had to beat themselves off because of their woodie wouldn't go down.  Maybe Jim needed it.  Hey, why not, give the kid a little thrill now and then let him see just enough to deserve a good jerk off.  He'll tell all his little friends that he caught glimpes of his neighbour and for a little while, he'll be the 'cool kid'.

"Look over there, what are they building there I wonder" I said pointing out his window to get him to look.  As he looked, I hiked up my dress a bit more, well, almost too much. But I just kept talking like I hadn't done anything.  "I don't know" he said looking out the window.  "Well, looks like it's gonna be pretty neat huh" I exclaimed, keeping the conversation going.  "Ya, maybe... " as he turned toward me he noticed my skirt hiked up higher and more tanned leg and lost his train of thought.  " ah, ah, maybe ah big mall or something" he managed to get out.

Oh, I kept this boy talking, so I could hear his voice stammer along, and make it seem as though I didn't know my skirt was so high up.  We went through a fast food drive through and told him "when we get to the order mic, you have to tell them your order"  I just wanted to see him look past me.  We pull up to the place to order and I told him to go ahead.  He turned my way and I leaned right back for him, he looked right across my boobs with wide eyes and took a quick look down my dress top.  I then slid down in my seat a bit because I knew he would look down.  And sure enough, he did.  I watched him take a big breath, swallow and squeak out the words " I'll have a double burger, loaded, with fries and a large coke."  I just grinned as he slowly looked away.  I slid back up in my seat, leaned toward the window and this is what I said, " and I'll have a cheese burger, fries, and a large cock too." that's right, I couldn't believe I said it.  Jim turned to me with a huge surprized look on his face.  I just ignored it because I knew I couldn't correct myself, I just had to look as though I hadn't made a mistake.  The guy that took our order repeated it back to us with a bit of a laugh. "so, that's, a double burger, loaded, a cheese burger, two fries, and two large 'cokes' (he said slowly and clearly).  "Yes" I replied. "That'll be $12.54, come on around to the window.  As I drove around to the window, I could see Jim had a bit of a grin on his face, but my plan worked.  Even though I had made a bit of a blunder on words, I could see his pants had a big tent to them.

I paid for our order, received our change and we drove off.  We only drove a block or two when I pulled over in a small parking lot over looking the river.  We watched people walk along the river as we ate.  We both ate our fries first and almost at the same time we bit into our burgers.  My burger had a lot of ketchup on it and it began to drip onto my hands.  I held it out a bit and it dripped right onto my left leg.  "Get a kleenex, hurry" I exclaimed.  I don't want it running down my leg.  Oh, it was warm from being on the burger, my hands had all the ketchup all over them.  I was licking all the stuff off my hands still holding my burger when I felt Jim simply take a kleenex and reach between my legs and wipe up the ketchup.  A chill ran over me.  He folded the kleenex and kept wiping but now he was doing it ever so slowly.  It's as if he did in on impulse and now, his boyhood was taking over.  I quickly set my burger onto the wrapper I had set on the dashboard and reached down to his hand.  He looked up at me and snatched his hand away.  Grabbed his burger and filled his face.  I made a short 'huh' kind of laugh and said "sorry about that, I didn't mean for you to do that, just to get me a kleenex."  He didn't say a word.  "But, you did a good job so thank you".  Still nothing.  We ate our burgers in silence while sipping on our drinks.  Jim is one of those guys that has to move the straw in and out and make that "squeekie sound".  "Jim, stop that, it drives me a bit crazy.  Well, lets get going as I took the last bit of my burger and 'plop', right on my dress top.  Rolled down my breast to my skirt. "ah crap, get me another kleenex"  Jim handed me one this time.  I quickly wiped up the ketchup but it was too late.  "Now we have to go" I said.  Starting the car.

We arrived at my house and I told Jim to bring the pops and garbage into the house because I had to get the stains out of my dress before it sets in.  I quickly got into the house and into the backroom where I do the washing.  I closed the door (at least I thought I closed it) and stripped off my top.  I began by adding some water then spraying it with a stain killer.  I added water to my skirt and sprayed it too.  Then I turned toward the door to see it had come open and Jim was standing there watching me with a large pop in each hand and an obvious boner.  There I was, in one of my sexiest bras with a young teen boy watching me.  I reached out and closed the door.

Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my chest, I took off to my room.  As I passed Jim I said "Go to the living room and watch some TV" then I added, " NO PORN either".  As I skipped up the steps in my stilettos I found myself getting turned on.  This was just wrong.  All I wanted to go was give the kid a thrill.  Not turn myself on.  As I changed in my room, I decided to get into a more relaxed outfit.  I put on some ladies sports boxers, a sports bra and my long nighty shirt.  It goes to my knees.  I checked the mirror before I left and all looked well.  Downstairs I went to find no Jim in the living room.  The pops were there, the TV was on, but no Jim.  I looked to the bathroom door, then back to the back room.  The light was on.  I went to check and there was Jim, holding a pair of my thong underwear to his nose and one hand down his pants.

"So, you gonna take it out of your pants or cream in your undies?" I said softly.  Jim jumped, threw the thong and pulled his hand out of his pants so fast that I think he forgot to let go of his cock.  He bent over in what looked like pain.  "You okay Jim?" I asked.  "Listen, come to the living room, we need to talk right now."  'Give me a minute' Jim exclaimed. "NO, NOW" I demanded.  As Jim followed me into the living room my mind raced to figure out what to say to him.  I wasn't sure wha tto do.  All I know is that I had to fix this strange course of events.

I sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to me saying "sit here".  That's when I saw it.  I could tell that his cock must be huge in length.  I mean, I know he is young but it was no longer a bulge in his pants, it must have come out from under his undies and down his leg.  When he sat down, he couldn't even sit up straight.  He leaned back and placed his hands over himself to cover his obvious hard on.  "Oh, my" gasped.  "Sorry" Jim said, "I was, I.. I... was curious".

I didn't have any words for him.  In fact, I was so hot.  I mean, I was hot for this kid.  I gues it has been a long time.  What am I thinking, oh my goodness, this is stupid.  I want to see this kids cock and.... NO.  I have to stop.  I reached for the clicker and turned on the TV.  And of course, what channel do you think it was on.  Some chick is just riding some guy.  I was glued to that chick riding that cock.  She was moning and moning things like "ewww, yes, yes, fuck me, yes fuuuuck mmmeeee".  I just couldn't take it anymore, I looked at Jim.  He looked at me, dropped his eyes to my breasts.  My nipples were so hard and just itching for pleasure....  I was burning up.  For a kid, oh, man what was going on, I just can't do this.  I can't no, I just can't..................................................................................................................


Jim, do you want to touch them?  He was still staring at my nipples. Yes.  Then touch them. I reached down and picked up his hand and placed it on my left breast.  It was so hot, he was so gentle, he caressed my breast and rubbed over my nipple through my nightie and sports bra.  The sounds of the TV had taken me to another place.  

"Jim, this is your lucky night.  All you have to do is say no and I'll leave the room.  But if you want to find out what a woman wants, I'll show you" I breathed the words right into his eyes.  "Show me everything" he said quietly.

"Come with me" I got up from the couch, turned off the TV, led him all around the house shutting off the lights.  Then to the stairs where I told him to follow me up.  I know how to make my ass look good so after just a few steps, noticing he was looking down, I said "hey, my ass is up here, you may want to watch it work it's magic".  Jim looked up and a small grin appeared on his face.

I led him to my room, over to my bed and told him to stand in front of me and take off his shirt.  It only took a second for him to rip it off.  "slow down tiger, you don't need to go home till morning."  I heard a small hehe escape his lips.  "Now, the pants and remember to do it slowly" I figured that at his age he wouldn't last long so I didn't want him to disturb my enjoyment of watching his first come.  As his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them I realize that this was no ordinary kid.  "You have a monster in there don't you Jim?" I whispered to him.  "Now, kick your pants to the side and just watch me undress a bit for you.  And no touching the monster either."  I watched him take a big breath, then swallow as I removed my nightie.  I watched him almost tremble as I removed my bra.  "Now listen Jim, I don't want you to make a mess in your undies, and I don't want you to make a mess all over the carpet, so I need you to remove your undies carefully.  Do you think you can do it without exploding??"  I said in a very sexy tone.  "I don't know, I'll try."  "Okay" I said, "Now, if you think you can't hold back just make use the word 'yes' and I'll know you can't make it.  You see, I want your first come to be all over me.  Now are you ready to try?"  "Just a sec" as he took a number of deep breaths. 

Jim slid his undies down to his feet, kicked them to the side, looked at me and smiled knowing that he had done as I had asked.  His cock was very long, not very big around but very long.  In fact, it was over 11 inches.  I mean, it was almost as long in inches as he was in age.  This was going to be a very fun night.

"Sit on the the edge of the bed, lay back, and close your eyes" I ordered.  Jim did as I said, and quickly to boot.  I knew I didn't have much time and I wanted that come badly.  I bent over and inhaled his cock.  He jumped, it was so hot, so hard, so smooth.  I fell to my knees, his legs opened wider.  I used both hands, one caressing his balls, one stroking his cock and I sucked greedily.  I don't think he lasted 30 seconds.  His come was boiling in my mouth.  I swallowed once, twice, three times.  There was so much.  A fourth time I swallowed his come.  He was wailing with joy.  His body was so tense, then shaking, trembling, then tense again.  Then, just as he had jumped when I first inhaled his beautiful cock, he relaxed.  His cock began to soften.  I knew he needed a break but I needed that cock hard.  I needed to get off too.  I kept sucking, slurping, licking, and stroking.  And as if by magic, his cock came to life again.  Rock hard.  I looked at him, smiled and said: "I hope you don't mind but I need to fuck so bad and you have just what I need"

 Jim almost looked a bit scared but smiled and said: "I've jerked off so many times just watching you at night through your window that I can come 5 times."  So, I slowly crawled on top of him, I let him suck on my hard nipples and moved so that his hard cock was right on the entrance of my pussy.  "Jim, I want to watch your face, lay back"  As I slid down on his rock hard cock I watched exstacey roll through his eyes.  In one long push I impailed his entire cock.  Just as I hit bottom, he erupted again.  I could tell he was the longest cock I had ever had in me.  This young teen age boy with the big long dick has been the deepest.  Now he was shooting hot come all inside my pussy.  I didn't move.  I just watched him come in me.  He jerked and spasamed like I had never seen before.  All I could think about was could he keep it hard long enough for me.  I love to come but I need to get off 4 or 5 times.


.....  So, have you like my young adventure?  If so, vote it up.  I'd be happy to tell you the rest but right now I have to go take care of this pussy.  I'm soaked and I can't take any more.  I'll check back in a few weeks.  If I see enough interest, I'll finish the story.



kcid25 on Taboo Stories

Katie and Frank had moved in across the street about 5 years ago. They had a daughter Zoe but no sons. I was probably 12 or so at the time and unfortunately, this neighborhood was lacking kids. Now, I am not the only kid in the neighborhood, nor am I the youngest. As with all new home owners, Frank and Katie made some nice changes to the house, including the craziest thing I can think of,

The apple of stepdaddys eye

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This story contains graphic depictions of sex between a grown man and an underage girl. If this offends you, please keep browsing- If not, please read on!

My stepdaughter, in the time I had known her, had blossomed from an adorable little girl to a stunningly sexy young woman. By the time she was about 12, she had a body that was supermodel perfect- toned and tight, and a beautiful face wi

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First, I'm 18 and just graduated from high school with plans to go to college this fall. The college may have to be put on hold however. One afternoon about two and a half week ago I dropped by my best friends house to see if she wanted to go to the mall with me later. She was not home and her dad was the only one there. Her dad is a very handsome man and I have always had a silly crush on him ev


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My nefew is a young energetic boy. One night while babysitting him and his two brothers he kept touching my ass and making it look like an accident. I finally told him to sit down and watch a movie with me after putting his younger brother's to bed. He was still for a while but then he started to feel on my boobs. "You got big boobs" he said. "Can I see them?". <"You a

My Georgia Peaches - Chapter 1

BVRETR on Taboo Stories

The conversation between these two young girls had been a little more than I could stand. I practically ripped my clothes off on the way to the shower.

There with the hot water beating down on me I beat my meat harder and faster than I ever had in my life. While I had definitely reservations about their ages, They were both pretty sexy girls and I was, after all, still a man. With a vision in my mind of the two of them only a few feet away from me, licking each other to orgasm, I exploded. I came so hard that I was surprised I didn't blast the tile right off the shower wall.

I slowed but did not stop my stroking. My mind was running wild now. The thought that the two of them might actually want to have sex with me bo

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th scared and excited me at the same time. I sure as hell didn't want to go to prison. However, I knew that it would take very little effort on their part right now to get me into bed with either one of them.

Then my mind took another turn. They had said something about little Mary as well. My god, she was only ten years old. I didn't even know a girl that young could have desires or feelings like that! From what Mandy had said, she had licked Mary's little cunt before. I couldn't imagine that happening without Mary doing likewise.

I tried to envision in my mind what a ten-year-old pussy might look like or for that matter taste like. That was all it took to push me over the edge for a second orgasm. Damn, I hadn't cum twice that fast since I was a teenager.

I rinsed the remaining semen off of the wall and my cock. Watching as it made it's way down the shower drain, another thought came to mind. These girls needn't worry about my throwing them out. Hell, if they had any worry at all it should probably how soon I would let them leave.

I left the shower, pulled on a pair of boxers and sat on the edge of my bed for a couple of minutes. Some degree of sanity was making a futile attempt to creep back into my mind.

Never in my life had I looked at young girls in this way. Don't get me wrong here. Certainly I had looked at a few young developing girls and admired their budding beauty. Never had I even remotely considered attempting to fuck one of them though. A 36-year-old man just doesn't think about things like that, do they?

As I pondered that question I realized that my shower activity had left me dry mouthed. I slipped down the hall to the kitchen and grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator. As I passed Tracy's room I could hear little sounds that told me they were still going at it in there. I had to force myself on to the kitchen. I leaned against the counter and practically gulped the Coke down. I thought to myself that the smart thing to do here was get started first thing in the morning finding their Uncle Fred. I'd be saving myself from a lifetime of making little ones out of big ones in the gray-rock hotel. I finished my Coke and headed back towards my room. Just as I was about to enter I thought about Mary again. I turned and entered her room instead.

It took my eyes a couple of seconds to adjust to the darkness of the room. There was a full moon out that night and the light was more than enough to see Mary clearly. She was lying on her stomach, blankets kicked off and the tee shirt I'd given her had ridden up to her waist. Her small bare ass was in full view.

I walked over to the bed and started to pull the covers back up over her but then stopped. In almost a trance like state I reached for her ass. I touched her lightly at first with only my fingertips. A few seconds later I had my full hand on her incredibly soft ass. She had the softest skin I'd ever felt. I caressed both of her ass cheeks and then traced my fingers down her crack and she never stirred once.

I continued on down one of her thighs and then started back up the other. On the way back up I slipped my hand around to her inner thigh. When I did, her legs parted slightly. I froze, thinking that I might have woke her. Listening closely I could hear that she was still breathing slow and deep. "Good, she's still asleep." I thought to myself. In the pale light of the room I still could not really see between her legs. The vision of a bare ten-year-old pussy was still in my mind though. I just had to touch her there once.

I went back up to her ass cheek and then slowly traced down her crack seeking her most secret place. Just as I thought I was near Mary moved again. This time I heard a little whimper and she rolled onto her side facing away from me.

That snapped me back to reality. "What the hell am I doing?" I thought. I pulled the covers back up over her and quickly headed for the door. I was almost there when Mandy walked in.

We both were a little startled and froze in our respective tracks for a moment.

"Hi' she said softly.

I knew I'd better think of something fast. "Hi" I responded then went on to say "I just stopped by to check on you girls before going to bed. I was wondering where you were."

Mandy moved towards her bed and softly said "I just had to talk to Tracy for a few minutes."

"Yeah, right" I thought to myself. I could smell the recent sex between her and Tracy all over her. I didn't have time to respond before Mandy turned around to look at me. Without even a moment's hesitation she untied her robe, slipped it off and tossed it across the foot of the bed. There she stood facing me completely nude.

I know it was only a couple of seconds but it seemed like minutes. She was absolutely beautiful standing there in the moonlight. Her breasts, although small, were far from her sisters but still more than the little buds I would have expected on a 13-year-old. She had small pink nipples that even in the pale light I could see were hardening. I couldn’t' see a single hair on her young pussy.

My cock was coming to attention in a hurry. I swear I saw her glance down at it once before she turned to climb into bed. To my amazement, she didn't reach to pull the covers up though.

She laid there for a couple of seconds more before asking "Are you going to tuck me in too?"

I was beside her in a New York second. She stared into my eyes as I reached across her to pull the covers up over her young sexy body. I just had her covered when she reached up to grasp the back of my neck, pulling me towards her.

I tried to give her an innocent kiss on the cheek but she had other ideas. She turned her face and kissed me once on the lips. Then a second time, this time parting her lips to me. That was more than I could take. I sat down on the edge of her bed and returned her kiss with passion. As we kissed I was caressing her body through the cover and wishing I'd not pulled it up so quickly. As my hand made it's way up to one of her small breasts, she suddenly broke off the kiss.

Mandy said an obviously nervous "Good Night" and rolled quickly away from me onto her side.

I went through the motions of giving her covers a couple of more tugs and then stood to leave the room. Mandy said nothing more. I pulled their door shut behind me and returned to my own room.

Sitting on the edge of my bed I was cursing myself for going to fast with Mandy. Perhaps all she wanted was a kiss, but I just had to go for the gold. "DAMN" I thought to myself "I really hope I didn't scare her off entirely". With that in mind I switched off the light and settled into bed.

I couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 minutes later when I heard a soft knock on my door. I called out "Come in" and switched the light on at the same time. Mandy, now with her robe back on, entered the room. She was shielding her eyes from the light so I switched it off again. There was more than enough light in the room for us to see each other.

Mandy closed the door and without saying anything came over to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed with one leg on and the other on the floor before she finally spoke.

"I…I just came to apologize. I mean…it wasn't very nice of me…you know. Getting undressed like that in front of you and kissing you…then just stopping. I guess I just got a little scared…you know…that I wouldn't be able to stop you…if you wanted to…you know."

I reached down and took her small hand. "Come up here and lie beside me for a minute" I said as I pulled her towards me.

Mandy moved on up and laid her head down beside me facing towards me. I caressed her cheek for a couple of seconds while I considered my reply.

"Mandy, you needn't apologize too me. If anything I'm the one that should be doing the apologizing. I mean, I'm plenty old enough to know better. I know it's against the law for me to be like that with a girl your age. But you were so beautiful and when you kissed me…I guess I just kind of lost my head there for a moment."

I had continued to caress her face, neck and hair as I was speaking to her. Mandy was lying there with her eyes partially closed and just a slight smile on her face. I was thankful that I was lying on my side facing her so she couldn't see that my cock was again rising to the occasion even as I spoke to her.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" she finally asked.

"My God yes" was my instant reply. "Standing there in the moonlight like that was probably the sexiest sight I've ever seen. You are such a pretty girl."

Mandy giggled softly and now moved her hand up to my face. She was now trying to caress me as I was doing to her.

After another few seconds she said "I did come over to apologize…but I came for another reason as well."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well…if you'll let me...Maybe I could take care of the problem I caused."

I had a pretty good idea where she was going but I feigned ignorance and asked, "What problem is that?"

"You know" she replied. "Down here." She said as she moved her hand down to my hip. Then she went on with "I kind of saw that I'd had an effect on you."

With that said my cock was about to rip its way through my shorts. It sounded to me like she intended to ignore Tracy and take the bull by the horn, so to speak. This was it. The moral and legal crossroad had just been reached. I knew my next decision would change my life, probably forever. With most of my blood now packed firmly in the little head the decision was easy.

"Are you sure about that Mandy? I mean, you don't really have to but…I mean are you sure you want to do that?"

Mandy only nodded. Then without another word she stood and removed her robe again. I pulled back the blankets and shed my boxer shorts. Mandy crawled back up the bed on her hands and knees and lowered her mouth to kiss me. As we kissed I reached up to lightly caress her young breasts. She made no move to pull away this time.

Mandy's left hand made its way slowly down to grasp my throbbing cock. The second she touched me she broke off the kiss. Mandy turned her head quickly to look at what she had just felt.

"My God you're big!" she said in total shock I think.

I told her I wasn't all that big and that there were guys out there with a lot more than I had. I'm not sure if she was listening to me at that moment though. Her little hand could barely half encircle my cock.

Mandy moved down on the bed and took me in both hands, never taking her eyes off my cock as she did. She began to pump it slowly and moved over between my legs at the same time.

She finally looked up at me and said "I can do this but you got to promise me you won't push, ok? I mean, just let me do it."

I assured her that I wouldn't and with no more words she repositioned herself and lowered her mouth to my cock.

Her little tongue licked lightly around the head several times before she finally opened her mouth took just the head inside. She pulled slowly back off teasing me with her tongue on the way. Then she went right back down again and just a little deeper this time. She continued this process until she had about 3 inches in her mouth. I could feel that she had me very near the back of her throat.

Mandy started pumping with her hands and continued her slow sucking. If I didn't know better from the earlier conversation between her and Tracy, I would swear this little girl had been sucking cock for a long time. I desperately wanted to reach down and caress her head but I didn't want to scare her into stopping. So I settled for tucking my hands under my head, closing my eyes and just enjoyed the gift she was giving me.

I doubt if it took 3 minutes before I knew I was near exploding in her mouth. I warned her and told her that no matter what don't take her mouth off of me and that she should just keep swallowing until I was done. I heard her muffled acknowledgment only seconds before my cum erupted into her young mouth. She only gagged slightly once and then she pushed my cock clear to the back of her throat and started swallowing hard and fast.

When I'd finished she pulled slowly off my cock and began to lick up every drop that had gotten away from her. She then sat up and ran her finger around her face to gather up what was left and licked it off of her finger with a "Mmmmm" and a mischievous twinkle in her eye at the same time.

I reached out and pulled her up on top of me. We shared a long deep kiss and I caressed her backside.

When we broke from our kiss Mandy propped herself up slightly and asked "Did I do ok?"

"My God, what a question girl? I sure wouldn't have cum like that if you'd done it badly!" I replied.

Mandy positively beamed at that one. Then she asked "I guess that means my apology is accepted?" followed by a short giggle.

"Only if you let me apologize to you in the same way" I replied.

"Wellll…ok" she said almost teasingly and then quickly rolled off of me and onto her back beside me.

I turned over towards her and cupped one of her small breasts in my hand as I lowered my mouth to the other. I took turns teasing her nipples with tongue and light squeezes for a couple of minutes. Then I began a slow trail down her sweet body stopping briefly at her navel to circle it a couple of time with my tongue. As I was doing this I let one hand proceed me down to her thighs which spread easily at my touch.

My hand came back up to her young mound just as my tongue was arriving there as well. She did indeed have a little pubic hair but it was so fine and soft that I hadn't seen it before. I licked around the top of her mound as my fingers lightly stroked right up the center of her looking for her treasure.

She was already plenty wet and I had hardly started. I fingered her little clit a few seconds and then moved my finger down to light caress her virgin opening. At the same time my tongue made its way on down to tease her little clit.

Mandy was beginning to shudder just a little and I suspected she would not take very long to get off the first time. I was rapidly flicking my tongue over her clit and began a slow penetration of her little slit with my finger. Mandy flinched just a little as the tip of my finger slipped past her outer lips of her but made no move to stop me. I paused for only a second before pulling back a little and then pressing inward again. About the fifth or sixth time I was a little past my second knuckle when I pressed up against her virgin barrier.

That brought a quick gasp and little cry from Mandy. She reached down to my hand to stop me and said "Wait…be easy ok? I've never had anything up there before."

I pulled my finger back slightly and waited a few seconds before starting to move it in and out of her again. I rolled over between her legs and began to really lick her in earnest. Mandy spread herself even wider and brought both of her knees up high. I slowly extracted my finger from her slit, licking her juices off as it slipped out of her. She tasted so sweet and smelled so good that I wanted this moment to last forever.

I started alternating between her clit and her tiny virgin slit with my tongue. Mandy was whimpering now and trembling all over. I pushed my tongue hard up into her little hole and pulled slowly out and across her clit at the same time. It only took a few more seconds before she let out one little sound and then tensed up. Her hands were gripping the bed sheets in tight fists and she pushed her cunt up hard into my face. I concentrated only on her clit now. Licking it as fast as I could.

Mandy came once and relaxed only a few seconds before she stiffened up again with an even harder second orgasm. Her young virgin juices flooded out to my eagerly awaiting tongue. I plunged my tongue into her little slit one more time to suck the last of her juice from her.

Mandy still had her eyes closed and was gasping for air as I moved up between her legs. It was only when I lowered my head to her for a kiss that she suddenly realized that my cock was pressing up against her virgin cunt.

"Wait…Please wait." She almost cried, pushing against me at the same time. "I'm not so sure about that part. I mean…I…I've never done that before…and you're so big. God…even your finger felt big inside of me. I just…just don't think it will go. Please…please stop a minute.

I stopped right where I was. Kissed all over her face and assured her we didn't have to go any further if she didn't want to. She was crying softly but she did listen and stopped trying to push me off of her. Even as I was telling her this, my cock had a mind of it's own. I was slowly rubbing my cock along the length of her young crack.

"If you'll trust me for a minute, I can show you something else that feels good without actually doing it", I told her.

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded and said "Ok" at the same time.

I pulled back slightly and brought her legs up a little higher. Then I pressed my cock lengthwise along her more than wet cunt. Pressing down on it with my one hand I began to slide it the full length of her crack. The feeling of my cock sliding back and forth across her young clit was having almost an immediate effect on her. The combination of the friction and the heat from her virgin slit against the bottom of my cock was having the same effect on me.

Mandy was starting to push back at me now and at one point she nearly impaled herself on my cock. It felt as though the head of my cock had started to slip into her tiny hole. Pulling back from her instead of ramming it the rest of the way in was the hardest decision I've ever made. My cock was screaming for me to take her right now. I took only a few more strokes before Mandy came. I followed suit a moment later, sending stream after stream of my spunk shooting up across her young body all the way to her face.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and as I did she turned towards me. We just laid there kissing and caressing each other for several minutes. No words were spoken at all. Mandy eventually drifted off to sleep. I knew I should put her back in her bed but I really wanted her here beside me. I reached down and pulled the blankets up over us and then drifted off myself.

More of My 14th Summer

elainepwl on Taboo Stories

Once in the dim room, he removed his sunglasses. His hazel eyes regarded me seriously.  He placed a hand on each of my bare shoulders, sliding his fingers under the spaghetti straps of my bikini top and gently slid them down my arms, baring my breasts. All the while his eyes help mine in a direct, calm gaze.  As we looked at one another, I felt his thumbs slide over my nipples, which were already erect, and tiny electric bolts shivered through my body jolting into my female locus; my cunt.

I somehow felt my lips part somewhat as he bent over, and placing his lips on mine, kissed me gently. His lips were soft and moist. 

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My hands drifted, as if with minds of their own, and rested on his hips; on his belt, and his thumbs continued to flick my nipples.

As his tongue slipped easily into my mouth, I could taste him. His mouth was cool and slick, while his tongue slid over mine and around inside my mouth. I opened wider for him as he probed my mouth.  One of his hands reached behind me and, gripping my ass through my bottoms, pulled my hips tightly against him, while his other hand slid over my bare breast and gently began to knead it, my hardened nipple against his palm.  I could feel his semi-erect cock against my lower tummy, just about where my belly button is.

My hands drifted back and cupped his muscled ass through his khaki shorts. I could feel the muscles flex under my hand, seemingly more tense that the rest of him as he felt my ass in return, massaged my one tit and frenched me with a calm purpose that nearly made me swoon as his breath mingled with mine.

Without even straining, Holly's dad bent over, releasing our kiss, and picked me up in his arms.  With one arm around his neck and the other resting against his chest, he easily carried me into his bedroom, my breasts bare to his view. I could feel them jiggling slightly with each step. The room was painted a creamy white, and, while small, was large enough to hold a double bed and an old scarred wooden dresser with a mirror attached on the top. The mirror was old, and the reflective part was speckled with age. Nevertheless, I could see our image, ghost-like, in it as he stood by the bed.

Ever so gently he lowered me to the mattress. I lay on my back as he deposited me there, my legs up slightly, heels resting on the wooden frame that ran from the headboard of to the foot. I glanced down at myself, seeing my tits lying on my chest, spreading to the left and right, slightly depressed by gravity. My nipples were erect and stood up like pencil erasers, and the surround areola were swollen with anticipation.  My stomach was gently curved, as are most girls, and my thighs, spread a bit apart, were girlishly thin, but tan. My legs framed Holly’s dad.

Smiling, he bent over me and hooked my bikini bottoms with his fingers and began to tug. I lifted my hips as he pulled.  I felt my vagina begin to contract as he pulled my suit down. I straightened my legs so he could remove my bottoms.  Soon I was naked, laying in front of him, the thin hair covering my pussy curling a red-golden brown in the light that came through the blinds on the window in front of him, framed by the whiteness of my skin where my suit had been. He stood above, regarding me, still wearing his Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

With a small scuffing sound he slipped out of his sandals and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was strong and was covered with a nice nest of dark brown, curly hair that narrowed over his stomach and ran in a trail down his middle, disappearing into his shorts. He undid his belt, opened the button and undid the fly on them, and hooking his thumbs into the waistband he let them drop. He was not wearing any underwear.

There he stood, a mature male, hands on hips, smiling at me. His cock was still only semi-hard, and was easily the largest, fattest I had seen. I could see his large balls hanging loose in their sack dangling like twin oval eggs behind his circumcised penis. They moved slightly, flexing in their hair-covered bag, and his penis flexed like a slow-moving snake.

He bent over me, resting his hands on either side of me and kissed me. I loved the taste of him as his tongue probed by tender mouth.  I reached up and cupped his face in my hands. I could feel his hips and the tip of his monster cock just brushing the cleft between my open thighs as we kissed. My stomach did flip-flops.  Holly’s dad gently broke our kiss, and ran one hand over my torso, mashing one tit against my ribcage. His fingertips dripped down my stomach, causing involuntary flexing and cupped by by-now red-hot cunt.  His hand felt very large over my pussy, covering it completely.

His lips began to follow the trail of his hand, his mouth covering first one nipple, then the other, sucking gently. I felt his finger probing my slit as he sucked me, nipping at the nipple from time-to-time.  I felt my breathing quicken as he licked his way down my stomach, bending, then kneeling on the floor between my legs.  Using his forearms, he spread my legs wider apart, and using his fingertips, he spread my labia. I looked down across my stomach and watched him regarding my open cunt.  “You are lovely,” he said, smiling, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Yes, Elaine, your pussy is just so sweet…” He bent over, his nose close to my sex. He drew in a deep breath, and closing his eyes he held his breath. “Ahhhhhh,” he said exhaling, his hot breath brushed across my open cunt, filling my pussy with expectation. “You smell so.., sweet.”  He smiled up at me.

He then licked my inner thighs and nipped with just his lips on the very soft skin near my cleft.  He then lowered his lips to my clit, encircling it and he began to suck gently. I think I must have bucked when he first sucked on me. It is hard to remember exactly, as I think I had a sort of “white out”.  After a moment catching my breath, I leaned up on my elbows and bending forward some looked down between my engorged breasts, my tightly curved belly and watched him between my open thighs.

He glanced up at me and, smiling with his eyes, fashioned his tongue into a wide, flat instrument, licked me from the bottom of my pussy, all the way up to my clit. The electricity just began to flow through me as I fell back flat onto the mattress. I felt him release my labia and taking his hands under me, he cupped my ass cheeks and lifted me slightly.  I felt his breath on me, then his wet tongue as he began to lap at my cunt. Every now and then he would pay special attention to my clit, which had now become very hard and very sensitive, and I would writhe and moan each time he flicked his tongue over it.  After a bit my entire being began to be focused at my cunt. Then, then he did something that I have loved ever since.  He tongued my anus.

At first he ran his tongue in tiny circles around the rim. I felt a warming flood in my cunt as he his tongue began to probe my asshole.  I snatched a quick look between my legs, but all I could see of him was his eyes, shut tight, as he licked my ass. I quickly grabbed my legs behind my knees as he then began to slide his tongue up into my cunt hole. I know I must have been making noises because it felt so, so damn good!  His fat tongue probed my cunt and his hands squeezed by ass cheeks.  He lowered my ass back to the mattress and he then began to suck my engorged clit as he slipped a finger into me.  

I was quickly moving toward sensory overload as his fat finger slid deeper and deeper into my hot wetness until I could feel his fist against my sex and anus and his tongue dancing over my hard little clit.  Suddenly, he began to hum. The vibrations began something I don’t think I had ever felt before. I felt a detonation that began as a swelling deep within me that rose and rose. Then.., it sort of popped and flooded out in rapidly expanding concentric circles, numbing my body, my tits, my toes, and my lips. I heard somewhere off in the distance as loud, long exhaling “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

I know that I must have compressed my thighs together, gripping his head, because I do that whenever someone eats me to orgasm, but I have no memory of it. The feelings were so wild and so chaotic that first time, that many of the memories of the orgasm itself flutter just out of range of my memory. But I also know I learned that I loved being eaten, which was something I had known nothing of before Holly's dad introduced me to it.

After a bit, I could feel his fat finger sliding in and out of my pussy, very s  l  o  w  l  y.

I felt so tender down there, and my cunt felt so, so.., “large” is the only way I can describe it.  I had released my legs and they now rested on Holly’s dad’s broad shoulders, my heels just over them.

His face was wet with my dew, and he was smiling as he fingered me.  “Did you like that?” he asked.

“Umph, “ was all I could croak.  I began to massage my breasts, mashing them into my chest as he stroked me.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” he said.  He pulled his finger from my pussy, leaving a sudden void.  I felt him stand, my heels know resting on his chest, his hands holding my calves.  Bending over he compressed my legs until my thighs were pushing against my tits, and his hands snaked beneath my back. He kissed my closed eyelids, then the tip of my nose, then my lips. I could smell my pungent woman smell on him, and then I could taste myself on his lips and tongue as he kissed me.

Effortlessly, he picked me up and laid me farther up on the bed.  I felt him kneeling between my now reopened thighs.  “Look,” he commanded.

I opened my eyes and looked at his chest. His neck and ears were red. I looked at his penis, now fully erect, and it was easily the largest cock I had ever seen. It was pulsing, and was covered with angry looking veins. The large blue vein along the top, snaked its way from his pubic bush all the way down his long cock until it submerged just behind the flaring crown. The slit was large, and I could see some pre-cum sliding wetly from it. He rubbed his thumb over it, spreading the shiny stuff over the massive organ. His large balls hung in a hair-covered sack and hung down between his slightly open thighs. I felt my mouth open as he gripped his cock and began to stroke it.  “Do you want this in you?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck you now?” There was something beastile in his look. His face was hard and determined looking.

I nodded and he bent over me, holding his body up with one hand, and guiding his immense organ toward my open cunt with the other.  I felt the large, purplish spongy head press against my clit. I know I cried out in pleasure and pain as he began to rub his penis head up and down my slit, getting it wet with my copious juices.  I rotated my hips up some to give him an inviting angle and rested my hands on his shoulders.  He kept rubbing the head up and down my cleft, and I began to tug on his shoulders, urging him on.., urging him into me.

Then.., then he began to slide it into me. First I could feel the head slip into me, the crown now gripped by my cunt. Pushing with his hips, he began to force his cock into me. It was so wide. So… fat that I could feel him spreading my vagina as he pushed deeper, and deeper, and deeper into my wetness. Even before he bottomed out into my pussy, I could feel his balls touching my ass.  Then, with a wiggle, he was all the way in. It felt as if his flared cock head was up by my bellybutton, and the root of his cock pressed wonderfully against my still hot clitoris.

“God, you are tight,” he muttered. I moved my hands down to his hips and began to rub his hair-covered ass cheeks.  He spread his legs some and pressed his thighs up against the back of mine and I could just touch with my finger tips the tube that ran from his anus, through his ball sack to his become his cock.  Quickly, and I gasped when he did, he pulled his cock all the way out.  I felt it swinging as the tip touched my cunt lips and, probing for my opening, slid deliciously over my asshole. Then, he pushed into me again, filling me so wonderfully.

And. And then he fucked me. “Fucked me” is the only way to describe it. He began to slide in and out, in and out of me. In and out. I felt his ass cheeks clinch and release, clinch and release as he began to pound into me. With each stroke his cock mashed my clit. In and out. I and out. Inandoutinandout. Our stomachs smacked with each downstroke. My hips rose and fell in a wonderfully wet rhythm to his push-pull.  I felt his balls slapping my ass as my juices flooded us, lubricated us and dribbled down covering my asshole.

Soon, he rested his chest against mine, his large hands grabbing my ass as he really began his assault on my cunt.  Animal-like fucked me faster and faster and faster, his hot rod pistoning in and out of me. I could feel him withdraw until just the crown of his cock was still in me, and then shove his entire manhood home. Smack!  My nipples rubbed his chest as he drove into me again and again. His hands cupped my ass cheeks, squeezing them, and his fingers began to touch my anus, now covered with my slime. I felt one large finger begin to penetrate my anus as he continued his massive assault on my womb. As he pounded into me with his cock, his finger pushed deeper and deeper into my hot ass.  I don’t know how far he was able to get then, at least up to his second knuckle, and the burning in my anus just added more fire to the conflagration that was now my body.  

I felt myself begin to tense up as an orgasm began to spread from the tip of his swollen cock into my womb, my cunt, and outward down my thighs and calves, causing them to clench tightly.  My stomach felt full, fuller than ever before as he continued to hump me, pushing my clit ever more, again and again.  My nipples hardened even more, if that was possible, and my breasts felt huge. My neck tightened into a rictus that pulled my mouth open and down in an explosive orgasm.  I heard myself saying, uh, uh, uh, over and over again each time he shoved his fat, hard, wonderfully full cock into me!

“Where to do you want it?” he asked. At first I could comprehend what he has asking. “Where to do you want me to cum?” he grunted.

“In me,” I croaked, “IN MY CUNT!!” I yelled grabbing his ass as he pounded.  I felt him swell and swell as his ejaculation neared.  I pushed a finger against his asshole as he shoved and shoved his cock into me, and then.., shoved deeper as if he was trying to climb inside my hot hole. He shivered as I touched his anus, all slick with sweat, and I pushed a finger into him as he had me, as far as I could.  Then, he spurted. And spurted and came and came, flooding my cunt with his maleness. I could actually feel his cock flexing and spurting his hot juice into me, and it was.., lovely.

Then, Holly’s dad slumped against me, his wide hips between my now out-spread thighs, my finger still in his anus, and his cock, slowly deflating, still in my pussy.  I wiggled my pussy against him in pleasure, and breathed little breaths into the nape of his neck. I could feel the slick sweat on our bodies, and the tears of pleasure that tracked out of the corners of my eyes down into my ears.

I used my cunt muscles to milk his shaft, which caused him to grunt and say, his voice muffled by my shoulder and neck, “That feels nice.”  I fingered his ass a bit more and he responded by making little fucking motions.  That was the first time I had ever done that before, and it felt sort of fine and weird at the same time.  But, I was just 14 years old then, and I had a lot to learn, and a lot more to experience.  But, Holly’s dad was easily the best fuck I had ever had.

Suddenly, he rose up, his cock slipping from my desperately gripping pussy, and kneeled before me. His cock was all shiny with my honey, and I could see that it had spread to his thick pubic thatch.  He was smiling broadly, and gripping his penis, he asked, “Well, how was that?”

“Wonderful,” was all I could say as I gazed at the stallion kneeling on the bed between my legs.  I touched my pussy, and she was sore.  I looked at my legs, and they were red between my thighs where they had rubbed against his hips.  I was covered in a thin sheen of cooling sweat.

“Great!” he yelled, jumping from the bed with an energy and enthusiasm that was hard for me to feel. He reached down an snatched me up, holding me by the behind my knees and back like I was a kid, and marched into the small, black and white tiled bathroom.  Resting my bottom against his thigh, I heard the squeak, squeak as he turned on the water in the combination tub and shower.  After a bit, he stepped in, and dropped my feet to the floor of the tub. My hands were on his biceps, and I looked up at him. He seemed so large. The top of my head came must to his chin, as he began to rub the sweat from by back, the warm water cascading against.  I leaned forwards, my breasts against his upper stomach, and, resting my cheek against his chest, just sighed as he rubbed me. I felt like rubber.

He turned me around and rubbed my breasts and stomach and cunt with his large hands, soaping me up.  I opened my thighs as he soaped me there and over my thighs. He was leaning heavily against me, and, as I bent forward under his weight, I could feel this hardening penis against my ass crack.

“Do me now,” he whispered into my ear, his breath hot against my neck.

And, I did, but that is the topic for another day.

You were sweet to visit with me. I enjoy telling you of my memories, and I hope they bring you pleasure.