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Lucky Stone pt 9

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Lucky Stone pt 9.

Dad and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Kath and Kim. A little more sex and a whole lot of fun. The image that sticks in my head was of the four of us sitting around naked just talking and laughing like "normal" people. I suppose it's the way I wanted my family to act. As I went to sleep this thought kept flashing in my brain along with the knowledge that tomorrow was our last full day on the island.

The next morning after a quick shower I headed out to breakfast and was surprised to find Mom, Dad and Sue sitting together having a meal.

"Hurry up and eat" said Mom "We are all going to play mini golf this morning."

"Then later" said Dad "we will hit the pool for some volley ball. Then after lu

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nch some tennis"

"How about we have teams." said Sue "Boys verses girls at golf, then Mom and Dad against Mark and I in the pool and then some mixed doubles for tennis."

I just drank my juice and watched all this by-play in stunned silence. Who were these people and what happened to my family, this was weird. Finishing breakfast we all headed for the golf course. There were three different courses so the contest was best of three. There were many high fives and hugs and kisses over the three rounds as putts dropped and the leader switched from team to team. Finally it was over with the ladies sinking a tricky putt at the last to win 2-1.

"Lets head back to the room for some cold drinks and change into our swimmers before we hit the pool." said Mom

While Dad and I, as the losers, prepared drinks the women went off to put on their swim suits. A few minutes later they returned in just their bikinis and it was lucky Dad and I were behind the counter as I'm sure he was getting a hard on like me just looking at these women. Sue is a little taller but thinner than Mom. Her breasts are smaller but firm while Moms are large and round. They both slim at the waist but then Moms hips spread out while Sue's just run into her long legs. Moms firm thighs really accentuated the V of her bikini bottoms as the material stretched over her mound. Sue's swim suit dissappeared invitingly between he legs highlighting her pussy lips. They stood together and did various poses before asking us if we liked what we saw. Dad and I could only nod as they went back to their rooms to get their wraps, sandles and other pool stuff.

Dad turned to me and said "I don't know about you but I would fuck both of them right now if I had the chance. Are you in?"

I again nodded but we never got a chance because after coming from their room they went straight to the door, with a cry of "meet you at the pool" and then they were gone. Dad and I wasted no time in changing, grabbing our stuff and racing to catch up with these two hot women.

At the pool the women had laid out their towels and were about to enter the water. A number of other people from the resort were gathering for the volley ball session. Soon the net was strung over the pool and one of the staff was evening up the numbers on each side. Sue and I drifted towards the back of our group while on the other side Mom was trying to get on Dad's shoulders. He dropped underwater and came up under Mom but the wrong way round. His face was buried in her pussy but when Mom joked that Dad was never good at sports everyone in the pool began to laugh.

Just as the game was starting Sue sank under the water and put her hand up my shorts and grabbed my semi hard cock. She gave it a few jerks and a squeeze before surfacing to tell me that there was an eel in the pool then she burst out laughing. Across the pool I could see Dad lifting Mom to hit the ball but as he released her his hands found her tits and gave them a playful squeeze before lifting her again. Sue must have also seen them because she swam in front of me and asked to be lifted as well. The next time the ball came our way I gripped her around the waist and lifted, then letting her slide back into the water I also gave her breasts a good squeezing and could feel her hardened nipples through the swim suit.

Sue swam after a ball that had been wildly hit and as we all waited for play to re start a man, older than Dad, turned to me and said that if Sue was his girlfriend he'd get her out of the pool and into a bed straight away. As the game went on Sue stood in front of me and pressed her arse against my cock.

"Ooh, still hard and ready for some action." she said looking over her shoulder.

Then Mom called for us to get out and have a break. As Mom climbed the steps from the pool I noticed her bikini briefs had been pulled up her arse crack like a thong and there were several red marks on her backside. As we walked towards our towels two bikini clad babes passed us heading for the pool, of course being males Dad and I both turned and checked them out. Mom and Sue noticed and began a series of poses and asked us to check them out. We then all sat on the towels and laughed. Sue began digging through her beach bag looking for her sun block.

"Damm, its not here. I must have left it in our room." said Sue still rummaging in her bag.

"I'm going back to our room to get my sun block."said Sue

With that she jumped up and ran off, I shouted at her to get my cap. She slowed and turned and I said it's on the chair under my jacket. With that she sprinted away towards the hotel. One of the staff came by and Dad ordered some fruit drinks for us all to have while we waited for Sue to return. The drinks arrived but Sue didn't so I said I'd go and check what was keeping her.

Arriving at our room I was about to burst in when I felt the stone warming, knowing this was a sign I carefully entered the main room and closed the door behind me. Making my way to the door to our room I could see Sue lying on the bed. One hand held the remote and the other was rubbing her mound. Looking at the TV screen I was surprised to see pictures of Sue and Tiffany locked in a passionate embrace on a beach. Sue flicked the remote and the next picture had Tiffany sucking at Sue's nipple. The next picture had the two women standing and kissing and I could clearly see Sue's hand between Tiffanys legs giving her cunt a massage. The next moment Sue saw me and we both said " where did you... who took..why" and other things that made no sense.

"This disk dropped out of your jacket when I was getting your cap. I stuck it in to see what you had been taking pictures off and I found these." shouted Sue.

"Wait a minute, I got these from the guy at the photo shop who told me they were someone's pics of some hot women on the beach so while he was processing them he burnt them to a disk. When he gave them to me I didn't know it was you. As a matter of fact I had'nt seen at them till now." I blurted out my answer hoping to calm her.

"So he thought we were hot?" queried Sue

I moved to the bed and sitting down told her that she was indeed hot and anytime guys see two women going for it they couldn't help but get aroused.

Reaching over to my lap Sue began to rub my harding cock, and asked me if these pictures were getting me aroused. There was no way I could lie as my cock was now tenting my shorts. Sue gripped the waistband and pulled my shorts down,  releasing my now fully hardened cock. Sue ran her acrylic nails the length of my shaft and the sensation made me blood freeze.

"You know little brother you're not so little, compared to others, if you know what I mean." Sue spoke in a low raspy voice.

Sue moved off the bed and knelt on the floor between my legs. Her hands were rubbing my cock, slowly working the length of my shaft, then while one played with my balls the other wrapped around the head.

"Let me tell you something they might turn you on a bit more." Sue spoke low and slow. "The other women in the pictures with me, had fucked a guy less than an hour before she hooked up with me. When I licked her slit I could taste the cum leaking from her cunt. I love cum." Sue grinned as she spoke and then her mouth enveloped my cock head.

The sensation was mind blowing and it took all the control I could muster, with the stones help, not to shoot it all right then. Her mouth slowly swallowed my shaft, her tongue swirling around the head before she slid it back out. With one hand firmly on my cock she used her free hand firstly to pull my shorts right off and then to remove her bikini top. Sue worked my cock hard, squeezing and pulling on minute then using her tongue to lick its length the next.

Sue then stood up pulling me from the bed and with her hand on my head she gave me a deep passionate kiss forcing her tongue into my mouth. I replied with some tongue action of my own as I gently massaged her breast, feeling her nipple hardening. My other hand was on her arse slowly working her bikini briefs down. Now fully naked I could see she had trimmed her pubic hair to just a strip, leading to her waiting pussy lips. We moved to the day bed and Sue got on all fours and turned to me with a grin then asked me to fuck her from behind.

I had one hand on her arse spreading the fleshy globes while my other hand guided my cockhead up and down her slit getting it nice and slick before plunging it into her waiting cunt. Suddenly Dad was right there, wearing just a t-shirt his swimmers already on the floor, gripping his erect cock and positioning himself at Sue's mouth.

"I told your mother I chase you kids back to the pool so lets get on with this. OK"

As Sue opened her mouth to reply Dad fed his bulging cockhead between her lips and forced more of the shaft into her throat. I went back to working my cock along her slit, occasionally forcing my cockhead between her other lips, running it from her clit to her arse hole. I finally thrust my cock into her cunt, forcing my full length into her in one deep plunge. A moan escaped her lips as she worked Dads cock. I fully removed my cock from her hole before slamming it back. I could see her arse ripple as the force of the thrust ran through her body. I had just pulled free again when Mom, who had already removed her bikini, entered the room and asked why she wasn't invited to a family get together.

Here I am standing behind my sister, hands on her arse and dick at her opening, while Dad is in front with his cock down her throat. Mom walked up to me and placing one hand behind my head pulled my face to hers and gave me a long passionate kiss, her tongue forcing apart my lips and probing deep into my mouth. Her other hand gripped my cock, slick with the juices of her own daughter.

"So is this something just for the holidays or has it been going on for a while?" asked Mom releasing my head.

"It's a long story that involves ALL of us" I said "so just enjoy the moment and we'll talk later. Come onto the bed with me."

She was happy to do what I asked, and did so immediately. Telling her to get on all fours on the bed I gave her arse a gently slap before positioning myself on the bed.. She smiled and licked her lips, before asking what I was going to do.

I didn't answer as I lined up behind her, and forced the head of my cock between her wet cuntlips

"Oh, Mark, put it all the way in there!" She gasped, as her fingers digging into the soft pillow on the bed. I pushed forward, and with her cunt already starting to leak her juice, it took hardly any effort and I had her fully speared on my erect cock. She was loving it. "Yes!" She squealed, as I pumped myself into her, frantically. Her eagerness only served to excite me more, as I pounded into her with all of my might.

I gave her everything I had to offer, and she loved every second of it. Mom was saying things that made Dad turn and look. I plowed into her until I reached the inevitable. I knew I was fixing to blow my load.

"I’m cumming!" I yelled, as she turned her face towards me. With her eyes tightly closed she asked a special favour.

"Cum in my mouth, please! I want to feel it going down my throat."

I pulled out, and immediately she rolled around and took me into her mouth one final time. She sucked on me for a moment, pushing me down her throat once, and I moaned loudly. She knew it was time, and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She licked her lips and kissed the head once, before opening her mouth to accept my load.

My cock spasmed over and over again, shooting white lines of cum into Mom’s open mouth. I came so uncontrollably, that most of it sprayed her face and tits. Mom looked up at me, and I blew one huge final stream all over her lips and nose. Mom laughed and licked the head of my dick clean, as cum dripped off of her chin and onto her sweaty body.

With all our activity we'd completly forgotten Dad and Sue. So as Mom and I lay on the main bed we turned to Dad and Sue on the day bed. By now Sue had finished sucking Dad's cock and he was now laying on his back. Sue sat above him with Dad's hands supporting her arse as his cock pistioned her cunt. Positioned a she was facing us, her legs spread wide, we had a clear view of Dad's cock, as it slid back till just the head remained inside, slamming deep into Sue.

It was then that Mom began shouting to Dad "Come on you old man fuck her. Slam that cock into the little bitch. Push it right into that tight cunt."

She turned to me and laughed and I joined in as I could hear Dad breathing hard from the effort of fucking Sue. Sue was also moaning and groaning and her hand was furiously rubbing her clit. The sloshing sound of dick in cunt filled the room. Mom and I were chanting "Fuck her, Fuck her", Dad's face was red with exertion and his eyes had closed tight as he tried to delay the inevitable of shooting his load.

Fianally as he shouted "here it comes" Sue slipped off his dick and lay back on Dad as a jet of cum shot into the air and fell across Sue's stomach. Another spurt landed in her pubic hair and several smaller bursts landed on her thighs. Mom began to clap as her husband and daughter lay in an exhausted heap.

"What a performance. Are we one hot fucking family or what?" said Mom stepping off the bed and moving to give Dad a big cum flavoured kiss. She then reached between Sue's legs and said "you'll get a better orgasm if you rub it like this" demonstrating how to manipulate her clit.

Feeling all hot and sweaty I suggested we move outside to the spa pool to clean off . Three other sweating, cum covered bodies followed.



Me and my cousin pt. 1

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My Cousin and I pt.1

"Finally it's friday" i exclaimed as I woke up. See, I'm so excited because my lillte cousin Jessica is spending the night, Let me tell you why I'm so excited. She is 16 years old and about 5'1-5'3, about 90 lbs brown hair, brown eyes, and a bad ass body. She has these little tits that I've never seen before, but all the times i've imagined them, i pretty much got them down, especially since ive seen her older sisters tits. Theyre about a b cup, small brown areolas and 2 nipples that are brown and very eatable. She has a coke bottle figure that just blows my mind everytime i see her. And her ass, oh my gawd! she has an ass that i just want to grab ahold of everytime i see her and just bite it and massage it.

"Hey Joe" she said

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as she first entered my room.

"Hey jess, u spending the night?" as if i already didnt know.

"Yeah, the whole weekend" when she said that my heart skipped a beat because i knew sometime this week i was going to see her in her 2 piece bathing suit considering that it is summer and about 90 degrees outside.

"Joe, im going to be downstairs ok" shouts my little sister monica

"Ok, ill be here" i shout back "You going too jess?"

"No, im a little tired, so i think im going to take a nap in monica's bed"

"Iight" i say back. Now's my chance i think to myself. As soon as she dozes off, ill sneak in and see if i can catch a glimpse of her body. I begin to watch tv as if not even thinking of my cousin for about 45 minutes. As soon as i dont hear anything froom my sisters room, i start to make my way to her door. I held my ear to the door to try and see if jessica was still up, nothing, so i slowly cracked open the door. There she is, laying there with her back towards me. Her shapely ass sticking out from under the sheet. I caught a glimpse of her black bra strap because the spaghetti strap shirt she was wearing was starting to come off her shoulders. I slowly made my way into the room, trying my hardest not to make a sound. She suddenly jerked in the bed and i froze. It was mothing, just a dream. She then readjusted herself on the bed and stuck her ass out towards me even more than before. that simple movement gave me an absolutely great look at her purely puerto rican ass. The shorts she had on were so short, i could see the curve of her ass that met her thick thighs. I immediately got a hardon, and me not wearing any underwear, my cock was completely visible to anyone who woke up or entered the room. Deciding that this would be possibly the most of her that i would see today, i pulled out my cock and started to jack-off. I started to moan her name, softly so as not to wake her up. i moved in closer and gently touched that part of her ass that was visible to me. again, she shifted in bed, but i didnt care, i kept on doing what i was doing. I slid my shorts off completely and stood there in all my glory with my cock in my hand, and my fingers on her ass. i must've been beating it too loud because she slowly awoke and sat up, not having enough time to pull my pants up,i just stood there, hoping that she wasnt completely up and went back to bed. but she didnt, she just looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said "Joe, what the hell are you doing?!" damn it, if she tells anybody, im in deep shit considering that im 19 and her blood cousin. "Damn jess, im so sorry, i dont know what came over me, please dont tell anybody" i tried to beg her but to my surprise she didnt say that she would or wouldnt, she just looked up at me and said "Can i touch it?"

"hell yea" as i said this, she reached out her hand and gently rubbed her fingers along the lenght of my shaft.

"wow its hard, and real hot"

"you should fell it inside you" as soon as i said this, i knew i was taking a big risk, first of all my sister could come up at any minute or jessica could realize what i wanted to do to her and scream her little head off.

"maybe i will" when she said that my jaw dropped almost to the floor. she wrapped her hand around my erect cock and just held it "do you want me to do what you were doing?

"yes" i said. she started to move her hand up and down my shaft, jacking me off.

"damn jessica, that feels good"

"your dick is sooo hard, is it because of me?

"yes, yes it is" she then took her tongue and slide it across the head of my prick.

"ohhhhhhh" was all that i could muster as the feel of her tongue on my prick was too much to take.

"did that feel good Joe?"

"yes, try putitng it in your mouth now"

i helped her because i could see that she was a little scared of what i asked her to do. I grabed the wrist of the hand she had on my cock, and guided it to her lips.

"Now open them and put the head in"

"ok" she said, as she opened her mouth and slide 2 inches of my cock in her young mouth.

"ooooooo wow jess, now take more of it" with that said, she just giggled and looked up at me as she took 4 more inches of my cock

"h-h-have you d-d-done this b-b-b-b-efore?

"mmmhmmmm" i took that as a yes when she deepthroated that rest of my cock

"fuck jess, suck my fucking cock" she bobbed her head up and down my cock like a pro. slurping and sucking my precum as she played with my balls.

"Fuck jess im gonna cum" i was sooooo hot from the sensation of my cousins mouth sucking my cock and her hand caressing my balls that i nearly exploded then and there. she took my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.

"do u want to cum in my mouth Joesph?" my beautiful cousin asked me

"fuck yes i do" with that, she went back to sucking me off. She now had one hand on my balls, one wrapped around my shaft and her head bobbing on my cock.  i reached down and felt her little tits. i pinched her nipples through her halter top. I then slipped the straps off her shoulder and let the top fall from her bra. then she undid her bra, never breaking stride on my cock and let her tits bounce free from their lacey prison.

"wow those are pretty" i told my cousin, trying to keep myself from coming too soon.

i decided then that i wanted to feel her virgin pussy. i reached down and played with her belly button. she undid her tight shorts and stood up, again my cock fell from her mouth with a pop and a trail of saliva ran from my cock head to her mouth, dripping down to her tits and stomach. she wriggled out of her shorts with a devilish grin and a little shimmy that made me even hotter. she knealt back down and sucked in my cock without the use of her hands, wow was she fucking good at this!

I reached down to her surprisingly trimmed pussy, she must shave because she was practically bare with the exception of the little strip above her clit. i felt my way around and found her hooded friend. she must've been enjoying this as much as i did because she was literelly dripping wet, her pussy lips slick with her juices. I slipped my index finger inbetween her slit and with my thumb caressed her clit. i felt her moan on my cock and that made her go even faster and deeper with my cock.

"fuck im gonna cum jessica" even though i tried to warn her, she never stopped, keeping the same furious pace as before. with one last stroke into her throat, my cock spurted its white hot streams down her throat.

"fffuuuuuuuuccckkkkk" i excalimed as i felt my cock drain its manjuice into my 16 year old cousins stomach. she tried her hardest to swallow my entire load, but it wasnt gonna happen, little streams came out form the sides of her mouth and dripped onto her nipples then the floor. she kept sucking me until my cock went limp.

"that was fucking great jess"i said as she let my cock slip from her mouth and stood up, barely coming up to my chin.

"you taste great Joe, did u like it?"

"yea, i loved it jess, you really knew what you were doing"

"youre not the first cock ive had in my mouth" that was good, very good, i didnt need a rookie sucking my cock.

"we have to do this everytime you spend the night here"

"yea we do, i loved suicking your cock, and i would love to know what your dick feels like inside my tight cunt" the way she talked to me completely changed the way i saw my cousin, she went from this little innocent girl, to this cocksucking, fuckdoll-like woman.

"me too jess, i want to fuck you so bad"

"tonight, when your sister falls asleep, ill go to your room"

"ok dont knock, just come right in ok, ill be waiting"

"ok" she said as she stood on her tippytoes and deeply kissed me, her tongue darting around my mouth, the slight sweet taste of my cum along with it. and with that, she went back to bed and i went back to my room, thinking of what we just planned to do tonight. boy, i cant wait.....

Daniel's Stepmom (Part 2 of 3)

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Daniel’s Story, Part 2

As you recall in part 1, I had come home early one day and discovered my son masturbating in the living room in front of the television watching a homemade video of myself (his dad) and his stepmother that he had found in my closet while I was at work and his step mom was out of town. This eventually led to my discovery that his step mom had been secretly fantasizing about him since he was younger. Now that all of this is out in the open, our next step is come up with a plan to get the two of them together.

Being a programmer, it was only natural that I look upon this upcoming adventure as a project. As with any other project, there were certain rules that needed to be followed to insure success. A normal project would define goal

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s (deliverables), resources, restrictions, timetable and other elements. I’m not that bad. All I really need here is goals. The ultimate goal here is to establish a sexual relationship between my son and my wife. Left up to Daniel, all of this could be accomplished in one or two minutes. Just both strip and jump each other’s bones. Fortunately, I know Heather well enough to know that would never fly.

How do we ease into this? That was the question. After rolling this question over and over in my mind, I decided that the best tool to use to break the ice was the videos. His curiosity had already been peaked by the short screening he had already had. He was very anxious to see more.

I decided that it would all take place on Saturday evening.

Today was Thursday, and it was very hard to concentrate on my work. All I could think about was Saturday night. Daniel had some errands to run, and was out of the house for the day. I decided to go home at lunch for a little afternoon delight.

Arriving at the house and walking in the front door, it appeared as if no one was home. All was quiet. I made my way upstairs, and as I was walking down the hall to our bedroom I heard a faint sound. Stopping at the closed door, I listened. It was the distinct sound of sexual activity. Not hard-driving sexual activity, but soft and sensual sounds. Slowly, I turned the knob and opened the door about 6 inches. What I saw made me very glad I decided to come home for lunch.

Heather was lying on the bed, and the television was on. Her eyes were glued to the set, but her legs were spread and her fingers were buried between them. She hadn’t noticed me because the headboard of the bed is against the same wall as the door. I felt my cock beginning to stiffen as I watched. She was viewing the video of one of our mountain trips where we were making love near a waterfall. It was a very sensuous setting, and we were obviously enjoying each other. As I watched, I could tell she was well into this session. Her fingers were glistening with her own wetness. I almost went over the edge when she took her very wet fingers and brought them to her face. Holding them in front of her face for a split second, she seemed to look to see how much juice was there. Then, she inserted the fingers in her mouth and sucked all of the juice off. While sucking her fingers, I could hear another sound coming from her. It was as if she had just placed a spoonful of ice cream in her mount. "Mmmmmmmm! "

I couldn’t take it anymore. Opening the door the rest of the way, I half expected her to jump when she saw me. Instead, she just looked up at me and smiled. Her fingers never missed a beat. "Remember that day?" she asked, looking over at the television.

"Oh, yeah……I remember. Great trip."

"Mmmmmmmm. Take your clothes off and come here."

I didn’t wait to be told twice. Before you could count to three, I was naked and lying next to her.

"Suck my nipples. They’ve been thinking about you all morning….."

Gently, I took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking. Immediately it instilled a reaction from her. Arching her back upwards slightly, she resumed moaning. She was hot. Hotter than I had seen her in a long time.

Now wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I remained silent and continued my assault on her nipples. My fingers now began wandering down her flat tummy to the neatly trimmed tuft of dark hair. Sliding further, I found my finger wedged between two of the wettest lips I had ever experienced. Easily I slid up and down, rubbing against her clitoris with the motion. Within moments my finger was dripping with wetness. I replaced the nipple in my mouth with my own wet finger, enjoying the savory aroma as well as the wonderful flavor of her sex.

Lifting myself off of the bed and working my way on top of her, I positioned my cock at her opening. Gently I pushed, and her eyes closed. Slowly, till it completely disappeared, I held it in place. Opening her eyes, she pleaded, "Don’t tease me. Not now. I need him so bad."

I began the familiar back and forth motion. After only seconds, she grabbed my arms and dug her fingernails into my biceps. With every forward thrust, she replied with an upward thrust of her own. Harder and harder I fucked her, till the room was filled with the sound of our crotches slapping together and the smell of our sweat from our overheated bodies.

Before long, I could feel the orgasm building deep inside me. As I thrust even harder, she could tell the moment was near and began shouting at me. "OH, YES!!! OH, YES!!! FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER. I’M GONNA CUM…………………..NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Simultaneously we both exploded in orgasm. Already, I was feeling wetness dripping down my cock and over my balls and onto the sheet below. Now I just added to the already overwhelming amount of liquid inside of her. As I slowly began to pull my cock from her, she grabbed me and held me still. I pushed back in ever so slightly, and felt the liquid being pushed out around my cock. Eventually, she let me go and I slowly pulled out and rolled to her side. After what seemed like forever, she finally smiled and opened her eyes. Turning towards me, she stared at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

"Mmmmmmm! That was wonderful. Just what I needed."

"So tell me, what started all of this?" I asked.

"I had a dream. About having you and Daniel at the same time. God, it was erotic. I woke up already wet."

"Well, I think the three of us are gonna stay home Saturday night and watch movies.’ Pointing to the television……. "Those movies. Then we’ll just see what happens. I want you to head to the mall this afternoon and pick out something very sexy from Fredrick’s. It’s a special occasion. We need to dress up."

With that, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and dressed. Returning back to the bedroom, I found her still lying on the bed looking very satisfied. "I gotta get back to work."

Bending over to give her a kiss, she grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed. Placing a hand on each side of my head, she pulled my lips to hers and we embraced in a passionate kiss. "You’re so good to me. Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Yeah, but don’t let that stop you."

Giving me a huge bear hug, she quietly whispered………"I love you, I love you, I love you."

As I got back in the car, I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was without a doubt, the luckiest man in the world.

Work went a little better that afternoon. At least I had temporarily satisfied my carnal desire. Now I could concentrate on getting some work done. The rest of the day went well and flew by. Before I knew it, I was packing to go home for the day. I was anxious to see what Heather had found at Fredrick’s.

As I pulled into the driveway I noticed Daniel’s car was back in it’s usual spot. Wondering what I would find when I walked into the house, I was a little apprehensive. As it turned out, my fears were unfounded. Walking into the living room, Daniel was in my recliner watching Nickelodeon. I thought to myself, "21 years old and he still watches that stuff. Maybe he’s not ready for what we have in store for him." It was a fleeting thought that passed as quickly as it came.

"Where’s Mom?"

"In the kitchen making dinner. How was your day?"

My thoughts traveled back to lunch. Smiling, I responded "Oh…..same ol, same ol

Walking into the kitchen, I was a little taken back by what I saw. She was wearing a t-shirt that was gathered and tied just below her breasts and a familiar pair of sweat shorts. As I walked up behind her she was bending over looking into the window of the oven. She had picked out my very favorite pair of her sweat shorts to wear. The ones that ride halfway up her cheeks when she bends over (which is exactly why I like them) and usually stays like that when she straightens up. Hearing me come in behind her, she stood up and, much to my delight, the shorts did not disappoint me. Turning around to give me a hug, I reached around her and grabbed a cheek in each hand. Sliding my hands under the material, I found that she also had on something new. Apparently she had picked up a couple of new thongs at Fredrick’s. Stepping away from me and turning around, she grabbed the waistline of her shorts and pulled them down just far enough for me to see the white lace disappear between her cheeks.

"Very nice!" I said.

Turning back around, she untied the knot in her T-shirt and lifted it up for me to see her new very sexy and revealing bra that matched the thong. "You like? I bought them with YOU in mind."

"Oh, sure. ME in mind? I know who you have had on your mind." Giving her a grin to let her know that I was being sarcastic, I slapped her gently on her ass and gave her a brief kiss.

"Alright, what’s going on in here? I hate it when mom goes away for awhile. When she comes back home, you guys are all over each other for days." Daniel strolled into the kitchen and seated himself on one of the barstools at the counter. "God mom, are you hot or something? Could you have any less clothes on?" he said in his best Joey (from Friends) imitation.

"Well. I could have, but that will have to wait till tomorrow night. Today, you just get to look and use your imagination."

Daniel stole a puzzled look at me. To this point, he was unaware that any firm plans have been made.

"I’ll tell you later." I said as I winked at him. Turning to Heather I changed the subject….. "So, what’s for dinner."

"Pot roast. You’re favorite….."

"Yummy. " I said as Daniel and I returned to the living room.

I could see the excitement in Daniel. We had hardly moved out of earshot of Heather when he turned to me.

"Whassup!" He whispered, obviously overly excited .

"I was gonna tell you tonight…….. Oh well, I’ll tell you now. Remember I said I was going to have that talk with mom about you and the videos? Well, I had that talk. I hope you don’t have any plans for Saturday night. That’s all I’m gonna say."

"OH, RIGHT!!!! Don’t leave me hanging like this….. Tell me what’s going on."

"You’ll find out. Just be on your best behavior till then. I don’t want her getting upset at you for anything and spoiling the whole thing………….and believe me, you don’t want that either. Trust me…"

That’s all it took. Daniel was an angel over the next two days. I’ve never seen him so good. I even saw him doing homework. That was a first.

Saturday came none too soon. Heather woke me up at 6 am. "I can’t sleep. I’m too excited. What if he gets embarrassed? What if he can’t get it up? "

"Calm down. Number one, LOOK AT YOU. YOU’RE GORGEOUS. I think not getting it up is the last of your worries. As far as being embarrassed, I guess that’s possible…….but I guarantee it won’t last for long. Just chill out and go about your business like usual today. Everything will be fine."

"Yeah, right! Like usual, huh? You have got to be kidding."

"Tell you what. If you don’t calm down, you are liable to do something today to spoil it. You wouldn’t want that, would you?"

"You’re right, you’re right. I’ll just bury myself in my cleaning. Just like a normal Saturday."

"Yeah, that’s the ticket. Later on, we’ll lie by the pool and get some sun. That always relaxes you….especially after cleaning all morning. I’ve got to do some work in the yard and I’ll be ready for a dip in the pool later as well. Just try to stay focused. Daniel has a game today so he’ll be gone most of the day. That way you won’t have to keep looking at him."

"I know. Every time I look at him lately, I find my eyes drawn to his crotch. It’s embarrassing but I can’t help myself."

"Well, tonight should take care of all of it. Meanwhile, can we go back to sleep for a couple of hours. It is Saturday, you know."

"OK, ok." She leaned over and kissed me. "Are you sure you don’t want a little to start the day?"

Smiling, I said "Why don’t you save it for tonight."

"OK!" she said, pouting as she got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

About an hour later, I gave up trying to sleep anymore. Between the vacuum cleaner and the stereo, it was a battle that I knew I wasn’t going to win. I got up, put on my Saturday ‘outside work’ clothes and headed outside to mow the yard.

Around lunchtime, Heather was done with her inside work and I was done with my outside work. She made lunch and we ate outside by the pool. She had changed, and was now wearing a new bright yellow bikini that showed much more than it covered, apparently another Fredrick’s purchase. After eating, we both decided to jump in for a quick dip (I know, we should have waited an hour……tough).

I really liked this new bikini on her. As soon as she got it wet, her dark areola and hard nipples were all but exposed for the world to see and when she turned away from me, the crack of her ass was perfectly visible through the sheer material. "Wow. That’s a keeper honey."

"You like?" she said as she turned and posed slightly for me.

"Oh, yeah! Can’t wait for our next trip to the beach. You’ll have em’ falling all over you."

"Especially when it’s wet."

It was very hard to keep my hands off of her. Speaking of hard, the front of my bathing suit was beginning to bulge.

We spent the next several hours lying in the sun and taking dips now and again. Around 5 o’clock Daniel appeared already suited up and ready for a swim.

"Hey guys. Y’all have a good day. House looks great, mom."

"Oh yeah, suck up to her." I teased.

"I’m hot as hell." He said as he headed to the water and jumped in. After swimming around for a few minutes he splashed water on us. "Come on in you guys. This feels great."

Heather got up and ran to the water, jumping in almost on top of Daniel. I was right behind her and as Daniel moved to avoid Heather, he looked up and found himself directly in the path of the geyser of water that was the result of my cannonball. "Get Him" I hollered at Heather and we both began chasing him around in the water.

I grabbed and held him and Heather went under the water and grabbed the waist of his suit and pulled. Off they came and she quickly swam towards the side of the pool, throwing his trunks towards the patio.

I laughed so hard I inadvertently loosened my grip and he got away. Immediately he headed towards Heather. Her attempt at running away from him in the water was comical. He was on her in a flash and he reached out and pulled on the bow at the back of her neck that was holding up her bikini top. "Two can play at that game."

The bikini top fell immediately, revealing Heather’s perfect breasts and erect nipples. She turned towards Daniel and began splashing water at him and laughing hysterically. Poor Daniel. I felt sorry for him, for he was a sitting duck. He couldn’t move. All he could do is stare. Finally, Heather stopped splashing him and the water calmed. Daniel’s eyes were glued to her dark, hard nipples. Her mouth curved upwards in an almost evil smile as she slowly approached him. "Touch them."

I thought to myself, "Well, this wasn’t exactly according to plan……………but I guess it will do."









Trap on Incest Stories


     The holidays were always a special time for me. I guess most families get together at the holidays and experience great times, but probably not in the same way as my cousin and me. I grew up with my cousins, Jill and Brad. Brad was about the same age as me, being only weeks younger, and he was my best friend. Jill was only two years younger than I, and we were always very close also. I guess there is that time when, as a boy, you think girls are gross and have cooties and all that and you try to stay as far away from them as possible. I can remember when Brad and I would curse Jill and tell her to get away as we played some silly boyish game, but I always felt a little bad for it. I really liked Jill, even at a very yo

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ung age. We would often go off by ourselves and play house or some other silly "girly" game that I wouldn’t be caught dead playing if Brad or any other boys were around. I have to admit that I always loved that kind of stuff. We were innocent enough about it until one night at my house when things took a most surprising turn.

It was close to Christmas time and I had just turned fifteen. I had begun to notice girls at school, but was not totally infatuated by them like some of my friends. I was strongly involved with sports and FFA and other activities, and these type things held my attention for the most part. I guess I was what you might call a late bloomer in that department. While my friends were talking about their girlfriends, and kissing, and a few steamier things, I was still concentrating more on sports and cars and such. I had a few "girlfriends" from time to time, but usually nothing more than holding hands in the hall or passing notes in class. To me, it was more of a status symbol to have a girlfriend. After all, if you had a girlfriend, you were considered cool. And if you didn’t like girls, you were gay, right? And I wasn’t gay by any means, so I played along with the game. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive junior high and high school, and I was a pretty popular guy. It just wouldn’t look right if I didn’t have a girlfriend.

The only sexual experience I had with a girl had been around this time, and was the result of a wild and unusual situation. We were at a Halloween party, when a girl whom most of us thought as pretty much a weirdo showed up. She was never at any of the parties, but for some reason she was at this one. She ended up getting wasted drinking coke and rum and the boys began to pay more attention to her. She wasn’t bad looking, and actually had a great body. She was short, at only 5'0" tall, but this helped to emphasize some of her physical features. She was hispanic and had long black hair. She was well groomed and looked cute in the face although not what most would consider gorgeous. Her body was what I would call athletic, and what most of my friends would call fat. She wasn’t fat but she was fairly thick. Her ass stuck out, but was well rounded and her breasts were above average sized. Her stomach only showed a slight pudge and I thought her eyes were great. Me and about four other friends of mine got to talking to her and she was drunk as could be. Before long we were all with her in the back bedroom and she was letting us touch and kiss her just about anywhere we wanted. Her clothes were still on at the time, but it was very sexy. Suddenly one of the guys asked her if she was going to give us all a blowjob, really just in a joking manner, but to our surprise she said yes. I don’t think she really knew what she was saying but we didn’t care. We were getting pretty drunk also, and a blowjob sounded awesome to us. We decided to go after it one at a time, and so we drew straws to see who would go first and who would have to wait outside the door for their turn. Not being lucky night, I drew the longest straw and had to wait to go last. One after another we took turns at her offer. By the time I was up, and all the boys had gotten theirs and returned to the party smiling, she looked a mess. Her eyes were barely open and her face and hair were all messed up. She had cum dripping from her chin. She was a sight, but nonetheless sexy to me. I was horny as could be by the time I finally came in. She grabbed my cock as I was still pushing my jeans down, and began sucking on it. I reached over to her as she lay on the bed and began to rub her nice hard tits. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen or felt and unfortunately I couldn’t hold back any longer. Without warning, I began gushing inside her mouth as she sucked. I felt bad as she choked and gasped for air, but not bad enough to continue to cum all over her hair. After it was over, she was still choking a little and looked like she might get sick. I felt bad, but decided to leave before she yakked on me or something. I guess it wasn’t a fairytale first time, but it sure got my rocks off just the same.

When we let out for Christmas break, I was most looking forward to seeing Brad and Jill for the holidays. They were probably my two best friends in the world. Christmas time was my favorite time of the year, not only because of all the lights, and the tree, and the presents and everything, but also because I knew I would get to spend a lot of time with my cousins. Brad was still fourteen at the time and Jill was thirteen. I knew we would be able to spend a lot of time together and I was excited to say the least. It was my favorite thing about Christmas. The presents were nice, but spending time with my cousins was a real gift. Almost as soon as I got home that last day of school, I was quizzing mom about when we would go see them.

As it turned out, that particular Christmas started out with a huge disappointment. Brad had gotten pneumonia and we would not be able to go see them until he got better. I was devastated to say the least upon hearing this. I couldn’t imagine going all Christmas without seeing my cousins. That’s when my mom said, "Maybe Jill could come to visit us."

"You mean by herself?"

"Sure, I know you like Jill and she could come up here and see us, and then maybe if Brad got better in time, he could come later."

I was still disappointed about Brad being sick, but it sounded better than nothing. I mean, I did like spending time with Jill, I just didn’t know about spending all Christmas break with her. I was a guy after all, and I didn’t know how much fun it would be with just a girl around to play with all the time. But then I began to think of the positives. She was still one of my best friends and they had never come to see us during Christmas before, we had always gone to their house. I started to get exited about the new possibilities when mom called my aunt to get the go-ahead.

Jill arrived a few days later and I was pleasantly surprise. Not only did mom tell me she could stay until Christmas Eve, which was a nice surprise in itself, but I also noticed some differences in Jill. I hadn’t seen her much in several months, and she looked really different. Jill had always been kinda like a tom boy I guess you would say. She had always dressed in jeans and t-shirts and didn’t seem to care about her appearance. It was one of the things I appreciated about her, and why I liked her so much before. Now, though, she was much more like a young lady. She was almost as tall as me now, at about 5'7". She was dressed in a nice mini skirt and a blouse. She had her hair in a pony tail with her long bangs drifting down her face. Her short white socks along with her white Keds brand shoes were also a new addition. And though I might have frowned at it a year ago, I must admit that now she was very appealing. I felt a strange sensation as she ran up and hugged me around the neck. She seemed much more like a stranger, but I didn’t want to release her from her hug. The new fashion was not the only change that had taken place. Jill was always cute I guess, but I never realized how much so until that day. I suddenly found myself comparing her to girls at my school, only to realize that she was much hotter than any I had seen. She had a gorgeous face that was accented by a great smile. She had started wearing some make-up which made her features even more appealing, although she could have worn none and been beautiful. Her breasts had also grown a great deal. I had remembered her as always being sort of flat-chested, but now she had some of the largest breasts I had ever seen for her age. Her legs were tanned, by the miracle of tanning salons I’m sure, and were long, slender, and smooth. She was nothing like I had pictured she would be. She was growing up.

"How’s it going cuz?" she said.

"Fine, just fine. Sorry to hear about Brad though."

"Yeah, it’s a shame. You and I will just have to figure out how to have fun by ourselves I guess."

I thought I saw a strange look in Jill’s eye as she said this. Suddenly the possibilities rumbled through my head. I shook them away though and made pleasantries with my aunt as we entered the house. My aunt stayed the night and we shared some great stories. She was wonderful to be around, always in a good mood and always with stories to tell. I was disappointed when she said she was leaving in the morning but would be back in a week to get Jill.

The next morning after we had said goodbye to my aunt, Jill suggested we play monopoly. It was one of our favorite games and it always became competitive. She was beating the crap out of me this day, however. She had me distracted with the tank top and shorts she had decided to wear. They were small and tight on her and accentuated her features nicely. She also had her hair in pig tails, and for some reason it was driving me nuts. My cock stayed hard almost constantly, as she wiped my ass at monopoly. We played late into the day when my mom came in all dressed up.

"We have to go to a Christmas party for your dad’s work tonight. Do you two think you can entertain yourselves for a while? We might be late getting back."

"Sure mom, we will be just fine."

I have to admit I was a little nervous about being alone with Jill. She was the same old cousin I had been around for years, but she had also turned into the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I shook my head and tried to think of something else. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t touch myself the night before while thinking about Jill running up to me and hugging me when she arrived hours earlier. I was imagining the way her breasts pressed into my chest when she hugged me as I blew my load into the sock I had placed around my cock. I often masturbated, but never to Jill before, and now here she was at my house and I was going to be alone with her. I felt a little guilt for a moment like she might sense what I was thinking, but I had pretty much regained senses when my parents left for the party.

We decided to play some card games after my parents left. We were chatting along as we always did when the conversation turned more personal.

"Do you have a girlfriend yet?" Jill asked.

"Not really. I have had a few, but right now I’m kinda in between girlfriends. What about you?"

"No, I really only liked one boy at my school. We went out to the movies a couple times but he turned out to be prudish."

"What do you mean?," I asked.

"Well, you know, I don’t really think he knows what he’s doing. I mean, guys always talk big to their friends, but he never does anything when I’m alone with him."

"What would you like him to do?"

"I don’t know. I guess I just expected more to happen. He won’t even kiss me goodnight. I know he wants to, and I am all ready and everything, but it’s like he chickens out or something."

I knew exactly what she meant. I remember in junior high how all of my buddies would talk a big game about how much of a stud they were. It was all bullshit and I knew it. I was in the same boat as they were and I knew the truth. I was absolutely petrified most of the time when I was alone with a girl. We would usually do nothing more than hold hands and maybe a few awkward kisses and that was it. I hadn’t even done that but a couple of times. Some of the guys did have sex, but it was usually because they had been with the same girl for so long. Maybe I’m nieve but that is what I thought anyway. I was getting very uncomfortable with all this type of talk and I decided to change the subject. That’s when I remembered dad’s liquor cabinet.

"I’ve got a great idea, if your game."

She looked kind of excited by my proposal. "What did you have in mind?" she asked.

"Dad has a bottle of whisky that has been in the back of the liquor cabinet for years. I sipped on it a few times here and there. What say after they get home and go to bed, we get it out and mix us up a couple of drinks?"

She smiled really big at that suggestion.

"Sure! I’ve never drank before, but I’ve always wanted to. I say you’re on."

Just then the telephone rang. It was mom on the other line. She sounded a little drunk and had some very unexpected news. The party they had gone to was about ten miles out in the country and, although Jill and I hadn’t even noticed, it had snowed several inches since they had left and it was still coming down very hard.

"I hate to do this, but your father and I are thinking about staying the night over here. We have both had a little too much to drink, and with the snow storm coming on so strong, we are a little nervous about driving home. Will you two be all right if we stayed until tomorrow?"

I went and looked out the window while she was talking. The snow was really coming down and everything in sight was already under fairly deep snow. By the looks of things, we were in for a big one. I assured her we would be all right and she began her speech about what to do if we needed anything, and what we could eat if we got hungry, and so on. I had to reassure her several more times before we finally said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I then turned back to Jill who was looking out of the picture window at the snow storm.

"Looks like we’re on our own for a while."

She turned to me and said, "Well, I guess we don’t have to wait to break open the whiskey bottle then."

I smiled and went into the kitchen. I have to admit that I loved to drink. Being fifteen, I hadn’t been drunk but a handful of times, and was really looking forward to it. I knew dad would never know the bottle was missing, even if we drank the whole thing. I mixed us a couple of bourbon and cokes and went into the living room.

Over the next couple of hours, we drank several glasses of bourbon and played many hands of hearts. We were making small talk about this and that, nothing really too interesting, but I did notice that Jill was getting rather drunk and was starting to laugh at everything I said. I guess it was the whisky as much as anything, but Jill was looking hotter and hotter by the glass. I began to see her in a little different light as the night went on. I think she was eyeing me as well. I was spending more and more time studying her ample breasts and her nice tanned legs and she was looking me over as well. I didn’t really suspect anything would really come of it until she made a very interesting proposal.

She slurred a little as she asked, "I’m getting tired of hearts. You wanna try some poker?"

"I’m game I guess, but we don’t have any poker chips or anything."

She gave a very seductive grin and said, "I guess we could play strip poker."

If it weren’t for the whisky, I probably would have told her she was crazy. But with the situation as it was, I was really excited. I was pretty good at poker and the thought of getting her naked and seeing her bare breasts stare back at me all night; I figured what the hell.

"OK," I said, "but I have to warn you that I am pretty good at poker."

She just smiled and said, "I’m going to kick your ass!"

"All right then, what’s it going to be? Five card draw?"

"Sounds good to me." she said, and the game was on.

In the first hand I dealt her out three aces and my pair of nines didn’t stand a chance. She giggled as I showed her my cards.

She laughed "Oh! Looks like you owe me something."

I smiled as I kicked a shoe off. She seemed a little disappointed at first, but I knew it would be a long night if she wanted to get me naked. My strategy proved correct, as after several more hands, she had lost her shoes and socks and was down to her shorts and tank top. I still had on my shorts, t-shirt, and both socks.

"I think your cheating!" she said with a grin.

"No, I swear. I told you I was pretty good"

She just gave me a friendly sneer and said, "Just deal the cards wiseass."

I won the next hand easily. I actually had to draw four cards and dealt myself three straight jacks and a ten on the discard. Jill’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she laid her two pair down.

"I guess it’s either your shirt or your shorts this time" I was really rubbing it in.

"I still say your cheating but I will play by the rules. I guess I should have worn more clothes tonight." She was trying to act upset about her losses, but I could tell she was really loving it. I was loving it too, but tried to contain myself, just as if it were no big deal. My cock was already growing from the anticipation and I knew if she were to get me naked first I would have to expose my hard virgin cock, and that might be embarrassing. Not that I had a small dick, I actually considered it to be fairly good sized at about seven inches. I just didn’t want her to know she was having this kind of effect on me.

"I guess I’ll take my shorts off next. I would take my top off if I had thought to wear a bra."

This made my cock rise to full attention. I was stunned at the idea that she was braless. I now knew I was only two winning hands away from seeing her completely naked and I was becoming more horny than I had ever been in my life. After all, I was a virgin and here I was with a beautiful girl, my own cousin, and at fifteen, your cock will get hard at just about anything. I couldn’t help but stare shamelessly as she stood up, turned her ass toward me, and slowly slid her cotton shorts down. I nearly passed out when I saw her bare ass. She was actually wearing a thong! I had only seen them in pictures from my dad’s swimsuit edition in Sports Illustrated. Now here my hot little thirteen-year-old cousin was wearing them and having to show them to me. Her ass was perfect. Small and tight and curved out from the small of her back in an amazing arc. As she bent over, I could see the perfect mound of her pussy underneath the thin fabric of the thong and I put my hand on my crotch. It was almost more than I could bear and I started to excuse myself to the bathroom for a quick jerk, but I decided staying might prove more educational. I was still in shock when she quickly giggled and sat back down.

"You look a little surprised," she said, as I was trying to regain my composure.

"I can’t believe you were a thong. What does your mom say?"

"She doesn’t know. I go buy them myself. They are really pretty comfy, and there are no panty lines in my pants or skirts when I want to drive the boys crazy at school. It looks like I have no panties on at all, which is sometimes the case anyway." She was as shameless as I was.

I was speechless as she dealt out the next hand. By some horrible miracle, she won the next several hands in a row, and I found myself down to my boxer shorts. I had taken my jean shorts off with my back to her and quickly turned and sat down so she might not notice my stiff cock. It was hard as a rock and I knew it would be difficult to hide. I must not have done a very good job, because when I had sat down again she said, "Looks like at least one of us is a little excited here." She laughed out loud at that which made me very uneasy.

"Well, maybe I am, but your nipples are sure pointing out of that tank top, or is it just cold in here?" I gave her a satisfying grin as she said, "Oh, just shut up and deal the next hand!" She smiled and gave me a very suggestive look as I dealt the cards. We both knew that the next hand would mean that one of us would have to bare ourselves to the other. Just my luck, I won.

I said, "Well, look like you are going to have to show me those hard nipples now."

"Guess again," she said, as she stood up and quickly dropped her thong to the floor. I was astonished by this as I thought for sure she would take her top off first, but I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. To my surprise, after she took the thong off, she stood there a second, slowly stepping out of the thong on the floor. I got a good view of her beautiful pussy and I felt a little precum seep out of my cock. Her pussy was very nearly bald. She had trimmed it to accommodate the thong, but you could tell there wasn’t really much pubic hair there to begin with. Her mound was small but sexy and you could see the slit to her vagina. She sat back down after several seconds and simply took the cards and shuffled them. She didn’t say a word, but I don’t think it was from embarrassment. I think she was privately loving the show she was giving me and probably wanted to lose the next hand as well. About a minute later, she got her wish as I outdrew her on the discard. She stayed seated and pulled her top over her head revealing a beautiful pair of tight tits to me. They bounced only slightly as the tank top rubbed against them on the way up. She sat the tank top on the floor beside her and sat there staring at me for a moment. Her breasts were large and very perky, just as thirteen year old breasts should be. They formed tight mounds on her chest and she was breathing a little faster now.

"I guess I win," I said, as my eyes roamed all over her naked body.

"But I don’t want to stop playing yet. I tell you what. If I win the next hand, then we will both be naked, and we can play one more for the championship." She said this with a slightly devilish grin.

"But what if I win the next hand? What will happen then?" I was very interested what she might say to this.

"Well, we could say that if you win the next hand, I will have to do something for you. Like a dare or something."

"What do you have in mind. You are already in a predicament as it is."

She thought a minute, and her smile gave away to a very intense and serious look. "I will jerk you off."

She said it very quickly and very much to the point. I was stunned. She had no smile and no indication that she was kidding or that she wouldn’t actually go through with it. I was very nervous. The idea of Jill jerking me off was wrong, but amazingly sexy. And at the same time, it could be embarrassing. I knew my limitations and I was afraid of what would happen when I came all over her hand within only a few seconds. I was practically ready to burst as it was.

"Well what do you say. I promise I will do it if you win. But if I win we continue playing."

I said, "Well, if you’re sure," and began to deal the hand. I was trembling a little as I tried to handle the cards. My heart was racing as I looked at my hand. I couldn’t believe it! I had dealt myself a nut four of a kind. Four sevens and a king. I knew immediately what that meant. It would take a miracle for her to beat me.

"Your move. How many cards do you want?" She didn’t look to happy as she told me she needed three cards. I was a shoe-in to win and my stomach was in knots.

"I guess I’ll stick with these." I said, as I studied her breasts, looking quickly to her eyes to get her reaction. She only sighed, sat quietly for a moment and then looked down at her cards.

"Well, all I got is a measly pair of threes." She looked intently at the backside of my cards as I hesitated a moment. I decided not to say anything more. I would simply turn my hand over, lean back into the sofa I was sitting on, and see what happened next.

She looked at my four of a kind sitting on the table in front of her for a long time. She then looked up at me and the tent my cock had made out of my underwear. I finally saw a semblance of a smile start across her face as she slowly raised up, exposing her beautiful pussy once again. I watched her body move as she walked to one side of the coffee table we had been playing on, and scooted it across the living room floor to free up the space in between us. "It’s still snowing pretty hard." she said, as I saw her glance out the picture window into the yard and then back toward me. I gave a quick look outside and the snow was really piling up. This, along with the fire going in the fireplace, made for a romantic feel to the room, and sort of calmed my anxiety a little. I’m sure it did hers too. Jill walked up to me and slowly lowered herself onto her knees between my spread legs. A sudden feeling of guilt rushed over me and I decided to give her an out.

"You don’t really have to do it you know, not if you don’t want to." I was trying to show a little compassion for her I guess. I held my breath as I waited for her reaction. She did pause for a moment, her perfect little body positioned so closely to my crotch. Then she cracked another small grin, reached her hand into the flap of my boxers, and pulled out my rigid cock.

"No. A bet is a bet and you won fair and square."

She said nothing else as I watched her start to slowly stroke my shaft up and down. I couldn’t say anything more. My body wouldn’t allow it. I struggled hard not to moan out loud but I couldn’t contain myself. The situation was so sexy and so taboo that my orgasm was quickly building, only a few seconds into the act. I decide to stop her so that I could go ahead and take my boxer shorts off. I needed to buy some time or I was going to have the fastest orgasm in the history of the world.

"I think I need some lube or something. This isn’t going too well." She said.

"Your doing fine," I said, as I kicked my boxers aside and sat back down.

"No, I think it will work better with a little less friction." She had a look of deep thought on her face as she said it. I was about to tell her about the bottle of hand lotion in the bathroom when she spoke again.

"I guess I’ll just have to get a little saliva on it. It will work better than nothing." She shrugged her shoulders in very much a schoolgirl manner and quickly placed her mouth around my cock. She then raised her head and spit a little onto the head of my cock. Her hand now moved around my cock head as she spread her saliva all around. I could feel my balls tense up as she lowered her mouth back around my cock and I felt her begin to suck. I could hold back no longer and I couldn’t manage a word when my cock erupted in orgasm. My cock was about half way into her mouth when I felt the first shot of cum leave my cock. I was helpless to stop it, even though I never meant to cum in Jill’s mouth. When that first shot hit her throat, I saw her eyes widen and then close tightly. I could tell she had no idea that I was so close to cumming. She quickly pulled my cock from her mouth as a flow of cum and saliva seemed to pour out of her mouth. It was the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed and it caused my orgasm to become more intense as I let loose rope after rope of cum into her face and hair before should could regain her composure enough to pull away. She was gasping and coughing, but to my surprise, she continued to jerk my cock with her hand until the last drop of cum was relinquished, even as she was trying to get her breath back. After it was over, she gave me a half-angry look and said,

"You weren’t supposed to cum in my mouth! Why didn’t you warn me or something?"

I have to admit that I did feel bad about it. She was completely right.

"I’m sorry," I said. "I just couldn’t stop it, and I wasn’t able to speak in time. My orgasm came upon me so strong and so fast, I was speechless."

This seemed to make her happy, knowing that she had done such a good job. I saw the hurt and anger in her face give way to another one of her seductive grins.

"You really liked it that much?" She needed some reassurance I guess.

"Are you kidding? I’ve never felt anything like that in my life."

She giggled at that and then left the room to grab a towel. When she returned, her face was cleaned off and she looked very pleased with herself. She had a little extra bounce in her step as she walked back around to the sofa to sit down. He body was so young and tight, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, and my cock was already harder than ever and ready for more.

"I was thinking," she said. "Since I made you cum and you came in my mouth and everything, I was wondering if you might be willing to return the favor."

She then raised her legs and placed her feet on the edge of the couch right beside her tight little ass. She then spread her legs wide and began fondling her pubic hair with her hand. I couldn’t take anymore, as I raised up and quickly kneeled before her. My mouth was on the mound of her pussy, licking at her tight little slit, before she could say another word. I heard her start to moan moments after I had begun to eat her pussy. I tried the best I could, being a virgin, but it seemed to be working fine judging by her reactions. Suddenly she raised her ass off the couch and let out a scream.


I was really turned on by her words knowing now that I must be doing it right. Suddenly her pussy became very wet as her juices squirted into my face. She was squirming almost violently but not saying a word as her juices squirted and flowed out into my mouth and face. I have to admit it tasted good, as I struggled to keep my mouth on her pussy. She had her hands wrapped hard around my head, trying to help me. After several more seconds she collapsed back into the couch and moaned loudly. I looked up at her face which was a picture of erotica. Her eyes were glassed over and her mouth was gapped open gasping for air. Her chest was heaving up and down, glistening from perspiration in the fire light. Her eyelids were barely open when she looked down at me and smiled.

"I can’t believe it! I’ve never cum before, not even when I masturbate!"

"No thank you necessary," I said, as I wiped my mouth with my arm.

Her smile ran away a little as she put both hands over her pussy. Her arms pushed her tits hard together and they bulged out nicely. I heard a hint of guilt in her voice.

"Maybe we shouldn’t have done this. It will change everything."

I quickly replied, "I’m not sorry we did. I loved it and I love you even more for allowing me to be a part of this."

I saw her smile come back a little as she said, "Well then, I want you to fuck me. I want to be your first, and you to be my first."

I wasted no time in raising up and kissing her hard. I felt her lips part and our tongues danced together in our mouths. I rubbed her breasts hard, and slowly worked my hand down to her pussy. I pushed my middle finger into her slip as she moaned. It was very tight and I wondered if my cock would fit. I didn’t want to hurt her after all.

"Do it now," she said as she broke our kiss and arched her back. I looked down to see her pussy glisten with wetness and I positioned my cock at her entrance. I looked into her eyes as I penetrated her with a single push. It was so wet, my cock slid in much easier than I had suspected. Her pussy was very tight though, and I took it slow and easy at first. It wasn’t long before all of my seven inches were inside of Jill, as she held her eyes tightly shut and bit at her lower lip. I then waited for her to open her eyes again to ensure me it was all right. When she did, she quickly pushed my shoulders over and back onto the couch, as she rolled over on top of me, my cock never leaving her pussy. I was a little taken by her strength. She quickly began to bounce hard up and down on my cock, moaning loudly. She started to talk extremely dirty to me as I tried to meet her thrusts with my own.

"That’s it, fuck my virgin pussy hard! I never want you to stop! Not until you’re ready to blow your hot cum! Oh, god! You are so big and hard! I knew I would fuck you tonight! I knew it when I first arrived here! I have masturbated to the thought of fucking you so many times! Oh yeah, fuck me harder! "

She sounded like a porn star and I was blown away, but loving every minute. We continued for several minutes before I suggested we change positions. She slid off my cock and got down in the floor on her hands and knees. She looked back at me as if wondering what was taking so long. I got off the couch and kneeled down behind her. I positioned my cock at her pussy, and gave a hard thrust. My entire shaft penetrated as our pelvis’s met violently. She screamed out, which scared me a little at first. I though I might have hurt her. But she quickly began to push back on my cock ensuring me that she wanted more. We were going at it like wild animals now. Each of us was moaning loudly, and her screams of pleasure were becoming more frequent. I was going at an unbelievable pace when it happened. It’s kind of funny looking back on it, but it was anything but funny at the time.

As I was fucking her feverishly, I accidently pulled my cock all the way out without realizing it in time. I simply pushed back hard and my cock missed the mark. Instead of sliding back into her pussy, my cock pushed hard into her ass. It was a one-in-a-million chance, but I guess the slickness of her pussy juices on my cock was enough lube to allow my cock to fully enter her virgin asshole. She screamed out loudly and she fell flat on her stomach. My momentum took me down on top of her, and we laid there still for several intense seconds. My cock was in Jill’s ass, and I was petrified about what she was going to do or say about it. I only hoped I hadn’t hurt her.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED?" She screamed out from underneath me and I hesitated to say anything.

"I’m sorry Jill, it just slipped in before I could stop." I hoped she would understand. I was still motionless inside her ass, afraid to move. I waited for her reply and what I received was unbelievable. She lay still for a few more seconds and then she spoke.

"It really feels good! Do you mind fucking my ass?"

Still stunned, I withdrew my cock a little and pushed back in. She began moaning again as she still lay prone underneath me. I put my arms on either side of her and sped up my thrusts. She began to squirm underneath me, trying to take in as much of my cock as she could. I couldn’t take anymore. I was already cumming in her ass before I could pull it out. I decided just to keep pumping in hopes that she wouldn’t realize. I didn’t know what she might say. I had already cum in her mouth accidentally, and now I was cumming in her ass without permission. I felt bad, and continued to pump until my cock head became too sensitive. I pulled out and sat up on my heels.

"Why did you stop?" She asked.

"I’m sorry Jill, but I came in your ass. I hope you’re not too mad at me." I sounded like a four-year-old who just broke a family heirloom or something.

She smiled up at me and said, "Its ok. I know you must have been exited. Anyway, I guess I can’t get pregnant from that can I?" She laughed out and I couldn’t help but crack up. We laughed for quite a while before she suggested we go shower. I didn’t know at the time that she meant we shower together, and that was another new experience for me; one that ended with me cumming on Jill’s face and tits again, this time with permission.

Jill and I continued our sexual escapades throughout the holidays and for the last several years. We still do today. As I write this, I will soon be going to Jill’s high school graduation and I have a few gifts for her. Some of them are things she asked for, and some of them are surprises. All of them are sexual, and I can assure, no one else in her class will be getting it as good as Jill will. I’m sure I’ll have some new stories to tell very soon.

Spring Break

ThePantyNinja on Incest Stories

Spring Break

This is my first story, comments are very appreciated.

Chapter 1: The Videos

It all began the spring of my first year in college. Spring break was a week away, and my friends were planning a road trip to florida for the week. Seeing as how I was completely broke, I couldn't go with them, and was forced to spend the week at home with my mom. I figured I could at least watch some Girls Gone Wild, maybe feel like it was really spring break. I was pissed that my friends would be getting so much action, while I sat at home and played scrabble with my mother.

Coming home I was still pissed, and didn't speak much to my mom. She could tell I was upset, and she understood why, so she just let it slide. Let me tell you a bit about my moth

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er and myself. I am 18, 6 feet tall, fairly scrawny, with hair always dyed a different color. My mother is 43, with shoulder length hair, which is an amazing reddish brown. People have always come up to her on the streets and in the mall to ask if it was a natural color. She is about 5' 7", with a very nice figure - aerobics every morning helps her keep her legs and waist. I would guess her tits are a full B cup, maybe a C. They remained fairly firm in her years, although they were beginning to show just the slightest amount of sag. She has the same big green eyes that I have, and they are comlimented by a small, skinny nose and full red lips. Although I never thought of her in a sexual way, my mother is very hot, and I alway noticed men checking her out in the mall and at the beach. She never dressed altogether too provocatively, but with her looks it didn't really matter. My dad had left her for another woman 3 years before, although I couldn't understand why. I hated my step mother, and hadn't spoken to her or my father in a year. Back to the story.

The first night back home was fairly uneventful. Mac and Cheese for dinner, and my mom saying she had to be at work the next day, so she wouldn't be home until around 6. She said she would hang out with me if I didn't have other plans. I made a mental note to get other plans, fast. That night I watched some porno on my computer and jacked off, then drifted to sleep around 3AM.

I woke up around 11, rolled out of bed and took a shower. After cereal, I figured out that if I wanted to have other plans tonight, I needed money to make it happen. I didn't have any, and the only way I could think to get some was to steal it. I knew my mom kept money in the desk in her office, but I didn't know where exactly. So I wandered in to look for it. For readers who think I'm a bad person for stealing like that, I only planned to take about 30 bucks, enough for a cheap night out, and I would pay it back before she even missed it. Anyway, I walked into her office, and began to look for the envelope of money I knew she had. I searched through her drawers, being as careful as possible to leave everything the way I found it. When I opened the last drawer, I saw an envelope in the back of it. I pulled the drawer further out to reach the money. As soon as I did, all thought of money left my head.

Sitting in the drawer near the envelope was a vibrator. It was the "silver bullet" kind. About 6 inches long, and fairly thin. Shocked, I picked it up. It was sticky with my mom's juices, and to my dismay, I found my cock was rock hard. Never before had I felt any kind of attraction to my mom. I looked in the drawer for anything else, and was rewarded to find a homemade CD under where the vibrator was. I took it, and popped it into my mom's computer, which was on her desk. Opening it up, it contained 2 video clips, which were labeled simply "1" and "2". I opened number 1 in windows media, and couldn't believe what I saw next.

The clip opened in my living room, but all the furniture had been rearranged. The floor was clear, and the couch was now in the middle of the room, facing the camera. My mom walked on from behind the camera, and my jaw dropped. There was my mother, wearing a red lace bra and thong, with a black garter belt, attached to red thigh high stockings. This was completed by the red "fuck me" stiletto heels she wore. My cock had never been this hard, and I unconsiously took it out and began to stroke it. I watched my mom begin to slowly dance around, teasing the camera. After a minute of just gyrating her hot body, she blew the camera a kiss, and undid the clasp to her bra. She brought her hands back around front, covering her breasts. Slowly and seductively, she dropped them, and the bra slid off her tits and onto the floor. I gasped, and felt my cock twitch, as I stared at my mothers beautiful tits for the first time. She continued her dancing, with her tits swaying rythmically. My fist now slammed up and down my shaft, and I couldn't wait to see what was next. What was next turned out to be her fingers sliding across her nipples, down her toned abs, to hook into her thong. Turning her back to the camera, she bent completely over until her head was almost at the floor, and her legs were still perfectly straight. Aerobics had left my mom quite flexible. She then lowered her hands, dragging her thong with her. I was already drooling over the sight of her tight, shapely ass, but when the thin strip of red was removed, and revealed two thick lips of pink, cum erupted from me, splashing onto my hand, the floor, and her monitor. I didn't care. I just stared at the screen. I was now watching my mother on the couch, legs spread wide, with two fingers inside her gash, and a look of pure estacy on her face. Her pussy was the most beautiful I had seen. Her sexy hips had a perfect rectangle of hair between them, well groomed. It reminded me of an airplane runway. Her's was a place for my cock to land before enter the her hanger. I couldn't find another hair anywhere besides that one small patch. A moan escaped her lips, the first sound she had made during this clip. My cock sprang back to life upon hearing it. I began pounding my meat once again, and soon the very same vibrator that was on her desk, was buried inside her pussy. Watching my mother as she writhed on the couch, a pulsing piece of metal between her legs, I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to be that vibrator. I could see my mother getting more and more aroused, and soon enough she was screaming on the couch, having an incredible orgasm. She then stood up, and I noticed her legs were shaky as she walked to turn on the camera. As she did so, she bent over, and her tits flopped one more time in front of the camera. As the clip stopped, I noticed the time stamp in the bottom corner. She had filmed this a week ago. I was so turned on by my findings, I could barely breathe. My mother was the most erotic person I had ever seen, in any girlfriend, porno, or strip club. I wanted to fuck her. Bad.

I got up and walked to the bathroom, and cleaned myself up. Taking some extra toilet paper, I wiped up her monitor and floor. Thankfully, none of my cum had landed on her carpet. I eagerly sat back down in her chair, and opened up the second file. I wasn't quite sure what I would find, but I knew it would be good. Mom didn't let me down. While it was the last thing I did with the first video, the first thing I did on this was to check the time. It was dated just under a year ago, during a week that I had been away with high school friends, enoying our last summer before going our seperate ways to college. This time the film opened, and mom was already lying naked on her bed, propped up on one elbow. I was amazed at how firm her tits really were, only sagging slightly sideways, despite how she was sitting. A butt covered the camera, and began moving towards my mom. I could see the man's balls hanging between his legs. He mounted the bed, and positioned himself between my mothers legs. I was more shocked than ever. The man was my father. Two years after being divorced, here was a video of my father, about to give mom the cock one more time. Without any foreplay, he slid himself inside her. I was dissapointed that I couldn't see any penetration, only his hips pumping in and out. I was less concerned with that however, than i was with watching my mothers face. She had a look of such pleasure, it was amazing. I watched as her tits bounced up and down with the pouding my father was giving her, and she began moaning as she had in the other video. Again I found myself pumping my cock. I had an idea, and suddenly paused the tape. I ran (with my cock still hanging from my pants) to my mom's room, and began searching her drawers, until I located her underwear. I dug to the bottom, and found that red thong she had. I took it with me, and wrapped it around my pulsing member, as I continued to pleasure myself and my dad gave her quite a ride. She began screaming, clawing at his back, yelling for him to fuck her harder, fuck her like a whore. He consented, by rolling her over, and, positioned so that she was staring straight into the camera, fucked her doggystyle. Now I was in heaven, because I could see my father's face as he slammed into her tight pussy, and more importantly, I could watch her tits rock back and forth, and her face contort with ecstacy as she got fucked. She was screaming like crazy, shouting my fathers name, saying "Make me cum, make me cum!" Soon she moaned for what must have been a good minute, and I could tell she was having a huge orgasm. My father moaned one time, and then quickly pulled himself from her, flipped her over, and began fisting his cock over her tits and face. She reached her hands up, one to tickle his balls, and the other to pump his shaft. He moaned again, and began spraying his load all over her. The first two shots were directed at her tits, the next hit her chin and covered her lips, and then my mom had his cock in her mouth. She took it all in, which I guessed to be about 7 inches, the same as mine. I could see her cheeks moving, and knew she took a few more bursts in her mouth. She then let his now limp dick slide out of her mouth, a strand of cum still linking it to her lips. It broke, and swung down, now stretching from her lips to her tits. She silently began to collect up all his spunk, and licked it off her finger. I was so surpried that my mom was such a cum whore, and then she amazed me even more. She opened her mouth, and still had all of his cum inside of her. She looked straight into the camera, and said "Honey, I love the taste of your cum, and you know you make me scream more than any other cock I've ever had." She then stuck her cum covered tongue out, retracted it, and I saw her gulp. Her mouth opened once more, with no cum in sight. At that, my cock erupted once more, this time spilling my seed into her thong. The clip ended, and I was spent. Hurridly I copied the CD with my burner, and placed everything back as I had found it. No money was taken, I now had other plans for the evening. Burying my cock into my mothers tight, wet pussy.

Chapter 2: Scotch and Scrabble

I spent the rest of the morning washing and replacing her thong, eating, and planning how to get my mother to fuck me. My cock had not gone limp since I first laid eyes on her vibrator. I was still slightly in shock by how sexual my mother was. I wondered exactly how many others she had fucked, and how regularly she fucked my father. I then had the image of a threesome with those two and my step-mother. Somehow, I could guess it had happened at least once. My college mind scrambled to find good ways to get my mother in the mood, not only for sex, but for nasty sex with her son. Booze seemed to be the best way. I went to our basement, and located a bottle of scotch that had found its way into the box of board games. My mother was not too keen on liqour, but it was the best shot I had. I grabbed Scrabble too, because I knew she liked it, and I could suggest it as something to do tonight.

My mom came back from work, and gave me a warm greeting and a hug. I could feel her breasts lightly press against me, and I thought my dick would burst from pressure. As she released the embrace, she smiled at me, and I had flashes of her smile as she dropped her bra. My mom was dressed, but I never noticed. She was naked in my mind all night.

"Well honey, I was going to make tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, how does that sound?"

I told her it would be just great, and that I had dug up scrabble if she wanted to play. She said it was a great idea. As we sat down to eat, I asked if she wanted a drink, maybe a glass of wine. I had been drinking wine with the family since I was 16, and she said sure. I poured two glasses, and brought them over. We made small talk all through the meal, and I ensured that her glass was always full. By the time the bottle of wine was empty, I had just finished my original glass. Mom was getting tipsy, but wasn't all gone yet. I asked her if she wanted another drink, and she said if I don't mind. Then she noticed the bottle.

"Oh, there's no more wine!"

"I know, we got a little carried away huh? Well I dug this up downstairs too, want some?"

I held up the scotch.

"Oh sure, why not? Have some fun with my only son while he's home"

She could not have possibly known the fun I was hoping to have. I poured her a drink, and dilluted mine enough so that it only looked good, it was almost all water. I wanted to make sure I remembered everything that went on tonight.

We sat down at the coffee table to play scrabble. On the couch my mother had masturbated on a week ago. My cock still had not gone soft. The game was fun, and I kept the drinks coming to my mom. I was only planning to get her drunk, but I was unaware that my mom got incredibly horny when she was wasted. About 20 minutes into the game, she spelled "cock." I looked at her, and she giggled, and asked me if it counted, or if it was slang. I told her it counts, it was another word for rooster. She laughed again, touched my leg and said "sure, that's what I meant." Two turns later, she played "Sex" (triple letter score for the x) and her next turn was "Clit." With this I looked at her, and asked her if she was feeling okay. She said great, then had a gleam in her eye, and asked me if I wanted to raise the stakes. When I asked her what she meant, she said "Strip Scrabble - I used to play it all the time in college, that's how I got so good."

"What's the rules?"

She explained. It's played like normal scrabble, except that you can spend your points to take off the other person's clothes. For every 25 points you had, you could buy an item of clothing off them, and you got to pick what you wanted. They had to undress from the top down, so you could choose the pants or the shirt first, but not the underclothes. It sounded good to me. I checked the score sheet, and noticed that she was winning by far. Embarrassing to lose by so much to a drunk chick. I said I would play, but lets start over. She agreed, and the score was 0.

My mom was wearing her buisiness suit, which was stockings, a tight blue skirt, white shirt, and I assumed a bra and panties. I had yet to find out what color and style. I was wearing shorts, boxers, a t-shirt, and socks. We decided that since she had 5 and I had 4, that her stockings wouldn't count. The game began. I started, and managed to pull a 11 point word out of my ass. Since it was a double word score, I had 22 points of the first turn. Mom didnt fair so well, she only got 15. My next turn yielded me another 7 points, so I had 4 points, and one piece of clothing. For as bad as I wanted to see my mom's glorious tits, I chose the skirt. What color panties she had on was killing me. She stood up and began to unzip them, saying "I can't believe I'm playing this again." I noticed she was just going to drop them, and I piped up.

"Uh uh! No Way. You can't just take them off! You have to do it sexy, like you are giving me a strip tease." My mom looked slightly nervous, took a sip of scotch, and walked in front of me. She stood almost in my lap, and began swaying her hips, with her fingers in the hemline. She slowly undid her zipper, and again bent over all the way, and slid them ever so slowly down her legs. The first thing I noticed was the black thong she had on. The second was the garterbelt and thigh highs. Finally I noticed the wet spot on her thong. She stepped out of the skirt, still bent over, and bounced her nice ass in my face. I reached a hand out, and was about to squeeze her cheeks, when she stood up and slapped it away.

"No Cheating! Touching costs extra and its after I lose all my clothes." She then smirked and said "but my garter stays on, cause it wasn't set in the terms. Guess I forgot to tell you I was wearing it." Then she winked at me. It was a very evil wink. She sat next to me again, her legs touching mine. It was her turn, and she had a pretty good word. I added it up, and she totalled 27 points. I didn't want to be naked first, so I fudged the math, and she was drunk enough to think that she only had 24 points. I would lose something next turn, but I was good for now. My next word was amazing, landing a triple letter score, as well as a triple word score. It totalled 35 points, and I gave myself another 6 because mom was too drunk to notice. So now I had 39 points, and another piece of her clothing. Her blouse was coming off. She stood up and straddled my legs, facing me. She bent over so her tits were only inches from my nose, and began to unbutton her shirt. Soon it was unbuttoned, and hanging on her shoulders. Her tits were hanging in a black bra, which barely covered them. They looked outstanding. I almost shot a load right there. She then backed away, so that her face was in front of mine, and in a husky whisper said "You like my tits?" When my mouth flapped but didn't respond, she smiled, kissed my cheek, and sat down. She finished her scotch and downed another immediately. It was her turn. She took a break to go to the bathroom, and when I heard the flush, she came out a minute later. As she went to sit down, she was too tipsy, and started to fall. She caught herself on me, however, what she caught was my cock. I jumped as her hand pressed onto my steel rod. "Hey! That's cheating! No touching!" She laughed and fell into her spot on the couch. "You're afully hard tonight aren't you?" I ignored that comment, and proceeded to deduct her 24 points as a penalty. She took her turn, and got 13 of them back. My turn, and with 11 points I would have her tits freed from the bra, and be one step closer to her mouth around my pole. I couldn't find anything to spell. I was cursing myself. I spelled a really poor word, and only got 6 points for it. I was pissed. Her turn, and she finally broke 25. When I asked which she wanted, shirt or shorts, she said "Shorts! Lemme see that big cock I felt!" I knew I was gonna fuck her as soon as she said that. I stood up, straddled her and she had done me, and slowly pulled my shorts down. My tent created a problem, but I pulled over it, and as I did so, my cock released, and sprang back up to its position. It almost smacked her in the face when it did so. I still had my boxers on, but my pulsing cockhead was only 2 inches from my mothers awaiting lips. She licked them when she saw how much my boxers were stretched. I looked away to take my shorts off completely, and as soon as I did, my boxers were down and my cock in her mouth. It was a blur.

Chapter 3: The Good Stuff

I was amazed. She had ripped my pants down, and deepthroated my cock, before I even knew what was going on. My hands found her head, and I held onto her, although I didn't have to do anything. She had my entire 7" down her throat, I could feel the back of her throat on my head. She was groaning and sucking, it was the best head I had ever had. Then she blew my mind, and I blew my load. With my cock completely in her mouth, she looked up at me, and stuck her tongue out to lick my balls. The sight and sensation of this caused my cum to explode into her. She swallowed it all without blinking. I couldn't believe it. My girlfriends had never been able to get my off so easily with blowjobs, and my mother didn't even use her hands. I was in heaven. She stood up, and very hastily removed her bra and panties. There was that close trimmed pussy I had been lusting for all day, and those two glorious tits. I had to have them. She still had her garter and stocking on, which made her all the hotter. I pulled her towards me, and mashed her lips to mine. We began making out, and my hands roamed her body. I was squeezing her ass and tweaking her nipples, as she moaned her consent. We fell onto the couch, with her on top, as we continued making out for at least 30 minutes. Despite having masturbated 3 times that morning, and just blowing a load into my mothers mouth, my cock was hard again. It was standing upright, and pressing between my mother's pussy lips. I slid a finger into her warm snatch, and could not believe the wetness inside. She was gushing like a hydrant. Without any delay, I said "Tell me what you want." She sat up, still straddling me, and brushed her hair back from her face. She looked at me for a few seconds, smiled, and said "I want my son's cock inside me. Fill my cunt with your juice." With that, she put one hand on my chest, reached behind her to grab my cock, then picked her ass up and slammed it over my meat. Just like that I was balls deep inside my mother. I grunted in delight. She screamed in pleasure. Now putting both hands on my chest, she proceeded to fuck me like an animal. I just lay there and watched, there was nothing else to do. She was bouncing up and down and fast and hard as she could, screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me!" every time my cock withdrew from her tight hole, and just plain screaming every time it plunged back inside her. I loved the tight feeling, and the look on her face as she rode me was awesome. Her head was tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open, jaw quivering. It was the sexiest pose I had ever seen. Gradually, I came out of my sex induced daze, and slowly reached my hands up, and cupped her breasts. That was the only motion I made as my mom came like a beast. I let her tits bounce in my hands, squeezing and mashing them, flicking her nipples. I wanted to taste them, but she had all her weight on my chest so she could better pump her ass onto my tool. As a result, I couldn't sit up enough to lick her boobs. That was not even close to a dissapointment though, and I felt her walls contracting rapidly while she fucked me. She let out one long scream, and collapsed onto me, her breasts pressing on my chest. I could still feel her cumming, squeezing my cock with her pussy, and she was panting for breath. I hadn't cum inside of her though, So I grabbed her by the hips, and continued slamming her into me. She simply lay on me and whimpered how great it was. After another 5 minutes of fucking, I was feeling ready to cum, and she had caught her breath somewhat, and was kissing me as we fucked. She suddenly bit my lip, hard, and I knew she was cumming again. As she came, she said "much better than john, oh god! so much better!" John was my father. Hearing that, I couldn't take it, and I came inside her. I say that, but seeing as how it was my fifth orgasm of the day, I had no juice left, so it was just an orgasm. But I don't think I've had a better one in my life. We kissed one more time, and then drifted to sleep, my limp dick buried inside her pink box.

Chapter 4: Good Morning

I woke with the sunlight from the window on my face. I took a minute to remember where I was, and what had happened last night. My mother was still sleeping on my chest. I kissed her on the forehead, and saw her eyelids flutter. She woke up and looked at me smiling. What happened next was unexpected. She screamed. Her face looked as if she had seen a ghost, and she jumped off of me, backing into a corner, shreiking. "WHY!? WHY!? Your cock was IN me!! WHY!? HOW!? What the FUCK is going on!?" She was hysterical. I walked over, and she shyed away from me. Grabbing a blanket, I wrapped it around her, so she was no longer naked. I pulled my shorts back on, and sat next to her, with my arm around her. She was sobbing now. "I fucked my son. I fucked my son. I fucked my son." She couldn't comprehend her actions last night. My plan had worked to well, she had gotten so drunk she didn't remember the night before. I had to smooth this out somehow. I simply let her cry. At first, she was just crying, but eventually, she leaned into me, and cried onto my shoulder. After a good hour of this, she looked at me, tears still streaming, and asked what happened. I told her that we played scrabble, and both must have gotten way to drunk (I lied about how drunk I had been). I said I didn't remember much of what happened, but that she had mentioned some Strip Scrabble or other, and things must have gotten out of hand. I told her to go upstairs, take a shower, and just relax. She nodded like a frightened child, and mechanically dropped the blanket and went upstairs. I watched her titties sway as she moved, but felt a slight tinge of guilt. I hopped in the downstairs shower, washed and changed quickly, and had bacon and eggs cooked by the time my mom came downstairs again.

She had on a baggy sweatsuit that she almost never wore. She came to the table, thanked me for the food, and started eating. We ate without a word. She wouldn't even look at me. When she finished her meal, she sat with her head staring at her plate. I watched her in silence. After what felt like forever, she, without looking up, quietly asked me, "Tell me the truth, did you get me drunk on purpose?" She was so pathetic sounding that I couldn't bear to lie. "Yes."

"So your plan for last night was to get me drunk and fuck me?"


"How long have you wanted to fuck me?"

"Since yesterday afternoon."

This answer made her head snap upright. She looked at me very quizzically. "Why on earth would you just want to fuck your mother all of a sudden, and go to such lengths? What the fuck is wrong with you?" I didn't answer, I just walked upstairs. She stayed seating, and shouted at me to answer her question, not walk away. "Get back here, I'm your mother for Christ sake!"

I came back downstairs, holding a vibrator and a CD. Her face paled.

"I was looking through your desk to find money so I could go out last night. I'm dead broke you know. I wanted to take some and go see a movie or something, but when I was searching, I found these. I watched you strip, I watched you masturbate, and I watched dad fuck you. I saw what a dirty cum whore my mother was, and I was never more turned on in my life. When I saw you stripping, I realized that somehow, the sexiest women I'd ever met had been living under my nose and I never realized. The fact that you were my mother didn't matter anymore, you were the best piece of ass I would ever get, and I had to have it. I love you, but I had to fuck you."

She listened intently to my answer, and then nodded, stood up, and took the CD and vibrator from my hands.

"I assume you already burnt a copy of this?" She asked, holding up the CD.


"Ok, well, I won't ask for it back or anything like that. And I'm not mad, I was just scared and suprised. It's not good to wake up and feel a cock inside you, and not know whose it is. That is enough to freak me out, but looking down and seeing you, I flipped, and I'm sorry. You may have intentionally gotten my drunk to fuck me, but I'm the one who drank, and I know that when I'm drunk, I have to get filled. I don't think you knew how horny I get when I'm plastered, so it's not all your fault."

I was so relieved she said all that, but I figured our relationship would be akward from then on.

"But," she continued, "This had forever changed our relationship. It can never go back to what it was." I felt my heart sink. "You aren't just my son anymore, you're my fuck toy too." I looked at her confused. She smiled and said "Last night I woke up after what I thought was a dream about the best sex I ever had. With you inside me, I don't think it was a dream. Your cock is wonderful, and I want to fuck you again tonight, but this time - sober." She came over and licked my ear. I stood, stunned.

"And if you are confused, I saw you sleeping naked last summer, and you had a hard on. I was transfixed by it, you have a bigger one that John, and he is the best lover I've ever had, so I kept thinking how good you would be. I've actually been thinking of how to get you to bed with me for the past 7 months now." With that, she winked, and walked upstairs. On the way up she said, "But right now I need to do aerobics. You can watch if you want..."

I never ran so fast in my life.

To Be Continued....

I hope people liked this story, it is my first try. I have plans to write a sequel, involving his father and step-mother in a three way and eventually 4 person gang bang. If people want to see that, please just say so.


My Auntie's Best Friend

justjim on Incest Stories

I raised my hand and rang the doorbell. I wait, and then there's this odd noise and rattling coming out of the speaker. There are some muffles words too, can't make them out properly but I guess it doesn't really matter. I say "It's Jason, Aunt Maria!" but I guess that doesn't get through all the things going on at the other end. In any case, she presses the release button and if growls at the lock, Buzz! snap! in I go.

My mom had told me to drop by Aunt Maria's to collect some of her stuff and bring it home after school (I'm still in high school, but happy to have turned 15 last month) I walked this way... in a hurry, too, cos I love my auntie! (Actually, I love her looks and she's a nice person too. She had a baby girl about a year ago, but the
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father left her... He was a real horse's ass.)

I walked right in as she never locks the apartment door and she tells me to excuse the mess. "Baby Jodie's not been very well today" She had to hold her all day, so no time to tidy up. She shouldn't have told me, I would have understood.

"Don't worry, I'll help you tidy up if you want." Yeah, what a wonderful young man, wanting to help her out. I had my reasons; the last time I did that it paid off nicely, I had great fun watching her carelessly move around putting things in their proper place and at the same time jiggling all around me... I mean, she is a real nice woman, very well put together, you know?

Baby Jodie starts screaming, Aunt Maria says it's about feeding time so she sits on the sofa and puts Jodie in position and starts feeding her. She's the luckiest little kid in the world, i think as i glance at them. I've always been decent enough to give her space and not stare, so this is what I do this time as well. I look, but I don't stare. She has an awesome pair of tits, but I try not to think about that so much. I get on with the picking up and my aunt tells me how I could help her out I really wanted to...  I catch a glimpse of the beautiful semi hard nipple being caressed by the baby's mouth.  I don't find that erotic in itself. I guess I shouldn't, really, so that's not a problem. But I can't help remembering the shape and size and colour and what I believe to be the texture of those things...
"What does that stuff taste like, anyway? Do you know?" I ask.
"Of course, it's quite sweet actually. I tasted a bit myself, I was curious, but a long time ago. If you like, when she's done, I'll get a little for you to try!"
No way. She's not serious... I mean, is that OK, anyway?! For me, her nephew, to taste her milk? I'm not a baby... yeah, ok; I am kind of curious but not that much. Wait! She doesn't expect me to suck it straight from there, does she? Nooo... she said she'll "get some" for me. Would have been great, though.
"Baby's done, and there's plenty left in these tankers. So I'll just milk some out for you so you don't die of curiosity."
This is where it gets interesting. I stopped everything and watched her intently. Sure, she's got no inhibitions. Sure, she's a hot 34 year old. She has awesome big 38C's (they used to be B's, but it's nice how they've grown to an almost insufficient C cup since the baby). But more than anything, she's kneading them, milking them, for me now. FOR ME. I am just a little bit shaken by this realization. My dick begins to swell at this wonderful show. I watch mystified. The nipples turn a slightly darker shade of pink when she squeezes them, and they seem quite hard to me. I'm tingling! She tells me she's done, so raises the glass mug she used to milk herself in and looks at me, saying:
"Here, try it. You should try anything once, right?"
I am finding it hard to start moving, it's sort of uncomfortable with my semi bulging at the sipper of my pants. It would have been a lot easier to just stand there, watching her do that. For me!
I start walking, and I get back to myself. Oh my god... yes, she noticed it too. As I started to move, I felt the root cause of the tent in my trousers. She's laughing! Not a cruel laugh but a girlish giggle.
"Oh, gosh, hahaha, I'm sorry Jason, but I guess you're still not used to seeing me, are you?"
I already blushing profusely. I turn immediately and sit on a chair, facing partially away from her. She calms down, and apologizes again. She lays the baby down in the cradle next to where she's sitting I am sort of... mortified, but I gather the strength to say "I'm sorry..."
"No, you shouldn't be! Not at all, baby... it's me who should apologize, I didn't realize this has such an effect on you. I should have known, you're a real young man now..."
"No... I mean, no, it doesn't have this effect on me. Just..."
"Yeah, yeah, I know all you guys, you think you're immune and as soon as you see a naked tit you're all drooling."
Speaking of naked tits, I guess she realized she hadn't covered herself since she started laughing, because she's doing it now. Upon hearing her say that, though, I have to defend myself. "No... come on... this has never happened before, has it?..."
She stops and looks at me, a little puzzled.
"It hasn't, you're right. Or at least I haven't seen it... I'm sorry. Don't worry about it, anyway, just leave it cos it's no big deal."
"You never did that just for me, that's why!" I don't know why I said that.
Her look changed. She smiled slightly. Her whole composure changed. Something's happening to her, and I can see it clearly for several seconds... But she manages to regain her composure, and looks me straight in my face. "Here, try it, don't worry about all this, it's nothing."
I look back at her, and reach to take the mug from her hand. The white liquid inside looks just like regular milk, and there isn't that much of it. But as I reach towards her, it's like we're part of some ritual, it's in slow motion, and I wonder if only I feel it... I touch the glass container and take it from her hand. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my vision's blurring. I think I can see her closing her eyes, I don't know anything for sure anymore. I am smelling it, the white liquid, I don't know what it smells like, nothing I've ever smelt before, and I just put the cup to my lips and swallow. It's sweet! It's warm. I feel it ticking down my throat, I feel it going to my toes, but a lot of it stops where I had an erection moments before. It's burning!.
It ends. I look at her. She looks at me.
What just happened?
"What just happened?" she says, breathing a little heavily.
"I don't know... it felt really strange..." I have an unbelievable urge to ravish this woman.
She reaches out her hand to me and I go sit next to her. I am in a daze. So is she, more and more, I can see it. I want to let myself go with her, to fall into her depths or something. Don't laugh, that's what it feels like!
She has stopped looking at me. She lifts up an arm, and starts undressing. I think she's right... I do the same. I see her skin, more and more of it, it shines at me and her body seems all swollen with desire. Her nipples are hard like my penis. She's naked now, I see her sex, pink and seems swollen too, when did this happen? Glistening. I reach for it. We kiss, and she drops slowly to the floor, there's no control for either of us amd this lust takes me along. Her lips are wet, her back is so silky smooth, her breasts are swishing against my chest and it's wet, I guess some milk has come out.
We kiss like this and I reach a hand up and touch her for the first time and fondle her, and she fondles me, but not for long. I want to be inside her. I touch her, no, I grab her soaking pussy and she is wet. My fingers dlip in and come out smeared with her wetness. She opens her legs and that's it. I am inside.
I've lost it now... I feel nothing but urges, pleasures, all over me, inside me; I am vibrating like an electirc cord! I see her transfixed, breathing into my neck, her eyes closed, her body squirming, I lift up a little, without stopping my pounding. Yesit's literally pounding by now. And see her full tits swaying on each side of her chest, I put my arms underneath her and hug her tight in that position. She's squeezing me so hard, her pussy is like a hungry constrictor's mouth around me, soaking wet but doesn't feel slippery, it's so tight! It makes me WANT to pound harder, pushing in deeper is all I can think of. I think my eyes are open but in this position there's no way I can see my dick going into her but that's what I see.
She's squeezing my ass with her hands and pulling me towards her. Pulling my cock deeper into her sooping cunt. I have to make a real effort to pull back every time, she's tight around me, her pussy and arms holding me so close, but I need to thrust and drive into her! I fuck her with the whole length of my cock and every time I go in it's like the first time. So tight, so wet, so narrow that space! I want all of me in her, I mean I want my whole body to go into her somehow, it's insane but that's how I feel! She looks at me for a moment and I look at her, and we kiss, tongues mashing together, bodies flexing and vibrating. I pull out completely now, every time, and I find the opening and I penetrate her so hard, every time...
I stop. Deep inside. I push, and push, and push and I don't pull out. This is no trick, this is because I feel this way. I grab her ass and pull it up towards me, she's pulling mine towards her, it's like we're trying to merge or something! But I don't think, there is no time. Her cunt sucks at my cum filled cock like the baby sucking for her milk. I feel my balls clenching and tightening and I think I am moaning loudly... I pull out then push deep in her once, twice, four, ten times and it's all done. My Cock is like nothing i have ever felt before at it shoots my cum ddep into her waiting fuck hole.
Thoughts are flooding my head. Not so many thoughts, but my cum floods out of her, I feel it coming out, along with my limping member. It oozes from her slit and down our legs. Dare I open my eyes?
"Christ, Jason... What the hell was that?..."
I don't know. I am sooo confused!... I can't make any sense of this, though it was awesome...
"I don't know..."
"Get up, please..."
I get up, so does she, and I almost daren't look at her but of course, I do. She is flushed, and wet, all over, with her milk and lower down with my cum dripping andrunning out of her. I remember the baby! Amazing, she's asleep... oh well!
"Jason, I don't know what this was... but we must keep it our secret. That much I know. Oh Jeez... Were you a virgin before this?"
"Ermm... yes..."
"No way!... I mean, a real cock was great for a change, but my God... you're my nephew... what happened to us, Jason? Why?..."

My Sex Life with Sister

bawa on Incest Stories

I am 18 and she's 24 at that time we used to be living in samll apartment and our family was big(2 brother and 2 sisters plus parents) and my computer was in my sister's room, one day i desided to film her while she changes after she get back home from the work. so i setup my webcam (it was so cheap with low video quality) and she arrived i had to get out of the bedroom other whys she could changed her dress in the toilet so i left and she locked the door i was waiting for arround half hour and she came back i start thinking what could she doing there in 30 mins i start worring mybe she found the webcam on or something, but she came out with his sleeping dress, she had very good body with nice tits, i had always thoght how i can get my hand on them, (i tried lots of time just feeling them
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and did ), so i went to cheak what my webcam cought," ohhhhhh God" i said i saw most beutiful as in the world and then while was undressing i saw her taking of her bra and his beutiful tits showing off (the most importent thing i wanted to see in her entire body). and she was massgning her tits i felt a big shock o my penies and precum was covering it as my heart was bumping faster. as i said before my cam was notgood so i couldnt see her pussy( i was so pissed), then she disapeared from cam's view, she was not apearing for more then 20 min's i was wondering what she was doing then suddenly i saw she got up from the floor with her hand on her pussy i didnt botehred it. and she got dressed and i was shocked that she didnt put here bra and panties on, just a sleeping dress but notting was showing thro it. clip ended and i empty my load. i was so exciting of what i saw, the next day i filmed her again and once again she took about 30 min to get out and same thing happend she lied down and disapeared from cam i that time doubted that she may be Masturbating i never thought my inoscent sister does Masturbat, next day i set the cam in a direction that will face down on the floor so i could see what she does in 30 min, as usuall it was arround 3 Pm and she arrived and she looked littler tired and horney, she went to her room and closed door this it took almost 50 mins went near door and i heared a very light sound, AHHHHHHHH< OHHHHHHHHHHHH. i couldnt handle it more finaly she came out and i rushed in to see the video, she just drop her self on the floor and took his panties on start Masturbating just i thought and yes she was screaming after 40 min she finaly cumed and got on her feet and changed his dressed and i saw my self in video rushing to the pc (lol), from that day i said to my self i should help her and my self. next day she came home i told her to drop me some where (she had car) while we were in the road i dont know how but suddenly it came on my mouth u Masturbate "What...huh...hmm" she said and she while she was shacking she said "no.. i dont" i said i have proof i filmed u with the webcam "ohhhh no" "so what u want now" i was freakin and shacking and once again it just came out of my mouth "i can help and u can help me" she was like "errrrrrrrrrr, what u mean" i said comon u know that why do it urself when u have somebody to do it for u, she started to getting it "OK so u want to fuck me" yeh i said " u can enjoy it to" "but this is wrong" i know but who cares she said i must think of it 1st, i said ill use condomes and protection so there will be no risk. she said ur pretty smart and i Laughed, " so what u think" she said well as far as nobody knows am ok with it. i harldy could stop my manhood to wake up and she was keep looking at, " do u want it" she ashamed and said "yes, who long ist" i said to her it long enough to hurt u(it was arround 9") . "what now" she asked "do u know any good place to stop by and have a fresh startup of what we're going to do" i asked her. "she said how about my car" as her car was big enough to have a fast sex, she found a good spot where no building was there, i took the 1st step by feeling my most favorite thing "TITS" from out of her dress, she droped her head back and moaning "ohhh that feels good" she said, "that's begning sis" i said back to her. as there was a risk of cops i didnt ask her to take her clothes of but i took my hand in her dress and pulled her bra down, God damn its was so hot tits and he nipples were so ticked, i squeezed them for couple of min and went to next station "Pussy" she didnt wear any panties at all this time i asked her why she said "it was hot today" so i felt cums all over her pussy i thougth mybe somebody fucked her today before me, any way i didnt care and start feeling her, it was damn hard and i was so pissed i couldnt do much except touching as we were in car. i opend her long balck hair and smell then while kissing her lips "ohhh no kissing please" she yaled , ok sis i responed her. i said it your turn sis, she took her right hand to my zip bringing my cock out " OHHHH WOW.... So Big... this aint Fitting in me" she said once again i Laughed. she started to taking it to her mouth and sucking it, since it was my 1st blowjob i like it too mcuh and grapped her hair and pushed it down harder, she said i cant take it full inside "it will not take much time am cuming just wait little more" i responded her, after 3 min of sucking i camed and all my spersm in her mouth, she slapt me and grapped a tisue box and cleaned her mouth, "dont u like that" i said "well i like it but not a glass of it " she yaled, i was damn Laughing. then she start her car and we were on our way back to home, in our way back to home i asked her if we will do this again "yes sure... why not" and i was so exsited . after 1 week of waiting for good time my parents finaly planed going out some where and taking us too, "will u come with us" father asked me and my sister in very fast way " no i dont feel to go out" i said my sister understood that we have chance of having a long sex "i wont come dad" she said that too , well my dad didnt bothered and next day they went out with my lil bro and 2nd sister, i couldnt belive we were home alone, we keeped calmed for 30 min to be sure nobody will come home back, then she said wait i have a suprise for u , she went in her room a closed the door "hey cam is on sis" i said to her in funny way and she Laughed, so she came outwith very sexy black color dress my manhood was ticked and forcing to come out of the pants i didnt waste time nd took my pants off and she said cant u be patent and play for a while before goign to main event, i said not and grabed her by my arm and took her to the bed and as i said i didnt waste my time at all and start pushing my cock in her, "be carefull not to hurt me" she said "ok dont worry, ive seen lots of porno" she Laughed in very loud voice so i fucked her and fucked her till i was cumin, i rememberd she told me not to cum in her pussy so i took my dick back out and she started to suck, i said sis am cumin and u dont want it in ur mouth so let it go "no i want it this time" i was more excited i as i found my sis is more bitch then i thought. its been 2 years sice that time and almost do it once a week or when we get a chance.

Making Christina Pt 1 & 2

AcousticDavid on Incest Stories

 The key turned as Christina fumbled with the lock.  The alcohol in her young system pulsed throughout her body making fine movements difficult.  She had skipped the last two periods of the day to leave and celebrate her 16th birthday with her friends.  The afternoon sun beat down hard on her neck and back as she entered her house.  The door slammed behind her, beads of sweat soon chilled in the air conditioned air of the living room.  She carefully walked to the couch, trying not to stumble.  She plopped down on a middle cushion and closed her eyes.  Her father wouldnt be home for another couple of hours, more than enough time to sober up.  The room seemed to spin as she sat motionless.  A faint sound of movement eminated from the hallway, but Christina wa

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s just too tipsy to care. 

 "Wow, youre home early", David, her father said, startling Christina.  How could she pull off being so drunk in front of her own father.  If she could play it off, wonderful, but if she couldnt, she had to come up with an excuse soon. 

 "Hey Daddy", She said, "This is when I always get home".  He stood behind the couch watching her, knowing good and well what was running through her mind.  The school had called him at work to notify him of his daughters absence from the better half of a day from school.

 "What did you do today?" He asked, hoping for the truth, but knowing that it wouldnt come. 

 "Nothing really, just boring schoolwork"

 "Really, you didnt do anything interesting today?"

 "Besides me turning 16... no, not really"

 Annoyed with her insolence, He finally broke.  "The school called me today at work.  You have any idea what they told me?"

 "Umm... no daddy, not really, what?", She asked, scared of what was to come. 

 Angry, He spoke harshly, "You know damned well what they told me. Now you want to give me a fucking good reason why you skipped half a fucking day of school?"

 "Umm... uhh.. I dont know daddy"

 "Thats a wrong fucking answer Christina.  Look at you, sitting there like a perfect little angel.  And you have some nerve to come home drunk as hell after skipping school, I can smell the liquor on your breath from here."

 She knew that she had been caught.  She sat up and bent forward, her elbows on her knees, trying to hang her head in shame. "But.. but... its my birthday daddy"

 "Thats no fucking reason to skip school and get plastered with your little friends.  Youre only fucking 16, you have 5 more goddamned years until you can drink.  Do you have any idea what would have happened if someone else saw you like this, someone who didnt give a damn about you?? Huh?? Stand up and face me when Im talking to you dammit"
 She stood up slowly, shaking from the booze messing with her young mind.  "Yes Sir?"  She folded her hands in front of her and stood as straight as she could.  He walked closer to her, within arms reach.  Fearing his anger, she flinched, wary of a slap to the face. 

 "What.. you think im going to fucking hit you?.. Im not a child abuser"  He said as he stood firm in front of his young trembling daughter.  Sit your ass down now, we need to have a little 'chat'". 

 She sat down on the couch, and he sat on the coffee table edge in front of her.  He grasped the sides of her head, forcing her to look into his eyes.  "Youre so fucking lucky your mom isnt here.  She would ship your ass off to a private school in a heartbeat.  Im not that mean however" He stated while glaring at her.  She sighed with relief.  "But theres no fucking way that youre going to get away with this without some punishment.  Now go to your fucking room, Ill be in there in a minute to deal with you."

 She stumbled to her room, holding onto the walls for support.  He waited for her to get to her room, the opening and closing of the door signaled that he was in the clear.  He walked to the front door, locked it.  Walked to the windows, and closed the blinds.  Little did Christina know, but her father had a lot more in store for her than just a simple grounding. 

 Her father and her mother had been divorced since she was a kid.  Her father had no marraiges since, not even a girlfriend.  He had been waiting for this day for years.  The phones had been disconnected before Christina got home from school, the school was notified that Christina was to be moved to a different school.  With no phone, and no outside contact, noone was going to be able to know of her whereabouts.  He grasped a black bag from the corner of the room, and walked to Christina's room, ready to dish out the punishment necessary. 

 Christina lay on her queensized bed, her eyes closed, spread out.  "Sit the hell up" He barked at her.  She sat up to face him, a serious look in his eyes seemed to burn holes in her.  "Theres no way youre getting off with this.  Ive put up with your meaningless bullshit for years, and quite frankly, Im fucking tired of it.  There is NO way that you will ever do anything like that again."  She shook from sheer fright from his words, the liquor fogging her mind, she thought a simple spanking was in store for her. 

 "Take your clothes off, Im going to do something that I should have done a long time ago".

 She seemed to pause, her father commanding her to strip off her clothes seemed strange. 

 "Do it NOW dammit, dont make me ask you again"

 She did as she was told, slowly removing her tshirt.  Her white cotton bra masked her young breasts.  She slid off her shoes and socks, then her skirt.  The only thing keeping her concealed was  a few square inches of cloth. 


 Christina fumbled with her bra clasp, removing her bra and covering up her breasts with one hand.  Her breasts covered, she slid off her white panties with the other, holding her legs tightly togther and covering her crotch with the other hand.  She sat on the edge of the bed, trembling out of fear, naked, her father before her holding a black bag. 

 "Now lets get something perfectly clear Christina, You will do as i say when I say, and do not question me, or you will regret it.  Understand?"

 She shook her head yes.

 "Turn around" He commanded.

 She stood up and turned around, her arms dropping to her sides, for her tender parts were now out of his view.  He watched as her curves lightened in the sunlight.  He reached into the strange bag, and pulled out a piece of metal which Christina could clearly hear clanging together. 

 The rachet sound of a handcuff eminated as her left hand was cuffed.  They were padded leather cuffs, but the sound, and knowing what they were, scared Christina to death.  She started to turn around, before her father grasped her shoulders and held her still.  The other hand was cuffed, and he turned her around to face him. 

 "What are you doing daddy??" she whimpered, tears of fright forming in her eyes.

 "Im going to teach you some respect". He said, his eyes staring at hers, not at her tender young body, unexposed and shaking. 

 "You have no concept of respect Christina," Her father said to her sharply, "none whatsoever.  After Im done with you, you will truly know how to show someone of authority the dignity they deserve."  Pushing her on the bed, her hands captive under her rump.  He stood before her, "This is all for the best Christina, It needs to be done.  Im only doing this because I love you, and you will soon understand what i mean by that."

 He bent down to her, kissing her cheek softly, the first non-agressive sign he had given her all day.  Her state still scared the hell out of her, She feared her predicament, she feared her punishment, but most of all, she feared what her father was going to do to her."

 "Stand up" Her father commanded as he watched his teenage daughet struggle to stand without the aid of her hands.  He grabbed her waist and pulled her.  Handing her the black bag behind her back, which she grasp with both hands, he motioned her to follow. 

 "Take a good look at your room Christina, this is the last time youll see it in a long time".

 She looked around at her room, her bed, her dresser, her freshly removed clothes wadded up on the floor. She turned to her father and followed him.  He led her, turning around periodically to make sure she was obeying, through the hallway, and up the stairs.  She knew where he was taking her, a place where she hadnt been since her mother lived with them.  He was taking her to his room. 

 His room was significantly larger than hers, sporting a king sized bed with large, almost gothic, pillars on its corners.  Except for the bed and a dresser, His room was devoid of all furniture.  The carpet was cept imaculately clean, the bed was made, and nothing was out of order.  He motioned for her to move to the bed.  The sun now turned her beads of sweat into tiny prisms, giving her an almost angelic glow.  She stood at the end of his bed, looking around.  He stood behind her. 

 "Notice anything?" He asked

 "No daddy", her voice quivering.

 He stepped beside her, pointing at one of the posts by the headboard.  There was a chain, something almost fit for a dog, attached securely with a padlock to the sturdy wooden pillar.  The stainless steel chain lay curled up on the head of the bed, tipped off with a leather collar, also padlocked to it. 

 He removed her handcuffs, and instinctively she rubbed her wrists.  "Lay on your back on the bed" He said to her in a calm, almost soothing voice.  She did as commanded, laying on her back in the middle of his huge bed.  He knelt on the bed before her, and slowly spread her legs a bit.  The bright firey pubic hair which seemed to bush out from her crotch caught his eye.  He had thought for sure that every girl her age had shaved, but his own daughter proved him wrong.  He rubbed her soft pubes with one hand before bracing himself over her.  She had feared this, she had feared being taken by her father, being ravaged.  He bent down to her soft cheek, and whispered softly into her ear.  "I am going to make you mine Christina."  He moved to the side of her, unlocked the collar from the chain, and gave it to Christina. 

 "Put this on Christina."

 "Please dont do this daddy... please", tears now streaming from her cheeks onto her fathers bed

 "What did I say about not doing as youre told Christina?  That was your one and only excused disobedience that I will allow, all further will be strictly punished."

 She slowly attached the collar around her neck.  The thich leather fit her perfectly.  Holding it closed, her father attached the padlock to the clasp. 

 "You are now mine Christina, you are now my little girl.  I hold your very life in my hands, and I will teach you how to be a true woman."

 She lay there, on his bed, motionless, the severity of her situation sobering her up.  A thousand rampant thoughts ran though her head.  What lay in store for her? What was her father going to do to her?

 He sat up before her, grabbing the mystious black bag.  He motined for her to sit up as well.  They both sat indian style on the edge of the bed, facing each other.  The contents were dumped out onto the bed, and the mere sight of the objects made Christina bawl with fright. 

 Dildos, Butt plugs, Anal Beads, various gags, rope, duct tape, a small package of needles, clothes pins.  These were merely the top of the pile.  She turned her head, crying harder than ever.  She had no intention of looking upon the devices which she feared her father was to use on her. 

 "Happy Birthday Baby"

 Only sobs came from Christinas lips.

 "I said happy birthday Baby"

 she sniffled... turning to her father, "What did I do wrong?"

 "See Baby, this is what Im talking about, you show no respect".  He grabbed a rubber ball gag from the pile and held it before her to look at.  Holding each end, he slowly and carefully moved the gag closer to her mouth.  She moved back. 

 "tsk tsk tsk Baby... I thought you had more respect in you than that.  Now I have to force you".  He grasped her tiny body, pushing her against the matress.  Holding her down, he forced the ball into her mouth, and closed the clasp around the back of her bright red hair.  She began to drool almost instantaneously from the corners of her mouth.  He wiped them off with a rag, and sat her back up. 

 "See Baby, If youre good, then youll be treated good.  If you act bad, then... i think you know what happens then."  He pulled her head closer slowly and tenderly kissed her forehead.  She didnt move a muscle, her legs and arms limp at her sides. 

 "Do you want that gag off Baby?" He asked sincerely

 She nodded yes

 "You going to be a good baby for daddy?"

 She nodded Yes

 He nodded, and she removed the gag herself. 

 "Lets get one thing straight Christina.  I love you more than anything.  And Im only doing this for your own good. "

 She tried to resist, but knew what her father wanted to hear.  "I love you too Daddy"

 "Good baby, good... " He kissed her cheek again.  "Now Im going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them honestly"

 "Ok daddy".. her tears and sobbing were almost gone

 "Have you ever been with a boy before baby?"

 Embarassed, she lowered her head and shook no.

 "Baby, look at me when you answer"

 "Yes Daddy" She answered, raising her head up, and pushing her red locks out of her face.

 "Have you ever masturbated before?"

 "Yes Daddy, I have"

 "Good, now one more important question: Have you ever had an orgasm?"

 she studdered.. "Uh... i really dont know daddy.. uhh.. maybe... i dont know"

 "Very well", her father answered, giving her a loving smile, which seemed to brighten up her expression. 

 "Dont Worry baby, Im not going to hurt you.  I will only punish you if you deserve it"

 "Ok Daddy"

 He stretched out his hand for hers, and stood up, pulling her up to her feet.  "We need to get you cleaned up Baby"

 "Ok Daddy"

 "Go into my bathroom, Ill be in there in a minute"

 She slowly walked to the bathroom.  She gently tugged at her collar.

 "Its not going to come off Baby, so dont even try"

 She turned the corner into the bathroom and sat silently on the toilet, pondering her future. 
 Her father walked in minutes later, Christina looked up at him.  "I just want to make sure that youre perfectly clean for me Baby"

 "Im clean Daddy, I promise"

 "You may be clean enough for you Baby, but youre not clean enough for me.  Now I want you to get on all fours in the bathtub facing away from me. She did as she was told, moving the shower curtain aside, she noticed a tube securely attached to the bathroom faucet.  He knelt beside her, rubbed her back with one hand as he placed the end of the tube in the drain with the other.  The sound of running water filled the bathroom as he turned the bathtub on.  Turned all the way to the left, the hottest temperature, he left the hose, and began to rub his daughters back with both hands, kneeding and massaging her tender back.  She remained firm, looking over at him through her red hair, a slight smile graced her face, to which her father smiled back. 

 "This may hurt a little bit baby, but its for the best.  Stay right here, Ill be right back"  He walked out of the bathroom, returning quickly carrying a small butt plug and a bottle of lubrication.  He grabbed her hands, and guided her chest on the side of the tub, resting there, leaving her hands free.  She held out one hand, which he grabbed.  Holding hands, Her father could tell that she was on the right path.  He held the bottle of lube over her rear, squirting a small ammount into the crack.  His free hand massaged the silky smooth substance over her asshole. 

 This was her first feeling of being intimately touched by a man.  At the time, she would have picked no other.  Her father pushed against her tiny hole with his index finger, rubbing the lube inside and out.  He pushed in slowly, letting her tiny hole loosen around the finger.  Satisfied, he pulled out.  Steam now filled the air.  He lowered the temperature of the water, and set it to around half intensity flow.  With his free hand, her father slowly guided the hose up to her anus.  The hot water made Christina squirm as it splashed all over her legs and rump.  Slowly he pushed the tube into her rectum, holding it there while the warm water filled his young daughters bowels.  Christina's grasp on her fathers hand tightened as she wimpered, but her father only smiled and nodded with approval.  She smiled back through the frequent grimaces she made.  He turned the temperature up, and watched his daughter squirm as the scalding hot water filled her tender untouched insides.  "I love you Baby" he whispered', to which she almost instantly replied, "I love you too Daddy". 

 "I know it hurts baby, but you have to be cleaned out Baby". 

 "I feel like im going to explode Daddy"

 "I know baby, just a few more moments".  He turned the water off, the hose remaining inside her tender anus, now hot from its contents.  "I want you to hold all of inside Baby, Dont let any out".

 "I dont know If i can daddy" her body was in tremendous pain, her bowels filled with scalding hot water, she feared losing her enema, she feared dissappointing her father for what me might do to her in return.  "I wont lose any Daddy". 

 "Good Baby, Good" he removed the tube, only a small drop drizzled from her asshole.  "Hold it baby".  He sat up, holding the small black rubber plug.  Covering it in a generous ammount of the slick lube, he presented it to her.  "This is going to help you hold it in"

 Tears of pure pain gathered in her eyes... "Thank you Daddy..." she paused, and lowered her head.  She raised it back up and faced him, "Thank you so much". 

 He grasp her hand again, holding the plug in the other "Im going to push it in quick Baby, but its small, so it shouldnt hurt too much, so brace yourself"  He pressed the tip against her anus.  "Breathe deep baby, on the count of three, count with me"



 "3"... and he thrust the rubber plug into her, she let out a gasp as it slid into position.

 "See Baby, that wasnt so bad, now was it?"

 "No Daddy, It wasnt"

 He stood and grabbed a towel, kneeling back down again to pat dry his daughters warm rear and legs.  "Stand up now Baby"

 She tried to stand, but the pain in her bowels prevented the full range of motion.  She held out her hand, hoping that her father would help her to her feet. 

 "No baby, you need to do this on your own"

 "OK Daddy" and she sat up slowly, her water impregnation sloshing around in her like waves.  She braced herself against the side of the tub, and pushed herself up.  She stood in the tub, then slowly stepped out onto the rug, facing her father.  She smiled at him. 

 "Good Baby, Very Good."  If you keep the good behavior up, I just might have to reward you. 

 His hand reached over, her hand did the same, and he led her back into his room. 

 He lay on his bed, she lay down next to him.  She had either forgotten about her nudity, or was now comfortable with her body, her father hoped for the latter.  He turned on his side to face her, and without a word, she did the same.  Christina's belly bulged, and her fahter rubbed it with one hand softly, feeling the warmth from within.  "Did you like that Baby?"

 "I have to be honest daddy..." she paused, and slowly cracked a smile..." I loved it"

 "Wonderful Baby, Youre not too full are you?"

 "Not at all Daddy" she said, knowing that her body was in fact full to the point of explosion, but she spoke the words that her father would want to hear.  "I could take more Daddy"

 "Really Baby?".. his eyes widened, pleased with how his daughter was taking so quickly to her new role, "well lets go fill you up some more"

 Christina's heart sank, she had hoped that her father would not, but watched as he stood up and raised his hand for hers, ready to guide her back into the bathroom.  She went for his hand, and he cracked a smile.  "Thats ok Baby, youve done more than enough for right now"

 christina grinned, "thank you Daddy".  She lay on her back, her stomach sticking up into the air.  Her father walked around beside her, and began softly kneeding her belly with his hands.  The increased pressure was almost too much for the young girl to handle.  Soft whimpers escaped her lips as he pushed against her swolen stomach.  She forced a smile, and stared into her fathers eyes.  "I love you Daddy"

 "I love you too baby" and he bent down, moving his face directly on top of hers, staring at her eyes, he kissed her on the lips, something she hadnt experienced for over a decade.  The feeling of love overwhelmed her and the pain from her stomach vanished.  Nirvana engulfed her for the fleeting moment that their lips touched.  He moved back, she moved in unison, keeping contact between both of them, sitting up as he moved. 

 "Comeon now baby, lets let this water out"

 She remained firm, pulling her father closer, kissing him again, not caring about the searing pain.  "It can wait a little longer Daddy" 

 "comeon baby, we dont want to cause any permanent harm, lets go"

 Her heart sank as she followed her father into the bathroom.  As motined by her father, she sat on the toilet.  He guided her back on the toilet seat.  Her small frame left a large gap between her crotch and the front of the seat.  "Take the plug out Baby" 

 She reached down slowly, watching her fathers eyes as she did so, reaching down and back to the rubber plug that held the warm liquid that she now loved so dear inside her.  She breathed deeply, and pulled it out, squeezing her anus as she did so.  The faint sound of a couple of drops splashed thorughout the toilet, as she presented the wet plug to her father, it was very warm to the touch.  Her father grabbed it, wiped it off with a rag, and then set it down, before sitting down on the edge of the bathtub to watch his daughter expel her first enema. 

 "I didnt lose any Daddy" she squeeled with delight at her own accomplishment. 

 "I know baby, thats very good, thats very good".

 "I could hold this forever Daddy, it feels glorious."

 "I know baby, but its time to let it out"  her now constant smile lessened as she did as she was commanded.  She contracted her stomach muscles, and the warm water began to trickle out of her puckered hole. 

 "Push out as hard as you can baby, lets see how fast you can go, itll be like a game"

 "Oh good, i love games", she said as she pressed with all of her might as the clean toilet water splashed about.

 "But theres one thing Baby, you cant pee"

 "ok Daddy" she gasp as she stopped the small trickle of golden urine.

 The splashing seemed to last for an eternity, both of their eyes fixated upon the others.  Her father reached and rubbed the flat stomach of his daughter.  "Almost done Baby?" he asked

 "Yes Daddy, almost".  The last of the water shot from her anus, and she sat there. 

 "Comeon now baby" her father said as he unrolled a bit of toilet paper and wiped her tender wet ass. 

 They both stood up, immediately, her fathers eyes snapped to the toilet.  It had been previously flushed prior to her enema expulsion, and the water was still as crystal clear as it had been before.  "Wow" he said, truly impressed, "you were cleaned out". 

 "I told you daddy" she said jokingly as she grasp his hand again.  They walked back together into his room, laying down. 

 "Youve done very good Baby, i am truly impressed"

 "Thank you Daddy, that means a lot to hear"

 He pulled her close and embraced her body.  Christina's arms wrapped around her father, her mind soared to the highest place she had ever experienced.  She had reached that fleeting feeling once more.  She began to tear up once more.  "I love you Daddy, I love you more than anything else in the entire world, I wish i would haev told you that more often Daddy, and Im so sorry that I didnt". 

 He looked down at her, her small body wrapped around his, she looked up at him, teary eyed.  "You are my BabY girl, Never forget that. You are the only person I love in this world."  and as if almost by fate, Her father said the six words that Christina's heart was screaming.  "We were meant to be together".

 christina sat on the edge of the bed, her legs slightly spread, sitting as she normally would  if she happened to be wearing jeans.  David sat beside her, looking at his young daughter.  "It amazes me that I had some part in bringing the most beautiful creature in the world into creation.  It just boggles my mind how something so beautiful came out of me."

 "I think youre beautiful too Daddy", Christina said, her eyes full of honesty and sincerity.  "Ive always thought that we should be together too, I just didnt know how to say it to you". 

 "Can i ask you a question Baby, and please be honest with me, because Im going to be honest with you?"

 "Yes Daddy, absolutely, whats on your mind?"

 "When you masturbate, assuming that you do it a lot, what do you think about?"

 "Theres only one thing that I ever think about Daddy"... her cheeks red with embarassment..."I think of you"

 "Really Baby?"

 "Yes daddy, and in case you were wondering, I masturbate a lot"

 A sly grin came across Davids face "Really baby, tell me, how much do you masturbate?"

 Christina's cheeks reddned even more, and she looked down, "3 or 4 times a day Daddy"

 Shocked, David let out a chuckle, "You have no reason to be embarassed baby, I probably do it 5 times a day easy"  Davids arm wrapped around Christina, and he pulled her tight.

 "Well Daddy, Can I ask you a question?"

 "Go for it Baby"

 Her cheeks remained bright red, she know the answer she was about to hear, but after years of anticipation, she thought the moment would never come, "What do you think about when you masturbate Daddy?"

 "Theres only one thing I think about Baby, You and You alone".

 She looked up with tears of pure joy in her eyes,  "I love you daddy", and burried her face in Davids chest. 

 "can I ask you one more question Baby?"

 Davids chest muffled her answer of yes

 "Have you ever broken your hymen?"

 Christina pulled out and looked up, "No daddy, I would never do that" and she hesitated

 "Any reason Baby?"

 "I was saving it for you"

 "awwww  I love you Baby"

 The sun was setting in the sky, the miniblinds cast horizontal shadows against the bedroom wall.  "Looks like its time for bed", David said.

 "No Daddy", christina whimpered, "i want to savor this moment forever"

 "Dont worry baby, 'this' will never end", and he stood up, lending his hand for his daughter to pull herself up with.  He glanced down where his daughter had been sitting, there was a small wet spot.  "Hey baby, look at that", he pointed. 

 Christinas cheeks reddned once again looking at the wetspot that her pussy, and thoughts of her father, had made.  "Im sorry Daddy"

 "Dont be baby, Thats no problem" he grinned, and knelt down before the bed, bending down towards the wet spot.  "You smell glorious Baby".  Davids tongue then traced a line across the wet spot.  "And you taste twice as good". 

 Christina was now overcome with embarassment.  Her father was doing everything and saying everything right.  It was like her dreams had finally come true. 

 "Now baby, bear with me, for this may seem a little harsh, and I know it is seeing as how good youve been so far, but this is just going to last as long as it has to."  He led her over to his closet, a large walk-in closet.  He opened it, showing the interior.  A pillow, two bowls, and a chain mounted securely with metal mountings were all that was inside.  He kissed her forehead softly, then motioned for her to enter.

 "But daddy..."... her smile faded

 "Like I said Baby, this will just last as long as it has to" He held her hands and guided her down onto the pillow.  She sat on it and waited patiently for her fathers next move.  He bent down and attached the chain to her collar with a padlock, the key to which he kept on a chain around his neck.  He stood up, looking at his daughter, the most beautiful human being ever to be born, chained up like a dog in his closet, sitting on nothing but a pillow. 

 "What are these bowls for DAddy?" she asked

 "One is for number 1 and number 2" he said jokingly, "and the second one is for later, dont worry about that one yet"

 "Ok Daddy"

 "One more thing Baby, and this is very important, and must be followed"

 "WHat is it daddy?"
 "You may not masturbate at all Baby, you may not touch yourself at all"

 ...she signed, for she knew what she had intended to do for countless hours into the night, "Yes Daddy, I promise"

 "Good Girl" he bent down and kissed her on the forehead once more, "I love you Baby"

 "I love you too daddy"

 And with that David closed the closet door, securing it with a latch on the outside.  He laid down and quickly fell asleep with dreams of his young nubile daughter running through his head.  His daughter sat for hours dreaming about what was to come, if her daddy would in fact, take her virginity, and when she would reach that truly 'special place' again.  She fell asleep sitting indian style with her back against the wall.


 THe next morning brought fantastic dreams from both of them.  David lay in bed, his arms wrapped around a pillow, moaning through his lucid state, Christinas name.  Christina, however, sat against the closet wall, repeating 4 words in her mind.  "I love my Daddy".  Dreams of her father, dreams so horribly dirty, brought images to her head, images she had dreamt of a thousand times before, but only this time, they seemed more real, more tangible.  David awoke in the mid afternoon,  He didnt set his alarm, for he knew that both of them could use all the energy they could muster the following day.  He wore only boxers, a pair of red plaid boxers with no snap on the crotch.  He secretly hoped for an "accidental" flashing. 

 He walked slowly, silently, over to the closet, unlatching the door as quietly as he could, opening it slowly.  Christina sat silently inside, her eyes closed.  David opened the door fully, gazing at his daughter, and the dirty thoughts that he had just dreamt about.  He knelt down slowly, as not to wake her.  He bent in for a kiss, as if a prince was waking up a princess.  Inches from Christinas angel like face, a smile broke her stillness, and she opened her eyes, and without hesitation, spoke "Good Morning Daddy" and quickly lunged forward and pecked David on the lips. 

 David jumped back, startled, his chained daughter giggling.  He smiled back at her, "Good Afternoon Sweetheart, correcting her, did you sleep well?", and he began to unlatch the lock from around Christinas neck.

 "Of course Daddy, I slept like a 'baby" and she let out a small giggle, which David matched. 

 David grasp Christinas thighs, pulling her up.  Looking down at the closet, both bowls were empty.  "Good girl, didnt even have to use the bathroom during the night"

 "Nope Daddy, and i didnt even touch myself"

 "Promise?" David said

 "Yes Daddy, I cross my heart" 

 David bent down and grabbed the pillow that Christina had used as a pad the night before.  He held it up, ran his nose over it, looking for the tell tale sign of female scent.  He found none, and threw the pillow back into the closet. 

 David led christina over to his bed, sitting her down on the edge.  Christinas left hand began to roam down to her crotch, swollen with thoughts of her father.  She made small circles in her firey pubic hair, pulling and tugging on them. 

 "Know whats funny Baby?"

 "Whats that Daddy?" Christina asked still playing with pussy fire

 "Youre hairy..."

 "Yes Daddy"

 "... But Im Not"  and David grinned at her

 "Really Daddy? You shave?"

 "All of it is gone...

 Christina knew what she wanted to ask, she wanted proof, she wanted a glimpse of what she had always wanted, but she waited

 "... and if youre good, you might get to see"

 Her heart skipped a beat, and she giggled with glee.

 "Daddy, can I ask you something?"

 "Sure Baby, what is it?"

 "Why couldnt I touch myself last night?"

 "Because i have complete control of you and your body Baby, and an orgasm without me is almost a slap in the face", his tone and face showed extreme seriousness, which was not lost on his daughter

 "Ok Daddy, I understand."

 "Well since were playing '20 questions' here, i have one for you"

 "Ok Daddy, what?"

 "Why were you so clean and spotless with your enema last night?"

 her face once again reddned, David figured she would be used to saying anything, and comfortable with her thoughts and actions around him, but she once again proved him wrong. Her red cheeks were a literal embodiment of her innocence "I like enemas a lot daddy"... she smirked... "Me and my friend do them sometimes"

 Davids face lit up, "That sounds fun Baby"

 "Oh It is Daddy, but if i may say, i have NEVER had one as heavenly as yours last night.  You gave me the enema of a lifetime Daddy"

 Davids face reddned as the confident words came from Christina's Mouth.  "Im... uuh.. glad to hear that... Baby"

 christina giggled like a child at her fathers stammering.  "Want to know what i dreamed about last night Daddy?

 "Sure Baby"

 "You, and how much I love you"

 "I dreamed about you, and i probably cuddled my pillow to death, dreaming it was you"

 they both laughed at how childish their words sounded, but then looked into each others eyes.  Unspoken words, unspoken "i love you's" simply via a gaze. 

 "I want to give you another present Baby, I even wrapped it up for you last night"

 "Really daddy?" she bounced with anticipatin

 David handed her a box wrapped in birthday paper, she opened it like a kid on christmas, tearing the paper off quickly. 

 "Seeing as how we dont want to break your hymen just yet..."

 christinas heart sank

 "... I figured this was the next best thing" he grabbed the contraption from the box.  It was a small vibrating egg.  He handed the egg to Christina, and pulled the remote from the box.  "You know how these work Baby?"

 "No Daddy"

 "You put the egg inside you Baby, and whenever i push this button" David pushed the button and the egg began to violently vibrate, strange strengh for something so small, "it vibrates"

 "Awesome DAddy, Thank You" Christina ran up and gave David a kiss on the lips, jumping up a bit to do so.   

 "what do you want us to call your vagina Baby? what word are you most comfortable using?"

 "Ive always called it a pussy daddy, but you know what?"

 "What Baby?"

 "I think Im going to call it yours"

 David smiled and pushed the button again just for laughs.  Christinas hand shook from the strengh of the vibrator.  Both chuckled. 

 "well since We dont want to get anything in that pretty little pussy of yours yet, i figured that we could put this in your bum"

 "I bet its gonna feel good Daddy"

 David tossed her the small bottle of lube they had used the night before for her initiation enema.  "Go ahead Baby, get it in"

 Christina turned around, facing the headboard of the bed, grabbed two pillows, and placed them in front of her, laying on them, she exposed her supple cheeks and small pink hole into the air.  Christina squirted the lube into her hand, and coated the egg.  Reaching around, one hand tried desperately to spread her firm ass, while the other tried to push the egg directly in. 

 "Baby, dont you want to spread your ass a little bit before you just push it in?"

 "No Daddy, I dont need to spread it..." facing the headboard, she could speak candidly without being nervous and seeing her fathers reaction "...i dont deserve to be spread"  She had always hoped for this.  Her daddy punishing her, and she has always recited that line whenever she masturbated. Over and over 'no daddy, i dont deserve to be spread'.  One hand pulling her cheeks apart, the other hand placed the egg over her puckered sweet spot.  She counted out lout  "1...2...and then pushed the egg entirely inside her ass, grunting and moaning heavily as it passed her tiny anus" 

 David walked up to Christina, wiping the excess lube out of her sexy crack with a rag, then cleaning off her hand.  Christina licked in between her fingers, the spot David missed.  "Wow Daddy, this stuff tastes really good.... strawberries?"

 "Yea Baby, i knew youd like it"  Standing there watching his daughteres ass shoved in the air, her tongue lapping up the slimy lube from her hand. 

 She turned over on her stomach, just in time for David to push the button. 

 Waves of pleasure shot throughout her entire body.  Anal Stimulation of this kind could never bring the pleasure, or so Christina though, that this did. Her body rocked on the bed, arching up into the air, as if her pussy were desperately searching for something to grind up against.  Her hands roamed all over her body, massaging her tiny B cup breasts, her nipples erect, flicking them with her fingertips, rubbing her stomach firmly as her hands reached her pussy.  She was no longer in control of her body.  David watchd intensly as his 16 year old daugher spasmed in his bed.  He waited to see if she had the self control to stop her hands from touching her sweet spot which he had already claimed was his and his alone. Her hands stopped at her firey pubes, rubbing them with a fury that David had never seen before.  This lasted only moments before her hands rubbed against her clit, no doubt engorged with blood and begging to be touched.  He gave her a few seconds of clitoral stimulation, before he pushed the button again, and watched her body fall back down to earth, back down to his bed. 

 "Comeon Daddy, that felt good" she said weakly through heavy breaths

 "You did what you werent supposed to Baby"

 "Whats that daddy?" she said, her voice quivering

 "You touched what was mine" He nodded his head down to her pussy, where her hands still rested

 She looked down to see her hands on her fathers property, knowing that she had no control over them, she quicly moved them back to her sides before stammering "im.. sorry.. im.. i mean... im sorry"

 David shook his head in dissapproval as Christinas body went limp with self disgust.

 "I really didnt mean to Daddy, im sorry, I promise I wont do it again"

 "I gave you one chance Baby, you seem to have mistaken my kindness for leniency"

 "Please Daddy.. im sorry...I.."

 "No excuses Baby" He walked over to the black bag which sat by the closet door.  "I want you to bend over the edge of the bed, with your ass exposed"

 She knew what was going to happen.  She had been spanked as a child.  She braced herself.

 David walked back standing behind her exposed ass.  Her firm teen flesh was like porcelain, pure perfection.  He stepped to the side of her.  "How many do you think you deserve Baby"

 not knowing how to answer this questoin, christina thought for a moment. "10 Daddy?" she spoke unsurely of herself, fearing the pain that the paddle would bring her, but fearing her fathers dissapproval even more. 

 "Only 10 Baby?"

 "No daddy... i meant 15"

 "15 It is then"

 Christinas hands curled into the bed sheets, her eyes squinting, her teeth grinding.  She would be momentarily taken to hell.  David Cocked his arm back, only using one arm for the impact, and let one loose.  The sound of hard wood against virgin ass echoed in the room as christina screamed out in pain.  "Count off for me Baby, If you lose count, well have to start all over again"

 "Yes Daddy" she managed to gasp through the tears and whimpers

 "And dont scream or cry Baby, I dont want to haev to gag you again"

 "Yes Daddy"

 THe second swing of the paddle landed in the same spot as the first, the sound was louder and more intense this time.  Christinas ass was already redder than David had thought was possible, and she still had 13 more swings to go.  Christina didnt scream, but mild whimpers and sobs came from her pain wracked body.  David continued to swing the paddle at her red cheeks again and again, all the while christina thinking to herself how she loved her father more than anything in the world.  She knew that she deserved more than 15, but doubted if her petite body could handle more than that.  She moaned out softly "2... 3...... 4....5..." David continued furiously beating her ass, all the while getting pleasure from her muffled pain.  "7....8......9......10"  Christina had stopped crying, simply gasping the number of swings, then bracing herself for her next impact.  Her mind escaped, wandered off, but she continued to count off.  "12....13....14........" Somehow, the swings stopped hurting, her mind had blocked the pain, instead, christina was feeling the onset of the euphoria that being with her father brought her.  This feeling lasted longer than previous ones.  Her mind was at complete peace with the world, like she had tapped into somehting much higher than herself.  David braced himself and doublehanded swing 15.  A baseball bat style swing to Christinas bright apple red ass and a sound of a gunshot exploded, the bed shook, and Christina simply moaned out, almost as if pleasureably, "15". 

 David returned the paddle to the floor beside the bag.  And looked as christina half-lay on the bed, David unaware that Christina was in 'her place' wondered if he had in fact hurt her.  He walked over to her, bent down and kissed each bright red cheek once.  The impact had brought blood to the surface, the cheeks were unnaturally warm.  he palmed one cheek, and with the help of the other, turned christina over onto her back. 

 Her eyes rolled back in her head, Christina snapped back into reality, but only after David saw the perfect and harmonious smile of pleasure on her face.  SHe shook her head, as if waking up. 

 "Thank you Daddy"

 "Youre welcome Baby"

 She sat there, her ass swollen from the savage beating she had just recieved, but not caring about the immense pain that would put most into shock, instead, she let her hand move slowly to David, placing her hand on his leg, giving off love simply through a touch of her hand.  David sat puzzled at why his young daugher was not bawling and screaming for mercy.  He bent down and kissed her on the lips, a tender kiss that lasted longer than all those before.  Christinas arms wrapped around Davids neck and Back, holding him tight, never letting go.  Christina clearly wanted more than simply a peck on the cheek from her father.  She opened her mouth a little, and touched Davids lips with her warm tongue.  Davud Did the same.  They lay there, embracing each other, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths for what seemed like an eternity. 

 David backed off, looking at his helpless little daughter, only wanting tender love from him, she spread her legs a bit, an unspoken invitation to the pleasures that lie within her soft pubic mound.  He moved to sit between her legs, letting his fingers slowly trace lines up and down her inner thighs, untouched by his cruel beating earlier.  Each time he traced up her thigh, he teased her by getting closer and closer to her pussy.  He bent down with his face, close to her mound, and took in the wonderful senses.  Her pussy gave off, almost as a lightbulb, radiant heat which David felt on his chin, the scent of a virgin filled his nostrils, and he slowly spread her legs.  He bend down further, and with one swift move of his tongue, flicked Christinas tender erect clit once.  She rocked up and down on the bed, shaking the entire thing, pushing Davids face even further into her tender innocence. 

 Christina had in no way earned an orgasm today, so one more tease of her clit with his loving tongue seemed appropriate.  He slowly began at the bottom of her pussy, and slowly licked his way up, her juices intoxicated him as he got ever closer to her tiny little nub.  His entire tongue tasted nothing but his daughers sweet sweet honey flavored pussy.  After what seemed like an hour, the base of his tongue reached her clit, he could feel it poking, begging, pleading.  He continued to slowly lick up.  Christina had now begun to moan out "Daddy" through her pre-orgasmic breaths.  As the tip of the tongue touched her clit, he flicked it up one more time, the last time. Her Body shook as if possessed by a demon, and she screamed.  Thick white juice began to dribble out of the base of her cunt onto the bedsheets. 

 David sat up to inspect his daughter.  She lay there with nothing but a smile on her face, breathing.  Her body randomly shook, as if she had been electrocuted by his warm tongue. She moaned out vaguely "I love you daddy, I love you".  Her cum had coated the bed between her legs.  David took two fingers and scooped up the thick white love from her pussy.  He held them before her eyes, and spoke only these words "One for you, and One for me".  He separated his fingers, and presented one for Christina.  Her smell wafted through her nose, and she opened her mouth to recieve her own juice.  Her tongue made circles around Davids finger as she lapped up every drop, moaning. David then took the rest for himself.  Suckling his fingers, revelling in virgin cum. 

 David lay down beside her as she lie motionless.  She sat up slowly, as if it took tremendous strengh to do so, as if her body were weighed down.  David lay as she sat beside him.  He had taken great care and precaution not to present his daughter with an erection.  She did not deserve an erection... yet.  She moved slowly and straddled his waist, still dripping thick pussy milk.  She bent down to kiss her father, which was met with an open mouth and willing tongue, 

 She could taste her flavor all over him, her pussy had coated him with that delicious scent and flavored his tongue with that unmistakable taste.

 David grabbed her waist and sat her up abruptly.  "Are you hungry?" he asked with love and affection.

 "Yes Daddy, I am"

 "Well The only food you will recieve..."

 Christina waited for the answer

 "will be my semen"

 Her spirit soared inside her, she moved beside him and bent down, ready to feed.  David Stopped her however. 

 "Do you honestly think you deserve my cum as of right now Baby?"

 Her stomach growled and her instincts said yes, but her mind said no, as she shook her head.

 "Well then youll just have to eat another Day Baby."

 "She sat beside him motionless, a sad puppy dog look in her eyes, she wanted nothing more than to make her father feel good, to make him feel the orgasms that he had given her.  To lead him to that 'special place'.  But she knew that she did not deserve that feeling.  David sat up, facing her. 

 "I think its time for bed Baby"

 "Yes Daddy"
 "I love you baby"

 "I love you more DAddy"

 David crawled to the haedboard, and unlocked the chain that was secured to the bed post.

 "what are you doing DAddy?"

 "I think you deserve to sleep in the bed with me Baby"

 "REALLY DADDY??" she screamed with delight

 "Yea Baby" he nodded as he locked the padlock around the collar and the chain. 

 "Lay down now baby, morning will come soon"

 Christina curled up into a little ball next to David, who traced hearts into her back with a light touch of his fingers.  They both knew what they and the other would dream about, but Christina had no idea the pleasure and pain that David had planned for her the next day. 

 "I love you Daddy, and Id do anything for you" Christina said as she lay there still feeling the plesaure

 "I Love you too Baby, and i know" David replied as he continued tracing hearts on her back