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It was a hot sunny day in July. My friend Amy and I were on holiday after our A-levels. Amy had as usual worked out some wonderful sex adventure for us, and had invited me over to her house. My mum dropped me off, and once inside the house, Amy gave me a huge snog against the door.

"Isn't this fantastic?" she said. "A whole day alone in my house with you! I've got a really great surprise for you. Come up stairs."

I followed her up to her room. She closed her window and drew the curtains.

"What are we going to do?" I asked her.

"Wait and see. Help me move my rocking chair over to the bed." It was a large rocking chair, with a cushion tied to the seat. We moved to the end of the bed, which was one of those wi
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thout nasty wooden bits at either end which you can bang your knee against.

"Stay here a minute," she ordered me. I sat on the bed until she came back again with a kettle. She plugged it into the wall and turned it on. Then she reached under the bed and brought out a huge bottle of cheap vegetable oil. "Follow me," she said.

We went into the bathroom and she began to undress. "You too," she said, when I just stood watching her unveil her body, "and then get in the bath."

I did as she said and sat down in the bath. She climbed in as well with the bottle of oil. "Close your eyes," she said and giggled.

I did as Amy said and then she poured the entire bottle over both of us. "That was nice dear," I said. "Would you like me to rub it in for you now?"

"Yes please darling." So I slowly ran my now oily hand through her dripping hair, turned straight an dark brown rather than it's usual wavy golden-brown, down her shoulders, along her arms, then over her back and her belly and supple waist, teasingly on her inner thighs. Then I reached up and circled her breasts with the tips of my fingers, round and round in a spiral ending in her nipples before giving her bossoms a quick massage. That finished I reached down to her pussy and tenderly put my finger inside her and began to masturbate her slowly. After a few minutes she slithered around so she was facing me.

"Not yet darling," she said. "Make sure my arsehole is well oiled though and I'll do you." Ah, brilliant, I thought. I love anal sex, especially with Amy and her large shapely buttocks.

I did as she said and lay back to relax as Amy ran her hands over my body and finally slowly masturbated my oily shaft, but only until I was fully aroused and my dick was rock hard.

"Okay, now carefully get out of the bath," she said. Luckily it was a small bathroom so we could reach the door without slipping on the tiles. After that it was carpet so we were safe. Inside Amy's bedroom it was hot and steamy thanks to the kettle, so we began sweating immediately. "Kneel on the bed," she said and reached under the bed.

I knelt at the end of the bed facing the rocking chair as Amy brought out a large reel of thick material. She rapped a strip around the bed and my legs to hold them in position without slipping. With another strip she tied her ankles together then she climbed on to the rocking chair facing away from me and tied her feet to the rungs of the arms so that they were held in place. Then she curled herself into a ball so that her large cheeks were spread apart exposing her beautiful inviting oily anus.

"Tie my arms to the back of the chair please Jack," she said. I obediently leaned over her oily, sweaty back and tied her hands to the chair.

"I know what to do now Amy," I said, my member already erect and rubbing her ass.

"Go on then, I don't think I can bear the suspense." she replied. I grabbed hold of the rungs at the back of the chair and pulled her towards me, forcing my penis slowly through her tightest hole and then all the way in, with Amy screaming all the time.

I lent over her and whispered in her ear: "was that as good for you as it was for me?"

"Definitely, but keep going!".

I rocked the chair backwards and forwards several times until my hands slipped from the rungs and I gripped her tits instead. From then on I pumped from my hips, entering her again and again. Both of us were screaming and breathing heavily. I was near to
orgasm, so I stopped.

"Are you ready baby?"

"Yes yes yes, quick I'm there!"

I entered her again and this time her scream ended in a sigh as she climaxed. I kept going for three more fantastic entrances, with her grunting and me shouting, then I ejaculated. My head fell on to her greasy back as I squirted her full to over flowing with powerful jets and it kept dribbling out after that. Semen squirted out and splattered my balls and dripped down her leg. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I'd had for ages.

We stayed in that position for five minutes afterwards panting heavily, until Amy told me to untie her. I did and then disentangling myself from the strip holding me as I did so, I lifted her on to the bed. I withdrew from her and rubbed the excess cum on her back. We relaxed for a while and then, after twenty minutes of lying together and without quite knowing what I was doing, I rolled her on to her front and my face down to her semen-packed anus. I circled the opening with my tongue and then pushed my tongue inside.

Her body jerked with surprise and then she began to make pleased noises as I licked out her arsehole. I continued for ten minutes until she gave a little sigh as she orgasmed again.

"Don't close your mouth love," she said as I withdrew my tongue. She got up and we walked slowly to the bathroom were I washed my mouth out before we went back and fell asleep together.


"Bye, see you later," Amy said as she shut the door behind her parents. Turning to me she said: "Okay, we've got three hours. Come and see what I got in the post this morning."

She led the way up to her bedroom and locked the door. Reaching under the bed she pulled out a box which she opened. Inside was a set of eight battery operated vibrators, starting at 2cm thick and going up in 1 cm intervals to 9cm.

"Can you try them out on me dear?"

"Okey dokey," I replied and we both stripped off. Amy lay down on the carpet with her legs spread wide open. I selected the 2cm vibrator to begin with, licked it, slid it inside her and turned it on. I moved it around and explored her with it. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and near to orgasm, so I turned it off and pulled it out.

After she'd got her breath back I did it again, this time with the 3cm one. I continued like this up to the 5 cm one, which fitted her really well, so I pumped it in and out for a while, before moving on to the 6cm one. Now it was getting to a very snug fit, and she was wriggling all over the place. I went up to the 7cm and she had to hold her legs apart for it to get in, so it was to hard to pump. I leant over and sucked on her hard tits. I removed that one and then, with a little difficulty, squeezed in the 8cm.

"Are you sure you want to go up to 9, Amy?"

"Yeah, this one doesn't hurt yet," she replied between gulps of air. Her whole body was shiny and slimy with sweat now, and her face had gone bright red. I removed the 8cm and picked up the 9. Then I reached under the bed and took out the lubricant she kept there. I rubbed plenty on her pussy and the electric dildo, then pushing as hard as I could, with Amy screaming all the way, I inserted it in her and turned it.

"Ah, yes, yes, yes!" she cried, convulsing, about to orgasm. I quickly took it out and she went limp with disappointment. I rolled her on to her front, squeezed some lube on her asshole and started again in her butt. This time she was a tight fit at about 4, but I kept going until she screamed at 7cm. Before she came I took it out.

"Why won't you let me go?" she cried.

"You have to do it to me first," I replied, and bent over for her. She got up and oiled me. Then she took the 2cm vibrator, covered it in lube and stuck it up my arse. She turned it on and a huge hot sensation ran through my body. She took it out quickly and put in the next size. She continued up to 6cm, but this was a very tight fit, so she turned it off but left it in.

"Put mine in now, please," she said. So I squeezed the 9cm into her vagina and the 7cm into her anus. Then I climbed in top of her.

We turned the vibrators on and kissed each other, clinging together as hard as possible. After only a few seconds we came, wriggling and convulsing and shouting. This continued for a whole minute. I shot semen right up between our bodies and over her boobs with eleven fantastically powerful squirts and then it kept running out afterwards. We lay together looking into each others eyes for ages as the vibrators in our asses gradually came out. I turned Amy's vaginal one off but left it in. Then I put my head just above her boobs and we fell asleep.

High School Trainer

Duffman33 on Cheating Stories

Hello.  My name is Cindy.  I am 35, and a mother of one 16 year old.  I married my high school boyfriend, Rick, and had to take a break from college when I had him at 19.  I eventually went back to school and became a doctor, however, soon after my husband got promoted and was always away on business.  I had to stay at home to take care of our precious baby boy, and began to feel somewhat dejected.  I mean, my husband always seemed jealous of my career, and couldn't handle me being the bigger bread winner.  But I digress...

 I have always been a good-looking girl.  I guess you might even call me beautiful.  Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, naturally tan skin I never needed to work on.  I was a small D, larg
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e C cup and have always worked out, most recently at home, to keep a fit body with a tight ass, firm legs, etc.  Anyway, you could say I was a milf, but I never thought of myself that way.  I was always loyal, perhaps to a fault, and until recently had no problems.  However, recently my husband has had less and less sex drive, or at least energy for sex, and I have been feeling horny.  Luckily, my son, Sean, is now a sophomore in high school, and does pretty well on the football team, meaning I have plenty of time to take care of my own needs.

 Anyway, after a marathon masturbation session one day, I realized that if I was going to sit around and flick my bean all day, I might as well do something else to keep me busy.  That night I brought it up to Rick that Sean was independent enough, and we had no children to warrant me sitting at home by myself all day.  Thinking about getting a job, it certainly surprised me when he enthusiastically said, "I completely agree, honey.  Let's make another child."  I was speechless at first, but then when he started to rub me and I saw his bulge, I realized that at least I could get some satisfaction out of this so I said, "I agree!"

 I'll spare you the details of what happened next, mainly because it was pump-pump-pump-done.  After my husband fell asleep, I masturbated for the fourth time that day.  I'm not sure what it was, but I was getting hornier and hornier as I got older.  Anyway, the next day I stopped taking the pill.  My son's car was in the shop, so I was supposed to pick him up from practice at 5:30.  After preparing dinner and tidying up, I drove over to the school.  The players were not yet out of the showers, so as I was waiting, the coach came over and we struck up a conversation.  I immediately realized he may have had more on his mind than talking, as he spent a good portion of the convo speaking very smoothly to my breasts, but eventually I mentioned feeling bored at home.  Knowing I was an M.D., he told me they were looking for a sports trainer to help out.  It was only from 3-6 everyday, and I was definitely overqualified, but if I wanted it to set up an interview.

 Finally my son came out, and I said goodbye.  As I walked away I could feel the coach's eyes burning a hole through my ass.  Oh well, I thought.  Boys will be boys.  Excited about the job prospect, I mentioned it to my son who, in typical teen fashion, couldn't care less what I did as long as it didn't embarass him.  During dinner, I mentioned it to my husband who didn't seem thrilled, but also didn't say no. Perhaps that was cause he was shoveling food into his mouth or because he couldn't peel his eyes away from the Victoria's Secret commercial on TV, but I took it as his support.  The next day I called the school and set up an interview.  The interview went extremely well, and I was offered the job on the spot.  I just had to be there by 3 PM everyday since school got out at 3:30, and was told I could leave everyday by 6.  Except on weekends, when the majority of competitions were, that was all that was required of me.  

I quickly found out, though, that leaving by 6 was a pipe dream.  Practices ended by 5, so all the kids who were sore and hurt and tired came into the training room after practice for their tape and ice and stretching.  At first, I was frazzled by the constant onslaught but quickly grew accustomed to it.  Also, I quickly realized how to fit in better.  The first day, I didn't think about what I was wearing, I just threw on a tank top and short-shorts.  After half the team was in the training room for bumps and bruises, most of them with hard-ons, I realized I needed to dress more conservatively.  That didn't stop the erections completely though, it just made it easier on me.  It's certainly not easy to not get any at home and then be bombarded with hard male bodies and their hard penises all day.  I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just telling you how it was.  Some days I would leave work dripping wet, through my panties. 

 After working at the school for about a month, at which point I was finally used to the schedule and having a good time, a chain of events happened that would forever change my life.  After waiting for nearly a month, I found out I was just entering the fertile time of month.  I dressed in my newly-bought sexy lingerie, shaved my legs, and purposefully didn't masturbate in anticipation of the long night ahead of me.  When it was bed time, I came out of the bathroom all dolled up, and my husband looked at me and went right back to reading.  Too horny to care, I said, "It's that time, honey.  I hope you're ready, cause I'm gonna ride you all night!"  I figured something, the lingerie, the baby, the dirty talk; something would get him half as excited as I was.  But no.  The jackass told me he was too tired and had a busy day tomorrow so he was just going to get some sleep.  I started to get upset.  "But it's time to make a baby!  I thought that's what you wanted!"  "It is, but if you're just entering your fertile time, we can do it tomorrow right?"  Like we were talking about moving a couch or something!  What an asshole.  I waited until he fell asleep and masturbated three times before I finally fell asleep.

 The next day, I was still upset, especially since I had convinced myself he was having an affair.  I was also still super horny, since my fingers were never as good as the real thing, even though in my case, the real thing meant Rick's half-assed attempt at sex.  I went to work, and was literally wet all day.  During football practice, Sean's best friend, Brian, was injured.  I was called out and rushed over to see what had happened.  He was hobbling around after someone had landed on his leg.  Being one of the star players, even though only a sophomore, the coach was extra anxious to have me check him.  I examined him for a little and realized it was only a charlie-horse, albeit a particularly bad one.  I massaged his quad and told him to keep moving, but take the rest of practice easy.  I also told him to come visit me after practice and I would check him out better.

 I went inside and time went by until about 6:05 when I was just about to close up.  Brian came in and said, "Sorry I took so long, it was hard to shower and change and stuff with the leg kinda messed up."  I said, "No problem, come on in.  Everyone else is gone already, let me take a look at you."  Brian was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt.  I realized I was getting kind of turned on by this kid's hard body.  To distract myself, I said, "So, Brian, how come we haven't seen you around our house recently?"  "Oh you know, Mrs. D, I've been busy with school and sports..."  "And girls?" I asked joking with him.  "Especially girls," he replied.  His leg seemed ok, but when I told him, he said the charlie-horse was gone relatively quickly, it was more in his groin that he was having problems now.  I tried examining his groin, but have you ever tried to examine a patient through jeans?  Not happening.  I told him to strip to his boxers.  He hesitated and I joked, "Oh come on, you don't have anything I haven't seen before."  I was seated on a chair right in front of him, where he was standing, and finally, as if he had made up his mind, quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.

 I was shocked for two reasons.  First, he was wearing no underwear at all.  Second, he had what appeared to me to be the biggest cock ever.  It was still soft but it already dwarfed Rick's.  I was at first speechless, so he said, "I'm so sorry, Mrs. D.  I don't wear underwear cause it really restricts me... down there."  "'s OK," I managed to get out.  My mind was a blur and I felt myself starting to get very wet.  "Uh, let me just take a look at you."  I couldn't take my eyes off of his glorious cock though.  He chuckled and said, "Do you want to touch it?"  I kind of snapped out of it and looked him in the eye and said, "That's a little inappropriate, Brian.  Let me just finish examining you."  I began to check his groin for adhesions, but couldn't help but brush against his cock every time I moved my hands around his groin.  To my astonishment, it began to grow and stiffen.  I kept leaning back in my chair more and more and could not believe how large it was becoming.

I had only seen one penis in my life, Rick's, and this one looked heavenly to me.  It had thick veins all over it, and a giant purple head.  By this time, I was pretty clearly not examining him very well anymore.  Unfortunately, being a low chair with a back, I could not lean back any further and his giant cock was about a millimeter from my closed mouth, right at lip level.  I had my hands on his groin, but was staring directly at his hard rod.  He gently pressed his throbbing cock forward just barely, and it was as if I lost control of my body.  My lips parted and he slowly inched his giant dick into my mouth.  I could only fit the head in at first but suddenly found myself giving him a world class blow job.

The next thirty minutes were a blur.  I found myself going deeper and deeper on his cock, rubbing his balls and the rest of his dick that I couldn't reach with my mouth.  I had a mini-orgasm when I saw my wedding ring on my hand rubbing his cock.  This was already such a huge deal, I rarely gave my husband a blow job unless it was a special occasion.  Apparently I was pretty good though, he kept moaning and pushing on my head.  I was able to take most of his cock.  Luckily, I don't have a strong gag reflex so I was a pretty good deep throater.  As I was sucking him off, he began rubbing my tits and opening my blouse.

After trying unsuccessfully for five minutes to take my bra off, he finally gave up and ripped it off.  Now here I was, balls deep on this kid, with my tits hanging out.  Anyone could have walked in at any time.  Surprisingly, this just turned me on even more.  My pussy was now squishing it was producing so much fluid.  All of a sudden, he grabbed the back of my head and began using my mouth like a vagina.  He was literally face fucking me.  I just relaxed my throat and enjoyed his balls hitting my chin on nearly every thrust.  Finally, he pulled out and I groaned as I watched a string of spit trailing from his dick head to my lips.  I looked him in the eye and licked it off.  He moaned and literally picked me up and carried me over to one of my examining tables.  He bent me over it, and took my blouse and the ripped remains of my bra off.  I had no idea what would happen next or how far this would go, but I knew I had to have his cock inside me.  I would never be satisfied again until I felt it rubbing my womb.

He slowly took off my pants and then pulled off my panties, leaving me butt naked.  I saw him sniff my now soaked panties and then put them into his jeans pocket.  He dropped to his knees and began assaulting my pussy.  I was dripping all over his face and he was just lapping it up.  I have no idea if he was that experienced, lucky, or I was just that horny but after not having been eaten out for years, I came three times in a row all over his face.  The last time, I actually squirted a little, soaking his shirt.  My legs were wobbly and I could barely catch my breath.  He pulled off his shirt and I admired his hard body, big pecs, and ripped abs.  I wanted to lick his body all over and worship his cock.

He began licking my ears and kissing my neck.  I was shivering I wanted his cock so badly.  "You like this big cock?"  "Ohhhh, yes."  "What do you want me to do with it?"  "Oh, please, do it."  "Do what?" he teased.  I couldn't believe this was shy little Brian, now torturing me, making me beg for it.  I always knew he had a crush on me, but I never knew the type of equipment he was packing.  "Fuck me," I whispered.  "What?" he asked loudly.  "Oh, god, FUCK ME! FUCK ME SO FUCKING HARD!"  He laughed and began rubbing his dick head all over my pussy, teasing me even worse.  "Beg for it, slut."  As he called me a slut, I was never more turned on in my life.  "Yesssss," I hissed. "I am your slut, please fuck me with your glorious cock. I need it inside of me."  "Sean told me you were trying to have another child, are you fertile right now?  Cause I don't wear condoms.  I'm not pulling out.  Don't you want your child to be fathered by a real man?"  "Ohhhhhh, fuck me, ohhh god."  His words were so dirty, I was turned on so much.  Maybe I really was a slut.

As he continued to kiss and lick my neck, rub his cock on my clit, and rub my very sensitive nipples, I was wrestling internally.  I didn't want to cheat on my husband, and I certainly should not have had my son's best friend's child, should I?  On the other hand, fuck Rick, he's been ignoring me for too long.  He might have even been fucking around.  In fact, she was sure of it.  Well, turn about was fair play, wasn't it?  And Brian certainly had good genes, maybe her next son would be that much better.  As Brian continued her assault on her body, finally she screamed so loud someone had to hear, "Oh, fuck it!  Fuck me so hard!  Cum inside me, give me your child.  Fuck my husband and his small cock.  I mean, his prick.  Your giant rod is what I would really call a cock!  Oh, god please just put it in me already, I need to feel your meat deep inside of me!  Fuck me so hard, use my pussy!"  He moaned but still continued to tease me.  "Oh that's right, slut.  You're mine.  I own you.  Whenever I want your pussy, its mine.  You will only fuck who I want and when I want, get it whore?  From this moment on, you are only a cum dumpster for me, meant to breed my children and do what I say.  You won't touch your husband's tiny penis anymore.  And, bitch, your fucking oven is pre-heated and ready for my first child!"  I couldn't handle it anymore.  I turned around quickly, screamed, "Fine!  I agree!  Just fuck me, you fucking asshole!"  I pushed him backwards and he was so surprised he fell backwards on the floor, with his cock pointing straight up in the air like flag pole.

I jumped on him, and sank my pussy to his balls in one thrust.  I came so hard right then, with his cock buried to the hilt inside of me.  I literally lost consciousness and went limp.  The last thing I remembered was his cock was inside of my womb it was so big.  The next thing I know, I'm being pushed up against the wall and he is pounding my sore pussy for all he's worth.   My face and tits are pressed against the wall, and I have no strength to move.  He sees my eyes open and he flips me around, and puts his cock right back in and continues pounding away.  He began to kiss me and we start making out so hard, our tongues probing each others mouths.  I feel something drip onto my cheek, and I realize I have cum all over my hair and forehead.  When he sees me looking at it, he explains, "While you were out I was about to cum so I sprayed it all over your face."  "Why?  I thought I was supposed to carry your children?"  "Fuck yea, you are.  But you will be conscious and ready when I decide to impregnate you, you fucking cunt."  I came again from his language, and felt his cock begin to expand.  I knew it was almost time so I said, "Fuck yea, fill my pussy up.  Knock me up with your child!"  Instantly, I felt him pull out.  I had no strength so I dropped to my knees.  He then put his cock into my mouth.  I must have looked confused, staring up at him with his cock hanging out of my mouth, so he said, "Not yet, slut.  I'm waiting for a special time.  Now, drink it all, whore!"  As he said this, I felt his cock swell and begin pulsing.

I grabbed it and began to blow him as I felt cum rush into the back of my throat.  I kept swallowing but could not believe the amount of cum he was producing.  Some of it spilled out and fell on the floor.  Finally, he was spent and sat down.  I was about to get up when he said, "Wait, whore.  Are you just gonna leave a mess in your office?  I thought you were better than that."  I looked down and saw a puddle of our cum mixed together below me, and under the examining table, and on the wall where my face was pressed after he came on it.  I started to get up again to get a towel, when he said, "Stay the fuck down, whore.  You have a tongue, don't you?"  At first, I was grossed out since the floors were not even close to clean, but then I began to get wet again.  I must've really been a whore.  I got down on my stomach, wincing as the cold tile made my tits cold.  I began to slowly lick it up while looking him in the eyes.  I crawled over to the examining table and licked up my juices, and then licked the wall clean.  His cum tasted different than my husband's, slightly sweet and tangy.  I really liked it and wanted more.  I turned and Brian was already all dressed, wearing his shirt that was still soaked from my squirting orgasm earlier.  He came up to me and kissed me.

"You did good, slut.  I can't wait to put a baby into you tonight.  Be ready!"  With that he walked away, leaving me naked and dripping there in my training room.  I was too speechless to respond,  but what did he mean?  Was he coming to my house tonight to fuck me?  Would I truly be made into his slut tonight?  Would he tell my husband?  Worse, would he tell my son or the rest of the football team?  I had no idea but with what little strength I had left, I tidied the training room up and began to drive home, playing with my clit the whole ride.

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Buying A Car

Duffman33 on Cheating Stories

Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I'm a 36 year old woman who has been married for 18 years and has a 17 year old son.  I have DD cup breasts and blonde hair.  I am 5'8" and I have bright green eyes.  When I was younger, I was quite the slut.  Started fucking in high school and didn't stop until freshman year of college when I got knocked up.  I quickly found a rich, smart guy, convinced him it was his, and never looked back.  Of course, I wasn't really into him, and his tiny penis didn't help, but I loved his money and he was a good father for my son.  Anyway, I never had to work and my son was provided for so I somehow managed to convince myself I was happy.

This story truly begins one
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fateful morning when my cherry Firebird broke down.  I had to shop for groceries and chaffeur my son around so this was a big deal.  I called my husband at work but got his voicemail.  The shop my car was towed to called later and said the car was beyond repair.  Apparently, I had not changed the oil or done other routine maintenance for quite some time and as a result the car was done.  When my husband came home I was ready to go shop for a new car.  He said, "You know that all dealerships are closed, right?  And I have to be in court for the rest of the week.  Maybe you should have taken care of your car better."  "Well I'm sorry, but I need a car.  I'll just go tomorrow." He started laughing really hard, pissing me off.  He always was chauvinistic and I was already in a bad mood.

"Well, why the fuck not," I asked him.  "I can buy a car just as easily as you can."  He laughed some more, and told me that no salesman would give as good a price to a woman as a man.  I got even more pissed and told him I would buy a car without him and I would get an even better deal than he could get.  He just continued laughing and walked away.  I was so angry I slept on the couch and vowed to not return home the next day without a new car.

I woke up the next day and my jackass of a husband was already gone for work, as my son to school.  I got all dressed up and looked up car dealerships on google maps.  I also looked up which cars I might be interested in and what the proper prices were, so I would be ready.  I hit up 3 car dealerships in the morning with no luck.  Not only were the salesman all drooling over me and talking to my tits, they didn't have the selection I was looking for.  Finally, I went to a Ford dealer at the end of the row.

I saw on TV the new Ford Focus had a cool little system called the Sync system which was voice activated for iPods and had GPS and stuff.  The car was only so-so but supposedly very reliable.  I immediately was struck by how the salesman I was talking to was very well-built and handsome.  He also talked to my face and seemed to treat me like a real person.  He introduced himself as Ted and showed me the car.  I test drove it and realized it wasn't very powerful or sporty, but very technologically advanced, at least for me.  I told Ted I thought it was kind of neat but not really type, in order to help with negotiations.  Ted laughed and said that he knew what I was doing.  We sat in his office and began to talk numbers.  I knew what features and color I wanted already, but let Ted pull it out of me to see where we stood.

Finally, he put down the price.  I hadn't looked up the Ford Focus, thinking I would get something sportier, to help me feel younger, but the price seemed really low.  With all the features I wanted, in metallic blue, the price was only $17k for a brand new car.  I thought, Fuck my husband.  I just got an amazing deal.  But, I really wanted to rub his face in it, so I began to haggle.  Ted again laughed and said that it was really as low as he could go.  I asked to speak with his manager and Ted told me he was the owner of the lot.  He just liked to sell cars so he also worked the floor.  I was kind of surprised but still determined to prove my husband wrong.  Finally, Ted stood up, which surprised me and told me that maybe this was the wrong car for me.

I was shocked he was trying to get me to leave, as I had already pictured myself driving this car.  I began to ask why and he told me that if I was not willing to pay this special price he was offering, I was insulting him and should not be driving the car anyway.  I began to cry and begged him to let me buy it.  Finally, he stopped me and asked me what I was willing to pay.  I told him I thought that $16k was reasonable (Where I got that number I have no idea).  He thought it over and said that maybe we could work something out.  I eagerly agreed and asked what he had in mind.  He began to look me up and down and in spite of myself, I felt myself start to moisten.  "Well," he began, "I really like the way you look.  And if I'm going to be losing money on this car, I think I should get something very important in return."  I knew what he meant, but didn't know what to say at first.

Oh sure, I was no innocent virgin, but would I cheat on my husband for a car.  I began to think of all the times sex helped me out in my life.  When I couldn't afford the cheerleading outfit and fucked my coach for one.  When I needed a ride home from school and blew the captain of the basketball team right up into my driveway.  When I was kicked off the cheerleading squad senior year for being too slutty, and I fucked the entire football team in the locker room.  I thought the players backing me up would get me back on, but instead me threatening the captains of the cheerleading squad to tell everyone I fucked their boyfriends got me back.  And of course, failing my first test in college and walking into a fraternity and dropping my panties not only helped me get over that real quick but resulted in my precious baby boy.  Not to mention seducing my now asshole of a husband into marrying me out of guilt and being taken care of for life.

I realized he was still waiting on an answer, and I was now dripping from having remembered all of my sexual endeavors.  Without saying a word, I looked into his eyes and dropped to my knees.  I would only suck him off, and that was hardly cheating right?  I used to blow guys just to use thier pen, or if I was bored.  No big deal.  I unzipped him and pulled out his still soft, but very large cock.  I began to slurp and rub it, and I could not believe how big he grew.  I kept sucking and realized he was the biggest guy I had ever been with.  I  could only fit the head into my mouth but I was determined to have him all.  I deep throated his cock and he said, "Holy shit!  How did you take that all."  I looked into his eyes and moaned as I continued to blow him.

He took off his shirt and rubbed my tits through my dress.  Finally, he stood me up and stripped me naked.  He pushed everything on his desk off and laid me down.  He took his pants the rest of the way off and rubbed his dick on my slit.  He looked deep into my eyes and pushed inside of me.  "Oh fuck!  Oh, fuck me so hard.  I need your cock inside of me!  Fuck!"  I moaned over and over again.  He began to fuck me harder and harder, the desk shaking with his thrusts.  I was so wet by this point his desk had a puddle under my ass.  My tits were hitting my chin on every thrust he was fucking me so hard.  Finally, I came with a scream and squirted him in the face.  "What the fuck," he exclaimed as he wiped his face with my dress.  I realized I went a little farther than blowing him, but it was just one time, and I'm sure he wouldn't cum inside of me.

Finally, dripping with sweat, he said, "I'm about to cum."  I quickly told him to pull out and I would finish him off with my mouth.  He then pulled out and teased me by rubbing it on my pussy. "Beg for it.  I only cum in pussies."  I pleaded, "Please no.  I'm married and I could get pregnant if you cum inside of me.  Let me swallow your jism."  He told me he had a vasectomy so his wife wouldn't find out he was cheating on her.  I thought it over and finally I couldn't take it anymore.  "Fuck it, put it back in please.  You're driving me fucking nuts with your giant cock.  Fuck me, please!"  He re-entered me and began pounding.  He started asking questions about my husband and I told him he was way bigger and my husband had a little prick that barely entered my box.  I also told him that my son was not my husband's and I'm not even sure if my husband's dick is big enough to get me preggers.  Finally, all this talk got to me and I was about to cum on his cock again.  He looked me in the eye and whispered, "I'm not really cut.  Are you ready to carry my child?"  I screamed as I came harder than ever in my life.  My pussy clamped down like a vice on his cock and he grunted as he filled me with more cum than I had ever seen before in my life.

Exhausted we both got dressed, and I signed the paperwork and drove the car home, cum running down my legs the whole time.  My legs were still shaky when I got home so I was glad my husband was still not home.  I showered off and felt very pregnant.  The worst part was, I looked up the invoice of the car I had purchased for $16k and the suggested selling price was $14.5k.  This guy got laid, may have gotten me pregnant, and I overpaid by $1.5k, I thought with a smile creeping on my lips.   Maybe women shouldn't purchase cars alone...

High School Trainer 2

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After finally arriving home, I was hornier than ever.  I still had no idea what Brian meant but I was a little nervous.  Mostly turned on, but also a little apprehensive of what would happen next.  I hated my husband for neglecting me, but still loved him and wasn't sure I was ready for him to find out about my extramarital affairs.  I pulled into the garage and after gathering my things, I entered the house.  Right away, my husband was there in the family room, watching TV.  I almost gasped, but managed to croak out a "hello".  He got up and came over to kiss me hello.  After kissing me, he paused and looked at my hair.  "Honey, you have something in your hair," he said, pointing.  I suddenly felt my stomach drop,
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remembering the copious amounts of semen Brian pumped into my mouth, on my face, and even on my hair.

"Oh, it's just this new analgesic product we're trying.  It gets everywhere and it's stickier than hell," I somehow managed to stammer out.  Of course the bastard couldn't have cared less about me, so he just said, "That sucks," and went back to watch his damn television.  On the one hand, I was happy I managed to lie to his face, but on the other, I was just caught with another man's cum all over my hair and he didn't even seem to care about the possibility.  I hated him a little more right then.  O well.  I decided to quickly wash my hair in the kitchen sink and begin to cook dinner.  I entered the dining room and had the second shock of the day.  "Hi, Mrs. D!  You look nice!"  Brian cockily said as he and my son looked up from their homework on the dining room table.  Jesus, I was going to have a heart attack yet.  "B-Brian, what are you doing here," I asked nervously.  "He's helping me with his homework and staying for dinner.  Is that cool, mom," my son asked me.  "Y-yes, I should have enough."  I quickly entered the kitchen and tried to slow my heart rate.  I began to wash my hair in the sink and got dinner going.  I called everyone to the table and was just about to put out the salads.

Brian quickly chimed in, "Here let me help you, Mrs. D!"  He got in the kitchen and immediately began to squeeze my tits and rub my pussy.  Still being extremely horny from earlier, I quickly responded and started dripping again.  Brian pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock.  I looked up at him and told him that anyone could come in at any time.  "I don't give a fuck, bitch.  Start sucking."  For the second time of the day, I felt like my body had a mind of its own.  I continued to plead with him not to make me blow him right then, but my hands reached out, unzipped his pants and fished his already semi-hard cock out.  As I was still telling him we shouldn't, I took him into my mouth and began to go to work.  I could hear my husband and son right outside the door, which got me going even more.  Brian, too, apparently, since he suddenly groaned and said, "Fuck, slut, where do you want it?"  Just as he said that, I heard my husband comment on how slow I was to get the food out, and that maybe the job was too much for me to handle.  An evil thought entered my mind, and I grabbed my husband's salad and held it under Brian's cock as I finished him off in my mouth and dribbled his jizz all over my husband's salad.  Brian laughed and out his cock away.  We brought the salads out and I watched in joy as my husband chowed away.  Take that, asshole, I thought.  For all the times you made me swallow your nasty ass cum, now you can taste a real man.  

My husband said he really liked the salad.  I told him that Brian helped me make it special for him.  He thanked Brian and we began to eat our main entree.  After we began eating, I could see my son and husband were caught up in the game so I reached under the table right next to me and began to jerk Brian off.  I still couldn't believe how big his dick was, and that I had missed out on real sex for so many years.  I felt his dick get a little bigger and "accidentally" dropped my napkin on the floor.  I went under the  table and quickly finished Brian off in my mouth, not swallowing all of it.  I got back up, and began clearing the table.  As I passed my husband, I gave him a big kiss, slipping in my tongue, and of course a little extra, courtesy of my new master.

After dinner, Sean and Rick said they were beat and going to bed.  Sean said "That's cool, man.  I gotta bounce anyway.  I'll help your mom real quick with the dishes and then let myself out.  I'll see you tomorrow."  We cleared the table, and I could not keep my hands off of him.  Finally, he slapped me.  "Bitch, you are mine and you will do what I say when I say it.  Now finish washing these dishes."  Shocked, more from what he said than the slap, I began to wash the dishes.  I thought he wanted to knock me up.  Why was he acting this way now.  Finally, I finished and then looked at him.  "To the basement, cunt," Brian said sternly.  We walked down to the basment and I realized my husband did one thing right.  He had built an impressive entertainment unit down there a few years ago, but because of the loudness of the speakers, he soundproofed the entire basement to avoid noise complaints.  Brian and I could fuck as loud and as hard as we wanted and no one would know.  Ironic that my husband made it possible for me to get off with a real man easily.

Once down there, Brian suddenly was so sweet and apologetic and began to gently kiss me and rub me.  He took off all of my clothes and then laid me down on the couch.  After stripping, he got ontop of me and lined up his cock with my slit.  He looked deep into my eyes and then plunged his cock to the hilt in one push.  I screamed and came all over his dick.  He began to plow me, making me cum again and again.  I was begging for more and moaning his name so loud, I was actually a little nervous the soundproofing would not work.  Finally, he pulled out, making me moan for him to put it back in.  But he had other ideas.  He laid down on the ground and told me that he was very close.  If I wanted him, to come ride his cock and take his baby batter deep.  This was it, the point of no return.  Did I want to make my husband a cuckold, or should I stop now and try to salvage my marriage.  Eventually, I had no choice and straddled his cock.  I looked deep into his eyes and moaned, "Put your baby into my belly.  Fuck my husband, he doesn't deserve this pussy."  I sank to his balls, and began to ride him hard, wanting his cum in my womb more and more.  He told me that I was his forever, and that anywhere, anytime, my pussy, mouth, and asshole were his, and his alone.  Then he told me that I his breeding bitch and that my family was going to increase by a lot.  When he said that, I felt so slutty, I came even harder than before, my pussy clamping down on his cock.

The sudden pressure cause him to arch his back and unload into my unprotected and very fertile pussy.  I collapsed onto his chest and we just lay there making out, with his cock buried inside of me, cum dripping out slowly.  We fucked one more time, slower this time, as a husband and wife.  He left one more load inside of me and then we both got dressed.  I kissed him goodbye at the door and just before I could go upstairs to shower and go to bed, my cell phone rang with a voicemail.  Apparently, someone called while I was in the basement since we have no service down there.  I listened to the message.  It was from the football coach.  "Hi Cindy.  I was just calling to tell you I like the bra you wore to school today.  I found it in the training room, ripped and stained with cum.  After reviewing the security cameras, I think we need to have a chat tomorrow before work.  Be there on time... Oh, and don't wear any underwear.  You won't need it."