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Mom gets a "Big" surprise

DMJ on Incest Stories

"Oh, Hi Mom" I said. Let me give you a description.

 My Mom was 33 years old, she became pregnant at 18 with me. She had a body that could rival an 18 year old's. My mom was a Fitness freak, she went to the gym for at least 2 hours a day every day.She hasblack hair and blue eyes, a fantastic big, round, firm ass and 36 DD boobs.

 I'm 15 years old, my name is Luke. I am quite tall. In good shape because I go to the gym and swim alot. I have black hair and green eyes.

"Hi sweetie" she replyed, "Is Dad gone?" I asked. "Yeah, he left last night. He will be back i

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n 3 weeks, its not that long".

"I guess...." I said. "Are you going out today?" she asked. "Yeah, I will be back at about 6, bye".

 I went out with some of my friend to play some football, after the match we all sat down on the grass.

After a while we started talking about girls we would love to have sex with.

"Katie Price" Gary said

"Brandi Belle" Tom told us

"Tom's Mam" Ste said "Fuck you!" yelled Tom. "Shes fucking hot man!" Ste yelled back.

"Yeah she is" I said. "Your Mom is a fucking ride!" Said Tom "Yeah her Too" said Gary.

"Ahh, fuck all three of you, I'm going in!" I told them

I looked at my watch, it was only 4:40pm.

I opened the door, I guessed Mom was out. I went into the bathroom and my Mom was asleep in a  steaming bath.

"Oh My God!" I thought to myself, I thought I should leave but my Mom had an eye mask on so she would'nt see me.

I stared at my Mom for a couple of minutes, "Jesus she is hot!". Both of her Big Breasts were out of the foamy water and I stared at them. They were huge, and her Niples were erect and sticking out. Then she started waking up and I bolted out of the room.

I ran into my bedroom and thought about everything, My Dick was erect, and I guess that ment I wanted to have sex with my mother. "This is so wrong" I thought "Is it? My Mom was one hot lady and she needed to have a good sex life. I might be able to give that to her....."

I woke up the next morning by my Mom coming into my room, "Hi.........Oh, emmm" My Mom said to me. I only then realised the my cover had fallen down and you nearly see my black pubes. "Sorry" I quickly pulled the cover up when she left I got into the shower and decided to shave my pubes, I got out of the shower and dried off, "That feels better" I thought.

I went out after breakfast and said bye to Mom, I was out for about 5 minutes before it started raining so I went back in. I opened the door and heard somebody crying or something.....I went up stairs. It was coming out of my Mom's room "Jesus Christ, I hope she has'nt hurt herself I thought. I burst open the door and found my Mom watching a Porn movie, Sucking her tits and Shoving a 4 inch green Dildo in and out of her smooth, shaven pussy. "Oh My God!" I said. She opened her eyes and realised who had seen her.

"Jesus, Luke!" "Wait! I CAN EXPLAIN!!!" she shouted. "What?" I said in my confusion "I said I can Explain!" She put on a silk rode and told me to sit down.

"You know your father is overweight nowadays, and he well...has trouble getting it up, if you know what I mean." she told me. "So I need to pleasure myself these days, and its getting quite boring....So I was wondering if you could help me out, now that you're here and all"

"Hell Yes!" I yelled.

With that she pulled off her robe and said "Suck my tits and then eat me out!"

I have seen enough porn to know what to do, I jumped on her and buried my face between her huge tits. I then started licking her niples and fingering her soaking pussy. After about five minutes and that I pulled my Mom's head to mine and had a long, loving kiss with her.

When I broke the Kiss I went straight down on her pussy, I licked it up and down and in and out while I fingered her G-Spot. She went wild after that and came. Her Pussy Juices flooded my Throat and face. I got up the kiss her again. She then tore off my T-Shirt and started licking and sucking my nipples. She knelt down then and undid my belt buckle and slid my jeans and boxers down. My Dick bounced up and slapped her in the face and she started laughing.

"Oh My God Luke! Its Huge!" while she stared at my limp dick. "I actually want to measure it!" she said and grapped the tape measurer. "Its 6 inchs soft, she said lets see how big I can get it!" and she started kissing the tip of my cock and then started sucking it. She took it out of her mouth and started jerking me and grapped the tape measurer "Its 9 and a half inches long, and 7 and abit inches thick!" she exclaimed "Did you know you had a huge cock?" she asked me.

"Actually, yes I measurer it a few weeks ago and looked up the average which turned out to be about 4 inches for my age, and about 5 and half inches for an adult" I happily said. "How big is dad?" I asked

"Tiny!" she said, "I measured it once he was not even 4 inches!".

"Well get ready!" I yelled and grabbed her head and thrust her mouth onto my cock and started face fucking her, she had great gag control but started choking and gagging once she grabbed my ass and started thrusting her own face onto my dick.

She started deep throating me then, she could not swallow me whole, but came close. She stared up at me with those great blue eyes the whole time, and I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was sucking my dick and my balls and fingering her pussy.

"How about we put something besides fingers in that tight pussy?" I asked

"Sure kido" she winked back.

She lay on her knees and put her hands on the bed and went into the doggy style postion, I went behind her. I was getting ready to put my dick into her pussy and she turned to face me and yelled "Talk Dirty To Me!"

"Oh, you like that do you? You dirty Slut, fucking your own Son's huge dick!" I yelled at her and slammed my 9 and a half inch, 7 inch thick dick all into her pussy. She Screamed in pain and I yelled "I'm going to treat you like the Slut you are!". "Yes sir." she breathed.

I started pounding it into her then and she started to change from screaming in pain to pleasure.

"Ah, fuck me hard Big Boy!!!". "Oh I will!" and I pulled my Dick out of her pussy and put it at the tip of her ass.

"Hey!" she screamed "Don't even dare! I have never had anything in my ass before and I don't plan on starting today!

"Shut up Slut!" and I grabbed a handful and tits and shoved my huge dick completely up her asshole. She started screaming in pain and crying, but I kept going and going she started to like it and started moaning. She screaming at me "Fuck my ass, Harder! Deeper!!!.

Her ass was shaking and jiggling while I fucked her silly. After a few minutes I pulled my dick out, covered in shit and said "Turn around bitch!" and shoved it down her throat and face fucking her. I told her to clean all the shit off. She just anwsered "Just sir!" and spent 10 minutes cleaning every bit of shit, cum and pussy juice off of my dick. After that I told her I'm ready to Cum. And she told me she wanted to swallow it and knelt back down.

I jerked my dick and shot over 20 ropes of streaming white cum into the back of her throat. She swallowed it all. She stood up and I kissed her and said "I love you" and she said....."I love you" and kissed again.

I swept her off her feet and threw her into the bed and fucked and sucked until dawn.

The next day I sat down with my Laptop, logged into Msn and sent a msg to my friends saying

"So you think my Mom is hot?"


Thank you for reading, Please Comment. I will write another if you want me too.

Sex with my sister-1

cyberjolly on Incest Stories

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My name is Raj aged 29 now. Thes story is about me and my sisters relationship when we were young. At that time i was 22 and she was 18.Talking about rani, rani was full of womanhood. although she was average in built. she was sexually so intimidating whenever she passes through. I always used to think about her when i am jerking off. we are a family consisting of six members and we used to have 2 rooms to sleep and we were often close to bed. One time  my sister happened to sleeping near to me. In the half way of my sleep she put her thighs around hip part. As all you know what will happen if a lady put her thighs above our thighs and her knee touching our bellys. the same happened. I was so erected and for the time bieng i was not

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able to do a single thing.

We are having our beds in front of television and we always used to see the telivision laying in the bed. On this particular night, my family members have gone out to attend a social gathering and we two were alone at the home. We as usually was watching TV. After sometime rani fell asleep and she without knowing put her hand on my boomerang. it erupted like a volcano. I was wearing a kurtha and slowly without moving her removed the kurtha which was covering my boomerang.! and for the first time it has been touched by a lady. iwas overjoyed in the situation and that made me keep her hands for somemore time. after some time as she moved she released her hand.

After that she turned around in her sleep and put her thighs over my hips[the same thing that happened the last day]. but on this time i decided to do something. I slowly but steadily moved my body towards her especially the Hip part. the boomerang was so erect that it toucher her body without me completely moving by body. I slowly opened my kurtha and allowed my nude boomerang to touch her thighs and slowly with one leg, i pulled her thighs inside my legs and her knees was almost touching my balls. at that posture i laid for sometime. Then i grew with confidence. i went out to lock the door to ensure no one was coming in.

When i came back i saw rani laying in her bed showing her butts. I was curious that if she weared a panty or not. She was using a light skirt and i slowly pulled up to see. Alas. she was wearing nothing. I with the courage i gathered from the previous attempt decide to push my boomerang with her ass. I firstly pushed it from behing with the kurtha. then i slighly opened my boomerang and pushed then also there was no response from my sister. I pulled off my clothes and put my knee above her Knee. and my bommerang behing her ass and slowly tried to penetrate. i slid thru her thighs to bottom i was feeling the warmth when i passed thru her pussy.

I pushed slowly and this havent made her awake. I slid behing her ass and started pushing back and forth. and i was now completely behind her and when i was going to leave her my sister turned back. In the next part i will be saying you something exciting than this.!

Guilty Pleasures [Part One]

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It started on his 13th birthday
Kimberly's moans became louder and louder as she rubbed her clit. Teasing it slowly, and groaning in her throat each time her body thrust forward. "Fuck me baby..." she panted to herself. "That's it.." she said, pushing two of her fingers into her opening, starting to push them in and out of her right cunt. " know how mommy likes it, don't you baby?" she spoke. In her head, she wasn't pleasuring herself. Her 13 year old son was doing it for her. "Oh..god..yes.." she whined, curling her toes up and pressing them hard into the mattress. When she reached her orgasm, she moaned
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her son's name softly. She heard a bedroom door shut and quickly pulled the covers up over her hips. Her door slowly creaked open. 
"Mom, did you call for me?" Mike asked, perking a brow at her. "It's only 6. What could you possibly need right now?" he mumbled sleepily. "Oh, sorry baby." Kimberly blushed. "I was um, just excited. It's your birthday! My baby is 13." she said. "You're growing up so fast..I can't believe it." she said, pulling her underwear on under the sheets since she'd left them beside her. "Come cuddle with your mummy." she begged lightly. "I want to hold're not too big for it." she said. "Nobody has to know." 
Mike strolled across the room, smiling. He crawled in and pushed himself into his mothers arms, loving to be held by her . He felt very young again, and carefree. Kimberly smiled and stroked the young boys brown hair out of his eyes. "Happy birthday." she told him softly, leaning down. She kissed his lips lightly. "What do you want for breakfast?" she asked him. "Pancake." Mike smiled happily. "Oh, and some toast." he added with a bit of thought. "Alright, let's go make it." Kim smiled, crawling out of bed, holding his small hand in her bigger one.
After they finished breakfast, had their showers and got dressed it was 8 o'clock. "Well, we're dressed. Were are we going, mum?" he asked his mother. "Oh, I don't know. Let's go get some movies for tonight. We can spend all day on the couch watching all kinds of movies, and order pizza later..sound good?" Mike nodded. "Oh, can I buy a new xBox game?" he asked. "Yeah baby. It's your birthday." Kimberly smiled. "You can do whatever you want to..well, most things. You know what I mean." she said. Mike smirked and nodded. "Alright mum, let's go then." he said, handing her her purse and car keys. 

My Little Niece

Basiler on Incest Stories

I had just gotten home from school. It was Friday and I had a whole weekend to study before finals. Not that I was to worried about the exams, it's just that I really wanted to do good so that I could be accepted forthe 'Elite' program at my high school next year. Plus my parents were leaving for a small weekend vacation, so I would have the house to me and my naked self.

I was so happy that school was almost over and that I would be going into grade 10 in a few months. Not to mention that last week was my birthday and I had reveived a Wii and some games. Which I had been playing constantly.

My usual routing when I get home(if no one is home) is to go down to my basement, watch some porno and masterbate. Then wash up and have a snack or watch T.V. I usually get pret
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ty horny during a whole day since in all of my classes I was situated right next to one of the class whores. They also hit on me; they would sometimes drop their pen right infront of me while I was standing, and on their way down they would brush my whole leg with their arm or if positioned right their ass. Then coming back up they'd feel if I had gotten hard. Most of the time I did.

But today was different. I quickly unlocked the door to my house and threw my back pack on my couch. then just as I was about to run downstairs I heard a voice "Hey, is that you Mike?" it was my older brother Carl

"Yeah, hey Carl when did you get in?" I replied

"Just this morning, I barely made it to the house in time to catch mom on her way to work so she could let us in"


"Yeah, Mandy is here with me"

Mandy was my neice who was only 8. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and the cutest smile. I won't lie, I have stood behind her once or twice rubbing her with my cock. Then running into the bathroom to masterbate.

"Cool!" I shouted back

Carl came walking down the stairs that led from the upstairs living room.

"Hey, since Mom and Dad aren't home, could you do me a favour?"

"I suppose" I said. I was hoping that it wouldn't occupy my whole weekend.

"Well I need to leave for a business trip. And I can't bring Mandy with me. Could you look after her until Sunday?"

"Sunday? but that's all weekend. I have some stuff that I have to do"

"Yeah I know" Carl said "but I'll pay you $250, plus $150 for food and stuff to do"

"Well" I started, I could see the desperation in Carl's face "I guess I could, it'll be fun"

"Oh thank you lil' bro"

"Yeah yeah, when you gotta leave"

"Right now actually, good thing you didn't go out after school!"

"Oh" I was quite startled

"Yeah, so I left her suitcase in the basement, and Mandy is upstairs. Actually, MANDY COME DOWN HERE SWEETIE"

Mandy came running down the stairs. She looked so cute. She was wearing a skirt and a loose fitting t-shirt. With knee lace socks, and a bright hair clip.

"Hi Mike!" She ran up and hugged me tightly, making my cock jump to life in my pants. "this is going to be a real fun weekend!"

"Yep for sure" I replied while trying to hide the fact that I had a boner.

"Ok mike" Carl butted in "I gotta go, love you sweetie"

Carl kissed Mandy good-bye and hurried out the door.

"Want to go watch some TV" I said

"OK!" cheered Mandy

I chased her up the stairs and sat down while she went to go get herself a glass of juice.

I got up to take the disc out of the DVD player. We had just finished watching The Matrix together. I should get you ready for bed. So we went downstairs to get her suitcase.

"I guess you can sleep upstairs on mom and dads bed" I told her

"But that's all the way upstairs! It's so far away from you. You have a big bed, can I sleep down her with you?"

Wow, was I shocked. true I had a big queen bed, but sleeping in the same bed would drive me nuts! And drive my nuts nuts if you know what I mean. "Well............yeah I guess that would be ok. Well go have a shower and get washed up"

She ran off into the bathroom and started to have a shower. I walked over to my desk and turned on my laptop. I had been so thankful that my friend had given me his old laptop. It was perfect for surfing the internet for porn. I could do it in my bed, and the best part was that my parents would never find out. I started to look at some of my fave pictures while petting my cock through my jeans. I laid my laptop down and went to grab some clean underwear. Running to the upstairs shower I started to clean myself off while slowly jacking it. After about five minutes I had climaxed and cum splattered all over the shower wall. I grabbed the shower head and cleaned it off. then turning off the water I dred off and went downstairs. I came down the stairs only to see one of the worst, and greatest things of my life. Mandy had turned on my computeer and was flipping through all of my porn!


"Oh Mike!" She sputtered "I'm sorry, I just wanted to play a game. I'm so sorry, please don't tell daddy, please!"

"It's ok I wont, just turn off the computer and crawl into bed."

Since I was only wearing a pair of boxers I hadn't felt my hard on. I looked down and suddenly noticed it. Trying to dsiguise it for when I crawled into bed. I quickly crawled in and turned off my bed side lamp. I could feel the warmth coming from Mandy and that wasn't helping the state that my penis was in. "Night mandy"

"G'night Mike"

And with that I flicked off the lamp. A few seconds later Mandy spoke up "Mike, what were those people doing in those pictures. It looked like they were having lots of fun."

"Well they" How could I explain this to her? I would have to just tell her "they were having sex. Do you know what sex is?"

"That's where the man puts his key into a girls lock, right?"

"Yeah, you can look at it that way."

"Can you show me how to do it?"

"Wel, I, I don't, well I don't know I could get in lots of trouble"

"I won't tell. I swear! I'll even give you my necklace just so you kmow I'm serious."

So many emotiong were going through my head. Should I do it? Should I not? My brain was saying no, but my penis and my heart were saying yes. I had to give in.

"Ok Mandy come here." I flicked on the lights, and pulled my pants off. "This is my 'key'. What I want you to do is put it into your mouth and suck it like a lollipop. Ok?"

"Ok!" she quickly rolled over to me and licked the tip. A feeling of pure bliss ran through my body. "Oh jesus this is good" I whispered.

"Put it into your mouth."

She did and it was unbelievable. Her mouth was small, which was good because I wasn't that big. I took her head and started to bob it up and own, while with my other hand I placed her hand onto the base and started jerking my cock. She eventually figured out what I wanted her to do. After about 30 seconds I felt ready to come. "Mandy, something is going to come out of my mouth. don't be afraid it wont hurt you. try to swallow some, but you don't have to."

and after 2 more strokes I came. The hardest I have ever came. She started to gag and took her mouth off and cum started to drip from her mouth. Still jerking me I removed her cum covered hand and put it into her mouth. "Mmmm Mike it's soooooo tasty!"

"Yeah? Well that's nice then."

As she was licking her fingers off I started to caress her white skin. It was so smooth and creamy. It wasn't long before I had another hard-on. "Now Mandy, we're going to have sex"

I started to take off her shirt to reveile to small, pink, erect nipples. I started sucking on them and she started to moan softly. Then I moved down and took off her pajama bottoms, then her panties. I started to suck on her whole fagina, Swiping my toungue over her crease as she moaned louder. Then I took her clit in my nouth. and she started to scream in pleasure. She went into a ball and started screaming. she was having her first orgasm. My mouth then got hit by a liquid and I knew she was squirter. I had found numerous 'squrting' porno sites and have always wanted to witness a real one. And now I had. "Oh Mike, was that sex? I t was wonderful!"

"No that's not true sex yet. We'veonly done oral sex. But now I'm going to stick my key into your lock. It will hurt for a few seconds. But don't worry it'll feel really good right after."

And with that I moved so I was laying ontop of her and guided my penis at the entrance of her 'lock'. I slowly began to push it in as she started moaning and screaming in pain and pleasure. "Oh Mike, it hurts, but it feels good oh oh"

It was long before I had reached her hymen. Then I thrusted forward with all my might as she let out a screach and started screaming. "Shhhh, shhhh. It's ok the painful part is over. Get ready for the good part!"

She stopped screaming and started moaning as I pumped in and out of her. Her pussy walls were so tight, yet they felt like heaven. It was becoming easier as she was extremely wet, and there was a little blood working in there too. then she started screaming and shaking and I knew she was climaxing again. Her pussy clamped down on my like a vice grip. And that was all I needed. I started moaning too as I shot my load deep into her.

I then collapsed to her side and she soon fell asleep. I looked down and saw the the sheets were soaked. Oh well, tomorrow I would get to show her the magic of a girl having sex on a vibrating washing machine.

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Now and Then Chapter 1

Rakonat on Incest Stories

    Don sat awake watch TV late one night, it had been raining out and there was nothing really good on. He had spent most of the night flipping between baseball and a few TV movies, he didn't care for any of the teams on, and he owned all the movies that where playing that night. Groaning, he got up and headed for the kitchen, when he heard the doorbell. "Who rings a door bell at 11:30 at night?" Don wondered, figuring it was either a lost couple or some kids pranking the neighborhood. What he found was his 14 year old niece, clutching a backpacked soaked in the rain, she looked as if she had been crying.

    "Uncle Don, can I stay with you tonight?" Natalye asked, looking up to him with those puppy eyes. Natalye was the only

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child of his older sister, Mary. The fact that she was here meant something bad had happened at home.

    "Yeah come in, quick, don't want you getting sick." Don said, half asleep he herded her into the house and fetched her a towel. She wasn't wearing much, a white T-Shirt that read 'Angel' in pink lettering, and a pair track shorts, both clung to her like a 2nd layer of skin. Natalye wore tight close as is, and it was easy to see her underwear though the thin material. "What are you doing here? Is your mom OK?" Don asked, trying hard to push a lump in his throat down, he had always thought his young niece to be too sexy for her own good, this was easily classified as jail bait.

     "Yeah, mom's out of town...I had another fight with Doug." She said, dropping her bag and began toweling off, she had already taken off her shirt, modesty wasn't something stressed by her mother, and was already starting to unclip her white bra. Doug, her future step father, was possible the worlds biggest asshole. The man was a gentleman only in Mary's presence, anytime else he was a pig, never caring if he hurt anyone with his words or actions. In the past, he had been charged with attempted rape and forcing himself on a minor. The first time Don met him he wanted nothing more then to rearrange the mans face after the comments he made about Don's sister and niece. Now Don wondered if he would go to jail for murder in the next year if Doug didn't shape up.

     "Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower, I think I have some of your old cloths around here," Don said, trying his best not to stare at his niece's young petite form. She was only 5'4, about 2 inches shorter then her mom. Otherwise she was a perfect replica of her mother, the same blonde hair, blue eyes with a sparkle in them, the creamy complexion, with a pretty small tan line. What Don should have expected hit him like a ton of bricks, when Natalye took off her shorts, revealing not only a lack of underwear, but a shaved mound, with a small amount of stubble on the pubic area, the girl was more like her mother then Don wanted to risk thinking about. Watching the small but bounce its way up the stairs, her mood had increased dramatically since she new there was no way she'd have to talk to her mom's boyfriend for a while now. Tossing her wet cloths in the hamper, he dug out an old tank top of his and a pair of boxers for her to wear,hoping to get some more glimpses of his niece.

    As he waited for his niece to get out of the shower, his minded drifted to a place in time, almost 15 years to the day when his sister took his virginity. It had been stormy like tonight, and his sister came home crying, her boyfriend had dumped her for the "newer model", a cheerleader he had been sleeping with for over a month, and just decided to dump his sister because she didn't give out. He vaguely remembered his sister, 2 years older but physically smaller, collapsing in his arms crying her heart out. This was the 3rd boyfriend in almost 6 months to dump her because she didn't want to anything past oral sex. Don could understand both views, his sister was among the hottest girls in school, and she had a way of coming on to guys without even showing a little extra skin. Hell, he wanted to bang her since she gave him his birthday present 2 months ago, a courtesy deep throat blow job preceded by a full strip by his sister. She had been drunk that night and probably didn't recall anything, but it didn't stop Don from trying hard to re strike up the events.

    Without knowing it, that night he had when he held her, trying to calm her. As he held her, he had been stroking and patting her back, his leg had been moving up and down between her legs without any real reason why, he was desperate to stop her crying. The combined movements some how got her to stop crying, she kissed him on the cheek and went up stairs, mumbling a thank you for listening to her. After that she took 45 minute shower, that Don would never forget. Having the urge to go the bathroom, he went up to the door almost 10 minutes after she got in, but before he could knock, he heard the sound that would stop any man in his tracks...a womans moan of ecstasy.

    Lucky for Don the door was slightly ajar, and when he opened it, he almost came in his pants. His sister flat against the shower wall, both her hands where busy between her legs, one played with her clit, the other pushed into her own flesh, teasing herself into an orgasm. He sat at the door for the next twenty to thirty minutes, watching his sister as she pleasured herself over and over again, she had already turned the water off and sat on the bottom of the tub still fingering herself. Deciding to take a chance, he went back to his room and stripped naked, putting his robe loosely around himself, his cock stood out like the arrow on a compass, he moved quickly into the bathroom, his sister had managed to get from the shower to the toilet, her legs spread as she continued to play with herself, moaning softly and staring at the ceiling.

    "Sis?" Don said, trying to act surprised to find his sister molesting herself. To no shock of his own, she didn't respond, too caught up in her own pleasures to even comprehend her surroundings. "Screw it" He thought to himself, ultimately his goal but he dropped the robe and dropped in front of her spread legs and placed a hand on her inner hip and began to slowly rub her clit with his other. This interaction was all that was needed it seemed, for his sister gave a loud gasp and looked down to see her brother, playing with her pussy. The shear shock must have been the only thing stopping her from screaming, but she quickly tried to snap her legs shut, but she exhausted most her energy during her shower, and only the feeble jerk of her knees against her brothers shoulders resulted.

    "Don, no, you can't" She gasped, she could hardly speak but the lust in her eyes was undeniable. He had heard of girls getting horny, but this was ridiculous, she didn't even sound like she was convincing herself, she had one motive at that moment, to sexually get off, and her hands just couldn't quite do it. Spreading her legs again, he leaned in close and started to lick his older sister's hairless cunt, his tongue rubbing up and down her erect clit, teasing it a little before he started swirl circles around it and lightly suck on it. His sister's only response was to grasp tightly on the back of his head and try and pull him in farther as she moaned, her hips where already started to quiver. Taking his sister's invite, he licked her up and down, sucking up her juices as he went. He had never tasted something so sweet, or satisfying, he gulped it down by the mouthfuls and still wanted more of it. Soon he stopped messing with her clit and let his tongue find her pussy. When he stuck his tongue in her, her body naturally tried to squeeze it, Don resisted her bodies natural order and flicked his tongue around her insides like a fish out of water, it didn't take long for his sister to orgasm all over his face,  he never thought it was going to stop, her bod shook from head to toe as she screamed, by the time it was done, she had fallen from the toilet and managed to knock don over, sitting on his face.

    Gasping for breathe, his sister barely managed to speak ", I need you...Fuck" With some effort she managed to turn her self around, leaning on the toilet for support, she had stuck her butt in the air, he pussy was dripping her juices still. with out any hesitation or thought about protection or birth control, Don had gotten behind her pushed his dick into his sister's moist, warm flesh. After his tip sunk in, he found his sister's cherry, futilely trying to block him. one thrust and he found himself buried to the hips, her butt slapping against his pubic hair. Grasping her hips and thrusting deep into his sister, he pushed her slowly into the toilet, his sister only screaming with ecstasy and encouraging, wanting more of his cock. Her pussy felt like a vacuum, it contracted on his cock as it tried to suck him in, her warm juices made his entire shaft tingle, his balls began to tighten as he neared an orgasm. It wasn't long before his sister start to shake and stutter some more, another orgasm was already upon her.

    "I"M CUMMING!" Don screamed, "FILL ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM!" Mary had yelled back to him, looking over her shoulder to watch her brother let his load go free, squirting into his sister. His balls tightened over and over again, as he squirted more and more into his sister, he thought he counted 8 squirts by the time he finished, his cock still semi hard. Pulling out he and his sister laid on the floor, now a large puddle of sex juices mixed, as his sisters pussy leaked and Don's own cock still had some semen dripping out, taking him into her mouth, she softly sucked on his dick like a baby would a pacifier, drinking up his remaining cum.

    They had sat on teh bathroom floor till their mother came home, finding both her children naked on the floor, Don thought she was going to kill them. Instead she told clean themselves up and get ready for supper. The fact that he had cum in his sister, and that she wasn't on the pill, didn't hit him till the next morning when his mom took her to the clinic. When she came back she had given him the look of horror, she was going to have a child. 9 months later she gave birth to a boy that she put up for adoption, after that don never learned what happened to the kid. A few months after that Mary had a one night stand with med student, leading to Natalye's birth.

    Don finally heard the click of the bathroom door as his niece came out wearing a towel not quite her size, her B cup breast where barely contained and Don could clearly see his nieces slit, slightly red from recent probing, obviously she had learned her mother's favorite habit, masturbation. "Took you long enough, I was beginning to think I'd have to come and find you." Don teased as he tossed his niece the shirt and shorts, she shot him dirty look as she took the cloths and went to the spare bedroom, taking off the towel before she even went around the corning, giving Don a clear view of her little bubble butt. Only then did Don realize his erection, his penis had found its way through the buttons of his pajama pants, he now realized why his niece giggled at him when she walked in. Laughing at it, he got up and walked over to the spare bedroom, when he heard the familiar moan of a girl. "Damn..." Don smiled as he tip toed to the door and cracked it, his niece sprawled out the bed, her hands between her legs. "Like Mother, like daughter?" Don asked to himself. Pulling his dick back out, he slowly jerked himself to his niece fingering herself....


Making Love To My Beautiful Sister Emily

Neurotica on Incest Stories

Making Love To My Beautiful Sister Emily

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Everything was quiet, no sound was made. The candles were lit and their sweet candy apple aroma secreted quietly inside the room. I found myself inside a bedroom next to mine in the basement. A bedroom barely lit by the faint light source of the candles. The blinds are shut tight and here I am, lying on the bed in the bedroom.

…Yes, my sister’s bedroom.

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The ironic thing is, I’m lying on my back on my sister’s b

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ed wearing nothing but my boxers. Now what would drive me into my unique sibling’s bedroom, laying on her bed half-naked waiting for something to happen? Well, thing is, something was going to happen. And the more I thought of it, the more it excited me. Without realizing it, my left hand already found its way down inside my boxers beginning to slowly touch myself. While still leaning on the soft fluffy pillow, I turn my head to the right, facing the alarm clock. It was only 6:35 in the evening. A nice warm summer evening eventually becoming a very hot and romantic night.

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Why so early in bed in the evening? Well to be honest, we couldn’t wait any longer. Me and this young lady made a mutual decision. A decision which was influenced from the roots of both our childhoods. We both helped each other to discover our sexuality through our younger years and now wish to reward ourselves today.

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The young beautiful woman I am about to make love to, is none other than my sexy mature sister Emily.

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I close my eyes and picture my sister in my head. I think of every part of her slim and very well developed body while stroking my penis. The more I stroked the more my underwear became tighter. So at one point, I just had to stick it out. I finally undo the button on the front of my boxers, letting my cock reveal itself for the first time tonight. I continue playing with myself with my eyes still closed; suddenly a flashback from many years ago occurred to me…

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She was about thirteen years old then, and I was fourteen. We were both naked on the plush carpet of the basement. Bending over in front of me, she stood on both hands and knees, placing herself in the doggie position. She stuck out her butt so that her ass crack would widely spread open to leave enough room for me to slide in my penis. I stamped a few wet kisses on her bottom, making my cock grow bigger and longer with all the excitement. Then, I kneeled behind her, grabbed her by her small waist with both hands then slowly directed my penis towards her ass. I fully slipped my member inside her ass crack, sliding it tightly between her butt cheeks and began thrusting gently. The feeling I had masturbating in her ass was unbelievable yet it wasn’t our first sexual experience. I thrusted my penis harder and harder to pick up the pace. The extreme tightness and firmness of her butt made me feel like I was actually penetrating her, having sex with her, making love to my sister Emily. But that was not the case in that particular situation. The excitement overwhelmed me and in a matter of minutes I finally came right in between her butt cheeks. A fair dose of cum made it easy for my penis to glide its final thrusts in between the pair of my sister’s peachy buns. After all of that, reality struck me…

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Here I am vigorously masturbating with my left hand without a care. I decide to slow down and let go of my cock to give myself a break. I immediately sense a strong, warm and wet feeling in my crotch area. Did I already cum for real? Did I make myself cum after the erotic flashback? Why am I still feeling this warm and wet sensation? I know why I can’t answer that. I still have my eyes closed! But for some reason, I wish to keep them closed because the feeling’s still there. And it feels so good… very very good. Something soft and sexy is somehow wrapped around my cock, making thrusts of its own. The sensation is very familiar and I remember quite a few girls doing this to me. But this one is new to me… a new mouth that I have never felt before… a new tongue sliding up and down my shaft which is making me feel so excited…

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It only took my cock a few more plunges into her mouth before I came. There it is, my first climax of the night. Her mouth was gripped over my member until every single shot of cum was swallowed. What an amazing feeling! I then decide to open my eyes. Her face is right in front of mine. Emily is staring at me with the biggest smile she ever made. Her nice straight light brown hair was untied and her beautiful hazelnut eyes kept looking into mine. I suddenly spot a small drop of sperm dripping from her lower lip. Without hesitation, she looks down and sweeps her tongue over her mouth to clean up the remaining of the mess I shot in her. She lowers her head towards my right ear and say that it was her first ever blowjob. She also adds a nice «I love you » to the sentence.

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Before I can even reply to her, she leans up and stands in front of the bed. She was wearing a very appealing white night robe. The robe was tightly covering every part of her slim yet curvaceous body. The material looked so soft and comfortable, especially the parts covering her breasts. Her fairly large and deliciously round firm breasts. The breasts I keep staring day in and day out of our lives at home. Still standing up and staring in my eyes, Emily began to untie her night robe. She starts from the very top, undoing one button at a time. The second detached button revealed her very promising cleavage. The third exposed her entire crack and before she went for the next button, she tosses both her boobs out of the robe. My mouth gasped wide open by looking straight at her breasts. It has been a while since I’ve seen them; another quick flashback from early years came to me…

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She was about thirteen and I was close to fifteen. We were both together in the living room wearing nothing but our bottom underwear. Her small and perky tits were covered by my wandering hands. Her hands then reached mine and we both began dancing romantically across the house, touching our exposed skin gently while moving sensually together in our arms. Then she would guide me slowly in her room, make me lay on her bed, and then she’d crawl on top of me so we could…

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I quickly snap out of my bubble as I realize that Emily was already working on the fourth button. As soon as it came undone, I looked at her flat belly with satisfaction. Very cute and looked very soft. Button number five revealed her sexy looking belly-button. I just can’t wait to wander my hands there. I peeked with my eyes a few inches lower her belly-button and I came to a surprise. I glanced at a nice horizontal streak of black pubic hair revealing itself over the edge of the final button to undo. I couldn’t take it any longer so I sat up on the bed quickly, leaned over her and ripped open the bottom of her robe. There it was… right in my face… Emily’s very own virgin pussy covered with a beautiful, massive natural black bush. My penis launched into a full erection once again just by looking at my sister’s hot unshaven twat. I can tell she takes care of herself very well since she looks very clean down there. Ripping up her robe was spontaneous and so will be my next action. I forcefully take off her night robe by sliding it backwards, exposing Emily completely in the nude. It didn’t take very long for her erotic athletic curves to be stroked with my hands. As continued caressing her hips, she reached down to her clitoris with her right hand, rubbing one of her fingers on it while tilting her head back. Then came a flashback once again…

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We were back at the time when she was thirteen and I was about fifteen. I was sat down on the couch wearing only my underwear and a t-shirt. I was fully erected and my boner was sticking upwards in my undies, making it look like a huge bump. My sister, on the other hand, was completely naked. Butt naked. Topless. Everything off! She crawled up to me and placed herself on top of me. Her legs spreading across me and pressed her hairless pussy on my covered penis. I grabbed her by her small hips, looked down at her perky tits, and then looked further down at her young cunt beginning to rub itself on my crotch. It felt so good to pretend to make love. She bucked her hips harder and harder and began breathing loudly. We constantly kept telling how much we love each other in our ears while still rubbing each other’s members. As the stroking became more sexually pleasant, she would speak out loud about how much she loves my penis and I would reply to her by telling how much her vulva felt good. We kissed, then kissed some more, breathing loudly. Suddenly, something wonderful happened. My cock has slipped out of the front hole of my underwear and met with the soft and wet lips of Emily’s pussy. As she continued to hump me, the warm sensation of her cunt made things too exciting for both of us. My testicles became tense… I was going to cum on my sister’s pussy lips… I felt the semen reach the tip of my penis…

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I came back to reality. I just have to have her… Emily was moaning heavily the more and more she rubbed her clitoris and since I still had my hands gripped on her hips, I roughly pull her towards me, kneeing her on the edge of the bed. I am still sitting on the bed and decide to pull my sister even closer over me. She nervously wraps her arms around my neck and a look of confusion began haunting her face. Her hairy pussy was right over my fully extended cock. She looks down and then back up in my eyes again several times. We both knew what was coming and her lower lip began trembling. I gently begin to push her waist downwards, making her body shake more and more. My cock was almost there… pushing her a little lower… lower… until I finally feel the tip of my penis touch her wet vulva lips.

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All I could feel was a burning sensation. A small tear of sweat began to drip down the side of her forehead. Now the full tip of my penis was inside, squeezing through the tight tunnel. Her pussy is boiling. She is burning for me. I was worried of how much she can take it so I looked straight at her face. She stared back with her mouth opened in moan and nodded her head in approval to go on and push it all the way. Still grabbing by her hips, I lay my back on the bed and I start lifting my crotch upwards while pushing her waist down on me. By doing so, my penis slowly slides inch by inch inside Emily’s vagina erupting with wetness. As hard as it was to finally penetrate her, I realized how perfectly my cock fit in her. Her twat came down to my pelvis and my penis was completely submerged. Not a sound came from my sister besides heavy breathing.

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It is too tight. A few strokes will certainly lead me to an orgasm. But before I could do something, Emily began the action. As soon as she felt the tip of my penis hit the back wall of her vagina, she extended her arms, pressed her hands firmly on my belly and pushed herself upwards to make the first thrust. Her body came slamming down right away in order to push herself back up again, then again and again. With her head tilted backwards, eyes closed and mouth wide open, she paced herself very gently so that her lower lips suck up and down the full length of my penis. Her movements came naturally as if she made love all of her life. Sweat began to cover both our bodies and it was hot. Really hot. I grab her ass so that I get a better grip on her. Both of her rock hard ass cheeks in my hands boosted my sex-drive even higher as more blood kept pumping in my cock. Emily was completely filled. She couldn’t believe how great it felt to be complete for the first time in her life. For a few more minutes, we both savoured sweet love and sexual pleasure.

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I was at a point that I couldn’t hold it in any longer. The walls of her very tight vagina became too much for me. I felt her pussy lips on every single inch of my sensitive penis with the help of every single thrust of her hips. The time has come. The tensions in my testicles kept growing and feel the semen rise up quickly. The feeling is too intense… I was going to inseminate my eighteen year old sister.

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Emily let out a loud sigh of pleasure as she felt all the hot sticky cum fill up the insides of her lower belly. She bucked her hips harder as she reached an orgasm herself. My cum kept flowing out of me into her. When I finally stopped ejaculating, Emily lifted her lower body just enough so that my cock would reappear from under her bushy pelvis and let it slide out for some air. To stimulate each other one last time before we fell asleep, she rubbed the full body of her vulva on my weakening penis, pretending to fuck just like old times. She then lays her full body on top of me, kiss me good night, and falls asleep with a belly full of her brother’s cum.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

At 10:48 pm, our dream came true and we rewarded ourselves just the way we wanted it. We both treated each other with oral sex and sexual caresses. I penetrated her to unite our love and we are both satisfied with excitement since I have filled Emily with a risky load of hot fertile semen. Our future awaits, as brother, sister and lovers.

My Cousin Dawn

Danny Cole on Incest Stories

With a huge family of fourteen cousins, there were always many gatherings for birthdays,weddings and occasional holidays. My most vivid memory was a very unexpected one which involved my two cousins Richard and Dawn.
Like most preteen boys it was a very confusing time for me. I experiencing this tremendous rush of hormonal energy and sported a constant woody which found relief only through repeated masturbation.My sexual experience was nil, but lately, lady luck seemed to be on my side revealing more new and exciting sexual situations.Â
About six weeks back, I snuck a peak at a stag film that my dad and his card playing buddies watched, where a huge titted women was fucking this
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guy as he fingered her asshole.Afterwards, I found a new source of pleasure wanking myself using vasoline and producing a more intense orgasm while fantasizing that I was ''that lucky guy'' in the movie.Â
Although making headway, I still wondered and worried if there'd ever be any real sexual contact with the opposite sex and started to question my ability to even approach such matters, until one unforgettable and eventful weekend my wonderful and sexy cousin Dawn stepped into the picture.This not only confirmed and totally eliminated any doubts of celibacy; but also curbed many feelings of tormented sexual frustration that had previously overtaken me.         Â
My cousin Dawn was a scrawny little girl for just turning twelve years old. Her big blue eyes and long curly blonde hair made her exceptionally pretty, but you would never believe she was six months older than myself. When we were young kids she was always hanging around trying to listen in on our  conversations or randomly trying to join in on many of the male things that were happening Occasionally we would let her participate,but like most evil guys that age, we usually ended up chasing her away. Â
As for Richard, he had a huge room in the basement all to himself and I remember being quite overwhelmed with all of the expensive toys and games he owned, as my uncle had become quite wealthy selling equipment to many of the huge airline companies.We shared many perverted conversations together and even watched each other piss before, but never once did I even consider my cousins as a possibility for sexual pleasure, until one particular afternoon...
It was a warm Sunday in April and after church mom and dad decided to take the one hour drive to aunt Louise and uncle Bobs'. I had a touch of spring fever and was a bit hornier than usual, wishing to be alone to relieve that constant tickling pressure,either in the bathroom or the privacy of my locked bedroom.
That hour seemed to fly by quickly as we were already pulling into Richard and Dawns driveway.Out front cousin Dawn was sitting on the front porch wearing a yellow flower print dress, waving as we pulled in. I couldn't help but notice her legs partially spread showing matching yellow panties and two small points on top protruding through the fabric of her tiny build.Her beautiful goldenrod hair was tied back tight in a perfect braid and my dick immediately rose to attention with lustful thoughts bringing goose bumps throughout my entire body. My mouth watered as I stared intently up her dress until she scooted off the steps and ran towards the three of us.
''Hi aunt Betty,uncle John and David''.she said with a huge shy grin, looking directly into my eyes the whole time she spoke.
We walked inside where my aunt, uncle and Richard were there to greet us.Dawn was directly behind me playfully pushing hard against my backside and both hands squeezing my butt.With the spring warmth I could smell her ...a combination of light lilac perfume and a sweet buttery aroma aerating thru her skin from baking in the afternoon sun.
''Leave him alone squirt''! Richard demanded.
''Hey David, wanna go downstairs and see the new guitar my dad bought for me''?
''Sounds good''.I said, now feeling my ''hard on'' starting to shrivel thru my pants pocket
Richard played a few screeching chords with his new ax and stopped abruptly as he noticed the grimace on my face from the unpleasant noise he was making.
''Sorry dude, I'm still figuren this thing out'' he said embarrassingly.
''Forget it man, lets just do somthin ''I replied, already getting bored with the visit.
''I got an might think I'm weird, but Dawny will strip for us if you ask her to.She even lets me touch her pussy whenever I want...and best of all, I can even get her to suck on us too"! Richard said in a nervous and crackling voice.
''Man, are you serious? she sucks your dick ? yeah! I could really go for that ...I'm willing to try ...shit Rich, get her down here''. I stammered in an excited and curious tone.
Richard quickly darted up the steps to get his little sister.My dick was throbbing in anticipation of a possible first blowjob and the excitement of seeing and touching a real womens body, yet I surely didn't want to embarrass myself showing my cousins how inexperienced I was...would I ?
Before my thoughts could be answered, the door flew open and they were both laughing as Richard had his hands embraced from behind, cupping both little titties while grinding his dick hard up against her ass.
''So ''D'', ready to have some fun''. Richard said in an excited voice as he playfully pushed her away and turned the key lock.
''Ok babe, take em off and go lay on my bed''
She eagerly dropped the yellow panties to the floor,crawled on his bed and spread her legs for us to begin our adventures.Her pussy showed a few dark hairs and her lips were quite plump. The area around her thighs and pussy seemed a bit red and irritated, perhaps from many earlier encounters with her horny bro.
Richard made the first attempt,as he spread both little pussy lips apart showing me the pink insides.Her eyes were closed and her butt was squirming on the bed each time he touched her down there.
''Come on Dave, you give it a try...just get close and rub it like this''
My hands were trembling as I reached towards my first ever close encounter with a womens anatomy.I delicately and hesitantly touched her developing little gem and softly massaged exactly how Richard had showed me.I smelled a heavy odor coming from of her pussy,which seemed a little nasty at first,but somehow got me increasingly excited as I continued exploring the shapely and swollen little slash.She was wet and sticky and her back arched in excitement, as I began stroking her a bit quicker.
''Oh,that feels real good.It's nice... yes, do it like that David'' she said softly, her face now flush with red and each breath becoming a little deeper.
Just the sound of her calling my name drove me absolutely wild and my dick head was throbbing painfully against my jeans from the excitement!
''Don't stop Dave, make her come...keep rubbing'' Richard said excitingly.
Of course I had no idea what he meant, but just kept doing as he instructed. She arched her back higher from the bed, eyes shut, face red and lips pursed.Her breaths became deeper and she was now moaning with each circular touch.Â
''Oh...Mmmm, Oh... Oh... Ohhhhh.Mmmm, Oh, that feels soo good''! She whimpered in a low pitched voice.
Unexpected to me, and in one quick motion, she lifted her body from the bed clamping my hand like a vice between her legs while shuddering and taking a deep breath before totally relaxing. I could see the dark red color starting to disappear from her flushed cheeks and her eyes were now wide open staring lifelessly towards the ceiling. My soaking wet fingers stopped abruptly and I felt a little nervous that I may have possibly hurt her, and became a bit concerned over the sudden silence.
''Did ya like that Dawn? Not too bad for his first time, huh! you made her come man. Congratulations David !... Dawn and I have been playing like this for the past year...I take care of her and she takes care of me, right babe?''. She nodded her head in agreement still seeming to be in somewhat of a trance. Â
''Ok, now it's our turn, ya ready Dawn?'' Richard asked, now breaking her concentration.
''I guess...ok Richard, but no swallowen that icky white stuff''. Dawn said in a cautious tone.
''Ok, no problem...we shoot and you spit it out in this know what to do''.
''David gets to go first though''. she said, while giving me a cute and sexy little grin.
''Now Dave, this is going to feel totally awesome, so try to keep your mind on something else so you won't go off real quick. Got that?'' Richard said.
''Yea, I'm ready'' I said in a nervous tone.
 I clumsily and shyly unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees.Dawn squatted down in front of me and took my now semi hard penis in her mouth.Oh my god, I thought ...this is so excellent.I never felt anything like it- even when jerken with the vasoline at home.Her saliva was wet and warm as she pushed my dick back and forth between her lips.I again felt those goose bumps raise on my arms and legs in anticipation of that first sexual experience; and partly from the coolness present from the damp basement. She didn't look at me, but kept her pretty blue eyes straight ahead and continued to work intently on my swollen shaft.  My hands gently whisked through her golden blonde hair and I grasped at her long braid with both hands as it didn't take long before I felt ready to explode.
''It's there, I said... I'm about to''...and the biggest load of my life was already pumping into my cousins mouth before anyone could respond.
She started to cough and a fine line of my cum was running from her mouth as she quickly grabbed the large white bath towel to expel my salty discharge.
''Ok, next''she said. with this pleasured but serious look on her face... almost like serving a customer in line at the ice cream store.Â
I was totally aroused and astonished that my cousin Dawn was such a little slut and I even felt a little pissed towards Richard for having such a horny sister. And of course me living all the way in bum-fucked Egypt. It just wasn't fair!
''Ok, my turn'' nice and slow...just like with David'' Richard requested.
''First lets take that dress off and show Dave how your little titties have grown''
She lifted the sexy sun dress above her head and Richard unclasped the tiny bra from behind and dropped it to the floor as she proudly posed totally naked in front of us, revealing two perky plum size breasts with brown colored areolas about the size of a quarter.
''David, here's what I want you to do...While Dawns' suckin me, I want you to feel and suck on her tits.To suck, think of yourself as a hungry baby feeding on a bottle for its' milk.''
''Ok, ya ready''? Richard asked.
''Start sucking Dawn'' Richard demanded.
Dawn went down on Richards' cock with a smooth slow motion as he had requested.It was a bit awkward as my head was now lodged between Richards legs and Dawns body. My lips were pushed hard against her now perky little nipples and I was sucking like an infant while trying to get my tightly wedged hand on her other breast.She moaned a bit as my lips encircled her tasty nipple.My dick was rock hard again and I was actually finding a rhythm while deeply concentrating on pleasing my hot and passionate little cousin-sweet sexy Dawny!
''Thats right, just like that...slow...just like that''.Richard repeated.
''Come on David, suck her tits...harder!...lick em!, suck em!'' Richard demanded.
I clamped down harder with my lips and she let out a shrill moan while getting a faster pace on Richards tool . I tasted salty sweat on my tongue and smelled a light fragrance of a sweet lilac on her chest.My head was getting tighter between her and Richards body as the action started getting faster.
''Here I come.... Oh man, thats so awesome, Dawn...It's cummin''. Richard bellowed.
I managed to quickly slip my head out of the way as cousin Richard shot his powerful load in Dawnys throat while his fingers pinched and encircled her sweaty budding nipples as he completed the massive climax.
''Oh, that was really excellent did even better than this morning before church''. Richard confessed.
Dawn grabbed the already cum stained towel and spit Richards remnants inside of it.She wiped between her legs and didn't say a word while redressing.
''Thank ya Dawny dear''. Richard said.
''Yea,thanks Dawn that felt real nice'' I said rather shyly.
Dawn didn't say a word and gave me a naughty smile while looking directly into my eyes with her sexy ''baby blues'' as she exited Richards bedroom.
''Thanks for the guitar lesson, you are one lucky fuck having such a great sister like Dawn''. I said.
''I know Dave, you have to remember though, this is our little secret.We'll definitely do again sometime''. Richard exclaimed.
That evening,during the drive home I savored the smell of her on my fingers while thinking of the pleasant events that had just transpired. Dawn became my masturbation fantasy for months afterwards, as I envisioned and lusted to violate her sexy body once again.
To my frustrated disappointment however, that never did happen as uncle Bob got transferred to the west coast and somehow our families never found an opportunity to visit again.Â
It wasn't until I had just turned twenty two during the summer of 1974, when I unexpectedly met an unmarried shapely little Dawn at a family wedding. After a few cocktails as we sat at a unoccupied table towards the back of the reception hall, I again enjoyed that familiar sweet smile as she boldly reminisced about that eventful spring afternoon many years back.
''Remember when we were younger..that time in Richies room.? You were always my favorite cousin David'' she said, her eyes glistening from the alcohol.
 My hand pressed against a hard and throbbing cock
But what happened on that night in seventy-four is yet another story to be told.

Me.wive and sis

pgv100 on Incest Stories

i am a 40 yr old man in good shape and have a 8 in dick married to a 27 yr old woman ,sexy as hell with a c chest. we have sex often and like to get kink. like when my wive had her nipples pieced she paid by having sex with the woman that did the piecing.   Â

to get back to the story at hand. my sister is 18yrs younger than me. one summer she came to stay with us and she love sun tanning. i was doing some work around the house and saw her (she has a tight sexy body with a b chest) i went i the house and up to room . she changed into her bikini there because her clothes were there on the floor.

my cock started to grow when i spotted her thong on the floor i pick up my sisters thong panties . i went to the window were i could see her. i lifted her panties to

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my face looked at her down in the yard and tasted her dirty panties. i was standing there a while rubbing my dick.

all of a sudden i hear what the fuck you doing. i never head my wive come home. all i could do is stand there. she waked over to the window ,looked out and said that's your sister down ! your jacking off looking at your sister! she dropped to her knees and said keep looking and started sucking my cock.

looking at my sister i imagined her sucking my dick. and when i came like my wive my sister drank down ever drop.

after dinner that night my wive went to take a shower . when my sister said i saw u and your wive looking at me threw my bedroom window and my black thong panties are missing. i just look at her .

when my wive finished her shower she found me tied to the bed wear nothing but my sisters black panties. from behind her she heard my sister say ,if he likes them so much i thougt he should wear them. my wive said now what. i saw you looking at me to so i think you should watch me now sit in the chair next to the bed.

my sister tied my wive to the chair and told her that both of us are going to be punished.she weht to a bag she put under the bed. she pulled out a leather whip came over to me. your a bad boy ran the whip up and down my body. then she whip my cock . then went to my wive looked back at me and ask ,this bitch bad to? i said ,how sis asked she sucked me off while i looked at you thougth the window. she looked at my wive and said you slut ,i know what you need , she pull out a 9 inch dildo and started to put it in her ass. after about 3inches she pulled it out said this needs to be wetter slid it in her cunt then 6 inches in her ass then made her deep in her mouth then all9 inches up her ass.

that made me so hard watching at till i got the same then my sister mad me eat her ass then her cunt when she came she rubed it all over my face

she asked if i wanted her to make me cum. with a smile i said yes. but you need to do one thing for me first. she wispered in my ear,un tied me and i got up stood on the bed face my wive said, you nasty cunt this is what you need and pissed all over her.

i turned and looked at my sister . she told me i did good. i laid on my back and she raped he pussy around my cock . she rode it and made me cum inside her while she looked at my wive.

then i ate my wive as she ate my sister . my wive cum so hard.

the rest of the summer was great. to this day my wive and i still love kinky sex and my sis still is a part of our sex live.


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Hot Sis Returns to Shy Bro

WetBikini on Incest Stories

My older sister and I were very close she used to take control and help me out, it was something I always used to rely on.

Then I noticed something about her that I'd never seen before, her gorgeous body.

A keen tennis player has seen Lizzie progress through the ranks at the local Tennis club and it was time for her to go away for a year in Europe and the US with the club.

When she left she kissed me on the cheek and I smelt her perfume, it the first time she'd ever kissed me in ages and it felt very nice. Mum and Dad drove her to the airport and left me on my own.

As soon as I was alone I suddenly got an erection and proceeded to my room, I passed Lizzie's room, I peered in and my heart leapt as I saw her linen basket open a lit
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tle with white silk thong hanging out, I went over and stared at it, I picked it up and my hands were trembling as I brought it to my nose and gave it a sniff, it smelt sweet and my cock felt hungry. I opened my fly and jerked off rubbing her thong on my cock.

I kept the thong in my room and some times I would sleep with it on, I became a little obsessed as I rummaged through her clothes while she was away, my favourites were her bikinis. I used to sit alone and pretend we were an item, wearing her underwear and imagining her body inside it.

The day she came home it was a hot summers day I was in the garden swimming around and Lizzie came out on the phone, I looked up she was wearing the sexiest black tie bikini id never seen, she looked awesome and she gave me a smile, she looked tanned and very healthy, her boobs were pert and bouncy as she walked, and she walked with such confidence. Her long brown hair flowing down her back, she sat at the edge of the pool, her long tanned legs swaying in the water.

I looked over and felt my cock going hard, I would have to keep this vision for later…

She came off the phone and called me over, we spoke and she said she told me of her romance with Matt which was her first proper boyfriend, I was mortified and we were never the same after that, how could she replace me so soon.. I was always her boy!

Mum and Dad threw me an eighteenth birthday party shortly afterwards with lots of family and friends, Lizzie was there and had loads of admirers, including me.

Lizzie wore a slender white silk dress and she looked the fittest girl there she's made a great effort and her hair looked great, a few mates from school came and she became jerk fodder for them too I imagined.

She was with Matt and Lizzie had been begging them to let him stay over the night of the party. They agreed and my heart leapt her room was next to mine

The party was finishing at around 2am and Lizzie was dancing with Matt, he was kissing her neck and whispering in her ear, she was smiling and I wanted to be him so much.

We all went to bed and I got up and listened at my wall, I could hear laughing and giggling, Lizzie was drunk and so was Matt, I heart was on fire, id love to be in there, god I would see her naked in all her glory.

I could hear nothing so I went back to bed and began to toss off thinking of Lizzie taking her dress off, then I heard and pant from Lizzie, then another, then another. God they were having sex!!!!

Her panting got quite frequent and then I heard Matt's muffled voice saying "yeah"

This went on for 20 minutes although I'd cum in the first 2.

I woke up the next morning hard as ever, I heard matt's motorbike speed off and I went to the bathroom, and opened the laundry bin and saw a curled up white silk thong, my heart was pounding, I always loved finding a freshly worn pair. I pick them up and sniffed them, god they were still warm. My cock began to rise again as I sniffed and licked the gusset. Imagining her pussy was rubbing against these minutes earlier made me really horny. It tasted sweet and I was jerking with my eyes closed thinking of Lizzie.

I took off my boxers and laid on my bed, I was naked and hard and I began to jerk imagining Lizzie bouncing on top of me, I got into a good rhythm, my eyes where shut and I was murmuring her name as I jerked my cock with her knickers, the soft silk made my cock hard.

"Come on Lizzie give it to me baby, that's it, that's it ohhhhh Lizzie!" I said as I began to cum.

I shot my load deep in the silk thong it felt great to get release, but I could hear

Lizzie coming up the stairs and heard her knock on my door.

"Hello?" I said pulling the duvet over me her knickers still on my cock.

"It's me Lizzie can I come in?"


Lizzie walked in a white silk gown, she again looked stunning.

"How are you this morning sleepy?" She asked.

I wiped my eyes.

"Err fine thanks."

Lizzie sat on the end of my bed.

"I can't believe your 18 now, you look so grown up."

"Thanks, I've missed you since you went away."

"Arrhhh did you hun, I missed you heaps, I used to love our games and chats, and do you remember what we said as kids?"

"No remind me." I said lying.

"We said we'd be married by the time you were 18" Lizzie said with a smile.

"Yeah I remember now, seems like ages ago now."

My heart was pounding!

I looked at her tanned legs and imagined her naked.

Lizzie looked at me and shuffled up my bed.

"Do you remember we used to lie in mum and dads bed and pretend we were together?"

I gulped of course I remembered, I still do pretend in my head I thought.

"Yeah that was ace."

Lizzie let out a laugh and stroked my hair "We used to make a good team."

My heart pounded as she touched me and I looked at her face, my cock began to rise.

"I love you bro." She then kissed my forehead.

"I…I love you too sis" I said with a stutter.

"Can I come in? I want a cuddle" She then said.


"Errr errr not in here it's too small." I said quickly

"Come to my room then, I have a double."

She walked off and I slipped on some boxers and hid her thong under my pillow.

I felt sick with nerves, what if I got a hard on?

I waked into her room and she was by her closet

"Get in ill be in a sec."

I got in, I'd do anything to be close to my sis.

She shut the door and undid her robe,

I just stared as she had a white silk negligee on with white lacy knickers.

I felt really sick now, as she walked slowly to her bed.

I was speechless as she got into bed beside me and cuddled up to me, the soft silk rubbed against my skin, I could feel her warm smooth skin beneath the silk, and as she moved her boobs rubbed against me.

My cock was in limbo, one touch ant it would go hard.

"This is nice, just like it used to be." she said


She looked up at me and kissed my lips, I was stunned and nervous and I kissed her back, her lips so soft and warm.

Lizzie smiled flirtatiously and undid a small silk bow on the front of her negligee.

She tossed her hair and pushed her boobs out

I stared as I could see her tanned cleavage, god she was confident in her body

I gulped.

She looked back at me and whispered

"You want to do what married couples do? Matt has been teaching me all year."

Then giggled

I was short of breath and I was very hard.

I looked at her and nodded, she giggled and knelt on her bed in front of me like an excited kid.

I felt sicker but I was also so excited.

Lizzie pulled back her duvet and saw I was hard

"Take off your boxer's babe."

Id never shown anyone my hard cock before and as I pulled my boxers down she seemed impressed

Lizzie grabbed my cock and began to rub it, her warm hands sent a shiver down my spine, I couldn't believe it, and she began to jerk it harder

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh." I began to moan.

Lizzie smiled as I got more excited, she grabbed my balls and cupped them with her other hand and began to squeeze, I was surprised not to cum there and then but I held out, at least until she bent over me and started to suck me off.

Her warm lips were tight around my shaft, her eyes met mine and as she started a slow long suck her wet tongue was running along my shaft.

As she came up to my helmet she stopped and sucked on it, the extreme warmth of her wet hot lips and her warm hand jerking my wet salvia covered shaft, made me cum, hot sticky cum shot onto Lizzie's gums, and some dribbled down her chin, she slipped my cock back inside her mouth and sucked more cum out of me, gently squeezing my balls. She was looking right at me when she mopped up her chin and swallowed my cum, then smiled as she left my wet cock flop to one side.

She came over and kissed me, as she lent over me I could see her down negligee at her tanned boobs.

I smiled as she tossed her hair and undid the rest of her bows, her negligee fell open a little and I saw her amazing tanned flat tummy and silver belly ring, I looked up and she opened it to reveal her perfect round tanned 34c boobs, I stared in awe at her pert brown nipples, she smiled and took the negligee off and moved closer letting her boobs rub against my bare chest, as she kissed my neck and ear.

I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her towards me, her warm breath on my neck, her boob was hot as it grazed my chest, her whole body was against mine, her smooth skin felt so silky, and my hand was on her back.

"Relax babe." Lizzie whispered.

She licked my neck and nibbled my ear, as I put my hand on her firm ass and squeezed it, she put her leg over mine as our legs inter-twinned, I looked down to see my cock was rubbing against her lacy thong, my helmet wad rubbing against her hot clit.

Lizzie sat up and slipped off her knickers and chucked them a-side and returned to me, she put her hand on her shaven pussy and rubbed it.

"Come here." Lizzie took the back of my head and lowered it onto her clit

For the first time I tasted her pussy or real and not second hand through her knickers.

It tasted so sweet and warm. Lizzie put her hand back and grabbed her boob and pinched her nipple.

I let my tongue wander into her slit and gave it a nice long lick. He slit was wet and hot, and smelt so so sweet.

She parted her legs and started to moan, her hot thighs clamed my head as I slowly sucked on her clit.

I was hard and really horny, I had calmed down and enjoying every minute.

Lizzie pulled me back and we kissed and let me lick and fondle her amazing boobs, she let me slide on my back and she straddled over me and sat on my belly, I looked up and felt my cock rub her arse.

She tossed her hair and her boobs wobbled she stared right at me

"Wana fuck me?"

I gulped and nodded

She rose up and took hold of my cock, it was very stiff and she rubbed her pussy with it, she then slid it inside her and put her whole weight onto it and slid down, it felt amazing and she was so tight, and her warm pussy surrounded my hard virgin cock.

Lizzie rocked back and forth on my cock and I felt her thighs grip my waist.

She leaned over me and kissed me, her warm firm breasts squeezing against my chest.

Her hips were moving slowly against mine as we built up a rhythm, she rubbed my arms all the way to my hands and placed my hands on her chest, it was so sexy that she was taking control like she always used to.

I rubbed her nipples as she slowly rocked away, and I started to explore her beautiful body.

I stoked her slender midriff and ran my hands along her thighs, she tossed her hair and started to really bounce on my cock, the extra pressure on my cock makes me feel good, and I can tell she's starting to have real fun. Her boobs start to wobble as she bounces on-top o me, I suddenly realise my fantasy is coming true and I am still a little shocked, I have a huge grin on my face as my sexy sister grinds away on my cock, years and years of sexual tension and lust are coming out as we make love, my cock feels like its electric as it trusts deep into her pussy.

I run my hands over her back and pull on her firm arse, she moans and starts to bounce harder.

Lizzie leans back and I get a good view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I feel I want to cum but I try and hold back

Her hips are trusting hard and her boobs are bouncing all over the place, she's smiling as she leans her head back, as I look down at my cock sliding into my sister, I can see its starting to glisten with her cum.

"Lizzie?" I ask

"Yes?" she says mid moan

"Can I cum in you?"

She leans over me and kisses me "You're so sweet, I love you, you ready to cum?"


Lizzie smiles and bounces harder on me and things get wilder as she kisses my neck and starts to moan, her boobs squeeze into my chest as she sucks on my ear and neck, I find this all to much to bear as I feel a powerful surge erupt from my cock.

I moan out loud as I spurt my cum deep inside Lizzie's pussy

"Oh my god Lizzie." I say as I grab her arse and squeeze her into me.

"Arrrhhhhh Lizzie!!!!" I scream as my orgasm reaches its climax.

My cock is so hard and I'm so horny I feel a I want to cum again, I feel a warm rush as Lizzie starts to moan, she rocks hard as she is getting ready to cum, she lifts up and really grinds my cock, she moans more and more and I start to suck on her erect nipples until eventually her cum covers my cock and she orgasms, her tanned thighs tight against me, and she moans really loud and I carry on sucking until she stops ridding.

She sits up and runs her hands through her hair.

"Oh Lizzie that was awesome."

"Yeah that was really hot Bro, Happy Birthday by the way!!" and she winks at me and my now red cock slips slowly out of her and she collapses next to me.

summer fun

aws0mealex on Incest Stories

-------------------- This is a true story, yet names have been changed-------------------



There were five of us living in the household at the time, my mum, Katie, My dad, Mark, my older brother Ben, me, James and finally my sister, Hannah. At the time I was 15 and horny as hell, standing at about 5 ft 3 I was fairly short for my age, and I’m not gonna lie, my cock was about average at 5 inches long.  Now my sister, she was 13, had some fairly petit breasts of size c and she had ju

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st started to develop filling out nicely.


It was the start of the summer holidays, and for a rare occasion I had been left alone on the house with my sister. I woke up at about 11 and heard my sister downstairs listening to her music, after having a quick shower I headed down stairs. Looking outside I saw Hannah lying on the grass sunbathing in just a thong and bra. Just seeing her like that got me very hard. Unable to move I just stood their watching her for a minute. Eventually she noticed me and the tent in my jeans.



“Eww James” she giggled obviously talking about my cock. Hannah and I had been close from a young age; I think it was because I had to look after her so often. But we were always joking and their wasn’t much we didn’t talk about so when she said this I just replied “What? You don’t like it?” whilst grinning.



“Well you won’t mind if I do this then will you” she said whilst taking off her bra, “I just hate those tan lines. You wouldn’t pass me the sun cream would you?” After I passed the sun cream she squirted a large blob onto her hands and started to rub it into her breasts, teasing me. I think she thought we were just joking about, but she just made me harder. Turning around I walked back into the house and heard her giggles behind me.


That was all that happened that day and it was about two weeks before I was left alone with her again. For me it was the same process every morning, get up, have a shower, get dressed and then go downstairs and have breakfast, it was like ritual. Yet that day was different.



I’m known to be a notoriously heavy sleeper but I woke early because I heard movement in my room. I had kicked my sheets off my bed that night because of the heat as well as sleeping nude like I usually do so when my sister had come in to put some washing away she had notice my cock. Opening my eyes slightly I could see her staring at my cock; very quickly it became erect because of her. After a minute she looked at me then my clock and then back at my very erect penis.


Slowly she began to reach out and put a hand around my cock, her hand felt so smooth and even my wildest fantasies about her hadn’t been so good. I let out a soft moan to let her know it felt good. After deciding I defiantly wasn’t awake she began to softly move her hand up and down giving me the best hand job of my life, I could see she was nervous so I whispered “god that feels good Sofia (the name of my girlfriend at the time)”

Gaining in confidence she took a drip of my pre cum on her finger and licked it off. Then ever so slowly as not to wake me, she leant down and took my cock in her mouth. With increasing speed she bobbed her head up and down taking more in each time until eventually she had the whole thing in her mouth. By now I had forgotten I was meant to be asleep and was moaning loudly.


Looking up she realised I was awake and pulled off.

“Ohh, James, I’m so sorry, please don’t tell mum” she began to beg

“Calm down, I wont tell anyone if you keep going” I said

Wiping the tears from the side of her face she took my cock in her mouth once more and started to bob her head again.

“Fuck that feels good” I moaned. Sitting up I began to take off her top and after a minutes fumbling got her bra off as well.

With one of my hands on the back of her head I used my spare hand and began to play with Hannah’s nipples.

“Ohhhhh” she moaned onto my cock, and with that I shouted.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum, keep gooiiiinngg” on hearing this she stuck my cock right down her throat as I shot load after load of my hot cum into her mouth overflowing it so it started to drip down her chin.


Pulling off my cock she wiped up all of my cum and smiled at me.

“Now its time for me to return the favour” I said in reply to her devilish smile.

“But what about you tell…” I stopped her with a passionate kiss

“Oh” was all she could say in reply.


Then, sensually I began to plant kiss after kiss down Hannah’s body pausing only to nibble her nipples making her moan almost orgasmically. Then continuing down I stopped at her belly button to pull down her skirt and her red thong which I had used many times to jack off with.


After all clothing had been removed I kissed her soaking lips, then using my tongue I began to tease her by licking the outer lips of her pussy making her moan uncontrollably until she was begging for me to do more. Finally I started to tongue fuck my beauty of a sister.

“Oohhhh fuck, ahhhh” she moaned whilst arching her back, pushing her pussy more into my face. “Shhhhhiiitt, here it comes, I’m gonna fuckking cuuuummm” she screamed, her body tense and shaking.


I moved my face away as her cum squirted into the air covering my face. Her orgasm eventually died down and she was left panting, moving back up her body I kissed her once more. Moving my head to the side I whispered in her ear.

“This may hurt”, then I lined myself up and pushed my cock into her soaking pussy, “arhhh” we both moaned almost simultaneously. When I was just over halfway in I stopped and kissed more passionately than ever, then thrust in breaking her hymen. She pulled away from our kiss and winced as I little blood seeped out of her pussy.


Then I began to push in and out with Hannah meeting my every thrust, each thrust I entered deeper and deeper, both of us moaning yet her moaning loader than me, as if it were a competition. Suddenly she stopped moaning and her body became tense once more, then her pussy walls contracted against my cock and she came, the pressure on my cock causing me to cum as well. Pulling out I rolled of Hannah and just lay next to her, both of us panting.


Eventually she said,

“Wow, James that was amazing”. With that I got up had my shower and got dressed, leaving Hannah lying on my bed. Then just before I headed downstairs I stoked her cheek and smiled at her,

“Same again?” I asked. Planting another kiss on her lips I left to go downstairs.

This is my first story so I would really appreciate some feedback. If people do like this story i do have a sequel. Anyway, please send feedback to

Making My Hot Mom Mine

realstories on Incest Stories

My Hot Mom, Kayleigh Kobus

This is story occurs 12 years after the story “The Student Kayleigh Kobus” This story chronicles the son of Matt and Kayleigh Wyatt and his attempt to turn his mother into his own personal sex slave.  Thought this story will be hot no matter what you do, It Will make more sense if you read the original first.  
This is the address 




I am David Wyatt, I am 13 years old and I live in Utah with my
Read More
eInlineAd_beautiful" style="background: url('') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" href="" target="_top">Beautiful Mom Kayleigh and my Dad Matt.  The age difference of my parents is unbelievable.  My Dad is 68 and my Mom is Only 28!  Apparently, my Dad wooed my mom when she was 16 and got her to marry him.  Later that year she got pregnant with me.  My parents were great to me, they loved me a lot.  And unlike the other kids, my parents started letting me watch porn at a very young age.  In fact they encouraged it and would even watch it with me.  The only thing was that porn never really got me excited, this was because compared to my beautiful mother, all porn stars seemed butt ugly.  At a young age I really started noticing how sexy my mom was.  She really was a goddess.  She was the perfect mix between Latina and White (quarter Latina and 3 quarters White), her Latina features were her sharp sexy facial features, silky light brown hair and her magnificent god like ass.  Her white features were her beautiful natural 40E cup breasts, her flawless golden tan skin and her big sexy green eyes.   
I have always wondered how My Dad got my Mom to marry him.  He was not a looker himself and too add on to that, he never even treated her well.  He kept her under a strict set of rules.  He only allowed her to eat 2 meals a day so she wouldn’t gain weight, he never let her go out of the house unless he could track exactly where she was going, he picked out her clothes for her everyday (usually pretty revealing)and he made her workout 3 hours every day doing aerobic exercises to keep her body in impeccable condition.  My Dad’s body on the other hand was getting pretty out of hand.  He never works out and he eats a lot so naturally he is quite obese, he is probably verging on 300 pounds.  Whenever we go out people always think that my mom and I are siblings and that Matt is our Dad and sometimes they even think he is our grand dad.  When he corrects them and tells them that Kayleigh is his') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">Wife they get a repulsive look on their face and quickly walk away.  Nonetheless I love my Dad, he has always cared about me a lot.   
A few days after my thirteenth birthday while my mom was working out he called me into his room.   
“Now son, you have probably noticed by now how sexy your mom is.” 
I didn’t know how to respond to this, but my Parents especially my Dad had always taught me to be very open about my sexual feelings so I responded truthfully “Yeah I have dad, she is absolutely beautiful.” 
“Yes she is and you probably wondered how an old guy like me got a sexy young girl like that to marry me.” 
“Yes I have Dad.”I said truthfully 
My Dad proceeded to telling me his story of rape, humiliation and blackmail which forced Kayleigh to marry him.  (See previous story for details)  I was taken back at first, but I was also intrigued.  The thought of my young sexy mom being raped and forced to marry my Dad turned me on.   
“What did you use to blackmail her Dad?” 
“A sex tape of her, and as a birthday present to you, I am going to let you watch it.” 
We went downstairs to the home theatre and my Dad inserted the tape into the DVD player.   
            The video started with a 16 year old version of my mom naked and on all fours.  She was talking about how she was a slut and wanted to be spanked.  This got my dick raging; I immediately whipped it out and started masturbating to my mom. Then my Dad came into the scene and started spanking her gorgeous ass with a leather belt; making her scream in pain.  Then it showed my dad putting her big tits around his dick and') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fucking them.  Then it went to the glorious scene of her licking the cum off of her big sexy breasts right in front of the camera.  This scene sent me over the edge.  Then it moved into her losing her virginity when he fucked her for the first time and this scene changed flawlessly to my Dad fucking her doggy style, grabbing her breasts for leverage; making her scream.  Then came another hot scene, they were were in 69 position and she was sucking his cock while he was eating her out and licking her ass hole.  Then came the anal scene, again my mom let out terrible but oh so sexy screams.  Then came one of the hottest scenes of the video, My Mom was licking my Dad’s cum off the lens of the camera while talking dirty.  Then 6 other men came into the room and started gang banging my sexy ass Mom.  After a while my Mom collapsed and the men started having sex with her unconscious.  The last scene was when all seven me shot their cum on Kayleigh’s unconscious body.  
After it ended I exploded shooting my cum everywhere.  Then I asked 
“But Dad, that didn’t seem forced at all, Mom looked like she was having') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fun.” 
“That’s how we made it seem by editing it, but she actually was in agony the whole time, it was very sexy.” 
“I can imagine.  Then what did you do Dad?” 
“Oh then we showed it at an assembly to her whole school and I sent a copy to her parents.  She was so embarrassed that she accepted my proposal for marriage and she moved with me to Utah.  Here is our wedding video” He popped it into the DVD player. 
It started with my Mom wearing nothing but a white veil, walking down the aisle of a greasy dark chapel.  She looked stunning.  The stands were full of drunken and horny men who were grabbing her ass and breasts as she walked down.  Then the minister did his thing and it ended with my Mom giving my Dad a blowjob, much to the cheers of the crowd.  It was incredibly sexy.  
“Wow that’s great Dad, good work.” Whereas most people would have regarded my Dad a creep for doing this I had gained a whole new respect for him.   
My Mom came out of our home gym and asked  
“What’s going on guys?” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even wanna talk to my Mom anymore, after watching that movie all I wanted to do was') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fuck the shit out of her.  Although she was incredibly sexy in the movie, she was twice as hot now.  Her breasts had grown a bit bigger and fuller, her facial features had matured and gotten even hotter, her ass had grown even bigger and meatier, and she had grown a couple of inches making her curves look more proportionate. 
My Dad quickly answered “Oh we were just checking out the new Jenna Jameson porno.”  
“Oh cool how is it?” she asked 
“Pretty hot, it makes me wanna  fuck the living shit  out of you” he said. 
He got up, picked her up, went to his room and started fucking her.   
“Lucky Bastard” I said to myself, then I replayed the video and started masturbating to my mother again. 


Over the next year it seemed like my lust for my Mom was increasing every day.  I talked about it with my Dad frequently.  He tried to subdue my lust by giving me her sweaty bras and thongs to sniff, giving me new tapes of him fucking her, and he got her to dress more revealing around the house (usually in a small bra and thong.) But this only made me want to fuck her more.  I asked one day if he would let me fuck her.  He said 
“Son I am sorry, but when you were born your mother made me promise her that I would not let you fuck her when you grew up, she is against incest more than anything in the world, don’t worry though Davey, say the word and I’ll get you a beautiful young women to fuck whenever you want.” 
I was consoled little by these words, I only wanted one woman and that was my mother, I knew that no other woman in the world is as sexy as my Mom.   
“But hey” he said “I got you another video of us fucking, this was just a couple days ago, enjoy bud.” 
He left and I popped in the video and started jacking off to my Mom getting fucked.  These videos were how I got by over the next year, but this all changed a few days after I turned thirteen.   
My Dad suffered a massive heart attack due to his obesity, and was rushed to the hospital.  He died shortly after.  We did not have a funeral service for him; my Mom and I just went to the cemetery and had him buried.  My Mom was trying to act sad in front of me but I could tell that she didn’t love him, she still hadn’t forgiven him, and how could she?  He ruined her life.  Even though my Dad had just died, all I could think about was now that he is gone and I was the man of the house, maybe my mother would let me fuck her.  I felt guilty for having these thoughts but the thought of fucking my hot mom were just way too strong for anything to distract them, even my Dad’s death couldn’t get my mind off my Mom.  I turned to the sexy goddess and said 
“Don’t worry Mom, you don’t have to act sad, I know what he did to you and I understand that you can’t possibly love him.”  
“Oh honey he told you.” 
“Yes.  I thought it was terrible.” I lied “I secretly started hating him too for what he did to you, I think we should change our name back to Kobus and forget that he ever existed.” 
“Alright sweetie.” 
The next day my Mother went to the offices and legally changed our name back to Kobus.  She was crying tears of joy, she was finally free.  Little did she know that I was planning on snatching her freedom right back from her. 
That night I went up into my room and orchestrated a plan to make her mine.  I could have forced her into marrying me right away by threatening to show all of our neighbors her tape.  But first I wanted to assert myself by raping her.  There was one thing that stood in my way.  Due to her constant exercising, she was in incredible shape.  So I would not be able to overpower her.  I decided that I would need') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">help.  So I invited Chris over (one of the neighbor boys) and showed him my Mom’s sex tape. 
“Wow dude that’s fucking hot” Chris said 
“How would you like to help me rape her?” I asked 
“Man I know your Mom is a') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">babe but fucking your own mom is wrong.” 
“Alright, then I guess I will have to get someone else to help me pin her down, caress her supple breasts and ass, and fuck her in each and every one of her holes.” 
“NO no no man, I was just kidding, I’ll help you.” He said “When do you wanna do this.” 
“Tonight, let me make one thing clear though, you are not to touch any of her parts, and you are not allowed to fuck her, you will help me pin her down and tie her hands, and then you will video tape the rape.” 
“Alright cool man, I just wanna see her get fucked in person” 
So that night we snuck into my mom’s bedroom and took off her blanket to reveal her sleeping in her bra and thong.  She looked so peaceful; she was clearly relieved that her monster of a husband was dead.  This peaceful look made her look even more unbelievable.  I got on top of her and took her bra off, this was the first time I had seen her breasts in person.  I was in awe, I started rubbing them, my dream was coming true.  Chris walked over 
“Fuck this man I have to touch them.” Said Chris as he started mauling my beautiful mom’s boobs. 
“NO!!!!!!” I screamed as I shoved him away, I didn’t want to share her with anybody; unfortunately this scream woke my Mom up.  
“No get off, not you too” she screamed, she was horrified.  She wrestled me off of her.  This is where Chris came in and slowed her down while I got back up.  He grabbed her big tits and started squeezing them, this made my Mom freeze.  I then tackled her back on the bed.  We worked together and got my Mom’s body turned around, where we then tied her arms behind her back.   
“Go start filming now.” I ordered Chris.  Then I turned to my Mom who was weeping.  “Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you mother, ever since I saw that slutty video of you getting gangbanged.  I can’t get you off my mind Kayleigh, I must have you, and after this long rape, we are gonna get married, if you thought being married to Dad was hard, wait till our relationship starts.” 
I then moved down to her wonderful ass and slipped her thong off.  Whereas my Dad was a breast man I was an ass man.  And my Mom definitely had an ASS!!   
“Stay still and cooperate, and I won’t hurt you.” 
“Alright sweetie, you know I have always loved, I raised you all by myself, I would do anything for you.”  She said sweetly.  I know what she was doing; she was trying to remind me that she was my Mom and not just some sex object.  But unfortunately for her, this turned me on more.   
I started massaging her glorious Latina ass.  It was so big and soft, but as I squeezed harder it stood its ground.  It was muscular as well as soft.   It was a work of art.  After massaging it I started licking every square inch of it.  I spent a long long time on her ass.  After licking the exterior, I split her beautiful golden ass cheeks and started licking the inside of her ass.  I tried finding bits of poop and licking them out of her asshole.  I loved everything about my Mom’s ass.  I split her ass cheeks as far as I could and I took a long whiff of her asshole.  It was the greatest smell that I have ever sniffed.  Then I forced my tongue as deep as it could go down her asshole.  This made her wince.  I had had enough of the foreplay, I whipped out my penis and started fucking her doggy style just like my Dad had done in the video.  Amazingly, even after the years of fucking my father’s 10 inch penis, her pussy was still incredibly tight.   I grabbed her breasts for leverage just like my Father used to.  I squeezed the hell out of them as I went faster and faster.   .  This made my Mom moan.  I exploded inside my mother’s pussy.  I didn’t wait one second before I got in 69 position and stuck my Dick in my Mom’s mouth and told her to suck it while I ate out her pussy.  Her pussy was very wet, even though my Mom hated this, her pussy loved it.  I stuck my tongue in her pussy and went to work.  Soon I exploded again, this time in my Mom’s mouth.  I quickly turned her around and went back to licking her tasty ass.  I licked it all over; every square inch of her ass had probably been licked about 10 times.  Then I told her to get on her knees and stick her ass out while I fucked her asshole.  I started pumping my Mom’s anal hard.  She screamed.  I went harder and harder and harder.  Right before I cummed I pulled out and cummed on the floor.  I told her to lick it off the floor while I fucked her anally again.  She did this as I ripped apart her asshole.  She would lick the cum then scream occasionally due to the pain.  This time before I cummed I stuck my dick in her pussy and unleashed.  I looked over at Chris and decided I would let him in on this.  I told him he could fuck my Mom’s pussy as I got head from her.  He came running over; clearly excited.  He started pumping my Mom’s pussy as she started to suck my cock.  We both cummed at the same time, I filled my Mom’s mouth and he filled her pussy.  We switched positions and started fucking her again.  We alternated about 5 times, this was surely bringing back painful memories for my Mom.  Chris was more of a boob man, so he started to tittie fuck my Mom while I went back to her anal.  This was more enjoyable than our previous positions so we did these 10 times each.  As we pretty much had no cum left to fill my Mom with, I sent Chris home and decided it was time to complete my plan. 
I tied a leash around my exhausted Mom and pulled her to the cemetery where my Dad was buried.  I invited a sleazy, corrupt minister to come there and marry us on my Father’s grave.  I took the leash off my Mom and put on her the same veil that my Dad married her in.  My Mom looked beautiful, cum was still dripping from her pussy.  The minister smiled sickly, he had a boner too from looking at my beautiful naked Mom.  I gave my Mom the rights that I wrote for her to read.  She knew she would have to do this, she knew that she would have to marry her 13 year old son.  She was sickened as she began to read her rights. 
“I Kayleigh Kobus promise you, my Son Dave Kobus to sexually please you in any way you like, any time you like, I promise that I will become a nudist and never wear any clothes, I promise that I will address you as Master.  I promise you that I will not only be your wife, but your sex slave.” She stopped, gulped and continued.  “I promise you that I will keep my body in impeccable condition understanding that the minute you find me unattractive, you will kill me.” Tears were rolling down my mother’s cheeks she stopped, the minister smiled sickly and told her to go on.  “I promise I will bear you a son and when he grows up, I will sexually please him as well.” 
“Very good.” Said the minister as he continued the ceremony “Do you Dave Kobus; take you Mother Kayleigh Kobus to be your lawfully wedded wife and sex slave.”  
“I DO!” I said enthusiastically.  
“And do you Kayleigh Kobus take your son Dave Kobus to be your lawfully wedded husband and master.” 
“I do” she sniffled 
“Very good.  Dave Kobus you may now fuck Kayleigh Kobus; your Bride and Mother and Sex Slave.” 
I laid my Mom down on my father’s grave and started slowly fucking her.  The horny Minister was loving it.  I started passionately kissing my Mom while fucking her.   
“Tell me what you want me to do with you Bride.” I whispered 
“I want you to fuck me harder Master.” 
I started fucking harder and her until I exploded in her pussy again.  Then I turned her around and started fucking her pussy from behind.  I told her to grab my Father’s gravestone for support.  Oh my Father would have been so proud of me right now, taking what was mine, and continuing his legacy of sexually tormenting Kayleigh Kobus.  When I was about to climax I pulled out and cummed on the gravestone.  I told her to lick off my cum from my Father’s as one last tribute to my Dad.  As I watched my beautiful Mom lick my cum off my Dad’s gravestone I realized the incredible symbolism of the event.  It symbolized the passing of my Mom from my Dad to me.  
Once she licked it clean I got her up and we walked home.  We walked into our house and I took her into our room.  I hopped in bed and my beautiful Bride and Sex Slave followed me.   
“Expose your ass to me, I want to sniff the ass of my new Bride.” 
“Yes Master.” She softly said as she bent over in front of me, took her hands and ripped her big golden tan Latina ass cheeks apart.  I took a deep intoxicating whiff of her ass hole.  It smelled even better than before.  It was not only the smell of my sexy mom’s ass; it was the smell of success.  My plan had worked and my Mother Kayleigh Kobus was now my wife and sex slave.   
“That’s enough” I said “Now sit on my dick and fuck me slave.” 
“Yes Master.”  She placed her pussy on my dick and started hopping up and down on it.  What a sight it was, my beautiful mother on my dick hopping up and down, causing her big sexy tits to flop all over the place.  Once I climaxed I told her to lie down beside me.  She was softly crying, the thing she feared most was now a reality, the son she had loved and cared for since birth was now her master, and she was his sex slave.   
 “I am gonna treat you a lot worse than Dad did, I am not even gonna regard you as a person, just a sexual object.  But look on the bright side” I said slyly “At least this time you will get to keep your last name.  After all Kayleigh Kobus is a much sexier name than Kayleigh Wyatt, so goodnight Kayleigh Kobus.  




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