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walking in on my sister

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 So how all this saturday was. i was about 17 years of age and my sister was 16 and omg was she hot. i have always wanted to do dirty things with her. but i never got the balls to try.

so one night it was around midnight and i had to go pee and no one was up so i decided to just walk to the bath room naked. so i got and walk back and i hear some noise from my sisters room.  i walk in her room and i say are you ok.

she was laying on her bed naked with her legs spread open finger the most amazing pussy i have ever laid eyes on. but still being a virgin i got so hard . i say omg i am so sorry and i walk abck to my bed. i lay down and fall back to ten min pass and i am sleeping .

all of a sudden i feel some one get under my covers. i just i

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gnore it and went right back to sleep. then five minutes pass and i feel a nudge and its my sister laying right next to me. i can feel only skin. so i left up the sheets and she is naked. i say to my sister i am so sorry for looking at you naked and she says thats ok i enjoyed it really. my mouth dropped . she ask did u see anything you like i say yes a tight little pussy and she say oh would you like to see more but you have to let me see you naked first.

so i was so neverous and she leans in and kisses my lips and starts to take my shirts off and then my pants and underwear off with her teeth. she pulls up the covers and says wow omg thats a huge dick. she takes my nine inch dick in one hand and starts to stroke it up and down and takes my hand and places it on her pussy and has me finger her. i start to precum and she takes her hand and licks it and makes me lick it . it was actually good.

 so we start to make out and i fingering her and she moves down to my dick and starts to suck it. omg did it feel amzing.i start to moan her name  while she is sucking my dick . after i cum in her mouth . i move down and start to eat the hell out of her. wow was it the best pussy ever. she came in my mouth so quick that i swallowed it all.

so she ask me if i wanted to fuck and in the back of my mind i was like i really don;t want to lose my virginty to my sister , but o well. so she grabs my dick and shoves it in her tight pussy. i being off going slow and work my way up to fast and hard. so i am fucking her and she starts to cum and i start to cum and omg i had one of the best organism every . i pull my dick out and i see i pop her cherry and she is bleedu=ing so i ask if she wants to keep going and she says hell ya.

so she sits me up and gets on top riding my dick and moan my name. she is stratching the hell out of me. she keeps boucning up and down and taking every inch of my dick in her little pussy. then she gets up and get on all fours  and i shove my dick in her pussy from behind,.wow did it feel amazing . i came in her again. she asked if i wanted to do anal and i said can you show me how.

so she takes my dick and shoves it in her ass and wow it was even tighter. she i am humping the shit out of my sister and she is screaming in pain. so i pull out and she tells me to shoot my sperm in her mouth and well keep making out. finally we ended and we went back to our rooms and the next morning she asked if i had an amazing time and i say ya. i ask if we can again and she says hell ya

so everytime we get horny we fuck each other . we have been for many years now

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For the love of family PT4

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…The next day, I asked mom…Well I asked her if…if maybe it would be ok for me…for me to do it with you.”…


She had almost trailed off to a squeak as she finished.  She scrunched up and closed her eyes tightly as though she was waiting for me to explode or something.  I didn’t of course.  I was in shock at this point.  It was one thing to be thinking about it to myself and another to hear her ask me straight out.  Nearly straight out anyway.


I wasn’t sure wha

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t to say.  Part of me was considering how seriously wrong that would be and at the same time I was thinking how incredibly hot it would be.


“So what did your mother do when you asked her that?” I finally managed to get out.


Lisa sat up quickly and looked at me as she said, “She got really, really pissed off at first and sent me to my room.”  “She came in about an hour later and she had calmed down a lot.  She told me about how it would be real illegal for you to do that with me.  She said if dad ever found out he would probably send you to jail or worse.  Anyway, she asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it and I told her I was.  So she said if you agreed, then she was ok with it.  She said that at least she knew you and that she was sure you would treat me gently.  But she also said she wouldn’t ask you, I had to do that for myself.  I kind of wanted her to ask you but she said if I couldn’t ask, then I didn’t really want it.”


Maybe it was a logical choice.  Maybe it was just the blood rushing the wrong direction again, but I was starting to consider it seriously.  Why not, I asked myself?  I was somewhat concerned about the physical size thing.  What the hell, she was 13 after all.  A hundred years ago, girls sometimes married at that age, I reasoned with a little help from my cock.


I’m sure more than several seconds had passed.  Lisa was looking down at her lap and fidgeting with her hands.  She was giving me time to think, thankfully.


After a few more seconds, she spoke almost inaudibly “So…do you think…would you consider……”  She trailed off to silence, not finishing her question.  She didn’t need to.  I had already pretty much made up my mind.


I reached over to cup her face in my hand and turned her to look at me.  “Lisa, I’m incredibly honored that you would ask me this.  Are you really sure that you want to do that with me?  I mean, I’ve got to be sure about this.  Cause if we’re going to do it, there’s no stopping in the middle of it.  No mind changing.  Once we do this, we can’t undo it and it has to remain a secret forever.  If you’re sure, then ok…I do this for you.”


You would have thought I gave her a million dollars.  Her face lit up and she jumped up on her knees, throwing her arms around my neck with a joyful squeal.


I gladly hugged her young and half naked body up against me.  “I mean it now…this stays our secret…you understand, right?


Lisa nodded eagerly, but a sudden look came over her face and she stopped.  “Well…ugh…you know, one person…kind of already knows…sort of anyway.”  She must have seen the sudden concern on my face, because she continued on quickly.


“I mean she doesn’t know anything about you and mom…but she knows how I feel about you and I kind of told her that I was going to try asking you.  You don’t have to worry though.  We’ve been best friends since kindergarten.  She would never tell anyone…I swear she won’t.  But even if I don’t tell her…I kind of think she’ll know anyway.”  She finished with an almost laughable, scrunched up look on her face.


Still, I was more than a little concerned.  I was pretty sure she meant Kayla and I wasn’t quite sure how I could deal with that.  Lisa and Kayla were together almost constantly.  It was a rare occasion when Lisa came to my house without Kayla in tow.   If Kayla suspected that I was fucking my own niece, what would that do to their friendship?  Or for that matter, where would her trust in me go?  I was starting to have second thoughts about all of this.


“Lisa…I don’t know…it may not have been a good idea to tell her that.”  Lisa interrupted before I could say anymore.


Almost franticly she said, “It’s ok, really its ok.  She’ll never say anything.  Besides, she kind of wants to do it with you too!”


That one caught me a little off guard.  Hell, it damn near floored me!


“She told me out at the pool today.  When she saw you getting hard and all.  Actually she told me that she thought she had a better chance of getting you to do it to her ‘cause she’s not related to you like I am.”


Lisa paused at that point long enough for me to consider that.  A sudden vision popped into my mind of my fucking Kayla up her full beautiful young ass.  My cock jumped to life. That was certainly a fact that didn’t go un-noticed by Lisa.  Jesus, I thought to myself.  I knew I should stop this right now, but the idea of fucking both these young girls was just more than I could possibly turn my back on.


“Kayla?”, was all I managed to get out.


Lisa giggled and nodded.  At he same time she shifted her position to straddle both of my legs and pulled herself up to sit on my upper thighs, just short of the bulge in my pants.  She paused for only a couple of seconds.  Then, while looking deeply into my eyes, pulled herself up to press her cunt firmly against my cock.


I grasped her young ass with one hand and with the other on the back of her neck, pulled her into a kiss.  There was no hesitation on her part this time.  Her mouth opened to me and our tongues danced in each others mouths.


My hand left her neck and found its way across her shoulder and down the front of her, pausing briefly to gently squeeze her right breast.  Then continuing on down to her bare thigh.  Only to start back up, this time under her nighty, to return to that same beautifully firm breast.  Lisa shuddered a little as my hand engulfed her breast.  As my thumb crossed her small but already hard nipple, she let out a tiny whimper into my mouth and pressed her young virgin cunt even harder into me.


I tore my other hand away from that gorgeous ass and brought the other side of her nighty upward.  Lisa broke the kiss and raised her arms, allowing me to remove it easily.  Her eyes remained closed and her breathing was a little ragged.  Her face was so red, she looked as though she was on fire.


There before me were two of the most perfect breasts I‘d ever seen.  Small light brown nipples topped her firm and unblemished white breasts.  They may have been a little smaller than I was used to but were totally flawless!  I wasted no time taking one in my hand and bringing my mouth to it.  As I gently sucked on that tiny nipple, she whimpered again and rising up slightly onto her knees, grabbed me around the neck, pressing her breast to my eager mouth.


My free hand caressed her young, firm ass through her panties.  I resisted the urge, at least for the moment, to slip my hand inside them.  I gently squeezed both cheeks and then with the side of my hand, started to follow her crack downward.  I pushed down and around between her legs to gently brush against her most secret treasure.  Only the thinnest layer of  silk separated her from my touch, and it was growing damp rapidly.


Lisa gasped loudly and pushed back hard.  The movement pulled her breast from my mouth but she seemed oblivious to that.  She pushed back a second time and I rewarded her by turning my hand slightly.  Pressing one of my knuckles hard into the spot I knew that tight little hole was hiding.  She was panting now and I knew the last thing she would want is to stop.  Neither did I for that matter, but I wanted to do this right.


Sitting up slightly, I swung my legs to the floor.  With one arm under that delightful little ass and the other around her back, I picked her up and headed for the bedroom.  By the time we got there my cock was screaming for release from its prison.  I sat Lisa down on the edge of the bed and turned to close the door behind us.  I was ripping at the snaps of my pants at the same time.  I turned back to the bed to see Lisa pulling herself further up and laying back across it.  In the soft light that came from the street lamp outside she watched as I unceremoniously shoved my pants and underwear down, kicking them aside without missing a step towards her.  I saw her raise her hips to take her panties off, but before she could I was beside her on the bed, happily handling that task for her.


I stretched out beside her on one side, leaning down to kiss.  Lisa returned my kiss rolling slightly toward me, until she felt my steel like rod poking her belly.  Lisa giggled as she broke from the kiss and looked downward at my cock.  She glanced back up at me only for a second before looking down again.  Slowly she reached out to touch me.  She just gave it the lightest of touches, but it was enough to make my cock jump slightly.


Lisa gasped and jerked back a little.  She looked up at me and I assured her it was ok.  I told her it felt good just as my touching her had before.  With that assurance she went back, touching my cock in lightly in several places before eventually trying to wrap her small hand around the shaft.  I was glad she didn’t know to pump it yet.  I was afraid that one or two pumps and I would explode.  I needed to slow down a little and concentrate on making sure she was really enjoyed this first time.  Lisa was a pretty small girl and I was a far cry from average sized.  I knew my large cock would be one hell of a stretch for any 13 year old, much less a virgin and one as petite as Lisa.


I pulled her face back up and gave her a short kiss.  “Lay back now and relax, ok.  I’m going to do some things to make you feel really good.”


Lisa nodded and rolled over onto her back again.  We exchanged one more short kiss and then I moved down a little.  I took that delicious breast into my mouth again and at the same time began tracing light circles around her navel with my finger tips.  I switched to the other breast after a minute or so and began increasing the size of the circles.  I was using almost my whole hand by the time I reached the top of her young mound.  Her skin was incredibly soft and as I reached the top of her mound, I could feel a trace of fine and incredibly soft hair.  I paused briefly allowing only my center finger to press lightly at the top of her crack, just above her nub.  I pulled back slightly and Lisa whimpered as she threw her legs wide apart, as if begging for more attention.  I didn’t keep her waiting long.


My mouth left her breast and I let my tongue trail down to that sexy little navel.  At the same time my fingers found her treasure and I pressed one finger into her.  She was surprisingly wet down there.  Of course, my only experience with a girl this young was my own sister, but I didn’t remember her getting this wet this easily.  I slowly finger fucked her as I trailed my tongue on down to the top of her crack.  By this time I was half off of the bed anyway, so I slid on off and pulled myself up between her legs without missing a stroke with my finger.


Lisa was whimpering softly and shivering ever so lightly.  I knew she was probably getting pretty close and I didn’t want to waste a drop of her sweet virgin juices.  Lisa jumped with the first contact of my tongue against her little bud.  She opened her eyes and raised her head to look at me briefly as though she was surprised.  With a smile of ecstasy, she laid her head back and closed her eyes tightly.  Her whimpers were getting louder and she was breathing as though she was running a marathon.


I ran the full length of my tongue against her clit several times before sucking it into my mouth and attacking it without mercy.  Lisa let out with a short but loud cry as I first sucked it in.  Then she planted both of her feet on the edge of the bed and pushed her cunt hard up against my mouth.  Her movement dislodged my finger from her hole, so I grabbed her by both ass cheeks and held her to my face, attacking her young clit with an increased fury.  Lisa cried even louder this time.  Her cry was uncomfortably loud as a matter of fact.  In the back of my mind, I hoped Kayla was a heavy sleeper.


Only a couple of seconds later, Lisa began to convulse harder than any grown woman I’d been with.  I briefly considered how all those convulsing muscles would feel wrapped around my rock hard prick.  Then I released her nub and jammed my tongue into that virgin hole to suck those sweet juices from her.  To my surprise, I didn’t have to suck much.  Her juices literally gushed into my mouth.  I’d been with a few gushers before, but I sure didn’t expect it out of my 13 year old niece!


Lisa collapsed back onto the bed panting.  Her legs were lying loosely to her sides, about as wide as they could physically be apart.  I sucked her clit back into my mouth and teased it lightly for a few seconds.


Then I pulled myself up over her.  Lisa was panting furiously and even in the dim light of the room, I could see she was flushed bright red.  She didn’t appear to know or care what I was doing until I pressed my cock firmly against her virgin hole.  Lisa jumped slightly and looked me in the eyes for a couple of second before giving me a quick little nod and closing her eyes.  In my mind I figured as wet as she was, this should be no problem.  But when I looked down between us, I wasn’t so sure.  My cock looked like an absolute monster compared to the size of her.  I knew at this point there was no way I was not going to fuck this young girl.  At the same time I prayed I wouldn’t hurt her to bad.


I pressed slowly forward, with increasing firmness.  I looked up at her face and saw her screw her face even harder.  Slowly I both felt and saw the head of my prick spreading and sinking into that virgin road.  Lisa grabbed my wrist and squeezed tight, but still made no sound.  It was then I noticed she wasn’t even breathing.  About half the head was in and it just stopped.  I pressed harder, but with no luck.  I relaxed the pressure briefly and then pressed even harder with no better results.


“Damn it”, I thought to myself.  She’s plenty wet enough and there is just no way am I not getting into her.  My cock decided for me, if it hurts it hurts, but I’m going in now.  I pulled back only for a second and rammed forward.  I didn’t hear it but I felt what surely should have been a loud pop as the head of my cock unmercifully ripped through her virginity and sank into her unbelievably tight little hole.


Quite to my surprise, Lisa only let out one short but loud cry.  Even she must have known it was too loud, because when I looked at her face, she had clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent any more cries from escaping.  I could see the pain in her eyes and felt kind of bad about it.  Never the less, it had to be done and if not by me, then sooner or later, someone else.


I leaned forward and kissed her cheek.  Then I whispered into her ear, “It’s ok baby.  The hard part is over.”


She moved her hand from her mouth and we kissed hard for several seconds.  I could tell she was still crying a little as we kissed.  I raised myself back up and watched as I pressed forward again.  I watched two more inches of my cock sink into her before I felt any resistance at all.  As I pulled back I saw some blood tickle out of her little cunt.  I pressed forward again, slowly but with a firm pressure.  More than half of my cock was in her now.


I was glad to see and feel that Lisa was relaxing a little bit now.  I pulled all the way back to the head and sank quickly back into her until I felt the head of my cock press up against what I was sure had to be her cervix.  I shifted position slightly and jabbed forward hard, bringing our pelvic bone into union.


The feeling of having nearly 9” of cock jammed into her recently deflowered pussy was simply indescribable.  She was so tight and hot that it was all I could do to keep the rumbling in my balls from exploding into her.


I pulled all the way back and sank slowly back in again.  Lisa released my wrist and grabbed the bedspread in both little fists in tight knots.  I took another long slow stroke.  Lisa eyes came open again and she reached out to me with both arms.  I leaned forward and she wrapped both her small hands around the back of my neck pulling me down to her.  I took two or three more long slow strokes.  Lisa was starting with those little whimpers again that told me she was well on her way to another orgasm.  Lisa brought her legs up even higher and wrapped them around me as best as she could.  Then she panted softly into my ear something that should have sounded totally foreign coming from such a young girl.


“Fuck meeeee…Fuck me Uncle Jim...Do it hard…Pleeeease fuck me, fuck me…aghhhhh God…fuck me faster.”


Any other time I might have been shocked or perhaps even amused hearing words like that coming from my little Lisa, but this was not any other time.  I knew I was going to erupt soon myself and I damn sure wanted her to get there again as well.  I grabbed both of her shoulders and started ramming it to her so hard and fast that I thought I might split her in two.


I was no more than two minutes later that I knew I could hold back no more.  The first shot came out so hard it stung my piss hole and I sure she felt it as well since she gasped and jumped.  That was all it took for her though, as I felt her convulsions begin.  What an exquisite feeling it was.  The walls of her cunt were squeezing and releasing as though they were milking my cock of its seed.  At the same time she was so tight I didn’t know how it was getting out of my prick.


They say no sex in your life time is ever as good the first time.  If that’s true, I was sure this was as close as it could get.  We laid there with my cock still buried deep inside of her for several minutes.  With the majority of my weight resting on my arms, we panted and exchanged kisses until my softening cock threatened to pull out of her on its own.


I rose up and pulled it the rest of the way out with a sucking pop, which made Lisa giggle.


“I guess my hole didn’t want to let it go yet”, she said as she lowered her feet to the floor.


I reached for her hands, pulling her up to her feet and replied, “I think you were so full of my cock, there was no room for any air.”  We hugged for a moment and then I told her we should get cleaned up.  As we turned towards the bathroom I thought I heard something outside the bedroom door.  Lisa didn’t appear to notice though and I figured what the hell.  The only thing it could be was Kayla and I already knew the cat would be out of the bag with her.  All that did was prove what Lisa had said about her wanting to fuck as well.  As good as it had just been with Lisa, I could hardly wait to oblige her.


I had a large bathtub.  More than large enough for the two of us, so I opted for a bath instead of the usual shower so we could lay back and cuddle.  When I started the water, Lisa said she would be right back and left the room.  A moment later she returned with her bubble bath, dumping some into the tub.  I thought to myself, “Ok, so I’m going to smell pretty I guess.  What the hell.”


We both climbed in facing each other and took turns with the rag, washing each other.  As I ran the rag over her breasts, she reached out with both hands and took hold of my cock.  She glanced up at me and gave me one of those cute, innocent 13 year old smiles.  Then went right back to my cock.  Lightly squeezing and pulling at it until I was nearly full erect again.  Regrettably, I reached out to stop her, explaining that if she didn’t stop, she was going to get fucked again right now.  Before she could say anything, I explained to her that she would probably be a little sore down there and she would enjoy it more if she waited a little while.


She gave me that little pouting lip that she’d had since she was a toddler, then smiled and turned around to lean back against me.  She scooted her ass up tight to my cock and wiggled it a little.  She twisted around to look up at me a giggled.


“If you keep that up I might be sticking my cock in another hole tonight”, I told her in as joking voice as I could muster.  In fact, I really wanted to fuck her in the ass, and I especially wanted to fuck Kayla’s ass.  Something about that little extra ass Kayla had, just cried out for a big fat cock.  In either case I knew their young little ass’s were going to need a lot more than a little of my spit to take my cock, if it would fit at all.


Lisa sat up quickly and half turned to look at me.  “Really…I mean will it really fit in there?  God…You’re really big.  Do you think…”  She let her sentence trail off.


“Well, we would have to get some KY jelly or something and go really slow but yes it will fit.”  I wasn’t really sure, but I knew I wanted to try, so I made a mental note to go buy something tomorrow.


Lisa had a curious smile on her face as she turned and leaned back again.



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Jack was exited the whole day. He could barely concentrate on his class. It was the last day of school & he was thinking about the camping trip he was about to go with his family. It was a get together that they did every year.

He cycled as fast as he could to get home. As he entered the house he saw Carol standing in the kitchen with a glass of orange juice. She was sweaty all over.


“Hi honey! Was sup? She exclaimed.”


“Hi mom, I m ready to go. I packed all my things yesterday.”


“Uh! Honey, she stammered.”

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“What happened mom? Is something wrong?”


“Uh! Yeah, well your father & your sister can’t come because of his work. You see he’s gotta go to Egypt to do his job & Cindy is gonna go with him to get some experience.”


Bruce was an architect. He was into the ancient kinda house building. Cindy had completed the same course. She was always fascinated with her father. He was always a role model to her. Since she was 8 she started acting like her father. She was 20 now.


“Oh! Shit mom, that’s bad. How’re we gonna go then?”


“Guess I’ll have to drive then.”


“Well then I’ll load my things in the car & by the way when are we leaving?”


“No need honey, your father loaded everything & we’re leaving in about an hour or so.”


Just then Bruce & Cindy came into the kitchen wearing their shorts. It looked like they were all cleaning the backyard. Both of them also were sweaty like hell. Cindy winked at him, when he saw her. Bruce came to him & hugged him. He felt gross, but he dint say it out.


“Hey! It’s no big deal, you know. We’ll join you guys next time.”


Cindy laughed & hugged her brother tight. She was still sweating & some of the sweat poured from her neck to his. His cock was getting hard now & he couldn’t help it. Her smell was now arousing him. Cindy had hugged him a lotta times before but he never remembered his cock getting hard.


Jack was 17 & still a virgin. Although he was considerably good looking than the boys in his class, he was shy. He was 5”11 broad shouldered, had blonde hair, & looked cute. He worked out a lot in the gym & had a muscular body. He inherited his hair color from his mom. He never gave importance to girls in his life. He would study hard, but not all the time. Nobody had ever seen him study but he would be the toppers in his class. He always would play video games & basket ball. Since from second grade his parents never had to pay for the school, he earned scholarship.


Cindy felt his hard cock touching her & pulled away. He was embarrassed & was blushing. Their parents were already gone to their room. He saw Cindy was also blushing. She said nothing & went to her room. Jack followed her & went to his room. He never gave a notice about her sister till now. He sat on the bed & thought about the incident, he thought about his sister’s body. He felt guilty & brushed the thought away & started reading his comic book.


Cindy was a tall & slim. She was busty & had firm tits like her mother. Her breasts weren’t too big but were bigger than the girls in her college. She had long brown hair up to her waist. She inherited her hair color from her father & her figure from her mother. Overall she was hot.


Carol was tall & cute looking. She had blonde hair till her waist. She had big firm tits. She was pretty slim for her age. She was 38 but she looked like she was 31, pretty young for her age huh! She was always sexually active, but never showed it out. She was 16 when she had Cindy. They had met in a family party. She was about to finish high school then. Bruce had asked her to have an abortion, but she was not going to do that. She insisted on keeping the baby. He agreed with her after a long talk. He finished his college & got a good job which he still was in.


Cindy went to her room & stripped all her clothes & went into the bathroom. She heard her parents having sex in the next room.


Bruce’s cock was average sized about 6” inches & was ok on the girth. Carol lay her head on the bed kept her ass high on air. Bruce pushed his cock in her pussy. He first shoved it slowly then after getting adjusted rammed his cock in her cunt as hard as he could.


Carol was moaning on top of her lungs. 


yeah.. yeah.. that's it baby


yeah fuck... fuck me hard..


i love your cock... deep inside me...


Bruce kissed his wife while fucking her, tasting her sweat covered face. He turned her around & fucked her even faster. Carol moved her hips to meet his. Bruce's balls were slapping her ass. she couldn't control it now.


i think, im gonna cum


oh! baby...


im... cum... im...... cummiiing...


She was Cumming so hard, his cock was drenched in her cunt juices, & they were flowing out of her pussy. Soon he was Cumming in her. As they both finished their love making, they headed for the shower.


Cindy was now Horney as hell listening to her parents mating moans. She rubbed her pussy moving her hand near her clitoris. She slowly inserted her finger into her cunt & fucked her pussy. Soon a second finger joined in. She was thinking of her boyfriend. She was already wet by their parents love making that she cummed already. She relaxed a bit & took a quick shower.


Soon Jack, Carol, Bruce, & Cindy were in the living room. Jack hugged his father & his sister, said goodbye & sat in their SUV. Carol did the same.


“Have a good time Bruce. Carol cried.”


“Thanks honey!”


“Hey son! Take care of your mom until you both return, ok.”


“Yeah! Sure dad”


“Bye jack, said Cindy as she blushed a little.”


“Carol I called Barbara & Victoria, they would be meeting you at the motel cross-slides” Bruce said.


Barbara & Victoria were Bruce’s sisters. By the time they started it was 6:30. They were pretty soon on the highway. The whole time they were enjoying the drive listening to music. They didn’t speak to each other for a long time until they reached the town where Carol’s sister lived.




Amelia - Chapter 11 - The maid

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Hendrik and Amelia had expanded their initial fuck group of two to include Amelia’s mother Felia and Hendrik’s wife Anna-Marié.  They get together to fuck as often as possible and also has the undertaking that each one of them will continue looking for new partners to expand their group.  Hendrik is at the moment the only male partner in the group and he has a royal time in the sense that he can choose amongst three cunts.  He doesn’t seem to be much interested in getting any more males into their group and he is only looking for woman to expand their group.


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Anna-Marié and I live on a farm all by ourselves.  Our nearest neighbors are about two miles away and we enjoy the solitude because we can go naked all the time after Anna-Marié’s introduction in the group.  We can also fuck whenever and wherever we want to.  The only drawback in our idyllic way of life is that we have to do all the cleaning and cooking ourselves 7 days a week.


In the beginning it was enjoyable to be dependant on only ourselves but soon it was becoming monotonous and in order to bring a change in our way of living we decided to employ a lady to do the house cleaning and cooking two days a week.  During those two days a week we will dress and behave ourselves until the lady has left.


I put out an advertisement to the effect and after interviewing about twenty ladies we both agreed on this lady called Paullina.  She is a black lady 36 years old and about 5’8” tall with at least 36D breasts and an ass to dream about.  Her hair is black and wiry and cut short like the traditional blacks wear them on the farm and she has big brown eyes.  Anna-Marié chooses her because of her exceptional terms of reference, her very friendly and polite personality and the fact that she stays within walking distance from our home.  I however had a hidden agenda and choose her because she is by far the best looking of all the applicants and I saw a possible addition to my harem of girls.


I was careful not to let Anna-Marié know what my plans are because I am not sure if she will approve of inter-racial sex.  With all our fucking with different partners we have never discussed inter-racial sex so I have to be very careful in my efforts to seduce Paullina.  I first of all had to check Anna-Marié’s reaction and if it looks promising to gradually make her use to the idea that I, or maybe we, are going to fuck Pauline.


I start my campaign by just looking at her and trying to get her attention.  She is however very careful to avoid eye contact and always looks away when I am in the vicinity.  As I am not wearing any underwear it happens regularly that I have a hard-on whenever I am close to her and it is clearly visible, Just when I thought it is a lost cause and that I have made a bad choice I suddenly notice that she looking at my crotch whenever I enter a room where she is busy.  Especially when my wife is not around. 


I catch her one day looking at my crotch and with her tongue licking her lips as if in anticipation.  She notices me looking at her and immediately turns around and leaving the room.  Looking at her face and noticing the expression, I now know that I have a good chance of fucking her.  From then I make it a point to regularly walk with a hard-on into the room where she is busy, look at her until she looks at me and then winks at her and made kissing actions with my mouth towards her.  At first she just smiles at me but didn’t give any other indication that she is prepared to accept my advances but neither does she indicates that she doesn’t appreciate it.


I slowly increase my actions to indicate to her that I find her attractive and want to have a relationship with her.  I talk to her whenever I find her alone but I am afraid to ask her whether she would like to have an affair with me because I am afraid that she will take exception and either leave or tell Anna-Marié about my advances.  Whenever I have the chance I touch her or when walking by her rub my hand over her ass.  All my actions eventually have the desired effect and eventually she starts winking and smiling at him and also bump into him as if by accident. 


Then one Friday when Anna-Marié is outside busy in the garden I walk up to her where she is busy in the guest bedroom, stop behind her and put my arms around her waist and pull her against me.  She resists momentarily but suddenly relaxes and also leans against me laying her head against my shoulder.  I press my hard cock against her ass whilst whispering to her, “Oh fuck Paullina this is what I wanted to do from the first day you start working here.  Why did you play so hard ball to get hey?  I have almost given up on you and that would have broken my hart you know.”


“I am sorry boss,” she whispers back, “but I am afraid of your wife and a woman must also not just show a man immediately that she wants him to get into her pants.  A man has to prove himself worthy to me before he can have sex with me.  I think you have proven that you have what it takes because you kept on trying even when I clearly showed you that I don’t want you.  I have to say you have a lot of perseverance.  But be sure that it almost breaks my heart watching you leave when every time I want to strip you and put your tool into me.  We have to be careful though because I think your wife suspects you of wanting to have sex with me.”


“You mean you really wanted to have sex with me right from the beginning and did my wife say anything to you in this regard?”


“I wanted you right from the beginning and believe me I was so wet just thinking about you making love to me and no your wife didn’t say anything, but I now that look on a woman’s face if she suspects her husband of cheating on her.”


“I don’t think you have to be afraid of that Paullina because my wife and I have an open marriage where we can fuck whoever we want whenever we want to.  I am worried however what she might think about me making love to a black woman because we have never discussed the issue of multi-racial sex.  I don’t think however that she will really mind me making love to you but I don’t know if she will join us.  But let’s take it carefully until I have cleared the way.”


“You want us to be a threesome and you want her to make love to me. A woman to another woman?


“Yes my darling, have you never done it before?  Hell you have missed a lot because my wife, her sister and her niece are mad about fucking each other.  You must really try it.  If my wife doesn’t want to I’ll make a date with Felia, my sister in law, because she has already been fucked by a black guy and loved it tremendously.  So I think she will be game to also try a black pussy.”


She wants to say something more but I move my lips towards hers and start to kiss her.  The moment our lips touch she opens her lips and pushes her tongue right into my mouth and then we were kissing each other as if it will be the last time we will be able to kiss.  Our mouths open wide and our tongues duel with each other while at the same time I start to undone the buttons on her top with my one hand whilst the other one loosen the clasp on her skirt.  When they are all loose I feel her skirt drops down to her hips where my lower bode prevents it from dropping straight to the floor.  I then move my one hand up to her breast still encased in her bra while the other one moves down towards her panty covered pussy.  I move my hand softly over her bra and start to feel her lovely full breast and rub him softly over her bra cup.  My other hand moves down over her cunt until my fingers moves between her legs, which she has open wide, and I cup her cunt in my hand over her panty and slowly moves him up and down while my fingers press against her cunt.


The moment she feels my hand approaching her cunt she moves her lower body slightly forward which causes her skirt to drop to the floor.  She then moves her hands in between our bodies and put them both on my hard and ready cock.  She gives a long sigh and slowly starts to move her hands up and down my cock. 


The moment she starts to lower my pants we hear the kitchen door open as Anna-Marié enters the kitchen.  Paullina immediately moves away from me and start to put her clothes back on again and tells me to leave the bedroom.  I dress myself in a hurry and go into our bedroom where I sit down behind my computer.  We almost didn’t make it because Pauline is still busy with the buttons on her top when Anna-Marié walks into the bedroom.  Apparently she didn’t say anything to Paullina but just gave her a strange look and tell her to hurry because she has something else for her to do.  She goes immediately out to the garden again calling me to come and help her.


When I walk pass the bedroom I look inside and tell Paullina to watch us through the window.  I am so randy now that I know I am going to fuck Anna-Marié right where she is busy in the garden.  It will not be difficult because of our agreement and the fact that she is wearing a mini with no panty.  So all that is in the way is my pants which are also no problem because it comes off quite easily.


Anna-Marié is standing sideways to the bedroom window giving Paullina a very good view on what is happening.  As I approach the garden Anna-Marié is bent over with her ass in the air facing me which make her cunt available to my cock.  I stop behind her lower my pants, put my arms on her hips and rams my hard cock between her legs.  My cock does not enter her cunt but slide between her cunt lips from the rear.  To my amazement Anna-Marié is already so wet that my cock slide easily between her cunt lips.  I pull back immediately, take my cock in my hand, aim it at her fuckhole and ram my cock into her cunt until I feel my balls slap against her body.  As I do this I look up at the bedroom window and see Paullina looking at us.


Anna-Marié pulls in her breath, clamps her cunt around my cock and groans,” Uuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!  She doesn’t even get up but remains bent over like that and also forces her but back against me and says,”Ohhh fuck yesssss Fuck me and fuck me hard I need it!  Oh my god it is so nice. Yesssss!!!”


I fuck her hard as I can and look down at my cock entering her cunt and appearing again wet from her juices.  It is such an erotic sight and the knowledge that I know Paullina is watching us as well as the slapping noises of my body against her butt and her moans soon has me right on the edge.  Then suddenly I feel the come forcing its way up my cock and spurts out my cock deep into Anna-Marié’s cunt. 


“Oh my fuck this feels so good here is my come Aaaaaa!! Aaaaaaaa!!! Yesssss!!!!!” I shout as I empty my balls deep into her cunt.


The feeling of my hot come in her cunt also forces Anna-Marié over the edge and she comes with a big shout while her whole body shakes, “Yessss!!!!!! Yessss!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!”


Her orgasm is so intense that her legs give way and she goes down on her knees pulling my cock out of her cunt.  I walk around to her head, lift her head and tell her to suck my cock clean.  She opens her mouth and takes my cock into her mouth till my balls slaps against her chin and she then proceeds to lick my cock and balls completely clean.


As Anna-Marié sucks my cock I look up at Paullina and notices that she has opened her top and lifts her breasts out of her bra and rub her nipples with her one hand while her other hand is down her skirt I am sure playing with her cunt.  When she notices me looking at her she smiles and lifts her one breast and start to suck on her nipple.


After cleaning my cock Anna-Marié gets up, grabs me around my waist and says, “Oh shit Hendrik thank you for giving it to me really hard and out in the open because I was so horny that if you hadn’t fuck me I would have fucked myself.  I am quite sure that Paullina has been watching us and that has made me so much hornier that I couldn’t help myself.”


“And what made you so horny?”


“You and Paullina of course.  I watched you through the window.  I didn’t mean to scare you because I didn’t think that you would run away.  But why did you stop and move out of the room?”


“Paullina was afraid of you catching us and I also wasn’t sure whether you will approve of me fucking a black woman and I didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship with introducing an unwanted member.  We have never discussed it and I am not sure about your view of multicultural sex.”


“Oh but you are stupid Hendrik.  We have an agreement that we can fuck anybody we want whenever we want and we will never criticize or query any of our choices.  By the way, I would like to see that big white cock of yours enter a black lady’s cunt.  I think it will look awesome.  I suggest however that you first fuck her while I watch you so that I can get used to the idea and that you can convince her to become a part of our group.  But really I have no objection to you fucking her.”


“Okay my darling I will go to her now as I am and will have to play with her for a long, long time before I will be able to fuck her real good.   You know you really have drained my energy.  She might even agree that you join us before I fuck her.  All I know is that I am going to fuck her for a very long time and I bet to many orgasms.”


“No, you fuck her first.  I want to see and observe it as an outsider.  If you did a good job and I am as randy as I was just now, I’ll come and suck your come out of her cunt.  That might even give her some more orgasms.  But please fuck her in our bedroom so that I can have a nice view of what is going on.  And put on your pants otherwise Paullina might not be interested when she sees your sorry looking cock.”


I put my pants on and moved into the house to see what Paullina is doing because she isn’t in the guest bedroom anymore.  As chance will have it I find her in our bedroom busy cleaning.  I walk straight to her and without saying anything takes her in my arms and start kissing her.  The moment my lips touch hers she opens her mouth push her tongue into my mouth and kiss me like she will never have the chance again.  She puts her arms around me, presses her lower body against my cock and starts to rub her cunt against me.  Even though I had an hell of an orgasm not even 30 minutes ago my cock couldn’t stand this treatment and soon it starts to rise and after a short while it is as hard as a steel pole again pushing against her stomach.


When she feels my hard cock she pulls her lips of mine look at me and says, “Oh god that was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.  I have never seen two people fucking each other. The sight of your cock going into your wife’s body and her swallowing your cock after you fucked her made me almost come without me even touching myself.  Oh fuck I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me now.  I don’t care if your wife catches us but I want to feel your cock inside me now.”


“You don’t have to worry about my wife Paullina, she wants me to fuck you and she saw us when I kissed you.  That is why she was so randy because she though we were going to fuck but unfortunately the sound of the kitchen door warned us.  But believe me she wants me to fuck you.  Come here you beautiful woman, I want to undress you so that I can see and feel your lovely, beautiful and fuckable body.  I am going to play with you for a long time and then I am going to fuck for an even longer time till you had so many orgasms that you will beg me to stop.”


“Oh shit yes, yes please.  I am feeling so wanton now that I want you to look at me, touch me all over and do to me what you want, where you want and whenever you want and I’ll be doing to you what ever you want me to.  Oh please undress me because I want to undress you as well.  I want to see and feel this hard and rampant cock of yours.”


I lift my arms and slowly start to open the buttons of her top until all of them are open and remove her top leaving her upper body only in her bra covering her beautiful D-size breasts.  My hands are shaking as I move my hands around her body to unclasp her bra to release her magnificent treasures to my hands and eyes.  I unclasp her bra and slowly move the straps down her arms allowing her breasts to be slowly released from her bra.  The moment her breasts are uncovered I release her bra and grab both her breasts in my hands and starts kneading them and rubbing the two nipples in my hands.  Soon my mouth follow my hands and start I kissing her breasts all over till I eventually take one nipple in my mouth and start to suck on it like a baby.


Paullina gives an audible sigh and suddenly I feel her hands rubbing over my cock.


“Oh god please removes my cloths and fucks my hot, wet and ready cunt.  She really needs some attention very urgently.”


I kneel down in front of her move my hands to her skirt, unclasp it and pull it down until it fells down to around her ankles.  Without waiting I take her panty and hurriedly pull it down her legs and expose her wet cunt right before my eyes.  I am so close to her cunt that I can clearly smell her arousal and see the wetness between her legs.  Looking closer I can see her swollen cuntlips with the pink of her inner skin clearly visible against her dark brown skin and even her protruding clit.  I put my hands on her thighs and pull her legs open and move my lips to her cunt.  I can now clearly smell her womanly arousal.  It is a different smell to any woman I have smelled before, earthy and musky with a fairly strong pungent smell, but oh my god it is still so fucking nice.  When my lips touch her cunt and I feel her tight wiry hair beneath my lips, I start to move my tongue slowly up between her slit until it encounters her by now quite engorged and sensitive clit.  Let me tell you she really has a big clit.  It protrudes so far from her cunt lips that I can clearly feel it with my tongue.


The moment my tongue touches her clit she gives a shout, “Ohh god yessssss!!!!!!” and she presses her cunt against my mouth while her hands grab my head and pulls it tighter against her cunt.  I start in earnest to lick and suck her cunt and within a very short time I feel her body starts to shake and suddenly I feel her cunt ejaculating lots of juices into my mouth.


“Eishhh!! What are you doingggg to meeee!!!!!  Oh shit I’m cooommmiinnngggg!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! Uuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!”


Paullina is going wild and she keeps on coming.  I don’t know how long our how many orgasms she had but it must have been a lot.  Eventually however she stops coming and she slowly sinks down to the floor where she eventually kneels down before me.


“Oh my fuck boss what have you done to me.  A man has never put his mouth on my cunt.  Hell it was fantastic.  You want to do it again?”


“No my dear girl, it is now your turn to undress me and also play with my cock.  Please don’t call me boss.  Call me darling or Hendrik or anything else.  I am now your lover and not your boss.”


“Okay my darling, but stand up so that I can remove your pants so that I can see and touch your cock that fucked your wife so fucking well just now.  I am dying to see it close as it really looks gorgeous from a distance.”


The moment I am upright she starts to pull my pants down but because of my hard cock she can’t get it off because my hard cock prevents the front of being pulled down.  She lifts the front over my cock and pulls my pants down in one action and suddenly my cock is right in front of her only inches from her face.


“There it is my darling all ready for you to please, to touch, suck and play with as you wish.”


“Oh my what a lovely cock and I thought my husband has a big cock.  His might be longer bur shit yours is much thicker.  Oh fuck it is going to stretch my cunt so nice.  You want me to suck it my darling?  I don’t now how because I have never done it before,” she says as she grabs my cock in both her hands and slowly move them up and down my cock.


“Just put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop or you can vary your actions by just licking the head, shaft and my balls before you put it in your mouth, put it back in your mouth and take it out of your mouth again.  What I would like however is to see if you can get my whole cock into your mouth.  To do that you will however allow my cock to enter your throat.  Some girls find it quite difficult.  The secret however is to get the right angle and allow your throat to relax.”


She pulls my cock down till the head is facing directly to her mouth.  She moves her head forward till her lips almost touch my cockhead.  She then sticks her tongue out and slowly moves it over my cockhead which, by this time, was very wet with my pre-cum.  She pulls her tongue back into her mouth to taste my pre-cum.


“Mmmm not bad at all.  In fact I like it very much.  I think I would like for you to come in my mouth,” she says and immediately moves her lips over my cockhead and slowly starts to feed him into her mouth.  As it enters her mouth I can feel her tongue moving around him and licking all my precum off my cock.  Slowly she moves him deeper and deeper into her mouth until I feel my head pressing against her throat and she starts to gag.  She immediately moves her head back until my cock is completely out of her mouth.  Her tongue starts to lick my cock down from his head to my balls where she starts to lick my balls and eventually takes them into her mouth.  After a while she removes them from her mouth, move up my cock and swallow my cock again.  This time se takes him in deeper and I can feel my cock enters het throat slightly.  She gags again, pulls her face back till only my head is in her mouth and then moves her face down again and suddenly I feel my cock enters her throat and her lips press against my abdomen.  She has taken my whole eight inches into her wet and hot mouth.  She keeps still for a few seconds and then moves her head back allowing my cock to slide out of her throat till only the head is still in her mouth.  She then moves her head forward again and repeat the whole action again but slowly increasing the pace.


I grip her head and start to really fuck her mouth for a while after which I pull out of her mouth and say, “ lie down your hot fucking woman, I want to fuck your cunt and I want to fuck her real hard till you’ve come so many times that you will beg me to stop.  I had a hectic session a short while ago and I will not come easy again.”


As she lies down I knell down between her legs, lifts her legs over my shoulders and move down on her.


“Put my cock inside your wet cunt,” I tell her and as she grips my cock and positioned it to her cunt I slam down penetrating her to the full so that my balls hit against her slightly raise ass and her knees are next to her head.


“Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my god your cock is so hick inside me! Oh shit it is so fucking nice. Yes fuck me with your big white cock. Oh my god I love your white cock in my black pussy,” she shouts as she puts her hands on my bum and force me even tighter against her body.


“Oh god Paullina your cunt feels so tight and hot and she is so wet I just want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you till you cannot take it anymore.  I am going to fuck your cunt you black bitch till you beg me to stop fucking you with my white cock.”


Looking down to where my cock slides into her black cunt is so erotic that I immediately start ramming into her at full speed.  Moving my cock in and out till only the head is in her cunt and ram it back in again till my balls slap against her ass.


“Uuhhh…. Uuuhhhh,….. uuuhhhh ….oh… my…  fuck …it…is… so…. Fucking… nice… when…. You….fuck….me…like…this…. please….do…not…stop.” she moans between my onslaught into her cunt.


Suddenly I feel her body getting rigid and she lifts her ass off the floor lifting me with her as well.


“Oh fuck yessssss fuck meeeeeee!!!!!! I am going to commmmeeeeee. Pleassseeee don’t stoppp!!1 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uuuuuuuuggggghghhhhhhhh!!!!!! Yessssssss!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!” she shouts as she orgasmed and I have to battle to stay on top of her.  I also suddenly feel a wetness running past my cock and realize that she must have squirted some love juice past my cock.


I slow down but continue to fuck her and looking down at her face noticed that her eyes are closed and that she has an expression of total satisfaction on her face.


“Did you like it Paullina?  Did you love my white cock fuck you to an amazing orgasm?  Do you want some more?  I still am a long way from coming my hot sexy black girl.”


“Oh shit it was fucking awesome.  I have never felt such a thick cock inside my cunt.  I can fell every ridge and vein on your cock as it slides in and out of me.  Oh shit I like it tremendously and I want you to fuck me a lot more with your magnificent white cock.  So whatever you do, do not stop I am ready for many more orgasms on your cock.  Please fuck me and fuck me hard,” she says as she force my cock back into her body again as deep as I can get it.


“Stand up and bent over the couch’s back rest, I want to fuck you from the rear,” I say as I pull my cock out of her cunt.  She stands up and bent over in a flash and soon I am fucking her again at a furious pace and again to another shattering climax. It isn’t long before she has another and much more intense orgasm.


“Have you ever being fucked in the ass my darling?” I ask her when she has recovered.


“No never,” she replies.


“Well you are now going to feel a cock in your ass and I am going to fuck you real good till I finish in your ass.  I suggest you play with your cunt and clit while I fuck your ass.  That way we can both climax.”


I pull out of her cunt and apply some of her cunt juices to her ass and slowly enters first one finger until I fell her ass relaxes before I put a second finger in her ass and slowly fuck her with my two fingers.  She is initially very tense but after a couple of minutes she relaxes and then I suddenly feel her hand at her cunt.


“Oh fuck yes darling, fuck my ass it is so fucking nice to have two of your holes penetrated at the same time.”


I pull my two fingers out and put my cock against her ass hole and slowly apply some pressure until I can feel her ass expanding to allow my cock inside.  There is an initial resistance and I can hear her pulling in her breath in anticipation of my cock entering her ass.  Suddenly however her ass relaxes and allows my cock head into her ass.


“Oh my god that is so fucking big, it will never go in,” she moans as she rubs her cunt furiously, “but please don’t stop.  I want to feel your cock deep inside my ass.”


I grip her hips and slowly force my cock deeper into her very tight ass and after a while I feel my balls against her ass and realize that my cock is buried fully into her ass hole.


“Oh yessssss, fuck my ass with your big white cock.  Oh god yess fuck her,” she moans.”


Gripping her hips tighter I increase my pace and soon I am hammering into her ass at frenzy. I know that at this pace and with her tight ass I am not going to last very long and suddenly I feel the tell tale built up of pressure in my cock and shouts, “Oh yesss your hot tight fucking ass is going to make me come.  I am going to spurt my come deep in your ass.  Take it your black bitch, here it comes!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!! Uuuuuuuggghhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!!” I shout as I start to release my come deep into her bowls.


Simultaneously as I come I feel her whole body tense up and her ass hole clench tight around my cock and she also shouts, “Oh fuck yesss!!! This is so fucking gooooddddddd!!!!! I want to feel your come inside my asssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!! Oooooooeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!Eeeeeiiiissssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”


When I recover I suddenly notice Anna-Marié, naked, standing on her knees on the couch kissing Paullina and playing with her breasts.


“Oh shit Paullina, I got so randy watching the two of you fucking I just had to join you.  Oh my god I want to clean your ass and eat your cunt as well and I want you to eat my cunt ass well because I am in need of an orgasm,” Anna-Marié says.


She gets off the couch and walk around to Paullina. Sits down on the carpet and pulls Paullina down next to her and tell her to lie down so that she can get to her cunt and ass.  Paullina who is dumbstruck by this sudden change of events willingly lies down and open her legs to allow Anna-Marié access to her cunt.


Anna-Marié lies down between her legs, lifts them up to lifts her ass off the floor and starts to lick my come off her legs and ass.


“Oh fuck this is so fucking degrading but oh so fucking nice.  It is the first time I ever licked somebody’s ass but I must say I like it and it will not be the last,” Anna-Marié says.  After she cleans all my come off Paullina legs and out of her ass she turns around, put her legs both sides of Paullina’s head and says, “Now let’s do some serious fucking.  I want you to eat my cunt and eat it good because I want to come on your mouth many times,” and lowers her mouth onto Paullina’s cunt.


Paullina is so hot by this time that she immediately grabs Anna-Marié around her hips and pulls her cunt down to her mouth which she immediately starts to suck as if she is as old cunt sucker.  Looking at her you wouldn’t say that is the first time she is sucking a cunt.


It isn’t long before Anna-Marié has her first orgasm followed shortly by her second and soon afterwards her third.  Suddenly Paullina also starts to orgasm and then it is really a sight to watch the two of them fucking each other.  It is moans and groans and convulsions as you have ever seen.  This turns me so on that I just have to join the action.


I stand behind Anna-Marié’s elevated ass and slowly force my wet cock into her ass.  As I press my cock home I can feel my cock sliding along Paullina’s mouth and hear  Anna-Marié moans,’ Oh god yessss, fuck my ass as well.  O shit it feels so fucking good.  Whatever you do please don’t stop fucking my cunt and ass.”


“I think the two of you had enough of each other.  I think it is time for the two of you to fuck me,” I say as I pull my cock out of Anna-Marié’s ass.


I lie down on my back with my hard cock upright and tell Anna-Marié to come and sit on my cock while Paullina must lower her cunt onto my mouth. Anna-Marié doesn’t’ waste a second and within a couple of seconds I feel her hot and wet cunt sliding down my hard cock till I can feel my cock head press against her cervix and her butt sits on my lower body.  Oh my god it feels so fucking nice to have your cock up to your balls in a hat and wet cunt.  I moan softly and try to force my cock still deeper into her cunt while Anna-Marié starts to move slowly a little bit up and down my cock.


Looking up I see that Paullina has in the meantime positions her above my mouth facing Anna-Marié and slowly lowers her cunt towards my mouth.  As she lowers herself her legs move further and further apart and I can see her cunt stretching more and more open till I can see her open cunthole with drops of liquid sticking to her cunt lips and also her erect clit.  Oh hell what a sight, the dark outer lips with the black hair around her cunt and the pink inner lips is really a sight to behold.


I grab her around her waist and lift my head up till my lips lock on her cunt lips and I start immediately to suck her cunt and move my tongue into her cunt as deep as I can.  She gives a deep sigh and says, “Oh fuck yessss eat my cunt she is in need of attention.  She needs to be fucked.  Yesssss!!! Oh yesssss!!!!”


“Oh shit Paullina you have such nice breasts I want to suck them,” says Anna-Marié.


“Yes oh please yess suck them Anna-Marié and I also want to suck your breasts.”


Suddenly I hear just sucking noises as they suck each others breasts accompanied by moans and groans while Anna-Marié suddenly increases the pace of her up and down movements.  Paullina also starts to rub her cunt against my mouth.


“Oh fuck kiss me Paullina, I want to kiss you,” Anna-Marié moans.


I suddenly feel them going mad above me with Anna-Marié slamming up and down my cock and Paullina grinding her cunt into my mouth.  I suddenly hers Paullina groans into Anna-Marié’s mouth while she simultaneously ejects lots of juice into my mouth.


“Oh god I’m commmiiinnggggg!!!!!!! Eat my cunt; oh fuck it is so fucking nice!!!!!! Suck my tit you bitch suck it!!!!!!!!” Paullina shouts as she climaxes.


Paullina has just finished when I feel Anna-Marié starts to shake above me and can I feel her cunt clamp around my cock and she moans, “Oh my god this is so fucking nice.  Fuck I Hendrik fuck me with your hard and big cock.  Play with my tits you black bitch.  Yess like that. O fuck I am commmiinngggg so fucckkiinngg hardddd!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!”


After this hectic session all we can do is to lie down on the floor and try to recuperate.  How long we lied on the floor I do not know but suddenly the phone starts to ring.  It is Felia telling me that she and Amelia are coming over as Bertie has to go again for treatment again for the weekend.  They will be here around eight or nine.  Of course I tell them that they must come as soon as possible because I long for their cunts and asses and mouths.  What I didn’t tell her is the surprise waiting for them, another girl added to our group.  I know Felia will not mind as she has already once experienced black cocks.  I don’t know what Amelia’s reaction will be because I know she has never even see a naked black woman never mind being fucked by one.


When I turn around from the telephone I see that Paullina is busy eating my come out of Anna-Marié’s cunt while Anna-Marié is playing with her cunt.


“Oh fuck Paullina it feels so fucking good.  Keep on sucking my cunt because we don’t have a cock to fuck us for a while.  Hey what about your husband.  Do you think there is a chance that he will join us?  Then we will at least have two cocks to play with, what do you say?”


“He just might you know,” says Paullina, “he was just saying yesterday that he will really like to fuck a white woman, especially one of the  white woman’s pussy’s that were here last weekend


“You mean me, my sister Felia and her daughter Amelia?”


“I know you are one of them but don’t know their names of the other two or who they are. Let me tell you if he has fucked you, you will know you have been fucked.  He really knows how to use his cock.””


“If that is the case you must tell him if he can come this weekend he might just get his wish fulfilled because Anna-Marié is ready to be fucked by him and my sister-in law and her daughter are coming tonight.” I say.


“Yes you have to convince him because I have never even seen a black cock, not to mentioned being fucked by one and I also think five cunts are a bit much for one aged cock.  Is he at home now or is he still in town?” Anna-Marié ask, “If he is here phone him and convince him to come over now so that we can conditioned him to having sex with more than one partner simultaneously. Don’t tell him too much, only that if he wants to fuck a white woman he must get down here immediately.”


“I think he might be here by now,” says Paullina as she takes her cell phone and phones him.  She  talked to him in their language for about 5 minutes after which she says he will be down here in about half an hour because he wants first to wash him before coming down.


While waiting for him we discussed how we must do to ease him into the situation without frightening him away.  It is decided Paullina and I will hide in the dining room and that Anna-Marié will receive him at the door and invites him in.  She will be dressed in only one of my shirts to just cover her cunt and with the top buttons loosened so that he can see she is not wearing a bra.


She will invites him in and tell him to make himself comfortable and gets him something to drink.  She will then sit in such a position that he can see she is naked underneath the shirt.  She will then talk to him and try to get him so exited that it will be easy for her to seduce him.  When they are busy fucking Paullina and I will join them.


When the doorbell rings Paullina and I moves into the dining room while Anna-Marié quickly dons the shirt and moves to the door to greet Solomon.  We have a cleat view on the front door and the living room from our position. 


As the introduction of Solomon into our group is very important to the rest of the story I will let Anna-Marié tells what happened until I join the fun again.


As I open the door I look at the black man standing at the door dressed in a white T-shirt and black trousers.  Oh my god, what a nice specimen of the male species.  Although he is not very tall about 5’9” he has a magnificent physique.  Everything in proportion but with a very well developed chest and very strong looking arms.  Black wiry hair cut very short and quite handsome with big black eyes and the most kissable lips you can look at.  Looking at him I can feel my cunt become even wetter and I just know that I must feel his cock inside me.


 I can see the amazement in his eyes when he notices how I am dressed.  He also looks me up and down and upon seeing my hardened nipples clearly through the shirt I notices almost immediately a bulge beginning to form in his pants.  Wow that must quite something judging the bulge.


“Oh hallo, you must be Solomon,” I greet him, “I am Anna-Marié and we are expecting you. Paullina said you might come around.  Please come in and you are very welcome.”


“Yes I am Solomon and I am glad to eventually meet you Anna-Marié.” he says, “I wanted to meet you people a long time ago because it is so quite for me and Paullina here.  Thanks for inviting me, Paullina said I must come because you have invited me over and must say I am really glad to be here.”


“Yes I am also glad to eventually meet you because I have noticed you quite a few times passing our house and often wondered how I can meet you.  If I knew you are Paullina’s husband I would have invited you a long time ago. Please come in it is much more comfortable inside,” I say and stand slightly to the side to allow him to enter.


As he moves past me I move my hand slightly forward to allow it to slide over the bulge in his pants while he rubs his arm across my breasts.  Oh it is going to be easy to seduce him I thought as I walk behind him to the living room.


“Please sit down,” I say pointing towards the couch, and sit myself on the chair opposite the couch. As I sit down I slightly open my legs and know he must have a clear view of my naked cunt.  I notice him staring straight at my crotch and also notice that the bulge in his pants has grown considerably.  I got him, I thought.


“You want something to drink?  Perhaps a beer or Brandy?” I ask.


“Hu? Oh, a beer would be nice,” he stammered.”


I get up and return to the room with his beer.  Standing close right in front of him I hand him his beer looking him straight in the eyes.


“You are a very beautiful, sexy and very tempting lady you know,” he says as he takes the beer while at the same time slide his other hand up my leg.  I open my legs slightly more to allow him access to my cunt.  His hand carries on up my leg till his thumb makes contact with my cunt.  He immediately starts to rub his finger across my cunt causing me to emit an involuntary soft moan.


“And you are a very decisive man who knows what he wants,’ I say while moving slightly backwards, take his hand away and pulls him up from the couch.  I take the bottle of beer out of his hand and put it down on the table next to the couch.  By this time I am so fucking hot that I just want to feel his hot cock inside me fucking me to many orgasms.


I put my one hand at the back of his head while the other moves to the bulge in his pants.  I pull his head closer till our lips meet and then I kiss him as if it is the last thing I want to do.  I open my mouth and push my tongue deep into his mouth while my other hank starts to move over his pants up and down his very hard cock.  We kiss like people possessed while our hands move over each other bodies exploring, touching and feeling.  I press my body tight against his whilst moving my lower body left and right and up and down feeling his hard cock pressing against my hot and wet cunt.  I feel his hands on my tits and on my wet and ready cunt.  Oh fuck I need his cock and I need it soon.


I pull slightly away from him while feverishly removing his shirt and starting to loosen his belt and lowers his pants and underpants.  As I pull down his pants I also move down and suddenly here in front of me is his hard and ready cock. Oh shit what a magnificent piece of meat.  The longest cock I have ever seen.  At least 9 inches long but I have to add not as thick as Hendrik’s cock.  But shit, it will definitely touch areas inside my cunt that Hendrik’s cock has never touch.


I put my hand around his cock and move his foreskin back exposing his cock’s head and looks in fascination at the first black cock I have ever seen.  His shaft and balls dark while the head is as pink as my pussy lips and as wet as you can get with his pre-cum.  What a sight!


I immediately takes his cock in my mouth and slowly feeds him deeper and deeper until I feel his head slips into my throat and soon afterwards I fell his wiry pubic hairs against my lips.  I must say it goes down my throat much easier than Hendrik’s.  I put my one hand around his lower body and move my head forward and backwards fucking his cock with my mouth while my other hand plays with his balls.  I can hear him moan as I fuck his cock with my mouth.


“Oh shit your white bitch what are you doing to me?  Oh my god it feel sooooo fucking nice, please don’t stop.  Yesss oh yesssss I am going to come and if you don’t stop I am going to come in your mouth.”


All I know by now is that I want to feel him coming in my mouth and to taste and swallow his come.  The louder he moans the faster I move my head and the harder I suck his cock.  Suddenly he grips my head with both his hands and force his cock into my mouth as deep and hard as he can while he shouts.


”Oh my fuck I am cumming you white bitch, I am cooommmiiinngggg!!!!! Swallow my come!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!! UUhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!”


I feel his balls contracting and his cock getting thicker and suddenly I feel his hot come down my throat.  I pull my head back until only his head is in my mouth so that he spurts his hot and thick come in my mouth.  I try to swallow all his come but he comes so much and so long that I cannot keep up and eventually it runs out of my mouth passed his cock and onto my breasts.


When he eventually stops cumming I move my mouth off his cock and clean his cock thoroughly with my lips.  I then remove his come from my chin and breasts and while looking up at him lick all his come of my fingers.


His orgasm was so intense that he had to sit down on the carpet.


Still playing with his cock and balls I ask him, “did you enjoy this Solomon?  Did you like your first taste of what a white bitch can do?  I must say I like the feeling and taste of my first black cock and you better know that from now on you are not going to pass this house before you fuck me.  Did you ever eat white pussy?  Well you are now going to eat mine because I am now really in need of an orgasm and I want it from your mouth.”


I turn on my back, open my legs as wide as I can and presents my extra wet cunt to him.


“No my white bitch I have never fucked a white woman and have never taste a white bitch’s cunt.  But I am now going to eat and suck your cunt till you beg me to stop because you can’t take it anymore.”


With those words he moves next to me with his cock close to my face and starts to eats my cunt in earnest. While he eats my cunt I continue to play with his now flaccid cock trying to rejuvenate him because I want his cock inside my cunt.   Let me tell you he really eats my cunt and I lost count of how many orgasms I had but eventually his cock is as hard as a nail and I beg him to fuck my cunt with his cock because I am dying to feel his cock fucking my cock hungry cunt.  He obliges me by turning around, lifting my legs over his shoulders, lining up his cock and with one mighty push, push it into my cunt right up to his balls.


“UUmmmmpppphhhhhhh!!!!!!” I moans as I can feel his cock touching places inside me that has never been touch by a cock before.  He didn’t stop either but just carrying on fucking me in a frenzy.  Pistoning in and out of me like mad and had me orgasme in about 30 seconds flat.  He however continues and from then on it is just one continues orgasm... How long it lasts I don’t know but just as I know I am going to pass out. I tell him to turn around because I want to ride him.  As he is lying on his back I grip his cock, pointing it upwards and force myself down on his cock starting to ride him like a horse.  I suddenly hears him shouts below me and I forces myself down on him taking his long cock in as deep as possible and keeping it there still as he starts shooting his come into my waiting cunt.  That is enough to force me also into another orgasm.  Although it is his second orgasm he continues coming and pumping come into my cunt until it runs out of my cunt pass his cock. After we finished I sat down on him looking at Paullina bent over a chair in clear view to both of us.


I am taking over again.


Paullina and I are hiding in the dining room from where we have an unobstructed view into the living room.  I will not expand here what we did but let me guarantee you that our hands and mouths were not idle.  The moment he starts to come inside Anna-Marié Paullina walks into the living room where she bends over a chair, clearly visible to Solomon, presenting her ass to whoever wants to fuck her.  I follow her after a couple of seconds and with my stiff cock sticking out in front of me walks to Paullina where I unceremoniously push my cock into her ass.


“Shit Paullina you let a white man push his cock into your cunt while I am watching,” Solomon says in disbelieve.


“My ass, not my cunt and in case you have forgotten your cock is also in a white bitch’s cunt,” Paullina replies.


Anna-Marié immediately moves off his body as she watches us and slide between our legs and locks her lips on Paullina’s cunt.  Within minutes we have Paullina screaming as the two of us fuck her ass and cunt.


“Oh god yesssss fuck me!! Oh shit I like it; oh fuck I am going to cummmm!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Yyyeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Solomon lies down and the sight of the two of us fucking his wife in front of him causes his cock to become hard again and he can’t help himself but have to start playing with his cock again.


“Oh fuck,’ he moans shooting his come high in the air,”this so fucking bizarre but so fucking hot.  I have never seen anything like this and never thought that I can get so hot by watching my wife being fucked by a white female and a white male.  It is so erotic that we will have to do it again”


After we fucked Paullina to multiple orgasms we inform Solomon of what is going on.  He is dumbstruck at first because he never visualized that you can have sex with three or more people participating.  After witnessing the previous activities he is however a converted participant in this type of sexual activities.  We also tell him that Felia and Amelia will arrive at around eight and that the six of us will partake in a sexual orgy where anyone can fuck anyone whenever he whishes and nobody can refuse anyone anything he wants to do.  We also explain to him our code of conduct which we have to strictly adhere to namely no cloths to be worn at home, nobody can refuse anybody anything anytime and no injuries to any of the partaking parties. 


As it is getting closer to eight we decide it is time to prepare our communal bed and to go and clean ourselves to at least welcome Felia and Amelia with clean bodies.  After we washed ourselves I put a porn video on and the four of us sit on the couch watching TV and playing with each other to keep us in the right mood. Just as we are getting horny again we notice the car lights approaching the house.  Anna-Marié and I tell Solomon and Paullina to remain seated while we go and welcome our visitors.


When we exit the house we immediately notice Felia and Amelia standing in front of the car in the headlights displaying their naked bodies to us.  Oh shit what a sight!  I immediately notice their completely clean shaven cunts.  As we walk closer they open their legs wide and start to fuck themselves with their fingers.


“Oh fuck Hendrik we long to see your magnificent cock so much that I had to make a plan to get Bertie away so that we can come to be fucked by you again... Just look, our wet pussy’s are ready for your, as I can see, always ready cock.  Oh come and please let us feel your cock,” Felia says as a greeting.


“Yes please uncle,” Amelia ads, “my cunt is literally dripping just thinking about being fucked by your nice cock.  Here is my cunt ready and wet for you.”


I walk closer and push Felia’s head down so that she presents her ass to me. I aim my cock and ram it into her cunt in one mighty push so that my balls slap against her ass.


“Uhhhhhh! Oh fuck yesss I mis him so much.  Hallo your lovely thing.” Felia moans and force


“Here he his your fucking whore.  Say hallo to Felia my cock, and let her feel you and enjoy you as a greeting only. Do not worry however, because you will get to feel and taste him a lot during this weekend.  Let us say hallo to Amelia as well.”


As I turn around Amelia is already bending over presenting me her ass.  Without wasting time or words I ram my cock also with one push right into her cunt causing her to moan.


“Uhhhhhhhh!!!! Yessss oh yesssss fuck my cunt she is so thirsty for your life essence.  Oh please do not stop pleasseee fuck me!!!!!!!”


“Not now my darling Anna-Marié wants to greet you as well,” I say as I pull my cock out and watch Felia and Anna-Marié kissing and feeling each other. Anna-Marié then walks over to Amelia and greets her the same way, kissing her and feeling her breasts and rams her finger into her cunt.


“Hallo you two, welcome again at out humble home for a week end of unbridled sex.  We however have a surprise for you.  We have a married couple inside who has just joined our group today and they are waiting in suspense to hear if you will accept them also into our group.” Anna-Marié says.


“Of course they are welcome Anna-Marié,” Felia says, “You know what our agreement is that we will never refuse newcomers into our group once they have been accepted by anyone of us.”


“Yes I know Felia but I have to add that they are a black couple,” Anna-Marié.


“Oh fuck yess they are more than welcome because you know I have been fucked silly by two colored guys a while ago and I he can fuck as good as those two he can fuck me as much as he likes and I also has never seen a naked black woman.  I just hope he has a cock similar to the ones that fucked me,” Felia says quite excited.


Amelia looks a bit apprehensive because she has never seen another cock except mine and now she is not only going to see one but also going to feel another cock in her pussy.  And a black one at that.  She however knows that she cannot refuse but also cannot help to being excited thinking about a new experience for her.


“My sister, his cock is at least an inch longer than Hendrik’s, if it is not two inches.  Let me tell you he knows how to use his tool.  I almost passed out when he fucked me this afternoon.  Let me tell you I am looking forward to feel him in my cunt again,” Anna-Marié says.


“You hear that Amelia?” Felia says, “You didn’t expect this my darling and even a black cock that is longer than Hendrik’s.  I hope you are ready for your first experience with a different cock.  I think it is a good thing because you have grown too attached to Hendrik’s cock.”


“Don’t worry my darling,” I say as I put my hand over her shoulder and take her breast into my hand, “my cock is thicker than his.  Let’s go inside so that you can meet the other members of our group. Hey play with my cock,” I say as we start walking to the house. ”I missed your hand on my cock.”


As we walk into the house Amelia has my cock in her hand and I have a breast in my hand.   When we walk into the living room Paullina and Solomon are sitting on the couch playing with each others genitals.  When the see us they immediately stop and get up with Solomon’s long cock standing upright in anticipation of what is going to happen.


I hear Amelia pulls in her breath saying. “My god looks at that thing!  He will never be able to fit his cock completely into my pussy.  He is however much thinner than yours my darling.”


“Yes that is so but he knows how to use his cock to give you maximum pleasure.  I have watched him fucking Paullina and Anna-Marié with tremendous effect,” I say.


“I’d like to feel his cock but I still prefer yours Hendrik,” Amelia says.


“We’ll see about that.” I reply.


“Felia, Amelia let me introduce you to our newest partners in crime,” Anna-Marié says. “The guy with the longest cock I have ever had the pleasure to meet and to taste Solomon and standing next to him his beautiful wife with the juiciest cunt I have ever had the pleasure to taste is Paullina.  You said you want to taste white pussy Solomon well here is your chance to increase your experience because here is Felia although short is stature has already taken an 13” cock completely into her cunt and next to her with Hendrik’s cock in her hand is her 13 year old daughter Amelia who although still young and small can take an oversize cock with such ease that is hard to believe and who I am sure is a nymphomaniac.  She cannot get enough of sex.”


“Hallo Solomon and Paullina. Anna-Marié said that you wanted to fuck us since the last time we’ve been here.  Well here we are now and our cunts are available to you both.” Felia says and walks immediately over to Solomon, “First however I want to fell your long cock in my aching cunt and I want to feel him now.”


She puts her hand behind his head and pulls his head down and start kissing him while she grips his hard cock with her other hand and slowly moves her hand up and down his shaft, Solomon also moves his hand between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy like mad. 


After a couple of seconds Felia bends over, presenting her ass to Solomon and says, “Fuck me dog style and fuck me like a dog.”


Solomon moves immediately behind her and ram his long cock in one movement to the hilt into her cunt.


“Here he is your white bitch.  Fell my black cock fucking your white cunt to an orgasm you have never experienced.” He says while pistoning in and out of her at a dizzying pace.  His ball slapping with a loud noise against her ass every time he enters her completely.


The moment he enters her Felia groans, “Uummmppphhhhh, oh my god yes fuck me like an animal.  Make me come on your magnificent cock and spurt you come deep into my waiting cunt.”


The moment Solomon starts to fuck Felia, Amelia looks at them and says, “Oh fuck Hendrik look at them.  Look at that long black cock penetrating my mother’s cunt and look at her enjoying it.”


She then kneels before me and takes my hard cock into her mouth starting to give me head.  As look at Paullina and Anna-Marié I notice that they are kissing and groping each other and just know that they are going to fuck each other real good.


After a while Amelia removes my cock from her mouth and says, “Oh shit Hendrik please fuck me and fuck me real hard like my mother is being fucked.  I really need it.”


She lies over the seat of the chair with her ass up in the air, “Fuck me also dog style and fuck me hard.”


I stand behind her and ram my cock in one movement fully into her cunt and start to fuck her like an animal whilst looking at the other four also fucking like animals.  The room is filled with grunts and groans of couples in heat fucking like mad and with an overpowering smell of sex. 


How many times Felia and Amelia come I don’t know but eventually Solomon shouts, “I am going to come your white bitch, take my come deep in your cunt, Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!” He simultaneously forced his cock as deep as possible into her cunt while keeping it there still until he has finished coming.


Felia also moans and screams, “Yes I can feel your hot come, Yesss give it to me.  Oh fuck it is sooooo fucckkkiinnnggggg nice!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


That is all that Amelia and I need to push us over the edge and we come shouting and screaming with me coming inside Amelia like never before.  Soon afterwards Anna-Marié and Paullina also finishes and the six of us are lying like dead people on the floor.


After a while I look up and the first thing I notice is Felia lying on her back with her legs wide open and Solomon’s come running out of her cunt.  I immediately move forward and start licking and eating her cunt sucking all of Solomon’s come out of her cunt.  After a while I suddenly feel lips around my cock and notice Paullina between my legs sucking my cock clean of Amelia’s juices.


Looking up I notice Amelia sucking Solomon’s cock with such fervor that she has him completely in her mouth with her lips pressing against his body and with Anna-Marié sucking my come out of her cunt.  After this we are so fucked up that we immediately go to bed where we immediately fall asleep, all six of us together in the big bed consisting of mattresses on the floor.


Early the next morning I wake up due to some action going on and to my surprise it is Amelia playing with Solomon’s cock.  He is still fast asleep but already his cock is showing signs of reacting to Amelia’s attention.


“Hey give the man some time to recuperate.” I tell her while sticking my finger in her cunt which she is pointing in my direction.


“Oh shit Uncle I long to feel that long cock in my pussy.  You don’t mind me wanting him to fuck me, do you?”


“No my darling, how can I mind If I am fucking your mother and aunt.  Take his cock in your mouth; I want to see how much you will be able to swallow.”


“If your cock can go into my throat I will take his whole length,” she says and starts to feed his cock into her mouth.  The deeper his cock goes the harder he becomes until he is fully erect.  She however continues to feed him into her mouth until her lips press against his abdomen.  I can only look in awe as she pulls her mouth back until her lips is around his cock head before moving her head down again.  As she does this the third time Solomon wakes up, grabs her head and forces her head down again.


“Oh fuck yes you bitch, suck my cock and suck him good because I am going tot fuck your white cunt now like she has never being fucked,” he says as he forces her head up and down his cock.


After a while he withdraws his cock from her mouth, turns her onto her back, positioned himself over her with her legs around his shoulder and slams his long cock in one mighty shove into her cunt causing his balls to slam against her ass.


“Here he is my white bitch, feel him in places you have never felt a cock,” he says as he pounds in her like a man possessed.


Amelia can only grunts, “uhhhhhh, uuuhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh mmmyyy ffffuuucckkkkk, he……is……….fucking…..deeeeepppppp!!!!!!!! Yes…….fuck………with …..  your……. Long……. Black…… fucking……. cock. Yessssssssssss oh yessssssss!!!!!!”


The sight of the two fucking like wild animals gives me an immediate hard on and as I look around I notice Felia next to me watching them as well while fucking herself with her hand almost completely in her cunt.


“Oh fuck Hendrik I know what Amelia feels but please fuck me because I have to have a cock in my now, “she says as she moves herself over me and impaling herself onto my cock in one movement until her cunt slaps against my body and immediately starts moving up and down.  While fucking me she keeps her eyes on Amelia and Solomon while continuously saying, “Oh fuck look at that big black cock going into Amelia’s white cunt.”


After a while Solomon turns around onto his back pulling Amelia onto him saying, “now it is your chance to fuck me your white bitch.”  Amelia immediately lowers herself onto his cock and also starts to fuck him in synchronization with Felia so that the two of them go up and down in harmony.


“Oh fuck mum this is incredible, to have a black cock inside me while watching Uncle Hendrik fucking you. Oh  yesssssss!!!!!!!!!”


I suddenly feel two legs both sides of my face and when I look up I just see a black cunt approaching my face as Paullina decides she needs some attention as well.  Just before she closes down my vision I also notice Anna-Marié taking position over Solomon’s face.


I start to suck Paullina’s cunt in earnest and then it is just one hell of an orgy with six people enjoying themselves.  It isn’t long before we all start to shout and moan as the pleasure built up and we all head towards a well needed orgasm.  As I spurt my seed deep into Felia I can feel Paullina’s cunt also vibrating and not long after she also spills her come into my mouth.  Just as we fell down and starting to relax Amelia. Solomon and Anna-Marié come virtually together with big shouts and moans and groans.  As they finish Amelia and Anna-Marié just collapse and fall off Solomon.


We remained like that for a very long time before we eventually stir and  then I found Amelia over me sucking my cock clean while forcing her cunt onto my face to suck Solomon’s come from her cunt, which I did.  I must say Solomon’s come tastes quite good.


After sucking each other clean we decide it is time to make something to eat otherwise we will not survive the day.  Thereafter we just around talking and watching TV and a porn film where there is a scene with two men sucking each other.  A little bit into the scene Amelia says that she will actually like watch two men sucking each other in a live show.  Paullina immediately picks up the story saying that we have two men available who can actually give them a show.  Felia and Anna-Marié immediately says yes we must do it as we have an agreement that we will never refuse anybody anything and that we have to 69 for them.


Solomon and I am so randy by now due to the video and groping of the girls that the both of us am sporting a tremendous hard-on and it didn’t require a lot of convincing from the girls for us to agree to give them a show.


Solomon and I look at each other and I slowly move my hand take his cock in my hand and start to move my hand up and down is cock.  He gives me a smile and also takes my cock in his hand.  Looking each other in the eyes we continue playing with each other’s cock.  After a while I have both my hands on his cock and he also his on mine.


“Hey we want to see you sucking each other’s cocks,” says Felia, “not masturbating each other.”


I immediately go down on my knees and while holding his cock still looks at it and then slowly stick my tongue out and lick his head covered with his pre-cum.  For the first time in my life I taste another man’s cock.  Although his pre-cum tastes a lot like mine there is also a difference.  It tastes much more salty and stronger than mine.  After a couple of licks I opens my mouth and slowly moves his cock into my mouth and suddenly for the first time in my life I have another man’s cock in my mouth.  It surely doesn’t feel too bad and just the idea of his cock in my mouth almost makes me come.


I move my one hand to his balls and whilst playing with them I slowly move my mouth down his cock until I feel his head presses against my throat and I suddenly gag to the amusement of the girls.  I slowly moves my head back again and remembering what I told Amelia the first time she had my cock in her mouth, I relax my throat muscles and moves my head down his cock again.  This time I feel his cock enters my throat but suddenly my throat contracts again and need I to pull my head back again.  I have to say however that it was a very strange feeling to feel his cock enters my throat.  I decide I want to have his cock fully into my mouth and immediately move my mouth down again and again I feel his cock enters my throat deeper and deeper and suddenly I feel his pubic hairs against my lips.  As it was the first time for me I didn’t know that I can’t breath with his cock in my throat and have to move my head back again almost immediately to get some air.


Keeping just his head in my mouth I run my tongue over his head exploring the texture of his cock.  This action causes him to moan ant I suddenly feels a rush of pre-cum in my mouth.


Suddenly he pulls his cock out of my mouth and says, “lie down on your back I want to feel your cock also in my mouth.”


I immediately oblige and when I am down on my back Solomon positions himself over me with his cock in my face and my cock at his mouth.  He doesn’t even wait but immediately put my cock in his mouth and try to put it completely into his mouth.  He however succeeded only to get in as far as when my cock-head reach his throat.  After a lot of gags he has to withdraw my cock from his mouth and has to start all over again.


I have his cock down my throat in the meantime also trying to get his balls into my mouth but without any success. After a while I had to pull back because I need some air.  I then start to move my head up and down his cock till mi lips press against his body.  Move my head back until only his cock head is in my mouth and play with my tongue around his cock head before moving my head down again.  I start to play with his balls and increase the movement of my head while I can hear and feel him moan around my cock.  He starts to do the same to me and I couldn’t help to moan because of the intense pleasure to feel your cock in somebody’s mouth while you also have a cock in your mouth.  It is an unbelievable experience and I suddenly feel the built of pressure in my cock and the contraction of my balls and know I am soon going to come in his mouth.  Suddenly I am there and start to eject my come into his mouth.  I moan around his cock and really start to suck him like mad.  It is such an intense feeling that I thought I am going to die. He gives a loud moan and really starts to suck my cock and swallow my come.


As I am still enjoying my intense orgasm when I suddenly feel him starting to move his cock down my throat and with a loud groan he starts to empty his balls in my mouth.  It is so unexpected that I almost gag on the first spurt but then I start to swallow his come down my throat while at the same time sucking his cock like mad.  How I managed it I don’t know but I manage to swallow all of his come.  I actually love the taste of his come and the fact that his cock is delivering it straight to my mouth.  Now I can understand why woman love to suck a man’s cock and as far as I am concerned I will definitely suck Solomon’s cock many more times.  When he finishes I clean his cock and slowly removes his softening cock from my mouth.


“Shit Solomon this was one of the best experiences I ever had.   We have to do it a lot more.”


“Yes, I agree Hendrik it was an awful experience,” he says.


The girls cheered us and also congratulate us on a really excellent display of male on male sex I however also notice that they have their hands buried into their cunts and soon I am sucking Paullina’s cunt while Solomon is busy with Amelia and Anna-Marié and Felia are keeping each other busy.


The rest of the day we just relax, eat and watch TV and playing with each other but we are so tired that we really can’t do anymore fucking.  After supper we immediately  go to bed to try and recover our strength for the night ahead.


I wake up the next morning and notice that everyone else is still asleep.  So I get up and prepare us breakfast and when it is ready I wake them up to come and have breakfast because we have to eat to regain our strength. Before breakfast I hand out some vitamin pills to all of them.


After a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, mini steak and coffee we declare ourselves ready for another day of action.


“I want to start this day with feeling two cocks penetrating me simultaneously,” Paullina says, “Because Amelia told me how fantastic it feels.”


“Yes and later it will be my chance because I also never felt two cocks fucking me at the same time and I suppose it feels a lot different than a cock and a vibrator.” Anna-Marié says


“Yes my dear you will get to experience it still a lot because I and Solomon will be available whenever you wish to have both our cocks.  You can even try both of them in your cunt seeing that you have such an accommodating cunt,” I say, “now you can however watch me and Solomon fuck Paullina simultaneously in her cunt and ass.  Come Sol, I want to fuck her ass, you can take her cunt.”


I tell Solomon to lie down on his back and Paullina to lie on top of him taking his cock into her cunt.  When they were in position I position myself over Paullina and after preparing her ass starts to force my cock into her ass.  As my cock moves into her ass I can feel Solomon’s cock through the thin membrane between her cunt and ass.  He is also slowly moving in and out. Oh shit this is tremendous.  I can get hooked on this.


“Oh my god this is fucking unbelievable,” moans Paullina, “I have never being so full of cock in my life.  Oh shit you are going to kill me!  Yesss fuck me please fuck me hard and deep oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I am going to comeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!”  She shouts and moans and shudders and move like a wild thing beneath me as she has her first orgasm.  I have to grip her tight to prevent my cock from slipping out.


It took Solomon and me a while to get our rhythm right but eventually we are in sync and then we really give Paullina the fuck of her Life.  I don’t know how many orgasms she had but it is a lot.  In fact you can’t really distinguish the one from the other.  It is just one continues moaning, shouting, begging, swearing and even crying.  Eventually I can’t take it anymore and with a roar I start to unload my sperm in her ass soon to follow by Solomon.


Paullina is really fucked up by this very hard fucking she got and she just collapses on he bed softly moaning.  The moment she fell down on the bed Amelia is between her legs and start cleaning her ass and cunt.  Felia is onto my cock in a flash and Anna-Marié starts on Solomon’s cock.


Solomon, Paullina and I are really spend and just lie on the floor trying to recuperate.  It took us a long time but eventually we up and about again and after some treatment of Felia and Anna-Marié on Solomon and I we are ready for another round of sex. Boy and did Solomon and I  fuck Anna-Marié.  She had about 10 orgasms and when we offload our come in her cunt and ass she just passed out.


The 5 of us had a tremendous sex orgy till Sunday late afternoon when Felia and Amelia had to leave.  After they have gone I took Solomon and Paullina to their room to collect some clothes because they are going to stay with us except when we have somebody visiting us.


Let me tell you the four of us are having now heaven on earth.  There is always a cunt or cock available to fuck.  I think though that I have the best of the deal because when Solomon is away to work I have two cunts available to me fuck whenever and wherever I feel like it as well as two mouths to suck my cock whenever I want them..


The story continues………….


A dirty obsession part 2

drty20 on Incest Stories

Gary awoke, still confused. Had last night really happened? Had his mother granted him part of his fantasy by sucking his cock, before offering herself up the day after?
His thoughts started to make him aroused, thinking that if it was real, then his mum will have phoned in sick for work to spend the day giving herself up for him. He got out of bed and walked downstairs when he heard his mum moving around in her bedroom above him.

"so it was real" he thought to himself, his cock twitching at the thought of his mum upstairs preparing for him.

After he finished his drink in the kitchen and started to head back to his room, he got as far as the bottom of the stairs and when he looked up, he saw his mother stood at the top wearing a robe.

"good morning

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Gary, did you think i had forgotten what i said last night??"

"erm, to be honest mum, i was trying to figure if it was real or imagination"

"well then let me tell you that it happened and remind you that today, you get this!" she said as she undid and dropped her robe. There she stood, wearing a lacy black bra, with a matching slightly see-through thong.

Gary's jaw almost dropped as his mum stood before him, hardly wearing anything, with her seemingly huge breasts being pushed up by her tight bra. Even though his mum was a size 18, and her bum was bigger than the average woman, he found it very attractive. She turned and walked towards her room, letting him know to follow, his eyes fixed on her ass in that black thong. When they got in her room, she turned to face him again and said,

"now, you can have some fun with me, and don't worry about cumming inside me, i can't get pregnant again"

Shocked at this revelation Gary didn't stop to think about it before his mum pulled down his boxers and looked at the very cock she had sucked the night before. She took hold of his cock and gently played with it until it started gettin hard, before yet again starting to suck her son's cock.

"god mum thats so good, suck your sons cock!"

His words made her feel dirtier and hornier and she began to suck faster. He couldn't hold out any longer and released his first load of hot white love juice, into her mouth, deep into the back of her throat as she moaned with joy, tasting her sons  cum. She eagerly carried on sucking, getting every last drop of the stuff she had missed out on for almost a year, licking his cock head clean and licking her lips she looked up at Gary

"mmmm, i'd forgotten how much i loved cum. it feels like ages since i got to taste it before last night, now its your turn to do whatever you want"

Gary looked down at her and immediatly noticed the bulging cleavage he had noticed earlier, reaching behind his mum he unclasped her bra and took it off her, letting her large busom free to slightly sag but still look appealing. He pushed her back gently onto the bed and took her left breast into his hand, squeezing it and flicking her erect nipple. He raised his head to her ample boob and began to lick and suck at the teet like he had as a child, except this time was different, this wasn't to be fed, this was to give his mum pleasure and get them both hornier than they alreaday were.
He stopped with her left breast and moved to her right and began to do the same as before, lickin and sucking, listening to his mother's gasps of pleasure.

While sucking her tit, he slid his hand down under her thong and felt her trimmed bush, getting closer to her pussy lips to find them moist ready for him. He slid his middle finger into her slit, probing as far as his finger would let him. He built up a rhythm sliding his finger deep into her vagina and back out, occasionaly stopping sliding fully in and rubbing her clit in a circular motion. When he couldn't take it any longer he pulled off her thong and positioned his now fully erect penis at the entrance to the very hole he had come from. He pushed forward, parting her lips, followed by a short gasp from his mother. He pushed his cock fully into his mum amd he felt like he was in heaven, he was finally getting what he wanted and he wasn't going to waste his time.

"oh god its been so long since ive had a cock in me, even your six incher feels huge" she panted..

"your pussy feels so good mum, im gonna fuck you so good today!" he replied, before starting to slowly fuck his mum.

6 years of waiting and imagining doing this finally caught up to himself and he picked up his pace, grunting softly as he thrust his cock into her vagina, enjoying and being encouraged by his mums soft moans of pleasure.

"ooo....yes...thats" she exhaled, "i...need...this...badly, ..fuck me......harder...son!"

He placed his hands either side of her head as he got comfortable ready to start fucking her as hard as he could. He carried this on for as long as he could manage. His mum screamed aloud in ecstasy as sopping cunt tightened around her son's shaft, feeling her orgasm sweep through her body she shut her eyes and listened as Gary grunted loudly.

"aahhh...FUCK" he shouted as he shot his sticky white juice deep into her pussy. He collapsed on top of her exhausted, resting his head on her breasts, feeling her puppy fat around her belly rise and fall with her lungs as she breathed heavily.

He awoke later on, laying on his mother's bed. He looked over and saw her laying next to him and he knew he had to have her again, he still had much more he wanted to do to her. He turned and put his arm around her, kissing her neck as he slid his hand between her legs. She woke with a smile on her face,

"well your definately your fathers son, he was just as eager to fuck as this years ago"

"what do you expect mum?" he asked rhetorically, "i am desperate for more, and seeing you naked reminds me how bad i want you"

"thank you honey, its nice to be appreciated" she said as she parted her legs slightly to allow his hand easier access to her  puffy cunt lips.

He rubbed her pussy lips before once again parting them with his hand and sliding a finger deep inside her, but her pussy wasn't what he was after this time.

"mum" he said softly "you know you said i could do anything??"

"yes what is it honey" she inquired, enjoying her pussy being finger fucked too much to care what he asked.

"well, i've always wanted to have a tit fuck, and was wondering..."

"don't worry.." she cut in, "i did say anything didn't i?? even if its something i've never done with your father"

With her permission he rolled her onto her back and he put his legs either side of her as he took his cock into his hand and positioned it at her big breasts.

"push them together like this" he said as he manipulated his mothers hands onto her own breasts just how he wanted them.

He looked down and could barely see his cock in those tits of hers. He was extremely aroused and knew his first tit fuck was worth waiting for. He moved back, watching as his cock head disappeared between his mums boobs and re-appeared seconds later as he slowly thrust forward. It felt good and from the sounds his mum was making she obviously was enjoying it.
She looked down and admired her chest, pushed together wrapped around her son's cock and was very aroused seeing his cock head occassionaly poke out the top of her cleavage.

"mmm mum, i love your tits so much, ive wanted to do this for years" he panted, feeling himself getting closer to cumming

"ahh i'm glad son, it feels quite nice, and i'm glad i'm trying it!"

She went back to looking down at her boobs while he kept on sliding his cock between them. She was pleasantly surprised when he moaned loudly and shot streak after streak of warm cum all over her melons and some of the first few streaks shot up as far as her bottom lip and her chin. She licked her bottom lip, tasting more of her son's cum. He got off her, as she used her fingers to bring the cum from her tits to her mouth and licked them clean, swallowing every last drop. She turned to him and kissed him, softly at first until they both slid their tongues into each others mouths, locking in a kiss more like lovers than mother and son. After minutes of kissing she broke it off,

"that felt so good, especially when you came on me, we're definately going to be doing that more often in future."

Her words pleased him, he now knew this wasn't a one off day, he was getting this again, and hopefully again and again.

"your dad wont be home for a while, so why dont you shower while i go make us some lunch to get our energy back up"

"ok mum, ill be down as soon as im done"

He got up and walked round to her side of the bed, kissing her before he left, he then headed to the bathroom and climbed in the shower.

While he was in there, his mum pulled on some revealing negligee and went downstairs to fix some lunch.
She was just about done cooking when she heard Gary enter the kitchen. She knew the first thing he would notice would be what she was wearing and couldnt help smiling to herself. He walked over and put his arms around her waist.

"smells good" he said, "whats for afters?"

"just wait and see" she replied, pushing her ass back against his crotch, feeling a slight bulge.
"anyway lunch is ready so you have to let go"

He let go as she served up lunch and sat down opposite him, giving him a full view of her cleavage in her little negligee, noticing his eyes fixated on her chest as he ate.
They finished eating and as she cleared away, Gary sat and admired her, feeling his cock growing hard in its prison within his jeans. As she started to come back he stood and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her throat. She returned the favour and shoved her tongue into his mouth as they stood there, exploring each others mouths once again. After he broke off the kiss she joked,

"my, someone is grateful for lunch, that or your horny again already!"

"i can't help it mum, that sexy little outfit you're wearing is too much to handle, i need to have you right now!"

"right now?? well i suppose the house is going to be empty until your father gets back much later on, why not have some fun down here?"

He grabbed her and started pulling off her lingerie, as she unzipped his jeans, instantly freeing his cock, as he was going commando, and she grabbed hold of his member and started jerking it. He finally stripped her and got his mum sat down on the edge of the table they had just eaten from, he kissed her neck, and then her breasts as he worked his way down to her vagina, where he promptly parted her lips with his fingers and slid his tongue into her slit. He stuck it in as far as he could get it, tasting her sweet older pussy juices as the ran down to his mouth. She moaned loudly, enjoying every second of her son eating her cunt. After a few minutes of licking her pussy and sucking her clit, he stopped when he thought she was wet enough and told her to get on all fours on the table. She wasted not time in getting into position lifting her big ass into the air to allow him access to her moist pussy from behind.

He slid his bulbous cock head into her vagina, before shoving the whole shaft in until his balls touched her ass. He pulled back until only the cock remained inside of her, before slowly gliding his whole cock back in. They both moaned with pleasure  as he built a steady rythym of sliding partially out and back in again, feeling her cunt juices all over his cock. He couldn't take it anymore and grabbed hold of her ass as he rammed his cock into her hard, feeling his balls slap against her ass, she gasped loudly in pleasant shock, loving every second of her sons cock penetrating her. His rythym had changed, he still had hold of her ass as he began to pound her like a wild animal, grunting as his cock had reached its limit inside of her and as her pussy walls contracted around his cock squeezing it as she blurted out more screams of joy as her second orgasm of the day shook her body. He carried on going, feeling his own climax approaching. They continued fucking loudly until Gary could hold it any longer,

"aahhh...shit...i'm....cumming" he gasped


His legs went weak for a moment as his balls tightened and his cock spurted its sweet white cream into his mothers cunt again, and again, spurt after spurt.

His mum let out lots of moans as she felt his hot love juice fill her insides, her head hung low in exhuastion from that hard fucking she had just taken. Gary rested his head on his mothers back as he felt his cock soften and fall out of his mums sloppy fuckhole.

They had both been too busy fucking to hear the front door open and close, and the footsteps towards the kitchen. Neither of them paid attention as the door to the kitchen opened and Gary's brother stood in the doorway, his face dropped when he saw his own mother and his brother naked on the kitchen table.

"what the fuck is going on here?" he shouted as they both turned in shock, their faces also dropping in fear that they had just been caught!




Sleeping Cousin

hornywriter44090 on Incest Stories

I was 15 an my cousin is 15 is about 5' 4" with short blonde curly hair and 38 c boobs.

I was staying over her house as i asked to becuase my cousin is hot. I have always wanted to just throw her on the floor and just rail her but she had told me that she was christian and wanted wait until marriage before even thought about that. Anyway that night i slept in her room on the floor so it would be unconfortable and i could stay up longer than her so i could try to do stuff to her in her sleep. I had done this loads of times but i didn't get go as far as i wanted to though.

I waited till she fell asleep, then i got up on my knees and made my way to her bed. I slowly slid my hands under the covers till i could herr. I monouvered my hand to the top of her pajamas.

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I s;ow;y pulled them down along with her panties. She was unfourtunately laying on her side so i couldn't reach her sweet spot. So i slowly removed the coverrs to try to position her. She wouldn't move. I didn't won't to wake her so i just started to beat off over her half naked body. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to fantasize about her. I slowed down a bit so i could enjoy it more. I opened my eyes and in the moonlight i could see her eyes looking at me. Almost like a death glare and i knew i was busted, but she didn't tell."What are you doing?" she asked sleepily. I just stood there. I thought she was having a dream and if i didn't move shed go back to sleep." I know what you do to me every night." she stated. " I thought this time i could help you out." she said. She leaned forward a kissed the tip of my hard dick. Slowly swishing around the tip with her tounge. She slowly worked her way down my 7in shaft. She began to bob her head up and down.Even though she was a virgin she sucked dick like a pro. She got down on the floor with me and layed down. "I know you always wanted to feel me up so you choose any spot i will let you." I did not waist any time i worked my left hand to her sweet little cunt and my right up her shirt to her teen tits. She began to moan from pleasure. Her backed arched as she began reache for my dick. he dragged my me by it in between her legs."Fuck me, fuck me hard." she whispered. I plunged my dick into her virgin pussy, she yellped as her cherry was popped. I began to fuck her faster and faster, she began to moan, it became louder, i had to put my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't wake up the entire house. I was getting cloe to cumming so i pulled out and made suck my wet dick. Licking all of her juices off of it, It was just enough to send me over the edge and i came in her mouth, "That tasted good. We will  have to do this again when we can see each other better." I knew we were not about to sleep in seprate beds tonught so i hopped in her bed and closed my eyes. I felt her jump on the bed and started sucking on it like a pacifier.We both soon then fell asleep.


If you want me to write more or have a topic let me know through the comments my email has been acting up.

grunner07 on Incest Stories

My name is Matt. It was the time in my life when I started to become more curious about sex. I was 14, not quite in high school. I was a little on the small side with longish dark brown hair. It was a weekend in the summer and my parents had left me and my sister, Carla home together. My sister was 17 and was going to be a senior in high school. She was very pretty with light brown hair. She had perfect curves. Her ass was as perfect as any I had ever seen.

   On Friday night she invited her boyfriend over. His name is Joey. He is what would be considered a jock. He is over six feet and captain of the football team he was also going to be a senior. Him and I had always gotten along well. We ate some Pizza together and then

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Joey and my sister went up stairs. I figured they were off to have sex. I just sat on the couch with tv on while flipping through soe porn mags.

I was doing this for about a half hour when I heard my sister shrieked out loud. It startled me a bit. But then I got curious so I went upstairs. I was going to walk to my sisters room but then I heard moans coming from my parents room. I kinda laughed at the thought of my sister doing it in my parents room. I decided to just listen for a while. I heard my sister moaning Joey\'s name and telling him to fuck her harder. This was really turning me on. I put my down my pants and started to fondle myself. I still don\'t know how but while I was doing this I lost my balance and fell against the door. I quickly regained my composure. I hoped that they didnt here me. But before I had time to get away from the door it opened. Standing there butt naked was Joey. He smirked at me. He asked if I was listening in on them fucking. My face went blank I didnt know what to say I thought that he and Carla would be upset.

 He stared at me still butt naked.  Than Carly walked towards the door wrapped in a blanket. "You know Joey I think I have and idea" She told me to wait there by the door. I did as I was told. I heard them  whispering but couldnt make out what they were saying. Then she told me to come into the bedroom. To nervous not too I obeyed. She then spoke again "If you do what I want you to I will give you a treat.


I was now both nervous and excited. She dropped the blanket and laid on the bed. She aske if I had ever eaten a girl out. I shook my head no. She spread her legs it was so beautiful. He pussy was wet and so hot looking it was better than any porn mag. She then rubbed her hand on her shaved and glistening mound. Joey laughed as I stared in awe at my sister. I then looked at him. I am not gay but Joey definatlly was a good looking hunk. His cock was only partially erect but stil hung at eight inches. Then my sister asked if I knew how to eat a girl out. I told her I wasnt certain. Joey told her he would help me. I went over to my sister. I kneeled between her legs. Joey instructed me to put my mouth over her pussy and start sucking I did this. It tasted good. Joey instructed me to flick it a little with my tounge and stick it into her pussy. I did ever thing he told me I kept going faster and faster I could tell my sister was getting tuned on by her moans. Then I felt Joey slide my pants off. I suddenly felt nervous. I was very self concious about my penis at that time. It at the time was only about 4 inches erect and that might be generous. I also even when turned on had trouble getting an erection because my latness in  maturing. Joey could sense my nervousness so he left my boxers on for the moment. Then Joey continued instructing me on

Cumming to A Realization...(Part 3)

PinkBunny on Incest Stories

Mom stands there looking at us for a second and then closes the door. Charles looks at me, "Oh crap." "Yea. This will be kinda hard to explain," I say getting up.

Neither me nor my brother leaves our rooms until the next morning.I come down for breakfast and dad is the only one up yet. "Morning," I say, unsure if mom told dad. I went to the fridge and got some orange juice. "So, how you feeling this morning," dad said coming up behind me. "F-fine, i guess." My dad's hand brushes up against my butt as he passes me. I look back and he winks at me. Mom comes in the kitchen all smiles. "Good Morning!" "Morning mom," I say trying not to feel flustered from dad's touch.

After everyone is up, mom fixes breakfast

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for all of us. As we eat I notice a hand on my thigh. I look down and its not my brothers, but its my dad's. I look at him from the corner of my eye and he's acting as if nothin is wrong. He sqeezes my thigh and removes his hand. "So, what's new dad?" Charles asks. "Nothin much, just the same old stuff." After we finished eating mom and I cleaned the dishes. I could feel my father's eye on me as I moved and I was feeling the wetness starting between my legs. I had to relieve my the tension in my clit. "I'm going up to my room," I say and run upstairs. As soon as I get into my room I hear the front door open and close.I shed all of my clothes and lay back on my bed. I rub and pinch my nipples, then I let my hand trail down to my shaved pussy lips, rubbing them up and down, moaning and twisting on the bed. I push a finger in and massage my clit with my thumb. I close my eyes, feeling myself getting closer to an ogasm. I fantasize about my dad's dick. How big it is, how it would feel entering my sweet young pussy. I cum almost instantly, thinking all these dirty, freaky things.

After I come down from the clouds, my door opens. My dad comes into my room with not a stitch of clothing on. I immediatly notice his raging hard-on. "Oh my gosh," I say as he gets on top of me. "Do you know how long I've been wanting to do this," he wispers into  ear, "When you're mom told me what happened we both fucked and all I could think about doing is riding my lil sexy daughter." Dad then starts to rub his fingers on my clit, making me moan under him. "Mmm, you like this dont you?" he asks. "Yea, please dont stop." I place my hand on his cock and stroke it slowly. "Oh God. I have to fuck you now," he says and rams his cock in my pussy. "OH FUCK! YES! Fuck me daddy fuck me!" He slams his cock in me over and over, getting me closer and closer to cumming. He flips me over and fucks me doggy style and spanks my ass. "How does it feel baby?" "Feels good Daddy!" I say as he sticks his cock deep inside of me rubbing against my g-spot, "Oh fuck! Right there, fuck yea! I'm cumming daddy!" My dad speeds up, pumping faster. He lets out a deep groan as he empties his seed in my pussy. He rolls over on the bed and I suck off all the cum on his dick.

I look up at him as I lick every inch of his cock tasting our mixed jucies. I slowly take his cock into my mouth when I feel someone behind me. I look back and its Charles. "Having fun with dad?" he chuckles. "Yea I am actually." He bends down and starts licking at my cunt. I shiver when his tongue comes in contact with my clit. I go back to sucking on the magnificent cock before me until its hard again. "I want you both to fuck me." When I say that Charles and dad look at each other and smirk. I climb onto dad and put his cock in my pussy, then Charles comes up behind me and sticks his finger in my ass. After a second he spits on it and slowly inserts his cock in my ass. I let out a moan as I am completely filled by two cocks. "Oh shit your tight as hell" my brother says as he works his cock in me. I start boucing on dad's cock as Charles fucks me in the ass. "OH FUCK!"

I am overwhelmed by having to cock in me and it doesnt take long for me to cum hard. My dad starts pumping harder and faster, as he cums. Charles tells me, "Fuck! Suck me off, sis." I get off my dad and turn to suck on my brothers dick. I lick from his balls all the way to the tip and take it all down my throat. I start to massage his balls and I feel them tighten as he explodes deep down my throat. "OH SHIT!" he screams. We both collapse next to my dad tired and satistfied...

..To Be Continued...


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My mother is a squirter

skylineridera31 on Incest Stories

                                My mother is a squirter       


During my early teens I became aware of my mother’s always heightened level of sexuality. On several occasions I could hear her being very vocal during her sexual romps with my father. When I had just turned 13, I was walking passed my parent’s bedroom ….the door to the room was partially opened. I glanced into the bedroom and became immediately aware that my

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parents were still in bed. My father had my mother’s legs over his shoulders and high in the air. He was leaning forward over her body and appeared to be looking into my mother’s face while thrusting strongly and very rapidly downward against my mother’s upward turned hips.


I had not been aware of any vocalization from them until I saw them coupled together. It was only then that I became aware of the slapping sounds of their bodies making contact and the muffled moans of enjoyment intermixed with the creaking of the bed attempting to keep up the cadence of their surges in their love making. 


My father was obviously climaxing while my mother quietly called his name while pushing her hips back against him and moaning as her climax began. I stood transfixed for a few seconds. I was beginning to turn and leave just as my mother turned her head on the pillow. She wrapped her arms about my father with a post climax sigh and our eyes met. She smiled while not making any other indication that I was in the hallway watching. I quickly turned and left totally embarrassed.


Several days later she came to me and we discussed what I accidentally saw from the hallway. She wanted talk to me …. thinking that I didn’t already know much about sex. We talked about what I saw and what was covered in the sex education part of biology class at school. She was surprised the class covered so much detail. My mother was sometimes oblivious to certain changes that were occurring in the world about her while there were other things she was very knowledgeable about! She gave me a hug and told me not to worry about our ‘little secret.’ She also said for me to come to her with any questions about sex that needed to be explained from my biology class.


Years later, I walked into my bathroom to shave and take a shower. My parents had their own bathroom and I did not expect anyone to be in my bathroom at this end of the house. I was oblivious to my mother taking a bath in my bathroom as I opened the door. I was startled when I heard her call my name and looked up to see her in my bathroom. The shower door on the edge of the bath was slid back and fully opened …. her boobs with light brown nipples pointing at me and a dark area in the clear bath water which showed her lovely pussy that I had dreamed of wanting to see so many times in my dreams. She had not begun to really bathe …. there were no indications of soap bubbles in the bath water.


 She said that I should knock before entering. I was standing and staring for a second or two before she moved to cover her boobs with her hands. She smiled ….I apologized, totally embarrassed ….  turned and left quickly. Outside the door, I asked why she was in my bathroom when she had one of her own ….there was no comment. I remember thinking that I’d love to get another good look at her boobs sometime.


My father began to travel to Europe in the following years …. several trips a year, sometimes for extended time periods. My mother would become agitated during his long trips which I finally realized in later years was the frustration of no sex and being very horny.

After I had graduated from college, I lived at home for a few years while working at a local engineering firm. I was attempting to pay off some of my large schooling bills before moving out on my own. My father had been frequently traveling with his business for some time. He had been away on business for over a month and was not to return for at least another two weeks. My mother had been antsy for many days.


 We were together in the kitchen and she was in my way as I puttered about attempting to get a cereal bowl from the cupboard.  I playfully bumped her with my hip to move her to one side as I had done occasionally in previous years. She responded with the same type of playful bump back …. but with a smile. In the past, it was nothing but playful contact. In the next couple of days though, the hip bumps increased in frequency and for less reason. I was also greeted with a playful tap on my ass a couple of times along with big smiles. Her projected antsy behavior increased in intensity. I played her little game not realizing that there could possibly be anything sexual to it.


Several days later, I was thinking about a clandestine first date with a big breasted girl named Jennie who lived around the block. She had showed an interest in me in the previous few weeks and I had asked her for a date.


 I walked face down and naked from my bedroom to my bathroom carrying a towel over my shoulder while vigorously brushing my hair in anticipation of showering. I had been thinking of Jennie’s big tits and of the evening’s possibilities. I was oblivious to my surroundings and certainly did not know anyone was in this section of the house.


 Continuously thinking about my date for the night started to put some firmness in my cock as I walked from my room. As I approached the bathroom, the door was ajar and I casually pushed it opened, never expecting to find anyone in the bathroom. I guess that since I was brushing my hair and walking with my face down, I actually was able to turn and begin to close the door behind me before I heard my mother call my name. My body         stiffened to my mother saying my name. I was startled by the apparent closeness of her voice before I became aware of her presence next to the shower door … quite close to me because of the small size of the bathroom.

She was standing next to the shower, completely naked and facing me. Her nipples looked hard and pointing. Her pussy was fully covered in dark brown hair …. a very clear image ….no fantasy here. She at first made no effort to cover herself with her hand or a small towel she held in one hand. While smiling, she commented seductively “You need to knock before coming in!”


 I must have stood dumbfounded without moving for a couple of seconds. My mother had a broad smile on her face and appeared to be looking down a little and not at my face. Her look startled me into realizing I was as hard as I could be and my cock was pointing straight at her. I pulled the towel from my shoulder and covered my very stiff cock. My face flushed crimson and I apologized for I guess everything.


As I turned to leave, she asked still smiling “Do you want to shower now?”  I choked as I answered for her to go first and I quickly left to go to my bedroom. I sat on my bed with a bath towel wrapped about me waiting for her to finish in my bathroom. My cock did not go soft! I do not remember being so embarrassed in my life!


I sat for a few minutes visualizing what I had seen. Then …slowly I began to think about the words my mother spoke….. what did my mother mean with “Do I want to shower now?” Did she mean for me to shower with her since she was ready to start. I quickly said to myself …. Noooo …. she must have meant that I could go first and she would come back or go to her own bathroom. The more I thought about the statement, the more I did not know what she meant. I now was back to maximum hardness. My bath towel was not much of a cover up.


I thought about all my past dreams of seeing my mother nude and in my bed. I reflected on all the thoughts and anticipated actions that were always interrupted by me waking just as I was getting close to touching her boobs or her pussy.


Those thoughts were once again quickly squelched by the reality of the moment.  I thought to myself good grief …. this is my mother …. what am I thinking.  Now I was not feeling very good about myself for what I was thinking and would like to do. It didn’t help my hardness to subside though.


I could hear my mother showering. I slowly became overwhelmed with a desire to get an answer. After several false attempts to go to the door, I got up and went to the bathroom door …. but was at first frozen with uncertainty and with a queasy feeling rippling around in my belly.


 I recovered after some apprehension and quietly opened the door just enough to see the shower door and to called out to her by name. I could tell that I scared the hell out of her by her reaction through the steam covered shower door.  She quickly shut off the shower spray. When she asked “What was the matter” I asked what she meant about the question to shower now. Did she want me to shower first or now with her?


She didn’t respond for a few seconds and then spoke calling to me that I should leave before my father comes home.  I could tell from her voice inflection that she was dumb struck with the question. I knew my father would not be returning soon.


“Dad won’t be coming home for two more weeks!”


 I really think I was just trying to be funny and play to the good-humored side of my mother’s personality. I could see she was standing with her back to me through the steam covered shower door. I told her “I want to wash your back!”


I could tell she was suppressing a soft laugh as she said “You had better leave and close the door.”  Her voice inflections did not indicate to me that she was upset!!! I now believe that if she had said any thing to encourage me at that moment to join her I would have just said I was joking and left. My insides were a jumble of confusing emotional surges.


 I left to return to my bedroom. I felt a sense of exhilaration in what I had done and said, but it was a sense of simple cheerfulness and not sexual…… I thought! 


Soon after our short exchange of a few words, my mother quickly finished in the shower. She came to my bedroom …. a small towel around her head and another for her body tied above her boobs. She came and sat next to me on the bed. She was smiling broadly!  The bath towel she was using was not one of the very large bath towels that were in the bath room. It covered her ok …. until she sat. Her left leg was uncovered with a narrow slit in the towel quite far above her knee. I looked at the slit …. probably in anticipation of seeing her pussy again.  She moved to shift her position to better cover her leg. The portion of towel covering her boobs now shifted …. partially uncovering one boob a couple of inches down from the base. She had many freckles on that one boob for sure. My eyes were pulled to her boob …. I was staring intently. She covered the exposed section of her boob with her hand.


She told me everything was alright …. “I was one of her babies and when she had nursed me I had seen a lot more of her once upon a time. It looks like we have some more little secrets between us.”


 I knew what she was referring too. I choked …. I was embarrassed. She got up to leave saying once again “Every thing is ok. But you are being a bad boy.”


As she got to a standing position, I was overwhelmed with emotion to just grab hold of the edge of the towel and pull it from her. The sense of playfulness that was associated with the teasing words between us while she was in the shower seemed to change rapidly to one of serious sexual intent. My own emotion was so intense that I became totally flushed and there was a wave of tingling prickly feeling that rushed from the back of my neck over my face and down my spine. I reach up and took hold of the edge of her towel and gently held on to the edge of the towel. If she had tugged hard on the towel I would have let it slip from my fingers.


 She felt the resistance in the towel as she took a step. She turned and sternly looked at me telling me “Let go!” and then asking me “What do you think you are doing!”


 I tugged gently on the towel and she now somewhat strongly resisted with a “Stop it! Let go….you are not funny”.


When I held on tightly, her demeanor changed to a smile followed by another “Please let go.” but now as a soft spoken request followed by a continuing smile….. no longer a command.


A further gentle tug on the towel by me brought her back to sit by my side on the bed while she held the towel tightly to her body. I was told softly to stop what I was trying to do. She reminded me of who she was and fooling around like I was attempting to do was not right and I was to stop.


Then she asked me “Is there something wrong!” I choked out a “Not really!” She continued with “Do you want to talk to me about something?” I answered … now with a wide smile “No”. I think she still hadn’t caught on to that I wasn’t fooling around! I believe she thought there was a problem that I wanted to discuss.


I think my broad smile was what caused a change in the expression on her face. This wasn’t a casual amusing and mildly sensual exchange of actions …. this was an attempt at sexual seduction …. maybe stumbling ….maybe bumbling ….definitely illicit… certainly wrong … but serious on my part!!


She smiled again but put her hand on my leg more than half way above my knee and under my towel. My stiff cock was very obvious even when covered by my towel. She slowly moved her hand up my leg just an inch or so to catch my attention and focus me on the situation “You need to save that for Rosemary!”


I was stunned that my mother touched me so far up my leg and would say that of Rosemary, my girlfriend at the time. Did she really know I was frequently screwing her in my sister’s bed while my sister was away to school or was she just guessing  …. my guilty conscience must have shown on my face? Oh shit, if she really knows that about Rosemary …. does she know that I had screwed my own sister in this bed we were sitting on several months before. I now was frozen with fear …. my mouth was dry. I had started something that I was now terrified to continue on with any further. My over whelming guilt from what I had done caused me to think that my mother knew everything …. when in fact she knew nothing!


I then became aware of my mother’s hand squeezing my leg but not close to my cock and it brought me back to what was happening. I slowly placed my hand on her hand and tried to move and encourage her hand to move further up my leg and touch my stiff cock but she resisted the motion.


She was once again startled by my intension and once again said what I was doing was not very funny! Once again though, she whispered while smiling “I told you that you need to save that for Rosemary”.


Her eyes were looking into mine …. at first I thought that we were excited …. then it was more of a reality that we were both frightened …  no terrified of what was happening between us. She took a deep breath, sighed audibly and began to breathe more quickly … her nostrils flaring with the excitement. Now I became aware of her trembling as I touched her bare leg through the opening separation in the towel.  I couldn’t believe that I had got her very excited or frightened.


 She looked intently at me now and whispered some what sternly that “You need to stop … no … we need to stop what we are thinking about before we do something that we will both regret!”


We need to stop thinking … did she say WE?


I needed to take a deep breath … disturbing un-nerving sensations rippled through my chest area … I needed another deep breath. What was she thinking??????  I set aside her words to stop now without even a second thought. I now knew I could not stop and was not going to regret anything I was thinking about.


Now I went to looking at her lips, and the desire to kiss her got so strong that I finally had to do it, no matter how she might respond to me. I began to move very close to her, continuously staring at her lips … now letting her see that I was wetting my very dry lips. She knew what I was going to try to do. She turned her head away from me saying “No” very softly once again. I gently touched the side of her face with two fingers and turned her face back to me. She offered no resistance to my attempt to turn her face. I knew that if she would allow me to kiss her then, all the feelings and electricity that I was sensing surging between us was correct and she was sensually and maybe seductively encouraging me to continue. I very slowly and gently turned her face to mine and softly kissed her lips. She had all the time to stop and break off this illicit encounter if she wished …. she didn’t stop me … she was silent.
When I first began to kiss her, she held her lips closed. Then slowly …very, very slowly … she opened her mouth and our tongues entwined … the touching of our tongues sent a prickly tingling sensation rolling though my body. Never had I had such an intense tingling in my body from just a kiss!  


We stopped our kiss and I turned my look to the towel covering her breasts. We both looked down as I slowly reached for the twisted knot holding the towel tightly to her body.  Instinctively her hands grasped my hands at first with some pressure to send a message to not go further. I looked back into her eyes as I held on to the knotted towel.  Then the pressure to hold my hand subsided and I sensed no further resistance to what we both knew I was trying to do. I pulled on the twisted towel knot covering her breasts and the towel fell away uncovering her freckled covered breasts. Her hips were still covered by the towel. I reached down now and very slowly slid the towel off of her hips.


She was now completely uncovered as I stared intently at her silky hair covered pussy. She sat completely naked and exposed to my exploring eyes. She never said a word or moved.  I looked into her face and kissed her softly and then looked at her hard and pointed nipples again … standing so stiff and erect waiting to be kissed and sucked on.  I cupped her beautiful breast in my hand, gently squeezing it. I could feel her body tense up a little bit, but she didn’t pull away from me.


 I wet two fingers and circled around and over each nipple a few times …. her nipples were rock hard and now glistening from my wet finger caressing. She watched intently as my fingers caressed her nipples and then looked back into my eyes --- no comment as to stopping … she was smiling but very visibly trembling with maybe excitement …. maybe anticipation …. noooo ….  total fear.  She knew where I was moving too as I caressed her breast with my hands, finally cupping both her beautiful freckled breasts as I gingerly let one nipple slip between my lips and then ran my tongue around and then over the stiff tip.


I could hear her inhale a deep breath between her teeth followed by a deep soft moan to my transgression. She whispered for me to “Please stop …. it’s not right!” ….but they were just words being whispered because of our illicit encounter …. there was no depth to the emotion that went with the words. I wasn’t going to stop …. I was overwhelmed with desire now …. I wasn’t thinking any longer…. she knew I wasn’t going to stop and I now sensed that she didn’t want me too either. A gentle bite to her nipple followed by my intent to suckle strongly like a baby being nursed resulted in a deep groan and a somewhat strong exclamation “Stop, oh please stop, please!”


I released her nipple from my lips and she sighed with what I felt was a sign of relief that I was stopping my seduction that was getting out of hand. But my intent was to just move to her other nipple and embrace it with the same intentions as the one I let free. She had her eyes closed and she must have not recognized my intent to move to her other nipple. I gently grasped the nipple area of her freckled breast between two fingers and guided it between my lips. Her body jumped as to my covetous nibbling and the suckling pressure of my mouth. She moaned another soft uttering of “Oooohhh nooo!”


    Her head tilted backwards as I began my suckling, kissing of her nipple and luscious breast. I felt her hands and fingernails at first caress then scratch my back as she began a series of deep sensuous moans and almost inaudible purrs deep within her throat. I stopped my attention to just suckle her breast and began a series of light kisses up her breast to her shoulder then her neck, finally arriving at her wanting mouth. Her passionate kiss and entwining of our tongues said all there was to say. I wanted my mother and she wanted her son…… maybe just for this moment in time …… but the wanting was real and intense. I knew it was time for me to move on with my seduction. Any further lingering in my intensions could possible allow both of us to think and see the wrongness of where we came from and where we were going.


I moved to lift her legs on to the bed and she instinctively laid down and shifted her body to get firmly on the bed but keeping her legs closed and crossed at the ankles.  I gently placed my hand over her pussy as I looked into her eyes. She was wet and not from her shower. I gingerly slipped two fingers into her slit, opening my fingers to expand her pussy slit to get better access to her clit.  With a deep inhaling of her breath, she uncrossed and opened her legs ever so slightly allowing me access to her wanting wet pussy …. there was no doubt now that she didn’t want me to stop!! I now was once again aware of my trembling …no very frightened body. I was moving into a position of a very risky illicit contact.


I removed my towel letting my stiff cock jump forward. She looked at it and her lips parted as she took another deep breath and once again closed her eyes. I laid down along side of her …my cock touching her hip …. a drop of precum smearing on her soft skin.  
As I slid my hand slowly up her leg, she inhaled continuously to my touch. When I reached her pussy she stopped inhaling … her body slightly arched with her hips not totally touching the bed. As I began to caressed her pussy lips with several fingers in a slow circular motion her hips settled back down on to the bed. I stopped for a second and her body tensed noticeably. I touched her pussy lips and once again placed two fingers between her puffy lips and tenderly spread them apart to slide my fingers into her tender pink wetness.


I attempted to look into her face but her eyes were closed so I just kissed her on her lips again. I could feel the complete wetness in her puffy slit with my two fingers. When I slipped my fingers in and touched her little clit she broke off our kiss …. she opened her eyes and said to me in a soft, almost frightened voice, “I don’t want to do this.” When I whispered “I want you” She closed her eyes again and turned her face away from me so I could not easily kiss her again.


The turning of her face brought me to realize that I should stop …. I now had a strong sense of misgiving. I whispered ever so softly “I’m sorry …. I’m going to stop”. But then I felt her arm go over my back as she turned to look at me. I asked again “Do you want me to stop?”  She turned her face away from looking at me. With a almost inaudible whisper of “No… let me help you.” I froze …not moving … my senses overwhelmed by the anticipation of being sexual with my mother … I guess????


She turned her face to look at me again. I heard her very quietly say “It’s all right….. it’s all right.” as her hand moved to encircle my stiff cock encouraging me now to come and be with her. I moved over her petite body with all my weight suspended on my arms and knees. I could feel her thumb caressing the head of my cock spreading the droplets of precum getting my cock head wet and slippery. She then proceeded to tenderly rub her clit and pussy with my cock a few times and guided me to her wanting wet tunnel while she was softly murmuring sounds of excitement. Our eyes met and she began to smile.  I slowly pressed to get my cock to enter but she held my cock tightly and only let an inch slide between her lips and slip inside the tightness of her very wet pussy …. She was hesitating again and I sensed it. I tried to withdraw my cock but she felt my movement and with a deep moan she pulled her hand out from between us and slowly pushed her hips up and took most of my cock almost full depth …. the second gentle push by both of us insured I was fully buried with my balls against her tender and moist pussy.


I was taken back with the smallness and apparent tightness of her pussy. I at first had the thought that it was the excitement of this very illicit coupling between mother and son. But my mother’s quiet comment that she was very small and I felt so big in her brought a hidden smile to me lips.


We did not initially begin to move but simply continued looking into each others eyes as she continued her smile expressing her acceptance of what  we were about to experience…… something we both wanted. I flexed my cock and she flexed and squeezed back with her pussy muscles … that little sharing of muscle contractions cemented our sexual relationship for the moment …..  she was mine and I was hers … we could not go back now!


I caught her legs behind her knees and pushed them up and over her body as I pushed myself up and into a position insuring I was as deep as possible in her pussy. I could feel my cock bottom out and I moved my hips to let her know I could feel her cervix at the tip of my cock.


On my first pulling back and pushing full depth her mouth opened and she took a deep breath followed by a long sensual moan. She whispered “Be careful!  Don’t hurt me. You are so deep that you are touching me where you could hurt me!”


At first I moved slowly, waiting to see or feel if or how she was going to respond to my intrusion. Her eyes remained closed …. she would not look at me now. Then I felt her begin to try and lift her hips as I pushed back in. I released her legs sensing I was restricting her movements. I was right as she murmured very softly “Oohhh that’s better!”


She began matching my gentle full depth pushes. Slowly …. ever so slowly we increased our in step cadence …. her breathing grew heavy ….my breathing grew passionate.  Her tight pussy was a sexual pleasure as my stiff cock explored the entire length of her intimate love tunnel. Our dance continued … soft squeaks were coming from deep in her throat that reflected her personal excitement with our coupling. She whispered that “You’re breathing fast!” With that statement as to my heightened sense of excitement her quick breathing went to panting as she open her eyes and looked up at me while moaning and writhing under me.


 I picked up the cadence of my deep thrusting of my cock into her luscious and surprisingly tight pussy. With her legs now unrestricted and bent at the knees,she began to pound her pussy up and against me. My mother was not making love to me … she was fucking me with a passion! She thrust back matching my cadence …. the bed sensed our elevated passion to really fuck each other and began to bounce and match the tempo of our thrusting … the bed began to squeak under our mutual zeal …. there was no misunderstanding now as she gazed into my eyes …. no misunderstanding what we both wanted now …. no misunderstanding that I wanted to deep fuck my mother …. and definitely no misunderstanding that her body motions said she wanted to be deep fucked by me and fuck me back…… right now  …. no hesitation …. no misgivings …. at least for now. That would come later!!


She was flowing profusely. Her love juices were spilling from between her lips as my cock was with drawn almost fully and re-driven with some force deep into the depths. I looked down between our bodies to see my cock glistening while fully coated with her pussy juice that was removed from my cock on its return into her depths. She lifted her head to join me in looking and watching my cock sliding in and out completely bathed in her wetness. There was no doubt that she was very wet and flowing with excitement.  The over flow of her juices initially began seeping down the crack of her ass and onto the bed. My balls that were kissing and sometimes slapping against her pussy were now covered in her wetness.


Just as I was to look up at her face and away from watching my cock sliding in, my mother murmur a delightful moan as she elevated her hips and squirted a small stream from her pussy. Quickly there was a second small ejaculation of wetness coupled with another deeply felt moan.


She was a squirter !!!! My mother was a squirter !!!!! It was my first personal encounter with an event that I once had doubts about were real. Seeing her squirt caused an emotional rush that precipitated a tingling to start in my crotch that rushed to the cheeks of my ass and up my back.  I couldn’t hold back …. I tried …. but my desire to release all my love juice deep inside her pussy was overwhelming. I began to thrust fast and hard whimpering ….“I can’t stop …. I’m going to cum,” She wrapped her arms about me and pulled me in close pushing her pussy strongly against me calling out loudly for me to cum “It’s all right baby …. come on.”


            The first pulse of semen seemed to be a strong ejaculation …. followed by several other strong but less powerful spurts. The effect on me of not cumming for several days was very noticeable …. I knew that I had filled her lovely pussy …. I could feel and hear how very wet she was now from both our mixed love juices. She had felt the effect of my strong climax as I squirted deep inside. She moaned to every squirt and flexing of my cock with her moans of “ooohhhhh” followed by a passionate whispering of my name. I could hear the sounds of our mutual wetness now as I thrust deeply again and again.


 The beginning of my forceful climax now stirred my mother’s passion as she began to climb to her climax also. She had raised her hips as I was filling her love box with my loving juices.  She rubbed my back and wrapped her legs over my back …. her heels pressing against the cheeks on my ass …. moaning as she pushed her hips  passionately against me.


 I continued to stroke ….I had to bring her to a climax before I softened.  She pulled me in close and bit my shoulder …. her pussy and hips held high off the bed straining to get all of my stiffness buried as deep as possible. She at first began to quiver …. then I felt the involuntary convulsive rippling of her stomach muscles starting … now the powerful thrusting of her hips and pussy to get as much of my cock deep in her cunt. I started to thrust back strongly driving my still hard cock deep into her. I could feel the intensive convulsive rippling of her stomach muscles intensify where our bodies were touching and her legs and body twitching uncontrollably…. as she went from being in control to an intensive involuntary level of passion. I felt her fingers first dig into my back and then her finger nails slowly rake me from below my shoulders down to my hips.

I was so excited knowing I was fucking my mother and she was loving it … really loving it. I could feel her pussy tightened noticeably as she climaxed …. panting as she climaxed  …. moaning and making soft squeaking sounds deep in her throat once again …. then sighing several times …. each time a little bit quieter until they were almost inaudible .


She slowly settled back on to the bed … uttering one soft long moan …. followed by one long deep sensual sigh … and then complete silence and no movement …an indication of her complete and satisfied climax.


Softly whispered words and the calling me by name …. followed by a gentle kiss and holding me close gave me a sense of her complete satisfaction. We rolled on to our sides never uncoupling and just held each other in a post climatic embrace. My cock soon went limp and slipped from her love tunnel followed by a considerable seepage of our joint love juices. I could feel all the wetness cascading down my leg and on to the bed sheet. Soon it was apparent from the coolness of the bed sheet we were in a little ‘puddle’ of post fun wetness. Her squirting had resulted in our crotches and legs to be fully bathed in wetness.


I was smiling as I was thinking about her being as squirter. I was looking at her face as we just were resting side by side. “You are a squirter!” My mother pulled me to her and held me close with just a smile and a “Shhhhh be quiet!”

Soon thereafter, I felt my mother move and I knew then that reality was creeping back to us both. I was waiting for the words explaining what happened …. the condoning reprimands or a possible strong verbal whip lashing. I braced myself. Her first words were inaudible to me …. then I heard “Where did you learn all the things you did to me?”  


Then she began a little homily that was essentially explaining what we did was wrong …. not to be done again …. not to be spoken of …. never. She said she was at a very vulnerable time in her life and it was her fault. I remained quiet …. knowing that I was the one who made the first move. We both agreed that we would not get together ever again.

I sat up as she got up to get out of bed. She winced as she caught a glimpse of my back. She had raked my back with her fingernails in her uncontrolled passion, scratching my back and drawing blood at several points. She was not very happy with what she had done.


 I was delighted with the unseen image…. a badge of passion that was never to be displayed … never to be mentioned to those who knew us.


 She would put some medication on the scratches in a few minutes. It was now important to get our selves back to a level of respectability!   She left the room completely nude swinging her nice ass leaving me with a long lasting and indelible image to this day.


 I sat on my bed for a while in complete silence …. thinking. Then the thoughts started …. which kept going on and on …. What would my mother do if she knew I had bedded my sister and my girl friend Rosemary in my sister’s bed? I shuddered at the thought. I could take the cutting of my throat but loosing some thing else got me to rush into the shower to wash the beads of sweat and the blood from my body while thinking of what my fate would be if my mother found out.  Screwing her and Rosemary was one thing …. bedding down my sister was beyond any measure of justification!!  I leaned on the shower wall …. sapped of strength after the bedroom romp and the fear of who knows what I’ve done.


My date for the night, Jennie, turned out to a very cool and non-sexual girl.  Maybe it was my fault. Good thing I had experienced a tension relieving experience before picking her up for our date …. I would have been hurting by the end of the evening!


Damn my mother was tight and a good sexual and sensual experience. I thought that it was because of her anxiety of the moment but in fact she was very small and true delight to screw. She loved my hardness …. She had mentioned in a moment of our passion that it was more than what she was accustomed too from another close ‘family’ member. I did feel sadly for what I did for a short time but I quickly found out that I was really delighted that I had bedded her …. I had no misgivings. I also found out that I lied …. I was going to really try to get her back in a bed and slip my cock between those legs again as I held them high!!!!  And of course there was my tongue………….


In reality I have tried for some time now to get my mother into a mood to go to bed with me when my father is away. His trips have become less frequent with time and for shorter durations. I have finally paid off some of my heavy debt and found my own place to live.


When I am at their home, I can sometimes get close to her butt at times when she is getting meals ready and rub my very hard cock against her while whispering questions as to what she remembered when we had been together. Sometimes I could get her very hot! I almost could break her down. She has a way of grabbing hold of the table edge or the counter top, shake her head and energetically shrug her shoulders to break the feelings and memories that I stir within her and then send me on my way with a stern but fun loving send off.


 Several times she told me after she had rejected my advances with a shrug, a smile and then a comment that “You need to get yourself a date for the evening.”


When I told her once “That’s not what I want!” She said “I can see that, I know what you want.” I came back with a “Well?”  She stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and began to leave!


 I asked “Where are you going?”  Her joking reply was “I’m going to take a cold shower and I’m going to lock my bathroom door!” 


I called out to her quickly before she could leave the room “I’ll be in my old bedroom….. You don’t have to bring your towel with you!”  “I saw her clench one of her fists … her head tilted back as she exclaimed “Oooooooo yoooooouuuuuuu!”  She was straining to keep her cool!


Yup, she was hotter than hot that day. I missed out not truly recognizing her ‘condition’. I missed my opportunity. No grabbing on to the counter top and shaking her body to change the feelings deep inside her body was going to save her. She had to get herself separated from me quickly!


She came back in a little while, cool, all smiles and joking around. She asked if I was going out with Rosemary? When I replied “Yes” she came back with a quick “GOOD!”


She projected a jovial attitude until she said “Where are you going?” and I told her in complete jest “We were planning on coming back to the house so we could make it a threesome!”


Oooopps… that was not a funny… nope ….  definitely not a funny… I could see that in her eyes!


I quickly said “I think it’s time for me to leave!”


“You had better!” was her stern comment! She raised her arm and pointed at the door smiling.


 I jokingly sucked in a deep breath while softly saying  “Oooohhh have you any idea what that does to me when you take control!” Her only comment was a stern “Git”.   I left not to return that night!!!


She is a tough nut to crack or a tough muffin to butter as the sayings go!!!!

 I do not think I will ever give up trying to bed my mother again but she is also determined  … but vulnerable under certain conditions……….. Damn!



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