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cousins reunited + some other family 2

bulgingvenus69 on Incest Stories

        To everyone who liked my last story i am sorry i couldn't continue sooner i just didn't have much time to.

        now at the end of my last story my cousin came home fromm college. now at this ime we didn't know it but my cousin was a sex addict. me, my mom, my cousin, and my aunt were all asleep when my other cousin found us in her room. since it was warm out we slept nude above he sheets. when my cousin came home she pened all the blinds in the room and this room was on the east so all he morning sun shined through. once this happened we alll kind of woke up simultaniously. once we naoticed she was standing there we tried to cover her self up but it just wouldnt work then she yelled " stop"

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so we all froze. she walked up to us grabbed my cock and stuffed in her mouth. almost instantly i was hard. all of a sudden she yelled to everyone else to start fingering each other. then she went back to sucking my dick for a little bit then stopped and started stripping. she looked just like my other cousin but with blonde hair and a litle bit shorter. then she came back over to me but instead of sucking on my dick she stood up above me and pounded her wet pussy on my cock.

      the orgasm i had come at he same time with my cousin and we both tightened up and her pussy stared to squeeze my cock and suck out every last bit of cum.  at this time i looked over and saw everybady else ejoying themselves. my young cousin was he only one without a finger in her pussy so i though i would help. now my cock was hard again from all hat was going on. so i moved righ in fron of he and lined my cock up with her hole and with one fas sroke i shoved my whole cock in her pussy as i did this i could feel her star to orgasm and her hips hopped in he air and stared humping me so i didn't have to do anything afer she sared this i also orgasmed wich was the bes i had of the past night.

      after we were done my cousins bed was covered wih love juices. so when we were done we when downsairs o ge some breakfast. as we walked downsairs my younger cousin grabbed my cock to ge my atention. she pulled me off to the side and brought to my atention how my mom was the only one the i hadn't fucked by that time.  so me and her came up with a plan so i could fuck her. afer talking for awhile my aunt called us in to eat dinner. after we ate me and my cousin used our plan. me, my cousin, and my mom all walked out on the back porch (they lived in a very isolaed area so there was no chance of getting caught.  my cousin told my mom to lay down on a lounge chair by the pool. she got on top of her and stared circling her nipples and french kissing her. she paused kissing her for a second and motioned me to come and and star fucking her. so i slowly moved on top of her and aimed my dick straigh at her and slowly pushed in. i could feel my mom was igh and hadn't been fucked in a while. my cousin maved off and i leaned down and started kissing her with the mos passionate kiss. his kiss lasted very long. while we were still kissing i was moving in and out slowly. after we broke our kissed my mom screamed out " FUCK ME HONEY I WAN TO FEEL YOUR COCK INSIDE OF ME. SICK IT WERE YOU CAME FROM. YEAH YOU KNOW HOW YOUR MOM LIKES IT" my mom had the stronges orgasm out ff all of them i fucked. her sweet juices were leaking everywherere. afer we boh orgasmed my cousin moved in and sarted sucking the cum out of her pussy causing mom to orgasm again. spraying her love juices all over her face.

       the 3 of us came back inside and so my aunt and older cousin in he 69 position on the couch. i yelled out "you two having fun" when they stopped they told us that hey saw us outside and just got so wet that they had to. now it was my turn to control everyone again. since they were all a little bit hairy downstairs i told them to shave. it seemed like they were taking awhile so i whent to check on hem and i found them sticking the razors in each others pussies. once they were all done i told them to go downstairs so we could have some fun.

      once we were downstairs i got the laptop and pluged it into their bigscreen HD tv. once this was all hooked up i logged into my account on my free paysite and picked out some pornos to wattch. after we would watch one we would reanact it. i cummed so much on that day i din't know where it was coming from. after 3 hours of this i whentt into some lesbian videos and just watched the 3 other act these out cause i needed a rest. they continued this until we all fell asleep nude together on the couch.

      the next morning we ..............................


more in part 3

Giving in to Temptation, part two

Temptress4 on Incest Stories

David held his small daughter close to him.  Kaci’s naked body warm and breathing so softly.    He stroked her hair as she slept, quite convinced this would be the last time he held her.  God what had he done. The memory of their union was almost too much for him to bear.   It had been so erotic. Her curiosity and enthusiasm for the game in which she’d ignited his most carnal lust.  The little noises she made and the exquisite look on her face as she had

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her first orgasm. David nearly passed out when he finally came, it was harder than he’d ever imagined possible.   Even now he could hardly resist the temptation to feel his semen seeping out of Kaci’s perfect little pussy with his fingers.  David had gone on like this for hours as she slept, wrestling with his desire to fuck his daughter yet again tempered by his guilt and worry about what he’d done to his angel.

            He had to get Kaci to her own bed at the very least.   Extricating himself from his daughter’s arms, he picked her naked form up and carried her to room.   He laid her gently on her princess bed, her golden red hair spilling effortlessly over the pink pillows.  David stood there a moment, taking her in as the first sunlight peeked through the window.   Her skin was so perfect and fine along the straight contours of her body.   Her nipples, like rosebuds waiting to bloom, slightly hard from the coolness of the morning air.   His eyes moved lower to the hint of baby fat in her pussy lips and small wisp of angel hair.    Kaci stirred, shifting to her side and drawing her legs up into a fetal position as her thumb found her mouth.   She suckled it.  Mesmerized, David ‘s cock stirred with her.  “God no,” he thought, “please have mercy.”


            His eyes moved down her body, taking in her perfect little bottom.   The way her knees were drawn up he could glimpse just a hint of her little pussy.  It was then he saw the blood, evidence of his cock’s foray into her virgin chasm.  Panicked he went to the bath and wet a washcloth.   Sitting on the bed next to his sleeping child, David lightly began to wash her, his fingers gently separating her delicate nether lips as he cleaned away the remnants of her childhood and with it, traces of the seed that made her.   


            “Daddy?”  Kaci breathed sleepily as she felt her father’s hand on her hips and his ministrations to her pussy.   She turned to look at her daddy and smiled, “Are we going to slide again?’


            Her words teased David’s resolve and he shuddered lightly.   “No angel.  Sit up here and look at me, princess,”  he said gently, his voice wavering as her eyes found his.   “You know I love you more than anything in the world, baby.   But we can’t ever do that again, kitty and it’s gotta be our secret.”


            Kaci looked deep into her father’s eyes curiously.   “You mean ‘cuz Mommy won’t like it?”  she pouted, her lower lip looking eminently kissable.  David nodded, not having the heart to admit what they shared was wrong or what devastating consequences it might have should it be known beyond the two of them.


            Kaci was angry.  When she drifted off to sleep in her father’s arms, she’d never felt closer to him. He had been inside her and somehow that meant he was hers and no one else’s.   Now it seemed he was so far away.   She wanted him back.  Looking at him, her eyes pleading, Kaci wrapped her fingers around her father’s semi hard cock, stroking it gently.   David moaned involuntarily.  He had to stop this.


            “Kaci, angel, no,” he said as his hand pulled hers away from his now rock hard and rebellious cock as he willed his mind over the incestuous lust that had temporarily taken him last night.


            Kaci, however, was not to be so easily dissuaded.  Her young sex had been awakened and she wanted her Daddy.   Her eyes were determined as she  rose up on her knees to kiss him.  Her lips softly touched his and she began to shower him with the littlest, pleading baby kisses.   “Please Daddy,” she said in the softest voice.


            As her arms went around his neck, David felt himself being carried away.  He instinctively pulled her to him.   Kaci’s small hard nipples pressed into his warm chest as his hands caressed the small of her back and rounded buttocks.  His fingers found their way to touch her tiny little pucker and then lower to feel the wetness growing between her legs.  Kaci’s scent grew stronger as her body heat rose.  The sweet smell was intoxicating.   David knew he had to taste her.   He’d die if he didn’t.


            “Lie back angel”  he instructed gently as he positioned himself between her small legs.   Kaci looked down at her daddy as his face neared her pussy.  David’s fingers opened her as his tongue found her clit.   God her taste was so sweet and delicate.  His tongue circled her and flicked at her button.  He was amazed at how responsive Kaci had become.   Her small hips were soon rising to meet his probing tongue as he dipped it inside her and then back to her little clit.


            Kaci moaned as her hands found their way through her father’s hair.  His tongue felt even better than sliding.  Instinctively she began to push her cunny into his face, wanting more as she felt the little rushes of pleasure run through her body.  Her lithe young body squirming under the ministrations of her daddy’s tongue the closer her orgasm neared.


            David held Kaci’s hips tightly as he drove her over the edge, vaguely aware of her calling out as he lapped up the juices that were spilling from her.  God she tasted like heaven!  He was intoxicated.  Even as he felt her body shudder and relax, he knew he’d need more.


            “Daddy,”  Kaci breathed as her father nestled his body beside her, holding her close, “I love you.”   Her words seemed to have the opposite effect that she intended on her father as David’s guilt began to crest again.  Looking in his eyes, she knew he was changing again.  But nothing is more resolute than a possessive child.    Remembering his instructions from the night before, Kaci set her mind on her daddy’s penis.   If he could lick her, she could lick him!


            David released her from his arms when Kaci pulled away thinking she was going to go to the bathroom.  Racked with guilt, his cock had subsided.   He rolled on to his back eyes searching for answers in the canopy of his daughter’s bed.   It was then he felt her small hand touch his cock and then her tongue touch its head and begin to lap at it.


            “Oh God, angel, no,”  David protested as he felt the blood rush into his member yet again.   “Princess, ugh”   In seconds, he was helpless.  The sheer erotic nature of having his daughter hold his cock and touch her baby lips vanquished guilt and reason in one instantaneous blow.


            Kaci was thrilled with when she saw her daddy’s penis swell.   It meant he felt good.  Remembering how she played with his leaking tip the night before, she concentrated her efforts on his smooth helmet.   Her pink tongue swirling over its head, exploring, eliciting a gasp from her father as it pressed inside his cum slit.


            “Oh yes kitty, lick Daddy like a candy cane,”  David instructed, his voice shaking as he felt his balls get heavy.   Kaci was nothing if not a fast learner.  David watched as she sucked his cock into her small mouth.   The sight of it nearly made him cum, but he held back wanting to prolong his pleasure.  Then,  just as he expected after years of telling her not to smack her lips when eating candy, she pulled her mouth off of him with a loud smack.    As a little precum leaked down the underside of his helmet, she used the flat of her tongue to lick the salty liquid away.


            “Still salty Daddy,”  she purred, loving the new power she had over her Daddy.  She could make him do what she wanted.  As she kneeled up between his legs, her own needs were growing.   Kaci moved her hand down and began to rub herself.  Her fingers moving against her clit, swollen and tingling.


            David watched Kaci’s face, amazed.  In her first hours of womanhood, his daughter’s sexuality blew him away.  Masturbating herself for him, her eyes half closed, the memories of how beautiful she looked as he took her virginity the night before raced through his mind.   His cock was straining.   God he had to have her again.


            “Angel, you know Daddy loves you so much,”  he rasped, doing very little to disguise the urgency in his voice.   “Let Daddy teach you how to feel even better, baby.”    Clearly he was going to hell, he knew that.   But he wanted this more than life itself at the moment.   David reached out and pulled his daughter up, having her stand with her legs on either side of his hips.  She looked at him expectantly, her fingers wet with her own cum.


            “It’ll be like riding a horsy, baby.   We’re going to slide Daddy’s penis up inside you again, okay?”  David managed a soothing instructive tone as he helped Kaci lower herself towards his cock.


            “Okay Daddy.”  Kaci smiled sexily, as she lowered herself towards her father’s rigid cock.   David held his cock in one hand while guiding her hips with the other.   As soon as she was close enough, he ran the tip through the length of her wet slit, causing her to shudder.   A little soft moan.


            “Ready, princess?”  David asked as he held the tip at her tight young pussy,  “You take as much as you want, angel, and Daddy will make you cum like a big girl.”


            For the second time, Kaci felt her father’s cock inside her.  Taking him slowly, this time there was no pain, just a somewhat pleasurable feeling of being stretched.  As she grew accustomed to his size inside her, she found herself wanting more and allowed him deeper.   The slowness with which she took him in, drove David mad.   He needed to fuck her, but it was so good he wanted to make it last.   He held her hips and encouraged her, “That’s good angel, just a little deeper.”


            “Is it all inside Daddy?”  Kaci asked looking in his eyes for approval. “Can I slide on it now?”


            David moaned his assent. Kaci was squatting over his cock as she began to move up and down on him.   He looked at her face, eyes closed, her teeth pressing into her pouty lower lip so seductively as her pace began to quicken.  God she was so wet.  Her tight little cunt gripping him as she fucked herself with his cock.   He watched in awe as her tight lips took him and left his cock wet with her baby juices.    He needed more.


            Kaci’s own needs were growing.  She instinctively drove herself to move faster and faster on her father’s cock, riding him harder.  She felt the electric pulses beginning to go off inside her as her hands found her little clit and began to rub.  Suddenly, all she could think of was how good she needed to feel.  


            David couldn’t hold back when he saw her.    As soon as Kaci began to finger herself, his hips began to buck, meeting her motions with animalistic vigor.  Kaci gasped as she felt his cock thrust up inside her even deeper.  The little squeaks and moans she was making drove him insane.   And then it happened, Kaci’s cunt clenched his cock hard as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her.  David grabbed her hips and thrust deep, his head hitting her cervix, fucking her through it.  God she was so exquisitely tight.   He could feel the cum rising in his cock until her spasms finally milked him over the edge.  It felt like had seen the white light of heaven as he exploded, unloading countless mini thrusts of cum into his baby’s pussy.


            Kaci was the first to speak as she lay on her father’s chest, her body spent holding him inside her.  David breathing slow and steady, as he enjoyed the little aftershocks of her pussy sporadically contracting on his cock.    “I love you so much Daddy,” she breathed,  “I want it always to be like this.”


Innocent Offer Becomes a Dream Come True

littlee1952 on Incest Stories

My mother and father divorced when I was fourteen years old. When my father left my sister went with him. This made sense since she was in reality my stepsister, but she was in my mind my sister. For the first few months I really missed her because she was the only girl I had ever seen naked; not by her choice of course. I had become quite a peeping tom.  I had learned her daily routine and had a peephole drilled in my closet which to my luck went into her closet and to my luck she spent plenty of time in her closet trying to decide what to wear and most of this time she

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was nude.


Sometimes I thought she knew I was spying on her because it seemed like she was putting on a show for me, but she never ever acted like she knew. Well maybe it was wishful thinking. You can’t imagine how it felt to watch her strip naked at night, crawl into bed and leave the lamp on by her bed. She would rub herself for what seemed like hours sometimes and I would sit there in my closet and watch her rub herself into a violent orgasm. I would masturbate until I would shoot my load into a towel and then I would go to bed and dream what it would feel like to touch her moist pussy and kiss her 36 B tits. Yes I knew what size they were. I had looked in the dirty clothes hamper, smelling her soiled panties, looking at her bra and day dreaming about her.


But now she is gone and all I have is my memory and a pair of her panties that I took before she left and hid under my bed so I could lay in the bed at night sniffing and masturbating on them. Now I am seventeen and I have been on a few dates, but not by choice. I’m still a virgin. I’ve tried to make it with a girl but I am so shy I don’t know what to do when I’m with a girl. I am so dumfounded all I can think about is my sister. 


I’m in my senior year in high school and in a month I’ll be going to my senior prom. I really don’t want to go, but my mom insists that I go. Oh I should tell you about my mom. She is a wonderful person. She is the most understanding person I know. Since she divorced my father she has spent most of her time on her job. After my father left. My mom had to go to work. What little my father sent was hardly enough for us to live on. She got a job at a law firm answering the phones and she has worked her way up to personal assistant for the senior partner in the firm. The job pays a lot, but she has to work a lot of overtime so I have become the man of the house.


I’m not ashamed a to tell you I have become quite a good cook. Ok I’ll tell you I’m a good housekeeper so now you know. I’m not ashamed of it. My mom works hard and she deserves all the help I can give her. After all she has raised me by herself for almost four years now. I should tell you what my mom looks like. She is about five foot five and I’ll guess about one hundred twenty five pounds. She has light brown shoulder length hair. She has a wonderful figure and not an ounce of fat on her body; at least what I have seen.


On the weekends she dresses sometimes in shorts and a halter-top. She has a nice set of tits that don’t appear to sag at all under her tube tops with nipples about the size of the tip of my little finger. She also has a real nicely shaped sack, but I’ve never seen her naked and I haven’t even thought about it since she is my mom. Ok maybe a few late night wet dreams.


Well I went to my senior prom and it went over like a lead balloon. The girl I asked to the prom was in my second period algebra class. I thought she was the one that was going to take my virginity, but as luck would have it she started her monthly about halfway through the prom and she wanted to go home early. So I took her home. I couldn’t decide what to do with the hotel room I had already paid for so I decided to just go home and call it a night.


When I got home my mom was still up and sitting on the couch reading a book. She was dressed in a silk robe that showed a lot of thigh and even more cleavage, which I might add, didn’t help the feeling I had deep inside the pit of my stomach. I must have surprised her when I came in as she jumped when I walked in.


She asked, “What are you doing home so early? I really didn’t expect you home till sometime in the morning.”


“My date got sick and I took her home early,” I said.


She didn’t say anything, but she could see the disappointment in my eyes. “Would you want me to make you some hot chocolate?”


“Sure, mom that would be nice,” I replied.


What I really wanted was a rum and coke. When she returned she had two rum and cokes and she handed me one saying, “I hope it’s the way you like and before you say anything I know you’ve been sneaking a drink or two out of the bar for quiet some time.”


So I took the drink and smiled at her taking a drink. After two drinks my mom decided she was tired and was going to bed. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As she leaned over her robe came open a little more than usual and I saw her tits up close and personal. I reached around her and pulled her close and told her I loved her. She hugged me tight and with my head buried between her breasts I thought of her for the first time in a sexual way.


I held her for as long as she would stand there. She finally pulled herself from my grip and she stood up and looked at me in a very curious way. Then she started smiling and went to bed. I finished my drink and went to bed. also. I was tired and thought I would go to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but that didn’t happen. I started thinking about my mom and the sight and feel of her breasts and almost instantly I got a raging hard on. 


I reached under my bed and got a bottle of lotion I kept under there for just that reason. I must have started making a lot of noise because all of the sudden the door opened and there was my mom standing there asking me if I was alright. She said I was calling her name and then both of us at the same time noticed I was laying there holding my nine inch cock in my hand. I jerked the covers over me and told her I was alright. She closed the door and went back to bed. Now I’m trying to figure out how in the hell I’m going to explain this.


The next morning I could hear my mom in the kitchen. It sounded like she was washing dishes or something. I just lay there.  I was not looking forward to facing her this morning. I thought about staying in my room until Monday morning when my mom left for work. All of the sudden there was a knock on my door and my mom said through the door that breakfast was ready. I told her ok. I thought to myself, ‘Now she decides to knock on the door.’


I got up, dressed and swallowing my pride I went into the kitchen to face my mom. She was standing by the sink so I sat down. “Good morning mom.”


Turning around she smiled and said, “Good morning son.” She sat down and we began to eat. Luckily for me she didn’t say anything about last night, so possibly she didn’t see anything. I was so relieved.


Saturday went by as usual. Mom went out and worked in the flower beds and I mowed the lawn and washed her car. Then I told her I was going to take a shower and then go play tennis if she didn’t have anything else for me to do.


“No sweetie, have a good time.”


I showered and got ready to leave. As I was walking down the drive to get into my car she asked me if I had plans for tonight or would I be home for supper. I told her I didn’t have any plans and I would be home early. She said she would fix me a good supper.


I played a couple of sets of tennis with a couple friends from school. Then we went to the refreshment stand to get something to drink and just hung out for a while. But when they started talking about how they scored with all these different girls I figured it was time for me to leave. I didn’t have anything to offer into this conversation and I couldn’t lie about it. I didn’t know what to say that would sound like I knew what I was talking about.


When I got home my mom was still in the kitchen. “Run up and take a shower and we can eat when you’re done,” she called out to me.


When I came back down and went into the dining room the table was set and mom had cooked a great looking meal. “Wow mom, it looks great. I’m about starving,” I laughed.


We ate about half our meal in silence and then finally mom spoke up, “We need to talk.”


I liked to have choked when she said that. “Ok,” I said, “about what?” if I didn’t already have a good idea what was coming next.


She said, “It’s about last night. Don’t worry I’m not mad. I just think we need to get something out in the open. I saw you masturbation the other night and I’m sorry I just walked in on you. I should have knocked, but to tell you the truth I masturbate myself and if anyone says they don’t they are probably lying. It’s a natural thing to do so don’t feel bad. I admit sometimes I think about you. Sometimes at night by myself you remind me so much of your dad in so many ways. But when I got a good look at the size of your cock it looked a whole lot larger than your dad’s.”


I sat there in total shock and didn’t no what to say and I’m not sure any words would have come out of my mouth if I knew what to say. My mom called my name several times and when I finally heard her she asked, “Are you in shock? You are old enough to talk to me like this don’t you think?”


“Yeah I do need someone to talk to with dad being gone, but I have a hard time talking to you looking you in the eyes like this mom.”

Mom said, “I have felt the bugle in your jeans when you hug me and I’ve seen your solider standing at attention under your shorts several times when we are watching TV. I see you look at me when you think I’m not looking and I have to admit it gets me wet just thinking that I can do that to you. So now that we have had this talk do you feel better?”


“Yes mom, I’m glad I don’t have to hide my feelings toward you..Do you think I’m weird or something is wrong with me to feel this way about you?”


“Of course not,” she said, “I‘m sure there are plenty of young men and moms who feel the same way about each other even though it is incest to react towards these feelings. But just feeling and having thoughts like this can’t hurt I don’t think. I know I’m going to continue having my thoughts are you?”


I could feel my face turn about three shades of red and I was having a hard time trying to think of what to say. Finally I said, “Mom I’m glad we had this talk. I can’t stop feeling this way and to be honest with you I really need to go take a cold shower because I am so turned on I think I’m going to bust.”


“Ok son, but never feel like you can’t talk to me about anything. I’ll always be here to talk to you. Ok go take your shower and I’ll to wash clothes so you’ll have plenty of water to take care of your problem,”she said giggling.


I walked bent over a little so as not to show my raging hard on. I got in the shower and was thinking about the ‘talk’ I just had with my mom and could not believe my cock was as hard as it was. I swear it looked bigger than usual. So I turned on the water, got the soap and started stroking my cock. I had my eyes closed and was thinking of my mom, wondering what she looked liked naked, how soft her breasts were and how the aroma of her pussy juices would smell. I was deep into thought and I didn’t notice that the shower curtain was open and my mom was standing there nude.


She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I felt like I needed a shower to. Can I join you?”


So where in the hell am I’m going hide in a shower?  I looked at my mom and my god she was beautiful. She looked like a goddess. I was still holding my cock in my hand and she reached down and said, “Let me help you with that,” and she put her hand on my cock.


She couldn’t wrap her hand all the way around it and she said, “You are quite a bit bigger than your dad. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen one this big.”


She looked up into my eyes and said, “I think we have crossed the line and there is no turning back now.”


She kissed me on the lips and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and really kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before. My dream was finally coming together as I hoped it would. I’m standing in the shower with my mom and she is stroking my cock, but I can’t get up enough courage to reach out and touch my mom’s beautiful body. My mom was so busy with my cock she didn’t even notice I was just standing there. Then with very little warning I started shooting my load and my mom put her mouth around my cock and sucked me dry.

When she stood up she said I think we should finish taking our shower and go to my room and let me teach you a few things. We dried off and went to my mom’s room and she dropped her towel and patted the bed beside her and I got in the bed with her.


She said, “I know why you didn’t even touch me in the shower. It’s because you don’t know how to treat a woman but now we are going to have a lesson in the art of foreplay. Now give me your hand and let me guide you. Do as I say and we will have a night we will never forget. Your dad got my cherry and now I’m going get your cherry.”


She reached down and taking my hand laid it on her breast and slowly started rubbing her tit with my hand. She told me to take her nipple in between my two fingers gently rub it between my fingers. She told me to put my mouth on her other nipple and to start sucking on it and to roll it around in my mouth with my tongue.


My mom started moaning and quivering and she said, “Oh god baby you’re going to make me cum.”


She grabbed my already rock hard cock and started stroking as fast as she could saying, “I want us to cum together!”


I started shooting my load and my mom was moving around so fast and moaning so loud I lost the grip I had on her breast. She arched her back and screamed. Then she just went limp on the bed and she said that was the first time in a long time that she came like that. She put her arms around me and held me saying, “I know what we are doing is wrong but I love you so much I can’t help myself.”


I hugged her real tight and said, “I love you to mom so much and I don’t care how wrong it is because it feels so right.”


We lay there for a while just holding each other and then she took hold of my hand and starting rubbing her breasts and then slowly down her stomach. I started to feel her pubic hair and she had a real thick bush. I had only seen one other pussy before and that was my sister’s and it was bald. I guess I thought that all women shaved their pussies.


She moved my hand down to her pussy lips and it was so wet from when she had that massive orgasm. She took her hand away from my hand and said, “I’ll show you what to do.”


She took her hand and spread her lips and inserted her finger in her pussy and started go in and out. She would make a circle motion and she said do you see this at the top of my pussy? I looked at where she was pointing and it looked like a small head of a cock. She said that is my clitoris I want you to take your middle finger and stick it all the way in me and curl upwards and you will find my g-spot and then take your thumb and put it on my clitoris and start finger fucking me.


I did as I was told and she went wild. I could barely keep up with her. She reached for my rock hard cock and started to stroke me and before I could tell her that I was going to cum it was over. She just screamed and started to licking my hot cum off her hand. Then she started to cum a hot sticky liquid in seemed like bucketfuls and then she just went limp and smiled.

I held my mom for a couple of minutes and I started to rub her pussy again and she opened her legs and arched her back. I started kissing her stomach and then down to her inner thigh I could smell the sweet musk from her pussy. I wanted to taste it so I started kissing and licking her pussy and she went wild again. I didn’t want to stop but all the pubic hair was more than I could stand. She asked me what was the matter I told her I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t want to tell her about the hair. I got on top of her and stuck my dick in her and started pumping in and out real fast. She grabbed my hips and told me to slow down. I wasn’t going to get all of it so slow down and enjoy it. We fucked a few minutes and I started cumming and when I finished I started to roll off and she held me and said lay still she wanted to feel me inside her.


We lay there for a few minutes and then she said, “Let’s take a shower.”


We got in the shower and started to wash each other. She said, “I have to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth. When you were eating my pussy you didn’t act like you liked it. Was there something wrong?”


”Well mom, I liked it but the hair was getting in my mouth and I didn’t like that. I did; however, like eating your pussy.”


“Ok honey, I’m glad you were honest with me. I was afraid there was something wrong with me.”


We finished showering, got out and dried off. I went to my room and slipped on my boxers. My mom called me and said, “Come here honey.”



I went to her room and she was laying on the bed on a towel and beside her was a pair of scissors a razor and some shaving cream...


More to come if you would like. Let me know .    





lust for sis (part 1)

exp172 on Incest Stories

I watched as Ellie thrust down onto my penis, I watched as her 13 year old snatch engulfed all 6 inches and I watched as I spurted my seed deep into my sisters womb.
I woke, sweating, from the dream and was amazed, this was the fourth night in a row that I had had a dream about my sister. It had started when I had seen Ellie getting out of the shower, she had left the door slightly ajar and I had walked past at the perfect moment, She had stepped from the shower and I had seen her tight ass and I had also seen the side of one of her breasts, it was really just a bump but you know. From that morning on I had been dreaming about her and having daydreams where she would suck me off in her bedroom.
I got up with my usual morning boner and got into the shower I jerked off as I thoug
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ht about the dream. Once I had finished I cleaned up, got out of the shower and had breakfast. As I was eating my cereal Ellie came down in just her bathrobe “Sorry, I left my hairbrush down here last night.” She said as she walked to the counter, she bent down and her bathrobe rode up showing me a perfect view of the bottom of her ass, she got up smiled at me and ran back upstairs. She was the only girl I had ever known who could give me an erection that quickly after Cumming.
I only had three periods at school so I came home early and went up to my room and watched TV. I began to daydream and almost instantly my sister popped into my head, I imagined that she was blind folded and had her arms bound behind her back, I imagined myself pulling her legs apart and pushing my hard cock deep inside her, she moaned in pleasure and I began to pump in and out. Soon she was squealing in pleasure and I could feel my cock jerking as I was about to cum, I pulled out and came all over her back. I opened my eyes and found that I really needed to cum, I thought for a moment before I decided to do something that I had fantasised of in one of my other dreams.
I went into Ellie’s room and opened the top drawer of her dresser to reveal a selection of her underwear, I picked out a pair of lacey pink ones and wrapped them around my throbbing cock, I began to wank and soon I was jerking at full speed and could feel myself getting ready to cum. I carried on and came over the inside of the panties. I pulled them off my dick and folded them carefully, as I had already cum earlier that day there wasn’t a huge amount of sperm in them and I was turned on by the idea of my sperm being near my sisters crotch so I put them back in her draw.
A week passed and I had still been having the dreams and they were getting worse I would now see Ellie naked whenever I closed my eyes, I needed to releave this sexual build up, and quickly.

jrc6699 on Incest Stories

   Chaper 2  A new family begins to pick up

   There I was getting out my chair following my daughters, Samatha & Tabatha, to the bathroom. I wasn't even sure why I was doing this considering what just happened. However, I heard voices as I came closer to the bathroom. As I drew close, I stopped to listen in on their conversation. Tabatha, you've got to admit that dad stroking his cock was hot. I mean, there he was jerking off to you fucking my hot little pussy. "Yeah, sis", Sam interupted. Did you see all that fucking precum and when dad came. Tabatha, let me say that I wanted toshove my hand in my swollen pussy and fuck it until I gave birth. "Shit!", said Samatha, she continued on to say.

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I wanted to run over fucking swallow it and spit part of it down your Tabby and the rest in my in shove the rest in my virgin ass. Tabatha stepped into say, I wonder what it would be like if our daddy fuck you and me, then, we came on him. Damn!, Sammy remember when we were little and we heard mom and dad fucking. Yeah, Tabby, damn mom was mtheoriginal whore in our family. She could dad hard, I mean hard. Remember when dad used our Dolls as dildos. Yeah, Tabatha, she always told us it was daddy's special cologne. Hey Sammy, do you remember when the night that dad was away and mom was msuper horny. After dinner we were playing with our toys and mom was ready a trashy sex book. She had one hand on her pussy and the other on book. Yeah, she had the balls to ask you Sammy to read the book and for you, Tabatha to fuck her pussy. After it was all over, she told both of us it was a secret never to be spoken to daddy. Did I ever tell you Samatha that your pussy's cum taste likes moms'. With that they each stared at each other and place one hand on each other's oozing pussy and the other on other's cheek and began kissing each other.

   I was standing there wathing and listening in on them. My jeans were to my knees and my cock was hardest it has ever been. My balls were so tight that it felt like my first orgasm as a boy. Somehow, I was crying for them but my sexual urges were taking over. I had to go into the bathroom and hold them, but my cock would take over and want to fuck them. Minutes later, I heard the water being turned on. I grabbed the door handle and proceeded in. Samatha was massaging Tabatha's tits when I walk in. They both turned together. I looked at them and they saw me hanging there. I told them that their mother's death took a toll on everyone. Until now. I had now idea how hard it has been for the two of you. However, things will change now and forever. I never new that the two of you were not the only ones that knew just how hard it was for me to satisfy the sluttiest womasn on the planet. When I look at you, I see a pure version of your mother, not the whore I enjoyed fucking so much. Daddy?, yes Tabatha, we are two sixteen girls that you brought up since mom died ten years ago. We no know how much you enjoyed fucking mom, we saw it and heard it from our room and saw both of you many times. We're sixteen now, "yeah dad", Samatha said, we want to bring back the old times when mom was alive. What do you girls mean, I said. "Daddy?", yes girls, we want you to be happy and we want to be happy. When we saw you cum tonight dad, I thought of that cum shooting imy pussy and oozing out and letting Tabatha eat our cum. Girls this is wrong to do and talk about. Samatha, what if I get one you pregnant, we can birth control. "What if", I said then Tabatha turned looked into my straining eyes and looked down at my hard cock and said. By the way your dick is so hard you agree with us and soon we shall become a closer family.

I grabbed both of my girls hands and pulled to my chest. Their tits were rubbing my chest, my engorging cock swooned between them. I told them, "if we do this, it will chang every thing." They smiled and said "yes daddy it will". First, your mom always had a bush between her legs. No dad!, they told me. I said, your mom like it smooth, however, I like it with a bush so when I cum, I could always pull out cum on the bush, and then suck it up and spit it in her mouth. One of you will grow bush, and the other will become my anal queen. I promise after tonight we will a new family and it begins with fun in the shower.

cousins reunited + some other family

bulgingvenus69 on Incest Stories

       this story started many years ago when me and my cousin were younger. whenever we would get ttogether we would play a "game". this game consisted of me touching my cousin primarily in many different places. after my cousin and i had got to a certain age we had just stopped. there was no reason to us stopping this but we just did.

       now my cousin and i are older but whenever we get together i still think of the games we used to play when we were younger. one time my parents and i had gone to my cousins house for the weekend. when we were outside me and my cousin were riding her parents quads around on her property. when we stopped for a rest back in  the woods i asked her if she remembe

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red the "game" we used to play. she said vaguely so i asked if we could go to her room and maybe "play" again. so she said why not. what i didn't know at the time was that my cousin realy hrny because she had recently broke up with her boyfriend. whenever we went to my cousins house we would alwsays endup in her bedroom. so when we went to her room it didn't seem suspicious.

       so when we whent to her room i asked her iff she remembered what to do. she answered all i remember was you touching me and i feeling so good. i told her that i remember the same thing. so whe just sat there for a few minutes just thinking. then i said well how about we just get naked and tke it from there. so we both started aking off our clothes. now ill tell you uor figures me cousin is 17 she is slim is 5'9" and has the most amazing 34C breasts. me i am 5'10" my weight is 145 and now i have a 7.5' cock. the second my cousin pulled off her shirt i got as hard as a rock. when she saw this she said " i see you changed alot from when you were younger. so i said "same for you". then we jus whent down and laid on her bed. for a while we jaust laid there both of us were just stairing at eachother.

      finally when she moved one of her legs i could see the top of the shaven pussy. when i saw that my dick twitched. so she naoticed what had happened and she grabbed my hand and brought it down to her pussy. then she just said "remember this" then she stuck my finger in her pussy. i almost orgasmed right then. i leaned down and started sucking on her nipples. she started getting stiff and i could feel the inside of her vagina tightening on to my fingers. so i knew she was cumming. so then i said "my turn". so she lowered her head onto my cock and started diving me head. this was the best i have ever had in my life. it didn't take mer to long because i had so much stimulation going on before this. once i had jizzed she had swallowed the whole thing i asked her "where did you learn this from" then she said " did have a boyfriend". i was just like "i forgot".

      then we hear the door opening so we hide our selves under her covers. the door opens and its my aunt and my mom. they were kind of confused. so they uncover us and see us just laying there naked. both me and me cousin thought thatt we were fucked. so we asked them "are you going to tell our dads" the said "no if we can join in. both my cousin and i were both very surprised. now my mom is my height wieghs a little more and has very nice 34 c breasts just like my cousin. my aunt is a little shorter weighs less and has 32 c breasts that look just like Lindsay Lohan's. both my aunt and my mom bvoth came in  and got undressed both were bi sexual. so my mom grabbed my cousin and they started making out and fondling each other. so while they were busy my aunt grabbed me and by that time i wads hard and sat down on my hard cock impailing herself. she started going up and down and swiveling her hips back and forth. i could tell she was very experienced. i started matching her motions my started cumming this is when i realized she was a squirter. before i cummed myu aunt had squirted 5 times. so she just fell off af me because she was so tired. after she fell off of me i was soft again and by that time my mom and cousin were done. they all came over to me and satarted taking turns getting my dick hard again. but with that much pretty woman around ,me it didn't take long. i sat there and just let them all give me head one at a time.

      my dad and uncle had gone out on a hunting trip and wouldn't be back till late the next day so we all just laid there and fell asleep together. when we woke up in he morning my other cousin who is also a girl who we forgot about had come home from college that same day and she found uds all asleep in my cousin's bedroom. she just stood there and looked in astonishment. then woke us all up. then.....................




Home With My Little Sister 3 on Incest Stories

I had barely started when I heard a knock at the door.


“Jake, I just need my hairbrush from the bathroom.  I’ll be quick,” Kate yelled as she entered the bathroom.


How could I have forgotten the lock was broken.  Even so, who would have thought this would happen.  Before I could respond, she had entered the bathroom.  When she walked in I was still jerking off and making noises.  Her immediate response was…


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face="Times New Roman" size="3">“What are you doing,” as she turned to see me masturbating through the glass shower.  I was done for now.  I expected her to scream and run out, but what happened next changed my life forever.


“Jake, what are you doing to your…”


“You mean you don’t know?”


“Well I have heard boys do these things and Maureen did it to Joey Fields once, but I don’t know how.”


“Oh.”  That was the only response I could muster.


She giggled.  “Is that all you can say?  So that is your penis?  I have never seen one before, can I touch it?”


I was shocked, my little sister wants to touch me.  My rock hard dick grew even bigger with this statement.  “Sure sis if you want.”  She walked over to the shower door.


“Can you come near the door?” she asked.


“No you get naked and come in, I am doing you a favor here.”


“No way!”


“Hey, I am already naked and you see all of me.”  I quickly replied.


“Fine, I just…”  She didn’t even finish her sentence, she just started taking her clothes of with a half angry, half happy, face.  My cock got even harder, my dream was coming true, my sister was taking off her clothes in front of me.  She reluctantly took each article of clothing off.  She looked beautiful with her semi mad face.  Eventually she was down to just her bra and panties.  Then she did something that almost made me blow my load right there.  She looked at me with her gorgeous, sparkling blue puppy dog eyes and cover herself with her arms and hands.  Then she said, “I am scared you won’t like my body.  You look great but I don’t know, I might look weird.”

Sis gives me a blowjob

cartman4.0 on Incest Stories

The feeling of having my cock inside her mouth was something exquisite.   The warmth and moisture and the pleasure of feeling her go up and down on my cock was more then I could have ever imagined. Her lips giving just enough suction to drive me to ecstasy.  I was going to cum in her mouth and we were both going to enjoy it.


I love to cum in my sister’s mouth.  The look on her face is one of sheer joy.  She started blowing me about 2 years ago and she has continued to since.


The first time was when we w

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ere left alone at home while mom and dad went to a wedding of a friend of theirs.  Sis and I were watching a movie on the couch.  I think it was “Return of the Living Dead.” Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where a lady strips nude and does a little dance while standing on a headstone in a cemetery.  This turned me on and sis noticed because she saw the bulge in my pants (what she was doing looking there in the first place, I don’t know.)  Later in the film, the lady, still naked, walk up to a guy and starts fondling his cock for a few seconds before he pushes her aside.  Watching her grab the guys cock and wiggle her naked ass was too much for me and I had to excuse myself.


I went to the washroom, pulled down my pants and jerked off while thinking of the lady in the movie grabbing my cock and wiggling her ass in front of me.  When I was done, I washed up and opened the door of the bathroom to find that my sister was waiting for me at the door.


“Had to drop one, did you?” she asked while laughing.  “As a matter of fact, yes I did.” I returned.  She laughed harder and put her hand on my shoulder.  “That was a hot scene,” she said as she pulled herself closer.  “What was it, the naked dance, or when she grabbed the guys cock?”  “When she grabbed the cock,” I said with a little blush.  Sis noticed the blush and did something I would have never expected.  She walked in front of me like the lady in the movie, did the ass wiggle and grabbed my cock.  “Is this what got you going?” she asked. 


At first, I was in shock but it then began to feel really good. “Yes, it was,” I said.  “It got you going as well, didn’t it?”  She said that she had never touched a guy like this before and was just curious.  She hoped I didn’t mind.  I told her that I didn’t mind and that if she wanted, I would show it to her to.  She smiled and nodded.  I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor.  She grabbed my cock even before I had the underwear off.  “I’ll get these,” she said.  With that she slid the hand that was on my cock to the waistband of the underwear and pulled them down.


Even though I had just jerked off a couple of minutes ago, I was already hard.  Sis looked at my bare cock and slowly reached down to grab it.  It felt so good.  Her hand running up and down the shaft was awesome.  I was harder then I had ever been.  Knowing it felt good, sis began stroking me harder.  “Is this what you did in there?” she asked.  I nodded and told her it didn’t feel this good.  She laughed and said she knew a way of making me feel even better.


She got down on her knees and put all 5 inches of me in her mouth.  She closed her lips around my shaft and pulled her head away, then slowly brought it back.  I could feel her tongue across the bottom of my cock.  I was in Heaven.  She bobbed her head for several minutes, only stopping every once in a while to catch her breath.  She took her tongue licked the tip of my cockhead, cleaning my pre-cum from it. 


I was in a daze.  So much so that I came without realizing it.  It went right into her mouth.  At first, she looked at me with an odd look.  But after a second, she took one big gulp and swallowed it all.  “That was good”, she said.


That was 2 years ago.  She hasn’t let me do anything to her yet.  She has shown me her pussy, tits, and ass but hasn’t let me touch them.  She said that she is going to give me those as a gift someday.  Next week is my 18th birthday.  She said she had a gift for me.


The end.

Stepdaughter's blow job

timstrout111 on Incest Stories

Stepdaughter's blow job

For the last 3 months, I have been noticing my 18 year old stepdaughter more and more.
I fantasized about her when having sex with her mother.  I am not sure how it began, but
I am pretty sure that it had something to do with her extremely large and round breasts.

Being a hot summer, and turning the air conditioning off at night to keep the bills low,
I began sleeping in the nude. I was awaken by a sound, but looked and saw nobody. I noticed that I was uncovered and totally exposed, so I quickly pulled the covers back hiding my cock which was fully hard.

It must have been Lisa, my step-daughter returning home from work. I drifted back to sleep.
The following night, I was awaken much like the night before, and
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once again found myself exposed and fully erect. This time I saw Lisa walking down the hallway, towards her room. Had she seen me?  Did she uncover me to look at my cock? Just the thought caused my cock to swell even more. Wow! something began to stir within me.

The following night, I was in the den on the couch, watching TV and June, my wife was getting tired and decided to head off to bed. I pretended to be asleep, so that she would just let me sleep on the couch. It was close to midnight, and the only light in the house was from the TV. Earlier, that evening I had taken my shower and instead of putting on PJ's, I just grabbed a blanket from the closet.

Laying on my back, I pulled the blanket down, exposing my cock and balls, but just enough to make it look like I had kicked the blanket off in my sleep. I rubbed my cock and it began to swell. before too long, I was a full 7 inches. Just then, I heard Lisa's car pulling up the gravel drive. I heard her shut the car door and I knew that this was it. no going back now.

I laid my head down and closed my eyes, as she came in the front door. I could hear her come into the room, and set her keys down, and take a few steps and then she stopped. She was standing right in front of me.

what would she do next?  she had to be staring right at my cock. There was a pause for about a minute, and then I heard her moving slowly. the next thing I knew I felt her hand brush my cock. lightly at first as if she was checking to see if I was asleep. then I felt a rub on my arm.  I thought to myself, I am asleep and I am not waking up.  after a few seconds, I  felt her hand wrap around my shaft. she began to slowly stroke me up and down. OMG! the though of her stroking my swollen cock drove me nuts. Please! Suck my cock I thought to myself.  She touched the tip of my cock as if she was getting a little pre-cum on her finger, and then moved her finger to her lips. the next thing I knew, I felt the warm soft touch of her tongue on the tip of my cock. she swirled it around the head a few times, and then opened her mouth and took the tip inside.

She began moving her mouth up and down my shaft stopping once in a while to take the tip in her mouth.  then she wrapped her mouth around the entire head and slowly lowered herself down until she had my whole cock in her mouth. I thought I would lose it at that point, as she began bobbing up and down at a faster pace.  I could feel my juices building up in me, and I knew I was about to shoot my load in her mouth.  Finally - it happened.  I exploded with a huge burst of cum.  Lisa paused at first not knowing what to think. but then she  began stroking my cock with her mouth once again, as I shot several more streams down her throat.

I could not pretend to be asleep at this point, so I moaned, and shifted my body, laying on my side all the while keeping my eyes closed. when I did this, Lisa quickly got up and headed down the hallway to her room.

This was the first encounter with my stepdaughter Lisa, and I am looking forward to the next.
I will keep you posted.


Riven on Incest Stories

    Ever since my wife died I’ve learned to cope with the thought of being alone.  The only thing in this world I care about now is my daughter, Jenny.  Although she was very young when her mother passed, I felt the need to keep her memory alive.  I told her stories about how her mother used to dress, how her life was before and after we were married, and the little things she’d do to always make my day.  My daughter Jenny always loved the stories I told and once in a while ask me if I had any new ones to share with her.  Jenny eventually grew up to be a very lovely young girl.  She was 5’4 with long flowing brunette hair, a nice athletic body since she participates in track, and deep gorgeous hazel eyes, just like her mother&r
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squo;s.  She just started her freshman year of college a few months ago.

    I wasn’t a very rich man, so Jenny was forced to attend college while staying with me in our apartment.  Occasionally she would go hit up a club or two with her friends, but never did she bring home any boys.  I trusted her to make good decisions since she was very mature for her age.  I never once doubted hat she’d be confronted with sex and drugs and such, but I knew she could handle herself when the time came.
    Staying single for so long was the most difficult decision I was forced to make for my daughter.  I can tell that she could feel the pain I was going through, but I can’t let my selfish needs interfere with me helping her.  Sometimes my need for sexual attention became unbearable, and I often masturbated to qualm these animalistic urges.  Whenever I do it all sorts of thoughts run through my head, such as my wife, pretty women at work, celebrities, and although I am ashamed to admit it, I’d also have thoughts of my daughter from time to time.

    One day my craving for sex beyond my control; my daughter’s Victoria’s Secret Catalog came in the mail and I fell onto the couch and started to unzip my pants, fumbling through the pictures one by one.  Jenny wouldn’t be home for another hour, so maybe I can get in a few “sessions”, as I like to call it.  I was in the middle of pleasuring myself when I heard a door open in the hallway.  “Dad, the teacher didn’t show up for my afternoon class, we got out early today!” Jenny called.

    As she entered the living room my heart froze.  There I was, pants down on the couch holding my penis and her magazine.  “Oh my god, Jenny!”  I screamed.  She jumped back at the sight as I quickly zipped up my pants.  I dropped the magazine on the floor as I stood up and looked at her face.  To my surprise, it wasn’t a look of disgust, rather, it was a look of curiosity.  “I’m so sorry, Jenny, I thought you weren’t going to be home for a while.”  Jenny then glanced at the magazine, then up to my eyes and exclaimed, “It’s ok, Dad.”

    I was shocked, she wasn’t phased at all by the sight of her father masturbating?  I thought that she’d start crying or something, but the look in those hazel eyes told me that she was being honest.  “I know that you jack-off, I can hear you sometimes on the other side of the wall,” she smirked, “you have nothing to be sorry about, it’s just something you need to do occasionally, right?”  I nodded, still a little embarrassed at the whole situation.  “I know how hard it must be with Mom gone and everything, I’ve always bugged you to get a girlfriend, but you never would.  Is it because of me, Dad?”  I didn’t want her to know the truth, but I was already exposed, so to speak.  “Yea, but it’s only because I wanted to devote my attention fully to you instead of some woman.”

    She knelt down and picked up the magazine, flipping through the book and smiling to herself.  “These girls are quite stunning, I can see why you lost it,” she said.  By then I noticed her hand slowly working it’s way up to her chest.  “Do you always masturbate to attractive women?”  Was she serious?  Was she really teasing me?  “Jenny, where are you getting at?” I questioned.  “Nowhere, I just wanted to know if you liked young and attractive women, is it not just a simple question?”  Again, I nodded, but hesitantly this time and backed up on the couch, trying to digress from the game she was playing with me.

    Jenny sat on the other sofa, still thumbing the pages.  “What do you think about when you do it?”  I stared at her, my cock began to twitch.  “I don’t know how to answer that question, this isn’t a topic that we should be discussing.”  She looked up at me, “well, a better question would be, do you think about me while doing it?”  I started to stutter, “I…uh…”  the words wouldn’t leave my mouth in complete sentences as I tried to explain myself.  My daughter smiled, “the walls are very thin, Dad”

    “I hear you sometimes, calling out my name while you do it.  Do I really turn you on that much?”  She unzipped her jacked and tossed it on the foot rest beside the sofa.  She was wearing tight shirt that showed off her mid-riff which immediately made my cock stiffen.  Was she for real?  I felt a nod escape me, and Jenny started to crawl slowly where I was sitting on her hands and knees.  “Aww, Dad… You do so much for me, and I never get the chance to thank you for all your hard work.”

    She stopped crawling at the base of the couch and looked up at me with those puppy-dog eyes.  I knew she could see my cock throbbing underneath my pants, no use in hiding it now.  But was it so wrong to indulge in my daughter?  She looked so innocent, but yet so delicious at the same time.  The only thing I could do when she started to unzip my pants was stare in awe at her curiosity.  We both knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do, me being her father and all, but I just wanted her so badly I could taste it.  When my pulsing member was staring directly in her face, my daughter glanced up at me and said, “Oh Daddy…”

    She started from the tip, her lips so soft as they wrapped around my cock.  She forced her throat to take as much as she could before she began to gag a little.  At first it was as if she was hypnotized by it, closing her eyes to enjoy the moment, the taste, but then occasionally she would lick from the base all the way to the head while staring deep into my eyes.  She inhaled my cock again and groaned, her voice adding another unique sensation to the whole experience.  She pulled out my penis and began to stroke it gently.  “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this,” she confessed as she applied my cock to her lips like chap-stick.  She worked her hand up and down it, and I couldn’t help but shiver.  Her grip was so soft yet controlling at the same time.  Her hand felt so warm and silky that I let myself moan slightly.  “I want you inside me, Daddy.” Jenny whispered.

    I laid back onto the sofa as Jenny unzipped her pants.  Her long slender legs slipping out of the jeans very carefully.  Not once did she remove her gaze from me, and I was consumed in the moment at the point.  I knew it was so wrong, but I couldn’t control my actions anymore.  She mounted on top of me and held herself just above the tip of my penis.  Her young pussy was already dripping wet and her juices were flowing down the side of her left thigh.  At first, she went down slowly and I could hear her whimper.  She had a pleased expression when she fully took it in.  Then, pacing herself she worked into a rhythm as she moved up and down the full length of my cock.  She was so warm and wet, and she leaned in to give me the most erotic kiss I’ve ever experienced.  I hesitated at first, but I eventually gave in; her tongue tasted exquisite and I couldn’t help but savor the moment.

    I could hear her moaning slightly as our mouths met, her voice vibrating in my ears.  She pulled herself away and pumped slightly faster and it seemed to love every second of it.  As we progressed she started crying in pure ecstasy, her tears streaming down her face.  I pulled her close, lapping up the tears off her cheak as we passionately kissed again.  I felt myself building to an orgasm, and she could tell I was about to burst.  “I want you to cum inside me,” Jenny murmured.  At first I decided against it, but then I remembered she was on birth control since the age of 14.  I silently accepted and started to thrust to my full potential.  Jenny screamed in delight as our point to orgasms met.  The moment before I finished, I plunged myself deep into my daughter and exploded.  My semen flowing deep from me into her.  We sat there in silence for the next few minutes, breathing heavily and exhausted.  Jenny fell onto my chest and held me tightly, panting and out of breath.  
    “That was amazing, Dad,” she breathed on my shoulder.  “Can’t believe you got it after so many years.”  We laughed for a brief second, then I started to feel guilty.  What have I done?  “Jenny… I…”  Hesitating to explain, but she stopped me mid sentence.  “I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry about it,” she smiled, “don’t regret what you’ve been wanting for the longest time.”  She hopped off me and started to get dressed.  I pulled up my pants and headed toward the kitchen, maybe she was right?  Maybe it wasn’t so wrong to let her treat me every now and then.  Jenny started toward the door and grabbed her coat along the way.  “The girls wanted to hit up the mall since we are out for the day, I’ll be back before curfew though,” I watched her walk out and she stopped.  “Maybe I’ll bring them back to the house after, we could use the company…”  he looked slyly back at me before she left.

Weenie Measure

OPBONE on Incest Stories

A true story from the 70’s …


The weekend before summer starts, only two more days of school and yes I know already that I have failed. I have not applied myself in any way other than sports. Why have I not applied myself? Boredom with school subjects as my mind was always on the opposite sex, I swear I could smell their hot bodies anytime I was 3 feet to them. Oh well, enough of the past, I’m slipping down to my friends’ to see if he wants to play, its drizzling and not much fun sitting looking out the window.


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imes New Roman" size="3">Doorbell rings and I stand in the rain. Ring the doorbell again and knock, yes the door is opening and his mom ushers me in while closing the door again. “Can Steven play?” I ask his mom.


“Steven and his dad when to the farm last night, they won’t be back till late Sunday night.” She replied.


My face fell saying something really downtrodden like, “Guess I’ll just go sit at home in this rain…”


“Well if you are in no rush, I’m baking cookies … would you like some?” she asked. To which I readily agreed and she helped me off with my rain jacket and boots, leading us off to the kitchen.


I sat at the side of the table, my eyes watching my best friends mother in her mini-skirt as she bent at the waist to peek into the oven, my eyes were glued to her pink panties cupping her beautiful bum.

She peeked over at me say, “Not quite ready yet, a little longer.” As she smiled and sat in a chair facing me, her skirt hiked up just enough on her thighs and her knees just that much apart to tease me with a full view of her panty mound. We small talked about school all the while I was looking between her legs and only once in awhile looking at her face. She got up once more in a slow wide open leg movement allowing me a great view and once again bent to peek at the oven. “Almost ready, I’ll just stay here they be ready that fast, did you want to peek at the cookies too?”


I got up a little awkward having began to sprout an erection and kind of squatted down in front of the oven at the same time noticing my head was lower than her short skirt and looked up sideways to her ever so slightly parted legs and those beautiful panties. “I don’t think the cookies are where your looking but then you never know!” she was still smiling as she had caught me fair peeking under her dress. I blushed and slowly was going to get up. “You don’t have to move, if you like that oven view better.” She slowly opened her legs a little more giving me an unrestricted view of her panty-clad muff.

“Bet that is more pleasing … oh, the cookies are ready.” She gave me a wink.


I stood beside her as she set the cookies on a towel, “These be too hot for a bit, got to let them cool.”

She looked into my big brown eyes smiling said, “Guess we’ll have to go take the clothes out of the washer and place them in the dryer, then the cookies should be ready.” And off I follow her down the stairs; I hand the wet ones from the washer to her as she loads to the dryer. White shirt, white slip, white panty, another white panty, a bra (holding it by the straps so its open, another bra, another panty, blouses and so forth and I kept looking at her body bending to place them in the dryer. “Well, you definitely seen all my undies now haven’t you?” I blushed again.


She walked slowly up those old stairs and my eyes feasted on her swaying bottom and her V between her legs as she would often glance down to check if I was watching, then she’d smile and wink.


As we sat at the table eating cookies and drinking milk she accidentally spilled her full glass all down the front of her clothes and being a fast kid I grabbed the tea towel and began dabbing at her tummy and the puddle of milk pooled between her legs. “Ohhh darn, I better get these off and soaked right away before they stain, are you going to help or eat more cookies?” And off we go again, me following those sash-swaying hips into her bedroom.


I stood just inside the door as she stood facing me slowly undoing her blouse, which she took off dropping it to the floor, and then undid her skirt that slipped from her hips to pool at the base of her feet. My eyes were bulging out as she beckoned me over, “Come unhook my bra please” she said with some huskiness in her voice. My hands were trembling as I struggled with the clasp and once free stepped back.


Her eyes were fastened to my crotch. I glanced down and to my amazement I was sporting my typical aroused penis having been so close to a full-grown woman who now stood naked before me except her pink panties that well displayed her mound. “Well, you certainly do compliment a lady now don’t you. I forgotten, how old are you now?” she said licking her lips.


“Almost 14 ½ …” I replied when I finally got some moisture to my mouth.


“No really? Am I the first woman you have ever seen then?” she purred. “By the budge in your pants I’d have sworn you were much, much older.”


“No, I’m just 14 ½ honestly.” I croaked and blushed even harder.


“Well, we’ll just have to have a weenie measure to see if you measure up to what my eyes see…” and with that she slipped past me out the door still naked but her panties. In a minute she was back with a cloth measuring tape, “Ok my boy, drop my pants so we can see if I was right or wrong!”


I stood there with my swollen penis pushing my pants taunt being somewhat hesitant to do what she asked. “Fair is fair, you seen more then just my washed undies, now we have to have an official measure.” She said as she slowly leaned down to undo my blue jeans. She tugged them down over the budge and I stepped out of them. Then her warm hand was in my shorts waistband and I could feel them slipping down till they slipped down to pool at my ankles leaving my swollen hard boner pointing straight out. “HOLY … you are bigger than my husband…hop up on my bed and lay down for the official weenie measure.” She cooed as she sat on the bed and wiggled closer.


 “Now, are you ready or do you think it may grow more if its touched?” she asked licking her lips.


“Maybe, I don’t know … its pretty big now.” I said kind of quietly.


“Well let mommy measure it right now and then we’ll see if it grows more.” She purred softly.


She stretched the tape at the head of my penis then while holding my penis and the tape in her fingers she pulled the tape back to the base, “Oh My God, you are … 10 ¼ long … lets see how thick you are … ” now wrapping the tape around the circumference, “OHH jezzzz your 5 ½ …” She was wetting her lips constantly now. “Now mommy will play with it for a few minutes and see if it grows bigger” and her hand went to work slowly pumping up and down, fingernails dancing across the skin and cupping my balls till me hips started pumping slightly.


“Ummm such a beautiful cock you have … (my face registered a surprise look) … yes my lovely big boy, your penis is called a cock, spelled C-O-C-K … and mommy is going to measure it again.” And she repeated the process. “Ohhhhh your 11 inches long and just a touch under 7 inches around.”


“Now for being a good sport about measuring your weenie, you get to see me now.” And with that she slipped off those pink panties holding them towards me as she slowly knelt on the bed one leg on each side of my legs. Her fuzzy muff looked incredible as she moved up closer to my head, slowly drawing her panties across my nose she said, “Smell … do you like? Holding the crotch of her panties towards my mouth, would you like to taste it now … ummm, you like? Now taste the place that it came from, you been peeking at it all day so far.” With that she drew my head up into her crotch telling me to lick it and when I was doing that good, she rolled off to the side pulling me with her. Slip down and lick all you want now, play with your fingers …” and I did as I was told.


Mere minutes she was moaning and groaning, urging me to suck and lick her clit, then her fingers were there showing me where to lick and I did, I was enthralled by that hooded little (well it looked like a penis) but tasted like sticky honey as did that opening in her muff of hair. I found a wondrous small opening that just sucked my finger in and was amazed at how much she thrashed around the bed. Her voice increasing to a deep throated cry of “I’M CUMMING … oh gezzzz … OHHHH … EEEEEaaaa”

Which she did many times, then suddenly she was fighting to get on top of me and I lay back.


Her legs on each side of me, she took hold of my very swollen large penis and guided me to her hair muff, as she slowly sat down my penis slipped into her and I was enveloped in a very hot wet place.

“Now mommy is going to fuck her lovely big boy” and she rocked her hips back and forth all the while swearing that I was many inches bigger than her husband, soon I felt her vagina ease and then she went wild. I was thrusting into her as she set the pace. “Good boy … Fuck mommy … fuck her tight cunt … spread me wide … Fuck me good …” and I was in heaven.


“OHHhhhh ohhhh I’m cummmmming … uummmmm ooohhhhh yessssss mmmmmmmmmummm”

She did this many times as her hand play in her muff, “Such a big cock for mommy … ummm so big”


I knew I was getting close; my breath was getting ragged as when I masturbated at night and I no longer had control on my hips that thrust up into the creamy hot cunt, then to her surprise she was being coated with fiery hot splashes deep against the walls of her cunt and then she let go with more hot creamy cum…” She lay down panting on me, before rolling to her back. “Ohhhh, you put so much cum in me, I’ve never had so much even when my husband does it twice in a row”


Some time later, she was tracing circles on my belly with her fingertips asking me, “Did my boy enjoy it? Would you like to learn some more about a woman, I have some time to show you.”


I eagerly nodded in agreement and she urged me to kneel between her legs; she pointed out her thighs, her pussy as she held it apart showing me those beautiful large lips and her clit and of course her vagina that she said I knew very well already. She had me kiss her inner thighs working my way towards her lovely pussy instructing me on what to do all the while she moaned and ohm’s constantly especially when I licked and sucked on her lips till she was begging me to use my finger in her as I licked or suckled her now swollen sensitive clit. Her silky creamy juices flowed as I lapped up that savoury honey till she begged me to again fuck her.


And fuck we did! Over the rest of the morning and into the late afternoon my cock was pounding into her as she slowed or speeded my efforts. I learnt that she loved to be in control and refer to herself as mommy (which drove me wild) as I did everything I could to improve my efforts to please her.


Almost every time I splashed cum into her she would say, “Ohhh, you naughty boy, you just put more baby juice into mommy, do you want me to be pregnant? What would I say to my husband? You better move it around inside mommy (as I kept pumping into her).” She was amazed at how long and hard I remained through our fun times.


When it was time for me to go home, she washed me up so no one would know we had been doing “bad things” together and then she held me tight to her as she repeated said, “You can never tell no one what we been doing, if you keep quiet about it we can keep having fun together.”


Well, I kept my promise for 40 years (till now) and we did have much more fun together but that’s for a different story.


If you want to hear more please email me, I love to know your experiences as well.


auntsboy on Incest Stories

hello guys,
im 22.5 yr old,fit n adventurous...ok bout my story....theres nobody on earth who isnt infactuating n lusting behind his aunt,im no heres d story,...i was in 9th std,it was christmas holidays n my moms sister had come down 2 my house with her kids 2 spend d vacation...she was i think 28yrs or so...just b4 skool closed 1 of my friends showed me a few foreign nude pics,i think it was pulled out frm sum magazine...3 of my friends asked me whether i had masturbated,i was a virgin!!!my dad was very strict task master n i had very little frnd ashish told me how 2 masturbate,i learnt it thoroughly but was afraid 2 xperiment due 2 fear of aunt loves me very much coz she has 2 this much 4 introduction..
so after seeing dat
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pic i was really worried n tensed...i cud nt face my mom or aunt while having dinner...i was on my bed i pretended 2 sleep n my aunt n her younger daughter who was 4yr old came n slept next 2 me in my bedroom since we were living in a 2 bedroom flat at dat time....i was really tensed bcoz i had d habit of talking at night...d day went by without anytrhin happenin..*violation*violation*violation*violation 2oclock a phone fathers uncle had passed away,so my dad mom n sis went at night 2 calicut...i closed all doors n watched tv...after sometime my aunt came2 tv room she had her hair unkempt n she wen2 d kitchen 2 hav water...i cud see her beautiful round bottoms sifting *violation*violation*violationernately as she walked pass me...i was suddenly feeling thirsty n my knees began 2 shake as though i was on d edge of a cliff...she came n sat near me...i was feelin very uncomfortable with her near me 4 d 1st time in my life...she was askin me sumthing which i cud not understand,it was like appearin 4 a poorly prepared viva voce..btw she is very fair n had n still hav a gr8 figure...i cud see her armpits wen she lifted her hands 2 tie her her...suddenly d uneasiness in my chest shifted 2 my trousers,i cud nt get up,as i knew she wud c my erection waiting 2 just explode i took a pillow n kept it on my lap...she said she felt real sleepy n asked me get 2 switch off d tv n hav a gudnight sleep...she was worried dat i was very sad due 2 dat fellows death,but actually i was feeling bad bcoz of cud i tell her???she came near me n kissed me on my cheeks,though i had those kisses right since frm my birth this 1 somehow felt different,frighteningly different!!!!
wen she came near me,d erotic smell of english lavender seemed 2 pierce my head(her hubby is in USA)..she had d same smell ever since i 1st smeled her as a kid,but the smell too seemed different 2day...
i knew i had 2 do something2 get rid of all difficulties dat i felt dat night,suddenly i thot of ashish's advice...yes he had told me dat jerking regularly wud ease off many of a teenagers i thot y dont i try???
i went inside my room,i cud c my aunt n her vava sleeping ever so0 peacefully,i dint wan2 disturb them...she appeared more beautiful 2day,i donno y...i thot of d pain n decided not 2...
i got 2 d bed n tried 2 wud have been 10 min or so wen she suddenly turned facing me...she was really beautiful,with long silky hair,she was deep in her sleep..i tried 2 peep at her,i cudnt take my eyes off her,i saw her chain passing around her neck 2 the cleavage between her beautiful round melons,it wasnt dat big but it was incredibly sexy...
i started cursing n envying dat uncle asshole who cud enjoy her everyday...i wished i had alladins lamp n change myself 2 dat chain on her neck!!!
.some more of history....she was outrighly beautiful since very longtime....wen she was 28yr,ie wen d incidents started,she had bcum a mature woman...full bodied,well curvy...she wasnt thin neither was she plump...i think u can understand,4better appreciation i had asked her bout posting few of her pics hiding her face....but shes afraid uncle wud somehow get 2 know,considering prick he is....but she was really excited coz i showed her a cut n paste copy of my 1st post....
she is now at trichur,dat prick had built a new house considering its more of a shes now 70km away...but dat dosnt decrease our lust 1 bit...
so bak 2 day1....i told u about d peculiar uncomfortness i started havin all thro dat day....dat somehow increased manifold reaching levls of suffocation....i laid down close 2 her,tried 2 close my eyes...but underneath d eyelids all i cud see was how she wud hav looked without dat nightdress on tongue was getting dried up....heart started 2 pound as though i ve run a 100m sprint....i knew i had 2do sumthin about this...i saw on d nightdress embroidered red roses...with d tip of my fingers i tried 2 touch them,especiaaly d roses on her chest,but d tremor dat i felt on my knees d whole day somehow shifted 2 my fingers....i got up went 2 d kitchen,gulped a jug of water eventhough i wasnt thirsty....then i thot of d stepwise method 2 masturbate,ashish had promised me d other day dat it wud relieve of inner conflicts...yes i thot,this is d moment....i went inside d bathroom in my dads room,removed my trunks...i was wearing only a tshirt n my underwear now...on inspection i found dat my undergarment had been meared wet bysome sticky thing frm my organ...i tried 2 wipe it off,d more it came,coz all d while i was thinking bout her...i released my organ frm d tightness i was feelin there,though i was afraid i decided 2 giv it a try...d clock on d wall stood at 3am....i tried 2 remember d pictures i saw d other day...they appeared rt in front of my eyes,but now there was something different,d face was dat of my aunt....holy shit!!!!
i put on d geyser,closed d toilet with its lid,sat on it n removed my d water was boiling overhead,i thot of how heavenly it wud b2 touch her naked body,kiss hard on her lips,lick her breasts lik a baby...i took a warm bath...put a lot of shampoo,fragrant oil on my hair n body(actually this was given2us by her husband wen he came last time,how ironical???)...half an hour wud ve been over,i think...i came out of bathroom 2 dry area 2 dry myself.i wore dat towel around my waist n came 2 d wash basin in d dining room...i just wen2 peep inside my room 2 make sure she was asleep,...she was sleeping,d good old sleeping beauty...i went back so that i cud jerk off...i put out my penis facing d wash basin n started caressing down there with my fingers,d warm bath instilled in me a lot of confidence,it pained really at first then i started enjoying...i thot i was nearing d climax of my first n most memorable climax wen suddenly a cold hand touched on my left shoulders frm most memorable came 2 an anticlimax of sorts...i was caught redhanded jerking off...she ran back 2 my room not telling me anything...i was too frozen 2 react...i cud hear a door banging behind my ears...i felt really guilty...watbout my gud son image????watabout her love 2wards me???will she tell my mom???i somehow felt being thrown into a blackhole of remorse...i spoilt everything,im ruined...i cried without reason,went inside my dads room,i wasnt sure whether she'd seen me nude....somehow i remembered d ghost of my fathers uncle near me,cursing me 4 not been sad 4 his death...i was doomed...i dint know how2 face her 2morrow morning,coz she ll b there at home 4 d whole of d vacation...oh my god!!
i tried 2 sleep,i turned around in bed...wat if i committed suicide???my marks were highest in class,so police who enquire will suspect something had happened at night frm my aunts statement,so my dads name will b in utter shit..and besides suicide is wat brave people do,i was too meek....
all thots boiled like a couldron in front of my eyes...suddenly i felt some movement outside my room,i pretended not 2 aunt came inside my room,she came n sat near my pillow...she kept her hand on my head n with her fingers she began 2 caress my still wet hair slowly she dint speak...i was sobbing all thro this time...she got up opened my moms cupboard,took a fresh towel n started 2 dry my hair...i closed my eyes never wanting 2 see her again...i cried n cried....she gathered words n told me this is not wat she'd expect frm me...good boys shudnt behave soon as i gheard her words i began crying harder n harder,i had lost my voice...she told me2 get upfrm bed,i got up without a word...she took my hands n lead me 2 d kitchen...d coffee filter was boiling...she said i ll b sick if cried any longer...but i cud still not stop...she brought me a cup of coffee...i dint bother 2 drink...she said its alright n she wudnt tell mom if i drank d coffee she gav me...i took d cup..still i wasnt lookin her,i knew i wud turn 2 ashes in shame if i looked...she came near me...she kissed me on my forehead n said its alright...i was still sore,my throat was aching...then she was about 2 turn away frm me i caught her hand frm behind,she dint resist...i mustered all my courage,stood upto her n hugged her kissed her hard on her lips she tried 2 push me off at 1st,then she hugged me back...i dint stop kissing,my first long kiss n d most memorable...i tried 2 touch her rt breast with my hand while i kissed then she suddenly pushed me off...she went inside d kitchen,i went behind her...she was crying too she said this cant happen,its wrong...this is not how nature made us n blah,blah....i dint understand anything...i just wanted 2 see her nude....

part two

Shard on Incest Stories

I opened the door to my sister's room, and to my delight and horor she was masturbating. She didnt notice for a while, but when she did she got really angry. I went to my room and masturbated about her, and was almost in heaven when she opened the door to apologize. She must have been as shocked as I was. I was not surprised that she had no clothes on, since she had nothing to hide. 


There were several more occasions like this, and then finally, one day, my sis came in and said to me, "Chris, I have been considering, would you like to have sex with me?" It caught me off guard, but i thought about it, and said yes. "Ok" sh

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e said, "tonight?" I agreed eagerly. 


I didnt go to sleep that night, and waited until my parents were snoring, and thats when she came in. She was naked, and I savoured every bit of her she came over silently, and slid under the covers. I was already starkers, and it felt incredible,her pubic hair brushing my leg. I rolled her over and went down under the covers, putting my mouth to her pussy. she groaned with pleasure, bucking and trying to get more. She orgasmed pretty quickly, and it was all she could do to not scream. I swalloed her cum, as much as I could take, and it was amazing.

She just lay there panting, while I moved up. I was on top, and I put my dick to her pussy and pushed in. GOD!! she was so tight and hot that i could barely get inside her. I pushed further in until I hit her cherry, and i paused. I took her mouth with mine to mute the scream and I pushed hard. Of course, she screamed, but it was not loud. I fucked her for all i was worth, and she kept screamming, "oh god, yes... YES FUCK ME CHRIS!!" just then, the door to my room opened...


Part two is cumming!!!



Thank God for TV

Chris7BA on Incest Stories

I had always been close with my family. Despite the fact that my sister and I were the product of two different fathers, we grew up together, always looking out for one another. Since my mom never had many men in her life, I would be the only male in the house with my mom and my sister, several chores falling to me while growing up. In return, my mom would keep house and my sister, four years older than me, would work to bring in some income into the tiny apartment we shared.

Of course, sharing such a small living space, we had to become accustomed to certain things that may seem out of the ordinary. I got used to seeing my mother and my sister walk around draped only in towels after a shower; as, of course, they got used to seeing me the same way, also. If they we

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re running late for work, or some appointment or meeting, they'd be running around the house, bra and/or panties showing, doing their best to finish getting dressed.

When I hit puberty, they did their best to ignore my growing interest in sex and the female form. They would ignore the sounds of my masturbating, and my peeks down their shirts or at their bottoms. I must admit that I had many lustful thoughts about my mother and sister.

Shortly after my seventeenth birthday, I was fortunate enough to get a girlfriend at school, Ursula, who enjoyed sex. I finally found an outlet for all my pent-up energy that I was directing to my family at home. My lustful thoughts about them evaporated rather quickly.

One night, I was in my room, reading(about Caligula, of all people). My sister was asleep in the room she and my mom shared, and mom was in the living room watching TV. I really hadn't been paying attention to what my mom was watching, but when I absently turned my attention to the sounds from the TV, I heard a program instructing young people about safe sex. They were giving directions on how to properly put on a condom, and how to use a dental dam, and what kind of lubricants are the best. Hearing all this not only distracted me from my reading, but also made me erect. And then I thought about my mom seeing this. Surely my own mother didn't need this type of instruction. Why then was she watching it?

I put the book down on my bed and walked out into the living room. My mom sat on the couch, eyes glued to the TV screen as young people practiced these safe sex tips on dildos and sex dolls. Of course, none of it was pornographic, but oddly erotic. After a few moments, my mom saw me out of the corner of her eye, and turned to me so matter-of-factly.

"Jimmy, do you know how to do all this stuff?"

She knew about Ursula at school, and knew that I stayed out late with her, so assumed that she knew I was having sex with her. We had never hid anything from each other in our small family, so I answered my mother with no shame or trepidation.

"Of course I do, mom."

"Do you know how to put on a condom properly?"

"Yeah mom, I do."

"If you have one in your room, I'd like for you to show me."

"What," I asked, a little surprised.

"I want to know that you're truly practicing safe sex, and would like to see if you put on a condom properly."

"Um, okay." I didn't think much of her request. I still had an erection from watching and hearing the program, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting it up. Like a son obeying a simple request from his mother, I nonchalantly walked to my room, fetched a condom, and walked back to the living room.

Mom turned off the TV. I stood near the other end of the couch, facing her, and dropped the shorts and boxers I had on, my erection springing out. I tore open the condom wrapper, unrolled and rerolled the condom. My mother watched so passively, as if I were drawing a picture, or performing some other mundane task. As I got the condom close to the head of my erection to put it on, my mother stopped me.

"They were saying on the TV that it would be easier, and give greater sensation, if you lube up your penis before putting on the condom. Do you have any lube?"

"No, I don't"

"Well," my mother began, acting a little disappointed by the fact; "come over here, then."

I walked over to my mother, condom still in hand, erection still standing straight out, oblivious to what she planned to do.

When I was close enough, she took my cock in her hand; "Since you don't have any lube, let me lube it up for you."

She opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking the whole of my five-inch cock into her mouth. She kept me in her mouth and swirled her tongue over my cock, making me moan out. She would suck on it gently running her tongue around the head. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I loved that I was having my cock sucked.

Mom then started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, slowly stroking the base. I moaned out, "Oh God, Mom, that feels great!" I started to buck into my Mom's face as she took my balls into her hand, massaging them. I ran my hands through my mom's hair, which got her moaning on my cock, which made me moan even louder.

"What's going on in here?" My mom stopped her movement on my cock, placing her hands on my hips instead, and we both turned to look towards the hallway, where my sister was standing. The sleep still marked her hair, all tousled, but her expression was all confusion and excitement. After all, I stood in our living room, naked from the waist down and my erect cock only a few centimetres away from my mom's face.

"I'm sorry, honey," my Mom began. "I was watching a program, and it got me aroused. Your brother is the only man in the house, and even though I know that it's wrong, I severely need to have an orgasm."

My sister's confusion lifted a bit, but she still stood in the hallway, staring at us. She was in a night shirt and panties, and her nipples were starting to harden under the material. I was hoping in my mind that I'd get to have a moment with her some night.

"You can go back to sleep, sweetheart. We promise to keep it down while we're out here, and we'll close the door to your brother's room when we retire there."

"You're going to have sex with him?" my sister asked, shocked.

"Yes, sweetie. I need to have an orgasm before the night ends, and judging by how he moans when he masturbates, he can probably give me a very good one. Haven't you ever wondered how good your brother is in bed?"

By this time, mom had started to stroke my cock. My sister was about to open her mouth in protest when our mom continued.

"It might do you some good to join us. What do you say, Jimmy? Should Amanda come and join us?"

My head was thrown back, eyes closed, and I managed to hiss out, "yesssss."

"Come on, Amanda, honey. It's only sex."

My mother then stopped speaking and took my cock back in her mouth. I started to moan again as loud as before. I don't know how much time passed, but eventually Amanda had decided to join us. I opened my eyes and looked down. Amanda was sitting next to Mom, not knowing what to do, I guessed. Then, she started to undo the buttons on Mom's nightgown, exposing her bare breasts. She rubbed one of Mom's breasts before pinching her nipple. Mom jumped and moaned around my cock. When Amanda started working on the other breast, Mom stopped sucking me off, and stood up, bringing Amanda to her feet also.

Mom slipped out of her nightgown and then started to take off Amanda's nightshirt. I took this as a cue, and stripped off the T-shirt I had on, also. Then Mom peeled off Amanda's panties and I peeled off Mom's. We stood there, completely naked and facing one another. Mom leaned over and kissed Amanda on the lips, her hand going to one of Amanda's breasts and returning the favour. I leaned in and kissed Amanda on the neck, letting one of my hands go between her legs. I used to have dreams about finger fucking my sister, and I wanted to fulfill that desire now that she was in front of me. I worried at first that she might be a virgin, and that I wouldn't be able to run my fingers in and out of her.

Mom sucked on Amanda's nipples, making the nubs on her barely C's stick straight out. I, meanwhile, slipped a finger easily into Amanda's cunt, confirming that she wasn't a virgin anymore. Amanda began to breathe hard and to moan out. We weren't at that for long before Mom bit her nipple, and Amanda cried out. We all stopped at that, but none of us looked like we wanted to stop at all.

"Let's move to a bedroom," Mom finally said.

We went to my room. I had the queen-sized bed, larger than the full-size mattresses that Mom and Amanda slept on. Mom and Amanda slid onto the bed first. Amanda and I weren't sure what position to get into when Mom laid on her back and made Amanda straddle her face. Mom then started eating Amanda's pussy out, making Amanda moan. I got up to the edge of the bed and took Amanda's breasts in my hands. For years, I had wanted to squeeze those beautiful breasts, especially when I would see Amanda walk around in only a bra. Now here I was, rubbing them and pinching her nipples, Amanda's hands cupped under mine, leading my hands where to squeeze and rub.

I then made Amanda lean forward and put my cock into her mouth. She did her best to suck me, but she was going crazy, moaning from Mom's lapping at her cunt. Finally, I was so aroused, that I pulled out of Amanda's mouth and pulled her off of Mom. I laid myself down onto the bed and pulled Mom on top of me, guiding my cock into her cunt with my hand.

"Okay, Mom. Ride me until you get that orgasm you've been dying to have."

It felt so good having my Mom on my cock. I especially enjoyed watching her full C cups, tanned golden, bounce up and down as my mom fucked me. She moaned at first, but then started calling out my name as she fucked me faster. After being sucked and tugged on so much, I didn't last long, especially with Mom's pussy muscles working on me.

"I'm gonna cum, Mom," I managed to call out.

"No. Please, not yet," Mom moaned out.

At this, Amanda, who had been lying right next to me, masturbating, got up, sitting herself behind Mom. Her hands ran all over the front of her body, down her shoulders, over her breasts and stomach, and finally down to her thighs. Amanda's fingers started to rub Mom's clit, trying to bring her off.

"Oh! Oh God! That's it, honey. Both of you, bring me off!"

Mom's cries got louder and louder, making me buck up into her. We fucked faster and faster, and I couldn't hold on any longer. I shot my load up into my Mom, nearly screaming out. I continued to pump into her as I let wad after wad out. Before I finished, Mom got hers.

"Oh God! Oh Yes! Here it comes!"

If I nearly screamed, she did scream. She moaned out mine and Amanda's name. I stayed in her until her orgasm subsided, and then we all lay together, Mom between Amanda and I. I turned towards Mom and absently teased her nipple while Amanda gently fingered her, bring up her fingers every now and then to taste the combined juices of me and Mom.

I said; "This could be the start of something wonderful."

My Lucky Tuesday.

Dirtyboy127 on Incest Stories


Note : This story is completely fictional!

Hai reders here is another super incest read and cum with your nasty thoughts.

Call it luck, fate or destiny, but I never thought that the huge headache that forced me to come home from college unexpectedly one lucky Tuesday afternoon last fall, would be the cause of such thankfulness for me. But it was this throbbing behind my eyes that caused me to be in just the right place at just the right time. Yes it my lucky day if Iam not returned that Tuesday I can’t feel this heaven feels in my life really I am very lucky thanks for my headache and that incident. Read my lucky day experiences

I went up to my room and pulled the thick curtains so that no light shone in from outside and lay

Read More
on my bed and tried to go to sleep because the civier headache splited my head. The house was totally empty. It was about one in the afternoon and Dad was working a day shift this week and Mom wouldn"t be home until about three o"clock.

I must have drifted off because the next thing I remember is being woken by the sound of voices from downstairs. My blurred eyes told me that my bedside clock was showing 4.10 pm. I recognized one voice as that of my own Mom"s but couldn"t recollect to whom the male voice belonged but it is familiar to my ear, although I was sure I had heard it before. As my senses came back to normal, it suddenly hit me who it was with Mom in the living room. It was her own Dad, Edwards; my Grandfather.

Grandad in our house, now that was a big surprise. The story I had managed to pick up from whispered conversations between family members over the past six years, was that Mom had caught her Dad coming out of the widow"s house next door to where Grandad and Grandma lived. He was doing up his trouser zip at the time and it was clear to Mom what he had been up to. Mom had no hesitation in telling Grandma what she had seen. A great row developed, after which Grandad was thrown out of his house. A messy divorce followed and he had been an outcast ever since as far as the family was concerned. So to hear his voice downstairs after all this time came as something of a shock.

I bore no ill will towards Grandad. I was too young at the time to know what was happening, and now that I was older, adultery seemed to be commonplace and almost acceptable. So I got up and decided to go down and say hello to the old geezer. I opened my bedroom door and stepped out onto the landing, but what I heard from the living room made me freeze in my tracks. Grandad"s voice was raised. Of course, Mom had assumed the house was empty, so she had no need to ask him to speak lower. They were clearly having an argument and then I heard Grandad say that people in glass houses shouldn"t throw stones. I was curious as to what he meant and from Mom"s question, I realized that she was too.

"Have a look at these photos", I heard him say to Mom. There followed about two minutes of silence, which was finally broken by Grandad"s bitter, yet triumphant voice. "It"s amazing what a cab driver sees at two in the a.m. I was sure pleased I had my camera that night. I think you"ll agree, Susan, the one where you"re being fucked from behind, and the blow job shot for that matter, are pretty good in terms of clarity." He went on to say that it had been worth the wait because now it was his turn to ruin her marriage. Clearly, he had just shown Mom photographs of her with another guy. I remembered she had gone out dressed to the nines last Thursday, while Dad was working a night shift. I must say that to hear of my own Mom"s infidelity like this came as a bit of a shock. I crouched lower to try to listen to how the conversation developed.

Grandad went on to say that he"d post a photo to Dad every day until he heard through the grapevine that they had split up. He said that even if she came clean and told Dad the truth, once he saw the evidence she would never be able to hold the marriage together. From where I stood, I had to agree. It certainly looked as though my cozy little family unit was about to be torn apart. What I heard next shocked me even more.

"Of course, there is an alternative", began Grandad, "there always is".

"What would that be?" Mom asked.

"Well, since that day when you changed my life forever, I haven"t been with a woman. My hand has been my only friend. The only way you get to keep your marriage intact, Daughter dear, is to become your loving Dad"s sex slave". I couldn"t believe what I was hearing. Grandad was actually trying to blackmail his own daughter, my Mom, into having sex with him her own father own flesh asking to broke their hidden fence. Mom couldn"t believe it either and told him to get the hell out. Grandad came out of the living room and walked towards the front door. I leaned back further into the shadows so as not to be seen. "No matter", he said, "either way I win. But it was worth a try. See you in the divorce court Susan. It"ll be me on the front row"

Grandad put his hand on the door handle and turned to open it. "Wait, Dad". Mom said as she came into view in the hallway. "What will I have to do?"

"Everything and anything I want you to do. That"s the idea of being a slave". Grandad replied. He went on to tell her that he"d use her once every two weeks when Dad was on night shift. She was to make certain that I was out for a couple of hours on the evening that had been arranged. He told Mom that this would be an indefinite arrangement until he couldn"t get it up anymore or he died. There was silence for a few seconds and then I heard Mom agree to her Dad"s demands, defeated and resigned to a life as his sex slave.

"Next Friday evening, eight o"clock", Grandad ordered, "Make sure you"re alone for a couple of hours. Hold ups and high heels, nothing else. OK?"

"OK", Mom weakly replied.

Grandad left and I crept back into my room. Fortunately, Mom went out. When she came back, I was in the kitchen acting as if I"d just gotten home from college. Mom was quiet that night and kept looking at Dad the way you look at someone close that you haven"t seen in ages; almost hoping that by staring hard enough, you can lock them up in your thoughts forever.

I know I should have felt angry for what Grandad was forcing Mom to become, but all I felt was arousal. Mom was only forty three years old and a real looker. Long blond hair, great pouty lips, an hour glass figure, slim legs and all packaged into a five foot four inch frame. I went to bed and jerked off with the thought of Mom as my slave. Next day, I knew what I had to do. I"ve got a friend in the natural history wing of the college, and I told him that I had a foxes den in my back yard. I asked if I could borrow any kind of filming equipment for a while. He was delighted in my sudden interest in wildlife and said that I could use some of the sophisticated, state of the art hardware owned by the college for a couple of weeks. I couldn"t believe my luck.

The following Friday came. Dad"s night shift meant that he wouldn"t be leaving the house until about four o"clock, just about when I got home. Mom works late on Fridays and that would give me about an hour alone in the house to get my act together. I had decided to plant a camera in Mom"s bedroom in the hope that that is where she and Grandad would make out. If I could get them on film, then not only would I have a chance to blackmail Mom as well, but I might just get free cab rides when I liked too.

Dad had already left for work when I got home so I set about my business. I took the camera into Mom"s bedroom and looked for a good place to put it. The camera itself was housed in a small black wedge shaped box, about three inches across at its widest point. I placed it on the dressing table underneath Mom"s jewelry box. I was pretty sure that she wouldn"t see it there and the dressing table was bang in the centre of the wall opposite the bed. The cable was the only problem. I draped it behind the dresser and managed to tuck it under the edges of the carpet around the room to the door. I did the same on the landing and threw it into my room, which was next door. The only part that was visible was across the threshold of Mom"s bedroom. But the cable was the same color as the wooden board and I was pretty certain that it wouldn"t be spotted.

I plugged the other end of the camera cable into the back of my VCR and switched on the TV. Wow! I couldn"t believe my eyes. The resolution of the image was as good as a normal television channel and I could pan the camera so that it covered the whole room. I placed a blank cassette into the video and went downstairs.

Mom came in just after five. Every day that week she had asked me if I was going out on Friday as I usually did. She asked me again and I confirmed that I wouldn"t be back till after eleven that night. Mom seemed jittery, but who could blame her?

Around seven o"clock I said goodbye to Mom and left the house. I walked around the corner to where I could see her bathroom window. When the light came on, I knew I had about five minutes to sneak back into the house and up to my room. I made not a sound as I tiptoed up the stairs and passed Mom"s room. I could still hear the shower on and knew that she wouldn"t hear me anyway. Once in my own room, I pulled the curtains and placed a towel at the bottom of the door to stop any light from the TV shining onto the landing. I was ready.

At seven fifty five, I turned on the TV and put on the headphones that came with the equipment from college. Mom was walking around the room making sure everything was neat. She was wearing a knee length black robe and I could see that she had put on sheer black hold ups and four inch black patent pumps, as ordered. Suddenly she made for the door as the front door bell rang. As she left the room I took of my headphones so that I could hear her greet Grandad.

Grandad was the first to speak as Mom opened the front door. "Hello Susan, I"ve brought a friend with me. I hope you don"t mind a little three way fun?" Mom asked Grandad and whoever was with him to come in. Grandad said he was keen to get on with things and ordered Mom upstairs just as I hoped he would. As the three sets of footsteps came nearer, I heard Grandad tell Mom that he hoped she was not wearing anything else under that robe, for her sake. I put my headphones back on and took my spot in front of the tube. At last the bedroom door opened.

Mom walked in and went to the far side of the room. I panned across back to the door just as Grandad walked in. I had seen photos of him but I hadn"t really expected him to look as old as he did now. But I guessed he must be pushing sixty five. The other man came out of the shadows on the landing into the room encouraged by Grandad. When I saw him, I realised just how much Grandad hated my Mom. He must have been about six two or three, skinny as a rake, wearing a tattered old overcoat and torn trousers with no socks and a pair of battered old jogging shoes and was so grimy that it was hard to tell the colour of his skin. Not that there was that much on show. He had a long, tangled dirty beard and moustache, yet was almost bald. "You"ll have to forgive the appearance of my friend here, Susan. You don"t get much chance to bathe living out on the streets. But he"ll make up for it with his keeness for you. You see, he"s like me, he hasn"t had a woman for years either."

Grandad turned to the hobo and said, "Go git her boy, she"s all yours" The man stepped slowly towards Mom. I panned the camera to get them both in shot and made sure the tape was rolling. Mom moved back but eventually was blocked by the wall. As the dirty tramp got closer, he took off his overcoat and threw it on the floor. That was followed by his shirt, revealing a dirty, grime covered torso underneath. From out of shot I heard Grandad tell Mom that she should show her guest some more hospitality and ordered her to take off her robe. Mom had little choice but to obey. The vagrant stood still and licked his lips as Mom undid the tie that held her robe together. It parted at the front, and I saw the tramp start to rub the bulge in his soiled trousers. Then it was off, and Mom stood naked in front of them wearing only her hold ups and heels. The tramp"s mouth parted, revealing six or seven blackened, rotten teeth.

He lunged at Mom. She cringed as his mouth found hers and with her head in a vice made from his hands, she twisted in vain to escape his fat, slobbering lips. My dick was hard as rock as I watched this human excrement ravish my own Mom. He moved his hands all over her breasts, before picking her up and throwing her on the bed. He stood over her as she lay helpless, and undid the piece of string that he used as a belt. His trousers fell around his ankles revealing his long, thin erection. Mom closed her eyes as he took hold of her high heeled shoes and spread her legs wide. He positioned his dick at the entrance to her pussy and stabbed it into her. Mom gasped as his first thrust filled her up. The hobo fell on top of her and as he pumped furiously at Mom"s snatch, the contrast between her clean white skin and his sweaty, grimy body made me almost cum in my pants. His long fingernails dug into her boobs and he tweaked her nipples until she cried. Then he bent his head down to her face and began to slobber all over her again. His ass moved quickly up and down as his dick, piston like, continued its glistening travels in and out of my Mom"s love box.

Suddenly, Grandad appeared in shot, with his dick also in a state of high arousal. He climbed on to the bed next to Mom"s face and told the vagrant to give him some room. Grandad lifted Mom"s head onto his knees and twisted it so that she faced him. "Suck me off, Daughter", he commanded. Mom opened her mouth and her Father slipped his meat inside. Keeping his body still, Grandad took hold of the sides of Mom"s head and moved it to and fro along his shaft. Her face was now turned away from the camera, but small things indicated to me that she was beginning to enjoy this; the way she began to clench the bed sheet with her fist, her hips moving to meet the vagrant"s incoming thrusts, and the soft groans that came from her throat as Grandad fucked her mouth, all gave her away.

I couldn"t stand it any longer and I took my dick out and began to pull myself off. Mom was covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration now. And because of this, some of the grime had transferred itself from the hobo"s skin onto hers. She looked as filthy as he did. And I could see the dirt on Mom"s body wherever his hands had touched her. Eventually, the hobo"s face became contorted and I knew he was near to emptying his load. His nails had made runs in Mom"s hold ups as his body reached a climax. With a roar he pulled out of Mom and quickly moved up to straddle her breasts. He pulled quickly at his throbbing penis and at last he shot pints of hot, white muck over Mom"s face and hair. Her left hand went to the tramp"s balls and she gave them a good squeeze and I knew for certain that she was now enjoying her role as her Father"s sex slave. Seeing the hobo cum over Mom had the same effect on both my Grandad and me. But where he got to empty himself down Mom"s inviting throat, my load went over the table that the TV was resting upon.

Both men stood up to get dressed, leaving Mom lying shagged out on the bed. Grandad had made certain that any of the vagrant"s juices still covering Mom"s face was scooped up and put into her mouth. As he left, he assured Mom that in two weeks" time it would just be him and her, and that he would make sure that the hobo didn"t know where she lived by blindfolding him on the way back as he had done on the way in.

I heard them close the front door and Mom dragged herself into her bathroom. That gave me the opportunity to get out of the house and to return after eleven as expected. Mom wasn"t up when I returned and the lights were out in her room so I assumed she had gone to sleep. I knew that I could retrieve the camera the next day and no one would be the wiser.