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I'm sure every boy in his teens has thought about a relation of his in a sexual way, whether it is an auntie, cousin or even a sister. Make no mistake youve had these fantasies and youve wanted them to be a reality. Well, for me, they were.

It didnt happen suddenly at all, far from it, my sister lived away from my dad and me, so she used to visit every four to five months, which was always cool as I'd always got on really well with my sister. She used to stay down for a week, and just help round the house, stuff like that. We talk constantly about how our lives were going. My sister, Steph, was 22 with a boyfriend and a baby to look after, so she had a lot going on in her life. Me, however, was 17, was still in college and had a bum job.

Anyway, on her second visi

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t down of the year, I noticed I began to feel differently about her, I began to see her differently. I found her attractive, and I felt really happy whenever I saw her, and I had realized I missed her when she went back home the previous visit. Steph in my eyes was beautiful, gorgeous, and funny. But, she was my sister.

Everything started out as it normally did when she visited,  talk and stuff. But one night I couldn't resist the urge to masturbate whilst thinking about her. My dad was working, and my sister was in the other room watching TV, it was perfect chance. Just thinking about her made me hard, so it wasn't long before I had a full erection. I lay down on my bed, pulled out my dick and starting wanking, all the time I was thinking about Stephanie; how beautiful she was, what she look like naked. I had been wanking for about 10 minutes and was fully lost in the moment when I heard a knocking on the door and my sister walked in. I had little time to do anything so I just lay there with my hand on my dick my bell end covered with cum. My sister saw what I was doing and left quietly, I was embarrassed and nervous, and I didn’t finish myself off, but just cleaned up and pulled up my pants again. I waited at least ten minutes then went to join my sister in the living room.
I saw what you doing, Jon. My sister said to me.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's okay she told me. It is normal do you do it often?
Uhm kinda yeah, about five times a day I told her honestly.
I heard her gasp and that was the end of the conversation. I thought thatd be the end of it, but I was expecting the next night at all.

Steph or I did not mention anything the next day, but just went on as normal. Everything was normal; my dad went to work again, as he works nights. I stayed out of my sister way that night, so I told her I was going to watch a movie in my room. I couldn't concentrate on the movie at all, the only thing I had in my mind was my sister. So, I took a quick peek out the door and looked into the lounge, my sister looked like she was sleeping. I didn ot want to make any noise so I left my door ajar just a little. My thoughts came to Steph again and I was hard within seconds. I started to masturbate hard, tugging on it like there was no tomorrow. When my sister suddenly came in, sat down on the bed, and asked if I wanted her to finish me off. Now for someone who was wanking about her, I didn't say no.
She grabbed my cock, looked at it for a second, and then slowly started to wank me. It was the best feeling I ever felt in my life, and by the look on her face, and by the way she was fondling my dick, she was clearly enjoying it too.God Steph , this is the best ever.I told her.
I thought you like it, I saw you doing it last night, and was turned on myself.
Really? I said. But what about your boyfriend?
Ha, compared to you she did finish the sentence. As I was about to cum, I told her and she bent down, her mouth just at the edge of my cock.
Are you sure? I said.
Yeah, Jon. It okay, shoot your load into my mouth.

I didn'nt need a second invitation and I started spurting my cum into her mouth, it came thick and fast for a few minutes, then more slowly. Steph didn't waste a drop and put her mouth round my dick, enclosed her lips and started to suck and lick what was left. I started to scream with pleasure; this truly was the best thing ever. She started to masturbate me once again to make sure I had the full pleasure and I pretty sure she loved what she was doing too. I came again this time harder than I cummed ever before, she let me shoot it into her mouth again.
 Jon, you know how to jizz a lot do you!! she laughed as she swallowed load after load of my cum. I just lay back and smiled as I watched my pretty, 32 year old, sister with her head to my cock swallowing my cum.
Afterwards, she lay down next to me, gave me a kiss, and held me. She fell asleep with me staring longingly into her eyes.

The next day, to my dismay was the day she was going back home, to her boyfriend and her baby. I was so sad to see her leave after the experience of the night before. When it came time for her to say goodbye, she said goodbye to my dad and gave me a hug, gently whispering, l see you soon, Jon. I didn't know what she was on about, but I liked it.
To my surprise and enjoyment she told my dad she be back down in a month rather than her normal 5-6 monthly visits. I wonder why.

Esther - My Sister

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It was a cold dreary day in our house in England. It was a Monday, and I really didn't want to go to school. I wanted to stay in my comfortable, warm, cosy bed and sleep. So I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, all the while plotting on how I wad going to stay off school. Now, my family consists of my Mum, my sister Esther and me. My Dad was shot down in Afghanistan, and we hadn't heard f

Hiking Vaction - ( Complete ) - Written by: Fantasyweaver

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       It wasn’t my idea to come up here. My mom insisted that the fresh air would be good for the both of us, I recall her saying “ It’s good to get away once in awhile and have an adventure”, as we packed the car with coolers, back packs , and any other supplies needed for our hiking vacation. Since dad was also way on a very long business trip...again... my mom thought it would be a great time to take a trip. She was always the nature type despite the fact that we lived near the city in our quiet suburban home. My mom always loved to be outdoors swimming, hiking, rock climbing , and “ Being one with nature as she called it.” Which some times makes me wonder, why did she marry dad? He was a very up tight,

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tailored suit, fortune 500 kinda guy, and why he decided to get hitched with nature girl here, I will never know. Me? I preferred to be inside reading or something. But despite me indifference towards the trip her I was sitting in the car half reading a very long book and half day dreaming. Daydreaming about Christy.
       She was the hottest girl in the school and every guy drooled over her when she walked in the halls. The crowd seemed to part just for her as she strut by with her long wavy fiery red hair bouncing off her shoulders. She had a absolute perfect figure, round ass, big breast, and eyes with the deepest shade of blue ever seen, that seemed to shimmer like water just ever so slightly. I knew I had next to no chance of getting her to go out with me, not that I was ugly or skinny, or even fat for that matter, I was just in the gray area. I was just Very smart and very shy, two combinations that just didn’t make the girls come running. 
        Just the same I watched this spectacle just about every day from the confines of my locker as she walked by. Even guys that I knew didn’t even have a locker near here would some times wait around just to catch a glimpse of her before heading off to class. I slumped a little more in my seat and tilted back on the head rest. I imagined her coming up to me from out of the crowd, her feet almost not touching the ground and white glow all around her. She put her hand up on the lockers next to me and come in closer. I would put my hands on her thighs and run my hands slowly up her skirt.
        Pushing out her chest she gave me a great view, looking at  me with those deep blue eyes she said a sexy velvet voice “ Hey, John whatcha yah reading?”
        ‘What the hell’ I said to my self and snapped back into reality like a I just had a bucket of ice water thrown at me. I sat back up in my chair. Noticing the bulge in my pants that was growing I tilled my left leg up a bit and tried to calmly play it off..
        “ You falling asleep or something on me?” my mom said. All I could manage was a “Huh?” She giggled a little and flicked on the radio turning to some light pop music I didn’t recognized. “Is it any good?” she asked. Still feeling some residual shock I replied “Is what any good?”
        “The book your reading sleepy head” she said jestfuly  “Cant be all that great if its putting you to sleep huh?” Thinking to my self for a second “ Its not that bad, im just tired that’s all. Where are we any way?” I hadn’t noticed all this time that we where off the high way and driving on a more rural road. “ We’re like twenty minutes away from the lodges. Why don’t you take your nose out that book though for now and enjoy the ride. I mean look at this view! Isn’t it gorgeous?” I tossed the thick book into the back seat when the beauty of the scenery finally sank in. Even I had to it admit rather nice out here, it was very sunny but cool and very sweet smell hung in the air. Taking in the air with a deep breath I looked around at all the passing trees and small clearings of grass darting in and out of view. 
        My eyes drifted across to my left looking out over the hill side and taking in the panorama view of the valley below. Still drifting along my eyes came to my mom. I always did admired her for her natural beauty and im not sure if was something in the air or just the wonderful area we where but something seemed... different.
        I traced her with my eyes I suddenly began to see her in a some what different light, not just as the regular nature loving house wife and mother but.... something ...else. I tried to shake the thought of it from my mind. She reached up and hit the moon roof button, breathing in deep and smiling as she just looked on ahead. My eyes brought me back to her , soft slivers of light shining through the trees over head danced over he soft fair skin. It illuminated her long curly blond hair and made her green eyes shimmer in the light. Working my way down I noticed really for the first time how big and full her breast where, true works of art, big full and round with nipples that poked out just a little. Try all I might her figure captivated me and her tight white tank top only made me want to reach out and feel them.
       ‘What the hell am I thinking’ I said to my self trying to bring my bring my self back. This is my mother im gawking at, the woman to raised me and nurtured me. There has to be something wrong with me. But her sheer beauty just continued to torment me enthralling me like a sirens call and the temptation was rising. ‘Ok well just one more look cant hurt... Can it?’ My eyes returned to where they left off and continued to drift down. There was a small area of her soft supple skin between where her tank to stopped and her short tan hiking pants began. Her thin waste line formed the perfectly tone stomach and smooth curve in her back. My eyes continuing to follow her immaculate curves. Her back curved down to form the perfect ass, it was flawlessly smooth and round and her the size of it made a tight fit into her tan hiking shorts. It was perfectly complimented her long silky smooth legs. Starting with her thick but tone thighs, I traced down her legs to her perfectly delicate feet daintily garnished with light blue sandals. ‘I wonder why I never really noticed her figure before’ I thought as I retraced my way back up her body, stopping at me favorite spots of course. Answering my own question I thought to my self ‘Cause I gone crazy prolly that’s why’ I laughed inwardly ‘...but still she was very attractive.’
        Finally we turned to another side road and in a few minutes we pulled up to the park center that also catered to skiers in the winter. “ I’ll be right back” she said as she hopped out the car.
        Looking around I noticed only a few cars fact not too many on the road up too. I guessed it must be the off season. A few minutes later my mom emerged from the building with that I assumed to be the key to the cabin and a few maps and other papers. As she briskly walked back to the car I noticed her breast bob up and down entrancing me for a moment again.
        She jumped back into the car tossed the papers and key on the dash and we drove off. We traveled up a short trail then to a large main road up to the cabin area. The cabin was nestled far back from the main path and surrounded by tall trees making it quite secluded. From the outside the log cabin looked relatively new, the clear water proof coating still reflected in the sun and the small windows shone with crystal clear clarity. We pulled up to the front and got out take out our stuff from the back, I just stared up at the tall trees and the clear blue skies. Looking at all the surroundings taking note of each detail: tall lush bushes , large scattered rocks, and some large flower bushes growing under one of the windows on the side of the cabin. They were probably one of many and the source of the wonderful smell in the area. I took in a deep breath when my mom interrupted my trance.
       “Come on you, yah going to stand there or help with the bags” She smiled as she tossed a nap sack that kinda caught me off guard. Pausing one last time to look around I walked up to the cabin. Upon entering the cabin laden with bags I noticed it was a rather large. It had a big bed that was bare though, tall rafter ceilings, a large white fan, bathroom, and a small kitchenette, all rather up scale for a hiking lodge I thought. We unpacked, fixed the bed, prepared quick dinner, and then headed out on one of the shorter trails since there wasn’t that much day light left. We headed out the cabin with some light packs in tow. Taking a minute to breath in the sweet fresh air like a aphrodisiac we looked around then headed off into the wilderness. The trail led us off into the denser parts of the woods, bushes, and trees made it hard to stray from the path so we had to walk single file. Lucky for me my mom decided to take the lead, as we started to climb up hill the terrain caused her ass to shift side to side more dramatically as we walked. While she was enjoying the trees I was admiring other views. Eventually we came to a small clearing with a large flat rock jutting out of the mountain side giving a amazing view of the distant valleys and hills.
       “This looks like a nice spot to rest”my mom said.
So we laid down out packs and sat on the rock, we sat just looking out into the distance and admiring the beauty of nature. I was starting to realized why she loved being outdoors so much. I looked around the valley sighting several small rivers, and one particular one that ran across the land scape and then was cloaked by thick groves of trees. Though I couldn’t see it I guessed the source was a water fall or something.
      A cool breeze came by and picked up the tendrils of my mom’s hair making them seem like strands of gold caught in the wind. She shivered a bit then scootched over to me grasped my arm and lean on my shoulder. I tilted my head towards her, looking off into the distance and down at her taking in the moment. The smell of her hair wisped up  and I inhaled it like the scent of a sweet flower, sending a warm haze through my mind and dulling my senses. As she tilted into me I couldn’t help but notice one almost obvious detail, I could see most of her big beautiful breast now. Intoxicated with warmth my mind blurred, slipping in and out of day dream state of mind. With her other hand she pulled down on her top to cover more of her stomach, but exposing her luscious tits just a bit more. I had to battle my with my self to control my carnal desires, her big tits just mesmerizing me, beckoning me to reach out. A imaged flashed in my head of me reaching down to tare off her top so I could rub and caress her big full breast, taking them into my mouth on by one. Drinking in their silky feel and indulging on their warmth, feeling the weight of them in my hands, feeling every inch like a fine silk. The heat built up inside me, burning like a scorching day, igniting my skin as my heart  and breathing steadily increasing. Another hazy imagine flashed in my head of  ripping off her thin shorts , exposing her round ass and illustrious pussy already drenched her warm puss juices waiting to accept my cock. Laying her on her back and spreading her long legs as I penetrated her with my large cock, forcing my self into her awaiting pussy, ravaging her.
       The warmth subsided and a cool breeze slip past calming my inner flames of lust. Ultimately I new I could never live out my fantasy but never the less the thought was still tormented me, tugging at my heart. She was still looking out and didn’t notice me admiring her out the corner of my eye, and completely oblivious to what her own son was thinking. But also I started to notice the bulge growing my pants. She put her hand on my upper leg and rubbed my inner thigh a little. She was still staring off into space and completely un aware of what was inches away from her. I had to do something before she reached up any further and realized the effect she was having on me. I shifted then stood up.
       “What’s wrong hun?”she said.
               “Nothing, I just sort of got a leg cramp” I hunched over and pretending to stretch my legs and hiding some thing else at the same time. She let out a sigh “I guess we better get a move on then its getting late.” The whole trip back down I avoided looking at her all cost, that last one was a close call. 
        When we came back it was rather late and we where both kind of tired. We took turns in the bathroom and slipped into some night cloths. While I was in the shower though, I could have sworn I saw my mom wearing nothing as I peered through the shower curtain. But I thought I was just seeing things, when I got out I saw she had a tan towel. ‘ Im so losing it’ I thought ‘ like she would prance around me naked like that.’
        I opened the window to let in some air, and letting in the sweet smell from the bushes outside. The curtains danced on the cool breeze as I climbed into bed. Since the only blankets on the bed where the ones we brought with us I only had a thin layered blanket to cover up with.
       My mom came out the bath room and was too busy pinning up her hair to notice me looking at her. She wore a pink satin nightie that only went down to her upper thigh and I also noted it was some what ill suited for the size of my mom’s large breast. Looking up she smiled at me and blushed a little. She glided across the room she bent over to the night stand and took something with a glass of water. All I could think about is why couldn’t that nighty be a little shorter so I could get the full view of her perfectly shaped ass, and maybe a little more. I stared at it a little bit longer trying to imagine what was underneath.
       She Climbed into bed, laying down with her back to facing me and laying some what diagonally on the bed on the bed. Softly resting her head on the pillow she drifted off, and so I faced the window, partly so I wouldn’t stay up all night admiring her perfect curves. The sun sank into the night sky and the pale moon light replaced it, illuminating the outside and streaming through the window with its soft silver light.
       I began to drift off, half way to dreaming a rather chill breeze came in across the room and I instinctively turned to my mom for warmth. I was adjusting the blanket when my hand came up and brushed up against my mom’s nightie. A spark went off and I made another pass on her thy. Now fully awake it dawned on me that she wasn’t wearing any panties! Could this be my chance to finally experience what has been tormenting me all day? Could I? No...this was my mother for crying out load....But temptation was overwhelming me. Well...just maybe a little feel and nothing else.
       My hand drifted back down to her hip. I rubbed the outside of her silk pink nighty, if she woke up I could just simply chalk up my actions to trying to playfully tickle her. A weak reason for trying to feel my mom up, but still I could care less, desire had driven off all logic and reasonable thoughts. I watched carefully to see if I had any effect. Nothing, not even a shrug or a twitch. Gaining some confidence I slowly pulled up her nighty a few inches, gently putting my hand under it feeling the warmth of her skin. She still didn’t stir. I caressed her round ass a little more now slowly going up and down. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation while I went up and down around and along her groove and cheeks. Her skin as just so soft and smooth, just touching her gave me a tingling sensation up my arm. Looking down I noticed how her legs where pulled up towards her stomach allowing me to feel the full curve of her soft full ass. My hand traveled down the full length of the groove of he butt then running down her thy slowly coming back up again. Again traveling back down her back side to feel her inner thy. But then my hand brush up against something else. Instantly heat shot up my arm as my hand brushed up against the soft folds of skin between her legs and below her ass. The oval shaped folds prominently puffing out between her legs and opening up like a flower bloom. I sat up on one elbow and pulled up her nighty a little more to find that I had the perfect angle on her pussy!
        I recoiled back a little to see if she would stir. Nothing. Any remaining reasoning and logic had been over come by the feeling of excitement and lust. Laying down again I tried to control my breath an excitement and closed my eyes. My hand went back down and felt her soft warm pussy , it was warm, soft, silky smooth, and shaven. The outer rim was so soft and gently folded. I was transfixed on the silk like feel of it, her puffy full lips forming a soft cradle. With two fingers I traced the contour of her pussy, one finger on each side going back and forth. It felt like electricity was going up my hand up my arm and down my spine. In the back of my mind the thought of this being my mother just made the feeling stronger. I rubbed her pussy deeper making small circles, opening and closing her lips. She was getting very hot and wet, I held my breath a little as I slipped my middle finger into her pussy a little bit. She still didn’t move, so I got a little braver and delved in deeper. The feeling was incredible, I couldn’t believe how wet she was, her pussy was smoother then I could have imagined and it pulled back on my finger when I pushed  in and out. By now my cock was rock hard and ached to feel inside of  her. But could I go all the way? To commit such a sin against god? Im mean this was my mother and here I was rubbing her pussy, making her wet, and getting ready to slide my cock into her cunt. Dispelling the last remnants of logic, I thought to my self ‘Well maybe just a little bit just to feel but that’s it and I’ll go back to bed.’ Slowly I pulled my hand out from my moms wet pussy and reach into my pants. I shifted my body closer , lined my self up, and pulled my 9 inch dick out.
        I tested the waters by pressing my dick up against her ass to see is she would react. Nothing. I pushed in a little more to feel her soft ass against my dick. I though to my self ‘ maybe I can do that later’. I pulled out and shifted down more till I was lined up with my mom’s warm wet pussy I so deeply desired. Warmth and adrenalin rippled through me as I thought about what I was about to do, the taboo thoughts of me filling my own mother’s pussy with my cock swirled in my mind fanning the flames. I held my eyes closed tight as I pressed my cock up against her pussy and rubbed the full length of my mom’s pussy with my shaft. Her pussy lips parting to sink my dick in a little more, and half enveloping the girth of my cock in her puffy folds, her juices spilling onto me forming thin coat onto my cock. Judging by her lack of reaction besides her increase warm and wetness, I thought I was safe enough to enter her now. I pulled my cock back a bit, taking in a few short breaths then slowly guiding my dick into her now hot pussy, gasping as I pushed in..
        The feeling of my dick inside my moms pussy overwhelmed me so much. Her cunt felt warm, smooth as silk, her soft pussy lips parting taking in my cock, with her body bathing me in warmth as I entered her. As my cock delved into her warm pussy a shock ran up my dick and into me, almost making me push into her pussy a little more then I wanted to. I had to brace my self by putting my hand on her hip. She stirred a little and I froze. I waited a few minutes then nothing else. Part of me wanted to quit while I was ahead. But the rest of me wanted to dive in more. Just so long as that doesn’t happen again I should be ok. Keeping my hand on her hip I pulled my cock out a inch or two then slowly pushed in again. She was so tight but I could still easily slide in. Her pussy engorge my cock and I could feel her pussy opening more to fit me inside her and her body contracting to pull me in.
       At the same time I reach up her nightie to those big beautiful breast, I caressed and rubbed the outside of her nightie feeling the size in my hand. They where even bigger then I thought, barely being able to cover one with my hand. I just had to feel one uncovered! So I pulled down part of the front end of her nighty to expose her huge soft breast. I took it up in my hand feeling the feel weight of it , kneading , gently tugging her nipples with my fingers. Never in my life had I felt something so wonderful and my throat thirst to taste her. Greedily I sucked down running my tongue all along her soft skin lathering it warmth. I pressed my lips down suckling on her nipple, small stream of milk came out as she began to lactate in her sleep. Spirts shot into my mouth and I lapped it up like the worlds sweetest nectar. Breaking off I looked down at her, my cock was buried in my mom’s juicey cunt and a small stream of milk ran down her breast, the site was immaculate. Rubbing my moms tits and having my dick in her pussy felt like pure ecstacy. I continued to push in and out of her, taking in every ounce of the feeling, the warm radiating off us now was incredible. My mom was getting wetter and wetter as I slid my cock in and out of her tight cunt. But  by mistake I came completely out and while was I was going back in I brushed up against her clit with my head on the way back in. She stirred and even more so then last time. I froze, thoughts began spinning in my head, ‘ Oh my god, she’s going to wake up, with her own son’s dick half buried inside her cunt! Oh my god she’s going to hate me and disown me for taking advantage of her like this. She is going to think im sick and send me away...can she get pregnant? I cant have a child with my mother!..Shit her eyes are opening!”
        Completely Frozen I watched her eyes slowly open half way. ‘ That’s it im dead’ I though to my self. Her hand reached downed between her legs, she touched her pussy and my dick that was in it. Afraid of what she might do I laid still while she slowly followed my dick to my balls with her hand  then run it back up to her pussy again. But to my surprise a smile came across her face, she closed her eyes and then did something even more amazing. She adjusted her self and pushed back into me, I looked down to I watch as the rest of cock disappear into my mom’s pussy! This was like a dream, not only was I fucking my mom she was letting me! With my dick fully inside my mom’s pussy she twisted a little and turned her face towards me and said the best words I ever heard in my life
        “Please fuck me some more baby” I was shocked and so turned on by what she just said. “But mom I don’t ....I don’t have a condom on.”
         “Don’t worry bout that hun” she said in a sexy half dazed voiced “lets just enjoy ourselves with this special moment” She reached up and kissed me during which I noticed what was on the night stand, it was a small round case and then realized what it was. I focused back on  kissing my mom, then pulled out my dick from her pussy till it was almost to the end. This caused her to break off the kiss and gasp a little, and as I pushed all the way back into that hot wet pussy of her’s and  she let out a soft moan. She put her head back on the pillow and pulled down the rest of her nighty giving me full access to both her breast. Putting my arm around her waist I repositioned her, arching her back more and giving me a better angle to penetrate her fully  with my cock. Then I started up just like before pushing in and out of her, this time fucking her cunt with my full length. I rubbed and sucked on her breast making  her to moan again and again. Taking her breast in my mouth my tongue danced around her nipple, pulling and sucking it as my hand rubbed her other breast. They were so supple and firm I loved to play with them. Sucking on her breast and sliding my cock in and out of her warm pussy put us both in a heavenly state.
         “Oh god.... like that baby.....oh god yessss fuck me like that...”
“Please be a good boy and fuck your mommy harder...You like fucking your mom huh?...OH GOD im going to cum.. You like having you hard cock inside your mom’s tight cunt?...OH GOD im going  to cum all over you cock!!”
         I increased my speed with every word she said and brought her to her first orgasm. Her body tensed up as the wave of pleasure washed over her. Her back arching as a loud gasp escaped her lips, her legs straitening as she reached around to my hip and with one arm to push me in farther.  Her pussy pulled on my cock so much I almost came. I pulled on her waist and gritted my teeth trying to stave off cumming just yet. After the orgasm passed she said “ Oh god that was wonderful please don’t stop.” I then pulled completely out of her and laid her on her back.
         I crawled to the foot of the bed, taking one knee in each hand I spread her legs before me. I marveled at the site before me, my mom was spread open for me, her hands where up under her pillow supporting her head. I had a full view of both her big wonderful tits now and finally I got to see that perfect pussy that I been fucking all this time; the beautiful pussy my mom has open up for me and welcomed her on sun to fill with his cock.  Her pussy was so warm and so wet. My mom’s pussy juices and my pre cum flowed freely from her cunt. It was absolutely perfect. I lowered my self on to her and for the second time I witnessed my cock part and slide past those warm soft lips to disappear into her soft cunt, once when it was all the way in I lowered my self onto her breast. The sensation of both are bodies pressed up against each other was incredible, and the feeling of having my entire cock in my mom’s vagina pressed up against her cervix was divine. It was hard to believe that all these sensation where coming from my own mothers warm pussy. The heat passed between us we just stared into each other eyes then embraced each other. With my hand on ether side of her and her hand around my back I lifted my self up. I could feel her legs tighten a little around my waist then relax when I was in position. Then while still looking into those dark green eyes I started to slowly pull my cock out of my mom’s tight warm pussy and then felt it go back in inch by inch, taking in the smooth silk feeling of her soft pussy as her warmth encased my cock. Our eyes never looking away as we just soaked up the sensation. Then she said the words to set me off again “Fuck me”.
         Now harder then before I pushed in and out her, her warm velvet pussy sliding my cock in and out of her. As she started to meet my thrust she began to moan more and more. The heat was building up and her cunt was nearly gushing her pussy juices out now. She moaned in delight as a orgasm hit her , then another, the waves keep flowing over her and she pushed up into me at full force and I pushed back. I was about to cum and couldn’t hold it any longer.” Oh god mom im going to cum”
        “Cum baby cum in your momma’s hot pussy.....ohhhh yesss....I need your cock to fill me.....ooohhh godddd.... fill my cunt with your hot cum.....fill your mother please ....OOOHHHHH GOODD!!.”
        It was then that the final wave hit us both, her pussy held tight as I thrusted one list time into her going deeper then ever before. I slid clear past her cervix, my cock spasming as my hot cum gushed into her depths. Our body remained tense as what seem for every as I spilled load after load of my cum directly into my mom, filling her my seed. Finally I clasped out of breath on her, too tired to even pull out my cock.
        Only my mom had enough energy to speak “ God that was wonderful.” She held me close to her “I can still feel all your hot loving cum deep inside me and you cock still inside my cunt. God you’ve completely filled me up!” I managed to muster the strength but still breathing heavily to reply “That was better then.... I could have possible dreamed of....your pussy feels so good mom.”
        “I love having your cock inside me I cant get enough, I guess im your bitch now huh” she said beaming smile followed by a giggle. I grinned as she kissed my fore head “ Well form now on when ever you want your bitch, even when you come home form school just call me and ill come up lay on your bed, spread open waiting for you to fuck me. Maybe you can even come in to the kitchen...bend me over the counter... so you can slip your cock in my pussy and fuck me right there” she ended with a yawn and we both drifted to sleep still embracing each other.

        I a woke to the sounds of bird chirping and the first slivers of the morning light coming through the window. I rubbed my head for a second and all the events from last night came back to out of a dream. I remember my mom’s pink nightie and then heat of passion we shared. I could feel my dick becoming hard again as I recounted the night. It all started with that simple feel that lead  to my mom waking up to find my dick inside her, then to her fucking right back at me, and ending with me unloading my hot seed into her. 
       My head cleared from its haze, then I realized who was still under me. My mom rested peacefully, her soft face lay to one side, and her locks of hair sprawled on the pillow. The whole night we sleep in each others embrace, even my cock was still inside her pussy, and seeing and thinking about all this was getting me very hard. Delicately I moved her arms off me as not to wake her, slowly I drew my legs up and with my hand I pulled my dick slowly out her finally coming out with a soft slurp sound. With my cock dislodge from her warm pussy a mix of my cum and her juices ran out of her glorious cunt. I quickly picked up a towel off the floor and put it under her to catch the cum from getting all over the bed. I couldn’t believe how much cum I pumped into her last night. I was about to go get a new towel when I caught its sent....I put the towel up to my face taking in the sweet aroma. It almost smelled as sweet as flowers, wisping its enchanting scent, tempting me for more, and rekindling my inner flame. Putting the towel aside I curiously bent down to my moms pussy, putting me face inches away from her. She smelled absolutely intoxicating. After breathing in the aroma coming off her I decide to try and see how it taste. I got in closer and stuck out my tongue and touched her outer lip with the tip of my tongue, thinking about for a moment it was sweet but salty. I wasn’t bad, so I decided to try some more. I began running my tongue all around her pussy. It wasn’t before long till I started to fully get into it, I caught every droplet around her wonderful cunt.
         I could see my mom starting to wake up, her eyes still closed as she stretched her arms. I continued to lap up the juices flowing from her as she started to rub her breast and grasp the bed sheets with her other hand. She moaned in delight and slowly opened her eyes.
       “ Mmmm what a wonderful way to be woken up” a smile of pure lust beamed across her face “I could get used to this.” I didn’t reply. She bent her legs and spread them open more for me. I wrapped my arms up and around her legs and pulled in closer, she stopped rubbing her breast and grasping the sheet. She moved both hands down and spread her pussy lips. I stopped and stared for a moment, I looked deep into her cunt and couldn’t help but be awed by it. This is where I once came from, and just last night I filled it once again but with my cock as I poured my own seed into my mother’s awaiting cunt. I leaned in and put my entire mouth on my mom’s cunt , sliding my tongue in as far as it could got and swirling it around picking up the warm fluids from her walls. My mom gasped as I entered her and moaned when I moved my tongue back out her. I withdrew my tongue and slid my tongue along her clit, she moaned with ecstasy in her voice.
        “You taste so good mom, I could eat your pussy all the time” She moaned in response and replied “ I cant get enough of your wonderful tongue” she gave a high pitched out moan “The way you eat me out makes hotter then I ever been.” I started to lap my tongue around her pussy faster stopping to rub her clit in circles. She dropped her hands and arched her back as a orgasm rocked her core. She barely had time to recover before what I was about to do next. I got up on my knees grabbed my cock and slid it right into her pussy, with one swift motion I put my arm under her back and pulled her up to me. She wrapped her legs around me and I let her arch back just enough so I could suck on tits. She put out her arms and tried to hang on to me, but she could barley hold on to my shoulders as I lifted up and down. She yelled out to me “ OOH GOD YES!.....I cant get enough of your cock....its so wonderful....uuuuuhhh uhhhHHHH ooOH YES! FUCK ME!!”
        I pounded her on my dick hard then ever, bouncing her on my lap. I looked down to see my cock sliding in and out of my mom’s hot cunt, my cock glistened with her juices as I pulled out of my mom’s pussy and glided back in.
       Her golden lochs of hair bounced up and down wildly in the air. “ Im going to cum on your cock again..........OH JESUS.....Don’t stop!” And at that moment she tightened her legs around me as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy. Her head tossed back unleashing a guttural moan as I grit my teeth “Im going to cum mom” She lessened her grip on me “ Don’t come yet hun, mommy wants to taste your hot cum.” She quickly got off me and got on all fours. I was holding my dick tight trying to hold back for a second more, as soon as she opened her mouth I guided my cock strait into her. She gagged a little and I could see my cock was expanding her throat but she took it all at once, then she started to rock back and forth. Her lips sliding up and down my shaft and her tongue swashing the head of my dick. My senses overloaded and I was about to explode. I pushed her head to base of my cock then released. She choked on the loads of cum I was shooting down the throat, with one hand I reached to down to the under part of her throat. I could feel not only my cock but the heat from all the cum. She tired to swallow all she could, but cum started to pour out her mouth and drip down her chin. She tried to push me off to come up for air but lust had taken over and I held my dick firmly inside of her mouth. I only let up after I spilled my entire load, upon letting go of her she fell back onto her haunches, her arms bracing her from behind and gasping for air. I could now clearly see how much I put into her, cum was coming down her chin covering her breast almost entirely and a few lines even reached her pussy. She was absolutely cover in my cum and we where both breathing heavily.
       “ Im so sorry I just lost control” I blurted every winded. Stopping for breaths in between words. She replied “Its ok, I love...I love the feel of your cum shooting down my throat... and...and being washed with warmth of it.... covering me.” With that she scooped up a large amount of cum off her tits held it up and drizzle it all into her mouth then sucking her fingers clean “Mmmm.. oh god you taste so good.” I just watched my mom as she scooped all the cum off her, she even delved into her pussy to bring every last drop to her mouth and suck it down. If wasn’t so tired I would be all over her again.
       Once we regained some strength we got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. My mom switched on the shower and beckoned me in. The hot water feel so good and instantly relaxed my soar muscles, the cleansing waters washing away everything from last night and this morning. We took turns cleaning each other, kissing, and playing with each other. She knelt down in front of me and cleaned my cock with her tongue and when she had finished she turned around and pressed her body up to the tiles as I ate her from behind. My mom looked so beautiful standing next to me, her skin sparkling in the light as the water washed over her. Streams of water rolling down her back side mapping each curve on her back, her curvaceous ass , and finally parting in two directions as it rolled over the contours of her puffy pussy lips.
        We got out and went back into the bed room. As my mom dried off; I couldn’t help but stare at her figure. It was so soft and smooth, curves in all the right places, and still so tone. I could stare at her all day, body was a art form.
        I heard a large grumble that snapped me back to reality. It occurred to me how famished I was. My mom looked at me and laugh “Yah, I think we both worked up apatite.”
        We walked into the kitchenette, together we made a large breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and what ever else we could get out our packs. We ate or breakfast in silence, just trading looks while smiling from ear to ear. My mom was the first to finish since she ate less any way. She walked back into the room to set out our cloths while I finished up. I put my plate into the sink and walked over. She was putting on her cloths so I started to do the same. I continued to watch her as she got dressed, she slipped on a short sleeve white T-shirt and pulled on her socks. She put her hair up into pig tails and tied a blue bandana around her head. She walked across the room to retrieve her boots and the walked back to the bed, I smiled to my self figuring she was giving me a show on purpose. With her pigtails, blue banana, and white socks rolled down at the boots she looked just like a tree hugger hippy girl, and half naked one at that. Her pants where the last thing to go on and even then she made sure to pull them extra slow, showing off her curves. Even then she wasn’t wearing any panties or a braw under her thin layer of cloths. Mostly likely she knew they wouldn’t be staying on for long. We where full dressed finally, and she bent down to tie her boots.
         I looked up from the bed at her full ass as she bent over, it almost felt like it was calling out to me.  I got off the bed and stood behind her. I put a hand on each cheek and rubbed them in soft circles feeling them shift under my hands. Fondling and massaging them, soaking up there grandeur and hungering for more. I ran my hands along her hips then slid around half way to the front. I pulled my mom up to me a little more straitening her long legs and leveling her with me raging young cock. My hands continued traveling, sliding down her front side shorts then forming a V with my hands rubbing her inner thighs and pussy as I spread he legs apart. Going back up a few inch I undid the first button, the top of her shorts gave small pop as they opened. I reached into the thin layer of cloth and grasped the zipper, smoothly pulling down and listening to the soft zipping noise. My hands returning to each side of her hips and I slid her thin tan hiking shorts down, watching as they slipped over the curves of her ass before me and pulling them down to her thighs. I leaned in to kiss the back of her neck, she abandoned trying to tie her boots and put her hands on the bed.  By then I had already pulled out my cock, and with one hand on my cock and the other hand on her ass I slowly slid my self into her tight pussy. Her hot pussy lips parted engulfed me as I slide my cock deep inside my mom. She moaned softly, taking one hand and lifting it up to her pussy gently rubbing as I pushed in and out of her. With both hands I pushed up her white t-shirt letting her huge breast hang, with both in my hands I began to rub them deeply, pressing my finger tips into her soft flesh, feeling their weight in my hands. I increased my speed pushing into my mom a little harder that made a small slapping noise as my hips pushed up against her lush ass. After a few minutes she stood up fully erect with my cock still in her pussy. Her hand gently rested on her mound and held my cock inside her, she turned her head around, kissed me and giggled.
         “If we keep this up we wont even get out the door” we both laugh “Besides I got something special for you later.” Quizzically I asked “What’s this surprise you got for me”
         She kissed me again “You’ll just have to wait.” So she pulled my cock out and pulled her shorts back up. Slightly disappointed but still hopeful about this surprise we walked outside and headed off into the forest.
         On several occasion my mom stopped to consult the map, then put it away and pressed on. I wasn’t sure where we’re going but it seemed she did. We passed beautiful lust groves of trees, small grassy clearings populated with wild flowers here and there, add in the “other” scenery and I wasn’t all that bad of a hike. The trail twisted and turned along the side of the mountains, the trail was littered with rock but had some clear smooth patches along the way. As we got further and further in the dense vegetation seemed to make the air more humid. We walked for what seemed for hours and the sun was starting to get high in the sky, sweat started to drip from both of us and I my legs where getting tired.
        But my mom encouraged me to press on. Every so often we would stop at a clearing to rest. She would sit on a log or the ground lifting up her shirt letting me play with her tits and undo her shorts to let me play with her pussy when ever we stopped for a breather. I tried to slide my dick into her, some times getting it in, but only for a minutes before she pulled me out her. She said I need to save it for later. A couple hours into the hike my mom turned to me and said “Want to know something?”
       “Sure” I replied.
              “Well to be perfectly honest, I thought about us having sex for along time”
       “Really? When? How Long?” I said a little shocked.
               She smiled “ Well Im not sure when it exactly began, but one night I came into your room while you where asleep and you cock was out and in your hand. I just looked at for along time, I took it into my hand, stroking it and contemplated indulging my self.... but ultimately I changed my mind.”
       “ Ha, figures your such a tease some times” I remarked.
               “ Smart ass” she giggled “Any way I figured I’d get another chance some other time, then I noticed you looking at more then just the trees on the car ride up. I bounced the idea around in my mind for a bit and decided to give you a little bit more. You remember right? Up at the rock cliff.”
        I went about three shades of red, I couldn’t believe she knew all this time. I bashfully replied “Yes...if my memory server me right you practically where showing your tits off to me.”
                “Ohhh was I ?” She said innocently. I knew she was taunting me and she was enjoying ever bit fo it.
         “So explain this to me then. Why did you bring  that pink little number for if you didn’t know before hand that we end know” I queried.
                “To sleep in, in what else? Not wearing panties is another story....”
         “True” I said after pondering it for a moment.
                “And I was almost worried that you would fall asleep before you found out, but we see how nicely that worked out.” She spun around and flashed her tits giggled then started to run “ Come on you got to keep up if you want these.”
         “God your such a tease” and I darted after her. It didn’t long to catch up to her, knowing her she probably wanted me to catch her. I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply, but we tripped and I ended up on top of her. I pulled up her shirt as she giggled and squirmed, who knew my mom could be so childish at times, she really was a wild spirit. The giggling stopped and she began to moan lustfully again like before as played and sucked on her tits. She seemed to like it even more when I pulled on her nipples with my teeth, she would just look down and moan softly as I played and sucked on her tits one at a time. I unzipped her shorts  and pulled them down, I was about to slide my cock into her pussy when....
                “Wait stop, you hear that?”
        “Hear what ?” I said kinda with my mouth full.
                “I can hear it, where close!”She pushed me off and pulled up her shorts but not bothering to button up. I leaned on my side propping my self up with my elbow and gave out a long forceful sigh , got up and went the direction she ran. When I caught up to her I found her standing near a pool of water some ways off the trail. I stopped next to her crouched over and panting.     
        “Where here” she said as I looked up. Before us was a very wide 30 foot waterfall that lazily sloped down. It collected in a large pool that had a small grassy island raising from the center, the island itself only 8 feet long at the most. The water then headed off a ways then took sharp drop off another water fall. Large black and green mossy rocks and boulders surrounded the pool and made up the slope of the water fall. The water toppled over rocks this way and that way as it made its way down stream. We stood on one of the few parts that was clear of rocks and lead down into the water. The water sparkled in the sun light and was crystal clear, It was like our own personal grotto.
         We where both shocked by the natural beauty of it, then I remember that this must be the waterfall I was thinking of yesterday. No wonder I couldn’t see it, the tall trees and the difficulty to get here make it so private and remote. We both dropped our bags kicked off out shoes and sprawled out to rest on the bank, it was amazing too think we crossed the entire valley to get here, we covered a lot of ground... with some motivation too. Speaking of which....
         I turned on my side over to my mom “This was a nice surprise, its so beautiful here”
She grinned evilly “I was wondering when you where going to get to that, and of corse that’s not all I had planned. Follow me.” She took my hand and lead me over to round smooth rock, it had a flat top with moss growing on the side here and there. It sat overlooking the water and was surrounded by lush grass. My mom then took out a large towel out from her pack and put it across the rock. She knelt down in front of the  the rock. “Come kneel behind me” she told me in a soft gentle voice and obediently I walked over a knelt down. “I know you wanted to do this last night but didn’t get the chance” as she said this she bent over the rock slowly slid her shorts down...
         “Hun... I want you to fuck me in the ass” My mom rested her stomach on the rock and propped her self up on her elbow and held the edge of the rock with hands. Her luscious full ass sticking up in the air towards me, her cheeks parted slightly revealing her puckered hole. Below that her soft pussy folds pushed out between her legs and dripped with lust, her puffy wings spread open and her cunt opened wide. She slowly reached around with both hands and spread her ass cheeks open and laid there, waiting there for me to ravage her. I moved in closer to her put one hand on each cheek, they were so soft smooth, I took the time to rub and caress them one at a time. Her ass was so perfectly shaped, each cheek was larger then my hand and her skin was so fair. Leaning in I held on to her ass and slivered my tongue into her pussy, picking up all the moisture and spreading it over her pussy and asshole. My mom moaned as I ate her out from behind, letting go of her ass and moving down to rub her pussy to make her more wet while I pushed her into my face more. After spreading as much juice as I could over her ass I pulled my hard cock out my pants. I pressed up against her ass rubbing my shaft in her crack, pushing her cheeks together and enjoying the sensation of her skin against my cock. My mom let out a light gasp as I pushed against her with my cock. Finally with both hands I spread my mom’s ass, I started to move forward...
         “Ummm, please be gentle...I never done this before.....for any one” My mother said over she shoulder. “I’ll try, just relax” I reassured her, I knew she was nervous I could see her holding the rock tighter in anticipation. I pushed my cock up against her puckered hole, I rocked a little trying to loosen her up so I could slide in. Applying a little more pressure I managed to slip my dick into her tight ass, she gasp as I slide the few inches into her. “Im in, are you ready for more?” she nodded her head and pushed her stomach down a little more raising the angle on her ass. She rested her head on the towel and hugged the rock a little. I pushed in more, very slowly, her ass was so tight it was squeezing my cock bit. Inch by inch I slid my cock into my mom’s ass, I stopped every so often and gave her time to adjust to my size, every time I stopped she exhaled trying to relax a little more. I could really see her ass hole really stretching just to fit me in, her ass tightly forming a ring around my cock, wrinkling as my dick slid in deeper expanding my mom’s  ass hole. Her eyes became teary and red, It was hard to imagine what she must have felt like. Here she was having her son was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her ass, her virgin ass, stretching to its limits just to take in her son’s cock.
          “ Are you ok? Do you want me to stop” I asked concerned.
                  “No” she said with a little sniffle “ God it feels so amazing! My ass being stretched like never before, and the feeling of you inside me is so wonderful. It hurts but I love every once of it, please just push it the rest of the way in”
         “ But its only half way in” I said, I was shocked she could enjoy this much  pain. “Just do it im ready” she replied and gripped the rock. “Ok just try to relax your muscles as much as you can, it will make it much more easy to go in if Im going to make this in one push.” She didn’t say any thing but I could feel the pressure letting up on my cock. Sucking I a quick few breaths of air I held on to her hips.
        I forcefully pulled her into me while I pushed in, stuffing my cock deep into her and making her rise off the ground as a pushed against her. And with one thrust I was now completely in my mom’s ass. She flung her head back as she cried out “ OH GOD! You cock is filling my entire ass up! feels like Im being split in two....ohhhhh god it feels so good... I need your cock in me so bad... please don’t take it out yet... I need to feel you filling up my ass” Tears streamed down her face as she was engulfed in pain and pleasure.
        After a few minutes she stopped breathing heavily and got used to the full size of my cock in her ass. She moaned a little when I pushed up against her ass letting my cock slide in just a little bit more. ”Are you ready for me to pull it out now?” I asked rubbing her ass to relax her. She nodded her head to say yes. “Ok when I start to pull out just push like your going to the bathroom, ok?” She nodded again. I pulled back and her muscles contracted to push me out, my cock slipped easily out of her ass with a small pop. I sat back looking at me mom’s ass, her hole was red from all the punishment it had received form my cock .
        My mom called to me over her shoulder “Now that you’ve broken me in it should be a lot easier come fuck your mother in the  ass.” I nodded to her and crawled back over to her. I spread her ass and put my cock at the entrance again and with on thrust I shoved my entire cock in her. She moaned in delight “ OH GOD YES....fuck my ass hard.....fill my ass with you  big dick!”
        I pounded my mom’s ass at full force and she pushed right back into me. I was amazed how my mom could take my cock in her ass like that, I could see my dick sliding in and out pulling on her ass hole as it came out. My cock spurting out pre-cum helped lube her ass so my cock glided through now.  It felt so great to have my cock in her and her round luscious cheeks provided such a nice cushion. I reached up and slid her shirt up to reveal those giant tits of hers, I grabbed and squeezed them as I fucked her in the ass. At one point I pulled her up so I could suck on one for a bit with my cock still in her ass, then I put her down again and picked up speed again holding onto her tits..
        My mom howled out as the first orgasm hit her “ Oh god yeah fuck me in the ass!...fuck me harder....fuck your mom’s sluty ass like im your bitch...I know you love to fuck you mother in the ass...come on give mommy what  she wants.”
        “ God mom I love to fuck your ass...its so cock in your ass feel so great I never want to stop.”I sped up making a loud slapping noise as I pounded into her sweet ass, my balls banging into her pussy only driving her even more mad. I thrusted  my cock back into her all the way as far it would go. She screamed in pain and delight. Then with all my strength I put my arm around her waste and leaned back. I was now on my back and she was on top of me, I helped her pull the rest of her shorts off then grabbed her thighs. Spreading her open I bent my knees up and started pounding away. My mom reached down to rub he clit while rubbing her tits with the other hand. She never stopped moaning as my cock ravaged her ass and I was on the brink of cumming. My mom could feel the pressure building in my dick “ Please cum in my ass.....I want it so bad.....I want to feel you completely fill my ass.....please baby I need your hot cum in me” she pleaded. She let go over he tits and stopped rubbing her sopping wet pussy and pulled her ass wide open for me. In a high pitched moan she said “ Please cum in me now!!”
        And almost instantly I dumped huge loads of semen into my mom’s ass, and she howled as I unloaded all I had into her “ aaaaaaaAAAAAHHHH PLEASE FILL ME MORE!!!” As the cum kept pouring into her ass the pressure built up to it limits, I had completely filled my mom’s ass with my cum. Large loads of cum shot out of her ass and on to the ground because of the pressure. Finally my body stopped pumping it into her and we both clasped, she lay on top of me with my cock still plugging up her ass. In almost a whisper she managed to say “ So warm....I feel so warm inside....the warmth fills me up from the deepest parts of my body.”
        I rolled her over onto the grass on her side and put my arm around her keeping her close against me, she pushed out her leg to support her self and placed one hand on the ground in front of her. We just laid there breath and gathering out strength. After awhile I reach down and grabbed the base of my cock. I pulled out and all the cum still inside her came pouring out, dripping all over her legs and pussy and onto the ground. I got up onto my knees taking a minute to take this all in. I looked down at my mother laying in front of me, in these past two days we she has shared every part of her with me, letting the son she brought into this world fill her again with the warmth of his body. The gift she has given me was incomprehensible, she has giving me her love, her trust, and her entire body over to me. I took off what little remaining cloths we where wearing and I picked her up in my arms and held her close to me. I kissed her and carried her over to the water. The cooling water encompassing us I waded in deeper, I set her in the water letting her float on her back but still holding her.
        She looked up at me with her big green eyes and whispered in my ear “ Is that all you got?” I rolled my eyes and dropped her into the water with a resounding splash. She came out of the water laughing, she was still weak but still had enough to egg me on. “Your something you know that?” I said, and she just smiled leaned back and swam over to the island in the center of the water.
        She laid on her back on the grassy bank of the island with half of her still in the water. I swam up to her between her legs. She bent her knees and put her hands behind her head. Some how I knew what she wanted me to do, and with out her saying a word I lifted her legs up with one hand and held them in the air together. I scooped up the cooling water and poured the water between her legs, letting it run down her thighs, navigating the folds of her pussy and washing over her ass. I looked and her hole in awe, she was still gaping about a inch or two and very red. Its amazing how hard of a punishment she took and enjoyed every bit of it, the way her ass hole was gaping remind me of some the anal scene on the net.
        I continued poured more water into her open hole letting it run out washing way the cum with it. She purred as the cool water ran through her. I pulled her into the water a little more submerging her ass in the water. I stuck my two fingers inside her hole washing away all the seed I had put into her. I added a third finger to try and get more out. She arched her back and moaned, as she seemed to be enjoying this. I wondered how far I could get in, I added a forth finger into my mom’s ass and she just keep purring at the feel
        “Mmmmmm go in deeper” she cooed. Soon enough I had my fist in my moms ass, her hole stretched beyond what I thought possible. Her soft skin was being stretched and creased together around my fist. She looked at me and nodded. And slowly I began to push my fist deeper into her. She moaned with pleasure as I pushed in deeper, I was past my wrist by about three inches. It was a strange sensation having my hand so deep inside her, I could feel her muscle expanding and contracting around my hand, and the all the warmth emanating from her and all the cum left inside her. I gently rocked my hand in out but not going in any deeper.
        “Oh god that feels wonderful” My mom said putting her hands on her ass spreading her self open more. Off to the left I heard a bush rustle up not to far way form us, I abruptly pulled my hand out of my mom’s ass and spun to see where the sound originated from. My mother gasped loudly when I pulled out of her so fast. I looked off into the distance and whispered “ I think some one’s” I looked down to my mother. She was now gaping a monstrous 3 inches but slowly shrinking to normal. She just laid there frozen with her hands still spreading her ass open. Her eyes and mouth where wide open, her chest rising and falling as she breathed quickly. I stood there stunned to see her reaction. Finally I said “ Are you alright?” She nodded with tears streaming down her face still shocked, she smiled as her breathing slowed. “ I think some one is here” I whispered “ Im going to go off and creep around back to see if I can catch them......are you sure your alright?” She just stared into the sky euphorically and replied rather winded “ Uh huh  ......Ill wait here....”
        I crept up to the shore and grabbed my pants and nothing else. Slowly I circled around in the brush to try and come form behind of where the sound came from. Creeping along  I moved through the lush bushes as quiet as I could. I crawled down a small slope parted some tall grass that surrounded a small clearing formed on a ledge that over looked the water. A few feet away I saw  a young girl with red hair, but I couldn’t make out their face from behind. She was on all fours, her blue shorts jeans where throne on the ground. I stood still and gawked, my mouth hanging open , she had one hand on the ground and her other was reaching under her to her pussy. She sat there moaning and sliding two fingers in and out of her very wet pussy. I wondered how long had she been watching us. Some what angry I crouched down and crept up behind her and grabbed her arm. She fell over onto her back as I kneeled over her. Stunned, she still had her hand in her pussy and could do nothing but look up at me.
        I couldn’t believe it, of all the people to be here. For a moment I didn’t say anything I just stared back into those deep blue eyes I so often dreamed of “Christy what the hell on god’s green earth are you doing here?” She stuttered for a second and then realized who I was and batted her eyes in disbelief  “J... John?” In slightly annoyed tone I asked “ Christy.....why and how long have you been here?”
         “ I..I ... heard the waterfall from down the ridge. I came up for some water and maybe a swim... And then I saw two people down below having sex. I just ducked down here and watched... and I started” She started to tear up and wrapped her arms around me “ Im sorry John, I didn’t mean to spy...really I didn’t mean any harm” She sniffled and cried in my arms “I promise I won’t tell any one I swear”
        All I could do was stroke her hair and try to calm her down “Don’t worry, its ok, really, im not mad at you.” She stopped crying and looked up at me “Really? Your not mad.”
        “Yes really it’s ok” I kissed her forehead. “But , what are you doing all the way out here”
        She wiped the tears from her eyes and began to tell her story “Well you see. I was going to come up here with my girl friend....” She instantly stopped short “Oh god my I didn’t don’t tell any one I said that.” I nodded and laugh “ Well so long you don’t tell any one about me. But continue...”
        She started up again “But, she broke up with me last night...and...” She started to cry again and buried her face in my arms “ and... I thought since I was planning to come out here any way maybe I would feel better and maybe clear my head.... God, I can’t believe she dumped me for a guy!” She sobbed a little more.
        My mom emerged from the bushes and partly dressed. “So did you find the little sneak?”
        Christy looked up at her and choked back in shocked,“ M..Mrs. Parker?” Christy looked at me, then her again, and suddenly the full picture hit her “You mean.. that was..... and you two where ....but .... but isn’t she your ....?” She just laid there with her mouth open, I turned my head and way and said out load “Shitttttt .”
        My mother turned to me “ John who is there girl and how does she know you.” I sighed and looked back at her “ She goes to my school mom.” She put her hand up to her mouth in shock and sat down on a near by rock. Christy glanced between us “I...I wont tell any one I swear....In fact I was thinking ....since... you know im kinda lonely out here and all....maybe I could” looked at the ground and then looked back at me “Join you...” I just stared at her slack jawed with a puzzled look in my eye, I could see my mom was a little bit stunned too. “W...w ... what?” I couldn’t believe if my ears where playing tricks on me or not. “I mean.... if that’s alright with you guys...just the same if you don’t want me around I wont tell...” putting one hand on her head “GOD, it still blows my mind that your two where......and considering she’s your...” She said making hand jesters in the air pointing back and forth between me and my mom.
        I turned to my mom and looked at her for the answer. My mom uncovered her face and daintily resting her chin in the palm of her hand. “Well I suppose we could add one more into our little group. But you got to understand Christy. You can never speak of this to annnyyyy one.” She jumped out of my arms and hugged my mom catching her off guard, almost sending them both to the ground “ Oh thank you! I promise.” I just sat back on my knees with my arms still out and completely frozen thinking to my self ‘What the hell just happened here?’
        My mom put her arm around Christy’s shoulder and they got up and walked back down to the water talking away about something I couldn’t make out. More importantly I just sat there trying to wrap my mind around what just happened, after a few minutes a grin came across my face. I got up and walked down to join them. By the time I got back down their cloths where in a pile one of the rocks and they where in the water facing each other and talking. I stripped back down and swam out into the water.
        “Hey John, your mom was just telling me about all the things you two been up too” I sheepishly looked down into the water but still grinning. She took me by the hand and pulled me closer “ I think its so wonderful that you and your mom share something so beautiful.” She held me close up to her bare body and said in a low voice “And I was hoping maybe we could have something like that between us.” Puzzled I asked “ But I thought you only....” She cut me short knowing what I was going to say “Hey I didn’t say that I only liked girls” She said with a evil grin. We looked at each other till my mother broke in “Looks like we wont be getting much sleep tonight again.”
        Christy Laughed and leaned over and kissed my mom. This was the single most hottest thing I have ever witnessed in my life, I looked on while Christy and my mom embraced each and kissed deeply. I could just barely see her tongue going into my moms mouth, in fact I was getting a little jealous. But I hey, I’m not complaining. Christy hands slipped under the water and began fondling my mother’s breast. My mom kicked her feet leading her over to the island, never breaking off their slow sensual kiss. I just looked on as my mom laid on her back while Christy laid on her side kissing my mom and caressing her breast like I’ve done before. I swam up to get a better view, my cock was rock hard and I was touching my self under the water.
        Finally Christy broke off the long kiss and looked into my mother eyes, she lowered her body and sucked on my mom’s large, full, tits. My mom gasped and she pulled on her nipples and gently sucked on them, some times using her teeth to pull on her sensitive nipples. She lathered every inch of her smooth skin with her tongue, bathing her breast in a thin coat of liquid. She knew every part to touch and how to touch it, my mother lay there purring from the attention her breast where receiving.
         Slowly Christy’s hand slowly went down. She reached down and slowly rubbed my mom’s pussy up and down in a slow rhythmic motion. My mom responded by moaning and spreading her legs open. She continued to rub her pussy and suckle on her tits, from the water I could see Christy pussy getting wet now. She picked up her left hand and put two fingers in my mom’s mouth, she sucked on Christy’s fingers moaning as they glided in and out picking up the moisture from her mouth. She then pulled her dripping finger out and lowered them back down to my mom’s cunt. She slowly rubbed her then sank her fingers into her warm cunt, instantly making my mom became extremely wet. My mom moaned softly as she entered her, Christy gently pushed her fingers in and out of my mom’s wet pussy while still sucking on her giant tits. She slowly pushed her fingers in and out picking up speed, rocking her hand back a forth on my moth’s mound like a water pump. My mom got wetter and wetter, her pussy juice streamed out and glistened in the sun, shimmering down her legs like strands of light, her soft pussy lips spreading open around Christy’s fingers then engulfing them deep inside. My mom moaned in delight and Christy sped up, pushing her fingers in and out of her dripping went pussy. My mom pushed with her hips back into her hand trying to get her in deeper.
        Christy pulled her fingers out my mom and brought them to her lips. My mom looked up lustfully into her eyes and sucked down on them licking up every drop of her own pussy juice. Slowly Christy got up shifted down, my mom just lay there as Christy knelt down between her legs. Christy leaned over, her ass stuck up the air and her head was low enough that her breast touched the grass. She lowered her mouth to my mom’s pussy and began to eat her out, slipping her tongue in and out of her warm hole. My mom gripped the ground and moaned each time her tongue flickered across her pussy.
        “Oh god Christy!... You eat my pussy so well... Ahhhhh .....oh god yes!... im going to cum for going to cum all over you and watch you drink all my pussy juices up.” I could see how wet Christy was getting too , and she began fingering her self for relief. I couldn’t take this any more , I swam out of the water on to the strip of land. She didn’t even notice me come out of the water. I positioned my self  behind her and watched as she ate my mom’s cunt , my eyes then lead me down to her pussy before me. Her pussy was so wet, the juices from her cunt glistening on her pussy wings, her puffy lips had a soft pink hew, with the same soft silky look as my mom’s. I held my cock and pushed into her, my cock parted her lips penetrating her soft wet cunt. She was much tighter then I expected and I only got my cock part of way into her tight hole. Just the same she moaned as I entered her, her vocal vibrations going strait to my mom’s pussy. That was the final push my mom needed to send her over the edge. She moaned as the intensity of the orgasm took over her body. “ Oh god yes! me out...drink from  my pussy till there’s no more...” Her back arched off the ground and she pushed Christy’s face in deeper bathing her tongue with her sweet nectar. Christy greedily lapped up all she could but her face still became soaked in cum.
        I held on to her hips and pushed her into me fitting my entire dick in her cunt now. Another vibration range out from her vocals causing my mom to cum again. “ Oh fuck yes!...don’t stop im feels so good.” She continued eating up my mom’s sweet pussy as I fucked her from behind. Her pussy held on to my cock contracting trying to milk every once of cum out of my as I slide in and out of her. With every push I got deeper and deeper inside of her till I hit her cervix. I continually pressed up against it trying to push past it. Christy continued to moan and whimper as I fucked her tight hole, no one as ever gotten this deep inside her before and she wanted me to go in as deep as I could. She pushed back on me trying to force me deeper inside her, the combine sensation of me filling her up so much and going so deep in her made it hard for her to focus eat my mom out any more.
        “John please I need you cock inside me....fuck me John....deeper.....deeEPPER!....I want to be filled with your cock John.....please John push your cock deep in me!!” Her sexy voice only driving me even more to push as hard as I could into her.
        My mom turned her self around and positioned her self under Christy and I, she lifted her head and began to suck her pussy and my cock as I slid in and out. Occasionally I would pull out completely and slip my cock into my mother’s mouth down bellow giving her a taste my pre cum and Christy’s juices. Some times I would shove my cock down her throat completely, sliding it in and out a couple time before sticking it back in Christy’s cunt.
        Both of them where moaning as I took turns fucking them. When I entered Christy again she pushed back with such a force my cock slipped past her cervix putting me at the maximum dept inside her pussy.
        “ Oh god yes....I can feel you so deep inside me...god it feels so wonderful to feel your cock just filling up my cunt” but she had no idea what filled really was when it came to me. I gasped the instant I broke past her cervix and hunched over her back as I spilled my seed into the her depths of her cunt. Christy let out a shriek as the cum flooded directly into her core, coating and filling her insides with my warm sticky cum. Her cunt just working harder pulling and pushing my cock to pump her as much she could take, filling her with my hot semen. I filled her up quickly with my hot cum and  it began to drain out into my mother’s mouth below. She lapped up the mix of fluids ravenously trying to get as much as she could. After a few moments I freed my cock form her tight cunt and all the cum flowed freely from her and into my mom mouth. She pulled her down to her mouth so she could suck as much as she could out of her. My mom slid her tongue into her drinking up all she could. I stood up and went around to Christy’s mouth and sank my cock into her throat. I could feel her tongue swashing around in her mouth as she cleaned off my cock and swallowing both of our juices. As I looked down at the most gorgeous and popular girl in school who was sucking my dick, my mom who was eating her out, and the beautiful wilderness around us, I grinned with pure happiness. These past few days will probably be the best days of my life, If nothing the most memorable. But I don’t think its over yet...

        It was starting to get dark out and we only had a hour of sunlight, maybe two on the outside. All three of us where exhausted and up until then we had just been swimming around and talking. We didn’t realize how late it was getting till a cool breeze slipped by making us shiver, so we made our way out of the water and to our cloths. Christy retrieved her jeans and packs from her previous hiding spot and my mom and I went around picking up our stuff that we had left laying here and there. My mom looked up at the sky “Im not sure where going to make it back before night fall.” Just then Christy came bounding down the slope “ Well you guys can come stay in my cabin, its probably a lot closer then yours. It’s not that terribly close, but if were fast enough we can make it there before dark.”
        “Well, alright, lead the way then.” I said as I slung a bag over my back. “I hope you got some food with you im starving.” She laughed and said with a big grin “ Don’t worry I won’t let you go hungry. I got lots of food since I packed my care last night I have enough for ...two...”She looked to the ground and trailed off. My mom put her arm around her and pulled her close and kissed her “Hey, cheer up, you got us now.” Christy’s face lit up and smiled again “ Well we better get moving.” We followed Christy back through the woods, the sun light was fading rapidly over the tree tops and we had to be extra careful with out footing going down hill.
        The night wildlife began to come alive around as the sky’s dimmed to a navy blue. Only a small part of the sky remained a beautiful shade of orange, mixed with a soft hew of purple as the sun sank into the distance. Small insects and rodents scurried about on the forest floor, darting in and out of the under brush, and the cry of a owl sent mice and bugs a like scampering in all direction. The soft chirp of crickets echoed through the forest and lightning bugs flashed across the night land scape. “Its not to far now, where almost there” Christy called out from the front of the line. We banked down another trail and soon after we started to clear the thick of the woods. Trees became more spaced out and the bushes thinned, the pale moon light streamed down between the trees and illuminating our path the rest of the way. We eventual approached the edge of the clearing. From what I could see Christy’s car was parked in front of the cabin and a small dark silhouette shadowed next to it. The mysterious shadow sprang from where it was and dashed towards us at blinding speed tackling Christy and sending her to the ground.
        I lunged her to drive off the assailant when I heard her yell out “ Ok, hello, its nice to see you would you get off me you psycho dog!” Me and my mother just laughed as the over sized black lab licked her face drooling all over her. “ Uh hem...little help her? Normally I could toss his ass off....but I’m literally fucking tired” she squirmed under him and we both continued to laugh. I wiped the tears from my eyes and went over to push the slobbering dog off her. She stood up and dusted her self off “Well I guess I shoulder introduce you to Alucard.”
 “Alucard? What kinda name is Alucard?” I posed.
        “Yah, so im fan of vampire anime...sue me...and keep it up and ill get him to drool all over you” She said pretending to be mad at me and padded off. So the four of us walked to the cabin, still laughing a bit over the whole ordeal. As soon as we entered Christy went strait for a towel to wipe the dogy drool from her face, in a muffled voice she said “ Bathroom is over there if you want to shower. Ill start dinner then hop in while you eat.” Alucard’s ears perked up. She moved the towel from her face “ You’ll get yours later.” His ears slumped and shuffled into a corner to lay down with a thud and a long sigh.
        My mom and I entered the bathroom and stripped down, yet again. She turned on the hot water and jumped into the shower, while I took piss. “ Christy seems like a very nice girl you know...” My mom trailed off as she called out from the shower. “Yah and what are you implying?” I replied back, still taking a piss and putting one hand up on the wall to brace my self. “ Well I was just thinking it would be nice if you know... went out together.”
        “What? Trying to pass me off to some one else already?” I said sarcastically.
                “Oh please, you know what I mean” She batted the air with her hand “ I was just thinking maybe you two could go out on date, maybe settle down one day....” She trailed off again. Just like a mother...trying plan my future. I laughed inwardly and gave my prick a shake and climbed into the shower. “Well I never really had a chance to think about it. Things just happened so sudden today.” I got my hair wet and lathered it up then scrubbed my mom’s back. Soon after we rinsed our selves off, not wanting to take to much time in the shower, we where starving. I slid my hand down to her ass and pressed my finger up to her hole. It had gone back to normal but still felt a bit tender. She winched as I rubbed it a little, she smiled at me then embraced me in a soft kiss and turned off the water..
 We dried each other off and pulled some fresh cloths out of our bags. She slipped into a long night shirt and I just wore some PJ bottoms. We walked out of the bathroom and over to the table Christy set. “I got to warn you, im not the greatest cook, but its edible” she said putting down a plate of chicken and vegies. Cautiously we tasted the first bite, to our surprise it was rather tasty. “Wow this is really good” I commented , followed by “ Hey, you ought to cook for us more often” from my mom. “ Thanks, I’m so glad you like it.” She said beaming with pride “Well im going to hop in the shower, ill be back in a bit.” And she pranced off and shut the door.
         We continue to wolf down our meal and downed a couple glasses of soda. “See and now you know she can cook too.” my mother said grinning at me. “Oh please, mother.....” I rolled my eyes at her comment. “What? All I meant was..” Cutting her off and pretending to be irritated “I know what you meant.” She just beamed a taunting smile back at me and we got up to put our plates in the sink.
         We both reached for the water tap and our hands met, we look at each other with a deep fire burning in our eyes. I thought about back to what she said the first night, about bending her over the kitchen counter, she looked back to me, her eyes reflecting the same notion. I rubbed the back of her hand gently, tracing my finger tips over her tender skin. I leaned in and give her a deep lovers kiss. I slid up behind her pulling out my throbbing cock, letting it bounce up and down. Then reaching around I held onto my mom’s other hand, planting both on the back of the sink. With both our hands interlocked my mom pushed her butt out letting her back sink down into a concave swoop. I momentarily let go of her hands, placing them on her ass and sliding her long shirt up to her slim waist line. I looked down and watched as my cock slide into my mom’s pussy, expanding the soft folds around it taking it down to the base of my cock. I leaned over and put my chest against her back and took her hands into mine again, kissing her as I slid the rest of the way in. I pulled my waist back drawing out the full length of my cock then smoothly slide it back into her pussy. I pushed deeply into her, pressing up against her ass, causing her feet to come off the floor, then letting her back down as I drew out again.
        Christy came bounding out of the bathroom completely naked and still drying off.  Aware of her presence we stopped and just gazed at each other, my mouthed silently to me ‘Later.’ I pulled my cock out her my mom’s pussy before Christy really took notice.“Wow you guys done already? You want more?” we both responded almost at the same time “No thanks we’re quite full thank you.” “ Very delicious might I add” My mother added in. Christy beamed with pride and walked over to her draw and pulled out some short PJ’s and a tank top and put them on. Her nipples where clearly poked out from her thin tank top, entrancing me as they bounced up and down when she walked. She pulled up a chair and began to eat her dinner, I sat across the table sipping the rest of my soda admiring the view. My mom strolled across to room and bent down and began to rummage through her bag for something.
        I sat there thinking about what my mother had just told me, weighing the possibilities in my mind “So Christy, I was wondering  maybe some time we could...” I was cut off when a shrill shriek came from across the room. We both turned to see what had happened. My mom was on all fours with Alucard mounted on her back. His paws wrapped around her waist holding her tightly in his grip to keep her from moving; his cock was peaking out of it sheath and was erratically bouncing off my mom’s ass as he desperately tried to hit his mark. Small droplets of pre cum shot out from his cock, landing on my mom’s ass and pussy. We both dashed across the room to pull him off my mom, I grabbed him by the collar and she helped my mom to her feet.
        “Bad dog!” Christy scolded, and he retreated to his corner with his tail between his legs.
        “ Are you ok? He didn’t hurt you did her? I should have warned to earlier, he will hump any thing that moves.” My mom laughed “ Don’t worry im fine. He just took me by surprise that’s all.” I laughed out loud “ Give him five more seconds and you’d be his bitch mom.” She glared at me “Your so not funny....” She then turned  Christy “Could he actually of... you know... force his cock into me?” Christy smirked “ Ummm... yah if you let him, he prolly would...” My mom raised an eye brow and looked in the dogs direction.
        We all went to bed soon after my mom’s encounter with Alucard.  I of corse got to sleep on the floor since the bed only fit two. Despite the fact I was sleeping on a hard wood floor I drifted of rather quickly since I was so tired from today events. I slept peacefully as the cool winds swept through the room lulling me asleep.
        I awoke early next morning to the sound of soft noises, like low whispers in the distance. The room was dark cause the sun wasn’t even up yet, only the glow before dawn partly lit the sky and my mind was still in a hazy slumber. My mind began to get its bearings and clear, my eyes adjusted to the room. I could now discern the noise to be voice, two voice, in hushed tones. My eyes focused and two...wait no...three blurry figures came into perspective. I peered into the darkness trying to figure out what they where. I strained to focus my eyes, rubbing the hazy of sleep form them. My head cleared up and I could hear My mom’s and Christy voice and I could only catch a few words of what they where saying.  My eyes where now fully used to the dark and I instantly widened in amazement My mom was on her back with her legs spread open with Christy kneeling next to her on the far side. Alucard stood between her legs lapping at my mom’s cunt with his huge tongue.
        “ Mmmm I see what you mean about his tongue.....I can’t believe how deep he can go, and the texture feels amazing.” My mom purred to Christy. “Yeah, when ever I get the chance I lock my bed room door and just lay on my bed letting him slide his tongue in and out of my cunt..” I just silently looked on as the dog buried his noise into my mother crotch licking her clean. This went on for awhile, my mom just laying back moaning in ecstacy just giving her self over to this dog. Even though I thought it was so bizarre to see my mom doing something like this, it was strangely arousing at the same time. I laid on my side stroking my growing cock as I continued to watch. Christy moved over to Alucard’s side  and reach her hand under him, she place her hand on his sheath and slowly slid it back and forth. The tip of his cock began to protrude and for the first time I got a good look  at its peculiar shape. It looked noting like a human cock , instead it was crimson red with a hint of purple, it  had a great number of thin veins running up and down the length of it, ending with a tapered tip that look suitable for penetrating any type of cunt or hole. His dick continued to grow as she stroked his member. He lightly humped her hand as he shot out pre cum onto the floor and her hands. I was shocked to see how long her grew , he had to be at least 11 inches, and there was a large bulge growing at the base of his cock.
        Christy leaned over and rolled onto her side and with one hand gripped the base of Alucard’s monestrous cock. He withdrew his tongue from my mom cunt as Christy opened her mouth and slid his dripping cock in wrapping her warm lips around his shaft. He tried to hump her to slide more of his cock down here throat but she held him firm, allowing him to only go deeper at her own rate. She bobbed her head up and down his long shaft slow drawing him in deeper and deeper. She softly slurped on his cock as it shot his hot pre cum to the back of her mouth, she worked her tongue swashing it about inside and sliding it outside her mouth helping her to draw more of  him into her. My mother quietly gasped in amazement as Christy pressed her lips up to his bulge taking in the 9 inches. Reaching under her shirt to rub her breast my mom’s nipples excitedly poked out as she laid there watching.
        “ What’s that huge bulge at the base of his dick? Is he ok?”
My mom asked in amazement. Christy stopped sucking on his cock to explain for a moment “He’s fine, that bulge is called his knot, it’s so he can tie into his bitch and keep her form moving as he impregnates her.”
        “You mean he’s going to force that thing to go inside me? But its so big!” My mom exclaimed and a little horrified by the thought of having the mass ripping her cunt in two. Christy took another second away form slurping down his doggy pre cum. “ Well, you don’t have too, you can hold it outside of you. But I hear it feels great once you get it into you, but I never done it because my pussy is just too tight.”
        Christy closed her eyes and engorged her self on his cock as she held her lips pressed up against the almost soft ball sized knot. I could almost see the outline of his cock run down her throat as she held him in place. After a good 15 seconds she smoothly slide his cock out of her throat, still holding it inches away form her mouth. She breathed in and out steadily, strands of spit and pre cum hung from her lips in strands, leading back up to his pulsating cock.
       With two fingers she wiped the liquid from her mouth and chin, sliding the drenched fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, topping it off with a “Mmmm” sound. She looked over to my mother and watched her as she fondled her tits “ You should come over and try some. His pre cum taste absolutely delicious” licking her lips enticingly. My mom got on her knees and crawled over to opposite side of Christy, her ass alluringly swayed side and bobbed up and down with each step as she circled around to Alucard’s side. She was positioned almost directly in front of me, not 6 feet away. Her shirt hung down as she lowered he self under the dog revealing her giant tits just hanging down, her legs where tightly held together pushing out the mound of her soft silky cunt. Her soft puffy lips dripped with moister, the wings of her pussy spread open alluringly, her hole opening and closing, hungrily beckoning a cock to fill it.
        She dipped her head down low and opened her mouth, Christy held on to his cock and guided it into my mom’s awaiting mouth. She stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of it against his cock. She drew back for a second “ Oh my, its so hot.” Christy smiled back at her “Yah I know, and it feels even better when its inside your cunt. You can feel the heat from it burning deep inside you.” My mom leaned in again, this time taking a few inches into her mouth. She hummed softly as she gently sucked on his cock, drinking down any pre cum that he put into her. Christy joined in by sucking the base of his cock and running her tongue along his bulge. Both of them continued to suck the beast as they took turns swallowing his hot spunk.
        All of a sudden he hunched forward as he legs gave out form under him and humped the air. Both of them dove under him opening their mouths in anticipation to drink his cum. Christy continuously jerked him off as he sprayed both women in the face, hair, and mouths. Loads of cum dripped down their faces, trying to catch as much as they could to guzzle it down. Finally he stopped and pulled him self away from Christy’s grasp. My mom and Christy sat down next to each other. My mother’s pussy was clearly visible and facing me, but I could only see Christy’s back as they both sat almost back to back but side to side at the same time. I could see how much their face where covered in dog cum. What they didn’t get in there mouth began to dribble down to their chins. Before my mom could even raise her hand to push the dripping cum into her mouth Christy leaned over and embraced her in a lovers kiss. There tongues slipping in and out of each others mouths, then taking turns lapping up the hot dog seed off each others faces.
Alucard just laid down in her corner cleaning him self off, ignoring the two vixens for now.
        Cleaned off they sucked down the last of the cum and sat there looking in Alucard’s direction as he finished cleaning him self. Christy giggled as she looked at the exhausted dog “Its going to be a bit before he’s ready again , but it shouldn’t take long.” She went back to kissing my mom, my mom reached down into her shorts and began to play with her wet pussy. Alucard’s ears perked up and sniffed the air.
        My mom and Christy continued to kiss and fondle each other, Alucard sprung on to his feet and walked towards the two, completely unaware of his presence. Christy, unaware of the dog lurking behind in the shadows got on her hands and knees and began to turn so my mom could drink from her soft wet pussy. Alucard circled around. Before she could sit back down Alucard came from her side and pushed her back up on to all fours. Ill prepared, her arms buckled under his weight sending her face first to the floor pushing her ass further into the air. She squirmed and tried to wave him off “Get off of me you dumb dog..... argh....” She groaned in pain as He clamped his arms around her waist preventing her from moving. He vigorously humped her trying to find his mark but was thwarted by her pair of cotton shorts. Getting irritated he humped her with more force and clamped down harder, and it didn’t look like he would give up any time soon. My mom tried to pull him off but he  just clamped down harder and snarled at her, this was his bitch and he intended to mate her. Tears streamed down Christy’s face in anguish, her hands barely out of reach to pull down her short so he would just have her way with her and just be done with her. My mom realized what she was trying to do and went to assist her. Again my mom reached in, this time grabbing her shorts. She desperately tried to slide them down but the two where so pressed up against each other the shorts wouldn’t budge. Out of options my mom forced her hand between them, pulling with such a force that her pants tore open. With her pussy now exposed he soon found his mark, and with one thrust forced his entire cock into her pussy. Pushing apart the soft oval folds of her pussy and expanding it as he entered her.
        Christy howled as he sank his cock into her depths pushing his knot up against her cunt. He began rhythmically thrusting in and out her taking long strides and hammering back down into her. His large veiny cock glided in and out of her with easy as Christy cunt continued to stream out more and more of her hot juices. Amidst all this brute animalistic force she began to moan and purr with delight as her beloved dog ravaged her delicate pussy. His cock plunging deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. “Oh god yes....god he’s so deep.... don’t stop boy.... your cock feel so good in me” she repeated out loud. Her pussy continued to gush freely as droplets of fluid fell to the floor, her puffy lips filled with blood and spreading open to hungrily take in more of this wonderful cock. Feeling the added lubrication he instinctively hump with increased gusto and shortening his strides as he hammered away at her soft wet pussy. Each thrust his knot pushed up again her wet cunt pushing her open. ‘He can’t be seriously trying to get that into her is he?’ I thought to my self. The soft ball sized knot continued to pound against her pussy stretching it open more and more.
        “ Oh my god he’s trying to push his knot into me! HELP!” Christy panicked in horror. My mom lunged in trying to put her hand between them to hold him from going forcing it into her but to no avail.
        Time seemed to slow at that moment, I watched in horror as he thrusted his cock back down , sliding it in inch by inch in what felt like slow motion. With one final hit, his knot slammed up against the opening of her cunt and continued to sink down. Her pussy stretched to a  imaginable diameter and increasing in size by a faction of a second. Her lips opening as wide as they could, and the folds of her pussy expanded and wrinklingly around his knot like a giant “O”. Even her legs spread apart to accommodate his girth. “AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHHH” She screamed out in pain as he stretched her pussy sinking it in deeper and deeper. Her pussy began to close engulfing his knot and pushing it inside the rest fo the way till it was completely inside her. I could see her mound was bulging out, his knot filling up her tight young cunt beyond what it could handle. The pain just to hold him was excruciating, tears flowed freely from Christy’s eyes as she quietly sobbed into her arm. Alucard just laid on her panting, letting his master get used to the size of his cock in her. Eventually the tears stopped, Alucard lessened his grip allowing her to reach her hand up and rub her aching cunt. She began to moan as she massaged her well fucked hole in small circles. Slowly Alucard began to hump her but in short strides gradually building speed. Soon he was fucking her in full force and she continued to moan and rub her clit. His balls slapped against her hands and she moved her hand lower to let them swing directly into her pussy, directly slapping against her clit. I couldn’t believe how fast he could go with such a short amount of room. A orgasm surged through her and I could clearly see her contract her muscles and moan in delight. Washing away all feeling of pain leaving nothing but pure pleasure behind in its wake.
        My mom was crouched down next to the two, squatting on her tippy toes with he legs spread wide open as she fingered her self and reaching down to rub Christy’s clit. Alucard continued holding her waist, slumping his head low as he wildly fucked her soar pussy. His mound began to recede deeper into her as he continued down into her depths.
        “Oh Jesus!....I can feel him moving down deeper into me....its too much...” Tears began to well up in hear eyes again. My mom took off her shirt , got up and sat down in front of Christy. She picked up her head and spread he legs open before here. Instantly she pulled her down and began eating her out to distract her from the building pain. Alucard gave a one last powerful thrust into her “Ohhhh god...his cock is past my cervix..... please... I...I ..I don’t think I can take that much cumMMMM.” She howled as a delouse of dog cum began to flood down into her. Her mind gave over to another orgasm, dulling her senses like the worlds best drug. The raw animalistic acts and raw primal feelings fueled her most powerful orgasm ever, her own body sucking on his cock trying to pull all his cum into her. Her abdomen swelled as she was being pumped full of the dog’s semen. With no outlet because of the knot imbedded deep inside her the cum pooled inside her engorging her stomach till it bubbled out on the verge of bursting. Finally Alucard stopped twitching as the last of the cum emptied out into Christy’s engorged womb. The three of them just sat there breathing heavily, Alucard just laid on Christy’s back with his cock still deep inside her blood shot pussy. Christy just remained there motionless holding onto my mother’s thighs, resting her cheek on her drenched pussy just staring off into space. My mom gently stroked her hair and reached around to caress her protruding cum filled belly. Her soft skin gave just a little to the touch her hand, the shear size of it gave the effect of her being two months pregnant.
        After a what seemed to be almost twenty minutes Alucard shifted off her back, swinging his left leg over putting them butt to butt. The way he contorted was miraculous. Though when he did this Christy gave a slight shiver in pain, but all in all was grateful to have the weigh on her back relieved. Cum began to stream out as his knot shrank inside her, lessening its hold on her. My mom got up and laid down on her back  next to the tied couple, pushing her head up to drink down the mix of human and dog cum. She licked her lips at the first taste then continued to run her tongue along his shaft down to Christy’s pussy, and pushing her finger down into her own pussy.. More and more cum began to seep out and drained into my mom’s awaiting mouth. Alucard walked forward a few steps, tugging at his cock slowly pulling out bring up pools of cum with it. He continued to lurch forward, his knot coming to the surface and bulging her pussy out. And with one fluid motion her pussy spread open pushing out his knot with a slurp. Instantly  my mom pressed her lips up against her pussy guzzling down all the cum she could take in. Jets shot out from the side her mouth landing on her face and running down onto her breast. Massive amounts of cum continued to pour out of her well fucked pussy as my mom drank it down by the load. When it all drained out my mom just lay there lapping up the last few drops, she was completely covered in the hot white seed. From her face, to her arms, down her entire front side, dog cum rolled down her side and onto the floor. Alucard just returned to his corner to clean him self off. Christy’s lethargically crawled around over to my mom and began to run her tongue all over her, lapping up every inch off her. Her tongue gliding over her neck in long swoops working her way down, stopping to give extra care to those big voluptuous breast.
        She lapped all she could and collapsed on my mom in exhaustion, she just laid there resting her head on my mom’s soft breast her hands pulling her close to her for support. Christy was done for the night, but deep down I could tell my mom still yearned for more.
        My mom lay there panting , here chest steadily rising and falling while holding Christy head snugly nestled up to her breast, with one hand she reached down to rub her aching pussy. She still hadn’t had a orgasm yet and desperately craved relief, she vigorously rub her cunt trying in vane to bring her self to a orgasm. I tossed off the blanket and crawled over around to her, she was so intent on trying for a orgasm she barely took notice of me. I reached out and pulled on her arms raising her to her knees, getting to my feet I shoved my cock into her mouth before she had time to react. She opened her eyes and looked up to me, my cock was pushed to one side of her mouth and bulging out her cheek. I looked back down at her let go of her head and my cock. Instantly she grasp onto my cock with one hand and began sucking down on my cock furiously. My mom jerked on my cock in long strides as she sucked it down back and forth from tip to base, while massaging her tits and then pussy with her free hand. I moaned in delight as I just let her do the work, enjoying the feeling of her tongue gliding around my cock. She took my cock out her mouth spreading the pre-cum on her face and going down to suck my balls, looking at me the whole time as she sucked her son’s cock. I my body began to tense and I could feel a orgasm coming on and I waved her off to stop and removed my cock form her mouth with a long slurp sound. She looked up disappointed and just licked her lips. I lowered my self back down laying on the floor on my backside. I took her hand and pulled her over on top of me. She expertly crouched down on her tippy toes just above me, hovering over my cock before getting me in position. With one hand she grasped my cock and slowly lower her self on to me, the tip touched her mound and she moaned softly. My cock slowly slid into my mom’s pussy  inch by inch disappearing into her cunt till she was flat up against the base of my cock. She lowered her self completely down and sat down on me, letting the weigh of her body drive my cock deeper into her, and effortlessly into her womb itself. She said nothing, she only moaned and gasped at the feeling my cock filling her up. My mom began to slowly raise her self up and down, putting her hand on my abs for balance.  Increasing her speed each time she slide up and down my hard cock.
        “Oh god yes” she said bouncing up and down. All I could do was lay there and watch, soaking up every once of ecstacy. It felt specular to have my mom bouncing up and down on my cock so hard, her beautiful body quivering with pleasure from the cock inside her.  “Oh yesssss .... god I love you cock... Oh god yes your big cock feels so tight in my pussy.... OH GOD YES!!” An orgasm rushed up through her, her cunt contracting to  clamp down on my cock. Holding me inside her pussy, but she didn’t stop for a second as she continued to pound into me for more. The feeling of my cock sliding in and out her at that speed was nothing short of amazing. I was infatuated with the silky smooth feel of my mom’s pussy sliding up and down along my cock, her hot cunt taking me completely in as we mixed my cum with hers. She increased her speed and her wonderful tits jumped up and down in the air. I reached up rubbing them as she continued to slide her self up and down my cock, taking me in with her warm pussy lips and her cunt contracting back and forth to make me cum. I pulled her down and took her breast into my mouth. She squeezed one tit with both hands as I sucked on it, then the other, soon I had both lactating as milk streamed down the sides my face. I sucked every drop off her tits and begged for more of her sweet milk. She lowered her self even more letting me suck and drink from her breast, her warm milk flooding my mouth as savored its taste before  swallowing it down. She pulled her tits away from to kiss me and have taste her own milk. Sliding her tongue into my mouth exploring every corner. Drinking her own fill she broke off the kiss and leaned back up, the white milk still streaming down off her enormous tits.
        She shifted her weigh pushing her butt out and putting one hand on my chest for support as she rubbed her pussy. Her legs where flat on the floor as she began to rock back and forth, picking up speed as I shifted inside her. She bent down a little lower and I wrapped my hands around her ass helping her to go faster. She went down a little lower allowing me to suckle on her tits while I felt around her ass, I could actually feel my cock going inside her with my hands. I rubbed her cunt as my cock stretched the top of it as she rock back and forth on me. I bent my knees and held on to her ass wish both hands and began to pound her with a blinding speed. Pushing her ass down on to me making a loud fast slapping noise, my mom could only plant her hands on the floor for support and moan wildly as I ravaged her.
        “Oh god yesss baby ... please go faster! FASTER!!.... Oh god I need your cock...Fuck me as hard as you want.... faster fasTER FASTER!!! OH GOD YES FUCK ME!!” My mom’s back arched as she flung her head back driving me as deep as possible into her. The orgasm held her tight in a dulling whirlwind of ecstacy that most people only dream about. My mom’s face contorted to a look of pure happiness. All the mean time I had begun to pump her full of cum once again, my back lifted of the ground pushing her up. Never before have I had a orgasm that powerful, and I could barely move as I just poured load after load into her. Cum ran down my cock from her pussy and onto the floor. After our euphoria subsided we just looked at each other out of breath, my mom giving me the most sexy look as her hair hung in front of her face disheveled. My eyes reflecting back at her a undying fire of lust. She reached down sticking her fingers into her pussy, delving in , pressing up against my cock. She cupped up a large load of cum and raised it to her mouth and drank it down, sucking her fingers one at a time. My cock didn’t go limp for a second, and despite the massive amount of stamina I used up I still hungered for more.
        With all the commotion Christy had awaken, she had partly recovered her energy and had been rubbing her pussy from where she lay. Mustering her strength she crawled over to the both of us. She knelt down next to me, my mom taking her up in a lovers kiss, sliding her tongue into her mouth and taking Christy’s into hers. Slowly she guide Christy over to my head, and with out speaking she obediently hovered over my lips. Slowly with the help of my mom she sat down on my face as I opened wide to receive her pussy in my embraces. She spread her pussy for me as I began eating her out, moaning as I flickered my tongue over her clit. They both kissed for a short while longer till my mom broke off and  began to rock back and forth on me. It was a divine feeling to have both of them on top of me, my mom on my cock and me eating Christy out. Both of them moaning with pleasure. My mom leaned forward began to suck on Christy’s breast drinking them up in her mouth and enjoying the young tits as she fondled and caressed them. Once again she delved into her pussy, parting the soft folds and extracting a hand full of semen. She drizzled the white milky cum on Christy’s breast, spreading it evenly over her nipples and letting it drip down her chest. Slowly she began to lick the cum off her, swirling her tongue all over her skin. Christy leaned her head back and held my mom between her breast as she cleaned the cum off her. My mom finished cleaning her off and wiped her mouth, picking up any stray drops, sensually sliding her finger between her parted lips, enjoying its taste She smiled and grinned at Christy..
        “Here taste his cock, its wonderful” my mother instructed as she lifted her self off me. Christy leaned all the way down as devoured my cock, slipping my cock back her lips and down her throat. My cock was encompassed by the warmth of her mouth and throat, her saliva coating my cock. She suckled gently in pulling the pre cum from me. Only coming up for air for a sort time before sliding my cock in once again. She picked up speed as she desperately yearn for more cum. Her lips making a soft slurping and squishing sound as she bobbed up and down. My mother joined her in by licking the other side, and wrapping her lips around so they both kissed while sucking my cock. Together they slid the tongues along my shaft slurping up any fluids they could. The feeling was indescribable, the way the sucked my cock, the way they took my cock into their mouths, sucking me both at the same time, I just laid back drooling from the sexual high. I could feel the surge building up inside me, I broke off eating her cunt for a moment “ Oh Jesus im going to cum again...” A spasm went through my body jolting my cock and sending cum in the air. Quickly my mom pushed Christy’s head onto my cock pushing her lips down to the base. “ Here, you can enjoy this load hun... I know how much you love my son’s cock.... and how you love sucking it.” With both hands she held the base of my cock and massaged my balls and drank deeply allowing all the cum to wash down her throat. She suckled on my cock engorging her self on my cum and swallowing ever shot. I continued to eat her pussy out while I pumped cum into her mouth sending her into a mini orgasm. She sat up strait as she cried out, her face still dripping with cum. My mom expediently got back on me shoving my cock back inside her warm neutering pussy as it pulled the last of the cum out of me. My mom gasped and closed her eyes as I delved deep into her once more, opening here eyes again she grave Christy a wicked grin then leaned forward. She laid flat on top of me and began to eat Christy out with me. Our tongues met over her clit and delved into her warm hole as we sent her into a wave of multiple orgasms. Christy cried out as each wave hit her, and alerting some one else in the room.
        Alucard’s ears perked up from the sound of his master’s call and padded over to investigate. My mother and I just keep eating Christy out sending that familiar sent of sex into the air. Alucard sniffed the air and came closer to the 2 humans with his master, his animal instincts of mating began to kick in again as his cock grew in size , and began to search for his relief.
        My mom rocked slowly back and forth on my cock still keeping me hard, and with my free hands I had been pushing her back and forth while spreading her ass and pussy wide open at the same time. I was the only one to spot the approaching shadow. A wicked thought crossed my mind... I grasp onto my mom ass cheeks spreading her wide open and vulnerable. Completely  oblivious my mom continued to eat out Christy while I stretched her open. He came a little closer sifting my mom from a few feet away, I grinned a little as I spotted his large protruding cock out of the corner of my eye. I pulled a little more on her ass, spreading her as much as possible, and her ass hole opened from the tension. The dog lunged up and landed perfectly on my mom’s back. Abruptly my mom stopped eating Christy, she gave out a shriek and tried to get up but only to be forced back down with a thud sound onto me. I could see those familiar black paws wrapping around my mom waist clamping down on her like a vice-grip. Alucard flailed wildly to hit his mark to mate this new bitch, spurting pre-cum all over my mom’s ass and cunt. But with one hole already filled his effort where in vane. “ Jesus he’s on me!” My mom tried to bat him off as he poked her back side. She tried to sit out on him, which might have worked if I weren’t under her. All she managed to do was sink a bit lower, the dog moved swiftly forward on his hind legs.
        With a loud cry of “ OOOOHHHH GOD HE’S IN ME!! ..... Sweet Jesus he’s in my ass!” I could tell he had hit his mark, maybe not the one he intended. He had pushed into my mom ass with one fell swoop and was growing to his full size inside her. I could begin to hear the slapping noise of his knot hitting her ass as a streak of wicked joy came over me. I pulled her ass more, opening her hole more letting his dog cock sink in more . Tears began running down her face as she was helpless as this beast pinned her down to have his way with her. He continued to flail with blinding speed, not being able to find the bottom of this bitch he just continued to push down. I could feel his cock through the thin membrane of my mom’s cunt, feeling him go deeper and deeper into her ass.
        “You want me to pull him out?” Christy asked frantically. “ Oh god no, it feels so good.... I never had two cocks in me at once.... Oh god the feeling of two cock in me simultaneously fucking me in both holes is incredible!” My mom replied lustfully. She just lay down and just let Alucard and I fuck her both at the same time as she moaned intensely. She spread he legs wider letting me push into her as she met our thrust to push back into both of us. “OH YES! Fuck me like a dirty bitch.....fill me with both your cocks like the slut I am!... OH GOD yes fuck me harder!” I pushed my body to the limits thrusting my cock deep into her as she became wetter then ever before. Her pussy burned with intense orgasmic heat as both cock pounded her pussy and ass. Alucard’s knot now began pressing into her ass trying to gain entry, her ass hole slow succumbing to the force of the dog’s cock.
         “Oh god.... OH god.... OH GOD ..... His knot is pushing into my ass!!.” My mom called out “Oh shit... holy shit... its so big!! It feels like my ass is going to split in half!!!.” From across the room and spotted a mirror, my eye widened to see the knot pushing its way into her ass. Even Christy was even astounded as she watched the knot force its way  into my mom’s ass, its was hard for her to believe that the same knot penetrated her cunt earlier. Alucard continued to plow his bitch and was relentless in getting him self all the way into her. With out my mom’s love for pain and pleasure I don’t think any one else would be able to do this. Both cocks pushing in and out of her like pistons filling her up like never before. I reached a little farther and felt his knot and how much my mom’s ass had expanded, I traced the large ring with my ring in awe of the size of the knot inside my mother. The  knot came loose again, unable to slip in because the lack of fluids to lubricate him. I reached as far as I could and grabbed hold the knot. My mom looked down into my eyes as I pressed it up to her ass, she leaned in and kissed me as I pushed the dogs cock as hard as I could. Her ass spread open as I forced it into her, the pain hitting her instantly she broke off the kiss a cringed in pain as I forced her ass apart.
        Finally with a loud pop noise and a “ OH MY GOD FUCK ME!!!!” I felt him sink the last portion in. She began to weep and her eyes turned red from the pain. “ Oh god is cock is in my ass..... oh god its filling up my ass.... it hurts so much... Oh yes fuck me with your doggy cock... fill me like a dirty slut!” she whimpered. My mom’s tender ass had shrunk back down gripping his knot in a tight hold. All three of us paused for a moment as my mom ass adjusted to the size of the knot. She was panting very hard and so was Alucard, I could feel his giant sized knot pressing up against my cock through my mom’s cunt membrane.
        Christy had wandered off some time during the finally push, I spotted her across the room rummaging through one of her bags and pull out two toys. One was a clear butt plug and the other was a double sided strapon. I watched her as she pour some lube on the butt plug first and bend over, with one hand she knelt down and bent over putting the plug up to her puckered ass hole. Slowly she slid it inside as I watched as her ass engulf it with easy. Her mouth opened wide exhaling as she slid it in and grave a small moan of approval as it firmly held into place. Next she stood up pulling the strapon to her, inserting one end into her own pussy, she gasped as she slid it in and out few time before finally pushing it in all the way and tying the straps.
        By then Alucard had started to hump my mom’s ass again trying to push the last few inches of is enormous cock into her. “ Oh god I never been so full in my life.... Oh god I love it” my mom howled out. She raised her upper body slightly and began to push back on the both of us. “Oh god yes fuck me... fill me with you cum... I want it in both my fucking holes!!” Just then Christy came around to the front of my mom and just as she opened her eyes she shoved a large black cock down her throat. She gaged for a second as she was getting used of have a third cock in her. She smiled and raise one hand to begin sucking it like a real cock. “ That’s right you dirty bitch how do you like all your fucking hole filled with cocks” Christy said menacingly but erotic at the same time. “ Oh god yes, im such a filthy slut I need all these cocks in me.... Please, fuck me like im your dirty bitch.” My mom replied and then continue sucking. She was pushing back at full force and against us and suck on the black strapon in her mouth. She pulled hard on it pushing it in and out of Christy’s cunt so making her getting off. Her pussy juice began to travel down a hole in the cock to my mom’s mouth just like a real cock. She drank the juice hungrily as she continued to be ravaged by all 3 dicks at once. I was about to unload my finally load and so was Alucard. He had slowed his trust and he was as deep as he could got in my mom’s ass. And almost at the same time all 4 of us tensed up as a mass orgasmic wave rush through the room. My mom cried out “ OH GOD YES!!! Fill me with you cum!!! FUCK ME .. FUCK ME!! YESSS!” As me and Alucard dumped our loads into her ass and pussy while Christy just streamed down pussy juice into my mom’s mouth. It felt as we had torn a rift into the world unleashing wave upon of wave of orgasmic endorphins, my mind and body melted away. I was not longer into the room, I was on a higher plane of existence with only the feeling of my moms warm pussy, every thing else seemed to dissipate. I blacked out seeing stars and only saw flashes on my mom on top of me pressing my cock deeper into her...My vision began to clear, and my surroundings came back into focus.
        The pressure built on my cock as her ass was being filled with dog cum and I was pumping her womb full of my own seed. Cum began to leak out ever where, not only covering her but the floor as well. Pussy juice stream down her neck as I caught some droplets in my mouth of Christy’s sweet nectar. My mother never stopped pushing and sucking the 3 of us, as I spread her ass as far as it would go she reached behind her with he free hand, pulling the dog cock deeper into her ass while pushing down on me, and sinking the strapon all the way down her throat. Her belly expanded and her ass bulged out as both were being filled with cum, and her face hair and tits became drenched in pussy juice.  
        After what seemed to be for every it all stopped, completely exhausted , completely drained of all energy. My mom breathed heavily, lapping up the remaining cum and then collapsing on my chest. “ My god that.... was fantastic.... Never have I ...been filled with such much... cum...” Christy and I just lay down on the floor still feeling the residual effects of the orgasms. I doubt I will ever top that in my life, but it certainly wont be the last! I looked at my mom one last time, the beautiful bomb shell blond that has rocked my world over and over again. I looked deeply into her emerald green eyes and kissed her pouring all my passion, lust, love, and fire into the one last kiss. It was the last thing I remembered before blacking out......

        EPILOG: Four years later John and Christy married. The now live in their quiet country home with their lovable black lab Alucard. John’s mother stops by on the weekends to check up the newly weds and to remember that hiking vacation that changed their lives. And relive it a little..

So ends the final chapter in HIKING VACATION. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I had fun writing it. This is my FIRST story so be gentle ( teehehe ) but seriously speak your mind and feedback is more then welcomed. So tell me how you like this one and be sure to give me 5 stars. =)

Mother and son help each other out pt. 2

gumie35 on Incest Stories

Chapter 2


 It's best to read part one first. 

My mother and I have been getting along better then ever, ever since we started having sex. We are having sex anywhere from three to five times a week. There are some days when I can’t get enough and we have sex more.

My mother, who was tall and shapely and looks great in skirt.

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She stood about five foot eleven inches tall. Her honey colored hair was long and straight. It came to about the middle of her back. Her hips were shapely and her ass looked like it was an apple. I could stair at body of hers for hours and never get bored. She would wear these booty shorts around the bedroom and drive me nuts. Her full breast never sagged. They are a soft white color with a small pink nipple. I love to suck them at night and drive her insane with pleasure.

While tracing her lovely curves, I parted my lips and touched them to her stomach letting the tip of my tongue barely hit her skin, “Mom, you know I love you right? We are going to be together forever?” I asked.

“I love you too, Scott and as for forever, I am not sure.”

“Well I want to mom.”

“I know you think that but what about us in the future? Don’t you want kids and a wife to love?” My mother said while gently stroking my cock. It was becoming semi-hard again.

“I have you now, I don’t need a wife. And as for kids you can have mine.” I said with a smile on my face. I kissed her soft breast and rubbed her lace booty shorts. I loved the way it separated her cheeks.

The look of shock on my mothers face almost gave me a full hard-on. I love making her think about our relationship. I love asking her to do things that she has never done before.

“Scott I can’t have your kids. I can’t have any kids. I am fixed.” She said with a sad look on her face. “I am sorry son. I would if I could for you.”

“It is okay mom we’ll think of something.” I said and then ran my fingers between her legs up to her pussy. She jumped a little. Then I bit her nipple a slightly and then sucked hard. This drew her nipple up into my mouth and drove her nuts.

“Oh Scott you are some lover. I want you to fuck me son.”

Yes mommy was all the reply I could muster before I sucked her breast deep again. I began to rub her pussy faster through her panties. I could feel them getting wetter with each passing moment. Her pussy was easy to please. I could work it with my tongue or fingers and get her to cum at least once and sometimes even twice before fucking her.

Nancy rolled over to her back and I moved in between her legs. I could smell the sweetness coming from her women hood. She was already starting to moan and my cock was almost fully erect now. I began to slowly rub my tongue against her slit. I could feel her pussy lips swelling and pushing against the material. I licked and started to suck her pussy gently. I could feel her little bud start to push through its lips. I used my fingers to rub it and my tongue to keep it wet. She was ready for me now.

I moved up to meet her lips with mine. Her juices still lingered on my lips. My cock needed no help; it was harder then a rock. I placed the tip of my cock over her panty-covered pussy and began to dry rub. I could see this was driving her insane with lust. Her hips were bucking and her hands were rubbing whatever she could get her fingers on, her own tits, my ass and my back. It felt great. Her touch drove me nuts.

The tip of my cock touched her warmth and caused me to ooze more pre-cum. I pushed again against her lips again and again she moaned. My cock ran up between her lips and panties. Her lips where swollen and wet. My mother let out a soft moan to tell me she enjoyed the teasing my cock was giving her. Her head was tossing from side to side.

My mother reached down and slid off her panties so that I could make love to her. My penis gently entered her love box. It was dry so I took it easy. I pressed slowly at first to allow my large bulbous head to penetrate her very tight pussy. I entered her slowly. I could feel her hands pressing against my chest telling me that she still had slight pain when I entered her. I could feel her juices once my head entered her moist tight pussy. The heat she was producing told me not to stop.

I entered her slowly building up momentum with each stroke like an old steam engine. I lowered my lips to hers and parted them with my tongue. I could feel her softness touching mine. I could feel her wetness engulfing me. I was fully in the moment, my cock, my tongue and my mind. I love this woman, I thought.

I was working up speed by arching my back and rolling with each thrust. I pumped in and out of her pussy like a precision sewing machine. Every thrust I made I went a little harder and deeper. I started to kiss my mothers neck with my soft lips and tongue. I teased her as I fucked her. I placed the tip of my tongue against her neck and could feel her cum against my cock again.

There was no question I was getting ready to cum. My mother still could make me cum in a really short time. I was trying my best but I couldn’t hold it in for much longer.

“Mom, I’m going to cum.” I said. I was closer then I wanted to admit.

“Its okay son. I am ready for you. I’m going to cum again too.”

I started to pump harder and harder. My hips were grinding against my mothers on every stroke. I was building up a large wad to fire. I wanted to fire this one on my mother tits. I like the feeling of standing over her and cumming on her face or tits. It was a powerful feeling to have cum spray over her and to have her worship my cock.

I pulled my cock from my mother dripping pussy and started to jerk it off over her tits. My mother started to rub my thighs and squeeze my balls. I cocked my head back and gripped the base of my cock readying for an explosion.

“Oh mom,” I said, “I can’t hold back any longer. I am going to cum.”

“Give it to me baby. I need your cum on my tits and face. You are a good boy for making mommy cum.” She begged.

“Ohhhhhh mooooooommmmm here it comes.” I shouted.

My cocked jumped in my hand and sprayed cum all over her tits and face. I stroked it from base to tip again and got another shorter burst. This time cum spilled onto her tits and nipples. A smile lit up her face as cum began to ooze from my limping cock. I was proud of what I had done. It was a special day anyway. It was my birthday.

While I was kneeling over my mother with my limp oozing cock, suddenly my head whipped toward the doorknob that was turning. My mom’s head snapped towards the door also. I was in a bad position and there was no place for me to move to in time to hide. Whoever was coming through the door was about to see what my mother and I had been hiding for the last couple of weeks. There was no stopping it.

The handle turned and to our surprise the door opened just enough to see my aunt Casey’s face poke in. She was just like my mother. Casey was about five foot nine or ten inches tall with the same curvy body my mother had. My aunt’s hair was curly though, not straight like my mom’s. They both had a great ass.

“What’s all the noise about in here?” My aunt said as she entered the room.

My mother’s face said it all. The shock was like a ripple that raced a crossed the lake on a still day. My face fell in shame and horror. I didn’t want my mother to suffer because of my lust for her. I didn’t want to stop having sex with my mother, but what could I do. I was half standing and kneeling over my mothers face. There was cum all over my mother’s face and tits. How can we play this off, I thought.

My aunt slide into the room and her eyes lit up like saucers. The site of our fucking must have driven her speechless because she just stood there. She didn’t say a word. She just stood there watching and waiting for someone to say something. We all just looked at each other. No one dared utter a word. My aunt’s head turned from my face to my mothers. The site must have been something of a shocker because she was still speechless.

“Casey,” my mom started to say, “Casey please, it’s not what you think.” She clamored trying to pull herself from under me.

“Nancy, what do you mean. Is that not your son’s cum on your tits? That’s not his limp cock hanging there?” Casey managed to spit out. I wasn’t sure of her tone. It was shock and maybe anger.

“Aunt Casey wait it was my fault,” I started to say.

“I’m sorry that I barged in on you two but I heard some delicious noises coming from in here and I wanted to see what I was missing.” My aunt suddenly blurted out.

What I did I just hear? I thought. I must have done a double take because my head whipped from my aunt to my mother. My legs started to cramp so I had to move out of the position I was in. I rolled over on to the bed and almost passed out from exhaustion.

“Casey, what are you saying?” My mother said.

“Nancy there is nothing wrong with this,” Casey said as she sat on the bed next to me, “I get horny too and I wish I could get Lee to be my lover. There are too many hang ups when trying to date.”

I just laid there in shock. My mom started to smile at her sister. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I liked it. My aunt was down for the love fest. My first thought was that I wasn’t going to jail and my next thought was that I wasn’t being thrown out. I closed my eyes and started to drift of to a happy place and time.

My mom got up to clean up and my aunt sat next to me talking. I could hear them talking about the day and up coming events. My mom laughed at something and my aunt replied that work was never going to be the same.

I didn’t remember anything after that. My body had taken me to a deep sleep.

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Mother and son help each other out pt. 3

gumie35 on Incest Stories

Mother and Son Help Each Other Out

Chapter 3: The New Deal


A couple of days later my mother and aunt Casey had a surprise for me. I found a note in class when I opened my math book. I read it a couple of times and then placed it back in my book and waited for the day to finish. I was on a special high thinking about what could be in store. The note read, “I need a favor from you.” It was signed Nancy.

In school I have no

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friends because we are new in town. I’m not sure that I would want to make friends though. I’m glad that people don’t know me. I travel the hallways keeping my head down and my secret safe. If people only knew that I fucked my mother every chance I could what would they think. I never talk about it though. I just attend my classes and did my homework.

I stepped off the bus at the corner and headed for home. It was always the same though kids fighting with each other the big ones picking on the weaker ones. I kept my head down and kept walking toward home. I never bothered with the bullies and they left me alone for the most part.

My aunt was working in the yard with her prize-winning flowers when I came up the driveway.

“Hi aunt Casey,” I said, “Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing,” She said, “Just getting some fresh flowers for the house. Your mom’s inside and wants to talk to you.”

“Yeah I got a note in class,” I said, “Do you know what for?” I continued.

“Not really,” She said clipping a couple more flowers.

“Okay, see yeah later,” I said.

I walked inside the front door and tossed my book bag on the floor. Lee was sitting on the couch eating a bowl of ceral and watching cartoons. He also had his laptop running on the coffee table. I could see his myspace page.

“Hey Lee.” I said.

“Hey Scott. How was school?” Lee said.

Lee and I went to the same school but different classes. He started at seven and I started at eight. We also got out at different times. We generally only saw each other when we got home. I headed to the kitchen to get a snack and something to drink. I saw my mom outside in the backyard sitting at the table. I grabbed my snack and headed out to see what this note was about.

“Hey mom,” I started, “What’s up?”

“Hey Scott, I need you to do something for me?” She said, “I need you to help you aunt Casey out. Whatever she asks you okay?” She finished.

“Okay mom, what does she need?”

“Well Scott, … You should talk to her.”

“Okay,” I said, “She is in the front yard.”

“Why don’t you wait until she comes back here before you talk to her son? And please make sure no one can hear you. Nancy said.

My mom got up and went inside. I sat there thinking that this was really cloak and dagger stuff. Why couldn’t she just tell me what my aunt wanted? Was my aunt mad at us and going to make us move or something?

A few minutes later my aunt Casey walked outside with flowers for the table.

“Hey aunt Casey,” I started, “Where is Lee?”

“Oh, he is inside adding graphics to his web page from Babyboygraphics dot com. I see your mom has talked to you.”


“What did she say to you Scott?”

“That I was supposed to help you out any way I can.”


“And, what aunt Casey?” I replied.

“Can you help me?” She said.

“Sure anything you need aunt Casey.” I said.

“Okay, I am going to go inside for a moment. Meet me in the garage.” My aunt Casey said.

I got up and headed over to the detached garage. My aunt didn’t park the car there she used it for storage. I opened the door and saw a mess. She nuts if she thinks I am going to clean this, I thought. I wiggled and shuffled my way to the couch that had a white sheet on it. A large cloud of dust erupted from under me when I sat down. Everything in here was dusty. I’m not sure when the last time some one came in here to clean or to move anything.

I sat in waiting. I didn’t have to wait long though. My aunt entered through the side door. She had changed into a yellow summers dress. The dress hung to her ankles with white lace trim. The sleeves were short and the dresses neckline plunged almost to her waist. It wasn’t that low but it was low enough. I could see the outline of her beautiful breasts. They were a lot like my mothers. They were large, round, and semi-perky.

I could also see her nipples thru the material. I tried not to stair but it was hard. I know she was my aunt but she was older then me and I’m horny. I tried to just think about my mom but she told me that I have to help my aunt in any way she wants.

My aunt sat down next to me and placed her hand on my knee. I maybe young but I’m not stupid. I knew that she was hot for me ever sense she saw my mom and me.

“What can I help you with aunt Casey?” I said.

“Well Scott, when I caught you and your mom, it wasn’t the first time,” She started to say. “I had thought that something was a miss with your mom.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well your mom was acting really weird at work and around the house.”

“Like how?” I said. I needed to know if she was the only one that knew.

“Well at work she would talk about how much she loved you and she was not as sad as I thought she should have been.” My aunt Casey said.

“Okay? And?”

“Well then your mom was going to bed real early and I could hear noises coming from your room at night.” She said.

“How late were you up?” I said. It was really late when we’d fuck.

“Oh I am a light sleeper and I would get up to get a drink and could hear you.”

“Well, we didn’t mean…” I was cut off before I could finish.

“It is okay, I talked to your mom and everything is safe with us. I’m in a bind though and I could use your help.”

“Okay. Well what is it already?” I said. This cat and mouse was for the birds. I wanted her.

“Your mom and I are going to share you if that is okay?” She stated, “Your mom and I talked about it and you have enough sex for the both of us. I’m aching for a cock and I don’t have a boyfriend. Your mom is sore from all the fucking so we decided that we could share you and you could take turns using that beautiful cock on us. All you have to do is tell me what you like and I will do it. If you agree you have to keep this from Lee. He is never to know unless I choose to tell him. Is that okay with you?” My aunt said while stroking my thigh.

“I have to admit it sound nice. If you really want to aunt Casey, I would too. You bet I’m in.” I said.

My aunt’s hand ran right to my cock and began to stroke it. What she found was my monster. I haven’t cum in over twenty-four hours. I wanted to fuck my mom today but this was better. I was about to fuck my aunt.

“I want you to stand up.” I commanded.

My aunt leaned in for a kiss when I pulled away. I knew she was horny and she told me that I could have it my way. I wanted a sex slave and she was going to be it. I would make her do things that my mother wouldn’t do.

“I said stand up if you want my cock.”

My aunt looked at me with shock and then did as she was told. I looked at her ass and I couldn’t tell if she had on panties.

“Lift your dress above you waist. I need to see if you need to be punished.” I said.

“What do you mean punished?” My aunt clamored.

“I will tell you when you pull up your dress.”

She did as she was told. I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties. That meant that she was coming out here to get fucked and that is why she never put on her panties.

“You are never to wear panties when you are with me. If you do you will be punished.” I said.

“Now bend over so that I can see your pussy from behind.”

Once again my aunt hesitated so this time I smacked her ass. It was a hard but not hard enough to leave a hand print. I repeated my command again and again she refused to bend over. I smacked her harder this time. Her head snapped around this time with a defiant look. I smacked her again and this time I reached in and grabbed her crouch.

It was already wet. My aunt liked being smacked a little. I began to run my fingers between her pussy lips to moisten her up some more.

“Spread your legs.” I commanded once again.

This time my aunt did as she was told.

I started to roughly stroke her exposed wet pussy. I wanted to feel its wetness on my fingers. But more importantly I wanted her to beg for my love. I was going to give it to her. I have a nice cock and I like to share it.

I could tell my aunt liked the disrespect I showed her pussy. And more over could tell that my aunt wanted more. Her body was responding very well to my touch. I ran my left hand up her left leg ever so gently. I let my fingertips just barely touch her skin. The muscles in her legs tensed up with every stroke. I could see her starting to tremble.

“Bend over and touch your toes.” I command.

My aunt did as she was told. She bent over slowly exposing her pussy to me. I glided my fingers to her box again. Touching it ever so slowly. Her breathing began to quicken and she was trembling again. I didn’t rush it though. I wanted her to enjoy my touch.

I pressed against her wetness again this time a little harder and working in circles. I was becoming a great lover after all I did have a good teacher. It was exciting to have my mom’s sister after having my mom. I wanted to press my cock deep inside her. My want was building and I couldn’t hold out for long.

I worked my aunt’s pussy with my fingers while she was grabbing her ankles.

“Okay,” I started. “Turn around and face me.” I said with a soft husky voice.

It was getting harder to hide my lust. My aunt stood up slowly dragging her hand up her leg over her soft skin. She arched her back and stuck her ass within inches of face. I stuck out my tongue and lick her crack. She almost jumped at the delight that I sent through her nervous system.

“Okay lover what do you want to do now?” My aunt Casey said.

“I want you to suck my cock. I want you to suck my cock like a whore.”

“I’m not a cock whore.” She detested, “I’m just a little … well it has been awhile for me. When I saw your cock it was so nice and thick, I just want it. But I am not a cock whore.”

I had to change tactics with my aunt. She was resisting a lot and I didn’t want to wreck my chances to fuck sisters. I changed my tone quickly.

“Aunt Casey, please suck my cock.” I said with hope and want. “Please?”

“Okay but I am not a cock whore.”

“I know auntie. I know. You are a beautiful woman who deserves to be worshiped and loved, someone that needs to be touched and made love to.” I said softly while rubbing her legs. “I want you and I want you to want me.”

“I do you want you Scott. I want to make love to you.” She said. My aunt started to blush.

It was great to see her open up and talk to me. This is what I needed to get her to want me. I was making her hornier by the second. She placed her hands on my knees and knelt down. Her beautiful yellow sundress flowed over her body once again covering her. She was so beautiful with her brown eyes staring up at me. Her dark hair flowed over her face and made her eyes look so wonderful.

My aunt helped me remove my clothing. She worked my jeans off with care. My thick member popped free and my aunt’s eye became even bigger. I was already leaking pre-cum. I was ready to explode from all the excitement.

My aunt lowered her mouth to my cock. I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my penis and it was driving me insane. Her soft lips touched my penis and I almost jumped. Her lips slid over my tip and onto my shaft. Electricity surged through me. My cock was now in my aunt’s mouth for the first time.

My aunt Casey started to work my cock slowly in and out of her mouth. Her lips were soft and her tongue licked my tip in her mouth. She cupped the base of my cock with one hand and the other was on my balls. She was working my penis quite well. She worked me softly and gently.

My head hung back as she sucked my cock. She was a pro, even if she didn’t want to admit it. She was rubbing my balls gently and stroking my cock while sucking me. I was getting so close to cumming. I tried to hold back but it was no use. I was going to cum.

“Auntie,” I said. “I am going to cum in your mouth. I can’t hold on any longer.”

My aunt didn’t stop sucking though. She worked me into a frenzy and made me blow my wad right into her mouth. She let cum spill out of her mouth and over her chin. Then down to her chest.

I fell back on the couch and watched as my aunt swallowed my cum. She was a cum whore. I needed a nap after that excitement. I closed my eyes and my aunt laid her head on my lap. I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt about all the sex my aunt and my mom could give me.


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