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Partying Cheerleader style

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My sister and I were typical teenagers. I was a senor in high school and my sister was a freshmen. I was on the Varsity football team and my sister just made the cheerleader squad two days ago. The workouts for the both of us were long and hard but the pay offs were well worth it.

After the practices, I would walk my sister home. We would talk about what was going on in school and who was kissing whom. My sister was fourteen and I was eighteen.

My sister was short only about 5’1” and very petite. She long black hair was almost waist length from never being cut. My parents never wanted to take her in so

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she left it that way. Her legs were very firm and she would always walked around in her uniform. It was red and white. The top was a tight sweater, that showed off her firm c-cup and the skirt was only long enough to cover her ass.

My sister Victoria always showed me her ass around the house. It was a game for her. Victoria’s bloomers were tight like a swimsuit. Because my sister was petite, she had small breasts. I like to see her in a swimsuit though. She really turned me on. I think she knew too.

I was not that tall, around five foot, five inches. I was thick with a neck that was the size of a tree trunk. I played linebacker for the local high school and was getting offers from top colleges to play. I liked to keep my hair short and its dirty blonde look accented my tan complication. I took great care in my over all conditioning. I did not have a flat stomach, but it was close. I tried to eat well and drink plenty of water.

We walked home taking our time because I was sore and Vicky was tired. We joked around with each other she was teasing me about my loser girlfriend that never liked to do more then kiss. Vicky laughed at me and pointed to my dick, “You are never going to get her to suck your cock.”

I gave her a playful shove but I knew she was right. I was reduced to wanking off in the shower or a sock. My girlfriend Jenny was such a tease. I should drop the bitch and move on but when you are a teenager you have to have hope.

I took a shower and then headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Practice can wipe you out. I went to my bedroom and started to rub one off. There was a knock at my door. I quickly turned out the light and covered myself. “Who is it?” I answered in the most tired sounding voice I could.

The door opened and my sister walked in. She was wearing some tight silk pink pants and a silk top that only covered her c-cup breasts. Victoria walked in and sat on the foot of my bed. She placed her hands behind her and leaned back giving me a view of the bottom of her breasts. Her silky smooth skin was a creamy white in the moonlight of my room.

“What are you doing?” Victoria asked with a smile on her face. “Can I watch?”

“I’m not doing anything. I was getting ready for bed.” I said with a shaky voice. Did my own sister want to watch me jerk off? Did she really? I looked away from her.

Victoria looked at my cock under the bed sheets. “I have watched a couple of boys before. I like it. I love to see them squirt there cum on my tits.” She said with a straight face and a wicked smile.

“Vicky! What are you doing?” I said in shock. “YOU are not sleeping with them are you?”

“Nope I have not let any man fuck me yet.”

“But you are only fifteen years old!”

“So I like it when men look at me. I know you look at me. You like my tits and my ass. I have always wondered what your cock looked like and what it feels like.”

“Vicky, I can’t let you see my cock. I am your brother.”

“I will show you my tits so that you can jerk off to them. If you show me your cock right now, I will show you my tities.”

She started to inch her tits out further and let her jet-black hair fall down her back. She was damn sexy but I was not about to let my sister see my cock. I didn’t want to ruin my family over some cheap and meaningless sex.

My sister could see that she was not going to win so she stood up and headed for the door. The moonlight gave way to the light from the hall as she opened the door. She turned her back to me and said, “You could have seen all of this.” With that she pulled her pants down and showed me her incredible ass. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her ass had a perfect shape to it. After all she was a cheerleader.

I jerked off three times that night and fell into a very deep sleep.

Friday was the first game of the season. We had trained for a long time and wanted to win. This was my first year on the varsity and I heard that the parties are off the hook. I couldn’t wait to see if they were true.

We won the game as expected. In the locker room everyone was talking about the win and the party at some guy’s house. I headed over after I changed and showered.

The party was already in full swing when I arrived. The cheerleader squad was already there. There were about two hundred people in all. The football team started drinking. There were shots being lined up and someone was smoking weed in the back. The music was rockin’ and everyone was having a good time.

I had a drink in my hand and just worked the room. I went talking to some of the cheerleaders and to Vicky. She was still in her uniform as were the other girls. As I was making my rounds with the girls, I heard a rumor.  The Head cheerleader told Vicky that all the girls give at least a blowjob to the football team. She was saying that the head cheerleader got to pick the guy that the cheerleader would have sex with. Both people would be blind folded. She was also saying that the cheerleaders would be blind folded too.

Well shit!” I thought. “I’m getting laid tonight!” I hurried to find the guys and find out more details. That is where I ran into Johnny one of the running back.

“Dude, you know that there is some sort of thing about having sex with the cheerleaders tonight?” I said with almost a smile on my face. I was trying to hold in the excitement. I was like a kid in a candy store, like a homeless man on free donut day at Krispy Kreme.

Johnny and Tim lead me to a room on the second floor. As we approached the door the Tim handed me a blindfold. Johnny looked at me and said, “You can’t take off the blindfold if you want to stay on the team. Do not talk and just sit on the bed and let the cheerleader come in and suck my cock until you cum in her mouth. That is the rules.”

            “Oh hell yes.” I said without thinking. My girlfriend had only let me play with her pussy a couple of times but nothing more and I was really horny.

            Tim asked if I needed a condom. “Nope.” I said, “My father hooked me up.” and I walked into the room. It was dark but the bed stand light was on. The room must have been a girl’s room by the décor. I took off my shoes, pants, and shirt. I then applied the blindfold and sat waiting.

            I could hear the door open and I head the head cheerleader say, “Your prize has arrived. No talking and you must cum in her mouth.”

            I heard footsteps and then the light when out. “Oh you two have a good time and keep your blind folds on the whole time.” Then I heard the door close.

            My heart was pounding like a bass line at a rock concert. I could feel my palms sweating and my cock was growing all by its self. I sat back and I wanted to see the girl that was about to suck my cock but I didn’t.

            I could feel a set of hands begin to rub my legs, running up and down my thighs. I felt this girl’s hands run over my cock. Even though I had my boxers on, she could feel my hard cock. I felt her small hands touch my legs she was shaking a little. I wasn’t sure if she had ever sucked a cock but I was going to find out.

            I grabbed the bottom of my seat to stop from grabbing this girl. I wanted her so bad. My cock was doing all the thinking. I let her slowly rub my cock. I wanted to feel her touch on my bare skin so I rotated and thrust my hips at her face. My cock touched her. I’m not sure where but it felt like lighting. I was so excited.

            Her hands slide under my boxers and grasped my cock. I almost spoke. I remembered the rules and kept my mouth shut. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I could jump through time. I really didn’t want to shoot my load in my shorts either.

            The cheerleader worked my cock for a couple of minutes with her hand before I felt her pull at my waistband. I pushed my hips up to allow my boxers to come free. She pulled them all the way off and now I was free. My cock sprang free, like a jack in the box, swinging from side to side. I ran my fingers through her soft hair. It was long and had a great smell about it something that smelled familiar.

            I thought about what Vicky was doing at this party and if she was with a guy right now. Then I put it out of my mind and went back to the girl sucking my cock.

            I felt a warm breath on the tip of my penis. “WOW”, I thought she is about to suck my cock! This is great!

            I felt her warm breath as she breathed out and then I felt her soft wet lips touch my engorged cock. I was so hard and her lips felt like silk that I almost came in her mouth. I place a hand behind her head and one on the chair for balance. I began to slowly move her head up and down on my cock. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock and whirling around my tip on the up stroke. The cheerleader slowly started to work my cock faster and faster. She applied suction to my cock and worked up speed. “This girl has sucked a few cocks in her day”, I thought while I was gripping her head and grabbing the chair for leverage.

            I am not sure how long she was sucking my cock but I was so close to cumming and she never stopped. She kept the pressure on my cock and used her hands to stroke my base of my cock. I felt a hand on my balls lightly squeezing them. I couldn’t take it anymore. I gripped the back of her head and I shot a huge amount of cum in this cheerleader’s mouth. I held her tight while she licked my balls with my cock still in her mouth. I shot another load deep into her throat. I must have shot four or five loads into her mouth before I let go of her head.

            She pulled back and I could hear her swallow. “Ummmmmmmmm, that was good big boy. Thanks for the large drink.”

            Her voice was so familiar that I pulled off the blindfold and saw something that would change my life. It was Vicky with a blindfold on too and she was wiping the cum from her chin. I was so shocked! What had I done? This was my sister and she sucked the best cock ever. It beat a hand job by my girlfriend any day.

            It then occurred to me that this was a set up. It was the head cheerleader that put us together. She was the one picking the girls to suck the guys. I grabbed Vicky and pushed her to the ground. I then grabbed my clothing and quickly got dressed.

            “What a bitch!” I yelled as I ran out of the room and left the house. 

My First Babysitting Job

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My parents and I live in a secluded house in the outskirts of town. As far back as I can remember, we've lived in this house. It's a big house with a fairly large pool, a hot tub out back and a build in game room in the basement. It's a beautiful place, a place I love calling "home". I'm 14 yrs old, 5'2 with long light brown hair, a athletic body, as I do love working out in dads gym. Dad has always mentioned that I inherited my mothers features. I have a perfectly heart shaped ass that I constantly get compliments on at school and my breast are a fairly developed set of 34 C cup. Although dad has never said I inherited my mothers nice and and tits, I'm sure thats what he's referring to. I've often caught him glimpse over at me while I'm in the pool, or while shooting pool

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in the game room down in the basement.

For quite sometime I had been asking mom to allow me to take on a babysitting job for the neighbors down that road. One day while out riding my bike, I ran into Mrs. Smith and after conversating for a little bit, she'd mentioned how she'd love to have me babysit on occasion so her husband and her could have some free time. They only lived about 4 miles down the road, but mother was always firm in saying NO! I was too young. I wanted to babysit, I wanted to know what it was like to actually "earn" my own spending money, afterall it wasn't like I'd be doing everyday, it was only on occasion, but still mom said no! She always told me that taking care of someone else kids was a big responsibility. She also mentioned how I didn't have to worry about spending money because that's why dad was a lawyer and she was a paralegal, so I could have anything I wanted without having to work. That was besides the point, I felt like I was ready to be a bit more responsible.

Finally, my chance to prove my babysitting abilities came when my moms brother, Uncle Gene phoned one day, stating that him, Aunt Kathy and thier 4 yr old son Cody were flying in from Colorado to spend a week in town to visit with us and a few friends they had here. Mom insisted on them staying here at our place for the week, so they could save on hotel cost. We had a guest house out back and periodically when family was down visiting mom would offer it to them so they could save on hotel costs.

A few days later, my uncle and aunt arrived. I always loved Uncle Gene. As a kid he would give me piggy back rides, or would carry me and pretend I was an airplane. Of course now I was too old to be carried, but I still loved him just as much. While having dinner mother mentioned that she realized that thier (Uncle Gene and Aunt Kathys) anniversary was this coming Saturday, and that she'd love to take them out for dinner and a few drinks. All parties agreed that would be a good idea. Mother turned to me and said that would be my chance to show my responsibilites as a babysitter, I'd get paid if I cared for Cody and made sure that he was well taken care of and safe. I was so happy that this opportunity arised.

When Saturday came around I was excited. All day I spent most my time in my room planning fun games Cody and I could play, printed out a few coloring pages of different cartoon characters from the internet and planned snacks and stuff. I wanted to prove to mother I was fully capable to be a good babysitter.

Before leaving mother cooked us some pizzas and as soon as it was ready everyone left. Mom, of course gave me a lecture and warned me not to open the door for anyone, gave me 4 different phone numbers where they could be reached and to make sure Cody was in bed by 9 o'clock, as that's what time Uncle Gene always made him go to bed. When they left,I gathered out dishes and put them in the kitchen and Cody and I went upstairs to color. We played games, listened to music, I even let him play a few games on Nick on the internet. At 9pm, without me telling him Cody got his "blanky" curled up on my bed and within minutes he was out cold. I musta nodded off right along with him, because the next thing I knew I woke up and it was 2am. I changed into my nightgown and went down stairs to see if everyone was home. When I got half way down, I heard dad and Uncle Gene talking. I walked into the family room and there sat dad and Uncle Gene, watching some porno movie on tv. My mom and aunt apparently were no wheres to be found. I made noise before "entering" the den so they'd know someone was there and dad shut off that tv. I asked dad where was mom and Aunt Kathy, and he told me that they'd both passed out in the guest house after having a few "too many drinks" and that Uncle Gene would be sleeping in the spare bedroom upstairs. With that I told him I was gonna go down to the basement to shoot a little pool to see if I'd get tired enough to go back to sleep. He said ok and with that I headed towards that basement door. I heard dad click the tv back on and again heard the familar moans coming from the tv. I stood there for a few minutes and heard Uncle Gene tell dad that his favorite little niece was growing up to be such a beautiful young girl, not to mention a VERY hot young girl. Dad answered by saying, "yes, I know! I catch myself looking at her from time to time, it's so hard not to." I smiled and headed down stairs.

As I played pool alone, I kept thinking of what I heard dad and Uncle Gene saying about me, and I started to feel a little tingle in my stomach. I'd always thought both dad and Uncle Gene were handsome. They both were tall, had hard muscles because they worked out, they both were in their late 30's. I got alot of compliments from my friends about my dad. They all thought he was hot.

I was lost in thought when I was startled by dad and Uncle Gene, they'd come down stairs to listen to some music on the jukebox we had down there and watch me shoot pool. I suggested I go change to something else, as my nightgown was a little short and when bending over to shoot the ball I knew it crepted up. Both dad and uncle Gene told me not to worry, I was just fine. Dad asked if I'd grab a couple beers from the fridge for them, and as I walked off to get them from the fridge that was in the corner, I could hear them both whispering "mmm mmm". There again, I felt that little tingle. I returned with two beers in hand and handed it to them. Dad popped open his and asked if I'd like to taste it. He didn't know, but I'd had a few beers while down in the basement alone. I didn't like the taste much, but I liked the feeling I got from it, seemed to relax me. I of course, pretended I'd never drank some and took up dads offer. Before long I had a beer in my hand dad had got for me and I was sitting on he pool table talking to them both about school stuff, and upcoming events with my friends. Dad asked to grab another beer for them and to get me another one if I'd like, so I went to get them one and of course I got myself another. When I jumped up on the pool table this time, my nightgown went up and revealed my silk panty I was wearing. I startled myself and said I'm sorry to both dad and my uncle, at which time dad said, "baby, there's nothing to be sorry about." We continued conversating for about another hour, I was feeling a little relaxed as I did when I'd come down and sneek beer while no one knew, and I think dad and my uncle could tell this. Finally, dad told me he had a question for me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, at which time I told him no. He asked if I'd ever kissed a boy and again I answered no. He then told me he was going to ask me a question, but that I could never tell anyone he asked. Then he proceeded to ask if I'd ever touched myself "down there". Of course, I couldn't lie to dad so I told him yes, usually at night or while in the shower. He asked how did I feel when I touched myself and I told him I actually felt really good. At this point he told me, that althought touching yourself feels good, it always feels better when you have someone else touching you instead. He then called me over to sit on his lap, and when I did I felt his cock hard in his pants. He let out a little moan, then whispered in my ear, that if I would show him and my uncle how I touched myself. At this point I was so relaxed and feeling kinda funny in my stomach I agreed to show them. He told me to go ahead and remove my nightgown and panties and lay on the pool table and show them, so I did. When I was completely naked, I could hear them both let out a quiet moan, I knew then that they were enjoying the moment. I looked over at them as I jumped up on the pool table and they both had thier cocks out and were stroking it. They were big, bigger than I'd imagined anyways. They seemed about the same size, only dads cock was seemed to be a bit thicker than my uncles. I'd say at least 8 inches is what they were. Anyways, I felt my pussy moist just looking at them and I laid on the pool table and spread my legs and started to rub my clit, letting out moans of pleasure. I had my eyes closed and was startled when I opened them to see my uncle on the pool table over me stroking his cock right next to my face. I looked to see where dad was and he was standing right in front of my pussy looking down as I rubbed my clit, he was stroking his cock too. He then asked me, "baby girl, can I show you what it's like to have someone rub that for you?" I didn't hesitate, and told him yes. With that dad started to rub my clit and pussy. I moaned out louder, it felt so good. My uncle asked if I'd lick his cock, and after looking at dad shake his head in agreement I start to lick the head of his cock. It tasted different, but good nontheless. I slowly slipped his cock in my mouth and started to suck on the head as I'd seen on the porno earlier. My uncle looked over at dad and said, " damn Denise, she's a wonderful cocksucker!" then looked down at me and said," ..thats it baby, suck my cock hunny." Dad then said he was going to try something new, and before I could respond, he had his mouth over my pussy and was sucking on my clit. It felt so damn good, I was moaning so loud, I was afraid I'd wake someone up, but the basement was far from anyone to hear me. My body then started to shake and tremble and my uncle said to my dad that I was about to cum. No sooner did he finish saying that, my pussy exploded and I felt my juices gushing out of my pussy, dad didn't waste one bit. He lapped up every drop of my sweet nectar. My body slowly started to calm down but dad didn't stop, he kept licking me and sucking on my clit. Then I felt him sliding a finger in my pussy. It stung a little, as I'd never stuck a finger in my pussy, just rubbed my clit. Dad continued to do this then said to me that if I'd let him put his cock in my pussy. I was scared at first, but after he sucked my clit a little more I was ready for it and told him yes. My uncle stepped back a little bit and allowed dad to lean over me. He kissed me and for the first time ever, I shared a real kiss. He then squeeze some KY from a tube he had on the pool table, on his cock and stroked it a little more then slowly started to slide it in my pussy. Tears filled my eyes, and the stinging sensation now felt like pressure with alot of pain. He leaned over and kissed me again and told me to just relax, and with that pushed all the way in, breaking my hymen. I felt like i was being ripped apart. I begged him to stop and he did, but didn't pull his cock out, just stopped. He told me that in a few minutes I'd enjoy it so much I'd be begging him to fuck me. I relaxed and told him to continue. Next thing I know I'm thrusting back towards him, begging him to "fuck me harder daddy, yes oh god yes!!! FUCK ME DADDY!!!" My uncle came a little closer and put his cock back in my mouth and I start sucking him harder and faster than I had before. Dad stopped and rolled over on the pool table, then he motioned me over to climb up on him, so I did. He slowly put his cock on my pussy again only this time he just shoved it in. I felt so full, but it felt good! I was bouncing up and down on his cock, lost in estasy when I felt something rubbing against my asshole. I turned around to see my uncle with the tub of KY, he squeezed some on my and and then started to rub it over my asshole. Before I could say anything he slide a finger in my ass. That just about drove me to another orgasm. He worked one finger, a few minutes later he put another in and then three. I was moaning so loud, "yes uncle Gene, fuck my ass, daddy u fuck my pussy hard", that's all it took. Uncle Gene, put his cock on my ass and pushed in, I screamed in pain and asked him to please use his fingers not his cock, but daddy pulled me down and kissed me and whispered in my ear, "baby girl, you have to let him fuck you too, or he will tell mother and if he does that, I'll never get to see you again." With that I closed my eyes tight and begged uncle Gene to fuck my ass...and hearing me say that he pushed his cock all the way in my ass. It hurt so bad, but after a few minutes I was enjoying having two cocks inside me. We fucked so hard for what seemed forever. Uncle Gene and dad kept switching places and positions. I sat on uncle Genes cock, as he fucked my ass dad fucked my pussy. Then dad fucked my ass and uncle Gene fucked my ass. We fucked for over 3 hours, each having orgasm after orgasm. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked if we could please stop fucking for tonight, but begged for them to fuck me again tomorrow. With that they both shot thier hot wads on my tits and face. Dad got a towel from the drawer and helped clean me up. Then kissed me passionately. I then turned to uncle Gene and kissed him passionately. As I was about to go upstairs, dad tells me, " baby girl?....your one hell of a babysitter!, I love you angel baby." and with that I went to my bedroom and showered and drifted off to sleep.

Then next day, aunt Kathy and mom went shopping and took Cody, I refused to go. I had some "unfinished" bussiness to attend, but that's another story.  If you'd like to know what happened the next day, please let me know. Again, it's my first time writing so any feed back, bad or good would be greatly appreciate......

My First Babysitting Job....Part 2

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The next day I woke up and Aunt Kathy and mom were going shopping. Luckly they were taking Cody with them. Mom asked me if I'd like to join them since they didn't plan on coming home early, in fact if it got late they were planning on staying  over night. They'd  be doing their shopping in a little town about 30 miles form here so they took an over night bag just in case. I told mom that I wanted to stay home because I'd already made plans for Becky to come over, which I did have plans, but what I failed to tell mom was that Becky had already called me and told me she wouldn't be able to come over after all because her mother was having family over and they hadn't seen eachother in a long time. Mom gave me a peck on the

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cheek and with a wink said  "make sure you keep your father and Uncle Gene in line while we're away" then she gave my father a kiss and walked out.

I was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a tank top and my hair was up in a ponytail. My legs felt somewhat sore from all the activity that took place the night before. My pussy and ass felt even more sore, not pain just sore. I told dad I'd be up in my room and turned to walk away. I thought dad would say something about the previous night but neither him or Uncle Gene said anything. I figured it was all forgotten and left it at that.

It was around 6pm that evening when dad called out for me to come downstairs, and I did. He just wanted to let me know that him and Uncle Gene were going out for a while and would be back later. If mom called I was to telL her to call his cell phone. Again, neither one of them said anything about the previous night, it almost seemed like I'd dreamed it all and nothing had REALLY happened, but going by the soreness I was feeling I knew it had happened. I told dad I'd give mom the message and as I turned to walk back to my room dad grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss, on the lips. He grinned and said," give your Uncle Gene a kiss goodbye too baby." and as I turned he gave me a  soft smack on my ass and smiled. I tried to kiss Uncle Gene on the cheek but he grabbed me by my face and planted a deep kiss on my lips...parting my lips with his tongue and drove his tongue deep inside my mouth. For some reason my body suddenly felt a funny sensation, kinda like how I felt the night before.

I headed upstairs and dad and Uncle Gene headed out the door. I laid in bed listening to the radio, thinking of last night. I knew it was wrong, but why did I feel the way I felt. I felt like I wante everything to happen again. I had enjoyed myself so much the night prior, and just thinking about it made me wet. I jumped off my bed and headed to the shower, I figured that would help. As I was walking to the bathroom the phone rang and it was mom. She said that they were staying over night and attending church in the morning then heading home sometime after lunch. I gave her dad's message and she said for me to call him and tell him that she forgot her charger for he cell phone and that she would call before heading home tomorrow as she wanted to save the battery for a emergency and hung up.

I called dad to tell him what mom had just said and dad said ok, said they'd be home soon and hung up. I headed to the bathroom and started the water, while I undressed I admired my body, after all for my age I did have a very nice shape.

At some point while I was in the shower I guess dad and Uncle Gene came home. When I got out of the shower I heard them in the den, which was on the back side of our house and the frence doors faced the pool. We had a big screen TV in there and from what I could gather dad and Uncle Gene were watching something that  had alot of moaning going on. I creeped up to the door way seeing how they wouldn't see me because they were facing the opposite direction. What I saw not only shocked me it got me wet all over. There sat dad and Uncle Gene watching a porno about a young girl being fucked by two grown men. I turned around and walked up to my bedroom.

When I got to my room I thought about what I'd just seen and I knew something exciting was going to happen so I made sure I was dressed for the occassion. I put on my silk night gown that reached my upper thigh and was low cut, it showed alot of cleavage. with a pair of white thongs. Just as I suspected about an hour later I heard dad call out for me. I went down stairs and they both immediately had their eyes glued on me. Dad finally broke the ice by asking if I wanted to order some pizza for dinner. I got their order and called it in. When the pizza arrived dad told me to come in the den and eat, and of course the movie was still on. They both had their eyes glued on the TV while they drank beer and ate pizza. Dad got up and brought another beer for them both and got me one too.

I sat there watching the porno with them, trying to stay calm as if it was nothing, but deep inside my pussy was crying out for attention, the same attention that girl on the movie was getting. Uncle Gene finally spoke out and said, " damn she seems to be having a good time, right baby girl?" I just nodded yes and continued to watch the movie and drink my beer. Dad then said , " come sit on daddy's lap baby and let me feel those beautiful tits of yours."

I got up and sat on dad's laps. He immediately wrapped his hands around me and while I watched the movie he twisted my nipples between his fingers. It took no time at all before they were hard and aching to be licked and sucked. Uncle Gene was on the other chair and unzipped his pants, immediately his huge cock sprung out. It was HUGE! The head was shinny and big. He looked over to where I sat on my dads laps and said, " come give Uncle Gene a few licks baby girl, I need to feel your mouth on my hard cock like last night."

I got up and walked over to him and kneeled down, but he got up and laid on the floor. I got between his legs, my legs spread open and starting licking his cock slowly. Licking up and down his shaft, then twirling my tongue around the head, he grabbed my head by my hair and started thrusting into my mouth and moaned loudly. A few minutes later I felt dad behind me. he laid on his back and positioned his head underneath my pussy, which was soaked by now and started lapping up my juices. He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands and squeezed them while darting his tongue in and out of my pussy. I felt my knees weaken. Between sucking my uncle and having my pussy eaten I had my first orgasm of the night. Dad just slurpped it all up....flicking his tongue over my clit, licking from the clit to my asshole and back to my clit. I felt like I was in heaven.

My uncle started face fucking me faster and faster and before I knew it I was swallowing his hot creamy cum. I didn't stop sucking him, I kept bopping my head up and down on his cock, going down sucking his balls then back to his cock just like they'd told me to do the night before. Uncle Gene told dad between grunts, " damn this little angel of yours is a cock sucker forsure! She does such a great job, Kathy doesn't even suck my cock like her, she's an angel!" He pulled me up on top of him and gave me a deep french kiss, then grabbed on of my tits and started sucking it into his mouth. He was sucking hard and fast, it felt so good.

Dad got up from the floor and came behind me, push me down on my uncle and slowly positioned his cock on my pussy. Then very slowly he started to slide his huge cock inside me. It was a little sore still from the night before but my god it felt good. I started moaning loud, begging him to please fuck me!! He kept asking me to tell him I was his little fuck slut, so I was. I kept yelling out, " oh yes daddy fuck me hard, deeper! Make me your little fuck slut! Fuck my pussy hard, make me cum all over your hard cock daddy PLEEEEASE!!!" This encouraged him to fuck me even harder. Before I could help it I was cumming all over my dads cock. Once I had some control again, dad pulled his cock out of me and turned me around and put it deep inside my mouth, almost gagging me. He was shooting his cum down my throat in no time.

By the time my dad had shot his hot cum, my uncles cock was hard again. He got up and sat on the chair he was on before and got me from my little waist and sat me down on his cock. It slid in easy but I felt it inside pretty deep. He started lifting me up and down by my waist and  he thrusted into me. He then got up on his feet with me still sitting on his cock. He held me up by my ass and bounced me up and down while he walked around the den. Then dad got up and came up from behind. While Uncle Gene held my ass cheeks open dad slid a finger inside me while pulling my upper body away from Uncle Gene's chest to suck my tits. I was moaning so loud I thought I'd wake the neighbors down the street.

Dad then took his finger out of my ass and squirted some KY  on his cock, and some on my ass. He then grabbed my hips and without holding back he slid the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole.  I screamed out loud and said, " Oh My God!!! Fuck yes ....fuck me hard you two! Please don't stop fucking me!" Dads cock was like a piston going in and out, in and out faster and deeper than the night before. My uncle had one hand on my ass and the other on my left tit sucking it and biting it like it was some piece of gum. I was crying from pure pleasure.

Dad took his cock out of my ass and uncle Gene got me off his cock. They laid me on the coffee table and while I sucked my cum off my uncle's cock dad put my legs over his shoulders and fucked my pussy then he would take it out and fuck my ass. He kept taking turns fucking both of my tight holes while I sucked my uncles cock. All dad would said was how good I felt on his cock and how much he's dreamed of fucking me for the longest time. He kept telling me he loved me so much and that he wanted to fuck me every chance he had. All i kept responding was that I never wanted either one of them to stop fucking me like they were.

Dad started getting close to cumming and he pulled out of my pussy and jacked off until he shot his hot cum on my tits, then he bent down and licked it off and fed it to me with his tongue. Uncle Gene shot his cum on my face.

We were a bit tired so we all sat down on the floor and drank a beer and rested, continued to watch the porno. About an hour or so later dad got me by the hand and said he and uncle Gene had something for me. He kissed me then Uncle Gene kissed me and dad handed me a box that was inside a gift bag. I pulled out the box, which was pretty big and it was a gift pack of different size dildos and vibrators. They explained that whenever I felt horny instead of going out fucking someone that could possibly give me some kind of disease that I should use one of these.

Dad explained how there were going to be times when for a few days in a row he wouldn't be able to fuck me because mom would be around and he wanted his "baby girl to have all the pleasure she needed until he could take care of her." I gave them both and kiss and a hug and told them I'd like them to be the first to use them toys on me. With that I laid back, holding  myself up on my elbows and spread my legs. Uncle Gene took a black dildo that he said was 8 inches long and lubed it up with KY and slide it inside my pussy, then dad took a pink one that was about 6 inches long and around 3 inches around and lubed it up and slid it in my was on one side and uncle on the other. They sucked my tits and bit my nipples as they fucked me fast and hard with my toys. I just moaned and kept have orgasm after orgasm.

We continued to fuck all night. Finally around 4am we all fell asleep on the floor in the den. When I woke up it was about 10 and dad kissed me deep and said I should get cleaned up that mom had called and said they were heading back. Before I agreed to clean though I asked them to fuck me once again and without hesitation dad  slid his already hard cock deep inside my ass, no lube no nothing and rolled around so i was on top of him with his cock buried deep inside my ass. Uncle Gene got up and came over on top of me and put my legs over his forearms and shoved his huge cock inside my pussy. We fucked  for another hour or so after I'd orgasmed like 4 times and they had cum inside my holes twice I went upstairs to take a shower while dad and Uncle Gene cleaned up downstairs.

Mom arrived about an hour later and kissed dad on the cheek then came and kissed me on the forehead. She looked at dad and said, " now what's so different about our little girl? She looks like she's glowing, and you look like you're so relaxed." Dad said, " not sure about my baby girl, but I know I am so relaxed I feel wonderful!." Mom laughed and went upstairs to unpack her over night bag.

Aunt Kathy sat acrossed the table with a low shirt and I could see dad staring at her tits. I felt a bit upset that he was actually looking at someone other than my mom and I. I didn't say much I just went upstairs. Later that night while mom laid sleeping I crept down stairs and heard some noises. I thought dad was fucking mom, but when I got to where the noises were coming from it was dad fucking Aunt Kathy. She was sitting up on him with his thick cock buried in her ass, I was so upset I turned to walk away when in the other corner of the room I saw mom bending over the chair and Uncle Gene was holding her by her hips, slideing his cock in and out of her pussy while she moaned and begged for more.

That leads to another story which I will tell only if you want to hear it. Please send feed back and enjoy......

Help Me Daddy - part 1

scooterkw on Incest Stories

I was quite fortunate that after traveling much of the world and building my company from scratch, I was able to sell the business and retire to a warm year round climate. All that success at middle age did not go to my head. I live a comfortable, simple life in shorts and t-shirts with the time and resources to do pretty much whatever I want, within reason.

I never married, but had a daught

Being Looked after by Mother

Dirtycharles on Incest Stories

My name is Brian and I am 43 years of age. I was married but my wife left me for a younger model quite some time ago.  This is not about anything that happened now but when I was a Teen.


It all started on my 14th Birthday.  My mother arranged for a surprise party for me and boy was I surprised.  I arrived home after school and all was

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dead quiet in my house.  I wandered through the house calling "Mum, Mum, where are you?"  Nothing and then I walked into the living room and it was Dark as all the curtains were drawn and I could see nothing.  I felt for the light switch and as I clicked the light on the silence was split with the combined yell of about 50 people, "SURPRISE!!!"


I was so shocked I just leapt in the air and as a fell down I tumbled over and I fell on my right arm, "ARGH" the pain was enormous and I screamed out loud.  It was not a successful party as it turned out I had broken my arm in two places and I had to be rushed to hospital.  Fortunately after an X-Ray my arm was manipulated straight and put in a Plaster.


I arrived home several hours later and I went straight to bed, what a wonderful Birthday I thought. My Mum came in to see how I was and she gave me a Painkiller to ease the pain.  Shortly after I fell asleep and before I knew it, it was the next morning.  One good thing was that I did not have to go to school.  My Mum came in my room with a tray with Breakfast for the two of us and she sat on the end of the bed and we had Breakfast together.  We chatted about all sorts and the morning soon passed and before we knew it, it was nearly noon.


"Well, come on then Brian" my Mum Said "It is time you had a wash and got dressed" So saying she pulled back the Duvet and waited for me to move.  I just sat there and looked a bit sheepish.


"What's the matter Brian?” She asked.  I just remained quiet.  “Come on you can tell me, after all I am your Mother”


I very quietly muttered, “Can’t I just keep my Pyjama’s on for the rest of the day, after all it is almost the afternoon”


“No you certainly can’t Young Man, so get out of bed this minute”


I just Blurted out “I can’t cos I can’t get washed by myself or get dressed cos of this silly broken arm, Dad had to help me last night and he undressed me and put my Pyjama’s on.  Can’t I at least wait until he comes home tonight?”


“MMM I see what you mean but unfortunately your Dad has flown to France, didn’t you remember that.  So if you were to wait for your Dad you would still be in those Pyjama’s two weeks from now.”


I just sat there frozen, I had forgotten all about this trip.  I don’t know why as it had been the main topic of conversation in our home for the past Month.  Dad was to go to France for a Large Business conference, one if successful would change our lives for the better, it was that Big.


“OK then” Said my MUM, “I will just have to get you undressed and wash you and then get you dressed, after all it is not that long ago since I did that for you.”


“BUT” I said with a quiver in my voice, I was just a little boy then, now I am almost a man, my Pals would laugh at me if they found out I was being washed and dressed by my own Mother”


“Tish Tosh Brian”, she said, “I won’t tell anyone and I am sure you won’t so no one will ever know, so come on slide off that bed and stand up and I will get those Pyjama’s off you and then we will go to the Bathroom and give you a good wash.”


I very slowly slid off the bed and stood up, being careful not to knock my right arm which was not only in a Large Plaster but held up with a metal Bracket so it stuck out.  This made it impossible for me to move and all I could do was to wiggle my fingers.


I stood up and my Mother removed my Pyjama Jacket, which was very easily done as it was only draped over my shoulders as it was impossible for my right arm to fit in the sleeve.  She then looked at me and said well you have grown up, I see you even have some hairs on your chest.  Come on then now is the time to see if you hairs anywhere else.  So saying se reached out and unfastened my Pyjama Bottoms.  They fell to the floor and I was standing there in front of my Mother Totally Naked.


At first she kept her eyes on mine, but they soon dropped and she was looking straight at my Cock which as soon as I saw her looking at it started to grow. 


She looked back up at me and said “I see you are more like your Father than I thought, all it takes is for me to look and you get a Hard ON, Come on I am Only kidding you.  It is only natural and I have seen a Hard On before you know.  Mind you for a 14 year old you do have a beauty.”


Hearing this my cock seemed to grow even bigger but I was pleased and proud at the same time and I thrust my hips out a little to make it look even bigger.


“Hurmph” She said, “Mind you it is going to be difficult in getting you dressed with it in that state.  Do you want me to leave you for a bit so you can take care of it”


“What do you mean” I asked as I was completely puzzled by this question.


“Come on Brian, you know what I mean, do you want me to give you say 10 minutes?”


I Just shook my head and said, “No, honestly I don’t know what you mean”


OK Then let me spell it out for you, Masturbate, you know have a wank, toss off, so that your Prick will be able to fit in you Pants.”


I swear I blushed and said, “Oh I see, yes now I know what you mean but I can’t as I am right handed and I never have been able to that with my left hand, it just does not work” and I Blushed again.


“MMM OK then you could be right as your Dad has told me exactly the same thing many times, so what are we going to do.  I can’t wait around all day for it to go down and by the look of it, it has no intention of doing so anytime soon.  Oh well there is only one thing left, I will have to do it for you”


“What!” I exclaimed and I took a step backwards and the bed caught me just behind the knees and I fell on the bed on my back.  My Mother looked down at me and said, “Perfect just you stay like that and I will soon fix this little problem, or not so little I should say.”


She pulled her skirt up a bit and knelt on the bed beside me. She reached out and took hold of my cock in her hand and started to toss me off before I could say anything.  Then it was too late as the waves of pleasure washed over me and I tensed my muscles of my Buttocks and pointed my feet.  The feel of my Mothers hand on my cock was fantastic, much better than me doing it, much, much better.  I could feel the sperm welling up and I tried to hold it as long as I could but I could not.  All too soon my cock jumped in my mothers hand and my Sperm spurted out and it hit me in the face.  I kept on pumping out my thick white cum again and again until it just dribbled out but my Mum kept pumping until nothing more came out.  I, at last could breathe again, all be it in gasps, and my cock was wilting.  My Mum wiped her hands on my Pyjama Jacket, got off the bed and said, “There I told you it would not take long, now come on into the bathroom with you and I will clean you up.”


I slowly sat and got to my feet, slowly for I was still out of breath and in a state of Shock of what had just happened.  My Pyjama bottoms were still around my ankles so I just kicked them of and I started to head through to the Bathroom.  I was in a bit of a mess as I had Cum all through my hair, on my face, chest, tummy and my cock was dripping cum.


My Mum was waiting for me and she had a basin of hot water waiting for me.  “Right , stand there Brian” she said pointing to the side of the wash-hand basin, “I will start with your hair and face and work my way down until you are all clean.


She started to wash my hair and then my face. After that she washed my chest and so down to my tummy.  Getting another clean cloth she said “Now for your cock and balls, we must get them clean as they kind of wiff from all your cum, so please stand with your feet apart for me so I can reach all the way round.  I separated my feet as told as I was still in a dream world as well as shock.  In the meantime My Mother knelt on the floor in front of me and her head was level with my cock.  She started to wash my cock and balls and washed around underneath and reached back as far as my Bum Hole, but I never made a move.  After a bit she stopped and looked up at me. And said “There is just this one place on the tip of your cock that I can’t get clean so there is only one way to clean it properly”


So saying she took hold of my cock, lifted it and quickly slipped it in her mouth.  I froze at this and I felt her tongue licking all around the Knob end.  “Humph!!”  Was all I could say and fortunately the wall was close behind me as I had to lean back on it or I would have fell down..


My mother continued to suck and suck on my cock and the inevitable happened, my cock started to grow bigger and bigger, until it was the same size as it was in the bedroom and I think it was actually bigger and harder what with my Mother Giving me head.


She suddenly stood up and said, “Well that’s it clean now alright, but look at it again, all hard and big again.  What are we going to do this time?”


I know come with me Brian. As she said this she took hold of my hand and led me out of the Bathroom and back into my bedroom.  She pushed me on my bed and told me to stay there while she got ready.  Got ready I thought, what can she mean, I was soon to find out.


She stood in front of me and started to remove all her garments.  I just lay there and looked with my mouth wide open.  Soon she was down to her Bra and Pants and with a flick of her wrist the bra was removed.


Her Boobs were beautiful large but not all droopy, well not too much, and her nipples were a nice color brown and all hard and pointing out at me.  She slowly put her thumbs in the waist of her Panties and slowly, ever so slowly pulled them down.  Her Pussy came into view and it was completely hairless, the lips were all puffy and there was a glisten to them showing that they were moist.  She took them and climbed on the bed and opened her legs so that on leg was on each side of me.  She slowly moved up the bed until she her pussy was just above my cock.  She took hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down the slit of her pussy.  I shuddered with pleasure  as she did this and a waft of musky fragrance came to me from her pussy.


She placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy Hole and sat down hard.  WOOSH my breath was pushed right out of me and my cock was buried deep in my mothers Pussy.  It was all warm and moist and tighter than I thought it would be and I could feel her clenching her muscles in waves as they gripped and then relaxed all over my cock.


She reached down and squeezed my balls gently and then she started to ride me.  The sensations that was ripping through me was so great that all I could do was to Moan out loud.  My Mother was making almost the same kind of noise and she was clearly getting close to having an orgasm  I felt her cunt muscles suddenly grip my cock and I thought they would crush it as it was so tight.  This was the start of her Orgasm and when this happened it was just too much for me and I came as well.  My cock twitched and twitched and I pumped out even more Cum into my Mother than I had when she tossed me off.. I threshed about the bed as the intensity of the orgasm was so much, I actually think I fainted.


My mother slipped off me and my cock. all soft now, slipped out of her cunt.  She was smiling and she looked down at me and said.  “Now that was something I never expected to happen but I am sure glad it did as that was fantastic.”  I Looked up and said ”Like er… Yeah, Same here but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.”


“Good”, she said, “I will now get you dressed and washed again, but this time fast so It doesn’t grow hard again.  At Least not again this morning.  Now that I know you are willing and have such a nice cock I would love to teach you some more about good sex, would you like to be my student in the art of sex.  I can teach you the best Oral Sex, anal sex, lots of different positions for sex and lots of real kinky stuff as well.  What do you say.


I just smiled at her and said “Well I don’t have much choice do I for at least 6 weeks until I get this Cast removed, so until then I am completely at your mercy.”


My Mother smiled, rubbed her hands together and said, “Then the next six weeks will be the learning experience of your lifetime and you will have the best of FUN you could ever have.”


“MMMM" I thought "I like the sound of that”



Wants and Desires of Other Natures

WritingByN on Incest Stories

She wakes, blinking as she looks at the clock. 8:33. Man Thursdays are nice... able to sleep in, work doesn't start till 11:00. Her thoughts, as they often do in the morning, drift to Him. Hes working today, probably already been gone for hours. She glances at her cell and her laptop, positioned next to her bed. A "Good Morning", but not much more, yep, hes at work. They talk often... but their s

My Mother, A true story part one

Slim Summerville on Incest Stories

I will start when it seemed like my life ended. 12 yrs. old and my parents they are getting a divorce.
I am an only child with one to talk to,no one in our little town ever did this,no one I ever knew did this,I was so alone.

For the first 6 mos. after my dad left things went as well as could be.We stayed in our house I went to school every day and so on....Then one night at the supper table my mother told she had sold the house and we were going to move. I can remember her words " it will be fun going to a new apt."
The new wonderful apt. was a one bedroom flat on the third floor,small kitchen,eat in living room and bath.Boy some fun!!!Mom said we would have to share the bedroom and we but single beds on each wall.           Â

Read More
 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â   I don't know when it started but mom was drinking when she thought I was asleep. The next thing she had quit her office job and started working in a bar it the next town over,about 6 miles.She would get picked up about 4 pm and return after midnight.I guess she was drinking pretty heavy because she would make a racket when she came in.She would go to the bathroom leave the door open with the light on and even get undressed that way.Some nights she would walk out nude and flop on her bed.I tried not to look but a 13 yr.old boy just had to.I would stare a her breasts and I would get hard.No,I did not have a giant penis I was lucky to have 4 or 5 inches at most.I did know how to take it out for exercise.

My mother was the first woman I had ever seen without clothes,I thought she was beautiful.She was 5 ft. 7 ins.tall and was about 120 lbs.her breast were still quite firm and her ass, as well.She was 18 when I was born so now at 31 she was in great shape.I never got a close look between her legs.I could see she had hair there but what else I was unsure.

One night her boss was with her when she came home ,he looked like he was half carrying her she was very drunk. She closed the door and fell in to the bathroom. I was realy scared I got up and went in I turned the light on she said " get out and leave me alone JOE ". JOE was her bosses name,so I tried to close the door but she was in the way. Slowly she started removing her clothes,I had not yet returned to my bed,she didn't seem to know I was there. I got a real good look at her pussy and started to get hard.She walked right by me and laid on the bed with her legs spread.It looked to me like she was split in half,but what did I know.Thru her hair I could see the lips of her pussy I stood there and looked for a very long time.Something told me to get closer and I did sliding up on the bed between her legs as I leaned forward to touch her lips she spread even further,I was amazed.My hand was shaking as I touched her the lips seemed to part and then I knew that was the magic hole that everyone talked about.I was so nervous,shakey and panicing, I put my mouth on it,she didn't move it tasted like more so I rubbed it with my tongue still no movement from mom. My prick had become very hard she was realy wet from me licking her.I moved up on her until I was at her opening,I slid my prick inside her it was so hot.I moved a couple of times and exploded in side her.I slid out and off her and went to my bed .What had I done would my mother send me away,all kinds of crazy things went thru my head as I fell asleep.....

Fun With My Hot Mom

Ledz on Incest Stories

There are only a couple of words you can use to describe my mom, Damn Hot and Sexy. She was 37, Blonde, Slender, Massive rack, and not a single blemish or wrinkle. I had really taken notice of my mom nearing my 15th birthday; I had spied her in the shower, washing her body. She was like a goddess that I couldn't have, even though I wanted her so much. My dad had left mom when I was less than a month old, he left her to pursue a career in Football, and he made it all the way to the pros before getting badly injured and retiring.


"Now Jon, there's only me left to tell you this, your dad wants nothing to do with us, I know school teaches you this stuff, but I'm making sure, You know about

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sex and using condoms right?" she asked, I nodded, a sigh of relief issued from her, "Praise the lord, I was hoping for that". She got up and walked off, as she stood up I could just see her panties, her robe was very high cut. I walked down to my room and stripped off and clambered into bed. I quickly fell asleep.


I awoke what seemed like minutes later, I could hear my mom walking into my room, "Mom what are you doing?" I asked, "Oh, sorry I didn't realise, I thought you were having a shower, I was bringing in your clothes" she stopped as she noticed, the sheet had slipped and she could see my pubes, "Do you sleep naked?" she asked half laughing, "What?" I looked down and saw my pubes hanging out, "Its all right I sometimes do the same, I just didn't know you did". "I haven't seen you naked in a long time, not since you were about ten", She said, "You have pubes and everything now, you are growing up pretty fast, for 15 you are pretty mature". "Just for curiosities sake can I see your nude body again, just to see how you've changed, I sighed and took the sheet off and stood up.


My mom gasped at the sight of my cock, "that has certainly grown, it was about two and a half inches floppy last time I saw it, now it’s at least 6 inches, wow". She studied my body, my muscular tone and hair. Her eyes were still fixated on my cock though,  "Do you know how big it gets when it’s hard?" she asked curiously in awe. I shook my head, "Mom, you’re getting kind of creepy, stop it", I said. "Your right its just it sure has changed" she said, "Just a couple of questions though, do you masturbate, its alright if you do?" I didn't want to tell my mom but I wanted this over quickly, "Yes, I do masturbate, once or twice a day", she nodded her head intently, "How much semen, a lot or not much?" I answered again; "Quite a bit" she nodded again, "Are you a virgin?" I really didn't want to tell my mom this, "No, I've had sex since I was 13" she gasped at this, "How long can you keep it up for?" I answered honestly,"depends anywhere between, 5 and 10 minutes", "that needs slight improvement" my mom replied. My mom moved over to me and knelt down and looked at my cock, I could see her pink panties between her legs and this excited me slightly.


My mom held out one hand and began to hold the cock, "How come your not hard?" she asked, i replied with,” It takes a bit to turn me on", My mom smiled and gazed back at the cock, examining it with one hand. “Ah, Mom I am getting a little uncomfortable now, can you please stop?” I begged, she whipped her head and smiled, she shook the hair out of her eyes and said, “What’s wrong, I thought you liked the attention” she stood up and turned away from me, all of a sudden her robe fell to the ground and she was standing naked before me.


I could tell she wore no bra by the fact that she had no straps on her back; she wore light blue panties that showed the shape of her ass quite nicely. She covered her tits with her hands and turned back to face me, she smiled and looked into my eyes, she got closer and closer, I could feel my cock stirring. She looked down and saw my cock wasn’t as limp as before and she smiled, “So you get turned on at your mommies body do you?” she questioned, pulling her body closer to mine. ”It seems your cock does at least”. Her head reached in and kissed me full on the lips, she pulled away and told me to sit on my bed, I obliged. My mom asked,”So if you’re turned on by that what will happen when you see my tits?” she removed her hands and my dick got less limp at once, her dark brown areolas were around 2 ½ inches in diameter, her nipples stood out quite definitively on that.


She smiled sweetly and walked towards me, she squirted breast milk at me, “It’s odd that I still make it, but my body seems to think I need it”. She then proceeded closer to me, she knelt down and began to examine my cock, it was now about 8 inches long, “It’s getting big now, just the way I like it”, she began stroking it, licking it with her tongue. Her pink tongue curved and swerved all over it while her hand stroked it increasingly rapid but still equal strokes. I could feel her moist tongue wrap around my hardening cock, her hands rubbing the skin of it, “mom, it’s wrong, stop” I begged, she retorted with, “It doesn’t look like you really think that, your cock is responding well”.


She began to suck on the whole cock head like a lollypop, licking and sucking it with great enthusiasm, she looked up at me with her blue eyes and smiled, she continued sucking and licking for another couple of minutes before she stopped and pulled away, “Yu were starting to cum, I stopped so we could go for longer and better, this will help you with your potency problems too” she said. “So now you can give me oral sex, lick my pussy” she ordered as she laid on the bed. I got near her and began removing her blue panties, soaked with pussy juice. I looked at her pussy with all its glory, platinum blond pubes, grew around it, it had large lips and a big nice clit. I leant in and spat into her pussy, then I began licking around the pink flesh. It was amazing, I had only given a girl oral sex once before and this time it was far better, the pussy wasn’t so tight that it was uncomfortable, just loose enough to make it a lot of fun for me. I probed my tongue further into her pussy, the taste was amazing, it was nice, and I could hear my mom quietly moaning which I took for a good sign.


I pulled out and looked at my mom, I began sucking on her nipples, she reached up and massaged the one I was sucking on, a sweet liquid squirted into my mouth, I drank it down, receiving the breast milk my mother had given me so long ago. I continued sucking until there was no more, I moved up and kissed my mother passionately on the mouth, “mmm” she moaned.


I looked down and arranged myself so my cock was just entering her pussy, before thrusting my pelvis forward and my cock into her vagina, She moaned as it pushed its way, all the way into her pussy, I pulled part of the way out and pushed back in getting faster and harder as I went. The pussy seemed to suck my cock in and give it shelter; it was warm and moist and gave me pleasure like no other. After about 5 minutes I felt like I was about to cum, I began to moan, my mom told me to pull out and stop. I obliged. Just as my cock was clear of the pussy, white sperm erupted from the tip and squirted all over her body, It fell all over her its and stomach, some even reached her face, after a minute the eruption subsided and she looked at how much cum I had blown, “You’re right that is a bit of cum” she said smiling. She began licking her tits, sucking up all of her sons cum, digesting it all, soon she had eaten it all up and said, That was fun but you’ve blown your load all over my body so I am off to clean myself up, goodnight” she said and got up and left the room leaving her things behind.