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Geena's First Time With Mom

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  It was a nice spring morning when I awoke from a restless night. I was feeling a little listless and knew I was coming down with some sort of bug. I really did not want to have to go to school this morning, so I called out for my mom to tend to me. I hoped I could convince her to allow me to saty home from school.

  It was only a second before mom was at my door enquiring about my need for her. I informed her of my malody and she smirked at me like I was faking it or just to lazy to get my ass out of bed. "Really, mom I don't feel well, really"! She said,"OK kiddo, let me get the thermometer and if you have a fever I will let you stay home". I watched her turn a head down the hall. I was so glad that I was beginning to look more like her each day.

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She was beautiful. At 38, she was still gorgeous. Long red hair and a pretty slim build which she worked hard to keep. It has just been the two of us since dad left two years ago. Mom never thought she was beautiful, but I sure thought she was. She always joked that her boobs were to small and her hips to wide.

  No way, she was lovely and I hoped I looked just like her when I was finished maturing. My breasts were very small compared to hers. Just small mounds topped by puffy areolas and long nipples, bu they were sensitive and I loved to rub and squeeze them. My pubic hair was very wispy and sparse, not like the thick auburn bush that covered my mother's mound. Well, lest I venture to far from my story I will return to my first lesbian experience and the hands and lips of my mother.

  She came into my room and as she was shaking down the thermometer she stumbled over one of my discarded sneakers and dropped the thermometer and it struck the the tiled part of my floor and broke into pieces. "Damn it", my mother curesed as she regained her balance. "Geena, I wish you would just pick up your room". She turned on her heels and went to get a broom and dust pan. She swept up the mess and then addressed me again.

 " Well, now how shall I take your temperature young lady"? I said I guess she couldn't so I should stay home if I felt warm.

  She started to agree when I saw a thought flash in her bright green eyes. "I know what to do", she said. "I will get the old rectal thermometer that used when you were younger". "No way, I don't want that thing shoved up my butt", I pleaded. "It's the only way you are going to get to stay home, so take it or leave it", she called back. "Fuck" I though to myself. She was back in a flash with the thermometer in one hand and a bottle of vaseline in the other. "OK Sweetcheeks, roll over pull down those panties". I pulled off my red panties and rolled onto my stomach. "Don't worry Geena I won't hurt you, just relax".

  She sat down on the bed next to me and stroked the small of my back to ease my tension. The feel of her hand on my back felt so good and soon I was feeling warm in my pussy. My mom asked me to pull my knees up under me so that my ass and pussy was tilted up towards her. She stroked the cheeks of my firm ass and this just excited me more. If she only knew what I was thinking and feeling. I hoped she wouldn't notice my wet pussy as she prepared to take my temperature. She removed the top on the the vaseline jar and put her index finger into the squishy mess. She asked my to reach back and pull my asscheeks apart so she could easily insert the thermometer.

  I spread my ass wide for her and she rubbed the vaseline around my asshole and then slowly inserted her finger deep into my ass. I groaned into my pillow as I felt her finger worm its way inside me. My pussy began to flow. Then to my surprise, instead of just removing her finger and putting in the thermometer, my mom began to slowly move her finger in and out of my asshole. My mother was finger fucking my virgin ass. I was getting close to cumming. "Mmmmom", I stammered. "What baby, did I hurt you"? "No momma, I just...." "Does it feel good baby"? "Yes, mommy it feels wonderful " "That's good baby, just relax and enjoy it".

  My mother just continued to finger my ass. I came when she suddenly inserted a second finger stretching me open. When I stopped shuddering from my cum, my mother removed her fingers from my ass and inserted the thin cool thermometer. She moved it in like she had with her fingers for a few seconds and then left it still to take my temperature. She got up and told me to lie still while she washed her hands. I was laying there with the thermometer sticking out of my ass and basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm given to me by another person. My mother returned to my room and when I glanced out of the corner of my eye I realized her legs were bare. I turned my head as she slowly removed the thermometer and was greated by her bush only inches away from my face.

  She was naked. My pussy started to moisten again at the idea that she was nude in my room. She read the thermometer and said I had a low grade fever and I could stay home. I was surprised that thermometer hadn't burst from the heat I was feeling for my own mom. She wiped the vaseline fromm my ass and as I was ging to roll over she kissed the left cheek of my ass. I stopped still as I felt her tongue travel over my ass. I felt her hand find my wet open pussy and she rubbed my virgin folds. I almost passed out when my mother's tongue circled the crinkled ring of my asshole.  "OHHH, mom", I moaned as she pushed her tongue into my ass and her fingers slide into my pussy. "Oh Baby your ass tastes so good and your pussy so tight".

  "Here, roll over", my mom told me. I rolled onto my back and my mother lavished the insides of my thighs with licks and kisses. "Oh mom, eat my pussy please". I came again when her tongue sliced up through my folds and flicked around my hard clit. "Oh baby, baby, you taste so fucking good", she moaned into my wet cunt. Ifelt her finger once again find my tender asshole and I groaned as it slide inside. Soon she was fucking tow fingers inand out of my ass as she sucked on my quivering pussy. I arched and humped gainst her mouth as another orgasm began to build in my wanton cunt. I came so hard that I simply fainted at the end of my mother's tongue and fingers.

  When I came to I was met by her smiling face. Then she kissed me ever so lightly on my lips. This kiss soon became a tongue dancing French kiss that I remember to this day.

She then smiled at me and rolled obto her back, saying, "How about doing your mom a favor"? I smiled knowing what the favore was that she wanted......I willingly dove right into it, but I will save that for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this true experience and let me know what you think.

my visit to the doctor with mom

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I had just turned thirteen and mom was taking me to the doctor for my sports physical. Unlike the other kids  that I knew, my mom was taking me to a female doctor who happened to be a friend of hers. I can only guess she was trying to save a buck since we didn't have alot of money growing up. We sat in the lobby for what seemed like hours. I was nearly asleep when the nurse came and led us back to the examination room, yes I said led US back. I tried to tell my mom that I would be fine on my own, but she wasn't having any of it and decided that she needed to be with me.

The nurse told me to strip to my underwear and that the doctor would be in shortly. Mom had seen me naked thousands of times since our family was very open and since "our family" consisted of the two

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of us plus my sister, I probably saw more female skin by the time I was 13 than most guys saw by the time they were 18 so why was I nervous about getting undressed in front of her now? I look back and can only guess that at 13 I was a little embarrassed as I was beginning to develope. My mom watched me undress right down to the last sock and then told me to sit down next to her. She put her hand on my leg, smiled and told me to relax. I was perfectly relaxed until she put her hand on my leg with her fingers extending to the inside of my thigh. It was only briefly that they were positioned there, but it was enough to crank up the libido of a young teenage boy! My "boyhood" was maybe 4 inches and could have probably been hidden in a pair of boxer shorts, but in those days boys didn't wear boxers. My underwear was tight and made of a spandex material. I looked down as I felt myself becoming erect. I tried to think of anything other than the touch of her hand. I'm not going to lie, it felt incredible even though it was brief. Now, I wasn't sure whether to leave it facing down or move it to point up, but it was too late either way as the doctor walked in.

She greeted us with a smile and struck up small talk with mom. She then motioned me to sit on the examination table so she could get started. My erection had subsided a little, but anyone with an eye for erections could tell something was going on down there. I stood up while the doctor had her back to me, but mom's watchful eye saw it. I watched her raise her eyebrows and then let a little smile work its way across her face. I sat on the table and the doctor went through the basic stuff making me breath deep and follow the light and say "ah" and for a moment I thought I was going to get out of there unscathed. That is until she told me to lay back on the table. She and mom were still engaged in conversation as she pushed lightly on my stomach from all sides and then she put her fingers inside my waist band and pulled my underwear away from my body. She stuck her other hand a few inches inside and pushed in on my lower stomach. I knew I was done right there! My little dick started to grow as her fingers brushed over what little pubic hair I had. I closed my eyes trying not to look at the doctor. She was very attractive, probably early forties, brown hair and an incredible body. Then she hit me with the one thing I didn't want to hear..."Ok go ahead and stand up and pull your underwear down so I can check you."

"Oh god No," I said to myself, but to no avail.

I slowly sat up and hopped off the table. The doctor sat down on her swivel chair facing me. The top button on her blouse was undone and her skirt was riding up over her knees. It was yet another reason why my erection wasn't going to go away. I slowly pulled my underwear down in front of my mom and the doctor with my dick poking straight out in front of me! The doctor tried to ignore it as I'm sure it wasn't the first time something like that had happened to her. She checked my testicles, ran her fingers through my pubic hair and even moved my erect dick from side to side. My mom watched the whole thing from five feet away! I was mortified.

The doctor told me to go ahead and pull my underwear up to which I did immediately, but my erection got caught in the material and stuck straight out. Before I could fix it, my mom reached over and stuck her hand inside my shorts and adjusted it for me! When the doctor left, I tried to get dressed, but mom stopped me with a "Wait a second."

I turned back in her direction and she asked me the most bold, brazen question I had been asked up to that point in my life.

"Honey, when was the last time you masturbated?" she asked.

I felt my face go flush. How the hell do you answer that? She immediately knew that she had embarrassed me so she tried to back peddle with the "it's normal and everyone does it" speech, but it didn't ease the pain. At 13, I was like any kid in the fact that if you left me alone in a room for more than 5 minutes, I was going to play with myself, but I certainly couldn't tell my mom that.

"That's the only way you're going to get rid of that," she said looking at my bulge.

She then told me to hop back up on the table and lay back down. Reluctantly, I did as she said. She then reached over on the doctor's table and squeezed a small amount of petroleum jelly on her hand and walked over to me.

"Relax," she said smiling. "This shouldn't take long."

Mom then pulled my underwear down so that my boyhood was completely exposed. She then unbuttoned her blouse and leaned over so I could get a bird's eye view of her breasts. She unzipped her pants giving me a great view of her pink satin panties. Oh how I loved those! She ran the fingernails of one hand through my pubic hair while she placed the other around my dick and began to slowly and methodically stroke it. I was in pure heaven! I had done that to myself many times, but it didn't feel as good as when she did it. She continued to rub my pubic area and then my balls and true to her word, it didn't take very long for me to shoot my load.

"Now how did that feel?" she asked. "Good huh?"

I was at a loss for words. She cleaned me off with a papertowel and then we both got our clothes together. As we were getting ready to leave, she whispered in my ear, "I can help you with that anytime you want." I could feel my dick growing again and it stayed that way for the duration of the drive home! My mom is the best!

The Davis twins Chapter 1. (repost)

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                                 The Davis twins Chapter 1.


By jollyman


    This story takes place 13 years in future and tells of how close the Patrick Davis Jr. and his twin sister Patricia are. This is chapter 1 of 4 if you enjoyed the nieces series you should enjoy this story.




   Hi, I’m Patricia Anne Davis and I am in love with some o
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ne very close to me. You will never guess who it is, but after you read this story, you will know giggle.


   Well let me tell you a little about myself. I stand about 4 foot 11 ¾ inches tall. I weigh 85 pounds, with 28 A-cup breast, a 22-inch waste, and 24 inch hips. I have long black hair with brown eyes and long shapely legs like my mother and if I do say so myself I turn many heads when I go to the mall with my older sister Terrie, giggle. Now on with the story, I hope you will like it.


  Pat and I got home late from school in mid Oct, a week after Terrie’s 27th birthday, as we walked up to our rooms. I herd some noises, coming from Mom and Dads room. Pat do hear you that? It sounded as if someone was moaning.
  Oh, it’s probably Mom and Dad having sex again.


  Well let’s go look I said with a big grin on my face.


  No, I have too much homework to do, as he walked into his room.


  Ok it’s your loss as he closed his door.


  The moaning was getting louder, as I walked, down the hall and looked through the gap in the door but to my surprise, I found out that it was not Mom in but Terrie lying on the bed with Dad. I was in shock as I watched Dad licking her bald pussy. Than Terrie moaned OH GOD DAD THIS FEELS SO GOOD MAKE ME CUM.


  As I continued to watch, the hot scene that was going on before me, I began to feel a tingling between my legs. So I unfastened my jeans, and slipped my hand inside and when I felt how wet my panties were, I started to rub my pussy. This caused me to moaning as I continued rubbing myself as Dad continued to pleasure Terrie. Then I noticed Terrie glance at the door, so I bit lower my lip, and I moved away from the door so she could not see me.
  I continued to watch and rub my now burning hot pussy. As I watched Terrie, start to shake then she began to push her pussy up into Dad face, as she grabbed his head to hold it in place. YES OH GOD YES IIIIIMMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNG AHHH Terrie screamed and she collapse back on bed panting. Dad I love how you make me cum, then I herd her say, Dad I am ready for you to fuck me now.


  Ok littleone he replied as he moved up between her legs, which gave me a good view of his cock. WOW, it looked so big, I thought to myself.


  Of course, the only other cock that I had ever seen was Pat’s cock. Now don’t get me wrong I might have seen some that were bigger when I was much younger I don’t really know. We had stopped going to the nudist resort when I was little, so I could have seen bigger ones there giggle.


  I watched as Dad slipped his cock into Terrie and I could see the pleasure that she was getting from it, as he drove his cock in and out of her. OH GOD YES DAD I LOVE THIS PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CHILD OH YES FUCK ME HARDER and she started pushing up at him. I stopped rubbing my pussy when I herd her say that and watched as they continued to fuck. OH! OH! OH! GOD YES DAD, MAKE ME PREGNANT DAD GIVE ME YOUR CHILD, she screamed again.


  Then Dad grunted, here it comes little one AHHHH, and he held his cock deep in her pussy as he grunted repeatedly. Then he rolled off her and I could see a white cream like substance that I thought might be sperm. (You see we learned about that in Sex ED Class.) So I knew that he would get her pregnant if she was fertile and I let out a gasp. After Dad, herd me gasp, and looked over at the door just as I turned and ran to my room.


  About five minutes latter, as I was setting on my bed pulling my thoughts together, I herd a knock on my door. Who is it I called out?


  Patty it’s me Dad could I come in?


  Yes Dad, come on in, I replied.


  When he entered the room, he was wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt, as he walked over to my bed, then he asks me. Patty, were you standing outside my bedroom door earlier.


  I looked down at the floor, yes Dad I replied and I am sorry for spying on you and Terrie.


  That’s ok sweetie and he kissed me on forehead, as he sat down beside me. Patty, just how much did you see?


  Everything Dad and how could you do that to Mom as I started to get mad at him.


  Whoa now little lady I am not cheating on your mother if that’s what you think.


  But Dad you was having sex with Terrie.


  Patty, your Mother knows that I was going to have sex with Terrie today because she told me that it would be best time to get her pregnant.


  I looked at him but she is your daughter.


  Patty your sisters Terrie and Janie are really your cousins, and they are not blood cousins, they are my first wife nieces.


  But why do they call you Dad then?


  Nancy and I adopted them when they were your age.


  Oh, I replied, as I looked at him, Dad how long have you been having sex with Terrie.


  We have been having sex for a little over 13 years now and I am the only man that she trusts to have sex with her.


  But why Dad as I sat looking at him.


  Patty its, because of something that happened to her when she was your age.


  Oh, I replied then I ask, Dad, what could have happened to her that was so bad that she no longer trust men when it comes to having sex?


  Patty, Terrie or your mother should be the ones to tell you that.


  Ok Dad as he looked at me.


  Patty, are you that curious about what we were doing?


  I blushed and said yes, as I tried to hind my embarrassment.


  Well then why didn’t you just come in the room to watch us as we were having sex?


  Dad that would have been to embarrassing for me to come in the room while you were having sex with her, I replied as I looked up at him. (When deep down I really wanted to watch them and see just how it was done close up.)


  Ok cutiepie as he kissed me on the cheek and got off my bed. Now do your homework he said while leaving my room.


  I sat there thinking, as my panties started to stick to me, so I stripped and went into my bathroom to take shower. After I had finished with my shower, I dried off and put on my robe as I thought about what Dad had said about Terrie. That’s when I decide to go to Pat’s room and talk with him. After I had knocked on his door, Pat can I come in


  Yes, Patty, come on in.


  Hey Pat you will never guess who Dad was fucking?


  Let me see; was it Terrie, he said with a grin?


  How did you know it was her, and not someone else having sex with Dad or it could have been Mom having sex with some other man.


  Whoa, Patty, slow down as he held up his to get me to stop talking.


  Ok I replied.


  Then he looked at me with a grin on his face. Terrie stopped by my room and asked, if I was standing outside of Mom & Dad’s bedroom door earlier.


  Oh, sorry about that I replied.
  That’s ok Patty because she came in here naked and I got a good view of her sexy body, he said with a smile.


  Oh, you and I hit him with a pillow.


  Side Note


  Now let me describe Pat for you. He is the most handsome boy in our school Giggle. Well at least all my friends think so with his blonde hair and deep green eyes that you could get lost in, when you look into them, or so my friends have told me. (Giggle) But now I think about it would have to agree with friends on that part, but I still have to remember that he is my brother. (Giggle)


   Anyway he stands about 5 foot 5 ½ inches tall and weighs about 150 (all muscle), with a nice six-pack set of abs and he has a 7-inch Cock just like Dads.  Remember I have seen him naked before, and even at the age of ten he had nice cock, so when I seen him a couple weeks ago jacking off in the bathroom I was not to surprised about the size of his cock. (Giggle) Ok enough about his gorgeous cock. (Giggle) Now back to the story.


  Pat you know I would like to try that some time.


  You would like to try what Patty, as he sat looking at me.


  What Dad and Terrie were doing I replied.


  You mean sex, he asks.


  Yes sex, I replied. I would love to see how it would feel to have the man that I loved driving his cock in to my pussy.


  He looked at me, but Patty you don’t have a boyfriend and I am damned sure Dad would never do it with you.


  I looked at him with a smile. Well Pat, I was hoping you would like to have sex with me.


  He sat there on his bed thinking would you tell anyone if we did, he asks.


  No, I would never tell anyone that I had sex with my brother, because that would be so gross, as I wrinkled up my nose in mock disgust. (When deep down, I would love to shout it to the world if we did.)


  Well you have point there sis it would be disgusting, as he sat there and thought about it.  But No, I don’t think we should have sex Patty because that would be incest and that is wrong.


  I looked at him. Pat, you do have a point there about it being incest. But you would turn me down after you see this, as I open my robe showing him my tits.


  He looked at me and started to smile, now I know why all my friends have asking me to fix you up with them sis, because you have beautiful breast.


  Thank you Pat, but if you want to see more of them then say you will have sex with me here and now, as I closed my robe.


  Yes, as his cock sprang to life making a tent in shorts. Then he said ok Ill have sex with you Patty; just let me see your breast again please.


  I looked at him with a grin. I will do you one better then that, as I stood up and dropped my robe.


  Wow Patty you’re gorgeous, was all he could say, as he looked at me from head to toe.


  Thank you Pat, as I moved over to the bed. Than I took, his hands and placed them on my breast, as I looked deep into his eyes. Pat, you can touch me anywhere you like.


  He stood up and took me in his strong arms. Ok Patty and he started kissing me, not a brotherly kiss mind you, but one with passion. As we stood there kissing I felt his hands move to my butt cheeks and he started to squeeze them.


  I moaned as we broke our kiss, Pat where did you learn to kiss like that.


  He looked in to my eyes, Christine Powel taught me how to kiss I like this, he replied.


  I looked at him with a touch of jealousy in my eyes; I always wondered why she wanted to be alone with you I said.


  He just smiled at me and we continued kissing. After about five minutes, we stopped and I looked at him. Pat, you are a good kisser.


  Thanks Patty, as he continued to squeeze my butt cheeks you are very good too, and we started kissing again.


  Then I broke the kiss. Now what are you going to do with me?


  He picked me up and laid me on the bed. Then he started kissing down my neck. Oh, yes that feels good Pat, as he moved over my collarbone and down to my left breast.


  Suck on it Pat I said, as he began to lick my hard nipple. Then he took it in his mouth and lightly bit on it. Oh my God, that does feel good, where did you learn to do that.


  From Christine he replied, as he looked up at me.


  Then I started to feel a little bit jealousy of Christine knowing she was the one that had taught him how to pleasure a woman. As he continued to suck, lick, and bite on my nipples. But it felt so good that I began to thank her for training him so well.


  As he continued sucking on my breast, I just had to know how far they had gone. So I stopped him, Pat can we talk a bit.


  He looked up at me. Ok Sis and he moved up beside me.


  I rolled on my side with my legs spread so he could touch me as we talked. Pat can I ask just far did you go with Christine?


  We just had oral sex, because she is not on the pill and I did not have a condom with me at the time. As he reached, out and ran his hand over my hot pussy.


  So you have seen her naked and she has seen you naked, as I moaned from his gentle touch.


  Yes, we have seen each other naked he replied.


  Then I felt my heart sink, but I would not show him just how sad it made me feel. So to get my mind off them doing what they had done, I asked Pat if he would, you lick my pussy.


  Yes, he said, as we kissed again.


  So I rolled onto my back with legs spread wide for my twin brother to start licking me, I was nervous and excited at the same time. As he kissed down my body until he reached my slit. When he licked over my outer lips I shivered and moaned OH GOD Pat that feels good please don’t stop.  


  He looked up me with a smile. Patty I have wanted to do this for a year now, after I saw you getting out of the shower. That’s when I started to see you as a girl not just my sister. Then I notice the patch of hair over slit I got hard-on, because I thought it was so sexy. After that, I started dreaming about seeing you naked, and I would try to catch you coming out of the shower more. I just looked at him as he continued to speak. But now that you have it bald like Terrie’s I like it even better, as he looked up at me.
  Ok you pervert I said joking, as I opened my legs wider for him. Now enjoy it.


  He went back down me on me like mad man and licked over my outer lips again bring my clit out of hiding. OH GOD PAT WHAT EVER YOUR DOING PLEASE DON’T STOP. I moaned very loud.


  He started biting and licking my clit, as he slowly stuck his middle finger in me. OH GOD YES MAKE ME CUM PAT, as my first orgasm from another person started to build. OH! OH! AHHHHH my body stiffen then it jerked up and down with the pleasure that he was giving me. Then my vaginal muscles sucked on his finger, as he continued to lick and finger fucks me until I felt an even stronger orgasm coming on. OH MY GOD YES MAKE ME CUM I screamed so loud I know everyone in the house could here me.


  Pat stopped and looked up as I tried to catch my breath. Patty not so loud we do not want Dad and Terrie to hear us.


  Sorry (pant) Pat (pant) I replied (pant), I will try (pant) to keep (pant) the noise (pant) down.


  Ok he replied then he went back down and started licking me again, as he stuck a second finger in me. OH God yes, Pat keep-going make me cum again, as his fingers moved even faster in and out of me. AHHH Oh God Yes I moan I’m cumming, I said in much softer voice this time.


  Then I felt him hit my hymen, and he stopped pushing his finger into me any deeper. Patty, are you still a virgin as he looked up at me.


  Yes (pant) Pat (pant) I’m still (pant) a virgin (pant) I replied.


  He smiled so am I Sis and I smiled back at him.


  He started to go back down on me when I stopped him. No Pat (pant) I (pant) have (pant) had (pant) enough (pant) let me (pant) catch my breath (pant).


  Ok Patty, as he moved up beside me.


  After I had clamed down and caught my breath. I said, WOW that was fantastic Pat as I looked at him and we started kissing again. Now what else can we do?


  Well that’s enough for now I will tell more you about that afternoon in the next Chapter, Bye for now giggle.


  This is the end of Chapter 1 I hope you enjoyed it. Leave comments at




Wedding Story Pt 2 - The Brides Father

Magik67 on Incest Stories

It was the day of my daughter’s wedding and knowing that she had her Hen Night last night I thought I’d pop round early and make sure she didn’t need any help. My fears were confirmed when I couldn’t get any answer at the door, so I let myself in and headed upstairs.Â


As I approached the bedroom door I saw it was open slightly but as I was about to knock I saw something tha

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t made me stop. Off to the right I could here the sound of the shower from behind the closed bathroom door, but lying on the bed on top of the covers was a naked female form engaged in a little bit of self amusement with what looked to be a vibrator. I was just going to turn away, somewhat embarrassed when something made me stop and look again.


Maybe at this point I should clear something up, when I said that it was my daughter’s wedding that was not strictly true. I had met Amanda’s mother seven years earlier after she had been divorced from her husband for a few years. Since then we had lived together and I had helped bring Amanda up through her teenage years, but we had never got round to marrying, so I wasn’t even Amanda’s stepfather.


Anyway, the body on the bed was clearly not Amanda as I had watched her body develop and she was much bigger than this slim, small breasted thing lying there writhing gently. I’m not sure exactly what caused me to do what I did next, whether it was the excitement of seeing something I shouldn’t, the effect of the moaning or the fact that my ‘daughter’ might come out and catch me, but very soon I was unzipping my self and fondling my cock. I was still aware of the sound of the shower, so I knew Amanda wasn’t going to walk in on me.


I guessed that the girl on the bed must have been Becky, the maid of honour. She was a year or so younger than Amanda, which must have made her about 19 and her body from what I could see was everything a 19 year olds should be, slim and tight her breasts standing proudly upright even when she was lying down this way. My cock was fully hard now and I was stroking it fiercely as I imagined myself burying my face between those breasts, tasting the sweetness of her flesh and sucking on those perfectly erect nipples.


‘What the fuck?’


I stopped suddenly, surprised by the exclamation, trying to stuff my dick back into my trousers and zip up at the same time. I turned to see Amanda in the bathroom doorway a towel wrapped round her.


‘Sorry,’ I muttered pathetically, ‘I came up to see how you where when there was no answer at the door.’ I was suddenly aware that someone was standing behind me now and I glanced over my shoulder to see Becky, still naked and holding the vibrator like a weapon. She pointed at me but looked at Amanda.


‘Don’t worry, he hasn’t been there for long, only after you went to the shower.’


‘You knew I was there?’


‘Of course, I found it quite a turn on being watched and when you took that thing out it made me come.’


‘Becky, it’s my dad you’re talking about!’


‘Well if you think about it, he isn’t actually your dad. Not even related really, so that just makes him a dirty old man.’


‘But what about mum?’


‘Oh, Mandy, stop fussing, it was only a few of years ago you were telling me how hot you thought he was and how you wish you could have his big fat cock inside you.’


It was Amanda’s turn to go quiet now.


‘So, what are we going to do about this now,’ Becky came up close behind me, could feel her breath on the back of my neck and she lifted the Vibrator between my legs, so that I could feel it buzzing against my balls. ‘Personally, I’m up for seeing if he is as big as you used to tell me he was. Oh, yes, when she was 16 she used to do what she could to get to see you naked then play with her pussy thinking about you! And don’t think that we haven’t noticed that sometimes it’s not her face that you look at when you are talking to her.’


She lifted the vibe harder against me and whispered in my ear, ‘In the bedroom, now.’


I turned round and obeyed, to scared, shocked or embarrassed to do anything else. Amanda remained standing where she was.


‘Well Mandy, it’s up to you, but if you’re not coming in then close the door, ‘Daddy’s’ about to get punished for being rude.’


Amanda’s face broke into a wicked grin, ‘Well it’s a morning for first’s, might as well see what’s been keeping mummy screaming for these last seven years.’


The first part of this confused me and the second shocked me somewhat. What were these two sexy young things going to do to me? It didn’t take long for me to find out. Becky pushed me down on the bed and turned to whisper something to Amanda, who headed for her chest of drawers.


While Amanda searched her drawers, Becky started to undress me violently. First she tugged on my shirt, ripping the buttons off as she exposed my chest. Then she started to yank at my trousers, which were still unfastened from my earlier indiscretion. Soon I was lying naked on the bed, my manhood small and shrivelled against my leg.


‘Come here Amanda, is this the huge cock you used to rave about, I can only just make it out,’ Becky taunted.


Amanda came back to the bed with something in her hands, ‘ Well things always seem bigger when you’re younger,’ as she passed some of what she was holding to Becky.

They started to tie my arms and legs to the end of the bed with the stockings that Amanda had got from the drawer, the effort of this making Amanda’s towel fall off exposing her. Amanda was a little on the chunky side, not like Becky, but her tits where huge. If I have to admit it, there are times when I had to stop myself thing about what it would be like to slide my cock between them.


‘He’s staring at you, Mandy. Oh, now I start to see what you mean.’


The sight of my naked ‘daughter’ and her friend had started my cock stiffening again and it now flopped up against my stomach. I wasn’t the biggest man in the world, but neither was I the smallest and most of the women I had been with had no cause to complain. By now I was bound quite tightly, with my arms and legs spread wide, so when Becky took hold of my dick I was unable to offer much resistance, not that I really wanted to.


‘Now girls, do you think you should be doing this,’ I protested weekly.


‘Shut him up Mandy,’ spat Becky as she started stroking my cock, pulling the foreskin roughly back so that it made me wince.


Amanda stood looking confused.


‘Like this,’ Becky eventually said with some impatience and she twisted round to plant her pussy firmly on my face.


The first thing that struck me was the smell, sweet and fresh and my cock twitched even harder as I felt the wetness against my nose and mouth. For a minute I thought I was going to suffocate, but I could think of no better way to die at that time. My fears were unfounded because as Becky began to gently grind herself against my face she lifted slightly, allowing me to take a breath.


‘Well fucking lick me you sad old twat,’ her disdain was obvious, but her dominance only made me want to fuck her even more. ‘And as for you,’ this was directed at Mandy, ‘don’t tell me I tired you out? Are you going to join in or just stand there like a lemon?’


I could only imagine what she meant by this last comment, but my mind was racing overtime at the thought of these two beauties faces buried in each other as they brought each other to climax. Becky must have sensed that I was about to come because she stopped the stroking and gave me a good hard slap across my cock.


‘Don’t you dare, I’m nowhere near finished yet and I don’t want you rolling over and falling asleep on me yet.’


Truth be told, I didn’t want to stop yet, the thought of missing out on sliding into that juicy wet pussy was too much. Becky had lifted herself from my face now and was moving over to Amanda. She whispered something I couldn’t quite hear at this point and Amanda nodded nervously.


‘Mandy’s getting her wedding presents early today and she wonders what you have for her?’


With this Amanda moved towards the bed and straddled my chest, her lovely round arse just inches from my face. Then I let out a huge gasp as Amanda’s lips wrapped themselves around by still solid dick. She took me in one hand and started to slowly pump me in and out of her mouth. Her mother used to blow me when I could convince her but it never felt anything like this. She had had a lot of practice, her tongue gently caressed my shaft and head as her mouth slid up and down. The hand that was slowly wanking me opened to squeeze my balls every now and again. I couldn’t believe how deep she was taking me and again I felt myself ready to come. Becky must have seen my body stiffen, because she grabbed Amanda by the hair and pulled her up.


‘Not too fast, remember he’s an old man,’ then Becky leant over and kissed Amanda deeply.


When they finished, Becky retrieved something from the bedside cabinet. ‘Time for his punishment now,’ and I saw that she was holding the dildo that she had been using on herself earlier. She moved to the end of the bed so that I had to strain my neck to see her. I saw put the vibrator in her mouth before she turned it on then she spat on her fingers before rubbing them against my arse. Again I stiffened but this time for a different reason. True, I had never minded a bit of anal play, but never with anything bigger than a finger or a tongue, was she really going to shove this up my arse?


It didn’t take long to find out the answer, I screamed with the initial pain of the first thrusts, but then once it was in I relaxed a little. I could feel the vibrations gently running through my cock as she twisted and slid the dildo in and out. This went on for a good five minutes and I began to forget about everything else until the silence was broken.


‘You take over Mandy, he looks about ready now.’


All this time Amanda had been off to one side and I only now glanced across to see that she had positioned herself on the chair and was rubbing her pussy. She got up and took over the machinery, the difference was obvious immediately. Although Becky talked rough, she had a gentle touch. Amanda was much rougher and more forceful.


Freed of her vibrator duties, Becky straddled me again this time guiding my cock into her now dripping hole. It was a good as it had looked and tasted, tight and wet. She started to rock herself gently back and forward, lifting herself sometimes until she was just about to release me before jamming herself down on the full length of my rod. I couldn’t see Amanda by this time but I sensed that with there free hands they were exploring each other’s bodies. I closed my eyes to imagine again what these two could have been up to before I arrived.Â


I became aware that the vibrator had stopped it’s thrusting and opened my eyes to see Amanda standing at the side of the bed.


‘My turn now ‘Daddy’, hope you’re not going to disappoint me?’ She almost leapt onto the bed, gripping my head between her thighs and again I found my face buried in a juicy, sweet young pussy.


‘Now lick me hard, and if you don’t make me come, I’m telling mum that I found you spying on Becky and wanking.’ Some of Becky’s aggression had rubbed of on her but I wasn’t prepared to find out whether she would stick by her threat. I drove my tongue deep into her hole, teasing the juices out until I could feel them flowing down my face. Occasionally I would stop to tease her clit, nibbling on the hood before I fucked her with my tongue again.


I had often fantasised about moments like this, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that it would be with these two.Â


Eventually the two of them stopped moving and lifted themselves from me. I thought that this was the point where they left me here for someone to find later, bound to a bed with a buzzing dildo up my arse, but no. After kissing each other for a brief moment they swapped places.Â


Amanda’s pussy was so different from Becky’s as she rode my cock and again she was much faster and more aggressive           . I knew I wasn’t going to last long at this rate and I tried to say so, but Becky didn’t need my warning.


‘You better get off him before he explodes,’ she said to Amanda, ‘don’t want you getting pregnant on your Wedding Morning, leave that for tonight.’


Amanda lifted herself for me and Becky took over the honours of wanking me again, this time much faster and it wasn’t long before my cock began to twitch. Both the girls dove hungrily for my dick as the first jet of cum shot into the air, splattering Amanda’s face and landing in Becky’s mouth. The pair of them lapped at the head of my cock as it continued to spew out sticky white stuff, eager to not let a drop go to waste.


When I finished they both sat up and again began to kiss each other passionately, I could see the come dribbling down their faces, then Becky lifted herself fully from me and before I new it had her tongue down my throat. I could taste my salty sperm burning gently as it trickled from her mouth into mine, from the amount she had obviously just taken all that Amanda had gathered in her mouth. To add to this Amanda was again sucking at the head of my now softening cock, giving me the beautiful agony that you only feel after emptying your balls.


Soon it ended both girls stood up, with me still bound, sweating and sticky from all the juices that had been flowing.


‘Next time you’ll be more careful who you spy on won’t you ‘Daddy’,’ said Amanda.


Next time, oh yes please was all I could think.

daddys little flower 4

scotslass on Incest Stories

Well what do I do now My brother has moved into my room and its all so easy for mom to get him to go to bed now because he knows when we both in room he can fuck me anytime he likes. Daddy still comes ater momhas gone to bed so my little cunt is getting well used.

I told dad about grandpa and he said all gramps would need is a wank now and again cos his dick wouldnt stay hard enough for a fuck but i thought to myself maybe grandpa would like to finger fuck me because there isnt anything wrong with his hands.

Getting up the next morning I went as usual for my shower only to discover that I had started my period, dad knocked on the door are you staying home fom school today?? what do i do this is my first time I leave

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the bathroom and go see my mom and told her my period had started and she got me sorted out how is your tummy ????? its a bit painful i replyed well maybe you best stay a home today, tosave gramps feeling me i asked dad to take his breakfast into him. After mom left I told dad whathad started, thats ok flower all we have to do is be more careful that you dont get pregnant there are a few ways we can use condoms ar we can just pull out before cumming no need to worry.

Standing in the kitchen washing up the breakfast things I felt dad at my back and his hands creeping up my skirt we had to stop going about house naked like we used to since gramps came. dad slipped his hand into my pants and run his finger along my slit you cant do that today because of my period. Did you know that its ok to have sex when your period is here, lying a towel over the kitchen table he lifted me up and slid my bottom right to the edge and soon his cock was pounding in and out my cunt its ok for me to cum inside you when your like this said dad because you cant get pregnant this week.

That night I had to tell bob he couldnt either but as soon as dad was in room pulling my covers off and his cock heading for my mouth give me a blowjob flower i'm so horny so taking his big cock i began to suck on it. Getting bob all excited he came over to the bed and wile i was leaning over he shoved his cock right up my cunt in one fell move so while I was sucking off dad he was fucking me like his life depended on it. bad news comes next

My Mom's Notebook Chapter 1: The Boyfriend

Heather X on Incest Stories

"Find a good one yet?"

"I found alot of good ones, I just need to be sure which one I want to commit to."

"Ok, let me know" I said, sinking my head back under the table.

Waiting, I laid my head on Brian's knee, staring at his 7 inch erection and massive testicles holding the waistband of his shorts down.

"My god Ash, you've got more videos than I do. How much space does your porn take up?"

Slowly rubbing the inside of his thigh I replied, "Over 200 gigs. Alot of it's in high definition though, so...."

"Yeesh, I wonder how many 14 year old girls have more porn on their hard drives than their boyfriends? Holy hell, look at all the hentai flicks you've got, YOUR INSANE WOMAN!"

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Giggling I replied "It's becoming an obsessive habit. I get on the bittorrent sites and I can't get away without starting a hundred downloads. I don't even get around to watching most of them!"

"Ok, I got one!" Brian yelped, while leaning back.

Excited, he tilted his cock towards me which I graciously accepted, grabbing it with my hand. Just as I started slowly rubbing his shaft up and down, there was a *DING*.

"Oops, we left AIM messenger open. Who's this Silverman65 guy?"

"Just a guy I talk to online, tell him I'm busy" I responded.

As Brian started typing he repeated his words aloud.

"This is Ashley's boyfriend, we're busy foolin around, don't bother us" he typed.

"Awww hey don't say that, that's mean!"

"To late" Brian responded, "get back to work!"

I started focusing again. My left hand wrapped around his dick jacking him off as hard and fast as my arm would take me. My right forcefully caressing his balls. His eyes were fixed on the screen and he was lightly thrusting his hips back and fourth while he let out quiet gasps. The volume is low because my mother is home, but I could still hear moaning and slapping from the video.

Leaning forward, he moved my hand away for a moment while he spit on his dick. I placed my hand around the area the saliva landed and started spreading it all over his cock. I myself spit on the head of his prick to make it even more lubricated. After that, I lifted his cock up and spread spit all over his balls then got back to work. Switching hands and at times using both, he drew closer and closer. The video really had him going. I liked what I was doing for him, I felt like I was being humbled. I remember all those times I was alone at night, working myself to a climax while watching porn. I always wished someone could do the work for me so I could concentrate more on the video.

It seemed like we were reaching the home stretch, I thought I might top it off with some dirty talking.

"Do you like it Brian" I said trying to sound cute and innocent, yet seductive.

Taking a deep breath, "Yea" he replied.

"Do you want to cum?"

He responded again, hardly being able to get the yes out. I started stroking furiously, going as fast as I can. My arm was starting to burn but I knew he would cum before I gave out.

"Cum for me baby. Common, fucking cum for me" I said raising my voice, something I wouldnt normally do, trying to mind the possibility of my mother hearing.

He started breathing heavier.

"Oh baby, common, cum. Fucking cum, cum as hard as you can, cum for me baby!"

That did it, and I knew it would hehe. He rapidly stood up causing the chair to shoot backwards and his face went red. He was grinding his teeth letting out little moans trying to be quiet. I scooted out under the desk so I could keep up the speed in a more combfortable position. Sitting up on my knees I kept hand fucking his cock as hard as I could. I looked up at him, waiting any second for his loud. I was very turned on to see him with his eyes half open, still looking at the video.

Suddenly, he let an uncontainable moaning huff out and I felt warm juice squirting all over my arm as he burst 5 shots. Impressively, he was still staring at the video while the rest of his man juice oozed into my hand. When I finally took my hand away I scooted backwards and reviewed the damage. Cum all over my hand and lower arm, also some drops on the chair mat.

I gave him a minute to catch his breath before I bothered him with conversation. He eventually took a look down at me and I smiled at him, trying to be encouraging as some people do after sexual activity. Like in the back of our heads we feel like we just did something bad so we try to do something as an ice breaker to start feeling normal again. While I was still smiling he lightly taped my nose with the head of his penis.

"You've got a dirty little mouth Ashley"

"So? Was it good? Was it worth the effort?" I asked.

"Fantastic! I could of really used you when I was 12 year olds"

"What's changed in those 3 years?" I questioned.

Looking at me as if curious that I insulted him, "I hadn't gone out with a girl until now, you know that."

"Ohhh I see. Well just say the word, I'll hop under the computer desk for you anytime!" I said standing up.

"Maybe next time I'll take this yellow T-Shirt off and maybe steal 5 seconds of your attention from the video" I joked.

"Though maybe your not interested. The girls in the porn you always watch have huge breasts!"

"Your boobs aren't small, I love your B-Cups. If you hadn't told me I would of assumed they were Cs. Misinfomation, it's a bitch. I don't know anything about bra sizes."

"Thanks, heh. Is there anything about me you'd want to change Brian?"

"My friend asked me that same question. I told him I thought you were perfect. Slim body, a very nice round and tight butt, long blonde hair and blue eyes, the perkiest boobs I've ever seen and nipples that could cut through metal when they get hard."

I blushed.

"Are you the only good looking chick in your computer group?"

Looking around for something to wipe my arm off with, "You'd be surprised. Since most people participate in excessive computer usage these days, more normal people are getting into computer science."

"Well there's a turn on. Your missing the key ingredient though and that's a shame, you'd look hot in glasses." Brian stated pulling his shorts over his limp penis.

"Don't worry, my mom wears glasses, I'm sure my visionary future is screwed" I said still looking for something to wipe my arm off.

"I'm gonna hustle down the hall to the bathroom and wash my arm off" I said heading to the door.

About to reach for the door, Brian's hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

"I want you to lick it" he said with an evil look in his face.

"Aww, not now, I'm not in the mood"

"Common, do it Ashley, drink it. It will make me happy."

I don't mind cum, but I only really like tasting it when I'm horny. I wasn't thrilled but I did it. I licked and sucked the juice on my palm and the back of my hand, then sucked each individual finger off. I took a second to swallow and lick my lips, then I dragged my tounge along my arm to get those long shots he blessed me with.

"Ok" I said.

"Nope, still some on the floor" he stated.

I looked down and saw the cum drops on the chair mat I forgot about.

"Ugh" I let out, getting on my hands and knees. I dipped my head down to get my mouth close to the floor when Brian smacked my ass. The surprise sent a chill through my body and nipples immediately shot hard. I turned around and gave him a squinty look, then proceeded to lap the cum off the mat. When I finished he lifted me off the floor and start kissing my neck.

"I'm gonna go babe" he told me.

"Do you have to, it's only 2:30 p.m."

"Yea, I have to get some stuff done. I'll probably talk to you tonight online, or if not, tomorrow morning. Why don't you hang out with one of your friends tonight?"

"They are all busy, I'm stuck here."

"This house cost over a million dollars, it can't be that boring to sit in. The computer and TV will keep you entertained"

"Yea yea, I wish my mom would just get me my own computer already. Comming down here in the middle of the night sucks."

We exited the computer room and headed down the hall to the foyer. On our way to the front door my mom was comming down the stairs. I'm always fascinated to see Brian never stares at her. She's about 5'8, 125lbs with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The most important note for guys would be that she's always bustin through those tightly clad shirts and sweaters with her giant D cups. I'm not sure who's "skipped a generation" process screwed me, but it leaves me wanting ones like that badly. I'm a much smaller girl then my mother at 5'3 105lbs. My online friend Silverman says I look like the porn star Taylor Rain.

My mom's a writer. She's written a few crime novels that are basically what makes our living conditions so favorable. My dad died when I was a little girl so my mom has pretty supported me. Although she wasnt around to often when I was little, my grandpa spent alot of time taking care of me.

My mother came down the stairs barefoot with a tight maroon long sleeve shirt with a v-neck showing her cleavage, no bra underneath and a black skirt that was closer to her hips than her knees. The curvature of her nipples were clearly visible and Brian still didn't look.

"Hey Brian" she said taking the last step on the stairs.

"Oh hi Mrs. Campbell."

"Did you guys have fun?" my mom asked.

I panicked, "what?"

"Hanging out, fooling around on the computer" she returned.

"Oh, yea we did, Brian's leaving now though"

"Awww, Ashley next time your gonna have to do a better job keeping him entertained" She joked, looking down at her papers and heading towards the kitchen. When I turned to Brian he was already heading out the door.

"See you soon Brian" my mom yelled to him without even looking.

"I love you Brian" I yelled before he shut the door.

It caused him to pause, then he leaned in and simply said "bye", closing the door behind him.

I headed into the kitchen. My mom was leaning over the island table reading a paper, the surface area of her viewable cleavage was devilish. As I passed behind her it was unavoidable to see her skirt was hiking up alittle to far. She was rubbing her left calf with her right foot.

I leaned over the table next to her and asked "whacha reading?"

Immediately after my last word she stood up straight and said "I'm going out for awhile, I'll come back with dinner."

Without saying anything else she headed for the front door and slipped into some black high heals. She seemed like she was rushing, as she went out the door with her bag and headed for the BMW. She's been acting really weird around me lately. She's always been kinda distant but now when ever I'm around she acts like she's in the room with a stranger and can't think of anything to say.

I had nobody to hang out with so time to be a loser! I was so used to running around in my underwear when I was little that I still haven't grown out of it. Whenever I'm alone I usually get half naked so I can be as combfortable as possible. I took my jeans and t-shirt off and headed for the computer room. I stopped infront of the mirror to check out my ass and slapped it for fun. In pink panties and a pink sports bra I sat down infront of the computer.

First I opened Silverman65's window again.

"Hey Silver, I'm back, my boyfriend's gone" I typed.

Waiting for him to reply I decided to check out the news on msnbc.

"Let see here.......July 25th 2006.....the usual, half the world is at war and storms keep wiping people out by the bazillions"

I started looking for things to download on bittorrent when he finally got back to me.

Silverman65: hey baby, your back!

BlondeAsh: yep

Silverman65: I missed you :P

BlondeAsh: thanks ^_^

Silverman65: So what were you guys doing?

BlondeAsh: I gave him a blowjob

BlondeAsh: oops, handjob* actually

Silverman65: Did you like it?

BlondeAsh: yes

Silverman65: yes what?

BlondeAsh: yes master

Silverman65: good girl

Silverman65: What are you doing?

BlondeAsh: Sitting in the chair indian style in panties and a sports bra, all pink

Silverman65: oh baby

Silverman65: take a picture for me

BlondeAsh: Yes master


I turned the webcam on and pointed it at myself. I tried to make an innocent face with a small smile and I snapped a picture. Within a minute I had it on the computer and I sent it to him.


Silverman65: God damn your so fucking hot!

BlondeAsh: lol, ty master

BlondeAsh: Do you want me to turn the cam on?

Silverman65: Nah that's ok sweety, I'm leaving in a minute

Silverman65: I forgot to tell you, it's my birthday today!


BlondeAsh: 46?

Silverman65: Yep! I'm getting old

BlondeAsh: Awww no your not.

Silverman65: I so needed to hear that

BlondeAsh: Where you going?

Silverman65: My wife and kids are taking me out to dinner

BlondeAsh: Awww sounds

Silverman65: Maybe later tonight you can do some stuff on the cam for me again?

BlondeAsh: lol, yes sir

BlondeAsh: If my mom doesn't need the computer

Silverman65: sounds good, maybe TwiztedKitty can join us

BlondeAsh: hope so, c u later!

Silverman65: buh bye

Silverman65: (LOGGED OFF)

JackHandy on Incest Stories

It had been 8 months since Susan’s husband had abandoned her along with their 13 year-old son Jimmy to run off to Europe with his secretary. She couldn’t understand why her husband left her as she could be considered a trophy wife. Susan was 41 but in amazing shape. She was brunette with green eyes. She had a slim stomach, amazing long legs, and a great ass. Susan worked out 3 times a week to stay in shape. Susan was doing her best to make a living as a secretary at a law firm. It’s tough taking care of a kid alone, let alone one about to hit puberty. And now Susan didn’t have her husband around to have the man to man talks with their son about the birds and the bees when time came. Susan was dreading having to have the conversation about sex with her son, and sh

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e knew the time was at hand, especially after the incidents of the week before.

Susan had a routine she followed after every work day. She liked to immediately go upstairs to her room, take off her skirt, high heels, and blouse, and take a hot shower. Susan had her own bathroom attached to her bedroom. Jimmy usually got home from school around the time Susan was in the middle of her long showers. Afterwards she would have dinner with her son Jimmy and they would watch TV until bedtime. On the previous Tuesday Susan came home and followed her routine as usual. She had a hamper in her bedroom where she threw all her clothes after disrobing. Susan noticed it was time to do the laundry and decided she would do it after her shower. After about 30 minutes Susan walked out of her bathroom and grabbed her hamper to take it down to the basement where the washer was. When Susan got to the bottom of the stairs she noticed Jimmy was home and was already engrossed watching TV. Susan called over to Jimmy, “Hey Jimmy. No Hug for mommy?” Jimmy turned around and gave her a very nervous look. Susan noticed that Jimmy had been acting strangely lately and seemed hesitant to show any affection for his mom as far as hugs or kisses. She figured her boy was just growing up and showing affection for his mom was weird or un-cool. Jimmy walked over and gave his mother a hug. Susan gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to go back to his TV. Susan went downstairs to do the laundry. As she was loading the washer Susan noticed that she couldn’t find the panties she had worn to work that day. She knew she had thrown them on top of her hamper before she took her shower but they were not in the hamper now. Susan figured they probably fell out in her room. She continued on with her night without giving it another thought.

The following day Susan got home from work early since her boss had left that morning on a business trip and she didn’t need to stay all day. Jimmy wasn’t going to be home for another three hours so Susan figured since she had time before dinner she would tidy up the house. Susan had made a deal with Jimmy that she would respect his privacy and not go through his room cleaning as long as he kept it clean himself. Susan decided to take a peak in Jimmy’s room to see if he was keeping up his end of the bargain. When she opened the door she was very disappointed and disgusted at what a slob her son was. There where comics and action figures strewn across the floor and Jimmy’s clothes were in a large ball in a corner of his room. Susan figured since the agreement was broken she was going to clean Jimmy’s room. She threw Jimmy’s figures and comics in a box, and put his clothes in a hamper to take down to wash. Susan decided to make her son’s bed while she was at it. She began to remove his bed spread and blanket from the bed. When Susan lifted Jimmy’s pillow she was shocked at the sight she saw. There on Jimmy’s bed under his pillow were the panties she had worn the day before but couldn’t find to wash after her shower. Susan didn’t know what to think. She tried to figure out why Jimmy would have a pair of her dirty panties under his pillow. Susan knew young boys sometimes stole their friend’s mother’s panties but this was her own son. Why would Jimmy want his own mother’s dirty panties and keep them under his pillow. Susan’s curiosity about what her son was doing with her panties made her decide to play detective and leave some bait out for Jimmy the following day to see if he’d take it.

The next day Susan was ready to catch her son at whatever he was doing with her panties. After work Susan followed her usual routine but made sure she left her panties on the floor, in plain view of the hallway. She went in to take her shower and when she was done and came out to her bedroom she saw that Jimmy had taken the bait. The panties she had worn all day were gone. Susan was infuriated that she had proof her son was a pervert. Her first impulse was to march downstairs and scold and lecture her 13 year-old son Jimmy about being a pervert. But her curiosity as what he planned to do with her panties got the best of her and she decided to play dumb about the whole situation until she could catch Jimmy in the act. Susan went downstairs and gave Jimmy a hug. Jimmy squirmed when she hugged him just like he had been doing every time she hugged him lately. They had dinner and then started to watch TV. At about 8pm Jimmy said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. “It’s only 8 kiddo. Since when do you go to bed so early?” Asked Susan. “I’m just really tired tonight. I’m gonna go to my room,” responded jimmy. Susan noticed her son didn’t really seem tired, he just seemed very anxious to go to his room. Susan nodded and Jimmy ran upstairs. Susan waited about 15 minutes and then decided she would very quietly creep upstairs to Jimmy’s room to try to see what he was up to without him knowing. When Susan got to Jimmy’s door she couldn’t believe her ears. She could hear a muffled voice through the door saying things like, “Oh your pussy smells so good! Please let me lick your pussy and ass! Mmmm. They taste so good!” Susan was mortified. Her son must have somehow gotten a porno film and was watching in his room. Susan decided it was time to bust Jimmy. She slowly creaked open his bedroom door and poked her head in. The sight she saw when Jimmy came into view would be forever burned in her mind. Jimmy’s TV wasn’t on, and the voice she heard through the door was Jimmy’s. Jimmy was laying on his bed on his back with his underwear around his ankles. Susan finally realized what Jimmy was doing with her dirty panties as she saw he had them on his face holding them with his left hand while he was stroking his cock with his right. Susan could see and hear her son taking big whiffs of her panties and masturbating to her smell. Susan’s jaw dropped. She didn’t know what to do. She wondered if she should stop him and punish him for what he was doing or if she should leave the room and ignore the situation. As Susan pondered the options a compulsion she could not resist overcame her. Her eyes wandered from her son’s panty covered face down to his cock. Susan couldn’t understand why she was drawn to look at her own son’s penis but she just couldn’t resist. Susan was amazed at the impressive manhood of her son. Jimmy was only 13 but Susan estimated that her son’s cock must be about 8 inches long and about as thick as a banana. Her son had a bigger cock than her husband! Susan was mesmerized watching her son stroke his big cock. She was shocked out of her trance by her son’s voice saying, “Mommy, I want to lick your pussy all day!!!!” Jimmy still had his mother’s panties covering his face and was to caught up in his fantasy to realize his mother had been standing in his room for 4 minutes staring at him jacking off. Susan knew she should stop this but she couldn’t bring her self to do it. Susan noticed her pussy was getting wet from watching her son masturbating. Susan felt like such a horrible mother. This was her son she was starting to get excited over and it was so wrong. She decided to make her way out of the room and close the door so Jimmy wouldn’t be the wiser to her having been in his room. Just as Susan closed the door she heard Jimmy yell out, “Mommy I’m cumming!!!!!!!!” Just then Susan got a chill down her spine, and an involuntary image entered her mind of her sucking her son’s beautiful cock. “What is wrong with me?!!!!,” Susan wondered as she went to her room and went to bed. It was a long night as Susan used all her willpower to resist fingering her pussy as visions of her son masturbating flooded her mind. Susan couldn’t help but fantasize how wonderful her son’s cock would feel in her mouth and how tasty his boy cum would be going down her throat.

To be continued……


traits_tres on Incest Stories

hi im kabir,im 20 yrs old n m 5 feet 11 inches tall, im a little on the bulkier side as i workout a lot on my top half of the body...
n im not dat well endowded....jus an average 6 to 6.5 inch there is this cousin of mine....her name is natasha..
she's 23 yrs old n iz 1 hot chika.....her ass is not dat fine but the thing i like abt her is dat she has 1 of the biggest pairs of jugs u can lay
eyes on...abt 36c i think. man u cud jus keep suckin on dem the whole day n not get bord..i startd havn dese feelings abt 2 yrs bak n suddenly it came true

so this is wat happened a yr n half bak.... the scene iz dat both r mums r vry gud frns n hang out a lot wuz 1 of those days
i had jus cum bak frm my college in mumbai fr summer vacations n

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wuz getin my mum tels me dat natasha n hr mum r cumin ovr
2 our house n den all 4 of us vil go out fr shoppin.....i waz okay wid i wuz generally goofn arnd wen suddenly i heard the door bell ring
i went n opend the door......dere she wuz standn in a yellow colourd t-shirt huggn her boobs like anything..n a blue jeans which wuz shown off her ass
pretty i welcomd both of dem in n shoutd 2 mom dat both of dem were here.....she came down aftr 10 mins n den we set off.....she sat at the front
seat wid me n n both our moms sat at the back...i definitely had a little hard on from starin at her big n juicy jugs jus waitn 2 be pouncd we
went abt our shoppin da whole day.....came bak home vry late....mum said dat u shud drop dem home.....itz vry late i waitd in the car until all 3
of dem said their then v vre wuz an hours drive my place to wen we reachd it was vry dark so natasha's mum or my aunt
offerd me a bunk 2 crash fr da night as it wuz vry dark....i cald up mom n told hr i'l be cumin 2morow mornin n hung we went upstairs n she laid
the bed fr me as me n natasha foold arnd......she liv wid hr youngr sis n her mum n dad.......her sis had gone fr sum summer camp n ger dad wuz away at work
so only she n her mom wre at home which wuz a perfect time fr me 2 fulfill my hunger fr her pussy...,so i pretended 2 dooze off until hr mum wuz
asleep only den i wud make my aftr she had gone 2 sleep i got up n made my way 2 her room where she waz tryn 2 sleep......wen i enterd her roon 2
my amazement she wuz layn dere,her legs wide open wid her 2 fingers stuck in her tight cunt...goin in n wuz even more amazing when i heard moaning
moaning my name while jackn off....i got so turnd on by dis but at da same time got so scared dat here mom cud catch me....i simply ran 2 the toilet,closd the
damn door......took out my rock hand prick n startd jackn off.....i shot an unbelievebly 8 times...n collapsed...den sum how i musterd up enough strength to
reach my ber n dooze off thinkn abt fukin her brainz out...i didnt know i'd get my chance so early.......

wen i got up da next day,natasha wuz sittn rite next 2 me on da sofa n drinkn her mornin cup of coffee....she wuz smilin....i askd her wat wuz rong,she said
smirkin.."dude i can see u dick,ur fly iz open." i suddenly lookd down n saw my limp dick hangin out of my jeans...i embarrasingly shovd it bak in n ran off
2 the loo....den ween i came out aftr half hr.....she wuz still sittn dere smilin... i suddenly shoutd"so wat it happns sumtimes"......she replied"yaa i can
see dat" den got up shovd a cup of coffee in my hand n walkd off smiling.....i wuz getin soo frustratd.....but wen i saw her tits swayin in the air n her ass dick went rock hard again.....i lookd arnd fr her mom...she wasnt i took my chance n went inside the kitchen n saw her makin breakfast
,i suddenly blurtd out"i saw ur little private show last night".....she turnd arnd saw my ragin hard on n gave me devilish smirk n said.."so wat r u gonna do abt
it"..i didnt need ne more invitation n i jus jumpd on her n startd smoochin her...she wuz a pro at wat she wuz doin...while makin out wid me she wisperd in my ear
"its gonna be one hell of a day"....we kept kissin fr another 10 mins when suddenly she put her hands inside my jeans n grabbed my balls n squishd dem.....i startd
experiencing pain n pleasure at the same time....den she startd massagin dem...oh it felt soo damn gud....i wuz in seventh heaven....i used to fantasize abt
dis every single night....n there she wuz actually fondling my balls while givin me the best smooch of my life....she then took her hand out n held my head n her
tongue darted in my mouth n startd explorin it....i den took her tongue n startd sukin on wuz getin a little bit too much fr a first i just
unlocked frm our deep kiss n pickd her up frm her ass n took her too the drawing room where i put her down on the sofa n startd kissin her again....den slowly
my hand went fr the prized possession....her right tit....the touch wuz so magnificant....those big flesh juicy mounds tryin 2 melt in my hands....i slowly startd
carressing it,pressin it,playing with it...then i jus lost it....i pushd her top up n startd stickin my face in between her tits.....den i tried 2 unhook her bra
but was'nt able too because of her big boobs wanting to be freed from their prison....she herself un hookd her bra n i pounced on her trophys....i startd suckling
on dem....she gave out a slight moan.... i bit both of her nipples..she start moanind even more loudly....den she suddenly bent down,pulled my jeans down jeans n
took my super hard dick in her wet n warm mouth....the ecstacy of her blowin me was too much for me to handle n i blew in her mouth dat instant....she starts
bobbin her head up n down my shaft even when my hot n gooey cum wuz trickling down her mouth...she keeps blowin fer another 1o mins while sendin me almost over
the edge a couple of times....she wuz a pro at suckin dick...she must hav done it lot of times cauz she wuz obviously blowin me away wid her skill..den i took my
dick out from her mouth, told her 2 get on all fours,push her pretty butt as high as she possibly could n jus darted my tongue in her butthole n started eatin her
n pushed 2 fingers into her hot n wet cunt........her small moans turned into loud groans shouting.....FUCK ME!!!!FUCK ME HARDER!!!!PUT YOUR WHOLE HAND IN MY PUSSY
JUS FUCK ME.....I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE.....i wuz jus getin started....i kept eatin her ass while i fingered her wet cunt....she kept on shiverin from the electric jolts
my tongue wuz givin her body....then i moved my head a little low n jus touchd hey clit with the tip of my tongue n wher whole body started shakin n sha had the
strongest orgasm she ever had n fell flat on the sofa.....i turned her over, made her lean against the sofa, opened her creamy legs n went in for the kill.... i opend
her swollen pussy lips n started devouring her wet pussy as my breakfast....she started to moan loudely...i had 2 cover her mouth fr a little while so that her neighbours
hear her rumbling....she kept moaning as i wuz jus enjoyin the taste of her tasty juices in my mouth.....she wuz in another world...i didnt even bother 2 take notice....
as she wuz drawin 2 another climax....i pulled my tongue away n said "itz time for the main course".....n started strokin my rock solid dick.....she didnt notice any other
thing as she straight went fr my dick,lickd it a couple of times 2 lubricate it n jus droppd her whole body on it.....her pussy wuz jus sukin the life out of my dick....
den she slowly startd movin up n down....oh my god it felt too awesome 2 describe.....her movements started getin faster n within a few mins she n her huge jugs were bouncin
of my dick.....

she kept bouncin on my cock as i kept sukin on her big juicy mangoes....she den suddenly got off me,got on all fours n said seductively" now its ur turn to fuck me"...
i jus got up...held my dick tight n enterd her from behind....we kept at it fer another 10 mins until i culdnt hold my cum in me anymore n shouted"WHER DO U WANT IT BITCH"...
she in her tired but hot voice replied "SHOOT IT IN ME BABY, JUS CUM INSIDE ME.I WANT RU LOVE SEED IN ME."  then i jus lost control n blew spurt after spurt in her already
burning pussy....we then jus collapsed on the sofa n slept for an hour or wid my dick still inside her pussy....wen i got up she wuz in the shower getin hersely cleand up....
i enterd the shower....kissd her on her nipples n started rubbin her all over again...we again had another session in the hot water bath n then on the dinin table....we were
fuckin like 2 damn rabbits.....i even tried anal dat day wid wuz a little painful fer both of us but definitely beat the feel in of fuckin her in the wuz
the best day of my life as i got wat i had been fantasizing fer a long time.....we certainly kept our little our game on fer the rest of the summer vacations...n den i had 2
leave fer college....recently i got a text mesg frm her...dat she wuz cumin 2 pune wid 2 of her gurlfrnds fer 2 weeks on holiday n itz gonna be a wild 2 weeks fer all four of us.



16 yr old son has fun with mum

lachie_90 on Incest Stories

Hi let me tell you a bit about my self, im a 16-year-old boy and live at home with my mum.

I often fantasize and wank over my mum, she is 47 and there is just something about her that turns me on. I often peak into the bathroom when she’s in the shower just to get a glimpse of her body. I sometimes leave my cock hanging out and pretend to be asleep to see her reaction, she usually looks at it for quite a while id love to know what she’s thinking.

One day when I heard her getting in the shower I got out of bed

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and peaked into the bathroom. I could see her undressing and I could see her slightly hairy pussy it made me instantly rock hard. She got into the shower and started rubbing soap all over her body. And then to my surprise she started rubbing her pussy this made me so horny I just had to start wanking, she eventually made her self cum and that made me blow to.

I quickly ran into my room where I thought about what id just done and what id seen.

The next day I heard mum getting out of the shower and I decided id pull my cock out in full view of my mum. Mum walked past and had a good look I saw her out of the corner of my eyes.

Later that morning I went out for breakfast she was in the kitchen with Undies and just a top on, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful legs and thighs, I think she knew I was watching because she kept bending over giving me a nice view of her arse and shape of her pussy.

That night I went out with my friends and came home drunk. My mum helped me inside and took me to my room. She started to take my shirt off to put me in bed; I started to go along with it even though I wasn’t that drunk. She proceeded to take my pants off, but she didn’t know that I wasn’t wearing any underwear so when my cock dropped out she got the fright of her life, she wasn’t sure what to do and she just looked at me. She got me a new pair of Undies she pulled them up and as she did my dick was right in her face. She grabbed it and pushed it into my Undies, having my mum’s hand wrapped around my cock made me so hard even though it was only for a few seconds.

The next day nothing was said about the whole cock incident. Later that night mum waned to watch a movie I said ok and sat down. Mum was wearing her usual Undies and top with no bra. Mum fell asleep during the movie so at the end I picked her up and carried her into her room and put her on her bed and looked at her body, I could see her nipples through her shirt it made me hard I pulled her sheets back and as I did she woke up she sat up and asked me if I could go and get her a drink of water before she went to bed I said yes, and as I came into the room my mum had her back to me and was undressing she covered her breasts and quickly looked at me and said gee you were quick.

I looked at her barely covered body and said mum just let me see you I know you have seen me she blushed when she realized I knew she had seen my cock and I said don’t worry mum no one has to know she looked at me I knew she was thinking about it. She moved her hands and her beautiful breasts were in full view. She then to my surprise pulled her Undies right off leaving her standing completely naked in front of me. She then said it’s your turn so I pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out mum walked over to me and reached out and grabbed my cock and started pulling it, I instantly went rock hard and mum was very pleased with the size of my cock. She laid me on the bed and started sucking on my cock she sucked it so good I blew straight down her throat. Then she grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy she was so wet I started sliding two fingers in her and she leant back and moaned I knew she liked what I was doing.

I lowered my tongue to her clit and slowly circled it; I then slid my tongue right in her pussy she started screaming my name I kept licking in her hole and she started bucking and then she came in my mouth.

My mum told me never to bring it up again and that we can never do it again. So now I have a secret cam in my mums room and I often wank over her.



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Maria spent the morning with her Uncle Pierre and his kids. He had told Maria that his cousin Carlos, who was fifty-four, was coming-by about to pick her up. Her uncle told her also that he had talked to her mom and that although it was ok for her to go with Carlos she needed to be home by because she had school tomorrow.

"Maria, I'm pretty sure Carlos is planning on getting somewhat more than a

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little conversation from you, so you need to look nice for him, ok?" Pierre told her.

"Well what if I don't want to have sex with him?" Maria fired back.

Pierre frowned, "Now Maria, you know you would bring dishonor on your mother if you turn down any man who wants to have sex with you don't you? How would you feel if your mom had to live with you shaming her like that?"

"So I have to make love with any man who wants to do it with me?" Maria asked, standing there rather awkwardly, idly playing with a lock of hair.

Pierre grinned and replied, "Yes Maria baby. Any man in our family from twenty-one to having one foot in the grave who wants to screw you, has that basic right now. You must spread for them darling and do it exactly the way they want you to do it. You'll get used to entertaining men and you'll learn to love them wanting you all the time. Sex will become a passion with you sweetheart, a real passion, believe me."

Maria and her uncle stood in the kitchen and French-kissed while the kids played outside in the back yard.
Pierre even managed to slide his hand down the young girl’s shorts, well inside her panties, where a few minutes of wanton finger-fucking had her gasping in pleasure. He didn’t find it that unpleasurable a chore himself.

At the point he felt her shuddering with almost uninhibited pleasure, he gave her a pat on her cute little bottom and told her to go and get herself ready for Carlos. Frowning at the cessation of his touch she muttered “Alright then” and Pierre watched as Maria's beautiful young ass jiggled its way out of sight through the doorway. He knew exactly how much Carlos was going to enjoy fucking Maria if his own experiences of the previous night were anything to go by. God really had gone overboard with that hot little ass!

Carlos arrived while Maria was still getting ready. He and Pierre sat in the back yard watching the kids play while they talked. Carlos made known his sincere gratitude for the opportunity to partake of the sexual favors of a rampantly hot twelve-year old girl.
Pierre however cautioned Carlos not to let Maria know of the set-up, but rather to let her think that he had merely called-by inquiring about his niece instead.

“After all Carlos, I’m sure I owe you a favor or two.”  Pierre grinned.

Carlos couldn’t help but ask,

“How is she in bed, my friend?”

 Pierre told him she was still very inexperienced but her tight pussy, flat belly and hot sexy little breasts more than made up for it.

“Damn it Carlos, you’re gonna kill yourself fucking her sexy body!”  Pierre warned.

Right then, Maria walked-out in her tight, low-rise blue corduroy pants that showed off her youthful and awesomely curvy little ass to perfection, not to mention the hot white midriff top that plainly displayed her budding breasts and her hard nipples as well as her sexy belly. Her glitter-blue, tight bikini-panty line could be seen clearly through the tight material as well as their top edge peeking well out at the rear. Carlos nigh-on came in his pants at the sight. Both  their dicks were by now struggling for the nearest exit but only Carlos’ was scheduled for active duty in the coming hours.
Pierre would have to seek out an alternate panacea while Carlo’s dog was delighting in a sample of the fox.

Carlos led Maria to his car, his calloused hand on the top of her creamy exposed hips. Such was his anticipation of the coming pleasures, he was finding it difficult to walk properly. Opening the passenger door for her, he could but admire that flat belly and tight little “V” up between her legs as she climbed in. Truly, she had been endowed even at her age with the sacred family treasures. He put Maria's overnight bag in the trunk and closed it. Carlos returned to Pierre who had been watching abstractly from the top of the steps. Not content with shaking his hand, he hugged
Pierre in genuine gratitude of what had been set-up for him.

“Enjoy her,” Pierre told him, “What say next Friday night we have a little fun with her together?  Some hot little party where we can both fuck her for hours – maybe set up a video and run out the whole enchilada? Get her hot enough, I’m sure she’ll let us both fuck her at the same time. Come to that, we should keep in mind maybe a real orgy, with  a few friends invited. You like that idea Carlos?”

They laughed at the concept and Carlos remarked, "Well the other girl, Hayley, needs a party to retire with, since she won't be the family whore any more. It could be a going-out party for her and a (cumming in) party for Maria as our new whore."

They decided they would talk about it by the middle of the week and still have time to line men up if they wanted to have the two girls furnishing sex on tap.

Carlos got in the car and started it. He then directed Maria to move over and sit against him. He slid his hand down her inner thigh and told her how damn sexy she was. Maria smiled innocently at this man, forty years her elder. She laid her head on his shoulder as he drove and wondered how he was going to make love to her. They drove for about fifteen minutes without speaking a word, just Carlos playing with Maria's legs. He then turned suddenly into a dirt road up on the left and killed the motor.

Maria was still sitting tight up against him, her perfume intoxicating in the extreme. Carlos put his arm around Maria's waist and pulled her to him. Her head fell against his shoulder. She looked up at him, not sure of what exactly he was wanting right now, and here, where was it was rather too public. She sat there, content to let this fifty-year old man caress her thighs and bare belly, with the knowledge that her acceptance of this behavior indicated her complicity in whatever sexual activities he had planned for her.

Carlos leaned towards Maria's lips and they kissed softly at first, then more passionately. The girl accepted his probing into her mouth and their tongues entwined and the kissing became more prolonged. He slowly unfastened Maria's belt then worked his hand down the inside of her panties stretched there, so low on her hips. She offered no resistance to him. With but the sparsest of pubic hair framing her moist and delicate labia, he located her young clitoris but inches further down. She let out a gasp as he began to rub her there gently.

Maria moaned beneath his touch. Carlos broke-off their kissing to whisper in her ear "You’re going to favor Carlos with some of your charms aren't you Maria?"

Maria looked into his eyes and softly answered with a smile,  "Maybe senor."

He sank his middle digit well between those soft lips at that instant, causing Maria to let out a small cry and to lay back on his shoulder, her eyes closed but her mouth open in acute pleasure.

He asked her again, "Are you going to give me some of your tight young pussy Maria?"

Carlos was now slowly stroking his finger in and out of her rapidly flooding canal as Maria moaned her reply, "Yes, ohhhhh…. yes. I'll give you whatever you want. I will make it soo good for you Carlos."

Maria's fate was sealed.  She knew she would soon be satisfying another lover with her hot pre-adolescent body.

Carlos began to kiss the soft creamy flesh at the nape of her neck as he worked another finger inside her. Maria was beginning to lose control and was frustrated for a moment by the constraints her corduroy pants were imposing, so far as spreading her legs were concerned at least. Carlos was fingering her harder, deeper, his own breathing fast and irregular now as he sought to make contact with every square inch of the girls inner vaginal walls.

It may have been hot outside but the interior of that old Ford was hotter.

“Let me see your tits Maria,” he grunted, flecks of dribble forming at the corners of his mouth.

Wriggling now as the rude assault on her young body was taking its toll on her few remaining inhibitions, she wrenched her midriff top upwards, displaying to Carlos’ lustful though undeniably appreciative eyes, the flimsiest of crop-top type bras.

“Pull it up for me girl,” he ordered.

As her two tiny breasts were exposed, he could hardly fail to see the effect the fingering of her pussy was having on her. Both nipples were prominent and fully engorged. He would be attending to those little sentinels with quite some relish tonight, he made a mental note. Thrusting her hips up as she held her top up for him, Maria was on the edge, one massive orgasm about to invade and definitely with a “take no prisoners” policy!

Carlos pulled his fingers out, withdrawing his hand totally from her panties.

Maria looked horrified.

“W…what are doing? Don’t stop…pleeaaase,” she moaned in uncontrolled panic. “You’ve got me so hot now, I need you to fuck me.” She was wriggling about in an agony of disappointment.

“C’mon, let me take my pants off. You can fuck me here.” Not even bothering to cover her cute little breasts, she began struggling with her hipsters, even as he withdrew his hand totally and laid his wet and dripping fingers against the girl’s mouth.

Sucking desperately on her own juices she pleaded with him.

“Oh Carlos, you can’t leave me like this, I need it…you have to fuck me!”

He responded by starting the car’s engine.

"Why can't we do it here now,” she whimpered. “I want it so much Carlos, I’ll do anything you say, you can fuck me anyway you want. I don't care if somebody catches us or sees me having sex with an old man. You can strip me completely, just fuck me pleeaase!  Her pleas were almost heart-rending!

He smiled, knowing the power now that he had over her.

"You’re gonna have plenty of sex with Carlos tonight baby. I'm going to tease you to death then rip that hot little pussy of yours wide open. First though, I'm going to let my wife have a lot of fun with you before we take you somewhere you have never been. Your hot, sexy body is going to please me and my wife tonight Maria."

If anything could have sobered her up quick-smart, those words did.

Looking totally alarmed if not shocked, she replied. "Your wife?? What? what am I supposed to do with your wife? I don't know anything about this, I don't want to do that, please!"

"It doesn't matter what you want any more Maria. Your obligation is to please and satisfy the men of this family. I want to watch my wife seduce you before we take you to our bed where we will both make love to you all night. My wife has always had a fantasy about being with a young girl and tonight Maria, you will be her slave…..our slave!”

Carlos was continuing.

"I want you to do this with her for me, while I watch you. I want you to softly resist her, but then give-in and let her undress you. Then, you are going to let her do anything she wants to your sexy body, while I enjoy seeing her having her way with a foxy young babe like you. You must be responsive and give yourself to her fully - if you want to please me that is! If she wants to eat you, finger-fuck you, you will let her – you understand?” Maria sat there open-mouthed and unmoving.

“You will make sure she enjoys every moment with you,” he added, “acting the total submissive little girl. Then and only then will Carlos start fucking your tight pussy and making you moan like you never thought you could."

"I'm scared though" Maria shivered. “I have never done anything with a woman.”

Carlos replied, "Look, when we get there, you will go in, and I will introduce you to her. You will hug her and let her take you as she pleases. I'm sure she will have you on the couch before too long and she will be working to seduce you. Remembering what I told you, you will slowly give in to her lust. I know your sexy little body will know what to do and what it really wants.”

“You will make me happy, won’t you Maria?”

She thought for a moment. " I will try," she responded softly.

They pulled up inside the garage at Carlos' home and he let Maria out with instructions to ‘wiggle her hot little ass a lot’ and to make sure she hugged his wife ‘up close and personal.’

At the top of the pebblecrete driveway, the front door opened and Maria saw a woman –considerably younger than Carlos it appeared, step out from the shadows of the portico. Tanned and well-dressed, Maria noticed immediately that she had kept herself in trim and was, if the truth be known, a fine looking lady. Considerably more up-market than her paunchy husband. With long dark hair swept-up and held in place by two clasps, the dark-blue dress hid little of its owner’s charms. Tastefully low cut, Maria was permitted a view down an impressive cleavage which had her only too well aware of her own juvenile development to date.


Catching up to her, Carlos introduced them.

"Maria this is my wife Nina. Nina this is our guest for the evening, Maria".


In those first brief seconds, so much passed that was unspoken. Appreciation noted, approval granted and commitment assured.

Nina held her arms out to Maria who stepped up and hugged her firmly. She could feel Carlos eying her performance….and her taut little rear end. Nina turned Maria's head up to hers and kissed her, allowing her tongue to penetrate the girl’s mouth. Any questions either may have had were answered in that instant. Their French kiss lasted perhaps a couple of minutes. Maria felt the older woman’s hands moving experimentally over her ass cheeks, smoothing over the delicate curves approvingly.

The kiss broke as she pulled playfully on Maria's bottom lip with her teeth.

"You are more beautiful and sexy than I was told Maria. You will pleasure me much tonight.” Nina said. “We have two daughters ourselves, one is older than you and the other is your age, in fact she is friends with you at school as you know. She talks about you all the time." She added.

Carlos quickly let Maria know that they did not have sex with their children and that their girls would never know that Maria had spent the night with them in sexual pursuits. Their daughters were away for the night so their secret would be safe.

Maria tried to explain..."I've never, you know.....".

Nina looked compassionate in her understanding of the girl’s plight and taking her by the hand, led her to the living room where a warm fire glowed to brighten the dark room. She had Maria sit on the couch against her as she began to kiss Maria again. Maria's  sexy legs were crossed as she allowed her head to fall back on to Nina's shoulder, accepting her tongue into mouth once more. Nina's lips pressed ever more passionately up against those of Maria, lips she suspected, that would be ideal for sucking big fat erections such that her husband would currently be contending with she imagined.

The older woman began to caress the girl’s small but blossoming breasts through her top. Remembering her instructions, Maria offered some semblance of token resistance to the breast fondling which lasted all during a good fifteen minutes of kissing.

Maria's top and bra were then pulled up and over her head. Twice she attempted to pull her clothes back down in an attempt to stave off being topless. Then however, she heard Carlos grunt from the chair opposite, "Let her take them off."  Maria knew it was time and raising her arms compliantly, she let the woman remove her top and bra and toss them on the floor near the couch. She shivered as Nina’s hands began to caress the small mounds, her fingers telegraphing the woman’s lust as they began pulling gently on the nipples as she sat there helpless and exposed. Carlos entranced by his wife’s lustful progress was taking care of his own business with commendable concealment.

What was happening in front of him, in his own living room was better than any porno including “Debbie Does Dallas” or Taboo I or II”. What he was watching was live and in technicolor as this young and foxy pussy was unknowingly heading for the fucking of her young life.

"I want to eat your pussy and fuck your sexy body Maria,” Nina cooed in the girl’s ear.

"Nooo, I could never do that, I'm sorry,” Maria looked up at her desperately. “I’m only twelve (built like 18) and we shouldn’t be doing stuff like that.”

Paying little heed to the girl’s words, Nina then inclined her head and encircling with her lips, her right barely-formed breast, she sucked it into her mouth as Maria moaned outright at the shocked pleasure of being sucked so tenderly by another woman. Nina knew she had to work slowly at getting the girl to a level where she was comfortable and willing then to voluntarily progress in the game. After all, it was the girl’s hot and moist pussy that was the ultimate prize for her and her husband.

Even as she sucked the young girl, alternating breasts at regular intervals, she could plainly see the marks of passion left by her uncle the previous night. How she would enjoy watching her husband adding his own attentive souvenirs. Knowing how much she liked her own breasts being caressed, she tried to give Maria's the same soft, delicate attention she enjoyed but retaining still a prolonged and stirring tongue action around the nipples. Nina worked her breasts methodically as Maria relaxed and held her head high as she sucked.

When Nina knew she had her totally relaxed, she began to trace her fingers around the top edge of Maria's jeans just enough to tease and tantalize the precious treasure they enclosed. This had Maria beginning to moan softly as Nina traced her fingers from hip bone to hip bone and back pausing each time in the front to just caress Maria's pussy mound.

Nina let Maria's small breasts slip free of her mouth, red and slightly swollen from her constant breast-feeding. She began to kiss Maria's neck and nibble her earlobes then sharing a tender kiss, all in constant rotation.

Pausing at the girl’s ear now and  whispering so that only Maria could hear her, Nina said, “Unfasten your pants for me baby."

The young girl looked into the older woman’s face reading her lip movements as she told her to “open your pants for me NOW!”

Barely pausing, Maria unfastened her belt then laid her head back as she unbuttoned the front of her jeans. The sexy senorita had just unknowingly invited the sly fox into her hen-house and would never stop her lust for young pussy now no matter how hard she might try or how many times she said NO, she would now be eaten and fucked by this lesbian. Nina smiled at Maria's compliance then dipped her head down to breast-feed some more while her fingers worked their way down the outside of the girl’s panties where she began to rub her young lover hard. Maria commenced gasping and moaning quite audibly, holding the woman’s head to her breast as she sucked her so tenderly again.

Carlos by now was making no pretense at his condition and was stroking his cock with long dexterous strokes at the sight of Maria being taken by his wife.

“Get her naked Nina,” he urgently directed his wife, “Let’s see her pussy!”

Maria turned to see Carlos pumping his huge cock as she felt Nina slip her hand now inside her panties.

Trying to fight-off this latest development, Maria pulled the woman’s hand from her panties…”Nooo, not inside, I’m too young for that and I don’t know you that well.”

Nina kissed her for a moment then tried to slip her hand back into Maria's panties but again the girl pushed her hand away while telling her "no."

Kissing her tenderly, Nina tried for a third victory-charge but was again denied entry to the promised land. With options thin on the ground now, she delivered a hard, stinging slap to the girl’s face.

The shock of this rude assault kerbed any further resistance and slipping her hand inside the young girl’s pants that were now fully exposed, with the belt loosened and the buttons undone, Nina discovered a total freedom to play in Maria's panties for as long and as much as she pleased.

Maria was temporarily stunned by the slap to her face but clearly understood it meant she was being disobedient. She knew she was wrong to have fought against Nina’s attentions but she still felt some trepidation with being another woman’s plaything. True, she had experienced sex with her uncle after letting him perform all manner of indecent acts upon her (then) virginal body. But this was a woman seducing her now, It just didn't feel right. She remembered that her mom and Pierre had told her to become the servant and please others.

To one as young as sweet Maria, it was difficult to rationalize all of this but she was no ordinary girl. She was an extremely intelligent and foxy “goddess in waiting”. Nina had not slapped her with such force out of anger or spite she now knew but rather it was a desparate need for the pleasures of her body. She understood she had been wrong to tell Nina no and deny her desire to play in her pants, to dabble and explore in her pretty panties for as long as she wanted.

Her mother telling her to honor herself and her family, to give herself to Pierre and others, satisfy them Maria……was ringing I her ears. She was trying very hard to be a foxy lady in public while learning to be an easy slut when her sexual gifts were requested for private use.

She knew that Carlos wanted to see his wife have sex with her so she had to try to relax and come to terms with this confrontingly new situation. She would relax and let Nina finish seducing her and then permit Carlos the enjoyment of seeing a young girl being fucked by his wife.

All she wanted right now was to have Carlos sink his cock into her and make love to her, but she knew that would come later if she was obedient now. She had to let Nina have her unobstructed way with her, whatever that might entail. Being sucked, stripped, fingered – her full sexual complicity no less.

Carlos sat back in his chair, continuing to enjoy the unfolding drama on the couch. The slap across the girl’s face had been especially arousing he was thinking! Never had his cock been so hard, his desire so complete.

Nina kissed Maria's neck as her hand worked its way between the girl’s legs. Memories of her own childhood flooded back as she felt the girlish slit, smooth and soft with so few hairs in attendance as yet. She felt the lust rising and wished now so fervently that her own father had walked her down this road of opportunity when she herself had been twelve. Were it not for the fact she needed both hands to satisfy her craven urges with this child, she would even now be working her own sopping wet pussy deep within her own panties. She would have Maria attend to such needs later.

Gently rubbing, squeezing and pinching Maria’s inflamed clitoris, she had the girl moaning and wriggling uncontrollably on the couch. Continuing to flick her tongue across those pronounced nipples she licked her breasts until both of them were losing any sort of control. Much the same could be said for Carlos of course!

Sinking now two fingers deep inside her, Nina began to hard finger-fuck the young girl who had her legs as wide as those tight little pants permitted. From Maria’s viewpoint, resistance was a thing of the past, all she wanted was satisfaction at this woman’s hand or anyone else’s if the truth be known. She was moaning continuously.

At the point Maria was losing her grip on reality, Nina suddenly withdrew her lips from those ravaged baby breasts and pulling her hand clear of the girl’s panties, she drew her to her feet, clasping the topless body to her. Maria stared uncertainly as she was drawn over towards the fireplace, locked into an embrace that appeared to Carlos almost as if they were dancing.

She felt the woman’s hands on her bottom once more, smoothing, gripping, arousing ……she realised she was panting hard and moving her hips even now, against Nina's expert hand.

They had reached the bearskin rug near the hearth and with tender care, Nina lay the child down in front of the comforting glow of the fire. Taking a hold of the material’s legs, she pulled her jeans off in one fluid movement, leaving her lying there in just her panties, quite evidently wet as they were from Nina’s ministrations. Looking into the girl’s eyes, Nina pulled the skimpy little briefs down but then stopped, asking the girl to do it herself as a token of her obedience and willingness to offer herself freely. Maria did as she was asked, spreadeagled there completely naked now. Far from attempting to cover-up, she spread her legs, relishing her new-found freedom.

This sight of course spurred Carlos on to greater heights. Whether he could hold-out now to take this angelic piece of pussy was a contemplation only time would answer.

Maria looked across at Carlos in his chair, massaging his cock like an experienced farmer milking his tenth cow of the morning. It was so big and fat, Maria wanted it in her so bad she could scream.

"Please, please fuck me, oh please?" Maria softly moaned to Carlos, almost dissociating herself from the pleasures being afforded her lower body.

Carlos responded, "All in good time my child. You will get fucked little girl, soon you will get more fucking than you can handle my pretty little whore".

Maria looked into Nina's eyes as she began to lick both inner thighs with her legs spread open so her pussy could be viewed openly. Maria wanted to fuck, she didn't care who did it or with what, just as long as somebody fucked her soon.

Kneeling there, her face at the apex of those wide-spread legs, Nina's mouth opened wide, her eyes glowing with lust as she sucked Maria's relatively small pussy into her mouth. Thrusting her tongue in between those beautiful lips, she swirled it around almost in the manner of a practised wine-taster. For her part, Maria thrust her hips up to meet this new sensation as her partner’s tongue elicited not an inconsequential amount of natural fluid that fed and satisfied the taste-buds of her mentor.

"Oh my God yes!" shouted Maria.

With the first taste of Maria's still so innocent pussy, Nina was fast becoming possessed with consuming this young girl both in body and in spirit. She wanted to make Maria's naked body dance unchecked at the immediate behest of her mouth, hands and many other implements she was planning to use on this virginal creature.. For now though, she was content to suck, lick and infiltrate that awesomely youthful orifice, if necessary penetrating her to the very depths of her soul.

The sexy senorita was caught much like a fish on a hook. Her tender pussy had been snagged by Nina’s sharpe-hooked tongue and now she felt herself being reeled in so she could be cleaned, dressed for supper, eaten to the hilt before being stuffed with new meat.

Nina gobbled, Carlos wanked and Maria moaned. It was working well for all of them. The orgasm when it came for Maria, was nothing short of devastating. Taking physical toll of every nerve ending between her nipples and clitoris, she moaned her pleasure as the ripple fanned out like a Mexican wave eliciting her own cry of disbelief as she was swept into a brave new world

Whilst still a week shy of her thirteenth birthday, God had seen to it that on a sex quotient, Maria would have toppled most seventeen or eighteen year old girls. No wonder Carlos was grinning.

Nina had not come unprepared. As Maria was coming down off her own little mushroom cloud…..Nina produced from beneath the rug, a mushroom of her own. This twelve inch long piece of plastic fantastic had it all.  Bulging head with simulated blood vessels, twenty degree curve – even a rather crass set of bouncing balls at its base, this was the mother of all dildos. Even came with a three-speed variant. Shame really that Maria, given her sheltered upbringing, had never even heard of such an item.

She never saw it coming. One moment Nina was showering her with kisses, the next thing she new, someone had shoved a throbbing V8 Buick driveshaft up between her legs…..and only on low revs too!

To say she ‘yelped’ would be an understatement.

Nina had first to calm her down before starting-in on lesson one in the ways of the big bad world. Just how big and how bad she had yet to discover.

The young learn fast and as Nina told her, “You have given your body to me sweet Maria, let me now address your needs – Carlos…he can wait a little,”  she looked across at her husband who smiled approvingly, “let me fuck your hot little cunt and bring you such pleasure as you have never imagined. You want me to fuck you, yes?””

Taking but a second to weigh up her options and aroused greatly to hear this woman use that forbidden “c” word when referring to her pussy, she nodded her acquiescence.

“Yes, please fuck me with that thing…I need you to do it to me,” She suspected too that Carlos would be deriving even greater pleasure watching her being physically fucked by another female.

Nina kissed her again, passionately this time as she moved the long dildo against Maria's bare sex, causing her to squirm in excitement. Nina lapped at her pussy and specifically her clitoris, before slipping the dildo well up into her vagina.

More than four inches of vibrating plastic were wreaking their internal pleasures as Nina continued lapping at the girl’s clitoris, even as she fucked her deeper with the pulsating phallus.

Beginning now to lick Maria’s belly as well as her hips and inner thighs, Nina continued sinking the dildo deeper into that warm and needful crevice. Maria began moaning now as the sunken instrument began vibrating an area close to her cervix. It seemed to her that her whole pussy was filled with this wonderful soothing massage and her moans synchronised with this new rhythmic electronic message of  total delight.

Spreading her legs further to facilitate Nina’s descent, so much was now inside her, the base was encroaching on the labia themselves. The mushroom head was working its magic at Ground Zero causing Maria’s hips to buck with automated delight.

So engorged were her nipples once more, Nina had to straddle the girl and suck them into her mouth again. between her legs, the balls were beginning to slap against the girl’s bare flesh and no shred of inhibition or self-doubt remained. Maria was content now to let Nina use her body for whatever purpose she chose.

In this induced state of near Nirvana, Maria’s young body imploded, flooding the mushroom head with a tidal wave of mixed juices, much of which seeped out of her pussy soaking Nina’s fingers. She smiled as the girl shook her head from side to side, pulled at her hair, her big brown eyes wide open, her lips parted with gasps and moans rapidly escaping them, clearly lost in an orgasmic cataclysm.

Wasting little time, Nina flipped the switch to ‘high’ and leaving it buried to the hilt in Maria’s flooded and obscenely exposed pussy, she crossed the room to where Carlos sat equally transfixed in his chair, so utterly absorbed in the awesome scene before him he had for now ceased even to masturbate.

They stared at the rug… a beautiful young girl so utterly transported with pleasure, her eyes glazed with passion as she lay there bucking and squirming at the hips as the throbbing dildo ravaged her pussy to the edge of sanity. She was fucking it now…..forcing it impossibly far inside herself as she cried out uncaring…”Fuck me….that’s it…keep fucking me like that.”

“You’ve done well honey,” Carlos said to his wife, smiling…….

Their now sexually depraved slave was thrashing in spells on the fur rug as her hips bucked in an off and on sequence of four to six violent jerks several times. She was exhausted with beads of sweat trailing down the sides of her belly, chest and face. Her hair was wet from the heat of such magnificent sex with her bisexual, female lover and her toy.

Nina went to her young slave and removed the throbbing toy from her delicious cunt. She had to slowly remove the deeply embedded passion-machine from Maria who’s vaginal muscles still clung to it and squeezed it tightly wanting the sensations to never stop. She looked into her young lover’s face to see her wanting eyes and her lips opening and closing like a dying fish out of water but no sound escaped the lips. The girl was ready for the couple’s bedroom now where new and undreamed of things would happen to her incredible body.

Nina and Carlos both helped their sex slave up from the floor and held her arms as they walked her into their bedroom. She was still so weak at the knees from her love-making with Ms. Nina that she could not walk on her own. They reached the alter where their maiden would be sexually sacrificed and laid her back in the middle of the bed. Each of them took one of the pre-prepared leather straps from opposite corners of the head-posts and secured their strap around the corresponding wrist of Maria. She was tied to their bed now with her arms pulled up over her head before she even knew what was happening. She would now have to submit to every kinky game they had for her creamy, body. A SLAVE IN BONDAGE SHE WAS!

 Carlos hadn’t allowed himself to finish masturbating at the sight of  his little vixen being mauled by his horny wife. He undressed in front of his nude tied-up prize as she watched him. He was hairy like a bear and  hornier than the same animal after a long winter night with no female of the genus to breed. His massive cock stood at full attention having seen what was lying in the middle of it’s radar screen, ready for the taking!

His seven inches of bear meat wouldn’t have been too much for the slave except that it was massive in girth. He had yet to find a woman who could get her hand  even half-way around it’s circumference. Maria came to her senses enough to visually see she was in desperate trouble as Carlos laid her long legs open and slipped his cock to the entrance of heaven. She began a frantic movement of her hips trying to move her young treasure away from the fat predator. Satan wasn’t allowed to visit in heaven but his cock was about to kick down the door and expand the walls of the room somewhat.

The slave cried, “No, No, please no. It’s too big, I can’t take that, please…uugghhh  my GOD!”

Big daddy sank the whole muffalato into his young treat with vigor. It packed her cunt so tightly that it forced some of her own female sex juices to squirt out as it plodded inward. Her tight little cunt was practically hung up on it’s probing intruder. Maria’s labia caved inward with each down stroke of dick into her and folded outward showing her full velvet pinkness when the cock slid nearly out before plunging to her soul again. She couldn’t run although if her constraints were gone she would try. All she could do was move her hips with him and accept his hungry cock into her young pussy.

 “Please, it’s tearing me apart. It’s too big for me, please don’t!” she cried to no avail.


Carlos sternly told Maria, “ Yes you little whore, your going to take every bit of my fat cock and your going to love it too! I’m going to fuck your pussy till you can’t walk straight for a week.”

 “Before I’m done in your pussy, you’ll change your tune bitch, and be begging me to give it to you. You will be begging to spread your legs in my bed every week whore! Most men just won’t satisfy your cunt after I’m done with you baby, you’ll have to come begging to me so you can get off, even at thirteen years old!”


He held the back of each of her soft legs as he crammed her full of rock-hard cock over and over  without mercy. She leaned over to look at Ms. Nina and pleadingly asked her to help her. Her lover of the evening already, just held her hand and told her to just fuck him back real good and she’d learn to love it!

“You’re the new whore in the family, it’s your duty to spread your legs and let anybody have your cunt.”

She could smell the body odor from his sweat filling her nostrils as she tried to turn from the odor but still had to allow his rough hands and prominent belly to roll over her bare flesh. She thought she could even notice his fact cock poking out of her belly between her hips each time he drove through her cunt channel and into her cervix forcing her ribs and lungs to contract thus losing precious air she needed to breathe.

His meat-club was driving into the sexy senorita hard and fast now as the large ball-sac made a slapping sound on her tight little tail with every thrust. She was actually beginning to enjoy how he felt in her and tried to spread her legs a millimeter or two more for him. Her pussy was relaxing and opening wider for her newest lover, the third in two days. She was panting and moaning to the rocking of the old man’s fucking motion on top of her. The bed was squeaking and popping as the young slave received a new lesson in sexual pleasure.

There was no fight left in the girl, only desire growing stronger by the minute. She was pushing her hips to meet every stroke of cock, maoning her delirious pleasure audibly for her horny senor encouraging him to fuck her more. Maria suddenly and uncontrollably jumped into his thrusts with every ounce of muscle she had and ground her cunt into his cock as she felt the waves of girl-cream from inside of her coating his hungry dick. The barrel was low from being fucked so well by his wife but still the girl greased him damn well!

He took delight in how this young pussy was getting off on his fat girl-pleaser cock making her moan her approval over and over. Carlos told Maria that if she intended to make him ever shoot his wad for her, she’d better get to wiggling her tail a little more for him. He motioned for his wife to come with hishead and she knew what he wanted.

Carlos turned Maria to her side, still facing him with his cock still in her. She was stretched now in an awkward manner as Nina moved onto the bed and behind Maria. Nina was kissing and licking the girl’s ass as her husband kept drilling for more oil. She softly bit the young girl’s tail in several spots as she began to heavily tongue it and slide her tongue down between her legs causing hher to overheat even more. They were both after her delicious body at the same time!

Suddenly, little senorita heard the familiar hum of the vibrator again and then felt it’s electric sensations pressing her flesh. It coursed all around her rear, down the backs of her thighs and inbetween her spread legs. It couldn’t be stopped or even slowed down as it massaged her clit as her Carlos packed her cunt with his throbbing cock. It caused Maria’s hips to start running out of control like a high performance engine at its peak with the throttle stuck wide open. Her cunt rammed against its twin tormentors with maximum effort.

Nina then pulled the second cock from its duty spot to oil it with a lubricant that produced an enticing cooling sensation when it contacted flesh. She then squirted some of the preparation gel into and on the slave’s booty hole. Maria turned her head enough to see Nina using her finger to work the lube down into her ass, not realizing what was about to happen, just too young and innocent still to realize the deviant pleasures adults had in store for her sexually.

 The slave girl realized what was happening when she saw Nina’s fingers being placed against her rectum. She began to vehemently protest entrance to that spot. To quiten her outburst, Carlos rammed his cock harder than ever forcing his sexy babe to turn her attention back to him as his wife slipped her middle digit into Maria’s ass. Then it was too late for protests as she began a butt-fucking of their sexy slave while her husband kept on getting him some young pussy. The slave moans and knows she has so been had. It was fiesta time for real now!

Another finger slipped into her asshole and worked that crevice around and around preparing the way for her dildo into Maria. Quickly the fingers were replaced by the long plastic cock vibrating slowly. She tried to beg off but no-one listened, they both wanted to use her body and maul her sex. Her body was very bueno to them. The toy sank deeper into her rear door as she felt, actually felt the in and out motion of the dildo pressing the fat cock buried in her cunt. They pressed each other as they passed on their motion back and forth like two pistons stroking in and out of the engine block each deliviering it’s spark as it penetrated and signalled the other to re-enter.

Nina was fucking her virgin booty and kissing the back of her neck, shoulders and ears while Carlos screwed her pussy so well and fed on her breasts and lips. The senorita had become a sex sandwich for this horny couple who craved her sexy body. Maria’s slim hips pushed forward to meet the downward stroke of cock into her pussy then pushed back to meet the stranger entering the back door each time. It had been a long planned sex-attack on this sweet honey by the devilish couple. It was so awesome to have a young body like this to practice their lustful deeds on.

The sex-sandwich fucking they were delivering to their lil’ senorita was driving the girl wild on the bed. They were balling her in both holes and fucking her like a rag doll as Maria’s creamy body jerked and jumped in orgasmic heaven.

Ms. Nina switched her vibrator to high forcing the slave to drive her pussy hard against her husbands cock which she was impaled on. Carlos grunted like a stuck pig as his man-meat finally responded to the sexy girl he was fucking. His cock swelled inside the already packed cunt and shot wads of thick, gooey sperm into Maria’s deepest pussy cavity. Because it was so packed with his girl-pleaser cock, the sperm was forced to squirt back out around the peripherals of her labia.


Maria was moaning her pleasure in Spanish and other un-intelligable languages as her two lovers withdrew from their hole of choice with her. They left her twisting and pulling against the bonds that held her arms out of their way, making it easier to ravage and maul her hot body. She was one fine sex toy!

She never realized her lovers left her to go claim a snack of crakers and cheese as well as wine to celebrate their conquest of Maria. She only knew had wonderful she felt.

 Carlos returned to the bedroom to see his slave holding her legs together in a vain attempt to keep his sperm locked inside of her cunt. He could see the exposed lips of her pussy now laid open for all to see. She could never pass for a virgin again with her sex showing itself as it now did.     

Maria turned to him and said in her teen voice, “ I enjoyed making love with you Mr. Carlos. I think I need to be heading home now though because I have school tomorrow.”

 “No Maria baby. My wife went over and got your school clothes from your mom before you got here. Your spending the night in our bed baby. We’re both going to get some more of your sweet tail tonight. A hot and sexy babe like you don’t come along too often, so we’re going to wear your young snatch out by the time you go to school in the morning”, Carlos told her.

Carlos untied Maria’s left arm and slipped between her spread legs. Her eyes were still kind of glazed from the intense fucking the couple had put her through already. Carlos took Maria’s long creamy legs and laid them across his shoulders. Her knees were hanging across his shoulders and her feet hung down his back. Pierre had fucked her like this but this was a much fatter cock!

Carlos sank his entire cock into young Maria with one hard stroke. Maria gasped and rose off the bed as the cock-meat filled her womb. His meat-steak fit Maria’s pussy a little easier this time but it was still a lot of cock inside a young girl like this. Carlos began to immediately hump and pump his hard cock into Maria at a fast pace as he enjoyed his tight, young whore again.

 “Oh, Oh, Oh yes, yes”, Maria moaned over and over with an occasional, “Oh baby, oh yes baby, so good yes baby!” Maria now loved the feeling of Carlos’ fat cock filling her.

 “So my whore is cheating on me now I see.”, Nina shouted. Maria turned her head to look at Ms. Nina while her husband was pounding her pussy. “I’m sorrreeee,...jussssst sssooooo ggoooodd, luuuuvv hiimmmm fuckkkk’n ME”, Maria tried to answer.

 “Well am I going to get  another piece of pussy from you baby”, Ms. Nina asked Maria.

 “Yes, yessss oh, OH YES, if you wannnttt soommee I’ll do it with you next....I Promise I will give you some too”, Maria told Ms. Nina.

     Carlos was fast reaching the point where he would flood Maria with his sperm again so he quickly slid off his piece of ass and let his wife pop her dildo into Maria. Nina had wasted no time as she watched her husband fucking their little sex toy. She had strapped on a different dildo around her waist so she could hump young Maria too, just like a man would pile-drive her. She had just purchased it and Maria would be the first to have it used on her. It was a nice eight inches long and had the same large, mushroom head and upward curve as the other toy she had screwed Maria with earlier.

Ms. Nina was quickly between the set of legs she had placed passion marks on earlier, now slamming her vibrating cock into Maria’s hot tail. She held the legs wide apart to pork her young cunt. Every muscle in her delicious body rippled with a massive orgasm as the vibrating cock demolished the last glimmer of innocence in Maria. She had been a somewhat shy but fun-loving, twelve year-old virgin three days ago and now, all she could think about, dream of and desire was to never stop fucking. It was just consuming to her and a passion now. She would fast become the finest family whore in anyone’s memory, even better than her mother had been.

Nina and Carlos just played tag team fuckers on Maria’s tail now as each of them spent about a minute drilling her then the other. Carlos finally finished his second piece of ass and groaned like a dying bear before he again blew globs of his semen into Maria’s love box.

He rolled out and his wife slapped her cock right back into Maria again. She humped her with a passion she never had known before. She had her girl slut’s body grinding against her dildo trying to get all of it she could. The vibrating waves coursed through her slaves body making her body accept the ripples of pleasure through her toes, fingers and brain. Even her heart seemed to beat to the vibrations in her cunt.

This couple, her first to give herself to, had broken her down and showed her, proven to her that she was indeed a cock lover, a young girl that craved sex and what her sex could do for other men, women and couples so their own marriage bonds could be that much stronger. She had been totally dominated tonight and turned into a sex loving slut.

But this was something she would take pride in. Maria had the ability to make men in her family have a desire for sex again that had been maybe lost through years of marriage and the dullness it can sometimes bring. She would serve as a fill in pussy for those men, who for whatever reason, could not screw their wives for a time and for those who had lost their mate due to death or age and Maria would be their pussy now. Most remarkable of all, she would bring so many bedrooms back to life as she brought out desire in both man and woman for sex and by being their “bed fire” she would re-energize their marriages.

Nina humped young Maria until she turned her to pure jelly and into constant spasms. Maria was allowed to rest for a few minutes before they double-fucked her again in the ass and cunt. Carlos got the last piece of ass from Maria for the night before they all fell asleep in each other’s arms around .

While maria dressed for school, although she was late for some weird reason, Carlos and Nina presented Maria with a present. It was a toe ring that was inscribed “Family Sex 2004-2010    “. Nina slid it onto Maria’s right foot beside her big toe. Here they told her, it signified that she was loved and bound to providing herself sexually to her family till she was 18. She would be the only girl to serve this role in her family during this time. She was told there was another girl who was finishing her who time out now and would soon remove her toe-ring. When the ring was removed, she would be free to marry and raise children in her family with great honor for how she had served her family.

Maria accepted the ring with tears of pride for what she was being asked to do for her family. She also had an ankle bracelet that Pierre had put on her right leg that was inscribed:

                                                      “Family Girl”

it had replaced one she had worn most of her life that she had never understood it’s inscription until now.....”Promised”. It had been placed there by her grandfather when she was three and he knew from looking at her that she would one day take this role, one his own daughter and Maria’s mother, had proudly served in.

Maria could barely hold her head up at school that day she was so tired but there was an unmistakable glow about her now that many noticed and commented on. All Maria could think of was sleep, as most teens do and .......who would want her next?

     Maria was now totally ......

 ......CUMMING    OUT..............


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