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Finally mom visits

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have always been fucked up I guess. My
mother has been a fixation of mine since I was a teen. Incest seems to be the only thing that truly
gets me off.


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        I have only seen her naked a couple of times. The first was when I was probably around 9 or
10 watching cartoons in her room when she was changing for school. She was beautiful. This was in the 70’s, so she had a thick
hairy bush and large, probably D sized breasts.Â
Although I never asked her what they really were. The second time was when I walked in on her
and her boyfriend, at the time, fucking.Â
I was quiet at first because I wanted to see. Don, that guy, was on top of her. His cock was about as big as mine except he
was uncut. I was so turned on but at the same time pissed because I couldn’t see
her. I snuck back down to the bottom of
the steps, very carefully. I knew where
all the creaky steps were just in case it would pay off later in life. I noisily opened the door and then slammed it
shut shouting out “MOM, MOM, can I go over to Brian’s?” I didn’t give them much time to maneuver as I
was running up the steps and down the hallway knowing the door to her room was
open. As I entered the doorway, Don was
just getting off of her, and in the brief glimpse that I had, I saw his cock
soaking wet with my mother’s and his cum.Â
Immediately I glanced to my mother’s pussy before she could cover up and
saw her cunt still oozing his fresh cum.Â
Oh man, I wanted to pull my cock out right then and there and jump
in. Knowing that my mother would probably
kill me, and most certainly, Don might have a problem with it, I pretended as
if I saw nothing as they finished quickly covering up. “Sure you can go, just be back by dark.” A pretty common thing for a parent to say in
those days.

               Other than that, mom was pretty conservative in
regards to sex. She didn’t talk about
it. Unfortunately for me, it was all I
could think of. I masturbate almost
constantly about just about anything.Â
When I think of her, I cum faster than when I think of anyone or anything
else. Even my sister doesn’t really
interest me unless I am thinking of her with my mom and me.

               As time went on, I left home, grew up and have even
been married a couple of times. I’ve
never really been satisfied by anyone though.Â
Maybe I sabotaged my relationships by not sharing my fantasies with my
wives so that maybe we could just role play a little and keep my interest. But I always had the fear of what they would
say or do if I told them, or anyone for that matter. I even went as far as getting a hooker that
played my mom so that I could get it out of my system. That was a really bad idea. The only thing that happened was that I
realized how much it turned me on for real.Â
The hooker that I hired looked a lot like my mom and she played the part
well. I spent a lot of money on her as
time went on, trying to get this out of my head. It didn’t work. I wanted my mom more now than ever.

               Now to the part of the story everyone is really
interested in. Mom’s been bugging me to
visit for quite some time. But as it is,
I am just too busy to visit her, so I told her to come down to
Florida to visit me.Â
She didn’t really have the money, so I sent her a plane ticket. Traveling is a requirement of my work and
travel a lot, so when mom flew into town, we literally met at the airport.       She looked great. For 52 years old she really looks the same as
when I was young. I was 34 at the
time. I’m a good looking guy, so I’m told,
so I guess I know where I got the good looks from. It was good to see her. I didn’t even think about fucking her when I
saw her. The ride home was full of
normal conversation, nothing spectacular.Â
We arrived at home, and I showed her to her room.

               There is a great advantage to having mom come to my
house. I have a really good friend, Jack
that is into security cameras. So I had
him install about 10 hidden cameras in my house specifically for my mothers
visit. Jack knows why I wanted them; he
is a confidant of mine and knows what I want.Â
Jack’s a good guy. We met at a
swingers club and through conversation, became pretty good friends. I brought him over a few times to join my
wife and me and found out that he is also bi, like me. We’ve had a great time over the years, even
after my divorce. His cock and mine are
almost identical in every way. So when
he knew I wanted to see my mother naked again, he volunteered his equipment and
time instantly.

               Mom was tired from her flight, as was I, and wanted
to get a shower and a nap before dinner.Â
I was just as tired but was willing to let her jump in the shower
first. There is only one shower in my 2
bedroom house. She went to her room and
I went to mine. As soon as I could I
turned on the laptop that was in my closet that was to view those cameras. I just couldn’t wait to see her naked. She did some unpacking and then headed for
the bathroom. That’s when I saw her get
undressed. She was beautiful. I’m sure I am a little bit partial since she
is my mom. But as soon as she took her
clothes off, I pulled out my cock and started stroking it. Mom started snooping right away. Checking out what I had in the medicine
cabinet and then in the vanity drawers.Â
I purposely left some condoms in the drawer, and she found them. She even took the time to read the
package. Magnums were what I had to use
because regular sized condoms were prone to breakage.

               She finally got into the shower. The shower cam was in a bad position and
fogged up quickly. I didn’t matter
though. I came just as easily watching
her looking at my pack of condoms.

               I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. It was right next to the bathroom with the
shower. She finished in the shower and
the door opened. She walked to her room
in just a towel carrying her clothes with her.Â
I went to her bedroom door and told her through the door that I was
going to jump in the shower. She said ok
and I went to my room, pushed the record button on the software that the
cameras were viewing and then went to shower myself.

               Somehow that had to be the longest shower I have ever
taken. Probably due to the fact that I
was picturing my mom buck naked in my house.Â
I couldn’t wait to see her. I
finished my shower, got out and threw a towel around me to go to my room. As I opened the door to walk out, I didn’t
see mom coming down the hallway and we ran into each other. My towel dropped to the floor and mom let out
a loud gasp as I guess I scared her. We
both laughed quickly afterward as I picked up my towel and put it back around
my waist. I apologized to her for
whatever she had seen. She told me it was ok.Â
That she had seen a couple of dicks in her day and that I should
certainly not be embarrassed by mine.Â
That comment both pleased me and turned me on at the same time.

               As soon as I got to my room and shut the door, I
played back the video from when I was in the shower. Mom didn’t do anything spectacular, just
dried off and put on her long skirt and a halter top. The one thing I noticed fastest is that she
didn’t put on any underwear. I
immediately got a hard on and had to jerk off again thinking about my mom’s
pussy. I have never cum so hard in my
life. I quickly cleaned up and got

               We did the Chinese food thing that night for dinner
and once again we talked a lot about everything under the sun. Everything was pretty normal for the rest of
the evening. I went to bed early because
I had to go to the office the next morning.Â
Although I found it hard to sleep thinking about all of the terribly
adult things I wanted to do with my mom.

               The next morning I was up and out of the house before
mom even awoke. I pushed record and left
hoping to see her play with herself of something. I didn’t know what I was going to see and I
didn’t care. My boss is pretty cool, so
when I told him I had family in visiting, he told me to take the rest of the
weekend off. Gladly, I headed home after
about only 5 hours.

               When I arrived at home, mom was in the living room
watching TV. She said she needed to
catch up on her soaps. She hadn’t got to
really watch any since I was young. Dad
left us early and she had to work a lot.Â
I went to my room to get ready to shower and, more importantly, to check
my laptop. What I saw was incredible. She immediately started snooping around my
room. Thank god I hid the laptop
well. What I didn’t hide, was my family
stories books that I read often, and the printed off stories from this
site. OOPS! She sat on the floor of my room and started
reading. After about 15 minutes, she got
up and went to her room, closed the shades and took off all her clothes. Then she grabbed the story from the top of
the dresser from where she left it to disrobe and got on the bed. Jack did a great job at positioning the
camera because when she spread her legs, I had the best view of her pussy
ever. As she read she started rubbing
her nipples with her right hand as she held the story with the other. Then she started rubbing her stomach slowly
working her way down to her bush. She
still had a hairy bush as I had remembered.Â
Reading on, she kept playing with her pussy until she finally slipped a
couple of fingers into her pussy. I
started stroking my cock and put on my headphones so she couldn’t hear the
playback. As she was stroking her
fingers in and out of her pussy, she finally put down the story and started using
both hands on herself. I was dying
wanting to know what she was thinking about until her audible moans turned into
speaking.  “That’s it baby, give mommy
that big cock. Oh Yes, you know mommy
wants her baby’s cum.” Finally she
started cumming. Oh my god, my mom is a
squirter. Cum starts squirting out of
her pussy all over her hand and the bed.Â
She began fucking herself even harder and faster. 3 fingers banging her pussy while her other
played with her clit.  I came all over
myself. Then she cleaned up her mess and
put the stories very carefully where she found them. She returned to her room and got dressed but
once again didn’t put any underwear on under her long skirt.

               Not knowing that she was seen, let alone recorded,
mom didn’t make any indication of what had transpired that morning or that she
found my incest stash. But I knew, and
if nothing else happened while she was here, that would be fine because I could
jack off to that for years. The rest of
the day was really uneventful. Idol chit
chat was more a less what was. Later on
that night, we were watching TV when Blue Velvet came on. It was the first movie I ever jacked off to,
so I was going to watch it again. Mom
didn’t see it before so she wanted to see it to. We didn’t quit talking just because the movie
was on, and the conversation of girlfriends and such came about. She said that she would understand if I
wanted to go out and see any particular girl I wanted to see. I told her that I didn’t have any one
particular and if I wanted a booty call, I would go get one. She just laughed and told me that I certainly
had my pick with the equipment that I was packing. We started laughing and she said she was glad
I wasn’t bashful. I told her that I
wasn’t bashful at all and when she wasn’t here, I was a nudist at home. She told me that she felt bad that I was
giving up part of my regular routine just so she could visit and if that is how
I am comfortable, to just go ahead and be comfortable; after all, she had seen
me naked before. I don’t think she
expected me to do it, but I did. I just
got up off the couch and said “thanks ma” and stripped down to my birthday suit
right then and there.

               The look on her face was one of awe. I told her that I wasn’t ashamed of my body
and that she shouldn’t either. We are
all beautiful people and being naked wasn’t a sexual thing, but more of a
comfort thing for me. To my amazement,
she agreed and likewise got up and disrobed.Â
She sat back down and started watching TV again. During one particular part of the movie, I
got really aroused and hard. Mom noticed
and said that I should put that away.Â
“It’s a lethal weapon” she told me.Â
I told her “Not a chance, you try hiding this thing”. My mom’s pretty quick and told me there are
only a couple of places she could think of to hide it. I took this as my cue and dived, face first,
between my mother’s thighs when she opened them for me. It was my first taste of my mother’s pussy
and I was in heaven. I started licking
the outside of her pussy lips making her grown in pleasure. She was so wet that I felt as I was forever
drinking her juice. I slipped a finger
into her wet hole. Mom moaned and told
me that she wanted more. So I gave her 2
more fingers and could feel her pussy grab at my fingers as she was ready to
cum. “Suck on mommy’s pussy baby” she
kept saying to me. Then the moment of
truth, she was going to cum. She told me
to stop sucking her and to “give mommy that big cock”. So I licked and sucked my way up to her
gorgeous tits and stuck on one of her nipples like a vacuum. My cock was so hard that it hurt as I slid it
up and down her soaking wet slit. She
started to beg me to fuck her. “Give it
to mommy baby, come on you want to stick that big fucking cock into mommy’s wet
pussy” I couldn’t hold back any longer.Â
I reached up, grabbed the back of her hair and with a firm grip, pulled
her down as I drove my cock into her to the hilt of my full 9 inches. Her pussy clamped down onto my cock and she
screamed as she came right away. I just
laid there on top of her with my cock buried to the hilt into her as she came
again and again. Her juices flowed all
over my cock and balls and ran down the side of the couch to develop a puddle
of her cum on the floor. Her eyes were
wide open staring into mine as she shook violently while she came.

               My whole life, seemingly, I had waited for this
moment. I knew I wasn’t going to last
long, and I was right. I shot my load
into my mom’s cunt with such and explosion that I thought I would shoot a nut
out with it. Mom loved it. “Yes, give mommy that cum, fill me up”. Then I did something that I couldn’t
believe. I pulled my cock out and walked
over to where my mother’s head lie and dangled my cum soaked cock in front of
her mouth. She started sucking it right
away. Loving every drop of her cum mixed
with mine, I told her to taste us both.Â
She moaned hard with my cock in her mouth, opened her legs wider than
when I was fucking her and pulled my cock out of her mouth long enough to say
“I want my baby to taste what I am tasting”.Â
Without hesitation we changed positions so that she sat her cum drenched
pussy on my face while she sucked my cock.Â
It was absolute bliss. She just
kept sucking me although I never went limp.Â
She came again while I was licking her cunt. I thought I was going to drown. Just then she turned around and guided my
cock back into her pussy. I couldn’t
believe it; my mom was riding me like a pro.Â
Those big tits in my face. She
grabs a tit and tells me to suck that tit like I did when I was a baby. And I did with ferocity that I didn’t think
anyone would suck a tit. I loved
it. Soon I laid her down on top of me
and positioned her so that I could get a finger in her ass as my other hand
played with her clit as my cock was still positioned inside of her. She started to cum instantly and soaked
me. I told her that she loved getting
fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time and she quickly agreed and
started fucking me wildly. I told that I
was going to have another man come over and fuck her in the mouth while I
fucked her pussy and she loved it.Â
Started screaming “yes baby, make your mommy take all that cock and cum”
I told her that I want to lick her pussy and asshole while she was riding his
cock. She came again and said that she
wanted to feel my tongue lick the inside of her cunt while another man was
fucking her. That was it. We couldn’t take it anymore. We both came at the same time.

               We both passed out.Â
Her on top of me with my cock still in her. When we came to, I told her that I wasn’t
kidding about bringing my friend jack over.Â
“I hope not” she replied. “That
would be a big disappointment”. We
stayed naked. Didn’t have to bother now
that mom was ok with being naked to. So
I gave jack a call and told him to come on over and join us. He was happy to, as you could imagine and
asked if it was ok if his dad came over with him. Well this was news to me, I didn’t know about
his dad. He said that his dad and him
were both pretty active and turned on by incest. Dad, as I will call him, was 56 and hung like
a fucking bull. I was happy about it and
told mom that we can have the whole family experience thing if she didn’t mind
acting like jack’s dad was her husband.Â
She got so turned on by it that she starting sucking my cock again while
I was still on the phone. I handed her
the phone when she paused so she could talk to dad. After very little introduction, she told dad
and jack to hurry home because she was going to start fucking his little boy
without him.

               I wanted to wait for them even though mom
didn’t. So I went to the fridge and
grabbed a cucumber that I had in there.Â
Mom didn’t know I had it. She was
lying on the bed when I walked it, hiding the enormous vegetable behind my
back. I stuck my cock in her mouth and
right away she spread her legs. That was
my chance; I drove the 14 in long and extremely thick cucumber into her
cunt. She loved it. Her eyes opened wide as she started fucking
the large veg. I heard a car pull into
the driveway and didn’t bother to see who it was. I already knew it was dad and jack. Jack had a key to my place to take care of it
while I was traveling, so they let themselves in, undressed in the foyer and
came on into the room. Mom took my cock
out of her mouth just long enough to say “hi honey. Come over here and try out
our son’s big cock”. With that, dad came
over, pulled the cucumber from mom’s cunt and put his gigantic cock in to
replace it. He bent down and started
sucking on my cock while he fucked mom. Jack
got on the bed and stuck his cock into moms awaiting mouth right away. That didn’t last too long before I told them
there was something we had to do first.

               Dad lay down on the bed and mom straddled him. Mom told jack to stuff that beautiful cock into
her ass and then I proceeded to let mom take my cock back into her mouth. She was having the time of her life. A cock in every hole. Jack couldn’t hold back and shot his huge
load of come into mom’s ass for what seemed like forever. Dad wasn’t going to last much longer so jack
pulled out and stuck his cock in mom’s mouth and I went behind her and, instead
of her ass, I put my cock in her pussy with dads. Mom went insane. Bucking back and forth with both of us in her
pussy, she was cumming so much that the bed was soaked. Next thing I know dad started to cum. I could feel his cum flowing into mom’s cunt.
It was hot and filled mom with cum. So
much that it started flowing from inside of her with every motion. I came before he was even done cumming. If mom wasn’t full from the first gush, I
certainly topped her off. Mom pulled off
of dad and my cock and jack quickly laid down so mom could ride him. She put his cock inside of her and leaned
forward giving me total access to her ass and cunt. I started licking her cunt lips; I could
taste mine and dads cum coming out of her pussy all over jack’s cock. I started rubbing my way up jack’s cock until
I got to mom’s pussy. I slid my fingers
into her cunt while he was still fucking her.Â
It was amazing. Mom was cumming
so much that I could just about stick my whole hand into her cunt while jack’s
cock was in her. It was too much for
jack and he came into her wet hole. We
all collapsed and decided we better take a nap before we start again.

Sex with my Mom-True story

asiansex on Incest Stories

I always love sex when I was 13 I would peek at my mom in the bedroom or in the shower. I am half asian and white I live in a small town outside of dallas. My life has been very fun was popular in highschool played football and pretty good looking(6'2 220).Its been 13 years since the first time I had sex with my mom and till this day we still do some crazy stuff(phone sex). I

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have move another state but when I go home I always have the best sex with my mom.My story is true so a little long but I think you will enjoy.Lets start, back when I was 10 I can home one day from school. Had 1 older brother but he was always hangng out with his friends.I always went to the kitchen first to get so milk and cookies. I started to walk down the hall and heared my mom talking on the phone in her room. So I wanted her to know I was home and when was dinner. Dad was military so he was always home after 6pm. As I got close to the room I could see the door crack and there was the first time I saw my mom naked. She was standing in the closet with her back faceing me. I was froozen in my tracks and just staring at her. She was looking at her cloths and was giving me a show that would change my life. Mom was pretty hot 5'4 dark skin about 120 and c cup. I was always in to sex I always keep to myself about sex I would play with myself in the bath and would look at dirty books my older brother had but never jerk off or seen a real naked women. As I watch I started to think about my mom and her fucking me. Back then women had big hairy bush but as a little boy pussy was pussy and real pussy was the best.I started to get hard and realize for the first time that I wanted to fuck my mom. I know that it was wrong but she was the first women that I got to see naked and real.As she bent down I saw everything from her pussy to her butt crack. As I heard her say bye on the phone I went to the bathroom and close the door. I quickly took of my cloths and started to touch myself and play with my cock.I close my eyes and was thinking that of my mom fucking me and for the first time I jerk off and cum. It was so good that I wanted to do it more now and from that day I became my own sex toy. As time went I started to stay home more then hang out with friends. I would race home hoping to see my mom or just be alone so I could jerk off. After a few months went by I would come home and if alone get naked and look at my moms panties.I love this and as a young boy sex was good with myself.Before I go on just so everyone knows Im a good person in life go to church never got in trouble with the law got a great job making 65k a year but as a little boy just love sex. One day as I came home My mom was a sleep in the livingroom. I guess she fell asleep watching TV. She was on the couch and was wearing t-shrit and shorts. From the kitchen I could see her as I watch her I being to playwith myself. I was behind the counter so If she woke up she could only see from the chest up and if someone came homeI could just walk to my room. As I watch I pull down my pants to my ankles and just started to jerk off right there. I could see her brown nipples through her shirt and and see some of her panties from the side. Mom always wear white ons but she had other colors but white ones where always in the dirty cloths. She roll over on her side and her back was faceing me. Her t-shirt was up a little so I got a view of her butt and backside of her panties.I could see the outline of her panties and her shorts. I was so hard and wanted to see more or just cum on my mom. I pulled my pants up and with my hard cock in and bulgeing from my pants I went to see more close up. I went in and sat on the floor next to her so she though I was watching TV. I was about 3 feet away from her butt I slowly started to touch her butt and rub my cock.I was scard shitless but I was so horny and wanted to see how far I could go. I got up close to small  her crack and notice her shorts where unbuttin. I could see alittle of her dark push through her pants. I could not belive what I was doing here I was looking at my mom with my cock in my hand. I wanted her to move so I sat down so she could not see my cock and tap her on the back to let her know I was home. She turn around and laid on her back. She talk for a second and went back to sleep. That was it I started to jerk off slowly just looking at her I got up on my knees and bent dowh to smell her pussy. The smell of pussy is the best right guys you know what Im talking about. I just stood on my knees and watch my mom. I slowly started to to play with myself. Here I was cock in hand(5 inches lets be real not fake) if my mom wakes up Im dead. I watch her and just wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. As I got up to go to the bathroom still holding my cockMy mom woke and saw me. She freak and started to yell and hit me I ran to my room know I was dead. My dad is going to kill me. I freak out started to think what the hell is wrong with me. That night at the dinner table I was shock that my mom did not tell my dad. After dinner dad went to take a shower and brother was in his room on the phone. I was in room when my mom called me to help with the dishes. I was scared but went to the kitchen as we where clean mom talk about stuff and the family as we finish mom said she was going to take a shower. My parents have a shower in there room but for some reason as I went to my room my mom knock on my door and said she was going to take a shower in the other bathroom which was next to my room. When she came in I could see her sleeping clothes and fresh panties. As I sat there think why my mom did not tell my dad I heard the water turn on. My mom never takes a shower always bath. I started to get hard and went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I look down the hall my brother door was close I went to the kitchen and dad called me to the garage. I went and we talk and my brother came in and said he was going to his friends house for 1 hour. As he left and I went to my room I notice the bathroom door crack I could hear my dad in the garage talking on the phone. I slowly walk up to the door and saw my mom taking a bath I started to jerk off and just keep looking. She was so hot wjth the water running down her dark skin and her dark nipples. I was so turn on slowly jerking my cock and watching her. She would stand up and wash her body. As I slowly watch her and stroke my cock mom my look right at me. We both just stood there I saw her look down and she look at me and contiune to wash herself. We never said a word just kept looking at eeach other. I was about to cum and got real brave I push the door open a little and let her look at me. Not one word came out and when I blow my load it went everywhere. I kept looking at her my mom doesnt touch herself but she was playing with her pussy. As I finish I look at her and she just turn around and went on bathing. I heard my dad come to the kitchen so I ran back to my room. I was lost in words did my mom just see me jerk off? I started to think that this was all a dream. I started to change and put everything in thought when I heard my mom open the bathroom door. I want her so bad I was just in my underwear and said fuck it here we go. I open my door and turn off my light. As my mom walk by I called her and when she walk to my bedroom I gave her a hug and started to put my hand down her shirt. I grab her tit and started to caress then. My mom pull on my cock and look at me and walk out.This was it she was mine and I was going to her. That night I was in my room watching tv when my mom came in. She was talking about stuff and sat on my bed I was on the floor but as soon as she can in I was hard as arock. I stood up and she look at my tent in my shorts. I walk over to the door and stood by the door. As I turn around to see her I pull down my shorts and look at her. I told her that I want to her to teach me to fuck and have sex with her all the time. She slowly sat close to me and told me to watch and listen for anyone. She slowly started to touch it and ask me why I look at her and touch myself. I want to kiss her but she said no just watch and listen. Being 13 not to smart about sex and first time. She  slowly started to tell me about looking at her and feel on my cock.She took at kiss on my stomach and went down kiss me. I felt her get close and her touching my balls was al it took I started to cum little by little. Mom started to lick it and then put it in her mouth.My first blow job was great but just the fact it was my mom made it even better. She clean me up and gave me a kiss I forced my tng in her month and we slowly started to kiss I put my hand down her shorts and felt her pussy for the first time. She was so wet and she look in the hallway and pull her shorts and panties down a little as I rub her pussy she started to buck a little with every move. She told me to put my fingers in my mouth and taste her. I love it and wanted more. She turn around bent forword a little so she could hear if anyone. Her shorts where down right below her butt. She lead me to be right behind her slowly she pull on my cock and told me to place it right by her pussy. As I did she insert it in and with this I was fucking my mom doggy style. I was kind of nerveous but as she thursted back and forword I started to fell so good and wanted this to last forever. I could hear her moun and touch my cock and fell it everytime I can out as I went in see would push back and grab her butt checks to open up. I felt her juices run down my cock and to my balls. My mom started to play with my balls and taste her fingers.I started to get the hang of it and my mom was so wet she was rubbing on her pussy and put one of her legs on my bed to open her pussy some more.I could feel the build up and wanted to cum in her. I load her hot and wet pussy and she slowly started to move and look at me cum in her. I pull out and she pull up her shorts and went down and started to suck on my cock. She clean me up gave me a kiss and smile at me and left. I was in heaven and could not belive what just happen. I was so into sex with my mom and wanted more. Thinking of her pussy and her sucking my cock made me sleepless that night. I could tell you all that made up stuff about moms talking dirty to 13 year old sons with 7 in cock but this is TRUE and it gets better. Please understand this was 13 years ago and till this day we still find time to get kinky with each other. I still look at panties in my aunts house and jerk off to them. I have a girlfriend and she loves the sex we have. Any feed back please e-mail me at  more to come and think about this and its all TRUE.


Sons Lust.....

Sophority on Incest Stories

It began as a simple thought. One day while Alex was on his computer an Ad on the screen caught his eye. "Mom on Son Action XXX". His mind quickly realized what the title was about, upon locking his bedroom door he returned to the Computer and clicked on the Ad bringing him to the site. He was immediately entranced by the pictures and

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captions that were on the Monitor. He book marked the website so he could continue coming back to the site when he pleases. This continued for several weeks, but abruptley ended when his computer crashed and had to be sent to a Tech to get fixed. This caused him to look other places to entertain himself....

This entertainment would end up being focused on his very own mother. Her name is Lindsey and at 36 she is very well off for herself. She is around 5'7'' 156lbs, Long brown hair that reachs down to the top half of her back. The hair covers up a long band that stretches across the shoulder blades. She has large B cup breasts, but her most noticable feature about her is her rather large thighs. This is in-part due to her fairly large back side that is usually squeezed into much smaller jeans that conture her medium sized waist. But her best attribute are here drak Blue eyes that are offset by the dark brown hair. This was enough to drive Alex mad...

He began to watch his mother at any chance he had. The first time was when she was doing Laundry, just the site of her underware set him off into a long dream that would help him "release" that maddness later in the night. But this could only entertain the young man for so long. Soon he would become more "wanting" of this and would try and catch her in her room, while she was tanning, or just while she is walking around in her robe. But even then he was not satisfied. More drastic measures were needed. When the time presented itself he took advantage of the opportunity....

The opportunity presented itself on a warm Summer Afternoon. He had just arrived home from a long week at school and was happy to see his mothers car in the drive way. He swung the front door open and walked inside, closing it behind him softly hoping not to make too much noise. He walked to his room, passing the basement door he could hear the sound of the washer running. He made with quick hast to his bedroom and slung his back pack on the floor and flipped off his shoes and socks. Dashing out of the room with silence at his heels he arrived at the basement door frame. He walked on the front of his feet to avoid detection. Upon reaching the bottom he felt the cold cement ground on his bare skin making him jump slightly. He looked too the laundry room door and observed the light being admitted by it. He snuck his way to the door and peered inside...

He was not disappointed with the sight. There his mother stood, her back to the door as she folded some of her clothing and placed it ontop of the dryer. He looked over her entire body, drawing in every detail of this moment. Her dark brown hair was swooping down over her back. Underneath it was a white tank top, the black strips of her bra straps were clearly visible through the seams. His eyes ventured further and arrived at her shorts. They were jean shorts that were fringed at the edge, which went down to mid thigh. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opend them his eyes continued to wander down her thighs and too her calfs, then back up. He realized that his oppurtunity was upon him...

He began to approach her from behind, he stopped as he stood within a foot or two of her. He reached out with one of his arms and wrapped it around her stomach. She flinched at this act and tried to pull away while uttering, "Alex, i didnt even know you were home...". She pushed his arm slightly, but quickly realized that he was standing sturn. He took another step forward and pushed his chest against her back, allowing him to strengthen his clutch. "Ok Alex, Let me go, I have to finish the Laundry." She said with a semi stern voice. It fell upon deaf hears as He pushed her forward, her stomach smashing against the hard edge of the dryer. "Alex, what are you doing!" She screams out as she tries to push herself off the machine. Alex did not answer her cries, his mind was to busy with other thoughts. Soon his hand was traveling down his mothers side. It reaches her jean shorts, his thumb wraps around the waist band and pushes down slightly. "Alex..." She murmers out, still trying to get out of his grasp. He let his grip go from her waist as his hand lurched up and took hold of her face, grabing her by her mouth to try and silence her. This was followed by a quick push against her back, leaning her over. He quickly tugged her jean shorts down to her knees, her white panties now revealed as she tries to gagle something out. He presses up against her, she call feel him against her and if not clear up to now, she now knew what his idea was. He let go of her mouth and used his forearm to pin her down onto the dryer allow his free hand to unbutton his jeans and let them drop to the ground. His hard member bulges out of his boxers and presses against her panty covered ass checks. His breathing got heavier as he pulled his boxers down to meet with his jeans. He kicked them both off his ankles and over to the side.

Lindsey let out a small wimper as she felt the head of his cock rub against her panties. She then felt his cold fingers slip under the edge of her panties as he began to pull them down. His breathing subsided when her panties fell to the ground revealing herself to him. He proceeded to run his thumb down from the top of her ass crack and down to the enterance to her cleanly shaved snatch. While caught up in the moment he pushed his long finger deep into her pussy and listened to his mother moan at the feeling. With a smile he began to buck his hand against her, leaving his finger deep in the now moistening pussy. Her moans grew into grunts untill he pulled his finger from her backside. She then felt both his hands grab hold of her ass checks as he spread them open she felt his member press against her pussy lips. "Alex..." she lets out as she lowers her head too the dryer. His hands slipped to her hips and he jabbed his hip forward, thrusting his cock where his finger once was. His mother jumps slightly as he begins to work his way deeper into her pussy. Soon he was thrusting, like and animal, into his very own mother. But no sooner that he realized this, he noticed that Lindsey was pushing back. He grabbed hold of her hair and put it into a pony tail then grabbing hold of it with his left hand. He pulled her by this back onto her cock. Her moaning quickened and he watched as her hands reached out and grabed hold of the side of dryer. He felt her juices pour out of her and down his leg. He thrusted into her a couple more times before pulling out of her pussy. She immediately dropped to the ground, her hand catching her from falling all the way to the floor. Alex took advantage of the situation. With his hand still full of her hair he turned her head to his still hard cock. She knew just what he wanted as she slipped her lips over his head. She took more and more of his cock in untill her lips were pressing against his body. He puled her head back off his cock before jamming it back down her throat. He placed his free hand on the back of her head and continued to thrust his cock in and out of her warm mouth. His balls clinched as he neared his orgasim. He pulled her head back so just half of his cock is in her mouth. He proceeds too shoot his load of cum into his mothers mouth, catching her off gaurd. She cringes and closes her eyes when she feels the warm salty cum wash over her tounge. He holds her head steady untill he finishes. When done he throws her head back off his cock and watches as she struggles to swallow it down. He calmly picks up his clothes and walks out of the room, leaving his mother in a heap on the floor.

Deprivved Aunt Pt.1

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By the time I was 15 I've had sex with 3 girls in my school. So, I was pretty confident with myself and what I had. That would be a 5'10" frame 140Lbs and about a 71/2" cock. I went to stay with my aunt and uncle for a weekend during X-Mas break. My aunt is my mom's younger sister. At the time she was 42 5'2" and about 140lbs. She had a nice round thick ass and 37C tits. Her husb

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and was pretty fat and I've heard her tell my mother on occassion that his weight made it hard for her to have sex with him because he was only hung 5". She also added that it was only an semi-annual sex life anyways. Lets fast foward:

I get to the door and she greets me. "Get in here son it's fucking freezing". She gives me a peck on the cheek and I do likewise. We go and sit at the table and she poors a cup of coffee. We sit there and talk and catch up a bit and she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I say no. She says "what about those little hoochies across the way"? I was shocked and choked. So I took the bold approach and replied "no I'm fucking the 2 sisters and the 13yr old down the street"! And she choked. She then scolded me saying I was'nt grone and had no business talking to your aunt that way. I apologized and that was that. We moved to the living room and whatched t.v when she told me that uncle steve was out of town on business and thats why she wanted the visit. And she asked me if I could stay the whole week. I said sure and she gave me a peck on the forhead and told me she was going to bed. Her bedroom was off the kitchen so I followed her so I could get a drink. As she was changing I caught a glimpse of her nice plump ass and tits. I was hard in milliseconds. I then thought of the soft peck on the cheek and the way she called those girls "hoochies" and I could feel the precum rolling towards my swollen balls. About that time she bent down to get her robe and I seen a nice clean shaven pussy. I couldn't take no more. I kicked the door the rest of the way open and scared the shit out of her. " what the hell are you doing. Ever heard of knockin"! I walked up an kissed her fully on the lips. She slapped my face. " you nasty fucking pervert". I'm your aunt She screamed. I said, "your the same aunt that fucks a little dick for the past 20yrs and not in the last 4 months." Then she got offended and quipped. " Thats none of your business I'm still your aunt and besides I doubt you got much more" So, I dropped my pants right then and my cock stood straight as an arrow. She then told me to pull them back up and get out of her house and i grabbed the back of her head a kissed her. This time my young 7" cock was pressed against her thigh and my tounge was in her mouth. She gave in. She pulled away and layed on the bed. She said " get your little ass over here and rape your aunt Beth"! I got on top of her and staddled her face. We were in the 69 position with me on top. Right away she engulfed My dick but not all the way. She had her hand firmly around my balls and was going to town. My tounge was going to town on her now swollen clit. In about 2 minutes it was as big as a midget dick and her juices were flowing all over my face. I crawled off of her and plunged in to the hilt. My head spun. For being 42 her pussy was preety tight! I started off slow in fear that I would shoot ot soon. Then she started sayin" give me your dick. Give me all of your cock. Fuck me like a whore baby. I started pumping faster and faster and she was cumming. I slowed and told her I was close and she said" don't ge me knocked up" I got turned on and started fucking the shit out of her. She started to cum in seconds and I pulled out and straddled her face. I put both hands behind her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth just as hard as I did her sweet cunt. My young cock jumped 2-3 times and I burried that fucker till my balls were  against her chin. I shot 5 good big loads. She couldn't handle it and the shit came out the side of her pretty mouth and got all over my balls and the bed. 

Loving Sister's 1

sexyangel7 on Incest Stories

  So one misty summer afternoon, I turn to Dave and pass the plain of going to Maine to spend the weekend together in my uncle’s cabin. Not telling him that my sister was coming with use. I wanted to see the look of surprise on his face later on knowing that we won’t be alone. After five minutes of thinking about it he finally said “yes, that sounds like a great idea.”
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“It would be lovely, and it would give us time to relax”, I said. As soon as Dave dropped me off home and said are good bye’s I immediately ran to my Liz’s room. “Hey sis, what are you doing this weekend”, as I splurged it out. With complete shock she said, “Nothing why?” “Why don’t you come with Dave and me to uncle’s cabin over in Maine?” Jumping for glee, Liz, “ok I will join you two love birds.”
    Friday came; man did the week go buy so fast. Dave and I started loading up the car. As soon as Dave saw Liz coming up to the car with her things he turns to me and whispers, “She’s coming with us?” The look on his face made me all happy inside. I was hoping that I would get to see my boyfriend of seven months ram his thick cock in my sister’s tight pussy. “Yes, do you have a problem with that?” I said calmly. “No not at all…you could have told me.” Dave helps Liz with put her things in the car and the three of us took off.
    With Dave driving the car Liz and I thought of ways to keep us occupied. It started out as just making words out of the letters on peoples car’s but it turned sexual. All of a sudden Liz turns around from the front set and looks at me with wanting eyes. I winked at her. She then liked her lips slowly, gesturing that she wanted something. I blow her a kiss. This continued for so long, the little things like biting are lips, or touching is self’s etc…, till we had to stop. Not only were we turning each other on Dave was concentrated on us instead of the road. He begged for use to continue but I reassured him that we had to get to the cabin safely.
    Nothing had really happened when we arrived at the cabin. Looked around, unpacked, and started putting stuff away in are rooms. We had arrived pretty late and we were exustaed too. So we all went to bed.
    All day Saturday the three of use relaxed. Did are own thing and started drinking around noon. As the day progressed I was getting antsy. I really haven’t seen any hints from Liz or Dave wanting to have sex. Of course as usual
I was horny. All I could think about was Liz going down on Dave or Dave ramming his thick long cock into my sister’s wet tight pussy.
    Liz and I started cooking dinner around five; While Dave turned on the TV to watch what the weather was going to be for the ride home tomorrow. As I was turning the pasta I was trying to think of some way to leave the cabin for a bit, so I could look through the window to see if Liz would do any thing. I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted to see and feel the three of us enjoying the pleasure of sex.
    “I am going to the store for some things that we need for dinner that we don’t have here. You two stay here I will be back in twenty minutes.” Liz, “are you sure you don’t want one or both of us to come with you?” “No I’ll be fine.” Dave, “ok be careful, love you.”
    I left the cabin went down the dirt driveway and waited for about ten minutes. During these ten minutes Liz took the advantage to slowly walk over to Dave and start kissing and caressing his chest. Dave was so intrigued by the news that he didn’t notice what was going on till he felt soft smooth hands touching his bare chest. The tenderness of each others lips touching with every kiss gets Dave’s mind working. The rolling of each others tongues gives Dave the idea of Liz sucking on him. He starts to pull down his bathing suit shorts and looks at Liz and say’s suck my dick. With out any hesitation from Liz she went around in front and got on her knees. She looks in Dave’s eye while she flicks the tip of his dick with her tong. Then she starts to cover the whole tip with her mouth. Making it all wet and warm.
    Dave is taken a back by the way Liz knows how to suck a cock. How she forms her big soft lips around his big juicy dick.
    After the ten minutes goes by I come back and peers through the window. To my surprise I see that my little sister Liz is sucking off my boyfriend. But instead of being mad about the whole thing, I am quite turned on. As I watch Dave undo the top of Liz’s bathing suit and start caressing her breasts. Dave tugged on her nipples a little and Liz’s response to that she begins to suck a little harder. With the luxurious lips and the warmth moisture of Liz’s mouth almost makes Dave almost want to but a nice big warm juicy load right in her mouth.
    Suddenly finding out that the warm wet feeling on my hand is from me rubbing my clit from watching the both of them; I quietly come in the cabin. Making sure to only catch Liz’s eye, I pointed to the cushioned dock out side.
    Both of us helped Dave out of his bathing suit and took him outside, underneath the star filled sky, onto the dock.
    I took my bathing suit off and lay on my back on the cushioned dock. Liz then got down on all fours and started to eat my moist twitching pussy out. The tender taste of wanting pussy invites Liz’s mouth to do its job. Liz is taken back by the candy sweet taste of her sister’s pussy. Dave practically ripped off the bottom half of Liz’s bathing suit and slowly pushes his dick into her tight wet pussy. As Dave’s motion becomes a little faster, Liz starts to make this humming sound from the pleasure. The cause of the humming sound vibrated Liz’s lips, making Sarah scream of pure pleasure and almost making her orgasm.
    Dave feels Liz’s very wet pussy start to tighten. So he grabs her hips and began ramming his pulsing cock into her even harder and faster. ‘Cause of the sudden switch in motion, Liz stops what she is doing and screams at the top of her lungs until she orgasmed all over Dave’s dick.
    Dave’s throbbing dick has yet to come.  Knowing that I want more then what was given at that time; he takes me by the hand and brings me to the room to continue the sexy erotic sex...

for a while now that my sister has been wanting to have erotic sex with Dave for
sometime know. So I plain to take the weekend off and spend it with Dave and

Deprived Aunt Pt.2

SLAPNUTS79 on Incest Stories

  I was awoken the next morning by her shower running. So, with a smirk on my face and major morning wood I went in to take a piss. I was enjoying my first piss of the day when the water shut off and aunt beth stepped out. I shook my dick to release the last drops and thats when she dropped. Right to her knees. She wasted no time and took me down her throat right to my young balls.

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p>   She proceeded to give me a real slow wet sloppy BJ. She sensed the load building and squeezed my balls hard and stood up. She then bent over and shut the lid of the toilet. I got behind her and thrusted as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure and in pain. "Fuck me fuck me good you little bastard!" So with that I wrapped My hands around her neck and fucked her like a crack whore I found in an alley. In about 3 minutes she was really screaming. " Don't stop you little bastarrrrd, oh yeah I'm your whore fuck meeee ohohohohoh yeaaaahhh fuuuckk mmmmeeee!" And thats whem something caught my eye.

 There her daughter (my 13 yrold couisin) was with her frilly panties pushed to one side. She was giving her swollen little pussy hell with a hair brush on her mothers bed. That drove me nutts! I started watching her wathing me fuck the hell out of her mother. We made eye contact and she licked her lips and moaned and cramed her panties in her mouth. I pushed my aunt down to the floor and pushed her head to the floor. I then grabbed the baby oil from the counter and coated her big ass. "What the fuck I never I never" and then I eased a bout 2" in her big ass. Stop Stop it hurts she screamed. I then took the dominating aproach. I said " you ARE going to shut up spread those fat ass cheeks or I'm Sreading Jessie's little ass" You better not you little cock sucker. Shut up whore and I grabbed two hands full of hair and slammed the rest of the 71/2" up her tight ass. Tears started to run down her face. The door swung open and there was Jessie half naked. Get off my mom you're hurting her. But I contined. I did with long slow strokes and her asshole started to loosen and she moaned. I grabbed the brush out of J's hand. Here aunt Beth taste your daughter and stuck it in her mouth. She licked it. "Oh god J your pussy tastes great. Fuck me Dick Fuck my big ass" I picked up the pace and J got down underneath her and started fist fucking her own mother's cunt. "OOOOOhhhhhh yyyyeeeaahhhhh fuck mommy's twat you slut. Ram mommy's cccuuunnttt! Come on fuck my holes harder harder harder I'm cummingggg! J and I pulled out at hte same time and both holes farted and her juices ran from her wollowed out pussy. J stuck my Dick in her mouth and sucked me till I pumped 6 loads into her mouth and I then told her to spit it in her mother's fat gapping asshole!

 I turned the shower on and hopped in. And sweet little J was right behind me and started soaping my stiffining cock.......

Horny Aunt,Cousin,& Sister at Thanksgiving PT.3

SLAPNUTS79 on Incest Stories

 I was awoken by my wife. Her and the kids finally got here. I was glad to see them and felt a little guilty at the same time. You see I live about an hour and we brought seperate cars. Well anyways, I gave her a deep kiss and my sister was looking at us. I could tell a hint of jealously in the room as her old lazy fuckhead husband sit there and watch football. Hell the bastard took his d

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inner in the den so he wasn't disturbed during the game.

 There I was with my wife by my side, my kids were done quick so they were off hellraising and my sister was across from me. As I was eating I noticed a couple of top buttons of her dress were undone. I didn't think much of it as she was cooking all day. She noticed I noticed and her nipples were getting hard. As they did I felt my cock getting hard. Then right in the middle of her and my wive's conversation I felt something.

 My sister was rubbing my now very hard and aching cock with her foot. About a minute a later my wife excused herself to the bathroom. "Are you fucking crazy. Linda is here incase you've have'nt noticed." "So what Brian is in the den. Send her out after something or i'll keep this up till you cum in your pants!" Your such a whore I replied. "Only for you hon" she said. My wife returned and I asked her to go to the store for some smokes. Sure thing babe she said. But whats open? That little store across town. And the kids? " Don't worry about them Linda looks like Some cartoons have them occupied" my sister said. Them Linda took off.

 Let's go to the laundry room. We almost broke are necks getting there. As soon as the door shut we started kissing. I undid 3 more buttons an her dress to get her giant right tit free. I started sucking like a nursing baby. She reached down between her thick juicy thighs and then a "RRRIIP". "Go down and suck my clit". she done ripped the crotch out of her hose. She was already soaked and her clit was out of its hood. I pushed the rest of the hood back with 2 fingers and licked and sucked it and in notime I was drowning in her juices. In the middle of her "OOHHHH fffuukk" she hit a button and started the waher so noone could hear us. She pulled me up by the hair and kissed me. She then hopped onto this little folding table and put her back against the wall. I dropped my pants for the third time in a couple of hours, walked up and drove my dick deep in her tight wet cunt. "OH FUUUUCK" she cried out. I wasn't wasting no time not knowing when the wife would be back. I was thrusting hard and fast. "yeah fuck me good,fuck your sister real goooodddd,ohhhhh shiiiittt i'm c c cc cummingggg" Fuck me baby fuck me baby fuck me baby she kept yelling and I kept fucking the shit out of her. "You like that sis"? Oh yeah she replied. "youwant your little brother's seed in that sloppy wet pussy sis"? NO! Cum in my mouth! But please don't stop fucking! OHHHH SHIIITT I'm cumming. That was the third for her and I started to get tired. "bitch I'm getting tired" She pushed me off and I fell on the floor. She then Hiked up her dress and straddled my purple cock. She then started smacking and rubbing her huge clit with my cock and came again. She rubbed her pussy juices all over it and moved it to her ever so tight asshole. She guided it in until the head disappeared. She sat there awile til her tight hole opened. She started to ride a little and after a few minutes I was balls deep in her shitbox. She then kicked back and was riding the fuck out of me. Then this next activity took me by surprise! 

 She stopped with me still in her ass. Grabbed what seemed to be a shampoo bottle. (It was about 12" long and 3 times thicker than me) She gently and louldly stuck it in herself so the only thing left was the cap. She came again and again and pulled it out rather quickly and started to fuck herself harder and faster than I was. "Fuck my ass hard cocksucker " She screamed! I grabbed those big ol' hips and started to fuck the shit out of that big thick ass. She came 4 more times and on the fifth she yanked the bottle from her now tore up pussy. She was rubbing her clit and her gaping pussy squirted and splattered her cum and juices all down the side of the washer. "I"M goin to shoot sis"! She rolled off my dick and started sucking the hell out of me. I grabbed her head a thrusted my cock as far down her troat as I could. She swallowed every drop. " Didn't waste any she said" You're to good of a whore to do that I laughed.

 I exited the room and noone was the wiser. About 5 minutes later my wife returned. Where is your sister? Doing some laundry. My sister then walked out of the room in her pj's and could barely walk. My wife wispered whats wrong with her. "Must be some roids" I said. HAHAHAH! 

Sexually Frustrated Siblings cotinued.

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So there we are eating at a little dive in town. My brother-in-law kept telling me how great I did hooking up the surround sound. All i could do was smile and nod. If he thought that was something He should ask my sister how I made that little tight box feel. Anyways, the longer I sat there the harder I got. He got up to pay the bill. Thats when I made my move. " Sis go to the restroom and

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get your pussy wet" She didn't say a word. And then she headed to BR. He got back and I told him She stepped out for a smoke and i had to go to the restroom. When I arrived I walked in and locked the door. I turn the corner and my sister was bent over the sink her dress bunched over her big tight ass, she pulled her bra under her big tits. She was tweeking her left nipple and rubbing the hell out of that phat ass clit. "Damn I said make that thing wet not flood the place" "Shut up and start fucking" she replied. I walked up and unzipped my fly and exposed my cock. She then just backed that big ass up to me and in no time i was ball deep

 For the first min. or two I just stood there enjoying her working that pussy. She was moaning pretty good at this piont. "we got to hurry Dick, Come on and fuck that pussy" I grabbed her big tits and started to fuck the shit out of her. Oh yeah fuckme motherfucker she screamed. Fuck the shit out of your sister you sick motherfucker. I was giving all I had. In no time she was cumming. Then she pumped some soap in her hand. Pull out! I thought I done something. She rubbed the soap all up and down my shaft and hopped on the counter. She layed back and wiggled that big gorgeous ass off the edge. She then grabbed both her legs and pulled up real high. "fuck my ass Bro!" I started fucking her ass and shoved 4 fingers in her spent twat. Oh GOOOOOODDD she screamed and started squirting her pussy juice like a fountain! It got all over her tits. I got really turned on and started fucking her so hard her head was hitting the mirror. OOhhhhh SSSHITTT i'm cumming . Stick your fist in me. Abuse this cunt you cocksucker. I made a fist and buried up to my wrist. Ohh Shitt yeahhhh. she was cumming again. Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me Fuck my big asshole "I'm gonna cum sis!" She didn't say a word. She was still cumming. I pulled my hand out of her tore up pussy. and it squirted again. So intense i seen tears swell in her eyes. I grabbed her by her throat and started fuking her like a $2 crack whore. I plulled back and slammed it in so hard we broke themirror with the top of her head. About 10 Thrusts later I busted a load so huge My nuts cramped. It was 2 of the biggest loads that ever left my balls in my life. And her asshole slurped it all in. I pulled out and we cleaned each other. She left the BR first and I followed. I followed the trail of cum that was dripping from her ass all the way to the door. I guess we took to long cause her husband left to go back to work. "Hey bud give me a ride" Sure I said. On the way to her place she released my prick. She sucked real slow all the way to her house. I pull up to the house and she starts fucking me with her throat. I cum Right down her throat. She pulled her head gasping. " You fucked me like a whore and filled my ass. You fucked my mouth and filled it to. I just got back on the shot. So now you can fill all three." We fucked 2 more hours and at the end of the day her big ass was dripping twice her pussy once and conssumed 3 loads. I love my whore sister.

My Mother. (My $100 Whore!)Pt. 1

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   I went up to my room to grab my cheese out of my dresser. As I walked up to the door I seen mom snooping. I barged in my room and she stood shocked. What's up ma I asked. Nothing she replied. Whats in your hand ma? Don't get mad and your father can't know she said. What? I took your money cuz I blew his at the track. I have to replace it or he'll kill me if he found out! You Bitch was

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all I could say. "Please don't say anything I'll pay you back" How, you are always broke and I really needed that money to take out and score with this girl. She sat down on my bed and started to sob.

   In some fucked up way this was turning me on. My mom (Cindy is her name) is about 5'5" 170lbs. She is thick with some thunder thighs and  34D floppy tits. Pretty much what ya come to expect of a 45 yr old woman. I slowly walked up and ran my fingers through her hair. "It's ok ma" I said. She looked up at me "you're not gonna tell?" Nope not if you don't! Tell what she asked. With my left hand still on her hair I unzipped my pants and let my now full erect and throbbing 7 1/2" cock flop out. "put that hing away. What the fuck do you think you are doing you pervert? I'm your mother sicko!" Not any more I said. Since I'm shit out of luck about tonight and till I get my money back you're now my whore! Now open that mouth BITCH!

 She started cussing me and my cock grew even thicker. I held her hair in both hands and yanked hard. Real hard. When her old cockhole opened to scream she soon had 7" of her son's cock down her throat. I rocked her head back and forth back and forth for about 10 minutes. my dick was soaked. "Come on Cindy start sucking" I yelled out at her. My mom did as she was told. She grabbed my balls and started to massage them. "thats good Cindy blow your boy good. Suck me like a pro" She pulled her head away. She tood a deep breath. "This is it. Then we're even?" I want to cum first. In your mouth! Your fucking father dosn't even go there! As those words came out of her mouth my father was pulling in the driveway.

  She looked up me with a smile. " Well dads home lets not get caught" Finish I said! No time she said.BULLSHIT, I replied. Hurry up you bastard! she snapped. How? Start fucking my mouth you piece of shit she yelled . I then put a tight grip on both sides of her face and started to mouth fuck the shit out of her. I was getting close to losing it as the sounds of my balls slapping her chin and her gagging filled the air. I looked down to see gallons of saliva soaking her shirt. She must have sensed i was close and tried to pull away. I grabbed the back of her head and burried her face to my ballsack and thrusted violently and started spewing shot after shot after shot of man juice down her throat. As I withdrew i looked down and My own mother was a spit and cum covered mess laying on my bed tring to get a breath. I noticed something and I got hard again. I seen her big ass and her crotch were soaked also. "You loved me raping your mouth didn't you" I said. She got up wiped the left over cum from her face, smiled and replied with a "FUCK YOU"! She then went ot her room to freshen up.

A horny Aunt,Sister, and cousin at thanksgiving. Pt.1

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   Here I am sitting at my sister's pad. Sitting in the living room, her pin dick husband wouldn't stop talking and the doorbell rang. It was My now 52 yr. old aunt and my now 23 yr. old cousin. I've hadn't seen them in a about 5 yrs. since her husband's accident. I almost shit. My aunt didn't change much. But my little cousin sure did. She was sporting some new DD store bought tits and s

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he wasn't afraid to flaunt them.

  So after a bout an hour of bullshiting and catching up I head outside for a smoke. My cousin comes out to join me. "I didn't know you smoke"? I don't! i just wanted to talk. "So whats up"? I asked. Remember when we were kids and me you and mom... Well you know. Yep, I replied. Well thats the whole reason for me being here. What I asked. She then said "We brought seperate cars cause I got to be somewheres else. I just dropped in so you could fuck me again before i get married in 2 weeks" She goes on to say " i already told everyone goodbye so take me over behind the shed and fuck these new titties off! You don't argue with that. We walked over behind the shed and there was a old dresser sitting there. She instantly took those Big ol' tits out and i began to suck on those sweet nipples and sucked them good. She was wearing a skirt which made for very easy access. I had her tight little pussy in my hand and in no time her panties were soaked. She was moaning pretty loudly so to shut her up I slid my prick ever so slowly into her sweet mouth. But she wasn't having none of the slowly part. She grabbed both asscheeks and was forcing me down her throat. I could't take much more. I reached down and picked her up by those huge melons. She looked deep in my eyes " fuck me like whore"! She put her thong in her mouth to muffle herself and bent over the dresser. Since she had her panties in her mouth I rammed my cock in her pussy and a thumb up her ass. All she could do was squeal. I started real slow with my fucking motion and kept a faster pace in her ass. After of about a minute or two I was able to fit my index and middle finger in. She started to cum hard and very hard. I felt it and her cunt started to "squish". "come on whore fuck that dick" She then startd bucking hard. I had trouble keeping my balance at times. She was squealing real good and her pussy was cumming once more and getting nice and sloppy. I pulled out quikly and looked at my cock. Her goo was just dripping off it at every angle. She reached around and spread her ass cheeks and put one leg on the dresser. I inched into her tight brown fuck hole and after about 5 thrusts I had all 7 1/2" in. I wasted no time and fucked her ass with a frantic pace. I grabbed 2 handsfull of hair and was fucking the shit out of her. And with 2 really big thrusts, (the head of my cock actually left her ass and shoved it in hard. So hard her head hit the shed.) I came deep in her ass. We then stood by her car and kissed goodbye. I walked in the house. My dick spent and now sticking to my pants. On my way to the bathroom My aunt Beth stopped me in the hall. "Did you take it slow or was it like the time in the shower when you fucked the both of us" I didn't have time to speek. " Go get your perverted self cleaned up and in a little while you can show me"!!!!

Deprived Aunt Pt.3

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 As J was soaping my dick I started to get real hard. I turned to rinse. I then turned towards her and pushed her to her knees. She looked up with the biggest innocent eyes and told me she never suckedadickebefore"not to worry,"pretend its a lollypop." Thats when I parted her sweet lips. She went slow at first. Sucking the head licking my shaft then I forced about half the len

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gh in her mouth. "Suck it good dear" I looked over and my aunt joined and started showering again. I grabbed the back of j's head and start fucking her throat. About 15 seconds into itshe gaggedreal hard and I let her go. She puked as i jerked off in her hair. Aunt Beth laghed." Girl you have alot to learn". Why don't you show her how its done, whore!" I said. Aunt Beth dropped and started really going to town. Being that I done came twice in the past 20 minutes it was going to take a little more of her magic. She sucked and slurped fo a while and her mouth was shot. I look To my left and J was sitting on the edge of the tub playing with her puffy pussy lips.

 I pulled out of my aunt's mouth knelt down and placed it at her entrance. "Go ahead and fuck her You're not the first" my aunt said. No but thats the biggest J exclaimed. So, seeing how wet she was I didn't hold back. I grabbed my very hard and veiny young cock and plunged it in. She gasped very loudly and her legs wrapped around me. Iwentslow as that was the tightest little cunt my 15 yr old dick ever penertrated. After about 2 minutes she was cumming. Oh man oh man fuck me dick fuck dick FFFuuuuccccckkkk she was screaming .

 My aunt layed down on her side underneath J and I. She had a bar of soap and started going between j asscheeks real agressive like. J was cumming again. Oh fuk Oh Fuck and right when her little pussy started flowing her mother tokk her middle finger a cramed it right up J's virgin hole. " COme on fuck that liilte slut" aunt Beth said. i picked it up a bit and my aunt then had 2 fingers fucking her daughters ass. Thats it fuck my ass mommy come on and slam that pussy dick J said. I could tell her head was spinning and I looked down at my aunt and winked.

  Aunt Beth yanked her figers out witha hell of a pop. That made J cum again. Aunt Beth got up stood behind her daughter grabbed her by the ankles. She brought her legs way back as far as she could. I lubed up with some shampoo and went balls deep. AAHHHHH!!! J screamed To ease the pain I went slow at first and her mother leaned over and started to lick her pussy. Oh yeah baby fuck my ass J was whaling. Fuck my young ass. I started Fucking her harder andharder. I was raping her harder than I did her mom. That little whore came so hard she squirted. Right in her mothers mouth. Aunt Beth gagged and I pulled out. My cock was beat red and about to explode. I looked at beth "open up whore!" I grabbed the sides of her face and throat fucked the shit out of her. I was gagging her looking down at j. That poor little thing laying there with that tight ass up,her little whole red as hell laying in a  poolof water and her own cum. I said look at your mother chocking on her own nephews cock. LOOk at her slut! J looked up and got some slobber on her face. My young dick was protrudingher mom's neck. I slammed her face to my belly and held it there. Then quickly pulled out. There was mean slurping noise followed by saliva pouring out of the whore's face. I got on top of J and started raping that young pussy. Oh shit FUCK GODDAMN IT FUCK ME. I thrusted about 5 more times. With each thrust I shot  a HUGE load right in her cunt. We Layed in the shower for about a half hour. Those 2 could't walk a straight lineforabout a week after I went home later that week!

My Mother (My $100 Whore) Pt. 2

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 My alarm clock went off at 6:00 A.M. . I get up and walk to the bathroom. The door was open a crack and I hear the shower running. I go in to relieve the massive morning wood. In the middle of my piss my mom's voice comes from the frosted shower door. "Whos out there"? she said. "Its me ma" I replied. Well hurry up I'm about to get out. I finished my piss and let my pa

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nts drop to the floor and opened the shower and put my hand over her mouth. I told her " If you think you are going to suck my cock and we're even you're wrong"! I took a step back to take in the view. She was quite ashamed as I looked over her plump frame and her massive tits. Her nipples were quite hard and her pussy was freshly shaved. "So, do you want to fuck?" NO gaod damn it she said quite hateful. "I'll suck you off again but thats it". O.K. I said.

  She knelt down and engulfed my rod down to my balls. She was rushing and in an instant I was hard as a rock and she started to lick my balls. I pulled out and there was quite a loud smack as her pretty mouth left my now purple cock head. "Spit on it Cindy" and she did. She kept on doing it as she was jacking my stick. She started to get into it. She took my cock slowly down her throat and I could feel and see her troat swell. And all of the sudden the door flew open!

 She pulled her head from my crotch as a voice rang out. You been in there a long time honey, you alright. HOLY SHIT! It was dad. My mom cleared her throat and said she wasn't feeling good and thought a long hot shower would do the trick. "Alright then, take your time I'm just going to shave real quick before work" he said. She looked up at me and all I could do was smile. She closed her eyes let out a waek sigh and started to suck real slow. I couldn't believe this shit. My dad was 3 ft. away shaving and I was in the shower with his wife/ my mom with my dick in her mouth. He got done and left the room and she started to pick up the pace and rubbing my aching balls. But I stopped her. I grabbed her up by her hair hard and fast. I hiked her right leg up in the air and crammed about 2" of my young trobbing dick in her puffy pussy.

 "OH Shit" SHe squealed. No fucking she said. I grabbed her left leg and hiked it up in the air and rested her plump frame against the wall. She was just so very helpless and I sank the rest of my very thick 7 1/2" cock in her now soaking wet pussy. "AAAAAHHHHHHH"! was all she could muster. Take mommy's pussy she said as she gazed into my eyes. This turned me on and I started fucking her like a mad man. "OH SHIT OH SHIT" she kept yelling. I was slamming her as hard as possible and she was rubbing her clit with a frantic pace. I was fucking her so fast that eventually my dick slipped out as she was cumming and when it did I felt a warm jet stream. Holly hell she squirted all over me. "Damn ma" I said. "Your dad could never make my twat do that" she said.I let her legs back down. She stepped over to the shower head and grabbed it with both hands and arched her back. I got behind her and sank back into her meaty cunt. "OH YEAH, fuck it good fuck it real good" she said. After a few minutes she pulled away but kept her position reached into the shower caddy and handed me some body gel. Whats this for? Smear it all over that fantastic cock of yours and be double sure to use alot. Why? So you can fit that monster up mommy's ass she said.Â

 I did as I was told and sank it up her ass. She squealed with every inch till I was balls deep. When I finally bottomed out she was squirting and cumming like crazy. She then looked at me and said the words that I remember to this day and it still turns me on. " Fuck my big ass! Fuck me like your dad can't. Fuck me like a cheap whore"!!!!!!Â

Something New For Jennifer

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    Something New For Jennifer.

My semi-rigid cock was still buried deep inside my daughter Jennifer as we lay there getting our breath back and coming down from the nights first fuck, which is always just a straight honest hard missionary job with a lot of kissing and passion.  Jen was fond of saying, “Let's get the fuck over and done with and then we c
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an get serious.” That's my girl, a prim and proper young lady outside the bedroom, the classic butter wouldn't melt etc, but once she was alone with me she went into total slut mode, both mouth and body. I know why in later years her husband never strayed.

As usually happened when we had recovered and Jen felt my cock get back to working condition she gave a couple of little squeezes with her puss and let her knees fall sideways flat on the bed so I could start a slow gentle movement inside her warm very wet puss, and just now and then rub her clit with my pubic bone. Having just a while ago blasted a big load of spunk into her I could keep this action going for quite a while. Sometimes we would just fuck in silence, with a lot of deep kissing as the love we felt for each other came out, now and again there would be a deep sigh and a very soft “Oh Dad,” followed by a very long gentle kiss that seemed to go on forever. There was always the little jerk of her hips as some of my spunk leaked out of her and slowly dribbled down over her tight little asshole. Sometimes little Miss Slutmouth would comment, 'Ugrateful cunt, she's spitting it out, hasn't she learned how to swallow yet.” This was usually the signal that after Jen finally decided to let her orgasm go, which could be anything up to an hour later depending on her mood, I was to pull out of her still twitching cunt and plant my cock firmly in her mouth so she could suck me into cumming, and then swallow my spunk. Mind you, by that time it usually didn't take much of her beautiful mouth and tongue for me to give her what she wanted. Fucking my beautiful willing daughter is an incredible feeling, but the look on her face as she sucks my cock in the middle of having an orgasm is truly a sight to behold.

Anyway, this night seemed to be one of the nights she wanted to talk. After she got me gently moving deep inside her she gave me a little kiss and asked, “Dad, do you fuck Mum up the ass?”
“Yes love, now and again when she wants me to.”
“You mean there's times when she won't let you, I thought Mum would let you do anything to her?”
“Well, if a woman is not really in the mood for it she can't relax enough to take a cock up her ass without it being incredibly painful, and I wouldn't intentionally hurt your mother for the world.”
Just then a dribble of spunk must have tickled her hole, “Bitch”she giggled as she gave a little jerk.
Jen carried on with the questioning, “What sort of mood is Mum in when she wants it there?”
I gave a little laugh, “I don't know sweetie, it must be a 'I need to be fucked up the ass kind of mood,' because when she wants it, she really wants it, believe me.”
“C'mon Dad, how does she act so you can tell when she wants it up the ass?”
“No different to you. Until you steer me in the right direction I can never tell whether it's a 'Good hard fuck, lots of slow loving, and finish with another good hard fuck' type of night, or an 'Oh jeezus Dad, shove my panties up my cunt and fuck me with three fingers, bite my nipples and squeeze my tits hard,' type of night. The best thing any woman can do for herself and her man, is to tell him what she wants.”

Jen seemed to think for a minute as I gently carried on rocking my cock in her, then looking me straight in the eyes, she very softly and lovingly said, “Dad, you've taught me some beautiful wonderful things, and I love you more than I can ever tell you, will you teach me how to take your cock up my ass?”
Though I had had a feeling from our conversation that this was what she had been  leading to, I said,”Whoo girl, are you sure that's what you really want? Letting a man fuck her up the ass is just about the most intimate thing a woman can do, you sure you don't want to save it for the special man when he comes along?”All the while hoping she would go through with it, the thought of having my cock as far up my daughters ass as it was up her hot wet cunt at the moment almost made me top up the load she was already carrying inside her.
She grabbed my butt to stop me fucking her, damn, she was just getting to that big puffy stage too.
“Listen to me Dad, you wouldn't have your cock buried in my cunt right now if I didn't love you and trust you, so believe me when I say I want you to fuck my ass, I always like the feeling when you  slide a finger up me, now I want your cock. ”

I didn't say anything as I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her and watched as she reached down to catch the blob of spunk that followed, I thought for a moment that she was going to rub it on her belly like she sometimes does. Not this time, she just waited until I reached over for the hand towel and wiped her hand. Jen held her legs high and wide so I could clean her up, and then gave me a kiss of thanks, always pays to be a gentleman.

After I placed the towel back on the bedside table I opened the toy drawer and took out a fresh tube of K-Y jelly. I grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and Jen lifted her butt so I could slide it under her. “Sweetie I know I'm going to sound like a Sex Ed 101 teacher for a while, but it's very very important that we do this right or the pain you felt when I popped your pussy will seem like nothing by comparison.”
“I know Dad, I've done a bit of reading about it. I don't mind the teacher bit,” she laughed, “I've learned that after one of your lessons there's always a lot of fun.”
With my heart absolutely pounding in my chest I took the cap off the KY and squirted a good lot onto my finger. My little darling lifted her legs and spread them open, supporting them with her hands behind her knees. As many times as I've seen her in this position I still couldn't help but lean down and wrap my mouth round her button, which was sticking out proud and firm. When I started to lick gently she gave out with a giggly laugh and said, “Dad, if you keep doing that you won't get up my ass tonight, I'll cunt fuck your brains out instead.” As I've said before, lovely turn of phrase for a 19 year old.
So still savouring the taste of a young womans juice I placed my jell covered finger on the tight little brown pucker of her hole. She jumped a bit,”Shit thats cold.”
“OK Jen,” I said as I slowly smeared some jell around the knot, “You know how you relax so I can slip my finger up you, well you are going to have to learn how to do that big time.”
I kept slowly rubbing the jell into her ass and increased the pressure a little at a time. It got to the point where I knew that any more pressure would start to hurt her so I just held my finger at her tiny entrance and sure enough about 30 seconds later I could feel her start to relax. Moving my finger ever so gently I pushed into her about half an inch, she seemed OK with that so I fed her a bit more, no problems. “How's it going so far Babe”. “Fine.”she said.
I gently pulled my finger out of her and loaded a big blob of jell onto my fingers and with steady pressure worked it into her, then, a lot easier than before, I pushed my finger into her with a gentle finger fucking motion until she had taken the full 3 inches into her ass. “Feels good Dad.”
“Jen I'm going to slowly pull it out and then push a lot more jell into you, and then see if you can take two fingers, OK?”
“Go for it Dad, I hope two fingers feels twice as good,” she giggled.
I worked a heap more jell into her and, as her ass was starting to feel reasonably loose and relaxed, I started to push at her hole with my two fingers placed one above the other. I watched, with my heart thumping and a cock that would break bricks, as ever so slowly her tight ring opened and allowed my fingers to enter her. I was up just past the first knuckles when Jen gave a little twitch and her ass clamped down on my fingers.
“Sorry, I couldn't help it.”she whispered. By this stage she was starting to go into that funny dreamy  state.
“That's OK babe, you can't controll it, just try and relax. Put your legs up on my shoulders if it's more comfortable for you.”
Jen put her legs on my shoulders and a very short while later I could feel her relax. I didn't have any more trouble slowly finger fucking my way up her ass, and when I had my two fingers up her as far as they would go I built up into the slightly faster rhythm of a finger fuck.
After about a minute my fingers were going in and out of Jennys arse about two inches and she had started meeting the thrusts of my fingers with a little push against them.
“Fucking Jeezussss that feels unreal Dad.”she cried out.
“Like the feel of a little ass fuck eh Jen?”
“Like it? I fucking love it. If you just even touched my button I'd explode.”
“Do you want to go off sweetheart.”
“NO! No fucking way. This feels too good to stop.”
“You're the boss in this sweetheart,  what about I keep doing this for just a bit longer, and then you tell me if you would like to try and take my cock up your ass. As always, the choice is yours, you can stop anytime you want to.”
“Dad, can you give me a kiss without taking your fingers out. I need to kiss you.”
After she took her legs off my shoulders I managed to lean over to her face and still keep fingering her, she gave me one hell of a kiss and reached down between my legs and took hold of my cock which was hard as steel and doing a pretty good dribble job. Not as good as Jenny's cunt though, I knew if I put my face in her box I'd drown.
My beautiful darling daughter broke our kiss, and as she gave my cock a gentle squeeze, whispered, “Now Dad.”

I must admit I was trembling a bit as I leant back and gently pulled my fingers out of her ass. As I reached for the KY, Jenny started to turn over. “Stay on your back Hon.” I said.
“But I thought you fucked  doggie when you went up the ass.”
“Don't believe all the pictures Sweet One, this way I can hold you and kiss you and watch your beautiful face as I go into you and, with a bit of luck, fuck you into a beautiful orgasm.”

I really slathered my cock with jell, and pushed more into Jenny as well. It was going into her pretty easy now, which was a good sign.
I moved forward over her and gave her another kiss, “You sure Babe?” She just nodded.
With my fingers shaking from excitement and sexual tension,I placed the head of my cock on her now not quite so tight ass hole. As the pressure of my cock slowly increased I could just feel her sphincter starting to open up so I pushed into her a little harder and Jen's ass opened a little more. By this time Jen had her eyes firmly fixed on mine and a fine bead of sweat had formed on her face, her mouth was just open a little and she was breathing through her mouth.
After about a minute or so Jen's ass had just about opened enough for the head of my cock to pop into her so I gave a good push and in my cock went. Her ass muscles spasmed tight onto my cock, as I expected them to, and Jenny said, “ Oh fuck Dad, I thought your cock felt huge the first time you rooted me, but I feel like I've got a baseball bat up my ass. Sorry I'm squashing you but I can't help it.”
“That's OK darlin', you'll learn to controll it sooner or later. Everything still good?”
Jen just nodded, so to try and put her at ease a bit, I stretched up and gave her little kisses all over her face. I could feel her easing off the pressure on the head of my cock, and after I had sucked her nipples for a while and, one of her favourites, licked her a few times on the very soft underside of her breasts, she felt totally relaxed once again.
I started to gently fuck her tight little ass, just pulling back a little without sliding, and then forward with some pressure to slide some more of my cock into her. After three or four of these gentle invasions, Jenny started to work with me, meeting my movement with a push of her own which helped progress a hell of a lot. I was feeling off the planet, I mean it's an incredible mind and body sensation when I've looked down at my daughter as I was fucking nine inches of cock into her cunt, and was totally aware that she was willingly and eagerly fucking me right back, but it's another thing entirely to watch your daughter laying under you and helping you get your cock up her ass.

While my mind had been in ga-ga land we had managed to get about seven inches into her, by now, very hot hole. The little darling by now was biting her bottom lip, so I asked, 'OK Babe?” A little nod of her head, as she reached down and felt how much more was still to go into her. “Hurt?”I asked, another little nod. “Want me to stop?” A big shake of the head, “Nice hurt Dad,” she whispered softly, and with that she held me tight and gave a big push that slid the rest of my aching cock into her as far as it would go.
As I leant down to kiss her she whispered, “Hard part's over, go for it darlin'.” Then held me in a deep kiss while I started to deeply fuck her beautiful tight ass. I worked up into a steady rithym of about two inches of movement and Jenny matched me all the way. It wasn't long before she started to pant at each inward thrust of my cock, and a little while later she was signalling that I should really go for it.
I speeded up a bit and settled into a reasonably vigourous fucking and she was still with me, panting and grunting as she rose up the climb to ecstasy. I wasn't sure if she would actually have an orgasm with me fucking her ass, her mother dosen't, even though she really likes the feeling when I fuck her this way. The question was soon settled when she started really getting into her little sqeaky “oo oo oo oh oh oo oo,” sounds which she makes when she gets close to going off.
The next minute she wrapped her arms around me tightly, “DADEEEEEEEEEE,” she wailed as her ass clamped me tight and she bucked like never before. Deep into a long orgasm she was alternately kissing me, gasping for breath, and biting my shoulder and neck. The next second I felt a few hot spurts just above my cock, and when I looked down I realised that my little darling was actually squirting little jets of pee every time the spasms of orgasm racked through her. She was really going off, never before have I seen her do this.
I was past ready to fill her ass with spunk, but she had me squeezed that tight that it was stopping me for cumming. Oh well, it's all about her pleasure this time, I thought, there will be other times I'm sure.
It was a couple of minutes before she stopped cumming and peeing and started to relax. She couldn't speak as she was still gasping to get her breath back. When she finally could speak all she said was, “Wow!” then planted a big kiss on me. It was then she noticed the bites she had given me, “Oh shit Dad, I didn't know I was doing that to you, oh God I'm sorry.”
“Darling one, it was worth every one of them to see you enjoy yourself that much,” I laughed.
“Did you come in me Dad, I was too far out of it to feel you?”
“No sweetie, you had me too tight for me to come.”Smiling as I replied.
“I don't think I can take any more in my ass Dad, but you could pull out and fuck my cunt if you like.” Jen said as she looked sweetly into my eyes.
“This cock is going nowhere near your sweet little puss until it's had a damn good wash young lady, speaking of which, I think it's time we took that pleasure stick out of your little ass.”
I raised myself up a little and gently pulled back, “ Push Jen, it will help me slide out without hurting you.”
“Push how?” she asked.
“Like you were using the bathroom, girly.”
“Oh gross.” she said as she started to push, and my still very erect cock slowly slid out of her.
“OK, let's take a shower and we'll see what we can do with your dick problem Dad.” she said as she sat up and felt the wet bed under her butt. “Fuck, I must have really gone off big time to dribble that much.”
“You didn't dribble darling you peed, squirt, squirt, squirt, every time you twitched during your orgasm.”I laughed.
Jen just giggled and laughed, “Well you did just about fuck my brains out, Stud.”

We finally got off the bed and walked into the bathroom for a shower. We washed and scrubbed each other, and Jen said her ass was a little bit sore. I told her I had some cream that would help, and that I would gently work up into her after we had finished the shower.
Jen put her arms around me, pushed her puss up against my cock and looked into my eyes as she said lovingly, “Dad I haven't got a fuck left in me, but if you lean me back against the wall and slip that big cock of yours right up my cunt, I'll enjoy it while you have one or two.”
I wasn't about to say no to that offer so I placed her against the shower wall, lifted one foot up onto the tile hob at the side, and pushed my hard cock up into her as far as it would go. “Don't worry about me dad, just fuck my cunt until you cum, fill my pussy up with your spunk.” She was using her slutty mouth to help me get going, “Fuck your little girl Dad, root her cunt till spunk runs out her ears.” After what I'd been through with my cock up Jenny's ass, those words were enough to make me blow a big load right up the hot little box between her legs.
“Don't stop Dad, give me another load.” she squealed. So I continued to fuck her beautiful willing young puss until with a groan I started to spurt my spunk up her again, I didn't think I was ever going to stop, and when I looked down I could see my spunk squirt out of her cunt every time my cock jerked more into her.
“Christ I need to give you that, sweetheart.” I gasped when I finally stopped cumming.
“Wow, I dont think you've ever filled me up like that before.”She laughed.
Jenny then got a very serious look on her face and told me,“I'm yours Dad, any time you want me, stop waiting for me to do the asking, I want you to have me whenever you want me. I will never refuse to fuck you Dad, I love you.”

Sexually Frustrated Siblings

SLAPNUTS79 on Incest Stories

There we are hooking up a stereo and out of nowhere My sister asks me. Would you think less of me if I was to cheat on Brian? I told her it was her business. I could give a rats ass. After all your my sis and he's just an in-law.

 So, are you? No No Not at all. I was just thinking about it lately. You see I'm only 34 he's 54 and its just not there. It hasn't been there for 8 months. Do

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what ya got to do I replied. Yeah, but I don't get out much and the only friends I have are muttual. I don't think I can trust any of them.

 After hearing this I had some unpure thoughts to say the least. My sis is a little chunky. Not fat at all. She's thick. Her ass is hard as a rock and she wasn't wearing a bra so I could tell she had some DD floppy tits. She was also wearing some cut off shorts. I asked her to hand me some pliers. When she bent over I could see her pussy! It was real moist and since she has no kids I knew it had to be tight.

 She turned and handed me the pliers. When she did she noticed my raging hardon. I bet you can use that just as good as you can those pliers. You know sis this isn't right. But I'm bored with the married sex and now I know you are to. Since this is so wrong I know we both won't tell a sole. So lets finish later. ANd with that she started rubbing my cock and gave me a kiss.

Within seconds my fly was undone and started licking the head of my dick. I pulledmy pants the rest of the way down and she didn't miss a beat. She stopped while she took her clothes off. then she knelt down and took all 71/2" down her throat! I was impressed to say the laest. I grabbed her hair a started to dribble her head like a basketball. I toldoher how good of a slut she was. She yanked her head up. So I'm a slut? Why don't you throw me over that couch get behind me and fuck me like a whore!

 She got up and bent over the back of the couch. Spread her legs nice and wide. I walked up and paused. Come on Dick stick it in she pleaded. I've had'nt had a cock that long and thick since I was 16. Come fuck your sister whith that fat cock! I was so turned on. I parted her left thigh and jammed my prick in as hard as a I could. She screamed like a banshee. Strictly pleasure. I then started to grabbed her meaty thighs and took it slow to savor the moment. er pussy was a lot tighter than my wives and so very very wet. Every time I thrusted she came back. Oh Oh Oh Oh brother I'm so close.Pick it up baby slap my thick ass. Make that ass jiggle. I then gave her what she wanted. I started fuking her like an animal. Grudge fuking her! I grabbed 2 hands full of hair and started to rape that pussy! YES YES YES YYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! SHE srcreamed! Don't stop motherfucker! Oh goooooodddddd! I was breathing quite heavy and she could't catch her breath. I spanked her so much her big ass was beet red! I gave her about 6 good HARD strokes and it sent her over the edge. YES!YES!OH SHIT OH SHIT MOTHERFUCKER I'M CUMMING! She came for a good minute all the while I'm still pounding that pussy. I kept on pounding and she came 3 more times. I told her I was about to blow. PULL OUT! I want to taste you! I pulled out quickly and as I did that sweet tight pussy farted and her cum started running down her inner thighs. She dropped to the floor and I started fucking her throat just as hard as I was fuking her pussy! Her saliva was flowing and flying as I gagged her. This sent me over the edge. My cock twitched and I rammed her head to my belly. Her chin was flush on my balls and I held it there. I shot 7 Huge loads down her throat. I pulled my dick out and made a big SLURP. I pulled my pants up as I watched my older sister breathing heavy with her spit mixed with my cum running down and covering her huge tits!  

My Hot Older Sis pt 2

evildan on Incest Stories

   I awoke the next morning after the best sleep of my life. Next to me lay my older sister, Jessica. I thought I must have dreamt it all, but the recollections of the night before came flooding back. My sister and her cousin, Stephanie had caught my cousin, Dean, and I masturbating and decided to relieve us both o

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f our virgintiy. Dean and I had both fucked our sisters on my parent's bed, as my parents had gone out for the night. Dean and Steph had slept in my sister's room down stairs, leaving Jess and me in mom and dad's bed.

   My dick got hard straight away when I realised I was curled up against Jess. I pushed my erection against the crease between her butt cheeks and slowly rubbed it up and down as I moved my hands over her soft skin. I kissed the back of her neck; she smelled so good. My pre-cum wet the skin around her firm buttocks and I began to increase my pace of rubbing as my cock began to slide in and out of her butt crack. I cupped one of her breasts with my hand and gently squeezed, kissing her neck harder.

   She began to stir and turned her head groggily to face me. "Morning, little brother," she smiled.

   I continued to pump away. "Morning, sis."

   Jess moved a hand behind and took my cock. She began to stroke it. I quivered with her touch, continuing to squeeze her breast and pinch her erect nipple.

   "Mmmmm," she groaned as she stroked me. "I've never known anyone to get as hard as you." She squeezed on my cock.

   I traced my other hand down between her legs and found her already wet. I slipped a finger inside of her and she gasped.

   "This is the best way to wake up," she smiled.

   She continued to play with my stiff cock and I explored the inside of her vagina with my fingers. She started to groan and to stroke me quicker. I pushed my fingers in deeper and she pushed against my hand with her hips. I squeezed her hard nipple and rubbed it firlmly between my fingers. She groaned louder and pushed against me harder. Finally her body bucked and she squeezed my cock tight. Her pussy squeezed around my fingers and she let out a desperate gasp, then her body slumped back against me.

   "Oh, god!" she said, breathing hard. "Oh, fuck! I need to wake up this way every morning!"

   Jess rolled over and on top of me, smiling again in her wicked way. My stiff cock was underneath her hot, wet pussy and she slowly began to grind it against me. She kissed me and I felt her tongue in my mouth. Her wet pussy lips slid along the length of my cock. She ground her pelvis against mine. She pushed herself up with her hands above me, grinning at me as she slid her hot pussy up and down along the shaft of my cock. I wanted so much to get it inside of her.

   "Oh, little brother," she teased. "I'm gonna fuck you so good."

   I tried to move underneath her so my cock could enter her. She pushed me down on the bed and waved a finger in front of my face.

   "Uh, uh, uh!" she taunted. Her pussy lips pushed down against my cock, hot and wet and teasing. She slowly trailed her pussy up along my cock then back. She leaned over me and pushed her breasts into my face. I kissed her full perfect breasts and took each erect nipple in turn into my mouth, sucking and flicking each with my tongue. I rubbed my hands over her back down to her firm butt cheeks, trying to pull her up a little so I could slide my aching cock inside of her.

   Jess moved her body down along mine and first kissed my neck, then each of my nipples. She ran her tongue down along my smooth bare chest down towards my cock. She took me in her hand again and started to slowly storke my with her magical touch. She licked my inner thigh and traced her tongue down under my balls and flicked her tongue against the sensetive skin. Her tongue made it's way up over my balls and she kissed them and bathed them with her tongue. She looked at me and smiled wickedly again as she sucked my left ball into her mouth. Her hand slid up the shaft of my cock as she rubbed it softly. She took my other ball into her mouth and sucked on it firlmy. Her tongue then traced it's way up to the base of my cock and ran slowly up my cock to the head.

   I looked down at my sister as she took my hard cock into her mouth. "Oh God!" I cried.

   She looked deeply into my eyes as she sucked my cock back up to the head. She grinned as her tongue swirled around it and she licked the tip of her tongue into the eye. She took my cock back into her mouth and took it all the way down to the base. She sucked it slowly all the way back up then let it out of her mouth. She moved back up over me until her pussy was again above my cock. She took my cock and pointed it up and let herself down as I slid inside of her.

   "Oh yeah, fuck me little brother," Jess cried as she rode me. It felt even better than last night and I knew I couldn't hold on long before cumming.

   Jess suddenly stopped as we both heard voices from downstairs.

   "Oh, Shit! It's mom and dad!"

   "But they're supposed to be away until this afternoon!" I said.

   We could hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

   "Quick, hide!" said Jess.

   I ran to the ensuite bathroom and closed the door just as mom and dad entered the room. Jess just had time to cover herself with the sheets and close her eyes as if she was sleeping. "Oh, hi," she said. "Weren't you supposed to be back later?"

   "We got up early and decided to come home," mom explained.

   "You kids have fun last night?" asked dad.

   "Yeah," said Jess with a grin. "We sure did."

   "Your cousins are downstairs having breakfast," explained mom. "Where's your brother? He's not in his room."

   "I'm in here," I yelled. "The downstairs bathroom was occupied and I really had to go."

   "Oh, OK," said mom. "We'll see you two downstairs for breakfast then."

   Mom and dad left the room and I came out with my roaring hard-on.

   "Oh, you poor thing!" Jess sat up int the bed. Seeing her naked made it worse. "The first chance we get," she said, giving the head of my cock a little kiss, "we can finish what we started."

   We got dressed and went downstairs. Mom and dad were thankfully oblivious to the knowing looks and smiles Jess, Steph, Dean and I were giving each other over breakfast. Mom and dad bored us with the details of their anniversary dinner and one or both of them seemed always to be following me or Jess around talking to us all day and we couldn't get a chance to slip off and fuck each other, as we were both desperate to do. So I had to watch my sister slinking around all day in her tight white singlet and her short denim skirt. I was going nuts.

   Mom and dad put on the usual sunday afternoon barbeque and Dean and Steph stuck around. The four of us finally got away from my parents and sat in the backyard while they cooked. We discussed the night before and how great it was.

   "You two were fucking this morning when your parents got home, weren't you?" asked Steph.

   "We were trying to," giggled Jess.

   "We heard them driving in and got downstairs straight away," added Dean.

   "We didn't get to finish, though," said Jess, giving me a sorrowed look. "I think my little brother here is having a little trouble getting through the day." Jess put her hand on my leg and gave a squeeze. She looked over her shoulder at mom and dad, who had their backs to us, cooking. She leaned in to me and kissed my passionately, our tongues meeting, and she put her hand on my cock and rubbed it. She broke our kiss just before mom turned around to tell us lunch was ready.

   "I don't think he'll be able to stand up for a while," laughed Steph, as they got up to get lunch, leaving me sitting there with my hard-on, watching my sister's ass as she walked away.

   After lunch, we were all sitting and talking in the living room. Jess offered to wash up, a first for her. She said she and I should wash up because it was mom and dad's anniversary.

   "Don't worry," said Steph, giving me a wink. "We'll keep your mom and dad busy."

   Jess and I left the room quickly and went into the kitchen. She grabbed me and kissed me desperately. I pulled up her shirt and took her breasts into my hands. She looked around, making sure mom and dad couldn't see us from the living room. She unzipped my pants and took my aching cock out. I reached down and pulled her panties down and pulled up her skirt. She spread her legs a little and I pushed her back onto the kitchen counter. She guided my stiff cock against her pussy lips and I easily entered between them. Jess was burning hot and she hugged me and kissed me as I pulled my cock almost out of her and slid it all the way back inside. I kissed her breasts and her neck as I thrust desperately into her. It felt so good to finally have my cock back inside my sister's pussy. I fucked her harder and harder, she let out loud gsaps and tried not to scream out. "Oh, yeah, fuck me!" she whispered into my ear. I looked down and saw my cock disappearing between her legs and I looked into her beautiful face and her big brown eyes and I kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth and I fucked my sister harder, then, with a final shove, I came inside of her. "Oh, Fuck!" she whispered. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, cum inside me little brother." I pushed again and shot my cum deep inside of her again and again. She held onto me and we kissed again. I finally finished coming inside of her and we held each other tight. We were both panting and swweating and I slowly slid myself out from between her legs.

   Jess held my face with her hands. "That was so good, little brother. You're the best fuck I've ever had."

  We kissed again. I felt a relief like nothing else I'd known.

   "How's the washing up going?" came mom's loud voice just metres away from us.

   "Really, really good," said Jess, still trying to catch her breath.

   As Jess pulled up her panties and I pulled up my pants, we arranged a time when I could come into her bedroom that night, when mom and dad would be asleep.

   "For the first time in my life," said Jess, smiling her wicked smile, "it's gonna be really good the two of us living under the same roof."

   We washed up, straightened up, and went back to the living room   Â


My hot older sis.

evildan on Incest Stories

   My cousin Dean and I had broken into my Dad's porn collection and were onto our third film of the night. My mum and dad were away until the next afternoon and my sister, Jessica, and Dean's sister, Stephanie, had gone out to a party. So that left me and Dean with all the privacy and all the room we needed to spread out on the couch in front of

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the big screen TV, let our cocks out of our pants, and wank ourselves silly over some of the best porn we had ever seen. Not that we had actually seen that much, me being just turned fourteen and Dean six months older. We were watching a gangbang film and we were both really hard and going for it.There was nothing gay between us, we were just used to being around each other.

   "What's that?" asked Dean with a start.


   Dean was sitting there, holding onto his cock as if he was shielding it from some unknown danger.

   "I heard something. You sure your parents are away until tomorrow?"

   It's nothing," I said, resuming my wanking over the slut on the screen as she took a hard cock up her ass and pussy at the same time.

   Suddenly the door opened and my sister and my cousin literally fell into the room. Dean tried to tuck his cock into his pants but it was too hard to conceal. I froze with my hand on my cock and could only think of how my sister was going to make me pay for this moment for the rest of my life.

   Jessica and Stephanie began to laugh at the sight of us. "What the fuck are you two pervs doing!?" Jess howled. I tried with difficulty to tuck myself away, feeling red with embarressment. "You two haven't been makin' out, have you?"

   "Oh shit, they're watching your dad's movies," exclaimed Steph.

   I looked over at Dean. He had the same look on his face as me.

   "Is this the one where she gets the two cocks in her ass?" asked Jess, suddenly forgetting our predicament and focusing on the TV. She sat herself down next to me. "Remember when we watched this one, Steph."

   "Oh yeah," said Steph. "Johhny and Al fucked the shit out of us afterwards." She sat down between my sister and her brother.

   Jessica looked at me almost tenderly for a change. "It's OK, keep going. I don't mind." She looked back to the TV and moved a hand between her legs. I didn't know what to do. I thought it must be a trick so she could make fun of me again. But she slid her panties off and put her hand back under her skirt and opened her legs, playing with her pussy.

   I looked over and Steph was doing the same. Dean had his cock out again and was slowly starting to pump himself.

   "It's OK," said Jess, "don't be shy. I've never seen it hard before."

   I let my cock free and it poked high and proud.

   "Stroke it. For me." asked Jess.

   God! I was tingling all over. I knew my sister and my cousin were just drunk from the party. I was worried how this was going to go down in the morning. I knew that jacking off in front of my sister was way over the limits and I shouldn't be doing it. But she was hot and sexy and even though she was my sister, I'd often fantasized about her. Hell, I'd even peeked at her when she was getting dressed. But as i began to stroke my cock in front of here I was overcome by feelings I'd never experienced before.

   Jess started to make little moaning sounds as her hand moved quickly under her skirt. She was 21 now and very experienced, so I had heard. She had a killer body and dark brown hair to the middle of her back, and the most beautiful deep brown eyes. She looked at my cock as I played with it. She reached over and took my other hand and guided it down between her legs. My hand was shaking. It found heat and wetness as she placed it over her pussy. She smiled at me. "That's it," she said softly. I slid a tentative finger inside the warmth and she shuddered. She pushed my hand harder between her legs. "That's good," she said.

   With her other hand, my sister took over on my cock. She placed her soft fingers around the shaft and expertly began to slide her fist up and down. Dean let out a cry and we looked over to see Stephanie with her head moving slowly in her brother's lap. I looked back to Jess, my stomach tightening and butterflies going crazy inside my stomach. She looked into my eyes and smiled as she played with my hard cock. "You've always been cute," she giggled. She leant in and kissed me, pushing her tongue far into my mouth. It was the first time I'd ever kissed a girl. "Is this allright for you?" she asked. I nodded. "Me and Steph have talked about this for a while. I think Dean's enjoying it, too."

   I slid two wet fingers in and out of Jessica's tight hole. She let go of my cock and took off her jacket and pulled up her white singlet, showing me her beautifully shaped tits. She took hold of my cock again and lowered herself so that her nipples just grazed the tip of the head. She let her breasts hang down over my cock as it brushed her warm smooth flesh between them. She ran her beautiful breasts along my cock, sliding it between them, looking up at me and smiling. She stopped and looked over at Steph and Dean. Steph was kneeling before Dean and was taking his cock into her mouth. Jess moved down between my legs and spread them wide, smiling deviously. She rubbed the head of my cock gently over her chin, around her mouth, along her cheek, all over her pretty face. She licked her lips, teasing, slowly stroking me.

   "What do you think, little brother? There's no going back from this."

   I wanted it so bad. I didn't care what consequences came. I looked into my sister's eyes as she opened her mouth and took my hard cock inside it. She wrapped her lips halfway down the shaft. It was hot and wet and soft inside her mouth and it felt so good. She kept her eye contact as she slowly slid her lips back up. Her head moved down and she took more of my cock into her mouth, then sucked it back up to the head. She ran her tongue around the head and licked me down to the base of the shaft. "You like your big sister sucking your nice hard cock?" she asked.

   "Oh yeah," I moaned. She took it into her mouth again and began to suck me slowly, up and down.

   Dean and I looked over at each other as we got blown by our sisters.

   Jessica took my cock out of her mouth. "Let's go upstairs to mum and dad's bed. There's more room."

   My sister led me and Dean's sister led him upstairs to my parents room.

   The girls lay us down on the bed and started to take off the remainder of their clothes. Dean and I stripped. We were going to get to fuck our sisters.

   The girls crawled seductively up the bed towards us, smiling and laughing at each other. "You are both about to lose your virginity, you know that don't you?" asked Steph with a naughty grin. She climbed onto her brother and Jessica onto me. Jess kissed me with a desperation I'd never seen. She took hold of my cock and stroked it, rubbing it against the heat of her pussy.

   "I want you to fuck me so badly," she gasped into my ear. Her pussy was on fire as she rubbed my cock head against it, getting it wet.

   She rolled onto her back and spread her legs underneath me. I moved above her and she guided my cock against her burning hole. "Fuck me," she cried, looking up at me. I lowered myself down onto my sister and my penis slid inside of her.

"Oh yeah!" cried Jess as I entered her. She held me tight to her and kissed me. I moved my hips back and pushed into her again. I couldn't believe how good it felt inside, how hot and wet and soft, and I wondered if it would have been as good if I was not fucking my sister. I pushed into her again and slid it inside her as far as it could.

   Jess pulled my hips into her and I looked down on her and flicked my tongue against hers. I looked down to see my cock entering between her legs and disappearing then reappearing. We looked over to our cousins and saw Dean on top of Steph pounding away. They looked over to us and we laughed as we fucked.

   "I always thought our sisters were bitches," laughed Dean as he frantically fucked his sister.

   "Me too," I smirked.

   Jessica stopped moving underneath me and held me suddenly still. She looked up at me all serious. Oh shit! I thought. She can't stop now.

   "I'm sorry," I said.

   A smile broke out over her beautiful face. "I'm just kidding," she laughed. "You think I'd take you this far and then stop. I want you all the way. I wanna feel you shoot your hot cum inside of me."

   She moved her hips against me and I felt my cock slide inside her again. Oh, fuck, it felt so good. Jess rose her hips with every thrust of mine. Our sweating skin slapped together as I glided in and out of her. I wanted to cum so badly. I kissed her, our tongues sliding over each other. I entered her burning hole again and again, faster and faster. Jess started to groan, as did Steph and Dean beside us. I was fucking my sister. Fucking my big, sexy, beautiful sister. I looked down as I pumped away and Jess looked up into my eyes. She was so hot. I fucked her harder and harder and she held me to her. I felt I was about to explode everywhere. My cock slid inside my sister's burning wet pussy one last time and my cum started to spurt out inside of her. "Oh yeah!" she screamed. "Oh fuck yeah!" I pushed as far up inside of her as I could and shot another huge spurt inside her. She kissed me frantically, pulling me deeper inside. I kept shooting hot cum up into her. It was so fucking good.

   We lay there together, holding each other. Steph and Dean were finished next to us and doing the same. Jess kissed me again.

   "So, how was fucking your little brother," Steph asked.

   "Mmmmm," cooed Jess, looking up at me. "He did pretty good." I smiled. "For a first time."

   My big sister held me and looked into my eyes, and kissed me again.

Daddys lil slut, part 2

baby_momma1986 on Incest Stories

So i stripped off my clothes as fast as i possibly could, and jumped in the shower. The water was very hot, but i knew i had to get very clean. We had one of them detachable shower heads in our shower, normally id get myself off a few times with it, but i knew i couldnt tonight. So i took the shower head and just sprayed it over my pussy to wash all my juices off. As the water passed my clit, all

Mom Taught Me a Lesson, Part 3

jjonah on Incest Stories

part 3

Mom laid off the booze and did not go out again for the next couple of weeks. I don't know if she felt guilty about bringing that guy home, or jacking me off, or whatever, but she paid a lot of attention to me: cooking my favorites, buying me stuff, etc. Unfortunately for me, however, she also refrained from laying down with me, too. And that's the attention I was craving. I purp

Snowed in, white out

bakerman on Incest Stories

Snowed in, white out.

My father is a mover and shaker in state politics and he has been tapped by the party to make the move to the national scene. He has the perfect profile, from middle class - working background, married to the former cheerleader and with two perfect children. My twin sister and I are both attending college far from home to avoid the publicity glare that emanates from

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fathers presence.

In an attempt to give his campaign a boost he organised a family holiday / PR stunt but as the four of us were in different parts of the country we were all coming from different directions and at different times. I was already going home during a break at college so I decided to travel with my mother. We spent the day getting organised and also keeping an eye on the weather as a storm front was moving our way.

By later that night we were stuck at the airport with the weather closing in and a number of flights already delayed or cancelled. Mom and I sat in a bar waiting for the call for our flight and the conversation got around to what we would like to do on our holiday. It was probably the booze making me talk without thinking but I confessed to my mother that I hoped to score with some hotties and get laid more than once for the week. My mother had had a few glasses herself and admitted that she wouldn't mind some action as well but that dad would make it impossible to go anywhere without a camera following us.

I knew my mother existed in a political marriage and played the dutiful wife when the situation needed her appearance. It was a few months ago when I overheard her talking to her sister about the effect of political life on her sex life. She described sex with my father as fast food, he'd slap her thigh, grab a breast and then it was just,
then he would roll over and go to sleep. She was sure he was fooling around but stuck with him to assist his career.

Just after 10:00 PM they cancelled our flight and advised that it might be a day or two until flights resumed. We collected our bags and joined the queue for a cab. Nearly 15 minutes later we were at the head of the line when a young woman introduced herself as Sandy, she worked in dads office, and was just the perky late 20's type he would have around, then she practically begged us to let her split our cab with her so she could get out of the cold. 

Mom got in the cab while Sandy and I put the bags in the trunk then we dove in and shut the doors on the cold. Sandy didn't say anything when the cab swung away from downtown and headed for the suburbs. The snow was falling much heavier now and the road was getting slick with ice so when the driver dropped us at home he refused to take Sandy back to the city and a hotel. We invited her in and told her she could stay overnight and make arrangements in the morning.

I had got a fire going in the family room and mom had got a pot of coffee done when suddenly the power went out plunging the house into darkness. I fumbled my way into the kitchen and found a torch and some candles giving us some light. With the ladies huddled around the fire I went into the garage (lucky it's attached to the house) and found  our camping gear, a few oil lamps, a gas cooker and a battery radio. The emergency services were asking people to stay indoors and if possible sleep more than one to a bed to conserve body heat. It would be an interesting night.

We were all just sitting quietly when something crashed upstairs so I rushed off to see what damage had been done. A large tree branch had broken off and speared through the shutter and window behind it into the room Sandy was going to sleep in. I managed to cover the hole and keep out most of the cold but all the warm air in the room had already been sucked out and it was now more like an icebox. Mom straight away declared that we were all adults and one night sleeping together was not going to kill us, in fact it might just keep us alive.

Sandy had packed for a hotter climate so had nothing in the way of warm sleepwear. Mom found her a large t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I hadn't had a chance to really check her out because she was wrapped in a large black coat that hid the rest of her clothes and all I could see were her shapely legs in a pair of black boots that matched her coat and a pair of purple tights. I took the sleepwear up to Sandy and because I knew the house I didn't take a light. Sandy had a lamp with her and from just outside the room I could clearly see her undress. 

The coat was already on the bed and she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. They were indeed shapely legs and they went all the way up to a nicely rounded arse. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her tights and leant way forward as she pulled them down, this gave me an excellent view of the pink thong covering her pussy. Sandy pulled the tights off each leg as she hopped around for balance. Now dressed in her blouse and panties she wrapped the jacket around her and sat on the bed. I waited a minute, and then knocked, before going in with the clothes.

She must not have known I'd been outside before because she didn't fully close the door when I went out. I walked normally to the stairs, even bumping the wall, then tiptoed back to check her out some more. Her blouse was off and her bra didn't match her panties. She pulled her arms out of the straps but didn't undo the bra and she had her back to the door so I couldn't see her breasts. She slipped the t-shirt over her head then pulled the bra out from underneath. I got another good look at her arse as she pulled on the sweat pants and while she packed her clothes into her bag I went back down stairs.

Mom had changed herself and having checked out Sandy I now looked at my mother in a different way. She was only 42, had had twins but had kept her body in good shape. The firelight set of the highlights in her hair and gave her exposed skin a golden glow. She was wearing a long-T and I gave her legs the same once over as I had given Sandy's. I know she had a boob job about 18 months ago because my dumb sister only heard part of a phone call and thought mom was having surgery on her breasts due to cancer, made such a fuss mom told us the real story. It was going to be a tough nights sleep. I set more wood on the fire and closed off all the doors into the room to conserve the heat. I'd come down through the night and check on it again. At least we would have one warm room tomorrow.

My parents have a king size bed (so they don't get too close) so three adults was not really a crowd. Mom had the right side, I had the left and Sandy was in between. It was now past midnight so everyone fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke a few hours later because it was getting warm in the bed. I took the opportunity to go and check on the fire and while it had burned down it had not gone out and had made the room hot and stuffy. I added some more wood and headed back to bed.

Normally I sleep in just boxer shorts so the long pyjama pants chafed my legs. As the bed was now warm I took a moment to change before sliding in trying not to disturb anyone. Facing away from Sandy I wriggled about to get comfortable again when my leg touched hers and felt bare skin as well. I was not sure if she had taken the sweats off  earlier or when I had got out. I casually draped my arm over my body pretending to scratch the back of my leg and then I let my hand slide into contact with Sandy’s leg. She was facing away from me so I was able to run my hand up her leg until I felt the curve of her butt. Then with just a fingertip I traced a line across her arse until I met the line of fabric that was her thong. Having some second thoughts I moved my hand away before I went too far.

Sandy was obviously not asleep because she rolled over to face my back and then her hand made its way down my chest, across my abs and into my crotch. My cock was semi hard and sprang to attention the moment Sandy’s hand wrapped around it. She applied a little pressure and made slow strokes and just as I was getting the feel of her actions when her hand pulled away. I didn't want to move and scare her off but I need not have worried because I felt her hand move back into my shorts, Sandy had licked her palm to give her hand some lubrication.

She was giving me a sensational hand job, stroking, squeezing, twisting and scratching my cock till it was about to burst. Sandy worked my cock with slow, firm strokes then stopped at the head to apply pressure and force out some pre-cum. This she smeared over my cock head with swirling finger movements then back to the stroking. Her fingernails scratched at my ball sack at the bottom of each stroke. My breathing and heartbeat pounded in my ears like manic drumming, I was sure it must have woken my mother.

I took Sandy’s hand off my cock and sliding from under the covers I went to the en-suite and sat on the toilet and took some deep breaths to compose myself. I didn't want to just waste a load of cum with a hand job so I decided to go back and take Sandy downstairs in front of the fire and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. As I stood up my cock poked from the opening in my boxers and it was so hard it hurt when I moved. I had taken maybe one step when Sandy walked in and in one motion the t-shirt was over her head and flung onto the floor.

Even with the minimal light from outside I could make out her firm, curvy, athletic body topped by high round breasts with dark aureoles surrounding her erect nipples. No words were exchanged as she just dropped to her knees and gobbled my cock like a hot sausage. She sucked on me like a piece of candy, pushing my cock deep down her throat once, and we both moaned loudly. Sandy was over enthusiastically jerking my cock with one hand, while she kneaded and rolled my balls with the other. It was really turning her on. Sandy next took my cock into both hands and dropped her salivating lips over it. I had my hand entangled in her hair as she bobbed her head; her hot lips encircling my cock as the head repeatedly disappeared into her mouth. I could feel her tongue stimulating my cock, even as she bobbed up and down on it. She was some cocksucker. Still I didn't want to waste all this pent up lust so I again removed Sandy from my cock.

I stood her up then crushed her against the wall covering her with my muscular body. Sandy didn't try to break away. She clung to me, pulling me close with a hand behind my neck. I grabbed a handful of breast, tight enough to leave finger marks, then I dropped my other hand to her crotch, waiting for a reaction, but there was none. We kissed deep and lustily, my mouth covering as much of her face as I could and my tongue as far down her throat as it would go, sparring with hers as we explored each others mouth, meanwhile I slid my hand up between her legs. I massaged her
pussy through the silk material of her thong panties with the knuckle of my middle finger digging in between the folds as the thumb caressed her clit.

Now Sandy’s breathing was sounding ragged through her nose, pushing herself off the wall as I manipulated her rapidly soaking pussy through the material of her panties. I was now certain that Sandy was as wound up as I was and ready for the next level of sexual satisfaction. One finger pushed aside the panty material and probed for the opening, finding it and spearing in, it was the joined by a second and the two thrust dagger like into her. Sandy was now begging to be fucked and neither of us were quiet about it. I jabbed her a few more times before turning her around.

She assumed the position over the toilet, placing both hands on the cistern and sticking her butt towards me. I deliberately jerked the thong up and across her arse making her stand on tiptoes to prevent the material sawing her in half. Gripping my cock I pushed the head between the folds of her pussy lips and guided it up and down her slit, which was generating real heat, and dripping fluid down her leg. With my cock head now covered in pussy juice I popped it into her vaginal opening and overcome with lust I was not gentle as I ripped the full length of my cock into her pussy with one thrust. I moaned and she screamed as I slid inside her steamy mound. My hips lifted her off the floor as her ass cheeks were squashed flat by my effort to push even more cock inside her. Sandy softly whimpered but still pushed back
against me for the next assault. I could not believe how tight a fuck she was, I could feel every movement she made. I began fucking her slowly, savouring ever little inch of her hot pussy. She was quick to respond and very loud, lucky there was a storm to cover the noise.

The sound of our fucking (it wasn't lovemaking) echoed in the tiny, tiled bathroom. Each thrust made a satisfactory sound as I slapped against Sandy's rounded ass. The noise of her grunting and my groaning made a continuous sound mix. The wind rattled the windows and I felt the cold caress of breeze across our bodies. Sandy was becoming extra hyped as she frigged her clit and encouraged me to "keep on fucking". My ball sack was as tight as a drum and was burning like hell. I clenched my muscles and tried to hold off shooting my load. I knew we were loud and I suspected my mom was getting off by what she was hearing. Oddly that thought drove me on harder.

Now Sandy was moaning, bucking, thrashing and trying to force her pussy hard against me to get as much of me as she could. I could tell that Sandy wanted as much as my cock as I could shove in her and I wanted badly to feel my semen squirting inside her hot box. I reached around Sandy and started twisting her nipples as she rode me hard. This just caused her to fuck harder, thrashing and screaming and telling me not to stop. But it was no use; Sandy was just too hot and too tight. I slapped her arse like a jockey on a winner until my cock began exploding into the deep wet darkness of her over heated pussy. She clenched her vaginal muscles around my cock. I could feel it gripping like a hand, forcing out every last drop of semen.

Totally spent I slumped to the floor but Sandy was still willing for more. As soon as I had pulled out she immediately turned around and took me into her mouth one final time. She sucked hungrily on my slippery cock, once more forcing as much length as she could down her throat and again I moaned loudly. Sandy seemed to know this was the last time and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She pursed her lips and kissed the head once more, then jerked it towards her waiting tongue, taking the final glob of cum off the tip.

Sandy stood and adjusted her panties into a more comfortable position and offered me a hand to stand as well, even though my legs were a little rubbery. I tucked my cock back in my boxers and the two of us slid back into bed, certainly raising the temperature under the covers. Shared body heat is good if you stoke the fire.


The next time I woke up it was still dark, still snowing and still blowing a gale. I looked at my watch and it was just past 7:00 AM. Mom was already out of bed but Sandy was sleeping contentedly, wrapped tightly in the doona so I made my way down stairs to check on the fire. I cleaned out the ashes and topped it with some new wood then went through into the kitchen. Mom was bundled up in a towelling rode and she smelled nice. She had used the BBQ in the garage to boil a large pot of water and then given herself a sponge bath. Now she was cooking some bacon and eggs as well as a pot of coffee.

I told her I had stoked the fire and she replied with a witty remark about it not being the only thing I had stoked during the night. As she walked past me, heading to the fridge, she grabbed my "goodies" for the briefest of moments. I gasped but she just laughed and went right on fixing breakfast. Sandy wandered in soon after attracted by the smell of cooking food. My mother was as subtle as an axe when she asked Sandy if she wanted toast, eggs and bacon or did she prefer sausage with her coffee. Sandy spluttered to cover a laugh and then asked about a shower. I explained about
the hot water in the garage and that she could have a wash in the laundry room.

After breakfast it was my turn for a wash, as I smelt decidedly smoky. Mom and Sandy were around the fire reading some magazines and listening to the radio. Already it was being classified as a once in a hundred year storm and that many parts of the city could be without power for a few more days. Also the local phone services, both land line and mobiles, were either not working or were overloaded by calls. Sandy had finally gotten through to a cab company but they would not come out in this weather so she was stuck with us for a while longer.

I was naked, standing in a large plastic tub, in the middle of the laundry washing myself off with a washcloth soaked in the hot water from the pot next to me. My face and hair were covered in soap when I felt a draft of cold air across my wet body. Quickly wiping away the soap I saw my mother standing in the doorway with a towel in hand and eyes firmly locked on my crotch area. She just made a comment about warming the towel by the fire and handed it to me and left.

This became a pattern for the rest of the day, every time I went off alone to check or get something my mother would appear shortly afterwards and the conversation always had a share of double-entendres. Sandy also tried to get me alone and I was getting frustrated at all the attention but little action. Late in the day I was able to go to the toilet in peace and as I came back I could just make out the end of a conversation between the two women but when I walked in to the family room they were silent but had dangerous smirks on their faces. This didn't look good to me.

After our evening meal we were sitting around waiting to go to bed but no one was tired, then my mother suggested we play cards for a while. We went through the kitchen cupboards to find something to use as chips and finally settled on coffee beans. Each of us counted out 200 beans, cracked open a bottle of wine and started playing. The beans moved around the table then Sandy had a good run and took beans from both of us. Now mom and I were fighting over the next pot but I had her covered for beans, she wanted to raise but didn't have enough to cover the bet so she turned to Sandy for a loan. Sandy was reluctant to part with any beans unless mom put up a guarantee to which mom replied that if she lost the hand then Sandy could fuck me again tonight, in the bed, and she would wait downstairs.

Sandy parted with the beans but I lost the hand. The next dozen or so hands were played in silence and mom was again short against me and she turned to Sandy for another loan with the same guarantee but Sandy was not interested in a loan on those terms and then suggested a different option, mom's t-shirt for twenty beans and Sandy held onto the t-shirt until we finished playing so mom could not sell it again later. This caused much debate around the table but mom finally agreed and I again lost the hand because her pair beat my pair. It was tough to focus on the cards with my
mother semi-naked across the table, her tits jiggling with each movement and her nipples like pencil erasers pointed at my eyes.

A second bottle of wine was opened and again the beans moved around the table, I was now comfortable with my mother’s nakedness. Mom was next for a run of good hands and soon I was down to a handful of beans against Sandy and turned to my mother for a loan and her asking price was 10 beans a kiss so I agreed and walked around he table to kiss her on the cheek or maybe even on the lips. It must have been the wine because as soon as I puckered up mom put her hands in front of her face and said not there down a little lower. I moved to her neck and she again said lower, I
looked her in the eye and the slightest nod of the head confirmed my suspicions so I kissed her on each breast and then went to sit down, Sandy objected to the quality of my kisses and wanted a do over. 

Sandy wanted me to give my mothers breasts the same kisses as I had given hers last night. Mom agreed so I went back and took one stiff nipple in my fingers while sucking hard enough on the other to leave a hickey. I heard the intake of breath from my mother as I rolled one nipple with my tongue and tweaked the other with my fingers. Then I swapped breasts and repeated my actions. Sandy was giving me little handclaps and giggled as my mother blushed in the firelight. I sat down and Sandy flicked me 5 beans for the show and a few minutes later mom regained her composure
and pushed 20 beans my way.

Another hour of playing and another bottle of wine drunk I had gained Sandy’s t-shirt but lost my t and my boxers. Actually I had to play 5 hands standing completely naked so the women could look at me the way I was looking at their breasts. My luck changed after that and the beans rolled my way until mom and Sandy were in a face off and both wanted a loan to continue. Mom offered me her panties, Sandy offered a blowjob, mom came back with a huge raise in stakes, I could fuck her, and Sandy not to be outdone offered me her virgin arse.

THIS is high stakes poker, but if there is once constant in the hetro-sexual universe it is that a man will pass on sex with one woman when he can watch two hot women doing it to each other. That was the offer, mom and Sandy in a little girl on girl action and the beans went to the first to bring the other to an orgasm.

Sandy was agreeable to the bet but wanted to go and freshen up first, mom hesitated at first but then accepted. She too wanted to freshen up so while the ladies went away I cleared a space in front of the fire place and threw a quilt over the floor for them to lay on and got myself a prime position. Two minutes later they were back, mom had put on a pair of bright red, satin and lace bikini briefs which blended with the firelight reflecting off her skin. She had also come armed with a purple jackrabbit vibrator. Sandy had put on a white, stretch, lycra thong. She also had plastic bag of toys with her, a long black penis like vibrator and a two-foot long flesh toned double headed dildo. This was going to be battle worthy of the WWE divas.

Let the contest begin .....................................

Mom started the action by moving slowly towards a standing Sandy. Sandy stood with her arms by her side and legs lightly apart. Moms eye’s roamed over Sandy’s bare chest looking for the appropriate starting point. Sandy’s nipples stood out, hard as could be, pointed at mom as if daring her to suck them. Mom commented that Sandy’s tits were so beautiful as both her hands grabbed Sandy’s breasts and kneaded them. Her thumb rolling across the nipples sending ripples of pleasure through Sandy’s body. Mom moved in close, rubbed her tits on Sandy’s and tilting her head forward started kissing Sandy on the mouth.

Mom’s hands slid down Sandy’s body and then grabbed her arse and pulled her pelvis into her. Sandy responded in kind and the two women were as one, lips locked, breast squashed against breast, hip bone to hip bone and each with a leg slightly between the others putting pressure on their pubic regions with light movements of their thighs. Mom manoeuvred a hand between them and her fingers found Sandy’s sticky wet cunt and slipped a couple of fingers inside causing Sandy to give out a muffled moan. Breaking their kiss, mom asked if she liked that? The glazed eye look on Sandy’s face told the story.

Mom slid her fingers out and put one of them in Sandy’s mouth letting Sandy taste herself before mom licked the other finger clean. Her comments made me wish I had tasted Sandy last night. “Wow, you taste so good” “You’ve got such a tasty, hot pussy" and "I am going to tongue you forever.”  This just made my cock a whole level harder than it had been.

Both women found that their nipples were very sensitive so they were in as constant a state of arousal as my cock. Mom took Sandy's quivering hand and gently placed it on her breast urging Sandy to caress them. Sandy seemed surprised by this forward move but could not take her hand off mom's soft flesh. She became bolder as she tried to calm the trembling fingers that she ran over mom's breasts, tracing the curves. Sandy licked a finger and glided it over the skin on the nipple coaxing it to stand up proud. Mom ran one hand through Sandy's hair and to the back of her head, slowly pulling her face down to the warm skin of her breast, her intentions perfectly clear. Sandy's mouth opened invitingly to welcome the soft skin of moms breast into her mouth. She started out licking the upper part of her breast, holding it in her hand as if testing the weight. Mom's breast must have felt heavy in her hand as she juggled it a few times. Sandy applied some light pressure as her mouth left a trail of saliva across mom's breast tracking its way to the nipple. Mom hugged Sandy tight as she felt Sandy’s tongue explore her fleshy, melon like mound.

Then both women lay down in the most sensual of ways. Every hand was in motion as each explored the unfamiliar territory it found before it. Soon the panties were tossed in my direction as the women went back to kissing each other. They had only been at it a few minutes but already their panties contained the aroma of sex, which I sniffed deeply. Being from a slightly older generation it didn't surprised me that my mother had a hairy pussy, and I was fascinated watching Sandy's fingers disappear in the carpet of brownish fur that hid my place of birth. Sandy was from a different time and while her hair was more a natural blond it was very light and thin, shaped in an elongated triangle that left her lips clear. And what lips she did have, they were extremely puffy and looked like they were in a higher state of sexual excitement, moisture glistening in the firelight and as well her clit was clearly visible at the top of her slit.

Sandy took the advantage of having fingers in my mother’s pussy to flip her onto her back and she dove in with her tongue ready for action. Mom's back arched off the floor as soon as Sandy’s tongue flicked her clit. I would never know how many women they may have had previously but clearly Sandy knew what she was doing. She really went to work on my mother now, licking her slit with long strokes from her arse hole to vagina and then several short flicks every now and then flush on the clit. Sandy had my mother twisting and moaning as she kept forcing her towards her tongue.

Sandy stuck two fingers in mom while she bit on her clit and now mom was actually screaming. I knew it wasn’t going to take much longer before mom erupted. Well I was spot on because Sandy then took a finger to mom's clit and started flicking it harder; she started convulsing in a mind-blowing orgasm. Mom’s back was so high enough off the floor that you could have crawled under, supported only by her feet, hands and head. It took about 4 or 5 minutes until she calmed down and her body stopped shuddering from the finally released sexual tension.

I joked about cards being back on to break the sexually charged atmosphere that now covered the room. My mom reached up and grabbed my cock and screamed for me to fuck her. I knelt beside her attempting to feed my cock into her mouth to get it lubricated but she slapped it away and told me to fill her other hole and do it fast. I glanced a Sandy and she looked like the cat that got the cream and waved me in. My mother was in no mood for foreplay and her legs locked behind my back as soon as I lay on her. Her pussy was wet enough for both of us and she was so ready to be
penetrated that once I was in I went deep.

I lined myself up on top of her, and forced the head of my cock between her wet cuntlips "Oh, lord. Wow, son, push it all the way in there!" Mom's voice just went higher, as her fingers dug into my back. I pushed with hardly any effort and then I had her fully speared on my erect cock. She was loving it, eyes closed and lips pulled back from her teeth.  I pumped myself into her giving her as much as I had Sandy last night. Her response to my pistoning action only served to excite me more, as I pounded into her with all of my weight.

My mother only weighs in at 120 - 130 pounds so she was easy for me to lift and Sandy guessed my intention because as I lifted moms arse off the floor and slid a cushion in under her butt. Now in this position I could hold moms legs up in a V formation, on my knees I could drive my cock in deep and slap against her arse at the same time. From this position it was easy to tell mom had had a boob job because they sat like half globes on her chest wobbling from side to side but not collapsing flat. I was giving her everything I had to offer and more, and she loved every second of it, this was definitely one of the best fucks I had ever had.

Shaking the sweat from my eyes I noticed that Sandy was not feeling left out and had several inches of the black vibrator jammed into her own pussy, matching me stroke for stroke. From this angle I was enjoying watching my cock pump slowly in and out between moms swollen pink lips. As I pushed deep, I flattened against her hard hip joints and then withdrew almost completely, leaving just the head in. Then I switched to pistoning in and out of mom's pussy at a frantic rate. Slowed it down, sped it up, this was one fine piece and I was going to ride it forever.

I let her ankles rest on my shoulders while I reached forward and started kneading her tits as I fucked her. Mom was moaning, bucking, and thrashing and trying to push her pussy hard against me to get as much of me as she could. She wasn't as tight as Sandy, but she more than made up for it in style, flexing her body to meet each trust for maximum contact. Mom sighed like a contented kitten; happy to simply feel my pulsing penis filling a spot, which she had never hoped to be filled again. This was what she wanted all along, what her pussy was made for. Each new move brought a
little scream from her lips.

I grabbed her right leg and held it in the air, twisting her body, so her pussy was in just the right position to take another pounding but at the same time stimulating her beyond belief. She whimpered in short gasps, her head was thrown back, eyes closed tight, tears running down her cheeks and mouth open to help her breath. She put a hand on the floor to keep her balance. The slurping sound of my cock sliding into her pussy was the most erotic of rhythms.

I never really had any fantasies about fucking my mother so I felt no hang-ups about doing it now but none of my dreams or fantasies ever came close to the reality of this. As I continued to fuck my cock hard and deep into mom's pussy I began to lap and lick over her breasts, occasionally flicking one of her stiff and swollen nipples, causing her to jump and cry out even more. Then I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked hard, gripping it with my teeth and stretching it like an elastic band, her body arched and she screamed loudly, then her body crashed back to the floor in a series of shudders and shakes that threatened to toss me from her body.

I don't know where the control came from but I was able to hold on for the longest time without shooting my load. Mom had passed through several orgasms and was now barely reacting to my continued fucking. Our bodies were sweat soaked, hair plastered across our faces. Sandy was also spent, lying beside us with the vibrator still lodged in her pussy, eyes closed and breathing a little ragged. Looking at these two well fucked women started my balls churning and I felt the familiar pressure on an impending climax, now I was torn between filling my mothers pussy up with cum or
spraying it over the two of them. Being my first time with my mother I decided to give her the lot, Sandy had hers last night. That was all it took, I shot my cum deep into her pussy, and it kept cumming, and she shuddered again as I kept forcing my cock in, then we were kissing again, hot, long and passionate.


I woke next morning naked of the floor in front of the fire, my hand cupping one of mom’s breasts and my hardening cock nestled in her butt crack. Moms arse pushed back to get a better feel and caused my cock to rise quicker. Her own hand covered mine and held it in place and all I could do was use my thumb to flick her erect nipple. Her eyes were still closed and I could hear her gently purring in her throat.

I assume Sandy had turned off the lamps, blown out the candles and covered us all with a blanket during the night so I was able to get mom warmed up without Sandy noticing us. Mom moved her hand behind her and found my cock and gently jerked it and rubbed it against her arse. While I was kissing her neck, I ran my hand down her smooth belly till I felt her lower hairline. Then the phone rang. It shocked all of us and mom ran naked into the kitchen to answer it. The sound had woken Sandy from a dead sleep and when she spied my erect cock, as I lay on the floor looking the other
way, she rolled over and locked her lips around it before I even knew she had moved.

This time it was light enough to see Sandy as she worked my cock with her mouth, pulling my cock out and licking the head and leaving gooey saliva streamers that ran over her chin. She made a popping sound whenever she pulled my cock from her mouth and in no time my cock was slick with her spit. Sandy swung her leg over me and by propping my head on a cushion I was able to watch my cock slide into her pussy, slow and steady until she was squatting in my pubic hair.

My mother walked back in, still talking on the phone, and just shook her head when she saw her place had been taken. She was talking to my father and sat naked on the sofa talking away while Sandy and I fucked on the floor. Her tone became more agitated as she talked to my father until she stabbed her finger on the end button to finish the conversation. She stalked away into the kitchen muttering expletives about my father under her breath. Now that the phone was gone Sandy and I got really into it. Her constant squatting motion was crushing my loins but it felt so good.

Mom came back in and she looked a little flushed from her talk with dad. Mom told us that a car was being sent over to collect Sandy, as she was needed by my father while mom and I were being left to fend for ourselves. Then my mother under went a change of attitude towards Sandy that she had not shown for the past few days. She walked over to Sandy and pushed her down flat so her boobs were flush against my chest, then she got her vibrator off the sofa and got behind Sandy.

Mom told me to hang on so I wrapped Sandy in my arms as Mom began probing Sandy's arsehole with her jackrabbit. With my cock hard in her pussy I could feel the vibrations and pressure as the vibrator inched its way in and the sensation on my cock was awesome. Sandy wiggled her butt a little to ease entry and soon mom had the plastic phallus where she wanted it. I suppose this counts as a DP and I tried to match my movements with that of my mother. Any misgivings Sandy may of had about being double teamed quickly faded as mom and I got into a steady groove of alternating in and out motions.

Now that Sandy was enjoying the treatment I loosened my grip on her back and took a breast in each hand, rolling and moulding them while also giving attention to he fingertip size nipples. I was able to get them into my mouth and nibble and suck on them while downstairs was still pumping away. Sandy yelped as mom swatted a butt cheek but the look on her face was more pleasure than pain. My hips were lifting Sandy off the floor and making it difficult for mom to maintain a regular pattern of attack as Sandy was sitting more erect, so she changed her position.

Mom moved around and lowered herself onto me and began to fuck my face. My tongue went straight to work worming its way into the fleshy folds of her sex and searched for her clit. My hands were supporting her butt to avoid being smothered and sexed to death while my fingers played with her arse hole. Sandy had a hand behind her and was gently scratching my balls while flexing her pussy to hump my cock. Next I felt a vibration at the base of my cock, it was mom applying the vibrator to Sandy’s clit and my cock got in the way on the up stroke.

I was going crazy not being able to see what the women were doing and with the pressure once again building in my balls I lifted mom off and screamed out I was about to cum. Mom lifted Sandy off my cock and dropped her mouth over it just as I was about to shoot. The first spray hit the back of her throat, then the second painted her face with white eyeliner, now she sucked and pumped until I was totally dry. As I slumped back to the floor mom leant over and kissed Sandy, dribbling cum onto her tongue, it was hot to watch but my cock had to admit defeat and slowly deflated from a rigid pole to a slimy slug.

Mom then told Sandy a car was coming for her and she would be on the way out of state within the hour. The two of them went off and left me on the floor recovering. Soon they were back, washed and dressed, Sandy with her bags in her hand. I put on something warm as a car pulled into the drive, then there was a knock at the door and a large security guy was standing in the snow. It was odd because he had bags of groceries that he handed to mom before taking Sandy’s bags. Off they when into the snow leaving mom and I alone in the house for another week. By the time the weather cleared and we were no longer snowed in my balls were whited out and I thought I might never again produce of drop of cum.