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My First Taste

shades of darkness on Animal Stories

I keep reading stories about beautiful girls who in some strange circumstance were forced to have sex with a dog or other animal and began to like it.

For me I have always been a fan of sex, but not being your typical blue eyed blonde or quite as shapely as other girls it has not always been easy getting the qaulity of sex that I would like.  I'm only 105lbs and 5'6".  I have black hair and no real breasts or ass to speak of.  But hello I'm female that still need attention.

At the time I was looking forward to my twenty first birthday thinking that it would perhaps initiate some change in my life, finalize my transition into adulthood.  I don't know why I had already learned that drunk guys have trouble getting it up and getting rubbed over by some inexperie

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nced boy has always been more arousing than annoying.

I'm not saying that I haven't had good experiences, just not enough.  Maybe its because it has to have a thrill, boyfriends always seem to get old and girlfriends well that's different, but I like the feeling of a hard hot cock stretching me and filling me up.

I'm not really sure how it all started, since I've been a preteen I've always enjoyed looking at porn on the internet.  And about a year ago I started noticing animal porn.  Not that I was into it, it totally freaked me out, but I liked it.  The idea of somebody having sex with an animal.  It sounded so wrong.

I did not have a dog and was not really in a position to buy one as I lived in an apartment.  But an opportunity soon arose when my parents went to Europe for a month and asked me to house sit.  When I had gone to college they had replaced me with two german shepards, Shelly and Roger.

When I arrived at home my parents were running out the door.  Mom and dad kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't let Roger be terrorizing Shelly," my dad told me, "Shelly is coming into heat."

I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about watching the dogs.  As my parents drove away in there taurus all I could think about were the dogs.

It was actually a real dissappointment, Roger didn't show any interest in Shelly at all.  So I put my feet up made some iced tea and started calling my friends.  Unfortunately most of them were still out of town for school.

I felt like a bit of a weirdo watching the dogs, but after a couple of days Roger's interest began to peak.  He was constantly sniffing Shelly's ass and licking her and a couple of times I watched as Roger's 8 inch dick filled her pussy.  I was jealous.  I had never been fucked with that kind of enthusiasm.  Worse she didn't seem to really appreciate it.

I really wanted to find a way to direct Roger's interest at my own burning pussy, unfortunately he did not seem that interested.  I did notice that he followed Shelly around constantly, I also noticed that Shelly had a bloody discharge that Roger was particularly fascinated with.

That night I decided I was going to make it happen, I was going to get Roger's fat dick in my pussy.  I put Shelly in my room and locked Roger out.

I pulled off my shorts and panties.  Shelly had curled up in the corner.  Taking two fingers I ran them up against Shelly's pussy.  She tried to move and I held her down.

Basically I wanted to get some of Shelly's discharge and put it on my own pussy.  Walking out of the bedroom Roger immediately came to attention.  His ears went up and his tail started to wag.

He followed me to the livingroom licking at my fingers.  I was only wearing a small t-shirt and when I got down on my hands and knees, Roger was all over my ass. 

His tongue was so wet and rough.  At first it tickled and felt a little dirty.  I mean he seriously got my ass so wet.  But there was no way I was turning back, and as he began to lick my pussy there was no desire on my part to do so.

It was amazing, Roger went from licking my pussy to jumping up on my back.  My pussy was so swollen I could feel it totally open up.  It only took moments for Roger to find my wet pussy.

There was no slow entry, Roger knew what I wanted and he gave it to me.  I could feel his hard cock slide into me like butter. 

Oh my, it felt so good, I wish I could tell you.  Knowing that I had this fat dog cock in my pussy and the feeling.  It was so hot, it burned my pussy as it stretched it.

Roger just kept pumping and I could feel his hair all over my ass and legs.  His front legs were wrapped around my hips and he just pulled me back onto his cock.  I could feel it every time as my pussy stretched as he buried himself deep inside of me.  I could not stop shaking as I orgasmed again and again on his hard cock.  But no matter how hard I came it didn't stop Roger from pumping into my pussy. 

It felt like only seconds and suddenly I felt this flood of fiery hot cum gushing into my pussy.  I could feel it squirting out and running down my legs. Roger just pulled me tight onto his cock and squirted and kept squirting inside of me.

When he pulled out even more cum gushed out of my pussy, I felt so satisfied, but so empty after having his amazing cock inside of me.  Roger was a real man and cleaned me up licking me out leaving me shaking and weak collapsed on the living room floor.


ninjastar69 on Animal Stories

My Neighbor dogs have always hated me. Barking, growling, snarling. Its horrifying to see all three of them lines up against that low chain link fence, paws on the top of it, trying to leap over. Well needless to say i haven't been attacked yet, but im sure it will come some day.
lets describe these dogs for you, so my story can make a little more sense. 
The first is an old male chocolate lab, who can barely see, but can still bark like hell.
The second is a brownish Shepard mix, that, though he is a little elderly, still wants me gnaw on my face if he got the chance.
The third, is a young girl p
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up, she is full grown, but they've only had her for a year, so she isn't all grown up yet. 
well, this is how my 1/4 shity, 3/4 AMAZING story happened.
Location: Trinidad, California.
schooling: Independant study through my home.
So I woke up, stiff as a board, and rolled out of bed. It was noon, and my mom and dad had already left for work hours ago. I was alone in our small house with our family dog buddy. He is a little chubby sharpie puppy, with some lab in him. Very cute dog. Well, I was erect as well as tired and alone, and being a horny teen, needed to get off. So with no thought of a shower or breakfast, i walked my self over to the computer and sat . I switched it on, and waited for the log in screen to come up. Well, when it did i clicked on my account, but. There was a password box there, that hadn't been there before. Dammit, my mom had put a password on my account, her account, and my dads account. well fuck i thought, ok, shower time. My stiff had dwindled back to its normal size, and my balls were back to being hard rocks.
after my shower i dressed, and moped around the house for a while, disseminated i had no porn. About two hours later i decided to go check the mail. I went to the key rack, picked out the right key, and left the house. The mail box is about 2000 feet from out house, so its a good little morning stroll. well, i arrived at it, and, if i failed to mention this before, the killer dogs live right next to the mail box place. So i tip toed there, trying as hard as i could not to alert them.
I was managing to get past them, then i heard, from what i thought was a yelp of pain. It came from behind the chain link fence, feet from were i was, behind a massive shrub. i tiptoed as slow, and quiet as i could over the the fence, and glanced over, canning my neck to see. The old brown dog was effortlessly trying to hump the smaller female dog, but with no reward. His old cock was barely up, and, though she humped back, so penis came to her pussy. He yelped once more as a small, almost invisible shot up semen came trickling from his penis, onto the grass below. He then slumped off her, and layed down. Then i saw the girls dog turn, her pussy was huge! bright red lips were swollen with lust for a dick, and she was panting like crazy. 
ok, this is the shitty part. as i was looking at her her swollen ass, she turned and our eyes met. instant fear came to me, as she jumped at me, and to my horrific surprise, cleared the fence that Shepard stood barking at me for over a year. My first instinct was fight her off, but of course i ran in the direction off my house as fast as i could. Fuck the mail, i was out of there, but not home free yet. about 20 yard from my front door, i looked back, to see what i would have nightmares about for years. The medium sized black and brown Shepard-lab mix, flying at me in the air.
When she made contact with my body, it was madness. I punched and kicked, as she bit and scratched. Finlay she went for my face with her enormous jaws, and i punched her square in the eye. That had done it. She yelped, and sprang free from my body, though she did not run, she just layed about a foot away, whining, and rubbing he eye with her paws. I stood, and fumbled about with my feet. My arms were scratched up, she had bitten into my middle finger, but it wasn't bleeding. My clothes were ripped and covered in mud and dust and water.
About a minute past and i started to feel bad about punching a dog in the face. So i found my way to her, and sat next to her. She was very much in pain from the blow, and i could tell. One reason i could tell is becasue she wasn't attacking me while i sat wit her. She slowly stopped whining, and moved her head up, and looked at me. There was indeed a mark above her eye, it was bleeding, but not cray bleeding, just had a bit of blood on it. I began peting her head, and she relaxed right there next to me. But her eye was still bothering me inside. I decided to ment it up right there and then.
I took one of my shoes off and removed my sock. I then used my sock to soak up the the small amount of blood around her eye. She didn't do one thing to me while i did this, but pant slightly. She then did, as most dogs do, threw her head back, and began licking her crotch. I looked there as well, and was amazed. From what i could see behind her head. Her vagina was redder then before, and it must have swelled up more as well because it was huge-er!.
Then something weird happened to me, my dick grew. was i getting turned on my a dogs pussy? I must have been becasue it grew and grew until full lengh had been achieved. my mind then came back to earth. I was sitting, in the middle of a public street, with a dog, and a boner. I decided that this wasn't the right place to be, so i stood, with a tent in my pants for all the world to see. Tomy sirprise the dog next to me stood as well, and her dog tags rattled in the wind. i bent, and glanced at them, "Roxy," was her name. Hmm well, i had to get out of here. And then it happened. roxy, licked my face, and our toungs met. At first i spat feriously, but then. I tasted, something good in her saliva. it was a little salty, but good. i bent down once more, and opened my mouth. her tounge slipped in, and a closed my mouth. All of the taste that i had liked was now in my mouth, and i loved it.
Then reality came back to me once more. i removed my mouth from hers, and looked up and down the street. No cars. well, thats good that no one caught me frenching a dog.
Then a second little blast of reality hit. That salty sweet taste, was roxy's own pussy juice. That kind of freaked out at first, but then it excited me. I had had her vaginal fluids in my mouth, and now they were in my tummy. Myalready hard cock began to grow more, and i knew i had to get off. so, i did something baring. I dog napped roxy. Thats right, i snatched her by the callor and led her to my front door, opened it, went insdie and shut the door. buddy was alseep in my moms room, so he didn't come to greet me. I conintued leading roxy over the the family couch.
She sat down on her bottum, tail wagging in front off me. Time for the fun i thought, as i un-zipped my fly, and removed my pants. here was a furious tent in my boxer, but i removed them and kicked em aside. i was now half nude in front of a dog. She leaned in quiclky though, and smelled my penis. then, bliss, as she licked it for the first time. And she kept licking, and licking, and licking. I was just to the point of cumming when she pulled away, and went to work licking her own groin. I looked down, to see her pusy lips infused with liquid dripping from the openeing. I figured what the hell, and slid off the couch onto the ground. I got on all fours, moved her mouth away from her crotch, and leaned into it with my face. There was a lot of heat coming from her twat, and a lot of smell. It smelt like what it is, Dog pussy. I then flicked my tounge over her lips, and she whinned, but the a bad whine, a blissful one. I flicked again, and she humped a little. I then put my lips toher cunt, and slowly but surely, wiggled, and flopped my whole mouth over her honey pot. It tasted like sweet, and sour sugar, and i loved her. 
It was about a half hour into the eating that she came in my mouth. Her body convolution, and a small little trickle of vagina juice flowed into my mouth, and i swallowed hard, still eating her out menacingly.
It was then that i knew i had to fuck her. I had to get in her tight hole, and let out two virgin sex machines clash. I stood on my knee's and god behind her. I pocked out with my head, but i slid off her sex hole. i poked a few times, and missed. Then i poked out and hit simething, wet, and gooy, and warm. i slowly slid into her, and felt her tight pussy clench the whole dick. I got in so far, and hit something, her dog cherry. I was ganna take this girls virginity, and she was ganna take mine. i poked a little harder, and blasted through. It was like entering a different world. I was much hotter i the innder parts of her, and a little tighter.
      I humped first, slowly, and humped again, pickng up the pace. She returned the humps like a pro, and i was soon pounding her raw. My balls slapping against her legs, and my hands around her waist, usding her body as an anchor, to push in and out. She wimpered a little every so often , and it got he hotter, so i fucked harder, and harder still.
       I knew i couldy last much longer, and i knew she had already cum twice. Then it happened, she yelped out a long howl, and her pussy flooded, and my cum spat into her. I must have shot like 19 ropes into her, and her pussy was like a runnig hose over my penis. She came for what seemed like five minutes. There was a misive puddle underneath us, and there was a stink of doggy juice all over the place. I pulled, out, and like a dog, went to work lapping up the fluids on the floor, she turned, and joined me.
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Jungle Girl

Shouten50 on Animal Stories

My name is Johanna, and i live in the Congo with my parents as missionaries, we came here a couple of months ago right before my 15th birthday. We had been missionaries before, but never in a place like this, it had always been in or near civilization, but now we were living with a tribe and all the stuff we needed was delivered by plane that just pushed it overboard and deployed the parachute.

Even though I didn't like it here, there was one big plus. I don't know why but all the men in the tribe always walked around naked, except if they went hunting, then they brought some more clothes. Most of the men in the village were pretty young because of their genetics, their tribe had always been the same and because of that their life span was

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only about 30-50 years, even the elders were reletivly young and in their 50s. There was one boy though, around 14 if I had to guess, that I thought was pretty good looking, in more way than one.

I would watch him alot and every time I saw him I couldn't help but look at his cock. I hadn't seen him hard yet but when he was soft I could tell that he was a little bigger than someone his age should be, I didn't understand a word they said though, so it was pretty hard to communicate. They way we have been talking to them so far is because of a translator that lives with us, a creepy but young lady who always stared that the men just as much as I did.

One day, the boy that I liked came up to me with Sally, our translator, and started talking to her.

"He said that he wants to teach you how to catch animals in the jungle", she said, "I've already asked your parents and they said it was fine, so I'll just leave it up to you". She gave me a wink and started back the way she'd come.

I looked at Jim, this is what I called him when I thought about him, and he had some clothes on and a spear in his hand. He started walking into the jungle and motioned for me to follow, which I did.

We walked for a couple of miles until we got to a little pond. Jim set down his gear and took off his clothes, then he walked into the water and turn to face me. He motion for me to follow and I knew that he wanted me to take off my clothes. I had actually been looking for a chance to show myself to him but I hadn't gotten one until now.

I started to take off my clothes until I got down to my bra and panties. Even though I was only 15, by breasts were a smaller C size and were very healthy and firm. Even though all the women in the tribe went around topless, their breasts were kind of saggy, another poor side effect of their genes.

I took off my bra and panties and I just stood their for a second and let him stare, I couldn't tell how big he was because of the water, but I could tell that he was hard. I slowly walked into the water next to him and decided that I didn't want to beat around the bush, I was very horny and I wanted him.

I walked over to him and started kissing him, even though we were a year apart, he was almost 5 3/4ft while I was just 5ft even. He started grabbing my breast and I could tell that he had no intention of doing this for me, but that just turned my on even more.

He then spun me around and carried me out of the water with his arms around my stomach. When he put me down I look at his fully erect cock and saw that it was about 8 inches long and thicker than normal. I had broken my hymn a while ago when maturbating so I was ready for him.

He turned me back around so we stood facing each other, he arched his back and while pulling me flat against him. When my breasts were pressed agains his chest he straitened his back, putting his cock between my legs. I notice that he had been crouching so that his cock was at the right hight to enter me, but now he slowly started to stand strait up, sending his huge cock into my pussy.

I arched my back and grabbed his shoulders as I felt the pure pleasure of his thick cock entering me. He could only fit about 5 inches into me at first, but then he started to fuck me hard and fast until he somehow got about 7 inches into me. By this time he was fucking me so hard that every time he went up, I had to stand on my toes to keep him from lifting my off the ground.

We went on for about 15 minutes while I came several times. When he started hugging me so hard I was running out of breath, which I was short on anyway because of how tired I was getting. He made one finaly thrust and lifted me off the ground about a in. He just stood their holding me in the air when I felt his hot cum in me. This turned me on so much that I came again, making him cum even harder.

He sat down so fast after we had finished our orgasms that I almost thought that he fell. We laid down with his cock still in me and fell asleep.

I woke up and the first thing I thought was we shouldn't of fallen asleep, it was dangerous enough in the jungle with all the animals. My second thought was panic when I noticed that Jim, his clothes, and my clothes were all gone. He had left me in the jungle by myself! I was ferious and terrified at the same time.

I was just about to start walking towards what I thought was the right direction when I heard breathing behind me. I spund around and almost screamed when I saw a gorrila with arms the size of my petite waist. I probably would of screamed when he came closer to me exept that I noticed that his cock was swinging around. It was huge! It was soft and about the same size as Jim's when he was hard.

The huge animal walked on all fours and crouched at my pussy and sniffed it. I didn't dare move, I had no idea how these animal's brains worked. He then suddenly like my between the legs and I squeeled in pleasure and almost fell over. He noticed this and did it again, this time deeper than before, and this time I did fall onto my butt. I looked between his arms and notices that his cock was hard, and bigger than ever. I had to be almost 13 inches and almost as big around as my one of those old coke glass bottles.

Fear struck me again as he reached down and grabbed me around the torso with his gigantic hands. His thumb was right under my breasts and pushed them up. He leand me back so I was at about the same angle as him. He took me and put me under his chest when I noticed just how big he was compared to me.

I then realized what he was doing and I looked down at his cock and saw that he was aiming my body strait for his foot long cock. The first time he missed, grunting angrily and looking down at me and his cock and tried again. I didn't dare struggle, and I was horny again and I had no other choice so I figured I would try to enjoy it, if his cock even fit in he that is.

On the third try he stretched my tight hole to its limits. He lowered me to about 7 inches when he started to fuck me, but instead of just thrusting, he was also moving me in the same way he would if he was jacking off. I screamed in a combonation of pain and pleasure as he moved me up and down and slammed me so hard onto his cock that I new that it was going deeper than he should of.

He was thicker at the hilt of his penis so the farther down he slammed me, the more I was streched. I grabbed his thumb to steady mysealf a bit. He was pulling me up and forcing me down so fast that I was almost having trouble keeping my from lolling around. I was still screaming with every thrust, enjoying the pleasure of this giant penis that was probably all the way in my womb.

He pumped me so hard and fast that I took a second from streaming to take a look down past my raised and bouncing boobs to see the action. I couldn't believe it, but he had made it all the way in. I don't know why I didn't see them before, but now I also noticed his balls, swinging rapidly back and forth, were about the size of tennis balls. Watching them swing and slap agains my ass turned me on so much that I started screaming again, but not taking my eyes of the amazing show. I had another orgasm, I don't even remember how my I've had in the time we've been fucking, but I know that its been going on for about 20 minutes and I was wondering how much longer he could go.

I screamed again with another orgasm, probably my biggest one yet. I was cumming so hard when I noticed that his sack was pulling his balls closer and tighter to his cock. I knew what was coming. I got ready for his hot cum and watched him make one final thrust. Just like Jim, he fucked me as deep as he could until he came. I had felt a liitle of Jim's cum in me before but that was nothing compared to the amount of what these two containers could hold. I screamed and had orgasm that topped them all as I felt so much cum pour into me that it could of been a gallon of hot water poured into my pussy. Because of how much he streched me, almost no cum got out of my pussy because of how tight our connection was, this made me feel like I was going to explode from the gigantic, erotic pressure I could feel within me.

He came for about 30 seconds and then just stood their looking at me, occasionaly making a thust or two and adding pleasure to our sensitive genitals. He started to soften and he pulled out of me, causeing all that cum to pour out of me onto the ground. He set me me down on the ground and laid next to me and slept. I was so tired that I couldn't of moved even if I had wanted to, and I was pretty sure that I didn't want to give up my new mate so soon. But then my thoughts got distracted and I couldn't concentrate, thats how tired I was. I closed my eyes, trying to remember how good it felt, but I fell asleep, relaxing into the darkness.

I have read alot or erotica before but this is the first one I've written. I hope you like it. :)

My Stepmom and the dog

boothrat73 on Animal Stories

I came home from school early one day and caught my stepmom (Mary) fucking our Black lab Duke.  Now I had been suspicous that she had been fooling around with Duke for awhile. Duke walked arouind with a semi boner most of the time with about 3-4 inch's of his red penis sticking out of his sheath. A couple of times I had walked in and found Duke with a full blown erection while he was licking a pair of Mary's soiled panties. Let me stop for a minute and describe Mary. She is 5'7",about 135 pounds and her measurments are 38DD-26-36 and she has a fantastic ass. I had seen her nude a bunch of times as she sleeps nude and is a very hard sleeper. She has a pretty pink pussy with large fat lips that look like a butterflys spread wings and she has a large clitoris that is about a
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half inch long. It is the size of your pinky finger. She shaves it so there is no hair on it. Anyway when I got after Duke about licking her panties she laughed it off and said he is just a dog after the scent of my sex. But I also noticed that her nipples were hard when she saw him licking her panties. Another time I came home from school and when I couldnt find Duke, I went up stairs and when I called his name I heard him barking in Marys room. When I tried to open her door she said just a minute. After a few minutes she opened the door and she was all flushed and was wearing just her dressing gown. She was sweating and the gown was clinging to her and I could see her all of her hard nipples including the areolas and her pussy lip's.  When I didnt see Duke i asked her where he was and she said I had to let him out on the deck because he was getting wild. I went out the french doors in her room to the deck and I saw Duke sitting under the tree licking his penis. I went down and called to him and as he came to me I saw he had an erection and it was flopping around as he ran. Now Duke has a huge cock,I measured it one day just to see how long it is,and its 10 1/2 inch's long!! At the knot it's the size of a lemon. I was used to him having a boner,but when he sat down I could see that his muzzle was wet. I reached over and rubbed my finger on his muzzle and smelled my finger. I didnt know what it was but it smelled real good and it made my penis start to get hard. I went back in the house to talk to Mary and found that she was asleep in her room. She was lying on her back with her legs spread and her pussy was wet and swollen and all of a sudden Duke ran by me and started to lick her cunt. Mary opened her eyes with a start and said Oh my goodness what are you doing and tried to push Duke off. I had to work real hard to get Duke off,but I finally pulled him loose. Mary pulled the sheet over herself and I led Duke outside. It was only after we got outside that I realized that I had a huge erection. I was so hard that it hurt and I rushed to the bathroom to jack off. Now I dont have the biggest penis in the world but I have  a nice thick 8" cock when its hard and the best feature is that it has a huge over size head. I also take after my father and have large ball's that hang low in my sack. As I was jacking off all I could picture was Duke's big tongue splitting Mary's pussy lips. I came with such a rush that I saw star's,and sprayed my sperm all over the glass shower door's, I had never in my life came that hard or that much in my 16 year's. What a mess it took me at least 10 minutes to get it all cleaned up. After that day I began to watch Mary around Duke. And I saw that on ocasion that Duke would walk up and stick his nose under her nightgown or her dress and give her a quick lick. Mary would always push him away and scold him but he would come back and try again. One day I came home from school and Duke was sleeping on my bed and as usual his penis was sticking out of his sheath. I wouldnt have paid attention,but his sheath was wet and kind of crusty looking. I rubbed my finger over it and it was sticky but kind of oily and it smelled just like what was on his muzzle before. Now I have to admit I now know what this smell was since I had borrowed a pair of Marys dirty panties to jack off with,it was pussy juice. It hit me like a bolt of lightening,the only way that pussy juice could get on his sheath was that it had been in Mary's pussy. Once again i had a boner and I ran to take care of it. After I cleaned up I had to think how can i catch her and Duke. I knew that Mary was a late sleeper and that she was fucking Duke while I was in school. About a week later we got sent home early from school and thats when I caught her and Duke fucking. I walked in and as soon as I got upstairs I heard Mary moaning and telling Duke to fuck her hard. I pushed open her door and there she was on her hand's and knee's and Duke was buired up to his balls in her pussy. I was shocked that she could take his love knot inside her cunt. It was later that I found out that it took awhile for to get it inside her pussy. Once it was inside her pussy it swelled to its full size and she couldnt get loose and they were stuck together. Mary didnt even notice me as she was coming like gangbuster's. I took off my cloths and my penis was harder than it had ever been and the viens were sticking out. I stood there for a minute or two and just watched Duke take her pussy. Mary was just along for the ride as Duke fucked her like a bitch. As I watched she came at least 6 time's and Duke started to fill her pussy with his sperm.  Even though they were stuck together and Duke's knot was acting like a plug,his sperm started to drip out of her pussy and run down her legs. Marys pussy lip's were stretched  so big that they looked like they were going to fly off. I couldnt help myself I reached under Mary and cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple. Mary slowly turned her head as if she was in a trance, and when she saw me her eyes got real big. As she tried to speak she started to cry and say oh my god what are you doing here? As she said this she still was pumping her pussy against Dukes penis. I sauid we got out early from school. I knew that i had her where I wanted and that she was going to fuck and suck me when I wanted it. Just to make sure I ran and got my digital camera. I took a bunch of close up's of her pussy so I got the dog's penis and her swollen pussy lip's. I also took some so that I got her face in the pictures. I ran to my room and downloaded them on my computer. After almost 45 minute's Duke finally pulled his penis out of her pussy with a wet sucking noise. I was amazed at the size of it,it was bigger than normal and I still dont know how Mary took his huge love knot in her pussy. Duke's sperm was running out of her pussy like a waterfall,it looked like a quaret of sperm and Mary was still shuddering from her last orgasm. I had to fuck her I couldnt help myself,so I pushed her butt up a little higher and I shoved it into her cunt. Her pussy was a little bit loose but I didnt care I startes driving my penis in as far as I could. At first Mary didnt say or do anything but then she started to fuck me back. i wish i could say that I lasted a long time,but I was so turned on that after about 5 minutes I shot my nuts in her pussy. After I pulled out I lay next to her and cuddled her as she sobbed,I cant believe you caught me fucking your dog. I told her that I wouldnt tell anyone as long as she gave me pussy when I wanted it. She reached down and squeezed my penis and said really? I told her that it was the sexiest thing I had ever saw. Even as we talked I started to get another erection and I rolled over and started to play with her big titt's. Mary said wow are you ready to go all ready? I said with titt's like your's and your pretty pussy oh yeah Im ready and I got on top of her. Mary reached down and put the head in her pussy. She said wow if I knew you had a big dick like this maybe I wouldnt have started to fuck Duke. As we slowly fucked I asked her how she got started to fuck Duke. She said that her and my dad were not fucking anymore and she was pretty sure that he had a girl friend. So one night when she was masturbaiting Duke jumped up on the bed and started to lick her pussy. At first she tried to push him away,but he kept at it so she figured he wasnt hurting her so what the hell. She decided to fuck him when she saw the size of his penis. She got on her hands and knee's and Duke jumped up on her butt and tried to shove it in. She had to reach back and guide him into her cunt,but after he felt the wet heat of her pussy he just slid it in her hole.  He went into her all the way up to his knot and when he tried to put that in she held his so he couldnt go in. I asked her when did you let him go in you? She said she went on line and read that if you let him go in before he swells up real large it wont hurt as much. So she did it that way and it still hurt but not real bad. And that's how she was fucking him ever since. From that day on we have been fucking ever since. Mary divorced my Dad after he got caught with a under age girl and she is fixed for life with her settlement. Me and Duke take care of her pussy and she has brought other women into the house that we get to fuck. Mary has a big imagination and we have expanded our fucking to include other dog's and various animals,but that is another story. I will write about that later.

My first night with Harley

Firedog31 on Animal Stories

The air conditioning doesn't work in my apartment, so I usually sleep with nothing on except a thin sheet over my body.  I run a fan in my room to circulate the air.  It feels great when it passes over my nearly naked body.  I leave the window open to help vent the room and get the temperature to drop when it gets cooler outside.  This lets in a lot of noise, so I've learned to be a deep sleeper.

I work as a reporter for the morning news, so I don't have the luxury of waiting for it to cool off outside before I slide into bed.  I went to bed just before nine so I could get up by 3:30.  I drifted off to sleep to the sound of the fan purring on the nightstand.

I thought I must be dreaming when I felt a rush of hot air against my crotch.  But then I awok

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e from my sleep when I felt pressure against my clit from the sheet that covered me.  I looked up and saw Harley, my neighbor's Rotweiller, leaning against my bed with his head between my legs.  He had climbed in through my window since the screen was missing.

Harley licked again before I could react and this sent a wave of pleasure through my spine.  His rough tongue felt good even through the sheet.  At first I thought I should push him away and send him home, but he licked again with enough force to push into my moist entrance.  I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

I pulled the sheet up from over my feet and allowed Harley more access.  He licked again tasting more of me.  I could tell he liked my taste because he started licking deeper and faster.  I felt bad for enjoying it, but it felt so good I didn't want to stop.

I could feel Harley's tongue entering my hole deeper and deeper.  Coming across my clit each time sent me over the edge in just a few minutes.  I was cumming like I hadn't cum before.  Harley knew something was happening because he started licking faster trying to get each drop of fluid from my hole.  I had had multiple orgasms before, but none had ever happened this fast and this close together.

Before long, I had to take a break.  Harley had been licking me so fast it started to tickle and I couldn't take it anymore.  I sat up and started to push him away.  He didn't want to go away so his hind legs stayed put while I pushed his front paws up.

That's when I saw his shaft hanging between his legs.  I had heard about dog's cocks being bigger than mens', but Harley's was huge.  I caught myself wondering how it would feel.

I felt bad, but convinced myself it was just an experiment to see what it would be like.  I let Harley's front paws go and motioned for him to jump up on the bed.  He obliged and was soon standing next to me. 

I reached under him and felt his engorged cock.  I was hot and smooth.  I bent over and took it in my mouth, curious what it would taste like.  Honestly, it didn't have much of a taste, but his precum did.  It was bitter salty.

By now I was so turned on that I didn't care that I didn't enjoy the taste, I wanted Harley inside of me.

I laid on my back and pulled Harley on top of me.  He started humping, but was hitting nothing but air.  I lifted my hips and supported myself with one hand and used the other to guide Harley into me.

Once in, he had no problem staying in.  Harley began pounding my tender pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I was in exstacy.  Orgasm after orgasm washed over my body.  In fact, I thought that Harley was growing with each push, but I told myself it was just that I was contracting from the orgasms.

To my surprise, Harley was growing until finally he pushed extra hard and I could feel his cum shooting into me.  I could feel it welling up inside and I realized Harley's cock, or knot as I later found out, was sealing the entrance and not allowing any to leak out. 

I started to get scared because Harley was finished, but he couldn't get off of me.  He was stuck inside me.  He turned away from me and tried to pull out, but to no avail.  What was I going to do?  I contemplated calling 911, but just as it seemed I might have to, Harley popped out releasing me and most of his cum.

Harley climbed out of my window, but that wasn't the last I've seen of him.

Shelly meets Jake

Firedog31 on Animal Stories

I guess I should start by telling you my name. I'm Shelly and I'm 33 years old. I've been around the block a few times and I thought I knew about everything, or at least most of everything. But that all changed when I moved to Seattle.

It was a turbulent time in my life, what with a failed marriage and no job. So, hoping for the best, I moved to the Great Northwest hoping to find a better life.

I moved into an older apartment community. I moved there because it was cheap, not because it was beautiful. And as it turned out, most of my neighbors felt the same way. Coincidentally, most of my neighbors were young, fresh out of college kids who didn't have much money for the nicer things. But, since I wasn't in the same boat, I had some of the nicer thin

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gs like a couch and TV. That made me an instant celebrity. My apartment became the hangout joint. And I didn't mind in the least.Â

The longer I was there, the more people would begin to trust me and ask me for favors. I didn't mind being the mother to most of them, so I helped out as much as I could. Some would even come to me for advise, and I would do my best to steer them in the proper direction.

Sandra, one of the more attractive women in the complex, lived just a few doors down and we became fast friends. She was about five and a half feet tall with beautiful blonde hair. But what she had in looks, she lacked in self-confidence. So, she was always asking if she looked okay, or if she should go out with some guy. Like I said, I tried to give her the best advise possible. Except, one night I didn't know what to say.

You see, Sandra came over in a hurry one night and grabbed my arm saying, "Hurry Shelly, I need your help."

"What's wrong?" I asked as we ran to her apartment.

"You'll see," and with that we raced into her apartment and into her bedroom.

"This is Jake, my sister's dog" Sandra said. "Look at that." Sandra pointed to Jake's cock that was barely protruding from it's sheath.

I explained to Sandra that that's nothing to worry about, but that dog's do that from time to time.Â

Sandra said, "No, it was bigger a minute ago and he was trying to push me down."

"You mean he was trying to rape you?"

"Kind of," she said and began to explain. "I was taking a shower and when I got done I came out here to grab some underwear. But when I bent over, Jake stuck his nose in my ass and licked me. I should've stopped him, but it felt so good that I just stood there bending over. Jake licked me again and again. It felt so good when his tongue would run across my clit that I was about to cum. I guess Jake sensed it and just licked faster and faster. I couldn't help it and I came more than I ever have."

My eyes were fixed on Sandra's as I was listening to her recount her story, but I could feel my panties starting to get wet from just thinking about it.

Sandra continued, "After I came, I came back to my senses and started to stand up. But that is when Jake jumped on my back trying to push me down. He had his front paws wrapped around my waist and his back legs were hopping around. I looked back and saw his cock completely out and stabbing at the air. That's when I ran to get you."

I didn't know what to say. I just sat there staring blankly and thinking about what had happened. I didn't realize it at first, but my hand was rubbing my crotch and it was soaking wet.

Sandra glanced down at my hand. "What are you doing?"  That's when I realized what I was doing and immediately tried to explain.Â

"I'm sorry," I said. "I just couldn't help myself."

"You mean that turned you on?" Sandra asked.

"I guess so," I said jokingly.

Our focus had been on our conversation so much that we didn't notice that Jake had moved in between my legs. I guess he could smell me.  And before I could do anything to prevent it, Jake licked my crotch. It sent a wave of ecstacy through me that I had never known before. And that was with my clothes still on.

Sandra saw what his lick did to me and said, "I know, it is amazing. You should see how it feels on your bare skin."

I don't know what got into me, but I was seriously wanting this. "Do you think it would be alright?" I could barely get the words out, but I wanted it so badly. I began pulling my shorts down right there in front of Sandra before she finished her answer.

"Sure," she said. I could tell she was getting turned on again, too.

With my shorts off, Jake wasted no time in burying his nose in my crotch. The first lick sent shivers down my spine. I can only remember leaning my head back and enjoying each and every lick.  Jake's tongue would just go deeper and deeper into my pussy searching for more of my juices. And with each stab, I came closer and closer to climax.

I wasn't paying attention to Sandra anymore, I was lost in my own dream. But I was soon awakened when I felt Sandra press her lips to mine.

"I'm sorry," she said, "but you just look so beautiful like this that I had to."

I reached up and pulled her closer to me and met her kiss with one of my own. Our tongues probing deeper and deeper exploring each others mouth.

I pulled away from Sandra and let out a scream, "I'm cumming!" My body lurched with every bolt sent from Jake's tongue. I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed Jake away.

As I sat up, I could see Jake's erection dangling from between his legs. "It looks like he's a little excited, too," I said to Sandra.

"I know how to take care of that,"Â she said with a wicked smile running across her face.Â

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Yum! Yum! How I Love Puppy Cum!

Spunk_Whore on Animal Stories

Good evening to all!

 My name is Charlotte. I would like to take this time to tell you all about the first time I was fucked by my wonderful Mastiff puppy - Rampage. 

  The whole wonderful event took place last Friday night. It was on this night that I found myself in a very unfamiliar situation –alone! As a wife and a mother of four wonderful kids, I very rarely have any nights all to myself. However, this night was the exception, all of my children had asked to spend the night with some of their friends and my husband was away for the week on a business trip. So, I decided to take advantage of a good situation and spend the night just relaxing.  


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r taking a nice long bath and toweling off, I decided that since no one was home, I would fore go my nightgown and spend the rest of the night just relaxing around my house completely nude. As I was making my way down stair to go watch TV in our living room, I received a text message from my husband. It simply stated, “Check your email!” Perplex, I turned on our computer, logged in to my email account and was pleasantly surprised as to what I found. My husband sent me a video of him getting sucked off by is business associate Jennifer. (Yes my husband and I are swingers) As I watched Jennifer suck on my husband’s cock and then complete swallow every ounce of his warm sticky cum, my completely exposed pussy became sopping wet!My husband knowing that I was alone tonight thought that he was torturing me by sending me this video. He thought that all I was going to be able to do was give my pussy or my ass a nice hard fuck with one of my dildos.

 For just one single moment he was right!!

 As I made my way back to my bedroom to get one of my dildos so I could fuck myself mercilessly, something caught my eye. It was Rampage, my Mastiff puppy! At that moment the thought hit me, why fuck myself with this limp dildo, when I could have a warm throbbing cock buried deep inside me – even if it was a puppy cock! At first I could not even believe I was thinking such a thought!  However as I continued to watch Rampage with that huge beautiful cock swinging between his legs my mind was made up. I quickly ran to my room, so I would not have any second thoughts, and jumped on my bed. Then as I sat in the center of my bed, I called out for Rampage.

 It took a minute, but he slowly made his way into my room. As he entered, I started to slap the bed and said “Come here sweetie.” Happily he replied. Rampage is still a small Mastiff; He stands about 20 inches off the ground and weighs 115 pounds. Once on the bed, I slowly started to pet Rampage, and as I did he relaxed and lay down on his side. It was at that moment, I fully saw Rampage’s beautiful cock and cum sacks. His cock must have been 14 inches long and at this time the only thing I saw was his cock’s sheath!

 As I continued to pet him my pussy got wetter and wetter as I anticipated how his wonderful cock would feel buried deep inside my pussy! While still petting Rampage, I slowly made my way down his belly, stopping just inches from his cock. At this time, I continued to rub his belly with my right hand but now my left hand was gently rubbing his two huge cum sacks. Slightly startled, Rampage tried to move. However I slightly applied a little pressure to his belly, preventing him from moving, and he quickly lay back down. By now, I had quit rubbing his belly and started to slowly stroke his wonderful cock, all the while still rubbing his cum sacks.

 OMG my pussy was so wet!!! The more I stroked his cock the wetter my pussy became! Finally his wonderful pink throbbing cock started to make its way out of its sheath. With my pussy lips quivering and sopping wet, I could no longer control myself. With Rampages cum sacks in one hand and me rubbing his belly with the other, I bent over and placed his exposed pink cock in my mouth! For a moment, I just let his wonderful cock pulsate in my mouth as I got use to this new experience! Once I was comfortable, I held nothing back.

 As Rampage lay on this back, I changed my position. I moved on top of him between his back legs and placed both of my hands on top his belly. Still with his pulsating cock in my mouth, I started to suck his wonderful puppy cock with all I had! OMG, it was wonderful feeling his massive cock slide in and out of my mouth. The harder I sucked his dick, the harder he thrust it in and out of my mouth. I was completely in heaven! This sucking and thrusting action lasted for almost ten minutes, with every minute getting more intense than the last. Then it happened! As I was sucking Rampages massive cock, I felt his rear legs quiver. With one last huge thrust, Rampage’s cock exploded in my mouth!

 I have never had so much cum in my mouth at one time before. I could not swallow it fast enough!! He blew so much cum into my mouth, with such force; it came exploding out of the corners of my lips. As I swallowed the remaining cum that I had in my mouth, I was surprised at how wonderful his warm puppy cum tasted!  Not wanting to waste any of his wonderful cum, I started to lick what escaped from my mouth, off his fur. Being Bi-Sexual and loving to lick and suck pussy, his fur did not bother me at all!

 By now my pussy was swollen, sopping wet and quivering uncontrollably. I got off of Rampage and lay down on my back. With my legs spread wide, I slowly guided Rampages head and mouth to my exposed gapping pussy! Without skipping a beat, Rampage savagely started to lick my warm wanting cunt! Within seconds I screamed uncontrollably as my pussy exploded as I came! Rampage never once stopped! He continued to mercilessly lick my now throbbing cunt! Wanting more, I arched my back, now exposing both my bare pussy and asshole to Rampage! Once again Rampage knew exactly what I wanted, and like the good obedient puppy he is he gave me just what I wanted. With long sweeping strokes, Rampage licked me from my asshole all the way to my swollen pussy clit. Stroke after stroke the pressure grew. Then after three to four minute of his wonderful tongue ravishing my ass and my cunt, I once again came all in his mouth. This time I also covered the bed with my cum. So once he finished cleaning me off, he started to lick my cum off the bed.

 This gave me just enough time to get into my final position! While Rampage finished licking my cum off the bed, I flipped over and got on all fours, with my cunt and ass shoved right into Rampages face. By now his massive cock was hanging six to eight inches out of its sheath.  Seeing my pulsating pussy, Rampage sniffed around it for awhile, for he was not really sure as to what to do with it now! While he continued to sniff around my pussy, I reached between my widely spread legs and started to rub my clit. Rampage watched me for a few moments, and then he turned away from me! Just as I was about to move because I thought he lost interest in me, Rampage mounted me with a force unlike I have ever felt before. In an instant, I had all of Rampage’s massive fourteen inch throbbing cock buried in my pussy!

 The pain was unlike any I have felt before. Not even childbirth hurt this bad! It was at this moment I thought I had really fucked up by letting Rampage fuck me. I tried to move out from under him but he pinned me down. I was totally at his mercy! Thrust after thrust my cunt was stretched farther than it had ever been stretched before. I could feel his massive cock pressing hard against the inside of my torn bleeding cunt! As I looked between my legs, I seen a massive bulge appear right above my belly button, every time he thrust his cock inside of me! The pain was almost unbearable! I kept telling myself that this would soon be over; I only had to hold out until he blew his cum into my pussy. Then he would get off me. I was wrong!

 After five long minutes of Rampage destroying my cunt, he blew another huge cum load deep inside me! I thought to myself, thank god this was over. However he did not stop. He kept on fucking my devastated pussy. Now he was fucking me harder than before! I knew that I could not escape, so I just relaxed and tried to enjoy it the best I could!

 Another five minutes pasted and now my torn pussy was feeling better, and I WAS starting to enjoy having this massive cock thrust in and out of me! So I decided to start fucking Rampage back! Now every time he thrust is cock into me, I in return thrust my pussy onto his cock! Thrust after thrust I shoved my cunt onto his cock, screaming with delight. Thirty minutes passed as I continued to return thrust for thrust! THEN……………..Rampage exploded once again deep inside my pussy, filling my pussy cavity completely with his cum! Fifteen massive explosions of cum he deposited in me!


 Then like the bitch I was to him, he left me alone! He cleaned my pussy juices off his cock and went into the living room to lie down. All the while my body was shaking from head to toe as I tried to recover from the massive fuck I just received!

 The rest of the night all I could do was just lie in my bed. I took six full hours for me to recover, but I loved every minute of it! Since that Friday night, I have been fucked three other times by Rampage; with the most recent being tonight. However tonight I video tape me getting fucked by Rampage. I wonder how my husband will react when he reads his emails tomorrow!!!!! 

I’ll let you all know soon…………


Love to all,



P.S.  Don’t tell my husband, I love the taste of Rampage’s cum a whole lot more than his!!!

Mia's First Doggie

Miastwodogs on Animal Stories

My first time with a dog began when I was 17.

My neighbor Dave had ask me to feed his dog while he was on a week long vacation. I really liked his dog Ruppert anyway. He was a large Bull Mastiff and Lab mix brown almost chocolate brown in color.
He was a very fun dog, but sometime's put his nose in my crotch.
I agreed and dave gsve me the key to his house and told me where to find Ruppert's food, treats, and leash.
The first night after dave had been gone for several hours I went and unlocked the door and proceeded to feed Ruppert. I then took him for a walk to let him do his thing. When we returned I gave him his treat and we played around wrestling in the family room. As we were wrestling Ruppert kept putting his nose in my crotch and sniffing. I pussed him away
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anf told him he was a bad dog. He just looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and went over to the couch to lay down. I noticed that he had started licking his doggy cock.
I saw that there was about two inches of red meat showing from his sheath. I went to the couch and started petting his head. I also looked at his doggy cock getting bigger. I was curious now and reached down to touch it. It was very hot in my hand. I fondled his hairy balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. He was huge by now. I got frightened and stopped and went home. I went to bed that night thinking about that huge cock. My cunny was getting really wet and I put my hand in my panties and made myself cum. This was only the second time in my life that I had cum. I went to sleep with a smile on my face thinking of Ruppert.

The next morning I went over to feed and walk him again at around 11:00 am. When we returned we wrestled again and Ruppert kept going for my crotch. I told him to stop and he looked at me with a curious why look. I then saw his cock hanging down out of it's sheath about 4" this time. Then I remember my orgasm. I wasreally curious now. So I took him to the couch and rolled him on his back.
Then I reached down and touched that hot poker again. It felt so hot and big. I stroked his cock and balls like I was doing the night before and he kept getting even bigger about 8" by now. I was getting really horny too! I wondered how it would feel in my mouth
and leaned down and licked the head. It was salty tasting but not repulsive at all. Ruppert start humping up toward my face so I took some of it in my mouth. He start humping my mouth and I started playing with myself as I sucked on his cock. His pre cum tasted really salty, but I liked it. I was really getting horny now and so was Ruppert. I got up and took of my very wet summer shorts and my tank top. Ruppert got off the couch and started licking my cunny. God did he make me hot. I was about to cum when Ruppert decided to knock me on the couch face first. I was shocked, but very horny. He tried to mount be from behind, but his cock was poking me all over the place and he hit my ass hole. I was really scared then, so I reached between my legs and grabbed hold of his cock and guided it to my cunny that was now dripping wet with anticipation. He finally found hi mark. He thrust into me with one hard thrust and broke through. It felt great and so fucking hot. He start fucking me faster and then I felt my hymen break. I could smell the blood that was running down my legs as I was sprawled over the couch cushions. He started pistoning into my cunny with lost abandon. I was feeling faint, but he kept hamming my now sore cunny. I finally relaxed and let him fuck me, then I felt something even bigger at my opening and it slipped in. I almost fainted right then, but the hammering was really turning me on as his balls were now slapping my clit with each furious thrust. I was cumming again and again. Then I felt his cock explode inside of my womb. Gush after gush of his hot semen thrust into my womb, and me having multiple orgasms one after another. He finally calmed down and tried to pull out of me, but he was stuck. I told him to stop but he turned around and tried to walk away still inside my tight cunny. God it hurt. He dragged me into the middle of the room and turned his head back to lick  at my cunny as he was pulling. This went on for about twenty minutes and I was cumming over and over as he licked. Finally it popped out with huge gush of air and his cum flowing out of me, but we were free again. Ruppert licked himself clean and then came over and cleaned me as I was so exhausted and lay limp on the floor. we both feel asleep on the floor right where we were. I woke up at about 6:00 pm with Ruppert nudging and licking my cunny again. His tounge felt good on my now swollen cunny lips. He was making me cum with his tongue. I then realized that my parents would be wondering where I was. I got up and kissed Ruppert's cock as it was dangling from it sheath and told him he was a good dog. Then fed him a steak I found in the fridge. I petted him and hugged him and told him i wold be back in the morning.
I went home and snuck into the shower before my parents saw how beshevled I was. As I showed I put my fingers in my cunny and realized that Rupert had Stetched my cunny wide enough for me to get my fist into my cunny.I finished showering and went and put on my PJ's and a summer robe. I had dinner with my parents and they asked me where I had been all day. I told them that my freind Amy and I took Ruppert to the park and we chatted all day. I told them that we planned on doing this everyday  or the rest of the week.
When I went to bed I was sore, but I was smiling to myself thinking of Ruppert and that magnificent COCK! I slept like a baby.

I woke early and returned to Dave's place again with wonton anticipation as to how ruppert and I were going to fuck the day away. We had several session's that day and all that week.
We has fucked in several ways. One with Ruppert on his back on the floor and him fucking him with wild abandon. I sucked his cock several times through out the week and loved the taste of his hot sperm and the feel of it in my tummy.

 Dave returned as planned and paid me and ask how ruppert and I got along. I told him we had lots of fun and kissed Ruppert on the forehead and started to leave, but Ruppert whinned and made me turn and pet and kiss his head again. I whispered in his ear that we would do it all again someday.

A few days later Dave invited me over for a visit with Ruppert.
Ruppert kept nuzzling my cunny and Dave said that he sure has a thing for you. I turned red and sadi yes, I guess so. Dave said no I mean he really loves you, and I think you know what I mean as he held up a DVD and a small computer camera. I was really embaressed now. Dave said no need to be embarassed because I have it all right here on this DVD.

He black mailed me and now I do Dave and Ruppert at least once a week. I have turned into such a slut that dave is now bringing freinds and their dogs into the action. I love having my snatch fucked and ate by both man and BEAST!


Bruno and I get Mom

sugaray on Animal Stories

This episode happened a few years ago when I was 15.  I was seated in the living room, on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons.  My mom yelled from the bathroom upstairs, telling me that she was going to take a bath; and since Dad wasn't home (he was out playing golf all day) she could take all the time that she liked.  You see, Dad didn't like for us to use alot of water.  He thought it was a big waste, and he thought that we needed to conserve the water that we had.  I guess it was just his way of being anal about something.  So, with Dad gone, Mom could use as much water as she wanted without someone yelling for her to turn the water off.

I could hear Mom running water from time to time, and I know that she felt like she was in heaven.  After Mom h

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ad been in the bathtub for about 30 minutes, our dog, Bruno (who was a rather large german shepherd) came plodding into the living room with his tail wagging.

I spoke to him, "What are you up to, boy?"  He just wagged his tail and gave me a little bark.  Suddenly, Bruno's ears perked up as he heard mom splashing upstairs.  I guess he decided that he was going to see what was going on up there, as he ran up the stairs.  About one minute later I heard mom yelling at Bruno.  I just sat there in the living room and paying them both no mind.  But, Mom's voice got louder and louder, so I thought I had better go and see what was causing all the fuss.

As I got to the entrance to the bathroom door, the site before me was one to behold.  There was my mom laying on the bathroom floor with her legs sprawled out in front of her.  I had never thought of my mother in a sexual manner- until that moment.  As I stood there, I took in her entire body, which had some remarkable dimensions.  I had never really noticed her breasts before, but they were huge; both tits were hanging down, and almost laying on her upper stomach.  Her pussy was gaped open and wet from the bath water- and then there was her butt, which was really big, just as I liked them.  As I stood and took in her entire body, my cock began to awaken from its dormant stage.

As I began to ccome out of my daze, I realized that she was yelling at me.  "Ray(that's me), what are we going to do?  RAY!!!" 

"Oh, what Mom?"

"I said, what are we going to do?  Bruno won't let me get up from here.  Each time that I try to get up, he growls and acts like he is going to bite me."

"What happened, anyway?" I asked her.

"I was finishing up my bath and I was getting out of the tub, when I slipped and fell on my butt on the floor.  Immediately, Bruno came over to me and began sniffing my crotch and tried to lick my private area.  Of course, I yelled at him to go away, but he wouldn't.  He was determined to continue his assault.  I must have made him angry, because he will not let me get up."

"Here, let me help you up", I responded.  As I reached down to try to help Mom get up, Bruno lunged at me as if he was going to eat me up.  In fact, he scraped his sharp teeth on my arm..

I stood there and tried to think of some  way out, and finally something that my biology teacher told me came to my mind.  He said that many times if a male animal thinks that his female counterpart is tempting him with sex and then changes her mind, he will not give up until she gives in.  I knew that this was not what my mom wanted to hear, but I knew I had to tell her.

"Well, what are we going to do"? she asked again.

I then proceeded to tell her what I had remembered.

"There ain't no way in hell that I am going to let that dog fuck me.  No way in hell!!!  That's disgusting!!!

"Well, it's your choice", I answered.  "You can just lay there until dad comes home and listen to him yell at you about using too much water- and tell you that if you had taken a shorter bath, Bruno would not have been up here."

"Shit!!  I don't guess I have much choice, do I?  I sure don't want to listen to his mouth all night.  How is this done?  I just need this to go by very quickly, and never tell anyone what happens here next.  I can't believe that I'm going through with this."

"I think you have to roll over very slowly and get on your hands and knees, so he can take you from behind."

"I can't believe this!!!!  SHIT!!", mom said.

Mom slowly rolled over and got on all fours, as bruno got on her back and wrapped his front paws around her stomach.  He then started humping like there was no tomorrow.  I could tell that, at first, bruno was having trouble hitting the honey pot, but when he did hit her pussy just right, he humped even faster.

Mom started yelling, "Damn!!! he's too big for me- he is going to rip me apart.  GOD!! he's hurting me.  OOHHH NNOO!!"

But, slowly, you could tell that mom was starting to get into this act.  She stopped yelling that it was hurting her, and she began moaning with pleasure.

"OH YEAH!!!  MMMMM  YEAH!! OH, you feel so good.  OOHHHHHHH I'm going to cum.  OH Bruno!!!!!"  You could tell that bruno was shooting his cum up into mom"s soaked pussy, by the fact that his sperm was running out of mom's cunt.

When bruno had finished fucking my mom, he got off her and ran downstairs, wagging his tail.  "Please, don't ever tell anyone what just happened here", mom asked.

I stood there in front of her, as I helped her up, and began stroking my erect 8 incher.

"What do you think you are going to do with that thing," mom asked me.

"I'm going to fuck you with it."

"Oh no, you're not.  You are my son, and I'm not going to commit incest with you.  That is just plain wrong. Move out of my way way so I can get cleaned up," mom spoke up.

I grabbed mom by the arm and pulled her into her bedroom.  I threw her down on the bed and I immediately got on top of her and started sucking on her big tits.  Mom tried, at first, to pull away, but that didn't last very long as I moved my mouth down to her dog-soaked cunt.  I kept flicking my tongue against her swollen clit, as she began to moan.  I knew that I had her, then.  She began pushing her pussy up to my face as I kept licking her cunt.

"OH, Baby- please fuck me!!  You have gotten me so hot that I can't stand it any longer.  I want your big fat cock inside my willing pussy.  I want you to shoot off inside me, and make me cum."

As mom was saying this, I began pumping my dick inside her as far as I could get.  I kept pounding her ass with my cock, until I heard her scream- "DAMN Baby FFUUUUCCKKK MMYY FFATT Pussy.  FFUUCKK my cunt.  God, you are driving me crazy!!!!  Here I go.  Shit!!!"

Mom's entire body began to shake and tremble as she orgasmed against my pounding member.  As we both climaxed, mom said, "I have to have more of that- I never knew what I was missing all these years.

Needless to say, both me and bruno fucked mom many times after that.


A Dog's Tale

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     This story is true.  I have always been an animal lover and admired their simple, trusting nature.  I grew up always with a dog in my family.  At times as a young girl, I explored them a little by playing with their penis and balls.  I would stroke a dog’s penis to see him get hard and then pull back the protective skin to look at what he had beyond the tip.  But as I grew older I never explored any more than that.  Now, I am a single mother of two children and I don’t have much time for anything else.  We have a female Labrador Retriever, Missy, and a cat, Thomas.


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an>At the time that this happened, Missy was in heat.  I live in the country and work not far from home.  There are not many other dogs around us and we have a fence around our yard.  I don’t worry about other dogs when Missy is in heat because I secure her in a dog run and with the fence around the yard I figure there isn’t much to worry about.  But during this time I noticed a big Bull Mastif from up the road a ways making the journey down to visit with Missy.  Though Missy would whine when he came around there wasn’t anything either of them could do, the fences did their job.

     One day while the kids were at school and I had a day off, I was standing at the kitchen window when I saw Bull come down along the fence.  Missy started whining and he started dancing around.  He wanted to get at Missy and his big dog dick caught my attention.  He was huge to begin with, but this time the tip of his dick was hanging out and I felt aroused.  He was swinging back and forth as he trotted along the fence and my eyes were watching him intently.  I stopped what I was doing to admire his big dick.

     Eventually he stopped his prancing and put his paws on top of the fence, and with that he was over the top easily.  Now he was in my yard and going towards the dog run where Missy was.  The fence around the yard is only four feet high, but the dog run is a full six feet.  He greeted Missy and then put his paws up on the fence but was not able to reach the top. 

     I decided that since it was a hot day and that I didn’t have to worry about him getting at Missy I would take a bowl of water out to him.  So, I took a bowl out onto the back porch and sat down on the bottom step with the water at my feet.  I called him and he came trotting over with his head down.  He came up to the water bowl and drank it thirstily while I petted him on his head.  He was so docile and gentle and yet such a big dog.

     He allowed me to pet him while he drank and when he was finished he sat down in front of me enjoying my company.  I was sitting on the next to the last step and yet he was still looking me in my eyes as he sat on the ground.  I am not a big person, only 5’4” tall and 120 pounds so this dog easily dwarfed me as we sat there.  I looked down at his tool still hanging there and wanted to feel it so I moved down to the last step and reached between his front paws and cupped his penis in my hand.  He adjusted his position a little and settled down quickly.

      His head hung over my shoulder as I reached touched his big dick and cupped it in my little hand.  It easily filled my palm and I was not able to wrap my fingers all the way around it.  This was indeed a tool!  I felt the warmth inside of me as I was growing more excited than curious.  I stroked his dick and rubbed his balls and he shifted his position again making it easier for me to continue playing with him.  In just a little while he lay on the ground in front of me and rolled to his back, giving me full access to his pleasure.  It was obvious that he was enjoying this as much as I was.  I talked to him as I stroked his massive cock and rolled his balls with my palm.  He was definitely becoming my friend as he stayed there and panted.

     In the meantime my excitement was growing and I decided I wanted to play with this Bull more.  I took up the water bowl and easily coaxed him to follow me inside the house.  Once inside I closed the door and led him into the kitchen where I put the water bowl down.  He took a few more laps of water and then sat down and looked at me.  I talked to him as I moved the water bowl and sat on the floor in front of him.  I took his tool into my hand again.  He lay down on his side and lifted his leg almost immediately.  I took this as a sure sign that I had gained his trust and lay on my side facing him; my feet in the direction of his head, and concentrated even more on masturbating him.  He was obviously enjoying this as much as I was.

     I studied his doghood and began pulling back his skin to expose as much of him as I could.  He was huge, even without his skin around his penis, I could not get my hand quite around him.    I felt brave and began to take off my shorts as I continued to play with his dick.  He raised his head and watched me take off my shorts and panties.  I felt wet and knew that he would be able to smell my heat now that it was exposed.  He nosed towards my legs and I moved closer to him, placing not just my cunt near his nose, but since he was such a big dog I had to move my whole body closer.  He began to sniff me and press his muzzle against my cunt.  He slowly licked me and I felt the coarseness of his tongue pull against my pussy.  I stopped stroking him and removed my top and my bra.  I moved closer to Bull and now had my breasts up against him as he nuzzled my snatch and tasted me.  He licked slowly, stopping occasionally to lick his nose and to look at what I was doing.  When he licked me he began to push his tongue into me and I felt warmth going up my body.  I was hot and I was horny and I wanted more.  I had never done this before but I now knew I liked it very much.  His tongue was excellent and he took his time.

     I began to stroke him without his skin over him and he raised his leg even higher.  With the excitement of this forbidden act and the pleasure from his tongue I was breathing heavily.  I couldn’t help myself anymore.  I was lost in the act.  I was finding it more difficult to stroke him as he wasn’t as wet as I was.  I had stopped using his skin to cover him and pumped his bare dick with my bare hand.  Anyways he was not going to fit into his skin now that his dick was extended and in my hands.  I was not sure what it was going to be like but I wanted to put him into my mouth and wet him with my saliva.  I moved my face closer to his dick, pulling my snatch from his tongue.  I put my tongue on it at first, feeling it and tasting it for the same time.  It was not bad, a little strange to feel, but the taste wasn’t something that I would pull away from, so I licked him.  It was definitely alright.  I wasn’t going to gag on it because of the taste but if I did it would be because of the size.  I licked him some more and spit on him to make stroking him easier.  He began to tense up with this but I was not going to stop now.  I stuck my tongue out and wagged his dick back and forth quickly across it.  He liked this very much and grunted a little as I was now more aggressively handling his tool.  I then got brave enough and put my lips over the head of his dick.  I added more spit as I did this and began running my lips just over the head of his dick.  He liked this a lot and began thrusting his hinds causing his dick to push into my mouth.  At first I wasn’t ready for this and pulled back.  Then I went back to making him feel good and took him into my mouth.  He again began thrusting but I moved my head with his rhythm so as not to choke.  He was enormous and easily filled my mouth.  A hard ball was on his dick and my hand would run over it as he pumped into my mouth.  I was afraid he would cum and pulled my mouth off of him and pushed myself away from him.  I rolled onto my back, naked, breathing heavily.

     I needed to catch my breath but Bull was now intent on getting his.  He got up and immediately put his nose into my snatch.  I opened my legs to give him easy access and he began to lick me in earnest.  At first it was gentle, but then he began to push his tongue into me.  He was very eager.  He entered me with his tongue and then would drag it out and upwards, running it over my clitoris.  His tongue was huge and I was enjoying the heat of my body as Bull was causing me to have such pleasure.  Soon I climaxed, my orgasm sending shudders through my body.  My juices gushed out of my cunt causing Bull to lick even more.  I had never had such a powerful orgasm in my life!  The more Bull licked and pushed the more I exploded.  I could feel the floor beneath me was wet and I couldn’t stop cumming!  I tried to pull away from Bull but he continued to eat me like I was a big enormous dog treat. 

     I called to him, breathless, and he stopped and looked at me.  I talked to him some more and he listened.  I was out of breath and still shaking, the muscles of my body shuddering from the orgasm and the physical effects.  I reached up and began to pet Bull and he calmed down.  I looked at him and saw his dick still sticking way out there and pointing towards me.  I knew what I had to do.

     I reached over and pulled the bench from beside the kitchen table.  Pulling myself up I lay on my back and rested with my legs spread apart.  Bull knew I was his.  He moved forward and sniffed at my cunt and then without hesitation he moved forward.  He had no trouble straddling the bench and brought his tool against me.  He pressed forward and I felt his dick against my leg.  I spread my legs more and reached down and grabbed hold of him, guiding him against my hole.  He pushed against me with my hand holding the head of his penis at my opening.  He began to thrust with his hips and entered me.  I thought that I would split apart!  It burned a little but that soon passed.  He stopped thrusting for a second and he pushed forward some more, going deeper.  He pushed until he was all the way in me and then began his thrusting again, this time in earnest.  He was thrusting so deep into me that it caused me pain and pleasure that was as immense as his dick.  He still was not totally in me but was in as far as he could possible go.  My juices were flowing out of me and I felt the huge bulge in his dick against my cunt, pushing against me every time he would thrust.  I thought that I would burst open.  He continued to fuck me with the intent of ejaculating.  I knew he would soon.  My breathing was hard to control and I thought I would pass out.  I lifted up my legs and wrapped them around him in order to hang in position, my hands were holding the bench above my head to keep me from being pushed across the bench.  I felt him going in and out of me and fucking me as I had never been fucked.  I couldn’t control myself and I felt my orgasm returning more powerful than it was before.  I had lost all control over myself and I was screaming and moaning and cumming like a banshee!  All at once I felt it, at first it was not much, a warm flow beginning to fill me up and moving out from me.  Then he let loose with his orgasm!  He flooded me and it immediately spilled out from me as he continued pumping.  His cum was hot and filled me up.  I felt it all the way up inside of me and felt it flowing out of me.  He was spilling out of me and unto the floor.  He kept cumming and cumming.  It wouldn’t stop.  His powerful and quick thrusts now were shorter and slower but he continued to pump at me and fill me up.  I felt so much cum in me that my abdomen felt that it was bloated.  I didn’t care.  I was in such ecstasy and heat that I didn’t care.  I could barely breathe and had nearly passed out from Bull’s power and size.  He stopped his movement and just stayed there on top of me as he continued to pour out from around his own dick buried inside of me.  I felt his hot cum running from inside of me and down the crack of my ass onto the bench beneath me.  His thrusting had pushed me across the bench and my ass was now a full foot from the end where I had started.  His jism covered the bench beneath me and I lay in his cum with even more cum on the floor.  He was still flowing out of me even though he was finished with his orgasm and mine was starting to wane.  We both were panting heavily and he remained in position over me on the bench.  My breasts were pressed up against his chest and we were both breathing hard.  I took my arms and began to hug him and pet him.  My legs which didn’t stay around him were tired but I put them back around him and felt his dick still deep inside of me.  I was breathless but wanted to stay there laying in his cum and covered with it.

     Soon he began to back away, a little at a time, and I felt his dick sliding out of me inch by freaking inch until he was far enough out that the remaining cum that was stuffed in me pushed him out and gushed out of me onto the bench.  My cunt was throbbing now, my hole was wide open and my legs were stuck where they were, pulled up and out to the side.  I could feel my cunt still pulsating and his cum still running out of me.  Bull backed completely off of me and stood there panting heavily.  His dick hung down from under him, our juices dripping off the end of his dick.  He was antsy and obviously happy with what just occurred.  I was exhausted and still feeling lightheaded.  I had never had such powerful orgasms and wanted to stay in that ecstasy that I had just experience, drunk on such a wonderful sexual experience. 

     He had been so huge and I still took him inside of me.  He must have had a gallon of cum and I still wanted it in me.  I was sore and I was exhausted, but I thoroughly enjoyed this fuck.  I didn’t think that I could ever do this again, that it would take forever for me to get over the soreness that I felt.  I wanted it more but knew it would have to wait for another time.  I sat up and Bull came over to me.  I had his cum on my stomach almost to my breasts.  I had his cum all over my back, my ass, and my legs.  I was covered with his juices and sitting on the bench in it and with my feet on the floor in it.  I slowly got up and walked gingerly over to the door.  I called to Bull and opened the door.  He went out the door and stopped, looking back over his shoulder I thought that I saw him smiling and I smiled back.

     I closed the door and walked and half crawled back to the puddle on the floor.  I lay down beside it and ran my fingers through it.  I had found my pleasure.  Bull would be back another day.

A meeting of Minds

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A meeting of minds



He padded into the room, paused and glanced at the people that stared back at him with baleful looks. Three strangers, his mistress and a shadowy figure in an alcove who he couldn’t quite make out. His olfactory senses informed him of the charged atmosphere. Mingled with the familiar aroma of sex and pheromones were undertones of apprehension, even a li

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ttle fear. The perfumes worn by them did little to hide the musk of sweat and aroused glandular activity. His nose told him of these things and it never lied.


Two women sat on the red leather settee. A blond haired woman, dressed in some sort of loose gown printed in gaudy colours sat nearest the door. She it was who exuded the apprehension. Her discomfort was apparent in the tiny beads of sweat that broke out over her top lip. He sensed the heat of her body it wasn’t a healthy temperature.


The other woman was much younger, probably in her teens. Perfume masked most of her signature, but he was able to determine that she had recently ovulated, perhaps only finished this morning. Her hair looked grey to his monochromatic eyes and, like her hair, there was nothing remarkable about her to see.


The other stranger was nursing a drink with ice in a glass. He stood against the fake fire breast, feigning a look of nonchalance, but it was quite plain that he was also emotionally charged.


His mistress took hold of the collar around his neck and uttered something unintelligible while dragging him to the younger woman on the settee. He was stroked and petted by them both by way of introduction. The younger woman shifted forward a little, hiked up her skirt and exposed a smoothly shaved cunt. It was obvious by the way he was pulled, that he was to make his acquaintance rather more personal. He sniffed at her and gave her a little nudge with his nose. Predictably, she squealed in delight and almost deafened him by clamping her legs together, trapping him in her embrace. He was used to human contact, even in the sexual sense, but he didn’t know this woman and a little alarmed, he pulled back sharply. They soothed him and then brought him to the other, older woman.


Her touch when she petted him was electric. Something about her smell and the softness of her fingers aroused in him a deep longing and an immediate reaction from his sex. His nose drove straight into her mound and his tongue lashed out licking her exposed pussy from her anus to her clit. Her pleasure was quite evident in the copious amounts of fluid she secreted and her immediate moans of passion.


He shifted position slightly in order to get at her quim a little better. His tongue snaked out and hit pay dirt. She squealed like a stuck pig and sprayed his nose with her come. Dutifully, he cleaned her up and licked the mess off the red leather. She began to calm down and her breathing became regulated. His interest in her waned as she settled down. The younger of the two females had watched in fascination. Her fingers busy at her crotch while he had licked the other into a quick orgasm. It was to be her turn now. For the second time, he approached the younger of the two and gently probed her snatch with his nose. The olfactory senses confirmed that she had indeed just finished ovulating. It made for a heady aroma and he found himself getting quite excited by the prospect of shafting this one.


His tongue went to work and very quickly, she was moaning and writhing on the settee. Her juices made the leather slick and he couldn’t keep up with her copious amount of lubricating fluids. She reached down and pulled the hood of her clit up exposing her cunt to him and making the bud of her pleasure poke out. He hit it with a lascivious stroke of his tongue and she groaned her pleasure. A few more of these direct hits brought her to a shuddering and devastating climax. She pissed on him from her lack of self-control. He quite liked the warmth of her on his snout and redoubled his efforts to make her come.


Hands around his hips pulled him back and away from the young woman. He felt peeved at the intrusion but was soon back at her cunt after she had slithered to the floor and raised her knees. It wasn’t long before her shudders became uncontrollable and her head lashed from side to side in the throws of an almighty come. He was pulled back again from the quivering woman. He growled his annoyance, but his mistress’s hands brooked no nonsense.


His cock felt is if it was trying to leave his body. It had grown beyond his normal proportions and his knot was drying in the slight draught from the open window. He watched with interest as the young woman flipped over and layover a couple of cushions. The cushions raised her perky little pink rear into the air; inflamed pussy lips pouting between her inner thighs stared at him. This was a scenario he knew something about. His distended cock twitched and slapped the underside of his belly and a few droplets of pre-come leaked from him, forming dew drops on the pointed tip of his penis.


The mistress released her hold on his collar and pointed him in the right direction. It was an entirely unnecessary action, because he had already decided that he was going to spear this hairless cunt with the whole of his dick. He jumped onto her back, grasping the slim hips and began to hump her rear, trying to find the entrance to her slicked sex. Even in the position she had adopted, he found it almost impossible to centre his aim of attack. Help came from his Mistress’s hand; she grasped him gently between thumb and forefinger and guided his missile to its chosen silo.


He rammed the whole of his purple veined cock into her depths. She screamed but did not resist his initial thrusting instead, she raised her rear a little higher and made his entry into her a little less fraught with the danger of him bending his cock too much. The angle still wasn’t quite right, but it mattered not a whit to him as he pounded her pussy with his raging hard on. Someone grasped his hips again and effectively slowed him down from the frenetic humping he had been giving her. The hands controlled him, pulling and pushing alternately into a rhythm that he found to be very satisfactory. The main difference being that he was not going to just blast a load into her in the few seconds or so that it normally took for him to reach his orgasm. It also meant that, instead of burrowing into her and getting the usually deep jerky thrusts, his whole length slid in and out of her moist tunnel. It was altogether a much nicer feeling for him.


He fucked her for some time, feeling her muscles contracting and sucking him into her womanly depths. She felt quite cool inside to him to start off with, but soon the friction and passion raised her temperature to match his own. She writhed and squirmed while panting and moaning. Her body twitched while she reached climax after climax. She mouthed words that he could not understand, but took to be encouragement. The pace increased until he shot a load of his come into her mound. He dismounted and performed his duty in cleaning her of his semen. It had not been the most satisfying human fuck he had had. His Mistress was a quite small woman who rarely managed to get his knot inside her, but occasionally, she brought her friend over who was far more accommodating and always got him tied. Those were the times he really let go his wad.


The young girl got up and rushed from the room clutching her dress to her breasts. He could hear her crying as she ran, but didn’t know why and didn’t really care. He cleaned himself and prepared to settle down in a corner. The other occupants talked and drank while they waited for the girl to return. He didn’t understand what they were saying, but knew he was the topic from the glances directed at him.


Soon, the girl came back, smelling of soap and clean water. She had re-dressed and seamed to have calmed down.


The older of the two women called to him. He wasn’t sure if he should go to her and looked to his mistress for some sign. She clucked her tongue at him and nodded, he needed no other encouragement and approached the woman as she sat on the settee.


She stroked his head and tickled him behind his ears. The pleasure of her fingers was sending him into deliriums. It was a particular favourite of his to be fondled around his ears and took him back to his puppy days. Her fingers traced the muscles in his neck, kneading the fur of his hackles and causing shivers of pleasure to travel up and down his spine. This lady knew how to get him to respond and manipulated him with ease. She slipped off the settee and joined him on the floor. At some point, she had removed the printed gown and was now, completely naked. Her breasts brushed his ears as she reached to stroke his back and haunches. Her hard little nipples became harder still as they rubbed against the grain of his shorthaired fur. She was unshaven, something of a novelty to him. Both his mistress and her friend always kept their boxes clean. He turned into her embrace and quested her vagina with his nose.


They sorted positions out, with her on her back and he placed between her thighs. His nose picked up the heady aroma of her natural sweat and the exuded slick of her anticipation of sex. The combination of an animal smell of her and pheromones acted like an instant aphrodisiac to the dog. He licked and slurped at her while his cock twitched and slapped his belly and the floor simultaneously. This woman was hot. Her fingers drove into her cunt, pulling the lips and hood up and apart to allow him access to her inner folds and the swollen hub of her clit. He matched her increasing passion and paced himself with the furious rubbing she had started. In a few short minutes, he was rewarded with a torrent of beautifully aromatic woman come. He drank her in and swallowed as much as he could, gratefully feeling the tingle of it as her juices washed over his taste buds. She sat and grasped his head, forcing his snout to pass between the out folds of her cunt and into the very depths of her. Far from panicking and pulling away, he shoved his long nose further into her and was again rewarded with a golden shower of come.


His cock throbbed from wanting her and was now quite wet from the amount of pre-come that had escaped from him. She must have noticed, because she suddenly flipped over onto her knees and hands. He mistakenly thought she was getting prepared for him to mount her, but instead, she grabbed his aching cock and buried it in her throat and started to return the favour he had done for her. Her head bobbed up and down while she created little vacuums with her lips and tongue. He could feel his own fluids being sucked out of the end of his dick and her muscles move as she swallowed it. He tried not to hump. He tried very hard not to hump, because that was what his mistress had taught him. Being small, she could not handle him entering too far into her mouth, but he couldn’t maintain the discipline and automotive nervous reactions over-rode his training. He thrust forward and was gratified in feeling his cock slip past her tonsils. She seemed to want him to continue, she had grasped his haunches and was pulling him into her. He thrust with greater force and was humping her throat with his knot banging against her lips.


Neither of them could keep it up. He was on the verge of shoving his knot past her teeth and ejaculating into her mouth. She was fast becoming dizzy from lack of oxygen and her exertions. A mutual pattern had been realised between them, each seeming to know instinctively when to stop. A natural affinity was born where they could languish in the bond of sex and what was next and the line at which to quit.


He gave her the benefit of a few more laps at her cunt. It was almost like a relaxant, allowing them to calm down and step back from the precipice of final orgasm. Her pussy lips had swollen and become infused with blood just as his cock was now totally infused and ready to go.


She remaining in a kneeling position and presented her rear to him for inspection and his attention. He didn’t refuse her. The few minutes of lapping had worked and brought him back from the verge. He mounted her, but instead of furiously humping, as he normally would do, he used his recently learned technique and slowly and carefully, sought the entrance to her cunt. He needed no outside help this time. The point of his cock found the engaging entrance and, by shuffling forward between her parted knees, eased his length into the depths of the woman.


He fucked her slowly, feeling his cock slid into her, getting deeper each time. He felt the end nudge her cervix and then open the neck of her womb on the next slow thrust. Her body accepted the intrusion willingly and sucked hungrily at him. His momentum carried him further into the woman until his knot was stretching her outer lips. He thrust gently for a few more times, making sure of his aim and her readiness to accept him, then, when he was absolutely certain of his positioning, he gave one huge, powerful lunge.


Her cervix opened like a rose bud might and allowed him to pass into her very deepest places. His knot passed her lips and was engulfed inside her. He pulled back a little, but not enough to come out, then, slowly, he pushed forward again, lifting a leg and burying himself to the very depths. Her muscles clamped him and encircled the gap between his knot and balls, trapping him and making sure he was not going to get away. It was the signal to both of them that this was it. In one of those magical moments, when two beings are completely in tune, they thrust together. She pushed back on him while he drove himself into her cunt in a frenzy of mutual lust.


He grasped her neck between his teeth at the base of her spine where neck and skull join while she reached behind her and grabbed his legs. The combination of their respective acts took them to a natural, mutual climax. She shuddered and gushed her come while he gave one last final thrust and drove further than he had before. His hot semen flooded her body and mingled with her own juices. In unison, they sighed and relaxed. He was stuck firmly in her body and hardly had the strength left to support him self. She was little better, but managed to keep them upright.


After some ten minutes had passed he managed to withdraw. Her head hung in exhaustion, hair hanging limp and damp from sweat. Her pussy clenched as he vacated her, making a little sucking sound. Come dribbled from between her swollen and ravaged lips, which he quickly cleaned up, producing a shiver of reaction from her. Sated, they fell into a heap together, while the onlookers silently filed out of the room to leave them in peace. He had never had a fuck the like of that before. At the same time, her felt almost human and all canine. Almost human in the sense that he had made a connection with this woman and canine in the manner of which he had taken her. She had similar thoughts, but in reverse. She felt canine, a bitch in heat and belonging to this magnificent animal, a little human in the knowledge that she could engineer this meeting of kindred lustful soul in the future.


It would be hard for him to return to the half-hearted fucks he managed with his mistress. Having experienced this totally overwhelming event, nothing would ever satisfy him again like she did. On her part, she knew she would not be going home to her husband. She was going to make a bid for the dog and see if she could have him for herself for good and all.




My little Secret

Joytoy on Animal Stories

Our marriage had been fine fun and exciting in all ways and sex was never a worry we both had a hearty hunger for it in all ways. I had one secret, I kept to myself afraid he would freak if he found out. So I kept it to my self well me and my buddy.. You see buddy is a 6 year old husky. We have fun offend while hubby is at work.
  It started one day two years back. I was online looking through porn sites looking for something big, You see I love big cocks anything big to use. So while searching for monster size cocks, I pulled up a bestiality site. I was like wow, I can't believe this the more I looked the hornier I got. Started to play with my self and looking for more on a daily trend now.and then in time I got the idea to try it..I would Ã
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‚  lean back  on the chair and called my dog Buddy over and pushed his nose into my twat , Well buddy licked once and looked to me like yea what now... Well, he did not seem interested so I read up on it more and found if you put peanut butter there he would lick more. Yeah so out came the jar and my fingers started sliding it on my clit my lips my ass and inside I really enjoyed working it inside me. After that I called buddy over and let him lick it off my fingers, then guided him to my pussy again. Yes, he started licking like mad. the feeling of that long wet tongue drove me crazy it did not take long for me to find my first orgasm with buddy's hot full big tongue. I looked down and still not a hard on under the dog. I was like "what the ..." He moved and licked himself and his chops wiping up my cum from his tongue. I dangled my fingers into me over and over creaming them well and held it out to buddy he did lick it liking it is seemed anyway.
 It was then my hand reached under him and I started stroking him slowly at first then harder till that red tip started to show. Now I had his interest you bet I turned and parted my thighs sliding under him wrapping my mouth around the tip licking and sucking him. slowly his cock came out I was shocked to see how long and thick it was. Oh and yes he was leaking precum. I tried to get buddy to 69 me but he was not interested but he was humping my mouth. I sucked and stroked then suddenly after his whines started he humped and pumped a hot load into my mouth. Oh wow I half gagged and then half of it spilled from my lips down my tit's. You better believe I loved it. Buddy was done he went to his bed and licked himself off and then went to sleep which left me to lay there and smear his doggie cum all over me. I was so turned on I played with my self over and over. The next day I could not wait for I pulled out the peanut butter again buddy knew just what to do this time. He licked away at my pussy and make me come again right away ... Oh God feeling his tongue in my cunt sent me mad but he was licking harder even after I cam it seemed he was cleaning me off good. I looked down to grab him to stroke him to get him hard again and for another cum bath but he was already hard this time, and leaking streams of doggy precum oozing form his cock. "well you like this ha buddy?" I smile and looked around Making sure I locked the door before we started this again and lowering to the floor buddy rubbing his cock to my hand or where ever he could get it to hit. It seemed bigger today for some reason. well he started to hump my hand fast then I got the idea and got to my hands and knees I wanted it all.  I lifted my butt to him and pulled him to mount me. Right away he got the idea and started to hump but missing hitting my thigh, my bottom, every where but my hole. I
 Moved to adjust him in the right spot w while he humped like mad. His cock hit home right into me. God did it feel incredable.Buddy started panting and pumping away inside me. Boy was rocking to the dog moaning and about to cum feeling his doggy dick fucking me so darn good. I cried out" Oh yea Buddy fuck mommy...Fuck me good doggie.. Damn it feels so good don't stop" i started to cum widely my pussy clamped to his doggie dick feeling him stop and loading me with his full load of his hot cum, I cried out again" Gods yes fuck me doggie God I'm Fucking a dog. Fill my pussy with your doggie cum fill me!"
 I panted and felt all inside me sloshing around man did he cum a lot, I went to pull free but I was locked to him his knot had gone in fully and he pulled back it hurt I admit. While it felt good at the same time. the whole idea had me so turned on I got off again and loved it. It took 20 minutes till he could pull free from me ... now my secret was bout to be found out and one that I found out was even wilder them my own but that's for another time.


itsonlyfun on Animal Stories

 My friend at home.

 Yes I had the most exciting friend at home,it was our dog Rex. A real bossy sort of mutt that let my wife know that as partners we were the business. She loved but hated him. That mutt of yours thinks he's the boss when you're not here. He constantly plagues me for whatever food takes his fancy or keeping on until he takes me for a walk of his desire. The mutt can pull me in whatever direction he please's,we should have had one more suited to my small stature. Fucking mutt.


 That was the parting I got as I left for work on this bright sunny morning. I thought about this over the working period and had concluded she hadn

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't been all wrong,but then again she like myself never dreamed that that cuddly faced ball of fluffy kissing pup would grow to be a dog not far short of my petite wife's weight. This petite small breasted narrow waisted,smooth assed sex machine that fucked my brains out most days and was always willing to gobble the sperm from my aching blood engorged hardon. Fuck I loved that woman!

 Now approaching my front door. Home with a bunch of roses in hand,I looked forward to my next ravishing with expectations of a really hard 'head job' before a good fucking. How wrong can a man be! I keyed the door and in split seconds entered the lounge. My wife scrambling back up onto the settee, - looking guilty as hell,windswept hair,a hot looking flushed face and lacking any form of footwear. "Where the hell did you come from? Its too early for you already!" - She looked at the clock. - It was,I'd headed off to get flowers for a surprise,I uttered,placing the bunch of roses on the table. - "You certainly achieved that then" - "No problem,what's been going on,you look all hot and flustered" - Then came the usual reply when speaking of our mutt.

 "Its that dog of yours look at me,I look like he's just dragged me through a hedge backwards,and he damn nearly did,all because he saw a she dog he fancied,my shoes are ruined,just look outside they're all muddy,blinking mutt,he aught to be nutured,damn thing" - I smiled. - "Its alright for you to stand there grinning,that fucker can do no wrong in your eyes,can he?" - "No wrong? From where I'm standing he could do a lot of right I reckon" - "What're you talking about,you idiot,there you go protecting your damn dog again" - "No,don't you see what I see? There's just no damn justice in this world. Why the hell couldn't men be given one like that,now that's what you call a cock,just look at it size and that colour. Just look at all those thick veins along it,like wrestlers forearm and to top it all not only has it got a bone up the inside,but the end looks like a lopsided volcano with clear lava pouring from it"

 "You filthy pig,made a big study have we? When did you see that so close up?" - "NO WOMAN. I'm talking right now, - Rex was stood with a massive hardon hanging from his loins as precum dripped from the said volcano shaped end. - He never brought that all the way back from the field,that's become him far nearer home I'd say" - "You filthy pig,you can't say things like that about me, - Bending forward and taking in the site under Rex's belly,clearly to hide the look of guilt on her still flushed face. - I never even noticed that huge thing hanging there like a big drooping flagpole. Anyway,why is his balls out of the furry part,has his walk ruptured him or something?" - "No,that's his knot" - "Knot,yeah,I 'spose it does look like a knot in a rope in a way. Why've he got a knot then?" - "He uses it like a butt plug" - "What's that?" - "OH! Never mind,its a way of making it stay inside the bitch to give his semen the best chance of impregnation" - "Oh it helps him fuck her! I see!"

 "Like I said,dogs have all the luck,there's us meer mortals got a piece of flesh the same colour as the rest of our skin while dumb mutts rush about making our women all horny when they see a huge dogs cock all coloured up ready for them" - "I can't believe you just said that,that's really filthy. You said that just now as well,do you think like that all the time?" - "Come on admit it,I bet that over long look you just had, - Oh look! He's put it away now,missed your chance then then! - made your knickers all wet" - "Ah see,you're so wrong,see, - she flipped her skirt,a naked belly came in view, - see,none is there,that idiot made me all muddy right up to there,its a wonder I didn't fall completely over and would have if I hadn't let go the lead" - Now glaring at Rex. "Idiot! Idiot you are" - Rex true to form took absolutely no notice what so ever as he licked precum from the end of his three inches of protruding pink cock.

 "See,just like you,takes absolutely no notice of what I say" - I pick up the roses, "See that's so unfair,I've been thinking all day about what you said this morning and this proves it" - I offered her them and offered my mouth up to a kiss, a very sensuous kiss. Was that tangy flavour Rex's? - About to mention this,I got interupted by a hand squeezing my cock, "Come on you,up stairs before you say something you'll regret" - I clung close as I smoothed her ass cheeks while following her to my sexual doom. Ha! Ha!

 That pussy? It was wet but only tasted of her love juice that I knew so well. I concluded Rex hadn't beaten me to this pussy. This thought had my hardon rampant as I quickly poked up inside of my wife's quim. "No sucking for poor little wifey you rampant beast?" All was lost in seconds as our orgasms mingled in an explosive surge of bodily fluids. - I lay on top of her with my cock soaking up the luscious mess. - "Pull the curtains,I want it to be darker" - Pulling out from her sexy body,I made to pull the curtains with my penis half hard and sticky. She quietly murmured, "It is rather plain looking when you compare them I suppose,but god it didn't half make me cum just then"

 I climbed back on the bed and lay alongside her as she in turn pulled just a sheet over us. We lay quietly for awhile then snuggling into me she murmured, "You awake?" - "Yeah,all too early for bed,its still light out there" - "Yeah,I know,that's why I wanted the curtains pulled. Its embarrassing me" - I said nothing waiting for a confession. I knew one was coming because I'd had the same curtain thing on a few other confessions of what she'd been up too.

 "That thing just now,you know when you came in on me" - "Yeah" - I knew she needed no contribution from me,just an ocassional prompt. - "Well,I wasn't doing anything really. Well that is,not anything bad,well not really bad that is" - I wait, - "Its,well just a little thing really" - By now my heart is in overdrive and my cocks throbbing again fit to pop. - A hand tracks across to this hardon of mine and grips it, squeezing and releasing the pressure. - "I didn't intend to,but that Rex made me" - A pause, - "He lay there looking at me having showed me that great pink thing of his when we were out the field and he made me feel all embarrassed when it hung out as I came across from the brook as though I'd been hiding there and you know playing with it. I told him he was a bastard trying to make people think I'd been playing with it"

 The squeezing increased in intensity,I had the feeling it was getting her hot all this talk about dog play,so put my hand between her legs and sure enough she responded by pressing her pussy at my hand. - "He's such a bastard,that dog. When we came back,like I say he lay looking at me and watched as I took my pants off because of the mud,he even watched as I wiped mud from my thighs with a damp towel. I ignored him mind but after I sat a while I found I kept being drawn to his,you know! His sheath and then I touched it with my foot,you know,only smoothing it with my big toe until he poked a pink bit out a bit and made me press it more between my big toe and the next one"

 "Know what he did then? He made more of it come out and made it go all fat between my toe's so fat that it made my toe's pop away from it because it was all hot and slippery" - I felt my cock getting near to an orgasm, - "Only feel me slowly,or you'll make my pussy cum again and I want to finish telling you before that or I'll be all embarrassed again and wont be able too" - I eased up, - "So as I was saying,know what he did then,he stood up and put his head up my skirt and touched me with his hot tongue,the dirty dog,I told him no! I pushed his nose away even,but he pushed back until I put my hand under his tummy and found it again and started doing what I'm doing to yours" - I shot off all over her hand, - "Yeah,that's what he done! That's when you caught me clambering back up from looking under him to see all his sperm spurting out. I'd just had a touch with my finger and tasted it and put my mouth by it like I do yours and in you came"

 She remained quiet,then jerked her ass as she orgasmed, Mumbling, "God his cock was so hot and his spunk shot at my face still as I tried to touch it with my tongue but he was jerking so much I couldn't suck it like yours,stupid dog. That's when I scrambled up when you came in" - Her head disappeared under the sheet and her mouth wrapped around my cock and started using it as an ice cream. "Like it?" - "Of course,you know I do,but its driving me mad my knobs so touchy" - "NO! I meant,did you like it,that I admitted how filthy I'd got with your mate down there?"

 Warily I sounded her out. - "If I hadn't come in when I did,would you have?" - "You mean, would I have let him? No course not,he's not a man!" - "Christ,are you saying that if he had been you would have?" - "Don't be daft,course not,what I mean is, I never got that in my mind,I was just experimenting" - "Do you think you might experiment again with me watching you?" - "OH! Course not,you're my husband,I'd be embarrassed doing it in front of you" - "Damn,I'd love to see his cock getting what I've just had and I'd even like to see you do it with him" - "That's revolting,I only told you because I was afraid you wouldn't love me if you found out some way" - "No,don't be like that I found it a real turn on" - "What me and the dog. I can't believe you,you dirty fucker"

 "No,I'm not its just that we have a like feeling,if you hadn't you wouldn't have done it to him and anyway,its not like another bloke doing you,he can't sort of say he loves you and both of you getting all lovey dovey and involved,its a form of sex tool,you know like a dildo. But hot alive and capable of shooting sperm like my own is" - "Putting it like that makes it sound alright,you mean you'd let me do it with Rex because there's no threat to our love just lust so I can if I want,but I'm not sure about you seeing me do any of it" - We left it there and I climbed back on to a very sticky quim and fucked it to a further orgasm,then we slept. The night had gone anyway and our escapade had taken us into darkness.

 I left her with a cheerful. "Happy dog fucking" - To which I received a kiss and a reprimand. "Don't you dare say that in the daylight,you know I said it makes me all embarrassed and makes me feel guilty as well" Also a squeezed ass cheek, "Hurry home mind" - I parted with the comment, - "You wouldn't feel guilty doing it,if I was there when you do it" - "Bastard,fuck off you"

 More later!


My first time

vixiexynne on Animal Stories

My name is Emma Raddison. I'm 17 years old, and I've only recently lost my virginity.

Now - before I get to the juicy details, I should fill you in on a few important pieces of information. I live with my mother and father on a small farm in the midwest. It's nothing incredibly special - a little livestock is all we care for really. It's just so much cleaner and purer out here than it is in the cities.

I've been told I'm attractive. I have bright red, curly hair, green eyes, and a very nice figure. I'm tall and slender, with an hourglass figure and nice c-cup breasts. I wish I was just a little bigger, but no one is perfect. I've dated a few boys throughout my time in the public school, but no one really made me happy.

My favorite thing to do is run. I'm on the track t

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eam, and I'm one of the best athletes there. Every morning, I run from the front door of my house to as far as I can go. I run sometimes for two or three miles - towards the edge of the old forest in the north. I run in the early morning, take a break out by the stream, or at the top of a hill, or in the serene calm of an empty field, and then run back home after a short while.

This one particular morning, I woke up and got on my running clothes. I stepped onto the porch to put my shoes on, when the sound of barking alerted me to my dog - Donavin.

Don was a lab/retreiver mix. He wasn't the smartest dog, but he was the sweetest thing on four paws. He didn't do much on the farm, as our sheep were herded by the border collies, but my dad liked to use him when he went duck hunting. He was a beautiful dog - and as I said, incredibly sweet.

So I walked to the dog's pen and tapped on the chain fence. With his typical leaping gait, he ran to the fence and started to wag. He didn't quite wag his tail so much as wag his entire backside. I thought it was adorable. "Hey there Donny-puppy. What's the matter?" I asked. The dog's simple mindedness not really able to explain, so he just stood there, panting away.

"Want to join me on my run?" I moved to the gate and opened it carefully, keeping a quick eye on the dog, to make sure he didn't go tearing off into nowhere. Like the good dog he was, he scooted out and sat down by my side. I quickly went to the front door, opened it, and took out his collar and leash. I snapped the collar around his neck, and attached the leash to it. "Okay - think you can keep up?" I questioned the dog, before I headed out.

I ran - the dog kept up close to me. I didn't want to go too far - cause I wasn't sure exactly how long Don could run. I ran past the sheep, past the edge of our farm, and towards the forest. It was a good mile and a half run, and soon I was out of breath.

I sat down by the trunk of a large oak tree a couple hundred feet into the forest, away from any paths. Don, still on the leash, moved over towards my side, and sat still there, panting away. I lifted my hand, and rubbed his ears, ruffling them a little. "Good boy. Thought I'd lose you there."

It was probably because I had been wearing thick clothing, and because the morning was very hot - but I was sweating a lot. I felt a cool breeze, and knew it would feel very nice on my naked body. Yes - this is something I did a lot, too. If I got just hot enough, I would remove all my clothes, and sit in the nude with a cool breeze wafting over my body.

So I pulled my shirt off over my head, letting my body get cooled. My nipples stood erect, chilled by a cold wind. I hooked my hands into the band of my shorts, also grabbing my panties, and slid them off. I trimmed my hair down there - carefully. I didn't want to be fully smooth, and felt a small bit of hair was more sexy than a full tuft.

And there I sat, fully naked, letting the wind chill my body. My nipples erect to the cold, my sex feeling it blow over it. I leaned my head against the trunk, and sat with my legs open - perhaps my major mistake, as soon I felt a flat, wet thing slide up the whole length of my slit. I yelped a little in panic, and looked down, to see Donavin sliding his tongue into my privacy.

I should have stopped him. I should have pushed him away, but it felt too good. His tongue was long, flat, and flexible - it was probably the sweat on my body that enticed him - and soon I felt a heady rush of heat hit me. I felt him licking in places only my fingers had dared, the flat organ sliding into my body and licking at the walls of my sex, and I soon began to let out gentle gasps of pleasure.

I started to rub my breasts, feeling incredibly aroused as my dog's tongue invaded me. I had only read stories and seen pictures of this being done to other women - and imagined that it was all fixed or fake - but this, this was incredible. I was being driven mad, my mind whirling as I felt so incredibly dirty - but at the same time - so amazingly good.

It was here that I knew that I was going to take it too far. It was here I should have stopped. I should have let him drive me to orgasm and then push him back, but no - I wanted more. I was ready to be used. I wouldn't ever live it down - I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror for days after it, but I just had to have him in me.

I pushed the dog back a moment from my slit, and lowered my hands along his belly towards his sheath. I felt the heaviness and slight heat of my arousal build as I fingered around the opening. Donny started to squirm a little, growing agitated as my hand started rubbing the soft fur there, trying to free the entrapped shaft within.

Sure enough - within just a few moments, I felt the hardened organ slide from its home, falling to my awaiting hand. I began to rub it back and forth a little, trying to get my dog wanting, needing it. I didn't want to make him cum right there - but I wanted him very close - too close to worry about who it was he was about to mount.

I slid back, turning over on my hands and knees, and scooted back a little, so my butt pushed against his chest. He got the picture, and immediately hopped up, wrapping his paws around me and scooting forward. He tried a few test humps, missing the mark every time, before sliding off of my body. From what I had understood - it would take a few tries for him to hit it.

So again, I moved back and rubbed his cock. I returned to my original position, and he jumped back up. He missed again, and went back to licking. Third time being the charm, I moved back a little more, so I could feel his shaft touching the back of my thigh, and he jumped up once more, wrapped his paws around me, and found the spot.

I didn't imagine it would feel as good as it did - the entire thing took a very short time, only about a half a minute - but it felt too good to remember the exact time. He moved very fast, pounding away at my body, sliding his thick cock into my sex. He held on, and I just moaned away. My body feeling wracked by the feelings of sex. I didn't even let it come to my knowledge I had lost my virginity to my dog.

I felt him thrust some more, before I felt his knot squeeze past my lips. It popped in, and he started thrusting a little shorter and quicker. Before I knew it, I hit my climax. My body shook and quivered as my dog kept it going. Only a few more moments, and he thrust himself in one more time, and released a large load of his doggy seed into my body.

So that's how it happened - that's how I lost my virginity to my best friend. And let me tell you - I loved it. I have other such tales - but they'll wait for another time.

Once in a lifetime

GreyStroker on Animal Stories

This story is something that I have thought about for sometime. just the thought of it really gets me going.  You see, I was once traveling across the United States with a friend when we stopped in a  rest area, for a walk and a piss. When we came back out to our car just over from us was an RV, and sitting on the door way of this RV was a beautiful young Lady of about 19 or 20, that was holding a long rope  that held a dog at the end.

After the dog, (a German Shepard) had done his business he came
running back over to this gal. And while she sat on the door step he pushed his head between her legs under her short skirt and began to licked her. All she did was to open up showing nothing underneath for all to see and so he could get better at her. There as we watch
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ed she was soon in the heights of glory. Only then did we see another woman inside the RV that was naked standing near by the door masturbating as she watched also.
When the Lady on the doorstep noticed that we were watching she waved us over. At that time she ask if we enjoyed the show? Well of course we both said that we did. She then told us that if we would like to watch more closely, we could come on into the RV.

When we entered we found not only one more, but three more nude females there, and another dog, which was about the same size as the one that outside.
We were told that they were a Family that were also traveling to the west coast, and that they were Grandmother, Mother and two daughters. The Grandmother was in her 50's, the Mother was 35 the oldest daughter who was the one on the door step was 19 and the youngest was only 13. They told us that the only men in their lives were the men they picked  up a long the way, because the Husband and Grandfather had died in an trucking accident a few years ago. They also told us that they had found all the Love and care they needed from males through their dogs and quick pick ups. Such as us!
 The only rules were that we could not touch the youngest girl in any way, and any of the rest if, they said NO! But we could spend some time with them watching, or we could "play" with the dogs IF they would let us. Now this sounded a little weird, but we were so
turned on at that time to say no ourself's.
 As we sat there we watched the other dog start to lick and push the youngest girl down to the floor.  At that the grandmother told us that we had "better start showing our goods, or we would be put out". It  didn't take us long to shed our clothes and we were
being watched as we watched ourself's. The Mother came over to me and started to jack me while I cupped and suckled her breast. My buddy was pumping his own meat as the Grandmother took up with the  other dog and oldest granddaughter.
  The Mother soon was talking to the other dog  that brought him over to me, I was scared at first, but when his tongue licked my hard shaft, to soon it was all over. I came in blast that went over the moms legs and onto the girl on the floor.The Mom layed abck as the dog started to lick then jumped up and started to fuck her rapidly... she was kissing on me and telling the dog what to do. The dog that was licking the young girl was now hard and ready for some hot puss. So the Mom jumped under him and took all he could give. The oldest daughter had went over to my buddy by now and sat down slowly over his prick sinking it in slowly, taking him into the hilt.
 While the mom and oldest daughter were getting all they wanted, the Grandmother sat over my buddies face, where he gave her a royal cunt lapping. As I lay there in a daze watching, I felt the youngest girl start to suck on me bringing me back to stand at full alert. With both of the older ladies watching , I could do nothing but hold onto the seat and enjoy what I was getting. tehnthe Grandmother slid over me and rode until she came all over me as the dog licked us to the finish. The youngest girl was now cumming so loud people on the highway should have heard her as they passed.

 As the day worn out so did we all and to soon it was all over and they ask us to step out of the Rv, clothes in hand leaving us standing in the parking smiling and in a daze. They left and we never saw them again. But since that time, I have had this thing about ladies and their dogs. Wishing I could relive a once in a lifetime hot time.

What really happens when you hire a PETSITTER

freewayoflove on Animal Stories

Ever left your dog with a petsitting business while you go away on holidays? I am the owner of such a business and let me tell you, your beloved pet gets more pampering than you think! BODY: As i was struggling after my divorce to pay the bills i decided to start a pet minding business on the side. For those who dont know, Its the type of arrangement where you leave your pet with a family or person in there home while you go away on holidays. I had a call from a family who were going overseas for 10 days and they were desperate to find a loving placement for there 4 year old Ridgeback names Kansas. They bought him over on a Friday night and he warmed to me as soon as he met me. Kansas was a large beautiful boy. He was full of life and loved to sit with me at night on the lounge while watch
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ing tele. He would greet me in the mornings with a wet nose on my cheek and the odd lick up the face with his toungue. I had often fantasised about what it would be like to have such a creature lick my clit with its warm rough toungue. I wondered if i had let Kansas lick me, would his owners ever know? would he try and do the same when he saw them again?. I went to bed one night thinking about it. I reached over and took my dildo out of my bedside table draw. I spread my legs and pushed it deep inside and closed my eyes. When i felt this horny i just wanted to fuck in a dirty way. I cant explain it. I turned over on my hands and knees and put my ass in the air. This way i could hit my G-spot while rubbing my clit. I had a habbit of Ejaculating when i did this. Sometimes it would shoot 40cm in front of me. After thrusting the dildo into my pussy i began to feel my clit start to tingle. Just as i was about to explode i felt this warm lick between my legs. It was as if Kansas knew at that time i was about to cum. The feeling was overwhelming. I screamed, my clit burned and convulsed in the most electric hot feeling i have ever felt. This was the feeling of Taboo! I rolled over and spread my legs far apart. Kansas sniffed my pink pussy and burried his nose in it. I reached down and spread my lips and pussy hole as far open as i could. I just wanted to feel all of his tongue inside me. He started to lick inside my hole. His tongue sliding in and out made my clit start to pulse again. I was so horny i just wanted to fuck. I needed to feel a large cock inside me, fast and deep. Kansas kept licking my pussy and i started to tense up and squeeze my pelvic muscles to see if i could ejaculate. Just as i did this a little bit of wee dribbled out. Kansas went insane! His tongue lapped it up so quickly and it brushed over my clit so fast and in my ureathral opening that i ejaculated and climaxed screaming in the most intense orgasm i have ever had in my life. I had to have his cock in me! I sat up and saw that the tip of his cock was hanging out. I began to stroke it and as i did he made these humping motions with my hands. I could tell he wanted to be fucked. I lay down with him and pulled his cock out of its sheath a little more. I moved closer and put it in my mouth, circling it with my tongue and swallowing it as far as i could. Kansas again started to hump my mouth. He was getting excited and i could see his cock was getting harder and bigger. I got up and lay on the bed face down and let him lick my pussy and asshole from behind. Again i was so horny and just wanted to be fucked by this beautiful animal. I rose up again with my ass in the air and reached around behind wo my pussy and pulled my cunt hole as open as i could. I let a little wee split out again and Kansas went crazy licking it up. He loved tryingto get his toungue in my ureatha hole. It was so tiny and it hurt but it felt so good. I wondered what would happen if i stuck something in there? i hadnt done this before and was worried but at this point was so horny i didnt care. I got a Qtip from the bathroom and pushed Kansas away for a minute. I very carefully fount the opening and pushed it slowly in. It hurt a little at first but once i reached the end it was like a second G-spot. The sensation was incredible. I was pushing it in and out and moaning when Kansas came back and started licking my pussy again. While probing my ureatha with the qtip i spread my cunt open again for Kansas. I then started to rub my clit faster and faster. With Kansas licking my hole, my rubbing my clit and probbing my ureatha i let out a scream as i climaxed and came, leaving a gush of pussy juice and ejaculation everywhere. Kansas had it all over his nose and was licking it off. It was time! I got on the floor on all fours. Because he was such a large dog i had to put his front paws on the bed so he could reach me. At first he jusp humped at my ass and couldnt find it. I was so desperate to feel his cok in my pussy that i reached around and guided it. It had gotten so hard and so large! It touched my cunt hole and i felt my clit convulse at the thought of it. With each hump he pushed it closer and closer. Finally it went in and he started to fuck me harder and faster. It was hurting me a little as it thrust all the way to the end but i was so turned on i didnt care. I felt his cock get bigger and tighter and i knew it was nearly over for him. I reached down and started to play with my clit and as i felt Kansas cum i rubbed harder and pushed myself back towards him so i could feel his cock explode while i rubbed my clit and climaxed. I was exhausted. We were tied together for a while longer and then he pulled out of me. Doggy cum drooled out of my pussy and down my legs. i got up and lay on the bed with my legs open relaxing when Kansas came and started to lick me again. But thats another story if you wish to hear it! This is based on a true story

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   In our small town of upstae ny, animals are always welcome pets, we had several, horses, cows & dogs, well I was 17 at this time and my little sister was not yet 15,  my parents had friends that were moving out of state we had always enjoyed going over there to visit, they had a nice yard to run around in, well,  the ONLY draw back was there DOG SAM !!!  he was pretty old and mean...  He was also VERY LARGE !!!  he must have weighed about 125lbs !  we often made games up trying to stay AWAY from SAM!!!   My sister at 14 had just started her first cycle that year, a lttle late maybe I dont know, but none the less heres what came of it -  Sis & i were in there yard one day as dad & mom were inside visiting, we were playing
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( keep away from SAM ) but sam was awake that day & wanted to play,  he tackled my little sister & wouldnt let her up !as I ran over to help he shoved his nose up her skirt and began sniffing & licking !!!  He groweled at me as I got closer but did back away ! sis was almost in shock over this!  She was TOTALLY SCARED of him anyway, now he just forced her down & licked at her tight virgin pussy made her REALLY SCARED OF HIM !!!   It must have been a day or 2 later that Dad said to us - Hey guess what guys?  you like playing with sam over at the Kaprals right?  well - He is coming here to live now !!  they are driving too there new home and cant take him !  I looked at my little sister & saw the fear in her eyes !! Great we managed to say, but we were both uneasy over it...  Sam showed up the next day & things were pretty calm, as he checked out his new surroundings,  however as sis & I were upstairs in my room, we saw him go into her room & sniff her laundry,  a pair of her pantys lay on top witch he took off , layed on the floor & began to lick at them... Sis was HORRIFIED !!!  WHATS HE DOING?  he just smells your , thing, you know!?   WHY?  Hes a dog! why would he care?  its just instincted dont worry sis...   WRONG !!!!    the very next day, as he felt comfy in his new home he went right after my sister !  he would not leave her out of his site !!!  He kept trying to sniff at her and by late afternoon SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS SCARED !!    In that home, Dad & mom had a bedroom downstairs, Sis's & mine were both upstairs  I could look acrossed the hall into her room  witch I did sometimes too get a look at her young firm body and jerk off later... Anyway,  on this second nite of SAM being there, sis sat in my room crying,  -  IM SCARED OF HIM she said....  its ok, IM right here acrossed the hall ok?  after awhile of her asking me to tell the folks to get rid of him, she FINALLY went to her room...   I fell to sleep thinking of this girl at school that I wanted MORE THAN ANYTHING to  have sex with !!!   The noise of SAMS chain coller woke me back up !  He's UPSTAIRS !!!!   I TOO was scared of him !!!  I sat up and saw him nose his way through my sisters door,  WOW!!!  SHE IS GUNNA SCREAM ANY MINUTE I THOUGHT !!!   but she didnt?  instead I heard her softly say - no....  please dont....  sam , no...  STOP!   no, sam dont..?   I HAD TOO SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON !!!  as I stepped through the hall I heard a muffeled cry - at the doorway I FROZE IN MY TRACKS !!! SAM was on top of my little sister, his throbbing cock was stabbing back & forth inside her !!!  she cryed & pulled at the pillow wanting him to stop ! I knew there was nothing I could do now,  he wont stop till he's done !  I watched in horrer as he relentlisy fucked away at her virgin pussy...  Filling her deeper & Deeper !!!  It HAD TO HURT !!!  FInally he jerked & started twitching, ( he was coming ) !   my sister had stopped cying & was just in SHOCK as she felt him SPRAY over & over again DEEP IN HER PUSSY !!!    I ran right down & told Dad & Mom what had just happened,  mom took sis to the ER, and as for SAM,  Dad put him down for good !!!  


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"See you in three weeks Sophie," my friend Nathan called as he left and I walked in the other direction to catch the bus home, kicking myself for once again not telling him that I fancied him. And now, when I was eighteen, had finished my A-Levels and had the longest holiday ever, he was off on holiday and I had three weeks to kill before I saw him again. Of course, I'd be able to see my other friends, but it was hard living out isolated in our big house in the country.

I spent most of the first week at home on my own, reading, surfing the net, walking the dog, and also, taking advantage of the privacy, masturbating. Before I only used to do it once or twice a day, normally at night, but soon I was frigging five or six times while home alone. Allowing my fantasies to run

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really wild for once, I ended up by my second week spending hours on porn sites and reading erotica, becoming more than a little bit obsessed with sex. I even went so far as to go into town to buy a cucumber, with which I broke my virginity and got quite intimate with before it got so mushy I had to throw it away.

Throughout this time, Rover, our dog, a great big German Shepherd, frequently came over to me while I was masturbating, but I always shooed him away. Then one day I was slumped naked on the sofa, imagining Nathan eating my pussy out as I fingered myself, when Rover again came over. He walked so quietly and I was so immersed that at first I didn't notice his hot breath on my muff or even his long canine tongue licking me. The realisation was quite a shock, and I tried to push him away in disgust, but he persisted, and managed to get a good strong lick right up my cunt to my clit. Already fairly aroused by my own efforts, the rough texture of his hot wet doggy tongue on me was electric, and I stopped pushing him away. Instead I watched helpless as his big furry head lapped greedily at my vagina, quickly bringing me to a shuddering orgasm.

That, though, I thought was enough and I got up, getting ready to get dressed and take him for a walk. However, as I bent down to pick up my knickers, I chanced to glance sideways and saw that Rover, my beloved pet of four years, had an enormous stiffy. My sex obsessed brain started to whir, and somehow my longing for a real warm blooded cock in my pussy overran my revulsion at the idea of sex with non-human animals, and I was so horny that I just thought "Why not?"

Instead of getting dressed, I knelt down next to Rover, petting him, and then, taking a deep breath, I went down on all fours. Immediately I felt his paws scramble up my back and screamed as his dog penis rammed right up my cunt, seven inches of hot, two inch thick flesh pounding fast in and out of me, stretching my tunnel considerably more than the cucumber. His legs hung down over my shoulders and I could hear his panting in my ear as he drooled over my brown hair and my neck. I was yelping like a dog now, pretending it was Nathan or Mr Greene the sexy English teacher fucking me rather than my pet.

The hard warm veined dick was better than any vegetable, and after the initial shock I began to enjoy the short, fast and hard thrusts into my vagina. Just as I was nearing orgasm though, I felt Rover pull out with a faint wet pop and a warm wet and sticky substance ran down my leg from my crotch. He was now trying to lick my face, and looking at his swollen cock I was seized by an impulse I still don't understand, and took it in my mouth while it was still dripping.

Sucking as hard as I could in my sexual fever, I felt the dick expand, and as my tongue swirled around the pointed end I had to pull away suddenly, half choking as my mouth was filled with doggy cum. I was still spitting and wiping the smelly liquid from my chin when I screamed again as Rover jumped on my back and started fucking me again, his cock feeling if anything wider than before. The stretching of my virgin twat only just stopped short of being painful, but I was soon enjoying being doggy fucked even more than before.

Going down on one elbow with my arse up in the air, I reached back past my swaying breasts, through my thick bush to finger my clit, the canine dick pulling and pushing at my lips above it. I was moaning and yelping in pleasure from the force of the fucking when suddenly, I climaxed, practically collapsing. Crying louder as the orgasm kept going, Rover fucking as hard as ever. Then he suddenly stopped too, and I felt more dog cum dripping out of me down my thighs, but I had another smaller orgasm when I felt his cock expand inside me, before he pulled out making a sound like a cork leaving a bottle.

Spent, I sat for a while petting my panting dog, canine spunk oozing slowly out of my hole into a sticky mess over my pubic hair and thighs, then started to clean up and get dressed. Taking Rover for a nice long walk before lunch, I went over my morning's activities in my mind with a mixture of disgust and eroticism. As I said, over the weeks I'd worked myself into a kind of sex frenzy, so eventually the eroticism won, and I started to feel horny again, deciding that as long as no one else knew, and as long as I didn't have a human partner, I may as well continue fucking Rover as he enjoyed it so much.

So after lunch, I was feeling really horny again, so I took Rover up to my room and started to strip off. When I was only in my knickers, I noticed that with the big full-length mirror on the wall facing my bed and the big one on my chest of drawers at the side, I would be able to watch myself engaging in beastiality. Excited by this I left the room, my tits bouncing, to fetch the mirror in the bathroom, which I placed on a chair the other side of my bed so I could see from three angles. Lying on my bed and adjusting them, I wished I had one behind and above as well.

Pulling my knickers off too, I sat on the floor leaning against the bed and facing the mirror, playing with myself. Rover padded over and started licking my face, and with my free hand I reached under him and into his fur, stroking at his dick. It soon started to extend out of its sheath and into my palm, a thick soft length of skin warm in my hand.

Feeling ready, I pulled myself up by my elbows to lie on the bed, but only got the top half of my back on it before Rover jumped up on me. As he licked my face frantically I guided his Alsatian dick into the small moist slit in my muff, and he began pounding away. In this position I could put my arms around my furry lover, his soft fur lovely against my breasts, although it also meant my face was soon wetter than my cunt with my dog's slobbering, plastering my shoulder length brown hair to it.

My insides receiving the now familiar sensation of being cummed in, I scrambled up on the bed properly. Rover followed but his penis still popped out, spraying my stomach and hairy groin with canine semen. With my head on my pillow and Rover above me I felt more comfortable with continuing my beastiality. Calming Rover down enough to keep still, I raised my hips off the bed and inserted his fat cock inside me. Off he went again, screwing me like there was no tomorrow, and glancing in the mirror facing the bed all I could see was his furry arse and wagging tail with my long pale slender legs spread out either side. The mirrors to the left and right were more interesting as I could watch my flushing face and strange expressions as I was sexually pleasured by a big hairy dog.

Once more I imagined I was being fucked by a human, hugging Rover, and barely noticing as my vagina was again flooded and leaking cum. The dog's cock expanded, but he seemed content to carry on, cumming a further three times before I did. As I arched my whole body up into him he came again, and only withdrew when I collapsed, taking my pussy out of his reach. To thank him, and having overcome my feelings of revulsion, I took his still throbbing dick in my mouth and sucked for a good five minutes. He came again and again, until finally, my chin, neck, breasts, crotch, inner thighs and duvet were covered in his spunk, his dick began to shrink.

After that, I fucked my dog nearly everyday throughout the summer, so much so that when I finally slept with Nathan at the end of August I had to pretend I'd had a relationship before. And still while I was going out with him and others after I continued, as they were never able to be around enough. It was only when I had to leave Rover and go to university that I stopped being done properly doggy-style for any significant length of time - though guess what my favourite position is?


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Gang-banged by Wolves

They say a full moon can make animals behave strangely, but I had never put much stock in that until recently. It all happened last fall, during the second breeding season for wolves and when it was still pretty warm at night. Most importantly, there was a full moon that night. What happened that night changed my life forever.

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I had gone backpacking, as I loved to outdoors, and had set up my tent in the middle of a clearing in the forest. I find it a huge turn-on to be naked in the wilderness and so was sitting naked by my campfire. I started feeling horny, as I hadn't had a boyfriend in several months.

I slipped my fingers into my aching pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. After some frantic fingering, I brought myself to a semi-satisfying orgasm. After I had calmed down a bit, I thought I saw something watching me from the edge of the forest. I decided to take a closer look.

As I got closer, I could see by the moonlight that it was a wolf. Suddenly, the wolf lurched out of the forest towards me. I turned and started to run back to my tent, but the wolf overtook me and jumped on my back, knocking me on all fours.

My breath was coming in ragged gasps as I pondered what the wolf would do to me. Suddenly, I felt the wolf's whiskers tickling the inside of my legs as it sniffed my still wet pussy. Then the wolf wrapped it's front legs around my chest and rammed it's cock into me.

I resisted at first, but the wolf wouldn't let me get away and pounded away at my pussy. Finally, I gave in and started to enjoy the fucking. With ever thrust the wolf made, my 36D breasts swayed in time with it. Finally, the wolf released it's cum inside me and pulled out.

Almost immediately, another cock was rammed into my pussy and I looked back and saw a whole pack of wolves waiting to fuck my pussy. I orgasmed this time and eagerly awaited the next wolf. As each wolf fucked me, I began shouting: “Yes, fuck the bitch, fuck the bitch in heat!”

Eventually all the wolves had planted their seed in my hot cunt, causing me to orgasm over and over and giving me a satisfaction I hadn't had in months. Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, the wolves left, leaving me craving more. I spent the rest of the night lying on my back in the grass, letting wolf cum ooze out of my well-fucked pussy onto the ground, merrily dreaming about my encounter.